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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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New Years Eve Regret
by AB-2008 (address withheld)


Laurie wakes up the morning after and can't remember
what happened at the office New Year's Eve party. (MF,
nc, alcohol)


Laurie stirred groggily as the morning light streamed
in through the window blinds. It was New Year's morning
and as she slowly gathered her thoughts she suddenly
realized that she was in her bedroom, but couldn't
remember how she'd gotten home from the party the night

As Laurie sat up she winced at the throbbing in her
head and from the ache throughout her body, it was like
she'd been in a boxing match and lost the fight. Then
as Laurie pulled the blanket back to get out of bed,
she saw an arresting sight. She froze as she stared at
her naked body and the dried and crusted cum spread all
over her pubic area and down her thighs.

She gasped in surprise and shock and furiously began to
sort through her muzzy brain as to what had happened to
her the night before. She'd gone to the Humped Camel
around 7 last night to join her friends from work for a
celebratory dinner. They were all from General
Strategies, a contract engineering company and even
though she was the only woman in the work group, at
least two of the other 7 guys at the party had their
wives along.

What could have happened to put her in this disgusting
state? Laurie stumbled into the bathroom and looked at
herself in the mirror. The white crusty mess was
smeared all over her pubic hair and on her stomach and
thighs. It looked like she'd been used by a dozen men
or more. There were even bite marks on her neck and

"Christ! What happened to me last night?" Laurie wailed
as she turned on the shower and stepped into the
steaming spray and vigorously scrubbed the scummy
coating from her flesh, sobbing all the while.

Finally the water temperature began to cool and Laurie
knew that she would have to leave the protection of the
soap and water and face what had happened to her. She
firmly shut of the shower and stepped from the stall
and viperously dried herself off.

Minutes later she was still standing in front of the
mirror cataloging all the different marks on her skin.
She could see bruises and bite makes and even what
looked kike a cigarette burn on her left inner thigh.
What had happened to her?

Finally Laurie tore herself away from the mirror and
donned a robe and sat on the edge of her bed to think.
Had her fellow workers gang raped her? Hadn't the wives
been there? How could this have happened without her
being able to remember anything about it?

Then a memory flashed through her mind. It was a fuzzy
memory of one of the guys and his wife saying that
things were getting a little out of hand and that they
were going to leave. Laurie could clearly remember
Jon's wife offering her a ride home and her refusal.
She could also remember Carolyn, Jon's wife, saying
that she though everyone had had way too much to drink.

Laurie cringed as she remembered her response to the
woman. She'd said something like "Don't be such a party
pooper, New Years Eve only comes once a year and I'm
having too much fun to leave now."

Suddenly she remembered that Barry, her assistant, had
put his arm around her shoulders and was agreeing with
her drunkenly. And another image came into her
throbbing head, Barry's hand had slipped up under her
skirt shortly after that.

Laurie, lay back on the bed with an arm over her eyes,
trying to concentrate. What had she done? Hadn't she
put Barry in his place? Then she groaned as she
remembered that she hadn't told him off, that she'd
actually pulled the fly to his pants open and shoved
her hand into his pants while he'd done the same to her
with his hand.

"Oh god!" Laurie moaned. She'd just remembered
something else. It was probably a while later when the
other couple got up and left the party. She vaguely
remembered them leaving and the look on the wife's face
as she left the room. She'd looked back at Laurie as
she turned to go, and that look, Laurie realized, was
saying "You're a slut, and you deserved whatever
happens to you."

"Fuck! What did I do?" Laurie rolled over on the bed
and hugged herself. Could she ever face everyone at
work again? How embarrassing. Then another stray memory
flashed through her mind. She was lying on the bench
seat of a large booth, still at the restaurant and
someone was on top of her. It was Barry! Was it Barry?
Fuck! It was Barry and he was screwing her! How could
she have let him do that? And in front of everyone?!

It was true though and she knew it. She had wanted him
to fill her up. She'd needed a good riding and she'd
let him do it in front of anyone who was there. "God,
what have I done?!" Laurie moaned again, squirming in
extreme embarrassment at the brazen sluttiness she must
have exhibited.

Finally Laurie gave up the pointless recriminations and
got up and dressed. She would have to go into work
later today and face everyone but for the moment she
needed coffee and something to eat, she felt like she
hadn't eaten in a month.

As Laurie reached for the coffee to put into the auto
brewer, she stood frozen as another memory wormed its
way to the surface. She clearly remembered the moment
when Barry and cum in her. His body had tensed and he'd
thrust deeply into her and groaned as he filled her to
the hilt. Her face flushed as she remembered that
moment. She'd hugged him to herself and ground her
pussy against his pubic bone, gasping in pleasure as
she'd cummed too. "God! Did I really do that? And in
front of people too?" she mumbled as she reached for a
coffee filter.


As Laurie sat at the kitchen table and sipped her
coffee waiting for her pop tart to toast, another
embarrassing memory forced its way into her
consciousness. It was suddenly obvious to her that
after Barry had cum in her another man had taken his
place. God! Had she just lain there and let that

The answer was yes, she could remember the feeling of
the naugahide seat beneath her and the sticky feeling
of her sweaty skin against it as someone else moved
over her splayed body and the feeling of his body
coming to rest on top of hers.

In the light of day Laurie couldn't imagine letting
something like this happen to her. She was a sensible
woman and normally even a bit reserved. She guessed
that the combination of too much alcohol and not having
gotten any sex for so many months, had worked it magic
on her and made her throw all caution to the wind.

She couldn't remember which one of her colleagues had
been next, but she could remember herself gurgling with
pleasure as he thrust deeply in and out of her,
grunting with the effort. She could even remember
herself urging him on with gross comments like;
"Faster! Harder! Fuck my brains our stud!" How could
she have done that? What was I thinking?

That was the problem, she hadn't been thinking she had
been into the physical pleasure, the excitement of
fucking guys in front of other guys. It came to her
that the exhibitionism was what made her so horny and
willing. To know that all those men wanted to fuck her,
they were hot for her body and she could let them have
her or not, as she chose.

Only it appeared that she'd let them all have her.
Laurie couldn't remember how many men had fucked her
the night before, but she had a hazy recollection that
probably everyone there had had a go at her. What a
disgusting whore she was. How could she ever get past
this one act of stupidity?

Laurie dropped her pop tart onto her plate and sat
staring into the middle-distance as another memory
flashed across her brain. Brian. God Brian was there!
Brian, who she'd been dating. Brian who she wouldn't
let get to third base because she wanted his respect.

God! Brian had fucked her! She could just remember that
he'd been riding her pussy like all the rest, she
remembered him saying, "Finally, I get to fuck you
Laurie. Why did you make me wait all this time and then
give it up to everyone. What a fucking slut you are."
She remembered him saying that as he pounded his dick
deep into her, holding her hips and pulling her up
against him like she was a rag doll as he thrust into

"Well, I guess I can kiss Brian goodbye," Laurie said
to herself as she leaned forward, head in hands feeling
total despair.


As Laurie reluctantly dragged herself to her car and
started the 15 minute commute to work, another memory
popped into her head. "Oh fuck!" They'd been kicked out
of the restaurant and carried on their little fuckfest
in the field out behind the building. She'd lain there
playing the willing slut to their lust. "How could I
have done that?" she said aloud again for what seemed
like the hundredth time.

As Laurie pulled her little red Mustang into the
parking lot of General Strategies, she slowed her car
to a crawl. How could she face her colleagues after
what she'd done. How would they treat her now that most
of them had used her body like a fucking whore. "Oh
gawd!" she wailed and slammed her fist into the
steering wheel.

She slumped over the wheel reliving what she could
remember of the night before. 'What a fucking
disaster,' she though. 'I will never go to another New
Years Eve party again. For that matter I don't think
I'll ever go to any party again.'

As Laurie walked into the building, images on naked
male flesh, hard thrusting rampant appendages floated
through her mind. Even though she couldn't remember who
had fucked her, she did remember bits and pieces,
moments of pleasure and pain. She just wished that she
could remember the whole thing.


Finally the moment of retribution. Laurie pushed the
glass door to the engineering office inward and walked
past the receptionist's desk. Down the hall, past the
other engineer's offices. Then she was face to face
with Barry. Fucking Barry. The son of a bitch who had
started it all.

To Laurie's amazement, Barry just offered her a blaze'
greeting. He looked like he had a painful headache and
didn't want to be at work at all. Laurie stood there
waiting for a leer or a suggestive comment. Something
like, "Man Laurie, you where smokin' last night!" Be he
just shuffled back to his office and shut his door.

Laurie was speechless. The bastard had just treated her
like normal, like nothing had happened. Was the sex
with her so blah that he didn't think it merited

As Laurie was about to enter her office, she heard a
voice calling her. It was Brian. 'Oh fuck, here we go,'
she thought. Steeling herself, Laurie trudged down the
hall to Brian's office. What could she say? How could
she explain her behavior?

Brian ushered her into his office and shut the door. He
indicated that she should sit and Laurie took a seat
grateful to take the leaden weight off her body and
slumped in the chair.

"Boy Laurie, you look all out this morning. I told you
you should have lain off the booze a little."

Laurie looked into Brian's eyes with a real sense of
loss. How could they ever get together now like normal
people, after what she'd done? Then Brian said a
curious thing.

"You were wonderful last night. It was worth it to wait
until you were ready. I don't think I've ever had
better sex than I did with you last night. Man, that
role playing stuff you came up with was so hot, it made
me so horny that I came 5 times. You were wonderful
Laurie, you really where."

Laurie sat there and stared at Brian's happy face. He
looked like he had been made king of England with all
the money and prestige that comes with it. What was he
saying? Was he saying that he didn't mind that she'd
screwed all those other guys? Was he that big of a

Finally Laurie was able to speak. "Brian... you seem
happy about last night. I-I mean you didn't mind, you
know... everything that happened? You're okay with the
way I acted?"

"Hell yes Laurie! When we went to my place you became
this wonderful wild woman. I've never had sex with
someone as wild as you before. And pretending that I
was all those different guys, well, hell, like I said,
I don't thing I've ever cum so many times in one night
in my entire life before."

"Really?" Laurie mumbled as her mind frantically cast
back to the night before. Could it be true, had she
gone with Brian and "pretended" that he was all those
different men? Relief flooded through her like a
physical pain. Could this be?! "Well, I'm glad you
liked it, I wish I hadn't drunk so much. I don't even
remember how I got home last night."

Brain, looked like a Cheshire cat and said, "Around 2
o'clock in the morning you insisted that you had to go
home so you could be ready for work today. Neither of
us was in any shape to drive so I got you a cab and
paid the driver to get you safely home."

Laurie heaved a huge sigh of relief and pushed herself
out of the chair. "Well, in that case I think I really
enjoyed myself last night Brain. You're quite the
stud," she chuckled and leaned over the desk and gave
her new lover a brief kiss on the lips.


After making a date for Saturday with Brian, Laurie
headed back to her office. As she sat down at her desk
a very discordant memory bubbled to the surface. She
was in that field again, but this time she didn't
recognize any of the men that were ranged around her.
But she could remember one of them saying, "She's so
fucking drunk, she'll never remember what happened.
Fuck her brains out man, then I wan' another go, then I
gotta get her back to her place before she comes

Laurie sat at her desk as a cold shiver went down her
back. What had she done? What had been done to her? "Oh
god!" she gasped, as everything from the night before
came rushing back to flood her mind with images that
she instantly wished she could forget.


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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
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A New Years Eve To Remember
by Durango Dan (address withheld)


Billy, Bobby and Sarah were left alone on New Years
Eve. When Sarah saw her little brother masturbating she
told her older brother. They decided to have some fun
and learn about sex at the same time. (bbg, youths,
inc, bi, 1st, oral, anal)


"Billy, Bobby, Sarah come down here," dad called out
from the living room.

Bobby and I were in my room playing a video game and we
met our sister Sarah as she came out of her room. We
looked at each other wondering what dad wanted us for.
The three of us walked down the stairs to the living
room. We walked into the room and saw mom and dad
sitting on the couch next to the Christmas tree.

"Sit down kids, we need you to listen to us and listen
good," he said seriously

Bobby, Sarah and I sat on the floor in front of the
tree. Most of the gifts we got for Christmas were
already in our room so there wasn't much left under it
anymore. We must have looked scared or nervous because
mom was the next to speak.

"Relax kids, you're not in trouble or there is nothing
wrong," she giggled.

Dad was smiling down on us as mom told us that they
needed us to listen to what they had to say. Dad
started by telling us that we were old enough to handle
some big responsibility.

"Billy since you are the oldest, I want you to pay
special attention to this because it mostly concerns
you. You're 12 almost 13 so your mom and I think you
are old enough to watch your brother and sister while
we go out." I beamed proudly thinking that I could
really boss them around now. Mom must have read my mind
because she broke into dad's speech.

"Don't think that gives you permission or the right to
boss them around and act like some big hot shot," she
warned me.

"That's right, if I hear anything like that you will be
in big trouble, got it," dad said sternly.

Dad told us that they were going to a New Years Eve
party Phil's house. They were going early in the day so
they could help them prepare for the party. Phil was
dad's partner at work and his very best friend. He told
us that we would be home all day and most of the night
by ourselves. He said we would be asleep by the time
they got home.

"Sarah, you're 10 and I expect you to be a big help. I
want you to listen to Bill and help him with Bobby.
Bobby, I know you're only 8 but I expect you to behave
and listen to your brother and sister."

"Okay daddy, I will," Bobby told him.

Dad ruffled his hair smiling at him. "That's my big

"Okay, now listen up. We will be leaving Saturday
morning about 9. I don't want you kids to leave this
house for any reason. We will call a few times to make
sure you're doing okay. Mrs. Watson next door knows
that we are going and if you need anything call her and
she will come over to help. Mom will have some food
already made for lunch and dinner. I expect the house
to be somewhat neat when we get home. No monkey
business or horseplay in the house either.

"Sarah and Bobby I expect you to listen to Billy and do
what he tells you to do." He looked at me then said
"And that don't give you permission to take advantage
of that."

"Any questions?"

"What time do we have to go to bed?" Sarah asked.

"Your regular time, Bobby at 9 and you at 10."

"But daddy it's New Years Eve, can't we watch the ball

Mom looked at dad then told us that if we could stay
awake until then we could watch it. She knew that we
would all probably be asleep before then.

"Anything else?" dad asked. "Okay, that's all, your mom
and I are putting our trust in each of you kids to show
us you are old enough to do this."

"Don't worry dad, we'll be good and I'll show you that
you can trust us."

"I'm not worried Billy, I know we can trust you to make
us proud."

"Let's go upstairs and plan what we will do all day," I
told my brother and sister.

Bobby and I shared a bedroom because mom said that
Sarah needed her own room since she was a girl. Dad
promised this summer that he would fix a room in the
basement for me so I would have my own room too. I was
really looking forward to that. We decided to go to
Sarah's room because she had a full sized bed compared
to our twin beds. Sarah and I sat on the bed while
Bobby sat on the floor by our feet.

"This is going to be so cool, just the three of us all
day long," Sarah said excitedly.

"Yeah, we can do anything we want to and not get into
trouble," Bobby chimed in

"Wait a minute, are you forgetting what dad said
already," I said to them. "We can't do too much that we
wouldn't do with them here."

"I'm sure we will have fun just being by ourselves," I

Mom called us to come down for supper. The three of us
headed down to the kitchen. During dinner mom asked us
if we decided what we were going to do on Saturday.

I told her that we were going to have a Monopoly
tournament. I said we were going to play three games
and the loser had to do all the dishes. Mom and dad
laughed and told me to be sure there was no arguing or
fighting over the game. I told them that we already
agreed if a person argued to much then they had to
forfeit the game and take the lose. We finished out
dinner then went to watch TV with dad while mom cleaned
the kitchen and made some food for us for tomorrow.

Mom called me into the kitchen to show me what she made
and how to warm it up. I told her that I wasn't a
little kid and knew how to turn the oven on. She smiled
telling me that she knew that I was old enough to know
all that but she still worried about me. I kept my
mouth shut and let her explain everything. I repeated
it all back to her to show her that I was listening and
knew what to do. She kissed me on the cheek telling me
to get Sarah and Bobby ready for bed. I went back into
the living room telling Sarah and Bobby that we had to
get ready for bed.

We headed upstairs with Sarah saying she gets first
dibs on the shower. Bobby and I went to our room and
waited our turn. Within the hour we all had our showers
and went back downstairs to say good night to mom and
dad. We each gave them a hug and kiss on the cheek then
returned to our rooms. Bobby was asleep in a matter of
minutes while it took me a little longer. I was
thinking about tomorrow and hoping that everything
would go okay so we would never need a babysitter

I woke in the morning sound of Bobby playing video
games already. I rubbed my eyes asking him why he was
up so early.

"Ain't early, it's after 8 already," he told me.

I got up and peeked out the curtain. The sky was grey
and it looked cold outside. I dressed in sweatpants and
a sweatshirt then headed down to the kitchen. Mom, dad,
and Sarah were already at the table. They asked me
where Bobby was and I told them he was playing a video
game. Mom told me to get him down here for breakfast. I
stood at the bottom of the stairs and yelled for Bobby
to come down for breakfast. I walked back into the
kitchen seeing mom shaking her head.

"If I wanted to yell I could have done that," she

"Sorry," I muttered.

Dad said that it looked like snow today. He went into
the living room to check the weather channel. He came
back in a few minutes telling us that they were
predicting between 8-10 inches of snow today. He told
me that if it starts to snow we should go out and
shovel every few hours to keep the driveway and
sidewalk clear. I told him that we would take care of
it. Mom told us not to go out after dark. She said to
go out before and that would be good enough until the
next day.

I promised that we would all be inside by the time it
got dark out. Sarah told mom and dad to go get ready
and we would clean the breakfast dishes for her. That
scored some big points for us with mom. Bobby wasn't so
willing and he went back up to our room to finish his
game. When the dishes were done, mom and dad came down
all ready to leave. They called for Bobby to come down
and he joined us in the front hallway.

"Okay Bobby, Sarah, you two listen to Billy he's in
charge. Billy don't abuse the authority," he warned us.

We assured him that we would behave and make him proud
of us. He told us he was already proud of us but just
worried about us. They kissed each of us good bye then
reminded me to lock the door after them. When they
finally left we waved to them from the living room

"I'll go get the Monopoly game and set it up," Bobby
said as he headed for the stairs.

He was back down in a matter of minutes and was busy
setting the board up on the living room floor. Sarah
and I joined him on the floor and began the game. We
played for over two hours before Sarah had both Bobby
and me broke. I declared her the winner of the first
game. I suggested we eat lunch before we start the next

The three of us headed into the kitchen to make some
chicken salad sandwiches. Bobby asked if he could have
peanut butter instead. Sarah made him a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich, gave him some chips and a soda.
When we were finished eating I asked Sarah to help me
clean up the kitchen. Bobby said he was going up to our
room to play a video game until we were ready to play
another game of Monopoly.

It only took about 15 minutes to pick up our lunch mess
and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Sarah wiped off
the table while I put away the rest of the stuff we
used. I looked around the room making sure it looked
okay then told her to go up and get Bobby. Sarah came
back down in a few minutes without Bobby.

"Where is Bobby At?"

"Billy, you won't believe what he's doing," she
whispered to me.

"What's he doing now," I said. "He better not be making
a mess in the room."

"Ssshhhhhh not so loud," she hissed at me. "Follow me
and keep real quiet."

I followed her up the carpeted stairs not making any
noise as we went up. She led me to my bedroom door that
was open a couple of inches. She pointed in the room
and pulled me closer to the open door. I peeked into
the room and saw my 8 year old brother lying naked on
the bed playing with his hard little dick. I glanced
over at Sarah and she was smiling holding her finger to
her lips signaling me to be quiet. She pointed to her
room and I followed her in.

"Where in the heck did he learn to do that," I said

"I don't know but what should we do?" she asked.

"I don't know, just follow me and keep quiet, this
could be kind of fun."

I left her room with her following right behind me. I
peeked inside my room and Bobby was still stroking his
little dick on the bed. I opened the door with a bang.

"What do you think you're doing Bobby" I yelled

He sat up covering his hairless little cock with his
hands. He looked at me then at Sarah standing next to
me. He began to cry as he pulled the blankets over his

"I asked you what the heck you were doing" I yelled

"I...I...I was making...myself feel...feel good," he

"Man you're going to be is so much trouble when mom and
dad find out."

"Please Billy don't tell on me, I'll do anything just
don't tell," he begged and sobbed.

"Okay Bobby don't cry. Tell us where you learned how to
do that" I told him

"My friend Donny showed me a couple of months ago,
right after school let out for summer vacation."

I asked him if he did it a lot. He answered that he has
done it maybe about once a day. I asked him what else
he has done with Donny.

"Nothing Billy, nothing." He lied.

I could tell when Bobby lied because he always puts his
hands together and looks up at the ceiling. I stared
hard at my little brother trying to scare him a little.

"I guess I'll have to tell dad what you were doing,
what do you think Sarah."

"Bil...Billy please don't tell dad, please. I'll tell
you what Donny and me did?" he sobbed.

I saw Sarah smile when I turned and told her to sit on
the chair by the desk. I sat on the bed next to Bobby.
I looked at him crying softly and told him to tell us
everything he has done with Donny or we will tell mom
and dad that we caught him rubbing his dick.

Bobby looked at me than over at Sarah nervously. He
asked us to promise not to tell if he tells us what we
want to know. Sarah and I both gave him our word. Sarah
handed him a tissue to blow his nose and we waited for
him to start. I suggested he start at the beginning and
be sure to tell us everything.

"Okay, it started right after school got out for summer
vacation. Donny and I were playing at his house in the
garage. We were looking around and found a box with
some dirty magazines in it. We looked at the pictures
of the naked men and women doing stuff and Donny told
me his cock was hard. I didn't even know what a cock
was until he told me," Bobby blushed brightly as he
told us what Donny called all the parts.

"Tell us what Donny called everything," Sarah told

"He called my dick a cock. And my nuts he called balls.
He said what a girl had instead of a cock was a pussy."

"Keep going with the story," I said softly.

"Well after we looked at the pictures for awhile he
said he needed to rub his cock so he just pulled his
pants down and began to rub it. He told me to try it
because it feels so good. I started to rub mine just
like Donny was doing and it felt real nice" he told us

"Have you ever done it Billy," he asked then asked
Sarah the same thing.

"Yeah, I've done it a few times," I answered him.

"Me too," Sarah confessed. "Go on with you story."

"Donny showed me the pictures of the guys shooting out
the white stuff and said that's what we would do when
we get older. He said for now all we do is feel real
good but don't make the sperm yet. After we both felt
good he told me that I could take one of the magazines
home to keep."

"You mean you got it here in the house," I said in

He nodded his head asking me if I wanted to look at it.
I told him to get it so Sarah and I could look at it.
He told me to get up off the bed then reached between
the mattress and box spring pulling an old worn
magazine out. He handed me the magazine and watched as
I opened it up. Sarah came over and sat next to me on
the bed so she could look too. I quickly flipped
through the pages looking at all the naked men and
women doing different things to each other. I closed
the magazine putting it on the bed beside Sarah. I told
Bobby that I wanted him to finish telling us about him
and Donny.

"About a week later I was over at Donny's again and he
asked me if I was rubbing my cock a lot now. I told him
that I had done it a couple of times. He told me that
he could show me a better way to feel good. We went
down in his basement and he told me to take off my
shorts and underwear. He took his off too," he told us

"Then what?" I asked.

"Donny got on his knees and put my cock in his mouth
and sucked on it. It felt so much better than rubbing
it myself. It was so wet and hot, I felt good almost
right away. After I felt good he told me to do it to
him. I thought it would taste yucky but it didn't and I
made him feel real good too." He told us softly

"Anything else?" I wanted to know.

When he hesitated, I told him that if we found out he
left something out we would tell mom and dad about what
we saw. A look of fear came over him again and he made
us promise again not to tell if he tells us what we
want to know. Sarah and I both promised again to keep

"Maybe a few weeks later Donny called me telling me to
come over right away. I went over there and we went
back in the basement again. He pulled out a new
magazine he said he found and showed me a picture of
two naked guys. His mom yelled down the steps telling
us to stay in the house while she goes to the grocery
store. She said she would be gone about an hour or two.
Donny told me that was perfect because he wanted to try
something. I asked him what and he pointed to a picture
that showed a guy with his cock in the other guys butt
hole" he told us as he looked at us to see our

"You mean he put his cock in your ass," I said in

"Yeah, it hurt a little at first but then it felt
really, really good Billy," he confessed.

"Did you put your cock in his ass too?"

"Yeah, I did it to him first."

"Go on, what else did you guys do?" I asked him again.

"That's all Billy, we just do it a lot when we are
together," he said to me.

"Billy, you aren't going to tell are you?" he asked me
with a cry in his voice. "I told you everything I

"I don't know Bobby let me talk to Sarah alone and we
will let you know."

"YOU PROMISED!" he shouted.

"Hey don't make us mad or we will tell," I said firmly.

I told Sarah to follow me and we left Bobby laying on
his bed with the covers over him. I led her to her room
closing the door behind us. I sat on the bed and looked
at my little sister asking her what we should do.

"We promised him Billy that we wouldn't tell," she

"I know and I'm not going to tell but I have an idea if
you are up to doing it."

"Like what?"

"Do you really rub yourself Sarah?" I asked her softly.

She blushed bright red but nodded her head up and down.
She asked me what that had to do with anything. I told
her that I make myself feel good too so it's no big

"How about we make Bobby suck us like he did with
Donny, that way we could feel what it's like."

"How are you going to do that," she wanted to know.

"I don't really know yet, maybe just ask him," I said.
"Let's go back to my room."

We went to my room and saw that he had gotten dressed
again and was sitting on the bed waiting for us to
return. He looked scared and just about ready to cry

"Billy you promised and I told you everything," he
cried out.

"I know Bobby and we won't tell if you do something for

"What do you want me to do" he said in relief.

"We want you to do to us what you do with Donny."

"You...You....You want me to suck your cock Billy."

"Yeah, I want to see what it feel like," I told him.

"But what about Sarah, she don't have a cock and I've
never even seen a real pussy."

"I'll tell you where to lick and suck," she told him.

"Well okay, but are you going to do it to me after I do
it to you guys?" he asked.

I never thought about doing it to him but thought that
it was only fair. I looked over at Sarah and she nodded
her head so I told him that if he did it to us then we
would do it to him. He smiled telling me to take off my
clothes. I blushed a little because I hadn't been naked
in front of my little sister in a long time. She
watched intently as I began to undress. Bobby got off
the bed and removed his clothes too. He turned to Sarah
and asked her to take hers off too so we all would be

Bobby and I watched in fascination as she slowly
stripped off her clothes. Sarah was only 10 but her
chest had small bumps on it. Her tits were just
beginning to form and her nipples all puffed out. She
had no hair on her pussy yet and the lips of her pussy
were just beginning to form. She was a very pretty girl
even if she was my sister. I noticed that Sarah and
Bobby were looking at my hard cock. Bobby told me that
I was a lot bigger than Donny was and had hair down
there too. I told him that I was able to make sperm so
I could shoot it out when I felt good.

"Cool, I've never seen that before," he said.

"How do you do it with Donny?" I asked.

"Just sit on the edge of the bed with your legs hanging
over the edge then I can kneel on the floor."

I followed my little 8 year old brother's directions
and dangled my legs off the bed. Bobby got down on his
knees between my legs and moved between them. Sarah sat
on the edge of the bed next to me watching Bobby's
every move. My little brother reached up taking my hard
cock in his small hand. I moaned softly when his
fingers wrapped around my hard shaft.

"It feels different when someone else touches it
doesn't it?" he asked.

"Oh yeah a lot better Bobby," I groaned.

Bobby used his hand to stroke my hard preteen cock up
and down. He used his other hand to gently rub my balls
in their sack. I don't think I was ever as hard as I
was right at that moment. I didn't know how much longer
I could wait before I shot my sticky cum.

"What's that stuff?" Sarah said pointing at the tip of
my cock.

I looked down at what she was looking at and saw a big
drop of pre-cum oozing out of my pee hole. I told her
that it made my cock slippery so I could put it inside
a girl. Bobby smeared the drop over my spongy cock head
and told her that it really does make it slippery. His
hand was sliding smoothly over my hard cock.

"Are you going to suck it Bobby, I want you to suck it
now," I ordered him.

"Okay Billy, I just wanted to feel the difference
between you and Donny."

I propped myself up on my elbows so I could watch him
suck on my cock. I held my breath as his face moved
towards my hard 12 year old cock. His mouth opened up
and his tongue came out. He ran the tip of his tongue
across my cock head picking up a big glob of my pre-
cum. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth and
tasted my juice. He smiled and told Sarah that it
tasted pretty good.

"You want a taste of it?" he asked his older sister.

"Maybe later," she told him.

Sarah and I both watched as he opened his mouth and put
the tip of my cock inside. He closed his lips tightly
around my cock and slide down the shaft. He couldn't
take all of it inside without choking but he did put
about 2 or 3 inches inside. I let out my breath in a
long deep sigh as he began to bob his head up and down
my cock.

"OOHHHH Bobby that feels so good!" I groaned out.

Bobby was moving his tongue all around my cock as he
sucked on me. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face
down on my cock making it slide in a little farther. He
gagged a little but then was able to take it. I felt
like the head of my cock was just inside his throat. I
could feel it every time he swallowed. I moaned that I
was getting close to shooting my stuff out.

"Let me see it go in your mouth when he shoots it out
Bobby," I heard Sarah tell him.

'Oh Bobby don't stop sucking, Oh God it feels so good
don't stop," I begged my brother.

He tightened his lips on my hard cock and sucked even
harder. His cheeks caved in from the suction and his
tongue was still licking all over it. He massaged my
nut sack gently with his free hand.

"Oh geez Bobby I'm cumming, OHHHH God I'm going to
shoot it!" I groaned.

I felt my balls tighten then I felt my cock spurt out
the first blast of my hot cum into my 8 year old
brother's mouth. Bobby quickly pulled my cock out of
his mouth leaving just the tip of it resting on his
bottom lip. I shot another string of cum and it filled
his mouth some more. Sarah was staring at Bobby
intently watching my cock fill his mouth with hot
sticky cum. When I was done cumming, Bobby showed Sarah
a mouthful of cum then closed his lips and swallowed.
He put my cock back into his warm mouth and cleaned the
remaining cum that was sticking to it. He sat back up
on the bed smiling at me.

"Did you like it Billy?" he asked. "You sure shot a lot
of that stuff out!"

"Man-o-man Bobby that was great, it felt better than

"What did his stuff taste like?" Sarah wanted to know.

"Kind of salty and thick like paste but not bad

My cock was soft and limp and Bobby made a joke about
it. Sarah looked at my limp dick and giggled with him.
I told him that I bet I could get hard again real fast.
He told me that he can do it two sometimes three times
in a row. I told him I never tried more than once. I
looked over at my sister Sarah and saw that her hand
was rubbing her pussy. I told Bobby that he still had
to do it to Sarah before we would do it to him.

"You have to tell me what to do Sarah, I never did it
with a girl before," Bobby told her.

"Tell us how you do it to yourself, that should help
him," I said to her.

"I just rub my chest, I know I don't have big boobs but
it feels good when I rub them and pull the nipples.
Then I just rub my slit. There is a bump at the top
that makes me feel real good when I rub it hard." Sarah
told us.

I told Sarah to lie back on the bed with her legs
hanging over the edge like I did. I sat up next to her
so I could see Bobby lick her pussy. Bobby moved
between Sarah's legs and looked closely at her bald

"Hey, it's wet already along the crack," he told us.

Sarah blushed telling us that she felt funny down there
already just like when she rubs herself. Bobby took his
fingers and spread her pussy open and looked closely
inside. I moved down on the floor with my younger
brother so I could see better. I saw the moist pinkness
of her pussy. I saw the entrance to her vagina and it
looked so neat. Bobby bent down and took a breath
through his nose to see if there was any smell to her
pussy. I watched closely as his tongue came out and
touched her bald pussy for the first time. Sarah jumped
a little when his tongue touched her slit.

"What's it taste like Bobby, does it taste good?" I
asked him.

"Yeah, it's good. It's not salty like yours but still
kind of slippery."

"What's it feel like Sarah?" I asked her.

"Oh wow, it feels so good, it makes my whole pussy
tingly and itchy."

I remembered what Sarah told us about playing with her
chest so while Bobby was licking her pussy I reached
over and began to rub her small puffy tits. She smiled
up at me telling me to pull on her nipples gently.

"Oh Billy pull on them, pull my nipples," she sighed as
I pulled each of them gently

He legs opened wider allowing Bobby to lick her wet
crack even better. She told him to suck on her bump.
Bobby moved his tongue up her slit until he found her
hard little clit. He sucked it into his warm mouth
running his tongue all around the hard button.

"OOHHHHH, OHHHHH, that feels so good Bobby, OOHHH don't
stop, lick me, lick me, OOHHHHHHH!" she groaned loudly.

I pulled and twisted her nipples as Bobby sucked on her
clit. He body began to shake and tremble as she cried
out for us to keep doing what we were doing.

"AAAHHHHH It's happening! OOHHHHH I'm cumming Bobby!
screamed out.

Her body went rigid and her scream stopped suddenly.
Her whole body began to shake as her voice came back
and she let loose with an ear splitting scream. When
she finally relaxed, Bobby sat up and I saw that his
face was slick with her cunt juice. He licked his lips
getting all the pussy juice he could find. Bobby then
crawled up on the bed to join us.

"Wow, I never felt that good before can you do that
again for me," she said.

"Yeah but first you guys said you would do it for me."

"Okay, what do you want us to do?" I asked my 8 year
old brother.

"I want Sarah to suck my cock and you can put your cock
in my ass if you want."

"Really, you want me to stick it in your butt?" I asked

"Yeah, it feels good when Donny does it and to have my
cock sucked at the same time must really feel good," he
told me. "You just need to get some Vaseline to help it
go in."

I got up to go get some Vaseline in the hallway closet.
When I came back Sarah was on her back and Donny was
kneeling over her. I watched as his small 8 year old
cock slid in and out of Sarah's mouth. It looked like
Sarah liked what she was doing to her Bobby. I asked
Bobby what I had to do. He told me to smear so of the
Vaseline on my cock and put some on his butt hole. He
said when that was done I could push it in. I scooped a
glob of it our of the jar and coated my hard cock with
it. I put a big glob on his puckered ass hole rubbing
it around and pushing the tip of my finger in his butt.

I heard him groan as the tip of my finger slid into his
butt. I couldn't resist and pushed my finger all the
way into his hot ass hole. It was so warm and tight
inside of him. I wiggled my finger around inside making
him cry out in pleasure. He begged me to keep doing
that but I wanted to put my cock in there. I pulled my
finger out of his ass and crawled behind him. I put my
hard cock at the entrance to his ass and began to push
gently against his tight hole.

"Push harder it'll go it Billy just push harder!"

"Oh yeah! I feel it starting to go in!" he cried out.

The tight hole began to relax and open up. My cock
began to slide slowly into his hot dark hole. His ass
gripped my cock so tight that I didn't think I could
get it in any farther than just the tip but suddenly
his ass hole spread wide and I slid all the way into

to me.

"Gee Bobby it's so hot inside and tight too," I

I looked down and saw Sarah with her mouth full of cock
looking up at my cock moving slowly in and out of
Bobby's ass. I grabbed hold of my brother's hips and
pulled him hard back on my cock. I pushed him away then
pulled him hard back toward me again. Bobby grunted
loudly each time my cock slammed deep into his ass
hole. Sarah was having a hard time sucking his cock
with all the movement going on.

"Oh Billy I'm getting that feeling, OOHHHH I'm getting
it, I'm getting it," he cried out as he shuddered
violently around my cock.

"Sarah suck it, Oh suck it Sarah," he sobbed as his
body shook even more

His ass muscles convulsed around my cock squeezing it
in a soft, hot, vice like grip. I couldn't hold back
any longer and let my hot sticky seed flood his ass
hole. I filled his little 8 year old ass hole with a
huge amount of my preteen cum. It oozed out around my
softening cock and dripped down on Sarah's forehead.
She quickly pulled her mouth off his cock and moved out
of the way.

"Geez Billy, you got your stuff all over my forehead,"
she whined.

"Sorry Sarah but if felt so good I must have shot out a

Billy had flopped down and was lying on his stomach
with my sperm seeping out of his still opened butt
hole. Sarah and I watched as his rear hole slowly
closed back to normal again. Sarah reached over to the
night stand and used some tissue to wipe his sticky

"Guess what Bobby, you made some sperm, I tasted it,"
she told him.

"Really, no kidding."

"It wasn't much but it was salty and thick like

I suggested we take a shower and clean ourselves up a
little. We agreed to meet back in our room when we were
all done. Bobby and I went into mom and dad's room to
use their shower and Sarah used bathroom in the

"Why don't you come in with me and we can save some
time," I suggested.

Bobby got in the shower with me as I adjusted the water
temp. I told him to turn around and I would wash all my
stuff from his ass. He turned around and bent forward
exposing his young ass to me. I could see his ass hole
was red and was still oozing some of my cum out of it.
I took my soapy hand and rubbed it all around his ass
cheeks and down his crack. I circled his puckered hole
with my soapy finger pushing slightly on his hole. My
finger slid easily all the way inside of him. Bobby let
out a low moan as I fingered his 8 year old ass hole

"Turn around," I told him.

He turned around being careful not to dislodge my
finger. I dropped to my knees and took his small cock
into my mouth. I sucked hungrily at his little hard
cock taking it all inside my mouth. I plunged my finger
in and out of his ass hole as I sucked hard on his

"OHHHHH Billy, Oh don't stop doing that, OOHHHH I'm
going to do it again."

"Are you going to cum?" I asked as I let his cock fall
from my mouth.

"Oh don't stop Billy, please don't stop, I'm almost
ready!" he cried.

I took his cock back into my mouth and shoved my finger
hard into his ass, I held it deep inside of him and
wiggled it all around. Bobby gave out a loud moan and I
felt his cock twitch giving me a little squirt of his
boy cum. When he was done I opened my mouth and showed
him the small puddle of his cum on my tongue. He smiled
at me as I swallowed it down. We finished with our
shower and dried each other off. We walked naked into
the bedroom and saw that Sarah was already lying on the
bed. She was as naked as we were.

"Let's fool around some more," she suggested.

I peeked out of the window and saw the snow had already
piled up. I told them that we had better get dressed
and shovel so it wouldn't get to deep. We had just
finished getting dressed when the phone rang. It was
Mrs. Watson asking if everything was okay. I told her
that we were fine and were just going out to shovel. I
told her that I would send Bobby over to do her
sidewalk and driveway. I told Bobby to start on hers
and when Sarah and I were done with ours we would come
over to help him. I told Bobby and Sarah that when we
got done shoveling we could play some more in the

It took us over an hour to do both houses. We were cold
and covered with snow by the time we were done. Mrs.
Watson invited us in for hot chocolate but we told her
that we wanted to go in and take a hot shower. She told
us to wait for a moment then went back into the house.
She returned in a few minutes with a large thermos full
of hot chocolate. She told us that we could return it
tomorrow when the weather was better. We all thanked
her and headed for the house. We shook our clothes off
and went in the kitchen through the back door. Sarah
got out the mugs and we sat at the table sipping our
hot chocolate and warming are cold bodies.

"Let's go back upstairs and play again," Sarah

"Okay but we have to promise each other that nobody
tells anybody what we've done today with each other. We
would be in so much trouble." I warned

"I won't tell Billy," Bobby said.

"Me either," added Sarah.

"Okay then let's go," I said leading the group up the

I shut the door behind us when we got up to Sarah's
room. Bobby was already undressing. Sarah and I watched
as he shed his clothes baring his 8 year old body for
us to see. Sarah was next to strip. She slowly removed
her sweatshirt pushing out her small boobs for us to
see. She pulled her pants down to her ankles then
kicked them off. She turned around so her back was to
us then swayed her hips as she pulled her pink panties
down to the floor.

While she was bent over she wiggled her cute little 10
year old ass at us. Bobby and I could see her hairless
crack as she shook her butt at us. She stood up turning
slowly around giving us a total frontal view of her
young body. Bobby clapped his hands and I joined in on
the applause. She did a small bow then sat on the bed
next to Bobby.

I looked at my little sister and little brother sitting
naked on the bed waiting for me to strip. I pulled my
shirt over my head tossing it in the corner. I ran my
hands down my bare chest teasing my little nipples with
the tip of my finger. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my
jeans. I slowly pulled the zipper down letting my pants
fall around my ankles. I kicked them to the side then
ran my hands over the bulge that was making my boxers
stick out in front. I opened slowly pulled the front of
my boxers down allowing my cock to spring free. I let
it bob up and down a few times then covered it up

"Don't tease Billy, show us your hard cock," Sarah

I pulled my boxers all the way down and moved my hand
to my cock. I slowly stroked myself making a small drop
of pre-cum appear at the pee hole. I moved over to the
bed and offered my cock to Sarah. She stuck out her
tongue and licked the drop off my cock.

"Okay, since it was Bobby who started all this I think
he should be the one to pick what we do right now," I

"I want to stick my cock in Sarah's pussy," he said.
"If that's okay with you Sarah."

"Sure, I would like to see what that feels like Bobby."

"What about me?" I asked.

"Sarah can suck your dick," Bobby said.

Sarah flopped back on the bed. She asked Bobby if he
knew how to do it. Bobby shook his head "no" but said
we could look in the magazine to see if there are some
pictures. I grabbed the magazine from the night stand
and flipped through the pages. I stopped on a page that
showed a woman on her back with her legs pushed back by
her head. The guy had his cock buried in her pussy and
she looked like she liked it a lot. I showed the
picture to Bobby and Sarah telling them that must be
the way to do it.

Sarah used her hands to pull her legs to her chest. She
spread them apart causing her pussy to spread open a
little. I told Bobby that would lick her pussy to get
it nice and wet for him so his cock would slide in
easier. I moved between her legs looking at her pussy
up close for the first time. I could see the small bump
of her clit at the top of her slit. There was already
some moisture inside her crack and I saw the tiny
opening of her cunt. I bent down and ran my tongue
along her wet crack. I heard Sarah moan softly as my
tongue touched her clit. I sucked her hard little
button into my mouth nibbling on it gently.

"Oh Billy yeah, lick me like that! OHH yeah lick me
just like that!" she cried out.

Sarah's pussy tasted so good. I pushed my tongue into
her tight hole making her squirm on the bed. I pushed
my tongue in and out of her pussy as her hips began to
buck up at my face. I did that for a few minutes before
I told Bobby that I thought she was ready for him. I
moved out of the way so Bobby could get between her
legs. He took his hard little 8 year old cock and
pushed it against her tight 10 year old pussy. I told
him to push slowly at her hole. I watched the very
point where his cock head touched her pussy hole. I saw
he hole beginning to open allowing his small cock to
begin to slide into her hot wet hole.

"It's going in Sarah, my dick is going in!" Bobby said

"OOOHHH, I know Bobby, I can feel it, AAAAAHHHH it
feels so different," she sighed.

Bobby stopped when just the head of his cock was inside
of her. I asked him if he was okay and he told me that
it felt so good he just wanted it to last. I told him
that I bet it would feel better if he went farther
inside. Bobby began to push again and I watched as his
small cock slid farther inside our sister.

"Ow, stop Bobby! Owwww, something hurts!" Sarah cried

Bobby pulled his cock out of her pussy asking if she
was okay. She said it was okay now but it hurt when he
pushed his cock deeper in her cunt.

"I bet that's your cherry," I told her.

"Yeah, I never thought of that," Sarah said. "Go ahead
and put it back inside Bobby."

Bobby pushed his cock back into her tight hole until
she told him to stop again. She told him not to move
for a moment. She told him that he had to push hard to
break her cherry but not to do it until she was ready.
Bobby told her to tell him when to push. I looked at
Sarah and could see that she was scared but I also saw
the look that she gets when she is determined to do

"Push Bobby, push now." she said loudly.

"OOOWWWW, OOHHHHHH geez that stung!!" she cried out.

Bobby's cock was all the way inside Sarah's pussy. He
didn't move and just held his cock very still. I asked
Sarah if she was okay and she nodded her head smiling a
little. I saw a single tear drop roll down her cheek. I
bent down and kissed it away from her cheek.

"You sure feel nice inside Sarah," Bobby panted out as
he held his cock still.

"I think you can try to move a little Bobby, just go
slow okay," she told him.

Bobby pulled his cock out a little and I saw a small
streak of blood on it. He slowly pushed it back in and
Sarah gave a loud sigh.

"Oh man that feels good," she groaned.

I moved up to her face and offered her my hard preteen
cock. She turned her head, opened her mouth and let me
push it inside. I gasped as my cock slid along her
tongue. She closed her lips around my hardness and
began to suck gently and lovingly on my cock. I looked
down at Bobby watching his cock slide in and out of her
pussy effortlessly. Sarah was making soft mewing noises
as she sucked on my cock and enjoyed the feeling of
Bobby's little cock pounding her pussy.

"Oh man Billy, Sarah is so warm and wet inside," he
sighed. "It feels so good."

"Can I try it Bobby?" I asked.


I pulled my cock out of her mouth taking Bobby's place
between her legs. Bobby moved to the side so he could
watch me slide my cock into our sister. I saw that her
hole was still opened slightly from Bobby's cock. I put
my cock against her hole and pushed hard. I slid into
her with ease sinking all the way into her cunt. She
let out a loud grunt as my balls slapped against her

"AAAAWWWWW you're in farther than Bobby was Billy and
you're bigger too," she groaned as I held my cock deep
inside her 10 year old pussy.

"It's so hot and soft inside," I sighed.

"I told you it felt good," Bobby told me.

I slowly pulled out then slowly pushed back in. Sarah
groaned softly when I was all the way inside. I did it
again a little faster this time. She moaned again
softly telling me how good it felt. I picked up speed
with each thrust and soon I was pounding my 12 year old
cock in her 10 year old cunt.

"Oh yean, Oh yeah, OOOOHHHH Billy, OOHHHHH Billy
harder, do it harder!" she begged.

I slammed my cock into her hairless hole causing my
balls to smack her ass with a loud noise. Bobby still
sat at our side watching the whole thing while slowly
stroking his small cock. I grabbed Sarah by her legs
and really rammed my cock in and out of her pussy. I
grunted with each stroke of my cock into her hot wet

"Oh Billy! God I'm almost there, I'm almost there,
almost there!" She chanted. "Billy I'm cumming! Don't
stop, I'm cumming! AAAHHHH!" she screamed as her whole
body began to shake.

I felt the warm wetness flood over my cock as her cunt
poured out its hot cum. Her bald pussy gripped my cock
tightly and her cunt muscles were rippling up and down
my cock. I slammed into her a few more times then
grunted my own pleasure.

"Oh Sarah I'm cumming too! God I'm cumming too!" I
cried out.

My hot cum shot deep into her hairless pussy filling it
so much it overflowed and oozed back out her hole. I
continued to pump my hot seed into my sister as she
shook through her own huge climax. I kept my cock
inside her pussy after I was done letting it get soft
and fall out by itself. I looked down at Sarah's bald
pussy and saw that her cunt hole was still opened and
leaking my cum out of it. Bobby tapped me on the
shoulder asking me to move out of the way. I got up so
he could take my place. Instead of shoving his cock
into her pussy he buried his face in her sloppy cunt.

"Oh yeah Bobby. God lick me! Lick my pussy Bobby! Lick
it! Lick it! Lick it!" she yelled at him.

I could hear the wet slurping sounds coming from Bobby
while he licked and sucked all my cum out of her pussy.
Sarah put her feet back on the bed spreading her legs
apart. Her hips began to tremble and she pushed her
pussy on his face. She grabbed his head in her hands
and forced him harder into her crotch. I heard Bobby
actually sucking globs of cum from her hole.

Sarah let out a blood curdling scream as her ass came
off the bed and she flooded Bobby's face with her hot
slimy juice. Bobby licked and swallowed fast all the
time that she creamed his face. When her ass finally
settled back on the bed he looked up at her with his
face shiny with her cum. He ran his tongue over his
lips getting the last of my cum and her cum off his

"Wow Bobby, what did that taste like?" I asked.

He moved quickly over to me and put his lips on mine. I
felt is slimy tongue worm its way into my mouth giving
me a good taste of Sarah's and my combined cum. I was
shocked that I was kissing my brother but I was also
very aroused at tasting the cum that he was sharing
with me.

"Don't I get to taste," Sarah complained.

I moved down and shared the sticky mess with her. I
slid my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it
greedily. While I was kissing my 10 year old sister I
felt my 8 year old brother rubbing some Vaseline on my
ass. I turned my head asking him if he planned on
putting his cock in my ass.

"Can I Billy, please, can I put it in you?" he asked me
so nicely.

"I guess it's only fair since I did it to you."

"Cool!" he said excitedly.

I went back to kissing Sarah as Bobby prepared my butt
for his cock. Sarah broke off our kiss telling me that
she wanted to watch Bobby push it in. She moved behind
me and I waited for him to start. It wasn't long before
I felt the warmth of his cock against my tight wrinkled
ass hole. I held my breath as he began to push against
my anal ring.

I guess I was to tense and he asked me to relax and
breathe normal like. He told me that was what he did
when Donny did it. I let out my breath slowly then
began to breathe slowly. He pushed hard against my
brown hole and I could feel myself beginning to open. I
heard Sarah softly mutter out a "Wow" as Bobby's cock
began to slide into my preteen ass hole.

"UUUGGGHHH! Billy go slow, god you feel huge in me," I

Bobby stopped to let me get use to his cock. I panted
hard and could feel the sweat running down my forehead.
It was uncomfortable but not painful. I took some deep
breathes and soon it began to feel pretty good. Bobby
only had the tip of his cock in my ass but I felt the
heat from it and it made me feel excited enough where
my own cock began to grow again. I told him to push
some more in. He grabbed my hips and pushed again. I
sighed loudly as he slid the rest of his small cock
into my ass hole. He didn't hesitate and began to push
in and out of my ass.

"What's it feel like Billy?" Sarah asked.

"Man, it feels great. I can feel every little bump and
ridge on his cock as it goes in and out."

"You can do it harder Bobby, I want you too," I told my

He began to pound his cock in my ass as I closed my
eyes and enjoyed the warmth that was spreading
throughout my body. I heard him panting hard and knew
that he was getting close. I felt my own orgasm
approaching quickly.

"Yeah, yeah Bobby, do it to me, do it to me, cum in my
ass Bobby," I urged him.

"OOHHHHHH I'm cumming Billy, I'm cumming in your ass!"
he cried out.

I felt his cock spurt out a small amount of hot cum. I
felt so good as it coated my ass. I shuddered and shook
as he kept pounding my ass. Suddenly I grunted loudly
and my own cock erupted and shot my cum all over the
bed. Sarah laughed and told Bobby what I had just done.
Bobby joined her in giggling at the mess I just made.
Bobby pulled his softening cock from my ass and I
rolled over onto my back. I lay there in my own cum and
panted hard trying to catch my breath.

"How did you like it Billy?" Bobby asked.

"It was so cool, I loved it and we will be doing that
again a lot."

"I think we need to wash these sheets," Sarah told us.
"But first let's take a shower."

When the three of us were showered and clean again we
stripped the bed and headed for the laundry room. We
loaded the machine, added soap then went to the kitchen
to fix a snack. As we were munching on some chips the
phone rang. I answered it and heard mom on the other
end explaining that the snow was getting worse and they
would be staying overnight. She told me too be sure to
lock the doors before going to bed and be sure that
Sarah and Bobby took a bath.

"Don't worry mom we will be just fine. In fact Bobby
and Sarah just finished taking a shower," I told her.

"I will, Okay, Okay, We will, don't worry. Love you
too. Bye," I said into the phone.

I told Bobby and Sarah that mom and dad wouldn't be
home until tomorrow morning after the snow stops.

"You mean... we'll be here by ourselves... all night
long," Bobby said nervously.

"Yeah but I got a great idea," I told him. "We can all
sleep in mom and dad's big bed."

That seemed to make Bobby feel a little better. Sarah
announced that she was going to toss the sheets in the
dryer. I told her that I would put the casserole in the
oven since it was close to supper time. Bobby helped me
set the table while we waited for supper to cook. The
timer sounded on the oven. I shut off the oven and
removed the casserole putting it on the table. We ate
our meal talking about all the things we did that

By the time we were done with supper, Bobby and I both
were sitting with hard cocks again. Sarah looked flush
and told us that she wanted to feel good again. All
three of us picked up the kitchen, doing dishes and
wiping the table off. When that was done I checked the
locks on the doors, called Mrs. Watson to tell her that
we were okay the headed for mom and dad's room. Sarah
and Bobby took the sheets out of the dryer and made her
bed again. They were waiting for me on top of mom and
dad's bed.

"Let's get naked!" I said when I walked into the room.

Bobby got off the bed and we both stripped off our
clothes in a hurry. We climbed back on the bed and I
asked Sarah if she was going to undress too. She smiled
at me and stood up on the bed. She did another
striptease for us. She very slowly removed her top
tossing her shirt on the floor. She pinched and pulled
at her nipples giving Bobby and I a great show so far.
She moved her hands down to the waistband of her
sweatpants and pulled them slowly down her legs. She
stood on the bed clad only in her pink panties.

I could see the swell of her pussy as she rotated her
small hips for Bobby and me. Bobby reached up to pull
her underwear down but she slapped his hand away. She
smiled at us as she very slowly pulled her pink panties
down to her ankles. She kicked them to the floor and
stood with her legs spread so we could see her hairless
10 year old pussy.

She moved her hands down to her cunt and spread it
apart. Bobby and I could see the moisture that was
already forming along her slit. She turned around and
bent over at the waist exposing her cute little butt
for us to see. She reached behind her and spread her
ass cheeks apart giving us a great view of her tight
little rosebud.

She turned her head back over her shoulder looking at
Bobby and me. She smiled then said "I want Billy to put
his dick in my pussy and Bobby I want you to stick it
in my butt at the same time"

"How are we going to do that?" he asked her.

"I'll show you," she said as she got off the bed and
left the room.

She came back carrying the magazine that Donny gave to
Billy. She flipped through the pages until she found
what she was looking for. She showed us a series of
photos showing a woman on top of a man with his cock in
her pussy, She was leaning forward and another guy had
is cock in her ass.

"We can do just like they are doing," she said pointing
at the photos.

She laid the magazine on the bed so we could copy the
way they were doing it. I lay down on my back with my
hard cock sticking straight up in the air. Sarah gave
it a couple of quick licks to make my pre-cum ooze out
of my hole. She squatted over my hardness then lowered
her small body down on my cock.

"Geez you're so hot and tight," I sighed as she slid
down my shaft.

She slid all the way down so my cock was buried deep
inside her bald pussy. I felt her squeezing my cock
with her cunt. I asked her how she knew how to do that.
She told me that she didn't know but she tried it on
Bobby and he seemed to like it. I told her that she
could do that all day long and I would never complain.
Her cunt gave my cock another tight squeeze before she
lifted herself almost all the way off then she let
herself drop down letting my cock slice through her hot
pussy. She began to go faster and faster bouncing up
and down my cock like she was on a galloping horse.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah" she grunted with
each deep thrust of my cock.

"AAAAWWWWW, Billy harder, Billy do it harder," she

She bent down so she could put her soft lips on mine.
Her tongue pushed into my mouth searching for my
tongue. Bobby went and got the jar of Vaseline from
Sarah's room. He placed some on his hard little cock
and smeared some all around Sarah's ass hole. She
sighed into my mouth when his finger touched her rear
hole. Sarah pulled her tongue from my mouth so she
could tell Bobby to slide his finger into her butt.

"Yeah Bobby, all the way, put your finger all the way
inside!" she cried out.

She returned her lips to mine moaning into my mouth. I
pushed my tongue inside her mouth. She quickly began to
suck on it like a little cock. I could feel Bobby's
finger in her ass as my cock slid into her pussy.

"Put you dick in me Bobby, OOHHHH I want to feel you
cock in my ass," she told him.

Sarah stopped moving on my cock and waited for Bobby to
put his cock in her ass. She was sitting on my cock and
was bent over so he could push his cock against her
tight rear hole. I heard Sarah gasp so I figured he was
pushing his cock into her. She began to pant and her
hips began to move in short little jerks. Suddenly I
felt his cock through the thin membrane that separated
her pussy from her ass canal. I could feel his cock go
into her as he slowly pushed it in.

"AAAHHHHH, OOHHHHH I'm cumming already, Don't stop,
OOHHHHHHH!!" she shrieked.

I felt her pussy convulse around my cock as a powerful
orgasm hit her hard. She shuddered and shook while
Bobby and I kept our cocks buried deep inside of her.
She kissed me hard again sucking my tongue into her
mouth. It wasn't long after that when she started to
move again.

She would rock forward pushing my cock into her hot
pussy and making Bobby's cock slide out of her ass.
Then she would push back making Bobby's cock slide back
into her ass and make my cock pull out of her cunt.
Sarah quickly got into the rhythm and soon had both of
our cocks pleasing her young body.

I thought to myself it's a good thing nobody walked
into the bedroom right now. They would see a 12 year
old boy with his cock in his 10 year old sister's pussy
and his 8 year old brother with his cock in her ass.

I could feel my balls begin to pull up in their sack. I
knew that I was going to be shooting my hot cum very
soon. Sarah was bent over forward working both of our
cocks and rubbing her small puffy nipples along my

"Oh Sara, Oh Sarah I'm going to cum. Oh god Sarah I'm
cumming!" I grunted. My cock erupted deep inside her 10
year old pussy flooding her cunt with my hot sticky
seed. Bobby held his cock all the way inside her butt
and groaned that he could feel my cock jerking. Sarah
was moving her hips slowly while I emptied my balls of
all the cum they held. I filled her cunt with so much
of my sperm that it oozed out around my cock. My cock
slipped out of her pussy as it softened. I quickly
moved out of the way so Bobby could finish what he was

Sarah was on her hands and knees in an instant and
began to shove her ass back on Bobby's 8 year old cock.
He had her by the hips and was pulling her back against
him hard forcing his cock to slam into her small ass. I
saw the sweat that was on Sarah's forehead as her ass
hole was drilled by Bobby.

I could see her small body begin to tremble as Bobby
pounded her ass with his hard cock. Sarah was panting
hard pushing herself back on his hardness. Bobby
groaned that he was almost ready to cum.

"Me too Bobby, I'm almost there... shove it in... shove
it in deep and hard!" she begged.

H slammed his cock in and out of her ass making her cry
out with each hard thrust.

"Oh yeah Bobby, I'm cumming... Oh god I'm cumming!!"
she screamed.

She let out a high pitched squeal as her entire body
shook violently. Bobby grunted loudly slamming his hard
cock one last time deep into her ass hole before he
started filling her ass with his cum. Both of them
shook and shuddered as they poured out their cum. My
cum was still dripping out of her pussy and now Bobby's
was oozing out of her ass hole. His cock slid silently
from her sloppy ass as she rolled over onto her back.

"Wow that was so cool having you both do it at the same
time," she told us.

"We had better get these sheets washed before mom and
dad come home and find out what we've been doing," I
said to them.

We stripped the sheets off the bed and took them to the
laundry room. While they were washing we made a snack
in the kitchen. We took the sheets back up to our
parent's room when they were dry. Sarah and I made the
bed while Bobby cleaned up the rest of the room. I told
them that we had better get to sleep. We crawled in
between the sheets with Sarah in the middle.

We fell asleep talking about what we were going to do
before mom and dad come home tomorrow. I smiled
thinking that it was a smart move on my part that I set
the alarm for 5:30 in the morning. That would give us
plenty of time.


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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

New Year's Party
by Old Dreamer (***@hotmail.com)


A wife is annoyed by her husband's neglect at a New
Year's party and really lets her hair down, allowing
her partners to finger-fuck her and wanking them off on
the dark dance floor. (M+/F, reluc, wife, exh, mast)


We were invited to a colleague's New Year's party. My
wife Julie hates parties and I mentioned it nervously,
firmly expecting that she would refuse. I was surprised
when she accepted with no fuss.

Our marriage had been going through a rough phase
lately. I had once pressed her to make love to another
man in my presence but she had indignantly refused.

"If I am going to fuck someone else it will be because
I want to and in private not for your entertainment."
she had said. Wanting to save my marriage, I backed off
and had said no more.

When the party invite arrived, I knew it was not going
to be a swinging affair. I could but hope it might be

She must have sensed my hopeful eagerness and expected
the worst. I didn't imagine that is why she agreed to
come and assumed she just wanted to please me to help
save the marriage but, in the light of events, I am not
as sure now.

At the weekend, she spent the afternoon getting ready
and surprised me by getting out a very sexy dress with
a low, revealing neckline resulting in a stunning
display of cleavage.

The dress clung to her body, showing the outline of her
suspender belt and panties. In spite of her 38 years,
she still had a super slim, firm body and, with her
long, blonde hair, she was stunning. I told her so, but
she just snorted and said, "Don't leave me alone at the

When we got to the party it was up and running with
lots of people there. I went to get us a drink from the
bar in the kitchen. Whilst there I met a friend from
out of town and chatted. I suddenly realised I had been
a long time and hurried back with the drinks.

I was relieved to find that my wife had immersed
herself in a small group and was chatting animatedly.
However, when I offered the drink, it was clear that I
was in trouble as she snarled at me to "piss off."

I went and hit several quick drinks but consoled myself
that she now seemed to be enjoying being the centre of
attention in her group. A bunch of men looking as if
they thought they were on to a good thing surrounded

I sat half drunk on the edge of the dance floor and
slowly realised that my wife seemed to be the star of
the show, at least for her group of admirers. She was
dancing every dance with a whole string of men and, as
the dance floor darkened and the music got slower and
smoochy, she was nestling close in the arms of her

She was obviously being chatted up and kissed
passionately whilst her partners slowly rubbed
themselves against her and attempted to grope her.

The lights became dimmer and dimmer and it became
difficult to keep track of what she was up to, although
I could see she had progressed to locking both hands
around the neck of most of her partners whilst locking
her lips to theirs.

This was clearly giving them free rein to explore her
body as they wished.

In the far corner of the room was a long draped curtain
and soon, all her partners steered her to that spot so
their behaviour was obscured by the curtain and nobody
could see what was going on.

However, when she came off the dance floor, she looked
more flushed and excited every time I saw her.
Although I had expected her to keep those randy studs
at bay, I began to be obsessed with what they were
being allowed to do to her.

Julie had been really annoyed when I was gone so long.
She hated having to meet new people, being basically
shy, but was one of those people who were very good at
hiding it. When she got going she was very sociable.
So she was pleased when a lot of men came up to talk to
her. She recognised that they were the most notorious
womanisers, but, they were entertaining, and it was fun
to relive her single days.

She had always liked the attention from the wolves and
enjoyed being in control and holding them at bay. She
enjoyed the chat and flirting and, when the dancing
started, she accepted all of the invitations to dance
that flooded in.

All the men held her as close as possible and rubbed
themselves against her in the slow numbers. They tried
to kiss her and feel her tits, buttocks and belly,
whilst whispering in her ear how beautiful she was and
telling her what they would like to do to her.

All this attention was exciting and she was thrilled
that men still wanted her. She basked in the flattery
and attention. It was like being a young girl again
with the difference that times had changed and she was
now an experienced wife. In her youth, with no pill and
a strict moral upbringing, she had become expert at
deflecting the seducers.

She had missed out on the sixties' sexual revolution
whilst bringing up young children. She was tempted to
take this opportunity to catch up but it was difficult
to ignore the way she was brought up. So, at first, she
kept her partners from groping her and turned away from
their kisses.

However, as the evening wore on she became more aroused
by the attentions. She began to think that I had set
this evening up to realise my fantasy and was still
furious at being deserted, so she stopped her partner's
advances less often.

The organisers had dimmed the lights on the dance floor
and played only slow numbers, and, everywhere, couples
were dancing close with their lips locked together.

She began to allow her partners to lick her neck, to
nibble her ears, and then to lock their lips to hers.
She allowed herself to respond and parted her lips to
let their tongues explore her lips, teeth, and tongue.

Her excitement mounted and she let them slide their
hands down her body to caress her breasts and buttocks.
She insisted that they kept their hands to the outside
of her clothes - an old-fashioned, teen-age restriction
from her youth.

After each dance, she sat out for a while, joking and
flirting with the group and enjoying the glow as the
wine and the attention relaxed her.

The next time she danced she immediately responded to
the searching lips and allowed the wandering hands,
allowing them to thrill her body. This time she
welcomed the hand that slid into the top of her dress
and caressed her breasts through her bra. With favoured
partners, she allowed their hands to ease her bra aside
and caress her nipples. It was electric and soon both
her breasts were bare and the nipples hard.

Her favoured partners immediately headed for the
curtain, where they could quickly get their hands down
the front of her dress, her bra to one side, and her
tits exposed. There was little attempt to dance, just a
deep snog and groping of her tits. They cupped them in
their hands, caressing her nipples sending shivers of
arousal through her.

She stopped the many attempts to get their hands up her
skirt and at the end of the dance she straightened her
cloths and returned to the group and her glass.

After this had been the routine for an hour or so, her
eager last partner asked to her to dance simultaneously
with another man.

"That's tricky," she laughed. "I can't dance with both
of you."

"Why not?" one countered, and they each seized a hand
and led her to the floor.

She slipped into the embrace of one of them and the
other moved in behind her, sliding his hands around her
torso. She was steered into the far, dark corner
against the curtain and her conventional partner kissed
her passionately, so she responded and clasped her
hands around his neck.

The man behind soon had a hand into the plunging neck
of her dress.

Her bra was soon undone and each of his hands were soon
gripping a breast, stroking her nipples until they were
hard and firm, whilst he rubbed his body against her

The thrill of the kiss, the caresses of her breast, and
the pressing of the obviously stiffening male member
onto her buns added to her rising excitement and she
allowed the man behind to reach down and caress her
belly through her dress with his spare hand.

She stopped them from trying to raise her dress to get
onto her bare flesh, but, suddenly, a hand was sliding
across her bare stomach. The man behind had found the
side zip of her dress, furtively slid it open, and,
entering, caressed her belly. She instinctively
stiffened... this was too far to fast.

She tried to get her hands down to stop him but could
not do so because of her partner's grip around her

She was forced to abandon this fruitless, but
enjoyable, effort to prevent the man exploring her body
so intimately. She continued to respond to her first
partner's exploring tongue by nestling in his arms and
enjoying the excitement that engulfed her body.

The exploring hand gently caressed her belly with ever
widening circles, the tips of his fingers getting lower
and lower. She tried to protest when the finger tips
slipped under the waistband of her panties and was soon
exploring her mound with its soft downy bush.

The finger-tips of the hand were soon at the top of her
crack, the middle finger smoothly slipping between her
pussy lips, easing them apart to expose the entrance to
her cunt. She squeezed her legs together in a belated
attempt to control the situation, but her front partner
kept his knee between hers, holding her thighs apart,
and providing the fingers of the man behind with free

Then the finger-tips were stroking her hardening button
and she, at first, attempted to complain. This effort
was soon lost as her desire exploded beyond her

She clung to her partner and opened her mouth wide to
welcome his exploring tongue.

She murmured in ecstasy, and pressed her body to him.
He had realised what his friend was up to and, having
helped with his knee, seized the opportunity to

He released his hand from her breast and thrust it down
between them. He swayed away from her to give himself
room, and pulled the front of her dress up until he
could reach the top of her thighs.

He stroked her inner thigh; his movements steadily
getting higher and higher until his hand was on the
soft delicate skin above her stockings.

His hand stayed there for a while, savouring the
pleasure of the moment, but soon moved up to caress her
mound through her panties.

Then his hand was up under the leg of her pants and two
fingers found the mouth of her cunt and were quickly
deep up inside her, searching expertly for her
sensitive spot.

She let out a low, audible moan when he found it and,
as his finger tips massaged g-spot, at the same time
the other man was working expertly on her clit. Her
cunt responded inevitably to these attentions and
convulsed to grip his fingers tightly as his finger-
fucking intensified.

"Oh God, that's so lovely," she groaned into his ear
and then had to bury her mouth into his shoulder to
stifle her moans and her deepening pant as the orgasm
started to grip her.

She clung desperately to him, thrusting her tongue down
his throat. In her passion, she slipped her hand from
his neck and down to his crotch. She could feel his
prick was erect and she quickly slid his zip down until
his hard prick sprung out into her hand. She stroked
the glans expertly and gently caressed the tip before
sliding her fingers down the shaft and expertly wanking

This movement became a frantic rhythm as those familiar
intense spasms of pleasure gripped her body.

The man sped his finger-fuck in response to the spasms
squeezing his fingers and her pants and moans.

She had stopped kissing. She jammed her mouth onto his
shoulder to stifle the noise she was making and hung on
to him until the pleasure spasm had subsided. She
wanked him wildly, and was thrilled as she felt his
prick jerk and spurt furiously over her hand, the
sticky goo dripping down her hand and over the front of
her dress.

In the glow of her first orgasm she relaxed, but the
man behind continued to stroke her clit with a
persistent rhythm. The fingers deep in her plundered
her incessantly and the preliminary pleasures of a
second, stronger orgasm speared through her body.

Then it hit her with shattering intensity. She released
the first, wilting prick and reached behind her for the
other prick which was now exposed and waiting.
In response to her attention it soon spurted more cum
into her hand and sprayed it over the back of her

She relaxed into the arms of the two men, glowing with
the pleasure that swept over her after her desire was
fulfilled, but, gradually, was overcome by guilt at her
unexpected behaviour and growing alarm at the mess she
was and her fear of discovery when the dance ended.

The exhausted satisfaction of the men was passing also
but replaced, not by guilt, but rekindling desire.

One of them returned to fondling her breasts and taking
his cue, the other soon had his hand on her crotch and
slid his fingers up her knicker leg again and deep into

She pushed their hands away and whispered, "I must get
cleaned up," and broke away from their clutches.

She quickly walked off the floor and rushed up the
stairs to the toilet, saying a silent prayer for the
low lighting. She was relieved when she slipped safely
inside and locked the door.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: asiacam.txt (MF, M-voy, F-exh, wife, asian)
Authors name: Billy Bond (***@yahoo.com)
Story title : Asian Cam Surprise

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Asian Cam Surprise (MF, M-voy, F-exh, asian)
by Billy Bond (***@yahoo.com)


Asian wife learns sexual exhibition while she also learns
about the Internet from her husband.


I was looking at my favorite porn site on the net; it had
some of the best nude Asian women I had ever seen. As I
clicked through the different thumbnails, I became very
aroused. My cock was growing in my boxers, I loved to use
the Internet as foreplay before having sex with my wife

I looked at my watch, cursing the time I had again spent
on the computer when I heard a shuffle on the stairs
above me. I looked away from the porno site just in time
to see a glimpse of someone darting her eyes through the
oak railing of the entertainment area of the basement.

I began closing the jpegs and sites quickly but not quick
enough, the next thing I saw was my 5'0 Asian wife Kim
standing right over my shoulder leering at my 21"
monitor, still filled with pictures of nude Asian women,
some very young, others in several forms of rope bondage.

Kim, my wife of eight years was now giving me that
shameful look, she had caught me before, chatting with
lonely women. This was new. She could see my fantasies.
In the past I could deny anything because Kim did not
know perfect English and never really spent much time on
the computer. She knew even less about the Internet, now
it was blatantly obvious where my interests were.

Instead of Kim getting pissed, she suddenly seemed to
have a great curiosity about what I was doing. As Kim
leaned over me, I glimpsed to see Kim's Asian petite
frame in nothing more than a long white Victoria Secret
sleep shirt, noticeably black bikini panties and cute
ankle socks. Even with her black lace bra underneath, I
could see her nipples protruding outward through the
sleep shirt. Her shoulder length highlighted silky hair
and 34/25/35 body was right in my face. She had just
finished her period and I wanted sex badly.

I began to explain myself, making excuses when Kim put
her hand over my mouth. "I know what you're doing, don't
lie to me, let me see." Kim reached down to squeeze my
steady hard-on. My cock melted in her hand.

"Why do you do this? This makes you so excited?" Kim's
broken English in her playful mood always made me hot. I
bowed my head as she went on with her lecture. She had a
different tone in her voice this time, as if she was very
curious, She was. "Tell me, does Internet make you

"Yes," I admitted solemnly.

"Make you horny?"

Again, I nodded my head.

Kim laughed and squeezed my swollen cock again. "So that
why sometime you come up from basement at night and want
to make love so hard?"

Once again, I simply said, "Yes."

"Yes I think so too," said Kim.

Kim then surprised me by sitting on my knee at the desk
chair and demanding that I teach her all about the
computer. For the next 90 Minutes, I showed Kim how to
browse the Internet, including the various porn sites,
(her eyes lit up when I showed her a men's site). She
seemed to get into that site the same way a teenager
first discovers a Penthouse magazine.

I felt somewhat embarrassed looking at men's cocks as Kim
clicked on various thumbnails of well-hung men. Then,
when she saw a blonde female with large tits, she would
just say, "oh she is so fake." I could see that Kim was
now sexually curious and I wanted her to keep searching
the sites because my hand was now cupping her breasts.

Kim squirmed on my leg, as I took her to a chat room by
her request. I knew Kim had sent e-mails before, but
never knew her to chat one on one with someone. I helped
her set up a screen name, profile, and a password so she
should enter a popular chat site. I told her to enter a
local chat room; she did for a few minutes before she got
bored and asked to go to an adult room. I didn't think
she knew about them. I took her to a room called "married
but flirting." Kim was barely situated in the room when
she was Instant messaged by three men.

The first chatter asked directly if she was really a
female. She responded "yes." The next chatter just asked,
"Do you want to fuck?" She cancelled the first and second
instant messages and read the third Message. This one
simply said, "Do you want to realize your fantasy now?"
His screen name was Bangyu.

I couldn't believe Kim began chatting with this guy. He
asked if she was alone, Kim said no, she was with her
husband. The guy wasn't turned off at all by that. He
asked if she was wearing much. Kim smiled at my shocked
face and sipped at some wine before telling him exactly
what she was wearing in detail. I could tell that Bangyu
was becoming excited also as he typed faster and began to
misspell words.

Kim wanted me to play along also, she asked me what to
write, and I had her type in "what is your profile and
how big are you?" Kim chuckled as she asked the question,
almost immediately he came back with his statistics, he
was 45, athletic and tall, the next line gave his cock
size (9.5") Kim shrieked loudly, she found it strangely

Kim shifted her weight in the chair, now resting her ass
against my cock, which was growing with the temple of the
chat foreplay. Bangyu asked several more personal
questions such as are you and your husband touching? Are
your nipples hard, etc? She responded to him she was
excited also.

I felt my heart rate increase as I began to run my hands
over her body, touching her breasts, tweaking her
nipples, sliding my hands over her ass and thighs. I
could not believe we were doing this; it had been a
fantasy for me for a long time.

Finally, Bangyu asked if she was really a female, She
laughed and said yes. Bangyu then asked her to please,
please send a picture of herself, it didn't need to be x
rated. I had some jpegs from our digital camera on disk.

I asked Kim if she was comfortable with that. She started
scanning through the thumbnails on our disk until she saw
one of her modeling a sheer black bodysuit as she curled
her fishnet cover legs on our brass bed. Something like
the Marilyn Monroe shot, except slightly covered. It
showed a little of her hot ass and the outline of her
nipples as they pushed out against the sheer fabric, she
said it would be ok. I nervously sent the pic to Bangyu.

Within 30 seconds, we received his overwhelming response.
"You are very hot Kim, Very, very hot." Kim just blushed
in excitement and embarrassment. I smiled, happy that
Bangyu found her sexy. It was arousing me also. His next
response was more unnerving.

Please allow me to call you two. Kim and I looked at each
other before saying no. We agreed that our number
shouldn't go out to a stranger. Bangyu was a stranger.
Perhaps Kim would receive harassment calls. Bangyu then
asked if we had a popular computer program that allowed
speech and video in the chat circuit. I knew I had the
program loaded on the computer; all we had to do was to
Assign Kim a screen Name, password and run it.

After Bangyu explained that the program was very
anonymous, no permanent number would be traceable, Kim
and I said Ok, so now I was really getting excited Kim
came on line with her own name, Kim's hot. Next, Banyu's
name came up on console as a "Buddy." I plugged in some
headsets and waited for Bangyu to create a private adult
chat room. He called it "KimBangyu" accordingly. He went
on to explain that no other parties would be able to
penetrate the room.

I connected the audio for hands free operation and
listened to Bangyu for the first time, "Can you hear me
Bill or Kim?"

I answered yes; made some audio adjustments and passed
the headset to Kim. Kim hesitantly took the headsets and
placed them over her ears. I could hear his voice through
the headsets. Kim answered, "Yes, I hear you." I could
hear the excitement in Banyu's voice as he realized he
was now speaking to a real female who was also was
willing to play.

"Bill, can you hear me also?"

"Yes, Bill's right here."

"Man this is great! Kim, I am fascinated by lovely women,
especially beautiful Asian women, you have a hot accent
and voice."

Kim just smiled.

"I am so horny now. Tell what you two are doing."

Slowly Kim answered, "Bill is touching me all over. I am
getting hot too." Kim's breasts heaved as I fingered her
nipples through her shirt and bra. She continued to speak
to Bangyu, now in a labored voice.

Bill, take off Kim's shirt and bra. Kim slowly stood up
as I lifted her sleep shirt over her head, exposing her
black lace bra and matching bikini panties. She took a
gulp of her wine before letting me unsnap her bra. Her
tits were tight and nipples long and hard. I didn't know
if her face was red from the wine or because of all the
excitement and embarrassment she was feeling at that

Before she could sit back down, I traded the computer
chair with a comfy lounge chair nearby. Now we could both
get down to business. Although the room temperature was
cool, Kim's body was beginning to sweat as she settled
down between my legs on the chair. She then informed
Bangyu she was ready.

Bangyu asked to speak with me briefly, Kim handed me the
headsets while I now played with her bare breasts. Bangyu
introduced himself and told me he was divorced, he really
wanted to hear another couple have sex on line. He really
got into directing the sex and asked if I minded. I told
him be were both a little drunk and beginning to have a
lot of fun, no problem. I listened for one more command
before giving the headset back to Kim.

"Bill play with her nipples." I began tracing her aerials
with my forefingers. Kim pushed her ass against my cock
and sighed into the mike. I heard him say something else
before I began lightly twisting her long nipples on her
34b tits. Kim moaned now. She spoke slowly and
deliberately saying, "Yes, I'm horny too. Yes, I want...
I want to see you... I want to see your cock."

Seconds later, an invite to my cam message appeared on
the computer screen, we accepted and immediately saw a
monitor window open, then, we saw Bangyu, he was an
African-American male. He was shirtless and smiling into
the camera. His body was very athletic, as if he worked
out in the gym every day. Although his body was smooth,
you could see his chest and abdomen were ripped. His arms
and legs very muscular. He looked like a male stripper.

As I continued to play with Kim's tits, we watched as
Bangyu lowered the camera to his bikini underwear. It was
easy to see the huge outline of his cock through the
sheer black jockey he was wearing. I was suddenly
embarrassed at my six and a half inches after seeing
Bangyu. He was so large. Kim eyes widened as she pushed
her ass against my cock. She moaned softly into the mic
and said, "Oh I want it."

"I want to see you also Kim, so bad." Bangyu lightly
stroked his cock through his underwear. "Good, now, Kim,
do you like to suck cock?"

She just continued to squirm against me in the chair.

"Do you?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Sometimes? Get down and suck Bills cock for me."

Kim hesitated for a moment then got on her knees between
my legs and pulled at my boxers, soon I was nude and
ready for her oral assault. Still wearing the headsets,
she moved the mic away so she could get the head of my
cock in her mouth. "Keep the mic there; I want to hear

Kim moved the mic back, I could hear slurping sounds in
the background of the speakers. "That's right Kim; Take
it, you horny slut."

I was appalled at Bangyu's language but also excited by
it. Kim was pumping my cock deep and I loved it.
Apparently Bangyu was encouraging her; she started to
moan into the Mic as she stroked my length. She kept
looking away to the screen; she was peeking at Bangyu as
he stroked his jockeys. I felt myself begin to tense for
a big load just before Bangyu told Kim to stop sucking.

I couldn't make out Banyu's entire question, but Kim
responded with, "Panties and socks."

"Size five shoes."

"Yes, red polish."

"I wear them."

Apparently, Bangyu also had a foot fetish, I did also, it
was bizarre that we had mutual desires. "Ok" said Kim as
she stood; She proceeded to removing her socks, then her
black bikini panties. Now, I could smell her sex as the
dampened panties slid down her legs.

"Do you guys have a mic and speakers on your computer?"
asked Bangyu.

"Yes," answered Kim.

"Let me talk with both of you."

I unplugged the headsets and listened to Bangyu. We made
adjustments so that we could easily hear each other

"That's better," said Bangyu. "Kim, sit in the chair and
let Bill give you a good tongue bath. Zoom in on my cam;
I want you to see me better."

I adjusted the screen so we could see Banyu's entire
crotch area. Kim settled into the chair fully nude with
her legs spread. I lifted her legs wide so I could get at
her pussy. "Start at her toes Bill." I did slowly, I
could taste the salt on her skin, and she tasted salty
sweet even though she was damp with sweat. I licked and
sucked at each toe before moving up to her ankles. Kim
just purred with excitement.

"Kim, you want to see more of me?"



"Yes I do,"

"I want to hear you then."

Kim was already moaning but she became louder with
Bangyu's suggestion. Bangyu was now allowing us peeks of
his cock; he would peel his underwear a little. Kim was
moaning loudly when my tongue reached her inner thighs.

I skipped over Kim's wet snatch up her navel when Kim
announced Bangyu was gone. Next we heard some loud music
in the background, Bangyu returned to the screen, he was
dancing this time, and we could see his entire body. He
danced very provocatively. I sucked at Kim's tongue and
felt her tongue thrust also into my mouth. She was very
horny. I moved down to her sweet tits, never touching her
nipples, just the firm mounds. He pulled my head to
direct my licks to her rock hard nipples; I squirmed away
as she moaned again.

Bangyu continued to dance, showing his well-rounded ass,
he was actually wearing a thong. He slipped his thong
down slowly, teasing several times before he finally
removed it completely. He cut the music and sat down
again this time with his huge cut cock fully visible on
the screen. Bangyu began his sexual interrogation of Kim
again as I finally zeroed in on Kim's nipple. Kim just
moaned loudly. Anyone could hear us if we were in an
apartment. I was getting increasingly more excited as
well because I was Making love to Kim for Bangyu.

"Having fun Kim?"

"Yes, ooooohhhh."


"Yesssss, so horny."

"Tell me, do you like what you see?"

Kim looked at his massive cock flexing on the screen,
"Yes its very big."

I took her other nipple into my mouth; Kim squeezed my
head into her chest, she moaned again. "Let me hear some
dirty words Kim," said Banyu in a new, demanding voice.

"I want you."

"Want what?"

"Your cock."

"All of it?"

"Yes, all of it."

"Think you could suck this?"

"I don't know," she laughed.

"All of it?" Again he repeated.

"Yes I would do it."

I moved from Kim's diamond nipples to her pussy. "Spread
your fucking legs Kim so Bill can eat that pussy." Kim
complied; I gripped her thighs and licked her very wet

"OOOOhhhhh" said Kim. "Yes!"

"Bill, is she sweet?"

"Yes," I said stopping only for a second.

"Is she good and wet?"

"Yes," I said again.

"Eat that ass too." It had seemed years since I had done
that. I pulled Kim's legs high over her head and licked
at her tight honey hole, it tasted good; I forced my
tongue into her ass, as she squirmed, moaning again for

"Come on Kim, speak to me some more, make me real horny,
I'm looking at your sexy pic, I want you."

I again moved to her pussy, now I was licking her clit
fast and hard. "OOOOhhhhh yes."

"Let me have your cock Bangyu. All of it, I want to taste

I avoided Kim's clit a few seconds as she talked and went
back to her silk button again.

"Oooooohhhh, damn I want to fuck you Bangyu, I want to
feel it."

"In your mouth?"

"Yes, oh yes!"

"In your pussy?"


"How about your ass?"

"Yes, yes!"

"I will, I will. No cum for me Kim."

I sucked at her clit and felt the huge shaking wave of
Kim's orgasm, it was great. She shuddered and shuddered
as she yelled out expletives for Bangyu. Banyu was now
handling his cock on the cam.

"Your not finished yet are you guys?"

"No" I said, Kim had collapsed her head against the back
of the chair, she was soaked with sweat. "No," Kim softly

"Good. Why don't you two do some serious fucking for me?
I need to stroke this thing, I'm really hot."

I turned in the chair and let Kim's cunt slide onto my
cock. She was now facing the computer screen. She moaned
slightly as I felt my cock stretch against her hot, wet
slit. Bangyu began stroking his cock for Kim ever so
slowly. She watched as I began stroking into her at the
same rhythm.

Kim moaned as the conversation began again. "Like to fuck

"Yes, oh yes."

"Feel good?"


"Is she tight Bill?"

"Yes," I moaned "very tight."

"Like fucking her?"

"Oh yes!"

"Had any pussy any tighter?" Bangyu stoked faster now.
"NO she's the tightest."

Kim was really getting into it now, she was moving up and
down on me trying to bottom out on my strokes.

"Kim, ever had a bigger cock than your husband?"

"No," she admitted.

"But you've fucked other men, right?"


"Before him? You know, sometimes you see guys that you
want to fuck, right?"

Kim cried out, "YES, oh fuck YES!" she had to answer
Bangyu, she was being brought off as she spoke.

"You want a cock like mine maybe?"


"If I were there right now, you would be fucking me

"I want to fuck you Bangyu."

"If I was there, you would do anything I wanted right?"

"Oh yes!"

"Bill, fuck the shit out of her for me."

I don't know who fucked harder, me or Kim, she rocked and
bounced her pussy against me, trying to get every inch of
my cock, at the same time, I pumped my cock deep into
her, meeting her thrusts and bruising my pelvis. It
seemed she wanted a cock larger than mine, a cock like
Banyu's. Kim pulled my head up to her tits and I sucked
eagerly at her them. She soon began moaning louder and
louder as we both continued our thrusts.

I felt my balls tightened and knew there was no turning
back. The last think I heard before Cumming was Bangyu
saying how much he wanted to fuck Kim.

I came with a loud moan. I felt myself gush a huge load
into Kim's slick cunt; she continued to work my slowly
shrinking cock till she screamed "FUCK!" loud enough for
Bangyu to answer with his own moans...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: cocks.txt (MMF, FF, wife, reluc, voy, asian)
Authors name: CK (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Cock for Doris

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

COCK FOR DORIS (MMF, FF, wife, reluc, voy, asian)
by CK (***@hotmail.com)


My wife is a very attractive half Chinese girl named
Doris. She is small and slim and sexy, and always gets
paid lots of attention. Last year on our holiday we
had a little drunken adventure involving two other
guys, and since then I have longed to watch her
getting well and truly fucked.

The chance came when we were invited to a party with
some friends, but no sooner did we all arrive but some
emergency cropped up and our friends had to leave.
Doris and I decided to stay on at least for a little
while, with our hosts, Mike and Ruth, just the four of
us. Mike and Ruth, who are both in their forties, had
taken a shine to Doris, plying her with drink and
making very flattering remarks about her appearance,
and Doris was getting more drunk by the minute.
Suddenly the atmosphere was very sexy, and I found
myself getting excited, thinking of seeing this older
couple fooling around with my lovely little wife.
Neither Doris nor I knew what they had in store for

When Doris had to go to the loo, Mike was right there
at my side, telling me how lucky I was to have such a
beautiful "fuckable" wife. He was staring at me as he
said this, to judge my reaction, and he must have been
pleased, because he then came right out and asked if I
wanted some fun. My throat was dry but of course, I
nodded yes. He said, "Doris is pretty drunk, I bet
it's easy to get her horny, what do you say?" Again I
nodded my agreement, and he went on, "I think I know
what you would like, you want to see her getting
fucked, don't you." This time I managed a croaky "Yes"
and Mike said, "Right then, we'll have her. Leave it
to us, believe me, you will enjoy watching Doris
taking cock."

Next moment Doris came back into the room. I have to
say that she was wearing dark stockings and high
heels, a short black skirt and a thin white top with
narrow shoulder straps. She is only just over 5ft
tall, long black hair, cute little orientalish face
and a slim 32 figure. She did look good and fuckable,
just as Mike said.

Ruth gave her yet another drink, saying, "Here you
are, girl, there's lots more if you need it." Doris
gulped it down and got her glass refilled immediately.
Ruth turned to her husband and said, "Doris looks
really sexy tonight, doesn't she. I would guess she's
feeling horny. Do you think she would like some cock
fun with us?"

Even in her half drunken state, my wife looked up in
surprise, but didn't actually say anything, and didn't
resist when Ruth led her over to the sofa. It was a 2-
seater and both of them sat down together. Mike left
the room just then, and Ruth put her arm round my
wife's shoulder. She looked down at Doris's legs, and
saw that the short skirt had ridden up almost to her
stocking tops. As Doris tried to pull down the hem a
bit, Ruth stopped her. "Just leave it alone, Doris,"
she said. "I love your outfit, and your legs are so
lovely it's a shame to cover them up." Doris bowed her
head shyly, until she felt Ruth's hand under her chin
jerking her face up. "You want something tonight,
don't you, Doris," she said. Doris was looking
puzzled, her face blushing a little. "You're drunk and
horny and you want some fun," went on Ruth. "Well,
that's what you're going to get. We have plans for
you, darling."

Mike had been answering the door, and came back into
the room just then. Another man was with him, and Mike
introduced him as a good friend, Keith. Oh god, I
thought, this will be good, Doris is going to be well
fucked tonight. I looked towards the sofa. Ruth had
her arm round my wife's shoulder, holding her tight.

"You know you're a slut, Doris, that's why you're
here," she laughed. Her hand was right between Doris's
legs now, under her skirt. Doris's mouth opened but
all she could manage was a low moan. She was blushing
hard, but Ruth was still holding her face up. The men
were grinning as they stared at Doris, and Ruth
laughed again. "She's wearing stockings, mmmm, we like
that! Nice bare thighs!" Then she twisted her hands
into Doris's long black hair. "Tonight, Doris," she
said. "your cunt is anybody's. Do you understand?
Whoever wants your cunt can have it, and will do
whatever they please with it. You understand? Is that
clear enough, my sweet Doris?"

Keith squeezed onto the sofa with the girls, and my
wife seemed to be totally in a daze, not realising
that Keith had put his hand high up on her thigh. I
watched him inching it upwards, dragging the skirt
with him, until his fingers met the bare skin above
Doris's stocking tops. Only now, with her skirt almost
up to her hips and bare white flesh revealed for
everyone to see, did Doris become aware of what he was
doing. "No!" she gasped out, trying to cross her legs
and push his hand away.

Ruth immediately gripped her arms, holding her still.
Doris tried to struggle away, but Keith managed to get
her legs across his lap, and of course the little
skirt went right up round her waist. Now we could see
not just her stocking tops and suspender straps, but
also her tiny black panties which were barely wider
than her cunt lips.

Keith quickly took his belt and pulled Doris's hands
behind her back, wrapping the belt round her wrists.
With her arms now behind her, Doris's firm little tits
jutted out enticingly, and it was an amazing sight to
see her being held down, helpless, her shapely legs
slightly splayed apart, the dark stockings and
suspender straps contrasting with the creamy white
bare thigh flesh above the stocking tops. Her eyes
were glazed slightly, and she was starting to sob. She
had a terrified look on her pretty face as she stared
at Ruth. She was crying now, confused by the drink and
the speed things had happened.

Keith started to take off his clothes, and said he
wanted to see what Doris's tits were like. Like a
flash Mike was pulling her top off, and suddenly my
wife's pert little tits were on display as well.

"Let's see her arse now," Keith mumbled, and
immediately Doris was turned half round to expose her
lovely round arse, the thin ribbon of her black thong
almost invisible between her cheeks. She looked small
and helpless and extremely vulnerable and fuckable as
Keith ran his hands up and down the back of her
thighs, clenching them sometimes round her exposed
arse cheeks. I could see his cock getting hard, just
like mine, as he thought of how in just a few minutes
he would feel it inside Doris's tight cunt, and then
watch everyone else fucking her too. His hands hooked
into the thong, and slowly he pulled the scrap of
material down over Doris's knees. Now my wife was
almost naked, her skirt and top crumpled round her
waist, tits, cunt and arse all bared.

Mike reached for her tits, and Doris gave out a loud
squeal as he pulled roughly at her nipples. Almost
immediately I saw the points start to stiffen up, and
Doris was openly crying now, her beautiful oriental
face blushing with shame as she tried to turn away.

She knew she was helpless, she knew they could do
anything they wanted to her. Keith was stripped now,
and she could see him stroking his cock to hardness by
the side of the sofa. It looked enormous, a good seven
inches of rigid prick jutting out from a forest of
black pubic hair. He pulled Doris's head round to face
him, and pressed the huge knob against her lips. "Take
it in your mouth, Doris," he rasped out. "Suck me."

Doris tried to turn her face away but Keith gripped
her by the hair and pulled her mouth against his
throbbing prick. The cock was huge and Doris had to
stretch her mouth wide open to even begin to close her
lips around it.

Then Ruth reappeared. She was holding a large black
strapon dildo. "I told you, Doris," she said.
"Tonight your little cunt is for anybody who wants
it." My wife caught sight of the dildo and her eyes
went wide with shock. "No!" she stammered, "please,
no." But as she watched, Ruth strapped on the dildo.

It was pure black, about six or seven inches long and
an inch thick. Ruth pushed Keith aside and thrust the
dildo against Doris's mouth. "Suck this, slut," she
ordered. "Make it wet before I fuck you with it."

Everyone laughed, except Doris. Slowly her lips parted
and Ruth worked the dildo into her mouth, pushing and
pulling it as if she was fucking Doris's mouth with
it. At the same time she reached out and began to
fondle my wife's tits, twisting the nipples between
her fingers. The points were already hard, standing
out like little bullets as they were manipulated.

"Spread her legs," Ruth commanded, and Doris felt
eager hands pulling her thighs apart. They bent her
back over the arm of the sofa and held her down, legs
spread well apart, as Ruth strapped on the dildo. And
slowly, inch by inch, she fed the dildo into Doris's
tight cunt. The sight of Doris taking that black
rubber cock into her pussy was incredible. She was
moaning loudly, making sobbing, crying noises.

And then Ruth began fucking her with it. Faster and
faster her hips thrust to and fro, ramming the strapon
cock into my wife's helpless cunt. Each thrust made
Doris gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking
as Ruth screwed her relentlessly. Ruth herself was
panting with the effort, building up to her own
climax, her large tits bouncing and swinging as she
fucked on and on. As she orgasmed, she collapsed
forward, shaking and trembling, her hands clutching at
Doris's tits.

Slowly she pulled herself back and the soaking dildo
slid out of Doris's cunt. She looked down at Doris
lying spreadeagled on the sofa and motioned to Keith.
"She's ready for real cock now," she said, and Keith
took her place between Doris's legs. She was still
having to be held down, and watching the hands clawing
at her stocking clad thighs to keep her skirt up round
her waist and her legs wide open ready for Keith to
start fucking her was so good, I had the stiffest,
biggest hard on ever.

Keith's prick was rigid as he pressed it between
Doris's wet cunt lips. His purple knob started to
disappear inside, then he slammed forward and Doris
screamed out as the whole shaft penetrated her juicy
cunt. "God you're so tight," Keith moaned. "You must
have had so many cocks in here... such a beautiful
sexy little slut like you...how many cocks have
screwed you Doris, how many times has this tight
little cunt been fucked..." He pulled back a little
then drove his cock hard into her again. "Tell me,
cunt," he gasped. "How many cocks have shagged you!"
His pace was getting faster, he was getting close to
cumming off inside her. I realised she was saying
something, and managed to hear her whisper, "Don't
know, had a lot of cocks, lot of fucks."

Ruth took hold of Keith's arm and told him to stop
fucking Doris and lie back on the sofa. "Let's see the
slut fucking you, Keith," she ordered. So Doris was
then hoisted on top of Keith and lowered down onto his
massive prick. As soon as the cock was inside her, she
obediently began to ride up and down on it. Ruth moved
up behind her and pushed her forward so that her tits
were dragging on Keith's chest. She gripped Doris by
the hips, helping her slide up and down on Keith's
stiff cock. "Mmm, lovely arse, Doris," she breathed
excitedly. Her hand snaked in between Doris's legs and
began working on my wife's clit, as she still moved up
and down on Keith's rigid prick. Ruth was using both
hands on her now, one rubbing her clit, the other
probing between her arse cheeks. Doris was moaning as
she continued to fuck Keith, and then to my delight I
realised that she was starting to cum off. Her hips
were jerking faster, even with her hands still tied,
she was really riding him. Her head went back, her
eyes tight shut. Her climax hit her hard and she was
gasping, panting, almost screaming, as her body shook
with its force.

Ruth still had the strapon dildo jutting out from her
crotch. It was glistening wet, and now Ruth was
guiding it between my wife's legs from behind.
Suddenly Doris also realised what was happening and
tried to turn round. "NO! No!" she cried out, but it
was too easy for the others to hold her there, her
cunt impaled on Keith's cock to the hilt, as Ruth
prodded her arse with the dildo. Suddenly it was
entering her. Again Doris cried out, then Ruth pushed
forward. More and more of the dildo was inside. Ruth
began to fuck her again, and each push moved Doris
forward off Keith's cock, before she was pulled back
onto it again. I watched Doris getting sandwiched
between the two of them, both cock and dildo ploughing
into her. Mike moved to her face and grabbed her hair.
His cock was at her mouth, forcing its way in, and
then she was sucking it, her lips clamped round his
shaft as he jolted her head to and fro.

Ruth was driving the dildo harder and harder into
Doris, gasping out with the effort of fucking my
lovely little wife. Almost the whole length of the
strapon was now penetrating Doris. "You love this kind
of fucking, don't you, Doris," Ruth gasped. "You can't
get enough cock, can you. You'll do everything we tell
you now. Any time we want to fuck you, or get you
fucked, anything we want, you belong to us now."

Doris had given up. She lay there with Keith driving
his cock up into her cunt and Ruth driving the dildo
into her arse, sandwiched between the two, legs spread
open, her hands still tied with Keith's belt. Her
whole small slim body jerked each time they thrust
into her. Mike's cock between her lips was fucking her
face, she wasn't sucking him off, just laying there
with her mouth wide open letting him fuck her. All the
time she was moaning and making little squealing
sounds every time the three cocks rammed into her.

The little scenario lasted about five minutes before
the cocks started spurting cum. Doris had cum off
again as they fucked her, and when they finished with
her she lay slumped on the sofa, almost unconscious,
cum spattered over her face, her hair, her tits, her
arse. I had watched her getting well and truly fucked,
and it wouldn't be the last time.


Comments etc very welcome to: ***@hotmail.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: andy.txt (F/m, ped, 1st)
Authors name: Raiderboy (***@aol.com)
Story title : Andy (aka hardboy)

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Andy (aka hardboy) (F/m, ped, 1st)
by Raiderboy (***@aol.com)


Monica makes a connection in an adult chat room with a
man whose handle is hardboy. She is in for a surprise
when she finally meets him at a local Starbucks, then
they take off for a night of wild sex in a motel.


"Oh Andy, yes! YES!" Monica screamed as Andy's cock
battered her g-spot. Her hands were clenched on Andy's
buttocks as she pushed him hard into her. Her cum was
flowing freely as Andy drove her to orgasm.

Monica's heavy breathing subsided as she gazed into her
young lover's deep blue eyes. Those eyes were fixed on
her bare breasts below him as he thrust into her with
youthful abandon. He then grunted as Monica felt a stream
of warm male cum flooded into her vagina. It continued to
spurt, bringing great pleasure to the young man who was
busy fucking Monica on the bed of a Super 8 Motel room.
It was their fourth fuck of the night. Monica was 28 and
Andy was only 14.


Monica had been online in an adult chat room earlier that
evening. She began to communicate with a man whose handle
was hardboy. When they learned they were in the same town
they went into a private chat room. Hardboy admitted that
he was very young, but his erotic way of writing was
getting Monica very aroused. She had never hooked up with
anyone online before, but it had been six months since
she last had sex and hardboy sounded great to her.

Andy also had never met anyone online. However, he was
very smart, very good-looking and very horny.
Masturbation just wasn't cutting it anymore. He had to
have pussy. He had to lose his virginity.

He knew he could get the interest of a woman online. He
just didn't know how she would react when she learned his
actual age. The moment of truth with Monica came when
they agreed to meet at a local Starbucks. Andy did tell
Monica that he was underage. He was 6 feet tall and knew
he could pass for at least 16 but not much more.

Monica was so excited by the things that hardboy said
that he would do to her that she decided to give him a
try. On her drive over to Starbucks, she considered the
consequences of having sex with an underage boy, but
wanted to meet him first before she made her final
decision. She figured a high school kid could go all
night and that's what she needed right then.

Monica walked into the Starbucks and saw a boy sitting
alone at a table in the back. He was wearing jeans and
his long legs were outstretched. He had on a black
Chicago Bulls jacket over a button down Tommy Hilfinger
shirt. His hair was long and blond and fell forward on to
his forehead and back over his collar. As she got closer,
she noticed he had a stud earring and a hint of peach
fuzz on his upper lip.

Her first reaction was that he was very cute and sexy.
When he stood up to meet her, she could imagine holding
his body. So far, so good, she thought. The closer she
got, the better he looked. Oh, that face was so young,
but the body seemed to be well developed.

Andy, too, liked what he saw. Monica had of a tight
fitting black top that did justice to her well-shaped
breasts. Her jeans were also tight, showing off nice legs
and a cute little ass. She had dark mahogany brown hair
that fell down over her shoulders and reflected the
lighting. She wore a hint of makeup that enhanced her
natural beauty. Andy was already mentally undressing her.

Over coffee, Monica became infatuated with the boy who
she had only known as hardboy. He was articulate, spoke
in a deep voice that had just recently changed, and made
all the right suggestive sexual comments. She was as much
intrigued by his youthfulness as by his overt sexuality.
He had his top shirt buttons undone, revealing a gold
chain set against a tanned, smooth chest.

When she asked if he had to be home at any particular
time, he said he lived with his dad who was out that
night and didn't really care what he did. When she
suggested they get a motel room since she had a roommate,
he was all for it. Monica asked him to follow her to the
Super 8, but he said he didn't have a car so he would
ride with her. She still thought he was about 17.

Once they checked into the room, they both knew what they
were there for. Monica began to undress as Andy watched
for a moment. The first thing she removed was the top,
immediately revealing a pair of luscious bare breasts.
They were the first bare breasts Andy had seen in person
and they belonged to a real woman, not just a high school

Monica then undid her jeans and tugged them down over her
thighs. She had on a pair of black panties underneath
that pulled down along with her pants. When she stepped
out of her shoes and pants that had fallen to the floor,
Monica was completely nude in front of the very excited
boy. Andy stood motionless and speechless before her.

"Hey sweetie, it will work better if you take your
clothes off too." Monica said with a grin.

Andy didn't need any more encouragement. He shed the
jacket then unbuttoned the shirt. Monica gazed as more
and more bare male chest skin was revealed with each
button, until he finally slipped the open shirt off his
shoulders. The chest she was looking at was smooth,
muscled and slightly bronzed from the sun. He then
stepped out of his shoes and unbuttoned his jeans.
Underneath, as he pulled them down, was a pair of white
cotton briefs with a notable bulge protruding from the
front. Monica was getting more excited.

Andy then stepped out of the jeans and removed his socks.
He so wanted to free his erection from its confines. He
was proud of his thick seven inches and was ready to show
it off to this woman. Andy quickly pulled the briefs off
and stepped out of them. By now, Monica was stepping
right toward the boy. She quickly wrapped her arms around
his back and pulled his chest to her breasts.

"Oh you feel so good." Monica cooed. "Your body is so
hard in every way!"
Andy shivered, feeling the nude woman wrapping herself
around his own bare body. This felt great, he thought.
His dripping erection was pressed against Monica's leg.

Things moved quickly from there. First, they both fell on
to the bed, boy on top, woman underneath. Monica grasped
Andy's penis and guided it between her legs. The virgin
boy then let nature take its course as he found himself
fucking for the very first time. There was none of the
anxiety that teenagers often experience on their first
times, mainly because Monica had made it clear from the
start just what she wanted. The boy knew he was going to
get laid, and sure enough he was doing it.

Monica climaxed first, and as she came she squeezed the
boy tightly with her arms and her legs. It was like
Monica wanted to draw his body completely inside of hers.
She reveled at the feel of his smooth boyflesh against
hers, and was pleased with her decision to bed this

Andy hit a rhythm in his fucking, and quickened his pace
as she tightened her grip on him. Suddenly, his penis
erupted with the force of the boy virgin that he was.
Wave after wave of warm boycum drenched Monica's already
damp pussy. Andy's eyes were closed and his young face
was right up against hers. My God, I'm making this young
boy feel good, she thought.

After their mutual orgasms, the couple continued to lie
in each other's arms, still joined at the genitals. It
was then that Andy revealed his true age to her.

Monica was at first stunned. However she didn't say
anything at first. The boy's softening dick still felt
good inside of her. Her nipples were pressed against the
smooth skin of his puerile bare chest and she could feel
his heart beating against her breasts. Her hand was on
his velvety smooth ass. Yes, his body did feel fourteen,
but the shattering orgasms they had just experienced were
very adult, indeed.

Andy waited for a reply, fearful that she would throw him
out of their bed. Instead, she finally responded by
planting her lips on his and inserting her tongue into
his mouth. The young adolescent boy who had just
experienced his first fuck was now getting a taste of his
first French kiss.

Quickly their passions mounted again and Andy's erection
grew to full size again in Monica's pussy. This time she
laid the boy on his back and mounted him from above. Andy
moaned as Monica slid her steaming cunt up and down his
bare teenage shaft. He kneaded her breasts and fingered
her nipples which, combined with the ride she was giving
the boy, triggered another orgasm. Andy watched in
amazement as Monica bucked up and down, moaning in
ecstasy at the pleasure his body was giving her.

Once she came, Monica turned over and pulled the boy back
on top of her. As he began thrusting her from above, she
raised her mouth to his chest and started to lick his
right nipple. "Oh yes!" he moaned at the new and
pleasurable sensation. She then continued to alternate
between nipples as she tightened her legs around him.

The stimulation of his chest and penis was more than any
fourteen-year-old boy (or full grown man, for that
matter) could be expected to endure. Andy's penis
released another stream of warm boycum directly into
Monica's eager vagina.

By now the age difference meant nothing to Monica. Their
next fuck was doggy style, followed by conventional
missionary. In all, the boy and woman had sex nine times
before they had to check out of the motel the next

Monica and Andy continue their torrid illicit affair to
this day. The boy has had sex over 200 times even though
he is still two months away from his fifteenth birthday.
Monica knows the law is against her, but she and Andy
truly enjoy their consensual sexual relationship.

In fact, the boy is usually the aggressor. At 14, he just
can't get enough sex. Although sometimes she is tired,
Monica usually relents because she knows how much she
enjoys it too. Yes, hardboy is truly the best thing that
has ever happened to her.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: mornglor.txt (MF, rom, public, true)
Authors name: Fudi (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Morning Glory

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Morning Glory (MF, rom, public, true)
by Fudi (***@hotmail.com)


Married friends meet after long time, morning walk,
birthday present, sex with her in the classroom.
(English is not the author's first language.)


Encounter at Campus with Janu...

I am Fudhi from Pune, India. I am 6' tall, with an
athlete body, fair skin and really smart. I am a fitness
freak and love to do any kind of exercises in the
morning. I go to gym but I love morning walks too.

The morning fresh air gives me energy for the whole day.
There is one more thing, the cold breeze excites me.

I stay near hilly areas and am lucky to have a big
educational complex near to my house with lots of open
land around it. I get up at 5.30 am and put on my denim
shorts, T Shirt and Walkman. Normally I walk for non stop
45 minutes, a mixture of plain and hilly region. It was
another cold and refreshing morning. I left my home 10
minutes late in the morning.

I see many known faces while completing my usual rounds.
I had completed half my rounds and was walking towards
the college campus. I was entering through the gate when
a girl waved at me. I was listening to Indian classical
music and was engrossed in to it.

At first I couldn't make out who it was. Then the
familiar image flashed in the my mind. It was Janu, my
old girlfriend. We had parted ways for many reasons a
year or so back. We were still on good terms but family
pressures kept us apart. It had been a whirlwind affair
between us that ended suddenly. But we kept on calling
each other and talked.

Janu is hardly 5' and has a curvy body. She is very fair,
with a big bum and a large bust. She is 40-34-38 size.
She looks sexy in her golden framed glasses. That day she
was wearing her cream coloured British long shorts and
white T shirt. "Hi Fudhi, long time no see," she called
out as we approached each other.

I was little bit surprised to see her, as it was an
unexpected encounter in the morning. She extended her
hand, "Hi dear, how are you?" I took her hand and walked
we walked down the road. "I'm fine and I miss you all
the time."

"Really? Well if that's the case, why haven't you called
me, and today is even my birthday," she said. We were
walking now towards the first building on the campus.
"Where is my birthday gift?" She suddenly asked in a
teasing voice.

"Want a gift? In fact I had bought sexy pair of G strings
and strapless bra set for you, it is still there at my
place, come now, I will give you.that day I could not
manage, you know the reasons," I was talking to her in
somewhat of an abrupt manner now.

"Leave it, give me my present right now, you know what I
mean... lets have one quickie... lets make love...
here... right here... in this building..." she was
smiling and inviting. That was real exciting. We have not
made love in a year. I was remembered the old days.

"Okay, lets go in one of class rooms, lets take chance,
what do you say?" I said.

We had a glance around. No one was in sight and security
personnel were also not seen. We climbed one staircase
and took right turn. It's the inner side of the building
and less chances of getting spotted by anyone.

We checked first two classrooms and found them locked,
the third one was open. I pushed the door and slipped
inside. She pushed the door back and locked from inside.
I took her in arms and kissed her strongly. Our tongues
were exploring each other's mouth like dancing snakes. I
put my hands on her bottom and squeezed very hard, She
liked that and rubbed herself against my dick. I was
already iron hard.

"Do not waste time," she told me. We moved towards the
centre where there was one table. She rested herself on
the edge of table. I rolled her T shirt upwards and was
not surprised that she was not wearing bra. She likes
that way. I fondled her breasts and rubbed the nipples
very hard. She has brown and very bold nipples. I
squeezed the left breast and took the nipple in my mouth.
She made strange noises. She raised her hands and I took
out her T shirt.

"You still have that magic tongue. suck me hard.you are
making me mad," she was murmuring and getting hot. I was
sucking her big breasts alternately.

I bent down and opened buttons of her shorts and pushed
down. She was not wearing panties too. She keeps her bush
clean and shaves it. I was playing with her tits with
right hand and started massaging her soft mound and pussy
lips. She was already wet and juices were flowing. I
lifted her and put on the top of table on her back.

The morning light was shining on her translucent skin. I
can see some blue veins on her inner thighs. I went down
and kissed her belly. Put my tongue inside the belly
button. She jumped and lifted her stomach up. That
arouses her. I moved down further and put my tongue in
her slit. She squirmed and pushed herself against my
tongue. I was probing her clitoris and nibbled around. I
like her smell and taste, little pungent but sweet. Her
inner walls were shivering and juices were flowing. I
started lapping at her. I started fucking her with my
tongue. Pushing in and out. I was drinking her juices.

I rolled my tongue and started rubbing it against her
clitoris. She was writhing under and making all sorts of
noises. " My god.I am coming.you are killing me.do not
stop..just push your tongue little up, yes, yes... you
got me!" she clamped her thighs against my ears. I
thought I just made it to her G spot. Her hands were
pushing my head towards her pussy and not allowing even
me to take breath. I was drinking her like mad. Her inner
lips were vibrating and she kept on coming with gushes.
She let me go after few minutes. "Dear Janu, you got the
wrapper of your birthday present.here comes the real
present," I told her.

I pushed my denim short down and quickly got rid of my
jockey bikini shorts. She looked at my dick with great
surprise. "My god, you added few inches there..." She
exclaimed and raised her legs and rested on my shoulders.
That exposed her pussy in full. I licked her back of her
knees, I know she is very sensitive at two-three places -
behind the knees, belly button and ear lobes. I took some
juices and rubbed on my dick. I have that eleven fingers
long tool and very thick shaft. I rubbed it on her
outside lips and pushed little bit inside her. "Don't
wait, come inside Fudi... can't wait... push... fuck me,
fuck me hard!" she shouted.

I put my hand her mouth and with little swing of waist I
pushed my tool in, It sunk in with one stroke. I like the
warmth of her. It's like baby in the mother's womb. I was
waiting for few seconds. She immediately coaxed me to go
on. I started with Chinese strokes, Two shallow-one deep,
three shallow-one deep, four shallow-one deep... I was
putting all my energy on that deep stroke. She was
twisting under me and shouting, "tear me out, fuck
hard... no mercy please!"

I was changing the speed of fucking and force. Suddenly
very slow, suddenly very fast and some times light and
some times very brutal too. I was shifting my pressure
from right to left. She likes that way. I kept on ramming
in and out. She was also thrusting upwards and slapping
her thighs against me. Slapping sound was echoing in the
room. The table was creaking under her weight and with
our movements. I feared that someone would drop in to see
the source of noises. I bent down and kissed her hard and
started licking at her nipples. "Yes, do that! A little
harder! I am coming!" She was crying, tears flowing from
her eyes with joy.

I was not yet satisfied. I increased my speed and started
burying my dick as possible as into her. While coming put
I was exerting pressure on her top dome and trying to rub
my dick against her clitoris. "I am not able to hold on
more, I am coming once again... are you ready?" She asked
me. I moved my head side ways. "Long way to go, Janu," I
told her.

She lifted her legs from my shoulder and brought to her
chest in folded conditions, knees towards her shoulders.
That increased grip on my tool. I kept my pace and
hammered harder. She was hysteric and shouting like
animal. In moments she started coming..." oh my god.oh my
god..you have lost no touch, the same old stud, you
fucker..." She was patting my thighs.

"Now its my turn, dear," I told her, "either you eat me
out or come on top."

She likes to be on top, that's her favourite position.
She has knack for that. I slept on my back on the floor.
The cool tiles were kissing my back. She took my tool in
her hand and took it in her mouth and just licked the
knot at the top and its opening. It was electrifying and
brought still more hardness in me. She took my balls and
licked them. It was sending sharp signals to my brain.
She climbed on me and squatted on my dick. She moved up
and down and the dick vanished inside. She started moving
with great pace. Her legs are not strong. She wanted to
finish fast. I kept myself pushing up against her
downward strokes.

"Yes, keep it me," She moaned.

I put my hands below her buttocks and helped her moving
up and down. Soon she lost strength in her legs. She sat
on me and stopped moving up and down. She has learnt the
art of contracting her inner muscle. She gripped my dick
with her pussy walls and started rubbing back and forth.
I knew I wouldn't last long with her little trick. That
rubbing always makes me crazy. There was fire inside her.
She had closed her eyes and had put her hand on my
shoulder, "Come you stud... I'm on the verge, c'mon...
come! Come!"

I put my hand on back of her waste and started pushing
her towards me to increase the friction. It took hardly
few minutes and I exploded inside her. She collapsed on
me. We came together. She gathered her breath and kissed
me. "I will not forget this birth day present from you,
Fudi" She kept on telling me and kissing me. I took her
in my arms strongly and kissed her eyes, nose and those
translucent ear lobes.

After few minutes we got up and cleaned ourselves with my
Turkish napkin. We put our clothes back and left the
room. Janu's face was glowing and happiness was seen on
her face.

"See you dear, some time, and thanks again for the
birthday present." She waved and walked. I sat down below
the mango tree. The cool air breeze was teasing my

My shorts were still wet and I was feeling sleepy. I
looked at my watch. I was going to be late for the
office. I put on my Walkman, and started walking towards
my house. The Hindustani classical music was cooling me


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: amanda1.txt (ff-teens, exh, oral)
Authors name: Norman E. Maylor
Story title : Amanda - Part 1

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda - Chapter 1 (ff-teens, exh, oral)
by Norman E. Maylor (***@hotmail.com)

It Begins

How did I start you ask? Oh, what a delicious memory!
Its very naughty and very sexy, but I will tell you my
secret if you promise not to tell anyone. I was at the
tender age of thirteen. I was slightly tall for my age,
and a little gangly. My legs were too long and my knees
a little too knobby. But my hair was long and very
blonde. That alone made the boys pay attention to me.
What I didn't know was, it made some of the girls pay
attention too.

Being a little too tall and very slender, I appeared
older than I was. Sometimes much older guys made
passes at me, and it made me feel good. At that age, I
was starting to get a very sexy feeling sometimes and
when I felt that way, I was very flirtatious. I was
feeling like a woman sometimes and other times like a
little girl. Thirteen is a very confusing age, but I
wasn't alone. I had lots of friends, and at that age, I
guess its natural to talk about sex. And talk about sex
was about all we did.

Like all girls, I had my little group. I guess you
could call it a clique. There were about six of us,
and we were together constantly. The sleepovers were
our favorite times together. We would order pizza,
watch movies, and talk until all hours. We painted
toenails, fixed our hair in a thousand different ways
and put on eye make up we were never allowed to wear
out of the house. The talk was always about boys, and
sex and what would happen when we were on that first
date and a boy put his hands on us or exposed his
penis. There was lots of giggling and lots of
fantasizing about what it would all be like, this game
of sex. The names of the cutest boys in our school came
up over and over.

Now every group like our little clique has an
instigator, and ours was Amanda. She was dark olive in
complexion and amazingly beautiful in a sleek and
exotic way. We all admired her deep and mysterious
beauty. She was also a troublemaker. A BIG
troublemaker. Every time I was ever in trouble during
those years it was because of Amanda. She had a
devilish look about her and a nose for adventure. She
was also the sexiest person I have ever known or are
likely to know. It was more than just her exotic
appearance. She was just made for sex. I didn't realize
it at the time, but I had felt sexual toward Amanda
since we were eight or nine years old. I just didn't
recognize the feelings I was having.

At our sleepovers, Amanda always led each discussion
toward sex. She had actually experienced sex, and she
was certainly not afraid to talk about it. At the
tender age of twelve she had experimented with the boy
next door, a football player named Mike who was a full
six years her senior. He had fingered her and kissed
her nipples. She had jacked him off to a climax. She
was our heroine, and we listened intently to every
detail of her adventures with Mike. She described every
detail including a feature-by-feature description of
his body, and most especially his penis. We hung on
every word.

Then came the fateful sleepover that changed everything
for me. Friday nights were my Dad's poker night. I
lived alone with him, so on Friday nights; we had the
house all to ourselves. On this particular Friday night
Amanda sneaked a full bottle of wine into my room in
her overnight bag. We drank directly from the warm
bottle of Zinfandel as it passed around. Then just as
we were all becoming even more giggley than usual, to
our surprise, Amanda asked us if we were all
masturbating yet. Just like that, she asked. We were
all a little stunned, but I remember the excitement of
the moment. I had chills and a funny feeling in my
stomach I can't quite describe. I was very turned on to
be talking about sex and masturbation with Amanda and
my other friends, but it was a strange and new topic,
and it was very obvious that not everyone was
comfortable with the subject.

To our further amazement, Amanda put her hand in her
panties and felt herself while we all watched in
amazement. Then the panties came down and the nightie
top came up. The beautiful and mysterious Amanda was
sensuously masturbating almost naked before our eyes.
Her own eyes were closed and she breathed deeply as her
finger explored her cute little pussy. There was just
the slightest hint of pubic hair. Her skin was soft and
luxurious. She was as beautiful and sexy as anything I
had ever imagined. Her very small breasts were
perfectly shaped and the nipples were hard and erect.
Amanda was hot, and we were all amazed and excited by
her demonstration. Then suddenly she stopped and
started to pull up her panties. " You guys are no fun
at all!" she said in obvious disgust and

The spell was broken. Amanda's very sexy show was over,
and the rest of us were stunned at both what she had
done and her abrupt and angry interruption of the
spell. The talk went awkwardly to something else. The
other girls were searching for a CD to play. Amanda was
very close to me, and I could not help what I did next.
I leaned over and I whispered in her ear " I wanted to
do it too. I was just a little chicken, I guess."
Amanda just smiled. She was not really mad, and she was
clearly not ashamed for what she had done.

The next morning as everyone was leaving to go home,
Amanda came close to me and whispered in my ear "
Invite me to spend the night tonight." The excitement I
felt! Oh, My God! I had a feeling about what was
getting ready to happen and I was so excited I could
hardly get the words out. "Dad, can Amanda spend the
night tonight?" Dad loved Amanda. He could not say yes
quickly enough. So Amanda went home, but she returned
around 7PM. Dad had a date so we were alone together,
just beautiful sexy Amanda and me. I have never waited
so intently for something to occur. The day had been an
eternity waiting for Amanda.

We didn't need any wine this time to turn the subject
to sex. Amanda was in the same nightie as the night
before and she looked so good to me. I was a little too
thin and a little too pasty white. Even at thirteen,
Amanda was perfect. In a short time, she came right out
with it. "Do you want to try it?" I was shaking as
though an armed robber had approached me. My voice
cracked as I said, "yes, I think so." The feeling I
had in my body just then was so memorable; it sticks in
my mind to this day. My nipples were ultra sensitive. I
could feel the touch of my nightie top on them. My
pussy had an aching sensation as though it was eagerly
anticipating something. I felt a little wet down there.
My skin tingled. Amanda took a deep breathe and said
"Mmmmm, this is going to be so much fun." She had that
devilish look in her eyes.

We were both in our nighties, on the bed together
finishing up a pizza. Amanda reached for me and pulled
me close to her. She looked longingly into my eyes and
she kissed me. It was my first real romantic kiss, and
what a kiss it was! We were both on our knees facing
each other, our bodies very close. I literally held my
breath and when I realized I had to breathe I gasped.
We both laughed, and then Amanda pulled me down onto
the bed, her tongue lightly rolling around my own,
tasting me and feeling the textures of my mouth.

As we settled onto the bed, Her hand slipped quickly
into my panties. I was very wet and her finger slid
effortlessly into my vagina. The immediate sense of
pleasure was overwhelming to me and I gasped. The kiss
and Amanda's finger exploration of my pussy lasted a
very long time. I responded to the urgency of her kiss
with passion I didn't know I had within me. It lasted
for what seemed like hours as I arched toward her
exploring fingers. Then I remember Amanda saying, "This
is a lot more fun if we're naked." I was not about to
argue. This was way more fun than I thought it might

Amanda was obviously not new to this. She continued to
kiss me ever so soulfully. She licked my face and made
passionate love to my ears. Her soft hot breath on my
ear made me ache with desire for her. I just didn't
know yet how to do it, but I wanted more of her in some
way. I wanted inside her skin. Then, as my passion
grew, Amanda's tongue found my nipples and she sucked
eagerly on them, as though she was sure there must be
something in there that had to come out. Her fingers
were surging deep into my vagina and my hips were
rising almost rhythmically to her strokes. Each step of
the journey was a long sensuous step.

Amanda knew how to make it last. I gasped as her tongue
traced down from my nipples to my belly button and then
into my now sopping vagina. As she licked up and down
the slit, I gasped and raised my hips even more
urgently to meet her. My whole body was alive with
sensations I had never felt before. I felt a rising of
tension that grew stronger and stronger. I was almost
numb with the sense of pressure in my body. I was about
to explode. Her tongue ran up and down my slit and each
time it hit my clitoris my body jumped at the strong
sensation of pleasure. One finger became two as she
went deeper and deeper into my slippery canal.

I never wanted this to end. Just let Amanda suck on my
pussy for the rest of my life, and I will die a happy
happy girl, I thought. And just as I was sure my body
could never feel better, I went totally rigid and shook
involuntarily as the pleasure became rapture, and the
rapture became explosion. I arched my back to meet her
and I came. I don't mean to say I orgasmed. I went off
like a bomb. It was my first orgasm and my body was
screaming to me. My clit was so sensitive that I
convulsed at the touch her tongue. I gasped out loud
very loud. Thank goodness Daddy wasn't home. He surely
would have heard.

When I had convulsed my last and my body collapsed in
exhaustion, Amanda took me in her arms and kissed me
deeply again. I could taste my juices in her mouth. I
remember so well what she said. "You'll never forget
this Sweety. I am so glad you let me do it for you."
She held me for a long time and we breathed together
deeply. So this was sex, I thought. My life would never
be the same. I was in love with Amanda- beautiful,
talented and charming Amanda. I knew even then that no
one would ever excite me like she could. All the
thought of guys all the sudden seemed so distant. Would
a man ever do for me what Amanda had just done? I
suspected the answer was no.

We lay there for a very long time cuddling. Amanda
continued to stroke my little breasts and lick on my
ear. In only a short while I was feeling the ache of
need for her again. Again we made out licking and
sucking each other's tongues. Amanda was an amazing
kisser. I was already spoiled for life. We tongue
fucked each others ears whispering softly and breathing
out hot, wet breathe. Amanda said hotly in my ear,
"You are so hot, baby. Love me. Love me."

This time it was my turn. I became the instigator,
although I feared I could never do it as well as Amanda
had. I mimicked everything she had done to me. As we
kissed I became the aggressor. I drove my tongue deep
into her mouth still tasting my own juices there. She
returned my passion. Our naked bodies locked together,
a tangle of arms and legs. My hands roamed over her
exquisite little body feeling every crevice and curve.
The feel of her tight round buttocks was amazing to me.
I could feel my pussy pressed hard to hers. The motion
of our bodies ground our pussies together. Our legs
intertwined. I felt like one with her. I sucked her
beautiful little breasts savoring each tight little
nipple, and ran my tongue down her tummy as she had
done mine.

My first taste of her sweet pussy was like a revelation
to me. The slickness of it. The sweet pungent aroma.
The slightly metallic taste. Please, Lord, let this go
on forever, I thought. Let me just suck this wonderful
girl's pussy for the rest of my life. Never let this
wonderful sensation end. Why did it take me so long to
discover her? We could have done this years ago. This
was all flooding my mind. And yet we were only
thirteen. I sucked her, I licked her, and I lapped at
her sweet well. To this day, no pussy has ever done
for me what Amanda's has done. I literally worshiped at
her alter.

Where did all this sweet passion come from? I don't
really know. I suppose I was made to love girls. It
came very natural to me from the start. Amanda and I
tried everything over the next several months. We found
that just rubbing our pussies together gave us great
pleasure. We kissed and we fingered each other slowly
and each time we were close to a climax, we would back
off and then let it build up again. We learned how to
come together in a mutual explosion after having let
the tensions build for hours. We were inseparable. We
talked about sex constantly, but the talk turned from
boys to just our infatuation with each other and with
other girls. Then one night, Amanda surprised me with a
dildo that she had "borrowed" from her parents for the
night. She gently took my cherry with it that night and
I learned the art of fucking, not from some panting and
sweating football hero in the back of a Camaro, but
from the love of my life, my sweet Amanda!

In the next chapter, I will tell you of the night that
Amanda and I made love with the dildo and then of our
next sleepover when we gathered the courage to display
our lovemaking in front of our friends and how that
night changed things for them too. I know you cannot
wait to hear it and I cannot wait to tell it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sun, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Archive name: amanda2.txt (f+-teens, orgy)
Authors name: Norman E Maylor
Story title : Amanda - Part 2

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda - Part 2 (f+-teens, exh, org, ped)
by Norman E Maylor (***@hotmail.com)

The Dildo

We were 13. Amanda was my first sexual partner. She was
wild and passionate. I was shy and reserved, but when
I was in bed with Amanda, I let go. She took me to
places I never imagined I could go. When Amanda was
stroking my naked slit with her darting tongue, I was
transported to another world. When our naked bodies
were intertwined like jungle vines, and our mouths were
locked together, I was part Amanda, and Amanda was part
me. When our little girl pussies ground together we
were joined in body and in spirit.

I was in love with Amanda. I really was. She was an
incredible lover. We would wrap our bodies around each
other and kiss passionately for hours. She would tongue
fuck my ear and say very nasty things to me, and I
would return the favor. It was hot and wet and very
steamy. We would go to sleep, our naked bodies locked
together. We would often cum together and our bodies
would quiver in an explosion of pleasure as though we
were one. For two kids only 13 years old, we were a
very hot couple.

One Friday night Amanda came to my house for our weekly
"spend the night" with her usual overnight bag. My Dad
had a date, as he often did on Fridays and we had the
house to ourselves for a while. After he had left,
Amanda made me close my eyes for a surprise. I felt
something slick and rubbery touch my lips and when I
opened my eyes, a big dildo was in my face. Amanda
laughed at my surprised expression. It was huge, and
shaped exactly like a big hard cock. I had never seen
one except in pictures and I giggled nervously.

Although it wasn't real, it made me a little nervous.
Amanda licked it lasciviously and sucked on it like it
was the real thing, watching my reaction to her every
move. When she put it to my lips again, I copied what
she had done, licking it sensuously around the head and
then taking it in my throat deeply as she had done.
"The real ones are much nicer," she said "much
smoother, and hot. The head feels like velvet in your
mouth." She said, her voice a little huskier than
usual. Amanda had actually sucked a cock when she was
only 12, and she was proud of it.

When we had licked and sucked the rubber monster for a
while, Amanda extracted a small bottle of stuff called
Astro-glide from her overnight bag. Apparently she had
borrowed it from her parents as she had the dildo
itself. She coated the dildo with this very slippery
liquid and put some on her fingers too. She plunged her
glistening fingers into her vagina, and then positioned
herself so that she was sort of half sitting and half
lying down.

Then she very carefully and slowly inserted the dildo
until all but the fake testicles were in her body. I
gasped; amazed that Amanda had just taken a huge cock
all the way into herself. It seemed way too large to
fit into her tiny opening, and yet it she made it look
so easy. The astro-glide had done its job as the big
rubber cock slid effortlessly into her vagina. Her
eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped slightly.
"OOOOhhhh" she cooed as she slid it in and out. It was
quiet in the room as we both held our breath. The dildo
made a slurping sound as she slid it in and out of her
slippery hole. I was frozen in amazement and wonder at
this incredibly sexy sight. My pussy tingled and I
almost involuntarily began to slowly massage my naked
little mons.

Suddenly she stopped. "You do it now," She suggested.
"Here, get close to me and you push it in and out and
hold me tight. I got close and did as she suggested. We
began to kiss passionately as I slid the big rubber
cock in and out of her. Our tongues wound around each
other and we were salivating freely. I wanted to
literally suck her spit out of her.

Then I realized. In a way, I was fucking Amanda, and I
loved the feel of it. I loved the feel of her body as
she herself felt the rush of pleasure creeping up from
her vagina to engulf her entire being. Amanda was on
fire with passion. As she started to cum she gasped and
sucked the air from my lungs. I grabbed at her and held
her tighter as she took over the pumping motion from
me, pushing and pulling the big rubber cock faster and
faster. Her body tensed and then in a sudden release I
felt the orgasm surge through her. She squealed and
gasped loudly as she came.

All these years later I can still feel my sweet Amanda
convulsing in my arms. She came hard and loudly. She
loved the word "Fuck" and she said it over and over as
she came in my arms. Afterward she lay sprawled on the
bed, her naked labia still glistening from the astro-
glide. I could almost see those sweet pussy lips
quivering. Amanda was at her most beautiful just after
she came. The glow of the orgasm was still on her cute
little body, and she was beautiful to me beyond my
ability to describe. Her skin was like the finest
satin, glistening slightly with perspiration. She was
beautiful to me beyond description.

It was now my turn. I must admit I was very nervous to
think that I would lose my virginity this way. I tried
to make an objection, but Amanda would have none of it.
I was to lose my cherry tonight. "I love you," she
said. "I want to be the one who does it. Not some goofy
guy you hardly know. When you are old you will look
back and say that Amanda was your first. I wish you had
been my first." She said.

I knew she really meant it. And so I assumed the same
position that Amanda had assumed, half sitting, half
lying, with my legs drawn up. The big rubber cock got
another coating of the astro-glide, and my pussy got a
nice going over from Amanda's probing fingers as she
inserted plenty of the slippery stuff into me. This
alone was making me so hot I could scarcely stand it.

Who needs a big cock when this feels soooo good, I
thought. Then in a ceremoniously serious fashion, the
cock was placed at my quivering labia and pressed
slowly into my vagina. The feeling was one of being
filled to the brim. It hurt briefly but as Amanda
continued to press it firmly home I felt a fullness I
had not felt with fingers and tongues. The penetration
was good. I felt certain completeness in sex I had not
yet felt, and I liked it. I liked it a lot. I looked
down and saw my blood on Amanda's fingers. She smiled
at me. "Not a virgin anymore." She said softly "I took
your cherry, Sweety. I was your first."

Then she climbed on top of me and pressed her own sweet
little pussy against the end of the dildo, pressing it
into me. "When I pull back," she said breathlessly "you
squeeze it out. Then I'll push it back in again. We'll
be fucking." And so we fucked, with Amanda pushing the
dildo with her pussy each time I squeezed it out. But
while we did this, we couldn't kiss because Amanda had
to position her body just right to push the dildo back
in. I gasped with each insertion, and with each plunge
of the big dildo into my body I became more and more

Finally in a fit of compassion, she jumped to my side
as I had been at her side and began fucking me
furiously as our mouths locked together. She held me so
tight I couldn't breathe. The sound of the big cock
slurping in and out of my baby cunt was only
overshadowed by the sound of our mouths clasping
desperately together. I began to cum. I came and I came
and I came.

The more I squealed and squirmed, the harder she
slammed the big cock into me. I'm sure they could hear
me across the street. At last all the tension in my
body released. Then we lay exhausted in each other's
arms and went to sleep. It was my first fuck, and I
loved it. No guy could have ever done that to me quite
the way Amanda had done it. I was totally fulfilled.

*** The Sleepover ***

Our sleepover clique was still intact, although we
hadn't had a sleepover in quite a while. Amanda and I
had been so interested in each other that we had
neglected the group. One night as we lay together after
making love Amanda said that we should get the
sleepover group together again soon, like that coming
Friday. Then she dropped her bombshell. "I want them to
know about us," she said wickedly with an impish gleam
in her eye. "I want us to make love in front of them."

Well, I was a little stunned, but the mischievous look
on Amanda's face told me she was perfectly serious. You
see, Amanda was an imp in those days, a troublemaker
through and through. The normal things that determined
the behavior or opinions of the other girls had no
impact on Amanda. Reputation didn't mean anything to
her. She would just as soon be the talk of the school.
If Amanda could have gotten away with it she would have
walked naked through the cafeteria at noon, and laughed
at the gaping faces. She was truly a free spirit unlike
anyone I have ever met or am likely to meet again. She
wanted to be different and controversial. She relished
the thought.

I, on the other hand, was a total coward. It took some
serious convincing for Amanda to finally make me
promise that I would do what she wanted done. She
promised me she would always be with me, and that we
would be the school rebels together. A team. She wanted
everyone in school to know we were a couple. If I
hadn't loved Amanda so much I would have run like hell
at the mere prospect of being labeled a "queer" at
school. Even with her support, I was scared to death.

When the night of the sleepover arrived, I remember
being very afraid. Amanda said that I must promise to
just follow her lead and do what she said. I agreed,
although reluctantly. There were to be eight girls at
the sleepover including Amanda and me. These were some
of the cutest and most popular girls in the seventh
grade, all from well-to-do families. My Dad had his
usual Friday night date so we had the house to

As was our custom, all the girls donned their nighties
and we ordered pizza. The usual talk of boys led to sex
and as usual, Amanda was the star of the show. She had
real experience to talk about, and she did. But this
time the conversation took a new twist. Out of the
blue, Amanda said, "You know it was nice sucking a
cock. I really liked it, but it's not nearly as nice as
eating pussy." She had a total look of mischief in her
eyes as she said it.

You could have heard a pin drop as the other girls
looked in amazement at Amanda. Finally Jennifer, the
cutest little blonde cheerleader in the seventh grade
said, "Are you serious? You've done it with a girl?"

"Sure, haven't you?" responded Amanda in a perfectly
matter-of-fact demeanor.

"Of course not!" sputtered Jennifer "I'm not gay!"

"I'm not gay either," said Amanda "I'm the only one
here who's actually been with a guy."

Finally Lisa, my other best friend, asked the obvious
question. "So who was it?"

My heart stopped. In a few seconds my life would change
and I knew it. I was holding my breath.

"I'll never tell," said Amanda "but I will tell you
this. Its someone I love very much as a friend and we
have been lovers for a long time." There was another
pregnant pause as the girls tried to process this
totally new information. Amanda, the most beautiful and
exotic girl in school, had a female lover. It was
something so unexpected and delicious that the girls
were having a hard time processing the information.
Then, to my own amazement, I heard my own voice. It was
weak and cracked noticeably as I said "its me" almost
in a whisper. There was another very pregnant pause.
Everyone was looking at me in amazement.

Finally Kimberly spoke up. She was another dark beauty
whom I had known since kindergarten.

"Are you in love with Amanda?" she asked in an
astonished tone.

"I think we love each other, sort of, like real good
friends I guess" I squeaked, as my voice quivered.

"You don't have to be in love to have sex, you know"
Amanda blurted out. "We do it for the fun of it and we
don't care what anyone else thinks. If you haven't
tried it, don't knock it!"

Kimmy, a cute little Asian girl that none of us knew
all that well was the next to speak. "Well I don't see
anything wrong with it." She said in a serious tone " I
think people should make love and not criticize if its
different from what they believe. I think it sounds
like fun!"

"Kimmy, you're my kind of girl," said Amanda. "I'll bet
you would be a hot little one too!" We all laughed.
Kimmy was very petite and little girlish, but a very
very cute girl.

"So do you want us to give you a sneak preview?" said
Amanda in her most impish voice. Kimmy quickly said,
"Well I do! I want to see it right now before you
change your mind!"

The others looked on in rapt attention. Was this really
happening? Amanda stood in front of me and motioned me
to rise. We stood face to face and she took me in her
arms and kissed me hard. It was the wettest, sexiest
kiss we had ever experienced together. I literally
melted in her arms as the other girls gasped at the
passion of our embrace. Our tongues wound together in
a sexy and sensuous dance. Our bodies pressed together
and Amanda's hands cupped my cute little ass through my
nightie bottoms. There was dead silence. At first I
felt self conscious, but as my passion mounted I felt
emboldened. My free flowing juices were loosening me
up, and I was getting very much into the spirit of it.

Then suddenly Amanda thrust her other hand into my
panties and her fingers slid effortlessly into my damp
vagina. I heard the audience gasp again. Amanda
quickly slid down my panties and lifted my top over my
head. I was naked in front of my best friends and
Amanda was ravishing me. I was already on the verge of
cumming and we had scarcely started. The excitement of
having an audience was having a huge effect on me.
Amanda stripped quickly and we continued our lascivious
embrace, grinding our naked pussies together our hands
massaging each other's soft and supple skin. She
massaged my tight little ass and I did the same to her.

Then she pulled me down onto the floor and began
kissing me all over, sucking my firm little nipples and
then running her tongue down my midsection until her
mouth covered my pussy and her tongue licked me up and
down. She slurped loudly sucking up my liquids, making
as much of a show of it as possible for our incredulous
friends. It was not until then that I looked at the
faces of the other girls and they were all gaping in
amazement except Kimmy. Kimmy was now half naked,
having taken down her cute little cotton panties, and
masturbating too. Her cute little girl body was
glistening and she was moaning as she watched Amanda
suck my pussy. The sight of all this elevated my
passion and I began to cum, my body shaking and
convulsing in wave after wave of passionate release.

Then I noticed that Kimmy was off the couch and had
gotten up behind Amanda. Her hand was massaging
Amanda's pussy from behind. The other girls observed
quietly as Kimmy began to make love to Amanda. When I
was exhausted and completely satisfied, Amanda turned
to Kimmy and the two of them locked in another
passionate embrace, each on their knees. They hardly
knew each other, but it didn't matter. The sexual
energy between them was instant. They kissed
passionately each massaging the other's pussy lips.

It was an amazing show. Kimmy was so petite that she
looked no older than 10. Then, in short order they were
in a sixty- nine with Kimmy on top and Amanda's face
buried deep in her ass, lapping her sweet juices from
behind. I watched in amazement as my fingers began
massaging my own wet pussy again. It was only then that
I realized that Jennifer was by my side. She was naked
too. I had known her since we were in kindergarten, and
I had secretly had a crush on her for years.

I hadn't understood it before, but now that we were
naked on the floor together, I realized that the
feelings I had for her were very sexual. Our naked
bodies came together and we kissed, at first awkwardly
and then deeper and deeper until we were clinging to
one another with surprising urgency. It just felt so
good to me to hold her naked in my arms. I finally felt
totally relaxed as we kissed and fondled each other in
a deep passionate embrace. The other girls looked on
as the four of us put on quite a show. We would never
be a group again.

The new sleepover team was me, Amanda, Kimmy and
Jennifer. The others would go their own way. To the
best of my knowledge though, what happened that night
at my house never got around school. The other girls
kept our little secret even though they chose to go a
different way. The next week the "Four Musketeers" as
we called ourselves had the best sleepover ever.

My Dad took his girlfriend to the Bahamas and the four
of us had a weekend of total debauchery. You will find
out about that weekend and Amanda's affair with my Dad
in the next chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sun, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: ahw.txt (MF, wife, cheat, rom)
Authors name: Sandy (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Housewife's Tale

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2004. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

A Housewife's Tale
By Sandy (***@hotmail.com)


A true story about adventure, discovery, and harmless
deceit. (MF, wife, cheat, rom)


Hi readers, this is my first time posting and it may be
my last, but my life has changed over the past few
years and I'm looking for an outlet for some memories.
(I guess I am also looking for a way to replay them in
my mind!) So here goes . this will be written as a
letter from me to you.

First off I need to tell you a bit about me, not who I
am today but who I was for the 7 years I spent chasing
higher education. I had come from a small high school,
where I did not deserve the reputation that I was
given. The truth is, I fell in love and pursued those
feelings. The trouble was that I fell for a boy with an
inferiority complex (undeserved) who needed to act like
a big man around his friends. Anyway, he talked and I
paid the social cost. These things happen.

But they were not going to happen to me while I was in
school. I am a fairly driven person and I had planned
on competing in athletics, graduating near or at the
top of my class, and getting accepted to a graduate
program. A serious boyfriend would make this impossible
by taking up time, making it difficult to apply to
distant programs, and all the rest. So, no boys for me.
No problem, right?

Wrong. It was easy for a while but eventually I missed
the feeling of being on a date, of being held, of all
of that. Well I was (and am) stubborn, so I hatched my
own little plan that wouldn't force me to go back on
the promise that I had made to myself. Please don't
think poorly of me, but I decided to answer a few of
those free adult Internet ads just for the attention.

It was a lot of fun at first, but then grew tiresome
after the millionth guy mentioned for the millionth
time that he wanted to do this or that with me and that
he would do it with his monster . I think you get the
picture. Anyway, a lot of bad email conversation
without the personal contact that I was missing.

Then I started to play games, and this is really where
the story begins. Do you know how interested a man will
be in you if he thinks you are married, a bit lonesome,
and refuse to leave your husband? It was unbelievable,
not only will guys write back, but they tend to be
kinder than kind, and do not write the same trashy
emails that I had grown to dislike. I became Sandy, the
19 year-old housewife (and I was 18 at the time!), and
this is the story of my first 'extra-marital'

It started after I emailed a guy in his 30s who said in
his ad that he was only posting one (and one with a
pretty revealing photo!) because of a dare. I emailed
him, made a joke about how he will probably have to
deal with a lot of attention for the silly dare, and
told him about my situation. We chatted via email
frequently for a couple of weeks, and he sent me a
number of photos (fully dressed unlike his ad).

This was a very cute man - about 6 foot tall, 180
pounds, dark hair, blue eyes, and athletic. He was very
understanding of my situation, claimed to want a
platonic friendship, and tried several times to have me
call him or meet him for coffee. (One good thing about
being a 'married housewife' - guys are very careful to
keep things secret and don't suggest meeting at crazy

I was going to stop emailing but then I decided, 'why
not'. I agreed to meet him at a coffee shop a couple of
towns over from the University for lunch. What do you
wear to such an event? And how do you dress like a
housewife? Things were pretty complicated in a funny
way, but I was going to play this out. For the record,
I didn't expect anything physical to happen. Actually,
I definitely planned on making sure that nothing

I arrived at the shop a little late, but dressed nicely
if not a bit too casual. I'm a swimmer so I stay fit,
and I've always felt that I look good in jeans, so I
just put on my favorite pair and topped it off with a
sweater. (It was perhaps a bit on the tight side but
nothing offensive.) I didn't often wear make-up at the
time so all I added in that department was a bit of
lip-gloss. The most important part of the outfit came
from my grandmother - the engagement and wedding rings
actually looked good on me!

Sorry, I just realized that I am being rude. You don't
have any idea what I look like. At the time (and today,
but a bit more mature) I looked very much like the
happy, athletic, but not anorexic girl that every guy
knows but usually doesn't date in high school.

I have sandy blond hair, green eyes, stand 5'3", and
weighed about 108 lbs at the time. The weight was (and
is) distributed well, which is to say that after
puberty no one ever confused me with a boy. (Sorry, but
I'm not going to go into much more detail on this right
here - I know some of you guys want me to be of porn
star proportions, with flaming red lips, dressed in a
leather micro-mini skirt, and teetering on 8" stiletto
heals. But I wasn't - sheesh, I'm pretty sure I was
wearing sneakers!)

So back to my date. He was lovely, and smart, and
strong, and very much my senior. He was 36 at the time,
which was double my age, and I felt a bit overmatched
in terms of intellect and experience. Still, he was
very kind and polite. We chatted for almost 2 hours and
when I said I had to go and stood up to do so, he gave
me a hug and a small kiss on the cheek and said that he
lived close by if I wanted to continue our conversation
for a bit longer. I couldn't believe what I said next,
"I have to be home by 4:30 to start dinner, but I could
hang out for another hour if you want"! He wanted.

He had a beautiful apartment with a lovely view of the
bridge. He came up behind me as I was admiring it and
slowly ran his hands up the outside of my legs, past my
hips, and along the side of my breasts - his confidence
was spectacular! My heart was racing, I'm certain I
wasn't thinking strait, and I just let him turn me
around and kiss me. And what a kiss! He whispered in my
ear that I was beautiful and that he could be my
secret. I was totally overcome. And in about 30
seconds, I was totally naked with this beast.

I had never liked hairy chests until that moment, I had
never liked older guys until that moment, and I had
never wanted to become someone else's fantasy until
that moment. He took such good care of me! I have a
very sensitive body and he picked up on that quickly.
He very softly made love to my body with his mouth,
seemingly savoring every square inch before making me
climax for the first time (at least as violently).

Although clearly under-experienced I was determined to
love this man. I stroked his hardness for a short time
and then took him into my mouth. He was long and hard
and clean and I was so happy, and so determined to make
him happy. After too short a time (I was loving this)
he pulled me gently, but firmly, closer to him and
released into my mouth.

I must have been special to him because he didn't miss
a beat, he didn't need a break, and he didn't plan to
stop at all. I felt very small, but loved, in his arms
as he rolled me over and positioned himself above me. I
felt his penis pushing against me, and when he found
the spot he stopped, looked at me, teased me a bit,
then kissed me as he pushed himself into my body. It
took a few minutes, he would move a little distance and
then wait, but eventually he had me.

I had never felt that full! I had never felt that lost
in a man, never. I was clearly his as he took me slowly
at first, then built speed, and finally took me with
long, strong thrusts. I had orgasmed so many times that
I lost count by the time I felt him tighten up.
Afterward I was amazed, but during the moment I wrapped
my legs around him and made him come deep inside me. It
was everything I wanted it to be!

After about 15 minutes I left him sleeping in his
apartment. I never saw him again - I was a housewife
remember - but he taught me something about myself that
indulged from time to time for the next 7 years.

Let me know if you are interested in hearing about my
other adventures.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Afghan Fuck Mission
by Martin Rammsonde (***@hotmail.com)


Soldiers come across a couple of Afghan civilians
engaged in homosexual activity and decide to intervene.
(MMM, intr, military, asian, anal)


The HMMVW rolled to a stop before a farmhouse north of
Kandahar. PFC Chu raised his IR goggles and surveyed
the scene. The heat sources bloomed and receded as he
adjusted the image, until three sources stood clear.
"Sergeant!" he called clearly to the companion seated
beside him, "three signatures, two engaged!"

Sgt Willsen chewed his lit cigar. He was a tough
African-American, an army man since graduating high
school, and hard to impress. Chu hadn't let him down
since they'd arrived in theatre. Best fucking IR
analyst he'd had. He bit the end off his cigar and spat
a wad of tobacco.

"All male?" he asked.

Chris Chu viewed the balls of light that illuminated
his goggle. "Affirmative. Single male in north-west
corner of compound, two males, uh, plowing ass in the
south-east corner". The horny asian grabbed his own
crotch and squeezed as he watched the blurry
fornicators thrusting in his goggles.

"You sure?" his section commander asked. "three target
males?" He trusted Chu implicitly, but he would ask all
the same. Plowing ass was interesting. His cock
twitched at the thought of watching handsome Afghans
breeding Afghans.

"IR don't lie," Chris replied, "I can see their fuckin'
peckers." The lone Afghan was lit up in IR by his
sweaty balls. The other two were illuminated where
one's cock was sliding into the other's tight ass, and
by the IR signature given off by their jizz-swollen

Rufus Willsen reached over and killed the ignition. He
swung out of his seat, M-16 slung in his arm. "Let's do
it," he said, spitting out the butt of his cigar.

The two soldiers took up position before the farmhouse
door, and on the count of three Chris burst through,
weapon raised. He moved towards the left, to secure the
southeast corner of the complex. Rufus rushed to the
right, and before Chris had even navigated the narrow
corridor to his targets he heard Rufus shout "Down,
down, get down!" followed by "Secured!"

He entered a dimly lit room. In one corner he saw two
pale bodies, on a rough bed close to the floor, coupled
in coitus. He pulled the trigger on his M-16 twice,
firing into the wall well above them, the muzzle
flashes briefly illuminating the room.

It was enough to see the two Afghans, one atop the
other, ass-fucking. One lay face down on the bed, his
ass pushed up by a pillow under his hips. The other
sprawled against him, his cock deep inside, almost
pulling his fuck-pole free before burying it deep. Chu
shouted in the only Pashto he knew "US Army – you are

As the fuckers disengaged, their faces came into the
spotlight of Chu's M-16 mounted flashlight. The battle-
hardened private's jaw dropped – his two captives were
indistinguishable. The horny fornicators were identical
twins. His already stiff cock swelled in his combats,
slipping free from the confines of his briefs. He
gestured the naked twinks to stand against the wall,
arms up and legs spread. They were clean shaven with
short black hair, fit bodies from farm labor, smooth
except the dense dark hair around their pubes.

From the next room his sergeant brought the other
detainee, hands restrained behind his back. The
prisoner's face, even with its tightly cropped beard,
was similar enough to the twins to mark him as the
older brother. He was shirtless, clad only in partoog,
the baggy cotton trousers worn in Afghanistan. Like his
younger twin brothers his body was fit, but more
muscular, with a trail of black hair leading from a
furry patch on his chest down into his pants.

He audibly inhaled in shock as he saw his younger
brothers standing naked against the wall, their swollen
cocks jutting away from their body: one twin's cock was
slick and lubed; the other twin's ass pink from the
pounding interrupted by the Americans' raid. Their
bodies were witness to their older brother of what
they'd been doing with each other.

Willsen pushed the older brother face first against the
wall beside his brothers. The sergeant had an ID card
he had found. He peered at it. "Who-came," he said, and
looked at the man. No response. He grabbed his hair,
and turned his head to look at the card in his hand.

"Who-came?" he repeated, waving the card.

The man understood. "Hukam," he said, pronouncing his

Rufus grunted. He slapped the ass of the twin beside
Hukam to get his attention, and pointed at his brother
saying, "Hukam," and then pointed at him, with eyebrows

"Zmarak," the younger man said. He moved sideways to
slap the other twin's bare ass. "Hukam. Zmarak," he

"Kakay," came the response in a low voice.

The two soldiers looked at their captives, squeezing
their swollen cocks through their combat pants. The two
twins, Zmarak and Kakay, stood against the wall, their
arms raised and palms pressed against the cinderblock.
They were naked, their young cocks still stiff and
pulsing. Their older brother Hukam stood beside them.
He stole a look at his younger brothers' cocks,
relieved that his partoog hid his swelling tool. "Fuck,
I need to bust my nut," said the older more experienced
black man.

Chris licked his finger, and pressed the lubed digit
against Zmarak's tight hole. With some effort his digit
slipped in. The Afghan youth moaned as the American
penetrated his luv-hole. Hukam looked away as the asian
GI violated his brother, then slyly glanced back.
Zmarak was pushing back, burying Chris's finger deeper,
rather than recoiling. Hukam's cock bobbed and a drop
of pre-cum leaked from his cock and wicked into his
cotton pants.

Chris guided Zmarak towards his twin brother Kakay; the
young Afghan's swollen fuck-pole pressed briefly
against Kakay's winking sphincter, before it slipped in
and was enveloped by his twin's luv-chute. Zmarak,
encouraged by Chris's hands on his ass, soon found an
easy rhythm fucking his brother's ass.

Hukam was now rock hard as he watched his smooth
younger brothers fuck. His cut fuck-pole leaked a
steady stream of pre-cum that hung like a salty thread
from his throbbing tool.

Chris was stripping out of his combats, anticipating
fucking Pashtun man-ass. His throbbing cock burst out
of his briefs as he slid them off. His smooth asian
body was hairless, other than the silky halo of black
hair that surrounded his cock and balls. His sergeant
looked approvingly at Chu's muscled physique, the
result of vigorous training.

The sight of Zmarak's round Afghan ass tightening and
relaxing as the Pashtun twink pumped his brother's
love-pussy was by now too much for Chris. He dropped to
his knees and spread Zmarak's cheeks, eagerly tonguing
the youth's hole as Zmarak bred his twin. Zmarak moaned
as his fuck-pussy was swabbed and then penetrated by
the American's tongue. The moans turned Chris on more
than ever, his cock throbbing at the thought of mating
with Zmarak's sweet and tasty boy-cunt.

He stood up behind Zmarak, his raging fuck-pole aimed
at the fucker's manhole. He reached around Zmarak to
put his hands on his brother Kakay's hips on either
side, and slowly pulled himself forward, letting
Zmarak's own hip thrust's impale the Pashtun boy on his
Asian-American ass-splitter. Zmarak moaned, enjoying
the fuck-chute massage he was getting. Chris had only
to stand still behind the Afghan fuck-stud to let his
cock be serviced by the youth's tight boy-pussy.

It was Rufus's turn now with the oldest of the three
Afghan brothers. Hukam couldn't help himself at the
sight of the three-way fuck-meet beside him, and had
dropped a hand to stroke his thick meat through his
cotton trousers. Rufus's fat black cock was ready for
action, and Hukam's virgin ass was virtually quivering
to be filled.

Rufus put his hands on Hukam's bare muscled shoulders,
and guided him towards the stained bed mat that lay on
the floor. He pushed him on his back, then slid off the
Afghan's white partoog, leaving him naked, his hard
dripping cock pressed against his furry belly. The
sergeant now stripped bare, his engorged black fuck-
stick springing out of his briefs and wetly slapping
his stomach. Hukam's cock drooled as he stared at the
unimagined black meat.

Rufus spread and raised the Pashtun's legs, throwing
Hukam's legs over his shoulders, and then pressed the
bulb of his man-meat against Hukam's hungry love-hole.
He slowly pressed forward until he felt Hukam yield,
and then he buried his long thick cock deep in Afghan
ass. He started fucking the young man long and deep,
while both of them stole glances at the horny threesome
rutting nearby.

Rufus was slick with sweat by the time he felt his cock
swell in Hukam's ass, and his balls tighten up into
him, and then he was shooting his black seed deep into
the Afghan stud. He kept pumping his ass until his
creamy spooge started pistoning out of the Afghan's

Hukam was surprised to actually feel the American's hot
mans-punk exploding inside him. And then, with Rufus
still leaning over him, and the spent black cock still
deep in his ass, with his ankles still draped on the
sergeant's powerful shoulders, he felt his balls draw
tight, and hot creamy Pashtun man-juice was splattering
over his chin and chest. He involuntarily made short
inarticulate sounds with each contraction of his balls.
He gasped as his climax faded. Without ever touching
his cock, this black fucker had milked him dry.

Before he slipped out of Hukam's ass, Rufus felt the
contractions of the orgasming Afghan's fuckring around
his cock. He leaned forward to lick the hot white
spooge off Hukam's chin and chest.

Zmarak's cock had been stroking itself in Kakay's tight
boy-hole with every thrust forward, while his
lovebutton in his own fuck-pussy was being massaged on
every thrust backward by the rigid asian man-pole
behind him. When he heard his older brother Hukam's
noisy orgasm, it sent him over the top, and he buried
himself deep in Kakay's ass to deliver his load. Chris
felt the boy's cherry lock around his cock, and took
the cue, vigorously thrusting to stroke Zmarak's g-spot
and prolong the Afghan's fuck-blast.

When his nuts had been milked dry, the sweaty twink
held onto his brother, still deep inside him, as Chris
continued to hammer him from behind. Chris reached in
front of Zmarak's spent balls to where the Afghan's
cock split apart his twin's ass, and scooped the creamy
man-juice leaking from Kakay's luv-hole with his
fingers, then brought it to Zmarak's lips.

The twink eagerly gobbled his own cum from Chris's
fingers, licking them clean. Still fucking the Afgan's
tight ass, Chris reached again for another wad of
Zmarak's boy-honey, but offered it this time to
Zmarak's horny twin. Kakay, still impaled on his
brother's softening fuck-stick, sucked ravenously at
Chris's fingers, consuming the salty treat his brother
had deposited up his ass.

Chris pushed his smooth chest against Zmarak's warm
back, thrusting hard and deep into his velvety boy-
cunt. He was going to bust his nut soon. He banged hard
into the tight fuck-hole twice more, than pulled out
and grabbed Zmarak by the shoulders and forced him to
his knees. He pushed his cock urgently to the Afghan's
lips, which parted to accept the thick cock and swallow
it without question. He grabbed Zmarak's thick black
hair and slammed his engorged cock down his throat.
Once. Twice. And then he pulled free, and blasted wad
after wad of Chu-juice onto Zmarak's surprised face.
His boy-gravy slid down the Afghan's face; Zmarak
licked what he could from his lips.

Kakay's cock still twitched, unsatiated, and his twin's
twinkbatter leaked from his well-fucked lovehole. He
knelt and licked the asian boycream from his brother's

Rufus grabbed the still-horny Kakay, and threw him on
the bed mat. He rolled Hukam onto his side, and bent up
one leg to expose his Afri-bred hole, oozing man milk.
He roughly guided Kakay's cock to his older brother's
hole. Kakay excitedly followed, pushing his throbbing
fuck-rod up Hukam's jizz-lubed boy-cunt. Hukam grunted
as his ass was vigorously violated by the second cock
of the night.

Kakay wrapped his arms around his older brother for
affection as well as for leverage, and aggressively
fucked his sloppy manhole. With each thrust into his
brother, his buttocks squeezed out some of Zmarak's
fresh boy-jizz. The previous exertions with Zmarak and
Chris had left him near the edge, and it wasn't long
before his body spasmed and he bust his nut inside
Hukam, his cream mixing with Rufus's.

Leaving the three brothers naked and sticky with spunk
on the bed, Chu and Willsen pulled on their combats,
their hearts still pounding from the heavy work of
their man-fucking. They made a cursory search of the
dwelling, confiscating an ancient pre-WWI Lee-Enfield
rifle, which they threw in the back of their humvee,
and then they accelerated away, disappearing in a cloud
of Central Asian dust, the same dust that had stirred
under the feet of Alexander's Macedonian army more than
two millennia ago. Like the dust, the people were

When the foreigners had left, and with Zmarak and Kakay
exhausted and in a deep fuck-induced slumber, Hukam
crept to the farmhouse's tiny kitchen, and rolled up
the rug on the floor. Underneath the rug lay a wooden
trap door. He pulled up the door and peered into the
darkness of the deep spiderhole that lay beneath. A
bearded turbaned head appeared in the shaft of light
dimly illuminating the base of the ladder that led into
the squalid hole, and blinked.

Hukam sighed. His tall Arab guest would live another
day. He dropped the trapdoor with a bang, and kicked
the rolled carpet back to cover it. His cock was
getting hard again, and only his twin brothers could
extinguish the new and burning thoughts that fired his


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Blowjobs by the Dozen
by Rrrumbler54 (***@yahoo.com)


A lazy Saturday afternoon, trying to suck off a dozen
unknown men. (MM+/m-teen, voy, oral, glory)


My girlfriend was out of town, and I can't find my
friends, so I needed something to pass the afternoon. I
often went to the local ABS to trade blowjobs on a
Saturday afternoon. Besides loving to suck and to be
sucked, I think it makes me a better fuck with my
girlfriend on Saturday night.

Well, this afternoon, I had nothing else to do, and
didn't need to save anything for Saturday night. I
decided this trip to the ABS would be one to remember

I loaded my backpack with my Polaroid camera, film, a
small battery powered lamp to light the booth, and a
small towel to keep my knees off the cum-covered floor.
I also had two rolls ($20 worth) of quarters. I drove
the 20 miles to my favorite Glory Holes with the
mission to suck and be sucked until I was all sucked

The guys behind the counter know what's in my backpack,
and have no problem with me bring in my "supplies".
I've traded blow jobs with them, right behind the
counter, when there were no other customers around. I
got an additional $5 of "tokens" and headed downstairs.

This shop had 2 pair of glory hole booths; I took the
one furthest in back. I spread out my towel, turned on
the lamp, and got the camera ready. By the time I put a
token in the slot, there was already a cock poking
through to my booth!

This one was short, barely 4 inches, I'd guess, but it
was WIDE, with a huge purple head! I licked it up one
side and down the other. I swirled my tongue around the
head, under it, and tried to french the slit in the
end. The moans on the other side of the wall told me he
wouldn't last long.

I have two rules for Glory Hole Cocks. The first, if it
stinks I want NOTHING to do with it. The second, I only
suck guys who suck me. They don't have to make me cum,
or swallow, nothing like that. But if they won't take
my cock into their mouth, why should I suck them?

So, I pulled my lips off this short, fat cock, and
waited until he pulled back. When he pulled back, my
cock followed his cock into his booth. I didn't have to
wait long to feel those HOT lips on my cock. I didn't
need to cum right away; I expected to be here for quite
a while. When I tried to pull back, he just held on to
my cock and kept sucking. I blew a BIG load and heard
him swallow it all down! I pulled back, and his cock
followed mine into my booth.

I was back on my knees, but I could barely get my lips
around this huge cock-head! I was afraid of dragging my
teeth across his cock, so I just licked it like a
lolly-pop. When I felt he was about to cum, I puckered
my lips around the slit end and sucked his cum like I
was sucking a milkshake through a straw. Hot, thick,
and salty, a GREAT load. I have pix of the big purple
head sticking through the wall and of my big puckered
kiss as I slurped his cum.

A moment or two after he left, another hand signaled
through the glory hole for my cock. I gladly accepted a
very aggressive BJ, but pulled back without cumming. I
signaled for his cock, and a small, very small
Hawaiian/Asian cock came into view. I snapped a picture
of the whole cock. I love small cocks; they get SO
HARD! I took it into my mouth, this was more like
french kissing than a blow job. Mostly tongue action.
In a minute or less, big strands of cum coated my
throat. Then, he was gone.

The next cock was very long, very thin, and very black!
If I had brought lube, this one would have gone up my
ass! I took several pictures of this one, just to
document how long it was, as well as how much I could
take down my throat. There had to be 9 or 10 inches
sticking through the hole!

I'll admit, I got carried away enough that I forgot
rule number two. I had his cock lodged in my throat as
he dumped his load. I never checked to see if he would
suck me?! I kept sucking as he softened. He pulled out,
zipped up and was gone.

When the next guy entered the booth, I noticed that he
didn't close the door. There were three or four guys
standing around, presumably waiting for their turn. I
thought if he wanted them to watch, they could watch
him suck ME off first! I stuck my cock through the
hole, and he started to stroke it. I heard him get
encouragement from the guys watching, and felt him take
my cock DEEP into his mouth. This was my second orgasm,
and I held out for about three minutes. He swallowed,
and sucked me soft. I pulled my limp dick back into my
booth and dropped to my knees.

His cock was "average", about 6 inches, pink and
circumcised. I got a picture as soon as it came into
view, pointing almost straight up! I wrapped my lips
around the head, and decide to just polish the Hell out
of his knob! Suck hard, keep the teeth away, and give
the short, fast strokes around the head. When he
started to cum, I thought it would never end! Gush
after gush, after gush!

When he left, the next in line came in, and again left
the door open, and again, I thought they should watch
him suck me first.

This went on for a little over 90 minutes. I had set a
goal of sucking off a dozen guys. My total was
FOURTEEN! Four were black guys; the long skinny cock,
two big, uncut cocks, and one hard, cut, jet black
cock. Three were Hawaiian/Asian, little index-finger
sized, rock hard cocks full of cum. The remaining seven
were generic white cocks, four cut, three uncut.

I was sucked by 13 guys, and came in four different
mouths! That made it a really great afternoon, IMO!

I shot three packs of film, which was barely 2 pix per
cock. I only shot one picture of a few of the cocks,
because I shot 3 or 4 of the couple "trophy" cocks.

This was in the summer of 1977, long before we had
heard of herpes or AIDS. I have my pictures to help me
remember this GREAT afternoon. Please, do NOT attempt
this now; it is WAY TOO DANGEROUS!


If you enjoyed my story, please let me know.

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

English Girl for Hire
by Shagglepuss (address withheld)


The sick tale of a guy who prostitutes his girlfriend
when they get stranded without any money in Loxville.
(M+/F, nc, gang-rp, mexicans)


The Greyhound bus pulled away leaving them in a cloud
of dust and diesel fumes. Loxville had been on the UK
tourist guide 'must see' list but neither John nor Tori
could see why - it wasa grade A dump! Loxville only had
one thing going for it - it was full of convention

The couple were Tori - superb example of an English
Rose. blond, blue eyes, stunning looker, ample breasts
without being too flash, and long legs. Rounded off
with a Surrey accent that turned heads everywhere she

John was reasonably good looking but 'safe'. Tori's
sister always commented on his 'mono-brow' which
together with his 2 day stubble made him look a bit

They flopped into their motel room - Tori falling into
a deep sleep almost straightaway. John went exploring
but only the thing he discovered was that he'd lost his

Tori woke to the sounds of John throwing everything out
of there combined luggage. "Where the fuck is the
cash?" was all he kept saying.

They turned the room upside down looking for John's
wallet for it contained all their cash, credit cards
and travellers cheques. The last thing John remembered
was counting what money they'd left over - on the back
seat of the bus now 200 miles away.

Between them they had $4 and some loose change.

They tried to explain to the motel owner that they'd
get someone to wire the cost of the accommodation but
Frank only threatened to call the cops.

He said that perhaps he could get a couple of the
conventioneers to donate some money if Tori would turn
a couple of tricks. Being English, Tori didn't realise
what Frank had said for a while. Somewhat taken aback,
she felt shocked and not just a little afraid once
realisation dawned - John didn't help because he
thought it was a good idea. "What's wrong with letting
a couple of old guys grope you?"

They argued for the entire day until very reluctantly
Tori agreed - but insisted John would be close at hand
if things got out of hand.

Frank gave her some more 'appropriate' clothes to wear
other than the jeans, T and sneakers that were her
choice. Now resplendent in a black short-wear nightie
and matching knickers and stockings Tori assumed her
position on the bed.

Before long her first customer arrived - Frank took on
the role of pimp with a practiced ease. John took the

The salesman just talked excitedly, kissed and groped
Tori - somewhat roughly. He put his hand on her pussy
and moved it up and back - as though expecting this
action would turn Tori on. He finally plucked on the
courage to put his hand down her knickers, and on
feeling her course hair and the moist envelop between
her legs he promptly rushed to the toilet. Tori could
hear him retching down the pan. Emerging from the
toilet, the punter picked up his coat and left
apparently satisfied.

The next customer was a teenage boy who didn't say
anything other than to ask Tori to say 'absolutely' in
that Surrey accent. Duly obliging, Tori whispered the
word in his ear and the lad promptly came in his pants.

Customers three and four were much like number one -
they just wanted to talk to an English girl - the
English girl they'd been told about.

"Not too bad then," thought Tori, "Maybe Americans just
wanted to talk."

How wrong she was.

John opened the door to tell Tori to expect another
customer soon. He clutched a green Nike shoe box that
doubled as a hasty cash register. At $45 a pop they'd
have enough to get out of here soon. He was aware of
someone behind him but as he turned to see who it was
he felt a sharp pain across the back of his head - and
no more.

John woke and doubled blinked. He was lying on his side
facing the bedroom wall - he knew it was their room
because he recognised the crack in the plaster.

His head hurt - really hurt and he felt sick. On
reaching the can he threw up and his head hurt all the
more. The bathroom was a mess. As his eyes got used to
the low light level he could see several discarded
condom wrappers and indeed lots of condoms - some
filled some not.

He stepped back into the room to see two dark shaped
silhouetted against the window. The shapes, having
dressed themselves, made their way to the door, opened
it and stepped out.

Moments later Frank put his head around the door and
half-whispered, "That's all girl," and shut the door.

John looked over to the bed. Tori was lying across it
face down - quite naked now. In the gathering light of
dawn John could see a remnant of the nightie moist from
use as a communal cock-wiping cloth.

Tori was slick with a mix of sweat, drool, blood and
semen. She lay on a huge wet patch - later he and Frank
turned the mattress over but it was stained right

The smell was undeniably 'fuck' reek.

With help, Tori sat up. She was smeared from head to
feet. She even had a thin trickle of semen coming out
of her nose now that she was upright. Her legs were
bruised with the marks of many hands and fingers, and
the inside of her thighs scratched from various zips
and belt buckles. Her body was covered with bite marks
- her nipples had especially been a target to the point
where they were red raw and bleeding.

She made it to the bathroom and spent all of five
minutes retching - mostly bile and semen. She crawled
into the shower and ran it until the water turned cold.

Frank somewhat matter-of-factly recounted what happened
to them - a mini-coach load of red-necks arrived and
after one of them slugged John, proceeded to gang rape
Tori over a period of some hours. To a man they told
Tori to say something in her clipped Surrey accent. To
a man they dumped their load into her as she spoke.

A bunch of conventioneers took up where the Texans
finished - they didn't care whether Tori spoke or not -
in fact she couldn't talk much on account of her mouth
being filled with a variety of dicks and their
inevitable semen load. It took all her effort just to
keep breathing, let alone stop herself from swallowing.
For Tori this was the most disgusting.

She was simultaneously raped three ways - all the time
the guys taking photographs. Then she was
systematically sodomised and forced to endure fellatio
immediately afterwards. The way that groups of men act
when conventional behaviour is suspended is
astonishing. They took turns holding her arms and feet
- seeing how wide they could spread her legs while one
of their number banged into her. Finally, they all
wiped their dicks with her hair.

When they left things calmed down a little. Punters
arrived mostly in ones and twos - it occurred to Tori
that those who forced her into a threesome readily
dumped their load at least twice. Singles just 'came
and went'.

The most memorable encounter was almost at the end. She
was aware they someone entered the room.

He got undressed - well took of his pants and
underwear. The bed lurched to one side as he put first
one knee then another on the bed. The guy was huge -
physically tall, broad and very heavy.

Momentarily bringing his full weight to bear on Tori.
Just as she felt she'd be suffocated, the guy leaned up
on one forearm - using his free arm he spread Tori's
legs as wide as they'd go.

To say the guy had a big dick would be an
understatement. As he guided it into Tori she drew up
her knees - if only to make the entry less painful.
Grateful that she was already wet from all the
previous donations.

Once fully engaged the guy set to pumping in a slow
steady rhythm - sometimes picked up the pace a little,
sometimes going slower but never stopping. The size of
his dick filled Tori so much that the inordinate amount
of semen already in her was forced out. She could feel
it running out of her pussy down in between the cheeks
of her bum.

Tori felt him come - for a moment thinking he wasn't
going to stop - such a torrent. The guy just kept up
that same rhythm finally pulling out when he'd emptied
a further two times into her. As he withdrew a river of
semen was gratefully released.

"Thank you ma'am," he said in a southern drawl. "Got to
get some shut eye before I head out west." He was the
only one that said thank you.

Tori saw him dress - his denim jacket had a distinctive
green and gold flash across the back.

As the big man left the room he was replaced by a pair
of Mexicans. Their swarthy features glistening in the
half light - dicks not that big but both went at Tori
like a couple of rutting bulls - each replaced by the
other in a frenzy of sexual activity in any one of a
dozen different positions - they never gave her a
moment's respite for almost an hour.

Their parting gift for Tori, and one they did with
practiced ease, was a double vaginal entry up to the
point they were almost coming then put their dicks in
her mouth - spurting their loads together. They left
there dicks in her until the last final drops had been
off-loaded. One even put his hand over Tori's nose to
make sure she took it all inside her.

Frank had insisted that all the 'participants' make a
contribution for hiring the English girl. Most paid
something, some paid a lot. The shoe box was almost
full of notes - totaling more that $2,000.

Frank reckoned that Tori had been serviced by at least
40 guys and probably more. He'd even had a go himself
but didn't share that with John.

John went to get some breakfast - joined by Frank. Tori
got dried, dressed in her hot-pants and T, stuffed some
clothes and the entire contents of the shoe box into a
flight bag - save $45 - and closed the door quietly
after her. She'd leave him the cost of a shag. She'd
also wiped some of the jism off her pussy using the
inside fold of John's passport - on the page stamped
with the US visa - "Explain that one," she grinned

Three hours later Tori watched the road gently rolling
by. Her long legs stretched to the dash-board - bare
feet resting lightly - slightly apart allowing the cool
a/c breeze between her legs - grateful for the relief
it gave.

In the door-mirror she could just see Loxville way in
the distance. The green and gold truck side panel
gleaming in the mid-morning sunshine.

She found Clem the big trucker and he agreed to take
her as far as he was going and that was L.A. She'd need
to catch a bus to her ultimate destination of San
Francisco later.

She and Clem had stuck a deal - he'd give her a lift
and supply food and drink in return for Tori giving him
freebies on the way. He explained that in the US,
truckers have to stop every four hours for at minimum
of one hour - but he was way ahead of schedule so could
stop for longer.

As tired and sore as she was, Tori found herself being
banged in the trucker's tiny cot more or less every
four hours - sometimes less, for more or less an hour -
sometimes more. They'd worked out that the most
comfortable way for Tori to accommodate Clem's huge
'tonka' was if she lay on her back with one leg
velcro'ed against the luggage rack and the other tied
around the driver's seat belt housing. She couldn't
believe how something that big could slip inside her
that easily - although she continued to discharge from
the initial onslaught for several hours. They'd
probably stretched her a good deal too.

She experienced most explosive and long lasting orgasms
she'd ever had in the back of that truck. Disposing of
the spent semen was a bit of a problem and Clem's cot
and sleeping bag bore the brunt being required to soak
up most of the flow back.

Clem never did oral or any of that 'city stuff' - Tori
very grateful he didn't want her bum either with a dick
that size.

They hauled over for the last night before LA and
stayed in a small motel. Clem clearly wanting his
money's worth insisted on shagging Tori all night. She
was still full when they walked to the truck but was
too tired to care about the stream of semen running
down the inside of her legs. She'd long stopped wearing
pants because they didn't stem the flow for very long

Tori said farewell to Clem and got the bus to SF. The
first thing she must do is check herself into a
hospital - with her internal and external bruising as
evidence she'd be able to claim rape (which was of
course true) and get free medical aid.

Once in SF she'd stay awhile but needed to fund that.
She very much liked being banged long and hard -
perhaps there's an opening for and English Rose?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2009. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

A Very Good Weekend
by Anonymous (address withheld)


A tough woman finds a man she can respect and
immediately tries him out for size. (MF, rom)


I was fuming when I slammed the door to the bar. The
big hairy bouncer making me leave. The skinny geek was
being held back by his friends as I exited, screaming
curses holding his bleeding head. Dork deserved getting
smacked in the head with that bottle.

"No one, but no one cops a feel off Louise Kelly Bishop
without asking!" I yelled at the bar. I started to
stomp towards my bike when I heard someone yell "Hey
wait!" I ignored it. Then a big hand was on my

With one smooth motion I grabbed that paw, stepped back
with one foot, pulled and twisted with my hips. Flannel
shirt, jeans and Redwing boots went flying to the
ground. Without a second's hesitation I straddled his
chest, right hand gripping his throat and left hand
finger nails ready to pluck some eyeballs.

But what stopped me where those eyes. Dark blue almost
purple irises, ringed with dark eyelashes that Tammy
Faye Baker would envy. Dark thick eyebrows set off the
tan forehead topped by soft black hair. That's all I
noticed at first. "This isn't the skinny geek?" I
blinked in confusion. Next I noticed his big grin with
the whitest most perfect teeth I've ever seen. A
perpetual five o'clock shadow on a male models square

I did a double take and relaxed when in a smooth deep
voice with a hint of humor choked "You dropped these."
He jangled the keys to my bike.

Frowning I snatched the keys. "Oh sorry," I quipped
sarcastically. Sliding off him I noticed something of
his was rapidly growing, but didn't let him know I
noticed. He got up rubbing his throat

"That was a pretty good move," he chuckled. He was tall
and athletically built, a little on the slender side.

"Four brothers," I said as if this explained

He nodded knowingly. My eyes traveling over his form,
Nice tush, I thought appreciatively. Damn, I had to
meet this guy by tossing him like a bag of shit.

He turned to leave. "Thanks," I finally said.

He waved a "your welcome" and continued walking away.

"Hey wait!" I stopped him not thinking of what I was
doing. "Can I make up for tossing you? Want to go get
something to eat?"

He looked back, his eyes first scanning my body then
focusing right into my eyes.

Those beautiful eyes sent wonderful little shivers up
my back. "I'll buy," I got out in a whisper.

That white grin widened.

"Sounds good," he smiled. "Where too."

"I know a good place," just follow me I said walking
over to my bike. "Kelly by the way."

"Bob. Nice," he said.

I turned and saw he was undressing me with his eyes. He
quickly turned his gaze on the bike as his cheeks
turned red.

He's blushing how cute, I smiled inside.

"63 Triumph," he pushed out, nodding his head, like one
of those spring necked statues in the rear window of
some cars.

"Thanks, I rebuilt it myself," I winked. "It's still a
good ride too."

He looked back in my eyes and let a hic-laugh come up
understanding my little double entendre. Nodding he
walked to a red Heritage softtail. "You lead the way,"
he called over his shoulder straddling his bike.

We started our rides up and with a couple twists on the
throttle we roared out onto the highway. I was thinking
of where to go to impress this guy. Aw hell, I'm horny
and he's cute, I decided. I laughed looking back at
him. But let's play a little bit. I opened up the
throttle in glee, picking up speed.

He stayed right behind me. Even when I turned onto a
canyon road that I knew like the back of my hand. He
could handle his bike real well, I thought. I wonder if
he can handle me as well.

After about two hours of riding the little back routes,
the sun was starting to set on this warm day. So I
headed to my place. It was a nice little wooden shack
up in the hills over looking LA. It was impossible to
find without knowing where to go. I like it that way.

We finally pulled up in my yard, shutting the bikes
down. There was that odd silence after a good hard
ride. We both got off our bikes an stretched.

"Welcome to Bishops ranch," I indicated the shack with
a wave of my hand.

Looking around he smiled, "Comfy."

"Come on in," I welcomed grabbing his arm. God he's got
a lot of meat on those arms, I wondered licking my

We walked into the shack which basically had two rooms.
A front room that had the kitchen and living area. The
backroom where I had planned to get him. It had a
bathroom that I had built onto the place as it was
originally set up with an outhouse. Other than that,
was the shed where I worked and parked my bike.

I turned on the stereo and put in some Moody Blues.
Then started hauling pans out of the cupboard.

"Anything I can do?" he asked.

"Sure, go out back to the freezer and grab a couple of
steaks," I answered pulling some spices down from the

I turned up the flame under the big iron frying pan and
slapped in some butter. He came back with a couple of
steaks which I tossed into the microwave to thaw out.
About half an hour later we both had steaming vittles
on the table.

He had lit a fire in the cobblestone fireplace and set
candles all about. PURRFECT! I thought. We began to
eat. He chewed on a morsel of the juicy steak.

"Mmmm, what kind of steak is this. Never had any like

I hesitated, "Bambi. They get that flavor from all the
sage they eat around here. I hunt."

He didn't react like some guys will, when they hear I
hunt. He just nodded in understanding and took another
bite. I smiled.

So we gorged ourselves, drank wine, talked and joked
for hours. He turned out to be a roaming adventurer.
Picking up odd jobs here and there. Working on oil
rigs, driving trucks, working cruise ships as a
masseuse. He offered to give me a rub down.

"I thought you'd never ask," I breathed.

He started to unbuckle my belt as I pulled off my T-
shirt. I didn't have a bra on (they are such a pain in
the ass) and lifted my butt so he could slip off my

"Got any baby oil?" he asked.

"Yea in the bathroom," I said as I slipped out of my
panties and stretched out face down on the lambskin
carpet in front of the fireplace. The heat from the
fire place sending out waves of warm air was making me

I heard bare feet and looked over my shoulder. He had
stripped down to black silk boxers. Muscular legs
stretched the fabric as well as a lump growing larger
in front. I loved the way the silk showed off those
tight round buns. You could see he worked out but he
didn't show that ripped look like those iron pumping,
steroid eating fools. He had a nice thin layer of fat
covering large muscles. Delicious, I thought
lasciviously licking my lips.

He poured a little oil in his hands then rubbed them
vigorously together. "That's to warm up the oil a
little" he said as he lightly started rubbing the
muscles in my back and shoulders. His hands were hot.
He slowly began to make larger circles occasionally
stopping to make those little chops. He continued down
my back to my butt, thighs, calves and feet. Then he
would move slowly back up to my neck.

Now and then he would work over a particular muscle if
I winced in pain. Until it relaxed and then continue
on. He kept doing this, repeating the massage from neck
to calves over and over until I was limp. Then he said,
"Ok turn over now."

I didn't think I could open my eyes let alone roll
over. But he gently helped me. I felt a little exposed
but soon relaxed.

I watched that pretty boy face concentrate as he began
by rubbing my feet. He seemed as lost in my body as I
was. So I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the
sensation. Again he just worked his way slowly up to my
shoulders and back down. Working out tight knots of

When he was working on my thighs again I unconsciously
placed a finger on my clit and started to make light
circular strokes. He gently grabbed my hand stopping
me. "Allow me please, just relax," he whispered

I sighed and lay may hands down. I felt his hot hand
cup my vulva spreading me gently by easing two fingers
where mine had just been. Making the same light
circular motion. With his other hand he cupped a breast
and just brushing my erect nipples with his soft lips
would blow his hot breath on one then the other.

He didn't hurry through with this. He continued at the
same pace until I was tingly all over. Just as I
thought I would go nuts with this slow sexual torture
he began rubbing my clit faster until I unexpectedly
had a short hard orgasm. I gasped at the sudden
explosion. He stopped until I relaxed from it then
again began massaging me from foot to shoulder.

When I was limp again he began giving me light kisses
in the same places he had massaged. When he reached my
clit he began that light blowing, making it tingle from
his hot breath. He lowered his face until his lips
tightly attached to my lower ones. Then I felt his
darting tongue. Just quick little stabs that felt like
butterfly wings beating against my engorged clit. Wave
after wave of the most intense pleasure coursed through
me, I never came so hard or long. I was drunk from it.

I seemed to come out of it a little when I felt him
lower himself onto me. His cock was a normal size but
hard as steel. I always thought it was curious how they
could be so hard soft. Like if you had put a silk
stocking over a baseball bat. You could see it jumping
to his heartbeat. He slid smoothly easily in because I
was so wet. He slowly moved in an out.

He seemed to be relishing the feeling like a child who
slowly eats an ice cream cone. But I had a surprise for
him as I clamped down with muscles not too many women
know they even have. I had practiced allot living up in
this cottage alone. His eyes showed pleasurable
surprise. He started to pick up speed until he was
pumping like a machine.

Most men would have shot off after a few seconds but he
just kept going and going. I felt like I was being
turned inside out as I clamped down with those muscles
feeling my cunt lips being pulled in and out by his
engorged cock. We were both getting hot and sweaty but
it just seemed to turn us both on more. I dug my
fingers into that sweet tight ass and I could feel the
muscles there flexing with each thrust. Our juices
making our crotches soaked. The smell permeated the

We finally both peaked, I shuddered as he gasped. His
hot seed squirting so hard spurted out of the tight
seal we made with each other. Collapsing into each
other arms we relaxed until we breathed normally. He
stayed inside me still hard. I think we both passed out
for awhile. But I woke first.

I was surprised to find he was still hard as a rock
although he was asleep. I stared down at his tender
masculine features and felt a renewed urge. I tried to
rouse him by licking the soft inflamed head of his
cock. I tasted our juices, sticky and pungent along his
shaft. This wasn't getting us anywhere.

I shrugged and straddled him. I let myself down slowly
on his cock. There was a little pain, as we both were
just a little dry, until the head pushed through my
soar reddened pussy lips. I watched in amazement as it
slid in pulling the edges of my cunt in.

I stared riding it slowly at first. On the down stroke
I would grind my clit into his rough pubes. Then I
would rise till the edge of his circumcised cock would
pop out, plucking the muscles making my clit vibrate.
Once I had the rythem I started going faster and faster
driving me to another orgasm. He started to move in
time with me but I could see he was still asleep. It
irritated me slightly.

So I took two fingers and rammed them up his ass. His
eyes shot open and he made a loud gasp. He started
bucking all over trying to dislodge those digits. But I
had curled my fingers so they wouldn't slip out. It was
wild, like riding a bull. But I was firmly planted. I
finally got it timed so as I was bucked up and down my
fingers would move in and out fucking his ass.

I finally had an orgasm so hard I just sat there and
jerked and vibrated like I was being electrocuted. When
I pulled my fingers out of his ass he came in long hot
spurts. I thought for a second he was pissing in me.
Until I saw the white fluid dripping out, onto his

"My gawd where'd you learn to do that?" he asked. "It
was intense!"

"Thought it up on the spur," I proudly replied.

Well I could go on in this vein but we continued on
through the night and the next day. I have never been
so satisfied.

Sunday night rolled around. We had taken a break from
the bedroom and done a little hunting. Now I know how
he got those muscular legs. He ran close to four hours.
But I kept up.

Back in the kitchen I was slicing up a bloody haunch of
meat to pack in the freezer. "Well Bob, too bad you had
to go!" I called out, "But I sure look forward to
having you for dinner next week."

There was nothing but silence in answer. I smiled at
the silence.

The week flew by and Friday night I walked out of the
bar and saw a tall man. Blond with sky blue eyes
checking out my bike.

"Can I help you?" I said sharply.

He looked at me with those clear eyes appraising me.
"Just checking out this bike. Yours?"

"Yep," I smiled.

"Maybe we could go for a ride sometime?" He suggested.

"Let's go now. I've got some steaks we could cook up at
my place afterwards," I offered.

"Sounds great," he gave a cute little boy grin. "By the
way is that a Heritage Softail?"

"Sure is, and that isn't the only tail that's soft," I

He gave a quick chuckle catching my double entendre.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

David, My Wife's Bi-Cuckold
by McWimp2 (***@aol.com)


White wife joins interracial only swingers club and she
has her husband help her in orally satisfying her black
lovers. (MMF, bi, voy, intr, swing, huml, cuck)


This is a true story of what happened to us about three
years ago, and continues today.

During our 15 years of marriage, we've been very open
with each other sexually. We watch porn movies,
pictures, erotic stories and telling each other our
fantasies. Eight months ago, we decided to open up our
sex life and seek out others to join us for sex. I
always had a fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by
another man or men, and we decided to join a swingers
club. Two clubs were in our area, 3 and 5 miles away.
We decided to try the closest one first, and contacted
Jerry and Barbara, the host and hostess for a meeting
to find out what they offered. Barbara was a very
beautiful, tall, curvy, buxom blonde, and Jerry was
5'9", attractive but not handsome, of medium build

Let me describe ourselves first. My wife Suzy is a
brunette, 35 years old, 5'10, 38C-28-38; her tits are
still firm and fuller than when we first met. She loves
to wear provocative, sexy, and revealing clothing, to
show everyone that she still has her curves. She's a
housewife, but in search for a job just to keep her
busy. I'm David, 39 years old, 5'11", and 180 lbs.,
with a cock just shy of 7". I'm an engineer, and when
I'm not at work, I'm always looking for ways to improve
our home, wiring it for music, installing a pool,
helping the neighbors with their projects and just
basically keeping busy. We both work out twice a week
at the gym.

We met with them at a bar/restaurant at 6:00pm on a
Wednesday. They told us they hold parties once a month
for each group; couples only, singles & couples, and
bi-sexual and each group ranged in age from 20-53. The
couples group had about 50 couples. The singles group
had 30 guys and 20 women. The bi-sexual group had 30
men and women. The membership fee was $100.00, and they
would take pictures of us at the first party we
attended to be place in their quarterly newsletter with
a caption of our preferences.

We attended the couples group that very weekend and
about 30 couples showed-up. We chatted with several
couples and talked among ourselves about who was
acceptable to each of us. If I found the wife hot, Suzy
found the husband lacking and vice versa. We solved
that problem by doing some on-premises fucking with our
personal favorite man or woman and only met with
couples that we both agreed on outside the club.

At our first couples meeting, Barbara followed Suzy
into the restroom, locked the door, embraced her and
gave her a long passionate kiss. She said she hoped she
could come over some day for some 1 on 1 sex, or meet
with her at the bi-sexual meeting. Suzy had some bi
experiences, and told Barbara she was open to joining
with her sometime.

We attended the singles group the week after that, and
decided to just stick to on-premises fucking with them.
One of them was black and Suzy had sex with him and a
couple other at the first singles meeting.

The bi-sexual group met two weeks after that, and
though I was not bi or bi curious, Suzy talked me into
attending, saying that as we were now officially
swingers we need to be more open-minded about sex and
experience new things. That's where our sex lives would
be forever altered. Suzy got together with Barbara and
another woman for some bi sex. Then Barbara and Suzy
would encouraged me to suck a young guy's cock and then
another. It wasn't insulting or embarrassing to me as I
imagined it would be, seeing everyone there was bi-
sexual. The hardest obstacle to overcome, was feeling
other guys cumming in my mouth, and swallowing their
cum. My wife said she always considered me as a manly
man, and wouldn't think of me any differently now that
I was a official cocksucker.

Barbara and Suzy quickly became close friends, as they
were of similar looks and build, and Suzy and her had
the same interests, and started visiting each other and
shopping together. She said that Barbara also had some
business contacts and would see if she could help her
find a job.

Two weeks later, Suzy said that one of her applications
had been accepted, and she had a interview on Friday at

When I got home on Friday at 5:00pm, Suzy wasn't home
yet. She got home at 6:30pm, and said she got the job,
and went over to Barbara's house to thank her for her

She said her job was to process the salesmen's orders
and to process and send them to shipping the next day.
Her work day would normally be from 1:00pm to 6 or
7:00pm after she got use to the routine, but that
during the first few weeks she would be home later
until she got use to the job. I agreed, as the pay was
good for 5 or 6 hours work, but the work schedule
stunk. She agreed, but said the boss's assistant was
leaving in a few months and she could bid for the
position, if she was interested.

Shortly after she started her job, she became more
sexually dominate with me. She would have me eat her
pussy more often, and when I said she tastes different,
she said it was because she sitting down at work and
was more sweaty there. She also had me shave all the
hair off my cock and balls, making me baby smooth like
her cunt. Then she bought three pairs of panties with a
opening in the crotch for my cock to slip through at a
adult video store, and had me wear them when we had

Although things got kinky at home, she started making
excuses for not going to the couples and singles
parties, but didn't have excuses for missing the
bisexual parties, though she was most favored by the
other women, she always made sure that I was teamed up
with some guy before she went off to enjoy herself.


About a month after Suzy started her job, on a Thursday
night she told me. "We've been invited to a swingers
party at a friend of Barbara's. It's were Barbara goes
for some real hot taboo sex."

Taboo sex? I questioned her.

"Yeah, she says it makes her club seem tame compared to
what happens there." She said.

"Did she tell you what goes on there, what to expect?
Is it some kind of B&D club?" I said.

"Yes she told me what to expect, and it's not some B&D
kind of thing. If she told me about being invited a
week ago, I'd be climbing the walls in anticipation."
she said.

"So tell me about it, what she told you?"

"You'll find out tomorrow night, I think you might get
turned-on by what happens, she says many of the other
husbands do and approve." She said.

That night and the next day, I tried to decode what she
had told me. I envisioned all kinds of scenarios and
hoped that many that came to mind weren't one of them.

Suzy said to dress casual, but she sure didn't. She
wore 3" heels, making me look like a little brother,
beige stockings, black garter belt, black uplift bra,
and her blue evening gown, which was cut low showing
off her large breasts and had a slit up her left leg to
mid-thigh. I've always felt exhilarated to be seen in
your company when she dresses like that. She said she
wants to give the other women there some competition
tonight. I told her that she could compete in jeans and
a t-shirt and still stand-out. I threw on a sport coat
and tie just not to seem under dressed.

The party was only ten minutes away, in a adjacent
suburb, and the house was a large one story with large
shrubs blocking most of the place. Barbara said she
would arrive at about 8:00pm and for us to be there at
8:30pm and she would meet us and show us around, and
that nothing was allowed to happen until 9:00pm. It
seemed strict but very well orchestrated.

We arrived at 8:20pm, and Barbara met us outside to
preclude the black bouncer with her from giving us the
third degree before letting us enter.

We entered a long wide hallway, that had several rooms
without doors on either side, and she said all the
rooms had cameras mounted in them and the monitors
could be viewed by anyone in the video room.

When we entered the party room, I was immediately taken
aback. There were about 10 wives there, three of which
I recognized and all very attractive, very sensual,
which I mentioned to Barbara. Most were talking to
their husbands and/or a black guy.

I'd fuck every one of them in a heartbeat,

She said. "They where all voted in by the men members,
their prospected partners by their attractiveness and
physical attributes. They must get 80% of the votes to
become a member. Suzy received 100%. The women may
terminate their membership at any time, but no one has
in the eighteen months of the club. As you may have
surmised, all the male members are black, and too must
be voted in by the other male members. They must have
at least a 8" cock, be physically fit and attractive.
All the black guys aged from the mid 20's to the late

"How was Suzy voted in, we never met any of them
before?" I said.

"From videos I took at the parties you two attended,"
she said.

"The husbands are not members, but can be guests of
their wives. They can watch, strip down, jerk-off, and
have sex with each other, but not interfere in anyway
with the members." She said.

Oh shit I thought, and Suzy knew all along and wants it
to happen to her too.

As we walked around the room, Barbara said to Suzy,
"Any one here that you'd like to say hello to."

"Yeah, over there, my boss," Suzy said.

I was floored. "Have you had sex with your boss

"Hell yes. Almost every workday since the interview,"
she said.

"How long... when did you get interested in black
guys?" I said.

"Ever since I had sex with Terry at the singles party.
Several of the wives said, blacks are the best in sex,
and when you have one of them with 8" or more up your
cunt your in heaven and you have more orgasms than ever
before, and that I should seek-out more of them. When I
asked Barbara if any other blacks were members, she
said she could arrange for me to meet some outside the
club if I was really interested, and hence my job
interview. Barbara also said some of the husbands
encouraged their wife to take a black lover, and others
find out afterwards and approve, but they all get off
on it in some way. Maybe you will too sooner or later."
She said.

James looked to be in his early 30's, about 6'1" and
well built.

"How many black guys have you had sex with?" I said.

"Only Terry and my boss James, but I'm here to broaden
my experiences tonight." She giggled.

We then walked over to her boss James, and she said
hello, James said he was glad we could make it, and
gave her a 5 second kiss on the lips. It was quick, but
long enough so that I knew they were intimate with each

"Hope you enjoy yourself tonight and become a regular,"
James said.

"Oh I know I will, from what I see already." She
laughed. Then we walked off.

Barbara said that in a few minutes, the women will be
told to go across the hall to prepare for the party,
the black men will go into one of the rooms next door,
and that the husbands will told be have a seat in one
of the straight back chairs in the room. The husbands
can leave to go into the video room, move about, or sit
on the couches or soft chairs about ten minutes after
the party started, as they wouldn't be in use, but
they'd have to move if any of the members to rest.

Promptly at 9:00pm a loudspeaker announced, "Members
and guests of the club prepare and have fun."

The members moved out of the room to their respective
rooms, and the husbands moved to the chair area.

I asked the husband on my right how he felt about the
purpose of the club? He said his name was Greg, and he
said he was reluctant at first to be cuckolded by his
wife and her black lovers at first, but now he looks
forward to the parties and them and them visiting the
house, it can be really hot if you let yourself enjoy
it. The black guys are really decent guys, but will
normally only act dominate and treat the husband as a
loser if he deserves it or the wife prefers it.

I then asked Jim who was on my left the same question.
He said he suggested swinging to his wife and find
herself a steady lover, as he had only a 5" cock, and
wanted her to deserve better. After 3 months he
suggested she try a black guy as they were supposed to
be well hung, an the rest is history.

After about five minutes the guys came out of their
room, bare ass naked and sporting bigger cocks than any
the husbands. They lined-up on both sides of the
hallway door, the men with the largest endowment seemed
to be closest to the door, ready to claim their first
wife of the night.

Five minutes later the hallway door opened, with our
wives entering, wearing various colors and types of

My wife was the first to enter, being the newest
member, and the other new wives, and then the most

My wife was claimed by her new would-be lover closest
to the door, a 6'1" well-hung guy with about 10-11" of
black meat hanging between his legs. They walked hand-
in-hand into the room. They talked while smiling at
each other, his hands running first over her arms, then
her breasts and then between her legs with the palm of
his hand. She in turn reached down and took hold of his
cock and began stroking it to hardness, until it stood
out horizontal on its own.

He then pulled his hands away from her cunt and
breasts, and placed them on her ass cheeks and pulled
her towards him and kissed her passionately with a
long, tongue probing kiss. She responded equally with a
passion all her own to his erotic kiss.

As I sat there watching my wife her and current black
lover embracing each others naked bodies, I realized my
cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum, causing a small
stain in my pants. As I watched them, I found that the
color contrast of their bodies was very erotic.

I though about the saying that "opposites attract", was
true in all venues, and was I bigoted to think that a
white woman wouldn't be attracted to a black man, or
visa versa for sex. The men here, all being very
attractive, well built, and with better equipment
between their legs, had what it took and more, to give
their wives the sex that they craved, excelled beyond
comparison with their white husbands, even when they
were younger. Yes, it was taboo sex, but it seemed so

I looked around the room to see what the other wives
were doing. It was a real orgy of naked black men and
our wives having sex, for the sake of experiencing sex
with men that had bigger cocks than their husbands.
They're were 14 women and 18 men, and each of the women
were totally involved in pleasing their black lovers,
and getting pleasured themselves. Four of the women
were enjoying two men at a time, as there were four
guys without their own woman.

I spotted Barbara with Suzy's boss James. She was
getting fucked of course, like our other wives, but it
was the size of his cock that had me amazed. It
appeared to be about 13" long and it was appropriately
very thick, as he withdrew his cock to the crown and
plunged all 13" into her to the hilt. She looked as
though she was getting the best fuck of her life. I
thought about what her pussy would look like after he
pulled out. I wondered, if I was lucky enough to fuck
her again, five minutes after she had him, if my 7"
cock would even feel the walls of her cunt.

I looked around at my fellow cuckolded husbands, and
they all seemed to be comfortable and pleased with what
they were witnessing, their wives receiving fulfilling
sexual pleasure from a bigger black cock than their
husband's smaller ones. I then began to have crazy
thoughts, that this is how it should be. That all women
need to have black lovers giving them the satisfying
sex that they need, and white men get their sexual
pleasure from watching or from bi sex. But I couldn't
make it work in my mind for all races.

My thoughts then shifted to my wife, and my eyes
shifted back to them. He was talking to her and then
nodded his head down. She then lowered herself to her
knees and began running her luscious lips along his
long, thick black cock. I was really jealous of him for
having such a huge cock and being capable of giving any
women the best sex of her life. She then opened her
mouth and took half of his length between her lips, and
took more and more of him as she sucked.

I couldn't believe how she could suck so much cock
without gagging, then I remembered that she said her
and her boss had been having sex every work day for
weeks. He must have trained her in being such an
accomplished cock sucker, and being able to handle the
extra length with ease. I began to think what it would
be like to have his big piece of black meat in my mouth
and how much of him I would be able to suck. She looked
like she was paying pagan homage to a phallus idol, and
was really into pleasing her black lover.

After five minutes, her head was thrusting on his cock
faster and shortly thereafter he unloaded his thick,
creamy wad of cum into her mouth and pulled out and
sprayed her face with his remaining cum. Suzy swallowed
what was in her mouth, then lifted her smiling cum
covered face, and he wipe the cum from her face with
his cock and fed it to her.

Another guy came over, after seeing him blow his load,
thinking that he was done, began to mount my wife. then
her lover grabbed his shoulder, and shook his head no,
and repositioned her legs again, and slowly, but with
consideration sunk all his long, thick cock deeply into
my wife until their pelvis's were touching. He started
fucking my wife with long slow strokes, letting her
feel every inch of his length. He then held her as he
rolled onto his back and let her ride his cock in the
cowgirl position, all the while experiencing several
multiple orgasms. Fifteen minutes after he started, he
shot another load into her pussy. They both held each
other, both breathing deeply until he relinquished her
to two other guys in waiting.

For the rest of the night, she was double-teamed by the
other men, including her boss; sucking cock, while
fucking another, or having one cock in her cunt and
another in her ass. She was definitely fucked, in more
ways that one.

When we got home and were in bed, I asked her if she
planned on attending the club on a regular basis.

She said. "I loved getting pleasured by all those black
cocks, and in pleasuring them also, and I would prefer
to have it be acceptable to you also. Wouldn't you
prefer to have a sexy wife, being desired and had by
several black lovers and behaving as I did tonight, or
become a plain housewife, who will eventually let her
looks and figure go, and become a nagging wife like so
many others."

"I prefer the former. I really began to enjoy seeing
you act and being treated like a slut with those black
guys. Seeing the skin color contrast, as you kissed,
sucked and fucked those black guys and their cocks was
totally awesome." I said.

"I'd like to see you be involved in the sex and not
just be a voyeur and jerking-off. I'd like to see you
suck their bigger cocks also, taste and swallow their
thick creamy cum, and have your face sprayed with their
cum. You may think of it as humiliating, but I really
would enjoy it and in time you would to, I hope. Also
you could fuck my ass while they have my pussy, but you
must clean us both up when we finish. You would only be
involved when I invited someone to the house, not at
the club. But that won't happen for several weeks
though, because I'd like to screen who I would want as
my favorites," she said.

"Will you still continue to fuck your boss?" I said.

"Honey, he is my boss, and I have to do as he says and
do what he expects," she said.

Several weeks later she started inviting her favorites
over to the house on a Friday and sometimes having sex
through Sunday. I fulfilled her fantasies, sucking her
black lover's cocks, eating out her cum filled pussy
and cleaning both of them with my mouth and tongue when
they finished their fuck, while wearing the panties
that she bought me, as we enjoyed threesome sex. During
the day, I would cut the grass, wash the car, clean the
house and do the shopping, while they had more sex and

She would also invite James home a couple nights a week
for a fuck, when the office would be to busy for any

It's been three years since that first night at the
party. We usually attend the parties bi-weekly for
their gangbang, orgy type sex, and they have added
three new wives and two guys and we have lost only one
female because she moved out-of-state.

We're all content with our present lifestyle, and
wouldn't change it if we could.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Almost A Threesome
by Budnbetty (address withheld)


Horny wife in an affair, wants two men at once. She is
in for a well enjoyed adventure. Actual true adventure.
(MMF, wife, exh)


I had been having this long standing affair with my
next door neighbor for about four or five years, we
always did crazy things, he would tease me in the yard
or flirt with me in front of his wife. We would meet
outside at night for a quick ride or a quick blow job
so I could get a good shot of protein.

Sometimes we would miss our weekly meeting and I would
fuck other guys just to get Will excited and to let him
know that I was not his servant and he was not the only
man in town that I could get in the bed and screw, and
then I loved to tease him by telling him just how much
I enjoyed it, this made him crazy and we would have
some really great Saturday sex-a-thons, he always
wanted me not to fuck others but he sure loved me
telling him about it.

One Saturday afternoon while Will and I were fucking,
he told me that his friend, Peter, had stated that he
wanted to get a piece of my pussy. Truth was Will
probably asked him if he wanted it so he could set up a
possible threesome. Peter had known for quite sometime
that Will and I were having an affair. Most of the time
if Will wanted me to do something, chances were, I was
going to do it. After all, Will already knew that I had
fucked another one of his buddies so I guess he
figured, why not this buddy too. So I agreed.

Later in the week, I was sitting on the pier on the far
side of the Lake in front of my house when Will and
Peter rode up on their four wheelers. I was really just
enjoying the sun and the day; I had my bikini bathing
suit on and really was soaking up the sun. They had
been riding on the trails when they saw me sitting
there so they rode over and stopped to chat.

Of course my husband was working and these two knew
that, it did not take very long for the small talk to
become lined with a lot of insinuating remarks about
our "possible" threesome. Comments like, "So you think
you can take us both on at once?" - "Can you feel our
cocks inside of you now?"

Everyone was grinning at the mere thought of it. That's
when we agreed that I would meet them at the motel the
following Saturday. I found myself getting excited and
started to imagine what it would be like. What would I
do with two men at the same time? I knew Will would
have to guide me because this was new territory. I
spent the entire week getting ready for the fucking I
knew I was going to get.

Saturday finally came and I arrived at the motel and
got the room. I went ahead and prepared the room with
ice and cokes so we could have a drink or two of Crown
to calm us a little... especially me. I was feeling
excited and nervous at the same time. I knew they would
not be there for a few minutes so I made myself a drink
and got undressed, as I usually did before Will got
there because he liked for me to be naked and waiting.
I would always park right in front of the door of the
room where I was and leave it cracked so he could come
right on in when he got there.

I heard the car when it pulled up and the "two" doors
shut. My pussy twitched because I realized this was
really going to happen.

They came in and there I was, sitting back on the bed
against the pillows with my drink in hand. They both
grinned and took a good long look at what was waiting
for them. Will immediately started taking his clothes
off and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Peter was a
little slower about undressing. He was a little nervous

So I got off the bed and walked past him to the bar
where I fixed them both a good drink. Neither one was a
very big drinker so a little went a long way with them.
Once Will came out of the bathroom, Peter went in to
freshen up as well. Will was already kicked back on the
bed when Peter came out. I was pleased to see that
Peter had a nice looking body. Peter was taller than
Will and somewhat thinner, nice suntan and nice looking
long cock... probably 8 inches for sure.

He came over to the bed and lay on the other side with
me in the middle. Will knew I felt a little awkward so
he took the initiative and stroked his dick, then took
my hand and placed on his dick and motioned with his
head for me to start stroking Peter's cock. I had
Will's cock in my right hand and Peter's cock in my
left hand and I was giving both a heck of a hand job.

Even though I really wanted to feel Peter's cock in my
mouth first, I started sucking on Wills instead and
waited till Will told me he wanted me to suck Peter's
cock...and that was what I was wanting to hear, so I
did. I let go of Will's cock and rolled over and took
Peter's cock in my mouth, licking the entire length and
running my tongue all over its sweet head.

I started going back and forth between them... sucking
one and then the other. I noticed that Peter's cock was
not getting really hard. And I so wanted to feel it
hard in my mouth. After awhile I asked him if he was
alright and he said he just couldn't get hard with
another man in the room. Will wanted Peter to be first
so he said he was going to go ride around for a few
minutes and then come back. We said ok and Will got up
and got dressed and left. While he was gone, Peter and
I started playing and kissing each other. He rolled
over on me and lay between my legs and started sucking
my tits.

I remember him looking up at me and giggling and said,
I can't believe we're doing this. I have wanted to do
this with you for a long time. I was surprised. I had
no idea. But it made me feel good and much more
relaxed. Then he moved lower and started eating my
pussy...and was very good at it too. When he rose up to
slide his cock into my soaked pussy, he went very slow
and was very gentle. He was very much in control of his
cock. He would go back and forth between eating my
pussy and fucking me so he wouldn't cum too quick. He
had proven to me that he knew how to fuck a woman the
right way.

I rolled him over and sat down on his cock and fucked
him very slow. First rising up on his cock till the
head came to the opening of my pussy and then down
again till my ass touched his balls. He rolled me over
again and stuck his cock in my pussy. This time he was
wanting to cum. His rhythm got faster, his thrust got
deeper, and I was starting to cum. As soon as my pussy
was wet with my own cum he then started filling it up
with his own. As he thrust his cock in deep he would
hold it there for a second before pulling back out and
then thrusting again. I started screaming, he was
making me cum again.

When we finished, we lay there on the bed and looked at
each other in disbelief and contentment. I was lying on
my stomach and Peter rose up and sat straddled my legs.
He started massaging my back and shoulders. He laid my
arms out and massaged them and then my ass and legs. I
could tell he had done this before. Someone had taught
him well.

After the quick massage, we were laying on the bed
talking when Will came back. Peter got up and dressed
and he went for a ride. Will got undressed and got in
bed. He asked me how it went and I said actually,
pretty damn well. He looked sort of surprised. I think
Will was expecting me to say it wasn't that good or it
was terrible but that wasn't the case.

He asked me if I had cleaned up and I said no. He asked
me go take a shower. He didn't want to go in after
Peter. While Will and I were fucking, he wanted to know
all about Peter. I told him how good it was and that he
ate my pussy so well. He asked me if I would do it
again and I didn't hesitate... I said hell yes.

I think Will may have been a little jealous because I
did like it so much and that's probably why he never
set anything up with Peter again. But still, he was
turned on with me fucking Peter and talking about it to
him. He wanted me to fuck him hard and fast. He grabbed
my ass from the sides and moved me back and forth on
his cock... grinding his dick with my pussy...
harder... faster... deeper, until his cock exploded.

He had finished in enough time for us to clean up with
a towel and have a drink and rest a little before Peter
came back. We were both sitting in the room naked when
Peter came in I asked him if he wanted a drink and he
said Yes. So I got up and paraded by him naked to fix
his drink. As I was standing there, I could feel the
heat from his eyes on me. I handed him his drink with a
wink and sat back down on the bed.

Will got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
Peter looked at me, still sitting there naked, and
walked over and told me how much he had enjoyed it. I
told him how much I had enjoyed it too and he gave me a
kiss. He then pulled me over and laid me back on the
bed and quickly took off his clothes. My pussy was
still wet inside from Will's cum.

Peter's cock had no problem sliding in. While we were
fucking, we both looked at each other and grinned
knowing Will was in the bathroom and we were out there
fucking. Pretty soon, Will came out of the bathroom and
saw us fucking and said... Well... look at you...

We again grinned at each other and continued to fuck
for about 5 minutes. Just knowing that Will was
watching us got us so hot, we really started pounding
on each other, with Peter driving his hard cock in me
and me taking every bit of it and wanting more. We
reached a level of climax very fast. I could feel his
hot cum enter me and mix with Will's and I started
cumming really hard.

Hating the fact that this was now over and we all had
to go back to the real world we all got cleaned up and
left the motel. Too bad I never saw Peter again. He was
one hell of a fun fuck.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Bum Sex
by AB-2007 (address withheld)


A business woman becomes obsessed with 'dirty' sex and
goes out on a limb for her fetish. (MF, unsafe-sex)


I know that this story is going to sound really strange
to you but I couldn't help myself. From the very
beginning I was lost to the sensations that controlled
my actions.

It all began one day when I was on the road as a sales
rep for my company up in the Seattle area. I have to
pay my own expenses so I've learned to trade quality
for price. Even though most women won't stay at cheap
hotels because of the safety issue I do because I need
to save money.

Anyway, I stayed at a Motel 6 in the SeaTac area not
too far away from the airport. I arrived late and got
into my room around 10 o'clock that evening. When I
went to turn down the covers on my bed I noticed stains
on the sheets. It looked like someone had eaten fast
food in the bed and had dripped some "special sauce" or
whatever on the sheets.

I realized that the maid hadn't changed the sheets from
the last guest that had stayed there. I reached for the
phone to call the front desk, but didn't pick up the
headset. I had been looking at the orange colored sauce
spots on the sheets but then noticed other spots
farther on down. They looked a little crusty and hard.
I bent over and looked closer.

Sure enough, they were cum spots! I don't have a
boyfriend right now, but I've had enough of them in the
past to know what I was looking at. So it was obvious
that a guy had stayed in my room for a few days and had
eaten his food in bed and probably jacked off their

Now comes the really strange part. The part that
changed the direction of my sex life from that day

I realized as I stood there that all those stains left
by some strange man on my bed sheets were making me
hot. The thought of climbing into that dirty bed and
sleeping where another person had been before me made
me feel funny and it turned me on.

That's just what I did too. I undressed, brushed my
teeth and crawled into bed and pulled the covers up
over me. I could smell the man's essence and also that
stale greasy smell of McDonalds fries and I slowly
fingered myself until I came with a jerking lustful
uninhibited groan. It was just all so dirty and I loved

I didn't tell the maid to clean my room the next day
and since I had to stay in Seattle for a total of three
days I slept in that strange man's stains for two more

That was the beginning of my fetish. I think I have to
call it a fetish because I know it isn't normal, the
fact that I like to be subjected to dirty men and dirty
places. That's not to say that I am physically dirty,
because I'm not. I shower every morning and wear clean
clothes, but I find myself always drawn to situations
that most women would run screaming away from.


My first real cross over from normal to my new fetish
happened in Denver. I was there for the week and found
myself watching the winos in the parks and wondering if
I dared to approach any of them. I had been getting a
lot done that week and felt good about my sales quota
and wanted to celebrate.

I know this sounds weird but my idea of celebrating was
to give into my fantasies and to fuck one of those bums
in the park. The thought of being taken by a filthy old
man was a natural extension of my new fetish. It made
me crazy with lust to know that my clean young body
would be fouled his some grubby old guys sweaty cum
encrusted cock.

But that's what I did.

I crossed over when I saw this dirty old guy lying by a
storage area in an isolated part of City Park in East
Denver. He was lying there in an old shirt and pants
with one of those funny looking short brimmed old caps
on. I swallowed nervously and walked over to stand over

I was wearing my business clothes and knew that anyone
looking over at us would wonder why a woman dressed
like me was standing near a derelict like this guy. But
I didn't care at that moment all I wanted to do was lie
down beside him and let him make me dirty.

The urge was strong to just climb on top of him and
fuck his brains out. I looked down as my shadow was
projected over his face and he opened his eyes groggily
to see who was there.

I didn't say a word; I just knelt down beside him and
began to unfasten his fly, pulling his zipper down. His
eyes widened and he grunted drunkenly as I fished his
wrinkled old cock out of his pants to lie there limply
in the light of day.

Yes I know. This is sick, but I leaned down and holding
his limp dick in my hand I put it in my mouth and began
to massage it with my lips and tongue. That old guy
began to come alive when I did that, he giggled and
made some unintelligible noises as I bobbed my head
over his crotch.

I could smell his unwashed body, but instead of
disgusting me it made me wet. I knew that this bum
hadn't had a bath in months and I could tell that he
jacked off a short while before because I could smell
his semen and see the crusty stains on the inside of
his pants.

I was amazed how fast he got hard, I'd have thought
that being a dirty old drunken bum he'd have a hard
time getting it up, but he didn't, he was hard as a
rock and I was so ready for him that I could have

I couldn't wait a moment longer I quickly stood up and
looked around us to make sure no one was in the
vicinity. Then I stepped over the old drunk and pulled
my pantyhose down and sat on his lap. This way I could
see if anyone came snooping around and could also
control the action.

I grabbed his smelly old boner and pushed the purple
head against my dripping slit. Then I wiggled my ass on
him and massaged his stiff prick into my slit. As he
sank into me he groaned drunkenly and sat upright,
hugging me from behind.

Here I was allowing some homeless derelict to stick his
unprotected dick into me. My mind was reeling as I
realized that I was letting some filthy old bum fuck
me. It was insane, but I didn't care. The feeling deep
inside me was explosive. Knowing that this dirty old
man probably hadn't had a woman in years and knowing
what he must be feeling as he fucked a young woman who
he'd never dreamed would do something like this. It was
just too much for me, all of those thoughts were making
my crazy.

I groaned loudly as I orgasmed uncontrollably. My body
jerked in ecstasy as he continued to thrust up into me
still sitting upright hugging me. I in turn, rubbed my
clit against his hairy root and it was just so fucking
hot I could barely breathe.

Then as my ass slowed its wiggling motions and my pussy
began to slow its throbbing swollen gripping of his
still had prick I suddenly felt my homeless bum jerk
beneath me. I gasped as I felt his hot wet essence
spurting deep into me. He increased his thrusts then.
His frantic pace suddenly stopped as he finally thrust
deep and held himself there, straining to pumped the
finally few spurts into me, clutching my breasts
tightly in his dirty hands, groaning his lust as he
filled me with his alcohol laden cum.

Then the next moment the old man had fallen to his back
and was lying there gasping for breath. I scotched
around to look at him and could see he was finished. I
didn't say a word, I just stood up and pulled my
pantyhose up and shoved my skirt down and quickly
kneeling down beside him and pushed my lips to his and
gave him a long hard frenching.

When he started struggling for breath I pulled my
tongue out of his odiferous mouth and stood up. Still
without saying a word I walked away, leaving him lying
there with his pants down around his ankles and his
skinny white legs and hairy crotch exposed to the

I had three more sales calls to make that day and as I
talked to my clients I kept thinking about what I'd
done earlier. The feeling of that old wino's cum
leaking into my pantyhose kept me aroused all day long.
I even got a strange look from my last client, I think
he could smell the cum on my pantyhose. But I know he
thought he was imagining things because there I was in
my business outfit all efficiency and professionalism.

The upshot of that first Bum-Sex experience was that I
found that I enjoyed it and I ended up doing it over
and over again. As a mater-of-fact I was so horny that
first day, what with parading around in front of my
clients all cum-soaked, that I found myself another bum
that evening and fucked him in the dark.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

by Tyson (address withheld)


Slut wife loves to be humiliated and gangbanged. (M+/F,
nc, wife, exh, gb)


My name is Valerie. I'm 38 years old and married with
two almost grown children, a 14 year old boy and a 16
year old girl. My husband, Hal, treats me very well and
understands my problems and needs. No one man is
capable of satisfying my need for sex and I wouldn't
want someone I love to see me humiliated and degraded.

Hal's only stipulations are that I not get pregnant to
anyone but him, I always insist on my men wearing
condoms and that I'm always available to him for sex.
The first condition is no problem because after the
birth of my son I had my tubes tied. The second
condition is impossible to comply with as I crave the
feeling of sperm pumping into my body. The third
condition is irrelevant as I want sex all the time,
whether I have my period or even when I'm unwell with
the 'flu or a cold.

When we lived in upstate New York we tried swinging and
threesomes with other guys but it wasn't what I needed.
The sex was OK but I wasn't made to feel cheap and
that's what I want most of all. Since moving to Queens,
I'm feeling much more fulfilled. Hal earns enough as a
corporate lawyer for me not to have to work. The fact
that I don't work allows for me to be home for sex with
deliverymen and even to apply for jobs in the seedier
parts of town.

Only last month when the last of our furniture was
delivered from storage I had sex with the three
drivers. The company phoned me to say the delivery
would be made between 9am and 10am. I'd dressed in my
shortest miniskirt and a tube top that emphasized my
small breasts. I wore no underwear but plenty of
makeup. I wanted the guys to think I was a whore and
maybe help them to make advances. The truck finally
arrived at 10-30 and I was getting very frustrated.

I'd almost got to the point where I needed to
masturbate when the doorman buzzed me to say they were
on the way up. My nipples were very obvious through my
bright yellow top and the two guys stared at them when
I opened the door. I didn't ask their names, just
pointed to where I wanted the two chairs. The bigger
guy, black and about 45, looked me up and down before
putting the chair where I wanted it. The other guy was
Hispanic and about 60 or so.

They left to go and get the two-seater love seat with
out a word but as they were waiting for the elevator, I
heard the black guy say that I must be a hooker or
call-girl. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. When
I heard them returning with the love seat I made sure I
was bending over adjusting the chair cushions. This
afforded them a perfect view of my uncovered ass and

I could feel them staring at my crack before the older
guy asked where would I like it. I stood up and turned
around to answer. They'd brought a third guy up; he was
only about 17 or 18, obviously to show him the whore
upstairs. I brazenly replied that I liked it anywhere.
The black guy passed his end of the love seat to the
young guy and closed my apartment door.

While the other two just stood there and stared, still
holding the seat, the black guy walked over and undid
my skirt. He let it drop to the floor and I stepped out
of it. He then pushed my tube top down around my waist,
exposing my tits to everyone.

The other two finally put the seat down and moved
closer. The young guy 's eyes were focused on my shaved
cunt while the Hispanic just stared at my tits. The
black guy lifted me onto the dining room table and
spread my legs. He unclipped the front of his
coveralls, revealing his enormous, uncircumcised cock.
In one shove his cock disappeared into my willing cunt.
He grunted over me for fifteen minutes before emptying
his seed deep inside.

The Hispanic said he wanted my ass and the black guy
turned me over and lifted me onto the arm of the newly
delivered love seat. I felt the older guy's smaller
cock pushing against my sphincter before I relaxed and
felt it slide all the way in. For a guy his age he had
quite a bit of stamina. I was almost delirious with
pleasure but I'm sure he lasted about twenty minutes
before climaxing.

The feeling of a pulsing cock in my ass and the warm
cum flooding me is indescribable. The young guy was
next and he wanted a blowjob. As I took his lovely cock
in my mouth I couldn't help but think of my own son.
The boy could only last for about five minutes before
his copious amount of sperm filled my mouth. I managed
to swallow most of it but some spilled from my mouth
onto my tits,

They all fucked me again before leaving and every hole
was filled to overflowing. I had cum in my hair and on
my face, tits and belly. They left me spread-eagled in
the middle of the living room, covered in their cum
like a used tissue. I was in heaven. The young guy
deliberately propped my front door open exposing me to
the possible ridicule of a passing neighbor.

I lay there for fifteen minutes before I regained
enough strength to close the door. Luckily none of my
neighbors had passed my door. I sat in the love seat
and relived the whole experience in my mind. Three men
had treated me like a common whore and I hadn't even
asked their names! I put a tight pair of panties on to
hold the cum in my ass and pussy and rang my husband. I
told him what had happened with the deliverymen and his
only concern was that they wore condoms. I assured him
that they had and told him I would tell him the whole
story when he got home. I said goodbye and checked the
clock. I still had three hours before my kids got home
from school.

I slipped a light summer dress on and headed for the
elevator. The doorman gave me a knowing look so I was
sure the deliverymen had told him about the whore in
56b. I couldn't have cared less. My ass and pussy were
full of strangers' cum and I was happy. I walked to the
corner and hailed a taxi and directed him to the
seediest bar area in the Bronx. I knew what I wanted
and I knew I'd have no problem getting it.

The taxi dropped me outside ANDY'S BAR & SPORTS CLUB. I
walked inside and there were about eight guys drinking
at the bar and four guys playing pool. As I'd hoped, I
was the only woman in there. I sat at the fourth
barstool and the bartender asked what I wanted. I told
him I wanted to be fucked, hard and often. You could
have heard a pin drop. The guys playing pool stopped
and walked towards the bar.

The bartender asked me to repeat my order.

I said it again, only much louder. 'I WANT TO BE

The bartender asked me if I was an undercover cop and
warned me against entrapment. I stood up and undid my
dress and let it fall to the filthy floor. I stood
there in my cum soaked panties and asked if I looked
like an undercover cop. The bartender said if anyone
wants to leave now is the time. No one moved so the
bartender locked the door and closed the blinds on the
street front window. Two guys lifted me onto the bar
and removed my panties and through them to the
bartender. He casually hung them over the corner of the

'The slut's already full of cum, guys', said the guy
who'd removed my panties. One guy was pinching and
squeezing my nipples while the other stuck four fingers
in my sloppy cunt. The nipple pinching was very painful
but I enjoyed being treated rough. Two other guys
grabbed me and half carried half dragged me onto the
carpeted area near the pool table.

For the next two hours I was subjected to the roughest
sex I'd ever experienced. I was double and triple
penetrated and assfucked repeatedly. Luckily the cum
from the deliverymen helped to keep me well lubricated.
Every man in the bar including the bartender fucked me
at least once. I had pool cues shoved in my ass and
pussy and really got off on it.

When all the men were sexually exhausted, they had me
act as their nude bargirl. While I was walking around
serving their drinks they were slapping my ass and
pinching my nipples. My ass was red raw from the hard
slaps and the nipple pinching made me cry out in pain.
The bartender went through my pocketbook and got my
name and address.

'Guys, I'd like you to meet Valerie Hayes from Queens.
I'm sure Valerie would like to by all her lovers a
drink.' With that he removed $50 from my purse and
bought a round of drinks for everyone. He also wrote my
name address and phone number on his 'Specials'
chalkboard behind the bar.

'I'm sure Valerie will be a regular here and keep
providing us with her sexual favors. Won't you,

All I could do was nod my head. I hadn't planned on
them knowing my name and address.

'You'll be here every Wednesday between 12noon and 2pm
for our sexual use and abuse or we'll inform your
husband and neighbors of what a slut you are. Agreed?'

Again, I nodded my agreement. Telling my husband wasn't
a problem because he wanted to hear about my sexual
exploits. My neighbors were a different matter. My
children needed to be kept in the dark about my sexual
deviations and I'd do anything to protect them.

That was a month ago and every Wednesday since then for
two hours I'm Andy's whore. I've been fucked by guys
from every nationality in the US. The youngest guy was
the barman's son who was only fifteen. The oldest was a
seventy six-year-old black man. The keep finding more
and more degrading and humiliating things to do to me
but they're doing exactly what I need.

My husband took a day off last Wednesday and joined the
gangbang with Andy's customers. He told me afterwards
he was very proud of how I handled the degradation and
multiple sex partners, He said he was hoping to bring
one of his junior partners next week to fuck me at the
bar. I am looking forward to that but what happens down
the track when I meet him as Hal's wife. I'll worry
about that when it happens!

My husband now knows I don't make my men use condoms
but hasn't said anything. I think he really gets off on
watching the cum streaming from my ass and cunt when I
get home, I still go out occasionally and let strangers
fuck me and deliverymen are always sure to get more
then a tip. The Wednesdays at Andy's bar satisfies most
of my needs for humiliation.

Two nights ago after dropping my kids at Hal's parents
I had an experience I probably won't do again. I was
driving past one of the parks where homeless men
hangout. I saw a guy about fifty pushing a shopping
trolley full of his belongings along the footpath. The
area was very badly lit so I turned of my lights and
stopped beside him. He appeared to be quite good-
looking but very dirty and scruffy. I asked him for
directions to the street next to mine and he shuffled
over to my car window. I'd deliberately pulled my dress
up exposing the damp crotch of my panties.

My pushup bra allowed most of my breasts to be seen in
my low cut dress. He took a long hard look at my crotch
and then shifted his gaze to my tits. He said he could
draw me a map but didn't know the street names. I tore
a page from my notebook and grabbed a pen. I climbed
out of my car and joined him sitting on the stone

The smell of his unwashed body actually turned me on
instead of repulsing me. As he drew the map I let my
dress ride up exposing more of my crotch. He was having
trouble concentrating on the map and staring at my
increasingly damp panties. He finally finished the map
and I asked how I could thank him.

'You could give me a quick look at your cunt', was his
quick reply. I stood up and checked there were no
police or anyone else nearby. I slid them down and hung
them on the handle of his trolley. I raised my hem up
to my waist exposing my well-trimmed pussy. I always
keep the lips completely bald with just a small
triangle of blondish hair above. The look of sheer
enjoyment prompted me task if he wanted to see my tits.
Obviously the answer was yes. I used my remote to lock
my car and headed into the trees with the homeless guy.

When we were out of sight from the street I undid my
dress and draped it over a bush. I quickly unclipped my
bra and stood naked in front of the disheveled man. I
told him he could touch my tits and pussy if he wanted
and his hands were all over me. I could feel my juices
running down my legs and knew I was going to let him
fuck me. I pushed his hands away and lay on my back and
spread my legs, inviting him to take me.

His baggy trousers were off in a flash and he quickly
mounted me. I felt so beautifully degraded as this
filthy unkempt man ravaged my cunt. For someone who
probably hadn't fucked a woman for some time, he was a
very good lover. I orgasmed several times both from his
lovemaking and the humiliation. When I felt his seed
pouring into my willing pussy I orgasmed again.

We lay there for several minutes until my heart rate
returned to normal. My homeless lover helped me to my
feet and I slipped my dress back on. I didn't bother to
put my bra back on for the short trip home. Passing his
trolley on the way back to my car I handed him my
panties as a souvenir. He thanked me for the fuck and
the panties.

I drove past the park yesterday and I saw him pushing
his trolley towards the spot where we made love. My
panties were hanging like a trophy from the handle.
Maybe I'd visit him and his friends another night...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: blockrun.txt (f+F FF, nc, hum)
Authors name: Orestes W (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Block Run

This work is copyright (c) 2001 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as all author related information and this paragraph
remain on the copies. I don't mind if you send it along
to a friend, repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or
post it to your adult-oriented website, so long as you
don't charge money for any of these activities. No
alteration of the contents is permitted.

Block Run (f+F FF, nc, hum)
by Orestes W (***@hotmail.com)


This isn't such a big story. It's not like the other
stories I see posted here, with all the details that I
would be too embarrassed to even put down in print.
Really, I don't really even know why I'm bothering to
write it, except maybe as a bit of a confession. I mean,
who else am I going to talk to about this? Not my
husband, that's for sure. I sent some of it in an e-mail
to an author I've been writing to, and he's been very
understanding (thanks O). He says he's willing to post
it if I want, and I guess that's okay so long as he
keeps my e-mail address private. Maybe once its off my
chest, I'll feel a better about things.

Lord knows, I don't feel so good about it right now.

So I'll write the whole thing out again (this time in
one part), but I probably won't set the scene too well.
I don't have much practice at writing this kind of

When Jan and I took up jogging, we tried to keep each
other honest. We tried to commit to an early morning
meeting time, and force ourselves to do the whole block
(and not cut through the park). For the first few days,
it worked okay, but then we began to let it slide. I had
to get my son to elementary school after the jog, and it
was just hard to get motivated at 6 o'clock in the

I missed a day, then Jan missed as day, and soon, we
were only actually running about a day a week. So we
tried something new. We began to run in the early
afternoons, and suddenly, it became a lot easier.

It wasn't just the chill of the early morning that we
were glad to be rid of, although there really is
something to be said for being able to jog in running
shorts rather than a jogging suit. There was something
else that neither of us expected to help motivate us.

You see, the block we lived on - Jan was my next door
neighbour - isn't far from one of the local high
schools. As luck (and later, a little bit of planning)
would have it, our daily run coincided with the block
run of one of the boys gym classes.

I think we were both a little self-conscious that first
time when we found ourselves running in front of them. I
was a little out of shape, and by this point in the run,
I was having trouble keeping up. I didn't need an
audience while I huffed and puffed and fell behind Jan.
I really expected them to pass us quickly, in one big
pack, but instead, they slowed down and ran behind us.

Never underestimate the power of male hormones, I guess.
It's not like either of us are models. We're not bad for
thirty-something, and a few pounds to lose, but the way
these guys were checking us out was more than a little
embarrassing. Jan has bigger breasts than me, and I
won't pretend we didn't hear them making some comments
about it.

We didn't really discuss it, but the next day we managed
to meet at exactly the same time, and sort of did a slow
jog until we heard the boys coming up the block.
Afterwards, Jan called me a tease for not wearing a bra,
and I called her a tramp for the shorts she was wearing,
but it was all in good fun. And like I said, we suddenly
seemed to have no trouble motivating ourselves to get
out and run.

As summer approached, we knew that it wouldn't be long
before school went out, and we wouldn't have any more
company on our runs. With Jan going away with her
husband in June, I wondered if we would even bother to
get back into the routine after she got back. It would
be a shame too, because since we started running, I had
never felt better.

I was even starting to be able to outrun Jan.

During the final week of school, the gym classes were
sporadic... I guess because of exams. The boys were with
us on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday, they were gone.
Then on Thursday, as we began our run, I could hear a
class coming up - and Jan gave me a little wink. I guess
you could say that we had become a bit blatant in our
teasing of the boys. As the first runners came up. Jan
used the front of her T-shirt to wipe her face, nearly
exposing herself. That always got a reaction.

Except this time, all we heard was laughter.

I turned my head to find that it wasn't a boys class
behind us this time. With all of the exams going, they
must have switched classes around, and now we were being
trailed by a group of fifteen year old girls.

Suddenly, I think both of us were regretting wearing
such skimpy running clothes. I can't say I heard
everything that was being said by the girls, but not
much of it was flattering.

"Move," one of the bigger girls bumped me while passing.
Some of the other runners did the same, and I found
myself slowing down and keeping my eyes low, hoping that
the whole group would pass us quickly. The problem was,
there was one pack of six or seven girls who were all
running together and they seemed happy to continue
harassing us.

"They're the ones, right?" I heard one of the girls ask.
I could tell that Jan didn't understand what they were
saying, but I could hear bits and pieces, and I figured
out that some of the boys from school had talked about
the way we always showed off to them.

A funny feeling came up in my stomach, and I knew right
away that this could get worse. Not only were the girls
taunting us now (one of them was making a sound like a
cow), but I could tell that they were sort of building
up more courage from each other. Another one bumped me,
but she didn't pass. She just said, "Watch where you're

Because I didn't answer, one called me deaf, and another
one called me a dummy. And so on.

I don't know if Jan was as scared as I was. I mean, I
hung out with girls like this in high school. They were
all obviously friends, and I don't care what anybody
says, I know from experience that there's nobody
crueller than a clique of teen aged girls. The taunts
became more personal as we continued.

"Look at the way she shows off her fat ass," I'm not
sure which one of us she was talking about. "I don't
know why Paul would want to run behind her and her saggy
old tits." I assumed that Paul was one of their

This was enough. As we came close to the park, I nudged
Jan, and we detoured onto one of the trails. Then I
regretted it. Instead of continuing on the road with the
rest of the class, the pack of 6 girls followed us into
the park.

Somehow, I think people always know when something is
going really, really wrong. It's just this electric
feeling in the air that put a lump in your throat, and a
knot in your stomach. I could hear some of the girls
laughing. They were breaking the rules for real now, and
they seemed pretty excited by the whole scene.

"Abby..." Jan began to say, but then tripped on a tree
root across the trail. I helped her up, and continued to
run, but the girls were all around us now, bumping us,
and calling us names, and laughing amongst themselves.

Jan broke into a real sprint, and left the trail, trying
to cut back towards the street. I followed her, but I
already knew it was useless. These girls were twenty
years younger, and were pumped with adrenaline. It was a
chase now. Two of the girls passed me quickly, following
Jan into a wooded area. The others surrounded me.

Ahead, I could see the high school girls catching up
with Jan. They bumped and jostled her the same way the
others were doing to me. Then, one of them kicked at her
ankle, and Jan stumbled forward. I had a hard time
keeping my footing on the wet grass, and I knew that it
was only a matter of time before I went down too.

Jan finally hit the muddy ground behind a patch of
rhododendrons. The girls cheered each other, and
descended upon her. I was running out of room to
manoeuvre, and finally skidded to a stop just on the
other side of the thick patch of glossy foliage.

A light rain was coming down now. It cooled my hot skin
as I tried to catch my breath. On this side of the bush,
it was a stalemate. I realized now that only two of the
girls were still with me, cornering me against the
shrub. The other four or five had joined the girls who
had wrestled Jan into the mud beyond the bush.

I'm so ashamed. I stood there like an idiot, too afraid
to try to make a run for it, while I could hear the
group of girls kicking and spitting on my friend. She
coughed and gasped and begged them to stop.

What a power trip it must have been for these teenage
girls. Not only had they chased down a couple of adult
women, but now they had us trapped, and Jan was at their
feet, begging for mercy.

I already knew that no mercy was on their minds. Like I
said before, I used to hang around with girls like this
in high school. No, they wouldn't feel any pity. It was
only going to get worse from here.

"You like showing off for our boyfriends, huh?"

"Yeah, you think you're such hot shit with your big
saggy tits and your fat ass... don't you?"

Jan tried to beg, but another round of kicks and yelling
kept her silent. I couldn't see anything from where I
stood, on the other side of the rhododendrons. One of
the girls who had me cornered backed up a couple of
steps so that she could watch the amusements from around
the corner of the bush. She was a short, athletic
Chinese girl that I thought I heard someone call Brandi.
She watched with wide eyes as her friends continued
Jan's humiliations.

"Do you want to show off your ugly body for us now,

"Yeah, come on." "Take off her shirt." "Show us your
tits, old lady."

Maybe they had picked Jan for this part of the attack
because of her large breasts, or maybe it had just been
the way it had turned out, but I found myself feeling
lucky that my own breasts were more modestly sized as
the girls ripped away Jan's T-shirt, and began to abuse

"Look at how fucking flabby they are. Jesus." "What a
pig ... listen how she squeals when I pinch her boobs."
"Trina... you don't have to kick them... you're just
getting mud all over the place." "I don't give a fuck,
she's a pig... she should be a little muddy..."

(That's not word for word, but it's pretty close.)

It got really bad. I really shouldn't say much more. If
I went into all of the little details, this would turn
into a very nasty story. Besides, I was really on the
other side of the bush, and all I could see was the
Chinese girl, Brandi, watching excitedly, and another
girl, a bit overweight, who was still doing her best to
keep me from running.

I have to say though, from what I heard, they abused her
ass, and even her... you know... just as much as they
did her breasts. They kept on calling her a pig, and
pushing her into the mud, and making her grunt and
squeal. It was really hard to listen to.

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, a new round
of encouragement came from the group as one of the girls
went a step further. I couldn't believe what I was
hearing until Brandi said it aloud to the heavy girl who
couldn't see the action, "Oh, man... Amy's pissing on
her... right on her face."

I don't know what was holding me there. Brandi was
distracted. I could probably get past the other girl. I
guess I was just afraid that the whole group would chase
me. Yeah, I guess I was just plain chicken. I really
felt like I was failing Jan. She was probably counting
on me to get help.

And it really wasn't that far. There was a row of houses
just beyond the park perimeter, but I here I was, scared
of a nervous teenaged girl, who was beginning to look
just as frightened as I was.

The girls took turns. That wasn't all they did to her.
They continued to abuse her body, and call her filthy
names. Worst of all... and I hesitate to even mention
it... some of the girls forced her to lick them. The
other girls cheered them on. Brandi squirmed in her gym
shorts while her friends had their fun. She even began
to rub herself through them as the scene progressed.

The only one who seemed nervous was the overweight girl
who was keeping me in position. She watched me
anxiously, and tried to look as intimidating as she

"The piggy is enjoying this, isn't she?" They heaped
humiliation upon my neighbour. I knew it was all forced,
but they made her 'admit' how much she was turned on by
being abused by a group of teenagers, and being "put in
her place". Through grunts, and groans, and squeals, she
told them how much she worshipped them, and asked them
to piss on her, and told them how she liked to lick

I think one of them even had an orgasm.

(O... is this getting too graphic? You can cut some out
if you want.)

"Jesus, this is hot, "Brandi said to no one in
particular, still rubbing herself through her Adidas
shorts. Then she addressed the group. "Hey, maybe we
should do this one too..."

My heart almost stopped. The girls were in such a
frenzy, I didn't doubt that they'd do even worse things
to me. Then the overweight girl spoke up. "C'mon guys,
we're going to be in so much shit when we get back to

The way they were going, I'm surprised they even cared.
Nonetheless, the girls decided to go. The heavy girl and
Brandi kept me cornered there as their peers emerged,
tucking in their T-shirts and shorts, and with mud on
their knees and running shoes.

Mud was everywhere. The girls wiped their feet on the
grass as they walked away, but I was soon to find that
Jan would need a lot more cleaning up. When I came
around the rhododendrons, I couldn't believe the scene.

She was still laying there, of course. Everywhere the
thin grass had been worn away, leaving footprints all
around her. The traffic was especially heavy around her
face, where I imagined the girls had squatted above her
while forcing her to do humiliating things with them.
Jan's clothes were in tatters, and her body was marked
up by the ordeal.

One detail... I didn't even want to write this, but
Orestes told me that it figures into the plot... and
I'll have to admit to thinking about it a lot
afterwards... Jan was rubbing herself. The effect of it
was absolutely lewd. I mean, I'd never seen anyone like
this, much less my next door neighbour. She had been
abused and pissed on... her lips were swollen from the
beating... and all I could think about was the way she
was rubbing herself.

And I was sure that is was just something that the girls
had forced her to do. I mean, they made her say how much
she enjoyed it, so this was just another way to
humiliate her. I never heard them tell her to do it, but
there was so much chatter, I must have missed it.

Jan was so ashamed. So was I. She made me promise not to
tell anyone. I ran back home and got her a change of
clothes. Then I brought her home for a shower. All the
while, I couldn't think straight. We had to tell
someone, didn't we ? We couldn't just keep this a

But we did.

It was a nasty, dark, and shameful secret that only the
two of us shared.
It almost felt like a dream.

Jan called me five times over the weekend, but we never
had anything to say to each other. I could just feel her
heart pounding from across the phone line, but there
were no words to describe the secret we were keeping. I
couldn't get it out of my head. I replayed it again and
again, reviewing all of the emotions I felt that day,
especially the inappropriate ones. I tried to tell
myself that it was natural to have been glad that it was
Jan who ended up in the mud instead of me.

Then there was the moment just as the girls were walking
away, and one of them lit up a smoke, and I stood there,
waiting to go to my friend. I'd heard everything they
had done to her, but in this moment, I'm ashamed to
admit, there was a little bit of anticipation to see it
with my own eyes. And the feeling I got when I found Jan
rubbing herself. Well, I can't describe it.

Jan went away on that business trip with her husband the
next week. I was left with this secret smouldering in my
belly. One time, late at night, maybe Wednesday or
Thursday, I got a phone call, but no one was on the
other end. I got that feeling that it might have been
Jan. I don't know.

When the following week rolled around, I was left
wondering what was left of our friendship. Then, at the
end of the week, she came over unexpectedly.

"Hey, did you want to go out for a jog?" she asked me
breathlessly. "Remy can watch the kids. He's home from
work this week."

And yes, I wanted very badly to go for a jog. I was
surprised that Jan would even consider it.

So, a few minutes later, we were taking our familiar
route through the neighbourhood, trying to pretend than
nothing had happened, even though it was totally
consuming my thoughts. Finally, I had to say something.

"Are you going to talk to anyone at the school?"

Her face flushed red. "No... I mean... it's just, well,
it's not as if they really..."

She couldn't finish. I wasn't going to pursue it.

We rounded the corner where we normally caught up with
the gym classes.

Of course, it was summer now, so there would be no one
to follow us today. But suddenly, Jan picked up the pace
a little bit, leaving me lagging behind.

Now, I told you that I had become a better runner than
Jan over the course of our jogging together, so it was
no problem for me to keep up. Just as I caught up,
though, she sped up again, keeping me another few steps
behind. My heart was really pumping now. I knew that I
could outrun her, so I began to push the pace too,
forcing her to really push herself to keep ahead.

I don't know why the chase began, but neither of us
seemed ready to call it quits. Half way down the block,
she suddenly veered right, into the park.

I can't really explain what happened next. It was all so
unexpected. One minute, I was chasing Jan across the
grass, and then we sort of bumped each other, and Jan
stumbled into one of the bushes beside the path. Then I
was on top of her.

God, this is the hardest part of all to admit to. I
don't know if you'll believe me when I say that I didn't
plan this, but once I was on top of her, it just
happened. It was such a rush of power. I felt
exhilaration and intense shame as I found myself pinning
her into the muddy ground.

In that moment, it all seemed so inevitable. I'd been
playing the scene in my head so often, and even little
variations on it. Now, I found myself re-enacting the
dark secret we had kept for the past two weeks.

She didn't even resist me. She just accepted this most
recent violation as if she somehow deserved it.

I won't repeat the filthy names I called her. I can't
believe they even came from my mouth. I won't tell you
about the awful things I made her do with her tongue
(not even to you, O). It's bad enough that Jan and I
know about it. I think about it all of the time now.

And since I'm not going to spill all of the details,
that's the end of my confession. We didn't talk again
after the incident. Less than a week later, I found out
that Jan was moving away to relocate for her husband's
job. I guess that was the reason for the business trip,
although she never told me about it. They rented out the
house next door.

I guess I've tried to bury the whole thing in my memory,
but it's impossible. They've been gone nearly a year
now, and I can't stop thinking about that run we took in
the park, and the window it gave me into the darkest
part of my sexuality.

I've been thinking about it a lot more now. Recently,
I've been getting phone calls again late at night with
no one on the other end. My husband wants to trace the
calls, but I try to play it down. I guess I'm afraid
that it'll be an out-of-state number, and then I'd know
that it was her.

Worst of all, about two weeks ago, the renters next door
moved out. I heard a rumour that Remy and Jan were
moving back into the neighbourhood, but I don't know if
it's true. I really can't stand the suspense.

That's about it, but please remember to strip my e-mail
address from everything before you send it on.


Comments can be forwarded to: ***@hotmail.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: blkhookr.txt (MF, oral, mast, intr, prost)
Authors name: JupRyan (***@aol.com)
Story title : Black Hooker, The

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

The Black Hooker (MF, oral, mast, intr, prost)
by JupRyan (***@aol.com)


This is the tale of the first time I paid for a blowjob -
completely real and unaltered. This is my experience -
not just a sex scene, which means there is probably
better jack-off material if that is all you're looking
for. Comments and suggestions are welcome. If feedback is
received, more of my experiences will be submitted.


The first time I paid for sex I had already been married
almost two years, so I was getting plenty of pussy. The
problem was that my wife didn't want to suck my cock. In
fact, in the four years we had been together, she never

I had dated a girl just before my wife who was pretty
much addicted to sucking cock. As good as fucking a pussy
feels, receiving a blowjob is also an amazing experience
no guy should be without.

I researched on the internet where hookers were most
likely to be found in the large city about an hour from
where I lived. I wasn't familiar with the city, so I
wasn't sure where to go. Also, it was hard to get away
from my wife for that long, so I eventually forgot about

Several months later I found myself in the big city and
realized how horny I was. I decided to just drive around
the "bad part of town" and see what I could find. I
cruised around for nearly an hour and hadn't seen
anything when I saw a woman walking up the sidewalk in
front of me. She was a large black woman, easily weighing
over 200 pounds. She had on a white tank and short denim

What I noticed first about her was her huge butt. I've
always been a butt man and I couldn't help staring at it
as I drove by. It honestly never occurred to me that she
was a hooker. Her ass was so hot that I circled the block
just so I could drive by and see it again.

This time when I drove by she smiled and waved at me. I
thought it was too good to be true. This time I drove by
and she waves again, so I slowed down and stopped, just
to see what she would do. She ran over to my car, opened
the door and jumped in the passenger side. When she got
in, I realized how huge her tits were as well. I also
noticed her gray hairs and realized she had at least in
her mid 40s.

I asked her where we wanted to go and she told me to
drive to a nearby park. As we drove, she placed her hand
on my crotch and started rubbing it. Needless to say, I
was very hard.

We parked in the park and I gave her $30. She unzipped my
pants and pulled my cock out and started stroking it.

"Don't cum in my mouth," she said.

I promised not to, and she lowered her head and took my
cock in her mouth. I had almost forgot how wonderful it
felt to have my cock in a woman's mouth, but all the
feelings came rushing back. I have to admit it didn't
take long before I felt my orgasm approaching.

I was squeezing her fat ass and felt the cum start
rushing up.

"I'm about to cum, baby," I moaned.

She jerked her head and started jacking me off while she
grabbed an old t-shirt from the back seat of my car. I
came harder that I had in so long and shot my cum all
over the shirt and her hand. She wiped her hand clean and
tucked my softening cock back in my pants.

"You feel better now, hon?" she asked me.

I was still recovering from my orgasm and could only
smile and nod at her. Later, on my way home I stopped at
a quick stop to use the bathroom. I got in the stall and
pulled my cock and saw her lipstick was still on it.

I started getting hard again and had to jack off there in
the stall. Thankfully no one was around to hear me as I
came again.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

The Price I Paid
by Alex Hawk (***@operamail.com)


A young boy pays the price for losing his virginity.
Based on a true story. (mf-teens, 1st)


I'd just turned thirteen when I lost my virginity. It
was the ultimate dream goal of just about every boy in
the world of that age. Little did I know at the time
how much of a price I was going to wind up paying.

I was at a party when I met Amber. She was fifteen, had
long, black hair, wore a very short skirt and t-shirt
and smiled a lot. I'd been admiring her from afar for
the last couple hours when, much to my surprise, she
walked up to me.


"Hi!" I answered.

"I'm Amber."

"I know. I'm Kevin."

"Hello, Kevin," she said, shaking my hand politely. "I
haven't seen you at one of Taylor's parties before."

I shrugged. "I've never been to any before."

Amber smiled. She had a very sweet smile. "You having

"Yeah, it's pretty cool."

As the DJ started playing a new song, Amber said, "Oh!
I love this one! Come dance with me!"


I followed Amber out to the floor where about fifteen
other kids were dancing and started doing my best to
keep up with her. I wasn't a very good dancer, but I
tried as hard as I could, and at least I didn't trip or
knock her over or anything.

We danced for a couple songs before Amber, sweating a
little but still smiling, said, "Come on, Kevin. I need
to get out of here for a bit. It's too hot."

"Alright," I said, sweat plastering my shirt to my

We stepped outside to the large backyard outside
Taylor's house. His family had some real money and
they lived in a huge house on the outskirts of town. As
Amber and I stepped out into the yard, she let out a
sigh of happiness.

"MUCH nicer. I can't stand being all hot and sweaty."

"Yeah, it does kind of suck," I admitted.

"So how old are you, Kevin?"


"Wow, really? You come off a lot older. Like fifteen or

"Really?" My chest swelled up with pride. "Thanks!"

"When did you turn thirteen?"

"Last month."

"Wow. Well, you seem really mature for your age."


"You wanna go fuck?"

That brought me up short and stopped me dead in my


"Do you wanna fuck? We can just dash into the woods, no
one will see," she said, nodding over her shoulder to
the trees I only just now realized we'd been walking
towards. "I'm really horny and I wanna get laid," she

"Uh... uh..."

Amber looked at me and then smiled again. "Oh! You're
still a virgin, aren't you?"

"Well..." I shrugged awkwardly and looked away. "Yeah."

"Oh... I'd assumed you weren't."

"Well... I am. Sorry."

Amber giggled and put her hand on my shoulder. "You
don't need to apologize. I don't mind. Virgins can be
fun. My offer is still open, if you're interested."

I blinked a couple times. "Do you really mean it? You
really want me to... fuck you?" I could barely get the
vital word out.

"Yeah. You want to?"

Part of me was really unsure. I mean, it was kind of
sudden and a little strange. But the other part of me,
the most important part, which was currently rock
solid, knew exactly what it wanted to do.

"Here, come on," she said as she looked around and,
seeing no one visible, pulled her shirt off to expose
two beautiful breasts. My penis twitched at the sight.
Then she took my hand and led me towards the trees.

Once we were back a little ways, Amber turned and
kissed me, pressing her whole body against mine as she
started slowly pulling my shirt up. Soon it was on the
ground, and now I could feel her bare breasts against
my young chest.

"Have you done anything with a girl yet, Kevin?" she

I shook my head and eventually found my ability to
speak. "Just kissing. Nothing like this."

"Cool." She kissed me again a few more times and then
put a hand on my pants, right over my rigid teenage
penis. My pulse went racing at the contact.

"What... what should I be doing?" I managed to ask.

"Nothing yet. I'll do all the work."


Amber reached down with both hands as she kept kissing
me and started to unbutton and unzip my jeans. Once
they were open, she pulled them and my boxers down,
releasing my virgin penis to pop out into the night.

"Oh, very nice," she cooed as she took it into her
hand, stroking it slowly. "Very nice indeed."

"Thanks," I gasped. Then my gasp turned into a moan as
I felt something warm and wet slide down the length of
my erection. I looked down to see Amber's head, her
mouth around my penis. My first blowjob... god, it was

After only a short time sucking me, Amber pulled her
mouth back and said, "God, I have to get this thing
inside me." She looked up at me. "I want you to fuck me
now. Ok?"

I couldn't say anything. I just nodded as she lay back
on the ground and pulled up her skirt, removing her
panties and spreading her legs. I couldn't see her
vagina really clearly cause it was dark out here, but I
could see enough to really get my hormones flowing even
faster than they already were.

"Come on down here," she said, cocking a finger.

I dropped down my knees between Amber's legs, my penis
pointing straight up at the treetops.

She took it in her hand and pulled me close. I felt the
shaft come into contact with something very wet.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm rushing. I'm sure you
probably pictured your first time a little different."

"Oh... it's ok..." I managed to say. "I think I can
handle it."

"Good." She moved my penis around and I felt something
hot and moist against the tip. "Alright. Push it in."

Well, here goes, I thought. I was about to get laid for
the first time! I'd never expected it to happen to me
ever, much less at my age. But here I was, about to
fuck! I took a deep breath and held it as I pushed
forward with my hips, feeling my thirteen-year-old
virgin penis slip deep into Amber's tight, wet,
fifteen-year-old vagina.

"Oh..." I whispered as my virginity fled forever.

"Yeah..." Amber said, pulling me down on top of her and
kissing me. "Oh, yeah... that's what I wanted to

I pushed in as far as I could get, until my balls were
resting against her body. I was fucking! I was actually
inside a girl! Nothing could ever be more wonderful
than this, I thought. It was the best thing EVER!

Amber moved her hands onto my butt. "Come on... start

Nodding, I pulled back with my hips and then pushed
forward, nearly passing out with pleasure. I'd never
known anything as wonderful as this was! I went forward
and back again, and again, sliding my young penis back
and forth inside my first ever vagina.

Unfortunately, like most boys having their first time,
mine didn't last long. I was inside Amber for less than
a minute before I started to cum, my sperm shooting out
of my penis and going deep into her waiting body.

As soon as I was finished, I fell on top of Amber,
breathing hard, my mind spinning as I tried to take in
everything that had just happened to me.

"Kevin...?" Amber whispered after a moment.

"Yeah...?" I gasped.

She giggled, her vagina clutching at me slightly. "Just
making sure you're still alive."

"I think I am..."


I swallowed and managed to get myself back more into
reality. "Do I have to take it out?"

"Do you want to?"


"Then don't."


I stayed on top of Amber, keeping my penis inside the
warm tunnel that I never wanted to leave. I didn't ever
end up going completely soft, and soon I was back to
being hard. Almost on instinct I started thrusting
slowly once more.

"Oooo... I love a boy who can go back for seconds..."
Amber whispered.

Grinning a little I propped myself up on my elbows and
started fucking her a little faster, enjoying how much
better it felt the faster I went. It was really cool,
too, looking down and seeing her breasts jiggle as I
fucked her. As I fucked her! I was fucking a girl! WOW!
How many middle school students could say THAT?

This time I managed to last quite a bit longer, at
least four minutes, before I added another blast of
sperm to Amber's vagina. Just after I came, she had
her orgasm, though at the time I didn't know that was
what it was.

After I was done this time, I pulled out and we sat and
talked for a bit before she had me fuck her again, this
time with her on top. When that third time was
finished, we got dressed and went back to the party.
We'd been gone less than an hour.

I didn't see Amber too much after that. I ran into her
at parties a couple more times over the next three
months, but she never seemed to be interested in having
sex with me again. I was disappointed, but I figured
eventually I'd find another girl to fuck. In the
meantime, I'd at least have my memories.

Those memories, though, turned sour quickly when Amber
came to find me at school one day with the terrible

"I'm pregnant."

Turned out that I'd been the only boy she'd been fucked
by since before her last period. A paternity test later
proved that I was the father. She gave birth to our son
two months before I turned fourteen.

Having a kid at thirteen really fucked my life up. I
stayed in school and did as well as I could with it,
and when I turned eighteen I joined the Army. Imagine
being a new recruit with a son who's about to start

To make matters worse, Amber and I stopped getting
along. We never really spoke to each other, other than
to arrange visitation (she had custody). For our son's
sake alone, I wished we'd got on better, but we didn't.

I paid a pretty steep price for losing my virginity
like I did. Three times of having sex when I was
thirteen, nothing for years after that, and a kid to
show for it. On the whole, I wish I'd waited.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. Non
terminus messor.

This is a true story that I picked up from an email
someone sent me. He knows who he is. I cam empathize
with how strange it is to have a kid at a young age.
One of my two sons just turned 9 and the other will do
so next month. I'm 23, to give you an idea.

Wanna know why I haven't been posting here a lot
lately? Because I post up on my own site now! Visit
www.asstr.org/~AlexHawk/ and see what I've been up to!

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It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Beverly Takes It Rough
by Canary (***@csonline.net)


Beverly didn't want to be a swinger, but her husband
kept insisting. This is the (somewhat true) account of
her first swinging experience. (Mdom/F, reluc-wife,
swing, mild-v)


Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing from
the male point of view. It was told to me by the
husband of a friend of mine. They both have been
swingers for years and this is the story of their first
swinging episode with Beverly and Sam. Sam was all for
it, but Beverly only did it because he badgered her
into it. Canary


She sat on the bed beside me looking slightly
uncomfortable. She knew that her husband was in the
next bedroom over with my wife. She hadn't really
wanted to do this, but she loved her husband and it was
what he wanted.

I turned to look at her. While she was slightly
overweight, it was not so much that she could in any
way be considered fat. She had curves in all the right
places and filled he white sweater nicely. Her blond
hair was cut short and at 5'2" she made me feel like a
giant even though I'm only slightly over five nine.

I put my arm around her shoulder and felt her shiver
slightly. "Just relax Beverly." I told her softly.
"Tonight is for you, I want to make you feel good. What
do you like?"

"Anything," she replied. Her voice shook.

"Oh come on Bev," I said, still keeping my voice low.
"There must be something that excites you more than
anything in the world. I can be anything you want,
gentle, very gentle, rough, or very rough. We can spend
a long time on foreplay or no time at all. It's up to

She looked up at me with an odd look in her eyes. "Do
you mean by that?" she asked. I nodded. "C-c-could you
sort of dominate me. I mean, make it feel like I don't
have a choice. Maybe that way I won't feel like I'm
cheating on Sam."

"How much force do you want?" I asked. "Do you want a
little pain with it? Like I said, it's your night. Just
tell me what you want."

Her voice shook so much that I could barely understand
her. "Could you hurt me just a little bit? Nothing too
rough but sometimes Sam squeezes my nipples really hard
and it just sends me through the roof."

I squeezed her right shoulder since my arm around her
presented that possibility. I thought about giving her
a safe word and decided against it. She really didn't
want to be here and would probably use it before
anything really happened. "Okay," I said. "But
remember, once we start you can't stop until it's

Her lower lip quivered. "Okay," she said shakily.

I hardened my voice. "Stand up and face me about two
feet away." She did it and I stared at her, letting my
eyes go up and down her body, undressing her with my
eyes. "Take off your clothes." I told here harshly. She
started to shake and I thought she was going to make a
break for it. "Do it," I snapped.

Her hands went shakily to the bottom of her sweater and
pulled it up just slightly. We heard a female voice
from the other room. "OH YESSS!" it screamed. That
jolted her into action and she quickly pulled the
sweater up over her head and threw it on the floor.

Her bra was white with pink hearts on it that I could
barely make out from the small night light in the room.
"Now the bra," I said coldly. We heard a moan from the
other room. It was obviously a moan of passion. She
reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She
brought her hands to the front and suddenly grabbed the
cups keeping herself hid.

"I just can't," she said. There were tears running down
her face.

I didn't speak but simply reached out and grabbed the
bra between the cups, pulled it from her body, and
threw it on the floor with her sweater. Her tits were
small. She probably wore a b-cup, but I liked them
small anyway. She crossed herself with her hands trying
to cover her nudity. "Put your hands at your sides," I
told her.

There was a male voice from the other room. "OH GOD."
it screamed. "That's so GOOD." A steely look came
across her face and she dropped her hands to her side.
Her nipples were standing out a good half an inch. I
didn't have to prompt her as she unbuttoned her skirt,
pulled the zipper down and let it drop to the floor.
Now she stood before me clad in only her skimpy pink
panties and white bobby socks.

She looked at me and I nodded. With a look of resolve
she grabbed the sides of her panties and pushed them
down and off, raising her legs, one at a time, to step
out of them. The hair between her legs was sparse,
almost like a little girl even though I knew that she
had a 15 year old son.

I reached into the drawer of the night stand beside the
bed and pulled out the gentle cuffs. They are a soft
sort of hand cuffs held together with Velcro around the
wrist and a plastic detachable snap in the middle. My
wife and I used them whenever the feeling for a little
S&M hit us. "Give me your hand," I told her and she
held them out and let me attach the cuffs. I stood up.
I towered over her. I grabbed her and quickly threw her
on the bed.

I was beside her in a flash, grabbed her cuffed hands
and attached them with a rope in the center of the top
of the bed that was kept there for that purpose. She
was really struggling now, obviously very scared. I
quickly jumped out of bed and went to the bottom of it.
I grabbed her by both ankles and pulled her down. Then
I attached her legs, spread-eagled with soft ropes from
either corner of the bed.

"Now you're helpless, bitch," I chided her. "Does it
feel good?" She didn't answer but simply closed her
eyes as tight as she could. I could see a tear running
from one corner, down the side of her nose and then
running along her cheek. It touched me and I almost
gave in, but no, that wouldn't do. So I hardened myself
to see this thing through.

I kneeled on the bed beside her and quickly ran two
fingers into her cunt. She might be scared and maybe
even not want to do this but her body didn't know it.
She was extremely wet. Ignoring her moans, I hooked my
fingers and lifted her off the mattress by her cunt.
That caused a little yelp of pain. I quickly pushed a
pillow under her ass and lowered her back down. Now her
pussy and asshole were at just the right height.

I stood up. "Look at me!" I snarled. She opened her
eyes and watched helplessly as I slowly removed my
clothes. Her eyes widened as I dropped my jockey shorts
to reveal my nine inches of hard man meat. I have never
been harder than I was at that moment.

I climbed on the bed on my knees beside her face. "Suck
it," I said quietly.

She closed her eyes tightly and violently shook her
head no. I didn't respond but rather leaned over and
began to suck on her left breast. Her nipple hardened
immediately and she began to moan softly.

I looked up at her. "Are you ready to suck it now?"
Again she shook her head no, but not as violently this

I moved to her right breast and started to suck while
keeping the nipple on her left hard with my fingers.
When both nipples were good and hard I again looked up
at her. "Last chance," I said quietly. "NOW are you
ready to suck me off?"

"I just can't," she said quietly. Tears were still
streaming down her face.

I reached into the night stand drawer and withdrew some
more of our toys. I held the chain up with the three
dangling clips sparkling in the soft light. Her eyes
grew wide as saucers. "I tried to be nice," I snarled.
"But you're making me do this the hard way."

I leaned over and sucked on her left breast. The nipple
grew even harder than it already was. I opened the clip
and let it snap shut on the nipple. "OW! THAT HURTS!"
she whined. I said nothing, but simply repeated the
process on her right breast.

"Now, suck me off," I snarled. She whimpered, closed
her eyes and shook her head.

I leaned down between her spread legs and licked
feverishly on her clit. It stood immediately at
attention. I continued for a few seconds and heard her
moan with passion. When I let the final clip snap shut
on it she almost came off the bed. "OH GOD," she

"They come off after you suck me off," I said softly.
Obediently, she opened her mouth and I rammed my cock
roughly into it. I reached the back of her mouth and
just kept pushing. I could feel her gag reflex setting
in. "Swallow," I commanded. Somehow she managed to
still the reflex and I felt myself sliding into her
tight throat.

I was in heaven. My passion took over and I began
ramming in and out of her tight throat. I felt my balls
tightening and my cum squirting out of my cock into her
waiting mouth. I pulled back enough so that she could
catch a breath and then held her nose shut so she would
have to swallow it all.

I removed my still hard cock from her mouth and she
began to try to spit out whatever little bit of my cum
remained on her tongue. Finally she looked at me with
tears running down her face.

"Okay, I did what you asked. Now will you PLEASE take
it off? It hurts really bad." I reached down and
removed the clamp from her clit.

"I think we'll just leave the nipple clamps on a little
longer," I told her.

"Just let me go. I've changed my mind. I don't want to
do this anymore."

"Remember, I told you that once we started you had to
see it through to the end," I said softly. She began
sobbing and ignoring her I simply climbed between her

I leaned forward and brought my mouth up to her, now
dry, twat. I flicked out my tongue and licked all the
way from the bottom of her cunt right up to her clit. I
sucked gently on the clit. The sobbing stopped. I
licked harder. Her hips began to move pushing toward
me. I pushed a finger into her and curved it toward her
G-spot. I rubbed gently and she moaned loudly.

I continued to lick directly on her clit while running
two fingers in and out of her. She moaned louder and
then she was thrashing as much as she could in her
bondage as her first orgasm of the night crashed around

I continued to lick, bringing her down slowly. I
reached down and pulled the slip knots that secured her
ankles, freeing her legs. I pushed her legs up, nearly
doubling her over and rammed my raging cock into her.
She grunted when I hit bottom and then began moving her
hips trying to get me even deeper.

"FUCK ME!!" she screamed. Over and over, "Fuck me! Fuck
me! Fuck me!" She crashed through one orgasm and
another screaming and yelling her pleasure, not even
caring that her husband in the other room with my wife
could hear her moans and yells.

I brought her through six more orgasms before my own
passion finally overtook me and I stiffened, pumping
gallons of my sticky cum into her.

I collapsed on top of her but only for a moment. I
raised up slightly, removed the nipple clips and freed
her hands. I rolled off of her and she rolled to me
cuddling into my arms. "God," she said softly when our
ragged breathing began to subside, "I've never, ever
felt that good before."

I chuckled softly. "I'm glad you liked it. Its
important that the first time be good if you're really
going to enjoy the swinging lifestyle."

We laid quietly listening to the sounds of squeaking
bed springs and moans of pleasure from the other room.
Finally she stirred looking up at me. "I really liked
it when you forced me, but could we try it gently

I looked down at her, "Your wish is my command, my
lady," and leaned over to kiss her softly.

The End

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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