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Title: Motherfolly
Part: Chapter 4
Author: ***@zoho.com
Summary: A mother's sudden taste for cum has her raising her teenage children in a new light
Keywords: cum fetish, incest, whole family, teen, rape, drugs, Fm, FM

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I always thought disclaimers on these type of stories were
insulting to the reader. OF COURSE child abuse (among other acts depicted
here) is disturbing and wrong. But supposedly, I am legally obligated to
remind the reader. If you can't separate fantasy from reality, don't read

This story builds off previous chapters. Although it is in desperate
need of a revision, the initial draft for the first three chapters can be
read here:



The next day, I awoke in a panic. For what would be the last time in my
life, I felt a ping of regret. Had I really just shown my body to my kids,
and _orgasmed_ in front of them?

Not able to go back to sleep in my sober state, I stood up and put on a
robe to cover my half naked body. Then I rushed down the hall to the first
bedroom door. My eldest daughter's, Cindy's room, was empty. I stayed
there a moment, observing how she kept it. It was clean and tidy, and
didn't show any hints of a sexually rebellious teenager. Instead, it
reflected her innocent, obedient personality. I wondered then if I could
take back everything I had recently done. If Cindy grew up as sexual as I
and she didn't like it, would she blame it all on me?

I walked out of the master bedroom with uncertainty, and peeked into
Ella's room. I already knew it would be empty. My daughters were all
sleeping downstairs with their friend, Amanda. But I was curious as to how
Ella's room contrasted to her sister's and what it could tell me about her
that I might not have known. Ella would soon be a teenager, except her
room didn't show it. It was messy and child like; with stuffed animals and
cute wall hangings. Ella was taking her time growing up. My recent
involvement in her life was definitely getting her back on track to
adulthood; a thought that caused me to feel a little better about myself.

It was when I had gone to my son's rooms that my lousy mood had finally
lifted. Both of their rooms were closed, and I knew why. My boys wanted
privacy because they were up to naughty things, and I was delighted. I
tried to peek in on them, but found both of their doors locked. I suppose
it isn't unheard of for a teenager to lock themselves in their room, but I
still felt offended. It was as if they were rejecting me after all I had
put out there for them. Besides, why were they in their rooms? Why
weren't they downstairs with the girls? I knew they were attracted to
Ella's friend. Didn't they have the balls to do something about it?

Mmm, I knew they had the balls alright.

And just like that, the day had begun again with my inner-slut finally
coming to the rescue. I smiled to myself as I unloosened my robe and let
it hang open. I had nothing to be ashamed of anymore. Nothing left to

* * *

*Sniff, sniff*

"Where's breakfast?" Ella asked, entering the kitchen, and trying to
smell out the bacon or pancakes she was used to waking up to.

"I thought we'd just have coffee this morning," I covertly joked, hiding
my smile behind a cup-of-joe.

Ella didn't respond. She was eying my exposed body. I was leaning
against the counter, and although my robe was closed enough to cover my
nipples (thanks in part to my arms holding up my coffee), my body was
otherwise on display.

"That was really fun last night," she finally said. "We couldn't stop
talking about it! Oh my gosh mom, You are soooo beautiful!" Ella exclaimed
with growing enthusiasm.

"Thanks baby, but I hope you learned more than that from my lesson..."

"Morning!" Cindy cut in, popping her head into the kitchen after coming
up from the basement where the girls had spent the night. She too paused
for a moment, noticing quickly that my long legs weren't hidden behind my
robe as usual.

"What's for b--"

"Coffee," Ella answered abruptly with a pout.

"We're allowed to drink coffee now? Sweeet!" Cindy replied, unfazed.
She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a mug then poured herself a cup as
if daring me to stop her. I wanted to see what she'd do, and didn't move.
It was true, we didn't let our kids drink coffee. The last thing Johnathan
and I wanted were wired children.

"Yeeeech!" Cindy cried, taking a sip of her fresh coffee. "This is

"You didn't add cream and sugar, dear. See if there are some cubes in
the freezer."

I was recently very motivated to see if my daughters would acquire the
same fetish as me: semen! It's not really that I believed that the gooey
white liquid-joy should be consumed with food, but I didn't know how else
to get my daughters started on it without them knowing. That's why I hoped
Cindy would try the ice in the freezer. I had checked this morning, and
the boys were able to fully fill up 3 squares (and a few partials).
Unfortunately, Cindy didn't fall for my trick, and decided not to venture
further into the wonderful world of coffee.

When she poured out her cup and went for the cereal drawer in search for
the Cheerios, I cut her off.

"Cindy, put that down," I ordered, with a slight chuckle. "We're going
out for breakfast. Go wake up Amanda and get ready!"

The girls squealed their approval and left to get their friend. I too
went to get ready, stopping at J.R's room to wake him. I optimistically
tried the door again, hoping to give him a special wake up call. No luck;
it was still locked.

"J.R, I have something for you!" I called tauntingly behind the locked
door. There was no answer. I stepped out of my panties and hanged them on
his doorknob--an idea I recently took from Cindy. Then I slipped out of my
robe, because getting naked for this seemed like the right thing to do.

"Jake, time to get up! We're going out for breakfast!" I yelled
alluringly and rapping on Jake's door. I was beginning to get a rush from
standing naked in front of their doors-- something that would have been
unheard of just days prior.

"Comon' you two! Hurry!" I thought to myself, hearing the girl's
chatter get louder. The girls would be coming up to get ready soon, and I
didn't feel like explaining what I was up to. "Dammit, you two," I
muttered under my breath after I realized they were going to be too late
for a proper "good morning" from their mother. I picked up my robe and
headed for my room just as the girls were coming up the stairs.

After showering, I dressed in a tan corduroy mid-thigh skirt and a
plunging sheer blouse. I based my apparel on a pair of gorgeous matching

As I was putting my hair up, I heard J.R. yell out:

"Hey! I am NOT your personal laundry service!"

I went into the hall to see J.R. take four pair of panties off his
doorknob. The girls were giggling.

One of the joys of being a parent is all of the small day-to-day
surprises. This was one of them. I hadn't even considered that the girls
would see my panties hanging on J.R's doorknob. They must have added their
own; even Amanda did (hers stood out the most as they were the most

"Lucky you, J.R," I giggled. "Don't go through them too quickly! It'll
be a while before I have another pair, because I'm not wearing any today,"
I teased, putting in an earring. I could hear Amanda gasp from my
flirtatious remark, but the girls otherwise smirked-- giddy that they were
able to embarrass their brother.

J.R. just blushed and went back into his room, closing his door behind

The boys were either really shy, or had stayed up too late the night
before, because it took some coercing before they were fully ready. But
eventually, all six of us were loaded up in the LandRover and heading off
to IHOP for breakfast. Amanda was back in her boring old attire she had
brought with her- we were to drop her off at her house after breakfast.
Cindy and Ella looked conservative and proper as they both donned dresses.
My sons would just have to use me as their eyecandy today. Just in case, I
had them take the other libido pill in conjunction with the usual one. I
knew that the combination of pills was risky, but I didn't want them to
have any distractions: they needed to spend the day focusing on their
sexual health.

It was Sunday, and recently both Cindy and Ella had been going to church
with Mary. Neither myself nor Johnathan were religious anymore, but
Cindy's friend was a Mormon. Mary had been working on getting Cindy to go
to church for a long time, so I wasn't surprised when Cindy eventually
asked us about it. Johnathan encouraged her to go to church with Mary. He
thought it might be a good thing to have the girls learn about God in the
hopes that they would at least emulate the christian lifestyle. Johnathan
tried to get the boys interested in church too, but Cindy threw a fit; she
insisted they weren't invited. Of course we knew better-- Mary was the
type who wanted to convert everybody to her religion. Everybody, except
maybe Ella.

For some reason, Mary picked on Ella. I think she didn't like how
childish Ella tended to act, and it drove her nuts that Ella was always
around when the two hung out. There was mutual tolerance when they went to
church together though. It made Mary proud that she took two guests with
her to church every Sunday, and Ella enjoyed going enough to oblige her.

During the drive, Ella explained to me how we were breaking the sabbath
by going out to eat on a Sunday. Now that she was taking religion
seriously, I was beginning to have second thoughts about the girl's new
interest in Mary's church. I tried to think of ways to convince the girls
to drop the Sunday sessions, but I knew it had the potential of destroying
Cindy's friendship with Mary.

We finally arrived to IHOP where the gang eagerly hurried inside to fill
their starving tummies. I had purposely planned on taking the kids out to
breakfast in an attempt to try and break the ice from the previous night's
activity. It was my way of rewarding the kids for not having doubts about
what we had done. It worked beautifully. Everybody was having a great
time, and by the end of it, the kids were unusually happy. Even Amanda was
much more verbal than what I was used to. I was also sure Amanda now had a
crush on my sons; I caught her staring at J.R and Jake whenever they
weren't looking.

Eventually the table-side conversation changed to the prior night's sex
education lesson. We had been discussing our favorite parts of the lesson
(and favorite parts of human anatomy!) when I noticed someone at the table
next to us trying to listen in.

"Hey guys," I said in a slight whisper, causing the kid's to stop their
clamor and pay attention. "You know how nobody ever talks about sex, even
though it is so amazing? Part of the reason is because it's so much more
fun kept as a secret!"

I held my pinkie finger out to the center of the table. Cindy knew what
I was doing, and locked her pinkie to mine. Soon all the other kids added
their pinkies too.

"Today we are all members of club... cupcake! We solemnly swear never
to talk in public about club cupcake or our lessons about sex!"

Ella enthusiastically swore to it right away, and the others followed.

For the rest of breakfast, we talked about our club, and what it would
mean if we broke our oath. I admit I didn't know if forming a "club" was
really necessary since there was only one planned sex lesson remaining, but
it made the lessons seem more special. Plus, it effectively silenced the
kids' newly found knowledge while we were out in public.

Once breakfast was over, we dropped Amanda off at her home. Amanda told
us that she was planning on packing an overnight bag and coming right back
over if her parents would let her. That's when I discovered the kids
falsely believed that the final sex lesson would be that night. I tried to
tell Amanda to be patient and I would let her know when the next lesson
would be... but, *I* didn't want to wait either! I needed a man inside me
in the worst way. I wasn't completely comfortable with having sex with my
client's husband, but it really turned me on knowing I would be making my
kids witness my first act of infidelity. Even better than that: the kids
had no idea what they were going to be seeing that night. Even if my
partner turned out to be awful performer, I was sure I would get off from
my kids reactions to hot, nasty sex.

* * *

"Hi Alex?"

"Yes? Who is this?"

I didn't answer. He is a man, why would it matter? For now, I was just
a sexy voice on the phone.

"How'd you like to fuck me tonight?"

He paused. He must have realized who I was: the hot blonde who had been
training his wife into shape... and sucked his dick the other day.
Unfortunately, that particular session hadn't ended well, and now I wasn't
sure if he would take my offer.

"My place or yours?" He finally replied.

"Mine. We'll have an audience, like we discussed. It'll just be a
one-time thing, I don't want to-"

"Be there at 8"

Alex hung up on me before I could explain the details (and rules!) of
his participation. Based on his curt attitude, I figured he was still a
little bitter from our last encounter, but perhaps he wasn't strong enough
to turn down my offer. It wasn't an ideal arrangement, but if my kids
wanted a proper sex lesson in such a short notice, my client's husband was
the best I could come up with.

I hadn't originally planned to, but because my sons had locked
themselves in their rooms again, and because I was feeling super guilty for
what I ate for breakfast, I decided quality time with my treadmill was in
order. I had nearly finished an 8-mile jog when I heard the girls come
home. Always trying to be the best mother I can be, I had driven Mary and
my girls to church right after breakfast. They had planned on walking, but
by the time we had arrived home from breakfast, we found an annoyed Mary on
our doorstep. Poor Mary had been waiting 20 minutes for us.

My children's friends come and go like you might expect they would
during their summer vacation. Mary didn't often come over, but when she
did, she was usually the least disruptive friend my children had. That's
why it was unexpected when I heard a commotion from upstairs:

"I can't believe you are wearing /that/!" Mary shrieked. "We are so not
friends right now!"

"Mary, wait!" Cindy yelled, as the front door slammed.

I immediately knew what was going on, and impulsively ran up the stairs.
Mary had just crossed a line with me. She was NOT going to undo my

"Stay here," I ordered to the girls (who had changed out of their formal
dresses into something more comfortable-- MUCH more comfortable). I bolted
out the door after Mary.

"Mary, where are you going?" I inquired, catching up to her with ease.
Mary was intimidated by me, and I don't think she was expecting me to come
after her. She tried to think of something to say, looking down at her
dress shoes for inspiration (a poor choice considering they didn't even
have heels!). I almost felt bad that I had made her uncomfortable by
confronting her. I suppose in hind sight, it _was_ unusual for me to get
in the middle of my children's affairs like this.

"Look, my girls have been going through... some changes. You're the
most positive influence they have. You can't give up on them!"

Actually, I wanted her to never come back to my house again. Except one
thing I knew for certain: teenagers are driven by their peers moreso than
their parents. If Mary started avoiding Cindy, Cindy may start to make
changes in order to get back in. Especially since Cindy hung out with a
tightly knit group of girls, and Mary had the potential of making her an
outcast amongst them.

It bothered me that Mary had such a moral arrogance about her, and for
some reason, I felt like I needed to humble her. Mary couldn't be reasoned
with, so I intended to throw her into my way of thinking rather than ease
her in. To use Mary's line of thinking: she would be baptized by fire, or
be burned badly from it. All I knew then was that Mary was not going to
leave my daughters feeling like petty whores until she understood what that
really meant.

"They tried to get me to wear.. those.. those clothes," Mary spat.

"I know, I know. Awful little rags aren't they?"

Mary just looked at me as I stood in front of her in my revealing
workout attire. I despised the way her eyes accused me of being a

"Ella and Cindy are just trying to be comfortable in this heat. You
understand," I reasoned, trying not to sound too manipulative. "I know
Jesus didn't shun anyone based on their clothing choices..."

Mary puffed.

"They went to church with you, what more do you want, bitch?!" I thought
to myself. But outwardly, I smiled and extended my hand to the young
teenager. "Comeon' I'll get the girls to apologize."

Mary reluctantly followed me back inside, where I promptly pulled my
daughters aside. I told the girls that Mary was still very immature, and
that although I wanted them to brag and flaunt their new clothes, they were
to be more careful on how they did it. I asked them to apologize to Mary,
despite the fact that she didn't deserve it. They did as they were told,
and Mary apologized back; her apology was the only one that sounded

"Thank you Mary. Why don't you join us for lunch?" I politely asked,
once the girls had made up.

Mary declined as it was Sunday and she was "praying and fasting" for her
friends. Normally, I would have left it at that, but I saw Mary as
unfinished business. So, after some back and forth, Mary agreed to come
for dinner on Tuesday. That would give me time to prepare her a special
lesson on humility.

* * *

I left the girls talking about whatever they had heard about in church
(Mary was thrilled to be talking about the subject again), and I had
intended on taking a shower... but when I reached the top of the stairs, I
was surprised to see J.R's door wide open. I peeked in: nobody was there.
I'd normally never disrespect my son's privacy by entering his room
uninvited, but since he wasn't there to protest, I let myself in and got

"What the heck mom!" J.R. shouted in a whinier voice than I remember
him having. He had come back to his room to see me laying on his bed
leafing through a nudie mag. I had found two magazines both opened to
busty blondes when I came in. I wondered if he liked the blondes because
they reminded him of me. Not that I really cared; it just felt good that
he was enjoying the pornography-- he was finally acting like a normal
teenager. Well, *mostly* like a normal teenager.

"What's the matter? Not used to seeing a woman in your bed?" I teased,
laying flat and spreading my legs. J.R took the taunt a little too
personally and was still a little upset, so I went on the defensive: "You
know I didn't say you could borrow these magazines," I waved the one I had
in my hand and sat up. "I most certainly do not want you boys hiding in
your rooms. It's not healthy."

"Mom!" was all J.R could offer as a rebuttal. He stomped in and tried
to hide the other magazine still on the bed.


"Hey! What are you doing?!"

J.R quickly shuffled over to where I was sitting, worried I was
destroying his fun. He tripped on his own feet and ended up standing much
closer to me than he intended. It made me smile that his crotch was so
close to my face, and when I stood up, it seemed completely appropriate to
run my finger over the luring bulge in his pants. J.R was blushing when
our faces met, but he did a good job of keeping eye contact. In fact, he
didn't look away until I shoved the magazine back in his hands and walked
to his door. When I reached his door, I closed it and unfolded the torn
out page. It was a sexy centerfold!

"She'd look beautiful on your door, don't you think? How'd you like to
see *her* perky tits every morning, sweety?"

"Yes, please!" J.R grinned, once he had recovered from his surprise to
my unusual invitation. I enjoyed watching him react to my raunchy ideas,
and continued my fun:

"After tonight, you'll have all sorts of ideas on what you'd like to do
to her, too! So if you DO decide to hang her up, I want you to promise me
that you will think about all the nasty things you'd do to her. Now is a
great time to start preparing for how a young man should handle a woman,
don't you think?"

J.R. didn't understand completely, so I explained to him that the final
part of our sex education lesson would be that night at around 8:00. In
the lesson, I hoped his imagination might be broadened.

"Hmmm, you know what?" I said, looking at the poster one last time, "I'd
love to see your room filled with more pictures like this one, BUT this is
the only one you can have from a magazine. The rest are photos you have to
take yourself!"

"Uhhh..." J.R started to ask, obviously confused.

"I'm talking about real girls, sweety. With real bodies. These
magazines aren't meant to replace the real thing. I can't let you have
your dad's magazines if you don't start seeing girls."

"Riiight. Um, problem: How?"

"Don't worry, I'll show you. You might not believe it, but this ol' hen
knows how a girl thinks, and I'll teach you how to get as many girls as you
can handle. Let's talk sometime!"

I placed the centerfold on his messy desk, and reminded him where the
masking tape was so he could hang it up.

"Don't you dare lock this door again. If anyone is trying to see what
you're up to, they'll get what they deserve. Understood?"

"Yah, sure mom," J.R. replied simply, his eyes had been fixated on my
ass, an affect my yoga pants always seemed to have on men. As unsurprising
as that was, it was the fact that J.R also had his hand in his pants that
took me off guard. I paused, letting him know I had noticed.

"Sorry, mom. I'm SO horny!"

"Mmm, good boy," I winked before leaving.

I decided it was Jake's turn for a lecture, so I moved a few feet down
to Jake's door and knocked until he opened it. When he did, he only
cracked the door open enough to poke his head out.

"Open up, Jake. We need to talk"

I forced my way in to his room without waiting for his excuses. I made
my way to his bed and cleared a spot to sit, then patted the area next to
me. Jake obediently sat down.

I was going to tell Jake the same things I told J.R., but something came
to me. First I had to get him to show me where the magazines were. He
initially denied having them, but I knew better, and eventually he pulled a
magazine out from beneath his pillow.

"Just one?"

"That's all that was left! J.R stole the other two! It's all his
fault! I wasn't going to take any, I swear!"

"Relax, honey. I want you to have them. You need to know what a woman
looks like behind her clothes... If you didn't have these magazines, I
would have to walk around naked. You wouldn't like that would you?"

Jake was too modest to answer. I was just content with putting the
image in his head.

I could tell he was still uneasy with being caught with porn, so I
opened up the magazine to the first girl and had him tell me what he liked
about her most. He had a difficult time opening up to me, so I pretended
to be completely ignorant as to what boys found so appealing about women. I
waited until Jake was able to talk about the pornstar on the page, then I
flipped to the next page and asked him how the new girl compared. We
continued this activity until the 5th pinup girl, when I realized the
answer to my questions could be summarized very simply: Jake was obsessed
with boobs.

By now, Jake had gotten used to sharing with me, so I turned up the heat
and made him show me which girls he had liked so much, that he had orgasmed
to them. Talking about what turned Jake on had the same affect on me, and
I openly rubbed my crotch. Jake followed my lead and rubbed his bulge over
his clothes.

"Isn't this fun?" I giggled. "We should do this more often," I
suggested, wishing I had done the same activity with J.R. "Have you
decided where you're going to cum next?" I asked, hoping he'd share his
next load with me. I hadn't had my cum fix for far too long.

"Uh. About that. I was going to ask, but... uh, nothing shoots out
anymore," Jake admitted. "Did I break it?"

To be honest, I wasn't sure. He had emptied his balls to almost half of
the girls in the magazine. Can a man run out of spunk? I needed to
consult Johnathan on this one, but I knew that even if I could, I couldn't.
Johnathan would literally kill me if he knew his boys were jacking off to
porn per my encouragement.

"Does it hurt when you play with yourself?" I asked, with genuine

"At first"

"Alright mister, let me see it," I ordered, with concern.

He was less reluctant than I thought he'd be, and a moment later I was
looking at a slightly red, and very dry penis. Despite the obvious abuse,
I was still in love with what he had between his legs. His cock was meaty
and just the right thickness. I had to get my hands on it.

"Aw, poor thing! No lube?" I asked. "How have you been masturbating?"

Not surprisingly, Jake still didn't have any single method down. He was
doing everything from fucking his bed, to dry fisting himself. Apparently
J.R had been hogging the sex toy I got them both.

"Oh baby," I said with concern, partly to myself. I was struggling with
constraining my impulses-- watching Jake demonstrate how he masturbated
made me wild with lust. "You need to be more gentle, or things are going
to get much worse"

"Should I stop ... you know..."

"Masturbating? Absolutely not! I want you to keep milking your cock
until you start making cream again."

Without warning him, I wrapped my hand around his penis. He jumped.

"Relax dude," I said with a silly voice, as if I was one of his
skate-park friends. My humor helped him do what I suggested, and he

"This is how I want you to do it from now on." I bent over his cock and
spat on it. Jake jumped again, and then started to breathe very heavily.

"I'll get the lube later, but for now this'll work. Once you are lubed,
I want you to lightly", I moved my hand up his cock, "LIGHTLY," I said with
emphasis, "stroke it."

I pumped my son a few times using my spit as lubrication, and he
squirmed violently.

"Is it too sensitive, Jake?" I asked.

He nodded in response.

"It's okay. I've heard it feels almost like torture to go so light and
slow. Take your time, these beautiful sluts aren't going anywhere and you
need to master self-control!"

I spat on his throbbing cock again and continued fucking him with my
hand. Soon the muscles in his legs started to spasm involuntarily. His
hands grasped the edge of the bed, and he tried to silence his groans.

Then his cock started to convulse; I could feel it expand to a new level
of hardness in my hand.

He was orgasming, and nothing came out.

"Uh! Uh! Stop. Stop!" Jake gasped, pushing my hand away. I hadn't
stopped jacking him off after his orgasm subsided because I was expecting
something to come out eventually. It was disturbing that I earned the
prize, but didn't receive the reward. There was a nagging thought that
perhaps he really had broken something, but I quickly brushed it away. His
body would just have to adapt to the new demand I was having my son put on
it. After all, it would be to his benefit for this type of conditioning
once he got older and more experienced.

"Sorry, honey. Did that feel good?"

"Too good!" He grinned. I grinned back, and for a moment neither of us
spoke. I couldn't help but to bite my lip knowing I had just given my boy
his first handjob.

"You're right, you're shooting blanks! That's no fun at all" I said,
finally. I shouldn't have given him two pills that morning. He needed to
recharge his juices, but he was too horny to stop himself. Too bad I
couldn't give him some of _my_ juices. I was so wet!

Since we had already gone through the magazine together, I knew where
the centerfolds were. The biggest centerfold was of a brunette with a bad
90's perm, but her pose was really sexy, with her legs spread wide around a
backwards chair and her nipples poking through the chair slats. I
especially liked how it featured the woman's beautiful pussy, rather that
her modest tits. Jake needed to learn to obsess about other things besides

I ripped the centerfold out of the magazine to the same familiar
protests from Jake as I had gotten from his brother. He was elated to
learn that I wanted him to tape the poster to his door and use her as his
object for worshiping sex every morning.

"You and your brother are going to have a competition!" I smiled.

"We are?"

"Yuh-huh, he doesn't know it yet, but I think it'll be good for you
both. I'm going to buy each of you a Polaroid camera. Whenever you get a
girl naked, take her picture and tape it to your door. Whoever has the
most girls on their door by the end of the summer is the winner!"

I worked out the details of the game with Jake. I explained to him that
neither him nor his brother were old enough for a serious relationship, and
that they should try out as many girls as they could handle. I figured a
competition would be healthy for them because it helped ensure that they
didn't become porn recluses. I suppose another side of it was that I
really liked the idea of my sons having lots of sex. I wanted them to
experience true pleasure.

Like his brother, Jake had doubts that he could get any girls and that
even if he could, he doubted that they would let him take their picture.
So, I taught him what to tell girls, and explained that he didn't have to
take pictures of their face, so they could have comfort in knowing the
photo didn't reveal their identity. The only rule was that he was only
allowed one picture per girl on his door. He had to make sure it was a
good one.

By the end of our little discussion, Jake was aroused again.

"Uh-oh. We better take care of that, huh?" I rhetorically asked Jake
while staring at his erection. "I'll get the lube. We'll need some
different girls too!"

I left Jake on the bed, and told him not to touch himself until I got
back. Jake laid back with his jeans still down to his ankles; and I
couldn't help but smile as I trotted off with his magazine in hand. Things
had never been more exciting between us.

* * *

"Mom!" J.R groaned, as I walked in on him unannounced and caught him
with cock in hand. No, it didn't feel wrong anymore-- I was proud of what
he was doing, and I was especially proud he hadn't locked his door like we
agreed he wouldn't.

"J.R!" I yelled back teasingly, and sat next to him. "Got anything left
in these?" I asked, lightly grabbing his balls and giving them a slight
tug. He had attempted to cover himself when I barged in on him, but he
hadn't done a good enough job.

"MOM!" J.R repeated louder than the first time and lurching forward.

"No, I'm serious honey. Jake is all out of cum. I was hoping you
weren't having any troub-- wait, are those already covered? All FOUR of

I had just noticed that J.R had all of the girl's panties draped over
his bed post, and they looked very soiled with his sperm. I picked up the
pair of panties that were mine.

"You must have done mine first!" I said aloud to myself, after feeling
the cold, slick cum. Maybe J.R's age made a difference on how much sperm
he produced, because it was a hearty load.

While I was distracted, J.R reached for the magazine on my lap that I
had brought in with me. The sudden thievery took me back to earth.

"Oh that's right. I remember why I came in. Jake needs new material,
are you ready to trade? It's not nice that you only left him one magazine,
you know."

"Dang. I was hoping this was a new one," J.R whined, ignoring me.
"Cindy says you have a box full of it!"

I was tempted to show him a different kind of box and let him fill it
now that cum was on my mind. But I knew J.R wouldn't have understood how
he set himself up for the innuendo.

Now curious as to how he knew about the box of smut, I made J.R tell me
about the conversation the kids had last night after I had gone to bed.
Cindy had told them everything she saw in my bedroom, including the details
on what I had brought down from the attic. I decided to play coy about the
box though. All that was left was hardcore porn, but I wanted J.R's first
visual experience of sex to be a live performance.

J.R's retelling of Cindy's story gave me a glimpse on how Cindy liked to
embellish things. I had considered correcting some of the more obvious
false details, but was too distracted by the fact that J.R was still trying
to hide his cock! Before J.R had finished his tale, I grabbed the hand he
was using to cover himself, and pumped it up and down for him in

"J.R, honestly sweetheart. I know what you're doing in here, and I
*want* you to do it. I want you to stroke your yummy cock as much as you
can. I brought this to help!" I dropped one of the containers of lube next
to J.R. I thought about asking if he wanted a demonstration; but, well...
J.R and I had mutual fantasies for each other now, and I was determined to
see how much tension he could take before he took matters into his own
hands. I wanted him to stop hiding behind my panties, and actually take
what he wanted for himself. It wasn't easy for me to control myself around
him, which is why I think I had been acting out with Jake. Jake seemed
more of a challenge, anyway. He hadn't had any fantasies for me that I
knew of, and I was eager to change that.

Now that J.R knew my expectations on his masturbation habits, I taped up
his poster (I knew J.R would be too busy "growing up" to bother with
hanging it on his own). I then told J.R about the new contest I enrolled
him in. My sons would now be competing with each other on how many girls
they could convince to pose for them on camera. J.R is very competitive,
so I wasn't surprised he had many questions, including how the game points
would total up. We decided a half-naked girl was worth 3 points, and a
fully naked girl was worth 5 points. If the girl had cum on her, whether
naked or not, it was an additional point. J.R especially liked that last
one; cumming on a girl was an act he hadn't thought of before.

"I still don't think I'll get any girls, mom. Where do you find naked

"Hmm," I thought, "Well, you'll see one tonight. I'll make sure you
have a camera by then," I winked, thinking about how I'd look on his door.
"Mind if I take these?" I asked, lifting up the remaining panties on his
bedpost. J.R didn't answer, he was still processing my suggestion of
taking pictures of me at the sex lesson that night. Time would tell if he
had the courage to act on it.

* * *

"I'm baa-ack!" I sung. Jake hadn't moved an inch from where I had left
him, except he sat back up on his bed when I walked in. I immediately
closed his door and walked over to him with two new magazines in hand.
This time, instead of sitting next to him like he was expecting, I got up
on the bed and sat directly behind him, letting my legs wrap around him.

"Now," I said in a soft voice into Jake's left ear and hugging his waist
so that my body was pressed into his back. "This is lube, and it's very
easy to use."

I looked over Jake's broad shoulders so I could aim the bottle of lube
directly onto his cock. Jake let me know how cold it was when it hit the
head of his penis and ran down, but I wasn't paying attention to his
feelings. I was thinking about the natural lube I wanted to give him in
place of the synthetic one I was applying.

While tightly hugging Jake with one arm, my other hand started to slowly
masturbate him. Jake groaned louder than I had ever heard from him before.

As I lightly stroked my boy's sore cock, I nonchalantly told him about
the conversation I had with his brother, and about the new point system for
the photo game. Jake did his best to listen to me explain the new game
rules, which we had aptly named "doorwhores".

"Now, pick up one of those magazines! Let's enjoy some new sluts!" I
encouraged, realizing my son's eyes had become hypnotized by my hand
strokes. Jake had both of his arms available, so he was able to easily
pick up a magazine and flip through the pages unhindered. As he did, I
hissed naughty things into his ear.

"Oooh, look at how she is holding her tits out, baby... She wants you
to feel her up and suck on them. Would you like that, honey?"

Jake didn't last the entire magazine. He came in my hand, and made
quite the moan as he did.

"Mmmm, God, I love a vocal man. Keep moaning as loud as you'd like,
sweetheart. Oh, and look, you shot some of your cum this time! Cum makes
an excellent lube too," I explained, moving my hand up to the small
discharge and squeezing it in my hands; his cum seeped between my closed
fingers. Jake was too sensitive to be stroked anymore.

"Is everything okay up there?!" I heard Cindy yell up the stairs, a hint
of annoyance in her voice. I guess everyone in the house had heard the fun
we were having.

"Oops, I forgot. Mary is here. I better check on the girls."

I clumsily got out from behind Jake (not an easy task with one clean
hand!), and told him to try and imitate what I had just shown him. His
breath was short, but he managed to say: "Sure thing! Thanks mom!"

As I made my way downstairs, the girls gave me their full attention. I
had to think quickly for an explanation, but my mind wasn't working
properly yet. I did what I do best when this happens, and left out the
"Sorry about that ladies. The brethren were jealous of you three and
wanted to have some spiritual moments of their own. How goes it down


"Super!" Ella said, having no interest in what I had just said (Cindy,
however, eyed me suspiciously). "Mary said if we dress more modestly, we
can go with her to church activities!" Ella continued, while Mary nodded.


"Mod-est-ly, Mom. Marry says God doesn't approve of our new clothes"

Ella wasn't very bright. I knew what modesty was; it just didn't fit
into my plans of turning my daughters into hot little cumsluts. If they
were to get a proper dose of cum each day, they had to look the part. I
was so looking forward to sharing a common hobby with them! But besides
all of that, why should a woman dress a certain way just because a MAN tell
them they should? Omnipotent or not, if a man can't handle themselves
around a scantily-clothed woman, that's THEIR problem.

"I'm pretty sure God changes his mind on what he likes a girl to wear,
dear. You should see what women had to wear 100 years ago! Why, Mary's
dress doesn't cover her ankles. She would be shamed by everyone!"

"I knew it! This dress is too short!" Mary cried. "I do have longer
ones. I do!"

"Tell me about these activities, Mary," I said, changing the subject.
Mary was all too willing to become as conservative as she needed to be in
order to stay in good standing with her faith.

Mary pridefully answered my question, and explained the different
activities her church offered.

"Are there boys at your activities?"

"Um, yah. I guess... Like, I know there will be, but it's not like-"

"Great! I think the girls can handle wearing something more appropriate
for your church. I can drop them off at the Wednesday activity. Do you
need a ride too?"

Moving the conversation on without waiting for objections is a great way
to get what you want with teenagers. It didn't matter that Mary didn't
need a ride from me, it just mattered that my girls would be going
somewhere where there would be boys. Mary might object to that being the
motivation for my daughter's being allowed to go, but Mary was to be a
participant in my plans, whether she was a willing one or not. Besides, I
knew from personal experience that church was often filled with sexually
frustrated men, and it was an excellent place for my daughters to practice
getting attention now that school was out. My girls would just have to try
harder to get attention in less revealing clothes.

"Eww, what's on your hand, mom?" Cindy asked, putting me on the spot.
Ella and Mary looked down and noticed too.

"I'm a little concerned you don't already know Cindy," I replied flatly.
"Ask me about it later, I really need to go take a shower. By the way
Ella, why don't you call Amanda and let her know tonight's lesson is
happening at 8-- with or without her!"

I made my way back upstairs while my girls attempted to drop the subject
about the lesson I had openly mentioned. Ella had not been very good at
concealing her excitement for the night's lesson just then, which made Mary
even more curious about what it was. I thought for sure Ella would let
slip our new club, but she and Mary were fighting again (I learned later
that Mary didn't want Ella to go to the church activities), so Ella used
the lesson as a secret to get back at her. Cindy did her best to stay out
of it.

* * *

The day was already half over, and there was lots to do! Although I had
planned on recycling the lube on my hands for my own personal enjoyment, it
was past lunch time, and my boys needed a healthy meal to support their
marathon. I took a quick shower and headed for the kitchen to prepare a
late lunch. Mary finally decided to leave once she started to feel tempted
by the food I was preparing.

"I'm not buying it," Cindy said out of the blue, sitting down at the
counter where I was cutting a block of cheddar.

"Oh good. Save your money. Always a smart move," I sassed back,
imitating her father's voice.

"No," Cindy groaned. "About J.R and Jake having spiritual moments. J.R
told me he wasn't going to church if dad doesn't have to"

"Oh? That's okay. You can have spiritual moments outside of a church,

"Pleeease, mom. When did you start being all spiritual? You never talk
about God or anything!"

"God?" I laughed. "I sing his praises every day. You just haven't been
paying attention."

"Okkayyy," Cindy rolled her eyes. She always got annoyed when I didn't
give her a straight answer.

"Anyway Cindy, I was just telling the-"

"-if you say 'brethren' I'm going to scream," Cindy butt in, to my

"I was just telling the *boys* that they can't lock themselves in their
rooms all day. Maybe you could help me make sure they aren't locking their
doors? It's not a good way to spend the summer, don't you think?"

Cindy agreed and shared her own concerns, which was really just a way
for her to practice sibling rivalry. "Sibling rivalry" is what I called my
children's need to dwell on negativity that concerned their brothers or
sisters. I didn't like that they had it in for each other like that, but I
wasn't about to tell Cindy the real reason I asked her help. Truthfully, I
was hoping Cindy caught one of her brothers in mid-stroke. She needed to
get used to a man pumping his cock around her; besides, masturbation was to
be accepted and encouraged from everyone.

Lunch was almost as you would expect it'd be with two very horny
teenagers added in the mix. The boys were becoming bolder and bolder in
expressing their newly found sexuality, and even ogled their own
(scantily-clad) sisters. Cindy and Ella were clueless to the new attention
they were getting, but I knew I needed to quickly work on getting the girls
on the same page as their brothers.

When Jake commented on how Ella looked a little bit like one of the
models in his magazine, I had him go get the magazine so we could see what
he meant. We passed the saucy (literally too!) magazine around the kitchen
table and had Ella imitate the pose the model was striking. Ella was
having fun doing it, but when her brothers tried to convince her to strip
down so that a more accurate comparison could be done, she seemed
reluctant. I didn't let the boys press the issue because we all already
decided Jake was imagining things. There was hardly any resemblance
between Ella and the model, other than their matching dark hair color.

What we did agree on was that Ella's free spirit made her a natural
model. She was so good in fact, that nobody noticed that we all finished
lunch over her sexy poses. Her tight pink shirt and dance shorts weren't
as raunchy as the nude pinup model, but they were very effective at
stealing everyone's attention, especially since the poses were designed to
bring attention to her sexual organs.

Because Jake had been so wrong about his observation, the girls wondered
which one of the models in the magazines DID look the most similar to
themselves. I made the boys surrender their source of fun, which they did
grudgingly. When the girls finally got the magazines, they were that much
more satisfied that it came at the expense of their brother's pleasure.
Cindy even offered her new playgirl calendar to J.R as a trade, knowing
full well it wouldn't console him. Needless to say, I hesitated leaving
the house to run my errands like I had planned. I should have known that
the added hormones would cause heightened bickering with my kids, but it
was high time to let them work things out on their own...

* * *

It had been a long shopping excursion, and as usual, I pulled up to the
house later than I wanted. I had gone overboard and bought everything on
my list in excess. I promised I would start to spend in moderation again,
but I convinced myself that I was just catching up on needed emergency
supplies. I even used Johnathan's shared bank account to make some of the
purchases. Among items I now deemed as new necessities were: a big box of
alcohol (mostly red wine, a personal favorite), lube, erotic stories and
other female goodies, cameras (including a video camera), and a computer
with an extra large monitor. The last item, I kept in my car. I didn't
want it to steal the night's thunder.

"Looking hot Amanda!" I greeted, coming in the house. She was already
wearing one of Ella's white, pleaded mini-skirts and a midriff underneath a
black netted mesh.

"Mom! Jake pinched my butt," Ella complained, running up to me to
tattle on her brother.

"Oh honey, he's just fond of it. Those dance shorts are really
effective, baby. Where is Jake and J.R anyway?"

"Upstairs having 'spiritual' moments," Cindy said sarcastically, now
understanding what I meant. "Don't ask me how I know."

"What's in the bag?" Ella asked as I tried to make my way past her. She
had already seen the bottles of alcohol sticking out of the box in my other
hand. Alcohol was not very common in our household, but she knew what it
was because I had previously scolded her for having an interest in it many
years prior.

"I'll tell you later. I need to get dinner on before we start our next
sex lesson!"

I put the alcohol on the table, and headed up stairs. Cindy followed
with her arms crossed.

"Mom," Cindy whispered, "I caught them. They're going to be so grounded
this summer!"

"What did they do?!" I asked, pretending to be alarmed. I didn't wait
for her to respond. We were at the top of the stairs, and I had already
pushed the door open to J.R's room-- just as Jake was leaving his.

"Eww, gross!" Cindy shrieked. Jake's lubed-up hand had brushed Cindy's
when he stepped out. He didn't know we were upstairs, and had accidentally
bumped into her. "Mom!" Cindy exclaimed, pointing at Jake's hand before
she abruptly looked up. She remembered seeing something similar on my
hands earlier that day, and her face now told me she did not like the

I just smiled wickedly at her from inside the door of J.R's room, where
a familiar schlicking sound could be heard.

Cindy's eyes narrowed. "Hmmm!"

I would have invited her to join us in J.R's room, but she decided to go
to her own. I hollered for Jake to wash up and join us.

"What a good boy," I said softly to J.R who hadn't bothered ending his
fun when I walked in. "Like the lube, I see?"

"Love it. I can go lots longer now. I've been workin' it for 20
minutes... ever since Amanda flashed me her boobies!"

"Her-, she what?!" I stuttered.

"Yah, mom. She told me she wasn't wearing any underwear. I asked her
to prove it and she did!"

That little slut. I knew I liked her.

I could hear Jake finishing up in the bathroom, so I decided to get the
details later.

"Save it for later, honey. Jake's coming in. I have your cameras!"

* * *

"I want in," Cindy said, strutting into the kitchen wearing hardly
anything. She had changed into what I had assumed were her pajamas, which
consisted of a semi-transparent wifebeater and a pair of panties. She was
not wearing a bra, and it was a little shocking to see her in the kitchen
in something so revealing. Was she trying to prove something to me?

"Hmm?" I asked, looking over my shoulder as I put the garlic bread in
the oven. I decided not to say anything about Cindy's attire. The more I
ignored her, the bolder she seemed to become.

"Don't be obnoxious, mom! You know what I'm talking about," Cindy
crossed her arms.

I wasn't sure what she was getting at. There were a lot of little
secrets I kept from her. I wiped my hands on a towel and walked towards
Cindy with a questioning look. "Obnoxious?" That was her go-to word
whenever she was in one of her sassy moods.

Cindy sighed exaggeratively and stomped to the freezer.

"Um, what's this?" She demanded, throwing the ice tray almost full of
spunk on the counter. "Don't say it's ice"

"It's cum," I said simply, trying to hide my surprise that she knew
about it. "Boy cum. Do you need some more?"

"Ew, what?! MORE?!"

"Of course, dear. You weren't supposed to know so soon, but you have
been on a steady diet of cum for over a year now," I lied. My face wore an
apologetic look. "Your father didn't think you needed it earlier, but now
we both regret waiting. You're 14, and you don't have a boyfriend, do

"Huh? What? A boyfriend! No-"

"-so you've never been with a boy?"

"No! I-"

"You're a virgin?!" I feigned. Neither of my girls had ever shown
interests in boys before last night. Of course they were virgins! "Oh god
sweetheart, you're not getting any younger! Aren't you worried about
turning into an old prude?"

"I- I just barely turned 14" Cindy was beginning to blush

"Yes, and by now you should be practically bathing in cum! That's why
your father and I agreed to have your brothers help out. It's just until
you have a boyfriend, of course..."

Cindy didn't know what to say, so I went back to getting dinner ready.

"Dad's been...?"

"Sharing his semen with his daughters? Every good father does. Could I
ask you to set the table, dear?"

"But... Are you sure?" Cindy scratched her forehead. "How come... I
mean, I woulda heard about it, at least!"

"Why do you think you've grown so much recently? Cum helps your sexy
parts mature. Some parents don't give their kids cum because they
undervalue sexuality. Mary is a perfect example; did you see the way she
looked at you in your new clothes! It's because she wouldn't look as good
in them, and she knows it. By the way, you do like your new clothes don't
you? We can return them if.."

"No!" Cindy wailed. "I like 'em"

"I thought so. You just have the wrong friends, dear. Maybe when Mary
comes over again, you can help me change her view."

Cindy finished setting the table, then put the cum tray back in the

"I don't know, mom. It still seems kind of weird," she said taking one
last look before closing the freezer door. "And are you sure Dad is okay
with me having a boyfriend?"

"Well... no, I guess not. What he wants is for you to have a boytoy...
or two. Boyfriends are for when you decide to go steady. Don't bother
with a boyfriend until you move out and go to college. They're nothing but

Cindy seemed content with my answer, though I could tell it was a pretty
big deal for her. To ease her anxiety, I explained that I'd show her how
much beautiful women loved cum after we had tonight's sex lesson.
Johnathan had a thing for facials, and his porno collection was a great
reflection of that. I'm sure Cindy's doubts would melt away once I showed
her some videos of women begging to be covered in man juice.

I didn't mean to bring Johnathan into my lies. He wouldn't corroborate
them, and I knew Cindy would be confused when Johnathan laid down the law
upon his return in a few days. J.R's inability to keep the ice tray a
secret until at least after Johnathan's next business trip was a

"So... Are there any secret ingredients in this?" Cindy asked, stirring
the pesto as I prepared asparagus.

"Not tonight," I sighed, knowing that at least Jake was all out of his
special sauce.


"Good? Cindy!" I was a little annoyed by her response after my

"I'm sorry mom, but gross! Jake's... er, and J.R's... stuff... does
NOT belong in my food"

"It's not gross, you just need to acquire the taste. Trust me baby"

"Did last night's? ...desert have?"

"Filled with hot, creamy cum"

"I knew it!"

We didn't discuss the matter much further because Ella and Amanda came
to join us in the kitchen. The two girls immediately noticed Cindy's
choice of PJ's. That's when I learned Cindy got her wifebeater from Jake's
closet. She didn't explain what she was doing in Jake's room, but Ella and
Amanda knew that they would not be able to imitate Cindy's attire that
night. I think Cindy liked it that way; she was beginning to appreciate
having all of the attention.

The girls were about to go change into their pajamas, when I told them
to sit down instead. Dinner was ready.

* * *

"So glad all members of club cupcake could join us for dinner tonight,"
I smiled to Amanda, with a new appreciation for her after I learned she had
flashed my horny teenage son.

"Ug, there's gotta be a better name for it than *that*!" Cindy grumbled,
as I poured myself a glass of wine. "More like club CUMcakes!"

I almost spat out my wine. I was hoping she wouldn't reveal the special
cupcakes to her sister and friend. But I was impressed with the clever

"I don't get it," Ella said.

"It's just a play on words, honey. Cindy's adding in some sex

"Oh! 'club cumcakes'" Ella repeated. "Okay."

She still didn't get it. I expected Cindy would explain to Ella what
her brothers had done to last night's treat, but she didn't seem to care. I
looked at my boys to see how they were taking the sudden revelation that
Cindy knew their secret, but I couldn't read their expressions. They were
too occupied with Cindy's assets...

"Hey! That's my ...!" Jake's outrage turned into doubt as he pointed to
Cindy: "That's mine... Isn't it?" I could see the wheels in his head
trying to piece together why his sister would possibly have his shirt. I
was impressed he even noticed she had on a shirt; it took him long enough.
"It's mine until you tell me why you had my tanning lotion!" Cindy


"Fine! Have it then," Jake immediately conceded. A wise choice; Cindy
didn't need to know that her brother's special ingredients were making it
into other things besides last night's desert.

"Do you have another one, Jake? A wifebeater, I mean? You should wear
it sometime," Amanda flirted. Jake mumbled a reply that he didn't. My boy
needed to work on his social skills if he ever wanted to have any success
with girls.

"Why don't you boys just come down in your underwear, tonight?" I
suggested. "We might as well get comfortable around each other"

"Are you going to be naked again, momma?" Ella asked.

"Yes, is that okay?"

"Heck yah!" J.R answered for her, then corrected his voice to hide his
enthusiasm. "I mean, you could be nakey all day if you wanted..."

Cindy gave him a nasty stare in protest of his bold suggestion. It was
an unfair response, considering she was practically naked herself.

"Thanks sweetheart, I might take you up on that sooner than later. This
wine is making me feel hot..."

"What's with the wine anyway," Cindy asked with accusing eyes, "You
hardly ever drink"

"Wine helps me relax. Tonight a guest will be helping me teach our
lesson, so I want to make sure I am good and comfortable..."

My answer immediately got all of the kids attention, as it confirmed
their suspicions that someone really was coming over that night. They were
all excited and nervous at the same time. And once they learned our guest
would be a man, and that yes, he too would be naked, the boys were _really_
nervous. The man, I explained, was to give the girls an up-close visual on
male anatomy. The girls were just getting used to the way that odd
protruding organ looked like, and it was up to me to ensure that they
didn't focus so much on the look, but rather what the fun organ could do
FOR them.

Beyond that, I didn't go into detail on the lesson's curriculum. None
of them knew they were going to see what it was like to fuck and to be

Eventually the conversation returned to the usual family interaction.
Except at one point, Jake tried the old "accidental dropping of the fork"
routine again. I almost scolded him, but then from the corner of my eyes,
I saw Amanda open up her legs and slowly raise her skirt. I don't know if
she knew what Jake was up to, but she wanted to give him something to look
at nonetheless. I wouldn't have been so impressed if J.R hadn't already
told me that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"By the way girls, Cindy is working on acquiring new tastes," I began,
giving Cindy a stern nod, and pouring another glass of wine. "Would you
two also like to acquire grown-up tastes?"

The other girls enthusiastically said they did, so I poured them each a
glass of wine. Once a glass of wine was in front of them, they became more
hesitant; especially Amanda, who knew she wasn't allowed to have any. I
used the excuse that they were privileged to it only as members of our new
club. It worked, and the girls each tasted their wine. Of course, the
boys wanted to taste it too; I let them drink from my glass, but they were
told wine was more of a woman's drink.

Cindy, with her classic stubborn mannerisms, intently drank the wine in
a few big gulps, showing me she was willing to acquire new tastes.

"That's not how you drink wine!" I laughed, filling her glass back up.
Cindy downed that one too. I smiled approvingly. "I love your attitude

The girls unanimously decided they didn't like wine, but by Cindy's 3rd
glass, she was beginning to understand why people bothered to acquire the

"It's too warm, Mom. It feels funny in my tummy." Cindy slightly
slurred after taking a rather large gulp of wine. She got up and pulled
out the cum from the freezer. I decided not to explain to her that wine
was not meant to be consumed with ice.

J.R was wide-eyed when Cindy placed the tray in front of him. "Thanks
J.R" Cindy giggled while holding herself up awkwardly on the back of his
chair. She then held out her glass of wine in suggestion, as if her
gratitude was actually a preemptive one for him serving the ice rather than
for him literally MAKING it.

J.R cautiously cracked the messy tray and dropped a cube into her glass.
Cindy immediately took a sip, then stuck her tongue out at me. It wasn't
just her eagerness to shock me that got me going; it was the fact that her
erect nipples were practically cutting through her wifebeater, and J.R was
very much aware of it now that she was so close to him. I had never been
in such a sexually charged atmosphere before! It might have been a little
odd that it was coming from my kids, but I _love_ being in a room that is
overflowing with sexual tension and raging hormones. It was a moment I
wanted to experience much more often.

Thanks to Cindy's enthusiasm, by the end of dinner, all the girls had a
cube of cum in their wine... plus a bendy straw. They were starting to
relax too: if being relaxed meant teasing their brothers by flashing them
when they least expected it. It was a dangerous game. The boys were ready
to pounce, but were still a little too shy. The pills made them horny as
fuck, but they still had inhibitions. I regretted not getting them on the
wine like the girls.

* * *

"Why do they get cameras!?" Ella whined immediately after I came down
the stairs. It was a quarter to eight, and everyone was in their seats
around the coffee table. The pajama-clad girls were on one side, and the
boys, still overly dressed, were on the other. I was disappointed they
didn't take my suggestion and come down in their underwear.

"They're only Polaroid cameras. You can borrow the family camera, if
you'd like." I didn't let Ella protest further, and pulled out four dildos
from the bag I brought with me. "Besides, I got you each one of these," I
said handing each of the girls a different colored dildo. I put mine on my
chair. "I also got you some reading material that you can trade amongst
yourselves after the lesson tonight". The books were extra-raunchy stories
that I thought might help improve their vocabulary and expand their

For the presentation, I would need the coffee table, so I removed the
girl's drinks from it and returned them to the girls to finish off. Then I
moved the table back and put my chair on top of it. While I did this, Ella
ranted about her new toy and asked questions about it; when I had finished
answering Ella's questions, J.R eagerly said:

"I thought you were going to be naked tonight"

"The lesson hasn't started yet," I smiled, but in a near contradiction
to my excuse, I undid the robe I was wearing. When the robe fell, I posed
in my lingerie, which came complete with garter belt and stockings.

"Like the panties?" I asked, lifting a leg up and resting it on the love
seat so J.R could get a close inspection. I think he was choking on his
saliva too much to respond. They were the panties he had "busted his nut"
in earlier that day.

I went back to my bag and pulled out the other girl's panties, and
returned them to the girls. I asked them to switch into them.

No doubt thanks to the wine blocking Cindy's good judgment, she simply
stood up and changed right in front of everyone. It was brief, but there
was no way to ignore what she was doing, and everyone watched in awe.

"Why not? The boys have already seen everything," Amanda said, standing
up. "'Course I'm not wearing any," she said flicking up her oversized
shirt and giggling. Amanda pulled up her soiled panties until they were
tightly up in her crack- she watched the boys intently as she did so. The
wine was really allowing her to enjoy herself.

Ella was a little more hesitant, and changed while being sure her large
shirt covered her dignity. "How come we're wearing these?" Ella asked.

"Oh, let's just call it our last ritual. It's about time J.R moved on
to greener pastures," I looked back at him to see him blushing. "In fact,
I'm not wearing any more panties until he stops. Tonight should be our
last panty night, don't you think girls?"

The girls drunkly giggled. Admittedly, I was a little drunk too.

"Then again... I love feeling a man's cum against my pussy," I
continued, facing J.R. "It's almost as good as when I feel it inside of
me." J.R's blushes couldn't have been more obvious. I rubbed in the cum on
my panties against my sex just to see him squirm even more. I was hoping
he'd say something, but he was speechless.

"Today might be our last sex lesson, but if you kids are interested, we
can get together and I can show you things to practice. For instance...
did you know I've taken stripping lessons?" I returned my attention back to
the gang, and demonstrated.

If either one of my boys hadn't been slouching on the love seat, they
would have gotten a nice lap dance from their mother. Instead I did a
seductive dance in front of them. The girls were impressed with my moves
almost as much as I could tell the boys did.

"Let's test out your cameras," I nearly whispered to the boys, looking
over my shoulder during a low ass-shaking move.

The girls were still a little shocked as I stood up on the coffee table,
then bent at the waist while keeping my legs straight. I could feel my
hamstrings strain thanks to my extra high heels. The boys got behind me
and took a picture.

"Hold on," I smiled, and hooked my panties with my thumb. I pulled them
up tight into a super wedgie, nearly exposing my labia (after all, the art
of stripping is in the tease). The boys "wow"d their way closer and took
another picture. A wiggle here, a movement here, and soon the abused
panties were bunched up just below my ass cheeks. "Well? Don't you want a
picture of my pussy and ass?" I commanded to the lack of clicking sounds
form their cameras.

I kicked my head back and arched my back so my hair would fall onto it.
My sons took more pictures. I have to admit, I loved the attention. A
lot. I really wished I had done more with my boys earlier.

"Woah, hot momma!" Ella exclaimed

"Really hot," Amanda breathed, watching J.R spend a little more time
than necessary to adjust the rigid problem he was having in his pants.

Cindy was fingering her pussy under her panties. I was just beginning
to find out how my daughter handled alcohol. It turned out she was very
much a "fun drunk".

I picked up my dildo from the chair below me and sucked it into my
mouth. When it was good and sucked, I held it up, and looked back.

"Tonight," I brought the dildo up to my slit, still on display. "We'll
all learn the joy of fucking!"

I slowly pushed the dildo into my cunt until it was in as far as it
could go.

* * *

The doorbell rang just after I finished telling the girls about hymens,
and how they were to break them tonight if they had one. I hated how men
thought they were conquering something when they got to do it. My girls
would not be virgins like that, they would be ready.

"You're late!" I answered in my robe. Alex stepped into my house
without waiting for an invitation, and immediately started to grope and
kiss me in the doorway. I pushed him away before his hands could get fully
under my robe.

"Easy. I'm teaching the kids about sex--" Alex attempted to latch on to
my lips again, interrupting me. I pushed him away a second time. "--so
you're going to have to be patient," I said with more seriousness, and
leaving my finger on his lip.

I felt like I was scolding a small child while I attempted to hold him
back long enough to go over the rules. Alex was to ignore the children, do
as I instruct, and leave promptly after he orgasmed.

"Yes ma'am," he agreed in a voice that told me he hadn't heard a word. I
looked at him with a scowl.

"Care to enhance the experience?" Alex opened his hand to show a small
pink pill.

"What type of girl do you take me for?" I scorned, angry he would bring
illegal drugs into my home. "I don't need THAT to have a little fun"

On the other hand, drugs had made quite a difference recently... Maybe
I could...

"I mean..." I started back up as he started to put the pill back in his
pocket. "I-- You know, actually... do they make that in a liquid form?" I
blurted timidly, embarrassed I scolded him now that my mind had thought
things through more carefully.

"Liquid Ecstasy is how a lot of people prefer it. Planning on drugging
someone?" He laughed. "Come by my house tomorrow," he said, getting
closer. Rather than pushing him away, I reached for his belt buckle and
unhooked it. I never really cared for Alex, but I was already acquainted
with his cock, and it was better for me if I ignored the person it was
attached to. Alex helped remove his clothes, and when he was completely
naked, I took him by his erect cock and walked him down the stairs to my
waiting children.

The kids became immediately quiet, no doubt uncomfortable now that a
stranger entered the room. They all sat at attention.

"Howdy," Alex saluted them, breaking the ice. He was not in the least
bit concerned that he was not only naked, but aroused in front of
teenagers. When Alex brought his hand down from his salute, he brought it
to my ass and rubbed it as I spoke.

"Before we begin with the lesson, I thought I would show the girls what
a cock looks like. They haven't seen one up close before. You don't mind
do you?"

Alex stopped fondling my ass long enough to stretch his hands back
behind his neck and jutting out his hips in answer. I then directed him,
cock in hand, to my girls. Because Ella was sitting in the center of the
loveseat, she had the best view as Alex stood right in front of her.
Ella's eyes grew big.

"So.. here it is," I started, trying to figure out how to act more
academically now that Alex was around to supervise. I kept him standing
with his cock pointing directly at my youngest while I knelt down. I
lightly let my long fingernails scratch the underside of his cock and down
to his balls. His cock twitched to the sensation.

"See how it pulses to a woman's touch?"

Alex was already showing precum, so I lightly dragged my hand back up to
the top of his penis, where I fingered off the precum from its tip.

"This is precum. Think of it like an appetizer to a delicious meal," I
stated, holding my finger out to Cindy. "Wanna taste it?"

When Cindy sucked on my finger. It felt like all of my finger's nerve
endings were directly attached to deep inside my pussy. I exhaled quietly
to hide the intense pleasure my daughter's mouth was producing. I had
never felt something like that before, and I certainly didn't expect my own
daughter could make me feel that way.

Once Cindy was done with my finger, it was covered in her saliva. I
brought my whetted finger back to Alex's cock, and started to rub circles
around his cockhead. Alex groaned and pushed his hips back instinctively.

"The tip is the most sensitive part. See how it hardens even more when
I rub it lightly?" I ran my finger up and off the slit of his cock. It
expanded each time I rubbed it, then deflated slightly when my finger left
it. The girls were mesmerized.

After a moment I forgot about the girls and looked up at Alex. As if
looking for approval, I snaked my tongue out and licked him. When he
groaned, I took it as permission to swallow his cock. Within seconds I was
sucking and slurping relentlessly, while my daughter's and their friend

Something came over Alex then, because he decided lesson time was over.
He pulled me up from the floor, and ripped off my bra in a single tug.
Then he started sucking and squeezing my tits like they were the only
nectar for his starving soul. He was so forceful, that as I tried to get
into better position for my kids, we ended up stumbling backwards until he
had me pinned against the wall.

I wasn't going to let him have all the fun, so I reached down and
started stroking him. The action only seemed to enrage him. He let my tit
fall from his mouth, and grabbed my legs; when I was in the air, I had no
choice but to wrap my legs around his waist. Alex pulled my panties aside,
and threw his cock into me.

"Wait.." I rasped as he pounded his tool into me with vengeance. "Let..
the.. kids.. see!"

I was sure Alex hadn't heard me, because he only continued thrusting
into me and started nibbling on my earlobe. After a minute though, he
walked me back to the coffee table, all while keeping his cook planted
inside of me.

"Sit down on the table!" I ordered.

Alex sat, and I stayed with him, squatting now on the table. It was
time to resume the lesson.

"This is the cowgirl position," I turned back to the boys, who were
furiously masturbating under their clothes. "Now it's MY turn to fuck HIM"

I rode Alex slowly for a while; hoping to retrain him into going at a
slower pace. When I had decided Alex had enough relaxation, I grabbed my
tit and leaned forward, placing my nipple into his mouth. He sucked it and
then took over, thrusting wildly as I sat on him.

"Oooh, yes. Suck my tits like that!" I exclaimed between his thrusting.
"You'll love this, babies," I cooed to the girls who were watching closely

"Oh, and boys," I said standing up, my pussy slurping rudely as it
released Alex's cock. "You can fuck titties too!"

I knelt back down and wrapped my tits around Alex's cock, who was not
pleased I kept interrupting the fucking he was giving me. Alex let me
start on the new position and started to fuck my cleavage; while he did, I
locked my eyes onto J.R's and smiled. I was proud of my kids. They were
really paying attention. I could tell they wouldn't forget the lesson.

It was when I opened my mouth to catch Alex's penis on the up thrust,
that I lost complete control of Alex again. Alex grabbed my hair and held
it tightly.

"It's time you really showed them how a man fucks a bitch like you!" he
snarled, and forced his cock in my throat. I gagged, and grabbed tightly
onto Alex's leg. I could feel the impulse to throw up every time he rocked
into me, and did my best to open wide and relax my throat. Thankfully he
was too eager to explore my body to keep his position. Alex yanked me back
up to my feet and ripped off my panties, destroying them. He turned me
around to face my kids and bent me over with my hair still firmly held in
his fist. Alex's other hand cruelly started rubbing my clit.

"Oh yes son, your momma is a hot little fuck." Alex suddenly slammed his
cock into me, causing my tits to bounce under me. He was raping me in
front of my sons! I looked pleadingly at my boys, but they were far too
aroused to care, and eagerly continued to masturbate their cocks behind
their pants.

"Your dadda' is a lucky man to fuck this piece of ass," Alex wheezed
under gritted teeth. "I've wanted to FUCK your tight-ass momma since I
laid eyes on her!" He groaned, emphasizing the "f" in fuck. The boys said
nothing and watched Alex's fingers rub my clit while his cock jackhammered
into me. "Shit, she's a better fuck than I thought. God damn!"

"You bitches gettin' this?!" Alex suddenly yelled over his shoulder,
"Heh, get use to it. This is how whores are fucked!" Alex taunted,
whipping me around a little so they could see better. I couldn't bring
myself to see the girls reaction though, because J.R started cumming: his
hips had lifted off the couch and I could see some of his spunk spill out
over his jeans. Jake followed shortly thrashing in his seat, his cum
rolled over his slightly exposed tummy and onto the couch below.

I felt a mix of emotions. Their inaction to help their mother hurt, yet
I was so turned on by how aroused they were from watching me. And when I
finally saw that pearly cum splatter everywhere, I couldn't help myself.
My eyes rolled back, and I did my best to hold it in. But I couldn't.

"F-f-f-fuck. Oh shit, oh shiiiiit! No no no! Gnnnn-"

My orgasm ripped out of me and I squirted off his cock like a cork
bursting off a shaken bottle of wine. I collapsed to the floor.

"Heh!" Alex smirked with surprise. "What a fucking slut. Can't even
handle a cock," Alex grinned, dragging me off the floor by my hair and
throwing me on the coffee table. It hurt how roughly he threw me and I
instinctively curled up into a fetus position. Alex could see how much my
body was convulsing from my orgasm, but he didn't care to let me recover.

"Wooh, boy. Ever wonder what a quivering pussy feels like?" Alex
taunted, having now impaled me while I shook involuntarily around his cock.
"Look at that! Goddamn. You got a vibrator up in there, bitch? Huh?
What you got in your pussy to make it shake like that? Maybe I'll fish it
out for ya!"

Alex pushed his cock into me as far as he could, grabbing my legs for
leverage. He managed to hit my cervix. "Did I break something in you?"
Alex leered. He abruptly pulled his cock all the way out, then jammed it
back in as quickly and as far as possible, causing sharp pains when he
bottomed out. Then he did it again. And again.

"God dammit, woman. You feel like a fucking hose with the water turned
on," Alex pulled out and wiped my cum from his legs. I desperately tried
to cover my quivering pussy.

"I didn't say you could touch that!" Alex grabbed my arm and forced it
behind my back, making me turn on my stomach. He pulled my hips up until
my ass was in the air. "Why don't you cool off a little while I take me
some of this?"

Thankfully his cock was dripping with my juices when he entered my ass,
because he made no attempt at breaking me in slowly.

"Shit. On second thought, I prefer your pussy!" He leered after fucking
my ass for only a few seconds.

Alex continued his cruel sneers as he switched between my holes. He
couldn't decide which one he liked the most.

"You asshole!" I thought, hoping I wouldn't get an infection from his
carelessness. I wanted to yell at him, but this was not what I wanted my
kids to see for their first time. So I decided to let him take me, and
started to talk dirty. The hope was that I could get him off quickly and
then get him the hell out of my house.

"Cum in my ass!" I encouraged. "Pump me full! I want to shit your cum

But he didn't listen to me. When he was ready, he grabbed me by my hair
and forced me on my knees so he could cum on my face.

"Fuuuuuccck!" He groaned as the first rope ricochet off my forehead and
into my hair. Alex rubbed his dick against my face until well after the
last of his generous cum poured out on to my face. Finally, he was done.

At least I didn't have to tell him to leave. Alex left me on the coffee
table with my speechless kids.

* * *

I was thankful for Alex, really. He had inadvertently taken our little
club into a whole new direction. Plus he taught me one very important
lesson: men are ravenous dogs. I didn't have a choice but to hide my
humiliation because my own sons got up to take a picture of my cum-covered
face and abused body. I posed as seductively as I could for them while
they cheered about their first 6 points for their doorwhore game. And
while I held up my tits and licked my lips, I started to realize something:
My lust-fulled sons were beginning to see women as nothing more than sexual
objects. Alex's twist on my lesson only seemed to confirm their views.
I didn't help the boys' perception either. That's because the girls
were practically mortified by the whole ordeal! If the girls hadn't had
finished off their alcoholic drinks, they might have actually realized
their mother was being raped and done something about it. If they had, the
whole night would have been a disaster. That's why I had no choice but to
pretend the whole thing went down exactly how I had hoped it would. I
explained Alex's uncontrollable lust was a huge compliment to my ability as
a woman to seduce him. I told the girls if they were good enough, they too
could seduce a man enough to trance him into a sex-crazed frenzy; a frenzy
where the man will stop at nothing to paint their woman with their precious


By the end of the presentation, the girls thought I was a sex goddess
with prowesses they hadn't known existed. And the boys: well, they seemed
convinced a woman's body was designed for their pleasure; all they had to
do was claim it.

* * *

"Hey babe," Johnathan answered, guessing rightly the person on the other
end was me. This time, I had to call HIM. I was sick of the men being
late that day.

"You have company, don't you?" I didn't need to ask; I could hear her.
Part of me was surprised my husband still had what it took to get women so

"Like you wanted, eh?" Johnathan asked with a little nervousness.

"Your husband tastes amazing," I heard a distant, sultry voice breathe.
"So she's a talker!" I thought

"Hand the phone to her," I asked my husband.

Johnathan did as he was told.

"Do you like him? Do you like sucking my hubby's cock?"

I heard a pop from the mouth-hold the woman had on my husband.
"Mmm-hmm!" She answered in the positive.

"Oh fuck yeh, lick it" I heard Johnathan's distant voice groan through
the phone.

Being sure I was still talking to the woman, I continued:

"If you're going to have my husband, I think I deserve a picture. Let
him take a picture while you're sucking. Oh, and if you really want to get
him going, pretend to be his little girl. He loooves that," I lied. "Call
him daddy, and he's all yours."

Johnathan took the phone back, and tried to get me to tell him what I
had said. I simply explained to him I wanted a picture of his date so I
could join the fun more intimately. So, per my instructions, Johnathan
took a picture from his phone and sent it. A minute later I received a
text showing a woman clearly enjoying my husband.

"Another brunette? Are you trying to tell me something?" I teased
Johnathan, wondering if I should dye my hair. She was at least very
attractive from what I could tell. She was partly dressed in business
attire; Johnathan hadn't been able to get her fully naked yet.

We continued our banter for a little bit, but it wasn't long before the
dirty talk started. I won't go into the boring details, but needless to
say, I gave Johnathan phone sex while his catch was busy working him over.
He slowly started to become more incoherent with me, and that's when I knew
he was ready for what I had to tell him.

"Oohhh, speaking of blowjobs: You'll never believe who I caught the
other day- do you remember Amanda? Ella's friend? Well I caught her on
her knees with J.R. I walked in on them while I was putting away--"

"Whaaaat?" Johnathan gasped, interrupting my lie.

"It's not Amanda's fault. Apparently our girls have a reputation...
they put her up to it as a dare."

"Reputation? OUR girls?"

"As in: the town mattresses, Johnathan. You know how they go to the
pool all the time? Well they aint swimming honey. I only heard about it
when the lifeguard was caught with Ella behind the changing sheds and was

"Oh god! Fuck!" Johnathan groaned, louder than I thought he would. Was
he angry? or was his date hitting the right spot?

"I try to keep an eye on them, but they are growing up so fast. The
best I can do is give them condoms."

I could only hear slapping sounds. They were passionately fucking, but
I imagined it was the woman who continued the thrusting while my husband
took in the news.

"I had a sex talk with them tonight... They're obsessed with sex,
Johnathan. They looove it... Especially the boys. Like father like sons,
huh?" I giggled

I heard nothing but more and more moans, and then: "Yeh, fuck me daddy!
Fuck my tight little hole!" the woman's voice moaned through the phone.
She was acting out the fantasy just like I had instructed her! It made me
feel better that my husband was fucking someone I was starting to like.

"...I *had* to talk to them, Johnathan. The girls have it bad too-
after the lifeguard was out of the picture, they have been taking attention
from whoever will give it. For example... and don't freak out, but they
keep asking me about how big you are..." I waited for a response; I was
sure I would get one, but when all I heard was more grunting, I continued.
"They're convinced you have a monster in your pants, Johnathan. God, if
they only knew!" I laughed. "So now they're trying to get their brothers
to show them what they're packing. And get this: Jake actually showed

"Hold on.. Hold on baby.. Wait what? What about Jake?" Johnathan was
getting more coherent. I was pushing it too far.

"Oh, nothing to worry about. The kids are just experimenting. I'm
keeping a veeerry close eye on them when they're in the house. At least
the girls aren't playing around with more strangers..."

I managed to get him fucking again despite Johnathan's interest in
hearing more about his kids. Shortly after, it was impossible to talk over
the loud moaning and encouragement from Johnathan's lay. Her screams of
"Fuck me daddy!" were getting closer together. She would be cumming soon.
It was time to let Johnathan go.

"--mmm! I can hear you two. She's being such a good girl! How are you
taking her?"

"Ass up, face down!" Johnathan grunted, no doubt on the edge himself.

That position sounded familiar. I was having flashbacks from only
moments ago and my ass ached from the memory.

"Hot! I'll let you go. You'll need both of your hands to hold on to
her hips. Give it to her _extra hard_ for me, sweety. And for fuck's
sake, _cum_ in her ass!"
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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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Raw Message
Title: Motherfolly (Chapter 5)
Part: Chapter 5
Author: ***@zoho.com
Summary: A mother's sudden taste for cum has her raising her
teenage children in a new light
Keywords: cum fetish, incest, whole family, teen, drugs, Fm, mast

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I always thought disclaimers on these type of
stories were insulting to the reader. OF COURSE child abuse
(among other acts depicted here) is disturbing and wrong. But
supposedly, I am legally obligated to remind the reader. If you
can't separate fantasy from reality, don't read this.

This story builds off previous chapters, and I strongly recommend
reading them first.

http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/Year2012/62368 [Chapters 1-3]
http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/Year2013/62800 [Chapter 4]


It had been a miserable night. Sometime after midnight, I
received a phone call from Amanda's parents asking if I had seen
her. The little minx hadn't received permission to sleep over
like I was lead to believe. So I had no choice but to wake
myself up and head back to the basement in order to warn the
young teenager that her angry parents were on their way.

When I arrived downstairs, I found all of my kids still awake.
The boys were taking pictures. The girls had returned to using
the magazines as inspiration for practicing their poses. Somehow
during this activity, Jake and J.R convinced Amanda to take her
panties off. Amanda decided to break her hymen in front of them,
and when I came down, she had a dildo shoved up her twat. The
girls were otherwise clothed; except Cindy had pulled the neck of
her wifebeater down enough to sling it under her breasts. I was
surprised she was showing them off so lewdly! The girls were
still drunk.

It was obvious the girls weren't expecting me because when I
entered the room, Cindy quickly covered herself and Amanda closed
her legs. I was a little upset that they didn't trust me enough
to act more openly with me, so before I walked any closer, I made
sure my robe was open, and walked over to Cindy.

"Love the look, honey. Why not let them breath more often?" I
winked, suddenly yanking down her wifebeater and placing the neck
under her perky tits again. Cindy blushed initially, but let out
a wry smile once she knew I wasn't trying to punish her.

"Looks like you are all having a LOT of fun!" I lightheartedly
remarked. "But I have to break it up... Amanda, sweety..."

I broke the news to Amanda about her parents. She did not take
it well. Her sobbing was so uncomfortable, I sent everyone up
for a glass of milk and then off to their respective bedrooms.
Meanwhile, I helped Amanda get dressed and gave her mouthwash in
the hopes her parents wouldn't recognize what she had been
drinking. I also gave her a few tips on what to tell her
parents. Amanda seemed to feel a bit better after she was
prepared with some convincing lies.

I was telling Amanda how much I liked her and how good she was
for my sons when we heard a honk in my driveway. I admit I was
stunned her parents wouldn't bother to knock quietly at the door
at such a late hour. Amanda knew she was in trouble. The best I
could do was give her a hug and wish her luck.

When I finally did get back to sleep, it was short lived.
Johnathan called bright and early to ask me if I was telling the
truth about the kids the night before. This was the second time
he asked that question, and I was sick of it. We got into a big
argument: He accused me of not watching our children close
enough and threatened to come home early on account of a "family
emergency". Despite his ugly threats, the conversation gave me
the impression that Johnathan had his daughters on his mind *all*
night. I really wondered if his one-night-stand had reminded him
of Ella, especially since I had encouraged the woman to act like
a child for him.

I didn't know how to get Johnathan to realize his kids would be
fully sexualized when he got back, but it was stress I didn't
want to deal with anymore.

To make matters worse, I had a pounding headache from the wine,
and my ravaged ass and pussy ached. All of this added up to a
terrible Monday- my busiest day of the week. I had four training
sessions; and one was with Mandy, the wife of the man responsible
for my aches and pains, a man I now despised: Alex. It took some
willpower to get out of bed that day, but I did, and immediately
got dressed in my workout clothes. My first client was expecting
their training session in an hour.
I made a quick breakfast and woke up the kids.

I'm not sure what came over me; perhaps I was still a little
drunk, but when I got to J.R's room, I let myself in.

"Mom?" J.R blinked, rubbing his eyes. I knew my boy had morning
wood, and I wanted it. I've always wanted it, hadn't I?

I normally would know better-- but I was still a little bitter
with Johnathan after our phone call. Perhaps I did it to spite
him for his prudery, or maybe I just couldn't hold myself back
any longer...

I crawled onto my son's bed and slowly pulled down his blankets
until my reward came into view. Before he had a chance to awaken
fully, I had his "morning wood" in my mouth and was swirling my
tongue around it.

"Holy ...! OH! F' me! Mommm!"

I put a finger on his lips to suggest he stay silent, and kept
sucking. It was like an out of body experience; I was dazed, not
sure how things happened so quickly. The only thing I remember
thinking about was that if I sucked hard enough, I could pull out
the tangy nectar his balls were holding captive.

J.R grabbed his bedding and held on tight.

I hadn't wanted something so urgently like I had that morning.
My mouth needed him- needed his cock- needed his cum! I was so
fixated on my task that it took me some time to notice my son's
breathing was erratic. His twitching leg made me worried, and I
let him go.

Standing up abruptly, I looked down at J.R, his eyes were still
clenched tight. I would have laughed at his inability to handle
my blowjob, but my mood didn't let me. Instead, I reached for
his hands and pulled him up, forcing him to open his eyes and get
his balance. J.R tried to read my blank expression, as I pulled
down the band of my yoga pants and took his cock. I rubbed the
tip of him on my clit while I massaged his penis. It didn't take
long. He covered me; each warm jet bathing my pussy with his
warm spend. It felt surreal.

Once he had finished, I became aware of what I had just done. I
didn't have time to explain myself and now that I had gotten what
I came for, I simply let my pants return to my waist, and left.
I hadn't uttered one word. Not that I needed to; I was positive
J.R already knew I wanted him to have a "good morning".

God, had I wanted to do that for the longest time.

* * *

The training sessions with my clients were just what I needed to
clear the fog from my head. It always surprises me how physical
exertion can clear up mental exhaustion. By the time I had
finished my 3rd session, I felt on top of the world again (and
horny as hell; thanks to my son, whose cum I could still feel on
me). I wasn't planning on going to Mandy's house after what her
husband did, but I was feeling bold, and I thought maybe I could
clear the air with her. If I didn't face her, I would have to
live with the fact that I was a coward.

"Oh. My. GOD! I can't believe you came back! You really
expect me to...!" Mandy screeched from her doorway. It was well
after the noon hour, and she was still in a nightgown. Clearly
she wasn't expecting me for our training session. And I wasn't
expecting her to be so mad! If anything, *I* was the one who had
reason to be angry.

"Shut the fuck up," I cut in, bringing myself down to her level
of immaturity. "I just wanted to give you one last look at what
your husband thinks about when he fucks you." I pulled up my top
and flashed her my tits. I walked away with my fingers having
the last word. How dare she treat me like that after what her
husband did?

"Bitch!" She yelled, and slammed the door.

That didn't quite go how I planned it. I never did find out what
part Mandy played in letting Alex come to my house and have his
way with me in front of my children. I had assumed Mandy was
kinky, but she was probably just in an abusive relationship. In
a way I felt sorry for her; and in another, I was glad to be rid
of her.

The last person I expected to see again was Alex, but that's who
came running out while I was starting my car.

"Hey slut," he greeted simply with a smugness only grade-"A"
assholes can pull off

I almost drove away right then, but decided on something

"You! I should thank you! My children are so traumatized by
sex, it's a struggle for them to even get naked for a bath
anymore! At least I won't have to worry about them being

"I don't give a shi-"

"Shut up!" I cut in. "I'm not finished! My youngest was so
upset, she called the police"

Alex demeanor changed immediately.

"That's right asshole, I had a hell of a time trying to explain
to the officer at my door that everything was okay. But you know
what? I decided to go in and get a rape test done just in case.
The hospital is begging me to come forward with your name..."

Alex bought every lie I sputtered. His shaking hands told me all
I needed to know.

"Shit! I-I was drugged up, you know that! It was the drugs..."

"Oh of course! I'm sure the police will sympathize and let you
off with a warning," I sarcastically spat, rolling my eyes.

"Now just a minute... Let me apologize. We can tell your kids we
were just role playing," Alex's voice was soft and soothing, he
was desperate.

"No. Stay away from them. And me! Actually, I don't know if
I'll feel safe again while you're on those bullshit drugs. Hand
them over. This is going to stop, now." I protested. "Go on,
get them! I'll wait." I demanded again, as Alex only stood

Alex attempted to talk me down, making all sorts of excuses, but
I held firm: He was to surrender the drugs, or face the police.

Alex went back to the house to get the drugs, and when he
returned to my car (it took him some time because he had to force
his wife to stay in the house), he handed me a mostly-empty
bottle of label-less pills and a liquid vial.

"That's all of it?" I asked skeptically looking at the vial.

"Is THAT ALL?!", Alex's jaw clenched and he sighed in
frustration. "That shit is potent, you only need two drops," he
insisted with surprising defensiveness. "That's a special
Russian mix, and it cost a small fortune, I-- Wait, wait, wait.
Fuck it. Didn't you say you wanted to get some of that shit last

Alex's tone quickly changed back to bastard-mode. He was having
doubts about my story and was asking for details- what hospital?
What did the cop look like? I knew I couldn't respond adequately
to his attempts at calling my bluff, so I opened the bottle and
threw the pills over the car hood and into the street. Then I
discarded the vial by throwing it into a driver side trash bag.
That shut him up.

"If I even hear from you or your family again, I swear to God I
will become your biggest regret," I snarled and peeled away
before he could question me further.

Once I passed the block, I exhaled. I think I might have pulled
it off! Alex would no longer be a problem.

* * *

At home, I parked in the garage and checked the floor: the vial
of Ecstasy had cracked, but most of the liquid had remained
safely within it. I picked up the vial and kissed it; it was my
first time scoring narcotics, and all it cost was some rough sex
(sex that, contrary to what I made Alex believe, could not have
been any more perfect for my growing children to watch!).

The house was unexpectedly quiet as I made my way up to my
bedroom. I suspected that all of my kids had managed to get out
of the house to enjoy the sunny weather. I was almost right.

"Amanda's grounded, momma!" Ella whined, updating me on the state
of things. She and her sister were sitting on my bed when I got
out of the shower. It was nice that I didn't have to worry about
covering up around them anymore. I didn't feel terribly naked
around them anyway, as the girls were wearing the tiny bikinis I
had purchased for them.

"Oh my god! Did you two just get back from the pool?" I asked, a
little concerned that they walked home from the pool alone in
such alluring attire.

"We were gonna'. But-"

"-we were out back working on our tans!" The girls answered

I looked the girls up and down while I finished drying off. It
was fashion-smart of them to hide their old tan lines before
heading out in their new suits.

"You know, if you're just working on your tans, why do you wear
anything, sillies? Just keep an eye out for the neighbor before
going out nude," I giggled. "By the way, have either of you
girls thought about piercing your nipples?" I had forgotten I
had told Johnathan that little fib until he brought it up in his
tirade that morning. Ha! My husband actually believed me when I
said the girls had their nipples pierced! I wasn't even sure it
was _possible_ for girls so young to get their nipples pierced.

"Ouuch!" Cindy exclaimed, cupping her boobs. Ella laughingly
agreed. I knew it would take some convincing to get my girls
pierced if I didn't want Johnathan to catch me in my lies. Then
again, how would Johnathan know if the girls were really pierced
or not? It's not like the girls would feel comfortable
sunbathing naked with their "daddy" around, would they? Hmm.
God, yes they would, I'd make sure of it! My mind wandered to
the thought of my dear sweet husband flicking our daughters
nipple rings with his tongue, and it's nastiness made me
instantly wet with excitement.

"They're really fun to have," I continued, hoping I could get
them thinking seriously about it. "They're a secret you can
whisper to boys and get them thinking dirty thoughts about you...
Then again, maybe you two need to meet some boys first!" I
teased. "Think about it, at least. I'm planning on getting my
clit pierced before your father gets back"

"No way! you can get THAT pierced? Dad wouldn't freak?"

"I think he'd love it, actually" I laughed, happy that Cindy was
up on sex vocabulary enough to know what I was talking about.
"But I'd take it out when he is home. It'd be just for me!" I
explained to Cindy, tying up my halter top. "Sometimes a girl
has got to have a secret that is all her own"

If it was possible to get my girls' tits pierced, I knew I would
have to sign a release form. And if I was going with them, I
might as well be a good example and get a piercing too. I
figured they'd be more courageous if they saw their mother get a
piercing first... but mainly, I liked the idea of celebrating my
sexual reawakening with something permanent like a piercing.

After I had finished dressing, the girls and I sauntered around
the house for a bit, talking about girl stuff: dildos, their new
books, boys, and their brothers. Cindy told me that she tried
out her dildo after Amanda left, but said her hymen was already
broken. She said she was sure that she broke it while riding her
bike last year. Ella was too scared to break hers, so I
threatened her to try again before dinner, or else I'd have to
help her with it. The sooner Ella broke hers, the sooner her
dildo would deliver its maximum pleasure. Not to mention that it
was my duty as her mother to get her sexually active, and I did
NOT want a boy having the honors of breaking her in.

Eventually my girls went up to take a shower, and I ate a snack
in peace. I learned that my sons had gone to the skatepark "to
pick up chicks" with Rick. Apparently Rick had been trying to
hang out with J.R all weekend, but J.R kept brushing him off. He
finally let Rick come by under the condition that he went to the
skatepark with them. I was glad they were getting out of the
house. I like to think that my show last night motivated them--
it's always a good feeling to know something you're doing is
helping your children mature into healthy adults.

* * *

"Comeon' J.R, you gotta drive us!"

The front door to the house opened. The boys were home.

"Dude, I'm not your chauffeur. Besides we're competing,

"Hi boys," I said a little more seductively than I wanted. "How
was the skatepark?"

"Mom! I got a girl's number! I want to take her out, but J.R
won't drive us!"

J.R froze when he saw me and blushed. My little fun with him
that morning might have had something to do with his odd

"Oh good boy," I smiled to Jake and put my hand up for a high
five, while ignoring J.R. "Bring her back here then..."

"Yeh right! Cin and El will never let it go-"

"-who cares? They're your younger sisters, show them you're the
boss. Anyway, where's Rick?"

"Home. Cryin' that he didn't get to see you," J.R finally smirked
after a long pause. Jake was looking at the two of us wondering
what the deal was. It was time to let J.R know he could relax
around me before things got too awkward between us.

"Aw, too bad," I pouted. "I was hoping I could show off today," I
smiled, lifting up my skirt. "No panties, see?"

"Hot damn!" Jake grinned, obviously getting more comfortable
cursing. I was happy to see he was less reserved in his language
choice, even around his brother.

J.R's simply gawked, his eyes soaking in the view. Did my boy
have a crush on me?

"So... how did you two fare last night? Did Amanda let you two
touch her pussy?" I asked luridly, hoping to get J.R's mind off
of me. I sat down on the couch and patted the seats next to me.
The boys sat down after a sideways grin to each other, clearly
excited by my line of questioning. When they sat down, I leaned
back to put my arms around them.

"Nah. She sure likes her dildo though," Jake finally replied.

"If she likes her dildo, then she's going to *love* you two in
its place. Have you thought about making her your fucktoy?" My
heart started to pound in taboo excitement from my continued
dirty talk.

"Yeh, sure mom," Jake admitted with a slight stammer. "After
last night, definitely!" J.R grinned, coming around finally.
"Sucks that she's grounded..."

"That's why you have more than one fucktoy," I suggested hoping
my body language would clue him in on who else might qualify.
"I'm uber proud of you two for going out today to meet girls."

"Do you really think Amanda will let us... er, you know...?"
Jake asked, still thinking about my prior suggestion.

"FUCK her?" I said with emphasis. "Don't even ask, just put it
inside her. I know she wants you two. Have you boys ever
thought about sharing her? At the same time I mean?"

"Ehhh?" Jake asked, scrunching his face awkwardly.

"No, honey, not what you're thinking," I said, understanding what
Jake was imagining. "That reminds me, I've got to bring down
your dad's videos-"

"-what videos!" Ella asked, skipping down the stairs, her wet
hair combed back.

I started to explain to Ella that her father had some old videos
that we could use to learn more about sex.

"Sounds like it's movie night!" Cindy interrupted from the top of
the stairs, rubbing her wet hair with a towel as she made her way

"We can do movie night," I agreed. "But we'll have to find a

The kids tore the house apart looking for the VCR. Jake
eventually found it in storage, and him and J.R plugged it into
the TV. While they did, Cindy kept me company in the kitchen and
watched me wash dishes. Ella was in the other room talking to
Amanda on the phone, torturing her about what she might miss out
on at our club gathering that night. I yelled out to her to tell
Amanda we'd miss her.

At one point, J.R had come in and made a bold move: He asked me
if he could get another look under my skirt. I gawked shockingly
at his bluntness, then... I showed him. I knew I probably should
have explained to him the importance of tact, but I also knew he
had been thinking about me all day and I thought it was sweet.
It gave me butterflies to know that someone as young as him, even
my own SON, wanted me like that.

Cindy looked somehow jealous of J.R's leers. I could tell she
wanted to protest my willingness to share myself so openly, but
she went another direction instead:

"I shaved today, too" Cindy revealed; something that she would
normally label "too much information" had anyone else said it.
It was her way of trying to steal some of the attention.

"Beat you then! I don't shave anymore. I had it lasered off years
ago," I playfully teased, all while holding my skirt up for J.R.
"Sometimes I regret not being able to style it like I used to.
It is sooo smooth though," I continued to tease, running my
fingers over the full length of my pussy and giving myself a
shiver of pleasure.

"Have you put my picture on your door yet, J.R?" I asked, finally
lowering my skirt despite his continued stares. I had been
dieing to see how I looked in their photos.

"Yup! I'm beating Jake by three points!" he grinned, looking up
at me

I was VERY curious how he managed to score extra points, but I
didn't get a chance to find out...

"What are you talking about? What door?" Cindy asked, confused.

"Nothin'" J.R replied before I could.

It was the wrong way to respond to Cindy. She looked at me
curiously before she jumped down from the stool and bolted out of
the kitchen. J.R followed, and the two ran up the stairs. I
wasn't expecting an argument, but soon I heard a scuffle. I
planned on breaking it up once the dishes were done... but I
didn't need to. Cindy came running back to the kitchen with a
photo in her hand.

"That's mine!" J.R growled, jumping up to get it. He was taller
than me, but as soon as I took the photo from Cindy, he stopped
trying to retrieve it.

When I saw the photo, I understood why J.R was ahead of his
brother by 3 points: The photo was of Cindy and her exposed

"I didn't say he could take that!" Cindy protested.

I believed her. I was surprised she even remembered exposing
herself with how much wine she drank last night.

"Wow honey, you look stunning!" I complimented earnestly, hoping
to calm her. The photo did a really good job of depicting how
the wifebeater she was wearing last night strained under the
weight of Cindy's full breasts. In the photo, Cindy was looking
down toward Amanda and I could see her pearly white teeth smiling
about something. It was obvious that J.R snuck the photo without
Cindy knowing.

"Are you sure you want your sister on your door with all of the
other sluts?" I asked, a little surprised he wanted Cindy on his
door and at the same time categorizing myself as a slut. But I
guess I didn't think the two siblings got along well enough for
him to actually want to lust after her.

J.R didn't say anything, he didn't want to admit he was attracted
to his sister's body.

It was too bad for Cindy that I favored J.R more than her; he was
the reason we were all having so much fun after all. Cindy would
just have to accept the fact that I was going to do whatever
necessary to get her brother cumming for me often. But I wasn't
sure how I'd resolve the dispute between my children until I saw
the vial of Ecstasy I had placed on top of the fridge with the
alcohol. It gave me a terrible idea.

"I know what we can do about this," I said happily, shaking the
Polaroid in my hand. I opened a cupboard and pulled out the
smallest glass I could find. I was hoping for a shot glass, but
those had been packed away years ago.

I handed the photo back to J.R along with the glass. "Your
sister is working on acquiring womanly tastes. Would you be so
kind as to fill this? Make it extra special for her and think
about her tits when you cum," I whispered to J.R, though Cindy
heard every word.

J.R grinned at Cindy in victory, and walked into the nearby
bathroom with her photo.

Cindy gave me a look of astonishment.

"WHAT!" Cindy yelled, recovering from the unexpected resolution.
"Don't you dare!" Cindy screamed through the bathroom door as
she tried to open it. While she was distracted, I reached on top
of the fridge and pulled down the vial. Then I got another
glass, and put a few drops of liquid fun into it. I really hoped
it would work for her. Cindy needed to be less stubborn if she
was to become the woman she was meant to be.

"Cindy! Honey, don't break the door! Let me explain, honey!"

I dragged Cindy back to the counter, and calmed her down enough
to talk to her. I told her how sexy she was and that girls like
her just had to deal with the way boys handled themselves around
her. It WAS very strange to see Cindy in a photo like that- she
looked way too young to be photographed, and yet her body was
unbelievably sensual and had already developed into the hourglass
shape every woman desires. From that perspective, it made sense
that J.R photographed it. But even if I could convince my
daughter that she should expose herself for the camera, the fact
was, her brother won their argument and Cindy didn't like that.
Her hardheadedness would only allow for one solution: I had to
give in.

"You're right, honey," I sighed. "YOU should decide when a boy
gets to see you, and when. I'll make him give you the photo," I
relented and stood up. Cindy smiled and uncrossed her arms to
give me a hug.

"Thanks, mom"

I didn't have to tell J.R to come out of the bathroom, because he
had already done the deed in record time.

"Do I get the extra point if the cum is on the photo after it's
taken?" J.R smiled smugly, referring to the doorwhore scoring
rules, where he got an extra point if the girl had cum on her.

"No," I giggled. "But you do have to give that photo back to
Cindy. I promised her she could have it."

"Meh, it's ruined now anyway," J.R shrugged and slid the messy
photo to Cindy. "I used it like a backboard for my jizz. Went
right in, see?" J.R proudly lifted up a glass full of cum that
he had been hiding behind his back.

"Wow, that's a LOT of cum!" I smiled, taking the glass from him.
Cindy was visibly grossed out.

"If that's boy milk, it's sour!" she pouted, crossing her arms.

I laughed before dipping in a finger and tasting it. "Mmm, NOT
sour. It's still a little warm. You don't mind if we share?"

I poured half of the contents into the Ecstasy-laced glass and
swirled the cum around. It'd be easier to get my daughter
addicted to semen if there was an actual addictive chemical in
it. It's not what I initially intended to use the drug for, but
I really needed Cindy to cooperate, and this seemed the less
risky route. With Johnathan coming home soon, I wanted to make
sure my daughter's were hooked enough on sex that they wouldn't
need my influence anymore.

I slid the drugged glass to Cindy and held up mine. "Cheers?" I
offered, hoping she'd play along.

In typical fashion, we were interrupted. Jake yelled up from the
basement to "come down already!" for the movie. It was too early
to start movie night, but I was now eager to use the movies as a
way to show Cindy that drinking cum was perfectly normal (just
not from a glass!). "Just a minute, Jake!" I yelled back, and
returned my focus to my daughter. I brought my tongue to the
side of the glass and licked some of the semen off it.

Cindy looked at her brother, his smug look was working against
me. She rolled her eyes, then threw her head back and downed the
cum cocktail. I followed right behind her, enjoying the texture
and flavor of my son.

"Bleh, bitter!" She groaned, wiping her mouth.

"Just wait, honey. It gets better once your tummy has some time
with it," I said, smiling from ear to ear.

* * *

"Woah! Cooool!" Jake howled. He picked up a handful of
XXX-rated magazines from the box I had taken out of hiding. Jake
had been waiting downstairs for us for quite a while; primarily
because Ella took so long to get off the phone with her friend

"Put those back, Jake. We're going to watch a movie first."

Jake obediently complied. I was impressed that he did it without
complaining, then I remembered what we were watching. It was a
win-win situation for Jake.

"What movie should we watch?" J.R asked, looking over the dozens
of tapes.

"Just pick one already!" Ella said with annoyance. Ella was
sitting Indian-style on the love seat next to her sister. With
Amanda gone, there was now enough room for her to be comfortable.

"Doesn't matter, honey. Take the first one. I don't know what's
on them," I admitted. None of the VHS's were labeled very
clearly. I think Johnathan had boot-legged them.

Since the boys were so eager to look in the box of goodies, they
had made the costly mistake of leaving the loveseat up for grabs.
I took it, and planted myself right in the middle.

"Hey! where am I supposed to sit?" Jake moaned, crawling back
from the box of porn. I gave him two options: get extra cozy
next to his mother, or sit on the floor. He decided to wedge
himself next to me. An excellent choice.

J.R put the video in, and sat on the other side of me. The boys
and I had to sit hip-to-hip to squeeze in.

The VHS auto-played, and once the tracking kicked in, we all got
a close up of a woman's cunt riding a large cock. She was
squatting on it, and moaning like only a porn star does. I guess
none of us thought to rewind the tape first.

"Oooh, do you see that boys? See how her pussy hugs his cock as
she lets it slide out of her?"

The woman's leg muscles had to have been burning. She bounced
over her prey in a squatting position for nearly a minute. The
camera panned out enough to tell us why: the man was shackled to
the table and wasn't able to move.

The woman in the film had quickened her pace, obviously intent on
cumming; but it was not before the man had. He gasped out is
orgasm, and yet the woman ignored him. She continued to bounce
into his spurting cock as his cum gushed out of her pussy and
coated his shaft. The man groan out more, this time in agony as
the woman continued to ride him, faster than ever now. Finally
she reached her high and screamed out in pleasure before
collapsing on her partner's chest. Cum from both of them had
gotten everywhere.

As hot as the scene was, I don't think the kids were prepared for
something so graphic. It was such a close up, that Jake
complained he couldn't see the woman's "boobies". Thankfully,
the next scene gave him what he was after. It faded in with a
woman in a ponytail sitting behind a desk. Apparently she was the
secretary, and the two dressed men who entered shortly after were
her superiors.

After some cheesy dialogue, the men started to undress her, and
Jake got to see some breasts finally getting fondled.

"Oh good, looks like a threesome boys. Pay attention. This is
what I had in mind for Amanda..."

After the two men in the video had finished tandem sucking the
woman's tits, they moved on to oral sex. The woman was now
sucking a cock while the other man ate her out. I was pleased my
girls finally were able to see cunnilingus being performed on a
woman-- Alex robbed them of that from our live show last night.
Ella was fascinated by the act, but her sister was really into
it. Her dry open mouth and dilated eyes would have been enough,
but the way she tried to covertly gyrate on the couch revealed
everything. She was starting to feel the effects of the drugs.

By the time the threesome were fucking, my boys had loosened
their pants, but they still looked awfully uncomfortable in their
constraining clothes.

"See Cindy?" I said, unnecessarily nodding to the T.V. she was
already fixated on. "Cum never goes to waste!"

The two men were on either side of the woman whose mouth was wide
open. When the men had finished unloading, the woman rubbed the
cum that didn't make it into her mouth onto her skin and sucked
her finger. "God, I love that! Just like a good slut always
does," I explained.

With some exception to Ella, my kids were horny. Dangerously
horny. Cindy was so flushed, I worried that the drug was causing
her little heart to work beyond capacity. As for my boys; well,
I knew I could get away with _anything_ I wanted...

"How does everyone like the movie?" I asked with an open-mouth
smile, knowing full well what the answer was. Making sure that I
had my girl's attention, I unzipped my boys and took out their
cocks in each hand. I loved showing off their brothers like

"Why don't we all relax and get comfortable?" I suggested,
smiling wider to my girls reaction as I pumped their brother's
cocks. They took the opportunity to take a good long look at
their brother's anatomy for the first time.

Nobody watched the movie after that, and in less than a few
second, the girls and I witnessed two geysers fire off from
between my hands. My boys groaned loudly and jerked their hips
as cum started to lubricate my handjob. It was the messiest
handjob I had ever given.

"Ohhh yessss!" I hissed. "You two were beyond ready to blow!"

The boys hadn't stayed still enough during their orgasms because
they ended up cumming all over themselves. What did puddle into
my hand, I carefully kept and brought to my mouth. As I licked
my hand, I noticed Cindy was particularly interested in what I
was doing. Being the selfless mother that I am, I uncrossed my
legs and walked the few feet over to Cindy.

"Care to taste Jake this time?" I asked, offering her my other
hand. Cindy took my slimey hand and greedily lapped it like a
dehydrated fish. Her tongue felt electrifying on my skin.

"Unnn" Cindy groaned when it was all gone. "You're right mom. I
feel sooo good right now,"

"I promise I'll let you have the next load, dear," I smiled down
to Ella comfortingly. She was watching her sister's enthusiasm
with complete confusion.

After Cindy had cleaned my hand, I walked to the movie and paused
it. The movie clip now playing showed two girls trying to suck
on a single cock at the same time. I knew my sons would really
enjoy it, but they needed to recharge.

"Time for a quick break!"

* * *

I forced the kids to go upstairs and drink water to cool off.
The boys wanted to change into clean clothes, but I told them not
to bother, unless they thought they were done for the night.
Needless to say, they both wore their soiled shirts and pants as
if the new stains were badges of honor. Cindy did decide to
change though; it was too early for pajamas, but she insisted
that she was was "burnin' up" in her form-hugging tee. When she
finally rejoined us, she was wearing her _previously_ favorite
shirt: a loose-fitting and very modest Aeropostale t-shirt...
Except it wasn't so modest anymore! Cindy had crudely taken
scissors to the bottom of it so that it was cut up to well above
her navel. The shorter material now draped over her unrestrained
breasts and casted a nice shadow on her tight tummy.

"Where's J.R?" she asked when she came back. Ella covered her
mouth when she saw Cindy's t-shirt in ruins. I almost did the
same. Where on earth did she get the idea to cut up her favorite
shirt? Did she think it was an improvement? It wasn't like
Cindy to do something so irrational. Then again, Cindy wasn't
quite herself at that moment.

I explained to Cindy that we all agreed on take-out for dinner.
The caveat was that J.R had to go get it; I was too afraid to
leave the kids. After all, I promised Johnathan I'd keep a close
eye on them, and I wouldn't be able to do so if I had gone by
myself. I made a game of it, and dared both of my sons to go
pick up the food while wearing their spoiled clothes (it was a
"double dog dare" after Ella piped in!).

The boys did miss something while they were away: Ella still
hadn't broken her hymen, so in punishment, I bent her over a
chair in front of her sister. Ella wasn't happy with me,
ESPECIALLY when I kept pushing her dildo in further and further
and only stopped when it had popped all the way in. Even though
she was in pain, I made my daughter keep the dildo plugged inside
of her so that blood wouldn't get anywhere. Though, I'm not sure
it was going to come out so easily. Ella was way too small for
her dildo.

When the boys returned, they were eager to go back downstairs. I
was hoping they would have a story for me, but they insisted the
waitress working the carry-out desk hadn't noticed anything
aloof. The boys said they felt "dirty" (when I clarified, they
meant "dirty in a good way") knowing that the waitress could have
suspected something... Based on the growing bulge in their
pants, I could tell my sons had fun and were ready for a second

We all headed back downstairs and ate our dinner on the coffee
table while the TV was freeze-framed to a picture of a cock
getting ample attention, thanks to two hungry sluts. I decided
rather than resuming the film, that it was time to have a
discussion about what we had already watched. Putting an
educational spin on our activity, I discussed with the kids how
the movie's actors were skilled in the art of sex and had lots of
practice. To explain further, I talked about kegel muscles and
explained to the kids what activities they could do to strengthen
it and be better prepared.

"Okay girls, I want you to practice this-- oh, actually Ella,
you'll just have to watch for now."

I had brought down my toys during the break, and now had my dildo
on the coffee table pointing straight up. Using the first movie
clip as inspiration, I stood up on the table and squatted slowly
on to it. As I stood back up, the dildo was gone.

"Ta da!" I laughed, throwing my hands in the air and feeling like
I had performed a magic trick. I hobbled over to the boys and
lifted my skirt, revealing where the dildo had disappeared to. I
turned around to give them a better view, and wiggled my butt as
I pulled the dildo out with a lurch. I was hoping that the girls
in the porno weren't the only thing my boys were going to be
dreaming about that night.

"Wanna try Cindy?"

I put my dildo on the coffee table to egg her on. Cindy stood up
without hesitation and got into position. She had daisy dukes
on, which were so tight, she had some difficulty moving the
material between her legs to the side. She ended up unbuttoning
the shorts to loosen them before she squatted. It took her a few
times to align herself with the dildo, but soon her pussy had
latched on to it like a vice. As she stood up, it fired out.

"Ug, no fair! You got it all wet, mom!"

Me? She was just as wet as I was. Her leg had been running with
excitement since she came downstairs from changing!

Cindy tried it again until she managed to stand without the dildo
popping out. But she didn't attempt to walk with it unassisted,
and held on to it as she wobbled over, intent on proving to the
boys and me that she had succeeded. Once she was in front of
J.R, she bent over in imitation of her mother. Then, trying to
out do me, she made her brother pull the dildo out. J.R happily
did, and handed it back to Cindy, who proceeded to lick it like a

"Woah," Jake swallowed, briefly catching Cindy's attention.
Cindy wasn't paying much interest to Jake, and had been focusing
on J.R as if she were competing with me for him.

"I put my pic back on your door," Cindy leaned in and whispered
to J.R.

"Wooh!" I smiled, teasingly slapping Cindy's ass as she walked
away. I loved the way she acted when she was on Ecstasy!

Ella was not happy she was being left out, and huffed on the
couch. I had some doubts she was enjoying movie night as much as
the rest of us and felt a little guilty. I decided break time
was over.

We continued the movie-- it was a hot one! The starlettes were
fighting over the cock, and my boys loved it. I loved that they
loved it, and I just had to stretch out and let my body breathe.
There wasn't any room on the couch to uncross my legs, so I
decided my boys would have to deal with the weight of their
mothers legs draped over their own. They didn't complain, and I
was now wide open, my sex in desperate need for attention. It
was time for my sons to reciprocate.

I took J.R's hand and moved it down my thigh until it was under
my skirt. He eagerly wanted to explore my pussy, but I helped
his hand move the way I wanted it before returning my arm to the
couch, and hugging each of my boys in closer. I let J.R's
inexperienced hand blindly work my pussy until I couldn't take it
any longer. I jerked back up into a sitting position and quickly
held his hand still in an attempt to try and ward off my pending
explosion. Once I was sure it was safe to move, I carefully
unzipped J.R, and put his hand back on the second most
appropriate thing for it: his eager cock.

Now unbearably horny, I lifted my ass enough to pull my skirt all
the way up before resting on the seat again. "Your turn, Jake" I
whispered, who by now was well aware of what was going on. All
of my kids were, and I saw no reason to be discrete. Only Ella
seemed embarrassed by it.

Jake tentatively brought his hand to my exposed pussy and started
to run his hand over it. His expression as he fondled me was
unforgettable; he was in heaven. And so was I. I came moments
later, squirting further than I had ever before and startling
Ella in the process.

I'm pretty sure I was louder than the bimbo on the TV too.

"I am so doing that right now!" Cindy announced, watching the
whole thing. She stood and wiggled out of her daisy dukes then
sat back down, completely unconcerned she was exposing herself to
everyone. Cindy even took a cue from me and hung one of her legs
over the arm rest before fingering herself openly. I watched
through blurry vision while my body tried to shake off the
pleasure my sons gave me. I could hear Cindy's fingers working
furiously over and inside her twat until she bucked into what
sounded like an intense, and very pleasurable orgasm for her.

I knew by the way Cindy kept saying "oh god, oh god" during her
recovery, that she was where she needed to be: Like her brothers,
Cindy would be hooked on orgasms, needing to feel them over, and
over, and over. I was so excited my children were finally
understanding what life could offer them... and they were
beginning to open up their bodies to each other! Well, all
except maybe Ella.

It was time for another break.

I instructed to Jake that his drenched hand would be perfect lube
for his cock, and then I paused the movie to get some things from
my bedroom. When I came back, I waited on the stairs to listen
in on my children.

"...is not!"

"I'll settle this! Let me see... *Ahem* 'J.R is the winner!'"
Cindy shouted in a voice that was like she was an announcer for a
sporting event.

"Ha!" J.R bragged.

"You may be bigger, 'big bro', but Jake's jizz tastes better!"
Cindy taunted.

"I shoot further too!"

"Do not!"

"I wanna see!" Ella finally got a word in.

"It sounds like you kids need an experienced referee," I cut in
with a giggle, coming around the corner with my hibatchi wand and
some candles to help set the mood. The boys were stroking
themselves in front of the girls who had gathered around to

"...but first I think it's time for Ella to know what an orgasm
feels like!"

I placed some candles around the room and lit them, then I had my
reluctant daughter (still stuffed with a dildo) sit back with her
legs slightly open. I had to remind her that she was part of our
club, and as such she had to keep up with the group. That meant
she had to let go of her reservations and "open up" a little.
After all, everyone else already had. I knew Ella could cum in
front of everyone without assistance from chemicals like her
siblings had, but she'd need special attention to get there.

Per my instructions, Ella adjusted the wand and moved it around
her cunt until she found the spot that felt "funny" or "good" to
her. Once Ella found that spot, she was instructed not to move
the wand anymore, despite how intense the feeling became. I
wanted pleasure to consume her until it exploded out of her.
Once it did, she would finally understand why everyone was acting
so crazy.

I resumed the movie again. The porn was for my kids, but the
activity was for me, so I turned down the volume. I wanted to
hear every slicking, fapping, moaning and groaning sound coming
from my excited children.

Ella was a good girl for us. Within minutes, she was trembling.
I helped hold her hand steady as she rocked through her first

"Niice! Now THIS is what *I* call a movie night!" Jake beamed,
stroking his engorged cock with fury.

"Hell yes. This is so cool," J.R agreed, fully enjoying the

"Don't cum without me!" Cindy said over her pussy mound. Her
back was laying flat against the seat of the couch while her
lower body was bent off of the couch in a "crab walk" fashion.
She was putting her dildo to good use.

My kids were breaking down barriers between themselves, learning
important lessons about their bodies, and meanwhile I was the
coolest mom on the block!

* * *

"Wooooo! go J.R! Go go go!" Cindy praised, watching her
brother's cum flood out of his cock and into a glass. The
forceful firing of his first spurt splashed the side of the glass
and flung out to the floor below. I was impressed with how
violently he came. His balls were really eager, and I couldn't
help but to think how badly his body wanted to make a baby. It
was like his penis was strong enough to fire straight into a
woman's womb and plant its DNA into an egg in under a second

The glass J.R was working on was for Ella. She was having a
difficult time keeping up with her siblings, so I laced a glass
with some special pick-me-up and brought it down to J.R to
provide the main ingredient.

To my surprise, Cindy reached out one of her fingers and placed
it under J.R's cock. She was mesmerized by how the muscle-like
underside of his cock flexed and pulsed each time a spurt of cum
fired out from his balls, and she just had to touch it. I
glanced up at J.R to see how he'd take his sister's touch. He
was concentrating on keeping the glass steady, completely

"Good boy," I grinned, bringing my eyes back down to the glass
which had filled up nicely. Were these really MY kids, the ones
who bicker all day?

Cindy's attention changed once J.R wiped his cockhead on the
glass as the last few dribbles went in.

"Bottoms up, El!" Cindy giggled, as I took the glass from my son.
God did I want that glass for myself.

Jake was standing over my shoulder, watching from the side line.
He had recently gotten carried away during a tittyfuck scene, and
came all over himself again. I scolded him for wasting his cum
and now he was at half-mass, trying to get back into the game. I
could tell Jake was still adjusting to the fact that girls
actually swallowed something his dick made. It was "blowing his

J.R collapsed back on the empty love seat, his legs splayed over
the side. I gawked at his naked form for a second as he laid on
the couch to catch his breath. The boys had gotten naked to get
out of their sticky clothes. I was impressed they had become so
bold, but I don't think a teenager could be more horny than they
were. It was a shame they were only now just experiencing
hardcore porn for the first time.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" I asked a very reluctant daughter.
Ella was eying the glass as if it were medicine. In a way it

"Do it, El! It's sooo good!" Cindy encouraged, bending over
close to look at the glass.

I caught Jake eying Cindy's body while she was leaned in. His
sister's tits hung enough to push the cut tee shirt out of the
way; but the way her back arched really brought attention to her
naked lower body.

Cindy smelled the cum her nose was so close to. "Oh yah, that's
it alright," Cindy said with satisfaction, sitting upright again,
and pulling her hair back. "You're gonna lo-ove it!" she sung.
It was odd that Cindy had already forgotten her prior
reservations for her brother's spunk.

Ella took in a tiny sip.

"It's good, isn't it baby?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," Ella answered, some cum still clinging to her lip. Her
face told me she had lied.

"My turn!" Cindy remarked, snatching the glass from Ella. Cindy
played with some of the mix with her tongue, then took a huge
gulp. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

"Cindy!" I yelled, grabbing the nearly half-empty glass. Cindy
fell backwards on the couch giggling, seemingly unaware that her
brother was taking an incredible interest in her exposed body.

"You better drink it honey, or you're going to have to fight one
of us for it!" I laughed. Ella took the glass and slowly drank
it, choking a little after each small gulp.

"That's it baby," I reassured her.

"Looks like Jake is ready to go already!" I smiled inwardly,
knowing what (or rather WHO) caused him to be so excited. "What
happened to our movie?"

"Uh mom..." J.R started to explain before it became clear: we
had reached the end of the third tape! I glanced at the time.

"Oh shit! Johnathan!"

It was past time for our nightly call, and he never called! He
was probably still mad at me.

"Oh yah! How is daddy, anyway?" Ella asked, her voice still
sounding sweet and child-like.

"So glad you asked! Wanna see?" I asked, feeling a little evil.

I pulled up a very naughty picture on my phone and showed Ella.

"He told me she reminded him of you, sweetheart," I lied to my
daughter, pointing to the brunette who was gobbling up her dad's
cock. "He's having fun like us, see?"

Ella blushed, not sure what she was looking at.

"This was what he was up to just last night," I smiled. I bet my
husband never would've guessed who else would be seeing our first
attempt at sexting together.

"Let me see!" Cindy exclaimed, popping off the couch and stealing
the phone from Ella, who only continued to stare at her empty
hands as if the phone was still in it.

"Yay, way to go dad! Who's with him, mom?"

"Isn't your dad hung like a horse?" I teased, ignoring her
question. I thought she would have more conflicting feelings
with seeing her father in such an intimate act. I guessed she
was still on cloud 9.

I waited for her to reply, but she simply studied the picture. I
felt vindicated. There is no way Cindy would doubt my
credibility again. The movies we had seen that night proved that
girls really DO obsess over cum; and now she even had proof that
her strict "daddy" enjoyed feeding his penis to any willing

Ella stole the phone back, and I had to stop the girls from
fighting over it.

"Do you think he's sad he isn't here tonight?" Ella asked without
looking away from the phone. The boys had now gathered around to
see what the commotion was about.

"Absolutely," I responded. "He's kind of upset with me right
now. I told him a little about our club, and now he wishes he
didn't have to work so much," I lied.

"Let's call him now, momma!" Ella said using my phone to dial

"Hold on baby. He might be sleeping. Why don't we take a
picture of us and send it to him for when he wakes up? He'd like

Ella enthusiastically nodded her head in agreement. I swung
around to sit between my daughters who were both naked from the
waist down.

"J.R, would you do the honors? Uh, above the waist please. I
want to make sure he sees our smiling faces"

J.R took the picture and gave my phone back. I looked over the
photo. You couldn't tell the three of us were cum-drunk and half
naked, but you could see our sexuality glowing from our beautiful
faces. Cindy was stealing the show with her cut off tee, but I
knew it could be even edgier!

"Hmm," I put the phone down and looked over to Cindy with a
smile. "I got an idea!" I rolled up Cindy's tee until her round
tits hung lewdly underneath, but still kept her nipples only
barely covered. Cindy didn't know what I was doing, but was
happy to let me do whatever I wanted.

Ella on the other hand jumped when I reached around her back to
unclasped her bra. It was surprisingly easy to do over her tight
t-shirt. She didn't understand why she needed to, but with
assurance, she reached inside her shirt and pulled out her bra.

"Hey, stop that," she laughed, batting my hands away as I tried
to twerk Ella's nipples into attention.

"Take another, J.R?" I asked

I hugged my girls in close as J.R took our photo. The result was
perfect! The three of us looked as happy as a beaver, gorgeous
as always, and now with unmistakable sex appeal. Cindy's half
exposed tits taunted the scene, and Ella's pointy nipples could
easily be located under her shirt.

It was a huge risk. But I was feeling reckless. I sent the
photo to my husband, along with the caption: "WE MISS YOU!"

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Raw Message
Title: Motherfolly: The family games (Chapter 6)
Part: Chapter 6
Author: ***@zoho.com
Summary: A mother's sudden taste for cum has her raising her teenage children in a new light
Keywords: cum fetish, incest, whole family, teen, drugs, mFm, Fmfm, rape

If you haven't already been introduced to this story, please see previous chapters:

http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/Year2012/62368 [Chapters 1-3]
http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/Year2013/62800 [Chapter 4]
http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/Year2013/62801 [Chapter 5]

Motherfolly - CHAPTER 6

Wow, what a night we had! I didn't know what would happen once I had
Johnathan's box of goodies out in the open. I knew my kids would enjoy the
"adult" entertainment, but I never would have imagined that they would play
together! Okay, so maybe my sons being uncontrollably horny from their
supplements helped... And the girls didn't have much of a chance with
Ecstasy flowing through their taut little bodies, but still... what a
night to remember!

I think we would have played together all night if Ella hadn't had such
a bad reaction to her special cum cocktail. I was beginning to wonder why
she was having a hard time getting her second orgasm, when I found out all
at once: it was because the third and fourth and fifth orgasms decided to
tag along with it! Poor Ella collapsed by the end of the tsunami of
pleasure. I was too nervous to continue our fun after that. I cleaned up
my youngest daughter and sent her to bed, then I ended our marathon. I
knew Ella would be upset had we continued on without her.

The boys helped me clean up by clearing off a special spot on our
bookshelf to hold the video tapes, and we placed the large stack of
magazines on the coffee table. I hoped Johnathan wouldn't mind that I
handed down his private porn collection to his offspring. He wasn't using
it anymore, so it made a lot of sense to let the kids enjoy it. The
priceless collection would make a good medium for assisting our children
become sexually active. Once the kids were fucking their little hearts
out, Johnathan could have his porn back.

Being comfortable enough to enjoy porn as a family was a huge step
forward for us. I was especially proud of my girls: they paid attention to
my praises of the women as each one swallowed or rubbed cum into their
bodies. It wasn't long before Cindy was hooting at the cumshots without my
encouragement. She understood that even though semen represented a man's
pleasure, it also was a reward for us women to enjoy in our own sexual way.
Thank god for Ecstasy for helping her reach this conclusion as quickly as
she had.

But the best thing that came out of our night together: my boys were
free to be themselves-- Cindy _wanted_ them cumming almost as much as I
did. The boys had managed to get their own cheerleaders for their new
favorite sport.

Breakfast was the most important meal of the day in my household. Not
only because of the nutritional need from the night's fast, but because of
the emotional need too. My children might have felt like they had acted
irrationally the night before. They were no longer under the influence of
any supplements I had given them to aid their growth and destroy their
inhibitions. That's why it was my responsibility to rid their minds of any
potential regrets. I decided the best way to do that was to start the
morning off with something sexual. For this morning, it was yet again the
simple act of wearing nothing but my untied robe to the table.

"You're alive!" I joked, as Ella entered the kitchen with a bad case of
bed-head. She was always first to the breakfast table.

"I'm achy, momma," Ella groaned in response, sitting down at the table.
She didn't wait for her other siblings to arrive before taking a bite of

"That must mean you had lots of fun last night, huh?" I smiled

"Uh-huh, I think so," Ella answered, rubbing her eyes. "What happened,

I was in the middle of explaining last night's events after her
collapse, when her 3 siblings came walking in together.

"Nice, mom" J.R greeted, his eyes roaming my naked body.

Jake and Cindy sat down with a plop. They were struggling to wake up.

"How'd everyone sleep?" I laughed, knowing the answer already. "I WAS
thinking about getting rid of your curfews... but now I'm not so sure"

"Umm... No. I'm fine!" Cindy insisted, sitting up straight. "No
curfew sounds super awesome..."

Jake made an effort to look more alert too. I subtly shook my boobs at
him when he looked my way; it might have helped wake him up by causing his
heart to beat faster.

"What are we doing today?" Jake asked, returning my smile and hoping I
was suggesting something with my movement.

"You tell me, honey. I have my appointments this morning," I answered.
My kids already knew I had to work. They would have to entertain
themselves like usual.

"Maybe we can finish filling up the ice tray?" J.R questioned as if to
get permission to go downstairs to watch movies.

Before Ella passed out last night, I had asked the boys to resume
filling the tray up so I could use it for something I was planning. Cindy
enjoyed watching the boys aim their cocks into the tray, and Ella- well,
she was clueless about the ice tray up until then. When she found out she
(and her friend, Amanda) had consumed some of the cum-cubes with their wine
the night prior, her greatest concern was to tattle to Amanda about it. I
didn't know how the 13 year old would take the news about the cum in her
drink, but it didn't matter. If Amanda wanted to stay in our club, she'd
have to become a cumslut too-- my boys were expecting it.

"Please do, sweetheart," I answered my son seriously. "But let's give
the VCR a break this morning."

It's not that I didn't want him enjoying his new plunder-- the opposite!
I loved the idea of my son enjoying his hard cock all day. The problem was
I was feeling very paranoid. I hadn't heard from Johnathan yet... even
after sending him the most shocking photo of his life. Well, that's not
entirely true: Johnathan DID call at around 2:00am; God knows why he was up
so late, but I was passed out on my bed by then. He didn't leave a
message, and I was worried what that meant. What if he took the next
flight home? He'd have a heart attack if he saw his children watching his
naughty movies.

So instead of encouraging the kids to stay home and play with their
bodies, I suggested they do their usual activity: the boys visiting the
skate park, and the girls going back to the pool. This time though, I
challenged them to make their summer routine a little more exciting: the
boys were to bring a few of their XXX-rated magazines and see if they could
find other boys that liked them too. If my boys could find some
like-minded teens, they were to befriend them. As for my girls: they were
to go to the pool and find other girls in skimpy bikinis and make some new
friends too. The hope was that they'd bring their friends home, and then
once the house was full of horny teenagers, nature would do the rest.

The idea for this game came to me after some thought on how I could help
my children grow sexually. The biggest obstacle my kids were facing was
teen bashfulness around the opposite sex. Amanda was a great example of
this- she was always shy around my boys when Ella brought her around. Yet
with a little encouragement, the little virgin was happy to act the slut
for my sons... That's why I knew if my kids were to have the most success,
they would have to learn how to help each other out. And who better for
being a "wingman" (or wingwoman) than your own sibling?

I was careful not to downplay Jake's luck at getting a girl's number
yesterday, however. I wanted my kids to find conquests on their own too!
Which is why I made up my mind to teach the girls how to flirt. The men at
the pool were sure to give them attention, especially in their new bikinis;
they just had to give the perverts a little push.

I used Jake as a Guinea pig for my girl's flirting lesson, and sat on
the table in front of him, purposely arching my back so my tits were more
"Hey mister, can I ask you a question?" I asked in the most childlike

voice I could muster.

Jake stared at my tits, and I made sure the girls understood his body
language meant he was interested.

"My sister says brunette's have more fun. Do you think I should dye my

I ran my hands through my hair, causing my tits to push out even more.
My hard nipples jumped out towards Jake. He was euphoric.


I pretended to accidentally fall onto Jake's lap. I could feel Jake's
hardened tool on my back, and I grounded my ass into it as inconspicuously
as possible.

"Look, there's my sister!" I pointed to Ella. It was an excuse to stay
planted on Jake's lap so he could see where I was pointing. "Do you think
she's cute-er 'cause she has brown hair?"

Jake moaned as I continued to grind him. I wasn't even sure he was
listening to me, but I kept flirting with him anyway so that my girls had
ideas of things to say.

"Ooh, has that been you the whole time?" I asked, after running out of
one-liners to give to my mute boy, and suddenly grabbed Jake's cock through
his boxers. "Uh oh! Did I cause that?"

Jake nodded dumbly as I stroked him.

"I've always wanted to..." I looked at my children before leaning in and
whispering: "...put one in my mouth"
Jake looked completely flushed as I teased him using a shy childish
voice. "You should meet me around the changing sheds..." I suggested,

curling my hair around my finger. "Race you there!"

I got up with a giggle and ran to behind the kitchen counter, which I
explained we were pretending was actually the pool's changing rooms.

The kids thought the lesson was over and remained seated at the table.

"Don't keep the girl waiting too long, sweety," I instructed, returning
to my motherly voice

Jake still wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, but he got up and
went behind the counter to find out. His siblings followed, wondering what
would happen next.

I was already on my knees.

"I promise I won't bite this time," I mocked at my son's sudden
hesitation. He slowly walked closer until he was standing in front of me.

I smiled up at him as I ran my finger up and down the bulge in his
pants. On the third stroke up, my hand brought his zipper down with it,
then I pulled his pants and boxers down with one gentle tug. His penis
sprung out, and the girls gasped at how far I had taken the lesson. I
directed my smile to my daughters as I held their brother's balls in my
hand and leaned in to play with his precum using my tongue.

"Mom!" Cindy gasped out.

I took her shock as a dare, and sucked in Jake's penis just past his
head so my tongue could keep teasing it. My son's knees buckled, and he
was forced to support himself on the counter.

"Show me what you like, honey. Take control!"

I made my rattled son stand back up and hold my head and hair. He
learned quickly and helped guide my head on his cock. He almost had it
down"Too quiet, honey. Tell me how much you like it"

"I like it, I like it!" Jake moaned, his legs shaking visibly.

"You just _like_ it?" I teased, stopping to lick his shaft from the
bottom up. "Use dirty words, honey," I breathed.

"I love it!" Jake gasped, not getting the point.

"Don't you mean, you FUCKING love it? Would you like me to keep sucking
your yummy COCK?" I no longer hinted, giving Jake some suggestions.

"Yes. I fucking love it! Suck me, mom! Suck my-- " Jake inhaled
deeply and tightened his grip on my hair, "--suck MY," Another sharp
inhale, "--SUCK MY COCK! Oh... ffffu... !"

Jake let his orgasm rip, and I felt his cum start to fill my mouth. It
was Jake's first blowjob, and I wanted him to remember it. As his cock
fired out his hot semen, I swallowed it down, keeping his cock sucked
firmly in my mouth.

"That," I stood and faced my gawking girls, "is the best way to get a
boy's nutritious milk. Straight from the source!"

* * *

J.R had attempted to get his turn with my mouth, but I teasingly told
him the lesson was over. I had purposely chosen Jake for my daughter's
flirting lesson as a reward for getting a girl's number yesterday. But I
promised J.R I would consider a similar servicing if he managed to get a
number too, AND if he promised he'd call it. I was proud of myself for
holding back my own desire to get my lips back around J.R in order for him
to learn a valuable lesson.

After the lesson, the children were rearing to go, and were soon out in
the wild looking for prey. It was nice to see such enthusiasm in my kids,
and it was even better because everyone got out of the house- myself
included. I had two appointments with clients that afternoon.

My training sessions weren't much different than usual once my clients
had adapted to my new workout attire. If anything, my new clothes helped
show that I was very fit and thus very credible when giving fitness advice.
Ironically, one of the clients I was training that day had a son who worked
as a lifeguard at the pool my daughters were currently practicing their
blow job skills at. I had a prior arrangement with the 16 year old to keep
an eye on my girls for me. Now that my daughters were up to no good, it'd
be interesting to see how diligent he was at his promise. I wanted a
second hand report on what they were up to! The problem was; I knew the
boy to be very uptight like his parents. He was an honor student who was
too busy with academics and varsity programs to fool around with girls. I
felt sorry for him. His parents weren't raising him with the right

I treated myself to a late lunch after my work was over. In a way, I
was afraid to go home. It was a side affect of sending my husband that
salacious photo of myself and our daughters. The photo didn't show any
nudity, but it corroborated my stories of how slutty his daughters had
become. What the photo DID reveal though, was my acceptance of their
sluttiness. And because I didn't know how Johnathan had reacted to the
photo, I feared the worst. I was certain he had taken the next flight
home. As far as I knew, he already WAS home... and if the kids were there
too, he might have managed to get the real story of what had been happening
over the past 2 weeks. He would accuse me of corrupting our children.
Would he turn me in to the police?

Eventually I decided I needed to relax, not eat! I surrendered my
half-eaten salad and headed to the spa.

When I finally arrived home, there was thankfully no sign of Johnathan,
but the kids were home. They were in the basement.

"Holy shit! She's drenched!" Jake chortled, jumping up to show his
siblings a blonde woman and a circle of 6 emptied cocks surrounding her
glazed over face. The kids were looking through the magazines.

"Damn!" Cindy smiled, openly using vulgarity for the first time. "Lucky
girl! I wish that was me!"

"Hey you four!" I walked in, putting my hands on my hips. "What the
hell are ya'll up to?!"

The kids jumped for a moment, and laughed once they knew my anger was a

"Where were you, momma?" Ella asked, jumping off the couch to give me a
hug. She and her sister were still in their bikinis. I could just barely
make out their tan line from when they once wore a one-piece.

"Can we watch a movie?" Jake eagerly asked

"I thought you all would be watching one when I came in," I laughed,
hugging Ella back. "Isn't it kind of early for a movie, though?"

"Mary is coming over in an hour," Cindy replied. I had almost forgotten
about Cindy's religious friend, and how we agreed to have dinner together.

"Mom! Guess who is the most popular man at the park?" Jake smiled,
pointing his thumbs at himself with a grin.

"Yeh, mom, pretty much everyone there wants to see our porn! Even one
of the girls!" J.R contributed

"Oh yeaaah! What's her name again? I think she really has the hots for
you, bro"

"Meh. Skater chicks are weird-- but guess what mom?" J.R pulled his
cock out of his already unzipped pants. "I got a nuuumber"

"Me too! I got another one too!" Jake quickly jumped in proudly.

"Good boys!" I giggled, taking off my top to their cheers. I walked
over to them for a little TLC. "What do you think girls? Would you like
to meet the boy's new friends? We could have a party!"

Cindy watched me grab J.R's cock and bit her lip, but didn't answer.

"By the way, how did you two do?" I asked the girls, while I unbuttoned
Jake's boxers through his unzipped fly and fetched out his cock with my
other hand.

"Cin got to flash some guy!" Ella touted, unsure what to think of her
mother fondling her brothers.

"That's it?"

"He was too shy," Cindy shrugged, watching my hands work their magic.
"He wouldn't get out of the pool. Said he was cold."

I laughed. "I know why he didn't get out of the pool. Did you feel his
cock? Was it hard?"

Cindy nodded quickly and smiled. I had her describe how he looked, and
what other boys were there. My girls were definitely getting a lot of
attention, but I hadn't considered the fact that most of the men there had
gone with their families, and they didn't want to be caught behind the
changing rooms with a teenager. As for the similarly-aged kids: most of
them were still afraid of sex.

While Cindy had little success with the men, Ella had better success
with befriending some of the girls. She had talked to three girls. Two of
them were close friends and they visited the pool often together. Ella
said she saw them gawking at a lot of boys and the two were happy to let
Ella spend some time gawking at guys with them. The other girl Ella met
had gone to the pool with her older brothers. Cindy said she had caught
the girl's brothers attention, but at the time they were with older girls.
Otherwise, my daughters had a lot of fun, but I could tell they would need
to calm their nerves before they'd be effective.

I admit I was a disappointed that my little girls had virgin mouths. I
was so convinced that they wouldn't even have to try, that I was expecting
that they would have tummies full of man seed by the time they got home. I
really thought that men would line up to take their turn behind the
changing rooms! What does a mother have to do? Put a sign on her
daughters? "Please feed me cock"?

At least the boys did well, and I was anxious to focus on their reward.

"I'll be with YOU in a minute," I grinned to Jake, as I let go of him. I
then settled in next to J.R and rested my head on his tummy. Cindy was
still finding it difficult to believe I would put her brother's dick in my
mouth, and she came around to watch. Her expression was distant, and her
mouth was dry and open. I locked my eyes to hers and started to pump her
brother, openly mocking her sensibilities. Cindy was on to me anyway, and
she was coming to grips with it. She knew I wasn't doing this just for my
son's benefit. I was doing it for me too.

I closed my eyes, no longer caring to hide my desires, and engulfed my
son. Then I moaned. The velvety texture, the manly taste, the taboo
nature of giving my boy pleasure... EVERYTHING. God, I was infatuated,
and it showed through my blowjob.

J.R tried to stay still and stroked my hair. He had gotten a blowjob
from me before; but this time he was able to handle it MUCH better. I took
my time and really enjoyed having him in my mouth. I couldn't see my son
from where I was laying, but I knew he was watching me closely, and shortly
he stopped stroking my hair. His tummy tensed, pushing my head up as his
abs hardened. It was time.

"Get ready for some cum," I moaned, removing J.R's cock from my mouth
and pointing it skyward. I lightly squeezed on J.R's balls, hoping it'd
help push his cum out. My other hand managed two short pumps before:
Spurt, spurt. Cum flew in the air! I wanted my daughters to see it before
I devoured it. And that's exactly what I did next.

J.R was well cummed out when I released him and sat up, wiping my mouth.
Everyone was quiet. Was the act really that shocking after all we'd been
through together?

J.R broke the awkward silence: "I am DEFINITELY getting more numbers!"
he exhaled. He had held his breath through his entire orgasm.

"My turn! My turn!" Jake insisted, laying further down on the couch so
I could rest my head on him.

As I got into position with Jake, his cock prematurely fired. I hadn't
had a chance to position it, so a bit of his cum went up my nose. Talk
about a mood breaker! We all laughed and laughed. Poor Jake. I did my
best to clean him, but the way Jake twisted his whole body each time my
lips went to a new cum puddle made the girls laugh even more. Despite
having to chase down each spot of cum from Jake's moving body, I really
enjoyed comparing the two boys' taste. J.R's cum was still fresh on my
tongue when I cleaned up Jake, so it was easy to contrast the difference.
Jake's cum had a sweet tang to it.

"I should get ready for our guest," I sighed after my task was complete.
For a moment, I wondered what it would have been like had ALL my children
been boys, and I was briefly jealous of the fantasy. I stood up and looked
down at my sons slouching on the couch. They looked so relaxed... so
content. So lazy! I put my hand on my hips, and tried to go back into
mother mode (not easy to do when you're not wearing a top!). "I need you
boys to be total horndogs tonight. That means no more cumming until our
guest arrives!"

"Aw mom, can't she just come by some other night?" Jake moaned. "She's
kind of a drag..."

"WHAT?!" Cindy started in, offended by his remarks about her friend. It
would have developed into quite an argument had I not put an end to it.

"Girls, could you go up to my room? We have some things to talk about."

The girls were curious as to why they were being dismissed, but gave
little fuss before leaving.

After the girls left, I picked up the magazine my son was gawking over

"For the rest of the night, I need you two to look at Mary like you look
at this woman..."

"Who MARY?! Er, mom, I don't think..."

"No, no, no. No thinking! I want your cock to do all the thinking

"But mom, Mary's not that hot!" Jake groaned.

Jake really didn't get it, so I made sure he'd understand. I took a
step over to where he was sitting, and straddled him. I wrapped my arms
around his neck and looked into his big blue eyes from only a few inches
away. "Sweety, you'll never win your competition with THAT type of

Jake clearly wasn't used to having a topless woman on his lap. All he
managed to do was swallow.

"You need to start thinking about girls differently. I bet under those
dreadfully boring clothes, Mary has a cute little pussy. Would you really
turn that down if she offered? I mean, wouldn't you love to sink-" I
grabbed Jake's dick, which had already resurrected back to life, "-this
into a tight, wet hole?"

Jake blushed and didn't answer.

"But that's just it, Mom," J.R said quietly, seemingly amused with how
intimately I was talking to his brother. "She'd NEVER--"

"Nuh-uh-uh. Leave that to your mother," I smiled and stood up. "REAL
men can figure out how to get into ANY girl's panties- even someone like
Mary's. Tonight, I'll help you spread those wings. Oh, but help me out,
and change into sweat pants and tight shirts... both of you"

J.R and his brother looked at each other, puzzled. I suppose they
figured that women considered sweatpants sexy.

"And get your cameras ready," I winked, bending over to pick up my shirt
from the floor before heading up the stairs.

* * *

"What was THAT all about, momma?" Ella asked. The girls were sitting on
my bed when I came in.

"Oh, I didn't like how your brothers reacted to Mary visiting for
dinner. I had to give them a quick lecture," I replied, pulling down my
workout shorts and kicking them off.

"You should give THAT lecture to El too then," Cindy huffed, not
realizing my lecture wasn't what she thought it was. "'Cause she said she
agrees with Jake!" Cindy tried to keep her angry composure by doing her
best to ignore my naked body.

Ella defended herself from Cindy's accusation, and I let the two argue
while I went in to take a shower. Truth was, I agreed with Jake too. Mary
wasn't the type of girl I'd want my daughters spending a lot of time with,
and I was hoping to teach Mary a lesson for treating me and my girls so
arrogantly earlier. There was something about her... the way she acted
like she was some sort of moral authority, mostly. I just didn't like her.

"Are you girls going to stay in your swimsuits?" I yelled out over the
shower, interrupting the girl's bickering.

In a way only sisters can, the girls did a complete 180 and promptly
stopped their argument in order to debate what they should wear. After a
few minutes, I stepped out of the shower laughing.

"I was hoping you two would change WHILE I was in the shower, but since
you are STILL here... let's talk about what we're going to do tonight!"

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked, expecting she would hang out with her
friend per usual and then later we'd all just sit down to a humdrum dinner.

"You don't think she'd mind if I wore this, do you?" I asked
rhetorically, ignoring my daughter's question and squeezing into some
cotton short-shorts with cute little pockets in the front. I hadn't been
bothering with panties lately, and cotton felt wonderful on my bare pussy.

"Wow momma, you look REALLY tan in those," Ella admired. "But Mary says
shorts above the knees are NOT modest," Ella finished, recalling Mary's
lesson from Sunday.

"Yah, not a good idea mom. J.R would get a boner for sure if you wore
those," Cindy mocked sarcastically, seemingly bitter now that she knew my
son and I had some chemistry between us- something my blowjob made all too

Ella thought Cindy was joking and was the only one who laughed.

"Hey, it's not like I'm going to sit at the table topless! I have a
perfectly cute crop top for these..." I responded, playing dumb. Cindy
huffed, she knew I understood what she meant. Everything I wore recently
was designed to get my sons thinking about me...

"Seriously though honey, how are we going to get Mary to unwind a
little? I don't think Ella and your brothers would mind her so much if she
relaxed a little. Do you think she could take a prank?" I asked, quickly
getting back on subject.

"Yah!" Ella answered for her sister.

"So... What if... What if J.R DID get a 'boner'? And Mary saw it?" I
grinned. "What would she do?"

"Oh, ha! Momma! That would be too funny!" Ella laughed, covering her

Finally a crack of a smile entered Cindy's complexion as she tried to
imagine her conservative friend encountering her brother's stiff cock.

"She. Would. Freak!" Cindy finally let her smile completely out.

"J.R would be so embarrassed if he was caught with one," I mused, not
really sure if that was true now that he was abnormally horny thanks to his
daily libido pill.

"We HAVE to do it," Cindy decided. Her sister clapped quietly next to
her in excitement. They both liked the thought of seeing their brother
embarrassed in front of their friend.

"Okay, but if I change into something less comfortable for Mary's sake,
then J.R will need something else to get him excited. You two have to help
with that part!"

Cindy thought for a moment while I went to find an old sun dress modest
enough for my daughter's friend. "Um, okay, how do we do that?" Cindy
asked with annoyance, still acting the brat.

"Oh it's SO easy, honey. Just reach over and work your hand up his leg
until you reach his-"

"Ew, no! I'm not going to grab J.R's junk! He's gross. And my
brother!" Cindy feigned disgust. What was with her? She was acting weird
ever since she saw me suck both of her brothers. Was she jealous? Cindy
already HAD briefly touched J.R's cock. She loved swallowing his cum last

"Don't be afraid, honey. You don't have to do anything special. Just
touch it," I replied, pretending that she was self conscious because she
had never handled a boy before.

"That's not why--"

"--he'll get hard," I continued over Cindy's bullshit, "and then I'll
remember I left the salad dressing in the fridge, and ask him to fetch it,"
I contagiously smiled, and my daughter caught it. "J.R will be just like
the boy in the pool you met, completely unwilling to move. And I'll have
to get mad at him until he stands up and gives Mary a special salute..."

Cindy bit her fingernail. "Okay," she smiled more, unable to harbor her
inner bitch any more. "Yes!" She laughed. "This'll be good!"

"...and Ella, you'll be sitting by Jake, so you have to work your hand
up HIS leg just in case I can't convince J.R. to stand up."

Ella's giddy demeanor changed to concern now that she realized she would
have to participate as well.

"What if Mary doesn't say anything?" Cindy asked, becoming doubtful.
"She's good at ignoring stuff"

"Well that's the fun part, baby. We'll just make sure the boys stay
good and uncomfortable until she does," I winked.

* * *

My two girls were outside playing chalk games on the concrete when Mary
arrived. It'd be a few more hours before we'd sit down for dinner, so I
stayed out of the girls business and went looking for my boys. They
weren't hard to find.

"Dude, don't be a wuss. You got her number first, you call her first,"
J.R argued.

The boys were in the basement. The TV was on, but they hadn't started a
movie yet. It looked like their argument had taken over their activity.

"Hey, I have TWO numbers to call. I'm winning. You need the head

"Oh god, you two," I entered, startling them. "They're just girls. Say
hello. Ask them if they want to hang out. They'll say yes, and you go
pick them up or meet them at the park. That's it," I shrugged. "It's
getting them into your room that might be tricky," I laughed.

"NOT helping mom," Jake groaned.

"If you need help with the bedroom part, I have ideas, but that's for
later. You PROMISED me you'd call them. Today. In the mean time, I need
some help with something."

I took my sons to my car and opened the trunk: laying there was the
computer I had purchased the other day. After getting a cute scolding
about leaving electronics in the hot car, the two excited boys helped carry
the large monitor box and computer case downstairs. I asked them if they
could set the computer up on the old craft desk in the corner, and to get
the internet running on it. We had a 6-year-old laptop in the kitchen's
desk drawer, but the kids only used it to do research for school. I was
hoping to use this new computer for extra-curricular activities.

Unfortunately, my boys weren't familiar enough with computers to setup
the internet. I gave J.R my cell phone so he could call his friend Rick;
apparently he knew a lot about that sort of thing. That's when I took my
leave, hoping to straighten up the house before getting started on dinner.

* * *

"Mary, how have you been enjoying your summer vacation?"

Mary was wearing pants which she had rolled up to her mid-calf; higher
than what they were designed for. She had on a cute turquoise shirt; one
my boys would have appreciated had an undershirt not been sewn across the
v-neck, completely covering Mary's chest. She wore a curious green ring.

"I am so ready for school to start," she answered, taking the salad from
me. "Summers can be so boring!"

"God, I NEVER would have hung out with you when I was your age. I hated
school!" I thought, but nodded in response, as if to say I related to her,
then took a sip of my wine. I made sure the table had been preset with a
glass of wine for everyone. My family and guests had already burned
through two bottles in previous activities and the alcohol had worked well
for us in the past.

"Cute ring, by the way," I complimented after putting down my wine.

"Thanks! It says 'CTR', which stands for 'Choose The Right'. It helps
remind me to always do good!"

I quickly returned my hand to my glass and took another sip (or two!) of
my wine. I wasn't expecting THAT response. Tonight was going to be

Thankfully I didn't have to converse much longer because the girls had
taken over. When Cindy did finally look my way, I yawned at her. It was
her cue.

Cindy blushed momentarily, and then...

Coughing. J.R was choking on his brisket, catching everyone's
attention. Cindy quickly brought her hand back to her own lap.

"Chew before you swallow dear," I scolded, trying not to smile--
something Cindy was struggling with too.

J.R reached for his glass and attempted to clear his throat with his

"Yuuuck!" J.R spat between coughs and held up his glass with a sore
expression on his face.

"WINE!" Ella chimed, understanding her brother's reaction and tasting
from her glass right away... "I thought this was just for our clu-"

"-just for special occasions," I injected, giving Ella a stern look for
almost giving away our secret club to Mary.

"Are you kidding?! Don't drink that!" Mary objected, hitting Ella's
hand in an attempt to get her to put it down. "It's so bad for you!"

"No Mary, this one isn't bad. This one is kosher, see?" I lifted up the
wine bottle. A big label with the word "kosher" was printed across it. It
was just the brand name, and maybe a little special since it meant the wine
was originally created for Jewish purposes, but Mary didn't need to know
that. "I thought it'd be PERFECT for tonight. Ella told me you drink
water at church that Jesus used to turn to wine?"

Mary lifted up the glass and smelt the wine inside it.

"Sort of, but... I better not," she quickly decided, placing the glass
down. "I always avoid the appearance of evil, no matter how good the
intentions," she nodded to the girls trying to teach them something.

I knew getting her to drink the wine was a long shot. Luckily I had a
plan B.

"So... how does cranberry juice rank on your evil-o-meter?" I asked a
little smugly, and with a yawn. Mary could sense my attempt to contradict
her, and did her best to explain to me that cranberry juice was somehow
different and "perfectly okay" for her to drink. Meanwhile Cindy had
understood my yawn and the next we heard was a soft moan from J.R. It
caught Mary's attention.

"J.R," I addressed, smiling at Cindy whose hand had momentarily been
preparing her brother. J.R opened up his eyes and relaxed his clenched
hands. He blushed when he saw Mary looking at him funny. "Could you get
Mary a drink of cranberry juice, please?"

"Uh..." J.R paused to think. "Yes." He answered quickly, but remained

"Now please," I requested, watching Cindy try and contain her giggles as
best she could.

"Oh, right..." J.R's face desperately tried to convey his "situation" to
me as he stalled. "Um... are you sure?" he asked, hoping I'd show him
some mercy.

Mary answered for me. "Oh no. Water is fine, really"

"Don't be silly Mary, J.R would be HAPPY to get you a glass of cranberry
juice," I ordered sternly to J.R. Cranberry juice would be needed to mask
the next ingredient: "Be sure to put some _ice_ in the glass first," I
hinted to J.R who nodded and bit his tongue. Slowly, he stood up.

J.R's sweatpants and tight shirt prevented him from hiding his erection,
and his pants tented lewdly.

Mary's eyes opened wide and for a second she stared. "Um-", Mary almost
said something, but changed her mind and quickly brought her hand to her
face to shield her eyes. "Cin-dy!" Mary whispered hoarsely, looking to her
friend for some explanation.

"What?" Cindy answered snootily, doing a good job at pretending nothing
was out of the ordinary. Recently, it hadn't been; at least not in our

Since Mary was so intent on not looking, it seemed okay to flick J.R's
cock mockingly as he walked by. "Thanks sweetheart," I teased with a smile
as his cock swayed from my swat.

Mary leaned on the table with her hand still shielding herself so she
could use less energy to protect her innocent eyes. When J.R came back
with her juice, she swallowed and thanked him, but refused to lower her
hand and look at him. I was hoping she'd react differently, but she was
obviously too uncomfortable to talk about what she just saw. It didn't
matter; her discomfort would change soon: I had prepared each cube of cum
with Ecstasy, and J.R had dispensed all two-and-several-quarters worth of
cubes into her cranberry juice. The tray had quite a few lines of frozen
cum crisscrossing throughout it, but was otherwise empty. J.R had walked
over to show me that he had used all of the "ice".

"Just fill it with water and put it back in the freezer, hon," I
replied, still watching Mary who hadn't moved her hand. Before J.R could
get away, I grabbed his waistband and pulled it down, startling everyone-
especially J.R. I quickly wrapped my mouth around his cock and covertly
sucked it. He was NOT expecting the sudden pleasure, and almost dropped
the tray. But it was the girls who risked giving me away, and they were
forced to cover their mouths to muffle their surprise.

"Oh my god, mom!" Cindy mouthed in anger when I put her brother's cock
away after only two deep sucks and a flick of the tongue. Had Mary seen
that little display of affection, she would have surely ran out of our
house screaming. At the time, that would have been just fine by me. I was
beginning to think Mary would not play nice that evening.

J.R breathedly went to the sink and filled the messy tray up with water.
As far as I was concerned, the boys would be too distracted to bother with
the tray any longer.

"Mary, I don't remember. How many brothers and sisters do you have?" I
asked, breaking the silence.

Mary cleared her throat and sat up.

"I have five brothers and two sisters," she answered proudly, taking a
drink from her juice. "I'm the youngest."

Her unusually large family brought many questions and soon we were all
talking again. Mary was almost too occupied answering questions to notice
J.R returning to take his seat. When he had, she intently looked the other

* * *

"Awww, I can feel its tiny little heartbeat!" Cindy exclaimed quietly
over Mary, who had been talking non-stop to me about her oldest sister-
away on a religious mission to South America. Mary was too busy explaining
the culture her sister was experiencing to pay any attention to what her
friend was referring to. Out of the corner of my eye, I looked to see what
my daughter was talking about: she was looking right at me, her arm out
stretched to her brother's lap which he had gladly offered up to her.
Only, Cindy wasn't teasing her brother anymore. She had his cock out, and
she was playing with it.

"That is really.. something!" I interrupted Mary, trying to redirect my
surprise caused from Cindy's unexpected actions. We had previously decided
the girls would tease the boys every time I gave them the cue- a yawn. But
I hadn't yawned! What came over her? Cindy was acting dangerous on her
own; if her friend looked over, Cindy would have a VERY difficult time
explaining herself.

"I know, huh?" Mary replied, believing my strong reaction was due to her
story. "I can't wait until I go on MY mission," Mary continued to rattle
on. She had really loosened up ever since she started drinking her
cranberry juice. I didn't know HOW to make her stop talking, so I made do:
Ella had done a poor job giving Jake proper attention, so while Mary
talked, my foot was trying to make up for Ella's failure. Jake was
watching Cindy stroke their brother and had his tongue practically out
while my foot gave him a special massage.

"...Oh I heard it's quite humid there!" I bantered back with Mary,
hoping to stall her longer so my daughter could have more time to practice
her first handjob (and so Jake could enjoy the show!). Unfortunately, in
Jake's attempt to give my foot better leverage, he fell off his chair.

Cindy doubled over laughing, unconcerned with her brother's now lonely
and exposed cock. Thoughtfully, J.R leaned forward into the table so he
wouldn't be caught with his pants down.

"Oh no, what happened?" Mary asked, interrupting herself and looking
down at Jake. Jakes bulge in his pants was unmistakable. "Uh, okay. You
too? What IS that?" Mary finally addressed the elephant in the room, and
pointed down at Jake's crotch.

Jake blushed and quickly sat back in his chair.

"His dick," Cindy replied flatly, then started giggling. "Duh!"

"Mary, you have FIVE brothers! Aren't you used to seeing those?" I
asked, trying to deflect my daughter's bluntness and keeping things as
natural as possible.

"Huh? No way! Okay, well this one time- on our trip to Idaho- me and a
few of my brothers were in Clifford- that's our red van by the way- 'cause
we have two... Well, we were riding, and I totally saw Ethan trying to sit
forward, and then I kinda saw something under his pants, and I thought
maybe..." Mary rattled on again. Nobody was paying much attention.
"...but NEVER just... like, at the DINNER table or anything. Holy gosh!"
Mary fanned her face with her hand.

"You have weird brothers," Cindy replied. "It'd be strange if Jake
DIDN'T have something pointing out!" Cindy giggled. "Maybe you just
haven't been looking close enough, you know, since they're your brother's
'n all. I could totally come by and check it out for you," Cindy offered

"Oh my gosh, yes! Come by for dinner! That'd be totally cool," Mary
replied, not listening to Cindy's interest in why she wanted to invite
herself over.

"Totally," J.R mocked, upset he wasn't getting attention anymore.

"My mom could make her special meatballs and -- Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my GOSH!" Mary shrieked dropping her glass. "I drank it! I didn't mean
to! Oh no!"

Mary's glass of wine had been sitting next to her mostly-gone glass of
cranberry juice. She wasn't paying attention to which glass she had picked
up when she brought it up to her mouth. She had taken a hearty gulp.

"Oh! Do you like it?!" Ella asked excitedly.

Mary just frowned at the glass of wine.

"You have to try it again!" Cindy encouraged. "It took me a while to
get the taste down."

Mary sighed. "Well... Okay. Maybe just this one time. I mean, I did
already try it, and... it's not like it's the BAD kind."

Mary lifted her glass and took another sip.

"Seeeee, Jake? Mary is NOT a drag!" Cindy blurted. Cindy's wine had
loosened up her inhibitions a little too much.

Jake's eyebrows just raised. He couldn't believe his younger sister
would rat him out like that.

"You think I'm a drag because I don't drink wine?" Mary looked at Jake
with some resentment. She took a couple more gulps. "There, I've drinken
JUST as much as you!"

"So? Wine is a woman's drink, anyway," Jake said matter-of-factly,
rememebering what I had told him the day before.

"Then why did J.R drink most of his?" Cindy came to the defense of her
friend. "You don't like the taste of wine because you're just a little

Normally I'd stop an argument like this one, but I had a hunch the peer
pressure would get things moving in the right direction. I was right.
Jake downed his wine to spite Cindy, and Mary drank hers to spite Jake.
Their faces as they finished the wine was comical and the other kids

Not that the wine was needed anymore, but I knew now more than ever that
Mary was ready for the lesson I had planned for her.

* * *

After dinner, I made the boys clean up. They were not at all pleased
with me, but I reasoned that because the girls were entertaining their
guest, the girls would be off the hook for clean-up duties that night.
Besides, it was a good way to let Mary adjust to a boy's bulge, as the
girls and I remained seated at the table while the boys cleared it. Mary
was not nearly as bashful around them anymore, and I found her blushing
whenever the boys were in eyeshot.

"You know Mary, I've never said it before, but your eyes are really
beautiful. Have you ever thought about wearing mascara? It'd make your
eyes really pop... Oh I know! Why don't we do a makeover tonight? The
girls and I could really pamper you!" God knows, Mary needed a makeover.
She didn't wear ANY makeup, and her hair wasn't well styled for her facial
features. It wasn't unusual for girls her age to go au-natural of course;
but for Mary's important lesson in humility, makeup would play a crucial

"Yeah! That'd be fun, momma!" Ella practically shrieked over Mary's
mumbled excuses.

"Oh comeon' Mary," Cindy joined in. "Just for tonight- just to see if
you like it! Please?"

Mary hardly took any convincing. She pretended it wasn't something she
was interested in, but I could tell she was a little excited to see what
she might look like. We decided we'd set up in the living room.

Because my own girls wore only a little makeup, I had them go get some
of mine from the master bath. With the girls on their errand, I had a
little time to take care of some things of my own.

"Hi boys," I greeted, coming back into the kitchen. Jake had just
finished washing the table, and J.R was working on the dishes. I grabbed
J.R's soapy hand and walked him over to Jake where I grabbed his hand too.
We didn't have much time.

"I need you two to be quiet as a ghost... no matter what," I explained
mysteriously while kneeling. I had positioned both boys at the inside end
of the counter. I guess cleaning the kitchen wasn't very exciting for
them, because the tent in their pants were much less noticeable than they
should have been. Except, the boys must have anticipated my next move,
because when I yanked their sweatpants down to their ankles, both of their
cocks heartily bounced upward, and were literally drooling for my
affection. There's something very sexy about TWO eager cocks throbbing in
front of you, but knowing that they belonged to my sons gave me such an
indescribable rush!

I brought my two boys closer together; almost until their cocks were
touching. I was testing them. The two hated being naked around each
other, let alone so close, but I had already talked to them about it. I
explained to them that no man will ever master the art of sex if they don't
completely shed any self-doubt about their sexuality. In fact, the boys
were told that if they were uncomfortable around other naked men, it was
because they were harboring bisexual tendencies. Unsurprisingly, neither
of my sons wanted their heterosexuality brought into question, and they
were sure to act very casual around each other after that. Regardless of
why, I was very proud of them for not protesting and keeping quiet as I had

But in all truthfulness, the main reason I brought my sons so close
together was because I couldn't decide which cock I wanted to suck first.
Having the boys positioned so closely allowed me to alternate between their
cocks in rapid concession. It was an interesting moment, because as much
as I was enjoying myself, it was the first time doing something sexual
where I thought about my daughters and how they HAD to try the move out for
themselves. My unselfish thoughts made me feel motherly in a way that I
had never felt before.

It was unfortunate that my sons broke their unspoken promise to be
silent, and they whined childishly when I returned their sweatpants to
their waists. I had brought both of them to the edge-- their bodies
desperate to ejaculate everything it had been preparing since before Mary
had arrived. I knew the two needed relief; if not for their own sanity,
but so that their over-producing balls could relieve some pressure. A
selfish part of me wanted to tease them some more, to discover where their
boiling point was... but the girls had returned to the living room and
were waiting for me.

I needed to cut a cucumber, so I did-- slicing it threateningly as I
glared into my boys eyes and reiterated the need for them to stay quiet, no
matter what.

* * *

"Sorry ladies. I thought we could start with a facial, so I went ahead
and warmed up the cream! Also, I brought these cucumbers," I explained,
holding up two slices. Cucumbers help rejuvenate and moisturize the
eyes... at least that's what I've been told. The girls didn't really
care-- practically every facial ever done includes cucumbers! They didn't
suspect a thing.

The girls were buzzing as I prepared Mary. She was sat on our lazy boy,
and leaned back. Once her eyes were closed, and a cucumber slice laid on
top of them, I told her I would be back with the cream.

I don't know if my girls were really that clueless, or if the wine had
slowed their wit, but they were confused as to why I returned with their
brothers and a step stool... That is, until I had their brothers' pants
completely off. Despite my urging, the girls couldn't keep quiet, and Mary
asked what the commotion was about.

"Oh, the girls are just excited. They've never had a facial before and
I think they really want one," I answered, trying not to growl at the girls

"God. YES I want one!" Cindy confirmed and watched me position her
older brother on the stool, his cock soon waving over Mary's face. Jake's
cock was literally oozing a steady flow of precum, and I was concerned the
draft in the room would be all that it took to set him off prematurely.

"You mean /gosh, yes/," Mary corrected, offended by Cindy's language.
"We should do your facial next!"

Cindy thought for a second, not sure about wearing her brother's spunk.o

"That. Would. Be. Awesome!" She finally decided, as I started to pump
Jake's cock. My other hand formed a cup above Mary's forehead so that I
could capture the first load of jizz my son's over eager balls would
project out.

"We'll see honey. I don't want to waste the cream until Mary has had
her share," I replied coolly. I was surprised Jake had lasted long enough
for me to say it, but he was desperately trying to hold himself back.
"Now, this is a little warm at first," I instructed, noticing Jake's balls
suddenly tighten into fire-mode. "It will cool tho-- oh! Here it goes!"

Jake jerked suddenly and then froze-- his body blasted out a long rope
of cum. My hand stopped it from flying over Mary's head, though some of it
ricocheted and landed on Mary's lips, eventually dribbling down her chin
and on to her neck. Ella got closer to watch, while Cindy moved behind
Jake and hugged her brother tight to prevent him from falling off the

"Thanks Cindy, that's perfect," I tried not to rasp lustily. There's
something about holding a man's cock when it ejaculates that gets me to a
very special place every time.

It was a good thing that Cindy kept Jake's balance, because his now
notorious shaky-legs were coming back. I looked up to see how he was
doing, and saw him concentrating on silencing his usually VERY vocal
orgasm. His eyes were glued on my hand and how I was pointing his spurting
cock to different spots on Mary's face. Once his balls couldn't offer
anymore cream for our special facial mask, Cindy helped Jake get down from
the stool and he moved off to the side.

"This it the first layer," I explained, starting to rub the cum into
Mary's face with the sticky hand I had used to catch some of the
projectile. "Doesn't it feel nice?"

Marry muffled a response.

"Oh, it's okay honey. This mask is 100% home-made, and we actually like
to eat it too," I assured her. I rubbed in the cum on her lips, and pushed
some of it in her mouth so she knew I meant it.

"It smells funny," Mary finally said, comfortable now with talking with
the mask on, but being careful not to move her face.

"I get to apply the next coat!" Cindy greedily croaked, grabbing J.R's
hand and yanking the shocked (and bottomless!) boy over to the stool.

"What?" Cindy sassed, noticing my surprised expression. "I already know
what it feels like," she insisted, referring to her brother's cock. Cindy
stuck her tongue out at me, then pushed her brother up on the stool. Then
she grabbed his cock as if it no longer belonged to her brother but to some
sort of goody dispenser.

Cindy could have ended the game at anytime; after all, it was HER friend
who was an unwitting participant. Cindy knew she held the upper hand, and
was playing it to her advantage. I didn't dare argue with her, and took my
place behind J.R to hold him still. Cindy positioned her hand up to J.R's
tip and pumped his shaft with her other hand. She stared intently at her
brother's cock, just like a child does when turning the wheel on a
jack-in-the-box. I snaked my hand between J.R's legs and gently meaded his
balls, urging them on.

Jake was still standing off to the side, watching with a smile. And
Ella-- well I wasn't paying much attention to her. She was still trying to
make sense of what we were doing.

I tried to stop J.R's orgasm when his balls tightened by pulling on
them, but it didn't help. His cum ripped out of him. Cindy's cupped hand
was too close to his cock, and the cum splattered against it and went out

"Not too close!" I unnecessarily instructed, feeling some of J.R's cum
on my own face. Cindy had already moved her hand back, and a wide open
grin kept her silent for a few seconds.

"Wiiilldd!" Cindy chortled and held back a laugh. She was stroking J.R
pointlessly fast now, hoping his remaining spurts would fire out more
forcefully. I looked up at J.R to check in on him and found him holding
his breath. He was starting to turn purple!

"What's wild?!" Mary asked, a little too drugged up to be completely
alarmed with Cindy's strange enthusiasm.

"Oh nothing, Mary!" I failed to say calmly, pulling J.R off the stool
with urgency and forcing his cock out of his sister's greedy hand. J.R's
remaining orgasmic spurt fell to the floor as I ushered him out of the room
so he could breathe.

"That last application got a little out of hand is all, honey," I
finally explained to Mary, after returning to the room a bit out of breath

Cindy couldn't stop grinning. She studied her cum-coated hand with a
sense of wonder.

* * *

"How are you feeling, Mary?" I asked the quiet teenager laying in my
husband's recliner.

"I feel..." Mary paused for a second. "Good. No... I feel... It's
like the whole world is...! I feel good."

Cindy and I looked at each other with a grin. That's when I noticed
Cindy was licking her finger's clean. Cindy hadn't even bothered to rub in
J.R's cum into her friend's face.

"What do we do with the cucumbers?" Cindy asked between licks. "Can we
eat them?" She continued, before I could answer.

I looked down at the cucumbers and realized they were coated in cum.
Cindy had no idea how nasty she was acting. I could feel butterflies in my
tummy; she was turning out like me!

"Absolutely," I smiled, after a moment of collecting my thoughts.
"But," I quickly cut in, stopping Cindy from picking one up. "Let me add
some lemon zest to it, it'll help make it taste better with the cucumber."

I held out my left hand and placed each of the cucumber slices covering
Mary's eyes on to it. With the way Cindy was already acting, she certainly
didn't need anything addictive in her cucumber salad, but Ella did. I
speed-walked to the kitchen and added a few drops of Ecstasy to the
cucumbers (and yes, some lemon concentrate too!). When I returned, Cindy
had convinced Mary to open her eyes, and was explaining to Mary why she
looked so much "hotter" already. Mary wanted to see what she looked like
with the mask on, but I told her she didn't get to look at herself until
the makeover was complete.

"Say 'ah', sweetheart," I ordered to Ella, holding up her slice of
cucumber. Cindy had eaten her cucumber with silly enthusiasm, but I knew
Ella wouldn't act in kind, and I wasn't in the mood to talk her into eating
it. Ella reluctantly opened her mouth, and I flung the cummy cucumber into
it. Ella took after her father, both in appearance and attitude. And like
her father, Ella had *amazing* sexual potential; it just needed to be
guided in the right direction. Fortunately, they had me to help them.

Mary didn't realize it was peculiar that I had put her mascara on before
removing her "mask" until after she had sat up, and the pooled cum from
J.R's orgasm started to run down her face. She tried to keep the cum away
from her eyes so that it wouldn't streak her makeup, and for the most part,
she was successful.

"Hmm," I murmured, taking a step back having just unclasped Mary's hair
clip and wiping off a string of cum about to fall from her chin. "No more
bangs, Mary," I declared, attempting to push away the brown curls. Mary's
bangs were a little wet from where they had touched her plastered forehead,
so I was at least successful at moving them to the side. "And..." I
continued, standing back further. "I think we need to put you in some
different clothes!"

"But I didn't bring any..." Mary started to state the obvious, but
caught herself. "Ohhhh," she sighed out in understanding and brought her
finger up to her lips. I had hoped that she wouldn't recall our
conversation on Sunday where I had promised she wouldn't be offered to try
on my daughter's clothes again. At the time, she was greatly offended by

"No... I shouldn't"

Mary looked at her finger that had gotten slick from touching her wet
lips. "But at the same time, I should," she contradicted herself.

"Um, hello? Yes you should," Cindy teased, not caring about how absurd
Mary's reasoning was. "It's for your makeover, dummy!"

"Yah!" Ella agreed, becoming more vocal. "Our clothes are super uper
duper nice too. You'll see!"

"Why don't we all change so that Mary will feel more comfortable?" I
suggested, helping Mary stand. "And Mary, once you're all dressed up, we
can ask the boys how we did with our makeover!"

The girls and I ran up the stairs, giddy at how much fun we were having.

* * *

"Ooh, look at THAT!" Cindy gasped and walked briskly to the TV screen
and not stopping until she had almost blocked her brothers' view. "She
gettin' it goooood!"

Cindy had changed into cotton shorts like I had, and it looked as though
we were wearing the same outfit. She knew what I was going to wear, and
since she couldn't think of anything better, she decided to copy me. I was
flattered; she was my mini-me!

"Wowie," is all Ella could think of to say, standing next to Cindy and
watching the woman in the film getting practically raped by a huge cock.
Ella was in her dance shorts again, and although they looked amazing on
her, the fact that you could see Cindy's ass cheeks peeking below her
shorts gave Cindy's backside the win.

The moment the girls and I had come down to the basement, we were
distracted. I, by my boys who had claimed their own separate love seat,
and had been enjoying the movie like you might expect- with their cocks
out. And my girls, by the movie they were missing. We were all so
distracted, that for a moment we had forgotten about Mary. When I turned
to find her, I saw her frozen at the base of the steps. She looked like
she was about to scream.

"Mary!" I rushed into action, pausing the movie, "It's okay, don't be

I ran over to her and grabbed her hand, intent on securing her before
she ran away. She was too dazed to stop me, and she let me pull her by the
hand over to the boys.

"Ta-da! What do you think?"

Mary was dressed in a plaid mini skirt and white blouse, which had been
tied into to a knot at the bottom, bringing up the material to show off her
navel. Even in Mary's relaxed state of mind, it took a lot of convincing
to get Mary to dress in what we wanted her to. She made us leave the room
so she could change, and once she had, she was too scared to come out.

The boys looked her over, unsure what to say. Mary's face was covered
in cum, her mascara was running, and her lips were bright pink thanks to a
last-minute application of lipstick. I spun Mary around so the boys could
consider her.

"There's no way that's Mary!" Jake finally laughed. He had stopped
stroking himself once Mary had come into view, and he was struggling with
whether or not to cover himself.

"Jeez, Mary. You look... I dunno," J.R stumbled. "Hot."

Mary's face turned crimson from J.R's attempt at a compliment, but she
might as well have been a doll. Every muscle in her little frame was tense
and hadn't moved even a twitch. I thought about closing her mouth for her,
but I liked how she looked. In fact, I felt completely satisfied with the
results of my lesson. If Mary wanted to complain about whores, she was
going to know what it was like to be one. At least now she looked the
part. There was just one thing left to do.

I sat her down on the coffee table, and propped her up on her arms so
she would be leaning back slightly.

"One last thing, and your makeover will be complete!" I said cheerfully
as I spread Mary's limp legs.

I pulled out two sharpies from the bun of my hair, causing my hair to
fall down my back. I whispered something to my sons and gave them each
their pen. The boys looked at each other and smiled.

Mary shuttered when the boys reached her. They began to draw on her,
and as their sharpies inched up her leg and came close to her sex, we all
heard it. Mary moaned.

* * *

"I wan'ta see," Mary's dry throat managed to croak. We had hardly heard
her, because we were all gawking at the photos my sons had taken.

It was the first thing Mary had said since her reveal.

"Of course, Mary!" I replied with a smile. "You can keep this photo to
celebrate your new makeover!"

"You look. AMAZING!" Cindy blurted, running around Mary to peek over
her shoulder.

Mary looked at the photo, finally seeing herself for the first time. On
one leg, the boys had written "Cum in here" with an arrow pointing to her
panty-clad snatch. "Fuckslut" was written above her belly button, and on
her other leg: "I love cocks!" I was disappointed I had to tell the boys
what to write, but they were still learning.

Ella knelt down next to Mary. "She looks so different, doesn't she?"
Ella asked, thinking it to be a compliment.

"Is that really me?" Mary squinted. "Wh-What does that mean?
Heeeeeyyyyyy... that's a bad word!" Mary looked down at her legs. "Get it
off!" She screamed with some unexpected energy. "My body is a temple!" she
oddly claimed, and tried to rub off the word "cock" as if it were graffiti.

Then she sat up straight, folded her arms, and shut her eyes. Her
sudden change alarmed me a little. I worried I might have over-spiked her
cranberry juice.

"What is she doing?" I whispered to Cindy. "Is she napping?"

Cindy shrugged.

"Mary? Mary, are you okay?" I asked with concern, kneeling next to her
and lightly shaking her.

"Ohhh, I know! She's praying, momma!" Ella revealed. "Huh, Mary?"

"Shhh, I'm asking for forgiveness," Marry quietly replied.

"Forgiveness? Honey, you didn't do ANYTHING wrong," I told the teenager
truthfully. "You just let us give you a makeover! We all think you look
sexy. Why don't you ask God if he likes your makeover too?"

Mary opened her eyes and looked at the ground for a moment. "Okay," she

She prayed out loud. It was the strangest thing I had ever heard in my

"And?" I asked bending lower to look into Mary's eyes after she had
finished. "What did God say? How do you feel?" I rubbed her knee

"I feel... really good! Yah! I feel it!" She practically laughed,
looking into my eyes. "Oh my gosh!"

"You know what honey? I bet God wanted you to be here tonight. I bet
he meant for you to dress up and look so cute."

Mary nodded eagerly as I spoke, liking what I was saying.

"But I suppose you do look a little like... a slut," I pressed on
carefully. "Do you know what a slut is, Mary?" I asked.

Mary looked at me, I had stopped saying things she liked hearing.

"Do you think God wants you to be a slut, Mary?"

"No!" she quickly replied.

"ASK Him, honey. Ask God. There must be a reason He put you here

Mary wasn't sure about my suggestion, and sat thinking. I looked at my
kids, they were all watching with a sense of bewilderment. They weren't
sure how to react to Mary's strange beliefs and her recent odd behavior.

I placed my hand on Mary's shoulder and told her that she should never
be afraid to talk to God. I felt a little evil giving her advice about
something I didn't believe in. But I must've said the right thing because
Mary bowed her head and prayed aloud again- stuttering briefly when saying
the word "slut". There was a moment of silence after her prayer was over.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Oh! Oh my gosh! I feel so.. I feel the spirit!"
Mary suddenly stood up, shaking her hands up and down. "He wants me to
be... a..."

Mary's excitement changed suddenly, and she sat back down.

"But I don't know /how/ to be a slut!" she sobbed. "Now I know how
Brigham Young must've felt crossing the plains!"

"Are you sure, Mary? Are you sure God wants you to be a slut?" I asked.
I had no clue what Mary was blubbering on about, but I was hoping she
wasn't on a roller coaster of emotions that would bringing her crashing
down into regret. After all, being a slut is a big commitment.

Mary nodded slowly, "Yes. My whole body... tingles! I know it's a
sign from God. I know it!"

I bit my lip. I felt SO guilty for spiking her drink.

"Hmm, Okay, Mary," I paused, thinking things through. I wasn't sure if
I wanted to go further with Mary. She was too volatile. I gave her her
lesson, the boys had their picture for their doorwhores game... I was done
with Mary, wasn't I?

"Lucky you," I giggled nervously, and looked over at my boys. I knew I
could really make their night. "I think I can help you out. Why don't you
start learning about how to be a slut by watching this movie for a
minute,and I'll go get you another drink?"

"Oh, wow. Oh!," Mary swallowed, having turned around to face the TV.
"Okay, I can do this," she breathed in deeply, determined to do whatever
her God commanded.

* * *

When I had arrived back downstairs with more wine, Cindy had J.R's cock
in her hand and was showing it to Mary.

"They look kinda funny," Mary giggled.

While I poured us some wine, Ella explained to me that Mary was a little
confused by the movie and had thought that penises were supposed to look
different. Cindy thought it would be beneficial to give Mary an up-close
view of one. I think Cindy really just wanted to show off and get her
hands on a cock again.

I walked over to Mary and gave her her glass, then sat next to my son.

"Let her hold it, Cindy" I directed. "We need to get Mary acquainted
before she has to go home."

J.R was _really_ enjoying himself on the couch watching the girls
explore his manhood. I watched my boy squirm for a moment, then I ran my
hand through his hair and kissed his cheek. "See what you've been missing,
baby?" I whispered in his ear.

Jake was feeling left out, so I motioned him over and had him stand next
to Mary. Mary turned and looked up at him, while I sat up so I could reach
my younger son's cock. I held it out for Mary.

"A boy's cock is something that every good slut loves to have in her
mouth," I taught, and nodded to the TV where a woman had every hole in her
body plugged. Mary looked at the TV, then back at Jake. She leaned up
slowly, gave his cock a quick kiss, then quickly sat back down on her
haunches, blushing.

Jake moaned. Maybe he liked to be teased like that.

"Boys _love_ their cocks played with. It feels good for them. Girls
have something that feels good too! Do you ever touch yourself, Mary? To
feel good?"

Mary shook her head.

"Then you need to start! You will never be a slut if you don't orgasm
at least everyday. You should rub your clit each..."

Mary looked at me blankly... I was going too fast. It was time for
show and tell.

I made Jake take my spot on the couch next to his brother, and Ella sat
on the floor next to Mary. I pulled the coffee table closer and sat on it
in front of them. I then surprised Cindy by pulling her on to my lap.
Cindy had been testing my authority all evening, and I needed to remind her
who was still in charge.

"J.R, do you remember what a clit is?" I asked, spreading Cindy's legs

I had done a terrible job teaching him. J.R wasn't sure, and was too
embarrassed to admit it. I pulled Cindy's shorts to the side, exposing her
pussy. The girls all gasped and Cindy quickly closed her legs.

"Mom! Mary..."

Mary was directly in front of Cindy and had the best view of her
friend's private parts.

"Mary needs our help, and you're her friend!" I scolded my daughter.
"Now comeon', take those shorts off," I patted Cindy's butt to encourage
her to stand up and remove her shorts.

"Don't look!" Cindy demanded from her brothers, as she slid her shorts
down. She didn't really mean it, but Cindy had a hard time letting go of
her moods.

Once Cindy's shorts were off, I yanked her back on to my lap, making her
yell out in surprise.

"Sorry honey, you're taking too long," I laughed, immediately spreading
her legs as far as they would go.

"This," I pulled back Cindy's hood and stared at my son, "Is a clit."

J.R looked at the spread pussy in my hand, then up into his sister's
eyes. I think Cindy was waiting for him to compliment her, but he didn't.
He only looked at her. I wondered what he was thinking, but it didn't
matter. J.R wouldn't find a pussy more aesthetically pleasing than what
his sister had between her legs.

I swiveled my body so that Jake could see better. He leaned forward to
get a closer look at his sister. By now, Cindy was really enjoying the
attention, and was holding her legs apart on her own. From my angle, I
could actually see Cindy's neck pulsing from her elevated heart rate.

After the boys were well re-educated, I moved back to Mary and started
to rub my daughter's clit in circular motions. It was odd touching her.
I've never had any desire to touch another woman, but for some reason,
Cindy just seemed like she was another smaller version of myself. And I
already knew exactly how to get myself off, I just had to adapt my
movements on my smaller replica.

"Keep rubbing yourself like this, Mary," I instructed. "Sometimes I
take a break to draw out my orgasm," I explained, taking my hand and
sliding it down my daughter's very wet pussy, then curling two of my
fingers up inside of her. Cindy gyrated on my lap; she couldn't do much
else with her legs spread so far. "But otherwise, Mary... don't stop
rubbing your clit!" Cindy's clit was engorged, and I had started back in,
rubbing faster and harder. I explained to Mary what a dildo was and how it
could help too. I promised her one of my own for her to keep in her room.

"Mom?" Cindy moaned, trying to get my attention. "Mommmm... MOM!" She

Cindy couldn't take it anymore. She suddenly jerked her legs back
together and attempted to stand up in an effort to stop her orgasm. But
she failed, and I had to quickly catch her before she tumbled on to the
girls. I dragged her off to the side where there was room for her to lay
down. Mary watched in awe as her friend shivered on the floor.

"I want you to play with yourself before you get up in the morning and
before you go to sleep- even if you're not in the mood!" I instructed Mary,
who was still watching her friend with concern. "...At least for the next
two weeks. Your body needs to start to crave being touched regularly." It
was easy teaching Mary. She was just like one of my clients, except she
was much younger and my instructions were about sexual fitness rather than
physical fitness.

Cindy eventually stood back up, breathing heavily and supporting herself
on the armrest. Her legs were soaked with her orgasm.

"No fair!" Cindy glared at me and reached for her shorts. She stuck her
tongue out to her beaming brothers, who had very much enjoyed watching
their sister wriggle in pleasure. J.R and Jake had that now familiar look
on their faces; the one where their lust had complete control over their
actions, and they would stop at nothing to get themselves off. I loved
seeing that desperate look in their eyes, especially knowing I was about to
give them what they so badly wanted.

"Of course, there's one very big thing about being a slut," I began,
offering Mary my hand. Mary took it, and stood up. "SEX! Lots, and lots
of SEX!" I smiled.

"No!" Mary replied resolutely, crossing her arms. "I'm saving myself
for marriage! Besides. I just CAN'T get pregnant."

Pregnant? I had forgotten to tell my kids about that possibility during
my sex education lessons.

"Oh, that's right," I agreed softly. "Maybe we should just practice
with the tip of a penis then? It doesn't count if it's just the tip," I
tried to explain with a straight face, and not waiting for a response
before reaching under Mary's skirt for her underwear.

"Yeah, okay," Mary gave permission, watching me pull down her white
panties. "If you think it will help make me a slut."

I smiled up at her, and sat her on the edge of the table. I nodded to
the boys to get off the couch and come around.

I decided Jake would go first. Part of me was disappointed that Mary
would be J.R's first, and I wanted to make him wait a little longer.

"Take them off Jake," I grinned, yanking on the bottom of his sweat
pants. "No more pants around Mary, okay?"

"It's okay Mary, just breath," I assured the VERY nervous girl as I
rolled up her skirt. Jake stared down at his exposed target as he pulled
off his pants, and Mary's eyes followed Jake's cock in dream-like
anticipation, as if she was still in denial as to what was about to happen.
Once Jake had removed his pants, he knelt in front of Mary and looked at
me, unsure how to proceed next.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" I asked Jake quietly, grabbing hold of his
cock. Jake exhaled, nodding. I brought my son's penis up to Mary's slit,
and rubbed it around her opening. The two teens gasped out in unison, and
Mary leaned back on her elbows so she could better handle the sensation.

"Feels good, Mary?" Cindy asked, coming around to her friend.

"Oh YES," Mary growled. "Thank you Mrs. Wilkins... Thank you for
helping me!"

"Don't thank me," I smiled, teasing them both by rubbing my boy's penis
up and down her slit. "Thank God," I lewdly suggested, finally pushing the
tip of my boy inside Mary.

"Woah!" Jake buckled the second he entered Mary, trying to warn me he
was already at his limit. He pushed on my hand to get me to slow down, if
not completely stop.

"You're right! I should thank God," Mary gasped from the feeling of a
cock plugging her entrance, and then laid back to say a prayer. I ignored
my son's plea, and pulled him out of Mary so I could continue the routine:
a rub up and down Mary's slit, then a gentle push into her hole. I
repeated the motion faster with each repetition.

Mary really had only started her funny prayer when Jake started cumming.

"Thank him for my son's hot cum!" I yelled to Mary over Jake's loud
moaning. I had to hold a tight grip on my son's cock to prevent him from
escaping. Apparently, he didn't like me rubbing his spurting cock over and
inside Mary's pussy while he orgasmed, but I was trying to get Mary off

Mary did as she was suggested, and moaned out gratitude to her God for
my son's cum and cock. She asked Him to help her be a good slut and enjoy
her pussy to the fullest. Once you got over Mary's bizarre religious spin
on things, it was actually quite endearing to hear what she would say in
prayer, even if I had to help give her the right words to say. Like my
kids had been, Mary was uncomfortable using vocabulary appropriate for sex.

Mary collapsed on the table after her prayer was over. Jake had already
finished his orgasm, and he would not let me use his cock to tease Mary
with any longer. He was soon standing off to the side, looking at the mess
he had made all over Mary. The girl's pubic hair was matted in cum, and
her borrowed clothes would need to be washed.

"Gosh! That was sooo... great!" Mary beamed, fanning herself with her

"Did you do it then? Did you orgasm?" Cindy asked, leaning closer to
her with curiosity.

"How do you know if you've orgasmed?" Mary asked, unsure.

"You'd know," I laughed. Mary hadn't had one yet, but fortunately there
was another cock to go.

I pulled Mary to the edge of the coffee table, and asked the girls to
hold up one of their friend's legs so they would be out of the way. Once
the girls had Mary lewdly on display for their oldest brother, J.R was
given the same introduction to Mary's wide open pussy: I ran his cock
through his brother's cum, even forcing some of it back inside Mary's cunt.
As I entered him into Mary, J.R started breathing heavy. Really heavy.

"She's so warm!" He gasped with his eyes closed. Once the tip of J.R's
cock was inside Mary, I was so distracted by my son's reaction that I
hadn't been using his cock to go through the planned routine. J.R must
have taken it as permission to fuck the tip of his penis into Mary at his
own discretion, and...

I don't know; I guess I was jealous. It was envy, really. Mary didn't
deserve my son, and I couldn't watch her enjoying him. I decided I needed
a drink, and made my way over to the wine. J.R was too interested in where
his penis was to notice my body language.

"You know Mary, you should teach the boys to pray. They really should
thank God for having you. Don't you think?" I asked over my shoulder, a
trace of bitterness in my voice. J.R didn't want to pray. He wanted to
fuck, and for some reason, I wanted to make it difficult for him.

"Of course!" the moaning teen heartily agreed, leaning up. "That would
be so," she paused to gasp in pleasure, "...super! J.R, repeat after

Miraculously, J.R had no problem doing what Mary asked him so long as
his dick was inside her (at least the tip, anyway). I stared out the
basement's window into our secluded yard as I listened to J.R thank God for
Mary. It was such a sweet thing for my son to do for Mary, and I was a
little resentful that Mary was lucky enough to enjoy someone as good as
him. I don't know why it bothered me so much... I wanted this for my son,
hadn't I?

And then I noticed something in the reflection of the window: Cindy had
let go of her friend's leg and was teasingly pushing into her brother as he
fucked Mary. At first I thought Cindy was just supervising, but then I
realized she was trying to get him to thrust his cock all the way into
Mary! I couldn't believe she would go against her friend like that.

"...thank thee, for..." J.R continued praying on his own, but finding it
increasingly difficult to concentrate. "...for, giving me Mary's pussy
to..." Cindy was finally successful at pushing her brother half-way into
Mary, and now he was straining harder than ever. "...to fuck... and to--
I'm sorry!"

J.R resolve broke down; he couldn't help himself. My boy shoved his
cock into Mary to the hilt, then started jack hammering inside of her,
unable to stop his pending cum. Cindy laughed at the visuals and clapped
giddily, but she was interrupted by Mary's flailing leg-- a side effect of
the sudden ramming the girl's body was taking. Cindy quickly grabbed her
friend's leg, and pulled back on it. Hard.

"Oh! G-odddd!" J.R appropriately yelled through gritted teeth. He was
filling Mary up! Mary lifted her head to confirm what was happening, and
although she wanted desperately to stop J.R, she couldn't. Mary's eyes
rolled back and she choked on her words. The two were orgasming together.

"Amen!" I grinned, standing above the two sweaty kids. They were acting
like they had ran a marathon and were recovering from their post-euphoric
bliss. J.R still had his penis all the way inside Mary, relishing the
feeling of being fully inside his first girl.

"Amen," Mary smiled at my conclusion to J.R's prayer, and she closed her

* * *

"Wooooh! Who would ever guess that _this_ body delivered FOUR kids!"

I stood in the full-length mirror, holding the family's video camera and
vainly recording myself striking a pose.

"Speaking of my kids, I wonder what they're up to?"

I held the camera forward as I made my way down the hall and then down
two flights of stairs. And as I rounded the corner to the basement movie
room, my kids came into view. It was a beautiful, yet raunchy sight.

While I was away to get the video camera, I had the girls strip Mary
down to just her borrowed high-heels. Mary's body paled in comparison to
my girls, but I estimated that she was the average 13 year old, and in that
way, it was good that my boys were experiencing the status quo.
Regardless, I wanted to give Jake the option of watching something more
stimulating, so after moving the coffee table out of the way, Mary was put
in a doggy-style position, facing the TV. This way Jake could fuck our
slut-in-training while he watched his porn.

"Hi Mary!" I greeted, zooming in for a closeup.

"Hi!" she smiled, her eyes fluttering. I was very surprised she wasn't
in the least bit concerned that I was recording her.

"How do you like fucking?" I asked Jake, panning up with the video
camera to record the coupling. Jake wasn't moving, and his cock was hardly
inside of Mary.

"Mary said she had to marry J.R now, but that I could use 'just the tip'
with her if I wanted," Jake breathed. "But..."

I covered my laugh with a cough. There was no way in hell J.R. would
be marrying Mary.

"Cindy? Do you mind?"

Cindy was sitting on the side of Mary, and was trying to ask her friend
what it felt like to have a cock inside her body. But Cindy was happy to
take over the filming duties, and took the video camera from me.

"Honey," I started, swinging around and kneeling behind my son.
"Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness," I continued, putting my
hands on top of my son's-- his were holding on to Mary's hips. "...then to
ask for permission," I finished, abruptly pulling my arms back, and
thrusting my body into my son. His cock plunged into the girl.

"No!" Mary wheezed, looking over her shoulder.

"Fuck her, Jake," I ordered in a whisper, ignoring Mary. "FUCK her!" I
guided forcefully, my body becoming one with my son's as I helped him
thrust quickly and deeply into Mary.

Jake was already at the edge, he started cumming immediately.

"Yesss... pump her full sweetheart," I hissed into his ear. "It's what
your cock was meant to do..."

I moved out of Jake's way, his body was in a fury to provide as much
friction as possible, and he rocked violently into Mary.

At least Jake found his vocal match, as Mary squealed loudly while Jake
fucked her with uncontrollable need. Cindy moved to the front to record
her friend's expression. It turns out Mary had the perfect face to depict
female pleasure: her eyes would roll back while her neck struggled to keep
her head from collapsing due to the onslaught of endorphins.

Finally, Jake was spent, and for a moment the only sound in the room was
the moaning coming from from the movie.

"Do... Do you think I'll get pregnant?" Mary weakly asked me, resting
her cum-coated head on the floor. Her question made me think about my
boys. When they orgasm, their cum explodes out of their cocks like it had
been loaded in a cannon.

"Honey, you should probably start picking out names," I laughed. "I
think I might be pregnant just from watching you two!"

Mary's expression was emotionless. It was as if she was expecting
someone to wake her up at any minute, and not much seemed to matter for her
anymore. In contrast, Cindy moved the camera from her eyes to look at me
quizzically. She wasn't sure if my answer to Mary was just a big lie
designed to provoke her friend. I supposed then that I should let my kids
know about the _other_ purpose of sex, but I didn't want them having
anxiety about pregnancy. I would do whatever it took to spare my kids from
parenthood, up to and including abortion.

At least my sons didn't seem too concerned by Mary's revelation.

"Move over, bro. I'm goin' again," J.R insisted.

I was initially somewhat embarrassed that my boys couldn't even last a
minute inside Mary, but when Jake pulled his cum coated cock from Mary's
steaming pussy, it was still hard. Poor Mary had 2 loads inside of her,
and by the looks of the streams running down her legs, there was no room
for any more. Not that J.R's cock wasn't going to try and give her another
one anyway.

I knew J.R would love doggy style. From my own experience, every man
does. And maybe that's why when he grabbed her hips and eagerly started
pounding into her, I almost screamed out at him to stop. He wasn't
supposed to enjoy Mary so much. She was just supposed to be a little
fun... A taste, at best, of what J.R could be getting... elsewhere.

"How do you like my SON?" I asked Mary, emphasizing the word "son" so
that she would appreciate the gravity of what I was allowing her to do. I
had come around to see her euphoric face, it was a face I NEVER imagined I
would see on her. Then again, I NEVER thought I would EVER be jealous of
her either.

"Oh it's so good! I really like making love to him," she groaned,
refusing to be vulgar... as if nothing else about her at the moment wasn't
already VERY vulgar!

But she was wrong. She WASN'T making love to him. I'd make sure of it.

"Then tell him, honey. Say, 'I love when you fuck me, J.R,'" God, just
SAYING that last part was fun, and I bit my lip. I looked at my son, who
was playing it smart and practicing a breathing pattern where he'd inhale
through his nose, and exhale slowly out his mouth. He was doing his best
to pace himself.

Mary hesitated, but I eventually got her to say "fuck", and when she
did, I made her say it louder until she was practically screaming it.
Satisfied, I reintroduced my other son to Mary. Jake was the only one
standing, and he looked at odds as to what he should do with his sloppy

"Sweety, Mary's mouth needs you!" I suggested.

Once Jake knelt in front of me, I spread his legs so his cock aligned to
Mary's lips.

"Mary, I'll give you some money to buy some lollipops," I started,
holding my son at the base of his cock with just my thumb and forefinger. I
waved Jake's cock in front of the curious girl. "There are some natural
no-sugar lollipops at the health store. Buy some. I want you to train
your mouth into always wanting something inside it." The no-sugar lollipops
had some honey in them, but were otherwise pretty bitter.

By now I was rubbing my son's cock on Mary's face, teasing her. Mary's
face had started to dry in some places, but truthfully, we'd only been
playing for a half hour, so Mary's face was still slick with beautiful cum.

"Stick your tongue out, hon," I asked nicely, rubbing Jake around her
open lips as if applying lipstick. Mary had been breathing out of her
mouth all night.

Mary stuck her tongue out.

"You already should be familiar with how my boy's taste," I revealed,
"but now you get to taste how well you mix with them! Sex should always
involve ALL of your senses, including taste," I explained, wiping my boy's
cock all over Mary's tongue. She pulled her tongue back on her own, and
tasted what she was given.

Mary eventually stuck her tongue back out, but I decided to let Jake
have what he wanted, and slid him up her tongue into Mary's mouth. Mary
instinctively knew what to do, and started to suck. Sort of.

"Go Mary!" Cindy cheered, filming everything. Cindy knelt down to get a
better view, and eventually helped Mary's head bob on her brother's cock
with her other hand. Mary struggled to breath under Cindy's new pace, but
I trusted my daughter wouldn't be too careless with her friend.

"Ella," I smiled to my youngest, shuffling on my knees to the couch
where she laid. "Are you masturbating to your brothers having sex?" I
teased, trying to embarass her. Ella had my Hitachi Wand, which had
quickly become her favorite toy.

"Can I borrow that for a moment?" I asked. My daughter had already
gotten herself off once, but she had the wand stuffed inside her dance
shorts and was going for a second round.

Ella nodded, and pulled out the wand from her shorts. I took it from
her after encouraging her to resume her fun with just her hand. Now
equipped with the wand, I shuffled back over to Mary's side, and looked
into J.R's glazed over eyes. I reached the wand under Mary and placed it
on her clit. When I flicked it on, Mary jolted, but her moan was muffled
by Jake's cock. I smiled, and J.R smiled back.

"Can you feel my vibrator?" I asked lustily as I rubbed the Hitachi
against the pussy my son was impaling.

Poor J.R was too dazed to do anything but nod, but he had no problem
keeping eye contact with me. It's incredibly sexy when a man does that- it
made me feel like even though J.R was inside Mary, what was left of his
mind was all mine. One of my hands (the one that wasn't working on
hitaching the fuck out of Mary's clit) was squeezing J.R's arm. I decided
to do something else with it, and brought it up to J.R's neck, and gently
pulled him into me until our foreheads touched. It's incredibly intimate
to look into someone's eyes from so close. I thought about saying
something, but nothing had to be said. It was an act that told my son that
what he was doing was absolutely perfect and I approved wholeheartedly.

Besides, I wanted to look deep into his eyes to see if I could catch his
soul before Mary sucked it out with her cunt.

You couldn't blame me really. It's not like it's possible to do
something else at that distance. It was simply natural that I'd eventually
have my tongue inside my son's mouth... And it was SUCH a passionate kiss!
Oh my god, I could have fed him my tongue forever! It was such an unreal
sensation. Unfortunately, I hadn't been paying attention to Mary, and I
guess my introduction to the Hitachi Wand was way too much for her. Mary
collapsed on the floor, brining my attached son with her.

"Are you sure you haven't done this before, Mary?" I asked the
whimpering girl who had finally successfully managed to break free of J.R's
impalement. I had just realized: Mary wasn't whimpering from pain. She
wasn't bleeding. Could she really not be a virgin? It's ironic to me now,
but it really was a miracle that Mary was was able to enjoy herself as much
as she had, considering it was her first time.

Not that it mattered, Mary still needed to be broken in the way I wanted
my sons to learn to do it. So once Mary caught her breath, we laid her on
her back. I returned the Hitachi to Mary's clit, J.R put his cock back to
where it yearned to be, Jake claimed Mary's nipples, and the girls held
their friend down.

Mary screamed.

* * *

"What do you mean /'am I mad'/? What the hell type of picture was
that?!" Johnathan spat on the line. I had finally called him... We hadn't
spoken since I had texted him a photo of me and his girls looking awfully

After the night's activity, it didn't matter what Johnathan's sensitive
opinions were about how his kids should be brought up. He didn't have a
choice anymore. Our kids were very much where they needed to be; they
didn't even need MY guidance any longer. Yet here my husband was, caught
up on some silly picture.

"I have more pictures. Cindy wants me to send them to you..." I lied

"WHAT! You had BETTER be kidding!"

"Oh, don't give me that," I barked back. "You are such a hypocrite--
sleeping around without me knowing! God forbid your own kids can't have
simple pleasures of their own!"

"ARE YOU--" Johnathan groaned. "They're just KIDS!"

"No, Johnathan. They're teenagers now. Good ones too... and their
bodies are ready! I can't stop nature. You just have to trust them,

Johnathan sighed in frustration. "I guess I just don't get it! What
have you guys been up to for the past 2 weeks? I feel like I don't even
know my own god damned family anymore!"

"You don't, Johnathan. I've been trying to introduce ourselves to you,
but you keep rejecting us! I know your job has really made you miss out,
but don't take it out on me! And what have we be doing? Well, today we
had Mary over for dinner-- you know, Cindy's religious friend? Guess what?
She actually taught the boys how to pray. And you wouldn't even believe
it, but the boys prayed for the first time. In fact, they had a lot of
firsts tonight."

There was a long pause on the line.

"She did? The boys /prayed/?" Johnathan finally asked, his voice
reflecting a whole new attitude. "Wow. I... I should apologize. I just

"...you thought what?" I asked impatiently.

"I'm so sorry," he simply sighed, unable to answer me.

"And you know what else? The boys haven't played a video game in DAYS!"
I continued my guilt trip, but letting up on my anger a little. "And the
girls... I bought them some books to read this summer. They've been
getting into them so much, I'm certain their vocabulary has improved," I
continued, forgetting to tell him what type of literature it was.

"Wow, I'm really impressed," Johnathan remarked.

"You have to trust me, honey. The kids have grown up a lot, but they
have never been happier. We have never been a closer family. I just wish
you didn't have to work so much so that you could see for yourself!"

"I agree," Johnathan softly conceded. "I'm going to ask for time off
after this gig is through. And you're right. I haven't been fair to you.
I do trust you, babe."

"Aw," I began, pausing to decide if I would accept his misplaced
apology. "Thanks, Honey."

"Can I talk to them? I would really like to hear their voices..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. They're all tucked out," I replied, immediately
realizing my mistake. "I mean, they've all been tucked in... for the
night." It was a terrible recovery. "But we'll all call you tomorrow!

Thankfully Johnathan didn't catch my Freudian slip. At, least he didn't
say anything.

"Until then, it's just you and me tonight," I hinted, trying to put on
my sexy-voice. "What do you think? I have to tell you, listening to Mary
all night has put me in such a mood! I hope you don't mind some role

"Oh brother," Johnathan scoffed. "You are so bad!"
Yes. Except, he really had no clue.
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