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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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material. If you do not wish to read this
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Bukkake Business
by Bradley Stoke (address withheld)


It is a big day for Tachu. The contract for business
she has worked so hard for is due for closure. She
hopes all goes well and that the deal is sealed with
the ceremony that traditionally accompanies it. A
business deal is never complete unless there is also
bukkake business. (MM+/F, mast, gb, orgy, asian, bukk)


It was a big day for her, Tachu reflected, as she
glided the electric razor over her scalp, removing
traces of blue stubble to expose the pale pinkness
beneath, After all her efforts in securing the deal
with the Taming Force Corporation, today was finally
the day in which the client would sign and all her
efforts would be rewarded.

At last, she would be entitled to the handsome
commission that she so often discussed with Kenchi when
she had to justify those late nights in the office that
filled her with so much guilt. She was so fortunate to
have such an understanding wife: one who would accept
the hours of waiting until the metro finally delivered
Tachu home to their expensive suburban apartment.

She examined her shaven pate in the bathroom mirror
reflection in which she could also see Kenchi dozing
under the silken sheets, blissfully unperturbed by
thoughts of her day in the classroom where she taught
all those young boys and girls the intricacies of
mathematics and who were wholly undeserving of her
tuition. And how could they be deserving?

Tachu was so grateful she was married to a woman so
very beautiful, whose naked body was unquestionably the
object of the desire of so many other men and women.
And a woman who was hers to love and desire whenever
she so desired. She smiled indulgently as Kenchi rolled
over, her bluish scalp on the down-filled pillows and
her arms stretched out in prayer-like formation in
front of her.

Tachu sighed. Her bosom swelled with love. Kenchi was
the perfect lover. No one could ever match her in
beauty and cleverness.

But first, best not to neglect her crotch. It wouldn't
do for the executives from TFC to see even the shadow
of stubble there. She'd been so embarrassed that time
when entertaining the DAL executives when she found
that long hair that had so sneakily evaded her razor.

And then, over the high-pitched whirr of her laser-
sharp razor, she heard a grunt coming from the bed.

"Are you awake, Kenchi dear?" Tachu asked softly.

Kenchi stirred slightly, her eyes opened slightly and
she smiled.

"I couldn't let you leave on this big day without
wishing you well, could I?" she almost groaned through
her sleep- encrusted lips.

Tachu felt so much love at that moment. Oh Kenchi!
However many times Tachu might declare her love it was
never enough.

"Just a moment, sweetest. I've got to look my best
today. I don't want a single trace of hair on my

Kenchi nodded.

"No. That wouldn't do! What might the executives think?
A senior female sales exec with hair? The very idea!"

Soon enough Tachu made sure to the best of her ability
that she was as presentable as she could be. Kenchi was
so understanding! As a school teacher she could risk a
day's, even several days', stubble, but appearance was
paramount in Tachu's profession. And soon Tachu could
leave the bathroom, in her full nakedness, and strode
over to her wife who leaned up, supporting her weight
on an elbow.

"Just a little nibble?" she pleaded.

Of course!" said Tachu. "But only briefly. I've got a
train to catch!"

And so Tachu stood in front of Kenchi who leaned her
face forward, her lips open and her tongue slipping
seductively through the parted teeth. And Tachu
received the full sensual delight of her lover's tongue
on the ragged inner lips of her vulva, and then, more
delightful than even that, the sharp nip of Kenchi's
teeth on those same lips. Tachu put a hand on Kenchi's
stubbled head, relishing this humbling expression of

"Enough!" commanded Tachu reluctantly. "I've got to get

"It'll be alright, won't it?" asked Kenchi anxiously,
just as reluctantly removing her lips from Tachu's
genital ones. "They'll sign and the deal will be
finalised in the traditional manner?"

"It will be a bukkake ceremony of unmatched
excellence!" Tachu assured her, but remembering too
well those painful occasions when the expected final
ceremony did not happen. Those times when an
unsuspected tender from a rival firm had undercut or
overtaken that offered by the senior sales executive of
United Leverage plc.

Kenchi nodded, but Tachu could see that her wife
recognised too well the anxiety that she felt. Maybe
this would be another yearned-for tender finalisation
that would not be signed and sealed with the client's
semen. The shame and dishonour would surely be too much
to bear at the next board meeting.

Perhaps she would again feel the full wrath of the
CEO's anal penetration and chastisement. Although Tachu
recognised the necessity of such ritual humiliation,
the pain and sheer messiness of it forever haunted her
as she endeavoured to do the best she could for her
company's shareholders' interests.

She tried to take her mind off her anxieties as she sat
on the metro while it thundered towards the city
centre. Opposite her was a girl whose hair must have
been at least a centimetre long. Tachu sniffed. What a
slut! But there were just no standards amongst the
young these days.

She regarded her own reflection in the windows
opposite, acting as a perfect mirror against the
darkness of the tunnel as the train rattled on. Her
best suit, discreetly opened so that the full heave of
her full bosom could be seen, a glimpse of the areola
just about visible, and her short skirt under which
today she was definitely not going to wear any knickers
and through which any one leaning down might catch a
peek of her smooth shaved crotch.

Tachu regarded the other passengers. A group of
schoolchildren were gathered together, all identically
dressed, girls and boys: blazers, ties, baggy shorts to
the knees, long white socks from the knees to their
black shoes and only the well-scrubbed knees showing.

Like her and all the other passengers, except the slut
opposite in her jeans and sleeveless tee-shirt, with
their scalps neatly shaven. Tachu felt a small pang of
envy at the boldness of the unshaven girl, who would
probably be quite pretty if she'd paid more attention
to her appearance. Why! Tachu was sure that she even
had hair under her armpits. How disgusting! Unless she
worked in a vegetarian caf, or a record shop, how could
a girl like that possibly get a job?

When she got to the office, she immediately searched
out Menga, whom she knew would have been in the office
at least an hour before her, as custom dictated. She'd
thought long and hard about which one of her junior
sales reps should have the privilege of accompanying
her on the deal finalisation ceremony, and she had
decided that it was Menga who was the most deserving.
Those long hours she had put in to preparing the
tender! (Though she could never be sure how long after
she left the office her staff might decide it was
prudent for them to also leave).

Menga stood up from her desk as Tachu approached, as
did the other girls in the office, but she could see
that it was her that Tachu was most intent on
approaching. She bowed her head slightly as Tachu came

"Good morning, ma'am!" she said, with a tremulous
quiver to her voice.

"Are you prepared, Menga?" Tachu asked. "Have you
shaved and scrubbed yourself?"

"I have indeed, ma'am!"

"You might consider another shower this afternoon. And
I hope you remembered to bring your razor?"

"I have, ma'am!"

"Fourteen hundred hours. Executive suite Twenty Six.
Make sure you're there!"

Menga nodded, her face struggling to restrain any
expression of her delight at the honour bestowed on
her. Tachu turned around and left, and Menga and the
other girls sat down only when the office door had
closed behind the executive manager. Tachu could
imagine the envy her other junior staff were at this
moment feeling towards their lucky colleague!

It was a tense morning for Tachu as she ensured that
all the arrangements were in place for the afternoon.
She made sure that the caterer, the photographer and
the seating arrangements were exactly right. She didn't
want a single thing to upset the big event. But most
importantly she had to ensure that she herself was
wholly presentable. And this meant, of course, that she
would need to take a shower in the executive staff

As Tachu scrubbed herself vigorously with a loofah
under the stinging spray of the shower, she could hear
the clickety click of a pair of stiletto heels stride
across the tiles and then heard someone sit down in one
of the door-less toilet cubicles. She poked her head
out of the shower and saw that it was Chenkun, the
senior marketing executive, who was carefully pulling
off her clothes.

"Do you want a shower too?" Tachu called out.

"No. Not at all, Tachu," Chenkun replied with a smile.
"I've just been attending another tiresome meeting and
I thought I'd relax by masturbating before proceeding
with the rest of my duties."

"Do you want to borrow my vibrator?" Tachu suggested
amiably. "It's a Caldron 19. A very fine model."

"No, that's fine, Tachu. But I appreciate the offer.
Especially if you've already used it and I could share
of your fluids. But I much prefer my Thunder 73. It has
just the right rhythm for how I feel at the moment!"

Tachu smiled as her naked colleague pulled out her long
purple vibrator from inside her handbag, sat on the
toilet seat with her legs parted and worried the lips
of her vagina with the whirring toy. However, as she
returned to her ablutions, she dismissed the idea of
accompanying her colleague in mutual masturbation by
the consideration that the executives from TFC might
not appreciate the smell or taste of a previously
excited vagina. But it was a distraction for her to
listen to her colleague's ecstatic gasps as the buzzing
sex toy aided her towards her solo climax.

"Are the executives from TFC here yet?" Tachu asked the
receptionist anxiously on the appointed hour.

"Promptly, ma'am," the receptionist nodded, keeping her
eyes discreetly lowered.

"Thank you. Please escort them to the executive suite
where I shall be waiting for them."

With that, Tachu spun around on her torturously high
stilettos and strode towards the room where, as
arranged, Menga was standing naked, except for her own
stiletto heels, by the side of the spread laid out by
the caterers.

"Is everything in order, Menga?" Tachu asked.

"Yes, ma'am," her naked junior assented, bowing her

"The photographer?"

"She's waiting in the anteroom, ma'am."

Tachu nodded. Everything did indeed seem to be in
order. And Menga was sweetly perfumed, her crotch and
pate meticulously shaved, her lips rouged a very dark
red and her eyes stylishly painted with kohl.

"So, we are sure that everything is as it should be for
the CEO from TFC and his colleagues?"

Menga nodded. "Yes, ma'am!" she announced firmly and

And then they arrived, the CEO and his senior
executives, their heads properly shaved and wearing
expensive double-breasted suits, escorted by the
receptionist, her eyes modestly averted, and the rings
in her bare nipples linked by a company-approved chain.

"Welcome, Mr Chien, sir!" said Tachu. "And welcome also
to your colleagues. We have prepared a small repast for
your pleasure of which we would be delighted you
partook before we finalise the deal."

Mr Chien was a small stocky man in his early fifties
who nodded and gestured to his silent coterie of
executives. "You heard the lady!" he said. "Tuck in!"

The executives did so, crowding around the table where
the food was presented and where Menga stood, naked and
also silent, by the side.

Tachu gestured towards her junior sales rep. "Please
serve Mr Chien with a selection of what the caterers
have so generously provided," she commanded.

Only when Mr Chien had lifted a chicken leg to his
mouth and took a bite from it did the other executives
do the same with any of the food they had selected,
while Menga fussed around them to make sure that not
one of them would be without the serviettes and forks
they might require.

"I see you are married," remarked Mr Chien, glancing at
the ring on Tachu's finger.

"Yes, sir," said Tachu, unable to suppress the pride in
her voice. "And to a most beautiful woman, I am happy
to say."

"I'm very happy for you," smiled the CEO. He chewed the
chicken decorously, holding a serviette up to his
mouth. "I have several wives and a husband. All are
very pleasant, although my first wife is getting on a
bit now."

"Your other wives are younger, sir?"

"Very much so. And much more sexually active. Although
my first wife does her best when the occasion demands
of it."

"She must be very pleased for you, sir."

"Indeed she is."

Soon enough, the food was consumed and everyone sat
down at the executive table to sign the various
documents that Tachu and her staff had prepared.
Everyone that is except Menga who stood, naked and
self-consciously, by the dining table. First each
executive would carefully read the documents, sign it
and pass it on to the executive to their left.
Eventually the document would arrive at Mr Chien,
seated next to Tachu, who would give the document only
the most cursory glance before, with a flourish,
signing the document in the section reserved only for

And then when all the documents were signed, Tachu
pressed the little buzzer by her side and a secretary
appeared, picked up the documents and without raising
her head to look at the assembled executives scurried
out on her high stiletto heels.

"And now," said Tachu, at last permitting herself a
smile, "we can complete the transaction."

The executives looked anxiously at their CEO. He nodded
and smiled, the first time since he had arrived in the
room. "Yes, we can." He looked at Tachu. "I take it
that first I fuck your delightful colleague and then I
complete the ceremony on your charming self?"

It was all Tachu could do to resist breaking into a
grin of satisfaction. The ceremony was to proceed as
tradition demanded. "Yes, sir," she said, fighting off
a gasp of excitement. "Menga is well-practised at the
art of fucking. Her vagina as well as her anus is fully
at your disposal."

"She remains unmarried, I take it?"

"She is, sir, though she is very sweet with a gentleman
from the Systems Development department."

"He is a very fortunate man in having such a beautiful

Before the ceremony could begin it was necessary that
the photographer be ready to take the pictures. Tachu
summoned her in by intercom and smiled as she strode
in, several cameras slung around her shoulders and a
huge tripod in her hands. The company photographer
dressed in a smart suit, with a skirt short enough that
she could crouch with it being no obstacle to her and a
torch secured around her shaven pate should extra light
be needed for any of the requisite shots. She slightly
bowed her head and almost immediately began snapping
pictures of the executives.

Menga made her way to the futons laid out in
preparation at the further end of the room. The larger
one covered several square meters and Menga sat down on
it. A smaller, more luxurious, down-filled futon lay a
small distance away. Tachu strode up to it, and in a
few practised movements removed her clothing and
secured them on the executive hangers lining the wall.
Once naked, she bowed her head reverentially and sat
down on the smaller futon.

The executives from TFC were now confronted with the
sight of two naked shaven women, still in their high
stilettos, recumbent on the futons in the traditional
manner: legs open and their weight supported by their
arms. Menga young and slender, with pert, pointed

Tachu filled out slightly by her relative maturity,
large full thighs and a comely bosom: one that Kenchi
so enjoyed licking and sucking. The executives were
clearly excited, but they stood in a polite row, their
eyes glancing towards the two women but their faces
struggling to betray no feeling.

The CEO nodded and, finally, with his permission, the
executives divested themselves of their own clothes,
neatly folded them and arranged them on the executive
hangers provided for the purpose. Nor all the
executives were as ready as the others, as Tachu could
deduce from the erectness of their penises.

Indeed, one penis was a very sorry sight: a little
walnut compared to some of the proud truncheons on
display. However, the pills that United Leverage plc
provided on the smaller table, along with all the
vibrators, lubricants and creams, should easily resolve
that gentleman's lack of apparent enthusiasm.

In earlier days, Tachu reflected, such impoliteness
could easily lead to an executive's instant dismissal
and even now the executive was plainly self-conscious
as he gamely stroked his penis.

Only when all the other executives were completely
naked and standing in a row by the larger futon where
Menga lay, did the CEO begin to remove his own clothes,
which he did at a significantly more leisurely pace
than his juniors. But Tachu was pleased to see that his
penis was fully erect and was quite a handsome one too.
Naturally, it was to be expected that only the most
virile executives could rise to his exalted position,
Tachu never failed to feel anxiety that she might
perform the bukkake ceremony with a client unable to
properly finalise the deal in the traditional manner.

The CEO approached Menga as she lay on the futon and
bade her turn onto her front. It was clear he was a man
who preferred to enter from behind, which pleased
Tachu. She glanced at a tube of lubricant on the table.
She hoped that Menga had applied plenty of that to her

First of all, Menga fellated the CEO's erect penis but
for less than a minute, so as to ensure that it was
truly rock hard and lubricated by her spit. Menga was
an expert fellater: it was one of her chief selling
skills, and a skill that had often made the difference
between a deal's success or failure, but in this case
the CEO was clearly impatient for proper penetration,
and perhaps reluctant for any early release of semen.

When Mr Chien was positioned with his penis thrusting
in and out of Menga's well-lubricated vagina and
apparently no longer paying attention to Tachu, the
senior sales exec wandered over to the table of sexual
aids and made her selection of lubricants and creams.
She hesitated over which vibrator to choose, but,
finally, recalling the pleasure it had given Chenkun in
the executive washroom, she plumped for a Thunder 73.
She only hoped that it would be as effective for her as
it had been for the marketing exec.

As the vibrator whirred around her tender lips and
clitoris, she regarded the waiting executives, now all
properly erect, probably having also taken whatever
steps were necessary to ensure this was so, and, with
rather more interest, the fucking between the CEO and
Menga. Tachu had made a wise selection in choosing that
girl, she could see that.

Menga was truly a good fuck and well worth the CEO's
attention, alternating as he did between vagina and
anus, while she gasped and shrieked in ecstasy that
even Tachu was unsure whether it was feigned or
genuine. That girl would go far, Tachu reflected.
Perhaps as a reward she might invite her to her
suburban home for dinner and sex with her and Kenchi.
If, of course, her wife assented.

However good Menga was as a lover, it would be
inappropriate for the CEO to spend too long with such a
junior staff member. She was, after all, intended only
to warm up the proceedings and the reason for the
tradition of the CEO fucking her so soon was to ensure
that the other executives would share in the same
intimate activity as their senior manager.

The photographer fussed around the couple, discreetly
taking pictures from all angles and getting quite close
indeed when Mr Chien removed his erect penis from
Menga's anus and the sales rep sucked and gobbled at
it, relishing the taste of her own shit and vaginal
fluids, mixed with lubricating cream and saliva, and
guaranteeing that it was in a respectable condition for
penetration into a senior sales exec. All the while,
the other executives from TFC stood patiently in a row,
masturbating themselves and staying very quiet.

It was only when the CEO stood up, leaving Menga
slumped face down on the futon, that the ceremony began
properly and the photographer was to be much more in
demand. Mr Chien nodded at his executives and strode
towards Tachu who lay down on her back, legs wide open,
awaiting her own critical role in the ceremony. The
other executives nodded in return, and then, in an
order determined by relative seniority, they took
advantage of the squirming, gasping, grunting, sweating
and politely vocal Menga.

It wouldn't do though for just one executive to take
possession of her: that was a privilege reserved only
for the CEO. Two or three executives plied at her at a
time, one in the arse, one in the vagina, whilst a
third would enjoy the pleasure of Menga's throat,
tongue and teeth on his erect member. And as each pair
or trio thrust away, the other executives would stand
politely by, masturbating in anticipation. And
meanwhile, the photographer was occupied photographing
the fucking, fellating and buggery.

That was when she wasn't engaged in taking pictures of
Mr Chien enjoying Tachu's own sexual assets. First of
all, Tachu took the CEO's penis in her mouth, smelling
richly as it still did of Menga's bodily fluids, and
used her own considerable talents at fellatio to bring
pleasure to the client, but using other skills to
ensure that he did not release his semen prematurely.

That would be a disaster!

Back and forth, back and forth, she bobbed her head,
her nose occasionally brushing against the CEO's shaven
groin, her hand gripped on the base of the penis and
testicles whilst another applied pressure elsewhere to
keep the final discharge at bay.

"Are you ready for penetration, Tachu?" wondered the
CEO with a smile.

Tachu looked up with her eyes at Mr Chien's face above
her and slowly withdraw his penis from her mouth,
feeling it tickle against her tonsils as it slid out.
She discreetly wiped the back of her hand on her rouged
lips, the taste of his penis, together with the whiff
of Menga's anus, encrusting her tongue and inner
cheeks. "Yes, sir. But please recall that I am a
married woman."

Mr Chien nodded, but Tachu knew already that he was a
man quite content to ply only at the smaller orifice.
She bent over on her front, head down, elbows in front
and arse in the air, while the CEO positioned himself
above her and bit by bit eased his penis into Tachu's
artificially lubricated anus.

The photographer hovered behind, taking picture after
picture of Mr Chien's penetration, while out of sight
from the camera and the senior sales executive, Tachu
moaned and gasped, as much from genuine pain as desire.
In actual fact, she still much preferred vaginal
intercourse after all these years of marriage, but her
vagina belonged to Kenchi and only she was permitted to
take pleasure of it. To do otherwise would be an act of
infidelity that Tachu loved her wife too dearly to ever
risk taking.

The photographer jumped backwards and forwards from the
two futons. Sometimes taking pictures of Menga as penis
after penis pushed inside her, or slapped against her
buttocks and face. Sometimes taking pictures of Tachu
and the CEO, sometimes the face or torso, but more
often the conjunction of penis and arse.

These pictures would soon enough be selected and the
better ones displayed in the company showcases, so that
visitors would know of United Leverage plc's success in
closing deals. And of course the executives would need
photographs to take away with them, perhaps to show
their wives or husbands, maybe to proudly display in
picture frames on their executive desks.

But the main climax of the ceremony was fast
approaching. The photographer was expert at recognising
the signs. Tachu was pushing up and down, up and down,
on the CEO's penis which was thrusting from behind,
using the push of her thighs as much as the CEO's own
thrust to keep the erect penis inside her arse, even as
the thick lubricant streamed out and down between her
cheeks and into the vaginal fluids released by her
urgent attention with the trusty Thunder 73.

And then the photographer caught the nod from the CEO.
He was ready! The executives who were not fucking Menga
noticed too and discreetly drew the attention of their
more active colleagues to the fact. And now was the
bukkake climax that the whole ceremony was directed

Tachu kneeled down in front of the director, her arms
supporting her body, while the CEO's penis probed and
poked around her face, his hand vigorously exercising
it. And then, at last, the moment that Tachu and the
photographer had awaited so eagerly, the moment which
truly sealed the business transaction.

Mr Chien spurted streams of pale globules of semen onto
Tachu's face: principally her cheeks, eyes and over her
shaven pate. It was warm, slightly creamy and certainly
viscous, sticking to her cheeks but forming huge slow-
moving tears, which seeped into her mouth and hang off
the end of her chin to fall, drip drip drip, onto the
futon below.

And then, the CEO having relieved himself, and, in a
sense, his role being finished, and with the
photographer no less active, it was the turn of the
other executives to also seal the deal. Of course, even
though the CEO was done, sitting naked on a huge
leather armchair smoking one of the magnificent cigars
that the company had provided for this moment of
postcoital relaxation, the other executives needed to
leave their mark.

And this they proceeded to do, assisted by Menga, who
used her skill in fellatio to keep the executives'
penises erect and ready and, naturally, just about
ready to ejaculate. None of the junior executives could
actually fuck Tachu. That would go against all sense of
propriety in a business setting for rank to be so
boorishly disregarded, but custom demanded that they
should release on Tachu's face, which was becoming
increasingly coated with semen, the evidence of their
role in the transaction.

Tachu had almost forgotten what this part of the
ceremony felt like. In fact, it wasn't that pleasant at
all, although she made agreeable noises and smiled at
the camera as if in constant ecstasy, but after the
first release from the CEO as far as she was concerned
the deal was complete.

This extra semen was more a reward to the executives,
to show that their efforts had been appreciated, and a
trophy of their business acumen that they could show as
evidence to their own junior staff. And although there
were many more photographs to go, her face thick with
TFC sperm, Tachu was much more looking forward to
retiring to the executive washroom to wash fresh her
face and have a cleansing shower.

She gamely licked the semen off, pretending to relish
the taste of what was no longer her favourite bodily
secretion and smiled as she posed with the naked
executives and Menga for the final shots before the
photographer could be dismissed and the business part
of the transaction was over: signed, sealed, delivered
and recorded for posterity.

After her shower, she returned to the executive suite
where some of the junior executives were smoking cigars
whilst others had returned to fucking Menga. She
smiled. Her colleague was going to be truly worn out
the following day, and she resolved to leave a message
on her answer phone that she could take the following
day off as leave.

In any case, in only a few hours' time the executives
would be driven to the exclusive brothel that United
Leverage plc had hired in its entirety for the day, in
anticipation of the success of the deal, and Menga
would no longer need to provide her sexual services for
the client (unless, of course, the CEO should expressly
request it).

She walked over to Mr Chien, who was still naked and
was idly stroking his penis. Now that Tachu had put
back her suit, it was highly unlikely, and indeed
inappropriate, that more would be expected of her
rather sore anus.

"We will ensure that you get a full suite of
photographs delivered to your office, sir," Tachu said.

"My wives will be delighted to see them. And I shall
ensure that a properly framed picture of the final
bukkake release will be displayed in the waiting room."

Tachu blushed. So many times she'd visited clients and
admired the photographs they displayed of women with
their faces covered in semen as one deal or another had
been finalised in the traditional manner. And now she
too would be honoured in such a fashion.

"Thank you very much, sir. I shall seek it out when
next I visit your office."

"And what will you do with your own photographs, dear?"

Tachu blushed again. Mr Chien was a true gentleman. His
wives were fortunate women. "I will display one in my
office for other clients and colleagues to see, sir,
perhaps the one where you so kindly ejaculated into my
open mouth; but I shall choose my favourite to take
home for my wife to see."

"She is a very lucky woman to be loved by someone as
beautiful as you."

Tachu smiled as she thought of her wife. She could
barely wait till that moment of return into her wife's
arms to tell her of the success of the day's business.
And indeed it was Tachu also who was the most
fortunate: to be loved by someone as beautiful as

For More : http://www.asstr.org/~Bradley_Stoke

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2009. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Family Stud
By Anonymous (address withheld)


A son steps up to the plate when his mother needs him.
(FFF/M, inc)


It was one of the worst snowstorms ever to hit Augusta
Maine. The snow was up to the window sills and all the
roads were closed so I could not possibly make it to my
classes at high school.

When Dad divorced Mom, he received the family
residence, and Mom took two small rental houses. She
rented one out, while she and I lived in the other. Our
house had all electric heat and no facility for burning
wood. With the electric power off because of the
snowstorm, the house temperature went down to fifteen
degrees. My teeth were chattering so loudly that they
sounded like a machine gun.

Mom pulled the electric blanket off of her bed and dug
a feather bedcover out of the closet. After she put it
on her bed, she suggested that I crawl in the bed with
her as I probably would be too cold alone in my own
bed. Inasmuch as we had gotten up only to observe the
snow, neither of us was dressed.

I threw my bath robe on Mom's bed and climbed under the
feather bedcover with her. My teeth stopped chattering
once I became warm, and I soon drifted off to sleep.
When I awoke, I immediately became aware of Mother's
warm hand inside my pajamas -- fondling my erect cock.

"Forgive me if my actions shock you, but it has been a
long time since I've been in bed with a man. In your
sleep you rolled over against me and I just became so
horny that I couldn't resist fondling your love
instrument. I'm sure you're not a virgin, so hopefully
you can understand your mother's problem," she

I told her that rather than having her go to bed with a
strange man to satisfy her hunger for sex, I could see
no reason why I should not become the man in her life -
- at least until one of us married. She hugged me in a
tight embrace and told me what wonderful and
understanding son she thought that I was, and how she
would be proud to have me as the man in her life.

We squirmed out of our night clothes without exposing
our bodies to the cold, and once naked, our hands
explored each other's bodies. Our mouths locked in a
passionate kiss as our tongues entwined with each
other. Our hands left a trail of electrifying sparks
wherever they touched.

Mother was making pleasurable moans as my fingers
stroked her aroused, blood-engorged pussy lips and I
nibbled on her erect, pointed nipples. The moment my
finger entered her wet pussy, she moaned ecstatically,
and her body trembled as she experienced her first
climax in months. She was kneading my balls and teasing
the pulsating head of my throbbing cock by tracing
small circles on the tight skin of my purple knob.

I warned her that my cock was about to spill its load,
and unless I put it in her pussy immediately, my cum
would be shooting all over the bed. She responded
immediately by rolling on her back and spreading her
legs so that I could roll into her saddle. Once I was
inside her, I guided my cock against her dripping pussy
and gave a mighty thrust. The soft folds of her hot
twat parted, and her snatch lived up to its name; it
swallowed my throbbing cock in one gulp.

Once my joystick was buried to the hilt, she clamped
down with her cunt muscles, and her hole was as tight
as any virgin hole. We immediately found a rhythm, and
as my cock sawed in and out of her tight pussy, the
room was filled with moans, grunts, and sighs as
Mother's pussy received the sexual pleasures it had
been missing for months.

I was slamming my cock into her love-channel like it
was a battering ram. Each time I slammed my cock in as
far as it would go, my balls slapped against her
steaming pussy, and she screamed and bucked her ass
harder. When I yelled that I was going to come, she
clamped her cunt muscles around my cock like a pair of
shoes that are two sizes too small. My cock exploded,
and I thought it would never stop erupting, because
after each spurt she would tighten her pussy and shut
off the flow of my cream. The moment she relaxed,
another gob would shoot right out.

When my jism spurted up Mom's love canal, she screamed
and clawed my back as her body trembled uncontrollably,
and her orgasm exploded every nerve in her body. After
she trembled out of control for about a minute, she
pulled me into her arms and whispered, "David, I don't
know where you got your experience, but I never had a
better fuck in my whole life." Before we rested, she
milked my cock dry with her talented cunt, holding it
its grip until it was so soft it finally slipped out on
its own.

As we lay in each other's arms, she told me that I
would never have to worry about her getting pregnant
when we were fucking because many years ago she had had
a hysterectomy. She told me that she already knew that
I was sexually active when she found some rubbers in
the pocket of my pants that were to go to the cleaners.
She said that she had often thought about suggesting
that we make love together, but was much too
embarrassed to suggest it -- until we were in bed
together and she became so horny, she just could not
help fondling my cock.

The rest of the day, except for making a quick run to
the bathroom and eating some crackers, we fucked.
Mostly we used missionary style so we would not throw
the covers off the bed and freeze our asses. However,
when the electricity came back on and the house heated
up, we engaged in oral sex and tried out other
different positions.

When I fucked Mom in the ass, it was my first time at
anal sex, and I found it every exciting to say the
least. Mother told me that Daddy used to fuck her ass
at least once a week, and that she really enjoyed
having a man's dick up her ass. And when I fingered her
clit while my cock was sawing in and out of her
asshole, she had some very intense orgasms, and the
feeling created by fucking her ass increased my own
arousal and gave me some really strong ejaculations.

For the winter, I kept Mom's bed warm, while here
orifices gave my cock a hot welcome three or four times
a week. I was so involved in fucking my mother that I
did not have any energy left to fuck any of my regular


A couple of weeks before school closed for summer
vacation, one afternoon, I came home and Mother showed
me a letter she had received from her sister Joan, from
Texas. Joan had invited Mother and me to spend the
summer at her ranch. Joan is a couple of years younger
than Mother and from her pictures, she looks to every
bit as sexy as Mom.

Mom asked me if I would like to go, and I replied that
I had nothing planned for the summer and Aunt Joan's
invitation sounded great to me -- if we could afford
the plane fare. Mom told me that she had enough money
for the plane fare and even some left over for
luxuries. That very night Mom wrote Aunt Joan and told
her that we would come as soon as my school was out.

Aunt Joan met us at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, and then
we drove for another hour in Aunt Joan's Caddy to her
ranch. Aunt Joan's husband was killed in an automobile
accident about a year earlier and had left her
financially well-off. She had a daughter who was away
at boarding school but would be home in a couple of

When we walked through the airport and I had the
opportunity to look at all the beautiful Texas women, I
sprang a bone -- just thinking what it would be like to
be stranded on a desert island with a dozen of them.
When I called her Aunt Joan, she promptly told me to
call her Joan, as Aunt Joan made her feel old.

Joan was wearing short shorts and a halter, and as we
rode along, I was sitting in the middle, between her
and Mom. As Joan's bare leg pressed against my thigh, I
could not control the messages that were going from my
brain to my cock and before long, my pants were
sporting a noticeable bulge, but I was sure that it was
not missed by Joan.

At the ranch, Mother and I had separate rooms. One
afternoon when Mother felt a little horny, she came to
my room for a little afternoon sex. I was pumping her
pussy like a Texas jackrabbit when Joan walked in. I
was so embarrassed that I lost my hard-on.

Mother laughed at my embarrassment and told me that she
had told Joan about how my wonderful love-tool kept her
happy and how, when she and Joan were younger, they had
made pact always to share anything that was worthwhile
with each other. It seemed that Joan wanted to share my

I told Joan to strip out of her clothes and join us on
the bed. When I saw that Joan had a shaved pussy, I
knew that I was going to have to satisfy curiosity
immediately of what it would be like to suck such a
naked pussy.

I told her to move into a position so that I could eat
her pussy while I fucked Mother with my cock, which at
that time had regained its stiffness. Joan lay on her
back and drew her knees up and spread her thighs real
wide, exposing her puffy, pink, wet pussy lips.

On taking a moment to look at Joan's shaved pussy, I
was amazed when I put my finger in her cunt, and that
when I pulled it out, her inner flesh momentarily clung
to my finger. I could see that the inside of her cunt
was a deeper shade of pink. My desire to suck her
inviting pussy took over, and seconds later my nose was
pushing the soft fold of her vagina aside and my tongue
was licking her hot, slippery cunt lips. Her salty
juices were flowing into my mouth.

She was moaning ecstatically, and her hand on my head
was holding my mouth against her flooding, happy hole.
When my tongue found her aroused clit, I found it to be
much larger than Mother's. I was able to nibble gently
on it, which caused Joan to buck her ass and scream for
me to nibble harder and make her come. I obliged her
and was quickly rewarded with an outpouring of her
juices that almost made me gag.

While I was busy sucking Joan, Mother was milking my
cock with her talented cunt muscles. When she did her
squeeze-and-relax routine, she was almost always
successful in making me shoot my load without any real
effort on my part.

By the time I was finished eating Joan's delicious
pussy, Mother's talented cunt had brought me to a
climax, and I just collapsed from sheer exhaustion.


Later that afternoon, I fucked Joan doggie-style and
found her to be as good a fuck as Mom. As I lay
resting, and Joan and Mother were cleaning my cock with
their tongues, I wondered if I would be able to survive
the summer keeping both Mother's and Joan's cunts
contented and satisfied.

But I was soon to find out that I would have THREE sex-
hungry women to keep satisfied.

The second week in June, Irene, Joan's sixteen-year-old
daughter, came home from school. Irene was probably one
of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on.
She was about five-eight, with a figure that would win
any beauty contest she wanted to enter. Her boobs were
high and firm, and she didn't wear a bra. Her hair was
shoulder length and was a beautiful shade of auburn.
Her green eyes sparkled, and I could hardly wait until
her sexy mouth could give me a blow job.

I really did not have to wait long before I received my


That night, Irene came into my bedroom and crawled into
bed with me. She told me that Joan and Mother decided
that tonight would be just ours. From the moment she
entered the room, my cock stared getting hard. I threw
back the sheet and lay on my back and told her I wanted
her to get my cock to maximum hardness using just her
tongue and mouth. In other words, I wanted to start our
relationship with a Texas blow job.

She started by giving me French kiss that set my body
on fire. Next she started on a tongue bath, licking the
beads of perspiration from my chest and belly. Her
licking was driving me wild, and I was squirming and
thrashing as she licked. When I thrashed too hard, she
straddled my head and pushed her dripping cunt into my
face and told me to shut up and suck her pussy instead.

She tantalized me further when she only licked around
my throbbing erection. She licked all the way down to
my toes, and when she sucked my big toe -- I thought I
was going to shoot off before I could put my cock in
her mouth. Slowly, she licked her way back up my legs -
- until I felt her tongue caressing my aching balls. I
pushed her cunt off my face and screamed that my cock
was ready to explode any second and for her to please
quit teasing.

Irene twisted my balls so hard that I yelped in pain,
and my cock went limp. However, my pain was over
seconds later when I felt her ruby lips closing over my
plum-colored cockhead. Her tongue swirled around the
rim of my bulbous purple knob, setting its sensitive
nerve ends on fire.

When she deep-throated my shaft, I thought I would go
out of my mind. She bobbed her head up and down, and
each time, my cockhead bumped against the back of her
talented throat, bringing my cock closer to its
exploding point. Her pussy was flooding like Niagara
Falls, and her sucking on my cock intensified as I
licked her dripping pussy and drank her flowing nectar.

My cock held off coming as long as possible before it
erupted like a dormant volcano suddenly coming to life.
I must have shot a pint of hot cream into her throat.
Irene was a super blow job artist. Not only did she
give me the most exciting blow job I ever had, but she
swallowed my entire load and didn't lose a drop. While
Mother and Joan were both talented cocksuckers, I would
have to declare Irene the real winner.

The rest of the night I fucked my cousin in every
position I could think of -- until we became so
exhausted we could not fuck any longer. The next day we
slept until noon.

After fucking my three horny women every day for a
week, my pecker was so sore from excessive use that I
had to take a couple of days off to rest. In the
meantime, the girls got their jollies by going down on
each other, while I watched.

While I would not trade my summer vacation for
anything, I often found myself thinking about getting
back to Maine where I will have only Mother's pussy to
keep satisfied.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Asian Sweatergirl
by Fuzzysweaterlover (address withheld)


An Asian girl I date loves to fantasize about having
sex with other men while having sex with me. (MF, exh,
mast, asian)


This is all a true story of a sexy Asian girl I'm
dating... I started dating this hot Asian girl and at
her suggestion, posted a number of pictures of her on a
sweatergirl website which began an explosive run on her
fantasies as she saw the number of men who responded to
her photos all telling her what they would like to do
to her!

What I love about her is she is a fantasy lover and
loves handjobs and fucking all while wearing soft fuzzy
sweaters! She loves the feel of these sweaters on her
skin and I do too... soft angora or mohair as we fuck.
It all started when we went to one of our restaurants
we go to and there's a waiter there she thinks is hot
and I could see them looking at each other so the next
time we went, I had her wear this super fuzzy hot pink
sweater and he could not stop looking at her and vice
versa. I knew I was going to have a hot time that

She had some to drink and I asked her to go pay the
bill up front where he was at and I could see them
talking. When we got in the car, she started rubbing my
cock. I asked her if she was thinking about him and she
said yes. That night when we got home we got high and
proceeded to have some wild sex where she was
fantasizing about the waiter.

There was no doubt in my mind that while she was
jerking me off and fucking me, she was fucking him and
thinking about him. At one point while rubbing my cock
really hard, I had her calling out his name to fuck her
harder. I actually had her picturing his face as she
was riding my cock which got her really hot.

When we started going at it, she just kept saying his
name over and over until she came like thunder. We've
done this so many times with her wearing different
sweaters and then coming home and her jerking me off
and fucking me thinking of him. I know she would fuck
him in her sweater if she could.

I next brought her to my gym to show her a guy I saw in
the shower with a massive cock. It was huge! I told her
about him while having sex and all she could think
about was coming to my gym to see him. When she finally
came with me, once she saw him, all she could think
about was rubbing his huge cock. She started flirting
with him and I saw how she would stare at his cock.

The last time she was talking with him, she said he got
hard and she couldn't believe how big his cock was. She
made pretend she needed help and brushed against him
for a few seconds so she could feel his cock. She then
saw it get even bigger. She immediately came over to me
and said lets go.

As soon as we were in the car, she started rubbing my
cock. I asked what happened and she told me she was
soaking wet thinking about his cock and what happened.
Once we got home she put one of our fuzzy sweaters in
these pictures posted, (fetishpix.org and look under
fuzzysweaterman) and started the fantasy game thinking
about this guys cock and what she would like to do
rubbing his cock all while doing it with me. She loves
imagining that big cock coming all over her sweaters
and that is so hot to me.

She told me next time she goes to the gym, it's going
to be cold and she's going to wear one of her soft
fuzzy sweaters and ask him to come out to the parking
lot with her. Then she's going to jerk him off all over
her sweater and then rush home to fuck me with the cum
on her sweater. I can't wait... Every time we have sex
now, she pictures fucking and jerking this guy's huge
cock off. She goes crazy thinking about this and comes
like crazy thinking of riding his cock all while riding


I have many more stories and if you're interested,
check her out and shoot me an email. Here's to many
more Asian sweatergirl true fantasies to come!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: beachal.txt (preg)
Authors name: Helia
Story title : A Beachball of a Situation

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1998.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

A Beachball of a Situation
By Helia

I stepped out of the changing room in my blue and
yellow one-piece bathing suit. Over one shoulder was
draped my big beach blanket and over my other shoulder
was draped my cloth bag containing my beach visit
essentials: suntan oil, a bottle of mineral water, two
sandwiches and a bag of fat-free chips. A beach umbrel-
la stuck under my right arm, resting atop the swell of
my right breast.

The boys stopped and stared, as did the girls, as I
walked through the little brick pavillion. My 68 inch
bosoms heaved and quaked in my bathing suit like two
gigantic waterballoons.

Stepping from cool concrete and shade to warm sand and
bright sun, I hit the beach. The sandy shore was lit-
tered with bodies, all of which were laying about like
driftwood scattered after a storm. I found my spot in
the midst of stares and whispering, dropped my beach
paraphenalia and claimed my territory with the ka-chunk
of the beach umbrella pole.

I had been laying there, under the glare of the sun off
my well-oiled body, when the sound of hoots and whis-
tles shattered my tranquility.

"Hey, Miss Jugs, play some volleyball!" and "Maybe we
can climb those sand dunes!" came from a group of young
men walking by my locale. I sat up and smiled at them,
my nipples hardened at their stares and jeering. I
leaned back, breasts jutting full up, and gave a twist
that sent my heavy bosom into a sloppy sway from left
to right and left to right. The guys responded with
more hoots and shouts. I cut them short with a sway of
my middle finger.

"Go suck air!" a guy replied to my gesture. I didn't
see the beachball until it was in my face.

The multi-colored beachball hit me square in the face.
The shock sent me backwards and the ball rolled down,
up over my bust and was caught in the "basket" my bulg-
ing breasts, bellie and bent knees had made. I laid
there on my back with hands grasping the beachball that
lay atop my stomach.

"You" I felt peculiar. "jerks?"

There was a tingling within my belly. An odd sensation.
A slight pressure. I looked to the peaks of my breasts,
eyeing the beachball. I saw the big beachball actually
rise up, like a multi-colored moon rising above two
blue and yellow draped mountians. "What's happening?"
I thought.

I slid one hand under the beachball, running my fingers
over my bathing suit. I was surprised to find my tummy
with a definite swell to it now compared to its trim
flatteness it had been mere seconds ago. I felt the
stem of the beachball, the air intake nozzle sticking
downward, poking into my suit where my belly button was
located. I realized something was amiss and grasped the
beachball again.

"Oh my gosh!" I cried feeling the beachball actually
shrinking in size while my tummy, my once slim little
tummy pushing up and up and up.

The beachball grew smaller. Its skin growing loose
against my hands that were pressing against it. As the
skin of the big beachball finally collapsed into a
lifeless husk on top of me, I found my hands now rest-
ing on a huge dome-shaped bulge, my new ballooned up
belly. I moved the lifeless shell of beachball away and
laid there running my little hands over and over my
expanded tummy. My suit had contained my new blossoming

"Mommy, look at that pregnant lady." I turned my head
to the right to see a little girl and her mother walk-
ing near. The little girl was pointing at my huge belly
and her mother was staring in awe.

"Let's leave her alone," the mother said and hurried
on. I wondered why the woman was acting so odd. It was
as if she had never seen a pregnant woman before.
That's when I felt my suit shift. I gasped, feeling
again that strange sensation within me. I was continu-
ing to swell up.

"No! No! No!" I cried as my suit tightened and my hands
rested on my ballooning belly. I grew bigger and bigger
and bigger. It wasn't stopping. I was somehow still
taking in air, my belly blowing up like a giant beach-
ball. It wasn't going to stop! It wasn't going to stop!
I was getting too big!

My mind did a woop-de-do in my skull. The sun sank on
its side, slipping down the angling blue sky like an
egg yoke splattered against a wall. The waves and the
sound of the people all about me faded out as did my
senses. I passed out, tummy still inflating.

I came to in the shade of the brick pavilion. I was
still on my back. Two tanned men with red and white
shorts stood by.

"You alright, ma'am?" one of the men politely asked. A
small crowd had formed behind them.

"I think so," I said forgeting for a second where I had
been and what had happened.

The two men helped me off a gurney. I almost fell for-
ward, gasping. My eyes caught sight, below my heavy big
bust, my huge round belly that stuck out as if I had
swallowed five beachballs.

"Are you sure you are okay?" the other life guard

"Ummm I'll be fine," I smiled, my hands resting on my
enormous tummy.

"Motherhood is swell."

What was I going to do?
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: cousinx.txt (mf, inc)
Authors name: OvidMeta
Story title : Encounter With My Cousin

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1999.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Encounter With My Cousin (mf, almost inc)
by ***@hotmail.com

We were late. The flight had been delayed, but they'd
kept the poor thing up for our inspection. My wife
tried to coo and tease the bald tiny three month infant
in her arms. I smiled. Could the little shit see yet?
Don't gawk at the helpless thing with silly faces.
She'll be scarred for life. The kid's tiny hand
reached up, probably to block the teasing face and
Sarah smiled. Fuck. I hated quaint family gatherings.

Good. The brat started crying and my wife tried to
rock him quiet. The kid cried harder. Smart kid. I
wanted to laugh. Sarah was useless with infants,
children, anything domestic. Why was she pretending
so hard? When in Rome . . .

Becky, whose eyes, I'd noticed, had never left her new
daughter, quickly got off her chair and walked to my
struggling wife.

"There. There," she said, picking up the bundle of bad
news. "Mommy's here honey. Shhhh. Mommy's right here."

The brat gurgled a little, let out a long fart and
started to quiet down. Sarah stared in discomfort at
the display.

"When are you two gonna start a family?" Bob, my
cousin's husband, grinned.

I shrugged. "We--"

"Very soon," Sarah said, defiantly.

I looked at her. Very soon? What the fuck are you
talking about? Very soon, my ass. You haven't wanted
a kid since . . .

"That's great!" Bob laughed. He picked up his can of
beer. "Here's for the best. Let me know, if I can
give you any pointers."

I smiled at him. Fuckin' construction dirt-ball is
going to give me pointers. What a world we live in.

He downed his beer in a couple of loud gulps and
reached for another. No loud belch? I thought


Sarah tried to stifle a moan as a I pushed against her
clit, buried balls deep inside her. My cock jerked
violently, begging for release, so I held myself still,
feeling the blood pounding in my ears.

I looked down at her red, sweaty face and matted dark
hair. This was Sarah's domain. Few could compete with

I slowly pulled out, trying to ease the tension and
she sighed. I held myself aloft, barely touching her,
my cock-head surrounded by her hairy swollen cunt-lips
and she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

I studied her, trying to guess her thoughts, but

I didn't want to think and strained forward. I shoved
it all back in, swiftly and she gasped. I held myself
in her.

"Don't do that," she whispered, after she'd caught her
breath. "You're going to wake everyone up."

"So?" I whispered, slowly pulling out and then slowly
pushing back in.

"So." she gasped. "So. Your cousin might think we're

Becky, I smiled. Over a year since I'd seen her. Shit.
Over a year since I'd been back to the old home town.
Wouldn't have come back except to see the baby.

"They'll think we're trying to get you pregnant." I
whispered, reaching to tease one of her hard brown

I felt her stiffen underneath and we were silent
holding each other. My rigid, unbending, hardness
was lost. I could feel myself, still erect, but
floppy. She felt it, too.

"Do you think we should?" she asked.

"I don't know," I replied.

She nodded and I could hear her breathing had returned
to normal. It was over. My erection was gone and I
gently pulled out and rolled off her.

"It's not that I don't want to," she began, after a
couple of minutes.

"I know," I nodded, looking up at the dark ceiling of
the strange bedroom.

"It's just not time, yet, you know?"

"Yeah, I know."

We held each other and fell asleep.


Since my father had died, and I was an only child, the
remaining members of dad's large clan focussed obscene
attention on me the next day at the party. The old man
had been the oldest of five sons, the head of the
family. In a fucked up way, the dignity seemed to pass
to me. My youngest uncle was only six years older than
me and the other three kept pushing beer and nasty food
in my direction. The old man had dragged them out of
Arkansas and to Chicago. He had made them lower middle
class and they were grateful.

Sarah, my princess, was hard for them to take. Every-
thing about me was hard for them to take. I was almost
forty, had been married for more than ten years and
still had no children. But worse, I was a professor of
all things, a professor of history. I irritated them
and their sixteen children. I may have even irritated
their thirty some odd grandchildren, but I'd never
taken a poll. Through it all, for good or bad, but
mostly bad, I was still, in their eyes, heir to the
head of the family, the man.

I walked along the hot concrete of Bob's new pool deck.
Little cousins were splashing and screaming their
delight in the hot air. I shook my head, imagining
several floating face down, having drowned. No one
was watching them.

Sarah was lying back on a plastic lawn chair in a
flowing summer dress, reading a book. I laughed. That
a girl. Take it easy. There are plenty of women here
more than ready to get that grill going. She looked
up to see who'd blocked her sun and smiled. I took
off my sun-glasses and knelt next to her.

"Having fun?" she teased.

I nodded.

"So many kids."

"My family breeds well."

She laughed and then stopped.

"About last night," she began.

"Forget about it."

She nodded and was silent, as we both turned to watch
the kids doing their insanity in the pool.

"I could go off the pill next month," she said, not
looking at me.

I turned to her and shook my head. "Baby. Let's talk
about it, later. At home. Okay?"

She nodded.


I was lying down, eyes closed, trying to digest the
two hamburgers and hot dog I'd wolfed down. I didn't
feel well and I could feel my stomach turning and
twisting, trying to get used to the intrusion of the
too rare meat. Never again, I promised, myself. Never

I looked up quickly. Raining? I heard a hearty laugh.

"Got you," she giggled, water dripping off her and onto

I struggled up, trying to get out of the way, but she
laughed some more and started shaking her body over me,
drenching me.

I gave up and let it fall.

"Awww. Don't be such a party-pooper," she laughed.

"Shouldn't you be helping your sister with your new
neice?" I asked her.

"The kid's asleep and Becky's enjoying the water," she
pointed towards the pool.

I shook my head. Jesus. Hard bodies. These two
sisters. Only three months after giving birth to her
third kid and Becky looked fine--hell, more than fine--
in her blue one-piece. Her younger sister over me
looked like an Olympic athlete. Long, muscular thighs
and broad back and . . .

"What is it?" she asked.

"Nothing," I sighed, lying back down on the wet lawn

"You were checking out Becky's body," she laughed.

I looked up at her and shook my head.

"I know," she continued. "I know. I find it hard to
believe myself. Three kids."

I nodded.

"What do you think of this?" she asked, fisting her
hands against her waist to show off her goods.

I laughed.

"Heh," she kicked my leg. "I'm not joking. What do
you think?"

It was, of course, lovely, a little leaner than Becky,
but quite similar. I had good looking cousins. Let's
see. Becky, the oldest of . . . yeah, four kids was
probably 30 or so. That would make her about twenty,
maybe a little older.

"How old are you?"

She kicked my leg again.

"I can't believe you. I'm your first cousin and you
don't even know how old I am? I thought you were
supposed to be really smart."

"I'm not. How old are you?"

She shook her head and finally said. "Nineteen."

"You going to school?"

"I'll be a sophomore at N I U this fall."

I nodded. University? God, anything could be a
University these days. What a joke.

"That's great," I smiled.

We were silent. I wanted her to leave. There was
nothing else to talk about. But, more relevant, all
these hard-bodies were making me horny. I wanted to
find Sarah and get lost for a few minutes.

But she didn't budge, staring down at me.

"We all think you're a stuck-up asshole," she said,

I laughed.

She kicked my leg again. "It's not funny," she
lectured. "You don't talk to us, you never visit. I
mean, and your wife . . ." she began.

I sat up. "What about my wife?"

"She doesn't like us. I think she makes fun of us."

I shook my head.

"My dear, I think you're confusing being different
for stuck-up and having little in common as hostility."

She stared at me. I could see she was kind of upset.

"Bullshit," she spat out, finally, and huffed away.

I shook my head, not knowing whether to slap the little
retard upside the head or sink my teeth into that tight
little ass, bouncing away from me. Find Sarah, ass-


Bob was hitting on Sarah, when I found her.

The roob was trying to get her into the pool. He had
on speedos (absolutely outrageous and bought, I was
sure, to impress my wife with his bulge).

I watched from a distance as she was politely, but
firmly, telling him to go fuck himself.

She saw me and smiled and motioned to the idiot. I
nodded and asked with my eyes whether she was okay.
She smiled and I walked away to leave them alone.

I walked into the house. Take a piss. Clear your
head, maybe lie down a little, I thought as I
maneuvered around little laughing cousins, toys and
uncles I had no desire to notice me.

The piss felt good (they always do) and I bounded up
the stairs with fresh energy. I would change my wet
clothes and go back down and laugh with Sarah about
Bob's bulge. That would be fun. From there, a good
night sleep and . . .

Oh fuck!

I'd pushed open the door to the guest bedroom and
before me was Becky, her blue suit off and falling
from her shaking hand. I would be less than human
if I hadn't stopped to soak in the sight of the poor
woman with the amazing body.

Our eyes met and her baby blues followed mine as they
travelled lower to her small, round tits and pink
nipples--must not be breast-feeding--her flat stomach,
to her hazel-chestnut curly wet thick pubic mound. My
eyes fixed there for what seemed like long minutes,
but it was over in seconds.

I turned around, quickly, muttering, "I'm sorry," and
walked out, shutting the door softly behind me, hoping
not to make any greater disturbance. I wanted to hide,
but took a deep breath to clear my head and waited
outside to apologize in a more formal fashion.

I waited. I knew she knew I was out there, waiting,
because I hadn't run down the stairs. I continued to
wait. Fuck, maybe she'd fainted. Christ.

I knocked softly on the door.

"Becky," I called in.

Fuck. "Becky, are you okay?"

Shit. I slowly opened the door and saw nothing.

I rushed in. She'd fainted? No. And I heard and then
saw her sobbing on the bed, her back to me, still

I took a deep breath.

"Honey," I started. Honey? Who the fuck says Honey?
Good grief. Get yourself together man.

"Becky," I tried, again, but I saw her waiving me off

"Are you okay?"

The crying was ending.

"I'm sorry," she choaked.

"Why are you sorry?"

"I," she started, but then started crying again.

This was ridiculous. I walked over to her and stopped.
What the fuck are you going to do? Put your arm around
the naked lady. Real good, shit head.

"What's wrong?" I whispered.

She turned to me, her eyes red.

"I. . .I," she began. "Bob hates me."

I was confused. What the fuck does Bob have to do with

"He thinks I'm ugly," she continued. "He's all over

I shook my head, unbelieving. How incredible.

"Baby, Sarah doesn't like Bob."

"I know, and that's what makes it worse. She's making
a fool out of him. Everyone sees it."

"We'll leave."

She shook her head. "It's not your fault."

I smiled.

"She's a bitch. Everyone knows, but I guess that's
why you guys want her so bad."

The second time in half-an-hour my poor wife had been
unfairly maligned.

"She doesn't even like kids," Becky continued.

She stood up and faced me. I turned away.

"Look at me," Becky called out. "That asshole hasn't
even touched me since the baby."

"I'm going now," I said, starting for the door.

"You think I'm ugly, too don't you?" she quivered.

I shook my head and heard her sobbing again and then
walking quickly behind me.

I turned around and she threw herself at me, throwing
little punchs at me, hard on the chest and face. I
grabbed her hands to stop her.

"Look at me!" she yelled. "Look at me!"

She continued sobbing and I released her hands and
held her. Real good, couldn't be better, I thought,
looking at our reflection on the mirror nearby. Guy
in white shorts, holding naked sobbing woman. His
cousin, of course. Who else would it be? Fuck.

I looked down at her and she looked up.

"You okay?"

She nodded.

I smiled and then quickly tried to push her off as her
mouth pursed and touched mine.

"Heh!" I yelled. "What the. . ?"

She held on, tightly and tried to kiss me, again.

"Are you nuts?" I hissed.

"What's wrong?" she smiled. "Never been kissed by a
real woman?"

Oh brother. This was fuckin' Jerry Springer now.
Total psycho-melodrama. I shook her off me roughly
and she laughed, letting herself fall onto the bed.

"You are an asshole," she said, opening up her thighs.
"That's such bullshit. Cousins? Like you even know
me." She reached down and rubbed herself, her cunt-
lips lewdly parting, moist.

Neat. My cousin is going through a fuckin breakdown
in front of me. Terrific. I saw her finger disappear
inside her slit and she moaned. She looked up and
smiled at my watching.

"Don't you want to stick it in here?" she groaned,
shoving another finger inside. "You want a baby?
I'll give you a baby. That's all I'm good for,
anyway," she groaned.

I could hear her fingers slurping in and out of her
slit. My mind was screaming; get the fuck out of
there. Go. Leave. NOW! She would win. It would
be a crass rationalization, unjustified and unwar-
ranted, but she would win. I would prove to her that
I was a pathetic twit and that Sarah was looking for
a real man, like her Bob.

"Come on," she taunted. "Get that pencil dick out
or can't you get hard anymore from all the ball-busting
your bitch gives you?"

She was geting into it. I felt myself hardening. No.
Get the fuck out of here, my mind tried, one last time.

I could smell hernow, see her juices drooling on
feverish fingers. Good God.

I was erect. And here's the problem. An erection
takes on a mind of its own. And that direction is
not multi-dimensional or layered. It has a single,
unforgiving purpose.

I pulled down my shorts and underwear. I could hear
my heart pounding in my head and felt myself falling
onto her. She felt it too and opened her eyes.
Surprised, finally, horrified, she tried to push me
off, but I pinned her arms back.

"Don't," she whispered, terrified. "I was only

My cock wasn't, and I felt it snake its way between
her thighs. She tried to close herslf to me, but I
forced her legs open with my own and pushed forward.
Her sopping fingers were still in her slit. She tried
to cover herself. I tried to pull her hand out. She
wouldn't relent as my cock-head pushed harshly against
her wet fingers.

"Get your fingers, out of the way," I hissed.

She shook her head.

"Your cunt is mine," I told her and pushed myself in.

She screamed, her fingers still in her, and I quickly
covered her mouth. Fuck her fingers, fuck her cunt,
my cock told me and I shoved in, heard her muffled
yell, felt her fingers scraping my top-side and
delicious, wet tightness underneath.

I held myself tightly against her and looked down at
her teary eyes, and whispered, "I'm going to take my
hand off."

She nodded and took in a huge breath of air as soon
as my hand was off.

"Take your hand out," I continued.

She nodded, again, and I felt her fingers pulling out,
scraping against me. I felt her cunt quickly adjust
itself and wrap it's hot moist membrain around my
throbbing cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked, slowly pulling

She shook her head, turning away.

"You sure?" I asked, slowly pushing in all the way.

"Please don't," she whispered. Almost like a robot I
quickly pulled out of her and stood grabbing for my
clothes, my cock upturned towards the ceiling. Real
good. You raped your cousin. Five more seconds and
you would've spewed it all in her. Terrific. Two
headed kids.

I laughed to myself, putting my underwear and shorts
on. That's what probably happened in Arkansas. Lots
of in-breeding. This was probably a daily occurrence
in the old-country. I put my shirt on. Becky and I
were simply engaging in the little dance our great-
grandmother and her brother, but our great-grandfather,
had done eighty or so years ago.

"It's my fault," I heard her say as I was about to
step out of the room.

I turned back and saw she was getting dressed too.

I walked out closing the door behind me.


The party wound down early, almost everyone leaving
before eleven, about the time that normal parties just
started out East.

Bob was more or less passed out and Becky asked whether
I would help get him to bed.

We closed the door to his snoring and smiled at each
other. I reached down and took her head. We hadn't
been alone since the disaster in the guest-bedroom.
I wanted to make sure she was okay.

"Pretty crazy today," she grinned.

I nodded.

She was about to say something, but stopped herself.

"What?" I smiled.

"You don't have a pencil dick," she giggled.

I rolled my eyes and started walking away, softly
laughing to myself. Yeah. You worry yourself to death
and she's got your dick on her mind. At worst, it was
a sign this would pass.

"Ahh," I heard her call out and I turned around.

I waited.

"Why didn't you, you know. . . . I mean, you know, why
didn't you finish?"

"Are you serious?"

She nodded.

I shook my head. She was really quite beautiful.
Nothing at all like professional Sarah. Insane, I'd
had my dick in her. Jesus. Fuckin' cousin.

"What are you thinking?" she smiled.

"How sorry I am."

She shook her head. "You promise me you won't feel
bad. Nothing happened. Really. Nobody got hurt."

I nodded. That's right. Nobody got hurt.

"Good night," I smiled.

"Good night."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sun, not thinking about adult situations. Do
your part to make our world a little safer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: tennis.txt (ff, first, oral)
Authors name: Swann (***@ont.com)
Story title : Tennis 30/Love

This work is copyrighted to ***@ont.com (c) 1999.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Tennis 30/Love
By Swann (***@ont.com)

Kim and I had been friends for a couple of years. Not
real close friends but we did play tennis 4 or 5 times
a summer. We had always kept it real friendly. We had
begun to make small bets before each game just to make
it more interesting. We usually played for the cost of
lunch at the club.

Last Tuesday though things changed a bit. We both
arrived at the courts just as we always did. I had worn
a new pink blouse and my white tennis skirt. I play
often and even though I have already passed my 35th
birthday I always get a few looks when I walk into the

Kim who is about ten years younger than me is a real
knock out. She is the blonde haired blue eyed woman men
day dream about. She is about 5' 3" and has truly
beautiful breasts. I have always noticed how nicely
they are formed and how they move under her blouse as
we play. I didn't think I was being too overt about
noticing her. I had never imagened that my looks could
be taken in any sexual way. But I guess I was wrong.

As we were about to begin our game. We talked as usual
about general things. Then as we were about to go to
our respective sides to begin, Kim pulled me close to
her and whispered in my ear, "The winner gets her pussy
eaten by the loser!" Then she just smiled and walked
away. I noticed her ass seemed to wiggle even more than
usual under her short tennis skirt.

I was so flustered I just stood on my side with my
racket down. I didn't even know she had served the ball
until I heard it hit by my feet. I swung but it was in
vain. Kim just laughed and said, "Your making this to
easy." I tried to concentrate. I played pretty well
after I convinced myself she had only said that in
order to throw off my game.

I finished hard, and beat her 5 sets to 3. All during
the game she never mentioned our wager. I was pretty
sure she had just been giving me a hard time. I have to
admit though I couldn't keep from looking at her in a
different way the whole time we were playing. The way
her breasts moved under her blouse. I know she was
wearing a bra but it allowed her them to move quite a

It also seemed that she turned around and bent over
away from me every time she picked up a ball. Her
panties were not the regular kind worn by tennis
players they were much more shear and were almost
always in the crack of her buns.

After the game we met at the net, shook hands and both
said it had been a good game. I turned and started
toward the locker room.

Kim started to speak but said, "Oh, I'll tell you
later." I turned for the locker room and didn't look
back I knew it had just been an attempt on her part to
psyche me out. I laugh a little to myself as I walked
to the showers. I didn't think I would have had the
nerve to try it on someone but I had to give her
credit for a good ploy. It had worked for a while but
I'd figured her out.

I was already down to my bra and panties and had just
sat down to take off my shoes when Kim came into the
locker room. I turned to tell her that her bluff had
almost worked, when she bent over and kissed me full
on the lips.

I was shocked. I'd never been kissed like that by a
woman before. I didn't know what to do. It had felt
wonderful but I knew I had to stop her. I took her by
the arms and pushed her away from me.

She had a very wicked smile on her lips. She said,
"You may have pushed me away but your lips wanted
more." I wanted to shout, "No they didn't!" But it
was true and I didn't know what to say.

I loosed my grip on her shoulders and she came towards
me. She kissed me on the neck and nibbled my ear. She
whispered as she nibbled, "I always pay my debts. With
that she slowly kissed her way down my neck to my
breasts. She cupped each one and kissed the nipples
though the material of my bra. Then she reached around
and with a very experienced hand she released the bra
clasp. She then lifted the cups from each breast and
kissed the nipples gently and then sucked each one
into her mouth and lightly bit them until they were
rock hard little tips surrounded by a bumpy areola.

I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt or that I was
allowing it to happen. I just knew there was no way I
would make her stop. And she didn't. After a few
moments more on each breast she moved down to my
stomach. Pausing long enough to run her tongue around
and though my navel.

Then she reached the edge of my panties. She took hold
of the waist band and pulled them down. I was past any
resistance now, so I lifted my bottom off the bench and
allowed my now very wet panties to be removed.

Kim took them and breathed in deeply. She looked like
a kid with the first smell of a chocolate cake. She
licked her lips and slowly, ever so slowly bent over
and buried her nose into my very moist muff.

At first she just pressed against my mound and smelled,
then I felt her tongue begin to probe. At first only
lightly, then with more presser and a greater urgency.
Until finally she had my pussy lips swollen, my clit
hard and throbbing and the juice flowing from my cunt
completely covering her face. I was thrashing around
and moaning so loud I knew we had to be attracting a
attention. I didn't care, my pussy had not been on
fire like this in a long time and I wasn't about to

She found my clit and began to suck and lightly bite.
I grabbed her hair and pulled her face even deeper into
my pussy. I had completely given over control of my
body to her wonderful mouth.

I came so many time I lost count. But eventually Kim
came up for air and I calmed down a bit. By this time
I was laying on the bench, so Kim came up the length
of my body the same way she had gone down it. Once
again kissing each nipple as she passed. She ended up
on top of me looking down into my eyes. We kissed again
very gently. I could taste my juices on her lips. It
made me excited.

We kissed for a long time, then she said, "I think we
need a shower. I'll wash your back if you'll wash
mine." And with that she jumped up and walked off
toward the showers. Her cute little butt swishing as
she walked.

I lay there for a moment reflecting on the events of
the day and thought to myself. I think I'll lose next

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sun, not thinking about adult situations. Do
your part to make our world a little safer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: whore.txt (Mdom/F, exh, reluc)
Authors name: Norm DePloom (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : On Becoming A Whore

Copyright (c) 2001 Norm DePloom. ALL Rights Reserved This
story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author. This story
may be freely distributed with this notice attached. The
author may be contacted at ***@hotmail.com

On Becoming A Whore (MF, Mdom, exh)
by Norm DePloom (***@hotmail.com)


Find my other stories here-


Yes, I'll admit it, I took advantage of her, but she got
what she wanted as well. I watched her, and her two
children, several times when I walked from my office down
to the little store on the corner. Just the sight of her
usually gave me major wood. She was the epitome of a
beautiful, ripe woman, with a body that was made for
fucking, tits that were designed for sucking and a mouth
meant only to be a home for cocks.

I watched as she, having failed to talk the storeowner
into giving her credit, spent her last eighty-nine cents
on a small package of crackers for her children to share.
I tossed the money for my diet Dr. Pepper on the counter
and followed her out of the store.

"Hi-" I decided not to 'beat around the bush' (unless, of
course, it's her bush). "-I see you need some money." I
pulled a crisp, clean one hundred-dollar bill from my

"You're going to give me that?" She asked almost
salivating at the sight.

"Not exactly-" I answered, pulling the money back. "-it
depends on how badly you need it." She made no pretense
of not understanding what I wanted for my money. She
hesitated only briefly, looked down at her two hungry
kids, swallowed hard then answered.

"My apartment-" She informed me with resigned
embarrassment. "-is around the corner." Putting the money
back in my pocket, I slipped my arm around the young
woman and walked with her towards the indicated, not very
well maintained apartment building.

"You are a very sexy girl." I told her as we walked.
"I've wanted to do this since the first time I saw you."

"Thanks, I guess." She answered in a subdued voice. As we
walked up the rickety steps that ran up the outside wall
of the building to her second story apartment I slipped
my hand further around her and cupped her firm warm
breast. I could tell she didn't like it but needed the
money too much to risk stopping me.

"You two play out here-" She instructed her young son and
daughter after we had entered the apartment. "-While we
go into the bedroom for awhile."

"No." I insisted. "I want you to strip right here."

"No." She answered emphatically looking at her two
children beginning to play with their toys in the corner.
"I won't do it, not in front of them." She looked back at
me. "I'll do anything you want in the bedroom." She
pleaded. I pulled out the one hundred dollar bill and,
holding it in front of her face, pulled a second one
hundred dollar bill from my pocket and added it to the

"No." She repeated, but with considerably less
conviction. I stood there, enjoying the moment; we both
knew that she was going to end up doing exactly what I
wanted, even with her kids in the room. Then I pulled a
third one hundred-dollar bill from my pocket to join the
other two. I could see her resolve beginning to crumble.

"I guess you're not serious," I said sadly as I started
to put the money back in my pocket. "-about needing to
feed your kids."

"Please-" She said almost inaudibly with tears welling up
in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. "-I'll do
anything you want."

"Three hundred dollars-" I stated my requirements as I
set the money down on the end table and sat in the
threadbare chair. "-for three hours of your time, during
which you will do anything I ask." Having this young
women standing meekly in front of me, giving into my
every demand as tears of shame and humiliation ran down
her red embarrassed cheeks turned me on like I'd never
been turned on before. My cock felt like it was a
titanium rod about to burst through my trousers. "My only
promise-" I continued. "-is that I will not injure you."
She nodded her head in agreement, not taking her eyes off
the floor in front of her.

"Now-" I said setting back in the chair, letting her see
the large bulge in my pants. "-slowly undress, let me see
that hard sexy body of yours." Her face turning an even
brighter shade of red and, with copious tears rolling
from her eyes, the woman glanced at her two children then
very slowly lifted her pullover blouse up over her head
revealing her flat smooth tummy for my enjoyment.

Letting the blouse drop to the floor behind her, she
reached back and unhooked her bra. Letting the bra slip
down her arms she revealed a pair of breasts even more
magnificent than I had imagined, topped by a pair of
large brown nipples that were, in spite of, or maybe
because of her humiliation, standing up at hard
attention. Her nipples were surrounded by peanut butter
cup sized areolas, which were crinkled with excitement.
My cock twitched visibly as I stared at her breasts,
licking my lips in anticipation of getting my mouth on
her nipples.

When she pushed her shorts down her shapely legs I
discovered, to my delight, that she was not wearing
panties. As she stepped out of her shorts I stared
admiringly at her thick, healthy, untrimmed and very
womanly pubic patch. Standing in the middle of the room
the embarrassment of having her naked body stared at with
open, unbridled lust seemed to eclipse the humiliation
she had felt being forced to strip with her kids in the

"You can start-" I instructed her as I rocked my hips
pushing the bulge of my achingly hard cock up for her
attention. "-by sucking on my cock." The naked young
mother knelt between my knees and, after running her hand
up and down over my bulging trouser covered hard cock,
unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers. I lifted my
butt from the chair and she pulled my pants down my legs
and, pulling them off my feet, tossed them aside.

Despite having her two young kids in the room, the
stunningly sexual woman cradled my balls in one hand
while she stroked her other hand expertly up and down my
eager hard on. I looked over at the two kids playing a
few feet away as their mother lowered her head and sucked
my cock between her pouting lips and into her hot wet

By the time she engulfed me in her mouth the sexual
tension of forcing her to perform in the presence of her
kids, as well as the excitement of her stripping to
reveal the most perfectly sensual body I'd ever seen,
combined with the wet heat of her mouth caused me to cum
with a loud moan shooting my 'manly essence' over her
tongue. To my delight she swallowed every drop then
gently held my cock in her mouth while she firmly
massaged my balls and brought me back to full erection in
record time.

Apparently, once she had resigned herself to doing
whatever was necessary, she started to get into the whole
kinky scene. My orgasm induced moan had attracted the
attention of her two kids who watched with undisguised
curiosity as their naked mother climbed up on the chair
and, crouching down with her feet on the arms, reached
between her legs to grasp my re-hardened cock and guide
it into her wet waiting cunt. I never expected a mother
of two to have a pussy as tight as hers. She had
obviously been doing her PK muscle exercises, not only
was she extraordinarily tight, but she could massage my
cock with her cunt muscles in ways I'd never experienced

Once she had lowered herself onto my waiting pole, she
leaned forward and, pushing her lips against mine, forced
her tongue almost as deeply into my mouth as my cock was
going into her exceedingly wet cunt. While our tongues
danced in my mouth she rode up and down on me, gripping
and relaxing her pussy muscles to maximize my pleasure. I
was quickly to learn that once this girl became excited
she turned into a demon willing to do anything, anywhere
to anyone. Her two kids had dropped their toys and had
gathered one on each side of the chair to watch their
mother at work.

"What are you doing?" Her son, the older of the two,
asked. The woman broke off our kiss and looked at her

"I'm fucking him-" She answered all signs of humiliation
and embarrassment pushed aside by her overwhelming sexual
excitement. "-so he'll give mommy some money to buy food
with." The young boy nodded his head in acknowledgment
then wondered back over and began once again to play with
his toys. The slightly younger daughter stayed beside the
chair and, with her elbows resting on the arm right
beside her mother's foot, and her chin resting in her
small hands watched with fascination as her mother's cunt
moved up and down on my hard cock.

"Oh god, yes fuck my cunt you bastard." The mother of the
young witness yelled leaning her head back and whipping
her hair back and forth as her orgasming pussy gripped my
cock like a tight hot wet hand. The daughter watched with
a concerned look as her mother frantically pumped herself
up and down on my cock and yelled for me to fuck her


"It's OK honey-" Her mother finally said as her orgasm
finally began to subside. "-I'm just cumming. It's fun,
honest." She assured her daughter. Then she leaned
forward to rest against my chest as she continued to ride
up and down on my cock at a less frantic 'post-cum' pace.

"I don't mind fucking you to get money to feed my kids."
She spoke softly in my ear as she continued her steady
pace fucking herself on my cock. "I just hope I don't end
up with another one from this." Ignoring her comment and
reaching down between her wide spread legs I ran my
fingers over her stretched wet pussy lips as they slid up
and down my cock shaft.

"Your mother's going to cum again." I warned the little
girl watching us as the steadily building moans told me
that she was beginning to build to another orgasm. I
moved my hands, reaching around her legs and, pulling her
butt cheeks apart, probed her tight ass hole with the tip
of my finger. Her orgasm hit high gear resulting in
another round of shouts to be fucked harder accompanied
by the most marvelous spasms of her cunt muscles on my

"You're really a little fuck monster, aren't you?" I
asked her after her second orgasm passed and she was once
again resting against my chest while she kept me hard
with small rocking motions of her hips and practiced
rhythmic tightening of her very talented pussy muscles.

"Yes-" She answered with a surprising blush, hiding her
face against my neck. "-once I get excited I lose all
control of myself."

Wrapping my arms around her waist I leaned forward as she
moved her legs off the arms and wrapped them around my
waist. Sitting on the edge of the chair I leaned over and
sucked on her nipples while I moved her body up and down
on my cock fucking her faster and faster, deeper and
deeper until we both bellowed incoherently and I splashed
the inside of her spasming cunt with my cum. I continued
to hold her while our bodies relaxed and my softening
cock finally slipped from her tight cunt.

"Here-" I said picking up one of the hundred dollar bills
from the table. "-while I recover you go buy your kids
some food."

She smiled, said thank you then gave me a kiss of genuine
affection before quickly pulling on her shorts and her
blouse. Once dressed she left the apartment leaving me
with the kids.

No, I didn't fuck or molest her children while she was
gone. I pulled on my trousers and, after assuring the two
children that their mother would be back in a few minutes
with some food, looked around her apartment. It was old
and run down, but she kept it clean. I went into the
bathroom and, after relieving my bladder, checked out her
medicine cabinet. Moving on to the bedroom I found her
vibrator in the bedside table and, under her neatly
folded modest white cotton panties I found a few pictures
of her naked, including one 'split beaver' shot.

After admiring her beauty and sexuality, which were
apparent in the amateur photographs, I pushed them back
under her panties and checked her other drawers. I found
nothing more of any real interest to me. When I heard her
on the stairs I went back into the living room and met
her at the door.

She blushed deeply as soon as she stepped through the
door and refused to meet my eyes as I took the bag of
groceries from her and carried them into the kitchen.
Several times while I was helping her fix sandwiches for
us and the kids she started to say something then would
be too embarrassed to continue. I guessed that, her
sexual excitement having waned, she was once again
feeling the shame and humiliation of what she had just
done to get money to feed her kids.

Now that she had some food in the house I wondered if she
would try to kick me out instead of honoring our
agreement. I contemplated whether I'd want to try using
force if she did. Normally rape didn't appeal to me, but
this time, with her, I was almost hoping that she would
give me the excuse.

"I can't believe-" She finally said when we were sitting
at the kitchen table eating while the kids were eating in
front of the TV in the living room. "-I did those things
in front of my kids." Her voice was low and tears were
streaming down her cheeks again.

"Yes you had several very noisy orgasms with your kids
watching." I reminded her, which seemed to generate more
embarrassment and tears.

"You-" I continued. She almost but not quite pulled away
when I reached out and touched her hair. "-have the
greatest cunt I've ever fucked." My comments didn't seem
to help her guilt feelings.

"I can't do it again." She said standing up. "I want you
to leave, I'll give you the change from your hundred
dollars." I grabbed her wrist as she reached into her
pocket to retrieve the money.

"We-" I said with a threatening hiss. "-have an
agreement." I pulled her into my lap and, ignoring both
her verbal begging and her attempts to get out of my
grasp, pushed my hand between her legs and rubbed her
cunt through the material as I leaned over and started to
not so gently nibble on her nipples through her blouse.

"No-" She begged softly not wanting to attract the
attention of her kids. "-I can't do it again." Ignoring
her pleas, I wrapped my arm around her waist then picked
her up and pulled her shorts down her kicking legs. Once
her crotch was bare I pushed my hand back between her
legs and worked my fingers into her still wet cunt. Her
kicking in protest just worked her shorts further down
her legs until they came off and flew across the room.

"NO, please, no..." She continued to beg but with less
resolve as her nipple grew hard and her cunt welcomed my
fingers. "No-" She repeated once more before she suddenly
relaxed with a loud whimper and spread her legs as she
began showering my neck with kisses and excited nibbles
while she tugged at her blouse trying to remove the cloth
barrier between her sensitive nipple and my sucking
mouth. I pulled my mouth away from her breast long enough
for her to frantically pull her blouse over her head,
rendering herself once again naked and available for my
use. She moaned softly as I swirled my thumb over her
clitoris while I kept my fingers buried in her hot pussy.

"Yessssss, oh god yessss." She hissed as she rubbed my
hard cock through my trousers. "Fuck me again. Fuck me
long and hard. Make me your slut." She really did seem to
have multiple personalities, the proper mother being
replaced by the wanton whore as soon as some one got
their fingers on her all too sensitive cunt. Pulling my
wet slimy fingers from her grasping pussy, I stood up
then bent her over the edge of the table. Holding her
down against the table with my left hand on the back of
her neck I pushed her legs apart with my foot then pushed
my fingers back into her.

"Have you ever been fucked up the ass?" I asked her as I
pushed a third finger into her welcoming cunt.

"No." She moaned responding to my fingers inside her
pussy and my thumb rubbing her clitoris. "Please don't."
She pleaded panting with excitement. "I don't want to be
hurt." She finished as I felt her cunt grip my fingers
during a mini-orgasm.

"Reach out-" I instructed my young whore. "-and hold onto
the edges of the table." She did as she was instructed
while I pulled my fingers from her sodden pussy and
pushed one of my lubricant laden fingers into her tight
virgin ass.

After transferring as much of her pussy lubricant as I
could from my fingers to her anal sphincter I dropped my
trousers to the floor and, stepping out of them, lined my
hard cock up with her hot wet cunt. Slipping easily into
her I fucked my cock in and out of her a few times to
cover it with her slick copious fluid. Resigned to the
inevitable, the young mother held onto the edges off the
table with white knuckles while she waited for me to
deflower her virgin ass hole.

She whimpered audibly when I pulled my cock from her cunt
and lined it up with her rear most opening. Leaning over
I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed my cockhead
against her tight sphincter. She squeezed her eyes shut
and tears rolled out from under her tightly closed lids,
a high-pitched squeal emanated from her open mouth as my
cock stretched her ass hole open for the first time and
slipped past her sphincter muscle. Holding her down
against the table I pushed my hard rod further and
further into her reluctant ass while listening to her
kids laughing at a cartoon in the other room.

"There-" I said as my cock reached full insertion into
her stretched rear. "-it's all the way in." Turning her
head she opened her eyes and gave me a weak smile as I
pulled my cock an inch out of her, then pushed it back

"Just lay there and relax." I told her as I released her
shoulders then slipped my hand back between her legs to
finger her cunt and clitoris.

"That-" She said with a tentative smile. "-is easy for
you to say." Laughing gently at her joke I held myself
buried inside her and did not start fucking in and out of
her ass until I saw signs that she was reacting to my
manipulation of her genitals. Once she started responding
I began to move my hips working my cock in longer and
longer strokes as I fucked her virgin ass for the first

As I fucked her ass harder and harder with longer strokes
the table legs began to move and inch or so back and
forth on the floor making little squeaking noises. I
worked her clitoris faster and faster to match my fucking
and she responded building slowly towards another orgasm.

"Oh god-" She started her orgasmic screams. "-fuck me
hard. Fuck your bitch's ass. Make me cum." Holding onto
the edges of the table with both hands she was now
forcing her self back on my cock with each of my thrusts,
impaling her ass more forcefully on my hard cock. "Fuck
your little whore daddy." She whimpered as she humped
herself against my cock. "Oh fuck me hard, fuck my ass
hard, make me cum daddy." She said again.

"Daddy's going to make you cum." I told her as I grabbed
her by both shoulders again and fucked my cock into her
ass as hard as I could. "Daddy's going to make his little
whore slut cum."

"Oh god, make me cum daddy, make your little slut cum

"Cum for daddy, slut. Cum for daddy." Then she lifted her
head off the table and bellowed gibberish while I held
her impaled on my cock and emptied my hot cum into her
bowels. I fell forward and laid on top of her across the
table while we gasped for air trying to catch our
breaths. When my softening cock slipped out of her no
longer virgin ass I lifted myself up then sat in one of
the chairs. When she stood up I pulled her over to sit in
my lap.

"Daddy's little slut likes to be forced doesn't she?" I
asked her as I gently ran my hands over her firm young
breasts. I could feel her nodding her head against my
shoulder and barely heard her whispered 'yes'. "I think-"
I said looking at my watch. "-that I have time for a
little break then one more fuck of that hot cunt of yours
before my time is up." She hid her head against my
shoulder and I could feel her blushing. We sat for
several minutes resting while I softly ran my hands over
her body.

"I have a proposition for you." I said as I continued to
explore her firm young body with my hands. "I will pay
your rent, and give you one hundred dollars a week for
expenses if you agree to be available to me." She
listened without replying. "In addition I will pay you
fifty dollars every time I fuck you." She still hid her
face against my neck without answering, but when I pushed
my hand into her crotch she spread her legs giving me
access to her cunt.

"You'll have to give me a key to the door-" I continued
as I worked two fingers into her. "-and I may show up at
any time of the day or night-" My fingers slipped into
her tight cunt and I felt her grip them with her amazing
muscles. "-when I walk through that door you have to be
willing to drop whatever you are doing and fuck in any
way that I want." I moved my thumb in little circles
around her clitoris and listened to her soft moaning
against my neck.

"Sometimes I may call you and tell you to come to my
office." I pushed a third finger into her as I continued
to rub her clitoris with my thumb. "Your mouth, ass,
cunt, breasts, your whole body will have to be available
any time I want to fuck." She began to rock her hips
gently fucking herself on my fingers.

"OK" She spoke so softly I wasn't sure that I'd heard it
at first.

"What's your name?" I asked as she continued to fuck
against my fingers with slowly increasing force.

"Donna." She whispered in my ear then followed it with
her tongue.

"You can just call me Daddy if you like."

"Oh god yes-" She replied as she moved her mouth toward
mine. "-daddy can fuck his little whore anytime he
wants." Our lips met and my cock began to grow once


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Authors Note: All the characters and events in this
story are fictional; any resemblance to real people or
events is entirely coincidental.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: surprise.txt (MMF, wife-sharing)
Authors name: Captain Hook (c) 1994
Story title : Your Special Surprise

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Your Special Surprise (MMF, wife-sharing)
By Captain Hook (c) 1994


A husband surprises his wife with another guy. It
doesn't seem to be a problem to him that she had no idea
that it was going to happen.


You're lying on our bed, gently caressing your groin and
your belly and your breasts. You're smiling at me, with
that typical inviting smile that I know so well, after
six years of life together. You're spreading your legs
wider apart. You say to me, "Come here hunk."

I join you. Start to replace your own fingers on your
skin. You squirm, moaning, begging, "Go on, go on,

I kiss you and touch you deeply. You arch your body, and
turn your head back to me. You ask again, "Do it, do it,
use me baby."

The bedroom door opens. You don't pay attention,
completely lost in your pleasure under my hands. A bold,
well-muscled man enters our bedroom. He's naked, as we
two are. He kneels in front of you, on your side of the
bed. You try to scream, but my hand covers your mouth.
"It's for you, dear," I say softly, "It's a present."

You seem scared, you're trembling. Four hands now run
over your peaches and cream completion. You writhe in a
sort of inner pain, and seem likely to weep. My voice
whispers through your hair, reaching deep down inside
you. You are calming now.

You close your eyes. Four hands treat you to a unique
pleasure, something you've never thought of before. You
roll back and forth, you open and close your thighs,
writhe on your back, raise your arms, throw your head
from side to side. You're lost to the sensations our
roving hands are forcing upon you.

Them the bold man lies on our bed. I lift your body over
his. You open your thighs wide to him, your back to his
chest. He's caressing your breasts from behind, he
raises your behind and fingers you with one hand. I'm to
one side watching and kissing you. Then and I take his
cock in my hand. I am shoving his big hard cock against
your pussy. My hand is wet from your juices. You moan
with the new, never before felt pleasure of a strange

I lean down in between your thighs. I start licking and
sucking his cock and your pussy all at once. I drive his
tip against your clit with the pressure of my lips. You
caress my head, running your fingers through my hair.
You're getting really excited now.

I push with my tongue - his purple-headed cock inside
you. You take a long deep breath, then you start going
up and down, up and down, slowly, ever-so slowly, on his
strong cock.

Now I stand up in front of you. I take your head within
my hands and bring your mouth to my cock. You start
sucking me eagerly. You suck and lick, going up and down
on my shaft, while one of his hands squeezes your
nipples and the other hand shoves a finger into your
asshole. You moan loudly now. And you writhe your
beautiful body.

Now I sharply push your body down to the mattress. The
bold man stands aside and watches us. You spread your
legs. I enter you with a violence you're not accustomed
to. You scream.

The bold man slides his ass over your face and shoves
his big cock down your throat. You try to slow him down,
to adjust your head below him. He doesn't care about
you. He pushes his shaft deep into your mouth. I push my
shaft deep into your slit. You feel used, violated,
somehow cheap. You feel a subtle pain. You feel
strangled by these two fat cocks that are roughly
fucking both your holes.

The rudeness gives you a strange pleasure. You feel
stretched at both of your openings. You imagine our hot
white cum flowing into your holes, and joining and
mixing inside your belly.

The bold man starts moving his hands on my body. We're
facing. We kiss and kiss and lick each other's skin.
Suddenly we pull our cocks out of your avid holes. We
sit on your body. We touch and caress each other's
cocks. He leans on me, and takes my cock in his mouth.
He cleans your entire juicy residue, making me squeaky-
clean. You start breathing harder, amazed by the scene
if front of you. I can hear you. I know you're excited.

I see that your hand slide wholly inside your slit. You
open it wide, as if trying to tear apart the two lips of
your pussy, as if you wished your body to crack in two
halves from your groin. We stand up now. We continue to
touch and to kiss and take turns sucking each other's
red and hard cocks.

You start saying in a broken voice, "Don't leave me.
Please. Give me your cocks. Both of you! I'm your whore,
your slut, use me, come here fuckin' bastards gimme your
cocks. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MY HOT HOLE! FUCK ME FUCK

I jump over you and start fucking your slit with a
violence that surprises us both. The bold man comes over
my back, and swiftly shoves his cock inside my ass. I
squirm. You feel all this, you know what he's doing to
me while I fuck you. You wrap your arms around me, with
both our bodies heavily over you. You feel me gasping. I
scream over you. He screams over us both.

We're both ready.

Both of us stand up and jerk the final few times needed
to come - we spurt two powerful streams of white hot cum
over your belly, and your breasts, and your face. Two,
four, six hands spread the hot cum all over your tits,
face and pussy. Your body trembles as you moan with

Your body now is couched on the bed. You're lightly
sobbing, your head hidden inside your arms, your legs
folded to protect your groin.

I go to the door with the bold man. He laughs, "Yean
man, that was great."

I give him some money. "Hey, hey, it's not enough! I
wasn't supposed to fuck you too...."

OK, I give him another bill.

"Great bitch, really. Is she your wife? Great bitch..."
He laughs loudly in the hall. I give him another bill,
and push him outside. He doesn't understand. Nobody can.
I hope you did.

I come close to you, wrap my hands around your body. You
are sobbing louder now. "How could it happen? I feel so
dirty, such a filthy whore... It's not me, it was

"Calm yourself. You were great. You've fulfilled my
deepest desires. You wanted our cocks just like we
wanted you. It's just natural, nothing wrong." I kiss
you. I kiss your breasts. I feel the salty flavor of the
cum. Is it mine? Is it his? Does it matter?

I turn your body to face me. I caress you. Your
beautiful eyes dropping tears that run down your cheeks.
I move above you, and push my cock inside you. You seem
to resist for a moment, then you open your legs, and put
your arms around me. You cry again. "Oh, yes, please,
yes. Clean me, please, come in me and clean me up. OH

I fuck you. I fuck you. I fuck you. You arrive quickly
at your climax. I feel your cunt-flesh tighten around my
hard cock. It flutters for a few seconds. I'm still
holding back. Then your cunt starts sighing convulsively
around my cock. One, two, three, four times, then
slower, and slower.

Before you stop, I start shoving inside you again with
powerful energy, I point directly at your cervix, I seem
to see it in my minds-eye and shoot at it as if
targeting with a gun. Once, twice, three times, four,
then faster, and faster, and I spurt a hot flow inside

"GOD, OH FUCK YES! FUCK ME HARDER!" You're screaming,
loudly, like a slaughtered animal. And you scream and
scream and scream and it seems impossible that you'll
ever stop. In the back of my mind I worry that some
neighbor might call the police...

Then I fall over your body exhausted. You kiss me
softly, hugging me close to you. You whisper in my ear:
"I think this was the wildest orgasm I've had with you
in six years of marriage."

After a couple of minutes we fall asleep, in each
other's arms.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: quickie.txt (MF, rom, voy)
Authors name: Sue D. Nyym (***@aol.com)
Story title : Supermarket Quickie, The

Copyright (c) 1998 - Feel free to repost, archive, or
otherwise copy this story -- under the following con-
ditions: 1) Please E-mail me if you intend to do so. 2)
It is to be KEPT IN ITS ENTIRETY, including disclaimers.
3) It must always be available to everyone, FREE OF
CHARGE. Thank you.

The Supermarket Quickie (MF, public)
by Sue D. Nyym (***@aol.com)


Comments are appreciated, if only so I'll know the story
actually gets read. E-mail me at ***@aol.com.


Joe and Jessie Malone needed to do some grocery shopping
one afternoon, so they decided to go together. They had
only been married two months, so the idea of shopping
together still sounded fun. It was a particularly hot
Saturday afternoon so they dressed minimally -- Joe in
baggy shorts and a T-shirt, Jessie in a breezy sundress
and sandals.

They drove to the store with the top down in their cute
new convertible. Joe sat behind the wheel, shades on,
feeling like the luckiest man in the world. Never mind
the good job, nice car, and magnificent home, the reason
he felt so lucky was sitting right next to him. To be
married to Jessie -- the most beautiful, intelligent,
wonderful girl in the world -- would have been enough for

He glanced over at her. She WAS beautiful. Long red hair
dancing in the wind like fire, stunning green eyes, soft
porcelain skin, the occasional patch of freckles, tall
and long limbed, but with generous curves in all the
right places. Joe smiled broadly.

Jessie noticed, and smiled back. She felt pretty lucky
herself. Already married at 21 to a sweet, handsome guy,
who was an animal in bed. It was an added bonus that he
was hard-working and ambitious, already with a great job
that was only bound to get better. <Let's see my sisters
top that!> she thought, with more than a trace of

The traffic was heavy (typical for downtown at this time
of day), so they were moving slowly. But it was blustery
and Jessie's sundress would often billow in the wind,
occasionally exposing a generous amount of leg. One
benefit of the traffic, as far as Joe was concerned, was
being forced to stop frequently. I gave him the
opportunity to dart his eyes in the direction of Jessie's
lap. Numerous glimpses of her upper thighs were already
giving him a woody, but he was hoping to catch a glimpse
of --

"What do you keep looking at?" Jessie asked.

"Whoops... busted," he said with a loopy grin. "I was
trying to see if I could catch a flash of panties."

Jessie laughed. "Well, I wouldn't count on it if I were

"Why not?"

"I'm not wearing any."

Joe's eyes almost leapt from their sockets. "Really?!?"

"Yes, really. Too hot for panties, don't you think?"

They stopped at a red light. "Prove it," Joe said,
turning to face her.

Jessie casually lifted up the front of her dress. Joe
clearly saw a thatch of red pubic hair. Then she leaned
back in her seat and lifted her pelvis slightly, exposing
her bare, pink slit.

A horn blared behind them.

"The light's green, hon," Jessie said, easing back into
her seat and lowering her skirt.

Joe jerked out of his trance and stepped on the gas. He
had half a mind to turn around right now, go home, and
fuck Jessie's brains out. Well, it wasn't actually his
mind that was thinking that. It was his dick's idea.
Which was so hard now it was almost painful.

Unfortunately they were only two blocks from the
supermarket, and logic reared its ugly head. <C'mon> Joe
said to his dick. <You can wait another hour or two,
can't ya?> His dick responded by throbbing steadily. Joe

They pulled into the parking lot, and the two -- no, make
that three -- of them got out of the car. Joe was
thankful he had worn such a baggy outfit. He didn't think
his trouser- tent showed too much. Unless you looked
right at his crotch, which apparently Jessie did.

She snickered when Joe walked toward her. "Didn't mean to
wake up the big fella," she nudged him in the ribs. "But
you asked for it."

<This is gonna be a long two hours> Joe thought

Inside the store was blessedly cool, the air conditioning
cranked up full blast. Jessie picked out a cart while Joe
dug the grocery list out of his back pocket. Usually
shopping together was a team effort, but Joe found
himself too distracted to be of much help. He followed a
couple steps behind his wife, his eyes constantly
crawling over her long, bare legs or her incredible,
tight little ass, which wiggled enticingly as she walked
... just one thin layer of fabric away from being bare.

Jessie continued her shopping, pretending not to notice.
But she knew what she was doing to him. I was a little
fun torturing him, and more that a little erotic. She
started to feel damp between her legs, and this time it
wasn't sweat.

They were about halfway done with their shopping when Joe

Jessie was checking the expiration date on a can of peas
when Joe stepped up behind her and hugged her tight. She
could feel him poking into her hip.

"Jeeezzzuuusss," he hissed in her ear. "I can't stand it.
I'm gonna fucking faint if I don't get some relief. Maybe
we could go out to the car really quick, put the top

"I've got a better idea," she said, "follow me."

Jessie hurriedly pushed the cart into what she hoped was
an out-of-the-way corner (with any luck they could return
in a moment and pick up where they left off), and then
she rushed toward the front of the store.

Joe followed closely behind, his excitement building,
even though he had no idea what she had in mind.

Jessie led them to the restroom area. She knew from
experience that they were small, clean, single-occupancy,
and had a door that locked. Thankfully one of them was
unoccupied. They rushed inside, locked the door, and were
immediately all over each other. Kissing, groping,
stumbling over to the small counter that housed the sink.

Joe boosted Jessie up, her wonderful ass hanging halfway
over the sink, and started unbuttoning the front of her
dress. It was soon apparent that she wasn't wearing a bra
either, and her ample breasts were quickly exposed. Joe
abandoned the unbuttoning to grip both gently in his
large hands, and brushed his fingertips over her nipples.
His thumbs sought out her nipples and started pushing
them rhythmically.

Jessie leaned her head back with a loud gasp. Joe kissed
her exposed throat, then ran his tongue down to a
particularly sensitive patch of freckles between her
breasts. She gasped again.

Joe brought one of her breasts to his mouth, and his
tongue snaked out to flick her nipple. Jessie grabbed the
back of his head, and hissed "Oh, God!" between her
teeth. It was torture trying to be quiet.

Sucking her nipple between his lips, Joe's hands started
moving up her legs, caressing her smooth inner thighs.
His mouth switched to her other nipple as his fingers
found her damp pussy. Jessie let out a shriek that echoed
loudly in the small space. He knowingly ran his fingers
in and out, stroking just so. Jessie desperately wanted
to cry out, but kept her lips pressed tightly together,
uttering something that sounded like a loud painful hum.

Joe's mouth released its grip on her nipple, and he
promptly ducked his head under her skirt. He licked his
way up her thigh, and briefly tongued her moist, open

At the exact same time his index finger penetrated her,
he clasped her clit between his lips and sucked hard.
Jessie climaxed in a torrent. She clamped both hands over
her mouth to keep from screaming in the tiny bathroom,
but couldn't help making a strangled groan in her

It took several minutes for Jessie to recover. For a
moment she was frozen stiff, and then she was suddenly
racked with spasms and gasping for breath. Joe slid his
finger out of her wet pussy. It was glistening with her
lust. He held it out to her lips, and she greedily sucked
his entire finger into her mouth, licking away her own

Finally, Jessie felt coherent, and let herself slump to
the floor. She knelt on
the cool tile, her face directly in front of Joe's
crotch. She unfastened and then tugged on his baggy
shorts until they slipped to his ankles, along with his
underwear. His erect cock sprang free right in front of
her lovely face. It was huge, even bigger that usual, and
it had taken on an bright red color. Jessie had planned
on sucking his cock until it was raw, but after seeing
what had become of it, she suddenly needed to have it in
her pussy.

She leaped to her feet, turned her back to him, and bent
deeply at the waist, using the counter top for support.

"Oh, Joe," she said in a loud voice. "I NEED you to fuck
me with that big cock of yours. Please... fuck my pussy

Joe was a little shocked. Jessie didn't usually talk
dirty. But he liked it! It was almost enough to make him
come right there. And with her perfect ass waving back
and forth in the air at him, Joe couldn't have said no if
he had wanted to. In a flash he lifted her skirt all the
way, spread her cheeks, and thrust his aching cock deep
into her tight cunt. Both of them had to stifle a primal
scream as he slid home.

Joe was usually good at drawing things out, but after
being denied for so long, it took less than five strokes
before he erupted. He shot three or four really good
loads of come deep into Jessie's throbbing pussy before
he finally began to abate somewhat. He wanted to vocalize
his enjoyment, but managed to keep mostly quiet by taking
deep, cleansing breaths.

As Jessie heard the breathing and felt her lover's hot
semen splash her insides, she almost had a sympathy
orgasm of her own. She knew one usually wasn't enough for
Joe, but also afraid he might stop, she pleaded with him:
"Oh, Joe, don't stop yet!"

"Don't worry, baby," Joe said, rubbing her ass
affectionately as he waited to catch his breath. "I'm
still hot as an iron." Just one orgasm wasn't about to
faze him, no matter how powerful it was, not after what
he had gone through to get there.

His cock had lost the red puffiness, but it was still
hard as stone, and still buried deep within Jessie. He
resumed pumping, slowly at first, still not fully
recovered, but gradually increasing the rhythm. Soon,
Jessie picked up the rhythm herself, meeting every one of
his thrusts. Joe reached down and fondled her tits,
letting the movement of their bodies brush her nipples
back and forth over his palms.

It wasn't long before Jessie's breathing got rapid and
she was clutching at the counter for purchase. She moaned
loudly into the back of her hand. "Oh, God, yes, fuck
me!" she hissed. "FUCK me!"

Joe gripped her ass, and abruptly sped up his rhythm.
Jessie uttered a gruff moan, and then began shaking her
head back and forth, making her red hair fly.

Then, as her orgasm overtook her, she froze in place,
unable to move a muscle.

Joe continued to pound away, knowing her motionless state
wouldn't last long. Suddenly Jessie's entire body went
slack and she cried out, which she was only able to half-

She seemed to come forever, but Joe was patient. While he
didn't stop thrusting, he did slow considerably. He
realized it was probably dragging out her orgasm, so he
was unwilling to stop completely. Eventually she slumped
against the sink, and he pulled his cock free from her
slim-coated snatch with a wet, sucking sound.

"Turn around, baby," he said.

"Okay," she said, still sounding a little bit out of it.
She twisted her perfect body around, and immediately
slumped to her knees. Joe's cock was right in front of
her face again.

"Suck it, baby," he said. If she could talk dirty, so
could he. "Suck it good!"

Smiling up at him, Jessie took his cock in her hands. It
was slick with their shared love-juices. She licked the
length of it, up one side and down the other, savoring
what she considered to be the very flavor of sex. She
tongued the head of it briefly, and then slid it all the
way into her mouth. Joe grunted. She began to suck it
firmly, easing it back and forth past her lips. Her
tongue got involved, while it was still in her mouth,
licking and flicking playfully.

Joe's breathing was very heavy again. When he suddenly
held his breath, Jessie knew he was about to climax. If
they had been at home, she might have let him pull out
and come on her face or her breasts. But considering
where they were, they couldn't be too messy, so she took
it all into her mouth. (Which, as far as Joe was
concerned, was just as good anyway.)

This ejaculation wasn't as impressive as his first, but
still considerable, and Jessie had a mouthful of come by
the time he was spent. She swallowed with a grin and a
great show.

Joe slumped to the floor, his legs too weak to support
him an longer. Jessie took the opportunity to use the
sink and some paper towels to clean herself up. She
buttoned up her dress, washed her face clean of sweat,
and tried to fix her disheveled hair. She also used a
couple wads of paper towels to dry her sopping pussy
somewhat. For the first time she almost regretted not
wearing panties. Probably still looking and smelling like
she'd just had sex, Jessie decided but it would have to

When Joe was ready (he wasn't too concerned about how he
looked), the two of them exited the bathroom. They had
been in there a long time -- a good thirty minutes -- but
no one seemed to notice. As they went back to retrieve
the shopping cart they'd abandoned, no one gave them a
second look. They found themselves laughing like

- -

At the checkout lane, Jessie left Joe to pay for the
groceries so she could go back to the bathroom. Because
this time she really did need to go.

Joe was handing the cashier his credit card, when Jessie
returned. She was white as a sheet. Even her freckles
were pale. She looked like she had just seen a ghost.

"What is it, Jessie?" Joe asked, his voice full of

"I think I need to show you something," she said, her
voice shaking.

The cashier handed him his receipt. "Thanks," he said to
him, and then took his cart for of groceries.

"Okay," he said to Jessie, taking her hand, "Lead the

She led him back the same bathroom they had just
"visited" together, and stopped in front of their Counter
of Love.

"Well, what is it, babe?"

"I was sitting on the toilet," she pointed to the booth,
which was opposite the counter, "when I happened to
glance up..." she gestured to the upper right-hand corner
of the ceiling.

A security camera hung there. Its lens was pointed right
at them.

"Oh, SHIT!" Joe exclaimed.


Don't forget... please drop me a line! ***@aol.com

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Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of the
hands of children. They should be outside playing in the
sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: swimming.txt (MM, 1st-gay, oral, mast)
Authors name: Sunset (***@yahoo.co.uk)
Story title : Swimming Sucks

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Swimming Sucks (MM, 1st-gay-experience, oral, mast)
by Sunset (***@yahoo.co.uk)


A straight guy goes swimming during his lunch hour,
only to find the lifeguard wants to help with his


I'm what you could probably call a fitness fanatic,
running swimming, squash. I participate in those sports
regularly only usually after I finish work for the day.

Recently I started a new job and for the first time had
an hours dinner so it didn't take me long to realize that
with an hour to kill I could race to the local swimming
baths and manage 45 minutes swimming before dashing back
for lunch.

As you can imagine being a sporty kind of guy I manage to
get quite a few admiring looks from the ladies and
occasionally from men. I am straight but would be lying
if I said I wasn't flattered when am man smiles at me, I
guess I'm just a natural flirt.

Anyway after checking out the quickest route to the
swimming baths I decided to give a try one lunch time a
couple of weeks into my new job.

I reached the baths and approached the counter, the
assistant informed me that they would be closing in 40
minutes for routine maintenance on the pool and that I
would have to come back tomorrow, I explained that 40
minutes would be fine as I had to get back to work

With a shrug she took my money and pointed me in the
direction of the men's changing room.

The changing rooms were deserted so I quickly stripped
off and started to put my clothes in a locker, I turned
to go back to the bench to put on my trunks when a voice
called out "hey the pools closed" called the lifeguard as
he walked up to me, I was still naked and jumped at the
sudden intrusion.

"Its OK I spoke with the girl on reception, I only need
40 minutes," I explained to the guy.

"Well okay," he said and then stared directly at my cock
before turning around and heading back to the pool.

As he turned the corner I glanced down at my cock to see
what he had been looking at, well there was nothing
unusual maybe he had never seen a big cock I though, I
pulled on my Speedos and jogged to the pool.

I dived in and began the first of my laps, the guy in the
locker room sat on his high chair at the end of my lane
and continually watched me as I swam back and fourth, I
realized pretty soon that this guy fancied me and was
apparently gay or at least bi-sexual.

To be honest he was a pretty handsome guy, mid twenties
fit and toned, but guys don't do it for me sexual, I am
able to admit when a guy is handsome though without
feeling queer, so I just continued to swim lengths.

At the end of every second lap I would look up at the
lifeguard and he would smile back this went on for the
first 10 laps or so, then as I approached he end of the
pool next time I noticed that I could see his cock lying
on his thigh through the gapping leg of his shorts, I
looked directly at it and it was obvious that he knew I'd
seen it.

When I came back for the next lap it was even more
prominent and had pushed up the flimsy shorts into a tent
shape I could now clearly see the long shaft and engorged
head, we exchanged glances, he had a huge grin across his
face and I couldn't stop myself grinning back at the
cheek of the guy, I mean flashing his big cock at a
complete stranger.

The funny thing was I couldn't get his cock out of my
mind as I swam back and realized I was becoming aroused
myself, to be quite honest I was shocked I'd never had
sexual thoughts about a guy before, but this guys thick
member had stirred something in me.

I turned for the lap back towards him and was surprised
and disappointed when he had disappeared from his high

I finished my laps and made my way towards the changing
rooms as I started to lift myself from the pool I
realized I had a raging hardon that was impossible to
hide, in fact it was sticking out the top of my trunks by
a good 4 inches, I looked about to make sure I wasn't
being watched before walking to the changing rooms, I
emptied my locker and hung my clothes on a peg before
getting my shampoo out and heading for the showers.

I got into the showers and tugged off my trunks, my
hardon just wouldn't lay down in fact it was oozing pre
cum, a quick thought jumped into my head why not have a
quick wank, there's no one about.

So squeezed a small amount of shampoo into my hand and
began lathering my cock, I was just getting into it when
in walked the lifeguard guy totally naked and sporting a
massive boner!

"Hi, can I borrow some shampoo?" he asked.

"Sure, help yourself," I said pointing down at the
shampoo bottle.

Only thing was he didn't reach for the shampoo he grabbed
my cock and scooped some lather from it and spread it
over his own manhood, I was shocked and jerked back
slightly not sure how to react. A guy had never touched
my dick and I was lost as to what to do about it.

I looked down at his huge cock which he was slowly
lathering up and I had an uncontrollable urge to touch
it. I couldn't believe myself when I reached out and
wrapped my fingers around his veiny shaft.

It felt real good but was really thick and the head was
the size if a plum. I slowly began sliding my hand back
and fourth, he gave me a knowing smile and obviously
realized by the look on my face that I had never touched
a man before.

He now reached out and began stroking my shaft, a shiver
ran through me as he teased my helmet between his
fingers, then gently tugging me by the cock he lead me
out of the showers into the locker room.

He lay me back on the bench and told me to relax, I was
on fire and my cock felt like it would explode any
second. Then he did it! He went down on me, I have to say
it was the best head I've ever had, this guy really knew
how to suck cock!

He slowly swallowed my helmet and danced his tongue along
the gland underneath, I knew I wouldn't be able to last
long and could feel my balls tightening, he must have
felt the same as he tightly gripped my shaft in his mouth
and quickened the stroking motion, I came in a huge burst
of emotion and just kept pumping and pumping my semen
into his greedy mouth, I swear he never dropped a single

When he finished and I had regained my composure, all I
could think of was returning the favor, I stood and
offered the bench to him he seemed slightly surprised but
pleased as he lay down.

He had a really nice cock, it has a slight curve and
thick veiny shaft and a polished helmet, I just couldn't
help myself as I copied everything he had done to me
moments earlier.

I hadn't really thought whether I would let him cum in my
mouth until I felt him twitch and stiffen, but I just
couldn't stop my self, I'm not going to lie and say I
hated it because I certainly didn't it felt amazing.

Hot slippery jets of cum coated my throat and mouth and
actually tasted kind of sweet, I pulled it out just in
time for the last few spurts to streak across my cheek, I
must have been in total gay mode as I found myself
actually wiping the cum with my fingers and licking it

He started to laugh and asked if it was my first time
with a guy.

We chatted as we took a shower and he told me how he too
was bi-sexual and that I was too now by looks of it. "You
have to come on Friday's at lunchtime, the girls at
reception join it as well," he grinned.

Well I must admit I felt quite cosmopolitan as I skipped
out of the baths. Not only had I had my first bi-sexual
encounter but I had arranged a gang bang with the fit
girls in reception. What a bonus, dinnertime would never
be the same for me again.

Please e-mail response to ***@yahoo.co.uk
I'd like to hear feedback, from both men and women.

The End

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: racquet.txt (MF, exh, sports)
Authors name: Johnny Boy (c) 1991
Story title : Strip Racquetball

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Strip Racquetball (MF, exh, sports)
By Johnny Boy (Rusty's & Eddies BBS Author - 1991)


My most recent S/O and I had been playing racquetball
together for several months. One day when we went to
play, it was obvious that we were both feeling a little
"frisky". When we got to the court and I bent over to
touch my toes (stretching the backs of my legs) she
placed a hand on my tush (I've always thought that was
nicer than saying "ass") and slid it down to my balls.

"Did you remember to bring some fresh balls for us to
play with today?" she asked.

"Yes, but they're not *THERE*" I replied, as I stood up
and kissed her.

Then she turned around and bent over to touch her toes,
ostensibly to stretch her legs. I made sure to run a hand
down over her tush and lightly graze the little bulge her
labia made between her legs.

She giggled and asked, "Are you warmed up enough to start
playing *RACQUETBALL* now?"

"Yes," I replied. "How many points do you want?"

"Better make it 5 again," she replied in a disgusted
voice. And we started in playing a game.

When we had taken up the sport, we found we had
approximately the same aptitude for it. This had been
great. Neither one of us had dominated the other, and we
both got a good workout. Over the last couple of weeks,
however, it had become obvious that my skill at the game
was increasing faster than hers was. It wasn't that she
wasn't improving; it was just that I had hit that stage
when several aspects of the game suddenly come together.
I knew that she would reach that stage in her own way in
her own time, but in the meantime, she was impatient.

"You're getting too good at this," she complained after
missing a particularly lucky corner shot of mine. "It's
no fun to loose outright to you and it's just not the
same when I win if you've spotted me 5 points to begin
with. There's just not as much meaning or sense of

"Do you want to quit?" I asked a little hesitantly.

"Well... not really. It just gets frustrating sometimes,"
she replied. Then she got a devilish look on her face and
came close and reached down to stroke the front of my
shorts. "You understand frustration?" she taunted in a
sultry voice, stopping just as I started to get hard
underneath her hand.

"Hmmm. Maybe we could add a little extra meaning to
winning" I said.

"How?" she said, the seduction gone from her voice.

"Well, how about a game of 'strip racquetball'?"

"Are you kidding? What if someone sees us?"

"Nobody's going to see us, there's only that little eye-
slit in the doorway. Besides, you saw how deserted this
place was when we came in."

"We can't take off shoes or socks, this game would be
impossible without them," she said.

"Well, how about this: shoes and socks stay on, and don't
count in the clothing count."

"I don't know, how are we going to compensate for playing

"Well, you've got four pieces of clothing to my three."

"Not good enough, Mister."

"Okay, how about this, you only take something off for
every two points I make instead of for every one, and I
get to count my head band."

"Okay, but you still spot me 5 points and I get to serve

"Hey, this isn't a hand-out, it's supposed to be a
challenge, remember?"

"Okay then, we'll flip my locker key to see who serves."

"Hmmm.... I guess."

"Call it in the air, number side or logo side."


"You serve."

It definitely changed the nature of our game. I had not
counted points well enough to realize that I would have
to score 12 points to get her naked, while she would only
have to score four points. When the thought hit me after
the first four points (2 mine, 2 hers) I complained.

"Hey, you were the one who suggested it, not me. We're
not going to change the rules in the middle of a game,"
she said.

I noticed however, that her nipples were very prominent
under her bra. I scored another point and she removed her
bra and put it in the corner.

"What? Not going to take off the shorts first?" I asked,
a little surprised at her giving up the bra so easily.

"You're complaining?" she retorted, shaking for me a

"No. Not at all."

"Then serve." she commanded. I stared for a moment at her
beautiful, glowing form and then turned around to serve.
From then on I was a basket case. She very quickly scored
two more points and I was completely naked on the court.
I just couldn't concentrate on the game with her bouncing
around the court next to me. On top of it all, I was
getting a royal hard-on that wasn't helping either.

"Well, congratulations," I said. "How does it feel to win

"Oh, no you don't. A game is 15 points" she replied.

"What? You want me to finish the game like this?"

"That's right, turkey. Now take your dick and get back
there, it's still my serve."

I did manage to get her undressed before she won the
game, but she was only naked for one point.

"I think I could get to like this game again," she said.
"It's fun watching you bounce and swing all over the
court. Especially when you're hard and try to do a power
serve." With that she reached out with her racket and
lightly tapped my dick to one side and then the other.

"I can't say that I didn't enjoy watching you either" I
said, running my finger down the line of sweat that went
from her collarbone down between her breasts.

We wrapped our arms around each other and our warm,
slippery bodies pressed together as we shared a
wonderfully delicious kiss.

"There's just one problem," I said, drawing back. "This
place isn't usually so deserted when we play."

"Mmmm, that's okay," she purred as she drew circles in my
chest hair.

"You've given me and idea of something we can play for on
a regular basis."

"What's that?" I asked

"Oh you'll find out next time," she taunted. Then her
face changed and she gave me that look that I love to see
and said, "Come on, let's get back into our clothes and
go get showered and get out of here."

"No argument from me," I replied as we gathered up our
clothes and equipment and headed for the locker rooms.

"Last one out of the shower has to wash the gym clothes!"
she said as she slipped in to the women's locker room.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: blind.txt (MF, rape, bdsm, snuff)
Authors name: Chac (Anon Address)
Story title : Blindfolded

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Blindfolded (MF, rape, bdsm, snuff)
by Chac (Anon Address)


I woke up. I had no idea where I was. I suddenly
realized that my eyes were open but I could only see
pitch-blackness. I tried to call out but found my mouth
was covered by, most likely, duct tape. Then I noticed
my hands were bound above my head. I tried to move my
legs and felt the same thing.

I was lying down. It felt like I was blindfolded and
tied to a bed. My heart raced as I listened for any
familiar sound I could detect. I heard nothing. My mind
blared as I realized I was totally naked. I tried
freeing myself by thrashing my body and twisting my
arms and legs. The restraints wouldn't budge. I
couldn't think rationally, I just heard ringing and saw

I could hardly breath because of the gag on my mouth. I
snorted through my nose and made muted calls for help
as I continued my mania. Finally I forced myself to
calm down realizing panic would be my worst enemy in
this situation. The ringing subsided and closing my
eyes helped relieve the anxiety caused by the

The only thing I could remember was leaving work Friday
evening. I couldn't tell if it was day or night and I
didn't know what day it was or how long I'd been lying
there. I imagined every horrible possibility and nearly
lost my mind worrying about what was going to happen to

I had obviously been kidnapped and most likely drugged.
I didn't feel injured. I didn't feel like any of my
parts had been violated either. I was surprisingly
relieved while I was unbelievably afraid at the same

I heard what sounded like a light switch. I immediately
opened my eyes expecting to finally see but was
sickened when I saw only the same horrid blackness and
remembered my blindfold. I was on the brink of
insanity. I imagined the most evil, disgusting looking
man standing there with the power of life and death
over me.

He spoke, "I guess you're wondering why you're here."

His voice was calm; almost pleasant, but the
circumstances made him a demon to me none the less. He
didn't say a word, how could I? I heard the bed creak
and felt it shift and imagined him climbing onto it.
The bed stilled, I waited. My mind was blaring again
and I was pushing nearer insanity.

I felt something warm and moist on my toes and tried to
pull my foot away but was stopped short by my binding.
Was he was licking my toes and feet? It was unbearable.
My stomach tensed and I fisted my feet and hands but
was totally helpless to escape or defend myself. He
worked his way up my calf, passed my knee and to my
inner upper thigh. Soon he was about two inches from my
vagina licking and sucking my thigh, alternating from
one thigh to the other.

I was horrified. I tried to think about something else,
anything else; I tried to escape mentally but I kept
returning to reality of what was happening to me, and
the feeling of being repulsed by his advances.

I could feel him licking my pussy hairs and he held
them between his teeth pulling and breathing hot air.
My skin crawled. Suddenly he plunged his tongue into me
and began sucking and eating me relentlessly.

I held back vomit as he ate my pussy against my will. I
felt my pussy involuntarily lubricating. The thought
that I was getting wet automatically -- despite my
obvious protest against what was happening to me caused
me to snap.

I lost all resistance and my limbs hung limp. I could
no loner move. I was somewhere else. My thoughts
wandered through subconscious as my captor continued
invade my defenseless body.

Sometime later I vaguely realized that he'd slid his
unusually large prick into me. I experienced it like a
nearly forgotten memory. I heard his panting and the
wet suction sounds of his pumping in and out of my
pussy, but didn't really comprehend that it was
actually my body that was being violated.

My thoughts wandered further into subconscious
dalliance and I was not in that horrible place anymore.
I was leaving work. driving to my normal hang out, a
swingers club near Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas. I was
having a few drinks with a couple I liked to swap with.

In my mind I heard them say, "So are you still in?"

I said, "Why of course, I wouldn't miss this
opportunity for the world."

What opportunity was I talking about? This too seemed
like a distant memory. Suddenly, without further delay,
everything came together: what I was doing tied up and
blindfolded with this sick bastard fucking me, and what
I was talking about when I said, "Of course, I wouldn't
miss this opportunity for the world."

I had paid my swinging friends to arrange my own
abduction and rape. I'd always fantasized about being
kidnapped and raped. I constantly masturbated, creating
scenarios related to the subject. And now, here I was
being kidnapped and raped by a stranger and it really
wasn't what I'd expected. I was truly experiencing the
horrible feelings I had fantasized about countless
times. I remembered agreeing that I should be heavily
drugged so I wouldn't change my mind.

I snapped out of my trance. My pussy and asshole burned
hot as I consciously realized this was the kidnapping
and rape I had paid five hundred dollars for. I opened
my eyes and welcomed the blackness that met me. I felt
the bleeding wounds on my wrists and ankles and drooled
hot wetness from my hole as my rapist obliged my

I began raising my hips from the bed to meet each of
his jousts. I marveled at his coldness, being able to
go through with such a horrible act. I thought he must
tell himself the girl really knows what's going on and
that is the only way he can do it.

I noticed he was talking to me saying, "Yeah you little
dirty cunt, you think you're too good to be raped. I'm
gonna kill you right when I cum too."

I couldn't believe how serious he sounded as I climaxed
for the second time within seconds of the first. I felt
his ridged, bloated prick impale me over and over again
as my muted screams echoed in my head. Then I felt him
fill me with his boiling broth as my thighs quivered
uncontrollably and my stomach and back knotted in
ecstasy. He moaned as he came to a stop, his cock
pushed all the way up my womb. His prick twitched and
spasmed as his last few drops oozed deep within me.

Then he pulled out slowly and I heard the bed creak
again as he apparently got up. I laid there
semiconscious and enjoyed the pleasant aftermath of my
multiple orgasms.

Suddenly I felt a deep sting and a dull pain in my
chest as I came to the stark realization I was being
stabbed with a knife. The blade was removed from my
chest and then pounded even harder into my vagina. I
screamed into my gag, I felt blood filling my mouth and
I realized that this was my last moment on earth...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Art Class
by Greg Stevenson (***@yahoo.com)


Art class seemed like a good deal - three hours of
looking at nude women. But when the new model turned
out to be my little sister, my world changed forever.
(MF-teens, ech, voy, inc)


I attended college at State and my sophomore year I had
a life drawing class that was driving me bonkers. The
drawing part was fine, it was the new model that was
killing me because she was my sister.

My friend, Chaz, talked me into signing up on the first
day of classes. "Come on buddy," he said, "it will be
great. Three hours of looking at nude women. Throw in a
few beers and it would be a party! Seriously, you are
good at drawing and this way I don’t have to take the
class alone."

The class was cool until the new model came walking in
to our third week class. I had to do a double take as
my eighteen-year-old freshman sister, Sam, dropped her
bathrobe. The stogy old professor was up there pointing
out how the light strikes her skin at certain angles.
All I could see was the slop of her breast to her hard
nipples and the way her small waist flared to the
hottest ass I have ever seen.

"Dude, isn’t that your sister? Damn she is hot." Chaz
said as he picked up his charcoal and started to draw.

As I picked up my charcoal I tried to see Sam with an
objective artist’s eye. My sister is about 5’6" and has
a hard body from her regular workouts. Her blond hair,
which she usually let hang loose across her shoulders
or up in a pony tail, was curled tight in a bun so it
would not brake the line of her long neck.

She looked perfectly proportioned – her breast large,
but not freakishly big compared to the rest of her ass
well rounded, but not a JLo buble-butt. I did not know
if she normally shaved everything, but there was no
hair on her body today. My artist’s eye was loosing the
battle to my nineteen-year-old libido.

Sam was very professional, not smiling or looking
anyone in the eye. Then she noticed me behind my easel
and she seemed to be fighting to contain a wicked grin.
From then on Sammy kept looking me in the eye no mater
what pose she assumed.

Sammy and I had been close growing up since we were
only a year apart. I knew the night she lost her
virginity to one of the guys on the football team
because I covered for her with our folks. She helped
set me up with her friends from time to time and I
returned the favor. I had even seen her around at
parties where I knew she was hooking up, but it wasn’t
until I saw her up on that stand, naked as the day she
was born, that I had ever really thought about her

By the end of the class I had a few half-hearted
drawings and a raging hard on. I left the class as soon
as I could, with Chaz asking what I was going to say to

I took the long way home because I was dreading getting
back to the apartment since I wasn’t sure what I was
going to do, besides go to my room and jerk off. Sam
and I share an apartment because Dad wanted me to look
after her while we were away from home. When I opened
the door, there she was waiting on the couch watching
TV. Sammy tried to look innocent and said, "Gee, bro,
you look a little out of sorts."

"What do you expect after looking at my sister nude in
front of a room of people. What the hell were you

"Modeling dummy. You remember how daddy told me to get
a job for play money? Well where else am I going to get
paid $50 a class for just standing around."

"But you shouldn’t be doing that."

"Why not? I like the way it makes me feel when everyone
is looking at me. I think you are just upset because
you liked what you saw." Sam said as she stood up and
followed me towards our bedrooms. She was dressed in
tight jeans and a blue tank top, but I couldn’t get the
image of her naked body out of my mind, and she wasn’t
going to let me. "It’s okay that you got all hard
looking at me. You wouldn’t believe how wet I got when
I saw you in there. Now all I can think about is what
it would be like to take you into my room and having
you fuck me silly."

How could this be my little sister? I knew she had a
wild side, but she had always played the innocent
around our family. Maybe I should have said something
like, ‘Jesus, Sam, you’re my sister. You shouldn’t be
talking like that.’ But instead I just went in my room
and shut the door. I had so many conflicting emotions I
didn’t know what to do. I loved my sister more than
anything, but now that love was mixed with lust for
this slutty woman. When I opened my door I knew there
was no going back.

I went next door to Sammy’s room and knocked as I
opened the door. If my mind wasn’t made up when I
barged in her room it would have been by what was
waiting for me. Once more my sister was nude in front
of me, but this time she wasn’t standing before an art
class. This time she was laying on top of her covers,
sliding a small pink dildo in and out of her wet pussy.
I could see her juice gleaming on the rubber as she
moved it inside her with one hand and was pulling on
her nipple with the other.

"I didn’t think you were going to come over so I
started by my self."

I gave her some cheeseball line like; "Well, maybe we
should finish together," and Sammy laughed and opened
her arms to me. The sight of her spread open for me was
enough to make me pull off my cloths in record time.
Before you could say, "incest is the best" I was
sitting naked on the bed next to my horny sister with
my boner pointing shamelessly to the ceiling.

There was a moment of fear for me as Sam looked me
over. I knew I was in decent shape – no six pack abs,
but I wasn’t carrying a keg either. What I didn’t know
is how I would measure up with other guys she has been
with. The girls I’ve hooked up with have been happy
with the thick eight inch dick I carry, but if my
sister was as big a slut as she was making out to be,
then who knows what I had to measure up to.

My fear evaporated as Sammy immediately moved around so
she could take my cock in her mouth. I almost lost it
in the first second. One of her boyfriends must have
taught Sam to suck cock like a professional. It was
made better to know it was my little sister wrapping
her lips around me. I told her I wouldn’t last long and
she urged me to cum as soon as I could. Wanting to
please, I let myself go and shot stream after stream of
hot cum into her mouth. Sammy kept fisting my twitching
cock while she moved up and kissed me spilling my own
spunk into my mouth. It was the first time I had tasted
that much of my cum and there was not much to do but
swallow it down.

"I always wanted to do that." Sam said leaning in to
lick some of the spunk that had spilled out of my mouth
and then kiss me again. "I figure if we are going to be
nasty enough to fuck around together we should be able
to do anything else we have ever thought about together

"That’s fine, just give me some warning next time,
okay?" I said pushing her back on the bed. "Right now I
think it is time I returned the favor." I moved down
her body to suck on those hard nips that had fascinated
me in class. Picturing her pulling on them when I came
in I sucked them as hard as I could and then bit on her
left one. She screamed out, but held my head in place
while taking my hand and putting it on he cunt. I
worked my fingers in and out of her and rubbing her
clit with my thumb while keeping up the rough attention
to her breasts.

Sammy lasted a little longer as I played with her than
I did under her expert lips, but soon enough she was
crying out that her brother was making her cum. This
got me rock hard again so I pulled my fingers out and
slid deep into my sister’s cunt. She wrapped her arms
and legs around me and I felt her spasm through a
wicked climax. For a while we rocked gently together
looking at each other in a whole new way. Then Sam
started to urge me to move faster and fuck her harder.
My little sister had the filthiest sex talk that I had
ever heard and I loved it.

After awhile we switched positions so I could do her
doggie style. Her hard ass was waving in the air
waiting for me to fill her wet hole and she looked back
between her legs as I entered her from behind. We
fucked hard and fast and soon I was shooting off inside
her soft cunt.

Sam got a little pissy that she hadn’t had a second cum
so under her direction I went down on her from behind.
I sucked my load out of her cunt and used it to lube
her discarded dildo, which fit nicely up her ass. I
kept eating her out while screwing her in her pooper
from behind and she got off like a rocket.

After that my sister and I have been nearly
inseparable. Any time we had a minute alone we were
fucking and sucking like crazy in ways I would have not
believed possible. But those are stories for another

I ended up with an A in the art class, probably because
I got to see the model more than any other students. I
also got a new career.

Knowing how hot modeling for art class got her I
suggested Sam try stripping. Now she is a rising start
on stage and we are negotiating a contract for her porn
debut. She made me her manager as well as lover because
she says to this day no one can take care of her like
her big brother.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

The Wrong Room
by Eager46 (address withheld)


Fourteen year old Brad is dropped off at his new
boarding school a week early. He finds there is a mix
up with his room and he has to share with gay naturist.
However after a week, Brad decides to stay his new
roommate. (mm-teen, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal,


"Goodbye Son," Brad's Mother said, kissing him goodbye
after assisting him unloading all his boxes and bags at
the front door of the School. Due to a Business
conference abroad, Brad's Parents had to drop him off
at his new Private Boarding School, a full week before
the school actually opened.

"Bye Mom, I will phone you next week when you get back
home," Brad replied and watched and waved as his
Mother's car disappeared down the school drive. He
carried his stuff into the school. It took several
trips, and after quite a while looking around for
someone to help him, and finding no one around, he
found a lift.

Placing two bags in the lift, and jamming open the door
with one of them, he loaded in the rest of his stuff.
He pressed the button for Floor 3, hoping that room
304, which was where he was to live, according to the
letters he had received, was near the lift.

In a few minutes he was at floor 3 and the lift door
opened, and jamming it with one of his bags, he lifted
out all the other bits and pieces, and then found that
room 304 was indeed not far away. Brad carried all his
kit along to the door of room 304 and wondered how he
was going to get in.

He had no key, and he could find no one to help. Just
as he turned to go back down top the ground floor, he
stopped. He could hear the slight sound of music coming
from the other side of the door. That should not be, as
Room 304 was supposed to be a single room.

"I better press the bell and find out what is going on,
at least there must be some one inside who can help
me," He said to himself. He pressed the bell and heard
it ring, and after a few minutes the door opened. Brad
almost gasped out loud when he saw the boy who had
opened the door. He was about 14, the same age as
himself, about the same build, but with the cutest face
he had ever seen on a boy.

Brad was gay, not an experienced gay boy, in as much as
he had never had intercourse or oral sex, but he was
gay, and his heart jumped at this beautiful boy in the
door way. His heart jumped even more as the young boy
was only wearing a pair of small shorts, and it was
very obvious that he had an erection under them.

Brad realized he had interrupted the boy in something
or other, but he should not be here anyway as it was a
single room. "Hello, I am Brad, I am supposed to be
staying in room 304, but there must be some mistake, as
it is a single room."

"Hi Brad, I am Sammy, come on in."

"What are you doing here?"

"I live here, I have lived here for a year."

"There must be some mistake as it says on this paper
that I am staying in Room 304 and it is a single room."

"Well this is room 304, but it is not a single room, as
you can see, although I have lived here by myself for
the last 12 months, although there are two beds."

"I need to find someone who can sort this all out."

"You will not find anyone now until Monday, so you
might as well bring in your stuff and stay here until

"I suppose so, " Brad said, and lifted in one of his

"Here, let me help you," Sammy said and lifted in some
of Brad's kit into the room and closed the door.

Brad was amazed at the heat in the room. " God it is
hot in here."

"Yes it is a bit, it is because I am a naturist and
like to keep the heat up unless it is really warm
weather, I hope you do not mind me being naked all the

"Naked, all the time?"

"Sure, that is what naturists or nudists do."

"I am not so sure about that."

"Well, I am not being rude or anything, but I have been
here for a year, and you are only here until Monday,
and after all, I am not asking you to be naked, am I?"

"I suppose not, "Brad said, and tried not to stare as
Sammy slipped off his shorts, and got up on one of the
beds and lay on his front.

There was a magazine or two on the bed, and Brad
assumed that Sammy had been lying on the bed reading
before he interrupted him by ringing the door bell.
Brad got a fleeting glimpse of Sammy's cock as he
stripped off his shorts, and could see that although he
no longer had an erection, his cock was still quite

Brad felt his own penis twitch as he looked at the
naked young body on the bed. Sammy's body was perfect,
nice wide shoulders, smooth firm back and two well
tanned firm buttocks, between which ran a lovely crack.
His legs were partly open and Brad saw down at the end
of the crack, between Sam's cheeks just a suggestion of
his fat little balls. Sammy had long brown firm legs
running from his thighs to his feet.

Brad stowed some of his stuff away. He was quite tired
and needed a shower.

"Is it ok to take a shower, Sammy?"

"Sure thing, make yourself at home."


Brad took his toilet bag and went into the Bathroom. It
was very clean and tidy.

Stripping off his clothes he stepped into the shower,
and turned on the water and when he was happy with the
Temperature, he stepped under the flow and soaped down
his young naked body. He had no sooner got under the
water when he felt his young cock began to stiffen and
soon he had a raging hard on. When he washed it he had
a real urge to jerk off.

The sight of Sammy naked had made him really horny and
he really needed to cum. He washed down his body, and
washed his black short hair, and stepped out of the
shower and dried himself off, still with his cock
sticking out. His erection just would not go away. He
wondered if Sammy was gay too. He dare not ask, in case
he was not.

Brad wrapped a towel round his slender young body, and
stood in front of the mirror. He could not hide the
fact that he had an erect cock, and it would not go
soft, so he would just have to go into the room like he
was. He really felt quite daring and this made him even
hornier that he already was.

Opening the bathroom door he entered the room again.
Sammy looked up when he heard the bathroom door open
and saw right away that Brad had a stiffy under the

"Mmmmmm, nice looking cock by the sight of that."

"Thanks, " Brad mumbled, his face flushed red.

"No need to be embarrassed, you know, I am hard too, "
he said getting up from the bed.

Brad stared at Sammy's lovely naked body, as he walked
across the room, his cock sticking out in front of him
like a small flag pole. His cock was about 6 inches
long, or it looked as if it was, had a small brown bush
of hairs at the base.

"Would you like a cold drink?," Sammy asked.

"Please, thank you very much," Brad replied, sitting on
the other bed.

"So what age are you, I am 14?," Sammy said.

"I am 14 too."

Brad was sweating, even although he was only wearing a

"If you are too hot, you could always take off the
towel, I will not mind, and
I will not attack you or anything, I just like being
naked because it feels right for me."

"It is just that your hard, and I am hard, and I have
never been naked with another boy for ages."

"But you have been naked with another boy then."

"Not for about 6 months."

"I can only wonder what you were doing."

"Well, just what boys do sometimes, you will know."

"Jerking off perhaps?"

"Have you never jerked off with another boy then?"

"Of course, often, it is no big deal, here have a

"Thanks, Brad replied and sipped the cool drink.

"I think I should be honest with you seeing as I am
sharing a room with you, I am gay," Sammy said.

Brad felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his

"So am I, but I am not very experienced."

"Honest," Sammy smiled broadly.


"Wow, this is cool."

"Are you very experienced?", Brad asked, I have never
fucked or even had oral sex yet, you know, I am still a

"That's cool, no worries, we do not have to make out,
just because we are sharing."

"But I am really horny."

"So I can see, and looking at that ridge under the
towel is making me horny too."

Sammy sat on the bed beside Brad and looked at his wet
eyes, and his gaze strayed down over the lovely body to
the vertical ridge under the towel. Leaning over he
gently kissed Brad on his lips. This ignited a flame
deep within Brad's belly, and he reached out and taking
hold of Sammy's head he pulled him close and kissed him

The two young boys sighed with pleasure as they kissed
each other, slowly and with affection. Each felt their
hormones surging in their young fertile bodies as they
Sammy pulled away and whispered, "Oh Brad, that was so
good." He leaned forward once again, and their young
wet mouth met in another long kiss, and Brad felt Sammy
reach between them and tug at he towel.

Brad lifted his buttocks from the bed, and felt Sammy
slowly pulled the towel away, leaving him as naked as
he was. Sammy slowly slid a hand down and gently took
the throbbing cock between Brad's legs and stroked it
up and down.

"MmmmmmmSaaammmmmyyyyyy," Brad sighed as his cock was
slowly wanked. He reached down and took hold of Sammy's
raging hard tool.

"Ooohhhhhhhh, Brrraaadddd, " Sammy whispered, as he
felt small smooth fingers working his cock. The two
young boys sat kissing and fondling each others cocks
for about 30 minutes, and soon the found themselves
lying on Brad's bed side kissing and wanking each

"Brad, I am so fucking horny, make me cum, please."

"Will I wank you."

"Will you suck me please."

"I have never had a cock in my mouth before."

"Oh please, please suck me."

"What do I do?"

"Move down the bed, and just kiss the head and then
suck it gently, like an ice lolly, but keep your teeth
out of the way."

Without a word, Brad moved down the bed until his
mouth was almost touching the 6 inch cock in font of
it. Taking it in one hand, he gently pulled it to him
and opening his mouth he closed his lips over the shiny

"Ohhhhhh Jeeesuussssss, Brad," Sammy moaned as Brad
slid his hot wet mouth down his tool as far as he
could, and then slid it back again. Hearing Sammy

Brad knew that what he was doing must be ok, so he slid
his lips all the way down again, until he could feel
the tip of the rock hard cock touch the back of his
mouth and then slid his lips back to the tip.

"Oh for fuck sakeeee mmmaaakkkemmeeeecuummm," Sammy

Brad had never tasted spunk before, really. At his last
school, he had a 16 year old friend, with whom he
shared special secret moments. They would sneak into
the woods, and take out their cocks and wank each other
off, and see who could shoot their cum the furthest.
The older boy wanted to do more, but Brad was afraid.
It was usually, but not always the older boy who shot
the furthest, and once when Jimmy, the other boy, came
in his hands, Brad had tasted his spunk.

It had tasted all right, but it had been only a small
amount, and when he came all over Jimmy hands, Jimmy
had tasted his cum. He started sucking up and down
Sammy's smooth penis. He felt Sammy began to thrust
gently in and out of his mouth. He reached around
Sammy's firm cheeks and pulled him into his mouth.
Sammy responded by thrusting faster. After a few
minutes Brad heard a long groan, and hot thick spunk
shot from the tip of Sammy's cock into his mouth,
filling it. He gagged, then swallowed it, just as
several more hot spurts shot inside his lips.

Sammy pulled his still spunk dripping cock from Brad's
mouth and sighed," God, Brad, you are fucking great at

Brad was pleased that he had done well with his first
blow job. The spunk tasted not too bad either, and it
had made him even more in need of an orgasm now. Sammy
knew that his young lover needed to cum, and he wanted
to taste boy spunk in his eager young gay mouth too.

He rolled on his back and beckoned Brad. " Kneel over
my mouth and fuck it Brad."

Brad got up as he was instructed and knelt over Sammy's
waiting mouth and guided his cock inside the waiting
lips. He felt Sammy close his wet lips around the head
of his cock.

"Ohhhhhh, gggoooossshhhhhhhhh, Saaammmyyyy," he sighed
as he experienced brand new horny feelings. He slowly
began to thrust in and out of Sammy's mouth, feeling
the hot wet lips gripping his sliding prick.

He knew that he would cum very quickly. Only after
about 5 minutes, he felt his load begin to move up his
tool. Sammy felt Brad's tight buttocks begin to spasm,
and then the 6 inches of smooth cock inside his mouth
jerked quickly several times, each time spurting hot
boy juice down his eager throat.

The two young boys lay cuddling each other as they
recovered from that first encounter between them.

They must have fell asleep as it was dark when Brad
awoke. He and Sammy were still lying together, arms
wrapped around the other slender young naked body. He
could feel that he had another erection and so had
Sammy. Sammy woke. He looked at Brad and whispered, " I
love you ".

"Brad felt a flame of real affection coarse through his
body. " I think I love you too."

"I need to pee."

"Me too."

"We could pee together, if you want."

"Mmmm ok," Brad replied, getting up from the bed, and
headed for the Bathroom. Sammy followed and the two
young boys stood facing each other at the WC, looking
at each others cocks, waiting for the pee to start.

Soon each boy's cock spurted a stream of hot steaming
pee into the pan. When they had stopped, they held
hands and returned to the main room. They lay on
Sammy's bed this time, and Brad saw the magazines, that
Sammy had been reading, and understood why, when Sammy
opened the door, he had a stiff cock.

The pages were full of pictures of young naked boys in
various sexual positions, including fucking. He felt a
hand gently hold his cock which was already semi hard,
just looking at the pictures. He lay back on the bed,
and let Sammy slowly bring his penis to full attention
again. Brad looked at Sammy and saw that his penis was
standing up proud and erect.

Sammy reached in a drawer on the bedside dresser and
lifted out a jar. He opened it and began to smear the
slippery gel all over Brad's cock. It felt so good, and
then Sammy coated his fingers and reaching down between
his legs and behind him, Brad saw him rub his hole.
Brad realized that he was going to o fuck Sammy. This
was to be his first ever fuck and he was so fucking
horny, he could not wait.

Any worries about not being very good at it were soon
forgotten. Sammy knelt over him, and reaching down,
took hold of Brad's slippery cock and guided it to his
eager and well lubed hole. When the head of Brad's cock
was pressing against his already twitching anus, he
lowered himself on it and felt it slip inside his tight
hot hole.

"OhhhhhhhhSaaaaammmmmmmmmmyyyyy," Brad moaned as he
felt his virgin penis being gripped by this soft, firm
velvet like grip. Sammy had slid all the way down his
tool and was sitting on his groin, then he proceeded to
rise up and fall back, in a slow gentle motion.

"Brad your cock is so big in me," Sammy sobbed as he
started to slide up and down, and at the same time, he
felt Brad thrust up with his hips.

Brad reached for Sammy's cock and wanked it as his own
fucked his lovers light hole. The two boys fucked for a
full 30 minutes, before Brad felt his cum was near to
exploding from his cock, once again.

"Saaammmmyyyyyy, Iammmmmmmmm
ccccuuuummmmmiiiihnnnggggg," he cried out and with one
last upwards thrust in to his lovers arse hole, he
came, over and over again, filling Sammy's hole with
hot boy spunk.

Sammy felt his bottom fill with sperm. He lifted up
from Brad, his hole dripping with fresh spunk, and
reaching down, lifted his lover's legs up over his
chest, and finding the open jar, coated his fingers
with gel, and rubbed it into the waiting eager
twitching young hole.

"Oh yes, Sammy, Fuck me, fuck me, give me your seed, "
Brad panted.

Sammy coated his cock and kneeling over Brad, guided
his cock to the young boy's virgin hole and pressed
gently and felt the tip slide inside the hot hole.

"Oh god Sammy, it is so goooooooodddddd, fuck me now, I
am so horny."

Sammy needed no second bidding and eased his 6 inches
all the way up the lubed hole under him. He felt his
pubic hairs brushing Brad's skin as he slid in and out.

The two boys kissed passionately as the fucked, their
tongues playing games with each other. Soon the room
was filled with the stench of sex and sweat. Sammy had
lubed Brad's hole so much that he was able to really
fuck him hard, and Brad felt no pain, only the most
intense pleasure he had ever felt, as this hard piston
slid in and out of his eager young anus.

Sammy felt that feeling deep in his guts, and speeded
up his thrusting to a speed that even surprised
himself, and then pushed it up one last time and held
Brad tight as his hot seed spewed time and time again
up inside Brad's arse.
They lay kissing for ages, then they showered together,
kissing and telling each together how much they loved
the other.

That night they cooked together and watched TV in each
others arms, and slept together in Brad's bed. During
the night they both awoke, hard and horny and fucked
again. In the morning they fucked again. Half way
through the week, in which the two young lovers fucked
at least twice a day. and hardly had their hands off
the other, Brad decided he did not ever want to leave

When the School started he arranged to share with him,
and so started a long and happy love affair.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Jail Bait
by Peter Pan (***@hotmail.com)


The following 'story' is completely and frighteningly
true. All this happened recently to a very dear friend.
I have composed it solely to warn you all of the
dangers inherent in "having a little fun on the side."
Even in cyberspace, you are at serious physical risk!
If this doesn't convince you, nothing will! (Mf, ped,


As had been his wont of late, right after dinner Terry
wandered into the small den and sat down in the swivel
high-back - perhaps the one, almost irrelevant
concession to luxury he had indulged himself in these
past two decades. Living in small-town Missouri he had
struggled for most of his working life to make ends
meet - 'come close' might be the more appropriate
terminolgy - with a variety of jobs. An electrical
tradesman by profession, he had picked up a useful
contract with a local manufacturer, installing ceiling
fans. Heading now well into Winter, the jobs were
becoming noticeably infrequent. Letters from the
mortgagee demanding the arrears on his monthly payments
however, were quite the opposite.

Married late with just the one now thirteen-year old
son, Terry had faced worse before. He would ride this
out too.

First closing the door to circumnavigate the sudden
appearance of any unwanted visitors, he poured himself
a bourbon and ice and logged-in to check his email. It
was there! "Phantasy_luvr " had finally replied to his
cyber-pleas and written to him.

Not a particularly worldly girl to judge by its
contents, but nevertheless, that is hardly what he had
been hanging out for. A guy nudging his mid fifties,
doesn't chat up a young female University student in
Nebraska, hoping to better understand the cause of the
Indo-China conflict. Having read it twice, he swiftly
fired-up MSN Messenger hoping to catch her on-line.
Damn, that bourbon was hitting the spot, last half-
bottle that it was though.

The dice were falling his way tonight - there she was,
already chatting it appeared. He clicked her dialog
box, marginally put-out that she might be spreading her
favors abroad this night. Such fears were allayed
however when she assured him she had just logged-on
herself, hoping to find him on-line. His self-esteem
restored, his manhood pulling back from damage-control,
he fell-in to their now familiar role-playing script.
"Phantasy_luvr" confessing her frenetic desire to be
used and abused by her daddy, whilst "Mountain-man"
provided the paternal patter necessary (he hoped) to
have her fingers on active duty in areas he could only
dream about...and did he ever do that? - it was
becoming a daily ritual.

The Internet is indeed a wonderful thing - the ultimate
playing-field of electric dreams.

"Do you like daddy's hand up your skirt, doing this?"
he typed one-handedly, it's partner caressing a long
dis-used (as far as marital obligations were concerned
at least) appendage. The girl's reply was slow in
appearing - evidence he took it, that she was indeed
caressing deeply that youthful pussy, somewhere in the
freezing Nebraskan wilderness.

"I love you daddy," she wrote at last, "If you want to
fuck me that's Ok with me!"

He had always wanted a daughter - one who loved him and
desired his sexual attentions as well, was even better.
He had never been so hard, and three quarters the way
to the walled city himself, he typed, leaving nothing
to the imagination, his blueprint for what he hoped was
their shared orgasmic solace.

At the point she entered, "Oh
God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" into his dialog box,
he imagined he had done not only womanhood in general a
great service, but that the young girl was now creaming
her panties at the behest of his dynamically arousing

She was still describing the on-going sensations
afflicting her body anywhere and everywhere between her
nipples and southern climes, when he jetted-up a stream
of cum that splattered not only his keyboard, but
several order forms that would now need judicious
cleansing. He smiled to himself as he thought of the
boss's elderly secretary, mulling over the occasional
stains as she filed the paperwork, tut-tutting at the
outrageous possibilities.

"That was incredible" he typed, "Biggest cum I've had
all year, thanks," he paused for a moment before
continuing. "I know I've asked before sweetheart," he
punched in, "But don't you have any pictures you could
send me? I would so love to know what you look like?"

"What I look like, or my pussy looks like?" she
answered... he could almost hear her giggle!

"Either's fine by me," he responded.

"Maybe I'll just take one using the timer on my
digital," she typed.

"Make it two - at least," he pleaded, hoping she was
even half as pretty as his fantasies had led him to
imagine. Chatting was always a risky business he knew -
with his luck she might turn out to be a frumpish
spinster from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

After they had each signed off, he sat back in the
chair, fully reflective for a few moments. He wasn't
'cheating' on his wife, he reasoned - after all, he
wasn't 'seeing' anyone behind her back was he? It was
just a bit of harmless sexy fun! My God, it's not like
he'd had much of that since his wife had pretty much
closed-up shop after Matthew hit double figures.

Problem is - he became so reliant on her sexually
complicit nature he found himself spending more and
more time on line....and more and more time mopping up
his keyboard and peripherals. At the point of each
ejaculation he was beginning now to feel her vaginal
muscles clamping down at the critical moment - taste
her youthful lips - sense her submissive aspect. He was
in love with a ghost!

Not a week later and logging-in to his email account he
noticed that which he had longed to see. A message from
"Phantasy_luvr" but with attachments! Checking first to
see whether or not she was on-line, and that being a
negative, he clicked on 'Phantasy_1.jpg '.

To describe his condition as catatonic, would be close
to the mark.

Perched unashamedly on what looked like a desk in her
bedroom, a young brunette of indeterminate age but
surely less than the twenty years she had told him, sat
completely naked, her legs well apart and her small
breasts jutting teasingly towards the camera. Her arms
at her side, she was the image of provocative tease.
Pretty, to the point of being arrestingly beautiful,
Terry could but stare at her sexy light brown pubic
curls that drew the viewer's eyes to those soft pink
folds bedded down between her legs. He had the picture
in photo-shop in seconds and with the slightest of
enhancement, a breathtaking angel filled his screen.

Her lips promised the world, her hips - the same. The
girl's blue eyes lit up her sweet face that was, as it
happened, half-turned for effect. On full imaging, he
could study her gentle cleavage and the perfection of
her bodily curves. He sighed as he took in the
magnificence of her quite small nipples - the epitome
of feminine tease.

'Phantasy_2.jpg' couldn't have been any more intimate
had Michaelangelo himself directed the scene...or any
more disturbing. The girl was on the bed this time, her
mouth open in what looked like shocked disbelief. This
might have had something to do with the middle-aged man
kneeling between her legs and with his outsize erection
as far up her innocent-looking little pussy as he could
get it. With one hand fondling her right breast, the
overall impression was one of aggravated rape. With her
hands up over her head, clinging on to the bed-frame
for either support or inspiration, the girl presented
an image of total feminine submission.

Not even realising he had his own erection unzipped at
this time, Terry brought himself to sticky finality -
twice! He would probably have gone for the trifecta,
but for the knock at the door. Hurriedly he shut down
the monitor and zipped up.

"Could you help me with some homework dad?" his son
urged upon his opening the door.

"Sure Matt," he said, his mind on anything but the
volume of a ten foot water-tank with a radius of four-
foot six inches!

Although he and "Phantasy_luvr" continued to chat from
time to time, he sensed a reluctance on her part to
discuss the pictures, or confide in him who the man
was. "You just kept asking," she said, "So I sent a
couple." He inquired if there was more naturally
enough, but she was in no mind to ever pursue it.
Neither would she discuss her birth certificate except
to admit, "I know, I look young for my age!"

It's always annoying when someone turns up at your door
late at night, especially mid-way though a good movie.
Even more annoying when it's the F.B.I.

"Terry Edwards?" asked the larger, somewhat thick-set
gentleman. Terry nodded. "Agent Norris," said the man
waving his badged id in my friend's face. "This is
Agent Finch," the other man inclined his head
dutifully. Understandably curious, Terry shook the
man's hand and ushered them inside.

"May we speak to you in private Sir?" said Norris,
noting Terry's wife and son hunched up on the lounge.
Terry ushered them into the small den..

Glancing at the desk, Norris said "Is that your
computer Sir?" to which Terry obviously had no reason
that he could figure, to deny it.

"Well, we have Court documents here (he waved some
official-looking paperwork in Terry's face) to impound
this equipment and to escort you back to the office for
further questioning."

Having less than no idea what was going on, he had but
three minutes to hurriedly farewell his family and
fetch a coat - it was a cold night.

At F.B.I. headquarters he was kept in a holding room
for almost two hours before he was interviewed by a
third agent - one he admitted later was a tad more
relaxed and pleasant.

They were keeping his computer he was told, to
thoroughly analyse for possible "illegal images of
children." It could take a week they said.

"But there's no kiddie-porn on there," he
argued....."nothing at all!" He demanded to know why
they had targeted him but was told to simply "go home"
and wait to hear from them.

"Look, it's nothing major," he was assured, "Just
following-up on another case Sir. Please go home now -
we'll be in touch." Protesting that he needed the
computer for work, all they admitted to him is "It's
possible you might have your hard-disc erased by our

Over three weeks elapsed and still he had heard
nothing. So calling headquarters back he was told "Our
investigations are still in progress Sir - you'll have
to be patient. Sorry for the inconvenience. We should
be back to you inside a week."

They were too!

"There was just the one picture Sir," said Agent
Norris, "But that's all it takes isn't it? She was just
twelve years old....and that was her father!" The
handcuffs really left a lasting impression on his wife
and son as they dragged him off that night.

Charged under Federal Law, Terry pulled down a minimum
five and a half years. He is now incarcerated at the
State lock-up in the Springfield slammer. His son will
be eighteen when he gets out and his wife confided to
me a few days ago that unless she can come up with four
grand in back payments by the end of this week, the
bank will be foreclosing on the house in a fortnight.
She has nowhere to go and is shattered. I doubt Matthew
ever gets over it.

Be aware, every photograph transmitted on Hotmail,
Yahoo, MSN, etc, is likely to be 'tracked,' you need to
be guilty of nothing more than turning your computer on
and clicking on the wrong image!

Terry did nothing... he procured no services, on-
forwarded no pictures to anyone, encouraged not the
slightest indecency with any third party - or even knew
the girl's age?

By comparison - a High School teacher in Western Sydney
last year was convicted of setting-up high-resolution
digital video recording equipment in the Year Nine
locker rooms, spying on the girls in the showers,
physically molesting two fourteen-year olds and storing
more than three thousand images of naked girls as young
as eight - many in poses the Police described as
horrifying. He got three years jail and a five grand
fine. With good behavior, he'll be out in two years!

(c) Peter_Pan 2006

"The World Of Peter Pan"
I finally have gotten to update (and upgrade)it

"The Complete Harper Valley"

Many of you have asked over the months "What the hell
do you actually DO with your life outside sex?" A fair
enough question heheh! Have a look at
www.uniteddirectorysystems.com and you’ll have your

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

A Horse for Sara
by Jimbo2 (***@hotmail.com)


A story about a married lady and her desires for K9s
and a horse. (F/beast)


My name is Sara and I live out of town on a small farm.
There is just my husband and I, along with a young
black man who works in the stable areas. I am a little
on the heavy side at 220 pounds but am big boned.
Despite my weight problem, I am very sexual. I have a
very plump pussy which I keep well trimmed. I have a
wide ass and like anal sex every once in a while. I
love sex in any form and masturbate quite a lot.
Usually when my husband is out working.

My husband works on the farm all day and I am alone
most every day except when the stable boy is around. I
have been fucking Jim, our stable boy, for several
years and really love his big black cock. He knows what
I like and he likes to please me. A good fucking is
what I get from him whenever I want it.

We had gotten a big Lab for a watch dog to have around
the farm. Like I said before, I love to masturbate and
it was during one of my sessions that I discovered his
doggie cock. I was laying there playing with my wet
pussy as he came into the room. He must have smelled my
scent because he hopped up onto my bed and put his head
between my thighs.

I was surprised as he started to lick me! I felt his
hot tongue on my wet pussy as I lay back and enjoyed
him. He lapped at my fountain for a few minutes until I
started to cum. I guess the noise I was making
frightened him off me.

From then on, I would call him into the bedroom with me
as I masturbated. He would lick me and make me cum. I
loved to feel his rough tongue on my slit and went wild
as it lapped around my clit. I would hold my lips apart
for him as he licked on me. Then one day I noticed his
big red cock was growing larger as he licked me. He was
pretty big and I knew then that I would have to try
letting him fuck me with that doggie cock.

Sure enough, one day I was hot enough to try it. I
rolled over onto my hands and knees and helped him as
he mounted me from behind. I felt under me and took his
slimy cock as I guided it to my hot pussy. He took a
minute before he thrust it to me, but when he did, he
slammed it home! I had all of that big doggie cock in
me at once, his hips hunching it deeper with each
stroke. It felt so good!

Bear was his name and he made me cum so hard. I felt
that big doggie dick as he pounded my smooth pussy. He
was driving it so deep! I felt the big head as it
touched the entrance to my womb as I came again. He was
fucking me faster and faster as my climax continued.
His cock was bigger than my husbands and I could feel
every inch of it as I came.

I learned to take his knot as he started to like my hot
pussy even more. Sometimes I would be hung up on his
cock, him locking my pussy to his knot for an hour. It
was driving me wild as I loved his big knot in me.

Then I started to fucking him on a regular basis, about
three times a week. I also still had Jim, the stable
boy who satisfied me about three times a week also. Of
course, my husband and I would make love and he would
try to satisfy me, but I did not really get satisfied
with his smaller cock. I needed something big in me.

One day I was at the stables and saw one of our male
horses as his cock got hard. It was huge! It must have
been 2 feet long and as big around as my arm! My pussy
started to throb at the sight of his enormous cock. It
made me want to cum standing right there. I reached my
hand to my pussy and started to rub myself as Jim came
into the stable. He saw me watching the horse as I

He eased up behind me and took his big, black cock out
as he slid my pants down from my hips. I felt his cock
as he shoved it in, my hand still playing with my pussy
as he fucked it to me.

"Would you like some of that horse cock?" he asked as
he pumped that cock to me.

"Yes! Yes! I would love to have that huge cock in me."
I replied, "Do you think I could take something that

"You could take some of him. I don't know if you could
get all that meat in you or not." He answered, "We can
find out real quick if you want to."

He was pumping that black cock to me as I nodded my

"I would love to try it! Would you help me with him?" I
asked as he slid that big black dick to my aching

He seemed to be fucking me a little extra harder as his
dick pumped so far into me, the big head touching my
sweet spot as I came. Jim had his hands on my hips as
he pounded that black cock to me, filling me with his
hot cum as my pussy quivered inside. I felt his juices
as he flooded me with his cum, some running out around
his cock as it pumped faster to me. I felt his cock
inside me as it started to soften a little.

"You still want that big horse cock?" he asked.

"Yes, I do! Help me with it." I said as he withdrew
from my wet cunt. "I want that huge cock in me!"

There were several bales of hay laying around as he
started to make a bed for me and piled a couple up on
each side of the others. I knew he was making a fuck
table for me and the horse.

When he had everything as he wanted, Jim motioned for
me to lay down on the bales of hay. I did as he said as
he led the horse into the stall. His big horse cock was
still sticking out as I watched him coming my way. My
eyes were glued to his long cock as he came closer to

"Lay still and I will guide him to you," he said, "I
have done this before with another horse and I know
what to do."

I lay there under the horse as Jim had him put his
front legs up onto the bales of hay at my sides. I
watched Jim as he took that cock into his hands, as his
monster cock touched my hot pussy. I saw the huge head
as he guided it to my aching pussy, it feeling so big
as it started to enter me. I felt the head as t slipped
into me, the big horse cock was going in me! I was
being horse fucked!

I felt his long dick as it slide so far up my parted
pussy, as it spread me wider with each inch I took. I
watched it disappear as it sank deeper into me, the
long shaft pushing its way as the horse started to hump
me. The position I was in was sort of uncomfortable but
I was enjoying his he horse cock as he fucked it to me.

"Oh, God! He is so big! His cock is filling my pussy so
full!" I cried out, "Oh, yes! Yes! It is so good!."

I could feel his long cock as it hit bottom each time
he thrust into me, causing me to gasp for air as it
struck my inner womb. I was full of horse cock! And I
was loving it. My wet pussy was hurting a little from
the huge cock as he slammed it to me, going faster as
with each hunch the horse made.

I started to cum as he plunged into my aching pussy. I
was so full of cock as my climax sent waves of joy
through out my entire body. I had never cum so hard and
so much as I was doing now. I was getting the fucking
of a life time!

"Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! I'm cumming!" I screamed as I
continued to cum, "His cock is so hot in me. Fuck me!
Fuck me you big stud! Fuck my pussy with that big horse

I felt the horse as his cock began to swell deep inside
my stretched pussy. I could feel every inch of that big
cock as I continued to cum. I started to feel his cock
as it throbbed in me, knowing he was ready to shoot me
full of his cum as I tried to fuck back against his
cock. He started to erupt, his big horse cock pumping
me full of good hot horse cum as he filled me full of

His cum was so hot inside my caverns as I felt the heat
from it as he pumped more and more of it to me. He must
have came a gallon of cum as he filled me! I was being
flooded with his hot cum as my climax slowed.

I had been well fucked! My poor little pussy was sore
for two days after that first time. I swore I did not
want to do it again, but I did change my mind. Isn't
that what a woman is suppose to do?

Jim had made me a special bench as he put it in the
stall. He also made a soft top that went on top of it.
He had put more bales of hay on each side of the fuck
bench. I too, helped a little as I brought a blanket
from the house and a few towels, along with a jar of KY
jelly. I would be ready for him next time.

The next time was about a week after he had fucked me.
Jim, the stable boy had told me to come see what he had
done for me. I went to the stables and met Jim there as
he showed me the new horse fucking bench he had made
just for me.

I lay down on it to see if I liked it or not as Jim
came over to me. I could tell by the bulge in his pants
what he wanted. He wanted to slide that black monster
to me! My pussy was wet as I had been thinking of the
horse fucking me again as I lowered my pants and
exposed my hot pussy to him.

"If you want some of this before I take that horse
cock, you better come on," I said, "I want you to fuck
me first. I want that black cock! I will not be able to
feel it after that huge horse finishes with me."

Jim dropped his pants, exposing is huge black cock as I
lay there, my legs spread wide as he got between my
thighs. I took his black cock into my hands as I saw
the difference in the contrasting color of his cock and
my white hands. I pulled on it as I guided him to my
waiting pussy. I wanted him to fuck me first, to give
me a good old fashion fucking before I fucked that
massive horse cock.

Jim took my hips into his hands and brought my legs
over his shoulders as he started to slide that dick to
me. It felt so good! I watched as his black cock slid
past my smooth pussy lips. I could see that black dick
against my white pussy as he slid so deep in me. I
almost came at the sight of his cock in me as I raised
my thighs to meet his thrusts.

If people knew I was fucking a black man they would
disown me, least of all if they knew I was fucking a
horse too! What would my husband say if he saw me with
this black cock buried in me? Would he go crazy to see
the horse fucking me?

All these things did not matter as I took that big
black cock of Jim's, fucking him back with my cock
hungry pussy as I felt my climax building deep down. He
started to pound me with that dick as I started to cum
all over his fucking dick. He was fucking me so hard as
I came, time after time until I felt his cock began to
throb. I was ready for his hot cum as he shot it to me,
his dick hitting the right spots as I continued to cum.

After we had stopped, my pussy was dripping his cum as
I lay there, me waiting for him to bring the horse in.
I was not to be disappointed as he led the horse into
the love stall we had made.

I was on the bench as he started to play with the
horse's cock, getting it ready for me once again. This
time the bench was comfortable and I was at the right
angle to take his cock as I watched Jim bringing it to
my wet pussy lips.

I felt it as it plunged into me, his long horse cock
sliding so deep as he slammed it to me. I could feel it
as it pushed its way so far up my tight passages as he
fucked me with that big horse cock.

There I was, laying on a bench specially made for my
pleasure, with a horse cock deep within my stretched
pussy. I was in awe of his cock as he fucked that huge
dick to my tight pussy. I started to cum from just
watching it slide in and out as he pumped that cock to
me. I was loving every inch of it as it fucked me!


I hope you liked my story and if so, tell me about it.
Also I would love to hear from you about your
experiences or desires. You can email me at
***@hotmail.com and I will answer you soon. Be sure
and include the name of the story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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2010-08-29 13:34:25 UTC
`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Only for my Husband
by Karen Kay (***@karenkayonline.com)


A younger wife and older husband begin a journey
together having the young wife tease men up to the
point of actually having sex until one day she meets a
young black stud. (MMF, voy, inter, rom)


Danielle combed her long blonde hair as she stood in
front of the full length mirror starring at her
reflection. Danielle was a trophy wife and had married
straight out of college to a man who was twenty years
her senior.

Pete was a wonderful husband and as a matter of fact he
gave Danielle everything she wanted in life. Pete was
an heir to his parent's fortune and now controlled his
Father's business. His wealth enabled him to give
Danielle all the luxuries in life she could have ever

Danielle leaned closer to the mirror looking around her
eyes checking for any signs of age as she normally did
after her showers. At twenty-nine she was very self-
conscious about her appearance and spent most of her
free time working out.

Danielle had a body most women would die for at almost
a perfect 36-24-36 figure. Pete loved to see her dress
in old fashion garter belts with seamed stockings and
heels which made her resemble an old pin-up girl

She loved Pete dearly and hadn't known anything about
his wealth until he proposed marriage to her and he
revealed his fortune to her. She had to admit she was a
very lucky woman who was married to a man of her dreams
and could afford to give her almost anything she asked
for or would want in life.

Pete loved to show off his lovely wife and bought her
many sexy revealing dresses that she would wear for him
at home or out on the town. Danielle did anything she
could to please her husband because she loved him so

There wasn't a night that Pete didn't bring his wife
home something special regardless if it were flowers or
jewelry or even a special treat like a last minute trip
on their jet to eat dinner in another city.

That's right. They even owned their own personal jet
which Pete used to run their family's business.

Danielle slipped the skin tight black dress that barely
covered her gorgeous ass and tits over her head and
slid it down over her hips giving it a tug here and
there until the material covered as much of her skin as
it could.

She stepped over to the vanity and sat down as she
slipped her heels onto her feet buckling the straps
around her ankles.

Danielle had a specially lighted mirror to apply her
makeup on her vanity and turned the button to the
desired level and began to apply what little makeup she
required to make herself look gorgeous.

When she finished, she stood in front of the full
length mirror again and fluffed her hair over her
shoulders. She turned to the side and looked to see how
smooth the material covered her nice round ass. She
wasn't wearing any panties or bra tonight. That's the
way Pete loved to see her dress and they both had their
own reasons why.

Pete had called her and told Danielle to meet her at
their favorite seafood restaurant in Naples around
seven. The chauffeur drove her into town and she didn't
have to wait long for her husband to arrive as they sat
down for dinner.

They were seated in a special booth Pete reserved
toward the back of the restaurant and waited for the
perfect opportunity to play their little game.

Danielle waited until several men were seated not far
from their table and looked over at Pete giving him the
signal to begin. Pete slipped next to his beautiful
wife and placed his hand on her thigh and began to
slowly caress her smooth skin above her knee and gently
worked his hand toward her inner thigh.

Danielle spread her legs for her husband's hand as he
continued to gently massage her thigh and leaned over
and gave his wife a passionate kiss on the lips.

Pete noticed one of the men starring down under their
table where he had his hand resting on his wife's
thigh. Pete gave his wife a signal to spread her legs
open as he continued to move his hand near her bare

They had to wait as the waiter filed their water
glasses than left the table than Pete began moving his
hand until his fingers were playing with his wife's
pussy lips. Danielle leaned back as she felt her
husband insert a finger into her pussy and began to
slowly massage her clitoris making her moan slightly
and close her eyes.

Pete glanced over at the man and saw that he was still
starring under the table as Danielle spread her legs
further apart giving the man a better view of what was
going on.

Pete leaned over and gave his wife another kiss while
he continued to play with her pussy under the short
dress. Danielle moved her hand over to her husband's
crotch and started to massage his hard cock through his
pants as they both kept an eye on the man at one of the
next tables.

Danielle kept her head tiled back as she felt her
husband's finger inside her pussy. A faint sound of his
finger could be heard as he probed inside her now wet
pussy. Danielle moved her other hand above her
husband's hand pushing him tighter against her crotch
as she moaned again and lifted one of her legs slightly
onto the cushion of the seat.

The man was trying not to notice them but couldn't keep
his eyes off the beautiful blonde who was getting her
pussy played with under the table.

Suddenly. The man got up from the table and walked back
toward the men's room as Pete looked disappointed and
stopped playing with Danielle's pussy.

Pete looked at his wife and said, "I'm going to make a
trip to the bathroom and see if I can talk to that

Danielle smiled than gave her husband a small kiss on
the lips and watched Pete walk toward the men's room.

Pete walked into the room and saw the man standing in
front of the urinal and walked up to the one next to
him and waited a few seconds and said, "This place has
the best seafood in Naples."

The man continued to pee as he glanced over at Pete and
noticed who he was and hesitated a moment before giving
him a reply and said, "Yeah. I love the food in this
place myself. Do you come here often?"

Pete finished peeing and replied, "As a matter of fact
I do come here at least once a month with my wife. Did
you see my wife sitting out in the booth across from

The man looked uncomfortable as he hurried and washed
his hands and looked back at Pete and said, "I don't
think I have. Have a nice evening."

Pete just chuckled to himself as he watched the man
leave the men's room and washed his hands before
returning to their table. Pete started to walk back to
the table and noticed the man and his wife leaving the
restaurant as he sat back down next to Danielle and
slid into the booth next to her and gave her another
passionate kiss.

Pete and Danielle and done this many times in the past
and tonight was rather tame compared to things they
have done in the past. There were a few times that Pete
had finger fucked his wife to orgasm in a restaurant or
movie theater. They even fucked in a parking lot like
two teenagers once in a crowded shopping mall while
visiting New York.

They were always coming up with new ideas and places
for thrills and at the end of the night they always
returned home and screwed like rabbits in heat.

They finished dinner and drove up to a club outside
Naples that Pete knew was considered a local pickup
bar. Danielle had wondered why her husband had taken a
turn North on their way home and noticed a bunch of
guys entering a bar.

Pete parked the car and slid over toward Danielle and
gave her a passionate kiss on the lips and said, "Let's
go in here and see if we can tease a few of these guys
in the club."

Danielle smiled at her husband and said, "You have the
devil himself inside you tonight. Don't you?"

Danielle gave her husband another kiss on the lips and
waited for him to walk around and open the car door for
her. They walked into the club as Pete talked to the
man greeting people at the door and watched as Pete
slipped the man a large bill to seat them near the
dance floor.

The man seated them at a table along the dance floor
and they ordered two drinks from the waitress and
watched some of the couples dancing on the floor.
Danielle leaned toward her husband and said, "Most of
these people here appear to be single and looking."

Pete smiled at his wife and said, "Honey. That's what
the fun is all about. Why do you think I brought you
here tonight?"

Danielle looked around the place and noticed the men
definitely out numbered the women tonight but noticed
many couples dancing out on the dance floor.

The waitress brought them their drinks and Danielle
took a sip of her drink while starring at her husband
and seen a devilish look on his face and smiled back at
him and said, "OK. Tell me exactly what you have on
your dirty mind tonight?"

Pete took a drink and reached out and took Danielle's
hand and said, "Why don't you go out there tonight and
find a handsome stud and get him all turned on?"

Danielle took another sip of her drink and sighed as
she smiled back at Pete and said, "I knew you were up
too no good when we pulled into this place tonight. Go
ahead and pick someone out for me."

Pete nodded his head toward a man standing alone on the
other side of the dance floor and said, "Do you see
that tall blonde man standing over there next to the
rest room doors?"

Danielle glanced over to the other side of the club and
seen the man Pete was talking about and said, "He looks
rather cute and blonde too!"

Pete smiled at his wife and said, "Do you know that
blonde's are hot in bed?"

Danielle starred at her husband and replied, "Ha. Ha.
I'm not going to fuck that man, just make him hot!"

Pete took his wife's hand and said, "Why not make it
more interesting tonight?"

Daniel grinned at her husband and replied, "You're not
going to tell me you want me to take my clothes off and
walk over there do you?"

Pete had hold of his wife's hand and said, "Take off
the rings."

Daniel smiled and turned her head to the side and
finally replied and said, "Pete. You're absolutely

Pete kept holding his wife's hand and kept giving her
the devilish smile until she finally replied and said,
"OK. I still think you're completely gone out of your
mind. Look at all those single studs standing over

Danielle slipped of her engagement ring and wedding
band and gave them to Pete to hold as she picked up her
glass and finished her drink and stood up next to her
husband and leaned over and kissed him on the lips and
said, "Wish me luck."

The waitress came back at the same time as Danielle was
leaving and Pete ordered a double for himself while he
watched his lovely wife make her way across to the
other side of the club. Pete watched Danielle's ass
wiggle as she made her way across the dance floor
walking in between the people who were dancing out on
the floor.

Pete kept an eye on his wife until she disappeared
behind some of the people who were dancing as the
waitress returned with his drink. Pete drank a third of
the drink as soon as the woman gave it to him than
looked across the club trying to see if he could spot
Danielle talking to the blonde headed man.

Pete couldn't see Danielle at the moment as he tilted
his head looking for his wife until he finally saw her
dancing in the far corner of the dance floor with the
blonde headed guy. Pete could see her dancing with the
man they had picked out or rather the one he had
spotted standing alone.

Danielle was dancing to her third song when the lights
went down low and the next song was a slow dance. Pete
was trying to see his wife but the lights had been
turned down so low that he could hardly see any of the
couples on the dance floor except the people close to
his side.

Pete was surprised when he spotted Danielle dancing
with her arms around the blonde man almost right next
to their table. She had worked herself around the dance
floor to give her husband a better look of them out on
the floor.

Pete noticed the man had his hands resting on
Danielle's hips and she had her arms wrapped around the
man pushing her boobs into his chest. Pete also noticed
his wife was grinding her hips into the man's crotch
when he noticed the man lowering his hands onto his
wife's ass.

Pete sat there with his cock as hard as a steel rod
watching the man rub the palms of his hands over his
wife's ass. They turned and Pete's eyes met Danielle's
as she smiled at him as she continued to dance with the

Pete could see the man was whispering into Danielle's
ear making her giggle as she continued to hold him
against her body. They had turned again and Pete could
clearly see the man's hands now massaging her nice
round ass and giving it a slight squeeze as they

Pete kept watching the couple almost ready to make out
on the dance floor as he tried to contain his erection
under his pants. Pete's heart began to race even faster
as he watched Danielle tilt her head to kiss the man on
the lips where they remained for several seconds.

Pete kept his eyes glued on his wife and the blonde
headed man as they broke off the kiss and appeared to
be starring into one another's eyes for a few seconds
than locked themselves into another heated passionate

Pete saw the man squeezing his wife's ass cheeks and
pulling her into his crotch as they continued to kiss.
Pete thought to himself that Danielle had never taken
their little games this far before and must really like
the man she was dancing with tonight.

The song ended suddenly and Pete watched as the man
walked Danielle back to the other side of the dance
floor and out of his sight again.

A few moments later, Pete saw Danielle walking back to
their table alone with a big smile on her face and sat
down and finished her drink before she said anything to

Pete looked over at his wife waiting to hear what she
had to say about the man when she smiled at him and
finally said, "His name is Stan and he wanted to take
me back to his place tonight for a drink."

Pete replied and said, "I bet he wanted to take you
back to his place. What did you end up telling him?"

Danielle replied with a laugh and said, "Stan really
didn't want me to leave but I told him I came here with
someone important tonight and couldn't go home with

Pete leaned forward with that devilish grin on his face
again and took hold of Danielle's hand and said, "Did
you want to go home with that man tonight and fuck

Danielle laughed and replied, "I could go back and tell
Stan I'm available tonight if you want me to?"

Danielle started to stand up as Pete held onto her hand
as tight as he could and gently pulled her forward and
planted a passionate wet kiss on her lips and when they
broke the kiss he said, "You're my little whore

Danielle kissed her husband again until a man walked up
behind Pete and yelled out, "Pete. I didn't expect to
see you here tonight. How are you doing?"

Pete stood up and shook the man's hand and introduced
his wife to the man whose name was Rob. Pete offered
the man a seat but said he had to get going but wanted
to give him a set of plans he had been working on for a
project that Pete's company would be involved in

Rob said it would only take a couple minutes of his
time and Pete told Daniel he would be back in a couple
minutes and ordered his wife another drink before he
walked out to the car with the man.

Danielle smiled at Pete and puckered her lips as though
she were kissing him as he walked toward the parking
lot to the man's car.

Pete quickly looked over the plans the man gave him and
thanked him and told Rob that he would get in touch
with him during the following week and rushed over to
his car and put the plans inside the trunk and glanced
at his watch.

He had been gone almost thirty minutes as he rushed
back into the club and back to their table. Pete walked
through the busy crowd in the club trying to make his
way over to his and Danielle's table and when he
finally reached the table he saw another man seated in
his chair talking to Danielle.

Pete was startled to see it was a well-groomed black
man seated in his spot and stood next to him as
Danielle pointed at Pete and said, "Brandon. I would
like you to meet my date tonight. His name is Pete."

Danielle continued her introduction and said, "Pete. I
would like you to meet this nice man who just bought me
a drink. His name is Brandon."

Brandon stood up and shook Pete's hand. Brandon was
much taller and larger than Pete and looked a couple
years younger than Danielle.

Brandon than said, "I guess I'll leave you two alone
now that your back."

Danielle blurted out and said, "Oh. Brandon. You don't
have to leave because Pete is back. You're welcome to
join us for a drink before you leave."

Brandon replied and said, "I shouldn't barge in on the
two of you like this. I didn't know you had a date
until you mentioned Pete."

Pete cut in and said, "Nonsense. You pull up another
chair and sit right here with us the rest of the
evening if you want and let me buy you a drink."

Pete ordered them a round of drinks while they sat and
talked and Danielle didn't let Brandon know that she
was married to Pete but only his date for the evening.
She flirted with him over the next hour until she asked
Brandon to dance with her.

Pete watched them dance to several songs as he sipped
on his drink and waited for his wife to return with her
dance partner. They both were out of breath as Danielle
made a comment and said, "Couldn't that DJ play
anything slow while we were out their tonight?"

It was getting late and Brandon finally said he had to
leave because he had an early appointment and shook
both Pete and Danielle's hands before he left but
Danielle also gave him a small kiss on the lips just
before he walked away.

Danielle fell asleep in the car on the way home that
night so there wasn't much said until they reached
their house.

They reached the bedroom when Pete put his arms around
Danielle and planted a wet passionate kiss on her lips
as she began to squirm and push her body into his
crotch as the kiss continued. Pete was able to grab the
hem of her dress and pulled it over her hips and got a
better grip and slipped it the rest of the way off
leaving his wife completely naked in front of him as
she put her hands on his face holding him in another
long passionate kiss.

Danielle slipped her hands down and began to unbuckle
her husband's pants than worked on his shirt until he
stood naked along with his wife as they continued to
touch each other like wild animals.

The only sound that could be heard in the room was
their breath as they continued to kiss while Pete began
to squeeze and play with his wife's large boobs. Pete
finally pushed Danielle back onto the bed as she
reached down between their legs and guided his hard
cock into her wet pussy and winched as he entered her
and shoved himself inside as deep as he could go with
one thrust.

They continued to kiss as Pete began to screw his
wife's tight pussy and felt her legs wrap around his
ass as he pushed himself deep inside her.

Once they broke the kiss Pete was the first to speak
and said, "Did you get hot thinking about that black
dick tonight?"

Danielle began to move her hips up to meet her
husband's strokes as she replied back to him and said,
"Yes Baby. Fuck me."

Pete continued screwing his wife as he asked another
question and said, "Did you feel his cock tonight?"

Danielle moaned and was able to answer her husband in a
whisper and said, "Oh God. He felt huge."

Pete replied, "You felt his cock?"

Danielle replied in a whisper again and said, "Oh yeah
keep fucking me... I touched him on the dance floor
when we were dancing... Oh... Yeah... Good..."

Pete began to fuck his wife with more force as he
listened to her say she felt Brandon's cock and screwed
her with such force that she was gasping for air as
Pete drove his cock into her as hard as he could.

Danielle's pussy was soaked and the wet sounds coming
from her pussy filled the room as Pete kept screwing
her. They kissed again as Danielle began to quiver and
shake and started to moan out loud as she reached her

Pete couldn't hold back much longer and let out a loud
scream that he was going to cum and began squirting his
load of hot seed deep into his wife's belly.

Pete finished pumping his hot load into his wife and
gave her another kiss before rolling off her and onto
his back as he tried to catch his breath and felt his
wife's hand reach down and massage his now deflating

They were both sweating as Danielle lifted herself up
onto her elbow and bent down to kiss Pete on the lips
and said, "You're a wonderful lover."

Pete put his arm around his wife and pulled her down
onto his chest and kept her there until he had rested
and caught his breath and finally said, "Did you really
want to screw that black guy tonight?"

Danielle playfully responded to her husband and said,
"Brandon gave me his phone number tonight and asked me
to call him."

Pete had a serous look on his face and replied, "So.
Are you planning to call him?"

Danielle laughed as she stroked her husband's chest and
turned to look into his eyes and gave him another long
passionate kiss and said, "I love you very much."

Pete held his wife very tight and replied, "I love you

They both soon fell asleep but not until Pete thought
about seeing his wife screwing a black man. He wondered
if she really would screw him if he asked or was she
just fooling around. She said she had his phone number
so apparently she was making herself available to this

Pete laid their thinking about Danielle screwing a
black man again and wondered how he would actually feel
seeing his wife with a large black cock buried deep
inside her pussy.

They had only flirted with the idea of turning on
strange men but not actually following through with the
whole idea and doubted if Danielle would even be
interested. Or would she?


(We'll soon find out if Danielle agrees to screw a
black man for her husband. You can visit my web site
and find out more about me and my stories at
www.karenkayonline.com )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Ringing Annie's Bell
by Jimbo2 (***@hotmail.com)


This is a story about Annie and her sexual activities.
She likes anything sexual from anal to K9's. Annie is
an overweight young lady who delights in getting off in
some strange ways. I hope you enjoy this story as she
told it to me and asked for me to write it for her.
(MF, Mf, ped, inc, intr, beast)


I am an overweigh, oversexed, married lady who loves
sex. Some people may call us BBW's but I am just plain
fat! I have a wide ass and a very plump pussy which I
love to play with. I keep it shaved and have many toys
to pleasure it with. My thighs are rather large and my
breasts are 40 DD. When it comes to sex, I want it
anytime I can get it and anyway I can have it.

My husband, John gives me a lot of what I need, he has
a 9" cock and loves oral sex too. I also love to give
him head. I just grave more than his cock sometimes and
my hot little pussy gets it. He gives me it to me
regularly but I need it day and night.

I started at an early age having sex. My first time was
when I was 11 years old and I tricked an uncle of mine
into having sex with me. Before that, I had been
masturbating since I was about 6 years old. I had
learned what my pussy was and I found several ways to
please my little itches. I learned to pleasure myself
with my fingers and would hump my stuffed bears at this
early age.

When I was 11 years old my Uncle Joe was staying with
us for a while and I had noticed the way he looked at
me from time to time. I could tell he was sexually
attracted to me. I would lay in bed at night and
masturbate to the thought of him fucking my small
pussy. I was always masturbating at night and the
thought of him fucking me would send me over the top as
I came.

Then one night, my mom and dad wanted to go to a movie.
Uncle Joe had agreed he would stay home and baby-sit me
while they went out. I heard them talking as he agreed
to keep me while they went out. They told him they
would be late since they also wanted to go out for
dinner that night. I knew we would have lots of time so
I put a little plan into action.

I ran upstairs and removed my panties as I put on a
short dress and came back downstairs where Uncle Joe
was. I dropped onto the couch, directly across from
where he was sitting. As we watched TV I started to
move my legs a little as my dress creped up my thighs.

I knew he could see my hairless pussy as I worked my
thighs back and forth. I saw the big bugle in his pants
as his cock started to get hard, me trying to act like
I didn't notice it. He could not stand it any longer as
he got up and went to the bathroom. I knew he had gone
to masturbate!

I eased up to the door and listen as I could hear him
playing with his cock inside the bathroom. I knew he
was thinking of my smooth little pussy as he stroked
his cock. My little cunt was on fire as I played with
it. Listening to him jack off. I heard him as he came,
grunting loudly as he slowly stopped pumping his cock.

I ran back to the living room and sat back onto the
couch as he came back down. I saw the sheepish look on
his face as he glanced towards me, peeking at my spread
thighs as he gazed upon my little pussy. I let my dress
ease up to my mid thigh length as I moved my legs a
little wider. I caught him looking at my little pussy
and smiled at him as I saw his cock began to bulge once
again. I knew this was my chance!

I got up from the couch and went over to him, plopping
down into his lap. I placed my hot little ass on his
bulge and started to shift my weight around a bit as I
rubbed against his cock. I could feel it as it touched
my bare ass crack through his pants. It was so big! I
reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck and
kissed him on the cheek as I started to squirm.

This drove him crazy as I melted against him with my
hot little body. He didn't know what to do as he was
dumb founded. I was moving my little ass around as his
cock grew even harder.

"You need to stop that and get up," he said, "You don't
need to be in my lap."

"Why, Uncle Joe? Am I making your thing hard?" I asked
as I kissed him again.

"Yes you are! I can't stand you doing this." He said,
"I might do something I'll be sorry for later."

"Just what would you be sorry for?" I quizzed him, "You
don't like me in your lap? You don't like me rubbing on
your big thing?"

"I love you rubbing on it! It is just we are not
suppose to do these things." He answered, "We could get
in trouble."

"I won't tell if that's what you mean." I said, as I
raised up, taking my dress up and sliding my hand down
to feel his hard cock.

He could see my smooth little slit as I worked my
fingers over his bulge. He was huge and my little
fingers felt just how big as I toyed with his dick.

"Can I see it? I have never saw a real dick before." I
asked him, "I will let you see mine first if you do."

He sat me up straight as he unzipped his pants and took
his large prick from his pants. I was amazed at how
thick it was as I reached down to pull my dress over my
head. I was standing before him, naked, as I saw his
eyes taking all of my hot little pussy in. His cock
looked so big as I wiggled my hips for him.

"Will you rub it against my little pussy?" I asked, "I
want to feel it against me."

He did not say a word as he reached out and took me
into his lap once again, his big cock sliding between
my thighs as I felt that hot flesh touching my smooth
cunt. He turn me to him and started to gently suck on
my breasts as I wiggle my ass over the thick head.

"Your dick is so hot!" I told him, "I can feel how hard
it is too. I like feeling it with my bare pussy."

He took that as an Ok to start working his cock along
my slit, sliding me up and down the entire length of
that long fuck stick. My little pussy was on fire as I
felt his hot dick rubbing between my puffy lips.

"I want to kiss it for you first." He said, "I will
make it feel so good to you."

We moved to the couch as I lay there on my back with my
legs spread wide for him. He dropped to his knees on
the floor and started to lick my tight little cunt. I
was loving it! He would lick my puffy lips from my ass
hole to my protruding clit. I was humping my pussy to
his hungry mouth as he licked and sucked on me.

"Oh, yes! Uncle Joe, you are making me so hot! I love
your tongue right there! Lick it some more." I asked as
he put the tip into my wet cunt. I felt his tongue
going inside my hot little pussy as he tongue fucked my
tight hole. It felt so good!

I felt his hands as he played with my budding tits, as
his mouth gave pleasure to my hot little slit. I had
his head in my hands as I pulled him to me, fucking his
face as his tongue licked me. I wanted to feel more
than his tongue in me. I wanted his big dick in my tiny

"Put your dick in me, Uncle Joe. I want you to fuck
me!" I cried out, "I am so hot! I want to feel your
dick in me!"

He picked me up and lay down, placing me on top of him
as he started to slide that cock between my thighs once
again. I felt the big head as it slid along my puffy
slit, wanting to enter my hot little pussy as it went.

"It might hurt a little." He said, "So if it hurts too
bad, let me know and I will stop."

He positioned me as to where my little pussy was above
his cock as he told me to work it in. He said I needed
to relax and let my pussy become accustom to his cock a
little at the time. I did as he said and felt the thick
head against my wet pussy as I pushed down onto it.

I was so wet, the head slid right into me, as he
reached down and opened my puffy lips. He held his cock
right there as his fingers started to massage my little
clit. It was so good and his cock head felt so hot in
me! I wanted more of it as I thrust my wet little pussy
down once more!

"Oh! Oh! It hurts! Your cock is too big!" I said, "But
it feels so good! Fuck me!"

His big cock was popping my cherry and I didn't even
know it! I felt the stinging as it pushed farther into
my tight slit. It was burning a little but felt so good
at the same time. He held onto my hips as I raised up
and pushed down once again. I felt his fingers as they
played with my clit while I was fucking his big dick. I
was ready to cum! He had me so hot!

Uncle Joe made me cum that day and many times after
that. We would fuck whenever we were by ourselves. We
made time to be alone and he taught me many things
about sex. He taught me how to suck cock and how to
jack him off. I even learned how good his cum tasted.
Of course, I had to let him taste mine also.

Uncle Joe moved away and got a job out of town. I was
so unhappy for a long time afterwards. I would lay in
bed and fuck myself with things like a cucumber or
other things, dreaming it was his cock in me.

I remember the first time I tried anal sex. I was about
twelve when I started to see the boys and go on dates.
I had a boyfriend, Bobby who was always trying to poke
his cock into my ass. He had asked me several times if
I would let him put it in. I always told him no.

One night while we were fucking I had gotten so hot
that I asked him to do it to me. He had a rather large
dick for his age and it was buried in my wet pussy at
the time. I wanted his cock in my ass as he fucked me
so hard.

"Bobby, you can put it in my ass if you go slow." I
said, "Just don't hurt me. I have never had a cock in

"Baby, I will be easy with you. I promise not to hurt
your little ass." He replied.

I withdrew his cock from my wet pussy and rolled onto
my hands and knees as he got up behind me. I lay my
head onto my forearms as I knelt there for him as I
watched between my thighs as I saw his cock approaching
my tiny ass.

I felt him as he took my wide hips into his hands and
started to draw me to his big dick. I felt the head as
it pressed against my little star, as he spit on his
fingers and lubricated my upturned ass. Then I felt it
slip past my tight entrance as the head went in! It
felt better than I expected.

"Oh, yes! It feels good! I Love it!" I shouted, "Fuck
me1 Fuck my little ass with that big dick!"

I felt his hands as one rubbed my tits as the other
played with my clit as he pound my ass. He made me cum
so hard that night! I knew from then on that I would
love being ass fucked. I had felt his hot cum shooting
so deep into my bowels as he emptied his huge load to
me. It felt so hot as it spurt into me! He had rang my

After a few months, my boyfriend moved away also. I was
depressed for a while and was fucking anyone who showed
the slightest interest in me. I even had a couple of
black boys fuck me a few times. I love their big cocks!
Both were so huge.

Then I met my husband, John. We started fucking and
after a few months, we decided to get married. John was
a good fuck and kept me well fucked the first few years
of our marriage. He has a nice cock and I was sort of
happy with it until one day he suggested we get a dog.

We got the dog, a big Lab and it wasn't long before I
had his cock in me too. I loved it as I trained him to
slide his knot to me. I had gotten to where I was
fucking our doggie several times a week. I loved the
way he would mount me from behind and then slide his
big knot to my starving pussy. With his knot in me, I
would cum so hard as he fucked me with that doggie

I didn't want my husband to know I was fucking our dog,
but then he caught me one day when he came home early.
He already had a good idea that I was doing it and was
not too surprised to find me hung up with our dog when
he came into our bedroom, seeing me locked to our

There I was on our bed, the big lab with his cock
knotted to my pussy as John came in. I could not get
away from his cock since he had me locked to it. All I
could do was fuck him back as John watched. He watched
with his cock in his hand as he masturbated at the
sight before him. It made me so hot as I watched him
jacking off to the sight of me being fucked by the dog.
I came so hard as I felt that hot doggie cum as it
filled my hungry pussy as I watched John shoot his

After that day, John would help me take the doggie
cock. He would position him just right and would guide
his cock to me as he played with my big tits. Sometimes
he would have me lay on top of his cock as he fucked me
between my big breasts. I loved feeling his cock there
and adored the hot cum as he shot his hot cum all over
my tits as I licked the remainder from his cock.

He even bought a video camera so we could take pictures
of me while the lab fucked me. It made me feel so hot
to watch myself in the videos as both the dog and John
pounded my pussy, I got real good at taking both of
them at the same time as I would suck one and fuck the

After a while, John brought home a present for me. One
of his black co-workers! He knew it made me cum when he
talked about a black cock fucking me so he did the
right thing. He brought me a black cock to fuck! He
knew I loved to fantasize about a large black cock as
we often talked dirty to each other as we fucked.

I was on my hands and knees in no time at all with his
huge black cock buried deep within my white pussy. It
was so exciting and sexy to see his black dick as it
slid in and out of my white pussy. The color contrast
between the black dick and my white pussy was too much!
I would cum just looking at his cock! I watched as he
slid that black cock to my wet pussy, his big dick
going so far into me as I pushed back to take more of
that massive black snake! This was a dream come true!
That Black cock was ringing my bell as he fucked that
huge cock to me.

John videoed him fucking me and he even joined in as I
sucked on his cock. I was sucking his cock as I took
that black monster so far in my smooth snatch. I felt
it as the big head touched places John only dreamed of
touching. I was so full of that big black cock! His
huge dick was making me cum each time it hit the
entrance to my womb. I felt it as it pounded my slick
pussy, his large log pushing its way so deep in me as I

They both made me cum so much! My cum was mixing with
theirs as it ran out of my pussy and down my thighs.
They filled me with their hot cum as we fucked and
fucked. I was in pure heaven as they pounded me. I
watched that big black cock as it slid so deep in me,
filling me with that hot meat. I must have cum ten
times that night as I fucked that black cock several

John and I still watch those videos and we still love
to fuck each other. It still gets us hot to see
ourselves in the movies we made, especially that big
black cock fucking my plump white pussy.

I still love to fuck and I do slip out for some strange
cock from time to time. I love black cock! I love it
when I can see a huge black cock fucking my white
pussy. There is just something about seeing a black
cock fucking me that really makes me crave it! I love
having one sliding into me as I watch!

As big as I am, there are many men who loves to fuck a
large woman, I am proof of that! It seems the black men
I find, love a big lady who can take their cock! If you
ever have the chance to find a black cock to fuck, do
it! You won't regret it! They love us large ladies and
love to hammer their cocks to us.

I still like to fuck and do have others, both men and
women. There are many men who love a large woman. I
have learned to eat pussy and love it! There is nothing
as good as me eating a pussy while being fucked! I have
tried many things but I like it with a man and a lady
best! But that is my next story, so be watching for it.


I hope you liked her story, I know I enjoyed her
telling me about it. I would love to hear from you so
email me and tell me all about you and give me the name
of this story. You can reach me at: ***@hotmail.com
I will answer your emails.

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2010. Please
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Burning the Church
by LeAnna (1997)


A virgin college student decides to lose it with an old
beau during Church services. (MF, 1st, rom)


I hadn't been to church in years, and I returned only
now because a new brother had been born to my mother,
and they were going to christen him this Sunday. When I
walked into the sanctuary with my family, I glimpsed a
man out of the corner of my eye. He was tall, had long,
luxurious blonde hair, and beautiful big green eyes. It
was KC, old enough to drink now, and my, he was a DISH!

I suppressed a giggle, and kept a butterfly at bay in
the pit of my stomach, and the memories flooded back to
me. Back to a time when I was a newbie to the church
service, sent there because my parents believed that my
behavior of late had been -- ahem -- immoral. I was
young when I joined, thirteen years old. I became
friends with most of the other youths there, we were
almost all alike: atheist anarchists, forced to attend a
mandatory church service by the force of cruel witches
we all know as our parents. We were robbed of our Sunday
sleep, and suffered together.

I was quite well liked. Even though I was in eighth
grade back then, I was more developed than many girls my
age, and got my fair share of looks. There were 3 guys
at the church who liked me about then.

The first one was Kenny. He was a year younger than I
was, and rather cute. He slowly grew more and more
obnoxious though, and years later, we both hate each
other's guts. So obviously, that's not who this story
was about.

Bobby... He was... How do I put this? Interesting. He
was one of the first grunge/gothic teens in this town,
and certainly the first in his church. I liked him
immediately as a friend, he was very philosophical and
rather smart. He got dismal grades, but we all know
that's a side effect of being smart, as it's happened to
most of us.

KC, Bobby's older brother. He was very cute, and had
some of the same tastes in music as Bobby. He liked
Kiss, but was more of a coffeehouse hippie type. He was
a sophomore, 16 years old. I was 14.

We hung around a few months before becoming interested
in each other. I thought he was adorable, of course- he
had wide, sleepy green eyes, perfect skin (almost like a
girl's) and was towering tall over me. His hair was
blonde, fine as a baby's, and reached to his shoulders.
He kissed like a Greek god, soft driven, and madly slow.

One night, the church was sponsoring a youth coed
sleepover (VERY good idea!). And all the middle- and
high-schoolers were invited. We were still not
tranquilized by 3am, KC and me, but most of the rest of
the attendees were out cold. Including the chaperones.
The movie was Canadian Bacon, and I sat up against a
couch, cross-legged. He lay down with his head in my

He sang along with the theme song- he had an amazing
voice. He was in a band, of course, but when he sang his
bass voice would reverberate into my legs, causing
pleasant sensations. We both knew what we wanted, but,
alas, teenagers rarely pursue it.

However, a little later, we slipped off to the library
to go to bed, and he went into a bathroom that adjoined
with another room of the church. He was gone too long,
about 5 minutes, and I became curious and went inside.

"Hey!" He grabbed my hand swiftly, and pulled me towards
him. My heart was fluttering in my throat, and he leaned
over awkwardly to kiss me on my mouth.

His lips were soft, and gentle. They didn't probe- his
tongue didn't snake into my mouth, squirming and wet,
like some boys had the mistake of doing. He went slow,
licking at my lips softly, letting me feel his body
pressed up against mine.

That started an odyssey of about 2 months, during church
services, we'd leave the sanctuary and skip Sunday
school, spending the time in the library, which was
always abandoned during the church service, lights off
and curtains drawn. We'd mess around for a while, never
going very far. (I was quite prudish. He had his fair
share of girlfriends- there's a reason why he dumped me
so quickly!)

That was years ago, I'm now a college student. It's all
still fresh in my memory, though. Nobody ever forgets
the best kiss they'd had. Nor the first time anybody
slipped their cool hands up a warm belly, to feel their
breasts. He was many firsts for me.

After we broke up (he dumped me for the same ol' reason,
I didn't put out). I gradually started going to church
less. I became friendly with his younger brother, Bobby,
even going on a date with him once, but it never quite
worked out. I felt odd about keeping it all in the

Bobby and me were good friends outside of the church, so
I just stopped going. And since my behavior was
improving, my parents didn't make me go (also the fact
that I had an ex in there influenced them).

Now I was watching this man, that had been one of my
first beaus. He was tall, light, and handsome. His hair
was still the same shade, and his eyes were still
sleepy. He was laughing and flirting with another girl
that went to church about the same time that we both
did. He wasn't serious, though, I could tell by his body
language. He was never serious. At first, I think he was
pretty serious with me. But he didn't have high
expectations of someone 2 years younger.

He turned around to leave the sanctuary, and disappeared
from my view. Before he vanished, he looked at me in the
eye with surprise and recognition. It took a few
moments. But few people in this city have hair this
light blonde (it was flowing to my waist by then, a
white-blonde shade), few people have bright blue eyes
that were as intense, and few people had *ahem* the body
that I had grown into.

The service began, and my little brother Tony's wail
echoed through the church. Tony was scared, it seems,
and my mother next to me in the pew was crooning softly
to him, trying to quiet him. The christening was not set
to begin for another hour, and I sighed and slumped back
in boredom.

I wasn't going to sit through the minister's lecture on
sins and eternal damnation. I whispered an excuse about
having to go to the bathroom, and left. As I was walking
down the hall, my head was leaned towards the floor and
my facial expression was thoughtful. Still tripping down
memory lane.

Someone slammed into me, full force. My mouth opened to
let out a shriek and perhaps a cuss, and it closed
abruptly when my head snapped up and saw the chest of
someone I'd been thinking about.

"Jeez, are you ok, Lee?" KC asked with genuine concern.

I laughed in half-nervousness, half-surprise. "It's been
a while, KC. I thought they finally ran you out of town
last summer!" I replied.

"Nah. They ran me out of New York last fall so I'm
back." He gave me a winning smile. His teeth showed
slightly through his lips that I'm sure were every bit
as soft and gentle as they had been when he was 16.

I gave an obligatory laugh and made a mistake, looking
up into his eyes. His green color caught me, and I
stared for a few seconds (hours), before I said, "What
you doing here?"

"Heard your brother was going to be christened."

Laugh. "You came to see me?"

"Nah, came to see your mother... Yeah, I came to see
you. I've been tryin' to track down everyone I've known
since I was 4. Especially those with good lips." KC was
many things, but he wasn't subtle. I was pretty sure he
was pulling my leg, but I didn't mind- I will take a
compliment anytime!

His grinning face turned serious. "You're beautiful,
Lee. You are amazing," he said softly. I blushed.

"Your hair... I mean it, I've never seen such hair as
yours. Your face has really cleaned up, I'm not just
saying that, it looks baby smooth- and... man, you've
got a body... Er... heh..." he started to flush a
little, but it disappeared momentarily.

I felt myself starting to flush too, not in my face. His
hand was gripping mine, and he leaned over in a low
sweeping bow, and kissed the back of my hand. I smiled,
(this was not an hour of repartees) and said, giggling,
"Do you remember how we used to go into the library and
make out all the time?"

We were standing in front of the library (I hadn't
noticed this in my yammering and stammering). He looked
to the side and laughed. "Yep. You never let me get very

"As I recall you dumped me for that," I said, half-

He gave a pout. "Aw, jeez, you ain't still remembering
that are you?"

"Hell yes. You had the lips of a Greek god. I sure
wasn't happy about it." There was a permanent smile
pasted on my face as I reminisced with him.

He winked at me suddenly, and tipped his hat, before he
gripped both of my hands (gently, of course) and led me
into the library. It was darkened because it wasn't in
use, but it wasn't locked. The windows had heavy red
velvet curtains. I laughed, but I didn't resist. Why
should I?

He shut the door quietly behind him, and I looked at him
with my sexiest stare when he flipped on the lights. He
gave a joking look of agony, pulled me close, and kissed

It was soft at first, with our lips barely even
touching. His lips were smooth and moist- not changed a
single bit, and his hands rested lightly on my waist. He
gave my hip a bit of a squeeze, and I lifted my arms to
put them around his neck.

He pulled my waist close to him, and I pressed my chest
against him as the kiss got deeper. He still went
excruciatingly slow, doing the kiss by steps. His warm,
rigid tongue softly licked at the apex of my upper lip,
and I shivered.

"Cold?" he asked gently, pulling away momentarily. I
shook my head, and started to kiss him again. He backed
up, pulling me with him, to the large velvet chair. The
same one we made out in as teenagers, but slightly more
beat up over the years.

He sat in it awkwardly, relaxing against the plush back
and pulling me to sit with him. The chair was so big
that there was room for me, too- so I sat in his lap,
legs on the side of his, straddling him. I stood on my
knees to make myself higher, and leaned down to kiss
him; running my fingers along his chest and giving his
nipple a teasing squeeze.

He was breathing irregularly now, his arms first
encircling my waist to bring myself close to him. My
mound pressed against his solar plexus, and I rubbed it
very slightly against him.

He groaned so softly into my mouth with this, and moved
his arms, releasing me. I reached my hand down to untuck
my shirt, tugging it up, and he slipped his cold hands
into my shirt.

It was a shock, and I reeled away at first, and he
grinned, pressing his fingers against my bare stomach to
warm them up. He softly walked his fingers up my
stomach, feeling the lower curve of my breast, running
his hands to the nipple. I'd grown 3 cup sizes by then,
and he was enjoying the feel of my hard nipple
underneath his fingers.

I sat back down, on his legs directly below his cock. I
could feel it- it was pulsating hard. It seemed huge in
his slacks, and could have been a metal with its
rigidity. I rubbed my pussy slightly against it, and he
groaned again into my mouth, giving my breast a squeeze
as he tickled my stomach lightly. He ran his fingers
down to my skirt, and lightly rubbed my pussy through
the fabric. I responded eagerly, pushing my pussy into
his hand softly, kissing him like mad.

He ran his hand down my dress, then up the bare skin of
my leg. His fingers met the cotton fabric of my panties,
and a wet, warm spot. He pressed against it, and I let a
gasp out involuntarily, reveling in the feeling that my
neglected pussy hadn't had in months.

"Oh yeah," I whispered.

He smiled, and whispered into my ear, blowing hot air
into it as he did, "You never let me get this far."

I whispered into his ear (after a soft nibble), "I would
have, if I knew that nobody would kiss as good as you,
or go as slow as you, or be as gentle as you.

"I want you to finish what we started all those years
ago." My bold statement surprised me, but I knew it was
true. I knew it was what he wanted. My body was
enveloped in a warm heat, and his fingers were hot to
the touch, one hand teasing my nipple and the other hand
rubbing at my pussy. I lowered my lips back to his, and
started to suck at his tongue softly, nibbling it
gently, acting as if it was his cock. His breathing was
hard, and I let a hand slip down to his engorged penis.

"It's so big..." I moaned softly. Size doesn't do much
for me, but it *was* big. Abnormally large. I loved it.

He laughed softly in self-satisfaction as I let my palm
stroke his cock through the fabric, rubbing it softly,
and then I undid his pants. The button let loose with a
pop, and the zipper ran down with a roar. My hand fought
the folds of his boxers, finding the tip and slipping

He was so hot, so hard- it could have been molten steel
wrapped in velvet. It was now he that shivered as my
cold fingers touched his sensitive spot, and I warmed
them against his belly, tickling it.

His hand was now inside my panties, a finger teasing at
my clit and another finger rimming my pussy hole. I
gasped as he slipped the tip of a finger inside my
pussy. It went in smoothly, and felt so good that I
tilted my head back lightly to moan.

He kissed the swell of my throat, and slipped his
fingers in as far as they could go- he had large
fingers. His hands were at work, and his lips were
molten against my throat. My excitement was climbing,
but I knew it was too soon. I slowly pulled my pussy
away from his hand, hoping he'd understand to go more
slowly. He laughed.

"Too fast for you now?"

"It might make me come if you don't slow down. And I
want to come with your cock inside me," I declared.

His cock surged in my hand, and I could tell the idea
excited him. It excited me, too. It had to about 9 or 10
inches long, and 2 inches thick-it would stretch the
skin of my pussy pleasantly as I fought to get it inside
me, and bottom out (some guys hadn't exactly bottomed
out in my pussy.) I wanted to feel the tip of his cock
spurting against my womb.

He whispered, "You know what you're doing to me, woman?"

I grinned and said that I did indeed. I lowered my pussy
onto his bare cock, the boxers and pants pushed away to
the side, his balls exposed. I rubbed the wetness (I was
amazingly wet) against his balls, and he moved his hand
from my pussy to my ass, massaging the cheek.

"Oh god!" he moaned, and involuntarily pushed his rock-
hard cock against me. I teased him, and lifted up
slightly, and then lowered it again. I spread my pussy
lips with one finger, positioning it to fit perfectly
against the front of his cock, and with the well-
lubricated juices, I began to slide back and forth,
pressing my clit and pussy hole against his cock.

"Oh, Lee..."

I was getting wetter and wetter, and about to come. I
was doing long strokes by now, dipping all the way from
his balls to the head of his cock, and just barely
letting the head inside me before I withdrew it again,
sliding it back down to the base. His expression was
pained, and he bit a lip, his big green eyes looking at
me for pity.

I couldn't take it anymore- his pleading look, the fire
of my clit, his red-hot and rock-hard cock pressed
against me. Pre-cum was running out of his cock by the
gallon, lubricating my joyride even more. My jaw was
open, and I was breathing hard, biting my lip to keep
from crying out. This was, after all, church, and it
would be bad to be discovered this way, my long hair
flowing loose, my voluptuous hips bouncing back and
forth, my tight pussy ready to be penetrated by KC's
hard tool.

I pulled his cock up slightly to let him enter me. I was
so wet that it went in with almost no hesitation, the
skin around my pussy stretching to its near-limit, my g-
spot and clit both being stimulated by his member. In
three strong strokes, his cock was all the way in, and
the feeling was absolute ecstasy.

I felt FILLED, his cock pressing against my womb. I'd
never felt as FILLED before, nobody anywhere NEAR this
large had gone into my pussy. He was bottomed out, and
his hands on my breast and ass tightened, as he groaned
my name softly. My ass was on his balls, and we reveled
in the absolute beauty of the feeling for a minute.

I started to move up and down on his cock, very slowly,
letting it go all the way to the head before I reversed
my stride. My pleasure was building up, and I knew I was
going to come within seconds, and I told him this, both
with my frenzied, heated body language, and with my soft
yelps and moans.

My body on fire, my hands gripping his, I rode him like
a bucking bronco, my legs snapping a little with the
space restraints. I could see him trying as hard as he
could not to explode all over me. He whispered to me,
"Ladies come first in MY book."

My strokes became more and more frenzied, plunging as
hard as I could and moving quickly, and my body was
hanging on that delicate string before the orgasm,
waiting for the string to break and plunge me into the
fire. My head was in his neck, teeth gripping the fabric
of the collared shirt, and I moaned quietly, "I'm going
to come... I'm going to come... I'm gonna... Oh god...

My entire body tensed up, and my teeth tore at the
fabric of his collar, as my pussy tightened impossibly
around his cock as an incredible orgasm ripped through

"I'm COMING!!" I cried, trying to keep it quiet, as
convulsion after convulsion ripped through me, my body
shaking and my knuckles white as I tried to contain it.
I let a rather loud moan out into his ear, and he pushed
a finger into my mouth. My teeth clamped onto it, and I
kept coming.

It was such an incredible orgasm- I kept coming and
coming, knowing no end. His fingers were working at my
nipple, causing me to reach new heights, and it was
likely a whole minute before my tense body loosened up,
and I sighed and gave a laugh-sob, still riding his cock
for all that it was worth., my body bathed in the
ecstasy of the after-orgasm. My teeth released his
finger, which had deep marks indented into it.

He was finally able to release his pent-up cum now, and
he did. With the fury of ten thousand men. His head
threw back, his mouth wide open, his eyes clenched
tightly shut as I thrust my hips up and down to continue
the pleasurable agony of friction on his cock. He thrust
his cock almost angrily into me, pressing against me-
pubic hair to shaven pussy. Finally, his cock spurted
inside me, and I could feel hot cum splashing on the
inside of my pussy.

His grip on my ass cheek was almost painfully tight, my
nipple in agony, and he finally shot one last jet into
me with a strong thrust of his hips that lifted his ass
off the chair, and then slumped back into a normal

I leaned over, and held his head against my breast as he
wrapped his arms around my body. We were both sweltering
hot, but in the comfort of the moment, neither of us

We stayed like that, holding each other, for 15 more
minutes before we returned to the church service.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Billy's Luck
by Old Bill (address withheld)


A well-endowed youngster tells about his good life and
many loves. (MF, 1st, size, rom)


I guess I'm one of the luckiest guys around. I've got
lots of friends, both male and female, my teachers like
me, my parents are reasonably happy with my behavior
and school's easy most of the time, and best of all
I've got two pretty sisters who have decided that my
sperm keeps them acne-free and with what they call a
healthy glow. They call it "refreshing," what we do
together. Sometimes they actually rub it on their faces
and boobs, but usually they just swallow it down or
absorb it from their wonderfully tight vaginas after I
fill them with my seed. I think they are wrong, but I'm
sure not going to tell them.

I'm fifteen this summer, going into my junior year of
high school next year, and I'm reasonably well hung and
don't have any trouble hooking up with girls in my
class and a few that are older. It's a slow week when I
don't bonk some pretty little skirt and enjoy the sound
her squealing climax as she writhes and kicks beneath
me, sometimes out in the open or in their family car
but often in her bedroom. And I generally get them
coming more than once, in fact I think three's about
average. Even after I ejaculate, I can usually hump for
five minutes or so. I try not to brag, but I have
never, ever left a girl unsatisfied, and I must have
done a couple of dozen at least. I wish now I had kept

It all started about two and a half years ago now, on
the evening of my thirteenth birthday, when I my older
sister, she's called Kelly and she's a beauty, came
into my room when the house was dark and quiet and
everybody was in bed, probably around midnight I guess.
I was kneading my balls and having a wonderful fantasy
about doing Margie Phillips, the class slut of the 8th
grade who had agreed to go to the movies with me
Saturday night. Movies with Margie meant at least a
blowjob and, with any luck at all, going all the way
and that was my goal, either way getting my rocks off.
At the time I had enjoyed a few sloppy bj's but I was
still very much a virgin.

Now Kelly is four years older than I am, and she was
already going to college, the local community college.
She's real smart. I guess she probably weighed as much
as I did, around 150, but she sure was built
differently. She was taller than I was then, and she
had a body that might have produced an erection on one
of those plaster statues at church. No matter what she
was wearing, it was hard to look at her without getting
hard, if you know what I mean. A wet dream on wheels,
and she jiggled when she walked, her hips rolling like
they were on ball bearings.

Kelly had been the homecoming queen when she was a
junior, and she had started doing department store
modeling when she was a senior. I don't have any idea
when she started being, as they say, sexually active,
but she had boys and men drooling over her all the
time, calling and coming by the house. Just then, when
I turned 13, she had one with a Corvette, another with
a brand new Z3 roadster and a third with a classic
Jaguar, a 140, which of course was really his father's,
all squiring her off to parties and dances and dinner
and stuff and probably slipping it to her every chance
they got. My big sister was super hot, but I had never
even thought about fucking her, honest. Seeing her
naked, yes; boning her, no, never.

When Kelly stepped into my room, the light from the
hall briefly showed me she was wearing those frilly
babydoll pjs that were enough to give any boy a heart
attack as well as blue balls. That's what she and her
sister usually wore in the summer, trotting around in
the mornings and ignoring the fact that they were
driving me crazy with their long legs and big jugs.
"Hey," she said quietly, a finger to her lips in the
moonlight, "I have a birthday present for you."

And with that she stepped out of her tiny panties and
skinned her short top over her head and then climbed in
bed with me, grabbed me by the ears and kissed my
mouth, her luscious breasts dangling down, made silver
in the moonlight, making my palms itch and my already-
hard cock stand at attention. Her hand slid down my
body and found my eager ram which had been up and
throbbing for ten or fifteen minutes by then, hard as
oak, dripping lube, super sensitive. "Ohh," she said,
"what have you been doing?" By then her big boobs were
rubbing my bare chest, her nipples really hard. I swear
they were the size of softballs and the nips were like
Hershey kisses. I slept naked because it felt better
and because I got tired of hearing about how I messed
up my pajamas.

She tossed back the covers, smiled down at me and got
her other hand on my blood-hot cock, twisting right and
left like she was going to unscrew its head or
something. "Boy," she said, "that's a really big one
for a kid your age. Have you measured it?"

"No," I lied, "of course not." It was then six and
almost-a-half inches long and about five inches in
circumference according to my mother's sewing tape. I
was proud of it and loved looking at it in the mirror
while I jacked off, watching it jump and spew. It more
than filled my hand, and I could spurt from one end of
the bathtub to the other. Three times a day was not
unusual that summer, my scrotum tight as a baseball and
almost as big.

Her fingernails scratched my balls and her top hand
slid down my shaft as she bent, her hair falling
forward so I couldn't see, and mouthed the head of my
prick. Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even the first
bite of chocolate chip ice cream, the first dive into
the swimming pool, nothing felt so good. I whimpered.
She sucked and her saliva slid down my hot ram.

She was making odd noises in her throat as she gobbled
my cock and started bobbing her head up and down and
circling it with her tongue, one hand on my thigh and
the other on my belly. Once she had it good and wet,
she turned it loose, licked her lips, swung a long leg
over my body and grinned down at me. "I sure hope I'm
your first," she said as she held my cock in thumb and
forefinger and eased herself down on it, her inner lips
quivering, flowering open, swallowing it up, screwing
it in, clamping firmly, easing herself down. I watched
it disappear up into her and noticed that her groin was
hairless, her labia protruding. Inch by inch, it
vanished into a muscular sheath, into a vibrating
paradise. And then she tensed those muscles and crushed
it within her. I almost screamed, but she covered my
mouth with hers and tongued me deeply, chuckling

Anyhow, that's how it started, with Kelly fucking me
until my eyes crossed and I had come three times in
her. And the next night, while I was lying there with
my balls in my hand and Kelly in my mind, here came my
younger sister on tiptoes. Her name is Mackenzie and
most people call her Mike or Mickey. She is very cute
and not as big or beautiful as Kelly, but really
pretty, a hottie. Back then, when she was fifteen and I
was thirteen, we were about the same size except that
she had a great rack and a hard ass and killer legs.
She was the family athlete starring in field hockey,
basketball, softball and soccer; getting three letters
as a sophomore and making All-Met in two sports. She
beat me regularly playing horse. She was faster I than
I was and probably stronger too.

She had plenty of male admirers then and a lot more
now, most of them jocks and most of them older than she
was. I guess she must have been having sex with some of
them, but I sure didn't know; I couldn't have guessed.
I was ignorant as well as randy.

So Mickey shed her sexy little pajama set and crawled
in bed with me that night, smelling good and feeling
very warm. She came into my arms and our bodies got
acquainted from nipples to knees, as did our tongues.
"Kelly, she says, you're pretty big," she said as she
kissed her way down my body and then licked my hard
cock which had been poking at her belly button. "Nice,"
she said as she grabbed my scrotum and sucked my prick
right down her throat. I, obviously, died and went to
heaven. Incredible!

I shot my load in her mouth almost at once, and she
wiggled her way up to me licking her lips. "Love those
thick milkshakes," she said as she kissed me and gave
me a taste of my own spend. We nuzzled and pawed and
kissed and groaned and pretty soon I was hard again,
and she was on her back saying, "Be gentle, and don't

I eased my upcurved cock into my younger sister, all
the way into her, right to the balls and she sighed and
smiled up at me. "Kelly was right," she gasped. "You're
the biggest one that ever, oh, oh god, oh, oh, oh," and
she came right then and there before I ever got
started. I guess I must have crushed her clit or
something. I waited until she stopped shaking and her
body relaxed and her breathing sounded ordinary and not
just gasps, and then I began very slowly like Kelly had
taught me the night before, rearing up and making sure
her mons got plenty of friction. Pretty soon I was up
on extended arms and doing push-ups into her, and she
was trying to wrap me in her muscular legs. After that,
it really got exciting.

I never did get to lay that junior high slut, whatever
her name was.

Now Kelly has quit going to school, has been engaged
and unengaged twice, and is working at the local TV
station doing the weather and sometimes the sports and
giving guys in a much wider area hard-ons and, she told
me, fucking the station manager now and then. They give
her a clothes allowance as well as a good paycheck, and
she's living with an older guy at his penthouse condo
in town. He's a lawyer or something, a rich jerk with a
Bentley. But almost every week, she comes to see me
after we figure out a time, and I give her what she
wants, two or three ropes of my rich cum. She laps it
up and always leaves me spent and sore, my balls
feeling more like raisins than walnuts. Making love to
Kelly is hard work, but well worth the effort.

My big sister has sure learned some neat tricks in the
last couple of years, and she's taught me a dozen
interesting ways to make girls happy. I'm probably the
only 15-year-old who can go down on a girl, find her
little love button with my tongue tip and bring her to
a screaming orgasm in les than two minutes, mouthing
her whole vulva and trying to suck her inside out.
These days 69 is just ordinary to me, still pleasant
but hardly exciting. I even gave one girl an orgasm
with my nose.

Last week we did it in her old bedroom with my luscious
sister on her back with both of her feet resting on my
chest and me rearing up with her boobs in my hands,
pounding away at her wondrous pussy as it fluttered and
rippled on my straining cock while she arched her back
and closed her eyes. When she felt my balls roiling and
pulsing, she pushed me away by straightening her legs
and rolled up on her knees to suck my rigid cock into
her mouth and swallow down what I had to offer, several
thick ropes of it, her treat and my pleasure.

Then she laid me on my back, licked me hard again and
mounted facing my feet. It was wonderful to just lie
there and watch my thick shaft move in and out of her
bulging pussy lips until she climaxed and fell back,
bringing my hands to her full breasts while she spasmed
on my body, her juices mingling with mine. Kelly's jugs
are now 38D's, more than a handful, but just as firm
and high as ever. After that we showered together and,
of course, fucked again.

Mickey has been offered athletic scholarships to
Rutgers in basketball and Arizona in softball, but she
had decided to follow in her beautiful sister's
footsteps and attend the local school for a couple of
years. One of the reasons, she told me as we lay
tangled together swapping spit, was because of my big
cock and the pleasure it gave her. I'm now a bit taller
and heavier than she is, but she's still probably in
better shape. Mickey just loves to ride me, digging in
her knees, gritting her teeth, swatting my ass and
bouncing on my belly while I maul her firm boobs, twist
her jutting nipples and give her hard thrusts over and
over, posthole digging. She thinks taking it in the
pussy is just as good for her complexion as swallowing
my semen. Who am I to argue?

Recently, speaking of being lucky, Mickey has been
bringing me some of her friends, mostly girls from a
private school that she is on a team with this summer.
One fainted when she saw my tool, but enjoyed it
thoroughly once she recovered. Yesterday it was a lean
girl called Deanna who was a virgin, a sixteen-year-old
virgin. Mike insisted on staying beside the pretty girl
when I penetrated her, comforting her and kissing her
tears as she sobbed and wailed with my big ram tearing
open her innocent virtue and plowing her tight and
untested vagina. It took me a good five minutes to get
it all into her.

I used a condom at my sister's insistence, something
I've never done with her, and she stripped it off me
and then squeezed out my sperm into the shocked girl's
mouth. She licked it down and smiled, thanking me. When
she recovered, I did her again doggy style and
bareback; she enjoyed it a lot more; in fact, we both
did. I just love the sound of young flesh smacking
together. Then Mike led her off to her bedroom and
closed the door. I really think sometimes that Mike
likes girls as much as she does boys. But, of course,
I've never asked her.

And it keeps getting better. Just after lunch last
Wednesday Kelly arrived with two suitcases and a cab
full of clothes. She had left the guy she had been with
for three or four months after a fight over her other
male admirers and lovers. And she came home and right
into my arms, needing comfort. I petted her, took her
to my room, stripped her bare and mounted her eager
body and spent an hour convincing her that she was
still wonderful. She insisted that I plan to spend the
night with her for the rest of the week, coming to her
bed once our parents were in theirs.

Lucky, that's me.

So today, after supper and seeing my big sister do her
TV thing and display her assets for the whole
community, I was watching a ballgame when she came in
with another girl and plunked her down on the couch.
She looked familiar. I smiled at her as Kelly got a
couple of beers. Then she introduced me. I couldn't
believe it and probably looked like a real dork.

"This is Rachel Rivers, Billy, don't you recognize her?
She's in town promoting the new movie, you know High
School Dance Two."

"Hi," I said like a dope. I had seen the first one, a
Disney rip-off, on TV and thought it was awful, worse
than the sugarcoated original, and I sure hadn't seen
the movie. But I had seen clips of this girl dancing,
and she had the kind of body that Hooters loved, long
legs and big boobs.

She smiled at me and I gave her a closer look. She
didn't look any older than Mike, who was seventeen.

"Rachel's spending the night with me. She had an awful
time with her chaperone, but we convinced her. And,
well, she needs a favor. Tell him," she said to the

The curly headed female put down her beer, licked her
lips, looked away from me and said, "I know there's no
such thing as nymphomaniac, but I've got this problem
when I get out in public. I start doubting myself,
thinking they're all staring at me, laughing at me."
She sniffed. "It makes think I'm ugly. Isn't that

"I don't get it," I said. "What's nympho got to do with

"Out in California, well, my brother does it for me,
and Mike said, well, that you did it for her."

I glared at my younger sister. We had sworn to each
other that we would never tell anybody.

"So stupid," my sister said, "I told her you'd do her,
any way she wanted, as many times as she wanted, while
she's in town."

"I'm here for three days, doing the military hospitals
and the TV stations and a couple of PA's."

"And you want me to...?"

She nodded and smiled, "It'll be, I guess, like three
times a day, maybe four on Wednesday, usually in the
dressing room, just before I go on. OK?"

I nodded and smiled, lucky again.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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