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Because Google Groups has decided to restrict my postings, I am
publishing stories from the archive in one long thread through the

It's not as convenient for the reader, but it's the only way to access
the posted stories without an after-market newsgroup reader program.

I'm trying to post only those stories that have had reader approval,
so you shouldn't see any ungainly or grammatically challenged stories


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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: Swallow.txt (mf-teens, oral, cheating)
Authors name: Walker (***@ntr.net)
Story Title : Amy Swallows

-= This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1998. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Dear Kristen,

I have spent the last few evenings checking out your
web-site, as well as your posts to a.s.s.. I have
thoroughly enjoyed most of the stories that you post
from various authors. Tonight, however, I have been
sitting here in amazement wondering how these people
come up with these stories. I mean, I am truly in awe
of their ability to convey their fantasies. I don't
know much about fantasy, but I would like to try my
hand at a little non-fiction. So, I will tell you a
story about a girl that I got involved with my senior
year in high school.


I started dating my high school sweetheart in October,
right as the basketball season started. Jamie and I
had good sex; for high schoolers. I was a senior, and
she was a sophomore.

I enjoyed every aspect of our sex life mainly because
the things that I was doing with her, were all firsts.
She was the first girl I fucked doggy style. She was
the first girl I ever went down on. She eventually was
the first girl I ever fucked in the ass. She was also
the first girl to ever give me a blow job. Since I
didn't know the difference, I thought she was pretty
good at it. Unfortunately, she REFUSED to swallow, or
even let me cum in her mouth for that matter, and that
was our undoing.

Right about the same time that Jamie and I started
dating, I started talking to this girl Amy. I noticed
her during our pep rally that Friday of spirit week.
She was one of the girls in the homecoming court. I
was attracted to her initially for her ass. She was
5'1", maybe 115, and all her weight was in that beau-
tiful ass. You know, the kind of ass that dances when
you hit it just right from behind.

Anyway, I figured I'd get her number. You see, I'm
from a real small town in upstate NY... everybody knows
everybody. So, initially, when Amy and I started talk-
ing, we talked as friends. I would tell her about my
problems with Jamie, and she would listen. Especially
about the hang up I had with Jamie not swallowing.

Amy and I were good friends. That was until that
fateful phone conversation in January.

We were talking about dreams. Amy was acting funny.
She was quieter than normal. So, I asked her what she
was thinking about. She said, "You don't want to
know." I said, "sure I do." Then she drop the bomb-
shell. She told me that she was picturing me naked,
and she was on her knees looking up at my prick,
waiting for me to give her permission to take it into
her mouth.

I absolutely fell back on my ass. I was a high school
senior, and this sophomore was dropping me a line
straight out of a porn film. I thought that she was
kidding, but I was wrong. The conversation spun out of
control, and before I knew it, we were making plans to
meet in the third floor stairwell during our 8th period
study-hall so she could blow me!

I mean, I had never even kissed this girl! Our entire
relationship had to this point been over the phone. I
was fucking my girlfriend everyday after practice.
Then, taking her home so I could call Amy to bitch
about her.

Anyway, the next day, we both chickened out. I didn't
go up that stairwell... That whole 8th period, I was
locked to my seat with the hard on from hell, and the
most intense butterflies I have ever had. I was so
nervous, I was shivering like I was cold.

Amy and I talked about it that night on the phone.
And we talked about it for the next few days. She was
always telling me that she wanted to taste my cum...
she wanted wrap her lips around my dick and suck me
dry. I mean, she was actually using those words! At
that age, I didn't know what to do or how to handle it.

We would occasionally see each other around school,
but not too often. She just happened to be on a
totally different schedule than I was. When we were
together, we acted like we didn't know one another...
We were in absolute denial about our secret relation-
ship. We would talk for hours on the phone... I would
start to jerk off to her voice. She had no idea of
course. I was too embarrassed to say anything to her
about it... I must have shot 30 loads to her voice in
those few days since we first talked about it.

I was absolutely consumed with the thought of her
sucking my dick. I knew she would swallow my jizz,
and I needed to see her do it. I was obsessed.

I think it was in March... It was 8th period, and we
were both in study-hall. I had mine upstairs in Mrs.
Henry's room, and she was downstairs in Mr. Abraham's
classroom... right next to the senior lockers. I
didn't mean to make eye contact with her when I went
to put my books in my locker, but like fate, it
happened that way. Our eyes met, and a bolt of elec-
tricity shot straight to my loins... We both knew that
it was going to happen. She got up from her seat, and
walked out toward me. I started walking past the pool
gallery to the main stairs, with Amy 5 or 6 feet behind

We didn't say anything to one another. My blood was
surging throughout my entire body, and I was shivering
again. I don't know if I really believed that it would
happen, but I headed up those stairs. I didn't stop on
the second floor in front of the library, I kept going.
I headed for the roof. Amy was right there behind me.
When I got to the door that led to the outside and the
roof, I turned and her lips met mine...

At first, I was so shocked that I didn't kiss her
back... then I felt her tongue ravaging my own, and all
that passion, all the heat that had built up since
homecoming just blew through my body... I felt my dick
growing... I was feeling Amy... I ran my hands up her
shirt and cupped her breasts... My hand wasn't big
enough to hold it all... it had spilled out from the
cup of her bra, and her nipples were hard. I needed to
feel them, I needed to take them in my mouth... I made
a trail with my tongue down her neck... to her waiting

I heard a soft moan come out of her mouth, I looked up
to see that her eyes were closed, and her head was
thrown back in passion. While my mouth was flicking
and sucking her taught nipples, my left hand was unbut-
toning her jeans and reaching down into her underwear.
When my hand ran through her coarse pubic hair, it only
intensified my erection. I remember actually thinking
that my dick was harder than it had ever been.

I didn't have any trouble finding her love button,
because Amy thrust her hips up and my index finger
instinctively slid down her gash and when her back
stiffened, I knew I had hit the right spot. She was
so wet... I tried to be gentle with her, but she was
so intense. Jamie wasn't ever like this...

Amy was fucking my hand... she was moaning very loud
now, and I was afraid that someone might here us...
and yet there was that painful ache in my pants... my
cock was straining so hard against my jeans that it

Just as I was going to pull my hand out, she bucked
back and froze... her body was racked in orgasm... I
could feel her come around my two fingers... the pul-
sation was so much more than I had ever felt with
Jamie... She gasped for air, and then relaxed... She
finally opened her eyes and looked into mine.

All I could do was smile at her... I was so hot... I
could feel the wet spot on my boxers every time I
shifted... Amy smiled back at me, and then I said,
"It's your turn."

She didn't hesitate at all... she just reached down
and grabbed my cock through my jeans... she dropped to
her knees and undid my pants... It was so sexy to see
her stair at the bulge in my pants with her face just
inches away... She pulled open my jeans, and reached
out and yanked my boxers down and wrapped her fingers
around my rock hard dick.

Her hand seemed so small compared to it... I tried to
watch her, but the moment I felt her hot mouth engulf
the head of my dick, I was gone... my head was spin-
ning, and she was sucking my dick. Her mouth was so
wet and hot... she dropped her hands to her side and
just started bobbing back and forth.

A couple of times, she gagged, but she didn't break
stride at all... I could feel the head hit the back of
her throat... and my balls would convulse... I could
hear her sucking... And every time she forced my dick
to the back of her throat, I could hear her almost
choke, and it was so sexy...

My balls were aching, and she was sucking harder...
she had picked up the pace, and I was trying to hold
it... when she finally reached into my boxers and cup-
ped my balls, I shot my load right into her mouth...
I grabbed the back of her head to hold her there, and
she grabbed my cock and stopped fucking her mouth on
it... she closed her lips around the head and I heard
her gulp two or three times...

I think it took me 15 or 20 seconds to empty my balls
into her mouth... she was swallowing every bit of it!
I was in heaven. It was the best blow job I had ever
gotten... It felt so much better than the suck and jerk
I was used to. After I finished quivering, I looked
down at her and she smiled up at me, and said


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn't okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: godsgift.txt (MF/m, BI, inc, reluc, humour)
Authors name: Scorpio00155 (***@my-deja.com)
Story title : God's Gift

This work is copyrighted to the author � 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

God's Gift (MF/m, BI, inc, reluc, humour)
by Scorpio00155 (***@my-deja.com)


I make no apology for this tongue in cheek story, it
arose from a discussion about perfumes and the claims ads
make for them that took place while testing the alcoholic
properties of various tinctures.


The shrink said that I should write down everything that
I can remember about my life, thirty years worth of
living is a hell of a lot to put down on paper so I think
I'll just hit the high points, there's a hell of a lot of
those too, come to think of it. Basically the shrink
reckons that I'm being driven nuts by my repressed
feelings of guilt which was not why I went to see him in
the first place, the reason I went to see him was to find
some way to turn off my sex appeal before it killed me,
his laughter at my request was not at all encouraging.

After a couple of sessions the shrink decided that my
problem was guilt about something that had happened in my
past, hence the scribblings, pity he didn't tell his
secretary that was what was wrong with me, if she jumps
me one more time I'll scream. Life's hard being an
unwilling God's gift to women (and men if they can catch

I suppose I should start with my family, well, there was
my father, he was a randy bastard, then there was my
mother, now she'd fuck anything that held still long
enough. Both my parents worked long hours so most of my
time was spent with childminders during my formative
years, nevertheless I still saw a lot of my parents and,
in hindsight, it was strange the way my mother was always
touching me and holding me.

Then there was my older sister Emma, she was four years
older than me and always seemed to be fascinated with my
John Thomas, in certain respects she took after my
mother, like wanting to be fucked by anything in trousers
even before she got old enough. Finally there was my
brother Mark, the oldest child, six years older than me
and a raving poof, or so we discovered when he turned
thirteen. Strangely the uninhibited nature of my family
coincided with my birth or so I was told.

I suppose it all started when I was six, it may have been
earlier for all I know, but that's when my memories
start, it was the childminder and the randy cow must have
been fifty if she was a day. Naturally at that age I was
innocent and curious about everything and the first
experience that I remember was while I was having a bath
after some fun with mud.

I can still remember the woman scolding me for getting
all dirty as she scrubbed me clean, I didn't mind baths
too much so I was merrily splashing around in the water
and, quite by accident, I wet her dress. The woman gave
me a glare then stripped off the wet dress before getting
back to scrubbing me, I'm damned if I can remember her
name after all this time, but I do remember that she had
boobs as big as footballs, I also remember bashing them a
few times until she scolded me.

Having successfully cleaned my upper half she started in
on my lower half, she had me stand and lathered my nether
regions and that was when it happened, it was as though
someone had flicked a switch, one minute she was washing
me, the next she was tugging my Wee Willie Winkie. Not
only that, she took one of my hands and shoved it into
her bra, I can still remember the squeal she gave when I
grabbed hold of her huge nipple and tried to milk it like
a cow's teat, I hadn't a clue what I was doing, but I
knew that she was enjoying it and I was getting something
from it too.

A little while later she got me out of the bath, whipped
of her volumous knickers and put my hand to her big hairy
twat, well I pushed and pulled at it and nearly lost my
hand in her fanny, but it did the trick. With a squeal
she started shaking while I flopped around with my hand
caught in her suddenly tight pussy. That was it for that
day, as soon as her shakes ended the woman pulled my hand
from her pussy and the fun was over, she made me promise
not to tell anyone what had happened and while I puzzled
over this she dried me then got me dressed.

From that day on the woman would get me to 'handle' her
while I was in her care, it got to the point that she
would wear no knickers and as soon as the door had closed
on my parents she'd grab my hand and stick it up her
fanny. I can't really say that I got excited about any of
this, hell I hadn't a clue what was going on apart from
the fact that this woman kept getting my hand sticky.

It all came to an end after a couple of months when
either from guilt or fear the woman told my parents that
she could no longer look after me, but things weren't
that bad as I had started school and only needed a part
time minder anyway.

My new minder was a much younger woman, newly married and
very much in love with her husband, she would pick me up
from infant school and look after me until either my
mother or my father came to collect me later in the
evening. Shortly after I went to this woman, I think her
name was Rosalind, she began to act rather strangely,
she'd pick me up from school then rush me back to her
home and shove me in a chair before rushing off to her
bedroom, about half an hour later she would return
looking flushed and breathless.

Innocent little me didn't have a clue as to what this all
meant, but with the hindsight of experience I guess she
was rushing off to have a wank, I suppose if I had gone
to a mixed school my 'problem' would have been spotted,
but it was all boys together so no-one noticed except

Again, with the hindsight of experience I would have
known that the way the other boy's mothers pawed me
whenever I came in contact with them would have told me
something was not quite right. Anyway Rosalind looked
after me for two years, in other words through infant
school and part of junior school before telling my
parents that she could no longer look after me.

The reason for Rosalind being unable to look after me was
an event that occurred just after my eighth birthday,
she'd met me at the school and escorted me home as usual,
but this day my curiosity maded me ask why she always
disappeared as soon as we got in her front door. I can
still remember her reply clearly as she stood in the hall

"You have a strange effect on me Paul," she'd sighed, "I
have to go upstairs or I'll do things to you."

"Why not do things to me then?" I replied in my

I can still remember the sigh Rosalind gave as she knelt
down in front of me, she leant forward and kissed me and
that had been that, standing up she took my hand and led
me up to her bedroom, closed the curtains, stripped naked
and then told me to get undressed.

Puzzled I did as she asked then lay on the bed beside her
when she asked me to, even at eight I was a randy little
sod, though I didn't realise what it all meant at the
time, but I soon found out.

Guiding my every move Rosalind had me stroke her body,
play with her tits and nipples then finger her pussy
until she cried out and shuddered, all the while she
pleaded with me not to tell anyone what we did and
between pleading she kissed me.

The finale came when Rosalind had me finger her near to
climax then pulled me on top of her shuddering body and
guided my stiff little cock into her pussy, it didn't
take me long to figure out what to do or that I really
liked it and when I finally dry climaxed inside her I
felt better than I ever had in my life. So vanished my

When the act was completed Rosalind held me and cried,
her voice cracked as she sobbed out an apology for what
she had done and that very night she told my parents that
she couldn't take me any more.

My parents tried five other childminders over the next
few months, but each one told my parents that they
couldn't take me after only a few weeks, in one case
after only a day, every one of them was quick to point
out that it was nothing that I had done that had prompted
their decision.

Rather than try to find a new childminder my parents
decided that my brother was old enough at fourteen to
take care of my sister and myself after school, this of
course meant that I walked home by myself or in the
company of other kids who lived near to us. Oddly there
was never a lack of mum's who would drag their kids out
of their way just to walk me home, well it seemed odd

Anyway, once I was home I was in the care of my brother
as was my sister, sort of, the pair of them bossed me
about while arguing between themselves as to who was in
charge, on the whole though I was left pretty much to
myself and would lurk in the bedroom I shared with my
brother while he and my sister argued.

The years passed quite quickly, being mainly in the
company of my family or my school mates very little
happened, there were a few odd events, mainly with the
mothers of other boys, but compared to what had happened
with Rosalind they are hardly worth mentioning.

It was when I hit eleven that things started to get
'interesting', by then I knew a bit more about sex and
understood what had happened with Rosalind in the
physical sense even if I couldn't figure out the why of
it, at about that time my brother, who was then
seventeen, informed us that he was gay. If an atomic bomb
had been dropped it wouldn't have caused more of a stir
than that announcement. For me it explained why my
brother was always watching me when he was wanking in our

After a while we all grew used to the idea and life
returned more or less to normal, I must admit that I was
a bit more cautious around my brother than before, not
that it did me a lot of good in the end.

I'd done my eleven plus and school had broken up for the
summer holiday, mum and dad left me in the care of my
brother and sister while they went out to work, but as I
was older I had a bit more freedom to do as I wanted
especially as Mark and Emma had affairs of their own to
attend to.

So it was that half my time was spent either out and
about with boys from my school or on my tod at home, the
other half was spent in the company of either my brother
or my sister, but never both, they seemed to have worked
out some sort of rota between them. Thus it was that I
found myself home alone with my brother one damp and
blustery summer day. For some reason my brother Mark kept
following me around the house, I can remember his eyes
burning into me wherever I went, but he was my brother,
and apart from being a wooly woofter his actions didn't
concern me much.

About mid-morning I decided to go to our room and have a
read, Mark came with me and while I lay on my bed reading
he lay on his bed watching me. A little while later he
got up, undressed and lay back down again, I didn't pay
him much attention I'm afraid as I was engrossed in my

When I did eventually glance up I saw Mark lying there
wanking himself, there was nothing unusual in this so I
went back to my book. A few minutes later I became aware
of Mark standing by my bed, I looked up at him wondering
what he wanted. My brother was bigger and much stronger
than me so when he reached down and dragged me to my feet
there was little I could do about it except yell, The
next minute Mark had me on my knees in front of him and
was pushing his cock at my mouth. Of course I clamped my
mouth tightly shut only he held my nose until I was
forced to gasp for breath through my mouth and in his
cock went. So I did the only thing that I could do, I bit
him, hard!

With a yell Mark jumped away from me and grabbed his
cock, his face was filled with anger as he looked to see
if there was any damage to his pride and joy and I
decided that it would be wise to get out of the room only
I didn't act fast enough, his fist hit me in the gut
before I had taken more than a step. Gasping I doubled
over and my brother grabbed hold of me and kneed me in
the balls, when my eyes uncrossed I was half naked and
the rest of my clothes were on their way off, naturally I
struggled, but another fist to the gut put an end to
that, wheezing and naked I was pushed face down on my

There was a momentary pause in which I partially regained
my breath, but before I could capitalise on it my brother
had his hand on my back pushing me into the mattress,
thank God his cock was thin and short because the next
thing I felt was him pushing it at my arse. A second
later his cock burst into me making me scream as pain
shot through my behind. He must have lubricated his cock
because it was sliding in me easily as he fucked me.
Yelling and wriggling I tried to get him to stop, but it
was not to be and as Mark groaned and pushed into me one
last time I felt a spreading heat in my bowels.

When my brother eventually moved off of me I called him
every name I could think of then threatened to tell our
parents, it didn't seem to faze him at all as he stood
there wiping his cock with a towel and grinning down at

I can truthfully say that I got no pleasure from that
incident, it was my first experience with homosexuality
and it was definitely an unpleasant experience as were
all the other times my brother screwed me, but he never
got me to suck his cock which was one small triumph.

Later that evening I told my parents what had happened,
dad frowned and mum sighed, but apart from that they did
bugger all which was how I ended up as my brother's doll,
I learnt that it hurt less if I just let him get on with
it, but I never enjoyed it with Mark.

Emma didn't get home until late on the day Mark fucked me
so she didn't find out about it until the next day, it
was her turn to stay home with me and she was very
sympathetic to my plight, or so I thought.

Not an hour after we were alone she took me up to her
room, undressed in front of me then invited me to get
'comfortable' as well, when I hesitated she barked out an
order at me.

As soon as I was naked my sister pulled me down on the
bed and began to kiss me, she took my hands and guided
them to her tits and pussy and I remembered the incident
with Rosalind, wiser now it was obvious what my sister
wanted and though I felt a little stunned by what was
happening I had less objections to her attentions than to
my brother's. So I fucked her.

Boy did I fuck her, she was wailing and thrashing and
bleating under me or on top of me, what the neighbours
must have thought was impossible to guess, what Emma
thought was no mystery at all, she was loving it! It
seemed that apart from being above averagely endowed cock
wise I was also a 'long player', at least that's what
Emma reckoned, all I know is that I enjoyed fucking my
sister a lot more than being fucked by my brother.

Unfortunately Mark came home early and heard what was
going on, that evening he took great pleasure in telling
our parents, the hypocritical bastard, dad frowned and
mum sighed, but apart from that they did bugger all for
which I was extremely grateful, although Mark wasn't too
pleased about it.

When he bitched about the fact that Emma and I were at it
even more dad sighed. "If its good enough for you its
good enough for Emma," dad declared then buried his nose
in a paper.

Though the comment was rather cryptic it shut my brother
up and made my sister smile, I wasn't quite sure whether
to smile or frown, but I knew it would do me no good to
complain. In this way I became the plaything of my sister
as well, not that I objected too strongly to that. But it
did get a little tiring being buggered by my brother one
day and fucked by my sister the next. I was praying for
the holidays to end when mum decided to take a couple of
days off work to be with me. I felt relieved that she
would be around to protect me from the predatory actions
of my siblings, boy was I in for a shock!

The first day she was home mum booted Mark and Emma out
of the house, grabbed my hand and dragged me up to her
room, now my mother was an attractive woman with plenty
to offer in all departments, but hell, she was my mother
and I nearly wet myself in surprise when she undressed
and told me to do the same.

I protested and begged her not to do this, but mum was
adamant, in the end I gave in to her and stripped, barely
were my clothes off my back than she was pulling me on
top of her. To my shame I have to admit that fucking my
mother was better than fucking my sister, probably
because mum was more experienced and really knew how to
excite a man. It was my mother who sucked my cock for the
first time and who also taught me how to lick pussy, I
must admit that I liked pussy licking and never lost an
opportunity to indulge myself from that point on. This
time no-one told dad, though I think he must have

It became the pattern for me to get fucked by Mark, then
by Emma and then by my mother, even after the holidays
ended and I went to my new school the three of them found
time and the opportunity to fuck me at least once a week.

By the end of that summer holiday I had to be the most
experienced lover going and all courtesy of my family,
the only one who never touched me was my father and I
think even he was tempted at times. Thank God I didn't
have any other relatives!

The new school was a mixed school, not only were there
girls there some of the teachers were female as well and
this really made life complicated for me, complicated and
very tiring. How I made it through school at all is a
miracle I have yet to work out.

Right from day one I found myself the target of every
female in the place, I just had to walk into a room and
all the girls would look my way and as for the teachers,
hell, I was always in detention and it was always the
women teachers that put me there. Mind you most of those
teachers were quite attractive, but it was the principle
of the thing. I was there to learn not get laid, I got
enough of that at home! Yet not a day went by without me
being accosted by one female at the very least, the
incidents are to numerous to list so I'll hit just a few
of the high spots.

Five days after joining the school I had my first
detention, it was handed out by my math teacher, a Mrs.
Green, mind you I was surprised to be getting detention
as I hadn't done a damned thing to deserve it, I hadn't
even cleared my throat so I was all ready to protest when
I reported to the room where said punishment was to be
held. Opening the door I found the room to be empty, I
was in two minds whether I should go in or wait outside,
but I decided to go in and at least be able to sit down
while I waited, five minutes later Mrs. Green arrived.

She was a woman in her late forties, well preserved I
suppose, but not the sort of woman I would normally pay
much notice to, apart from anything else she was married,
but it didn't seem to bother her any, oh no. As she
closed the door I heard an ominous click that sounded
just like a door being locked, I still was puzzling about
this when Mrs. Green came over to where I was sitting,
pulled me to my feet and kissed me. I will say one thing
for her, she certainly knew how to kiss.

Before I knew what was happening she was leaning back on
a desk with my cock in her pussy and her legs wrapped
around my back, I had been more than a little surprised
when she'd pulled me to her, but to discover that she was
wearing no knickers had been a shock. Nevertheless I did
the business, fucking her long and slow the way I liked
it, after all if I was going to get assaulted I wanted to
get something out of it too.

Just for the hell of it I opened Mrs Green's blouse while
I was humping away, I can't say that I was that
interested in her boobs, but it added to the pleasure of
the moment for both of us, her more than me I think.
When I eventually filled her with my seed my math teacher
gave a little yelp just like a dog, through the bliss of
my climax I had to stifle a laugh at the noise.

As soon as my cock showed signs of wilting Mrs Green
pushed me off her and stood up, she looked dishevelled
and her knees seemed a little wobbly, but she also looked
satisfied as she told me to go home.

Needless to say I didn't bother mentioning the incident
to anyone, based on the lack of action from my parents
when I had spoken up I thought it would be a total waste
of time. I was right about that, because one of the other
members of staff had seen what happened or at least part
of it and had reported the event to the school's

The very next day I was summoned to the presence of the
headmistress, I was ushered into her office and the
secretary was told that the head was not to be disturbed
for anything, five minutes later this figure of authority
was riding my cock like there was no tomorrow while I
tried to figure out how I had ended up on my back on her

The next really memorable event came in the second year,
as usual I had hidden myself away in a quiet corner of
the school field in an effort to keep out of the clutches
of the female pupils and staff, it was too risky for me
to be seen in the open so I never got to make friends of
my own sex, but the last thing I had expected was to be
hunted down by a pack of the bitches.

I had barely hidden myself behind some bushes when there
was a rustling and three faces peered round the bush at
me, they were all sixth form girls, well developed young
women, I hesitate to use the term 'ladies' as they were
anything but ladylike in their actions.

Blinking in surprise I looked at the six grinning faces
peering at me, where the hell the other three had come
from was a mystery to me, but I didn't want to hang
around to solve it, like a greyhound from a trap I was
off and running only I felt more like the hare as they
leapt after me. Putting it bluntly I should have zigged
instead of zagged because I ended up in an isolated
corner of the field with no way forward and six hungry
girls behind me, turning at bay I pressed my back to the
thick concrete fence and whimpered as they reached out
for me.

I was still whimpering when they eventually left me
alone, gathering up my clothes I dressed, wincing at my
aching cock and wishing that I could go home, walking
gingerly across the field to the school I headed back to
class for my math lesson only to receive a detention for
being late, thank God I had the rest of the afternoon to

In the third year I had my very first school medical, I
was feeling quite relaxed about it until I discovered
that the doctor was a woman, she had taken one look at
me, licked her lips and told the supervising teacher to
put me aside until she could examine me more closely. I
don't know about anything else, but she certainly
examined my cock closely by eye, hand, mouth and pussy.
Christ did she make the most of me and the worst part
about it was that she was the ugliest woman I had ever
clapped eyes on, she would have scared the shit out of
Quasimodo. She was just so ugly, but a cock is stupid and
doesn't give a shit what it pokes, I just kept my eyes

There were around three hundred girls in the school plus
ten women teachers, if I escaped the clutches of any one
of them it must have been a sheer miracle and then when I
went home one of my family members would grab me. I can't
say that it wasn't fun, at times it was absolutely
fantastic, but God was it tiring and at times, like with
the school doctor, it was sickening.

When exam time came around I had no problems with them, I
was too concerned about who would grab me next to worry
about a little thing like exams which was probably why I
did so well. Mind you I was nabbed every time I set foot
outside the examination hall, but I made it through the
first five years and hit the sixth form with a plethora
of 'O' levels and a grim determination to remain
unmolested while I studied for my 'A' levels.

So much for grim determination, I had just set foot
inside the door of the sixth form block on the first day
back when a slender female arm reached out of a tutors
room, grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room with a
speed and strength that just wasn't human. As the door
slammed shut I was being groped by a female that seemed
to swarm all over me, her hands were everywhere and boy
did she work fast, my cock was out and being wanked
before you could yell 'rape', not that I had a chance to
yell for I was being kissed hard at the same time.

When I at last got to see the face of my attacker I
didn't recognise her, looking up at her while she bounced
up and down on my cock I wondered just who the hell she
was, at the same time I went through the usual motions of
reaching up to the woman's tits. Some time later I shot
my seed into her pussy and groaned as she ground her
pussy on me, when she finally got off me I sighed, got to
my feet, put my cock away and headed for the door.

"By the way," I said over my shoulder as I opened the
door, "Who are you?"

"I'm you're form tutor," she smiled dreamily while I
groaned quietly "Mrs. Ryan."

The next two years were a blur of female bodies, no
matter where I tried to hide or what I did they tracked
me down, thankfully my home life was a little easier,
Mark had gone to live with a boyfriend and Emma had got
married and moved away which left just my mother to cope
with. Despite all this I managed to study my course,
usually in such unlikely places as locked inside a
cupboard, until I was found, or sitting on the roof of
the sixth form block, until I was found. There didn't
seem to be one damned place that I could go that I wasn't
found, even the boys toilets weren't a safe haven as I
found out when I tried using it as a hiding place back in
the first year.

I thought that things couldn't get any worse until dad
got a new job and had to give up giving me a lift to
school as his work place was in the opposite direction,
using public transport didn't worry me at all, until I
actually used it that is. The first time I stepped onto a
crowded bus I felt calm and relaxed, working my way down
towards the back I hung from the rail and let my mind
drift, a moment later I was staring down in disbelief at
the hand working its way into the front of my trousers.

"Do you mind?" I yelped at the blushing woman that owned
the hand.

"Sorry," she replied pulling her hand from my trousers
with reluctance "I just couldn't seem to help myself."

It was the story of my life, but it was also the first
time that it occurred to me that maybe all the woman that
attacked me couldn't help themselves. It was my first
experience with hindsight and I realised that everything
seemed to happen shortly after I would appear on the

Slapping the wrist of the woman in front of me while
moving my bum away from the woman sitting behind me I
tried to puzzle out just what the hell it was about me
that caused women to act the way they did. It wasn't my
looks, though I wasn't bad looking there were plenty of
men much better looking, so what the hell was it?

I had to put the problem aside to fend off the stroking
and grabbing hands of the female passengers, I breathed a
sigh of relief when I finally got off the bus, though my
relief was short lived. With a yelp I ran from the bus
stop with a bunch of fifth form girls from my school
close on my tail, I made it to the safety of the sixth
form block only to fall victim to Mrs Ryan.

Half an hour later I staggered out to the main block and
sank into a chair, the sound of female voices nearby had
me out of the chair and into the loo's in an instant only
to reappear when class had started.

To be honest it's a miracle that I didn't die of
exhaustion with all the females of all ages, shapes and
sizes that got their hands on me, and women say men are
only after one thing! Between being groped and fucked at
school and at home and being fondled and even wanked on
the bus ride to and from school my cock should have
dropped off, but it remained intact. I suppose that it
had something to do with all the unwanted practise I got.
Nevertheless I made it through to my 'A' levels,
something I hadn't thought I would manage. Not because I
was stupid or anything, but because I was constantly
getting attacked by women.

The next time I hear a bloke say that he wished women
would fall all over him I'm going to punch him in the
mouth, its sheer hell most of the time.

Anyhow, I made it through school more or less in one
piece, those last days when everyone went round saying
their farewells were sheer torture for me as the
'farewells' I got from the females at the school were
extremely physical. When I staggered, pardon me, walked
out of the gates for the last time it was with four goals
in mind, first to get a job, second to get a driving
licence, third to get a car and fourth to find out what
it was about me that made women lose all control.

The first was easy, I applied for the best job I could
find and for once my curse worked in my favour, the
personnel officer that interviewed me was a woman, by the
time I got away from her I had the job and a starting
date of three weeks hence at the beginning of the month.
As I left the building I swore to myself that if I ever
came across a woman who's eyes didn't shine with lust
thirty seconds after they saw me I would marry her.

Getting a driving licence wasn't so easy, I'd been taking
driving lessons as soon as I hit seventeen, after being
mauled by a gay instructor and sucked off by a female
instructor I finally got an instructor that wanted to
teach me to drive instead of fucking me, the test date
was the week after school broke up. When I got to the
test centre and signed in I groaned to discover that my
examiner was to be a woman, I'd been feeling nervous
enough already, but this bit of news was enough to make
me quake in my shoes.

However, I waited by the car and when the woman appeared
I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was very
attractive, but I still hoped that she could keep her
hands and other parts to herself, I really wanted my
licence. We got into the car and as I went through my
pre-pull away check I caught sight of the lustful glow in
the eyes of my examiner as I looked in the mirrors.

Things went quite well for all of ten minutes then she
directed me down a side street that ended up nowhere. As
fast as I got the hand-brake on she was in my lap, which
took some doing in a small saloon, but this woman managed
it. She also managed to get her knickers down, my cock
out and into her pussy and all in the space of a few

With little choice I fucked her the best I could while
wondering how long it would be before I could get another
test and if I could specify a male examiner the next
time, preferable a straight one. All the time I was
thinking the examiner was bouncing up and down on my cock
and yelling her head off.

By the time I climaxed the car's windows were all steamed
up and the examiner was sobbing in ecstasy, at least all
the years of getting jumped and humped had taught me how
to satisfy a woman, I just wished that they would stop
leaping on me.

Sliding back to her side of the car the examiner adjusted
her clothing while I opened the windows to let all the
hot air out, then it was back to the test centre where,
to my immense relief the woman passed me. "That was the
best ride I've ever had," the woman commented as she got
out of the car.

Part three of my four part plan was next on the list, for
years I had been saving every penny I got and between
gratuitous gifts in return for favours received, my
pocket money and money from a few odd jobs I did I had
enough to get myself quite a decent motor. Highing me
down to my local purveyor of used bangers I chose my car,
it was an estate car, not what I had intended getting,
but it was the best on the lot and was just within my
price range.

The deal was done, I coughed up the dough and they
coughed up the keys, I drove the car home without tax or
insurance and prayed that if I was pulled over it would
be by a female copper, but I wasn't pulled over. The very
next day I made the car street legal, the relief I felt
at not having to suffer the indignity of public transport
again could not be described.

Then at last came part four, I'd made an appointment with
my doctor, who was a male and straight, the time had come
to at least find out what was going on with me and women.
When I went into the doctor's surgery I gulped, the
person behind the desk was neither male or my doctor, it
was female, damned attractive and no doubt a doctor, but
nevertheless it was a female.

"Come in and sit down," she said looking at me with lust
filled eyes.

"Uh maybe I had better wait until I can see a male
doctor." I suggested pressing my back to the door.

"Don't be so silly," she said firmly, "come over here and
tell me what the problem is."

So I sat in the indicated chair and launched in on my
problem, while she listened the doctor started to squirm
in her chair, her eyes gleamed with ever growing lust and
I wasn't sure that she was listening to half of what I
was saying.

"Take your clothes off," she breathed then pulled herself
together somewhat and repeated herself in a more
professional manner "Take your clothes off and I'll
examine you."

Knowing full well where it would all lead I sighed and
stripped in that order, she had me strip down to the buff
then told me to lie on the examination table. I did as I
was told and a few moments later she joined me, her
method of examination was exactly the same as the one
used by the school doctor, her on top thrusting up and
down on my cock while I squeezed her tits. When I
climaxed she sat still for a few moments shuddering then
got off me.

"Lord I'm sorry," the doctor apologised with a blush, "I
really don't know what came over me."

"That's why I wanted to see a doctor," I sighed, "to find
out why women and homosexuals lose control around me."

Well she tried to examine me, but her hands were shaking
with the strain of keeping them off my cock, in the end
she gave up, sucked my cock and advised me to make
another appointment to see my own, male doctor. I got
dressed and went out to the reception and booked the new
appointment while studiously ignoring the lustful gaze of
the receptionist.

The next day I went to the doctors again, this time it
was my own GP I saw, the locum I had seen the day before
had already spoken to him and had admitted that she had
violated my person. After examining me my GP stood back
and scratched his head.

"Well whatever the cause is I can't find it." he sighed
"I've never heard of anything like it either, if it
wasn't for the fact that the locum told me what she did I
would have said you're nuts. I really don't know what to
suggest, there isn't a specialist that I can refer you
to, sorry."

That ended my first attempt to find a reason for my
effect on women, but I was determined to find the answer
and maybe even a solution to the problem. It was a new
craze hitting the scene that gave me the first clue as to
why woman kept jumping me, aromatherapy, something in my
mind went 'hey, hang on' and I got in touch with my

"Hmm, yes," he mused when I met him again, "I suppose its
possible. Maybe something like pheromones, I'll send you
to an endrecrone specialist."

The following week I started my new job, I had been
looking forward to it and walked into the building
feeling bright and breezy, when I staggered out that
evening I was feeling shagged out, literally. It started
with the receptionist catching me and dragging me into a
store cupboard, then the personnel officer had me in her
office, within five minutes of being placed at my desk I
was surrounded by female employees, between them they
fucked me right through to lunchtime.

I avoided the canteen when I saw how many women there
were in it, not that it did me much good because I went
to the lift to get back up to my floor, the lift doors
opened with a ting and I found myself facing a pair of
secretaries. Before I could back away two pairs of hands
had grabbed me, dragged me into the lift and locked the
lift between floors before ravaging me, by the time
lunchtime was over I was knackered. All through the
afternoon I tried to be inconspicuous, but it was just
like being at school, no matter what I did I got caught
and fucked, thankfully there were only twenty women in
the building even if it did seem like hundreds.

Life fell back into the old routine of me trying to look
everywhere at once ready to run at the merest hint of a
female presence and like before it did me not one whit of
good, with exhausting regularity I was grabbed wanked,
fucked and sucked until I was going cross-eyed. I thought
about leaving, but it dawned on me that wherever I went
it would be the same story, better the terrain I knew
than a new place with no hiding places.

My appointment with the specialist came through and I
cursed when I realised that the hospital I had to go to
was so short of parking space that I would be forced to
get there by tube, even worse it would be during the rush
hour that I would have to travel. That journey was
nightmare, the carriage seemed to be filled with nothing
but women and they lost no time in touching me up, one
woman went so far as to suck my cock between stations
while the train hissed and hummed in the middle of a

What I hadn't expected though was the reception I got at
the hospital, though I should have, most nurses are
female after all. It was like running a gauntlet to reach
the clinic and I didn't make it unscathed I might add,
even the clinic itself wasn't safe, female receptionists
and nurses closed in on me from all sides until I was
rescued by the very man I had been sent to see.

"I can see what the problem is." the doctor commented
shutting the door to his office in the faces of a dozen
nurses "Has it always been like this?"

"It's been like this ever since I can remember." I

Following an full examination the specialist took some
blood and urine samples and told me to come back in a
week, he opened the door and peered out into the corridor
then signalled that everything was back to normal. I took
one step outside the door and my personal curse struck,
female eyes turned in my direction closely followed by
their owners, with a yelp I took off like a rocket and
didn't stop until I was a hundred yards away from the
hospital. The trip home was as much of a nightmare as the
outward journey had been and this was despite the fact
that the rush hour was over.

When I went back to the hospital the following week the
doctor was waiting for me outside, he led me to his
office by a twisted route that avoided contact with other
staff, safe in his office he broke the news to me.

"Well there's definitely something there," he sighed,
"unfortunately we can't identify it. Your whole system
seems to be saturated with a unique pheromone and you
already know the effect it has on the opposite sex."

"And gays." I muttered.

"Yes well," the doctor coughed "I'm afraid that until we
can identify this pheromone there is little we can do to
help you. The problem seems to be that outside your
system the substance loses its potency after a few days,
what I'd like to do is to have you in for a few days so
that we can run some tests."

"In?" I gasped, "You mean in the hospital?"

"Of course." he frowned.

"You have got to be joking!" I gasped out, "Me trapped in
a ward with all those nurses, not to mention the female
patients and the visitors."

"I'm sure we'll be able to protect you," the doctor
reassured me.

Like a fool I let him talk me into it, a date was
arranged for me to come in and he escorted me out the way
I had come in.

Protect me? Hell the doctor and his bevy of male
orderlies were nearly killed in the rush, as for me I was
shagged to exhaustion before they finally managed to beat
the crazed bitches off. Nevertheless they managed to do
their tests and came up with a big fat zero, the doctor
tried masking the pheromone with other scents, I still
got molested, but at least I smelt good while it

It was after the wife of one of the hospital governors
got her hands on me that the doctor admitted defeat, I
left the hospital at the speed of light and even that
wasn't fast enough! Three times I was collared before I
reached the safety of the street, resigned to my fate I
headed for home doing my best to ignore the gropes,
strokes and squeezes I received along the way only to get
waylaid by my mother as I walked in the door.

It was my mother jumping me that prompted me to get a
flat of my own, I was earning a good wage and could
easily afford a nice place near to the office, but the
idea of all those female estate agents left me cold.
Nonetheless I went flat hunting that weekend and struck
lucky first time, I didn't even get molested, well not by
the estate agent anyway, he was a straight male.

It took a few weeks to sort out all the paperwork, but at
last I moved into my new, fully furnished home, it was
relief to be able to close the door on the world and not
have to worry about being leapt on by my mother or any
other female come to that, I thought that I was in
heaven. Then came the eye opener, living alone was all
well and good, but there comes a time when one has to go
shopping, up to the point I moved into the flat my mother
had handled that little chore, now I had to do it for

Walking into the local superstore for the first time was
a terrifying experience, they had these air blowers right
at the door, cool in summer, warm in winter, the damned
things wafted my pheromones into the store and almost
every eye turned to me, married women with kids and
husbands in tow, shop staff, old biddies, young nymphos
and gays they all focused their attention on me.

Trembling I went about my shopping, the store was fairly
full of customers and staff yet there was an ominous
silence that seemed to follow me around the aisles, I'd
almost completed my shop with nothing having happened and
was just beginning to relax as I headed for the milk, the
last item on my list. Without warning a hand snaked out
from behind a row of canned goods, I didn't even get a
chance to yelp as I was pressed up to the shelves and
kissed hotly, gathering my wits I struggled free of the
woman and headed away at a near run grabbing a container
of milk in passing.

It was as though the event had been the signal to raise
the hue and cry because when I looked over my shoulder it
seemed as though every woman in the place was heading in
my direction, ahead of me the check-outs were empty of
staff and I whimpered a little at the thought of getting
trapped in the store with this mob of randy women. Then I
spotted a lone check-out manned by a male member of
staff, at a run I headed for his till and dumped all my
goods on the conveyor in armfuls. I think he must have
got the idea that I was in something of a hurry to get
away because he was whisking the goods through the bar-
code reader as fast as it would take it.

When I looked up from loading my goods back into the
trolley I looked up and gulped, I was facing wall-to-wall
femininity, pulling out my wallet I waved ten pound notes
under the nose of the bemused youth on the till, he took
the notes and started to fiddle around for my change. So
far none of the women had come through the tills to
surround me, but I knew it would only be a matter of time
before this happened, there were girls as young as ten
and women as old as the hills themselves licking their
lips and watching me lustfully.

"Oh fuck!" I yelped when the mob took a step in my

I bolted without my change, the trolley rattled and shook
as I hit top gear, behind me there was a collective
mutter and one glance sent me into overdrive as the women
surged forward through the tills. Thank God the car
unlocked by remote, I had the boot open and the trolley
empty in seconds flat, slamming the boot shut I leapt
into the car and hit the central locking just as the car
was surrounded.

For ten minutes the mob of randy cows milled around the
car while I sent up a prayer that my scent would stay
inside the car, my prayer must have been answered because
the crowd started to thin as the women came to their
senses. When I finally drove away from the store it was
with the terrifying thought that I would have to go
through this every week!

In desperation I saw doctor after doctor, quakes,
specialists, nutters, anyone who I thought could help me,
but to no avail. I even tried the church, have you ever
been hunted around a church by a group of randy nuns, no
I don't suppose you have, well let me tell you that it is
an experience I would have liked to miss out on too, I
ran screaming from the church when I finally managed to

It was all too much for my poor shattered brain and I had
a sort of nervous breakdown, nothing too serious or that
warranted me being carted off to a funny farm, thank God,
but enough to get me to go and see a shrink. Needless to
say the shrink thought I was nuts even though he had been
forced to beat his receptionist off me, so started the
first of many sessions, Christ did that receptionist have
hands and she used them every time I went to see her
boss. The upshot was this document which I have kept sort
of up to date whenever I get the time and the energy.

EUREKA! Believe it or not the shrink came up with the
answer to my problem, to cut a long story to the bone he
had consulted with some of his other colleagues and
discovered that one of them had a patient with a similar
problem to mine only it was a female and she was getting
the same treatment from men and lesbians, screwed to
death. The shrinks set up a meeting between the two of us
and it was lust at first sight, her pheromones hit me
like a brick wall and mine did the same to her. When we
had sated our lust for a moment the shrinks sent a group
of men and women in to join us.

Both of us cringed at the sight of the intruders then
gasped when nothing happened, deeming it safe the shrinks
came into the room and gave us their theory. According to
them our pheromones cancelled each other out, even though
mine affected Ruth and Ruth's affected me no one else
came under their influence. A little experimentation,
after the shrinks had retreated from the room, showed
that as long as Ruth and I stayed within ten feet of each
other we were safe, an inch over that and watch out.

It goes without saying that we were more than pleased
with this, Ruth was a gorgeous woman, the sort I would
have sought to marry if I hadn't been cursed and her view
of me was the same so we got married and lived happily
ever after. Well sort of, but that's another story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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material. If you do not wish to read this
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Buddy Jerk-Off
by AB-2007 (address withheld)


I still can't believe I let him do it. We'd been
friends ever since 1st grade and nothing like this had
ever happened before. (MM, mast, 1st-gay-expr)


We were both married but had been on the road for
almost a month before the incident that I'm about to
tell you about happened. We'd started a new company
together, you know, working for yourself and all. We
had to travel to meet our new customer base and we were
close to being broke so we shared all the expenses
including motel rooms.

As I said before we had been on the road for almost a
month when one afternoon we'd finished up a little
early and had spent the extra time at the motel pool. I
was tired and we had to drive several hundred miles the
next day so I told Bill, by friend, that I was going to
take a nap for a couple of hours and then later we
could go to MacDonald's and get a bit.

I went back to the room and took a shower. I was so
tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open. I came out
of the bathroom and turned down the covers and crashed
down on the bed with a satisfied sigh and immediately
drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed that I was home with Carole my wife. We were
making wild love. It was some of the best sex we'd ever
had. I could feel every nuance, every move we made. Her
body felt so wonderful beneath me and her breath
against my ear as we fucked was bringing me closer and

Then I awoke. Not really waking, but suddenly I could
tell that I wasn't with my wife. Somehow I knew that I
was still on the road and at a motel. I shifted my
position slightly and felt a touch on my thigh. Then I
felt someone touching my ridged dick.

I wanted to jump up and yell, but all I did was lay
there pretending that I was still asleep. Through the
slits of my eyelids I could just see Rob, may partner,
sitting there on my bed. I could just make out that he
was reaching for my boner. The boner that my dream had
made stiff as a board.

What was happening? Why was I naked and why was Rod
feeling me up? I slowly realized that I must have gone
to bed naked and not covered up. But what the hell,
that was no reason for Rob to be doing this!

Just as I was about to sit up and smack him, Rob's
fingers wrapped around my cock. I realized in that
moment that I was harder than I think I'd ever been
before. The feel of his warm had on me like that was
something I'd never expected. It felt good!

Then his hand was moving up and down, pulling my
cockflesh back and forth as he began to jack me off. I
continued to lie there pretending that I was still
asleep. My heart was in my throat, and I could barely
breathe. I was so excited that it was all I could do to
remain motionless.

I let Rob do me; I remained silent and kept pretending
that I was asleep. He began to jack me off faster and
faster so that soon I knew I'd be spurting soon. Then I
felt the final pulses rushing up from between my legs
and that wonderful release as I came.

First a big hot splat on my chest, then another on my
belly. Rob didn't stop jacking me. I could feel and
hear my hot sticky cum squishing between his fingers as
it lubed my shaft. Soon I was in a position that if he
didn't stop I'd have to admit that I was awake. I was
just too sensitive.

Just as I was about to admit defeat and sit up, Rob
stopped. I moaned as if still asleep and moved slightly
upon the sheets. I could feel Rob getting up from my
bed and moving to the bathroom.

Within moments a moist hot washrag was cleaning me. Rob
was washing my cock! It felt so fine being cared for so
nicely after being away from my wife for so long. I
still didn't move, I still kept of the charade of sleep
and let him clean me up.

Then when I knew he was done, as if still asleep I
pulled at my covers up and rolled over on my side away
from him. God that had been so fucking hot. I wasn't
queer, and I didn't think Rob was either so I was at a
loss to explain what had just happened.

Then I heard the springs of his bed start to squeak
rhythmically. He was jacking off! I had the sudden urge
to get up and offer my services to him; after all he'd
just given me the best cum ever. But to do that I'd
have to admit that I'd been awake while he jacked me

Fuck it, he's my buddy, and it's the least I could do,
I thought, as I turned over to get out of bed...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: dirtysex.txt (wife,cheat,preg,unsafe sex,
Authors name: Penfold & Kathy
Story title : DIRTY SEX

(c) Copyright 1998
This work is copyrighted to the author, with all rights
reserved. -- This work may be archived and displayed on
non-commercial web sites without permission, but please
do not remove the author name or address. Thank you

by Penfold & Kathy

My name is Christine, I am 36 years old, married to
Dave, my handsome husband, I have three children, one
a baby, the other two in elementary school.

Until recently nothing exciting ever happened in my
life. It was the same old routine, get up, feed the
kids, kiss hubby goodbye as he goes off to work, take
the kids to school, come home and do the housework etc.

However one morning I had a chance meeting with one of
the other mothers as I dropped the kids off at school.
Her name was Kate and she seemed so full of life.
During our brief conversation we hit it off so well
that she invited me round to her house for coffee and
a chat.

At first we talked mostly about the children and things
like that, but then she asked me about my social life.
I had to admit that since the kids were born I hadn't
had any social life. My hubby was content in front of
the television every night, and I had no real friends
to go out with.

Kate said that she and some of the other mothers she
knew, had a girls night out once a week at the local
nightspot, why didn't I join them.

I must admit I was tempted, but I wasn't sure what
Dave would say about me going to such places without
him, so I said I would let her know.


I needn't have worried as Dave was not in the least
bit concerned, as long as he had some beer in the
fridge and the TV was working. I phoned Kate and let
her know that Dave didn't mind, and we made arrange-
ments for the coming week.

When I arrived at the nightclub I felt a little out
of place, most of the other mothers that Kate had
mentioned were there, they all seemed so full of con-
fidence, and were dressed much more flirty than I was.

At that moment I realized just how dowdy I looked
dressed in my conservative skirt and blouse.

Once inside the club it didn't take long for a number
of the Moms, including Kate, to end up on the dance
floor, having been hit on by the single men. I felt
myself blush when a man much younger than myself asked
me to dance.

Up on the dance floor the man introduced himself as
Gary who it turned out was only nineteen. He told me
how beautiful I looked which made me blush again, and
when a slow number was played he held me close.

This stirred up all kinds of feelings in me I had not
felt for a number of years, my knickers felt decidedly
damp. I told myself that I was a happily married woman
and that I was just being silly.

The music came to an end, and I made my excuses and
went back to our table. I noticed that a number of
the girls in our party had seemingly paired up with
some of the men and were openly allowing themselves to
be groped and fondled. I thought their behavior was
disgusting and wanted nothing to do with such goings
on. Nothing untoward happened for the rest of the
evening and we left around midnight.

I realized on the way home that I had been filled with
a pleasant tension all night. I had been downright
excited, even turned on. I decided then and there to
do it again.


My nights out soon became a regular event and I had to
admit that I looked more and more forward to going out.
I think Dave was glad of an evening to himself, watch-
ing the sports shows and drinking beer, so I got no
complaints about it from him.

On about my fourth night out, Kate came up to me and
said we had all been invited to a party later that
night. It turned out that the party was to be held at
an apartment, which belonged to a guy who had been
dancing with one of the other girls.

I said no, as I didn't like the sound of it, I thought
that Dave wouldn't approve. The other girls jeered and
said that I should loosen up and live a little. I felt
embarrassed by their teasing, so against my better
judgement I agreed to go.

When we got to the guy's place my worst fears were
realized, there were about five of us girls and eight
men, three of whom were colored. The drinks started
to flow and some of the group seemed to be taking some
tablets, although I didn't know what they could be,
I was very naive in such matters.

I also noticed that some of the girls had disappeared
with one or two of the men. Kate again said I should
lighten up as it was just a bit of fun.

One of the men thrust a large glass of wine into my
hand, which I gulped back nervously. Within minutes
of my drinking the wine I began to feel most peculiar.
It was as if all my inhibitions had gone, like I had
left my body and I was looking down at where I was
sitting on the sofa.

A man sat beside me telling me how beautiful I looked,
what lovely legs I had and that I had fabulous tits.

Under normal circumstances I would have been outraged
by such talk, even from my husband, let alone a
stranger. Yet, what this man was saying to me seemed
quite normal conversation. He pushed another drink
into my hand which I drank down greedily.

My head was now spinning, the man again told me that
I had great legs, but this time he said that he wanted
to see more of them.

As though I no longer had any will of my own, I slid
my skirt higher so that this guy could get a better
look at my legs. I stopped just short of my underpants
and the guy asked if I was wearing pantyhose. I nodded,
and he just said matter-of-factly that in future I
should wear stockings and suspenders.

He then asked if he could remove my pantyhose. Again
if things had been normal, I would have smacked this
mans face for taking such liberties and run from the
apartment as fast as I could. But things weren't
normal, not by a long shot, and instead I nodded to
him that he could remove them.

He told me to lift my bottom, and I did so without
hesitation. As he took my pantyhose off, right there
in the middle of the living room, I became aware that
a number of the other guests were now crowding around
the sofa to watch us.

I suddenly felt very aroused and a noticeable damp
patch began spreading across the crotch of my knickers.
I didn't even know this man's name, yet here I was
letting him remove my clothes. What was even worse,
was the fact that it was happening in full view of a
room full of people.

Without a word being spoken the man pulled me up from
the sofa and led me by the arm into a bedroom. Under
a very dim light he then proceeded to remove the rest
of my clothes, I made no effort to stop him although
in the back of my mind I knew that I should.

When he had me naked he stood and looked on my now
body. His mouth moved to suck my nipples, which sent
a wave of, desire sweeping through me. My cunt, as he
insisted I call it, was running hot and wet, I orgasmed
strongly as he fingered me for the first time. He
pushed his body up against mine, in turn pushing me
against the wall. I turned my head as he ran his hand
between my trembling legs and noticed that people where
still watching us from down the darkened hall through
the open bedroom door.

I had just enough sense left within me to ask him to
use a condom, as that was the only form of contracep-
tion that Dave and I used. The guy said he didn't
have any condoms, but would be careful. I knew in the
back of my mind that this was not good, but I offered
no further resistance.

I almost screamed out with desire as he entered me. I
felt impaled up against the wall and orgasmed again
strongly. I urged him on as he half carried half
dragged me to the bed. As we fell to the mattress, him
still firmly implanted in me, I wrapping my legs behind
his back and his balls slapped against my ass as he
began to thrust madly away.

He mouthed obscenities at me as the excitement mounted,
telling me I was a dirty whore, that I had a well-used
cunt. This talk spurred me on, when the man said he
wanted to shoot his load up my well used cunt, to give
me a baby, I felt totally reckless, shouting out loud
for him to shoot it up me and get me pregnant.

I felt his body stiffen as jet after jet of his spunk
hit my unprotected womb and I orgasmed yet again.

I had hardly got my breath back, when the guy got off
me and I felt another man take his place. I hadn't
bargained for this, but at the same time was very
excited by it. I made no attempt to stop the situa-
tion and I didn't even mention condoms to this guy.

The thought of the risk of pregnancy by an unknown man
seemed to drive me wild with desire. It didn't take
long for the second man to cum. I could hear him grunt-
ing as he came spurting another load of spunk up inside
my belly.

As the second guy got off me, a much brighter light
was turned on in the bedroom, I could see that most of
the guests were now gathered round the bottom of the
bed. I made no attempt to cover myself as the third
man approached me. He was black and I knew that to
have unprotected sex with this man really was foolish.

As he climbed on top of me he asked if the slut would
mind if he shot his load into my belly. I replied with
a lust filled voice that far from minding, I would
welcome it. A number of the other men now moved up to
me and informed me that they were all going to fuck me,
to gang bang me. It was like I was watching myself
through a fog, but I could no longer control my
actions. I nodded my approval to the men, and so it

I had for the very first time in my life a dick shoved
in my mouth which I sucked on greedily. I felt fingers
probing my anus which nearly made my body explode with
lust, and it wasn't long before the colored guy stif-
fened and began pumping his load into me. The thoughts
of the dangers involved with this sent me over the top,
my body convulsed uncontrollably with lust as I
orgasmed again and again.

It took about two hours for all eight men to satisfy
themselves, and I looked a real mess, my tits and cunt
all red and swollen, spunk running down my thighs.

It suddenly occurred to me how was I going to explain
my state, plus the lateness of the hour to Dave when I
got home.

Kate who had been watching, said that she had phoned
Dave and said I would be sleeping at her house tonight.
She had told Dave that the girls had been round to her
house for a few drinks after the club and that it was
too late to set off for home. Apparently Dave had
accepted what she had told him, I felt grateful to her.

Back at Kate's she showed me to the spare bedroom, I
just crashed out, not even bothering to shower or get
undressed. The next morning I felt like hell and could
remember very little of the previous nights events.

When I went to take a shower I was shocked to see all
the red marks on my body, plus my pussy seemed rather
sore. I asked Kate what on earth had happened. She
told me that one of the men had put a drug in my drink
to make me relax, she then related the previous night's

To say I was horrified would be an understatement, how
would I ever be able to face Dave again. At this point
I burst into tears, Kate came over to comfort me, she
said that I should be proud, that I was a very sexy
woman, that most of the women couldn't do it as well
as I had the first time, even she hadn't been able to
get things going her first time like I had.

I asked her if she really meant what she had said, or
was she just trying to make me feel better. She as-
sured me that she was telling me the truth and I gave
the matter a good deal of thought on my way home.

When I arrived home Dave had got the kids off to school
and then gone to work himself. This left me most of
the day to compose myself and I thought the first thing
I would do would be to languish in a nice hot bath.

As I lay soaking in the bath, I began to remember
snippets of what had happened last night, plus the
comments that Kate had made. A familiar tingling
returned to the pit of my stomach and my nipples were
rock hard.

Almost without thinking I let one hand stray between
my thighs, the other to my nipples. All the feelings
of last night coursed through my body yet again as I
pleasured myself to a shattering orgasm.

I masturbated myself no less than six times before Dave
came home that evening, I felt no guilt when he came
in. After all, what had happened last night was a one
off I told myself, I had been drugged and it certainly
would not happen again.


However as the week progressed I was beginning to have
my doubts, what happened that night seemed to have lit
a fire in me that could not be extinguished. I was
masturbating daily, I could not leave my tits and pussy
alone. I also went into town and bought myself sexy
underwear, short skirts and very revealing tops.

As dance night approached, I got more and more excited.
I had arranged with Kate that I would get changed at
her house. I couldn't let Dave see the type of clothes
I would be going out in. Dave spoilt things slightly
by announcing that he would collect me after that

This meant I would have to change back into my other
clothes in the ladies room, before Dave arrived. Kate's
husband nearly fell off his chair as I came out of
their bedroom, gone was my goody two shoes image.
Instead I looked a real tart.

I had dressed in a wonder bra, which left my tits on
open display, covered only by a transparent blouse,
stockings, suspenders, tiny transparent knickers, plus
a very short skirt, finished off with 3-inch heels.
Kate whispered to me that I looked all women, and that
the men would just love me in that get-up, I said I
hope so, and off we went.

Once inside the nightclub it didn't take long for the
men to notice me, I had no shortage of offers to dance,
which I readily accepted. The clothes gave me a new
confidence, one that I did not have before. Gone was
that dowdy old image of wife and mother. The new
clothes were also making me feel incredibly sexy as

A black guy asked me to dance, once on the dance floor
his hands were all over me. I made no effort to stop
the groping, but encouraged it instead. He asked if I
wanted to go outside to cool down. At this point, lust
was again taking over my normal restraint.

I nodded my agreement and he took me behind the build-
ing, to a rubbish-strewn alleyway. I didn't even know
this man's name, nor did I ask him. He wasted no time
on niceties, but went straight for my tits. I too,
wanted it this way, I wanted it to be sordid, without
feeling, just plain raw sex.

He pulled out his large black dick with a throbbing
dark purple head and asked if I was on the pill. I
lied and said yes, at which point he just lifted up my
skirt, pulled my little panties to one side and plunged
his cock deep inside me.

He pushed me back against the alley wall, I wrapped
my legs around him as he lifted me up and plunged ever
deeper in me.

The whole thing was animalistic and it wasn't long
before we were both near orgasm. I exploded as I felt
him stiffen, as gush after gush of his sperm pumped
into me.

After he had finished with me, I quickly cleaned myself
up. As we went back inside, he said, "you really are
a slut aren't you?" I smiled and nodded. Instead of
feeling hurt by what this man had said, I knew it was
true and that I had actually enjoyed feeling that way.

Once back inside the club it didn't take long for
another guy to hit on me. It turned out that he had
come with a group of friends and they had a van out in
the parking lot. When he suggested we take a look at
it, I didn't object, but I said if he wanted to fuck
me why not just ask.

He looked shocked when I further suggested that he
should ask his friends if they might like to join us.
When we got outside to the van this guy simply spread
a dirty old sheet in the back and we both climbed

He stripped me naked and began fucking me, while four
of his friends queued up outside, watching us doing it.

It was while this was taking place that I noticed a
car drive up and stop just two cars away. When the
driver got out I froze, it was none other than my
husband Dave, he had arrived to collect me from the

I very quickly got dressed, raced back inside and told
Kate. I then went to the ladies to change into my drab
old clothes. By the time I emerged from the ladies,
Dave was waiting in the entrance for me. His prim and
proper wife in her drab conservative clothes waved to
her husband and gave him a quick kiss.


Over the next few weeks my newfound sexuality just
seemed to take over my life. It was like a life force
that I loved, yet could not control. I wanted sex
constantly, not with my husband, but with complete
strangers. I did not want any love or affection from
it, just plain sex, the more sordid the surroundings,
the more I liked it.

I was going out during the day trying to get picked up
by men, flashing my panties in rough town center bars
etc. I didn't say no to anyone who wanted me, age,
appearance, color, didn't matter, quite simply I would
have unprotected sex with anyone who wanted me. It
didn't take me long to get a reputation as the town

As you can imagine, the inevitable happened, I was well
and truly pregnant.

I managed to persuade Dave that it was his baby, that
a condom must have failed. He never seemed to doubt
this, although I had a worrying nine months wondering
if the baby would be colored or not.

Fortunately for us both, the baby was white, although
who the father is I shall never know. After the baby
was born, I persuaded Dave that from now on, the pill
would be a safer form of contraception.

I lied though when I told Dave I was going on the pill.
Even before the baby was six weeks old, I had resumed
my life of wanton unprotected sex. The reality is,
that when I make love to my husband I use a spermicdal

You see I want more children, I would like to become a
constantly pregnant whore. I love the thrill of being
made pregnant by a stranger, not knowing if the baby
will be black, white, yellow or brown. However I don't
want to have any more children by my husband.

I am not sure what the future will hold for me, nor do
I care, I am only glad that my life has now taken the
path it has.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn’t okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it. OBEY KRISTEN'S LAW AND LIVE!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: andrea.txt (MMF, bi-oral, college)
Authors name: Michael - Phoenix AZ
Story title : Andrea and Jody

This work is copyrighted to the author � 2001. Please
do not remove the author information or make any
changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Andrea & Jody (MMF, bi, oral, Alcohol, school)
by Michael - Phoenix AZ


Hi, my name is Michael and this story is about when I
was a freshman at ASU in Temp Arizona. Something
happened to me during that first year at college that
will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.

The "incident" that I'm writing about took place right
after Christmas vacation 96, and I'll tell you right now
that I'm not proud of myself. The only excuse I can give
is that I was too young and inexperienced to know what I
was getting myself into. It was the first time I was out
on my own without my folks looking over my shoulder. (I
grew up in a provincial atmosphere in a small town in

Actually it all started when I met Andrea during
registration. She was a beautiful girl, you know the
type; hard bodied and firm, real athletic looking. She
was always lying out in her backyard working on a deep
tan, and she had that California beach girl look. I
thought she was a natural blonde until the night this
story took place -- I found out she was really a
brunette. (The price I paid for that little piece of
knowledge has been very costly to my self-image.)

Shortly after I met Andrea she started inviting me out
to school shindigs. She was a junior at the time and
knew everyone, and as you can probably guess she was
very popular.

Andrea had let me get to second base by this time (We'd
known each other for almost four months) and she pretty
much was leading me around by the nose by that time. I
really wanted to make love to her and she was always on
my mind. I hoped that after her party on that particular
weekend that I might be able to talk her into letting me
stay the night. I wasn't completely fantasizing because
the day before right after class was when I'd gotten to
that wonderful sexy second base status.

We'd stopped at a local student hangout for a couple of
beers and afterwards she invited my over to her place.
We had a couple of more beers and really began to loosen
up. I was sitting on the couch beside Andrea and she was
surfing the channels on the TV looking for something
interesting to watch. I was as horny and a three legged
dog, not having had any sex -- except with my hand --
for almost a year. The combination of the beer and the
closeness of Andrea's tan athletic body made me bolder
than I might have been otherwise.

I leaned over and covered her luscious lips with mine in
a deep kiss that pushed her back against the couch. She
struggled in surprised at first but when I climbed on
top of her and began to massage her tits through her
shirt she seemed to relax and want me to continue.

I was so fucking horny by then that all I could think
about was screwing her, I needed her more at that moment
than I'd ever needed anyone in my life before. I shoved
a hand up under her shirt and was pleasantly surprised
by the soft warm feeling of naked tits.

When Andrea felt my cold hand on her hot tit she started
to struggle again, but I held her down and slipped her
some tongue and soon she was eagerly exchanging tongue
with me. That emboldened me to take the next step.
Before I lost my nerve I reached down and started
tugging at the snap on her jeans.

As before; Andrea started to protest. I rolled
completely over onto her pushing her over on to her back
and kept up a frantic war with her soft lips as I fucked
them with my tongue. While at the same time I started
tugging at her zipper and pulled it completely down.

I was in absolute heaven when I finally was able to
shove my hand between her firm smooth thighs. I wasted
no time in inserting a finger into that wonderful
mystery that she'd tried unsuccessfully to protect from
me. My finger was instantly coated with her slick
juices. "She was as hot as I was!" That was a revelation
to me.

I inserted another finger, then another and began to rub
the cupped palm of my hand against her mons paying
special attention to what I knew would be the center of
her pleasure. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and
pulled back to see what she looked like.

God! Her pants were by this time down around one ankle
and her tanned legs where stretched wide open. And that
pussy! Fuck, it made me crazy just to look at it. I mean
she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever been intimate
with before, and to see her naked pussy there all wet
from my efforts was just too much for me to take.

My face turned red as I felt my come spurting in my
underpants; with a sinking feeling I knew I'd just blown
my load. Not that it made any difference to my ability
to perform but the fact that I'd come prematurely was a
blow to my fragile male ego.

I'm sure Andrea didn't know what had happened, (at least
that's my story and I'm sticking to it). She never said
anything about it later, but she did take that moment --
while I was hesitating -- to pull herself together and
get up off the couch. She quickly pulled her pants back
on and headed for the bathroom only to disappear from
sight for more than 10 minutes.

There I was sitting on the couch with my cooling sperm
coating the inside of my underwear and Andrea locked in
the bathroom.

Finally she came out of the bathroom, and although she
was nice about it I realized that I'd blown my big
chance with her. The only consolation was that she said
that she'd had fun, and that was when she invited me to
her party. Well, what she actually said was, "Why don't
you and Jody come to my party on Saturday, I think it'll
be a lot of fun."

Anyway, I decided to take that as a positive reaction to
what had just happened between us and went home with
some hope for the future.


My roommate Jody comes from a wealthy family. He's been
in some trouble in the past and that's why he was going
to college in the southwest. He'd been a student at a
brand named preppy school back east, but because of past
indiscretions he was shunted out to Arizona to get him
out of scandal's way.

To be honest I've always been jealous of him because
everything seemed to come so easily for him. It'd taken
me almost a month to find the house we shared. It was a
two-bedroom bungalow with a rent that I could afford --
with a roommate helping out. Jody didn't really need to
save money but had answered my ad the first day and had
just fallen into the deal I had work so hard to put

He also had an easy way with women. I'd just about kill
myself trying to convince a girl to go out with me. But
all Jody had to do was flash his cash, or his sporty
Porsche and they were hanging all over him.

That's why I wasn't too keen on inviting him to Andrea's
party. He was in that year's graduating class and didn't
usually hang around with underclassmen and therefore
didn't even know that Andrea was alive. I didn't want
him to see my girlfriend and take a shine to her, but I
also really wanted to show up at the party in his
expensive car. It couldn't hurt to have some nice wheels
to impress the masses, I thought.


Saturday night arrived and as I'd hoped Jody was happy
to drive us over to Andrea's. And as I'd also hoped we
made a pretty good entrance, impressing the very people
I had hoped to. So everything was working as planned.

That is until Jody met Andrea. Fuck I should have known.
He had her eating out of his hand right away. He even
gave her a ride in his shinny new car. Just down around
the block to get some ice, but when they came roaring
back into the driveway I could tell that Andrea was
taken by him, they seemed like old friends, all
comfortable and flirty.

The night dragged on as I sat there glumly and watched
as Jody romanced my girl. I knew that I didn't have any
real claim on Andrea, but I felt that we had some kind
of understanding after what we'd done with each other
the day before.

After hours of sitting there, drinking more beer than I
should have I finally got the nerve up to take Jody
aside and tell him that Andrea was my girl. That I'd
planned on planting my flagpole in her that night and
would he please pick on someone else. That's when my
world changed, or should I say, fell apart.

Jody just laughed, then he told me that he was going to
fuck her that night after the party. That I had no hold
on her and that she hadn't even mentioned my name all
night. And finally that she'd already given him a yes
when he'd asked if he could stay the night. I was
crushed and tears began to stream down my face to add to
the humiliation of it all.

Then Jody said something that shocked me but at the same
time excited me beyond belief. "Hey Michael, don't take
it so hard. I knew you had a crush on her so I told her
that we'd be a threesome, and she didn't object. So you
can join us if you want to."

I couldn't believe my ears and responded in a shaky
voice, "What? You mean that you'd let me have a crack at
her too? After you're done?" I wasn't sure that I liked
his offer, but I was hard as a rock anyway.

"Sure, why not? And you don't have to wait, I'll fix it
so you can join in right away if you want. I think
Andrea's game for some hot sex with two healthy willing

I looked blankly at him. What was he suggesting? Andrea
would let two guys fuck her at once? I couldn't keep
quiet, "You mean you're telling me that she'd let us
both do her -- at the -- err -- same time?"

"Yeah, I'll fix it up right now," he said and casually
walked over to her and started to speak in a
confidential way leaning against the wall and whispering
in her ear. I watched them both not sure I believed that
Jody had the nerve to ask her something like that. But
he kept talking and occasionally he'd point my way or
nod his head in my direction. Andrea would look over at
me each time he made one of those gestures.

At first I still didn't believe that Jody was really
asking her if we could both fuck her that evening. The
fact that he'd said he was already as good as in her
pants was still hard for me to believe, even knowing his

But when Andrea finally sauntered over to me and quietly
said, "Well, well, this could be interesting," made me a
believer. Then she kissed me on the cheek and walked
away to greet some new guests that had just arrived.

I was so fucking aroused by the thought of both Jody and
me doing Andrea together. I couldn't believe that we
were going to have a threesome in just a couple of hours
and I was as nervous as I'd ever been in my life. I was
going to have to perform in front of another guy, and a
guy who knew his way around women a lot better than I.
For the first time in my life I felt sexually

That feeling grew as the night droned on. I started
drinking more beer than I should have. But the thought
of our forthcoming tryst, made me more and more nervous
as the night dragged on. I knew I shouldn't drink so
much but I needed to calm myself I thought, so I drank

The fact of the matter was that I was scared shitless by
the prospect of "proving" myself to both Andrea and
Jody. But at the same time I was like a horny male
animal in heat, the whole perverted idea was such a turn

Ha, that thought put a very erotic image into my mind:
Andrea kneeling on the floor, with Jody under her
thrusting himself into her from below, and me crouched
over her tan muscled back fucking her in her tight
little asshole. (I don't know why I was envisaging
myself butt fucking her, but I guessed if Jody was in
her from the front, then the only hole I had left was
the back door.)

Even though I was left with the number two hole, my
imagination was still sending my brain an erotic fantasy
that brought my dick to another rousing boner. Just
thinking about how it would feel to fuck her, and with
another guy doing it to her at the same time blew my


Finally the last guest either had crashed out on the
living room floor or had gone home. I had drunk too much
beer but wasn't feeling any pain by the time Andrea
locked the front door and giggling followed Jody into
her bedroom.

I trailed shyly in their wake not sure where I fit in,
but determined to fit in somewhere. When Jody almost
closed the door in my face I yelped, "Hey, don't forget
our deal man."

He turned and recognition gleamed in his eyes as he
realized that I was still hanging around. This was
probably the first thought he'd had about me since our
conversation. He waved me in and I eagerly followed. But
I stopped dead just inside the door as I saw Andrea
sprawled on the bed tugging off her clothes, then Jody
started to strip too. I was still standing there fully
clothed as he crawled onto the bed to lie beside her --
they were both naked.

I was totally absorbed as I watched Jody begin to fondle
Andrea's firm breasts, then he leaned into her and
started to kiss her. I watched as his dick grew big and
long as she kissed him back. The whole scene was so
strange, to be standing there only a few feet away as a
handsome couple were making love totally naked right in
front of me. My mind was absolutely spinning.

Then, almost as an after thought Andrea looked over
Jody's shoulder and said, "Well, you gonna get naked or
what Michael?"

I nervously nodded and began to fumble with my pants.
Jody rolled over and watched as I stripped. I couldn't
help looking at his big dick, knowing that mine wasn't
as impressive has his.

I knew that they were both staring at me and I knew that
they were wondering if I had a good looking body under
my clothes, just like I had when they were stripping
off. I knew that they were wondering if I was hung or

That made me even more nervous as I stripped off the
last of my clothes. Then the moment of truth, I tugged
my underwear down to expose a limp dick just hanging
there between my legs. 'Fuck,' I thought in anguish,
'I'd been horny for weeks and here I was, standing there
with a limp dick.' I was fucking humiliated.

Then things got worse.

"Well, well," Andrea smirked, "Looks like Michael
doesn't want to join in after all? Oh well, Mike, why
don't you just watch for a while. Maybe you'll be able
to get it up after Jody shows you how it's done." She
giggled at me and lay back to let him have his way with

I stood there in misery, wishing that I was dead, when
Jody stopped caressing Andrea's smooth tan skin and said
loudly, "Hey Mike, come over her will you? I need
someone to clean me off before I fuck this beauty's
brain's out."

I just stood there, I didn't understand what he meant, I
was totally confused.

Then he got up off the bed and walked over to me. I
watched his big firm body ripple with muscles as he
moved closer to me. I couldn't take my eyes off his
massive tool as it swung back and forth with each step
sticking out in front of him like a flagpole. His big
strong masculine body, the body that I wished I had, the
type of body that would impress someone like Andrea,
mesmerized me.

Then he was standing in front of me taking me by the
hand, and leading me around to the far side of the bed
just like a docile animal being lead to its slaughter.
Still not clear what he wanted of me, I didn't resist,
and I was too drunk and ashamed to ask what was

Then Jody sat on the edge of the bed and tugged on my
arm to bring me down on my knees beside the bed in front
of him. I was kneeling there looking straight at his big
stiff dick. Still I couldn't figure out what my role in
their sex play was to be.

Then Andrea's beautiful naked body was beside me. She
touched my head, pushing my face toward Jody's huge
boner. It was so big and strong and clean looking. I
wished fleetingly that mine was that big.

I still had the presence of mind to resist her effort.
Believe it or not I still wasn't sure what was going on.
But when Andrea knelt beside me and whispered in my ear,
"Suck him Michael," I knew what they wanted. Jody was
sitting there looking at me with a strange hooded look
in his eyes, his hands where flat on the bed slightly
behind him and to the sides and his boner was pointing
toward the ceiling with his legs spread wide.

Andrea said again, "C'mon, Mike, suck him for me,

I shook my head "no" and began to get up.

She held my head in her soft hands and moved closer to
me so that I could feel her soft tit flesh rubbing
against my arm, "C'mon Mike, do it for me. Watch."

I watched as she leaned in between Jody's thighs and
grasped his dick with one small hand and began to lick
it like it was a grape lollipop.

I couldn't help myself, I was fascinated by the sight of
this wonderfully sexy woman acting like a slut on her
knees in front of both Jody and I. As I watched Jody
threw his head back and began groaning in pleasure. Then
Andrea began to bob her pretty head up and down, taking
him deeply. I saw his shaft sinking into her mouth
cushioned by those wonderful lips, and I was hard again,
painfully so.

After a short while she stopped sucking on Jody and
turned to me. Then looking down at my raging boner she
said, "So you liked that did you?" She smiled and
grasped my cock in her soft warm hands and began to jack
me off. She leaned in and kissed me deeply as Jody
watched us. I was in heaven!

Then Andrea let go of my dick and pulled away from me,
saying, "C'mon Mike suck on Jody now, just like I did.
If you'll suck him I'll suck you."

I was so horny by this time, and still pretty drunk or I
wouldn't have even listened to her -- I'd have gotten up
and left -- promised blowjob or not. But I was
susceptible to Andrea's charms and after all I reasoned,
she'd just been sucking Jody's cock then french-kissed

I hadn't thrown up. And god! I was horny, so horny in
fact that I was in pain and desperately needed release.
I looked at Jody's cock, which was still standing
proudly at attention. Now it was all shinny from
Andrea's saliva and for some reason it looked inviting
to me.

It's hard to explain why I did it, my inhibitions must
have been lowered by all that I'd seen, and by Andrea's
sexy voice in my ear urging me on. But for whatever
reason I leaned in between Jody's legs and took his big
throbbing dick in my hand. I fondled him for a moment,
then with Andrea's face only inches away from Jody's
dick I took the purplish head between my lips and began
to tentatively suck on him.

Andrea's pretty face was smiling and I could see that
her eyes were half closed in arousal as she whispered,
"Fuck yeah, you look so hot sucking on his big dick
Mike. You keep that up and I'll give you the fucking
blowjob of your life, c'mon Mike faster, do it faster!"

I was urged on by that promise, and besides she was
still jacking me off slowly. So I began to bob my head
over Jody's lap in imitation of Andrea's earlier
efforts. Actually in my drunken state it wasn't all that
bad after you got used to having another man's meat in
your mouth. I could imagine how it would feel to him and
I started to work on his cock like I'd like a woman to
do me. Since I knew what I'd want I knew what he'd want
and began to lick his shaft like a cat drinking milk,
then every once in a while I'd sink down to the hilt and
almost gagging. Then lick my way back off him.

The gagging reflex receded after a while and I realized
that I was doing a pretty good job on my roommate. He
began thrashing around on the bed in ecstasy as I
continued to suck on his bone. Then all of a sudden he
sat up and grabbed my head and thrust into my throat.

I struggled as if my life depended upon it. I couldn't
breathe and I knew what was going to happen and wanted
nothing to do with it. But it was too late -- I felt
Jody's come gushing down my throat, I sputtered and
tried violently to disengage myself, but he was stronger
than me and finally I quieted down hoping that he'd let
me go if I didn't fight him.

God, I was drinking another man's come, just like a
queer. Fuck I could taste his come in my nose, on my
tongue, and sticky between my teeth. My mouth felt full
to overflowing but I wasn't going to swallow, even if I
died of asphyxiate.

Then Andrea began to jack on me faster and faster and I
began to swallow Jody's come, I didn't care what he
thought of me, I was moaning around his cock as I came
in gushes against Andrea's bedspread and was soon spent.
I was exhausted, but Andrea wasn't done with me.

She held her hand up -- it was full of my hot sticky
come. I watched her hand move toward me and looked over
at Jody as Andrea began to rub her come filled hand
against my lips. For some reason I will never be able to
explain, I opened my mouth and while staring into Jody's
bright blue eyes I licked the come from around her
fingers and out of the palm of her hand.


That night changed things for me. I never did get to
make love to Andrea, nor did I get that promised

But after that incident, during the rest of the school
year I made love to Jody's cock over and over again. You
see it was either that or he'd spread it around that I
was gay, and my reputation would be ruined.


It turned out that Jody's little conversation with
Andrea, supposedly to "have a threesome" was really a
bet he made with her. He bet her $100.00 that she
couldn't make me eat his come. She needed the money and
took him up on it.

Even years later I still can't go to any of our class
reunions because I might bump into Jody there. I've
never had any other homosexual liaisons in my life,
although I will admit that I've jerked off plenty of
times to the memories of what we did that night.

I also have become a great pussy eater from those many
times I'd given Jody what he demanded. One of the things
that attracted my wife to me was my phenomenal tongue-
fucking ability. She says that once I'd done that to her
she was mine from that day forward.

I guess I can thank Andrea and Jody for at least that.
After sucking a guy off over and over again, you get
over any squeamishness that you might have had about
oral sex.

And I find that I really have to prove to my manhood
over and over again. Prove that I'm not gay. That's
something that my wife should thank Andrea and Jody for
too. That is if she knew anything about the incident,
which of course she does not!


Author Contact address: ***@hotmail.com

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It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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An African Seduction - 1
by Author on Africa (***@uwclub.net)


In a moment of weakness a white married woman is taken
advantage of by a charismatic influential African. (MF,
wife, intr)


Author Notes: The following story is entirely
fictional, despite its close resemblance to certain
events that took place when the author took his family
to Zimbabwe between 1991 and 1993. It is a reflection
on the experiences of many white expatriates and their
families working in Africa and the Middle East.

Names have of course been changed, even if they were
fictional (J).

This story was first published in Literotica.com but
has been relocated here to avoid that site's editorial
restrictions. As such it has been edited and revised.
Readers who enjoyed it there might enjoy the
corrections here.

There are going to be more stories published here, and
they are nearly all inter-related to what happened and
the four powerful and influential Africans who
successfully mixed money and power to gain the kind of
sex they wanted.

In Harare, in 1991, due to the economic circumstances,
there were nearly 4 million African men working the
factories there, compared to about 500,000 African
women. With 8 men black men to every African woman
there was a huge pent up sexual need. Since the
Africans quite sensibly left their own daughters on
their family farms, the 10,000 or so white families in
the city sometimes felt under sexual siege.

The Africans best equipped to win those sexual sieges
were the new African Elite. African multi-millionaires
who could not possibly spend all they were making.
Powerful, and politically connected they were, and are
untouchable. Men who would take bribes in their
millions, but would respond far more positively if the
bribe included one of those rarities in Zimbabwe a
pretty white woman, or the innocence of a white teenage

Where would they find such? Well they employed expats
to run their businesses. Expats who did not always
realise they had won the contract because their wife
was a beauty, or that his daughters were considered
prime material for bribing Africans clients!)

(This story was 1st published on Literotica.com and has
been revised and edited)


Part 1

Igwe held the tearful woman close in his arms. To be
frank he cared little for her tears, or her fears and
trauma's that had led to them. He did, however,
appreciate the full warm curves of her body as he held
her close.

With one hand around her waist he held her close, while
his other gently stroked her short dark hair,
comforting her. At six foot six inches he towered over
the latest white woman to join his philosophy circle.

His decision to form a philosophy circle had been a
stroke of genius in his campaign to seduce the
relatively few attractive white women in Zimbabwe.
Those disaffected with their life and looking for
relief from the boredom of endless poolside sunbathing
had been happy to join his circle. Their husbands were
happy to be left to drink beer in one of the many
exclusive hotel bars rather than join their wives
discussing philosophy!

Many had subsequently learned the folly of their
negligence when their loving 'faithful' white wives
gave birth to a bouncy, screeching, black baby.

Angel sobbed in his strong arms, only to glad to find a
man who understood her. Igwe was careful that his
burgeoning erection did not disillusion her.

His hand rose slowly to gently stroke her back. Her
natural reaction was to move closer to him and her full
firm breasts pushed against him.

At 34 years old, and with two children, Angel was lucky
to have full firm mounds that did not sag. Igwe
appreciated his luck in having those mounds pressed
firmly to him. He had no doubts how this evening was
going to end.

His time in America studying psychology had served him
well. Here in Africa he had no qualms about using the
knowledge gained to twist and manipulate the minds of
white couples. Enhancing their concerns, preying on
their fears, offering them security, pampering them,
while at the same time scaring them at the same time.
Preparing them to accept the need to please him. These
white couples were unnaturally afraid of the teeming
black masses of Africa. They were often only too happy
to accept a luxurious lifestyle, and often willing to
take part in sexual adventures, if that is what it took
to be part of the in-crowd.

Personally he preferred those not willing to be
seduced. It was much more fun bedding them!

"My husband just doesn't understand me!" Angel sobbed.

Igwe grinned as he stroked her hair and looked down at
the pretty tear stained face buried on his chest.

Stupid woman!

Why should her husband try and understand her? He was a
man! It was a woman's role to serve and please her
husband. African women knew their place, but these
confused western women had lost touch with their role
pleasing men.

'If only I could talk to him like I can talk to you!"
Angel sought to gather her senses, suddenly aware that
her nipples had unaccountable become erect as she
pressed against this charming, educated, and
sophisticated black man.

Igwe's nostrils flared as he took in the sweet
freshness of the white woman in his arms. Washed,
scented, and clean. So typical of these well brought up
English women that married skilled and educated
professionals. Yet so lacking in the basic
understanding or relationships. She was well presented
in her stylish western style dress. He would love
breaking her in. Teaching this woman her true role in
life. He dismissed her husband's acceptance and
tolerance of her strange concepts of 'modern
womanhood.' He regarded it as evidence of her husband's
weak will, and the failure of his masculinity.

"I understand," he murmured into her soft dark hair.
His hand rose from her back to gently stroke the
softness of her slim white neck. Angel was relieved not
to be held quite so tight, though his strong masculine
presence was comforting. His fingers on her neck were
soothing, calming, mesmerising as they drew soft
circles on her neck. If only her husband would stroke
her like this!

The sudden intrusive thought of her husband disturbed
her. She was acutely aware of the stiffness of her
nipples as they strained against the material of her
soft lacy brassiere. She had found herself dressing
differently since joining Igwe's circle. There were no
men in this circle, and all the other women took such
extra-ordinary care in their appearance. Angel had
found herself wearing lingerie she rarely wore for her
husband any more.

She did not want to seem rude to Igwe, and his strong
hands, while gently stroking, belied the power of this
man. They had a power over her that she sought to
suppress, even as tingles shivered the soft skin of her

He urged her to sit on his sofa and offered her a
Turkish Apple tea. She gratefully accepted and sat
demurely while he prepared the drink. She did not
notice as he lightly sprinkled crushed mbanje into the
drink. He was confident she would not consider the
presence of the crushed herb unusual.

She had been married to her doting husband Mark for 18
years. She was a faithful wife, and loving mother to
their two teenage daughters. A devout catholic, and
regular churchgoer, her current unexpected and unwanted
arousal disturbed her. The tea would be calming, help
her regain her distance, and reserve.

"He won't let me drive the car since the accidents,"
Angel complained.

Igwe stifled a laugh as he prepared the drink. Glad she
could not see his face. Of course, her husband had
banned her from driving! It was the one sensible thing
Mark had done.

"Hmm, well you have had three crashes in the last

He turned back to a fidgeting Angel, and noted her
nibbling her lip. He would bruise those soft lips with
passion tonight. Angel ignored his words.

"He has undermined my status in the eyes of my
friends," Angel went on.

In doing so he had probably saved your life Igwe
thought, but he let it pass.

'Disgraceful, he should take more care of your
position!" He responded instead, knowing what she
wanted to hear.

Angel looked up at him grateful for his support, as he
sat close beside her on the sofa. She edged closer. She
found tears edging to the surface again, and cursed her
edginess and nervousness in front of this sophisticated
African. He was so different to most of the poor
Africans teeming through the streets.

Without warning tears coursed down her cheeks, Igwe
leaned over and pulled her close. He understood that
she was still recovering from a minor breakdown. That
she was weak and vulnerable. Her husband should have
been here, but he wasn't and Igwe intended to take full

His black hand rose and lightly stroked Angel's soft
white arms. He cradled her into his shoulder. His hand
rose to cup the soft curve of her cheek. His finger
lightly stroked aside the salty tears. Angel snuggled
closer, unresisting as his hand lifted her face.

He was not a handsome man, though he was unmistakably a
powerful, dominant male. At 45 years old he was eleven
years older than her, but the years seemed meaningless.
His dark, craggy looks, his Saville Row suites, and
casual confidence all combined to make her feel secure
in his presence.

In many ways he reminded her of her burly strong willed
father. He had also been a businessmen with powerful

"Oh," she gasped.

His lips had descended and were kissing away her tears.
She smiled at this touch. His hand on her cheek held
her head firmly in place, as lips lightly caressed her
eyes. She closed her own, and lay still as his lips
closed over her eyes.

Her heart leapt. This should not be happening. Her eyes
flitted open, as he kissed her forehead, then dropped
to her nose, and she laughed. He grinned at her.

Then his lips dipped and met hers.

Her heart rate soared as this masterful man softly
kissed her lips. She sought to pull away, but there was
no heart in her effort, and his hand effortlessly held
her head in place, as the kiss became more demanding.

Angel melted into the kiss, her sweet lips responding.
It had been 18 years since she had kissed another man
than Mark, but now her lips were seeking out his

Igwe savoured the soft lips of the English woman. He
kissed, now lightly, now passionately; alternating in
his pattern, savouring the lips, he held her close.
Then his tongue slipped out and licked along the line
of those delightfully parted lips.

"Oh...please," Angel sought to push him away and
recover her senses. It was like pushing against solid
rock. For a 45-year-old businessman he seemed
remarkably strong. She had since the family's arrival
in Zimbabwe become to understand the remarkable
strength of African men. Most went from years doing
hard farm work, to the relentless and furious energy of
the burgeoning factories.

More than once that quick grope in a hotel bar, or
between the tight close aisles of a shop, had developed
into something more. With one hand holding her firm and
still, while a second explored, or a friend's hand
explored. At first she had been shocked and horrified.
She had screamed. But this was Harare, not a quite
English bookstore. She had quickly learned that her
screams simply attracted more African men.

Like hyena's scenting a kill they would swarm around
hoping for an opportunity to sample her charms. Not
that the Africans ever seemed threatening, even when
she struggled and sought to push them away. Always they
would have that happy grin as their hands rose under
her skirt, or fondled a breast, or bottom! The bare
faced cheek and sexual aggression of these men was
something she had never had to cope with in England!

Once, early after they arrived, she had taken her
daughters shopping. When an African tried to push her
into the changing booth she had screamed her help. Male
African heads had popped around corners, and over and
through shelves to see the fun. Men had rushed to the
vicinity, but instead of coming to her aid, 14 year old
Amanda and seventeen year old Rebecca had been seized,
fondled, and stroked. Her two bemused, confused
daughters held while grinning Africans touched and
fondled them. She was convinced that only the unusual
interference of the shop's security guard had saved
them all from a mass gang rape.

Grateful as she was she had refused his demand that she
give him her address. "For the report," he had said.
Even while shaken and her emotions ruffled she had
retained the sense not to give this African man her
address. He may be her saviour this time, but knowing
the address of a pretty white woman, and her two pretty
teenage daughters, may have been too much temptation.
Even if he only sold the information to more bold
criminally minded Africans.

She was not so naive not to realise that there was a
real 'market' in Africa for attractive white women, and
an even bigger market for pretty white teenagers.

Now as she sought to push Igwe away, she was reminded
just how strong he was. While one part of her told her
to be sensible and remember her husband. Another
stronger, suppressed emotion fluttered to the surface.
This man was so strong it was sending wicked signals to
her loins. She fought to control that irrational
reaction. She was a career woman, an intelligent
educated woman. She was happy.

Igwe tilted her chin, his mouth descended. With a
fierce passion his tongue darted into her mouth.

Her senses departed and she kissed him back.

Her lithe and nimble tongue seemed to have a life of
its own as it met Igwe's tongue, darting and
challenging. Even as she berated herself she breathed
in his masculine presence. His dark demanding presence
as his hands wandered unrestricted. This was
forbidden... her eyes closed and she welcomed his
demanding passionate kiss.

It seemed so long since her husband had kissed her like
this. The thought of her husband jerked her back to
reality. Her eyes flashed open and looked up at Igwe as
he kissed her. His eyes were locked on hers. His eyes
were dark, mesmerising, and powerful. She was losing
herself in those eyes, when she again sought to pull
herself together.

Then one of his strong black hands closed on her

"Oh...no, my husband," her hand rose and grasped the
hand at her breast. It was like trying to move a steel
girder, but this bit of steel, was warm. It cupped her
breast, and caressed and fondled. No amount of feeble
pushing on her part was going to free her breast. Then
his hand at her neck grasped her short page boy style
dark hair, and jerked sharply down.

"Arghh...oh," she gasped as her pretty white face was
pulled sharply up and presented to Igwe. She was not
used to pain, and the shock of it ran through her body.
Then his big heavy body seemed to bear down on her and
her lips seemed to open automatically to receive his

She was shocked and felt betrayed as her body reacted
in ways it shouldn't. She didn't want to feel like

She didn't, she really didn't...

Then his tongue met hers and her mind seemed to swirl
and fly.


Igwe grinned to himself as he played this naive and
innocent white wife. His hand had risen and clasped her
full and firm breast. He savoured its fullness. He
loved white women. They looked after themselves so
well. An African woman of 34, unless she had married
early to a rich and powerful man, would have spent 31
of those years in the fields under a not sun. She would
probably have nursed several children, and was unlikely
to have ever had a proper diet.

These white women took such care over themselves. Over
their figure, and diet, and appearance. As his hand
seemed to weigh the full breast in his hand he
estimated that Angel possessed breasts that did not
snag, and he delighted in it.

He cupped it, squeezed it, stroked it, and fondled it.
A white woman's breast. The breast of a woman married
to a white man. He remembered the 15 years guerrilla
warfare in the bush. The whites claimed to have won
that guerrilla war, but as he held and enjoyed the
fullness of that white breast, He knew no white
policeman was going to burst through his door. No red
faced angry white soldier was going to shoot him down
like a dog for touching a white woman.

His fingers found a stiffened nipple through the cloth
of her dress, and bra. A bra he noted that seemed lacy
and frilly. Had she dressed for him? He nipped that
thickened pert nib sharply.

The woman beneath him squealed into his kiss, but he
did not release her mouth, or his grip on her nipple.

Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain.

He released his grip, and she sighed into his demanding
passionate kiss.

Even as she relaxed he ran the palm of his hand over
her nipple, and felt her body tremble. He estimated
that excited little tingles would be surging from her
abused bud, as he fondled her that full mound and then
lightly stroked his thumb over the over-excited nipple,
enjoying her squirm in his arms.

So few of these well brought up, middle class English
women seemed to fully understand the nature of pain,
and its relationship to pleasure. He would delight in
teaching Angel. Oh yes, he would teach her all about
the pleasure of pain, and pleasing his cock.

He looked over at the door to his villa.

No, there was no sign of an outraged husband. He
glanced across at the shotgun on the wall. He laughed
quietly. If her husband did turn up and burst through
the door he, Igwe, was the one with the right to shoot
the intruder dead.

Not that such an eventuality was likely, though a small
part of him wished to be so. Four large German Shepherd
guard dogs prowled the gardens of his ten acre villa in
the exclusive Harare suburb of Borrowdale. Big bored
dogs that would have delighted in the sport of finding
an intruder. Chuku Olanes, his devoted bodyguard would
be alert. Keeping an eye on the CCTV cameras. Chuku
owed Igwe his life. After a moment in the war when
Chuku had been seized by a crocodile while creeping
across a golf course near Victoria Falls.

Quick work with a machete had denied the crocodile a
live meal. Chuku had rarely left his side since, and
had soon learned there were opportunities for Chuku.
Igwe after all usually found a new and interesting
white woman to seduce every few months and was generous
with his discards.

Igwe turned back to the lovely panting Angel, as she
lay half beneath him. Her eyes were wide as she looked
up at him. Those delightful now bruised lips quivering.
Her chest rose and fell, her breathing deep and

She was a delightful English Rose in her prime. No, he
grinned to himself, the whites had not won the war
after all, as his dark hand began flicking the buttons
that held the bodice of her dress together.

"Noooo! Please... we have gone too far!"

"I love my husband he loves me!"

Her hands reached for his. He ignored them. Her efforts
were light and ineffective. Lacking the strength to
keep his eager hands from those firm white orbs
increasingly coming into view.

His hand pushed inside the dress. He delighted in the
sight of her lacy brassiere. A fashionable stylish bra
that did little to hide the rounded, full mounds
within. His hand swept the material aside and he took
the warm firm white flesh into his hand.

Angel gasped, and thrust her breast into his hand. It
was as though she had no control of her own body. Hot
sensations radiated from that strong hand. This was not
some boy struggling for a quick grope. This was a
strong masterful man taking what he wanted, and she
struggled against the sudden urge to spread her legs.

Igwe stared with delight at the slightly darkened
nipple that still held a touch of pinkness, such a
contrast to an African woman. He delighted in the
sight, and the feel of that surprisingly firm orb,
which as he had guessed did not sag. His head dropped,
and Angel jerked beneath him as his greedy lips took
that nipple into his mouth, then widened further to
gorge on round white woman flesh.

Angel jerked as his hot mouth enclosed her nipple. His
lips suckled, and then her drew her nipple deeper into
his mouth and she felt his teeth nibbling on the
sensitive tip. Her toes stretched as pleasurable
sensations overwhelmed her breasts, radiating across
her chest and sending tingling sensations down to her
curling toes.


Igwe grinned and worked his teeth hard. He could feel
her shiver and shake in response to his attention to
her aroused bud. His tongue curled around the erect
nipple and he was delighted when her back arched, and
she inadvertently pushed her breast into his mouth.

Her hands were trying to push him away and he allowed
her to push his shoulders back. He released the nipple.
He looked down at her. Her eyes were bright. Her
untended left breast was in stark contrast to the
overexcited right breast.

"Please, enough, I should be going," Angela pleaded.
Her hands on his shoulders seemed to be holding him at
bay, but she made no attempt to cover over her breasts.
He grinned and lowered his head to her left breast.

"No!" Her slim white hands strained to keep him away.
Angel struggled to comprehend how easily he ignored her
straining hands his mouth descended to her left nipple
and hot wet sensations wracked her nipple.

God! He was so strong! She gasped as his teeth chewed
on her nipple, then his tongue soothed the agitated
nub. Her back arched and she consciously sought to pull
her breast free. Her efforts were distracted by the
feel of one of his hands sliding under her dress and
stroking upwards over her shapely white thigh.

She wanted to pull away, but she was trapped on the
sofa. His heavy body, holding her down while his teeth,
lips and tongue doing indescribably things to her
excited aroused nipples, and now his hand was under her

She felt it each the top her stocking and find the soft
bare skin of upper thigh. His hand was hot, and softly
circling. A black hand under her dress, stroking gently
the soft silky white skin that only her husband had
ever touched.

Thoughts of her husband surfaced and she renewed her
efforts to push him away, then stopped. Would her
husband want her to stop him? It was Mark who had joked
about how easy it would be for her to take a black
lover here.

No one would ever know, not even her husband!

Igwe's hand reached higher and she 'allowed' him to
push her legs apart. She tensed as his hand found and
covered her silk clad vulva, and she jerked as they
lightly stroked.

Oh God! I should not be letting him do this, but then
she wondered if she was indeed allowing him to do this.
He was bigger and stronger than she was. Far stronger
than her husband! His hands, lips, teeth were making
free with her body, despite her attempts to push him
away. She could not stop him, even if she wanted to.

A little nervous flash of thought went through her.
Never in her life had she ever not been in control.
Here on this sofa, she knew she was not in control.
Sensations were wracking through her body. Pleasurable
sensations. She did not want to betray her husband. A
finger pushed aside the silken gusset of her panties
and slipped into her wet feminine centre.

She flushed in embarrassment as she realised just how
wet she had become. That Igwe should be able to
discover the level of her excitement was deeply
embarrassing. Her hands dropped to exploring hand
seeking to push it away. Igwe caught one of her hands
by the wrist and pulled it to one side.

He guided her hand between his own legs, and her
fingers brushed the hot, hard length of his exposed
manhood. Her hand jerked away, she was startled by the
heat and hardness of his member. She had been unaware
of him releasing his cock from his trousers. Igwe
however, retained his grip on in her hand brought it
back to his aroused and excited black cock. At the
second contact as his hand seemed to push her slim
white hand along its length. Angel found her hand had
grasped its thickness.

She marvelled at its girth. The thick pulsing veins
seemed to throb in her soft hand. She struggled to
comprehend its thickness and her hands squeezed it. She
realised with a sense of disbelief and a certain dread
that her fingers could not meet when they closed around
it. It was too thick to fit inside her. Not that she
was going to allow him to try.

Igwe's hand was back on her wrist and he guided her
hand up and down its hard length. Her dread at its
thickness was increased and heightened as she realised
it was also long, just how long she had yet to

Angel now needed no encouragement to explore its
length. Her husband had joked that black men had big
cocks, and she knew as did he that it was not true, but
Igwe's manhood seemed to defy natural justice. It was
both long and thick as her hand slid down its underside
seeking it base she was shocked to feel the thick
circumcised head push against her upper arm. Shocked
she released it. It couldn't be that long! She sought
to look down at it but the pressure of his heavy body
in hers prevented her from doing so.

At that point Igwe pushed a thick finger into her body.
The effect on Angela galvanised her into attempted
action. There was only one consequence of the
continuation of her inaction, and it must not be

She was married. She loved Mark, her husband. She must
not allow this to proceed further!

"Let me up!" She demanded. Igwe ignored her. His lips
busy nibbling on the soft white skin of her slender
neck. His finger pushed deeper. Her writhing legs
closed on his hand seeking to squeeze his hand out from
between her legs.

"This is too much, we have gone too far! I'm married."

Igwe grinned at the reminder that the delightful curvy
body seeking to wriggle from beneath him belonged to
another. A white man at that! He circled his finger in
the hot, wet, tightness of her married pussy and thrust
his finger in a further inch.

As his finger slid deeper Angel found her hand gripping
his cock tightly in response. Her fingers could hardly
connect around it. She knew black men were said to
possess larger members, but what she held in her hand
was beyond anything her imagination had ever
considered. The cock throbbed in her hand. She could
feel gnarled veins throb and pulse with blood and eager

Igwe with drew his finger and shifted in position. His
weight lifted from her and she was able to look down at
his cock. Her eyes widened as they confirmed the size
of cock her hands had explored.

He was huge!

"My God!"

Igwe grinned. He delighted in the shocked reactions of
the expatriate wives when they discovered the size of
his cock. He had rarely found one complacent and
anticipating such a cock. The surprise on the white
wives, was a pleasure, but the additional mix of fear
that engulfed them enhanced his own pleasure.

If the surprise of white wives was delight to observe,
the reaction of the white teenage girls who travelled
to Africa with their parents was even more so. Breaking
in a 13 or 14 year old white virgin was his favourite
pastime, and the look on their eyes when they saw the
size of his cock was always a memory to treasure.

Angel was no virgin, though he suspected his first
penetration was going to take some effort.

Angel was staring at his cock with fear and
fascination. As though she had found herself confronted
by a striking cobra and was afraid to move. Igwe
enjoyed the conflicting her emotions.

"Is this what your husband dreams of?"

Angel looked up at him perplexed.

"Doesn't your husband have fantasies of his sweet wife
being ravished by a big cocked African?"

Angel flushed. The pink glow suffused her cheeks and
descended to her breasts. How did he know? It was not
just her husband who had such fantasies, though she
would never admit that to anyone, especially her

Igwe's cock was not natural! It was too thick!

It was easily as thick as her wrist. As Igwe shifted in
position and both his hands went up under her skirt. As
his body shifted more of his cock slid out of his
trousers, and she goggled as its length became

It was far too long to go inside her! It would rupture
her womb!

"It's too big..." her words came out in gasps. Her
breathing had become heavy. There was a tension in her
throat, and a heat in her loins. Igwe grinned when, as
he tugged at her panties, her hips rose slightly
allowing him to ease her panties down.

She was his...

"Oh God! Please...My husband..."

Igwe grinned and his mouth dropped to close her pleas
with another kiss. Angela darted her head to one side
to avoid the kiss. Her movement presented a small
delicate white ear. He grinned and instead of closing
on her mouth, his lips caught the soft lobe of her ear
and he nibbled it. Angel seemed to jerk beneath him as
her body was galvanised by the soft touch of his lips
on her ear. His tongue licked the lobe as his hands
worked under her dress, enjoying the feel of the
shapely full thighs of a well-fed white woman.

He dipped his tongue inside her ear curling it, pushing
deeper, twirling his tongue, in the soft sensitive
interior. He could feel her breasts surge and push
against him in response to the sensations she could not
avoid as his tongue excited her. His hands pushed her
shapely white thighs apart, her dress rising up around
her waist.

He positioned himself between her legs.

Angel was oblivious to her danger. The teasing of his
tongue was merciless, and exciting. He really knew how
to excite her! It was wicked! It was forbidden. She
jerked her ear free of his tongue, turned to face him
to tell him to stop. She looked up into his eyes. Eyes
that were full of passion and desire.

Desire for her...

Her heart surged. She was confused, as her heart raced
and her senses seemed to pulse. She humped her hips and
flushed with shame at her action.

She cursed her weakness, but when his mouth dropped to
hers she did not resist. Her mouth opened in response
to the passionate demand of his kiss. When his tongue
slid between her lips, her own tongue darted to meet
his and locked with his in a passionate wrestling

Then his cock nudged the portal of her feminine centre,
and her eyes flared wide. She stared up into the dark
powerful passion filled eyes of the African above her.

Igwe met her gaze. He loved these moments. The shocked
surprise in a white woman's eyes as she realised he was
about to enter her. He thrust his hips and broke free
of her eagerly kissing lips.

"Oooooooohhh! ... No! ... You mustn't!"

He thrust again and he passed through the portals to
her womanhood.

He paused. It was always so surprising how tight these
white women were, even those married with children. Her
pussy clasped his cock tight. Her sheath was like that
of a virgin protecting its hymen. He savoured the hot
tight grip on his cock, leaned forward and thrust

Another inch of his thick manhood slid into her, and
her legs flew wide in reaction. He grasped the hot warm
curves of her hips and lifted, as he thrust. His cock
was now three inches into her, and past the restricting
grasping portal. He thrust again, sliding a further few
inches into her.

"Ooooooh...no... I'm bursting!"

He roared a triumphal laugh and thrust again. Her hips
starting jerking spasmodically beneath him, her legs
grasped him then released him. She struggled to push
him way. She tried wriggling free from him.

Igwe held himself in position, while she wriggled and
struggled. He enjoyed the feel of his cock as is it
slithered deeper in her well-lubricated sheath.

Angel stropped struggling realising belatedly that her
efforts had only resulted in his cock going deeper
inside her. He was too well ensconced inside her how.
She was not going to gain her freedom by her own
efforts. She was going to have to let him have his way
with her.

A warm tingling overcame her at the thought she was
helpless to prevent this dominant African taking his
pleasure between her legs.

She was going to get fucked.

Exciting sensations swept from her loins as she became
accustomed to his thickness. Her abused pussy seemed to
be clinging to his cock, but already it was relaxing
and adapting to its size. She realised that he had
stopped thrusting into her. She looked up at his face
and realised he was savouring the pleasure of being
inside her. Without conscious thought her pussy
squeezed on his cock sending further excitement
shooting through her. To her shame and pleasure the
muscles in her sheath seemed to caress his cock. She
tried to bring her body back under control.

Then when she had got herself back under control she
looked back up at him. He was gazing down at her. She
flushed under his gaze.

"Is that it all? Is it all really inside me?"

Igwe grinned.


Then he ran his hands up from his grip on her curvy
derriere, sliding them along the soft skin so that he
could secure a firm grip on her shoulders.

"No, that is not all," he laughed and thrust again.

He enjoyed the startled look on her face as he thrust
and thrust again. This time firmly holding her
shoulders to keep her in position as he pushed deeper.
He relished the glove like grip on his cock as it
seemed to but against her uterus and push through
further deeper unused barriers.

"Ooooooh...oh God...oooooh."

Igwe freed one of his hands and reached up to grasp her
short dark hair in his grip. He jerked her head back.
Pain shot through her, but seemed to send further
powerful surges down her loins. She grasped his cock
with her sheath instinctively. She felt the slap of his
balls against her bottom. It was in she realised. If
his balls were slapping against her bottom he must be
all the way in! She stirred beneath him.

He looked down at her pretty face. He enjoyed the sight
of her pale slender neck. He noted the dilated eyes,
her gasping breath. Her unfocussed eyes, he gave her
time to recover. When her green eyes finally focussed
on him again he grinned down at her. She smiled faintly
back at him.

"Now," he said, "I am going to fuck you!"

Her eyes seemed to widen. Then he felt her legs wrap
around him.

He grinned, she smiled nervously back at him.

Then he started to fuck.

She wailed like a hyena in heat as he withdrew then

His hips rose and fell beneath her splayed thighs.

He savoured the silky softness as the inner thighs of
another man's wife clasped him to her.

A white man's wife lost in passion beneath him.

Was there any greater pleasure?

Yes, of course, there was, the pleasure of his seed
spurting up inside her clinging tightness.

He gripped her shoulders and took his pleasure,
thrusting and driving his manhood deep inside. Enjoying
the exquisite pleasure of her tight womanhood.

Her excited wail betrayed her orgasm beneath him as she
shook and shivered beneath him. He paused briefly. Then
resumed his efforts.

"Please stop...I have come already... enough..."

He laughed and renewed his urgent thrusting.

"Oh please...too much... didn't you hear I've come

He ignored her and thrust away. She wriggled and
squirmed seeking to push him away. It was too intense,
too powerful, the feelings too strong. Then too her
shock a second orgasm overtook her, she jerked and
throbbed in spasms beneath him. Shocked, disbelieving,
this could not be happening she had never had two
orgasms before!

She collapsed in his arms defeated. There was no point
resisting. Igwe above her continued his thrusting and
surging between her legs still eagerly clasped around

A rolling wave of orgasms seemed to overcome her as she
abandoned the struggle and let him use her as he
wished. This was a strong man who took what he wanted
and with a thrill of excitement she realised she was
glad he wanted her...

Hot blossoming heat surged in her loins and she
suddenly realised he had come inside her. The thought
seemed to trigger another even more heated orgasm. It
was as though her body was eagerly surging to receive
his seed!

A horn sounded from outside the villa!

A long blast of sound that broke the moment.

Igwe broke free from. His cock long and slick with her
juices slithered out of her and she looked in disbelief
at its length and thickness.

"That will be your husband. Come to take you home."

Angel looked up at him in shock and alarm as the real
world returned.

The horn sounded again, and Angel struggled to her

Her husband was waiting! She struggled to refasten her
dress over her breasts. She pushed her dress back down
from her waist. She saw her panties lying discarded on
floor and snatched them up.

She turned to Igwe.


"Go," he interrupted her. "Don't keep your husband

She turned fled, pressing her panties into her handbag.

She burst through the door of his villa out into the
African night.

The sudden heat of the night passing over her, she saw
her husband watching for her. A look of concern left
his face as she appeared.

She scurried over to her husband's car as she tried to
collect her shattered emotions. Her world had just
fallen apart on a black man's cock.

"Hi honey. You OK?"

She glanced at Mark as climbed into the passenger seat
then looked away as guilt overcame her. This man loved
her and she had betrayed that love.

"Hmm...I'm fine."

"You look flustered?"

"I was...I was in the bathroom." Her breath caught in
her throat as she said it. She had just lied to her

He leaned across and kissed her lightly on the lips.
She had a sudden thought that he would smell Igwe on
her. That he would smells the sexual excretions seeping
from her.

"No matter. Nice to see you again. Bill made a right
prat of himself tonight. We had to virtually carry him
out to his car. You would think with that beautiful
wife of his he would be rushing home after work instead
of getting plastered every night."

Angel gathered her thoughts as Mark prattled on. She
calmed down then fiercely clamped her pussy tight as
she felt surge of semen leak from her unclad loins!

Continued in part 2...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: lady.txt (m/F, nc)
Authors name: Gemini (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Travis & The Lady Who Had Too Much To Drink

-= This work is copyrighted to the author � 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Travis & The Lady Who Had Too Much To Drink (m/F, nc)
by Gemini (***@hotmail.com)

Our favorite little pervert Travis takes advantage of
one of his mother's friends after she has a little too
much to drink at a wedding.


Only Travis would attend a wedding ceremony of two
people he hardly knew with a pocket full of condoms.
There was no logic behind it, but as Travis would
always say, "I'm a proud supporter of safe sex."

Actually the gleeful bride and groom's identities were
best known to Travis's mother, Carol, who was surprised
when she received an invitation at the office from her
former best friend, Tammy.

Tammy really had it in for Carol dating back about two
years when she caught her giving head to her college
graduate son, Robbie, in the garage during a 4th of
July barbecue. Needless to say fireworks of all sorts
went off that year! Carol, who was depressed about her
recent divorce with Travis's father at the time, tried
desperately to apologize to Tammy and blamed her
irresponsible actions on the wine and "not having a man
for so long." Tammy, who went through weeks of hypnotic
therapy to get THAT image out of her head, founded and
managed the unauthorized "Carol, The Office Slut"
campaign around the workplace. She refused to ever talk
to Carol again, but let her frustrations out on
indecent doodles and anti-Carol memos that were
decorated on every cubicle wall standing on the 4th
floor. This silent and intense hatred existed for two
years, until now.

Now Tammy seemed to be too excited that her fat
daughter was finally getting a man and leaving the
house to care who attended the party. Carol, who wisely
chose not to wear her usual revealing outfits to work
for two years, even saw a soft look of tranquility,
maybe even forgiveness, in Tammy's eyes when her
chocolate-dipped pupils met hers.

"Please do come, Carol," she said in her hushed voice.
For some reason, Tammy always had a hushed voice after
her long-term anger period. "I really do want you to be
there. I know things haven't been the same between us,
but I really do miss you. You need to see the house
anyway, and Walter, and the family. It's been really
long and I've been in a bad place for too TOO long. But
now I'm in my happy place. And I want you to be there.
You and Travis."

Carol, moved to solid tears, gushed and squealed, "Oh,
of course I'll come. If you have me. Does this mean you
forgive me?"

"Oh sure, besides it was so long ago I can hardly
remember what the big deal was." No one in the
workplace cared to remind her.

Travis chose to wear the snazzy navy blue shirt and
silver tie he wore for his senior pictures. He was only
seventeen, but he felt he could pull off twenty easily
with his sophisticated clothes and the killer
combination of his charming smile and sensual hazel nut
eyes. His moustache, which he had been working on for a
whole year, could pass as an older gentleman forgetting
to shave his upper lip for two (maybe three) weeks. He
was delighted to find the only pair of matching pants
made his ass look like a ripe juicy apple. And, of
course, there were the condoms. A last minute decision
with absolutely know right or reason to it. Yet when
Travis woke up this Sunday morning, he had a spiritual
feeling evade him and it told him that he would need

Carol came into his room dressed in a decent, lacy
black dress with violet tulips. The blackness of the
dress matched the dark roots hidden under saucy red
auburn hair and the violet tulips matched the hint of
purple in Carol's make-up, fingernail polish, and fake
contact lenses. Carol didn't let the fact that she was
45 get in the way of her trying out for Esquire
magazine. She had a fit, mature, toned body with a nice
dark tan and swaying hips. Her cleavage tentatively
peeked our from above. She didn't want to show off her
impressive boobs at Tammy's party, but at the same time
--- she was SINGLE!!!

"Don't you look sharp," she purred, swinging Travis
around to take a good look at her little man. "All the
girls will be begging to dance with you, I'm sure."
Travis shrugged with a hey-what-can-I-say?-I'm-a-stud
expression on his face and took an eye-full of his
mother. "And you look......wow." Carol grinned
delighted, "Really?"

"Mom, as your son, I shouldn't allow you to leave the
house with that dress on."

"Well as your mother I have the right to ignore any
orders you give to me!"

"Seriously mom, you look HOT."

"Yeah, well, that's the Sicilian part of the family.
All the women in Sicily look absolutely gorgeous."

"Really? You need to let me know when we plan to
travel there to discover our roots."

"Okay smarty, let's go." Carol ordered as she led the
way to her car and simultaneously searching for the
keys to the Camry through her vinyl purse. " The
ceremony happens in half an hour!"

"Jesus! Look at the ass on you!"

"Watch it, Trav. Any remarks like that at Tammy's
house and you're in big trouble, buster."

Tammy's house, which was a quaint little suburban
home, stood on the other side of town, which meant
Travis would have to spend at least a good twenty
minutes of suffering while the radio dial stayed
strictly on Adult Contemporary Soft Rock, the lowest
form of music on the planet (or, at least, Travis's
planet). But Travis could easily escape the mating call
of Michael Bolton as he looked out his window and
fantasized about the girls at the reception. He knew
Tammy's daughter was a cow of a woman, which isn't a
nice description for anyone, but was the best
description he could make of her. He also knew that
Tammy, like his mother, was quite a looker for her age.
With any luck, she could have other daughters who
carried the better of the gene pool. Ancient lore
stated that Carol and Tammy were sorority sisters and
party animals, he didn't need a yearbook full of dirty
remarks to know what possibly had gone on in his
mother's bed during that crazy period of the great 7os

He knew that his mother was a very sexually-driven
woman. She might have even been misinterpreted as a
"slut" or something, but he also knew that his mother
wasn't easy or cheap. She loved sex and she loved her
body, but she had a mind to back it up with and was
very smart how she used her body. He didn't care that
his mother was this way, in fact, his whole family tree
was driven on sex, and he wasn't any different. He lost
his virginity when he was 11 to a girl that lived three
floors down from the apartment he used to live. She was
going on 14, and not fully developed, but Travis had
been fascinated with the female body ever since.

"Are you listening to me?" Carol nudged her son who
had been staring out the window and ignoring her for
almost twelve minutes now.

"Did you say something?"

"I said the groom is going through training to become
a firefighter, isn't that interesting?"

"Sure I guess. Just don't corner him in the garage or
anything. This is his wedding day."

Travis didn't know why he liked to pour a bit of
gasoline on the burning the flame that was his mother.
Sometimes he was very attracted by her anger, in fact,
Freud would probably have a blast analyzing his
enjoyment for riling up the Italian temper of his
mother. It was almost a turn-on for Travis.

Carol decided not to give Travis the pleasure this
time around. "You know, Travis... the sun is up. Maybe
you should tell those boy scouts camping under that
tent down there to get up." Travis looked down at his
pants and turned bright red to find a bulging erection
saluting towards his direction. A ridiculously obvious
erection that his own mother not only caught him on,
but had the brass to call him on it. He had never felt
so humiliated.

"Wonder what you were daydreaming about." Carol said
with an evil grin. "Oh God, sorry mom... I... " Travis

"No need to apologize, sonny. It's completely natural.
I have a pretty good idea how the male sexual organs
work, so it's really no shock to me." Travis was
silent. He must have been thinking about his first time
with the neighbor girl. How tight her pussy clenched
his little penis as he thrust it inside her. He only
knew the fucking motions from what he witnessed on the
video tapes he used to steal from his parents' room. He
remembered how strange it felt for the two of them. It
was probably the best orgasm he ever had because he
remembered how it ran through his whole body and left
him weak in the arms of his junior high lover.

Michelle, he thought her name was. But who can be sure?
He remembered how hard his little cock got when she
revealed her flourishing little mounds with soft, pink
nipples. He loved how the nipples of the younger girls
poked out so plump and pointy at the same time. He
remembered playing with Michelle's little nibblets and
was amused by how even at eleven years old, he had his
own little routine going on.

"Are you embarrassed, Travis, honey? I didn't mean to
embarrass, you. At least no one else noticed."

"No, ma. I'm just a little surprised, that's all. It
kind of caught me off guard."

After that moment, the two decided not to chat to each
other on the rest of the way to the wedding. Carol
continued to sing along to her music on the radio and
Travis looked out his window, begging for his cock to
die down.

They arrived to the angel-white abode decorated with
balloons and ribbons and a loud sign announcing PATT &
JERRY'S WEDDING. The ceremony was already taking place
behind the house in a heavenly gazebo holding the
reverend, bride, and groom as the bridesmaids and best
men lingered awkwardly outside, faced down by a cluster
of friends and relatives sitting uncomfortably in lawn

"Shit," Carol hissed as the two of them tried to slip
in the back without causing too much attention to
themselves. "We're late." Travis rolled his eyes at the
obviousness of that statement. He then looked on at the
bridesmaids. One was tall, pale and a little chubby
with a stern look on her face behind thick glasses.
Another was practically a midget, standing hardly four
feet with a shaggy haircut, but a rather cute face.
Travis, by the amount of jewelry she had on her,
concluded that she was around the good age of 18 or
older. Yet she was small, too small for Travis's figure
and he went on to the next girls. The last two looked
too young to start high school, which was the limit for
Travis. Travis was flexible with the pussy he hammered,
but you have to draw the line somewhere. He would
sometimes make exceptions, if there were exceptions to
be made; but from the looks of these girls, he didn't
have to think twice to pass.

"How long is this going to take?" Travis whispered to
Carol who just shushed him back. "I need to take a
leak, should I just wait?" Travis insisted. "Well if
you have to go bad, run in the house real quick, but
hurry back." Travis nodded and quietly left the
squatting crowd, heading toward the back door of the

Travis had never seen inside Tammy and Walter's house
before. It was much cleaner than his house and the
walls were covered with family photos. One photo in
particular caught Travis's eyes. It was Tammy when she
was younger, spread out on a picnic blanket out at a
park somewhere. Her white woolish top clung to her body
tightly, but was so tiny, it only covered up her chest,
leaving her flat tummy and navel to clear view. Her
jean cut-offs were rolled up her thighs even more to
show her muscular thighs spread out on the blanket. Her
blond hair laid out over her head where she laid and
she stared into the camera with deep blue eyes and gave
it a pouty kiss. Travis, for the first time since he
got to the wedding, was turned on and very much wanted
to know what was under those revealing clothes.

"Travis? Is that you?" Travis turned around and saw
Tammy with a bright, surprised face and an empty beer
bottle in her hand. "Oh my God! Look at you!" She put
the bottle down and walked up to Travis, "You're a
man!" She squealed in almost disbelief. Only inches
away, Travis could smell the odor of alcohol permeating
from Tammy. "Hello Mrs. Anderson."

"I haven't seen you for so long, give me a hug!" Tammy
grabbed Travis and pulled him towards her. Travis gave
off an uncomfortable smile and noticed something odd
was happening downstairs. He had another boner and this
time it was poking against the flesh of Tammy Anderson,
his mother's college chum. He didn't know how many
beers Tammy had and he didn't know why she would be
drinking anything inside the house while her daughter
was getting married, but he did know Tammy had a bad
reputation of alcohol and an even worse lack of
tolerance for it.

"Travis, God it's been ages since I hugged someone. I
can't believe it." Tammy backed away from Travis and
picked up the bottle she put down, shook it, and
laughed. "Empty. Don't you hate it when that happens."

"Mrs. Anderson? Shouldn't you be out there watching
your daughter be married?"

Tammy sighed and went to the refrigerator to pull out
two more bottles. "She doesn't care about me, she told
me last night. I worked so hard putting this together
and she tells me last night that she hates me and never
wants to see me again and this and that... and some
other stuff..."

"I don't think she meant that, Mrs. A. did you guys
have a fight or something?"

"Yes, Sherlock! You guessed it. We had a fight. And I
told her... hey, Travis, do you want a beer?"

"No, thanks."

"C'mon, I won't tell your mother. You can trust me."
Tammy winked at Travis and gave a smile that was glazed
with intoxication. She was gone. Ridiculously gone, and
now it seemed that she was hitting on Travis. "Sure
whatever.." Travis took the beer in hopes that it would
make Tammy happy and, by all means, calm. Tammy went on
with your slurring of words... "So if she doesn't want
me to watch. Fine! It's being videotaped anyway. Am I
talking too loud? I'm sorry, honey, I'm so wasted. Do
you think this is how your mom felt when she was giving
my son a blowjob?"

Travis's eyes bulged and though he hadn't attended to
say anything, a nervous laugh exploded from his mouth
and he improvised, "I... I really have no idea."

"Do you want a blowjob, Travis?"

Travis was silent. No nervous laugh. No laugh at all.
He sat his bottle on a table and looked at Tammy with
shocked and confused eyes. "Because I can give you a
blowjob, Travis. Really. I may be old, but I know how
to give a blowjob."

Travis was caught in a lost Twilight Zone episode.
Tammy Anderson, who he had known for as long as he
could remember and who knew him since he was born,
wanted to suck his cock. Want to give him a blowjob.
"Are you serious?" He faintly whispered, not really
making a sound but moving his lips. "Dead serious," she
replied approaching him and immediately rubbing the
erect cock she felt as they hugged. "Don't you want me
to, Travis?"

Travis did want her to, the moment was strange but
right. So right. He not only feared, but also expected
Walter Anderson to walk in and catch his wife stroking
him over his pants. But he didn't. Another moment
passed and there was nothing but sheer tension, heavy
silence, and no one coming in the back door.

"No one will know baby, it'll be real quick."

Suddenly Travis was flipped on devil-may-care mode and
he kissed Tammy. Tammy giggled in delight and squeezed
Travis into her body. She had gained a few pounds since
the picture, but she was most certainly not overweight.
Her breasts were bigger and fuller and her waist was
slightly wider. Travis reached behind her and squeezed
her rear which was plumper. Tammy started to breathe
heavily and passionately. "We have to hurry, Travis.
Before people walk in."

"Okay, I'm ready." Travis said straining. If there was
one thing he was bad at it was getting hot under
pressure. But his cock which was a decent boner to
begin with, roared under his zipper. Tammy kneeled
under him unstrapped his pants. She kissed his member
over the boxers and it leaped in joy. The oldest woman
he ever made it with was 25, now he was letting this
wild, drunk 45 year old woman lick his balls. This was
an incredible event, though it was being rushed for
time. Tammy pulled the strap of Travis's boxers and his
cock bounced free like a diving board. "Aaah... Travis,
it's beautiful." Tammy told him as she put the head
against her lips and softly ran it across.

A volt went up Travis's spine; then Tammy's tongue
emerged. She took the head inside her lips and made
soft moaning sounds as she rolled her tongue around the
tip. He took his hands inside her curly blond hair and
rubbed her head as she took in more. She grabbed Travis
by his balls and played with his shaft more. It was
some warm inside Tammy's mouth who curled her tongue
around Travis's shaft in rotations that made his head
spin. She was definitely a pro at this and Travis was
honored to be experiencing the oral acrobats of an old

She took his cock out and licked the sides. "Are you
gonna cum soon?" She cooed. "N..NOt yet." She took his
cock in her mouth again and started to suck hard,
making slurping sounds that made Travis even hotter. He
looked down and was mesmerized by the tight cheekbones
that inflated in and out as she bobbed her head. Travis
chose to take a broad move and pushed Tammy's head
closer to his groin. He could feel his penis go deep
into her mouth and the head reaching the top of her
throat. He was careful not to gag her, but Tammy didn't
seem to mind a bit. She stuck out her tongue and
reached for his testicles to lick. She tried to get
both of them inside her mouth. She was very ambitious.

"Oh......Gaw....Now I'm gonna cum...." Travis spat out
as he guided Tammy's head into short, quick motions,
still deep in her mouth. He could feel his head aiming
directly into her throat as it peeked in and out. His
balls tightened and inside Tammy's warm, wet....


Tammy's head flung out from his grip, releasing his
cock from her jaws. His cock shot out five thick globs
of semen, one hitting Tammy on her chin, two hitting
her chest, and the other two hitting the kitchen floor.

Travis collapsed to the floor and quickly gathered his
cock to push it back into his pants. Tammy looked
behind her to catch Carol standing by the back door
with a statuesque portrait of shock on her face. Tammy
wiped her chin, "Now we're even, bitch!"


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: bankpk.txt (M+/FF, asian, rp)
Authors name: T. Spoonbender (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : A Present from Bangkok

This work is copyrighted to Spoonbender � 2001. Can be
freely distributed as long as it is not changed, includ-
ing this heading, and you tell me the URL if it is put
on a website. If it is to be archived on a fee-paying
archive then please email me first for permission.

A Present from Bangkok (M+/FF, asian, rp)
by Theodore Spoonbender (***@hotmail.com)


A short story of an adult nature. Not to be read by
minors. If you don't like stories where young ladies are
taken advantage of or you are underage then don't read
it. Contains descriptions of non-consensual sex and
sexual slavery.

Please email me with comments, constructive criticism,
fantasies you want put into words etc. Don't flame me if
you don't like the content or you don't like my style.
***@hotmail.com if you wanna correspond. Ladies
especially welcome. This story is fantasy. In other words
it ain't true. None of it. Ok.


By rights they shouldn't be friends, but they were.

Firm friends.

First there was Kylie, bright, sassy, opinionated, a real
live wire with glass beads braided into her flaxen hair.
Afraid of nothing and willing to give anything a try.

Sex, pah! If it was possible then she's done it, or at
least thought about it, and with her looks there were any
number of willing partners ready to step forward and
accommodate her little whims, no matter how kinky or
bordering on out and out depravity they were.

She was a very attractive young lady and she damned well
knew it.

On the other hand there was Emily. No diminutive for her,
no Emma, no Em. Just Emily.

It was as if her friend had sucked all of the extrovert
fluids out of her body. Where Kylie was bold, Emily was
shy. Kylie, sassy; Emily, blushing. Kylie adventurous;
Emily timid.

It was as if nature had appeared to endow Kylie with
every tool to succeed in life leaving her friend bobbing
in her wake. But nature, being nature, had a little trick
or two up its sleeve and it granted Emily one boon. Where
Kylie was pretty, Emily was simply stunning.


There is scarcely a superlative in the English language
that can come close to doing justice to her.

A rhapsody in the flesh which, coupled with her natural
shyness, made her into a Goddess. The sort that launched
wars or caused men to relinquish Kingdoms, just to
possess her.

It had taken Kylie a whole term at their exclusive
convent boarding school to convince Emily to go on
holiday together. But she'd succeeded and now, here they
were, on their last day in Thailand.

For Kylie it was a dream. Hot nights, hotter men. For
Emily it was an exotic adventure. While Kylie was curled
up with a warm man Emily was curled up with a good book.
While Kylie was studying butts, Emily was studying Wats
(Temples). But they had both had a whale of a time. And
now it was nearly over.

Their penultimate day, tomorrow evening they had to catch
their flight home.

They were in the covered market just off Ratchawong, deep
in the heart of Bangkok's Chinatown, searching for
trinkets to take back to their envious friends.

Kylie, as always the impetuous one, had spent all her
money. She had just enough to take a taxi to the airport
and pay her airport tax, and then she saw it.

It was only 45 Baht, scarcely a dollar, but it was more
than she could afford at that instance. It was a hippy
bracelet, painted seashells threaded onto a silver chain,
with a little Buddha figurine on it. It was so cute that
she knew she must have it.

"Hey Emily, keep an eye open."


"Make sure no-one is looking."


"Don't worry, just tell me if anyone is looking."

Emily looked around nervously, "I don't think so, why?
What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry about it," whispered her friend as she
scooped the bracelet off the counter and into her bag.

Moments later all hell broke loose. The old woman whose
shop it was came rocketing out of the back like a cruise
missile shouting and screeching in toothless Thai-
Chinese, the chorus of which was soon taken up by the
rest of the stallholders in the vicinity.

Within seconds hands grabbed the girls who struggled

Emily was terrified not knowing what was going on but
Kylie, true to form was bolder. "Get your fucking hands
off me you assholes," she shouted.

Police patrolman Thiengburanthan had been having a good
day so far. He'd managed to 'fine' two Farangs for minor
traffic offenses and was now 2,000 Baht up on the day and
it was barely midday. Then he heard the commotion and the
cacophony of whistles from down one of the little lanes.

He sauntered down, as befitting his status, to see what
all the fuss was about only to be confronted with a
screaming mob that were seemingly threatening to tear two
blond haired Farang ladies apart. He waded into the
maelstrom and blew his whistle for order.

"What's happening?" he shouted over the noise of the
crowd. The soft Thai voices were mixed in with a good
measure of staccato Lao and a soupcon of bastardized
Mandarin and there was even a bit of Karin thrown in for
good measure.

The toothless crone pointed a shaking finger at Kylie and
shouted, "She stole from me. Look in her bag, look in her

He, mindful of his orders to treat Tourists gently,
beckoned Kylie to hand over the bag. He was then forced
to grab it when she drew it towards her bosom.

He opened it and the hag peered inside then pointed
triumphantly, "there you see, you see." She turned to the
crowd and raised her hands in triumph, it was worth 45
Baht just for the fame it brought her.

Patrolman Thiengburanthan's English was marginal at best.

"You take?" he queried Kylie.

The crowd roared in the affirmative and pressed closer.
Kylie could sense their hostility and thought it would be
easier to deal with this away from the crowd, before they
tore her apart. She nodded.

The possible repercussions crowded in onto patrolman
Thiengburanthan's brain. This was too big for him to
handle on his own, so he decided to call his Sergeant for

He pulled out his walkie-talkie and extended the huge
aerial. He asked to be put through to the sergeant while
the crone shook her finger at the girls and threatened
all sorts of dire retribution.

Once he'd explained the situation he could hear the
sergeant pause before asking, "are they pretty?"

They were but he didn't see what that had to do with it.
But he affirmed the fact.

"Excellent, I'll bring a car over myself," asserted the
sergeant, "meet me on Chakrawat by the exit from the
temple car park. And secure the prisoners well, we don't
want them to escape."

He only had one set of handcuffs but he improvised and,
as is the way in any Asian market, if you look hard
enough you can find anything. And sure enough someone
came up with a pair of handcuffs.

He then proudly marched the humiliated girls down the
alleys, while the bemused pedestrians looked on, until he
reached his destination. They waited in the scorching
heat for nearly half an hour before the 4-seater police
pickup hove into view.

He opened the door and pulled the seat forward ushering
the girls into the back seat. He went to climb in but the
sergeant waved him away.

"Have you got the evidence and the keys to the

He handed over Kylie's bag, the keys and the offending

"You've done well. Now get back there and take statements
from any witnesses while I deal with this, tourists have
to be handled carefully."

The door slammed and the truck dove into the snarling

Normally simple thefts would be dealt with at the Police
offices on Chakwarat Thanon but he had other ideas. He
could generate a lot of goodwill, which would serve him
well in the future, if he played this piece of good
fortune right. So instead of taking them to where they
should have gone he took a detour out into Thonburi,
eventually ending up somewhere off Phetkasem.

It was an old Police station, seldom used these days
except by the sergeant and his buddies. But the cells
were still serviceable and the hapless girls were tossed
inside, still wearing their cuffs.

"Hey, take these cuffs off," shouted Kylie as he
retreated through the door into the main office.

"Shh, Kylie don't get him angry," whispered Emily.

But it was to late and he came back and stared through
the bars at them.

"I want my phone call," snapped Kylie. "You'd better tell
our embassy that we're
here. Yeah and I want a lawyer."

He didn't understand what she'd said but he understood
the tone. He grinned then beat the bars with his
nightstick. "Later my little ones, you'll get everything
you are owed later."

He laughed and went out slamming the door, leaving the
girls sweltering in the still air of the cells.

"Oh god Kylie what are we going to do?" wailed Emily.

"Hey don't worry they've got to call the embassy. Anyway
its only a minor thing they'll probably just scare us a
little then let us go."

"Why did you do it?" sniffled Emily.

"It looked easy, how was I supposed to know the old bag
had eyes like a hawk?"

Nearly two hours passed before the door crashed open
again and a sleazy looking man in a khaki colored Mao
suit came in, his face rigid and his eyes darting from
one to the other as he licked his lips.

"Let me introduce myself, I am Tasnai Suranand your

"Can you ask them to take these cuffs off please," moaned
Emily, "I need to go to the toilet."

He turned to the sergeant who grudgingly produced the
keys. He unlocked one cuff from each girl but left the
other dangling from their wrists.

The lawyer pointed to the 'squat and pee' toilet in the
corner of the cell. Then they all waited.

"I can't do it in front of you," blushed Emily.

The lawyer turned to the sergeant and rattled off a
string of singsong Thai. The sergeant shrugged, it wasn't
his problem.

"He doesn't want to leave," said the lawyer, adding,

"I can't, I just can't," sniffled Emily.

"This is bloody silly, just do it Emily and I'll hide
you." Said Kylie as she scowled at the smirking Sergeant.

Kylie opened her sarong and used it to ineffectually
cover her friend as she squatted over the toilet. In
order to do that she had to squat down herself and for
the first time she saw her friend's nakedness.

And she felt an unexpected stab of pleasure coil in her
stomach. Then she shook the thought away, it was wrong to
think of her friend that way.

Emily's blushes grew in response to the tinkling in the
bowl. Finally, after what seemed like hours she finished
and both girls rewrapped their sarongs.

"Now that you've finished I need to talk to you about
your offense," said the lawyer who had, by now found a
rickety wooden chair and was sitting just beyond the

"Look when can you get us out of here?" asked Kylie.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple, you see the bracelet
you chose to steal had an image of Buddha on it and the
courts may view that as sacrilege."


"So, sacrilege is a very serious offence here." He paused
for effect, "you could be looking at up to 25 years in

"WHAT?" chorused both girls, then Emily broke down and
started sobbing.

"Look," said Kylie, visibly shaken," let my friend go, it
had nothing to do with her, its me that took it."

The lawyer turned to the sergeant and asked him something
and he snapped out a reply. The lawyer turned back to the
girls, "it appears that from the witness' statements we
have obtained she acted as your look out, which means she
is equally guilty."

"Oh no," wailed Emily.

The sergeant then spoke again at length and the lawyer
nodded then again turned to the girls. "He said that if
you're prepared to offer restitution then he may be
prepared to overlook it.

"Restitution? What sort of restitution?" queried Kylie.

The sergeant spoke again.

"500,000 Baht," stated the lawyer.

"What?" shouted Kylie doing a mental calculation in her
head," We don't have that sort of money."

The lawyer shrugged, "then you must let our justice
system take its course. I must warn you that it could
take up to 3 years to come to trial and the Women's jail
here in Bangkok is not up to your western standards I'm

"Three years? Look could I let our embassy know? They'll
get the money and our parents will pay it back?"

"That won't work I'm afraid this is, how can I put it, a
'private' arrangement. In return for the money the
sergeant will lose your papers and you are free to go. By
the time they are found you will have left the country."

"He wants a bribe in other words?"

"Call it what you will. If you want to get out then you
must find the money, quickly."

"But we can't."

"In that case I can be no further help to you at this
time. I will return in a few months to start to prepare
your case. I hope your time passes quickly."

He stood up to leave.

"Hey wait, you can't just leave us here," shouted Kylie

"What can I do?"

"Talk to him, tell him we'll send him the money. Tell him
he can have everything we've got. We'll write him a
contract or something. Help us. Please."

He turned to the sergeant and after a lengthy exchange he
turned back to them. "He wants to know what hotel you are
staying at?"

"The Century Park on Ratpa- something or other - road."

"Room numbers?"

"710, we are both in the same room."

He turned to the sergeant and translated. The sergeant
turned and walked out of the door.

"What happens now?" queried Kylie.

"We wait," replied their lawyer before turning and
exiting the cellblock.

"25 years Kylie, what are we going to do?"

"I don't know. Fuck that old bitch."

"Oh why did you have to steal, I would have given you the

"You have money? How much?"

"Not enough, about 6,000 Baht."

"It'll help. I'm sorry Emily, really I am."

They collapsed into each other's arms and sobbed away
their fears.

It was over an hour later that the lawyer reappeared with
a scowling sergeant.

"He is not happy with the exchange," said the lawyer. "He
says you have nothing of value." He paused, "except for
one thing."


"He says that in order to give him his money you must
sell your bodies to men."

"What! Prostitute ourselves? No way, you must be out of
your fucking mind," Kylie gripped the bars and spat at
the sergeant while Emily stood in mute shock.

"I don't think you understand," explained the lawyer as
he calmly wiped her spittle from his trousers, "if you
don't, then you will go straight to the holding prison at
Maha Chai. It is not unusual for guards to gain personal
rewards by offering women prisoner's bodies to the male
prisoners. It is not something we encourage but we are a
poor country with many problems, what can we do? Western
women are particularly prized and will make the guards
very rich. I'm sorry."

"Let me get this straight," Kylie was losing her self-
composure as the enormity of their situation began to
sink in, "if we don't offer to prostitute ourselves for
him then we are going to end up getting fucked anyway?"

"Yes, for three years. At least."

"This is fucking outrageous. I'll get Amnesty
International onto it, I'll get our embassy to complain,
I'll sue. I'll... I'll..." She ran out of threats.

"Yes and I will help you in any way I can. I do not like
this stain on our country either but things move slowly
here. Once you are inside the prison I can do very

"I can't Kylie. I can't," Emily was almost hysterical.

"I will leave you alone for a while," said the lawyer,
"your friend is obviously distressed." He left the room
ushering the sergeant out before him.

"What are we going to do?" wailed Emily.

"It doesn't look like we've got much choice, either we do
it now or we end up doing it anyway, for years. Then when
we get home we'll sue their asses off."

"But I can't. I've never.." she trailed off.

Kylie turned to her friend, "I thought you and Rob did it
last year?"

"I only said that because I didn't want to appear like
I'm a prude or something."

"You mean you've never done it?"

Her friend shook her head.


Another shake.

"Oh Emily," they collapsed into each other's arms.

"Look I tell you what," said Kylie slowly. "I'll er offer
to do it as long as they leave you alone. After all its
my fault you're in this mess."

"You'd do that for me?"

"Yes," gulped Kylie.


"No buts, what are friends for," she tried to make light
of her situation. "Besides I enjoy it."

When the two men returned Kylie was the first to speak,
"I'll do it, if you leave her alone."


"Because she's never... er."

"She is a virgin?" the lawyer looked shocked, his
preconceptions of Farang women just having been turned on
its head.

He turned to the sergeant and repeated what he'd heard
and the sergeant looked equally bemused then he regained
his composure and said something.

"If you consent, and confess, in writing then he'll
agree. Will you do that?"

Kylie gulped then nodded.

"We will be with you shortly," said the lawyer and again
they both left.

They returned over an hour later. It was late afternoon
and the cell was baking. The lawyer brandished two sets
of papers. He handed a set each to the girls and two
pens. "Sign at the bottom," he said simply.

"But these are in Thai."

"Of course all legal documents in Thailand are in Thai."

"So what do they say?"

"That you are confessing to the crime, and yours says
that you agree to pay the retribution."

Reluctantly both girls signed.

"Excellent," said the lawyer retrieving the papers. He
turned to the sergeant who opened the cell door and led
the girls out.

Kylie plodded like a zombie. She'd just agreed to
prostitute herself. In writing. Oh god, oh god.

They were led into another much larger room, which was
full of men. At least 50 men were packed into the
stifling room. Kylie saw the men and tried to back up.
She couldn't do it with all of them. She couldn't.

"Give me the paper," she wailed, "I've changed my mind."

"Its too late," said the lawyer as the sergeant propelled
her into the clearing in the center of the room. Willing
hands rushed forward to strip her and in seconds she was
naked before them. She tried to crouch down to protect
her modesty but she was hauled upright and propelled
towards a bed that sat at one edge of the room.

They pushed her down and the free end of the handcuff was
looped over the iron bedhead then snicked into place on
her other wrist, holding her in position.

The sergeant laughed then started to organize the
assembled men into an orderly line.

Kylie was determined to show a brave face in front of her
friend but ended up screaming in horror as her legs were
jerked apart and the first man settled between her
thighs. "He's not wearing a condom, make him wear a
condom. Please don't let him cum inside me. Pleaseeee."

An ancient looking video camera was produced from
somewhere and bright lights blinded her as the first
stiff penis was pushed against her dry slit.

"Help me, help meeeeeee," she screamed as the penis
started to ram into her. More willing hands were needed
to hold her jerking legs wide apart as she tried
everything she could to deny him entry.

The man on top of her tensed then rammed inside in one
harsh thrust.

The pain was like nothing she'd ever felt before. It was
like she'd been stabbed with a red-hot poker.

"Nooooooo...." She screamed as he started to pump.

Emily stood in the middle of the clearing watching her
friend's ordeal, tears streaming down her face. Then she
noticed that many of the men were looking at her with
strange expressions on their faces. She started to
nervously back away but came up against the sergeant, who
grabbed her hands pulling them behind her.

"Let me go, please," she whimpered trying ineffectually
to pull her hands free.

The lawyer walked up to her and started to unbutton her

"What are you doing? Please leave me alone."

Once he'd undone all of the buttons he pulled the blouse
open and the sergeant then grabbed the shoulders of the
garment and pulled it down her arms, exposing her bra to
the leering men.

She again tired to pull her arms free as the lawyer
turned to the men and started to cajole them, while
indicating her with a sweep of his hand.

The men started to wave sheaves of baht notes.

The lawyer turned to the sergeant and said something. The
sergeant then held her hands in one of his and used the
other to unclip her bra.

By now she was almost hysterical with terror, the moans
of her friend heightening her fear as her bra was pulled
from her, baring her breasts to the stares of the rampant

They went wild brandishing fistfuls of notes and
screaming their lust at her.

Her sarong went next leaving her standing in just her

"Please no, don't do this to me," she cried as the room
went wild.

It was obvious to anyone what was happening. The lawyer
was auctioning her virginity and she felt almost sick
with terror.

When her panties were stripped from her in one violent
ripping motion and held up in triumph there was a moment
of almost total silence as they all drank in the flawless
perfection of her body with only Kylie's whimpering moans
and the grunts of the man who was brutally rutting her
puncturing the atmosphere.

Then they all went completely berserk. They all had to
have her and price was no object.

The lawyer had to scream to be heard over the frantic
yells of the men as the price went soaring skywards.
These men, the wealthiest and best connected in the area
were offering upwards of twenty years average wages for
the chance to sunder this white woman's cherry.

The sergeant, who had previously thought he'd seen it
all, was stunned beyond his wildest expectations.
Whatever else happened in his life this must rank as the
pinnacle, from here he was made. He vowed to light
incense to Buddha for his good luck.

Kylie was still struggling and the man on top of her was
still pounding but now he was coming to the end. His
prick got fatter and she could feel the spasms building
in him. She tried one last time to struggle free but it
was no use.

She felt him starting to spurt deeply inside her.

"Oh no" she whispered as she felt spurt after spurt into
her, the tears streaming from her eyes. She shuddered in
disgust as he continued to thrust jerking more of his
filthy seed into her.

Then she fell back; legs wide open in submission. He'd
conquered her, the damage was done and there was no use
in fighting it any longer.

But she still flinched every time he fired another juicy
load inside her.

Finally it was over and the man collapsed on top of her
for a few moments before climbing wearily off. His orgasm
had obviously drained him completely.

To her surprise no one else took his place. Everyone's
attention was focused elsewhere in the room. Kylie
struggled to work out what was happening when the crowd
shifted and she saw, from the gaps between the men's
legs, her friend naked.

She shook her head in puzzlement, then she saw the men
brandishing money at the lawyer who was shouting and
pointing at various men in turn.

"No, no, noooooo," she screamed when she realized what
was happening to her friend. "Leave her alone, you
promised, leave her alone."

But she was ignored.

A once in a lifetime opportunity was on offer across the
room and the men had no intention of letting a naked,
raped farang woman influence them.

Emily's head whirled as the men shouted and waved huge
wads of bills at the lawyer.

She knew what was happening.

They were selling her.

Selling off her carefully hoarded virginity to the
highest bidder.

She screamed in terror as she was pushed back onto
another bed. As she struggled fruitlessly they held her
down and proceeded to cuff her wrists and ankles to the
four corners of the stained bed.

They thrust a pillow under her ass, raising her pussy in
offering. Her tiny, coral lipped pussy nestling in a
fleece of golden curls.

And all it would cost was money to posses it, to be the
first to anoint it with their seed. To forcefully take
its riches, to plunder and debase it. Then the
satisfaction of watching the losing bidders take their

The shouting was virtually hysterical as the lawyer
started a formal auction.
He was good. He was very good.

Opening her pussy with his fingers as he exhorted higher
and higher bids.

One of the men couldn't take it any more and turned to
Kylie, forcefully shoved open her legs and mounted her.

Kylie was still wet with the cum of her first 'lover' and
so the pain wasn't nearly so bad. Even though he was
brutal with his thrusts.

She was watching her friend being auctioned off with a
feeling of unreality. This couldn't be happening.

But the cock that was pounding inside her was real

And her friend's piercing scream was too as the lucky
winner climbed between Emily's shapely, straining legs.

Tears rolled from her eyes as she watched her friend's
back arch as her 'owner' forced her open for the first

And she moaned and then sobbed quietly as the man on top
of her consummated his orgasm inside her.

This time she was given no respite as another man climbed
on her as soon as the first one got off.

And so her long night began.

Emily's eyes leaked tears in a crystal stream, blurring
her vision as the winner climbed on top of her. Never in
her wildest nightmares could she imagine that her first
time would be with some man who had just bought the use
of her body and watched by a group of lustful men.

She pulled frantically against the cold unyielding steel
of the cuffs and tried to twist her body away from him.
But her efforts were in vain as he unbuttoned his fly and
popped out his penis.

It was the first time she'd seen one up close and it
terrified her. Although by western standards it wasn't
particularly large, to her inexperienced eyes it looked
enormous and she recoiled at the thought of it being
forced inside her.

"Please don't, please don't," she pleaded as he settled
between her perfect widespread legs.

He pumped his cock for a second to make it as stiff as
possible then pushed it up against the entrance to her
virgin pussy. He rubbed the head up and down her slit a
couple of times feeling her warmth and enjoying the
terror in her eyes.

The crowd went quiet as he started to push against her
hole. It looked so tiny against the bulk of his prick
that it seemed barely conceivable that it would fit

There was an air of suppressed tension in the air as the
crowd collectively held its breath as he bunched the
muscles of his ass ready for the assault. Emily stared at
him like a rabbit caught in the headlights, then...

He used all of his strength to force an opening.

She was tight, very tight and waves of pleasure rippled
up and down his spine as her back arched in agony and she
screeched her way into womanhood.

He took a firmer grip on her thighs and started to batter
at her in earnest, his prick disappearing more with each
tearing thrust.

Emily was in tearing, howling agony, she never knew such
pain could exist. She tried to squeeze her pussy muscles
to try and force him out but it was no use and eventually
she just fell back in hopeless submission as he rammed

Finally he was fully home. He paused for a second
savoring her warm tightness, while the crowd went wild.

Then he was off, pounding away at her as if he wanted to
punch her through the thin mattress. Emily twisted and
turned within her bondage trying desperately trying to
find a position that didn't hurt so much but all it did
was increase his pleasure.

For long minutes he thrust inside her then he couldn't
hold out any longer.

The lawyer was studying the scene and leaned over and
spoke to the sergeant, who looked at him then shrugged.
He undid the cuffs holding her legs spread.

Immediately she started to kick, her silky thighs rubbing
up and down the sides of the man sending him wild.

His prick got longer and thicker as the juice boiled up
from his balls. Emily knew enough about sex to know what
was going to happen next and she tried to buck and heave
him off, her legs fluttering uselessly around his body.

"Please don't do it inside me," she panted,

And then he exploded inside her firing long ropes of his
seed deep inside her womb.

"Nooooo," she wailed as she felt the sudden warmth in her

She still tried to fight him as best she could in her
bondage but it was far too late for her as spurt after
creamy spurt was forced into her, defiling her.

Finally it was over and he fell on her, his chest
crushing her breasts until they looked like fat pillows
under him. Her legs fell open and she howled in horror at
what had happened to her.

He didn't rest for long as the others urged him off.

They wanted their turn on her, for which they had paid so

And a few seconds later she again had a penis thrust
inside her and she moaned and the tears started streaming

Kylie looked over as her friend had her innocence ripped
away from her. She'd watched the whole thing with the
kind of morbid fascination that people have for car
wrecks. And for some inexplicable reason she felt the
coils of pleasure starting to weave through her body.

Despite herself she felt her lust start to soar as she
watched her friend being taken, before finally rising to
a shattering crescendo when the guy jerked his seed deep
inside Emily. The look of horror on her friend's face
coupled with the fierce determination on the face of her
rapist caused her to orgasm on the cock that was pounding
away at her.

She flung her legs wider and gave in to her feelings.

The shame would come later.

Hours later the girls were allowed up to go to the toilet
and drink some water. The men had been using the clothes
from the suitcases that the sergeant had retrieved from
the hotel room to wipe down their seeping pussies. But
they still leaked cum in a continuous stream.

Emily was almost comatose with shock and Kylie wasn't
much better, but she did try to fight feebly as they were
again chained down.

By now it was past midnight and the 'clients' were from
the lower orders. Tuk-tuk drivers, delivery men, truck
drivers hyped up on amphetamine sulphate, street food
vendors, all the detritus of late night Bangkok. Anyone
who could offer the sergeant some advantage in the future
all got their turn between the pretty farang girl's legs.

Hour after hour after punishing hour they toiled.

The clothes in their suitcases were soon sodden rags.

And still the men came.

Daylight still found them toiling.

They were taken to a primitive shower and cleaned off.
Today's customers wouldn't want to fuck cum soaked
messes. But even after their shower their pussies still
leaked down the insides of their thighs.

The sergeant kept them at it as long as he dared before
he must take them to their flight. But finally he had to
call a halt and let them up.

They'd been fucked virtually non-stop for nearly 22
hours. 74 men had ejaculated into Emily and 68 into

The lawyer had returned by now and stood looking as the
weary miserable girls were hauled to their wobbly feet.

"You will now be taken to the airport and put on your
flight. You did not make as much as the sergeant wanted
but he will make up the rest by selling your panties from
your suitcases to the male prisoners at Bang Kwang
prison, along with film taken of you. I hope that this is
a lesson to you not to break the law in future."

There was no time for the girls to shower so the men tore
a silk scarf, that Emily had bought for her mother, in
half and pulled it up between the girl's legs as a sort
of loincloth to stop the cum running out of them. The
ends of which were rolled into the waist of their

On the way to the airport they were encouraged to repair
their makeup and comb their hair.

They were taken to their seat on the plane, still in
cuffs, which were to be released by the cabin crew after
take off.

(******** (c) 2001 ***@hotmail.com ********)


When Kylie opened her case there was an envelope inside
which contained the bracelet and a note, which read, "I
hope it was worth it."

Emily's envelope contained the handcuffs from the market
with a large, ornate gift tag attached that said "A
present from Bangkok."

Kylie had just finished her period the day before her

Emily had twin baby girls and the video of her losing her
virginity is a best seller all over Asia.

Amazingly Kylie was free of any STDs, but Emily had a
dose of gonorrhea.

Both the sergeant and the lawyer own brand new Mercedes.

Kylie's lawyer suggested that they wouldn't get far
trying to take the case to court, even with their
government's help. All it would do would make them relive
their humiliation and, anyway, the government was
involved in selling a huge infrastructure project to
Thailand that would secure thousands of jobs....

(********* (c) 2001 ***@hotmail.com *********)

Author's note:

While Thailand is a safe place for women to go, it is
worth noting that if any woman is ever unfortunate enough
to find herself in a police jail, then bear in mind that
rape is not uncommon. So don't be tempted to break the
law. Or this might not be just a fantasy.

I have some ideas about making this into a series based
on other places in the world. Email me if you think it's
a good idea at ***@hotmail.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author � 1997. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

by Jeff Carson (address defunct)


A husband and his buddy set up his wife for a
threesome. (MMF, wife, nc)


This was the first time Nick had seen his friend Jeff
in three years. Jeff had gone off to school and Nick
moved down to Florida. When he came home for a visit
this Christmas he decided he would drive the three
hours to Camden to see Jeff. On the trip there he
thought about how Jeff had changed, he'd graduated,
moved in with some woman, and settled down.

He couldn't ever imagine Jeff settling for one woman.
Even when Jeff was dating two girls, he still had
plenty of energy to chase women, read Playboy and come
over to Nick's to watch blue movies. He couldn't wait
to meet the ball and chain who did him in. If she
looked like Jeff's old girlfriends, he could wait. Jeff
had a penchant for young looking, flat-chested, dark
haired, tall women. Nick didn't share his tastes.

He arrived at Jeff's new address. Jeff answered and was
happy, and a little apprehensive to see Nick. Jeff
looked successful, power hair cut, expensive suit, BMW
in the drive, and his house was something. Not too bad
for the nerd Jeff was in grade school. Nick looked
around for "Nikki" who was Jeff's ball and chain. No
signs of her except for the decor.

"Nick, it's great to see you, and I would be really
happy at you staying here for the holidays, but please,
just don't upset Nikki by talking about old times. From
what I've told her, she is opposed to old times, and
you old man!!"

Nick grinned. Oh he just loved making Jeff squirm. So
Nikki was bossy too. "When will the old ball and chain
be back?"

"She has a rehearsal, she'll be in way after we go to
sleep, and she'll most likely come home and try to
figure out a way to open her Christmas presents and
rewrap them without me noticing. I always end up buying
her twice as many presents because she knows what
everything is before Christmas morning!!"

Jeff looked around for pictures of this girl, but
evidently she was camera shy, they always used to
evaluate each other's girlfriends.


He couldn't sleep, so he got up to go get something to
eat in the kitchen. The Christmas tree looked huge and
was the only source of light in the house with its
lights. Then he saw her. The girl was bent over
investigating her presents evidently. She wore a tee
shirt that revealed white cotton panties and one hell
of an ass and long tan legs. Long straight blonde hair
came halfway down her back.

From the back this girl was a hell of a looker, he
waited for her to turn around so he could assess the
rest of her, which he was sure was not as good. She was
laughing to herself, he moved back into the shadows so
he could watch her without her knowing. She bent over
to look at another package when Jeff came bursting in
to the room yelling "Aha!!!!" he tackled her and they
fell into the presents laughing.

Her hair fell away from her face, she was absolutely
beautiful. Gorgeous peaches and cream complexion, very
dark eyes, and a killer smile. Nick was impressed. He
listened to Jeff complain about Nikki's late hours, and
how he was missing her of late. He also, to his
incredulous ears, heard her say until he kidnapped and
forced himself on her, he wasn't going to get any. He
teasingly called her a bitch, and said he would think
about her fantasy some more, but he just needed
something to tide himself over.

He started kissing her, and as she rolled on her side
her shirt pulled up revealing small white panties
against a tanned concave stomach. God, he had to see
her tits. But her hair was covering them. Jeff kissed
her stomach and looked like he was blowing hot air
through her panties onto her pussy. She was breathing
heavily. "Jeff, eat my pussy please?"

He pulled down her panties, and her pussy hair was dark
for a blonde, dark brown, and was shaved into the
popular rectangle. Jeff licked and sucked her pussy,
and when she raised her hips to meet his mouth Nick got
glimpses of her ass.

Then she asked, 'Enough tiding...?" Got up and ran to
their bedroom. Jeff looked pissed, evidently he was
going to have to give into this fantasy of hers. Nick
was pissed, god he had to see her tits!!

Nick woke up to the smell of bacon, coffee, and he
thought blueberry muffins. He went to the kitchen and
Jeff introduced, beaming proudly, Nick to Nikki. She
said hello rather coolly and served them breakfast. She
was even more beautiful now. He still couldn't make out
her chest because she had on biker pants and a baggy
sweatshirt. They looked enormous though. But enormous
also meant sag. Oh well, she's not perfect!

She took off. And Nick told Jeff what he had witnessed
the night before. Jeff didn't seem upset, he actually
seemed to enjoy the voyeurism of the situation. "But
don't tell Nikki man. She is very protective about her
nudity!! So you heard the bit about the fantasy then?"

"What is that all about?"

"Nikki wants me to force her to have sex. She has
always had the typical female rape fantasy. Not too
violent of course, just the man she loves acting out a
"forced" scene. But I also know she gets turned on by
the idea of two guys making her submit. "Hey Nick, you
find her attractive don't you?"


So they set it up. The only problem was that Nikki
seemed to actively dislike Nick. But maybe that would
add to it.

She got home pretty late. She went to take a whirlpool,
and Jeff and Nick invited her to watch movies with
them. They both wore sweat pants and no shirts. They
prepared snacks, and Nikki came out looking embarrassed
at their state of undress, wearing a long shirt that
seemed to cover up a tight half tee shirt and
underwear. She dived under the blankets, between Jeff
and Nick, and they settled back onto the sectional to
watch the movies.

Jeff had told Nick earlier that Nikki had lost a bet to
him yesterday and today she was his complete slave. She
thought it was great Nick showed up because now Jeff
wouldn't really make her cough up on the bet.

She was wrong.

They turned on the first movie, a soft porn. Nikki
started to get up, she was pissed. Jeff reminded her
about their bet, and how she had to do anything he
said. She looked embarrassed that he said this in front
of Nick. But she sat back down.

Nick and Jeff were getting turned on by the movie, but
more from Nikki's discomfort, and what was to come.
Nikki was drinking some champagne, and Jeff kissed her
sharing the taste. She looked very uncomfortable and
rebellious, but I guess she was a woman of her word.
Jeff started tongue kissing her, massaging her neck and
took her hair down from its ponytail.

She stopped looking resentful, and started looking
turned-on. Jeff stopped and told her to take off her
shirt. Nikki balked loudly, but gave in when Jeff
explained every time she questioned a command tonight,
she would get a punishment, in front of Nick. "Nick
wants to see your big tits, take off your shirt."

Nikki slowly unbuttoned it, flushing angrily, and
pulled her hair over the front of the half tee shirt.
Jeff pulled it back. She had really magnificent tits,
and they looked great on her. Her waist was so narrow
it added to the effect. The tee shirt hugged her, and
when she moved you could see her jiggle. You couldn't
see her nipples though.

Oh well, anticipation is half the fun.

Another 10 minutes into the movie Nick put his arm
around her shoulders. She went stiff but eventually
relaxed against his shoulder. She smelled great, clean
and soft. She had pulled up the blanket around her
shirt, and Jeff nudged Nick to pull it down. He did,
and got hard all over again. He was never so turned on
as at this moment. The thought of what Jeff and he had
planned really was get-ting Nick horny.

He let his hand slip down and brushed the cold cooler
bottle against her tit. He moved it back and forth, and
heard her intake of breath. He put down the cooler and
let his hand slip down around one big mound. Jeff did
look a little like he was getting jealous, but also
looked horny. Nick massaged her breasts, he couldn't
wait to see her tits. He reached up under the tee shirt
to play with the undersides of her tits, jiggling them
up and down.

Nikki looked really uncomfortable, but her nipples were
jutting out through the material of the shirt. He
picked up the cooler again and rubbed it across her
chest and then poured some champagne onto her tee
shirt. She pulled back, but Jeff pushed her forward and
told her to stick out her tits for Nick. He poured more
over them until the shirt was almost transparent. Her
nipples were large and dark.

Nick told her to take off her shirt, when she
hesitated, Jeff nodded at her. She reached up and
pulled off the wet shirt. She had the best tits Nick
had ever seen. Big and round, firm, and capped with
large dark nipples that looked swollen and jutted out
from the breast itself.

He couldn't stand it, he knew he was hurting her, but
he had to keep tugging and pinching those nipples. He
did that for 10 minutes. Pinching and tugging. She
started to moan with a little pain and probably
pleasure as well. She pulled back and pulled up the

Nick let her rest for awhile, he was about to cum, so
he gave himself a breather too. In a little while he
pulled down the blanket again but this time he pulled
Nikki onto his lap.

He reached around for the ice in the champagne bucket,
and rubbed it all over her nipples. Under, over, and
agonizingly over her nipples. She was facing him and he
pulled her down to rest on his erection, grinding her
against it. He could feel the heat of her pussy through
both their clothes.

All of a sudden she pulled back and started to get up.
Jeff was pissed and told her she would be punished. He
got up and came back with clothes pins.

He placed one on each nipple, and she screamed with
each one. He opened them up and pinched her every time
she complained until she shut up.

He warned her that next time she would take one of us
up her ass. She was quiet. He told her to give Nick a
blow job. Nick grabbed her head and pushed it down as
he slipped down his sweats to reveal a thick hard on.

Nikki recoiled from this action, but Nick pushed her
head down toward his lap again. She choked and
sputtered, but started sucking his cock like a pro. She
used her hand with her mouth well. Nick laid her down
and dangled his balls over her face, she turned her
mouth away. Jeff was really getting turned on by
watching Nick forcing sex on his woman. He also got mad
when she started to protest, so he lifted up her legs
and smacked her on the ass hard. She relented and
Nick's balls got sucked and munched on.

Jeff told her to put her tits together and he rubbed
his cock between her fabulous tits. Nick pushed in and
out of her mouth, about to cum, he warned her. She
pulled away yelling, she hated the taste of cum. Jeff
pushed her down and swatted her ass until she sucked
Nick, and when he came and she tried to pull away, Jeff
forcefully held her head and made her swallow the cum
and even the shots that missed her mouth and landed on
her beautiful peaches and cream skin he made her wipe
with her fingers and eat.

He then pulled off her panties. Her pussy was perfectly
trimmed and thick. Jeff spread apart her lips and
showed Nick her large clit. Jeff flicked it a few
times, and made her turn around. He rubbed her ass
cheeks, which were bubbly but not quite chunky, and
spread her cheeks to show Nick her asshole.

Jeff pulled her down and inserted his cock into her
mouth, and the sight of that made Nick hard again. As
soon as he was, he lay down and pulled Nikki on top of
him and slowly slid in his cock. She grimaced at its
large size. She was hot, wet and very tight.

Jeff had bragged about her tight pussy, he hadn't been
lying. They took the clothes pins off her nipples, and
she rubbed her sore nipples. Her magnificent breasts
jiggled up and down as she slowly rode him.

She was just getting into it, bobbing up and down, big
tits jiggling, nipples hard and swollen, and Jeff
pushed her over, rubbed her ass with some oil of some
kind and started to put his dick in her ass. She yelled
strong protests, so Nick grabbed her and held her
steady. She whimpered and yelled and her tits were
hanging over Nick's face, so he starting squeezing and
sucking them, and renewed their soreness.

She started to like it though, and Jeff had stopped
moving to accustom her virgin ass to him. She started
rubbing her generous mounds over Nick's face and he
kept telling her how big and gorgeous her tits and
nipples were. She started pumping him again and Jeff
took the opportunity to push into her ass. She screamed
but then started riding it out, a mixture of pain and
pleasure written on her face.

Jeff pulled out and came on her ass, and Nick flipped
her over and did it doggy style. She loved this
position the best from what Jeff had said, and started
moaning and breathing hard as soon as Nick put his cock
next to her lips. His cock was thicker than Jeff's and
she loved it. She begged to be pumped harder, Nick
obliged her.

The sight of Nick fucking her, seeing her tits swing
wildly back and forth had Jeff hard again, and after
Nick had a screaming orgasm in Jeff's woman, he lined
up his tool and had another whack at Nikki's hot used
cunt while Jeff got to watch.

Nikki says that she likes Nick now. That it's an
acquired taste, so to speak...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: moving.txt
Authors name: Jenny Wanshel (***@biosys.net)
Story title : A Moving Experience

This work is copyrighted to the author � 2004. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

A Moving Experience
by Jenny Wanshel (***@biosys.net)


An acomplished young woman brings home a boy-toy who
has obvious assets. (MF, affair)


He had balls like a couple of tangerines. I could see
them under the tight crotch of his cutoff jeans, two
big plump testicles like the balls of a horse.

He would bend over to pick up a box, or a piece of
furniture, and the cutoffs would stretch taut over his
delicious firm ass, and when he stood up his balls were
outlined under the snug-fitting denim.

I had picked him up at my garage sale. I needed a
couple of guys to help me move, and he was a big,
strong hunk of a boy. I was wearing jeans and a man's
shirt, with my hair tied back in a ponytail, and I
leaned way over right in front of him so he could see
down my shirt and see my big black bra and my tits
spilling out of it.

I hooked him, easy. He started talking to me and I
asked him if he'd be available to help me move, and I
offered to pay him, and he agreed.

Well, that was one less thing to worry about. I got
another guy and they came over and helped me load the
truck -- fortunately, I travel light and I didn't have
all that much stuff to move -- and they unloaded the
truck for me. The other boy had to leave and left me
alone with Will, the boy I had recruited by flashing my

There was still work to be done. We had to screw
together the bed frame and assemble my bed, and so on.
Otherwise I'd be sleeping with my mattress on the

Will was moving things around as I directed him, and he
was sneaking little peeks at me, checking me out, at
the same time I was studying his studly form. Will was
18, a high school senior, just about to graduate. He
had sandy, tousled hair and an ingratiating smile. It
was nice of him to volunteer to help an old woman in
her thirties.

It was a hot summer day, and Will's t-shirt was
plastered to his chest. I could see his nipples and his
hard pecs through the damp cotton. The way his muscles
rippled when he lifted something heavy was delightful
to see. I made him pick up a few things that didn't
even need to be moved, just to watch him.

I don't remember ever enjoying watching boys this much
when I was a girl.

I knew that Will would expect to get another look down
my shirt when he came over to work for me and I had
dressed so I could give him his reward. A tight, ribbed
tank top, cut low with a neckline that scooped down to
there, and a big flannel work shirt over it that I
could open up and take off as the day got hotter.

Sweat was pouring down all of us by the time we had the
truck loaded, and I served a pitcher of lemonade (not
beer? these were high school seniors, I didn't think
their parents would approve). It was nice feeling the
breeze through the open windows of the truck as we
drove across town. The other boy drove and Will and I
crammed into the front seat, squeezed tight next to
each other, so I could feel his hot, sweaty body jammed
against mine.

I let my hand lay on his thigh as we jolted across
town. We were pressed tightly together and I had to put
it somewhere. My fingertips brushed his leg very
gently, so casually he couldn't have thought for a
moment it was deliberate.

Man, those tight cutoffs. He had a nice bulge between
his thighs, so that he could hardly put his legs
together. When I spotted those balls bulging in his
jeans I thought for a moment he had brought along a
couple of tennis balls or something. Oh...those are his
testicles, I realized. Well, if he gets fresh with me I
know where to hit him -- what a fat target!

Not that I would have minded him getting a little fresh
with me. He was a young guy, and he was working for me,
and when you're the boss lady it can be a little
intimidating to a young male. I didn't think he was
going to get fresh with me at all, more's the pity.

"Nice house," Will commented, as we pulled into the
driveway of my new home.

"Isn't it? It's a duplex, but the people who live on
the other side aren't around much. This is their second
home, and they come out on weekends and in the summer."

There -- smooth move, Jenny. You've just told a couple
of irresponsible teenage boys where they can break in
and rob the liquor cabinet because the owner's never
around. Idiot!

"Man, this is nice with the woods and all in the back

"Those woods extend for half a mile over to the
highway. I saw a quail in there, not 100 yards from the
house, and they have deer," I told him.

And if you crossed the highway and climbed up the
ravine and went about half a mile uphill, into the
rocks, there was a lovely, crystal pool perfect for

Will continued to enthuse about what a great place it
was as I gave them a quick tour of the apartment and
showed them where I wanted the furniture to go. I was
pretty enthusiastic about it myself. Hardwood floors,
high ceilings, a working fireplace...hmm, I was going
to need someone to keep me supplied with wood for the
fire. There was a rick in the back, and once cold
weather started coming on, maybe one of the boys...? I
had their phone numbers and maybe after the leaves fell
I'd give one of them a call. Except they were going off
to college in the fall, so they wouldn't be around. Too

"Let's get the sectional sofa in here first. Can you
get it through that door?" We went to work getting
stuff in, and it was hours before we had everything off
the truck. I wanted to get it back to the rental place
before they closed so I paid the other boy and he drove
it back.

I had been sweating like a pig in that hot flannel
shirt all afternoon.

Now that the other boy was gone I felt free to take it

"Aren't you hot?" I said, peeling the sopping wet shirt
off. "You can take your shirt off if you like."

Underneath the shirt my t-shirt was plastered to my
body. You could count every stitch in my bra, and I had
cleavage spilling out of the low neckline. This was
Will's reward: he liked looking down my shirt, and I
was going to let him look all he wanted, as a little
extra bonus for all the hard work he was doing.

Will peeled out of his t-shirt as soon as I suggested
it and there we were, chest to chest, he with his young
muscular brawn and me with my 36D Grade A sweater meat.

I looked down at myself and saw dewy beads of
perspiration running into the cleft between my soft
creamy jugs. I remembered asking my mother once why I
was growing these big things on my chest, and her
telling me "It's nature's way of saying "Calling All

Will was looking at them, too. I looked up at his eyes
and he was looking at my set.

It was four in the afternoon on a summer day, and sweat
was rolling in little rivulets down his bare torso, and
sliding under the waist of his cutoffs, much as my
soft, exploring hand would like to. He had smooth skin,
and the droplets pouring down his chest reminded me of
a nice cold Coke bottle on a hot day.

"Would you like a Coke?" I asked, since he had put me
in mind of it.

"Boy, a nice cold drink would be great. I'm

I went to the kitchen and got a couple of bottles out
of the freezer where I had put them to cool quickly. I
tugged the t-shirt away from my body, once I was out of
the room, so it wouldn't be so obscenely, transparently
plastered to my body. I didn't want him to be able to
see my nipples. At least, not that visibly. There's a
difference between a nice little tease and making a
pornographic display of your self, as my mother used to
point out to me at really inopportune times. (As in:
"You're wearing THAT to the prom?" as I was heading out
the door with my date. It wasn't cut that low...)

Will, of course, not being a girl, was oblivious to the
fact that he was making a pornographic display of
himself. He was sitting on my couch, a towel spread
under him to protect the upholstery from his
perspiration. He was leaning back with his legs spread.
And even though I had just seen him take his shirt off
at my invitation, I was stunned, on reentering the
room, to see a nearly naked man wearing nothing but a
tight pair of cutoffs. And my lord, you could see up
the leg of his cutoffs and that white cotton flash must
be his underwear. (At least he was wearing underwear).

For a moment I forgot where I was. I hadn't expected to
see a nearly naked man sprawled on my couch, and it
took me a moment to recall that he had taken his shirt
off at my invitation.

"Here's your Coke," I gargled in a slightly choked

"Thank you, ma'am." (Ma'am? I'm not that old!) He
tilted it back and poured it down his throat, his
adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. The sunlight
coming in through the big picture window (where were
those drapes, anyway?) caught the highlights of his
bronzed skin. His muscular torso gleamed.

He was sure a good looking boy. I had to remind myself
that he was there to work, and he was supposed to be
staring lustfully at me. Wasn't that on the agenda for
this afternoon's morale booster? I almost regretted
that I had pulled my t-shirt away from my skin, but
since it was still hot it was starting to replaster

"Hmm, what's this?" I asked rhetorically as an excuse
to lean way over in front of him and dig around in the
box at his feet. My tits spilled forward nicely and
swayed in front of him, right at eye level. He could
hardly fail to notice my big udders hanging down right
in his face.

"Are you enjoying the view?" I asked, puckishly. He was
sitting right in front of the picture window, after

He shot me a guilt-stricken glance. "Ah, no, er, I
mean, I wasn't really paying much attention, but the
view here is great -- you can see the woods and all. I
bet you can see deer here in the morning sometimes.
They'll probably come to raid your garbage can if you
don't keep it locked."

Silly boy, I was letting him look. A man would have
known to come right back at me with a double-entendre
of his own, like "Why, yes, I didn't know you could see
the mountains from here." But they hardly ever do, of
course. I've been waiting all my life to meet a man who
could come back at me like that, like Humphrey Bogart
and Lauren Bacall in "To Have and Have Not". I would
have given any man my cherry in a second if he had
talked to me that way, when I still had it.

I straightened up after letting him look down my
neckline for about 30 seconds, which is about as long
as I can go without getting muscle spasms with those
big heavy things pulling me off balance.

After I stood up I noticed gratifyingly that next to
those big heavy balls there was a nice stiff erection
starting to sprout, tenting out his shorts a little. If
you didn't know you'd think he had stuck the handle of
his tennis racket in next to those two fuzzy tennis
balls he was carrying in his pockets.

"You must be glad you're almost done with school, Will.
It's quite hard, isn't it? -- being a high school
senior, I mean. How old did you say you were?"

"Eighteen." Just checking. They have laws in this

"It's very hot in here. Would you help me open these

We already had most of the other windows open. For some
reason I was starting to feel warmer.

"Man, that breeze feels good," Will said. It did, too.
A nice fresh breeze bringing in all the scents of the
summer woods.

"At-choo!" Will's sneeze blasted like a crack of
thunder. I think he got a few little specks of snot on
my t-shirt.

"Oh dear, are you allergic? There's probably a lot of
pollen in the air."

"I'll be fine. Just getting a nice cool blast like that
when you're overheated makes me sneeze sometimes."

I drank my Coke, and enjoyed the view up his shorts
from my seat across the room. I cooled off and started
to get my strength back. By this time I was extremely
bushed, although Will was still going strong.

"I think," I said musingly, "we should get some of this
stuff up into the attic, while I still have you here."

"You have an attic?"

"Uh-huh, and it's a pretty decent size, although I
don't think you could stand up straight in it. I can
stand up in it, but I'm about 6 inches shorter than

"That much? You look taller than that."

"Come stand here next to me and I'll show you."

We stood back to back while we compared heights, which
allowed his firm ass to rub against mine. Oh, my.

"I can't see how much taller you are this way. Turn
around." This was unnecessary but it allowed me to
stand toe to toe with him. My t-shirt, with its two big
hemispherical outthrusts, was pressed into his chest.

"You're only about 4 inches smaller than me. Maybe I
can stand up in the attic too," he said, as my damp t-
shirt pushed against him. I could feel the warmth of
his chest and my chest getting warmer in response.

I was looking up into his eyes and breathing hard. I
could feel my nipples stiffening and poking into his

"No, I still don't think you can. I should probably go
up there and you can bring stuff up to me."

"It's going to be as hot as blazes up there."

"I know."

I showed him where the attic entrance was and we pulled
the ladder down and climbed up to have a look.

"It's like a freakin' oven up here!"

"Isn't it? I'm burning up," I said.

"You must be hotter than I am, in that shirt."

"I sure am. I can't stand this. Would you mind if I
take my t-shirt off? You won't be offended, will you?"

"Uh, no." Of course not. My only reason for going up
there at all was to have an excuse for shedding some
more clothes. I had started thinking about the fact
that he was 18, so he wasn't jailbait, and he was going
away to college soon anyway, so I wouldn't have any
trouble getting rid of him. He sure looked mouth-
wateringly good in his near naked state, the sweat
running down his firm muscular body. His masculine
scent was driving me crazy.

So I decided to up the ante a little, and see if he
just liked admiring the view down my shirt or if he
really meant business.

"You won't tell anyone, will you? This is kind of
embarrassing, but it is just so hot. This is like a
sauna up here."

"No, I wouldn't tell anyone. But why wouldn't you want
me to tell them?"

"Cause I'm a schoolteacher, and you're just a boy,
and...well, you know.

People might think things."

"I won't embarrass you, Miz Wanshel. Pinkie swear."

"Pinkie swear." We made the sign, and I turned my back
on him and peeled my t-shirt off.

"Now don't look."

I didn't care if he looked or not but a girl must
always say "Don't look" on these occasions.

I picked up a box and held it in front of my chest and
turned around.

I was probably blushing beet red.

"Okay," I said. I clutched the box to my chest to cover
my breasts up.

He couldn't see anything but my bra straps over the top
of the box.

"Now go get those three book boxes marked "School" and
bring them up.

You can just hand them up to me."

I felt flustered seeing the bright look in his eyes. My
taking my t-shirt off had hit him like a shot of

"You can just hand it up to me," I said when he came
back with the box. I hung back from the edge of the
ladder so he couldn't see me as he pushed the box up.

He got another box and pushed it up the same way,
unable to see me in my semi-nude state. I was wearing
nothing but a bra and cutoffs.

"Damn," he blurted sharply as he descended the ladder
with a thud.

"Did you hurt yourself?" I went to the edge and leaned
over, and as he looked up at me I knew he could see me
in nothing but my bra as I looked down at him, although
I must have been somewhat shadowy blocking the light
from the attic as I was.

"Uh, no, I'm okay. I just slipped there, but nothing

"You sure? I could come down and take a look at it."

"No, that's all right."

He went away and came back with another box, and now
that we had broken the ice and I had let him see me in
my bra, I let him bring the box all the way up and join
me in the attic.

He couldn't stand up straight under the low rafters and
had to stoop over.

I stood next to him and pretended to be having
difficulty deciding what my next move was, while he
sneaked peeks at my full bra. My tits were spilling
over the tops of my lacy, low-cut cups. It wasn't the
most comfortable bra for this kind of work and I
seriously considered taking it off. If I had been alone
I would have.

"Do you think that old love-seat would fit over there
where the roof slopes down?"

"If we move some of that stuff, yeah." My landlords
left a lot of their own stuff up there in the attic and
it was somewhat crowded.

"Okay, why don't we move it over there, and make room.
I'll get in there and hand stuff to you."

This took a while, and involved a great deal of me
bending over and leaning forward so he could see down
my cleavage and into my bra, and see my swaying chest
hanging down as I bent over.

Every time he crouched down to take something from me
he stretched the crotch of his cutoffs taut, and I
could see the big round contours his balls made under
his cutoffs. I sure wanted to get a feel of those round
things if I could. He had an erection most of the time.
At first he pretended he wasn't really looking me in
the chest and then I gave him a little half smile to
kind of say "I don't mind", and he started looking more
boldly and frankly staring. My nips were hard like
little pebbles.

I could see his underwear peeking out now and then.
Briefs, not boxers. Nice and tight. His dick must have
been uncomfortably hard because he had to
surreptitiously adjust its position a couple of times,
to make more room for it.

"Jesus, this is hot up here. I don't think I can take
much more of this." That was me talking. I was sweating
so hard -- it must have been over 120 degrees in that
attic, maybe more -- that my bra was soaked through. My
soaked cups were semi-transparent and he could see the
dark circles around my nipples, and my hard, swollen
areolae standing out. I looked like I need to be

"I don't mind if you want to work some more."
Indefatigable youth.

"I've had it. Let's go down and get out of this

He went down first, and I took my time coming down the
ladder so he could check out my legs as I descended. My
cutoff briefs were pasted against my skin. They looked
sprayed on, and I do have nice legs.

I stood next to him in the hallway and looked gently
into his big soft eyes.

"Wouldn't you like to take a nice cold shower after
that? I'm drenched."

"Uh, yeah, I could sure use it."

"We'll take turns. I'll go first, I'll be just a

I ran into the bathroom, stripped out of my soggy
clothes, and then leaned out of the bathroom door,
standing naked behind the door, and called Will.

"Would you throw these in the washing machine for me?
You don't have to turn it on, just toss them in for
me." I handed him my damp bra, panties, and cutoffs. He
looked mildly surprised to have a grown woman handing
him her underwear.

I turned on the shower and quickly rinsed off, and man,
it was heavenly to stand under those cold jets and soap
up and get all squeaky clean. I made as quick a job of
it as I could.

"Your turn," I called. I came out of the bathroom
wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around my middle,
barely covering my tits and ass.

"That was quick," Will commented as he squeezed by me
in the hall.

"I don't take as long as most women." Will's eyes
travelled up and down my form appreciatively, enjoying
the view of pink skin just out of the shower.

Will went in the bathroom and a minute later I heard
the shower start. I opened the bathroom door a crack,
leaned in, and said "Will, I'm going to take your
clothes and toss them in the wash with mine. They must
be filthy."

"What?" He couldn't hear me with the water running.



I opened the door and went in and got his clothes. They
were grimy and soaked with sweat. They smelled like a
locker room, but I mean that in a nice way.

I turned on the cold water in the sink and then flushed
the toilet. Will shrieked as the cold water ran out
and the shower suddenly turned hot.

Well, naturally feeling concerned for his safety I
forgot myself for a moment and peeked in the shower to
make sure he was okay. Wouldn't you?

He was too busy fumbling the faucets to turn the hot
water down and the cold up, to see me peeking in at the
other end of the shower.

My, what a nice, manly ass. His buns were perfectly
ripe. It was like seeing two full moons (now I know
where that expression comes from).

I closed the shower curtain and left the room, humming
a little tune to myself. On the way to the pantry I had
a look at his briefs. 34 inch waist, no cup size. Too
bad. When will Calvin Klein realize how much amusement
this would give the women who do men's laundry? I don't
think men would buy ill-fitting underwear just to boast
a bigger cup size any more than women do with bras,
once they got used to the idea.

I tossed our clothes in the wash and then went to the
kitchen to rustle us up a little snack. It wasn't
really popcorn weather but it was all I had, so I made
popcorn. I had used up most of my groceries in order to
make the move easier.

Outside, the sun was just starting to go down. You
could see a perfectly lovely view of the sunset from
the picture window, too.

"Will, come see the sunset!" I called.

"I don't have any clothes!"

"Well, just wrap a towel around yourself. Here --" I
rummaged in a box I hadn't opened yet, found a towel
just barely big enough to cover him, and passed it
through the bathroom door. I tried to see the
reflection of his nude body in the bathroom mirror,
through the crack in the door, but the mirror was all
steamed up.

He came out of the bathroom bashfully, clumsily trying
to keep the towel from slipping off, and I took him
into the living room and showed him the sunset.

"Isn't that a beautiful view?" I said proudly.

"Man, it's gorgeous. That is one freakin' beeyootiful

You get a lot of shit in the air out that way, from the
chemical plants, so the sunsets here are gorgeous --
purple and red and gold with colorful streamers. And in
the leaf season, when the trees are all blazing, it's
even better. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to
make sure you're not on drugs.

I took the liberty of putting my arm around his waist.

"I just love my new home. Isn't this great, Will?"

"Yeah. You are really lucky to have this place. I'd
like to have a place like this when I get set up."

Oh, a conversation! Goodie. "When you get out of
college, you mean?"


"What are you planning to do when you get out?"
Experimentally, I rubbed the side of my breast against
his arm, very gently. Dunno if he could feel anything
through the thick terry cloth.

"Shit, I don't know. I don't even know what I'm going
to major in."

With that cute face and that big rangy body I had a
feeling he was going to be majoring in girls, or maybe
girls would be majoring in him.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Will?"

"Nah. I had one, we broke up. That was a while back."

"Well, that makes it a lot easier. Going off to
college, I mean, if you don't have to break up or try
to maintain a long distance romance. You can just make
a fresh start at your new school."

"Yeah. I hope I meet someone at school. I've been kinda
lonely since I broke up with Tess."

"What's Tess like?"

"Oh, she's really bright. She had like a 3.8 grade-
point. She's going to be a pre-med at Stanford."

"That's wonderful. But you should stay away from
medical students, they won't have any time for

"Yeah, I guess. Tess was really, really neurotic and
she was so wound up all the time, so there was no way
it could last."


"Oh, she's gorgeous."

"I can just see her. A perky little blonde, with big

"Nah. She's a redhead, and they're not all that big."

"Oh....? I thought you were a real chest man, from the
way you were..."

"Ah, gee, I wasn't-- I didn't mean to offend you." He
had a mortified expression on his face.

"Oh, you didn't." I smiled at him gently. "I wouldn't
have let you see me like that if it was a big deal. I
figured, what the hell, if you can take your shirt off,
why can't I? Besides, I had my bra on so you couldn't
really see much."

"No, I couldn't," he lied.

"Not any more than you could see at the beach," I said.

He bit his lower lip and looked at me.

"Oh, I forgot all about the popcorn!" I dashed into the
kitchen and got it and we munched for a while and
sipped our sodas. I sat next to him on the couch.

We talked about college, and about movies, and this and
that, and I slipped my arm around his shoulders and he
didn't move away.

"Will," I said tremblingly, with a quaver in my voice,
"I'd like you to do something for me."


"My back is really throbbing from all that lifting.
Could you rub some Ben-Gay in for me?"

"Well, sure."

I went to the box with my medicine cabinet stuff in it
and pretended to rummage around. I didn't want to put
any of that stuff on my back, really, it smells.

"Well, I can't find it. Could you just rub my back for
me please?"

I went in the bedroom and lay down on the bed, after
hastily throwing on some sheets, and then I carefully
unwrapped the towel and lowered it until it just barely
covered my ass.

"Just rub hard," I said. "Take your time, no rush."

He rubbed my back very nicely, which was a pleasant
surprise, and it felt really good. After a time I felt
his hands wandering cautiously lower down my back,
closer and closer to my ass.

"You can go lower, if you want," I said in a quavering
voice. "That feels good."

His hands probed just barely onto the edge of my

"Oh yes, that feels really good. You can go lower."

His hand slid right down onto my gluteus maximus and
stroked me gently. Then his other hand came down and
did my other buttock. He was copping a feel. I have a
nice big ass, if you like big asses. It embarrasses me
most of the time.

"That feels nice, Will. You have good hands."

"Thank you," he said in a tense, eager voice. "You have
a nice body, Miz Wanshel." I looked at him and I could
see that he had a big hardon under his towel.

"Why, Will, thank you. What do you like about it?"

"Well, um, so--, so, you know, well-shaped, I
mean....." He was fumbling awkwardly. He couldn't even
think up a decent compliment, after an opening like

I rolled over and looked at him. Because this exposed
my breasts I brought my arm down and folded it across
my breasts to cover them.

"Dammit Will, are you going to fuck me or not!"

He looked dumbfounded. He was frozen with shock.

"Will, I watched you waving that big erection in my
face all afternoon as you ogled my tits. Well, here
they are. If you like them, tell me I have nice
breasts. Just say it, that's all you have to do."

"You have...n-n-nice breasts. Miz Wanshel." He was
blushing furiously and stammering.

"Please call me Jenny. What's nice about them?"

"Well, they're so big, and round..."

"And what do you want to do when you see a big pair of

"I want to touch them."

"What else?"

"And...suck on them." His voice was practically a

"Speak up, Will."

"Suck on them."

"Would you like to suck on mine?"


"Well, then ask me."

"Uh, um, I guess...Miz Wanshel, can I...suck on your

"May I, Will. Say may I, it's better grammar. I know
you can, since you have a mouth. Whether you may is up
to me."

"May I suck on your breasts, please?"


"Why, because, I... oh the hell with it!"

He lunged across the bed, grabbed me, and forced me
down. He flung the towel off me and wrestled me down
and pulled my arms off my chest, exposing my breasts,
and then his head came down and he took one big hard
nipple in his mouth and started sucking it, hard.

Wow! Having him lunge on me like that like a hungry
barracuda was a thrill. I was swept away. He was so
much bigger and stronger than I was. And he was in a

"Oh, god, Will, yes. Are you hard?" I pulled away the
towel that was wrapped around him and snaked my hand
down there and felt him, and he was like six inches of

Then I slid my hand lower and felt his balls. They felt
big and smooth and round, tucked in tight under his
cock. They felt like they were just bursting with semen
and testosterone.

"Oh god, yes. I'm wet, Will. I've been wet for the last
half hour. Just put it in and do me."

Will was chewing my breasts so hard it hurt, and I
wiggled my ass around until my pussy was right under
his dick and started guiding him in.

I was wide open down there, but it was so rigid I
couldn't bend it and I had to force him into a better
position before it started to go in. And in it went.

"Ow, ow ow! Jesus, that hurts. Stop biting my tits so

He finally noticed that I had his cock in me and he
started to move, hard. I wasn't wet and open enough
inside and it hurt, so I had to try to push him off. He
was trying to rape me, pretty much. He was going to
put it in with or without my cooperation, and I was
trying to cooperate.

His hard penis continued driving into me like it was a
railroad spike and he was John Henry, the Steel-Drivin'

"Will, please! Take your time, slow down, you're
hurting me. Will, please."

He stopped chewing on my breasts and said "Do you want
me to screw you, Miz Wanshel? Is this what you want?"

"Yes, Will, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck
me good. I want you to fuck my ass off, like the horny
young stallion you are, and I want you to make me come.
I'll let you screw me, Will. I just want you to slow
down and let my pussy get lubricated before you tear
something down there. Please just back out and then put
it in slow. Please?"

"I can't help myself. I've just got to screw you or
I'll go crazy."

"I know, Will. I've been teasing you all afternoon."

"God, Jenny, I want you so badly. Your tits are so
fucking tremendous.

I wanted you the first minute I saw you."

"When I was bending over in that low cut shirt, you
mean, at the garage sale? I knew you wanted me, Will,
when I saw you looking at them. I was showing them to
you on purpose. That's why I wore that lacy black bra,
and that's why I picked you to bend over in front of. I
wanted you and I got you. So now I'm all yours. Fuck
me, you son of a bitch. Just be gentle.

"And I want you to use a condom."

"Ah, shit."

"Please, Will."

"It's already in."

"That doesn't matter. I've got condoms in my purse over
there. Just go get one and put it on, and then I won't
have to worry and I can relax and enjoy myself."

"Ah, okay," he grumbled. He went on put one on and his
erection did not diminish one iota while he was
fumbling with the package and getting it on.

I spread my legs invitingly.

"You could lick me down there a little, if you want to.
That would help me get wetter."

He looked dubious.

"Did you ever do this with your girlfriend?" I had
already forgotten her name.


"Here, it's easy. Each woman is different so you should
try to get each one to show you how she likes it. Here,
just stick your tongue up my hole, and try to keep my
pubic hairs from getting stuck in your teeth."

He put his face against my pussy and I felt his hot
breath on my crotch and then his tongue wiggled into my

"That's very good. Now slide it out of my hole and
slide it up about two inches until you find my clit.
No, that's my urethra, keep going. You feel that
little bump -- yes, right there, that's it -- sticking
out about half an inch like a little tiny penis? It's
erect now, and don't bash it so hard the erection goes
down. It's very tender and sensitive and wilts if you
abuse it.

"You want to lick it oh so gently, like an ice cream
cone, and keep the erection hard. As long as there's
blood in it making it stiff you're doing the right
thing. Make it harder, like you want it to burst, but
you have to lick it gently with just the tip of your
tongue....oh, like THAT, yes. Lick me just like that.
Are you okay down there? Can you breathe? I want you to
just keep doing that, that's the right pace, don't
speed it up...oh, yes, yes, yes..."

He was pretty good at it, actually. It wasn't the first
time he had done it; a girl had taught him to eat her
pussy in the 9th grade. (I remembered her, too. Who
would have thought prim little Melinda Olcott,
straight-A student, with her tight blonde braids and
Peter Pan collars, was teaching boys cunnilingus?)

He got my cunt boiling hot, licking me like that, and
when I felt sure I was as slippery as an eel inside I
told him he could try to put his dick in again.

"It would have gone in easier the first time if it
wasn't so thick," I said. "And so hard! You could hurt
a girl with that thing." I thought he could use a
little flattery. And he done such a nice job of sucking
my clit.

It slid in a lot easier this time. I felt his bigness
spreading my vaginal muscles wide, like opening an
oyster. I could smell the inside of my cunt; my
secretions were pungent and slick.

Slowly he pushed himself into me. His dick was sliding
in and in and in. And my flower opened up to receive

"Will, have you ever fucked a teacher before -- umf!
That feels good, yeah."

"No, never."

"Did you ever want to?"

"Oh sure, lots of times."

"Oh GOD! I felt that in my teeth! Have you got another
inch of that thing you can slide up me, sailor? If you
do I think I'll die."

"I think there's another inch there, yeah. How's this -

And he slid the last inch up me and bang, our groins
were locked together tight. It had been a while since I
had felt anything that nice inside of me.

"Oh, god, yes, Will. Do you think you can slide about 5
and a half inches out now, and just tease the vestibule
with that big knob on the head of your dick? Yeah, oh
yeah, like that..."

"How's this?" he said, sawing away.

"Good, good. So Will, since you never got to screw a
teacher before -- this is your graduation present.
Tonight you get to screw the teacher."

"Yeah, I've wanted to screw you for years. This is like


"I had a crush on you for years, all the time I was at
Andrew Jackson..."

"Oh. My. God. Are you an ex-student of mine?"

"No. I went to Andrew Jackson but I never had you in a
class. But I would see you in the hall, and in the
cafeteria and so on, and I really had a crush on you. I
must have jacked off fantasizing about you a hundred

(Only a hundred?)

"My God, I didn't realize. I didn't recognize you."

"Well, you wouldn't, I never had a class with you. But
all the boys in the school knew who you were."

"Are you one of those boys who wrote things about
"Watermelons Wanshel" on the bathroom wall?"

Will laughed. "No, were you sensitive about that? I
heard about that, I'm sorry. They shouldn't call you
things like that."

He was screwing me harder and deeper now, and my hips
were pounding into the bedsprings.

"No, they shouldn't. But I'm used to it. Boys have been
making fun of them ever since these melons were little

"They are gorgeous." My boobs like it when you worship
them. I could feel them swelling up and getting harder
and more sensitive.

"So. Will...would you like to suck on my...watermelons,
while you screw me? Good. Roll over and I'll get on top
of you."

Will rolled over and I mounted myself on his dick. I
lay on top of him and lowered my breasts toward his
mouth so he could suck me while we fucked.

"Oh, god, suck them Will. Can you suck both at once?"
He could. He got both of my engorged nipples into his
mouth and gave them a brisk, sloppy tongue whipping,
while we continued to fuck hard, my crotch slobbering
down onto his as he humped up at me.

I looked down at my tits and they had swollen up as big
as they ever get, a half-inch or so bigger than normal.
Sometimes they get like that, if I've put on a little
weight or I'm retaining water, and then I can barely
get my bra on and still breathe. One day I'll get
pregnant and they'll stay like that, and I'll be Jenny
Double-D Cup.

"What do you think all the boys back at Andrew Jackson
would say, if they knew you finally got to suck Miss
Wanshel's watermelons?"

"I think they'd kill me. I think if they had ever
thought some kid had gotten a piece of you they'd have
waited for him after school and killed him."

"Men. Is killing your answer to everything?"

"I think you're going to kill me if you keep fucking me
like this.

My dick feels huge."

"Yeah? Do you feel like you're going to explode if I
keep this up?"


"Well, good. I am going to make you come now, Will, you
know why? Because the sooner you blow this load in
me...the sooner you will get hard and we will do this

"Oh God, Jenny....Miz Wanshel..."

I bounced up and down on his dick, hard and fast,
fucking him like he was a dildo. His sucking was
driving my nipples wild. I was breathing hard and
sweating, my ponytail whipping me in the face, as I
plunged down onto him again and again. My secretions
coated his dick and the rich musky scent of our rutting
perfumed the air.

My breath was coming in short panting gasps.

"So you like my breasts, Will? Call me Miss
Watermelons, like you boys used to in the 9th grade."

"Oh god, Miss Watermelons, thank you. I've been wanting
to see what you had under your sweater for so long. I
wanted to put my hands on them and feel them. I knew
you would have the most beautiful breasts I've ever
seen. They are so, so fine! You're huge...you're
stacked like a brick shithouse. That's what all the
boys think. Your nipples taste so sweet. You've got the
biggest, hardest, sexiest nipples I've ever sucked!
They're as thick as one of my fingers. They taste so
good. Thank you for letting me suck them. Oh, please
Miss Watermelons, don't make me come yet, please, I'm
going to come, stop...ahhh! Oh God!"

"I can feel you coming inside me Will, right through
the condom."

I could. I could feel his dick spewing and spraying
like a fire hose inside me, and I prayed the condom
could hold it. I kinda felt like Myrtle, the Fertile
Turtle, that night, and it would only take one drop of
this stud's sperm finding its way to my uterus...

We clung together for a little while and then we pulled
apart. His condom had held, but I could see the stuff
dripping down onto the root of his penis and running
into his pubic hair. I had to get a wash cloth to clean
him off.

"Good fucking, Will."

"Thank you."

"Miss Wanshel awards you a gold star for exemplary

I kissed my fingertip and traced a little star on his

"Now, you must have worked up an appetite with all that
huffing and puffing, yes? I could make us some more
popcorn...and we could hook up the TV."

"I'd like that."

I made some more popcorn while Will hooked up the TV
set next to the bed. There was no cable hookup yet, but
I had a videocassette of "Emmanuelle" that I keep for
special occasions like this.

We munched popcorn and watched the movie. I went to the
bathroom to brush the popcorn hulls out of my teeth and
when I came back he was fondling himself under the
covers. Jerking off while he watched the lovely
Mademoiselle Emmanuelle give some guy a blowjob.

I pulled back the covers to watch him pulling his meat.
He looked embarrassed.

"I feel like jerking off too," I said. "Leave the
covers off so I can watch you. I haven't seen a guy do
that in years. It's neat."

I spread my legs and started stroking Miss Pussy softly
while I watched Will beat off, and Will watched
Emmanuelle. After a while Will's head swiveled away
from the TV and he watched me as I made myself wetter
and wetter down there. Will had done a good job on my
clitoris before but I can do myself better than any man
can do me. I got the little man in the boat very hard
and started trilling him with my fingertips.

"Can I do that?"

"With a few years of practice, maybe. I can do this
part better than you can. But you can finish me."

Emmanuelle was moaning hard on the TV and we went back
to watching her and after a while we were both
breathing hard. I was nearly there, on the brink. I
looked across at Will, and he was rock hard, shaking it
stiff. When the big end pokes out of the boy's fist
he's about ready to go.

"Will...." I said.


"I'm really wet now. Are you hard enough to put it in?"

"Yes, I think so. I'll put another condom on."

"Thank you."

He rolled it on and I got my legs spread wide and
scooted down where he wouldn't bang my head into the

"You want to get on top, Will?"

"I sure liked what we were doing before."

"I did too, but I want you on top of me now."

He kneeled between my legs with his dick poised at my

"I don't need any foreplay now, just kiss my breasts a
little and I'm ready to go. Can you put it in?"

I was as hot as a stove and as damp as a summer in
Seattle. He nuzzled my warm, sensitive breasts, and he
started sliding it in slowly. It went in easily this
time. I felt my pussy spread wide to receive him and he
went in.

"Oh god, slide it right up me, Will. Oh god!"

It felt good. It only took him about a minute to get me
all the way open.

"You can screw me now, Will."

He pulled back and moved his hands to my hips. I felt
him enter me deeply, and then we began to fuck. He
fucked me gently at first, and then harder, him
pounding me and me lifting my hips for more.

My ass was bouncing up and down on the mattress as he
rode me.

I pulled my knees back and put them over his shoulders,
so he could really thrust in. He continued fucking me
and it went in deeper than before, and he really began
screwing me. I was eager to get it down there. Every
thrust was a head-pounding thrill. My pussy lips were
totally engorged, clamped wetly around his dick, as he
thrust into me.

He got into a steady rhythm, and was stroking my pussy
like an oarsman on the river. I was already hot when he
started on me and I didn't take me long to get back to
the edge.

"Oh yeah, Will, Will....I'm almost there. Can you fuck
me a little faster please?"

He really thrust home hard then and banged me down into
the bedsprings, and I fought the feeling as long as I
could until I couldn't take anymore and I let the
explosion come on.

"Oh god...yeah, that's it, just like that, not quite so
hard Will, oh god, slide it in just like that, oh
yeah...oh god, I'm on fire...do you think you can put
out the fire with your big hose, mister fireman? oh
yeah, that's the spot, right in there...screw me...oh
dear god, I'm almost there, keep doing that, I'm almost
there Will...."

"OH! Lord, YES! Omigod, omigod...WILL, YEAH, THAT'S IT,
THAT'S IT, OHHHHHH!" I didn't have any near neighbors
to wake up and I allowed myself a good loud
earsplitting barnyard yell.

Naturally, Emmanuelle was still on. My ecstasy was
right in time with hers -- she was having a screaming
orgasm too.

It was a good come, a solid, honest to god non-fake
orgasm. My body quaked. It curled my toes.

"Oh god, thank you Will. Thank you. Oh god. You fucked
me to orgasm, you really did. You are so good. Thank
you." I was babbling. It had been a long, long day and
when that orgasm came my body collapsed into something
like a bowl of runny jello. I felt like I couldn't

I cuddled up against Will and held him tight. His dick
was still hard.

"Do you need to finish, Will? Put it back in me and
finish. I'll fuck you." I couldn't fuck a fly. I was
all fucked out.

He put it back in me and I lay on my back and he pumped
me hard for couple of minutes. Just as I was starting
to get a little sore down there he came, and I felt it
throb inside me just as vividly as the first time.

He rolled off me, exhausted. It had been a long day for
him too. I wondered if his family was expecting him

I peeled his sloppy, runny condom off him and held his
limp, quivering dick softly in my hands.

"Thank you," I said. "You really know how to polish the
teacher's apple, big boy."

I cuddled up against him and leaned my head on his

"You were great," he said. "I feel like a 1000 pound
lead weight just fell on me, but you were great."

"You must be exhausted, poor man. Want to spend the

"I can't...you know, like my parents and all..."

"I understand. Will...you know, you're going to be
around all summer... if you wanted to come over again
next Friday night...?"

And he did.

Jenny Wanshel
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: bed.txt (F/M-teen, wife, cheat, voy, preg)
Authors name: Phoebe (***@aol.com)
Story title : Bedchamber

This work is copyrighted to the author � 2004. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Bedchamber (F/M-teen, wife, cheat, voy, preg)
Written by Phoebe (***@aol.com)


It was Solstice Eve, and Queen Genevieve had a
headache. It had been a long day and she wasn't really
looking forward to the long tedious evening of
celebrations that the Winter Solstice always turned out
to be.

The festivals and late night feasting were always
tiresome, all the peasants and noise that the
celebrations brought into the castle grounds, her head
pounded with a sharp pain at the thought.

The King had opened the castle to an even wider range
of people this year. Her husband's younger brother
prince Charles was going away to fight in the holy
lands and all of his men-in-arms and many of the lesser
knights from surrounding shires were within the castles
walls this night.

Genevieve had always liked the King's younger brother.
He was almost fifteen years younger than the King, and
always seemed so full of life. Ever since Genevieve had
married into the royal family, prince Charles, even at
the tinder age of ten had had a crush on her. She knew
it, and subconsciously encouraged it.

Now that Charles was 18 and on his way to fight in the
crusades, Queen Genevieve would miss the extra
attention she had become used to.


The King had decided that the celebrations and feast
should be the biggest and best ever. He had two reasons
for this, one was that his brother was going away to
unknown peril, and the other was that his queen was
suffering from a bout of depression.

They had been trying for almost two years to have a
child but with no success. Genevieve was 24 and more
than ready to be pregnant. As a matter of fact, that
was just about all she thought about nowadays. Ever
since the royal physician told them that due to a
childhood illness, it was unlikely that the King would
be able to make her big with child. Queen Genevieve had
become obsessed over the fact that she was childless.

The King trusted his physician but cast around
throughout his kingdom for other opinions and received
many. He took special potions and wore amulets to ward
off evil spirits. But so far all to no avail.

The King was upset by this turn of events, but when his
trusted physician suggested more frequency in their
copulation, he soon felt well compensated. He always
enjoyed his young wife's lush body, her thick dark
hair, and sparkling green Irish eyes. Now with her new
need she was pulling him into her bedchamber for sex at
all hours, and he enjoyed it greatly.


"Your Majesty, would you please see the noble knights
now? They await your grace," the court magistrate
addressed his lord. The magistrate couldn't know that
his King had just been invited to his Queen's
bedchamber for a little baby making session. To all
unknowing eyes the couple were king and queen astride
their thrones in a crowded hall presiding over
organized kayos.

The King sighed and turned to his queen, "Gene, I'll be
back in a bit, I guess I should take care of this,
after all they leave in a week for the perils of the
holy war. I suppose I shouldn't keep them waiting." It
was 10 o'clock, only two hours until the Winter
Solstice Day feast began.

Genevieve watched her husband get up from his throne
and throw his clock over a shoulder as he followed
after his Magistrate. An idle thought crossed her mind
as she watched them walk away. She wondered, 'What
would the old white haired Magistrate think if he knew
that his King had a raging hard-on as he weaved his way
through the crush of guests?'

She smiled to herself, because she had been the cause
of it. And giving him a hand job through the pocket of
his trousers as he'd sat next to her in the throng of
people. It had been as much fun for her as for him.

"Your Majesty, a penny for your thoughts?" Prince
Charles plopped down beside his sister-in-law. "Looks
like His Majesty was having fun over here!"

Genevieve's face turned bright red, and she felt a lump
forming in her throat. "What do you mean?" she asked,
hoping that Charles had meant something else.

"I just hope when I get married, I find someone half as
pleasing as you. My brother better appreciate you as
much as you deserve." Charles said as he nudged her
shoulder and gave a knowing wink.

Genevieve cleared her throat nervously and tried to
change the subject. "Are you ready for your voyage
Charles? You will take care of yourself won't you?" She
said with real concern in her voice.

Taking pity on his pretty sister in-law, prince Charles
decided to let her guide the conversation. "Yes, never
fear. I have a brave enough fighting force to survive
just about anything. I'm actually looking forward to
it. The sun will be a nice change, and maybe I'll come
home all darkly tanned like a Saracen warrior. I'd look
nice with a tan don't you think?"

Genevieve momentarily envisioned the young man naked --
on her bed. For a moment she could see his well-muscled
body all tan and hard. For a fleeting instant in her
minds eye she could see his young manhood rising into a
smooth mahogany pole, expanding... glistening...

"...Hey, a pence for your thoughts!" Charles said once
again as his pretty sister in-law sat motionless beside
him with a far away look on her face.

The Queen's face turned even a brighter shade of red as
she realized that Charles was looking into her eyes
with a strange inviting smile on his handsome face.

She realized what he must have been thinking. Here she
was; she'd just given her husband the King a hand job
almost in public, and when asked what she thought about
his future tan, 'well... she'd just been aroused by her
husband, nothing to feel guilty about,' she thought.

Never the less, Genevieve said quickly, "Charles please
don't tease me. I'm going to rest for a little while.
Will you tell the King to come up and wake me before
the midnight festivities? I think I've had a little too
much to drink and need a lie down."

"Yes, I'll send him up to you as soon as I see him,"
Charles smiled knowingly.


The chambers were warm and snug with fires burning
cheerily in the warming hearths and no one was about,
so everything was quiet. Just what Genevieve needed.

The Queen sat for a moment at her dressing table and
stared at her reflection in the mirror. She couldn't
see any difference in her appearance. She looked the
same as she always had, no older than when she was
still living at home in Nottingforthe with her parents.

Even at 24 she felt that she could pass for 18 and get
away with it. She had one of those petite bodies with
enough flesh on it to keep her girlish figure, which
she had until recently taken very good care of.

With a sigh, she finally stood and stepped over to a
table with a dark wooden box on it. She opened the box
and removed a flask.

The court Physician had made her a potion for her ever-
increasing headaches, it always made her feel calmer
and her pain would invariably go away a short time
after taking the medicine.

She took her customary two swallows and put the flask
back into the box. Standing in the semi-darkness of her
bedchamber, Genevieve longed for her husband. The
alcohol that she'd drunk earlier, and now the fast
acting drug she'd just swallowed were making her feel
sexy all over.

Frustrated and even more depressed Genevieve lay down
on her bed and as she drifted off, the vague worry
about waking in time for the midnight celebration
flitted though her mind...


Genevieve's eyes opened lazily as a hand sailed down
between her legs. She realized that the hand must have
been there for a while because she could feel the
familiar slickness of her own lubricants on the
massaging fingers.

Contentedly Genevieve turned over to face...
"Charles!!! What in heaven's name do you think you're
doing!" Genevieve was wide-awake and angry.

"Genevieve..." Charles stammered. "God I'm sorry, I-I
know you can destroy me for what I've done, but when I
came in here to wake you, you just looked so... so very
beautiful, I just couldn't help myself, I just had
to... I-I guess I thought in the back of my mind...
that we might make a deal between ourselves."

Charles looked at her flashing eyes, then continued. "I
know how much you and the King have been trying to make
an heir, and I saw how depressed you've been. I thought
that maybe I could help."

"Get out of here Charles, and I'll try to forget that
you were molesting your brother's wife. I don't know if
I can, but I don't want to ruin your relationship with
each other so I'll try."

Charles didn't get up to leave, in stead he said,
"Gene, I'm a virgin, and you're without a baby. You
want a child, and I don't want to still be a virgin
when I become a crusader in the holy lands. The way I
see it, we might be able to do something important for
each other."

Genevieve sputtered for a moment, then finally gaining
control of her voice she said, "I don't believe you
said that to me Charles, you know I love my husband and
I would never consider cheating on him. Why are you
doing this?"

"Because I love you Genevieve, and I love my brother
too. He wants a baby just as much as you do, maybe
more. What do you thing your chances are of having a
child by him? Pretty much nil I'll bet. You know you
couldn't get any closer to his bloodline than me, now
could you?" Charles looked intently into Genevieve's
wide green eyes as he reached out to touch her arm.

Genevieve didn't move as he touched her. She knew that
she should slap him -- even get up and run to her
husband and tell him everything, but she didn't move.
Sitting there with her eyes locked to his, Genevieve
considered what the young man had just said. She did
want a child and heir, and it didn't look like her
husband was going to give her one.

Genevieve flinched as she felt Charles' cool fingers
slide down her arm. She looked down at the invading
hand as it rubbed gently up and down her forearm. As if
in a daze she accepted his touch and made no protest as
he moved closer.

Charles sensed that Genevieve might bolt if he moved
too fast, but this was a moment he had dreamed about
ever since he'd understood what sex was. His beautiful
sister in-law had figured prominently in his
masturbation fantasies all his life. And here he was,
through a fluke of good fortune, at the threshold of
his brother's wife.

Charles moved up next to her and placed a tentative
hand on her breast, then ran his hand down her stomach
to her thigh, then back up again.

Genevieve reached out and held his hand still.
"Charles, I will lie with thee, because I want a child,
but I don't want to cheat on my husband. I would tell
him, but I know he would never agree."

She also knew at that moment that there was more than
just the need for a child and heir, she was and always
had been attracted to her husband's younger brother.

As Genevieve lay back upon the bed and watched her soon
to be lover striping out of his clothing she knew
without a doubt that this would be an encounter that
she would always vividly remember.

When the young prince had stripped completely naked he
stood proudly beside her and she watched as his manhood
came quickly to life.

Genevieve couldn't tear her eyes away from Charles'
arousal, it was magnificent. He was magnificent. After
years of being bedded by a man much older than herself,
and having been a virgin when first she'd come to the
King's bed she had never had anyone to compare her
husband to before.

Young Charles stood before her as if her were a Greek
God, hard and ready, so ready in fact that Genevieve
quite naturally held open the covers so the young man
could slip in beside her.

That simple invitation was all that was needed to get
Charles going. He snuggled up next to Genevieve and let
his hands roam over her body. The material of her
nightgown did nothing to mask what was beneath.

And soon even that flimsy barrier was gone and the
young man and his queen were lovers a most biblical

As the two rutted in magnificent passion, totally lost
to the world around them, a dark figure moved within
the shadows and watched.

It was the King himself. He'd finally finished his
duties in the great hall and had come up to be with his
loving wife until the midnight celebrations. He'd been
looking forward to another bout in bed with her.

As he stood in the shadows his mind churned in turmoil.
His first emotion was shock, which quickly turned to
anger. He was going to rush into the room and kill his
brother, bash his head in. How dare he do this to the

But something deep down inside of him stayed his hand.
He realized that what he was seeing aroused his lust.
Watching his beautiful wife being taken by another man
was somehow... exciting to him.

He stood fascinated as his young brother humped away at
his wife. She in turn was moaning and thrusting back up
at him, just like she did when his swollen meat was
thrusting in and out of her.

He could see his brother's body tense and he knew what
would come next. A loud groan escaped Charles' lips as
he filled Genevieve with his seed. He shivered again
and again as the delicious spasms racked his body with
each spurt of his passion.

The King watched as his unfaithful wife hugged her
young lover to her bosom and desperately thrust herself
against him in a quickening motion. His eyes widened
when he heard his Queen groan in a hoarse voice he
barley recognized, "Oh god, oh god YES!"

And he continued to watch as his wife of eight years,
his beautiful queen, her body shiny with a fine coat of
perspiration bucked under her lover with her own
orgasm. All the while Charles atop her was still
thrusting in and out, in and out...

The King stood still. The deed was truly done he
thought, what would he do now? Why hadn't he stopped
them when he could have? But he already knew the answer
to that.

He loved his wife, and he did want a child and heir. He
was surprised how fast he'd figured it all out in his
head. His brother was going to the holy lands to fight
the heathen hordes. Many things could happen to him

If his wife became pregnant from his brother's seed,
Charles would most certainly meet with some tragedy.
The Kingdom would have an heir, and his wife would have
a child.

Everything considered, he fervently hoped that his
little brother had just made his lovely wife fat with

'Yes,' he thought to himself, 'that would be the best
thing all around.'

He slipped away unnoticed by the lovers on the bed, who
where heading for a second round of pleasure-making
before the Winter Solstice festivities called them away
to their various duties.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: ritual.txt (MF, nc, bdsm, sacrifice)
Authors name: Sarah Anne Talley (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Ritual

This work is copyrighted to the author � 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Ritual (MF, nc, bdsm, sacrifice)
Written by Sarah Anne Talley
(contact address: ***@hotmail.com)


A Winter Solstice Story.

There was a unique sect of paganism that began as a
cult and turned into almost a religion in late 14th
century England. The sect was called "The Bringers" and
their most sacred ceremony required human sacrifice.

Usually the ceremony required the priestess to first
rape and then kill a willing male of breeding age. If
the priestess became pregnant from the sacrifice, her
daughter after reaching her majority would take her
place allowing the priestess to retire with honor.

The position of priestess was something to be desired,
but her sex life wasn't much to be desired. She could
only have sexual relations during the sacrificial
ritual. And the ritual could only be performed once a
year on the shortest day, during the shortest hour of
the winter solstice.

The practitioners of this cult believed that if the
ritual didn't come off just right then they were doomed
to a torturous year to follow, so it was important that
everyone played their part well.

Finally in the 1340's the Catholic Church eradicated
all but a few of "The Bringers".

But even after centuries of obscurity the ritual still
takes place at least once a year at the very moment
prescribed. It may be just a group of kids that
discovered a manuscript and decided to defy convention.
Or it might be a group of Satanists that stumbled upon
the ritual and think it was devised just for them.

The one constant factor is that someone, someplace in
the world, has observed the ritual at least once each

One wonders what would happen if the chain were ever
really broken?


December 2001

The priestess stood in the shadows as the young strong
looking Chinese man was led into the room. She watched
him with interest wondering how he would hold up under
the coming ritual. In the five years that she'd been
the "Bringer of the Solstice," she'd never done it with
a Chinese man before. He looked, well, interesting--

Warren Wong was a handsome man with strong clean limbs
and a well-formed body. He obviously worked out and
under normal circumstances he would have been able to
fight his way out of a situation like this. Although he
was an unwilling participant of the evening's events he
was powerless to protect himself from the people that
surrounded him.

Blindfolded with a black cloth bag tightly tied over
his head and tied hand and foot, Warren was completely
at their mercy. And when priestess walked confidently
up to him and gripped his balls through the material of
his jeans, her powerful fist squeezing him hard; all he
could do was groan in pain and double over.

The flame-haired priestess looked down at the young
Chinese man and wondered again briefly how he would
hold up. She hoped that he would do better than the big
black man she's undergone the ritual with last
solstice. He'd been a big disappointment to her and the
disciples. He was such a big and powerful looking man
that she thought he would have held up better.

She could still recollect what a magnificent male
specimen he'd been. All muscle, black and shiny, with
thighs like knotted tree trunks and a manhood that was
impressive even when flaccid. But he had disappointed
her most bitterly. When the ritual had come and she'd
begun to "bring" him, he'd just cried and whined like a

But as the golden-skinned Chinese man knelt at her
feet, the priestess was heartened by his defiant
silence. She hopped that his silence was a good sign,
but no one could really tell what kind of man he was
until the "Bringing Ritual" began.

Warren was made to stand again. He flinched at the
tough of the woman's hands upon his arm. The priestess
smiled when she saw this, it always aroused her when a
big strong man flinched at her touch. Then she turned
to her disciples and said gruffly, "Strip him, and be
quick about it. It is almost midnight."

Warren heard her and felt hands pulling at his
clothing. He felt sick to his stomach with fear. How
had he come to be here? What were they doing to him?
Then his memory cleared slightly from the drug he'd
been unsuspectingly fed and he remembered the pretty
white girl who had been standing outside the strip bar.

She'd beckoned him around the corner just outside the
circle of light shining down from above. He'd thought
that she was a prostitute and he was more than willing
to pay for a piece of something that looked so hot.

She was tall and had a curvy body. But what really
grabbed Warren's interest was her flame-red hair and
utterly white skin. She looked almost unearthly and was
most definitely one of the most beautiful women he'd
ever seen. He would have paid any price to touch her,
to climb between her legs, to fuck her-Yes any price.

The last thing Warren remembered was leaning in to kiss
her. She'd invited him to kiss her. As his lips touched
hers he felt faint. Then he was struggling to breathe,
but she held him tight in a passionate kiss and it
seemed as though she was sucking the breath right out
of him. Then he began to crumple to the ground. The
last thing Warren remembered before waking up here
blindfolded, was someone laughing, a high-pitched
feminine laughter.


As the disciples tore at his clothes Warren tried to
pull away, but it was no use. He could feel his
clothing being pulled and cut away. What was happening?
He blindly jerked away from his captures and fell to
the ground. But that just made it easier for the hands
to pull his pants and underwear from him. In moments
Warren lay naked on the ground.

The flame-haired priestess inspected the Chinese man's
body, looking for any defects or imperfections. She
knew that if she found any that it would be her
responsibility to find another man suitable for the
ritual. It was too late to find anyone else other than
a disciple. The ritual must take place in the next few

Luckily the Chinese man's body was perfect, no
blemishes no birth defects. His golden body was
beautifully smooth, with light wisps of black hair
under his armpits and encircling his manhood, with a
little pubic hair peppering his heavy balls. His
muscular body showed that he worked out, and as he
struggled she could see his sinus ripple under his
smooth skin.

The priestess liked what she saw, and sighed with
satisfaction as the naked blindfolded man was pulled to
his feet and led to the stone slab.

The drums began to beat their slow mournful rhythm and
the priestess thrilled in anticipation of the coming

The handsome Chinese man was pushed down onto the cold
stone while several disciples grabbed his wrists and
ankles and spread him wide. They tied him to the four
brackets that had been pounded into the stone for that
purpose, all the while fighting against the struggling
man's body.

The priestess watched silently as these tasks were
performed, just as the ritual required. A disciple
pulled a jug of warm oil from beside a low fire that
was kept alive just for this purpose. The robed
disciple walked over to the bound man and slowly tipped
the jug until a fine string of warm oil began to flow
out and onto his writhing nude body.

The priestess stepped forward and ran her hand through
the flow of oil temporarily breaking the string's flow.
Then she lowered her small hand to his chest and began
to smear the oil over his golden flesh. She enjoyed the
feel of his slick skin under her oil-coated fingers.
And with a sigh of satisfaction she saw his manhood
jump into life when she brushed her hand along one side
of his still flaccid shaft.

The priestess intoned, "Disciple. Pour your essence oil
directly upon his manly parts. Make him ready for the
bringing ceremony."

Warren jumped at the sensation of flowing oil splashing
onto his stiffening cock. Then he jumped again as a
hand touched him and began to squeeze and massage it.
Within seconds he was fully hard and as the small oil-
coated hand continued to massage his cock-shaft Warren
moaned quietly and involuntarily arched his back at the
pleasurable sensations.

The disciples watched as the flame-haired priestess
stroked the writhing Chinese man's tool into full
flower. Soon it was straining for release, all covered
with veins. Flesh expanding and retracing with each
heartbeat. Blood coursing through his tool in an ever-
quickening pulse. His manhood stood out quivering
proudly, all pink and purple with blue veins, throbbing
with the warmth of life.

The priestess slowly bowed over the prostrate Chinese
man and brought the bulbous oil soaked head to her
lips. She kissed it as though it were her lover.
Fondling it as if it were her baby, caressing the shaft
and finally sinking down on it to the root so that her
painted lips were crushed against his wispy black pubic

Warren involuntarily arched his back and moaned as he
felt himself slide deep into a warm wet throat. Even
though he couldn't see, he knew what was happening.
Even through his blindfold he could see in his mind's
eye the flame-red haired girl going down on him. The
sensations welling up in him were amazing.

Then the chanting began. Warren couldn't make out the
words exactly. They sounded strangely muffled and then
he realized that he had a bag over his head, oh god
what is this? He wondered for the thousandth time.

The chanting sounded something like "Make him come,
make him come," but Warren just couldn't be sure, the
chant was just a little too indistinct.

But when he felt the fingers fumbling at his crotch and
knees coming down on both sides on his hips he could
guess what was coming next. All of a sudden Warren
wasn't sure if he really minded being their captive. If
it truly was the red-haired woman who'd tricked him,
well, he'd wanted to fuck her anyway, so what
difference did it make if a few people watched them
doing it.

Warren groaned in pleasure as a warm wet cunt engulfed
his stiff shaft sending wonderful shivers of delight
through his body in delicious shooting spasms. And when
she began to ride him in a rocking motion Warren
couldn't help himself, he began to moan in pleasure and
the girl atop his body began to pick up the pace.

From somewhere in the distance and in the back of his
mind, Warren heard a clock striking the hour. As the
first strike sounded the girl on top of him gasped and
he could tell that she was orgasming on his stiff
member. It excited him to know the pleasure she was
receiving from their union, and that brought him closer
to his own orgasm.

The second strike and she lay over his body and
shivered as her orgasm racked her body. He could feel
her naked warm breasts heaving against his naked chest.

As the third strike sounded Warren heard her breathe
into his ear, "Come for me baby, fuck me, make me
pregnant with your child." The fourth strike sounded,
and then the fifth.

The woman atop Warren began to rock back and forth on
his stiff manhood, now screaming at him, "Fuck me, fuck
me harder, come in me, come in me now!" The clock
struck for the seventh time.

Warren was by this time on the verge of coming. At
first he didn't know what to make of the woman's wild
actions, but when she started screaming at him to come
in her he just let go and began to thrust up at her
cunt with his hard cock. She matched his rhythm as if
it were the most natural thing that had ever been.

The clock struck for the eighth time.

It was just too much for Warren. The feeling of the
woman's warm wet cunt wrapped around his cock, her
small hands pressing against his chest as she wildly
road him. It just felt too good.

The clock struck for the ninth time and Warren felt the
final flush of passion pump out past his prostate gland
and pulse up his cock shaft and into the warm wet
receptacle of the priestess' grasping cunt.

The clock struck for the eleventh time.

Warren groaned in ecstasy as he began to pump his come
deeply into his partner's body. She was still riding
him wildly, trying to milk him for everything he was

Then in Warren's subconscious he heard the clock strike
for the twelfth time. It wasn't an actual thought
because all he was really thinking about at that moment
were the wonderful feelings that the flame-haired
woman's cunt was giving him.

When it had all begun Warren had been afraid. He'd been
an unwilling captive. But now as he pumped the last few
gushers of hot come into the priestess' body he was no
longer an unwilling participant.

At that moment, in that nanosecond of time when Warren
had become a willing participant, the knife slid home
between his ribs into his heart. The knife was twisted
expertly in the small fragile hand and then shoved

Warren's manhood throbbed one last time and then he
exhaled and was dead.


Minutes later the priestess was handing around the
equally sliced pieces of Warren's still warm heart and
they were all discussing the ritual and how well it had
gone as they nibbled.

The priestess glanced over at Warren's cooling corps
and smiled lovingly at him. He hadn't been a
disappointment at all. Maybe if she hadn't become
pregnant with his child, (which she hadn't in the past
rituals) maybe she'd just try and find another Chinese
man next year.

And if he'd made her pregnant and she was no longer the
"Bringer of the Solstice," well she'd have her child to
keep her company, and to take her place eventually.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

All Tied Up
by Negative Creep (address withheld)


A teen abduction, gang rape and cum bath. (M+/f-teen,
nc, rp, v, ws, bd)


I slid my dick across her stomach and back and forth
over the puffy nipples from her budding fourteen year
old titties. Within minutes I was spewing my load over
her chest, a pearl necklace for a young teen. Her eyes
were as glazed as her entire body: she was gleaming wet
from spunk, jizz, sperm, cum. Her stomach, legs, and
arms were wet. Her slightly hairy pussy lips were
dripping with cum. She kept licking her lips trying to
get the drippy sperm off and out of her mouth. Her hair
was matted wet, her eyelashes coated and her ears full
of goo.

This fourteen year old was covered with the sperm of
twelve men who had taken turns fucking her mouth and
sweet little cunt or simply jerking off on her.

Her arms were tied to the bedposts as were her spread-
eagled legs. She had stopped fighting after being
dicked and unloaded on dozens of times. All of the men
-- me included -- were so turned on by raping this
little bitch that we found we could cum two or three
times, it was such a hot sight.

Me, this load was my fourth because, well, let me back

Earlier today cruising the mall parking lot I spotted
this little bitch, long strawberry blonde hair, skimpy
red halter top, short shorts that barely covered her
teenie ass. Little cunts like that make me want to fuck
the shit out of them because young cockteases grow up
to be big cockteases. Little girls like her needed to
be fucked, forced to suck and showered with sperm,
treated like the little whores they look like.

I watched her walking closer to where I was parked as
she left her friends, equally dressed like dirty little
sluts but she was the one I had my sights on, alone and
walking slowly, ears covered by headphones.

I made my move as soon as she passed my car. I flew out
the door, grabbed her, my hand over her sweet mouth and
pulled her into the car. A few slaps shut her up while
I quickly pulled out my dick and jerked it while my
hands ran over her body, under her shorts where I felt
the thong (fucking whore!).

I yanked her top away to reveal those sweet titties,
the nipples involuntarily hard. Within seconds I jerked
a big load of cum onto those tits and ordered her to
rub it in and then lick her fingers clean.

She was so scared and crying, she did as she was told.
I made the little slut suck my dick clean as I demanded
she tell me her age, even as my cock was in her mouth.

She managed to mumble "fourteen" which made my dick
instantly hard again as I rubbed it all over her little
face, now actually the slut the advertised herself to

Long story short, I gagged and tied her and drove off
to the meeting place where 11 guys were waiting, each
who paid big for the privilege of raping a teenie girl.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching them break her cherry and
make her cry, deep fuck her raunchy little cunt mouth
and jerk load after load of cum into her fourteen year
old face.

This would go on all night until the little whore was
sore in every hole, gagged time and again by big dicks
and finally the recipient of a gang jerk, each of us
spurting one more hot load of cum onto her fourteen
year old face, body and hair.

After that, she was dazed looking up at all of us as we
gathered around her once more.

"No," she whimpered.

"No baby," I said. "We’re not gonna jerk off on you

She looked hopeful.

"No," I said as I held my dick close to her pretty cum-
covered cheeks, "Not cum..."

And I began to piss straight into her fourteen year old
face as all eleven other guys did the same: face, hair,
titties, pussy.

This little cunt was going to be real mess when we were
finally done with her.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: Iowa.txt (mf,gb,slut)
Authors name: Cynthia Candle
Story title : Just a Girl from Iowa

© Copyright 1998
This work is copyrighted to the author, with all rights
reserved. -- This work may be archived and displayed on
non-commercial web sites without permission, but please
do not remove the author name or address. Thank you

She was from Iowa. Eighteen and new to the city. She
hadn't made many friends, she said, because she really
wasn't used to going out at night. I had met her on
the bus as we traveled to and from work. We got on and
off at the same stop.

Although she was quite a bit younger than me (I'm 42)
we seemed to hit it off. She was a delightfully re-
freshing change from some of the more jaded women I'm
aquatinted with. Still, my feelings toward her were
not entirely paternal.

She was very thin, with short blond hair and the bluest
eyes I had ever seen. Because of her thin, light frame,
her breasts were quite small. I was anxious to see
exactly how small.

She was 5'8" tall and her legs were magnificent. She
looked like a ballerina; Slender long legs disappearing
into the tightest roundest little bottom you can

One evening we stopped for a drink at a little bar on
the corner by the bus stop. We sat at a table and re-
capped our day for each other. Talking of how glad we
were that it was Friday.

Coming from Iowa she was quite curious about the city
and was disappointed she had seen so little in the time
she had been there.

We had a few more drinks. Neither had any particular
place to be that evening. We were getting a little
tipsy and during the conversation she said that there
was something in Chicago that they didn't have in her
small Iowa hometown that she really wanted to see.

Her face turned bright red as she blushed and said,
"Oh my gosh I must have had more to drink than I

I said "Why? What is it you want to see?"

She replied, "I'm sorry I brought it up. I can't ask a
man about those things."

I convinced her to tell me, and she said she had never
seen a porno movie. She didn't want to go by herself
and she was too embarrassed to go with someone else.

I told her I had seen many porno films and not to be
embarrassed. I would be glad to take her. In fact if
she wanted to, we could stop at the Adult bookstore
down the street and look at the 25-cent peepshows as
a test to see if she wanted to see a full-length movie.

We finished our drinks, paid the bill and headed for
the adult bookstore.


She was a little hesitant about going in once we were
there but evidently we had had enough to drink, she
finally said what the hell, and we opened the door and
headed in.

I got 10 dollars worth of quarters (wanted to have
plenty) and we walked to the back where the booths
were. There must have been 30 booths and the aisles
were filled with men waiting their turn for various

My friend tried not to notice the men, but they were
making no effort to hide their own interest in her.

We slipped into one of the unoccupied booths with out
even looking at what the movie was. I closed the door
and slipped the latch.

It was dark in there, with the exception of the little
red lights that glowed at each of the quarter slots. I
slipped a quarter into the first slot and the screen
flickered as a film began. It began in the middle that

There on a the screen, for the first time in her life
she saw two men and a woman, one man with his huge cock
halfway down the woman's throat and the other man fuck-
ing the woman from behind.

She gasped and fell back against me in startled amaze-

I put my arms around her from behind and we stood there
watching the movie, occasionally dropping another quar-
ter in.

Her breathing was becoming shallow and fast and I let
my hand drift up the front of her blouse to those tiny
breasts of hers. She made no effort to stop me.

I massaged them from the outside but then undid the
buttons and slipped my hand inside her shirt.

Indeed they were tiny things, mostly nipple, but the
nipples were magnificent poking a full inch from the
breasts. I rubbed a nipple between my thumb and fore-
finger and heard a small gasp. Her breathing was more
rapid now, But her eyes never left the screen.

I left her blouse hanging open and slid my hands down
her waist to her hips then down those marvelous slender
thighs. My fingers gripped the material of her skirt
and slowly raised it to her waist. I tucked it into
itself, moved my hands around to the front and felt
the soft bare skin of her belly.

She was wearing small cotton panties and my fingers
slipped inside them and into her wonderfully moist

This time she was not a low moan escaped, as her lips
parted and her tongue licked her lips furtively. I
knew that someone had heard us because I could hear
the latches slide shut on the booths at either side
of us.

Her cunt was incredibly wet and tight around my
fingers; she had a clit that was more like a baby's
cock. It protruded from between her cunt lips, and
like her nipples, stuck out nearly an inch. It was
hard and slippery. Every time I touched it she moaned
and involuntarily jerked her hips.

By now her panties fallen down to her ankles. She
lifted one foot free of them and spread her legs giving
me freer access to her entire body. Her eyes were still
glued to the action on the screen.

My eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness by now
and with the glow given off by the movie screen I
looked about the booth. It was then I knew why the
booths on either side had been occupied. For on both
sides of the booth a hole larger than a mans head had
been cut in the plywood.

And in fact there about waist high were indeed the
faces of two men eagerly watching us.

I was in no mood to stop and my horny little friend
certainly was in her own world. I leaned forward and
ran my tongue around her neck and up to her ear.

"Baby I'm going to fuck you right here in the booth.
You want a hot hard cock in your cunt?" I was enjoying
talking to her in a way I was sure she had never heard
to before. She tried answer but as she started to
speak My finger flicked over her big clit and all she
could reply was, "Uuhhhh!"

I unfastened my pants and shoved them and my shorts to
the floor giving only a moments thought to what the
floor must be like. It felt sticky under foot.

My dick was hard and ready to have some hot pussy. I
let it slip up between her legs and rest between the
lips of her tight little cunt and against that massive

My hands went back to her nipples and I started to talk
into her ear again. "Move that hot cunt for me, slide
it back and forth over that big cock. I'm going to fuck
your mouth, your cunt and your ass right here while you
watch the movie."

Her slender hips began a slow undulation. Through the
holes in the wall I knew the men had heard what I said.
I knew they had their cocks out and were jacking them
as they listened.

I also knew this slender little 18 year old was under
my control. I knew that she would do anything that I
asked her too. She was aroused and had let herself go.
I could tell that she was hotter than she had ever been

She was beyond caring where she was, she would fuck me
now if she were laying flat on her mothers dinning
table during thanksgiving dinner.

I removed her blouse completely and dropped it into the
slime on the floor. Her skirt was next and I pulled it
roughly over her head and tossed it into the corner.
With the exception of her shoes she was naked.

I grabbed her hair and turned her around and firmly
pushed her to her knees. She was breathing so heavily
and her skin was so hot that she complied as soon as
she knew what I wanted.

My hand applied to the back of her blonde head and
guiding my cock with my other hand I painted her lips
with the precum that had begun to form on my swollen
cockhead. Then with more pressure to her head my
raging dick slid between her lovely lips.

I held still letting her suck enjoying her laving
tongue and the sight of those to men watching her
suck my hard-on.

Then holding her head with both hands I began to fuck
her face for real. Sliding it in until her nose was
buried in my pubic hair then out to the tip again. In
and out, harder and harder till the cum spurt out of
my balls and shot from the end of my dick into that
waiting mouth. I was amazed that she hadn't gagged
even once. She moaned at the first taste of cum and
eagerly swallowed it down.

I slid my cock out of her mouth and stroking it shot
the second spurt square in her face. It hit her on the
bridge of her nose and spread out and flowed down her
pink cheeks.

I continued to stroke and spasm after spasm spewed out
hitting her lips then her forehead, her chin, she moved
her face like a person in the shower trying to wet
their whole face. Her hand was between her legs and I
knew she was stroking that hard clit not unlike the way
I was stroking my cock.

Her bangs were plastered to her forehead and her entire
face looked slippery and filmy from my pent up ejacu-
lation. I motioned to the man at my right to stick his
cock through the hole in the wall.

His was short but incredibly fat as was the large belly
he pressed to the wall on his side of the partition.
However it protruded into our space far enough to allow
my sexy little companion to get at it.

I leaned down and took her hand and placed it on his
thick erection. She was startled and started to pull
her hand back. I turned her head and when she saw the
cock in the dim light her head slumped forward and that
fat dick disappeared into her mouth.

I stood her up so that her ass was against the other
wall as she sucked the man to the right. An eager
hand came through the other hole in the wall, and his
fingers slipped into her sopping pussy.

My hands went to her breasts and fondled them playing
with the nipples all the while.

Even with the fat mans cock in her mouth she was moan-
ing the vibrations from her voice causing him to come
prematurely, sending a second load of cum over her
tongue and down her throat.

To my amazement she was getting frantic for more sex,
more cum, more cock. She stood up and wrapped one of
her long slender legs around my waist and with her
hand took my now rejuvenated rod and put it in her
cunt. She was tight but so wet. Her head lolled back
and she had both hands on my ass. Her hips moved at a
speed that almost caused me to lose my balance. Her
voice now had a more frantic quality but at a much
lower tone. "Gimmie more dick, fuck me, I need more
cock fuck me faster."

Her voice was louder and I was sure a crowd had
gathered outside our booth. She was breathing in loud
gasps now, we turned and I had her pressed against the
wall with her firm little sweaty ass pressed against
the hole in the partition.

She screamed, "Yeah fuck me in the ass shove it in."

I realized that the man in that booth was taking
advantage of a rare opportunity and that he had stuck
his cock into her tight little butt while I filled
her pussy. I could feel his cock against mine separated
by a thin membrane of flesh.

We fucked back and forth in a fantastic rhythm.

He screamed, "God I'm coming," and I knew our secret
was definitely out. They must have heard that out in
the street I thought.

I came for the second time and overflowed her pussy,
cum ran down her thighs and mingled with the cum that
had been shot onto her ass by the anonymous man in the
next booth. I stepped back out of breath.

My wet cock starting to shrink. She still had that
frantic look in her eyes, "I NEED MORE COCK. I NEED
MORE COCK NOW!" I tried shushing her but she wasn't
listening. She unlocked the door and plunged into the
crowd gathered about our booth. The crowd parted then
closed again as she disappeared into into the hall.

I gathered my clothes and put them on. I stepped out.
She was somewhere under that mass of people at the
opening at the end of the hall. Clothes were flying
every where. The manager tapped me on the shoulder and
said, "Don't worry I closed the shop and locked the
door." He then hurried to where the crowd was,
unbuttoning his shirt as he went.

My little friend from Iowa was still screaming for more
cock. There must have been twenty men kneeling standing
laying about her. Hands everywhere, men pushing to get
their cocks into anyone of her holes, and still she
begged for more.

Men jacked off and came on her tits, her face, one man
was fucking her hair. She was slick with sweat and cum
from head to toe. Her hair was plastered to her head as
if she had just climbed out of a pool.

One by one they finished, got tired, and stepped back.
The last one, a grotesquely obese man, was still on his
hands and knees over her. She was on her back bucking
up from the floor driving her pussy up onto his dick.
She stopped finally, and he came spurting cum over her

Afterwards the manager turned all the lights on and we
looked at her. Legs spread, cum running from her and
pooling on the floor. Her hair had dried in places and
stuck out like it was one solid piece. Her pussy was
red and swollen and her hole sort of hung open as if
it to was had been stretched beyond repair. I noticed
bite marks on her thighs and around the nipples.

She was breathing heavily. Her eyes opened and she
spied me. She sat up smiled and said, "That was some

I retrieved her filthy clothes and she got dressed. I
walked her home. Luckily she had a scarf to cover her
cum dried hair.


I sat in her living room while she lay in the bathtub
soaking herself. When she finished and came out, she
sat down and said, "I'm sorry Carl, I know I should
have told you this before, but I needed sex so badly
I just couldn't.

You see I'm HIV positive and I couldn't think of any
other way too get laid by a man. You're a real love to
help me out that way. And I hope you don't catch any-
thing, I really do."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn’t okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Bound For Glory
by Peter_Pan (***@hotmail.com)


Shannon is just a cute teenager. It's not her fault she
has fantasies she shouldn't. Problem is when your
"nice" boyfriend has a vivid imagination also. Toss in
a decent-size Hotel suite and you're talking a game
played with high-stake prison rules! (Mf-teen, mast,
1st, bd, rom)


Few girls air their most personal fantasies. Whilst
being gang-raped, taken forcibly by their fathers or
having their dress ripped off in the shopping mall,
preparatory to being openly molested by a bunch of
over-heated school-boys, ranks way up there in the
dream-stakes, any such reality might offer somewhat
less of a rush.

Shannon though, had just the one teensy weensy
daydream. To be tied-up and spanked soundly! Just
eighteen now, she most certainly had the body for it.
Barely five-two from the soles of her remarkably pretty
little feet to the part in her mop of curly light-brown
hair, she weighed-in at no more than a hundred and
twelve pounds. Anyone in the market for an ultimately
cute teenager with probably the most appealing lips,
breasts and silhouette this side of Aphrodite herself,
would assuredly need to be taking a number.

Not just a pretty face, she had worked hard in her last
years at school to score big-time in those final exams.
This by necessity had meant just the occasional
boyfriend and the even more occasional night out. She
may have still been a virgin but played host
nevertheless to the same hormones on active standby as
most any other school-girl. What another boy was
denied, her own fingers were free to pursue...and most
nights unquestionably DID. It was at such intimate
moments the specter of being tied-up and left helpless
infiltrated her naughty little musings.

Todd had been in love with Shannon since her sophomore
year. Something less than a forceful personality, he
had watched with aching ventricular distress as a
veritable procession of 'hulks' had offered their
dubious chaperoning duties, the majority of which
however had earned short-shift from the blue-eyed
academic who if nothing else, knew her own mind and was
not about to be pressured into any short-term
relationship just for the sake of the visuals. High-
school politics and student cliques had never been
Shannon's thing.

Having regarded Todd as little more than a confidante
during the intervening years, she had agreed finally to
a one-off date - maybe to defer the rigors of Purgatory
at some later stage. She was after all, a good Catholic
girl! As it turned out she discovered she could have
done way worse – had in fact in dates gone by. Over a
period of some six and a half weeks she found herself
in fully unchartered territory – head over heels in
love. Todd was smiling, his fortunes had turned a
complete one-eighty. It was almost enough to join the
local Bible society!

Just a fortnight before she was to attend her first
semester at College, they had decided to spend a
romantic weekend at a mountains retreat. Todd's father,
a man of kindly disposition, had slipped his son a
couple of hundred-dollar bills as they left for the

"Take real good care of her son," he called after him,
"She's an angel."

The entire journey, Todd found himself trying to
repress images that for sure, his genteel up-bringing
had no part in creating. Images as far removed from his
established lifestyle as might be imagined. Shannon sat
beside him looking out at the forested landscape in
transit, holding his hand and as content in the world
she inhabited as might be an oyster ensconced in its
new shell.

Swinging off the exit road and into the guests'
allocated parking area immediately fronting the gothic
edifice that was the "Grand Victoria," they got out of
the car and stretched. Todd flipped the trunk release
and Shannon tugged out her overnight bag before
reaching further-in to retrieve her boyfriend's snap-
lock. Pushing past her with uncharacteristic
abruptness, he muttered "I'll get that Shannon!" She
caught what she interpreted as momentary panic in his

The young desk-clerk lifted his head to attend to the
approaching guests. Somewhere though, between his pre-
rehearsed welcome-speech and their arrival at the
reception desk, his vocal chords suffered a major
operational relapse. Perhaps it was the imminency of
what up until that moment was undoubtedly the best-
looking girl he had ever seen. Maybe it was the brevity
of that tight little skirt which was suddenly displayed
in all its curvaceous limitations as she bent over
quite innocently, to retrieve the clutch bag she had

Of course we can't rule out the fact either that even
taking into account the tasteful nature of the blouse
she was wearing, everything beneath was somewhat
clearly outlined and despite the fact she needed only a
modest-sized bra for her age, push-ups can do wonders
and sufficient of her cleavage was still visible let's
say, to give Pamela Anderson a decent run for her

"I, er...that is to say The Grand Victoria welcomes you
folks," he stammered, trying to look anywhere but into
those depressingly unavailable pretty blue eyes. "You
have a booking?" he enquired of Todd, who was already
filling out a registration form and fully aware of the
effect Shannon was having on the man.

In possession of their electronic keys, they took the
elevator to the third floor where adjacent suites 306
and 308 awaited their incoming temporary residents.
Todd had been hoping for a shared suite naturally
enough, but one glance at Shannon's father had
eliminated that little possibility, let alone any hope
of his being able to persuade Shannon herself. Even his
own father had said to him "Just behave son, you know
what we expect of you!"

Getting on for 7 p.m. as it was, they decided to have
dinner at Cavaliers restaurant on the ground floor with
the intention then of maybe watching a movie upstairs
together. With the wealth of sight-seeing planned for
the following day, a real late night was not called

Barely twenty and not yet with the poise and
worldliness of an older man, Todd raised the waiter's
eyebrow by enquiring as to whether the "Atlantic
Salmon" came with chips or not. Shannon erred on the
side of caution meanwhile and simply ordered a Beef
Stroganoff. It was at the point Todd requested a wine-
list that the waiter's smirk intensified.

"And you both have ID yes?" he muttered deadpan. The
view down the young girl's top from where he was
standing right that second, really did compensate for
the mediocre salary.

Sipping her champagne, she could feel the hot flush
spreading across her face. She felt delicious. Todd
smiled at her. What he was imagining would have had
Shannon's parents sprinting down to the local
courthouse, organizing an AVO to be served on her

Ensuring that the wine flowed in anything but
moderation, Todd was heartened by the fact that
Shannon's giggles were now punctuated by the odd
slurred word. That he loved her was in no doubt – who
in their right mind could not? That he desired a taste
of the outré in terms of amorous inclination towards
his wholly innocent partner was almost understandable.
The fact is, if either party had been privy to the
other's secret thoughts, they might have taken their
leave of Cavaliers way earlier.

Back in 308, Shannon sank into the plush chair, while
Todd fiddled about with the remote trying to locate the
main menu.

"World Trade Center" or "Talladega Nights" Shan?" he

"Whatever," she replied, kicking her heels off. "Think
maybe I need a coffee actually." She couldn't repress a
further bout of girlish laughter.

"What you NEED is another glass of champagne sexy
features," Todd grinned. He already had the cork off
the "courtesy bottle" in the fridge and was pouring
them a glass each.

"Do you really think I'm sexy?' she giggled, looking up
at him, using every coquettish mannerism available to
her. Todd was having a hard time, not to put too fine a
point on it.

"Nooo," she cried out as he handed her a three-quarter
filled wine-glass. "I've had way more than I should
Todd. Are you trying to get me drunk or something?"

"Frankly...yeah," he confessed, "And yes, I do think
you're sexy Shannon. God, if only you knew..." his
voice trailed off.

"Knew what?' she asked, taking the glass from his hand
with no further verbal resistance.

"Never mind," Todd muttered. "You wouldn't wanna know."

"Try me," she volunteered, "I am an adult now, right?"

"That you are Shannon," he replied, both of them then
quaffing a healthy few centimeters of the highly
effervescent Yellow Glen.

"Soo," she pursued unrelentingly, "What is it you had
in mind for me Todd... really!"

"You know Shan... you must know surely?" he looked that
second like a small boy who's mother was asking him
what he wanted for Christmas?

"Ohhh that," she smiled up at him, fully aware he had
an awesomely unrestricted view from that angle, of her
cleavage, maybe more. "Well you know I just don't feel
ready yet... I'm still only eighteen don't forget!"

"ONLY eighteen?" he almost choked. "Most girls at
school have lost their virginity by ninth grade these
days...You can't blame me for like, "wanting to?" I
mean, I really love you Shannon and well... it's
driving me crazy."

Taking first one more sip of the champagne for support,
she put the glass on the table. "I know Todd. Truth is
– I think about it myself too." She blushed brightly in
both cheeks at the thought of what she really did think
about. "I suppose I'm just a bit scared... and drunk
now," she added giggling anew. "It's all your fault!"

"Well hey, why don't we take advantage of that little
eventuality Shannon?" he smiled broadly, standing in
front of the chair and holding both arms out to her?

"Tell you what," she teased, pulling him towards her.
"I'm feeling so light-headed I really should go to my
own room now, but if you promise to behave Todd, I'll
sit on your lap while we watch Will Ferrell... Deal?"
Clearly, her vocal delivery was worsening.

"Deal," he replied with but hesitant conviction.
Scooping her up, Todd sat down in the chair and booted
up the credits for "Talladega Nights", The sensation
afforded him by the placement of Shannon's warm body or
more relevantly, curvy little rear-end in his lap,
didn't bear mention.

Eighteen-year old girls for the most part, do not only
feel nice, they smell nice. Shannon bless her push-up,
exuded what you might term the ultimate in
desirability. Not ten minutes into the movie and having
almost emptied their glasses again, the duo's on-site
inhibitions were further on the wane. Nothing like a
glass or five of champagne to boost the pioneering

Barely had Ricky Bobby nailed his first NASCAR
preliminary, when Todd's arms had eased their way north
and were even now nudging their own red-line at the
lower onset of Shannon's 32B under-lifter. If she
noticed the approaching invaders she was making no
mention of the fact. Todd glanced across at the snap-
lock case on the bed. "Realistically what are the
odds?" he asked himself.

As the accumulated alcohol made its acquaintance with
the young girl's passing red and white blood cells,
concentration became uniquely difficult, even to the
point that with Todd's right hand now bravely
encircling her left breast, the best she could come up
with was a fresh set of giggles and a non too clear,
"Tha's naughty Todd." He definitely had in mind to be

Cupping her right breast equally delicately, he gently
squeezed the contents of both palms. Shannon began
wriggling perceptibly on his lap in what Todd took to
be pleasured acquiescence as she brought her own small
hands up on top of his. As his fondling took on a more
intense aspect, the slightest of soft sighs became
audible from the lips of the semi-conscious teenager.
"Mmmm" she purred.

With each gentle squeeze, the contents of that hot
little bra were displayed to even greater advantage.
Just one button freed-up might permit a viewing window
that had the potential to disclose one or both nipples
he realized.

"Wha...what are you doing Todd?" she struggled to get
out the words. She brought her hand up and pulled his
away from its designated task.

"It's OK Shan," he cajoled, "Just let me... I promise I
won't try anything else. I only want to make you feel

By this time, he had not only the button undone but his
right hand had slipped well inside her bra. Although
this eventuality restored a degree of awareness in the
girl's mind, the feeling of a man's hand fondling that
which no other had ever encroached upon, tended to
anaesthetize her alarm buttons. Basically it felt so
good she wanted more.

Todd was losing his grip on reality. His every instinct
was to rip that flimsy little top to shreds, lose the
skirt and toss her on the far bed. The rest would take
care of itself. Oddly enough, Shannon's senses were
running amok also. All she was imagining was Todd
ripping her skirt and top off, tossing her on that far
bed and spanking her stupid. Had they known, they could
have saved each other a lot of time by comparing notes!

The romantic tableau started moving away from the
typical Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr scenario to more a Bill
Clinton/Monica Lewinsky aspect, at the point Todd's
right hand located the hem of Shannon's skirt and the
relative ease with which he was able to tug it higher.
Shannon registered some token resistance with a
lethargic "Not up there Todd," but somehow in the
translation it came across as "Ohh yess – right up
there please Todd." Either way, once her hot little
matching-green panties were exposed, highlighted let us
assume unintentionally – by a few strategic hip
wriggles, neither participant was complaining.

Will Ferrell was long forgotten. The wholly entrancing
view of Shannon's now totally exposed panties as they
curved down between her thighs, was feeding Todd's
arousal. His fingers, depressing the full extent of her
vaginal cleft, was feedings hers. Heavy as the young
girl's breathing was, his was louder. Able to feel the
moisture seeping through the absorbent cotton, Todd's
higher logic circuits were sinking fast in a morass of
lustful indulgence. Simply the sensation inherent in
fondling Shannon's breasts and nipples was bequeathing
his peristaltic rate a turbo boost.

For her part, Shannon was losing it. Her respiratory
rate right off the graph and her sighs peppered now
with bona-fide moans, she was fully unaware of even
parting her legs to accommodate his inbound fingers.
This wasn't petting, it was fully fledged anarchy.

So far down his lap had she slid, a gap had opened up
between the waist-band of her panties and midriff and
thus Todd did what any guy in his achingly fortunate
position would have done. He slipped a hand down that
narrow channel, finding a world of soft downy hair on
site, that if not exactly a welcome-mat, offered
undeniable tactile benefits.

"Please, not INSIDE my panties Todd," she gasped,
almost fully sobered up by this latest turn of events.
She made as if to retrieve his hand but Todd perhaps
sensing the urgency of the situation, pulled Shannon on
to her side and began to kiss those warm lips with
frenzied zeal. It worked, she put her arms around his
neck kissing him in return and completely yielding up
her body to his touch. Able now to not only reach the
remote heat-source between her legs, but to penetrate
her vaginal defenses with an eager finger, she was lost
for all money.

Moans begat moan as Todd upped the speed and depth of
penetration. His own needs were distressingly apparent
and had Shannon not been so absorbed with her own
orgasmic progress, she may have realized what that hard
'ridge' beneath her hips was exactly! Increasing the
pressure on her clitoral nub then certainly paid
dividends. With a convulsive cry of pleasured release,
the girl's body shook and her wide-eyed gasps left no
doubt in Todd's mind that he had obtained a pass-mark
for his concerted effort.

Pulling the hem of her skirt back down and doing-up her
blouse, went some way to restoring the young girl's
dignity. Disengaging herself from his lap she walked
across to the bed and sat down on the edge of the
coverlet, hands folded demurely in her lap.

"That was very naughty Todd," she muttered, "You took
advantage of my er... condition!"

"I can take even greater advantage of it, if you'd
like," he grinned. "C'mon Shannon, you've driving me
insane here." His hand strayed subconsciously to his
own lap. She looked away... but thought plenty! Her
body was still leveling itself out from the orgasm, yet
try as she might, those self-generated images of being
restrained and swatted by Todd, refused to fade-away.

For his part, all Todd was thinking right then, was how
unutterably hot and vulnerable his sexy little
girlfriend would look tied up there fully helpless on
that bed. There was never going to be a more opportune
moment. He stood up and moved across to the suitcase on
the far table.

"Close your eyes Shannon," he called back to her. "Got
a surprise for you... and no peeking right?"

"Is it a good surprise?" she giggled.

"Oh, the best," he replied. "Something I've wanted to
give you for quite a while."

As Todd raised the lid of the case she couldn't control
her curiosity, trying her best to see what it was his
body was obscuring. He looked around.

"No peeping Shannon, I told you! Now, be a good girl
and lie on the bed face down... and wait for me."
Obediently she did as he requested.

Removing the items from the case he sidled across to
her prostrate form. In terms of sheer desirability,
that murderously hot little body rated big-time. Her
slim waist, pronounced hips and way curvacious bottom,
and all topped-off by that most tantalizing of feminine
aspects – bare feet!

"What are you doing Todd?" she cried out as he drew
both arms up behind her.

"Something I think you'll really enjoy Shannon," he
answered, looping the rope around either wrist.

"You're TYING ME UP???" She gasped, jerking her head
around in shocked disbelief. She wasn't too sure
whether to laugh or scream. This had to be a joke
surely? "You're not going to spank me are you Todd?"

"Well now Shannon," he grinned, "I really hadn't even
thought of that... but now you mention it!"

"Please noo, don't Todd," she begged. C'mon, untie me
and lets each just go to sleep in our own rooms, it's
really late."

Perhaps her half-hearted appeal sounded what it was –
an obligatory cry for help rather than having any
purposeful expectation of release. Maybe Todd was so
fully committed to his task, nothing short of a SWAT
team was going to deflect him from his intended

Her wrists bound tightly now, she could do little to
prevent Todd maneuvering her struggling body across his
lap, right there on the edge of the bed. She didn't
even have time to prepare herself.

His first spank, somewhat of an exploratory nature,
caught her fully unawares. "Ouch" she cried just
seconds up front of a secondary assault on her tail-
feathers. Todd had to admit to himself that any and all
pre-conceived images of such behavior fell far short of
the reality of seeing her taut little rear-end
reverberating from the punishment at hand. The third
spank not only hurt like hell, it made her nipples
tingle with unforced pleasure.

"Am I the world's greatest slut?" she pondered

Smoothing his hand across her bottom, Todd allowed
himself the luxury of reaching beneath her with his
left hand and cupping an obliquely sexy little breast.
She gave a gasp of shock but was denied the time to
lodge any vocal objection by way of a fourth spank that
had her arching her back in discomfort.

"That really hurts Todd," she cried. To a degree, the
hand fondling her breast was lessening the pain – maybe
it was just distracting her. Either way, she wriggled
about on his lap in exaggerated discomfort.

"Yeah? Well that's why we spank little girls Shannon,"
he laughed, "Makes them into better and more obedient
little girls doncha know?"

The game turned marginally serious at that point with
Todd wrenching her skirt higher, completely exposing
her panties both to his needful gaze and his descending

"Oh, pull my skirt back down," she yelled, her very
predicament causing copious amounts of moisture to form
instantly along her vaginal crevice. She felt so
deliciously sexy and provocative it was hard to
concentrate on the pain. Todd was feeling her breasts
up now with renewed vigor and the spanks raining down
had her bottom jiggling from the incessant contact.

"No more Todd," she whimpered as he brought the
punishment to a merciful hiatus. She lay across his
knee a spent force. He could see the tiniest droplets
of moisture clinging to the girl's hairline around her
shoulders while the tops of her legs as they
disappeared up beneath her panties, bore several
reddish marks from a few spanks that had gone
unintentionally astray. Despite the accompanying shriek
of understandable humiliation, he continued pulling her
panties down her thighs, exposing one glowing red
bottom with the prettiest of girlish clefts mid center.

"Oh Todd, Don't pull my panties down ...PLEASE, its soo
embarrassing," her wriggling this time was for real.
Now he figured, was time to execute the next stage of
her punishment. Restoring her knickers to their
rightful elevation he tugged the skirt back down and
assisted her if not unsteadily, to her feet. Her wrists
understandably were beginning to ache a little.

Manouvering her across to the writing desk, he pulled
the wooden chair out before pushing her into it. She
watched as he crossed the room to retrieve two other
smaller pieces of rope and something else that he
placed in his trouser pocket. She couldn't see what it
was. Sitting still she stared downwards fascinated, as
he lashed first one ankle then the other to either
chair-leg. She should have been at the very least
"concerned" for her predicament she realized, but the
truth was, it excited her unbearably.

Walking behind her, Todd untied her wrists then pulling
her arms behind the chair, bound them tightly once
more. She was now ultimately restrained and completely
at his mercy.

Regarding his handiwork, Todd had every reason to be
pleased with himself. From the frontal aspect it really
was a good news day. Breasts thrust forward and further
delineated through the soft material of her blouse by
virtue of having her hands roped behind her, gave
Shannon a kind of Joan-of-Arc forlorn look. The bare
feet and almost indecent hemline added just the right
"vulnerable as all hell" perspective. He knelt in front
of her.

"What are you going to DO with me?" she asked softly,
"promise you won't hurt me Todd?"

That being the absolute last thing he had in mind, he
just smiled at her. "Of course not Shannon.... as if?"
Reaching upwards then, he fondled her right breast
through her blouse. This caused her to yelp and to
admonish him with a curt "Todd!!" Grinning, he cupped
her the other side and reveled in the delicious
sensation afforded him by such gratuitous fondling.
Shannon wriggled in the chair, fully unable to escape
her abuser and if the truth be known – in no hurry to
do so.

In keeping with the profile of an innocent young girl
however, she did in all fairness put up some token
verbal resistance. "Stop that, Todd," and "C'mon leave
my breasts alone," rent the airways as well as a couple
of "I'll scream, I really will" threats.

Todd came well equipped though. Retrieving the small
roll of duct-tape from his pocket, he tore off a strip
six inches long and pressed it neatly across her mouth.
The visuals were now complete. He had the floor as it

Unceremoniously silenced, Shannon sat there wide-eyed
as Todd continued to molest her maidenly charms. She
would have aired her shock had she been able to, most
especially at the point her boyfriend moved in closer
and began to undo her blouse buttons all the way to her
waist. She began to shake her head in disbelief as her
bra was exposed and Todd's fingers slip-slided their
way down inside both cups. She could see his fingers
feeling her nipples and their unconcealed reaction to
such treatment. It was just bad luck for her the bra
had its clasp at the front.

Even as her pretty breasts spilled out into Todd's
direct line of vision, she felt a hot flush coursing
through her body. Humiliation, excitement, fear,
expectation...all these and more were present. Right at
the moment Todd leaned forward and began sucking her
right nipple though, you could add another abstract
noun – pleasure!

Instinctively she arched her chest forward, her eyes
fully closed. Latching on to her left and majorly erect
teat, he drew down hard, his free hand gently squeezing
her other breast as he did so. Exactly who was enjoying
this more is hard to say.

Possessed of one painfully hard erection not
surprisingly, Todd simply had to avail himself of the
limited time available. Unhandling her breast, his hand
followed its owner's debased line of vision. That semi-
parted flesh-colored freeway up beneath the girl's
skirt. Pushing the hem up as he went, Todd could but
stare lustfully at the resulting up-skirt opticals.

Eyes wide open now, Shannon began shaking her head in
denial once more as he reached in to the depths and
commenced rubbing the front of her panties lewdly.
Worse was to come though as he took a hold of them and
deftly drew the material to one side, exposing her most
intimate of possessions to his over-heated gaze.

Staring at those tight brown curls that up until now he
had only felt briefly during his earlier exploratory,
propelled him into "fully procreative" status. Cute as
those green panties were, they were no match for a
twenty-year old near-rapist with some serious needs.
Disrespectfully ripped from crotch to waistband, their
new home was the far corner of the hotel suite.

Shannon's fantasy was about to be played out - with no
commercial breaks!


© Peter_Pan September 2007
Visit The (New) World of Peter_Pan:
Available in paperback: "The Best of Peter_Pan"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author � 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Buddy Jerk-Off
by AB-2007 (address withheld)


I still can't believe I let him do it. We'd been
friends ever since 1st grade and nothing like this had
ever happened before. (MM, mast, 1st-gay-expr)


We were both married but had been on the road for
almost a month before the incident that I'm about to
tell you about happened. We'd started a new company
together, you know, working for yourself and all. We
had to travel to meet our new customer base and we were
close to being broke so we shared all the expenses
including motel rooms.

As I said before we had been on the road for almost a
month when one afternoon we'd finished up a little
early and had spent the extra time at the motel pool. I
was tired and we had to drive several hundred miles the
next day so I told Bill, by friend, that I was going to
take a nap for a couple of hours and then later we
could go to MacDonald's and get a bit.

I went back to the room and took a shower. I was so
tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open. I came out
of the bathroom and turned down the covers and crashed
down on the bed with a satisfied sigh and immediately
drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed that I was home with Carole my wife. We were
making wild love. It was some of the best sex we'd ever
had. I could feel every nuance, every move we made. Her
body felt so wonderful beneath me and her breath
against my ear as we fucked was bringing me closer and

Then I awoke. Not really waking, but suddenly I could
tell that I wasn't with my wife. Somehow I knew that I
was still on the road and at a motel. I shifted my
position slightly and felt a touch on my thigh. Then I
felt someone touching my ridged dick.

I wanted to jump up and yell, but all I did was lay
there pretending that I was still asleep. Through the
slits of my eyelids I could just see Rob, may partner,
sitting there on my bed. I could just make out that he
was reaching for my boner. The boner that my dream had
made stiff as a board.

What was happening? Why was I naked and why was Rod
feeling me up? I slowly realized that I must have gone
to bed naked and not covered up. But what the hell,
that was no reason for Rob to be doing this!

Just as I was about to sit up and smack him, Rob's
fingers wrapped around my cock. I realized in that
moment that I was harder than I think I'd ever been
before. The feel of his warm had on me like that was
something I'd never expected. It felt good!

Then his hand was moving up and down, pulling my
cockflesh back and forth as he began to jack me off. I
continued to lie there pretending that I was still
asleep. My heart was in my throat, and I could barely
breathe. I was so excited that it was all I could do to
remain motionless.

I let Rob do me; I remained silent and kept pretending
that I was asleep. He began to jack me off faster and
faster so that soon I knew I'd be spurting soon. Then I
felt the final pulses rushing up from between my legs
and that wonderful release as I came.

First a big hot splat on my chest, then another on my
belly. Rob didn't stop jacking me. I could feel and
hear my hot sticky cum squishing between his fingers as
it lubed my shaft. Soon I was in a position that if he
didn't stop I'd have to admit that I was awake. I was
just too sensitive.

Just as I was about to admit defeat and sit up, Rob
stopped. I moaned as if still asleep and moved slightly
upon the sheets. I could feel Rob getting up from my
bed and moving to the bathroom.

Within moments a moist hot washrag was cleaning me. Rob
was washing my cock! It felt so fine being cared for so
nicely after being away from my wife for so long. I
still didn't move, I still kept of the charade of sleep
and let him clean me up.

Then when I knew he was done, as if still asleep I
pulled at my covers up and rolled over on my side away
from him. God that had been so fucking hot. I wasn't
queer, and I didn't think Rob was either so I was at a
loss to explain what had just happened.

Then I heard the springs of his bed start to squeak
rhythmically. He was jacking off! I had the sudden urge
to get up and offer my services to him; after all he'd
just given me the best cum ever. But to do that I'd
have to admit that I'd been awake while he jacked me

Fuck it, he's my buddy, and it's the least I could do,
I thought, as I turned over to get out of bed...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: catholic.txt (F/M-teen, religion, school)
Authors name: Kissmycox (Anon address)
Story title : Catholic School Fuck

This work is copyrighted to the author � 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Catholic School Fuck (F/M-teen, religion, school)
by Kissmycox (Anon address)


This happened years ago when I was a senior our local
Catholic high school. We had nuns for teachers and most
were old and mean. I guess that is what happens to a
woman when they never got a hard cock to make them

But something strange and slightly wonderful happened in
my senior year. We got a new nun for senior English
class. She wasn't as old and sour like all the others,
her face was young and pretty, but you couldn't tell
what kind of body she had since it was all covered up in
that black habit that they wore.

I and all the teenage boys in my class were attracted to
her. Besides being good to look at she had a sweet
personality and I was in puppy love.

During the school year we became kind of friendly and
she would joke around with me and she was always smiling
and she would always ask me if I needed any help, or how
I was doing in general.

It was about a week before school was out when she asked
me to stay after class; she said she wanted to talk to
me. Most of the time when I Nun asked you to stay after
it was because she wanted to talk to you about something
you'd done wrong. Your ass would pucker up and you knew
you were in for it. But this time I could think of
nothing I had done wrong, and besides we were friends of
a sort.

English was the last class of the day and I was eager to
go home and hang out with my buddies, but I stayed after
as I'd been told to do.

After everyone else had left the room she closed the
door and sat behind her desk. Then at my surprise she
said, "Don't worry you have done nothing wrong. I just
think of you as my special student and seeing that the
year is almost over I just wanted to get to know you a
little better. You know that I like you don't you?"

I nodded.

Then she said, "I'm not like the other nuns, I have
needs, if you know what I mean. And seeing that I think
you're so special... do you want to help me with them?"

Not knowing just what to say, I finally said, "Um, er,

Then she said, "I was hoping that you would," then
rising she said, "come on, follow me." And she led the
way to the cloakroom. As we entered she shut the door
and threw the latch closed. Then she turned to me and
said, "Kiss me."

I wasn't sure what to do, nuns didn't act like this and
they most certainly didn't kiss anyone. But then she put
her arms around me, and I saw her pretty face and I just
gave her a peck on the cheek.

She said, "No, not like that, a real kiss." And taking
my head in her hands she kissed me full on the mouth,
she forced her tongue between my lips and I could feel
her body press against mine.

I kissed her back, and felt myself getting a hard on.
Then I felt her hand go to my crotch she squeezed it.
"Mmmm, real nice," she said quietly, then she ask me to
feel her breasts.

I didn't need much urging, I tried to feel them through
her habit, her tits were full and she had on no bra and
they were very, very nice. I stood there in nervous
shock when I felt her unzipping my pants and then her
cool hand slipped into the fly and touched my hot cock.
Then her hands were at my belt undoing it.

As we kissed both of her hands went inside my exposed
shorts and played with my stiff cock and my quivering

By now I was trying to get at her pussy but there was
too much clothing, but she told me to wait a minute and
got down on the floor. My eyes widened when she pulled
up her habit and took off her granny panties and there
before me was a real pussy. It was very hairy looking
but strangely inviting.

Then things started to move very fast. She grabbed me by
my cock and pulled me to her with it. I watched as she
kissed the tip of my dick a few times. Watching my
precum stuck to her lips made me almost cum then and
there. Then she pulled my shorts down to my ankles and

I knelt down between her legs and as she held my cock to
her cunt I plunged into one of the hottest and wettest
and tightest holes that made me begin to cum right away.
She moved her legs up and wrapped them around my waist,
locking her ankles against my ass and started to fuck my
brains out.

She was wild, moaning and groaning almost screaming
while she bucked like a whore in heat. I was past
cumming now but still hard as a rock and feeling myself
getting ready for another blast. The fact that she was
enjoying my body so much was making me crazy.

Then I could tell by her gasping that she was orgasming.
I felt her hand at my balls her fingers massaging them,
"C'mon little boy, come in me," she moaned.

I came like never before. My body wasn't my own it
shivered and bucked underneath her as I spurt gob after
gob into her. I'd masturbated before and done some heavy
petting in my time but this was a whole new world for

After we were done I pulled out, my cock wet with her
juices. Her face was all aglow as I stood up, I watched
in amazement as she got to her knees and started to lick
my softening dick.

After a moment or two she said, "Auwww, look at the poor
thing I killed it," and she smiled up at me and kissed
it. Then standing she straightened her habit and took a
hanky from her sleeve and wiped the sweat from her brow,
kissed me once more on the lips and thanked me.

Years later with all the scandal about the Catholic
Priests and sexual abuse, I fleetingly thought about
making a claim against the church myself. But after
thinking it over I realized that I had gotten more out
of that experience than she had, and if the truth be
known I'd do it over again right today.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author � 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Flying High
by Phil Phantom (1995)


A different kind of mile-high club experience. (FFF,
exh, 1st-lesbian-expr)


Right after my honeymoon, I left Frank to visit my
family who had missed our impulsive Las Vegas wedding.
I boarded a plane in Denver to fly to Dallas where
they'd meet me. I expected everyone to be at the
airport, their usual habit. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa,
Uncle Charles, two brothers and two sisters. I hadn't
seen them in over a year since going off to college.

The flight was uneventful except for a brat, two rows
ahead and across on the left of the aisle, that kept
trying to look up my short dress. My dress was super
shear and light, but I had a slip, panties, and bra on,
so there wasn't much to see. Finally, in frustration, I
lifted the hem of my dress and said, "There, are you
satisfied, now?"

The woman sitting beside me said, "I've always wanted
to do that."

"Do you want to change seats? He's still looking."

"I don't mean I want to; I mean I wish I had the

"I wish I had the courage to go in the rest room and
take these panties off. I'd fog his glasses for him."

"I dare you."

"You dare me?"

"I double dare you."

"Nobody double dares Lucy Stevens, I mean Evers. I just
got married. I should try to keep my panties on now
that I'm a wife; besides, my husband shaved me on our
honeymoon. I shaved it again right before we left for
the airport. If I shot a beaver now, I might do the kid
brain damage."

"You've been double dared."

"Are you serious?"

"Marge Weaver never double dares unless she is dead

"Save my seat."

The woman who double dared me had plopped down beside
me shortly after take off. She was traveling alone and
wanted company. I was a bit miffed by her intrusion,
because I had a whole row of seats to myself on the
near empty plane. I like the window seat and only moved
to the aisle to make the job of feeding us our in-
flight snack easier on the flight attendants. I
intended to scoot back. I didn't want to seem like a
dumb country girl, all excited by a plane ride, so I
stayed put on the aisle. Marge seemed so worldly and
mature, though she wasn't much older than my nineteen
years. She may have been twenty-two or three.

I flashed the boy to impress her with my boldness.
Actually, the boldest thing I ever did was to shave my
pussy at my husband's request. I was a virgin on my
wedding night, three weeks prior. Just admitting to
Marge that I was shaved was a huge step for me.

When I stripped off my panties in the bathroom, I got a
terrific rush from my daring act. Marge's obvious
surprise and approval upon hearing my secret news had
my heart fluttering. I assumed she'd never heard of
such an outrageous act. Flashing my shaved and naked
vagina took all the courage I could muster, but I was
determined to shock and impress Marge further.

I returned two minutes later and plopped down. The kid
immediately turned to gawk. Marge sat forward and
stared expectantly to my lap. I gave her a curious
look, then said, "I'm supposed to flash him, not you."

"I'm the one that double dared you. How will I know you
took your panties off or have a shaved beaver if I
don't look?"

"Good point." I started to lift, but her hand blocked
me. I said, "What?"

"Before you do this, we need to go over the terms of
the dare."

"There's rules to this?"

"It's my double dare."

"All right. What are the rules?"

"First, slump down in your seat. More. A little more.
Put your butt on the edge."

I felt ridiculous, slumped so low that the seat back
bent my head forward. The boy was all eyes, expecting
another flash of panties. I said, "You've more than
piqued his interest already."

"Now, when you lift your skirt, lift it past your hip
bones, past here." Marge placed both hands firmly on my
hip bones, then drew a line across my belly with her
right hand. I eyed her suspiciously when she touched me
that way, then more so when she didn't let go. When the
hand that drew the line rested flat on my pubic mound,
I knew I had a lesbian in the seat beside me. Having
never met a real lesbian, I was stunned to find my
first one looking so normal, so feminine.

The woman said, "Now, there's a time condition. You
must maintain your pose until someone comes along.
Since the plane is almost empty, and they already
served us, that might be a while. You might ride like
this all the way to Dallas."

I felt the pressure increase over my mound and said,
"Or until Junior says, 'Mommy, Mommy, look what that
lady's doing.'"

"He won't say anything. He wants a show; besides, I can
see her from here. She's asleep."

She was right; Junior wanted to see my pussy. The
thought of actually riding two more hours with my naked
vagina between a horny kid and a lesbian was simply too
exciting to pass up, though I figured we may get five
minutes at most. Flight attendants don't stay put, even
in near-empty planes. I said, "All right. Is there
anything else?"

"Yes, you must spread your legs as wide as possible,
and you can't touch your skirt or close your legs even
one inch until the pose is legally broken, no matter

That crafty lebian knew exactly what to say. "No matter
what," I may be a country hick, but I knew what that
meant. I said with a smile, "If you're going to pull
out a contract, I'd like to run it by my lawyer."

"I'm queen of the double dares, what can I say? Are you

"No, I'm not chicken."

"All right, then do it."

I took a gander up and down the aisle, looked at the
boy, then pulled my skirt up past the line by two
inches. I fanned my legs out to their maximum, which
placed my knees three feet apart. The boy's mouth
dropped. So did the lesbian's. I watched her hand
travel up my right inner thigh to close on my pussy. I
said, as fingers slid into my wet slit, "I thought the
idea was to show him my vagina. All he can see is the
back of your hand."

"He's going to see your pussy. I'll see to that, but
he'll see it wet and juicy as a pussy should be."

The lesbian's two middle fingers on her right hand
entered my hole and massaged me internally by rubbing
against the underside of my pubic bone, massaging my
'G' spot, I suppose. The first two fingers of her left
hand rubbed rapidly in short flurries on my clit, just
the way I like it. I said, "I thought my pussy was wet
and juicy in the rest room."

"Bone dry. You ain't seen wet and juicy yet."

"I take it you've done this before, getting a pussy wet
and juicy, I mean."

"A few times. Oh, yeah, baby, you're flowing now. You
are one hot little bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes, and if you keep that up, I'm going to be a hot
little pissing bitch. Oh, god damn! Oh, you fucking

I couldn't believe I said that; but then, she called me
a bitch first. She went on, "Come on, Juicy Lucy. Let
go. Cum for me, sugar. Yeah, baby. Come on. Give it up,
you juicy little whore."

"Ugggh! Ohhhhh! Oh Fuck! Oh lord. Oh Jesus. Mother
fucker. Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! God

I never came so hard, or yelled so loudly in whispers.
I slumped lower in my seat, trying to catch my breath.
Marge said, "Now let's show the boy some juicy pussy."
She pulled my cunt lips wide for the boy while blowing
cool air across the wet membranes of my pussy innards.
We were startled by a stewardess kneeling by my aisle

The stewardess softly said, "Hey, look, I'm one of the
sisterhood, but you guys need to get a room."

Marge did not pause in her activities, and I made no
attempt to cover myself. The stewardess stared
longingly at my open spread as Marge said, "This chick
is straight. I put in some hard work getting her like
this. This is the room."

"You have an audience, you know."

"I know. He's been watching from the start. He won't
tell. It was his staring up her dress that got her all
hot and bothered. We're a team."

"Well, I guess you're pretty safe, come to think of it.
Most everyone's asleep, and the crew is cool."


I was stunned when the stewardess said, "You know, he'd
probably like to see her tits. Let's take the dress

"I like your style. I'm Marge; I can see you're Pam."
Marge offered Pam her sopping wet right hand, and the
two lesbians shook hands over my face. After the hand
shake, both licked their hands. I couldn't help but
wonder if I had witnessed the secret handshake of the
Sisterhood of Muff. Marge said, "Lift up, sugar puss."

I lifted my ass to allow Marge to push my dress and
slip to my middle. When I sat, Marge pulled me forward
and Pam unzipped the dress. Together, they removed the
dress and slip. Pam removed my bra. Except for my
shoes, I was naked on an airplane.

The stewardess laid all my clothing on the empty seat
by the window, then pulled a blanket from the overhead
compartment. She laid the blanket over the clothes and
said, "If anyone does come, you can cover up with this.
I'll stay here and serve as a lookout; if that's all
right with you?"

Marge said, "Join in; the more the merrier."

"Thanks, I was hoping you'd share her. I go positively
ga ga over straight chicks, and this one is gorgeous."
Pam picked up my left hand, saying, "And she's married,
too. That's even better."

I loved the way they talked around me and not to me as
though I were in the grips of some lesbian trance. With
all pretense of the game disposed, Marge got down on
the floor and placed my legs over the arm rests, as Pam
laid my seat back and knelt by my tits. As Marge went
down on my pussy, Pam took my left tit and offered the
squeezed mound to the boy's hungry eyes, saying, "He
likes these tits. You like these don't you, kid?"

The grinning boy nodded hard. Pam pinched the nipple to
distention and flicked the tip with her tongue. "I'll
bet you'd like to do this to them... [flick, flick] ...
and this... [flutter, flutter, flick, flick, nibble]."

She sucked most of my tit in her mouth and sucked hard
while softly chewing. Marge's talented mouth quickly
had me grinding my loins, and Pam's efforts had me
arching my back. They quickly brought me to a state of
delirium, then Pam stood and pulled her skirt up from
the center of the hem, exposing her bare pussy through
pantyhose that had no crotch panel.

I stared at the pussy framed by nylon. She had a soft,
pretty pussy free of all hair, and a gold ring in her
clit. She thrust her mound forward toward my face in
blatant offering, saying, "Eat me, bitch!"

In my lesbian-induced trance, I dove at the pussy with
a flailing tongue and incurred more slanderous
invectives, such as: "Suck my cunt, you little whore!"
and "Lick my pussy, slut!"

I screamed out a muff-muffled climax, then sucked a
climax out of Pam. I remained glued to the cunt to
slurp the product of that climax, as Pam held her cunt
lips open and instructed me to clean her pussy good. I
pulled my face in tightly by gripping Pam's firm ass.
As the job neared completion, Pam said, "I've got to
bring Sherry in on this. She'd kill me if I had a
straight chick and didn't bring her in on it. Do you

Marge lifted up with a totally wet face and said, "Like
I said, the more the merrier."

Pam adjusted her skirt and headed up the aisle, pausing
to ruffle the boy's hair in passing. He watched her ass
shimmy down the aisle in her tight-assed skirt. She
returned minutes later with a short smiling blond
wearing a pixie hair cut. Both rubbed the boy's head.
When the blond stood over me and gazed on my body, she
said, "Oh, god, she's a doll."

Her slender fingers went into my crotch as Marge made
room. Her free hand massaged my tit flesh. Sherry
brought pussy-wet fingers to her lips and sucked,
making a face like a kid sucking chocolate. She cleaned
her fingers then raised her skirt as Pam had, showing
another shaved, ringed pussy framed by nylon. Hers also
had a rose tattoo on the left cunt lip with the stem
disappearing in her pussy. I licked the rose, then
licked the pot. I came while licking the pot. Ten
minutes later, the pot came, and I came again under
Pam's talented tongue.

For two hundred and eighty miles, the three lesbians
took turns trading places. Had it not been for the
mother waking up and dragging the boy away, we might
have gone three-twenty. As it was, I had just enough
time to get back in my clothes and freshen-up, but
Marge would not give me anything but the dress.
Lesbians turn into bitches if you refuse to go home
with them to join the Sister's of Muff and learn the
secret handshake. When I persisted, she ripped up my
bra, panties, and my slip. I had no carry-on luggage.
The dress was all I had; everything else was in the
baggage compartment.

I stood before the mirror of that bathroom and stared
at the sight my family would see. Though the dress had
a flowery print, everything showed through; my tits, my
nipples, my denuded pussy crack, even my ass crack
showed. I was as good as naked in pumps, and I saw no
alternative but to exit the plane that way. I scrubbed
my face and gargled with hand soap. My family is big on
hugs and kisses.

I stayed in the bathroom until Pam called everyone to
return to their seats. Marge was gone when I got there,
but the boy and his mother weren't. He looked for more
beaver as she fought to wrest him into his seat facing
forward, looking back occasionally to me and firing me
a look that said, "You are the most disgusting person
I've ever seen."

I was the last person to exit the plane and had to pass
Pam and Sherry on the way out. Pam said, "Hope you had
a nice flight." Sherry said, "Come again." As I passed
by, two pairs of slimy wet hands covered my face,
mouth, and neck. Those bitches slimed me. I struggled
free of those laughing bitches, reeking of the
Sisterhood's revenge.

I walked off that plane on shaky legs, smelling like
low tide, terrified of meeting my family. I paused in
the ramp-way to decide how to act. I could think of no
story that would explain my loss of under clothes that
wasn't worse than letting them think I dress this way.
I had told them that I'd undergone many changes. With
no other choice, I squared my shoulders and entered the
boarding area. Nine jaws dropped in unison. Mom said,

The name fell from her lips like a wet turd. I moved
bravely forward and said, "Hi everybody. I'm home." You
should have seen their faces after hugs and kisses.
After wiping her lips on the back of her hand, Mom
said, "Lucy, you've got some splainin' to do."

Like I said, other than that, the flight was

The End

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: er.txt (MF, rp, necro)
Authors name: blue balls (***@act.com)
Story title : Emergency Room Doctor

This work is copyrighted to the author � 1996-99.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

by blue balls (***@act.com)
Written in January 1996

If you liked this story or if you didn't: post your
comments to alt.sex.stories newsgroup.

WARNING: This story involves Rape and Necrophilia and
is not for the more sensitive reader.

* * *

The doctor's office was plain, the walls decorated with
just a few framed diplomas. The psychiatrist/bitch sat
behind the desk looking at me, an opened notepad on her

"So you want me to tell you all about it," I said. She
just looked at me. "Ok, here goes..." and I began my

"They brought her in at a quarter to four in the
morning. The ER was empty, for some reason the city
had been pretty quiet that evening. Well, except for
the woman that they brought in that night.

She was lying on a gurney wearing a white ambulance
smock. They said she was a rape victim and asked if
this was the correct place or if they should take her
upstairs. I didn't recognize the orderlies but told
them it was, she would be fixed up and sent on. And
they left.

I looked at the girl. Young. I picked up her chart and
flipped the pages to the detail analysis. Raped in one
of our many "safe" public parks and beat up to boot.
Raped by at least three guys. What the hell was she
doing out in the park at that late hour? I looked down
at her. She was staring blankly at the ceiling, her
lips slightly parted. Her face was lightly bruised but
there were heavier bruises on her neck. Yeah, they got
her good, I thought to myself.

'Ok, let's take a look at the damage,' I thought, and
untied the ambulance smock and pulled it apart. She was
a cutie alright. A little over five feet tall, with
very light, almost blondish brown hair. Her tits were
fully developed too, nicely round with dark pink
nipples. The nipple tips where small, I could tell
that they had never sucked on by a child. They also
had bruises, especially the right tit; it had a large
bruise the size of a hand.

I looked down at her pubic hair. It was the same color
as the hair on the girl's head, and was slightly matted
together. But it was very shapely, the curve of her
vulva rising to the same level as her hip bones. Yes,
she was definitely a good-looking girl. A very nice
looking, but, very dead girl. What a waste.

I quickly took my samples: Finger nail scrapings,
samples of semen from her mouth, vagina, and her
rectum. Looks as if her rapists had quite a time
with her. She was finally strangled by them. I knew
that, because the bruises on her neck were matched
by the crushed parts of her windpipe.

What no one else at the hospital knew, until now that
is. Is that I had been "using" patients like this woman
for several years in between "live" girlfriends. I
gotta say that I can't really figure out what all the
fuss is about, I mean they aren't going to complain
now are they?

At any rate it was time for me to have my own fun with
her. I remember saying. "Alright Honey now you get your
final screw!" I unzipped my pants and pulled out my
cock. It was already hard with anticipation. Then I
wiped a little K-Y jelly on the head of it and walked
up to the head of the table. Grabbing her head I turned
it so she was facing me, and pulled her mouth open.

I've always prided myself on the size of my cock. When
it's fully hard, it's a nice nine and one-quarter
inches long. It was perfect for dicking young girls who
couldn't say no! I slid it into her cool moist mouth
and pushed. I had both of my hands on her head and
pushed it further until her lips and nose pressed into
my pubic hair. No live one could handle my dick like
that, but the dead ones - Oh yeah, they never
complained about the size.

Her mouth accommodated my dick nicely, and as I thrust
my cock deep into her throat, I pushed and pulled her
head. Back and forth. I could feel the tightness of her
throat on my cock. This was a blowjob like you can't
get down on Main.

Then I started long strokes. I pulled my dick almost
out to her teeth and jammed it hard back into her
throat. Any other girl would be gagging about then,
but this honey wasn't - in fact she wasn't doing
anything but getting fucked in her mouth.

Then I couldn't hold back anymore and was cumming deep
in her throat. I pumped a couple of more times, my
balls banging against her cheek, feeling that wonderful
release, then pulled my cock out of her and sat on the
stool next to the table and continued my paperwork.

After about a half-hour and six pages of notes, I
decided it was time to get laid. Again, I pulled my
dick out of my pants, and since it wasn't hard, I
started to finger the girl's pussy. Now let me tell
you, there isn't a cunt that's as tight as a 4-hour
dead one. My dick was soon hard and ready.

I spread her smooth shapely legs apart so her slit was
wide open. Of course, her cunt wasn't wet even after
my finger was in it. So I applied some more K-Y jelly
on it. Then I got up on the table and mounted her.
Straight in without any "nice" pumping. The girl just
lay there, a little cum dripping out of the corner of
her mouth as I humped away in her.

She didn't make a sound. I fucked her for several
minutes, and as I fucked her I was rubbing her tits,
her very cool, very white tits. With each hump into
her cool pussy, her head would flop around, and her
body would inched towards the top of the table, when
finally, her head flopped off the table so she was
staring at the wall behind her.

"Won't look at me, huh?" I whispered loudly at her!
So I started to punch her in the stomach, and as I did
so I started to get real turned on and I started to
cum. I thrust hard down on her, and with my legs
between hers, I started to spread her legs with mine
until I heard her leg bones snap out of the hip

I was cumming hard, and her hips where like jelly
making me cum even harder. It was the best fuck I ever
had with any girl dead or alive. I just laid there on
top of her breathing hard and that's how those
orderlies found me."

I looked at the doctor, who just looked back at me.
"Did that shock you?" I asked.

She said nothing. But then, I didn't really expect
her too, you see I had to kill her. She wanted to fuck
me - I know she did - and I can't fuck her if she's
still alive. Not anymore, not after doing that dead
girl. There isn't anything like it.

Yes, this bitch doctor would be next...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: bahraon.txt (MF, wife-cheat)
Authors name: DrSpin (***@newsguy.com)
Story title : Banged in Bahrain

-= This work is copyrighted to the author � 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Banged in Bahrain (MF, strangers, cheat)
(Another Ace Adventure)
by DrSpin
May 2000

DrSpin's Standard Disclaimer:
I write and you read, if you care to. That's all there is
to it. I would be surprised to hear that any of my stories
gave offence. If so, the offended reader should not have
been here in the first place and only has himself/herself
to blame. If this story is relocated anywhere but on this
newsgroup, please leave my name intact as the author and
please include my email address.

* * *

# The author welcomes comments and opinions from readers
and is invariably motivated to respond. Write to:

Acknowlagements: Ruthie edited expertly. Stimulating
suggestions came from Nat and Virago Blue.

* * *

She was irritated to seething point. I could read her mood
from the way she walked. She was far too precise with her
feet, making staccato rude remarks with her high heels as
she marched briskly around the airport terminal. A redhead,
of course. Nobody gets madder than a redhead.

I was slumped in a chair, legs stretched out, arms folded,
waiting for something to happen. The plane had broken down
and more than 300 of us were holed up in this dead dump of
a terminal while it was being fixed. It was as clean as a
new, unused hospital, and just as lifeless, sterile, and
devoid of charm or character. It had been two hours
already. God only - or in this place Allah - knew when the
flight to Paris might resume. From there I was bound for
St. Petersburg <**> and a special fixit job in Russia.

Nothing to drink, because Bahrain was a Muslim airport.
Nothing to see, because this was just a holding lounge for
international passengers. Nowhere to go, because soldiers
with machine guns guarded the doors. Nothing to do but sit
and wait. Or in the redhead's case, walk - backwards and
forwards, up and down, there and back. And in my case,
watch her with growing interest.

I watched her hiss and spit like a ginger cat at a man
curled up and trying to sleep in a chair. Her husband. Had
to be. Drunk as a skunk, having imbibed too much free stuff
on the plane no doubt. All he wanted to do was sleep. He
waved her away without even looking at her, and she resumed
her vigorous march with a mouth set tight, frustrated and

I heard the heels behind me and she turned the corner and
stopped, barred from passing by my outstretched legs. I
looked up and she was glaring at me. We locked eyes. She
expected me to withdraw my legs like any gentleman would.

But I was bored and feeling ungentlemanly. I smiled at her,
slowly, lazily, arrogantly. She was smallish but red-hot
attractive, with bushy ginger hair and witchy jade-green
eyes. I left her gaze to look down the length of her body,
slowly, lazily, arrogantly, then back to her face to see
what she would do.

She was not amused. At all. Her mouth was shut tighter than
a New Zealand oyster, and a thunderous frown narrowed her
eyes to reptilian slits. I raised one eyebrow,

She kicked me sharply on the ankle, and it hurt. But Ace
Dyson is a sportsman who can cope with pain, and I did,
showing nothing. She looked at me with eyes casting spells
of misery, plague, and slow painful death for a few
seconds, then stepped over my legs and swept away down the

Intoxicating. I wanted to fuck her more than any woman on
earth. Such fury. Such fire. Such passion. I had to taste
it, and my mouth was dry and metallic from wanting her.

She wasn't so special. Three or four women on the aircraft
outdid her at face-value. But there was something about
this pocket-rocket powder-keg, about the way she walked and
swung her hips, about the aggressive set of her face, that
put her on the menu in bold type. I knew, I just knew, the
tension so obviously stretching her nerves could be turned
into combustible carnal energy at the right time and place.

Without a cold plan but with a burning desire, I got to my
feet and looked around the terminal. I needed to collide
with her again, hopefully with enough friction to set the
sparks flying. But how?

I spotted a likely conspirator. At the ticketing desk was a
suave Arab clerk with an Omar Sharif moustache. I clicked
open my briefcase and wrote a short note. <*> I walked up
to the clerk and handed him the folded sheet of paper
containing a fifty dollar bill. He opened the sheet of
paper, looked quickly at the bill and back at me politely
and enquiringly.

"The redhead," I said. "The one who is stomping around the
place with ants in her pants."

He looked over my shoulder and nodded. "I see her," he said
with a clipped English accent.

"Wait a few minutes and give this note to her. Say nothing,
and keep the change."

He bowed his head fractionally. "Certainly, sir. Something
for her ants?"

I nodded. "If I'm lucky, Omar, if I'm lucky."

I walked away and took up position at a suitable place for
a fast-breaking opportunity. Like all new buildings, the
terminal had a special toilet for the disabled. And there
were no disabled passengers on the aircraft. I strolled
over, leaned against the wall near the door with the
universal wheelchair symbol, and waited.

Soon enough she came by, heels clacking. I lifted my hand
casually in a minimal wave and it caught her attention. I
smiled that insolent smile she didn't fancy and she
stopped, turned, and marched directly up to me, my note in
her hand and spoiling for a fight.

"Fuck you," she said savagely, thrusting the note into my

"American," I said.

"Canadian," she said automatically. Then: "Brit."

"Australian," I said. "Call me Ace."

"No thanks," she said. "Fuck you."

"Sold," I said, taking her elbow and steering her through
the door of the disabled toilet so fast she couldn't begin
to think about stopping me.

I swung her by the shoulders and pressed her against the
closed door. She blinked in alarm and I could see she
thought I was going to hit her. Taking advantage of her
confusion, I kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Mmm." She squirmed, protesting, but I was now pinning her
upper arms to the door. I persisted, kissing her closed
mouth insistently.

"Mmm." She thrust out violently but I moved into her and
pressed her flat, crushing and smothering her wriggling

"Mmm." She swung her right arm from the elbow and a fist
whacked me ineffectually in the small of the back.

Suddenly her resistance collapsed. She opened her mouth and
her lips changed instantly from hard to soft. I felt her
shoulders sag as she pushed her tummy forward to meet me.
She was kissing me back.

"Mmm." It was a mushy sound and there was an agreeable
taste of accommodating woman in my mouth.

I disengaged slowly and drew back, but still pinning her
upper arms. She looked me directly in the eye and I could
read the challenge on her face. Well then, you big-headed
prick, she was saying without saying a word, what happens

Deliberately, so she could watch it happen all the way, I
slid my right hand under her jacket and cupped a breast
through her silk blouse. It fitted comfortably and I waited
for her reaction.

She looked down at my hand, then back at my face. A trace
of a smile appeared on her lips, though her eyes still
carried residual hostility, and I put the question to her.
"Well then, Ginger," I said, "shall we go on with this?

She knew she could say no and I would let her go. Red,
amber, green, red, amber, green. It was like watching
traffic lights changing at lightning speed. She was
weighing the possibilities and the consequences, and mixed
up in the process were considerations like her anger, her
drunken and sleeping husband, and the frustration of being
cooped up in the most boring airport terminal in the world.
That, and a heroin-like smack of raw unadulterated lust
that had jumped into her bloodstream.

She reached out an arm, snaked it around my neck, and
pulled me back into another kiss.

Suddenly, time accelerated. Hands were everywhere and
two of them were mine. Her dress came unbuttoned and I
roughly shoved her bra above and away from her breasts,
needing urgently to get at the hard points of her nipples.
She ground her stomach against my erection and the hand
around my neck dropped to press demandingly against my
buttocks, urging me to push into her.

I ripped my mouth away from hers. Hurry, the pulse beating
in my temples was telling me. Stick it into her as deep as
you can and don't hang about.

Her mouth was open invitingly and teeth showed, her dress
gaped open, and the bra was listing crazily up near her
neck. She had a light dusting of freckles on her breasts
and the nipples were small but eagerly rigid. Her eyes,
watching and waiting, were greedy-green and calculating.

I looked around the small tiled room wildly, blood
pumping so fast it was hard to think. What? Where? How?

She made it to a plan before I did. She put a hand against
my chest and propelled me steadily backwards. My back hit
the cubicle door so hard it banged against the wall. I
felt the stool of the toilet against my calves and she
pushed firmly. I toppled back and sat heavily on the low,
wide seat.

She looked down at me and laughed, little more than a short
bark. Eyes boring into mine, she hiked up her dress, tucked
it into her belt, and whipped her pants down.

A true redhead, ginger top and bottom. Narrow hips. Looked
small. But lithe, hot, and spicy.

I got rid of my trousers and briefs fast, and she was on me
in a flash, straddling me awkwardly and lowering herself
with single-minded intent. She grabbed my stiff penis,
guided it into the right position, lined it up, lodged it,
wriggled, settled, and slid it home.

We were eye to eye, so close that in the antiseptically
clean, unused cubicle I could smell her face makeup and
hair shampoo. My hands went straight to her breasts.
Immediately she started to pump, using the flat of her
hands on my hips for leverage.

"Mmm." It was a strain for her. Lift, settle, lift, settle.
Slowly, like doing pushups and coming to your limits. I
flicked my thumbs across her hard nipples.

An impossibly loud speaker burst into life immediately
above our heads. We jumped like startled springboks and
nearly fell off the pedestal.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your aircraft is now ready for
departure. Please board through gate one."

I grabbed her around the waist just as she was toppling and
pulled her upright. I started to laugh. Couldn't help it.
She laughed too. I could feel the vibrations right through
the length and breadth of my penis embedded within her.

She could feel the vibrations too and she stopped laughing
and wriggled lasciviously. Her eyes, so close to mine,
closed for a moment. Then she reached out and placed her
hands on my shoulders. After a scorching deep look to show
she meant business, she hurled herself into action. She
bounced hard, grunting softly with the effort. Faster.
Faster still. All the way up to the top.

"Mmm." Mouth tight, eyes shut, she frowned with
concentration and then suddenly dropped her head between
her arms hanging on to my shoulders. Strands of her red
hair on the top of her head tickled my nose. As she was
coming down from the height of her orgasm I went up and
into her with a vengeance, erupting. The effort made me

We sat together on the lid of the toilet, resting. She was
breathing deeply and her hair was hanging down.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your final call for Paris
flight 131. Please board through gate one."

"Mmm." She lifted her head, looked at me without expression
for a second or two, and climbed off my lap. She shook out
her dress and pulled up her pants, grimacing slightly.

I remained slumped on the toilet seat, instantly sleepy and
unmotivated to get up. Dressed once more, she looked down
at me with a glacial glint in her green eyes, pausing,
measuring, considering. I thought she was going to say
something, like maybe thanks for an interesting interlude.
Instead she flashed out a hand and smacked me stingingly on
the side of the face.

"How dare you," she said.

I raised my hand to my burning cheek, blinking. She was
already on her way out, and she was laughing like she was
thoroughly pleased with herself.

I dressed and splashed cool tap water on my red hot face,
using a few minutes to put some space between us. I slipped
out of the toilet and joined the end of the short remaining
queue at gate one.

Omar Sharif inspected my ticket. "Ah," he said, his tone
suggesting an issue. "Mr. Dyson."


"The lady asked me to give you this." With his head tilted
politely and eyebrows raised solicitously, he handed me a
piece of paper crumpled into a tight little ball. It was my
note to Ginger. "Our facilities were to your satisfaction?"

I fished out another fifty dollar bill which he palmed so
smoothly you'd have missed it if you blinked. "You run a
nice little terminal here, Omar," I said.

I was last on the aircraft. Halfway up the aisle a woman
stuck out a leg deliberately in front of me. I stopped and
looked at her.

"Forgot to tell you something," she said softly. "No
apology. I should have kicked you harder."

I paused. Her husband was sitting by the window, looking
out, attention elsewhere. "Redheads rarely apologise," I
said, stepping over her leg and continuing to my seat.
"Makes life interesting."


* * *
My note said: `Bored? Weary of walking and waiting
for something to happen? Ginger, I can fix it in a flash.
Meet me at a nearby location, apologise for kicking me,
and I will reward you by fucking your brains out.'

For other Ace Dyson adventures, see Abducted By Aliens
and Dyson Does Dunedin (http://www.asstr.org/~DrSpin/).
And soon to come, Ace and the Russian Interpreter.

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It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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