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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: camping.txt (M+/F, gb, slut-wife, reluc)
Authors name: Eric Larson (Date: 2/20/00)
Story title : Camping Gang Bang

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Camping Gang Bang (M+/F, gb, slut-wife, reluc)
by Eric Larson (Date: 2/20/00)


A lot of guys go out looking for a virgin to marry. I
consider that to be high risk. A woman who "saves
herself" for her wedding night is someone with an
uptight attitude about sex. Odds are that she has kept
her legs clamped together for so long that it has become
a habit. Her unfortunate husband will have to deal with
that. I speak from experience.

So, for my second wife, I made a point of picking a
woman who had a demonstrated appetite for sex. What I'm
saying is that I knew going in that I wasn't married to
a nun. On the contrary, I knew that Cheryl was an animal
in the bedroom, and I knew that she had been around.

What I didn't know-and what I think even she didn't
know-was just how far sexual excitement would take her.
Well, we found out on a weekend camping trip last
summer. It was a spur of the moment thing. We looked out
the window one Saturday morning in August, and decided
to toss some things in the car and head for the
mountains. No specific plans, just a wish to get away
from the city.

We found a nice Forest Service campground next to the
Skykomish River, an hour's drive from Seattle. There
were tents set up in some of the sites, but nobody
around; and we found a vacant spot in a far corner of
the campground. We set up camp and made a quick lunch,
then went off to explore the area.

Cheryl was wearing tight fitting stonewashed denim
shorts that showed that she had great legs and a 100%
fat-free butt. Very nice. Her matching top was one of
those long-sleeved shirts that ties in the front leaving
her midriff bare. It had buttons, but she left them
open, so that her soft cleavage showed enticingly. The
tips of her long, curly dark hair swirled around her
neck and shoulders.

She always seemed to bubble with vivacious excitement,
and seemed oblivious to the stares of every man who ever
saw her. I loved it. After hiking around all afternoon,
we returned to the still vacant campground and opened a
bottle of wine.

We sat in our lawn chairs, resting our feet on the
picnic bench, sipping wine and chatting the kind of chat
that leads to good sex. When it was time to make dinner,
the wine bottle was empty and we both felt a comfortable
glow. We opened another bottle of wine for dinner.

As we were finishing dinner, we heard an old Chevy
pickup rumble into camp, to one of the sites where the
tents were set up. I had been wondering where everyone
was. Two more pickups came in and parked at the other
occupied campsites. It looked like a bunch of guys who
had been out fishing all day, though I didn't see any
fish. What I did see was eight "outdoorsman" type guys
who had obviously consumed an excessive quantity of

I glanced at Cheryl, and she looked back with raised
eyebrows. Well, we had known all along that we weren't
going to have the place to ourselves, but it was nice
while it lasted. Maybe these guys would just pass out
quietly and leave us to enjoy ourselves. We could hear
rowdy laughter and a lot of loud talk while we washed
our dishes and put things away.

It wasn't dark yet, but under the canopy of fir trees
darkness would come quickly, so I decided to light the
Coleman lantern. I was just hanging the lantern on a
branch when I turned to see one of the cowboys
approaching our camp. I was not surprised that his eyes
were locked on Cheryl.

He asked if we had some matches he could borrow. Odd
question, since he was smoking a cigarette at the time.
He continued eyeing Cheryl after I tossed him a book of
matches. "Pretty nice place up here," he said. "Nobody
ever comes around after sunset. Guess it'll just be us
for the night."

I thought I saw him wink at Cheryl. Looking for
something to say, I asked, "Been out fishing?"

"Yeah, but nothing's biting. But I think our luck might
be changing," he said, casting a suggestive grin at
Cheryl. It was time to put an end to this.

"Well," I said, "the fishing ought to be pretty good
early in the morning. I think we'll turn in early."

He didn't take the hint. "Name's Carl," he said to
Cheryl. "Nice to have some pretty scenery up here, and I
ain't talking about the trees." He didn't even look at

I turned quickly at the sound of footsteps behind me,
and found three more of the cowboys approaching. "Watcha
got going over here?" one of them asked drunkenly.

Carl said, "I just found the prettiest little piece of
real estate in the county. Was just making friends."

"Looks like the prettiest little piece of ass in the
county to me," commented one of the others.

That was enough.

"You'll have to excuse us. We've got some things to do,"
I said, moving toward Cheryl.

Carl stepped in front of me and sneered, "I think we got
some things to do, too. Whaddya say guys?"

"Oooh, I think I could do with some of that," said one
of the guys behind me. Carl stood his ground right in
front of me, and said, "I think your little sweetheart
here is going to suck my dick. What do you think about

"I think you better get the hell out of here," I
answered. I looked at Cheryl, who was frozen in place.
Our eyes met, and I could see her shock and fear. I
tried to step around Carl, but he put up both his hands
and shoved me backward into the arms of the drunks
behind me.

They grabbed and held on. Carl stepped between Cheryl
and the picnic table, unbuckling his belt and unzipping
his jeans as he moved. He dragged his already hard dick
out over the top of his shorts and waved it at Cheryl.

In a move so quick that she couldn't stop him, Carl
grabbed Cheryl by the hair and pulled her roughly toward
him. "Come on, honey, you know you want to suck it," he

I struggled to get loose from the guys holding me, as
Carl held Cheryl by the hair with one hand and untied
her blouse with the other. The blouse fell open and her
breasts came free. Cheryl quickly covered her breasts
with her hands. I could see nothing but helpless fear on
her face.

Carl leaned back against the picnic table, legs slightly
spread, with his pants open and his dick sticking out
toward Cheryl. Still holding her by the hair, he shoved
her roughly to her knees in front of himself. With both
hands he pulled her forward until his dick was against
her face, and he rubbed it against her lips. "Come on,
honey, open up and take it in," he commanded.

He forced his dick against her lips and into her mouth,
keeping a firm grip on her hair with both hands. I saw
Cheryl gag as he pulled her head against him, forcing
his dick down her throat.

I was struggling to get away from the drunks, and for an
instant I got one arm loose. More hands grabbed me, and
I realized that the rest of the guys had come over to
watch the "fun." Someone told me that if I kept fighting
he'd knock my teeth out. That's when someone kicked me
in the balls and left me helpless and gasping.

Carl was forcefully pulling Cheryl's head up and down
his dick, and Cheryl had to let go of her breasts to
catch her balance. Her hands landed on the only thing
there was to hold onto, the top of Carl's jeans. She
held on tight while Carl fucked her mouth. Her breasts
jiggled and bounced while Carl jerked her around by the

Irrationally, I noticed that her nipples were hard and
standing straight out. I could see that Carl was trying
to work his way backward onto the picnic table. He was
wiggling his ass up onto the table, trying at the same
time to squirm out of his jeans.

After a minute or two, he suddenly released Cheryl's
hair to put his hands on the tabletop and push himself
up. With Cheryl still grasping them, Carl's jeans slid
off his ass as he scooted onto the table.

I was still gasping for air and feeling the intense pain
in my groin, but I was stunned to see that even though
Carl had let go of her, Cheryl was still working her
mouth up and down Carl's dick! I could see her cheeks
suck in, and it dawned on me that she was acting
voluntarily, even enthusiastically now.

For an instant, it occurred to me that she probably just
wanted to get him off as quickly as possible just to get
rid of him. But I lost that hope quickly when Carl
reached down and brushed Cheryl's blouse off her
shoulders. Cheryl released Carl's jeans and shook her
arms from the sleeves and let her blouse fall to the

When she returned her grip to Carl's jeans, she started
tugging them forcefully down, pulling off his shoes and
socks as he did. All the while, she continued sucking on
Carl, making slurping sounds and little moans.

Now free of his jeans, Carl started sliding himself back
on the tabletop, until he could lie back with his legs
spread wide. Cheryl followed him, all the while working
her mouth up and down Carl's thick, hard dick.

I watched in stunned amazement as she reached down and
unfastened her shorts and began to wriggle out of them.
They dropped lightly to the ground, and the wet spot was
conspicuous in the crotch of her panties as she bent
over the table.

One of the other drunks stepped forward and started
fondling Cheryl's ass. I watched him clap his hand over
the wet spot in her panties and massage her hairless
mound through the thin fabric. Cheryl was now licking
and running her tongue around the head of Carl's dick,
holding his legs apart as if she thought he might try to
get away.

I was starting to breathe more easily when two more
cowboys, both stripped naked and sporting full- fledged
hard-ons, stepped up to Cheryl. One sat on the edge of
the table next to Carl's hips and reached down to fondle
Cheryl's breast. The other started rubbing his dick
against Cheryl's panties while the guy who had been
there quickly stripped off his clothes. That guy moved
around so he could squeeze Cheryl's other breast.

Meanwhile, Cheryl had gotten hold of the guy on the
other side, and was stroking his dick. In a moment she
had a dick in her other hand as well, and still she was
working on Carl, now slowly teasing up and down. The guy
behind her pulled her panties off and started running
his hand over the pussy that she had just shaved that
morning. His fingers slid easily into the wet pink
folds, and I could see Cheryl arch her back and pivot
her hips to open her pussy wider.

From my place a couple of yards away, I could see her
gaping open. I realized suddenly that the guys had
loosened their grip on me and were no longer pinning me
to the ground. A couple of them were already naked,
looking for some way to get into the action, and the
other two were pulling at their clothes while
maintaining only a token grip on me. I didn't try to get
away, though. Maybe I knew that they'd just kick me in
the balls again. But the truth is that I knew there was
no reason to get away. I couldn't save Cheryl. She
didn't want to be saved.

She gave little teasing sucks to each of the dicks she
was holding in her hands, always going back to Carl, who
was clearly on the verge. I think she saw Carl's abdomen
begin to contract, so she closed her lips around him and
began to work furiously up and down. Carl shuddered, and
hips thrashed up and down, while Cheryl sucked and
gulped and swallowed the hot fluid that gushed down her

With a start, I realized that Cheryl was twitching and
wiggling in an orgasm of her own. And I was even more
startled to become aware that I had such a hard-on of my
own that pre-cum had soaked clear through my shorts,
making a dark wet spot. Cheryl sucked Carl dry, while
one of the guys who had been holding me climbed up to
straddle Carl and put his dick in front of Cheryl. She
climbed clear up onto the table, so that she was on her
hands and knees between Carl's legs.

The guy behind her followed her onto the table and knelt
behind her. He ran his dick against her pussy, and
Cheryl rotated her hips so he could plunge in. He held
onto her hips and began rapidly pumping in and out. I
could see Cheryl's juices running down her thighs and
knew she was thoroughly enjoying all that was happening.

She continued working on the three dicks around her,
while the rest of the guys moved in to get any piece of
the action they could manage. They were groping for her
breasts, reaching beneath her to tease her pussy while
the guy behind her, whose name I now knew to be Robbie,
continued to fuck her.

I found myself looking for some way to join in; but I
held back, not wanting another kick in the balls. I
heard a loud groan as one of the guys up front unloaded
all over Cheryl's face and hair and shoulders before she
was able to pull his dick into her mouth and gulp down
his last few surges of cum.

At the same time, Robbie doubled over Cheryl's back and
shot his load in her cunt, which was visibly quaking in
Cheryl's second orgasm. Robbie backed out, and I again
had a brief view of Cheryl's gaping pussy. Everything
was wet, and her swollen, pink folds were protruding
hugely in front of her slit.

I had never seen her like this. It was as if her pussy
was simply overflowing. It was impossible to imagine
that everything I could see had been neatly hidden
inside that little slit just half an hour before.

The guy who was called "Beavis" by his friends climbed
onto the table and jammed his cock into my wife, and I
watched her start working her hips so that Beavis just
knelt there watching Cheryl's cunt slide up and down his
dick. She was in a frenzy, and one of the guys up front
shot a stream of cum in the air. It landed in her hair
and on her back; and as she continued jacking him off,
he shot streams into her face and on her neck. She had
already brought four guys off. Five if you count the guy
who shot his load while just watching.

The guy straddling Carl was coming, and Cheryl was
sucking and gulping his cum. Her pussy contracted in her
third orgasm, and that brought Beavis to a quick end, as
he pumped a huge load deep into her overflowing cunt.
She was so wide open that Beavis just sort of fell out,
while still hard. Meanwhile, Carl had worked his way
further under Cheryl so that he could suck her breasts
and grope her pussy.

I watched him slide a finger up and down her hot pink
racing stripe. The one guy (other than me) who still
hadn't come took his turn in front of Cheryl, and she
swallowed his dick as if she were starving. Carl slipped
a finger into Cheryl, pulled it back out and inserted

I could see him move his fingers around inside my wife,
and work a third finger in. Cheryl was squirming her
hips around, trying to get the most of what was
happening. She spread her knees further apart on the
table and sucked in her abdomen, trying to open herself
still wider.

At the same time, Cheryl was stroking-off the guy up
front while teasing the head of his dick with her
tongue. His load caught Cheryl full in the face on the
first shot.

As it ran down her chin onto her chest, Carl had to
dodge his friend's cum as it dripped from her. He turned
her around above himself so that she was straddling his
chest. He ran his hands up and down the insides of her
thighs and over her pussy, and he again started sliding
his fingers in out of her hole.

He had a hard-on again, and Cheryl was leaning down to
drag her breasts against it when she and I made eye
contact for the first time since Carl had first grabbed
her hair. There was an instant of anxiety as each of us
wondered what the other was thinking, then my wife
motioned for me to come to her.

I got up and stood in front of her at the edge of the
table. She grabbed my face and pulled me to her and gave
me a deep kiss, wet with the cum of four or five other
guys. As odd is it sounds, there was something
incredibly exciting about it.

With some frenetic help from Cheryl, I pulled my shorts
and t-shirt off. My lovely, delicate wife let out a loud
groan as Carl forced his entire hand into her cunt. I
think there must have been some pain, because she had
never been opened up that wide before. Never even close.
But if there was any pain, she showed no sign of it.
Instead, she wiggled her hips around as if to better
accommodate what was inside her.

She coaxed me up onto the table where she could get her
mouth on my dick. She sucked hard, and I fucked her
mouth with complete abandon. At some point, Carl pulled
his hand out and slid up beneath Cheryl until she could
sit down on his dick, while she was still sucking on
mine. I was holding her breasts, and someone else was
massaging her clit.

A huge orgasm rattled her body, and for several moments
she was frozen, quivering from head to toe. Then she
started rocking slowly on Carl's dick, while holding
onto me by the hips and pulling me into her mouth. I was
starting to come and wanted to hold back, but she
wouldn't let me.

Relentlessly, she moved her mouth up and down my dick,
sucking hard until I broke loose and gushed cum into her
throat. She dropped her hands from me while still
sucking my last spurts. I was holding her shoulders,
trying to catch my breath.

Bodies were close on both sides of me, and once again
Cheryl was jerking off two more guys. When she knew I
was finished, she released my dick and again found my
mouth with hers, still half filled with my cum. She
kissed me long and deep, and I found myself gulping my
own cum from her mouth and swallowing it. Carl was
coming inside her, and Cheryl was furiously hammering
the guys next to me.

When she broke the kiss, she looked straight into my
eyes for a long moment, then closed hers and sat up
straight and pressed herself clear down as Carl expended
himself. Cum was flowing out of Cheryl and dripping down
over the matted hair on Carl's balls.

I backed off the table and let Cheryl pull the two guys
together in front of her, and she was rubbing their
dicks together and trying to suck them both at once.
Well, her cunt could have opened wide enough, but her
mouth couldn't, so she just went from one to the other
and back.

When she finally lifted herself off of Carl, his dick
was soft and he slid out from beneath her. Someone had
brought some beers over from the other campsite, and
Carl grabbed one and cast a malicious grin at me.

The table was smeared with cum, and I wondered
irrationally how many people would set out their dinner
there without knowing what had caused the stains. I
reached up and wiped a river of cum from Cheryl's leg
with my bare hand, and added it to the mess on the
table. I did it again to her other leg, while one of the
guys up front shot a stream that went over Cheryl's head
and landed on her back.

I wiped cum from my wife's cunt, and felt her press hard
against my hand, which slipped with remarkable ease into
her distended hole. I pushed in until she would hold no
more, and I could feel her insides moving. Cheryl was
wriggling around, fucking my fist and sucking off the
guy up front. I was hard again, so I took the position
where Carl had been, sliding through the puddles of cum
until my hard-on was touching Cheryl's cunt.

With a kind of a slosh, she sat down on my dick. There
were guys fondling her breasts, and she was jerking off
one of them. The guy she had been sucking climbed up on
the table and was standing where Cheryl could pull him
into her mouth, with one hand behind his ass.

After a minute of mouth fucking, that guy was ready to
explode when Cheryl grabbed his dick and finished him by
hand. She aimed him down at her breasts and let him
empty himself on them. He rubbed his cum around her
nipples and all over her breasts, then he stepped out of
the way and let someone else take his place. The jerk-
off guy shot his load right over Cheryl's shoulder onto
my chest.

I was still hard inside my wife, and she was rocking
hard and fast, but I wasn't coming. She was, though, and
she clamped her cunt tightly shut on my dick while she
shook and trembled for several more moments. I started
thrusting my hips, and she lifted off just enough to let
me move, while she started sucking the guy who was
standing in front of her with his hands on her head.

There were four or five of the cowboys now sitting
around drinking beer and laughing, now just happy
spectators. A guy was licking Cheryl's tits, and she
coaxed him to a position where she could reach his dick.
I could feel things starting to build up in my own, so I
pulled Cheryl down and got as far into her as I could.

I held it back, savoring the moment. It built up, and it
was getting harder to hold it back. The slurping sound I
could hear told me that Cheryl was finishing off the
standing guy; and when he stepped down, the jerk-off,
tit-licking guy moved over in front of my wife. He sat
on the table in front of her and leaned back until his
head hung over the table.

Cheryl bent over and closed her mouth over the guy's
hard-on. She gave me two or three hard pumps with her
cunt, and I exploded inside her. She pumped up and down,
thoroughly draining me, and kept pumping until I simply
fell out. She immediately moved up and dropped her pussy
onto the jerk-off guy.

She started rocking her hips, and I knelt behind her to
reach around and cup her breasts, which were bouncing
and jiggling as she rocked faster and faster. Her hands
went up into her hair, and she tilted her head back with
eyes closed.

Then there was another guy standing in front of her,
touching a fresh hard-on against her lips. She parted
her lips and let him start fucking her mouth, while she
fucked the jerk-off guy and I held her slippery, cum-
covered breasts and kissed the back of her neck.

The guy on the bottom came first, and moments later the
stand-up guy blew his load; and Cheryl was again seized
by spasms of an orgasm. And I had another hard-on! In my
life, I had never, ever gone for a three-peat.

Cheryl could feel me rubbing against her back, and when
the one guy stepped off the table, she lifted her pussy
off the limp remains of the jerk-off guy and bent
forward to present her hole to me. As I slipped in, I
felt a gush of cum forced out.

This time I didn't make any attempt to hold back. I
pounded in as if I was trying to win a race. It was just
Cheryl and me, and the spectators were cheering us on.
When jerk-off was out of the way, she bent all the way
forward until her cheek was in a puddle of cum on the
table, and she let me slam it home. Clear in and clear
out, with each thrust I was pushing air into her cunt,
and as I bottomed out the air would be forced out with
obscene wet farting noises.

The cowboys laughed and cheered and gulped their beer.
It didn't take long for me to come. Whatever feeble
amount of cum left in me was transferred to Cheryl's
swimming cunt. She too, collapsed into a weak, exhausted
orgasm. Someone handed me a beer, and I shared it with
Cheryl, both of us sitting in the puddles on the table.
Cheryl's puddle continued to grow, but her enlarged pink
folds began to recede back into her crack.

The cowboys chatted, mostly to each other, for a short
while; then gathered up their scattered clothing, and
prepared to go back to their own campsite. Carl raised
his beer in a toast, and others joined. I raised mine,
and Cheryl smiled and bowed in acknowledgment. She had
just fucked and sucked the daylights out of nine guys,
bringing off each of us at least twice.

I stopped trying to keep track. She was a cum-covered
mess, and yet was somehow the most desirable woman I had
ever seen. We took towels and walked down to the ice-
cold river and waded into a little pool. We washed and
shampooed, ignoring the soapy harm we were doing to the
river. When we got out of the water, my dick and balls
were so shriveled that I might have been mistaken for a
woman if I'd had tits.

At last, in our tent, I lay back, ready to fall asleep.
It was still too warm to get into the sleeping bag, and
Cheryl lay naked on my chest. Her hand covered my
crotch, adding welcome warmth. I lay there letting her
squeeze and fondle my dick, coaxing it back to life.
Then she started licking and sucking. She was slow and
deliberate, but I was simply used up.

She still had me in her mouth when we both fell asleep.

The End

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2004. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
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Thank you for your consideration.

Putting My Story to Bed
by Dan Perducci (***@yahoo.co.uk)


A young student on the school newspaper gets an unusual
wake-up call while working to meet a deadline. (MM-
teens, 1st-gay-expr, oral)


The clacking sound of the manual typewriter was the
soundtrack of my eighth grade year. I was a reporter
for the school newspaper at Montgomery Junior High
School and there seemed to be a deadline every day.

Even though the newspaper was monthly, our faculty
advisor Miss Randolph was a diva who wrote for "The New
York Herald-Tribune" and expected us to write like we
were also staffers for her venerable former employer.

We had a nice office that adjoined her classroom.
Connected by a door, we could use it for a darkroom or
a sanctuary from the travails of the day.

It was this morning that I was firing off a draft of my
opinion column. I believed that students should not pay
full price for lost textbooks. I even used the word,
'depreciation.' I knew that Miss Randolph would be
proud of my word power.

She let me in early in the day so I could finish my
commentary. With just an hour before homeroom, I knew
that my worst enemy was the dreaded typo. Make one
mistake and you're starting over again.

Miss Randolph was in a faculty meeting and I was zoning
out over my work. I imagined myself as a grizzled old
writer smoking a Chesterfield and swigging from his hip
flask for the afternoon edition.

The fluorescent light above me hummed and I marveled at
my words per minute. Our school was not the cleanest in
the district but I glad that I wasn't going to our
cross-town rival - Central Junior High. That said, a
roach might be seen in our corridors.

What was another word for 'buy?'

I blindly reached behind me to retrieve a thesaurus.

I felt something light cross my hand. The thought of a
cockroach startled me enough to freeze and do
everything I could to avoid the sight of it.

"Don't be scared, I promise I won't bite you," said the
whisper behind me.

I turned around to look at him holding the thesaurus.
It was my editor, Kevin McLane. I didn't know if he was
trying to creep me out or get my attention.

I looked up to this ninth grader in a kind of hero
worship. He looked down on me (and everybody else) as
if nobody could ever replace him on the student
newspaper staff. He won state awards for our newspaper
for the first time in our school's history.

He laughed and pointed out to me that I could have used
the word 'purchase.' The bastard must have read my
mind. I rose from my seat to take the paperback book
from his hand.

He smiled rather puckishly.

"Are you ready to put this to bed now that we have a
synonym for buy?"

I smiled faintly and returned to my seat. I resumed
typing with the hope that he would do away. Instead, I
heard the sound of a door shutting and locking.

He leaned over my shoulder and made his presence very
obvious. I felt his breathing in my ear. It had the
sound of an obscene phone call that comes in the night.

He was already in my 'personal space' by the time I
felt his nose in my ear. I was freaked out by the
feeling of another boy seeming to caress me. I was not
prepared for what would happen next.

I knew that he was not attempting to whisper in my ear
because there was nobody else in the room. It was just
the two of us. Besides, the door behind us was locked.

By now, I had stopped my typing and closed my eyes.
Something was stirring inside of me; I didn't know
whether to fight it or let it ride.

"You know you like this," he whispered in my ear.

I was too shocked to reply. I felt like a stone inside
of me was melting. I believe now that it was my resolve
that was falling away. I would not have normally
submitted to advances from a guy but this windowless
office may have afforded me the discreet opportunity to
be seduced.

It amused me for a second. I knew that no girl at
school would dare attempt to take me. They were all
waiting to be taken by some athlete or other popular
guy. I would have been lucky just to get a hello in the

"Do you really want to do this?" I asked Kevin.

"Ever since you first joined the newspaper," he
wistfully told me.

I had some unusual power that I had over my 'boss.' I
was overwhelmed by this attraction that drew him to be
kissing my neck and rubbing my shoulders.

I glanced up at the clock and saw that there was
another thirty minutes until the morning bell. I was
certain that the time would fly by and the door would
soon be unlocked to reveal two perverted students.

I was too charmed by Kevin, however, to do a thing. He
detected a new urgency in my body language and
reassuringly rested his palms on my shoulders. He
kissed me squarely on the lips as if to say don't

When he kissed me softly on the lips he then used his
tongue to part my lips. He started a warm tongue kiss
inside of my mouth. It was my first such kiss with
anybody. I did not know what to do but respond as
passively as a CPR dummy.

"Never been kissed?" he asked before continuing his
game of tonsil hockey with me.

I hope that he did not take this for a lack of passion
because my crotch was making up for any numbness that
may have been in my mouth.

He reached down into my lap and soon discovered my
hardness. It was sticking straight up and was obviously
ready for something.

Kevin snaked his hand into my pants and played my cock
for a few seconds. Wanting to pull it out, he fished
around like he was on a hunt for an elusive catch.

"I'm going to release this prisoner," he said with a

In a flash, he unfastened my pants and yanked my member
from my jockey shorts with a flourish.

My red pubic hairs were exposed in an alien location. I
never exposed myself anywhere outside of my own home.
My penis was no indication of this anxiety.

Attuned to the scarcity of time, Kevin wasted none in
swooping down on my throbbing dick. It felt funny to
feel this wetness around it. It had a funky sensation
like when my dog tried to lick my hand except of course
this tongue and mouth were surrounding my penis.

I truly felt like someone to see this fourteen year old
'upperclassman's' head rising and falling in my lap. He
was hungry for something this morning and he was seeing
to it that he would be satisfied.

I was troubled by the fact that I let myself fall prey
so quickly. I didn't even raise an objection. My only
worry was that our office was infested by cockroaches
and not cocksuckers. Did this mean that I was a queer?

I imagined that we were in the gym showers. Water was
rinsing our primal sweat from our bodies. He was
blowing me like I had always wanted Betsy D'Angelo, the
class tease, to do so.

Ten minutes surged past as I experienced something so
sweet and new. It took ten minutes for me to have my
first orgasm with somebody else. He swallowed my cum
like he had some experience and recovered almost like
nothing had happened.

He kissed me quickly on the lips with a stickiness that
was not quite similar to kissing someone who had just
finished eating an ice cream cone.

I finished my writing. He left the office. School
started that day and we published our paper that

There would be more deadlines to meet. There would be
more morning meetings until Miss Montgomery caught us
(we forgot to lock the door one morning in March).

Kevin lost his job as editor that morning and he begged
Miss Montgomery to show mercy. She stuck to her guns
until she learned the following morning that Kevin
tried to overdose on his mother's sleeping pills.

I confronted her about this before she settled on
Kevin's replacement. I knew where she kept her gin in
her desk and I told her that we all had something to
share with the principal.

Fortunately, we were the only ones who were aware of
this situation and he kept his job while she kept hers.
I love blackmail!

"You're lucky that I am from New York and I used to
work with homosexuals. You're no problem to me but I
suggest that you find other places to fuck around," she

She didn't need to tell us twice. We worked on our
articles in his parents' study and in my basement for
the rest of the school year.

We lost touch after he was promoted to the local high
school. It is there that I am sure that he found new
loves in the boys there.

As for me, I became the sports editor in my ninth grade
year and enjoyed following our sports teams. If you
know what I mean...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2009. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

A Thirteen Year Old In The Woods
by Kacey (***@rcketmail.com)


Michelle plays football with the boys and then the boys
play with her. (mmmf-teens, nc, rp, 1st)


Every Saturday afternoon, Michelle, age 13, played
touch football with six teenage boys, all between 13
and 15 years old. They were Gary, Robbie, Sam, Georgie,
Ben and Frankie.

For a girl 13, Michelle was well developed for a girl.
Her 5'3" body was exciting to watch as she played the
game, running, falling, throwing the football, bending
over at the line. She always wore tight t-shirts and
very short shorts. Her tits must have filled out a 36DD
bra and her shorts clung skin tight to her beautiful
full round ass. Gary got real horny watching and
touching her as they played. Throughout the whole game
his cock was always semi-hard thinking how nice it
would be to see Michelle naked.

She was somewhat a tomboy of course, but her pretty
face and hot body proved she was all girl. Her big tits
would bounce up and down as she ran with the ball and
when she bent over at the line, her ass was a beautiful
sight to see. Sometimes during the game, her bra would
slip up over her tits and when this happened, she would
reach under her t-shirt and pull her tits back into her
bra. Robbie and Sam never missed watching her do it
thinking how nice it would be if they could do it for

George, Ben and Frankie got talking during a break from
the football game and they had an idea to somehow get
Michelle naked after the game. They mentioned it to
Gary and Robbie and they all agreed to take her
somewhere after the game and take her clothes off
whether she wanted to or not. They were all hot to do
this and couldn't wait till the game was over. Their
plan was to ask he to go with them for a walk in the
woods near by.

The game went on for another half-hour or so, it ended,
they all stood around talking and told Michelle that
they had planned to walk back to the neighborhood
through the woods instead of taking their usual way
home and wondered if she would like to go with them.
She hesitated at first, but decided it would be OK with
her. They all walked along the path for quite awhile
and then stopped in a real secluded area of the woods
to take a rest. Michelle sat among them with her tight
shorts showing her full beautiful thighs and the cheeks
of her ass as she bent her knees up to her chest.

Then the boys decided it was time to act. Sam went
behind Michelle where she was sitting, put his arms
around her neck in a choke hold and held her down.
Michelle started kicking and screaming. Robbie reached
for her legs, held her feet down and took off her shoes
and socks. Then Ben unbuttoned her shorts and slid them
off her body. The boys could then see Michelle's pink
panties which excited them all the more.

Georgie couldn't wait. As Michelle was being held down,
he reached up and pulled her pink panties off and threw
them on the ground where her shorts were. Her hairy
pussy was there for all the boys to see. Frankie
couldn't wait, his cock was already hard as a rock, He
took his cock out and started jerking-off while
admiring that pretty pussy. Michelle stopped screaming
now and hoped the boys wouldn't hurt her.

Gary was thinking about some porn he always watched on
his computer and always wanted to try sucking a pussy.
He told Ben and Georgie to grab her ankle and spread
her legs apart. They did, Gary got down on his knees in
front of Michelle and buried his face into her pussy,
sucking and licking her tight and beautiful cunt.

In the meantime, their plan was to see her all naked,
so when Frankie stopped jerking-off he reached over to
Michelle and pulled her t-shirt over her head while Sam
cleared his arms away from around her so Frankie could
take it all the away off.

What a sight to see, There she was, all naked except
for her bra with Gary was still sucking her pussy. All
that was left was the bra that held those gorgeous 36DD

Sam reached down and unsnapped Michelle's bra and threw
it down to where her panties, shorts and t-shirt were.
The boys knew she had beautiful tits, but actually
seeing them in full view free from her bra was a
beautiful sight. Michelle's nipples were nice and pink.
Her tits were firm because she was so young. Now she
was all naked.

Michelle was a virgin, but not for long. Georgie wanted
to fuck her, He stripped off all his clothes, showed
Michelle his huge hard cock. When Gary pulled back from
sucking her pussy, Georgie mounted Michelle and thrust
his hard throbbing cock into her cunt. She screamed
from the pain, but Georgie kept fucking her, plunging
his dick in and out of her wreathing body. He pulled
out just before he shot a load of cum all over her

Ben was a porn watcher too and it turned him on to see
guys fuck women in the ass. It was his turn. He and the
other boys got Michelle in the doggie fucking position
with her ass up high and her huge and beautiful tits
hanging down. Ben already had his big cock out and
mounted Michelle from behind holding his cock in his
hand and guiding it in her virgin asshole. He got it
in, she screamed from the pain, but he kept fucking her
ass until he shot a huge load of white creamy cum into
her asshole.

Most of th guys had their sex with Michelle except
Robbie. He wanted to have his cock sucked off by a girl
like the porn videos he watched at home while jerking
off. He told Michelle that if she would suck his cock,
they would let her get dressed and go home. She said
that would be OK, because she had been sucking her
brothers cock since he was 11 and really liked to do

So Robbie got naked. His cock was a sight to behold.
For a young 13 year old, his cock was at least 9" long
and he had a huge pair of balls to match. He got over
her, she took his cock in willingly into her wet mouth
and gave Robbie a blow-job to remember.

She was let loose and instead of jumping up and running
off, she laid there and started playing with her tits
and masturbating her pussy telling the boys she does
this all the time when she gets hot. So all the boys
all joined in, taking their cocks in hand and jerking-
off for Michelle.

Michelle had been raped by her football buddies.
Instead of telling her parents and the police, she
ended up having some sex she really enjoyed and wanted
to do it again after their games. She wanted them to
attack her like that every time, she wanted to
struggle, have her clothes ripped off, wanted to be
held down and have the boys, fuck, suck and do whatever
they wanted to do from that day on...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age

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Archive name: (Beck.txt (mf, teen)
Authors name: Mike (Address withheld)
Story Title : "Soccer Players Are Best"

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1996.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Here is a text I just wrote, I would really appreciate
it if it could be added and distributed in your col-
lection. THANX, Mike

My Adventure with Becky-

It started like any regular spring Saturday. I
(a 10th grader) was out shooting a few hoops outside of
my house when I saw a brown VW drive up to the neighbors
across the street from my house. In all of my 16 years
on this earth, and at this house, the Gibbons had lived
there. I grew up playing with their son, who is now 15.
His name was Jim and he was a little immature and naive.

I looked across to see who would step out of the
car. IT WAS HIS SISTER-BECKY! She was a sophomore at
Gonzaga University here in Washington State. She was
gorgeous. This was not the same tom-boy that baby-sat
me when I was 8.

She was about 5'11" with a nice complexion. She
had an hour-glass figure and beautiful breasts. I es-
timated they would fit in my palms just perfectly. I
took another shot, trying to impress her and then turned
and waved.

She returned the gesture. "Practicing hard?" she

"Ya, maybe someday I'll be as good as you are."
I remembered her high school days as a star basketball
and soccer player.

Becky then said, " I'll have to play YOU some
time, huh?"

Just then something inside me popped, I think my
dick --and I uttered an "anytime." Was she just making
conversation, or did this beauty want a piece of me?

Now my parents are split-up, and I was to leave
the last few days of the week with my father. While my
mom left for a vacation with her husband. I had my moms
place all to myself.

The next day I went outside to shoot. I was
hoping Becky would come out to take me on. And sure
enough about an hour of just easy shooting I heard the
sound of the Gibbons' door. A sound familiar to me and
one I had wanted to hear all morning.

.Hey, Michael, wanna play a little game?"

"Bring it on!" I said, talking in a challenging

"I only play if the competition is HARD." she
said -- a statement that excited me. She was wearing a
white T-shirt and black shorts that showed off her
fabulous soccer-legs. She was so sexy. Her breasts
were very nice and were bouncing under her shirt, I be-
lieved, without a bra. I turned toward the basket to
hide my huge grin.

"Where is your family?" I asked her.

"They left on a boy-scout,family camping trip
for 3 days. I have the house to myself."

WOW, If I was only lucky enough to be her boy-
friend, I'd know how to take advantage of that
opportunity -- I told myself. "I'm alone too, its nice
to have some company." I replied.

"I'm glad you're her to keep me busy today."
Now I was really excited. Then Becky said, " Are you
sure you want to play me? I'm gonna make you sweat like
never before."

I was so horny now I started to get a hard-on
right there. "When we are done you'll be very wet." I
said, playing along.

"I hope so" she whispered, with a wink. I gave
her the ball. She it and drove to the basket where she
ran into me and stumbled, falling onto the pavement. I
reached to help her and she said something about her
back hurting her.

"It's an old injury that I think I aggravated.
I should go home and lay down." She told me, starting
to get up.

"No, come in my house and lay down." I took her
inside and she said she would prefer a bed over the
couch. I showed her right to my bedroom and to my bed.
I asked her if I could get her anything and she told me
she could use some ice water. I went to get the water,
adding plenty of ice, just in case. I wanted to get
into her so bad. I also grabbed a mint leave for a
little help with the breath. I then returned to my room.

She had put in a CD- I think it was Montell
Jordan - and slipped off her shoes. I had had so many
fantasies about taking women wearing cute socks. These
fit the bill. They were a cute white, with a little bit
of lace on the top. DAMN! She was so beautiful.

"Thanks for the water. Lots of ice I see, I
LOVE that." So did I.

"So how has college been?" I asked trying to
make conversation.

"All right, but not what I expected."

"What seems to be the problem?" I would help
her with anything if I could.

"I don't know, you don't want to hear it." She
told me, knowing I did want to hear it.

"Tell me, maybe it will help you to talk about
it." I said with a wink and a smile, I had to take a
chance. I was with a goddess, and had to see her
breasts. Now I could see the nipples poking out and
knew that she might be getting turned on.

"Well.... I miss my old boyfriends, they were
all so sweet and nice here. The guys at school just
aren't any fun." She presented me with a huge problem.

"I really wish I could help you. It sounds like
you miss guys around here." Ohh how I wished I could
help. SIGHHHH I added," Be honest, what is it you need
in a guy that you haven't been getting?"

"Well," she said "to be honest, those other guys
just are not the best lays." She said with a face that
just asked to be sprayed with my bodily fluid. A big
grin, complementing her big breasts.

We sat there for what seemed like an hour, talk-
ing about her time at school, then she lightened up a
little, "I love basketball."

I blankly replied, " huh, what kind"

"ONE ON ONE" she said, taking a drink and moving
the ice around with her tongue -- asking me to make mad
love with her -- I thought.

"I bet I could beat ya."

"Oh, a challenge, huh?" Becky told me. "What
are your best moves?"

Now was my chance, I had to do something, just
then I put my hand on her leg. The soft skin felt so
nice on my hands. I didn't speak and neither did she.
I slowly slid my hand up to her tanned thigh. Then
I pulled her body close and kissed her, deeply and with
great passion. I slowly lay her back and carefully
removed her T-shirt. She let me do this, as if she was
in a trance -- I was right, she had on no bra, yet her
breasts seemed unaffected by gravity. Her nipples were
dark and perfect.

I took a piece of ice and rubbed circles around
each nipple. Sending her into another world. She
closed her eyes and arched her back enjoying the sen-
sations I was giving her. Her nipples were so hard and
cold I had to suck on them, I just had to. And I did of
course. "Ohhhh" is all she could muster up. We were
two athletic kids that wanted to make deep love, at
least I know I did.

Then I removed my shirt and she began rubbing my
chest. Tickling it just right. I was so horny, I could
have burst. Now I had to remove her shorts. When I did
she helped me with urgent motions of her small warm
hands, it was a real turn-on.

We exchanged love talk, I don't even remember
what we said to each other, all I knew was that we were
ready to get it on. Our bodies were sending all kinds
of signals to each other.

Becky made the next move and lowered my under-
wear, and my erection popped into the open. I wanted to
to fuck her in the worst way, but she was in control
now, and I knew she had more experience at this than me.

"You'll need to be lubed up to get in me, let me
help." Next she moved below me. Her breasts had me in
a trance as she jumped across my bed. Soon I felt a
wetness that was wonderful. I moaned loudly as her lips
pushed backwards and forwards across the head of my
erection. Gradually more and more of my length disap-
peared into her mouth. She stopped for a second as the
tip prodded the back of her throat almost making her
gag. She pulled away then and started to kiss and lick
my entire length. Working her mouth over the head again
she used her tongue, licking all around the swollen head
and around the crease that lies just below it. "Would
you like to see me now?"

Would I ever. I just nodded and she got off the
bed and turned around. hooking her long lovely fingers
in the waste-band of her lace panties she slowly moved
down her long, bronze legs. Her ass was tight and round
just like a soccer player. Slowly she turned around and
I saw her for the first time.

Becky's pussy was lightly covered with fine
brown hair that appeared to be trimmed in a neat little
triangle. She looked incredibly fuckable, as I would
soon find out.

She said she wanted to be on top. Who was I to
argue? She climbed onto me, and as I entered her and
felt her beautiful moist heat, I begin to sweat. I
slowly moved in and out -- inch by inch -- as she
breathed in my ear. Her breasts felt so good pressed
against my chest. Finally I was in all the way and we
began to fuck in earnest.

"This is great Mike, I love you a lot."

"OHHH God you are so great, I wish this would
never end," I told her.

"Your dick is so huge in me, it fills me up so.
I need more. Please MIKE. OHH MIKE YES!"

"Am I doing it right, my princess? Am I ful-
filling you and your needs?"

"You're fulfilling me like no man before you. I
think I am.." Becky told me before her body took off
undergoing a huge orgasm, her body shaking uncontrol-

I don't know why I didn't come right there and then,
maybe I was too nervous. When Becky had recovered a
little from her experience, she pulled her body and mine
so we were sitting up and fucking.

"Come on mike, my love, fuck my pussy with all
you've got. I want you to shaft me as hard as you can."
With that she took her silky tanned legs and wrapped
them around me so she could get a harder fuck. I was
about ready to fill her up. I was ready to let her have
all of me.

I questioned " How ... close.... baby?" in be-
tween pumping her brains out. I knew she could go all
night, but wanted to let her know I was ready.

"Lets see how well we can get you off."

"OHH IM ABOUT TO GO BECK. HURRY!!" she increased
the speed of her very athletic hips. "God you can move

Our bodies were both very wet and we were get-
ting a great workout. Her tits bobbed up and down,
hitting me and giving me a pleasure I can not ever begin
to describe.

" NOW...IT'S TIME...TO...SEE...WHAT...A...STUD..
IN...ME... OHHHHHH........FUCK......FASTER..LOVE...

There's know way I could hold back a second
longer, I pumped that beauty full of my white stuff. I
don't think I'd ever come so hard before in my life. The
effort of release was some intense that I was gasping
for air. So was Becky.

We played a lot more that day, Becky gave me
head that to this day is the greatest. Her beautiful,
perfect body was so hot and silky smooth.

I returned the favor, and we created a lasting friend-
ship -- that continues to this day.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn’t okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: bjartist.txt (mf, ff, 1st, ped)
Authors name: Mojo (***@bitsmart.com)
Story title : BLOW JOB ARTIST
Date: February 1997

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1997-99.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Visit Planet Mojo! http://www.planetmojo.com

Blowjob Artist
by Mojo

I learned how to suck cock at a very early age, one to
be precise.

My brother was twelve years older than me and when he
turned thirteen he babysat me a lot. I don't remember
much about that year, but he told me later that every
time he changed my diapers he would lick my baby twat
and asshole, always sticking his tongue inside.Later,
he would try having me take his penis into my mouth.

He enticed me to do this by smearing chocolate syrup
or honey or whipped cream over his cock and I would
lap it up not even noticing that he blew his nuts into
my mouth as well.

I guess I was three when I first took notice of what
he was doing. By then, though, it had become part of
my life's routine.You know, you get up, eat break-
fast, suck your brother's cock, go play, and then at
or just after bedtime you give your second blowjob of
the day.

I had grown to expect and like it, actually.If it
happened that I was put into bed and hadn't performed
my nightly duties, I would close my eyes and lie there
with my mouth open awaiting the insertion of his cock.
Eventually, he would come into my room and do exactly
what I expected and I would suck him to ejaculation.

It was during my fourth year that I became a little
more demanding. I performed my ministrations on my
brother's cock, but I wanted more from him in return.

I wanted him to do the same to me.He had given up
tongue-fucking my nether holes as being too bothersome
and had become rather selfish in that all he wanted
from me was a place to deposit his ejaculate.

One evening when he entered my room I refused to open
my mouth until he ate my pussy.At first he balked
because he hadn't really been interested in that part
of me since I had left diapers behind, but finally he
gave in.I swear I came before he filled my mouth
with his own orgasm.

It was incredible and since that day I have always
demanded that I be serviced in a manner commensurate
with the service I am providing.

After that, our daily games became so much more enjoy-
able for both of us.I loved the simultaneous feel of
his tongue probing the insides of my little twat, or
occasionally the tube of my rectum, and his hard cock
in my little mouth.I loved caressing his balls as I
felt his jets of cum splashing against the back of my

I especially loved the taste in my mouth afterwards.
I frequently made him French kiss me after he had cum
in my mouth so he could experience his own taste.It
was a tremendous turn-on for both of us to realize
that we were tasting ourselves through the mouth of the

By now I had been sucking his cock for over three years
and had developed a pretty good blowjob technique,
especially after turning four.In the year before I
started kindergarten Bobby would sometimes invite a
friend over, a different one each time, and I would
suck the boy's cock.One I particularly remember was
a boy named Dan.The reason I remember him is that his
prick was very small, only about four inches fully
erect, and extremely thin.I liked that because it
meant that I could not only get the entire penis into
my mouth by swallowing the tip into my throat, but I
even managed to get his balls into my mouth too.

When the tip of his dick slipped into my tight little
throat he closed his eyes and moaned loudly and shot
his load right down into my stomach.I didn't like
not being able to taste it and made a note that in the
future all cumming had to be done in the mouth, not
the throat.

Anyway, the first day of school was a real drag. Every-
body there wasonly five years old, hence no erections
of any kind, and the teacher was a woman.

A nice woman, to be sure, but a woman nonetheless.
Miss Hazwell was her name.She was single and really
pretty with petite little tits and a tight, curvaceous

I liked looking at her for some reason and hoped that
I would someday look like her, but it was envy, not

I teased all the boys by sitting in provocative posi-
tions all day at school, making sure that my panties
showed.I caught one particularly cute boy looking at
my crotch so I reached down and pulled my panties to
one side, showing him my hairless little cunt.I
thought he was gonna faint.

His name was Eddie, and he would figure prominently
in my life, albeit somewhat later.

When Bobby came and got me after school I told him that
I didn't really want to come back, but he said that
things would get better as I got older.A girl with my
talents, he told me, was bound to be successful.And
he promised that I would sooner or later get a man
teacher and then the fun could begin.

As I was giving him a blowjob after we got home he
started telling me that I could probably give head to
women too. He told me about the clitoris and how on
some women it gets quite large and can be sucked like
a cock.He showed me on my own pussy where my clit
was,or would be because I didn't have much there yet.

I found all of this quite intriguing and made up my
mind that I was going to find out how big a clit Miss
Hazwell had.

The next day I spent most of the day crawling around
on the floor trying to look up Miss Hazwell's dress.
Once or twice I managed to get a glimpse of her panties
they were pink, but that was all.

Finally, when nap time came around, I waited until most
of the other kids were asleep and then I crept over to
where Miss Hazwell was lying. (That's right, she laid
down with us).She was on her back and I crawled right
up on her stomach and put myhead down on her tits.

She didn't stop me either.I was sure she liked it,
but of course, she couldn't show that.So I decided
to target lunch period the next day.

Lunch took forever to arrive the next day, I was
anticipating my action so much.When it finally came
I walked right up to Miss Hazwell and asked if she and
I could eat lunch together.(I damn near said 'eat
each other' instead of 'eat lunch together').

We sat on the floor mat together and opened our lunches
and began to eat.I kept talking, telling her how
pretty I thought she was, and I made sure to sit so
she could see my wideopen crotch.I was wearing a
pair of silk panties, not little girl panties at all,
and Miss Hazwell did indeed notice, but made no mention
of it although I'm sure she was curious why such a
little girl would be wearing such grownup underwear.

I decided to move faster and told her that I really
liked her tits and that I hoped mine would grow to
look so nice.

She smiled at this and said she was sure that I would
be very beautiful.I asked her if I could please see
her tits so I would have something to compare my own
to, but she said that maybe later I could see them.

I wondered what she meant by that and I was soon to
find out.

I began to itch my pussy making sure to make a pro-
duction of it and giving Miss Hazlett a good view. Then
I pulled my silky panties to one side exposing my cunt
to her and asked her if she saw anything that might be
making it itch so. I guess I that finally got to her
because she knelt and put her head down near my crotch
and asked me to show her exactly where it itched.

I pointed to my baby clitty.

She put her finger on it, asking me if that was the
spot and I said 'yes that it was.'

She began to rub my spot and I started moaning. The
other kids were about ready to come back and Miss
Hazlett stopped doing what she was doing and told
me that if I would like to know more about such itches
I could meet her on Saturday in front of the school.

I wanted to very much and I went away knowing that
before Saturday was over I would have seen Miss
Hazlett's clit, and hopefully would have had it in my

I didn't know then if girls came like boys did, but I
was going to find out.

Then the other kids came in. When school was over and
I was leaving to meet my brother Miss Hazlett smiled
at me and winked. I smiled and winked back at her.

When Saturday came I went to the school, and sure
enough, there was Miss Hazlett. When she spotted me I
saw her eyes light up. She was looking forward to this
as much as I was.

We got into her car and drove to a lonely spot in the
sorounding hills and parked behind a grove of trees.
We got out of the car, scouted the area and, satisfied
that discovery was unlikely, spread a blanket on the
ground in front of the car and took off our clothes.

Miss Hazlett was as beautiful as I had imagined. Her
tits were medium size, not small, not large, but just
right, with one-and-a-half inch pink areolas and erect
red nipples. She let me feel them and rub the nipples
between my fingers. I sucked them for a few minutes and
she moaned and put her fingers in my crotch.I felt one
of her fingers slip into my twat and caress my little

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of a woman
who knew what made a girl feel good play with my pussy.
She laid me down on my back on the blanket and kissed
my pussy.

Her warm, wet tongue licked my pussy from the crack of
my ass to my clit and sent shivers up my spine. When
she slipped her tongue into the crevice and licked the
insides of my baby labia I could feel myself getting
wet. She licked and sucked my vaginal fluids and
tickled my developing clitoris with her talented

I had a continuous orgasm from the time she started
until the time she stopped.

When she stopped I told her I wanted to taste myself
on her face and then I wanted to taste her.We kissed
like a man and woman might kiss, mouths open, tongues
exploring each other. Mixed with her womanly saliva,
my juices tasted wonderful.After the taste of my cum
faded from her lips I began kissing her cheeks and
chin, then her neck, her breasts, her stomach and
finally, her pubis.

She had a sparse smattering of light, fluffy, almost
blonde hair and her slit was clearly visible. It looked
beautiful to me. The lips were swollen and her clitoris
was erect and sticking out of the front of her vagina.
I licked it lightly and she shuddered equally lightly.

I put my tongue lightly between her swollen pussy lips
and moistened the insides of her vagina.It didn't need
much moistening, it had already gotten quite wet from
her fingering herself when she had been eating my cunt.
I tweaked her clit with my fingers, my tongue still
inside her and then I plunged my tongue into her as far
as it would reach.

I licked upward toward her little penis and took it
into my mouth and began sucking furiously on it, biting
it between my lips.

With one hand I began to pinch her nipples, making
sure that they stayed erect.When her moaning turned to
wailing I plunged a finger into her rectum and worked
it in and out as I kept sucking her clit.

She was moaning loudly and squirming her ass all over
the blanket. I had a heck of a time keeping her clit
in my mouth. Her juices were in full flow and my face
was soaked with them. They were delicious and I
couldn't get enough.

The more she squirmed, the more I bit her little cock.
Suddenly, she arched her back, covered her mouth with
her hands and came for real. A shower of juices bathed
my whole face as I let go of her clitoris and tried to
capture her liquid in my little mouth.

I managed to get quite a lot, but most of it ended up
wetting the blanket. I climbed back up her body, kiss-
ing and licking along the way, and gave her my face to
lick clean.

She lapped her juices from my little, drenched face and
we both collapsed in each others arms, face to face,
me on top of her, hugging each other tightly.

After a while we got dressed and drove home. She told
me that she had never done anything like that before,
but that I was a very special little girl.She said that
anytime I wanted to I could invite her to do it again.

She dropped me off at the school, we kissed goodbye,
and I went home to tell Bobby about my wonderful new


"You did what?" Bobby asked me incredulously.

"I sucked Miss Hazlett's clit, just like you said," I
told him matter of factly, "and not only that, but she
ate MY pussy too."

"Wow!" he said, "you really are a little slut, aren't

"Yup!" I answered proudly.

I began to describe in great detail my experience with
Miss Hazlett and I could see Bobby getting excited. As
I told of biting her throbbing clitoris he began to
massage his crotch. "You want me to suck you?" I asked.

"You know what, sis?" he said, not answering me, "I'm
gonna start getting you ready for fucking. Your pussy
is too small right now and you aren't deep enough, but
if we're careful I can show you how to really fuck.
Wanna try?"

"You bet!" I was dying to be fucked, but I knew that
my little twat wouldn't fit his cock. He would have to
go slowly with a finger first, then two, three and so
on. Also, there was the problem of depth. His cock was,
maybe, six inches long and I'm sure there was only
four to four and half inches in to my cervix.

That opening was not likely to accomodate his prick,
but I definitely wanted to feel the gush of his semen
inside my little body instead of my mouth.

We both stripped naked and started as usual, a 69
position, me on top sucking Bobby's cock, him under-
neath with his tongue inside my pussy.

I sucked slowly because we didn't want him cumming in
my mouth while he sucked my twat to lubricate it. After
a minute or so he slipped a finger into me and worked
it around, stretching the outer lips.

Then I felt another finger go in and then a third, all
the while he kept working them around in a circle to
stretch my vaginal entrance.

"I think that's enough," he finally said and I let his
slippery cock fall from my mouth. He laid down on his
back and I squatted directly over his erection and
with his hands holding me around the waist for support
I began to lower myself slowly onto his penis.

I felt it strike my outer lips and slip into the crack
of my ass. So I reached down with one hand and pointed
the head toward my cunt and eased myself onto it. The
head slipped in easily and we were actually fucking.

I lowered myself a little further, then a little
further and I noticed Bobby's eyes were glued on the
union of our genitals.

"What's it look like, Bobby?" I asked breathily.

"Incredible! My cock is slowly disappearing inside of
you...it's just incredible."

I lowered myself a little further and felt a tightness
and then it stopped. My hymen. I closed my eyes,
counted silently to three and thrust downward and with
just a slight 'ow' I had snapped my hymen and intro-
duced my brother's cock to my never before touched

He was right. It was incredible!

"You ok?" he said, frightened by the sight of a
little blood leaking from my cunt and running down his

"Great, let's keep going," I said. I wasn't about to
stop now, just when it was beginning to feel good.

He kept thrusting slowly inward, his cock slipping into
me a half inch or so at a time. It felt so tight and
hot I nearly fainted. Finally, the tip of his prick
came up against something solid and stopped. We had
struck the entrance to my cervix.

He looked at me as if to ask if we should stop now,
but my look told him to start fucking.Pull out, push
in, pull out, push in, and that's what he did. That
wonderful brother of mine thrust his cock into my
dripping pussy and each time he came softly up against
my cervix he reversed himself.

I never felt anything like it before or since. My pussy
was on fire and I had never been so wet before. Sud-
denly, I felt his cock growing inside of me.

It seemed to expand and make everything so tight that
we could barely continue fucking.Then his prick let
loose the longest, hottest flow of semen I have ever
felt. His cum shot into my little pussy and, despite
being an extremely tight fit, began leaking out around
his cock. It was truly awesome. Finally, I let myself
fall forward onto his heaving chest.

He stroked my hair telling me how much he loved me and
he caressed my body up and down, running the tips of
his gentle fingers into the crack of my little ass,
tickling my rosebud asshole.

He pulled me upward by the waist until his cum-covered
cock slipped out of my twat. He was going to get up,
but I pushed him back down onto the floor and climbed
up his body until by crotch was directly over his face.

"I'm not finished yet, big brother, "I said aggressive-
ly, "finish me up by sucking my stretched little pussy
while I lick your dick clean."

He grinned and, opening his mouth and extending his
tongue, pulled my dripping cunt toward his mouth. His
tongue immediately found my best spots and as his cum
flowed out of me into his mouth, his stimulation added
more of my childish juices to the mix. I wiggled my
little ass around in rhythm to the movements of his
lips and tongue and ground my pussy into his mouth.

I gasped and moaned as I came a second time and col-
lapsed backward onto his body, the back of my head
striking his newly erect cock. I turned my face toward
it, grasped it with one hand and instantly sucked it
into my talented mouth.

In what seemed like seconds he blasted my mouth full
of his semen. I was so excited by the thought that
both of us were swallowing his cum that I passed out.

A few minutes later I revived and we got up, cleaned
ourselves off, and got dressed. My passing out had
frightened him...thanks for being worried about me,
big brother, I love you too, more than you'll ever

Probably more to come...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 1997. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

by Anonymous Author (address withheld)


I make my wife fuck strangers, it gets me off to watch.
(MF, wife, voy, unsafe-sex)


It finally happened after the Super-bowl game. I had
always wanted to see some guy actually fuck my wife. She
sometimes would have fun doing some flashing, mostly
because she knows it turns me on to have another male
get a glimpse of her boobs or up her legs under a skirt.
But, she was reluctant to let another guy actually touch

She was most receptive to do the flashing game-playing
when we were out of town and she'd have a few drinks to
loosen up. A year ago Last Sunday, it was very

We had been at a Super-bowl party at a sports bar, and
there was a lot of good fun and a lot of drinking. We
weren't concerned about drinking because we had taken a
bus to the bar, and were taking the bus back. My wife
started with bloody-marys, then gin/tonics, then gin on
the rocks, some wine, then back to gin. When we got back
home, she suggested we take a cab to a place that we
know and where the people get pretty crazed. Sounded
good to me.

She was wearing a jump suit that has a wide open lapel
set with only a button at the waist. It gaps a lot,
especially when she leans over just a bit. She took off
her bra before we left, and her very large breasts were
very visible. You could see most of the globes, but her
nipples you could only see once in a while at just the
right angle. It was great.

The guys in the bar knew damned well she was braless.
One guy came over and started talking to us, but kept on
looking at her tits. I encouraged her to let him see as
much as possible. When she went to the head, I asked him
if he was enjoying the show.

He said I was lucky to have such a great looking wife,
and that she sure did get him turned on. I told him to
take advantage of any opportunity he could, and that it
would be all right with me, whatever developed.

The flashing kept on. Eventually, I called a cab to take
us home. All of a sudden he said he'd be happy to drive
us instead. My wife (A little too quickly) said that it
was OK with her. By this time she was quite looped. When
we got to our house, I had her top completely opened.

She was really out of it, I mean more soused than she'd
ever been before. We each held on to her to help her
walk. When we got inside, he "accidentally" rubbed her
left tit with his palm, right over her nipple. She
didn't flinch. I offered to get us some more to drink
and to put on some coffee.

I hoped that something would develop, that's why I left
them together. That gave him enough time to do
something. I looked into the living room, and my wife
was sitting on the floor, with her back to the end of
the couch. He has kind of holding her, and was gently
squeezing her tits, one by one, enjoying himself while
feeling her up.

I came in and he stopped, but her tits were both out,
and her nipples were very hard. I asked her if she
wanted to get to bed and she kind of mumbled something.
We helped her into the bedroom and took off her pant
suit for her, and put a light blanket over her. He
looked at me, as if asking permission, and I nodded to
him, and made a gesture that clearly said that he could
do whatever he wanted. He did, and by this time, she
started snoring lightly.

This was great, here was this stranger lying with my
wife, actually spooning her. I walked over and helped
him by pulling his pants off, and than his underwear. He
was really enjoying himself, putting on a show with my
wife. He snuggled up against her back and I could see
him jockeying into potion.

His erection was sticking between her cunt lips, and he
was trying to enter her. He was grunting and moving back
and forth into her. She was soundly sleeping, but at the
same time was lazily responding. She would breath as if
asleep, then she would moan softly and hold her breath
like she does when she is coming when I fuck her that

Oh was I hard. He noticed me as if he'd forgotten I was
there and stopped momentarily. I whispered, "It's okay."

So he started to fuck her again, but much harder. He
rolled over her so that she was facing down and he knelt
up behind her ass, between her legs. Then he fondled her
ass cheeks, and looked at me.

I shook my head NO. So, then he leaned forward, and I
saw that his cock was long and uncircumcised. He pushed
it back into her cunt, and really jammed it in. He
fucked her hard for about 3 minutes. I was jacking off,
and came on the carpeting about the same time his whole
body stiffened and he his sperm shot into her.

After a while, he got up, picked up his clothes; I heard
him dressing, then the front door opened/closed, and I
heard his car drive away. I slid into bed, put the light
covers on, got up behind her, and slid my now-hard cock
into her wet hole. It was fantastic.

I just wish she hadn't contracted AIDS, I mean now I
have to look for sex elsewhere. I still let her give my
blow-jobs, but she has to use strangers now for
conventional sex. I mean I don't want to catch anything.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: riding.txt (mf, pre-teen/teen, ped)
Authors name: Sleazy Liz (No address provided)
Story title : Riding Bareback

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1992-99 ed.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

I'm in my mid 20's, now, and my wedding is planned
for this September and I'm very excited about it.
Kevin, my fiancee, is the love of my life -- the most
wonderful man in the world -- and I could not love or
want him more than I do. We've known each other for
more than three years and we've been intimately for
almost a year. We were not virgins when we met.

My life and my mind are so filled with Kevin, I
hardly have room to remember Brad -- but I still do,
all the time... It's hard to believe, but I had my
first sexual experience with Bradabout a month before
my 12th birthday. My birthday is in June, so it was
probably in May, and I was still 11-year-old! Young
enough to think the ONLY love in my life would be a

I fell in love with horses so long ago, I can't
even remember when it happened. Novels and picture
books, photos and paint-by-numbers, stuffed and carved
-- my bedroom was full of horses!

My family didn't have horses, but the family living
down the road had horse property. Their youngest son
was Brad and he was a senior in high school at the
time. I was still in elementary school, but we rode
the same bus to the huge district school complex and I
walked past their house on the way to the bus stop

Sometimes, since we were the only two people at that
bus stop, Brad would let me walk with him, but he never
talked very much and he'd never stop to let me visit
with the horses along the fence. I'd given names to
several of them and they would come when I called.

Finally, it must have dawned on him that I really did
like horses.

It was the last month of school for the year, and
the weather was much warmer than usual. One day, after
the bus dropped the two of us off, Brad asked me if I'd
ever ridden a horse. I told him that I had been on the
horse ride at the carnival. He laughed and asked me if
I'd like to ride a `real' horse.

Of course, I screamed, "Yes please!"

I loved that first time so much, it became a habit,
right away. On the way home from the bus stop, we'd
stop at Brad's house and he would give me a ride home
on one of their big horses.

We always rode bareback and I felt like a queen
sitting behind him. I'd wrap my arms around him real
tight and hang on for dear life. He was so strong and
gentle, and soon, he even seemed to actually like me.
I think Brad liked anyone who liked horses. He was the
star football player, an ace student, and all the older
girls went nuts over him. (Especially my older sister!)

I knew he dated a girl, Susanne, but she didn't
like horses. But, he liked me! I didn't realize it
then, but what I had was a very big crush.

Sometimes we wouldn't go straight to my house.
We'd ride for maybe an hour or so, and then he'd take
me home. One really hot day, we stopped by the creek,
far back on his parents' property, near where the trees

We were hot and sweating when we dismounted, and I
kicked off my shoes and socks and ran, splashing, into
the creek. Brad stood there, watching me and laughing.
While I was standing bare-footed in the creek, Brad
smiled and asked me what I wanted to do next.

"I want to ride nude!" I said. "Both of us!" I
almost shouted it. I don't know why I said it, but I
knew I didn't want anything between me and the horse.
(or maybe me and Brad! I'm not even sure today which
it was.)

Brad snorted in surprise and he didn't believe me
at first, but I kept insisting that I did. Finally, I
shrugged indifference and told him that he would not be
the first naked man I'd seen. I'm sure he assumed that
I'd seen my father, but the truth was -- I'd never seen
a live naked man in my life!

I pretended not to watch him as he undressed, but I
did. He obviously wasn't interested in watching me,
and that made me more than a little unhappy. But as I
watched him, I quickly got over it. His body was

He looked almost as strong as his horse and I'm
still not sure which expectation excited me more --
riding naked or being naked with Brad. As soon as I
put my arms around him, I was no longer in doubt. The
feel of both hard bodies against my bare skin was just
too much, and as we rode, I let one hand drop lower.

Today, when I masturbate, I still think about that
first afternoon and his wonderful mouth. My under-
standing of sexual matters, at the time, was almost
nothing. I didn't even know what a human male's
erection looked like. I barely had some genital hair
and I knew adults had much more. The only true sexual
thoughts I'd had -- until that afternoon -- were
thoughts about when I'd have breasts, like my older

When I let that hand drop, I had no idea what I'd
find and I still wonder what gave me the courage to do
it. He was soft and firm and warm, like nothing else
I'd ever felt in my hand before.

He pushed my hand away...several times. And then
what I was feeling felt even bigger and harder, and
then he didn't push my hand away any more. The harder
he got, the faster we rode, and the harder I held on
to him...until he exploded warm goo all over my hand,
and everything slowed down.

Yes, I was frightened. I was sure I'd hurt him,
his warm stuff was on my fingers, on his shoulders and
in his hair.

I was afraid to say anything. I was positive I'd
done something very wrong, and he'd yell at me if I
even opened my mouth. He stopped at the creek, again,
and told me to wash my hand. I was afraid to look at
him, I knew he was washing his face and chest.

Just as I was reaching for my clothes, I heard his
voice. He told me not to worry. I was almost crying
and he helped me sit down in the grass.

All of a sudden I'm in his arms, and I moved
closer, tighter into him, still scared. An instant
later, his long kiss sends my mind swimming down the

I feel the cool grass on my back, and then his face
moved away from my lips and I felt his mouth kissing,
moving down my body, until he was kissing me deeply
where I'd never been opened before, and I knew then
that I'd never be afraid of him again.

That was the very best summer of my life. Mom and
Dad gave me my very own horse on my 12th birthday, so
Brad and I would ride almost every day, and we'd always
stop by the creek. We never rode nude again.

At first, beside the noisy creek, I'd use my hand
on him and then I'd embrace his face with my thighs
until I was done. But, quickly, our loving matured.
Always afterwards, I'd hide myself in his arms, and
sometimes we would sleep there on a blanket.

It wasn't long before Brad let me kiss his massive
erection, and sfter the initial shock, I soon learned
to love how his stuff would fill my mouth and how he'd
moan as I swallowed ans sucked for more. What I was
doing for him made me so proud of myself.

By the end of June, we were having intercourse.
The first time, he held me over his body and lowered
me down over his hard flesh. I was slippery-wet and
hungry for him and it hurt only a tiny bit. And then
the pleasure flooded through my body, and I wanted it
to never stop.

We were both always ready for more. I could always
make him hard and he would always have me wet and
tingly in anticipation. Every day, at least once,
sometimes three or four times a day we would love each

He went away to college in September. We didn't
talk about love or anything like that. I was smart
enough to know that I wasn't really in love with him,
although I loved doing it with him, and I loved what
he did to me.

I had several boyfriends in high school, but we
never had any kind of sex other than kissing and a few
feels. I always waited for Brad's return from college.
We were always there for each other whenever he came
home -- somedays it seemed like we made love contin-
uously, from dawn till after dusk.

But, after Brad graduated from college, when he was 22
and I was just 16, he got a job too far away to visit,
and I missed him so much -- so very, very much. We
wrote, but...

I met Kevin over three years ago, and I haven't
thought as much about Brad since. Brad introduced me
to, and gave me, the most wonderful pleasures... but I
never saw myself as his equal. He was always an adult,
a teacher, never a lover. But he is still my sweetest
and dearest friend, and he has my eternal thanks.

His legs were like trees, he had almost no hind-
quarters. He would carry me over the creek as easily
as he could carry himself. He picked me up like I was
nothing. His arms could cover me, and hide all of me.
His hands could cover my whole face. His chest seemed
bigger than my bed. I could sit in his hands -- were
they so big and strong, or was my butt so small? I
wish he would carry me again today.

No hair -- I had no hair that first Summer and he
made fun of me and told me I had no hair. But I did!
Yes, I had some... I had a few, I did!

He never made fun of my breasts, though, the ones
I didn't have when he first knew me. He watched them
grow that summer, he helped me grow, he loved me grow-
ing. His mouth, his tongue, his sharp teeth so pure
and white...he could make my nipples so hard. He told
me loving them the way he did would make them grow.
And his hard loving and sucking did.

Can anyone begin to imagine how much I loved watch-
ing Brad? Can anyone begin to imagine how much I loved
watching how huge he would grow in my small hands? His
massive balls were as heavy as those of his horse. And
his cock! How I loved his cock, his HUGE HARD COCK was
life itself!

There are no words big enough, or strong enough,
or hard enough, or long enough, or thick and fat enough
to describe the massiveness of him that I pumped with
my hands...or the first time I tried to capture some of
his eruption in my mouth. It was so pure, so much, so
real, so warm, so thick...so new. No pain, no fear,
no damage, no heartache... no death except that most
wonderful death of dying from his mouth and darting
tongue... the first time he put one finger in, deep...
and most of all -- the very first time I knew and took
him in fully. He was always in me so DEEP!

For years, I would close my eyes and see Brad so
big and strong and hard. I've often wished I had some
pictures of Brad, a film of the two of us by the creek
would be even more precious -- he was so good and so
big, both my hands weren't even enough. I wish I had
something so big and strong to hang onto this evening
and all night long.

It is such a shame that the wonderful beauty and
the most intense pleasure of those times were not
recorded in living color and real sound...the creek,
his voice, his gasps, his surrender and the raging
roar of his bull released.

Kevin's, I will have and hold and hear for the
rest of my life, but Brad was the first and his were
the first, and they will always be important for that.

Sometimes I wish I could be 12 again.

Things were so perfect then, no worries. Sometimes
I am afraid of the future - - marriage is forever. I
want Kevin forever, but I know things will not always
be perfect. First times are always the best and most
intense. Brad will never die in my mind, he will
always be the biggest... maybe only because I was so
small and it was all so new, maybe that is why he was
the best. No one can ever take him away from me. If
only I could see him one more time. If only he could
hold me one more time, If only I could be 12 again and
have him like I had him then.

-- Sleazy Liz, 3/92 --

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn’t okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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2011-04-22 15:17:39 UTC
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(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

by PetShelly (***@hotmail.com)


A father trains his young daughter to be his toy. (Mf,
ped, inc)


I was waiting. Again. He usually came late, if he came
at all. When the house was dark. When my mother was

The door to my room would ease open quietly and there
he'd be. "And how is my naughty, little bitch?" he
would usually ask as he walked into my room.

My room was far away from my parents. I often wondered
if he had planned it that way when they chose the
house. Did he pick a layout where his daughter's room
would be isolated because he knew he would be visiting
her there and he wouldn't want his wife to hear? Just
when did the plan start? When did he begin thinking
about using his little girl as a fuck toy? When did he
decide that he was going to train her to fulfill his
fantasies, to make her his little cocksucker?

Where does grooming end and seduction begin? Where was
the line and when was it crossed? Was it crossed during
the baths that Daddy gave me, the long lap cuddles, the
lingering spankings that were always followed by pats
and kisses?

I'd say the line had been crossed by the time Daddy
taught me how big girls kissed. He nibbled my lips,
licked them till they opened, slipped his tongue inside
of me to teach me the world's oldest duel. It had been
crossed by the day Daddy gave me a spanking and, in
between smacks of his palm, mentioned that some people
found pleasure in pain and he wondered if I was the
kind of girl that felt good when she felt bad. The line
was far in the past when he opened my legs and checked
to see if I was wet, if I was enjoying my punishment.

Daddy decided that I was to have a unique education and
he was to be my teacher. I learned how to suck his cock
the way he liked, when he liked, and to never tell him
'No'. I don't remember it ever occurring to me to tell
him 'No'. He taught me to find pleasure in pain. I
learned to be a combination baby girl-pint-sized Bitch
Goddess. A combination of waiting servant and demanding

I was available whenever he wanted me. Usually he came
to me at night. He came almost every night but he would
also use me in the mornings. He loved to send me off to
school smelling of him. I'd dress in my private school
uniform ("Only the best for my baby!", though I
suspected he chose the school by how appealing he found
the plaid-skirted uniform) and, while my Mother warmed
up the car or packed my lunch, he would bend me over a
chair or set me on a counter and fuck me hard until I
was bruised and full of his cum. Those times usually
didn't take very long. I guess the thought of how
reckless he was being was enough to make him cum

Sometimes we would only be in a room alone for a few
minutes, could be discovered any second, but I'd see
his hands go to his zipper, he'd pull out his cock and
I'd go take him into my mouth without a word being
said. It wasn't only at home that this would happen. It
happened at stores when Daddy selected my wardrobe,
restaurants during Daddy/daughter dinners, and men's
rooms where he hoped someone would come in and see him
with his cock in his daughter's mouth.

Daddy decorated my bedroom for me. He chose furniture
that would suit his purposes; a frilly canopied bed, a
chaise, and a dressing table were some of his favorite
pieces. Everything in the room had been used to give
him pleasure.

I have come to crave his visits. I lie in my bed,
waiting for him, hoping that what he sees when he opens
the door will be irresistible to him, will shock and
thrill him, and make him want me more than ever.

Tonight, when he opened my door, I was lying on my back
in a baby doll nightgown, my hair in beribboned braids,
my knees in the air, spread wide, with my hairless cunt
facing the door. And in my cunt was one of the many
dildos he has brought me. Pushed deep inside of me.
Filling me up.

"How is my naughty, little bitch? Oh…my bitch is full."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Have you missed your Daddy?"

"Yes, Sir."

He sits on the edge of my bed and runs his hand down
the inside of my thigh till he reaches the base of the
fake cock sticking out of me. Looking into my eyes, he
wraps his hand around the base and starts fucking me
with the cock, slowly and deliberately at first,
picking up speed and force until he's pounding it into
my pussy with his fist slamming into my clit each time
he rams it in.

"Is this what you want? Does my little slut need to get

"Yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy."

"Take it, baby. Take the cock. Let me see you cum."

As I cum harder and harder, Daddy shrugs off his robe
and kneels on the bed. He seats the cock deep inside of
me and wraps one hand around my throat as the other
rubs his cock over my lips.

"Open up, bitch"

I do and he slides into my mouth and down my throat,
feeling it from the inside and out as he fucks my
throat hard. He dumps his cum down my throat and
collapses on the bed beside me.

"Come sit on my face, baby. I want to taste you." He
says as he pulls me up to straddle his face, pulling
out the fake cock so it won't block his way.

It's going to be a long night. And, on the other side
of the house, my Mother sleeps.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: ambush.txt (FFdom/M, bd)
Authors name: Casandra MX (No Address Provided)
Story title : All American Boy

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

All American Boy (FFdom/M, bd)
By Casandra MX (No Address Provided)


A guy gets into some really strange shit when he hooks
up with a couple of strange women during a business trip
and becomes their sex slave. But never fear, all ends
well -- for him anyway.


I was traveling on business when my flight was laid
over at O'Hare for bad weather. The airline put me up
at a airport hotel and told me it could be as long as
48 hours before they could get me another flight.

I took a cab to a bar the bellhop recommended and sat
down for a few beers and watched the Bulls. When I got
up to take a leak and noticed a lovely brunette sitting
by the door. She was about 5-7 with nice tits and
lecherous smile.

I got back from the head and looked for the brunette.
She was sitting on the bar stool next to mine. "Hi, I'm
Sandra, can I buy you a drink?"

I was a little shocked because usually I'm the one
buying drinks. It seemed too good to be true and in
retrospect it was. I'm not bad looking but I wouldn't
be mistaken for a movie star. My looks are what you
would call All-American boy and I stand about 6-2. My
approaching middle thirties had added about 10 lbs to
my 180 pound frame and I needed to get out from behind
my desk and run it off.

"I'm Paul and I'd love a drink." Two beers appeared and
we talked about Chicago and I mentioned that I was
stuck here because of the weather. "I thought you were
from out of town cause I hadn't seen you around
before." I explained the layover and was surprised when
she said, "why don't you stay with me and my sister." I
told her I already had a hotel room but she insisted I
come over for at least a home cooked meal.

I couldn't deny the growling in my stomach and my
slacks and followed to her car. I had thought her tits
were nice but I saw her ass was perfection. We drove
for about 20 minutes and she pulled in at a nice older

When we went in she introduced me to her sister Amy and
grilled a couple of steaks. After we ate, I helped
clean up the kitchen and we talked some more. She moved
behind me and pressed her tits into my back.

"Time for dessert," and she reached down and unzipped
my pants. She led me to her room and sat me down on the
edge of the bed.

By this time my cock was straining to be free. She
undid my belt and slid my pants and shorts down around
my ankles. With no hesitation her mouth plunged down on
my cock. I felt her nose press into my pubic hair as my
dick enjoyed its warm tongue bath. She slid it in and
out for several minutes but just before I was going to
come, stopped.

"Why'd you stop?" I exploded.

"I'd like a little favor sweety. I'd like to have
mementos of my lovers and you have a great dick."

I fell for it hook, line and sinker. My dick is OK at
about seven inches long and 2 and half inches in
diameter but I'm no John Holmes.

She walked over to a large cabinet and pulled out two
large blocks and some Vaseline. She removed my pants
the rest of the way and rubbed the Vaseline around my
cock and balls until the pubic hair was matted down.

"This is so your hair doesn't get stuck in the mold. I
wouldn't want to hurt you." The blocks were made to fit
together and seemed to contain a warm viscous material
like wet playdoh.

She took me in her mouth again and sucked until I
thought my dick was going to burst. She pulled off and
stuck the molds around my dick and balls. "Want you to
make the best impression," was her reasoning.

The warm material tightly gripped my cock and I felt
myself get turned on by the sensation. After five
minutes she removed the molds and carried them out of
the room with the explanation that they needed to cure
for a while. She came back immediately and stripped as
soon as she closed the door. Her body was fabulous. Her
perfect breasts stood out and had rose-colored nipples.
She was perfectly formed from her long slender legs to
an ass that cried out to be grabbed. She pushed me back
onto the bed and started on my cock again.

This time she didn't stop until I came in torrents down
the back of her throat. I pulled her ass forward and
gazed up to petals of her pussy spreading to show a
deeper pink. She lowered herself and I immediately
plunged my tongue as far up as possible. She rode my
face as I licked like a wild man.

Sandra slid off my face and turned around over my
crotch. "Fuck me before I come." She grabbed my cock
and dragged the head back and forth from her clit to

Slowly she slid me inside her moist cunt until her
pubic bone touched my pelvis. I reached up and pulled
her down so her left breast grazed my lips. She
tightened around me like a vise and slowly slid on and
off my now ready to burst cock while lightly moaning. I
slid my right hand to her hip and tried to control the
rhythm. She grabbed my right hand and moved it to cup
her lower ass and whispered, "play with my ass."

I moved my hand lower and gathered her juices on my
fingers while pistoning deep into her cunt. I slowly
spread her juices over her puckered rose and then slid
my middle finger up her ass about an inch.

She moaned and pressed my hand farther inside her. I
could feel her ass begin to spasm as she continued to
ride my cock. She gave a small shriek, grabbed me, and
rolled over with me on top.

"Hold still a second and give me a chance to recover,"
she said.

We lay there a minute or two and then her moving hips
told me she was ready for more. I started moving in and
out slowly while introducing another finger into her
ass with my now trapped right hand.

I heard the bedroom door open and looked back to see
her sister Amy approaching the bed wearing nothing but
a smile. "What the hell, I'm game," I thought.

She lay down behind me and licked the underside of my
balls as I kept up the slow thrusting into Sandra. Her
tongue traced up that tender ridge of flesh between my
balls and anus and I felt like my dick couldn't
possibly get any harder without bursting. As she
reached my anus she began licking my hole and running
her tongue around the outside. I thought to myself
"This is one for the book."

Suddenly I felt something grip my ankles and my left
wrist as I heard a ratchet sound. Amy had put a pair of
handcuffs around each ankle and Sandra had done the
same to my left wrist.

I struggled to get my right hand free from underneath
Sandra but a tightening grip on my balls slowed me down
considerably. "What are you doing?" I shouted.

"We have a few things we'd like to do, but you might
not like them," said Amy. "I suggest you cooperate
though or we might have to get rough." To emphasize her
point she slid a thumb and forefinger up my ass while
still holding onto my balls with her other hand.

The brief, sharp pain that hit me pushed resistance
from my mind quickly.

Sandra rolled slightly to free my right hand and hooked
a fourth pair of handcuffs to my only free wrist. Amy
gripped my balls harder and shoved an extra finger in
as my hand came free. Sandra slid out from under me and
tightened down the braided steel cables connected to
the cuff chains until I was laying face down and
couldn't move more than a few inches either way.

Amy pulled her fingers from my ass and moved to the
head of the bed. Sandra grabbed the back of my head and
Amy slid her nicely trimmed muff under my nose. Amy
said, "Lick me good or else."

"You didn't have to handcuff me to get that," I

Amy shoved my head down. I ran my tongue across her
clit and proceeded do a reasonable job eating pussy
considering I was thinking of escape. After five
minutes, Amy slid up and rolled over.

"Now do my ass."

I balked. I don't mind fingering assholes but fingers
don't have taste buds. Amy said, "Get the pictures,"
and Sandra walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a
photo album. She said, "These might convince you to
change your mind."

The first page showed various guys trussed up like me.
The next picture showed a close-up of Sandra with three
fingers in some poor guys ass. "Tell us when you change
your mind."

That changed my mind, "This is what they make mouthwash
for," I thought.

Amy slid a pillow under her hips and spread her cheeks.
Her asshole was a crinkled light brown and a least
looked clean. I tentatively moved my head forward and
then went all the way when Sandra shouted "one" and
shoved a long finger in my butt.

The taste was not good, kind of bitter but not as bad
as I had feared. The taste had just gotten washed away
when Amy said, "He's not sticking his tongue in."

Sandra shouted, "Two!" and added a finger. I pushed my
tongue in and moved around the edges of Amy's anus
getting more flavor than I wanted but not a terrible

"Show him the next picture!" cried Amy.

Sandra removed her fingers from my backside and lifted
my head by the hair. She had the album on Amy's rear
and showed me the next two pictures. Sandra had four
fingers in the guy's ass in one and the other showed
her fist halfway in his very stretched asshole. He did
not look happy.

Sandra said, "Look, you can end up like this and have
to use diapers for a while, or you can do it right.
Every time you fuck around this is just going to get

She moved the book away and pushed my head back in
Amy's crack. I shoved my tongue up her ass like my life
(or ass) depended on it. She rotated her hips and
shoved her butt as close as she could get it. I had
pretty much reconciled myself to the taste because I
couldn't get that stretched asshole out of my mind.

After ten minutes Sandra said, "His tongue needs a
break and I need to get fucked again."

My dick grew back from it shriveled little self with
the anticipation of fucking Sandra again. Amy giggled
when she saw my eagerness and proceeded to walk over to
the cabinet while Sandra left the room. Amy pulled out
a short piece of flesh colored rubber with three knobs
on it and elastic straps.

I couldn't figure out what it was until she pulled out
a thin rubber dick and snapped it on one end of the
rubber piece. She then snapped a larger dick in the
center. Sandra walked back in the room carrying another
dildo. Amy laughed and added it to the strap-on. "Like
my design?" Sandra asked. "Women can never depend on
men." I watched as Amy eased the thin dildo up her ass
and slipped the middle one in her cunt. She fastened
the straps around her and now sported an erection I
would be proud of. She waved it in front of my face and
asked, "Recognize it? It's yours."

It was mine. I had just never seen it from that
particular angle before. She prodded my lips with it
and said "lick it, I want it wet for Sandra. Besides
self abuse is not considered a sin anymore," she said
with a laugh.

I turned my head but Sandra grabbed it and pinched my
nose until I had to open my mouth. Amy slid the dildo
in and stopped as I started to gag. "What's the matter,
can't deep throat yourself?"

She withdrew a little and then hunched forward again
and slid it deeper. She repeated this a couple more
times and then took it out of my mouth. It was covered
with my saliva and glistened under the light. Sandra
laid on her back and said "well you are getting to fuck
me again in a way, just not the way you thought."

Amy slid easily into Sandra and started pumping
quickly. I could see the dildos in Amy's ass and cunt
rocking back and forth. They kept it up for another
five minutes and then Sandra groaned and came in
several spasms.

Amy complained, "I wasn't ready yet."

Ann's reply caused my ass to pucker, "I know someone
who hasn't been fucked yet."

I felt a sudden surge of energy and tried to pull the
handcuffs on my wrists out of whatever they were
connected to. Amy jumped on my back and held my arms
while Sandra shoved the picture album under my nose.

"You're not going to get loose from this and we could
give you worse than your own dick up there." She
pointed to the picture of her with the fist and another
of her sporting the big end of a baseball bat. Amy then
moved forward and put the dildo next to Ann's fist.

"See, you're much better off with your own dick and we
promise not to fist you or use the bat if you

I pissed Sandra off by quipping, "I didn't realize you
had such big hands for a woman." Sandra grabbed me by
the balls and ass again and but some slack in the
cables controlling my legs.

They brought out a footstool and slid it under my
chest. Then they strapped my thighs to the footstool. I
couldn't move and my ass seemed to be open to the
world. Amy slid between my legs and I felt the dildo
rubbing up and down my crack.

"We need pictures and he needs to see this," said
Sandra. I instantly regretted the big hands comment. I
saw her go over to the cabinet and get out a camera and
video equipment.

Soon I saw my ass on a small color television with the
dildo being rubbed up and down. The proportions did not
look good to me. I heard the click of the camera
shutter and saw Amy coating the dildo with K-Y and then
felt (and saw) her rub some on my anus. The camera
clicked again with a glob of K-Y glistening on my ass.

I saw Amy move forward and felt the tip of the dildo
wedge itself at the entrance. She pushed a little and I
felt the K-Y allow the dildo to spread my anus. A
burning sensation emanated from my rear and I lost
sight as Amy slid farther in and blocked the camera.

All this time I could hear Sandra in the background
taking pictures and encouraging Amy to go farther. The
pain diminished as she got past my sphincter and my
asshole slid smoothly down the dildo.

Amy said, "See, I'm giving it to you gently unlike most
men who just ram it up there." She then proceeded to
shove the rest in until I could feel her belly on my
ass cheeks and the rubber balls against the entrance to
my ass. The pain was intense as she thrust in and out.

After a couple minutes I could feel my asshole loosen
up and I noticed that I started to get an erection as
the dildo rubbed my prostate. "This is going to take
awhile with Amy, so lets put that tongue to good use,"
said Sandra.

She moved the TV which now showed Amy's ass thrusting
up into mine and got on all fours in front of me. "I
need my ass licked and you better realize that we
promised not to fist you but we've had mementos from
some hugely hung guys."

She spread her cheeks and backed her anus onto my
tongue. I rimmed her and found that Amy's continual
butt pounding thrust my tongue farther up her ass. My
ass was getting really dry and I stopped licking to
complain to Amy.

"Keep licking or get fucked worse," yelled Sandra.

Amy did however slide the rubber cock out and recoat it
with K-Y. When she did I felt my anus stay open and the
air stinging inside. Amy took care of that by quickly
sliding in to the hilt again.

Soon I felt Amy's thrusts get more frantic and she
suddenly shrieked and laid over my back. Sandra got up
and moved next to Amy "Poor kid, it takes her a long
time, but when she comes it wipes her out." She grabbed
Amy and pulled her back upright. Then she disconnected
the dildo from the harness and laid her beside me on
the bed. Sandra shoved the loose dildo into me all the
way to the balls as Amy lay beside me with a dazed and
sleepy look.

Sandra got up and walked out of the room. She came back
a few minutes later with a washcloth and two glasses of
water. She smacked me on my exposed ass crack and
shouted, "You've been defying me all night with your
comments and lack of enthusiasm."

I had managed to shove the dildo out of my ass while
she was away. She ran over to the cabinet. She got
another harness out and stuck a medium sized dick in
the middle and a monster on one end. Somehow I didn't
think I was getting the small end. This prick had to
have been ten inches long and four inches in diameter.

"You shouldn't have shown you had any muscle control
back there. I'll take care of that. You're going to get
to watch it too."

She set the TV back up and I felt her tighten the
cables running to the cuffs on my ankles. I was pulled
extremely tight across the footstool and I felt her
unstrap my thighs. She yanked the footstool out from
under me and instantly took up the slack in the leg

I felt one leg being pulled wide and then the other. On
the TV my ass was open and red. She grabbed the dildo I
had expelled and moved to the head of the bed. She
grabbed my nose and forced the dildo into my mouth
saying, "This is my way of saying eat shit and remember
that it's your dick that you'll bite into."

The dildo filled my mouth and I couldn't spit it out.
Sandra undid the cap on the K-Y and shoved the nozzle
into my open ass. I watched as she rolled the end of
the tube and squirted huge amounts of it into me. She
threw the tube aside and rubbed some of it on the giant
dildo. My ass was still open and K-Y oozed out and onto
my balls.

She loosened the cables slightly and grabbed my dick
and told me to raise up and lean to one side. She slid
half under me and placed the head against my slick red
asshole. Even open as it was, it still looked terribly
out of proportion. She hunched forward and I felt my
ass trying to expand to accommodate this new invader.
The pain was terrific as my hole gave way and she slid
in a couple inches.

She pushed again and this time slid up until all ten
inches were in. My asshole was a stretched beyond
belief and gripped the dildo tightly as it moved in and
out. I could see light streaks of my blood coating the
surface as she rammed it mercilessly in my poor ass.

I could hear myself moaning in pain as my mind tried to
distance itself from the pain. Suddenly I realized that
the cuff holding my right wrist had slack in it. My
thrashing had pulled my arm free. I quickly slid the
cable connected to my left wrist off of the pulleys and
gave myself more slack. I then pulled the dildo from my
aching jaws.

Sandra sensed that something was wrong and tried to
slide out from under me but I slapped one hand over her
mouth and another to her throat. I whispered furiously
"you fucking bitch, get me loose or you're dead." I
moved forward and with a groan pulled the dildo from my

I almost fainted as my asshole spasmed and tried to
close but continued to hold Sandra by the throat with a
tightening grip. I watched carefully as she reached
with one hand under the mattress and brought out a
handcuff key. I shook her and told her to unlock my
wrists. She unlocked both arms and the cuffs fell to
the bed. I snapped one set on both her wrists and
reached back with one hand to free my ankles. I then
attached cuffs to each ankle and removed the slack.

Quickly, I removed my hand from her mouth and replaced
it with the rubber replica of my cock. As I climbed
down off the mattress my first thought was to just get
the hell away from there. As my feet touched the floor
I nearly fell from the pain in my asshole.

I literally saw red and turned to the sleeping Amy and
grabbed her by the throat. She awoke with a start and
started to scream. I slapped her across the cheek and
shouted "shut up bitch, that won't help you." I pushed
her face down into Sandra and secured her wrists and
ankles with the free end of the cuffs.

At the head of the bed I reattached the cable I had
pulled free from the pulleys. I removed the dildo from
Sandra's mouth and said, "you cunts are going to be
really sorry when I call the cops."

Her reply was, "You won't call the cops. What are you
going to tell them? That we overpowered you and that
you didn't want sex with us? I don't think they're
going to believe this is anything but consensual. Look
who's tied up now!"

I realized she had a point, plus I thought of the
embarrassment of anyone knowing I got fucked in ass.
"You may wish I had called the cops in a while," I
threatened. I pulled the strap-on assembly from Amy's
cunt and asshole and examined the attachments. The
dildos were connected with what resembled a socket set
attachment. I pulled both dildos off and walked
gingerly over to the cabinet.

Inside were the rubber replicas of at least 20 guys
pricks. There was also the infamous baseball bat and a
large molded fist. I grabbed the bat and the next
biggest dildo and went back to the bed. I unhooked
Sandra's wrist and ankle on one side and flipped her
around so she was face down on top of Amy.

After reattaching the handcuffs, I pulled her strap-on
out and examined the huge dildo she had inflicted on my
poor ass. Streaks of blood and K-Y coated it liberally.

I replaced the center dildo with it and snapped the
rubber replica of my cock on the front stud. I bent the
strap-on section that held the anal dildo back at a 90
degree angle. I adjusted the video camera for a closeup
of Sandra's ass hanging above Amy's and spoke, "Girls,
I'm going to fuck with you like you did with me."

I held the end of the baseball bat up for the camera
and then pushed it up Amy's tight cunt. She gasped and
squirmed but couldn't dislodge the wooden invader. I
then grabbed and lubricated my replica prick. Amy's ass
had tightened up with the bat in her cunt and I forced
a finger in. It felt like it was in a vise.

"Yea, we guys do just shove it in," I said and replaced
my finger with the duplicate prick. She shrieked and
thrashed but I pushed the dildo until only the balls
showed. "Just wait a bit you'll get properly fucked!"

And I turned my attention to Sandra's ass. To take care
of Amy I had shoved Sandra forward. The monster prick
wiggled tantalizingly against her spread gash. I
grabbed her hips and slid her down over it. I had to
stop and couple times to spread the lips of her cunt as
they were being pushed inside her by the dildo.

Soon it was in as far as it could go. The straps were
fastened and I stopped to get a good look. A finger
inserted in Sandra's butt showed she was ready and
tighter than Amy. I walked around to the front of the
bed and told Sandra, "You're going to suck my dick and
then I'm going to fuck your ass with it. Do it good or
I'll use the fist on it and my fist in you're cunt."

She got a submissive look in her eyes and opened her
mouth as I slid my growing prick over her tongue. Every
time her teeth seemed to get too close I waved my fist
in front of her eyes. It took a few minutes to get my
prick good and hard because of the pounding I took
earlier. I pulled from her mouth and moved behind her.
My prick rested in her crack and I rubbed it over her
anus spreading the saliva over her tight bud. I reached
down with my thumbs and pulled her back hole wide.

She grunted as my dick slid into her back passage. I
could feel my balls resting on the top of the strap-on.
I grasped her hips and pumped her back and forth on my

Amy moaned on the bottom as she was butt-fucked by the
moving strap-on. I could feel the dildo in Sandra's
cunt rubbing through to her anus and a wave of
satisfaction came over me.

We kept this up for 10 minutes and right before I felt
myself coming, I withdrew and stuck my filthy prick in
Sandra's mouth. She recoiled slightly but I forced her
head down on it.

I pulled out and sprayed her and Amy's faces with more
cum than I thought I had. I walked over to the cabinet,
got out another dildo and shoved it up Sandra's empty
hole. I checked all of the cuffs for tightness and went
in the bathroom to shower.

My ass was still really sore but I managed to get
dressed. I grabbed the cassette out of the video camera
and exposed the film in the camera. I searched Sandra's
purse and took her car keys.

Before I left I checked the cuffs again. I slapped
Sandra across the ass and said, "Hope this is a lesson
to you."

"Aren't you going to let us go?"

"Not for a while."

I drove back to the hotel, checked out, and headed for
the airport. Outside the terminal, I called the local
cops and told them that I had heard screams form inside
2467 Ramon Street.

I hung up when they asked who I was.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: young.txt (F/b, ped, 1st, preg)
Authors name: Lanka Cream (address withheld by request)
Story title : Young Flesh Tempts Ms. Blake

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2004. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Young Flesh Tempts Ms. Blake
by Lanka Cream (address withheld by request)


A voluptuous single middle-aged childless teacher has to
do a six-month stint of relief teaching in a remote
village. She is rewarded for her duty in a way she had
never imagined. (F/b, ped, 1st, preg)


Ms. Blake had been teaching for over 20 years and had
never married. She had been married to her vocation of
teaching which she had found totally satisfying. As for
a relationship, she had never found a man who had
attracted her or lived up to her expectations. She was
no virgin and there had been a few casual affairs, but
that is all.

However, she was now in her early 40 and realised that
the clock was marching on. She really would like a child
but there was no one on the horizon to father that child
and she had been contemplating the IVF program. Fate was
to intervene.

She was asked to fill-in for 6 months at a one-teacher
country school in an isolated village. As a favour to
the regional director she had agreed to take the 6-month
placement in return for future accelerated promotion.
She quickly settled into the job and relished the
opportunity to run the school as she best thought fit.

There were about 35 students at the school from age 5 to
12 years. The 5 students in year 6, who were aged
between 11 and 12 years, acted as 'class assistants'. As
most of the students were the children of local farmers,
they were more mature and independent than city kids.

One of the year 6 boys was young James. He was a
brilliant student whose career was obviously going to be
successful. He had a very easygoing likeable personality
and was an excellent athlete. His father had a Latin
background and his mother was from Sweden, so his looks
were stunning. He was a young boy who had everything,
yet he was modest and generous to a fault. A born leader
she thought.

He proved to be her 'defacto' teacher's assistant so to
speak. It was obvious also that he had developed a
boyish crush on her. Ms. Blake had to admit to herself
that although he was just a boy still a month off his
12th birthday, she had found herself indulging in
pedophile thoughts of him when masturbating in her bed
at night. It got so that she took every opportunity to
touch this handsome young boy during the course of the

James had a nickname around the school from the older
children of "horse" and she could not work out why,
until one day she walked in on him accidentally in the
bathroom. He was just finished urinating and was in the
process of putting his cock back into his pants. Ms.
Blake gasped aloud at the sight. His cock was massive
thick and uncircumcised. It appeared to be about 8
inches long and was thicker than any cock she had ever
seen. She thought it was the most beautiful male cock
she would ever see. She wanted it in her pussy

This happened to be noon on a Friday afternoon. Ms.
Blake found it very difficult to concentrate at all
during class that afternoon and found her gaze
automatically returning to that big bulge in James'
pants between his legs, which somehow she had never
noticed before. The phone rang. It was James' father who
asked Ms. Blake if they could leave James with her for 2
or 3 hours after school finished today.

It looked like rain was on its way and they wanted to
get the wheat harvest in before the rain set in. Ms.
Blake saw that fate had intervened wonderfully and she
agreed immediately. In fact she offered to keep him
overnight and drive him out to the farm in the morning.
His parents were happy at her 'generous' offer. She told
James and he seemed pleased at the prospect of spending
the night with his busty voluptuous '40 something'

As soon as all the kids had been picked up by their
parents after school Ms. Blake took James into her small
cottage that adjoined the school. She told him to take
off all his clothes ready for a bath before dinner. She
told him that he would be staying with her overnight
because of the harvesting. She also told him he would
have to sleep in her bed as the second bedroom was being
repainted (which was a lie of course).

As he stripped so did she. Her huge DD tits with their
massive nipples came into his view as he took off his
underpants. She then removed her panties and her huge
big pubic thatch was revealed. His 8-inch cock went into
immediate erection. 'What an obscene wonderful sexual
sight' she thought. Although of above average physique
for his age, he was still an 11-year-old boy with an
athletic but slim body. Yet... she watched in rapture as
his huge fat cock went from swinging freely between his
legs like a huge salami, his knob almost at his knees,
then it pulsed and grew stiff, becoming a huge powerful
thick 8" throbbing monster.

Pre-cum oozed out within seconds, his knob just touching
the underside of his chest almost level with his
nipples. "Oh James, we have to do something about that
don't we" she gasped huskily. She fell to her knees and
sucked on it greedily, cupping his massive balls at the
same time. She was only able to get about 4 inches of
that lovely monster cock in her mouth. He just groaned
and grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her
mouth. But it was his sperm in her pussy she wanted, his
sperm in her mouth could wait till later this night.

She stopped sucking him and carried him to the bed. She
laid beside him and spread her thighs. She looked at his
throbbing cock. God what a sight! Here was this 11-year-
old virgin boy with his fine athletic physique and his
flawless skin. Between his boys thighs though throbbed
the largest piece of manhood she had ever seen. Below
his cock pulsed the biggest pair of balls she had ever
seen, they would indeed not shame a horse she thought.
He was a pure fucking sperm stallion and she was about
to be his first mare.

She knew that it was wrong, that it was dangerous and
that she could go to jail, but she didn't care. She knew
that any woman who was placed in this position with this
tasty piece of virgin boy would not be able to resist.
She wanted him and she hungered for that cock to be
filling her wet cunt and unleashing its virile load of
cream and making the baby she so desperately wanted.
Fuck IVF, this was better.

"Get that cock in here now baby, put it into Ms. Blake's
big hairy pussy. Give me a baby in my cunt little
darling. Fill Ms. Blake's cunt with your man juice. Fill
me up now." He leapt between her thighs like a wild
animal and thrust his fertile sperm monster into her
with one powerful thrust. She felt every glorious
centimetre of his hard throbbing cock as it slid down
her warm wet love tunnel. He then fucked her hard and

She cried out, "Oh yes, yes, sperm me boy, sperm me,
fill my cunt with your fertile seed." He was grunting
and groaning and repeating over and over, "Oh, so nice,
oh Ms. Blake it is so nice, oh Ms. Blake it's so nice,
so nice."

"Yes baby, I've got a nice big hairy cunt and it's all
for you. You can do anything you like with it; it is all
yours to play with. Come baby, come and suck my big
titties while you root my hairy wet cunt."

And he did. His soft full young mouth hungrily suckled
on both her enormously erect and sensitive nipples.
"C'mon baby fuck mommy harder, fuck and suck me hard and
fill me up with your lovely pure sperm."

"Oh Ms. Blake, I'm gonna blow, I'm gonna blow!" he cried
out. "Do it baby, do it. Pump all of that fresh pure
young sperm out of your virgin cock and balls and fill
up this hot old pussy with your seed. Make a baby in me,
make a baby in me, please, please!"

He cried out "Arrgggghhh! I'm cumming!
...cummmmming...nnnggghhh...cuming now....ooohhhh."

A gallon of fertile cream gushed out and filled her with
baby making sperm. For almost a minute his huge
throbbing cock spurted rope after rope of thick white
spunk, each gush containing millions of sperm...fertile
sperm. She knew immediately that he had impregnated her
with a wonderful child, the child she needed. Within 10
minutes he was hard again. She engineered him into a
69er position and commenced to clean his cock of his
excess spunk.

Without even prompting he lowered his face into her huge
wet hairy cunt and cleaned her up, tasting the combined
sex juices of both of them just as Ms. Blake was tasting
on his throbbing beauty. He immediately liked the taste
and fed on her cunt with lustful frenzy. She couldn't
stop. Her orgasm was fast approaching as was his. She
could only hear his muffled warning as he was suckling
on her hair pie with lusty urgency. She replied in
similar muffled groans warning him of her imminent
orgasm. They came together in each other's mouths.

The volume of his spunk surprised her, considering he
had just spurted 10 minutes earlier. She swallowed fast
as his thick almond tasting cream gushed into her
thirsty mouth, but still thick trails of spunk oozed out
the corners of her mouth and onto his large silken
haired balls. Ms. Blake herself was a female ejaculator
on occasion. James' suckling of her clit and cunt lips
taken her to a peak orgasm and this time her pussy
spurted a strong thick gush of cunt juice as each wave
of pleasure exploded in her pussy. James did not know
what it was, but it tasted like honey so he was sure it
wasn't urine. He gratefully and lustfully drank of her
hairy gushing cunt.

Ms. Blake had never known how virile these young boys
are. He never seemed to go soft for more than 15
minutes. They could not keep their hands, mouths and sex
organs off each other fro the rest of the night. He
fucked her and dumped a huge load of cream into her
eager pussy another five times that night. She could
have pregnant 10 times over she thought.

They managed another 3 fucks in the morning before she
took him home. On the way out to the farm James had his
hand up her dress and was finger fucking her with 4
fingers all the way out to the farm, a good 20 minute
drive. She managed to jack him off just as they
approached the house, bending over his spurting cock and
swallowing his 4th huge load of the morning just as she
pulled the car up beside the farmhouse.

She was wiping some of his cream away with the back of
her hand as James' mother emerged from the house to
greet them. James' mother said "Oh, thank you so much
Ms. Blake for taking him last night." Ms. Blake
responded; "It was a pleasure, he can cum with me
anytime" and she winked at little James who blushed
bright red (but his cock gave a little twitch which she


After that she fucked him three times a day, Monday to
Friday and sometimes on the weekend. Ms. Blake went out
of her way to befriend his mother in order to get her
daily fix of little James' big sperm spurting cock. This
went on for the next 2 months until term ended just
before Christmas.

Ms. Blake went back to the city and no one in that
little village ever saw her pregnant, except for James.
Because his mother trusted Ms. Blake so implicitly she
let him visit Ms. Blake every second weekend in her city
apartment, to give him special tutoring to prepare him
for high school. James' parents eventually found out
about Ms. Blake's pregnancy, but they were led to
believe she had gone on the IVF program with an
anonymous sperm donor.

Little did they know that their little boy was donating
the sperm freshly with big hot spurts out of the eye of
his sperm hose. The only tutoring he got was in
improving his lovemaking. He marvelled at Ms. Blake's
growing belly, the product of his sperm spray. She was
carrying twins.

Six months into her pregnancy she began to lactate
immensely. James spent many an hour suckling on those
big DD tits which had now enlarged to glorious firm EE
tits. He got into the habit of drinking the milk that
would soon be fed to his child, whilst rooting with
powerful thrusts into that wet warm hairy cunt that was
forever tempting his hard young cock.

He went on to sire another set of twins with Ms. Blake
within 12 months, but none of her friends or family
could ever work out who the father was. No one ever
suspected little innocent 12-year-old James.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Ladies Of The Night {MFF, vampire}
By Belle Chandra (address withheld)


Working the streets on Halloween night for fun and
profit. (MF, bi, prost, vampire)


Belinda looked at the middle-age man sitting across
from her in his car; he was slightly overweight, with
balding grey hair, penetrating dark eyes that now had a
gleam of sexual lust. They were parked in a deserted
alleyway, off one of San Francisco's sex-and-sin
streets; it was a common spot for business
transactions, providing the john couldn't afford a
motel room. "So mister, pay first, service second. You
know the drill?" Belinda hated working on Halloween
night, all the crazies seemed to come out then.

"Yeah, sure do. You girls getting younger every day,
you don't look hardly legal."

"I'm seventeen," she lied, being only sixteen. "Show me
the money, huh?" Belinda wiggled around, trying to pull
the hem of her black leather mini-skirt down a little.
Her long, slender legs in the fish-net stockings were
cramped in the car, and the tall high-heels were
killing her feet. But she did feel the slightest tingle
of sexual anticipation - she loved the power of her
sex, how she could get the johns nearly helpless with
her highly skilled expertise.

The john leaned forward, reached out to tentatively
touch her long red wavy hair, studying her creamy
complexion, the wide green eyes. "You're a doll, you
know it? Let me see your titties, just a glimpse, then
I'll give you the cash."

Belinda sighed, as if put upon, but lifted her tightly-
fitted leather top, letting her full, bounteous breasts
spill forward, always braless. The cool night air hit
her naked skin, make her nipples erect and she saw the
john's eyes widen, his lips part, the tip of his tongue
appear, almost drooling with anticipation. She quickly
pulled her top back down and said, "Where's the cash,
and we'll get down to it. You ready, huh?"

He groaned, put a hand to his crotch, where he rubbed
the massive erection bulging between his legs, pressing
against his zippered crotch. "You got it. I want it."
He pulled his wallet out and said, "Here you go, twenty
bucks, right?"

"You just want a blow job, that all? Cause for more,
it'll cost you." Belinda felt her pussy throb with that
failure feeling, her cunt getting wet; this was her
first trick of the night, and contrary to what some
pros said about not being aroused, she always felt the
high of arousal - but perhaps it was more from the
powerful hold she had over the men, than the actual sex
its self.

She loved knowing she was in control... and for one
brief moment, she had a flashback to her helplessness
as her step-dad had first raped her, when she was only
twelve. Shaking her head to rid it of the image, she
vowed she'd NEVER be powerless again!

The john was holding out the cash with one hand, and
unzipping with the other, his erection springing out,
rigid and exposed. She took the cash, stuffed it in her
tiny purse, then slid over close to the man, letting
her hand reach for his hard-on, putting a finger at the
tip where pre-cum oozed. He groaned, "Oooh, that feels
damn good. I want you to suck me off good. Wife never
will, thinks it's... disgusting. Hey baby, you ever
seen such a big one?"

Belinda tossed her hair over a shoulder, leaned
forward, her hand grasping his hot, throbbing flesh...
beginning to manipulate it slowly, making the oozing
wetness increase from the sensitive tip. The man
stopped her from moving down, his hand on her chin,
asking, "Can I... kiss you? You're so beautiful, baby-
flesh almost..."

She shook her head adamantly, said firmly, "Nope. No
kissing, no fondling of my body, that'll cost more.
Just a blow job, that's our deal."

He asked, "How much more would it cost?"

"Twenty more for fondling my body, fifty for full
nakedness, the kissing, if we take more than thirty
minutes, it goes up." Belinda loved this, the feeling
of control, her hand stroking him and yet knowing that
she controlled the timing, making him hunger and ache
for more. She suddenly removed her hand, and he gasped,
letting her chin go, leaning back, begging, "Just do
it, suck me... that's what I want, all I can afford."

She leaned down, her mouth making shocking contact with
his thick, throbbing erection, tilting her head so that
it stayed clear of the steering wheel, now licking the
cock-tip, tonguing the ridge beneath, making him lift
his hips slightly, groan and grunt, exclaim, "Jesus
Christ, that's damn good!"

Belinda teased him for a moment, building his
excitement, feeling how the head swelled almost to
bursting beneath her skilled manipulations, hearing him
grunting and thrusting up, wanting her to take it fully
into her mouth. She stalled, licking and caressing his
erection, up and down the long, thick shaft, feeling
his excitement making her excited too; she wished she
could touch her teeming pussy, but instead she felt the
contact of the thin g-string she wore beneath her
bikini panties riding into her crotch, teasing her clit
and she began to sway slightly, feeling the motion make
her hot.

Suddenly she devoured the man's massive erection, her
mouth swallowing him as deeply as possible, shoving the
head into her throat as she angled her head to capture
him fully. He rose up, giving a deep, guttural cry and
began to fuck her face, his voice rough as he urged,
"Fuck it, fuck me with your mouth, suck it baby, yeah!"

She fucked him, her mouth going up and down, working
harder and harder to make his ride fast, faster and he
bucked beneath her, rising and falling, his breathing
coming quickly now, rasping and speechless as she
consumed him, her mouth meeting his crotch-hair,
swallowing and making her throat close over his hard
erection, feeling the swelling, his imminent moment of
engorgement, then the hot, salty cum starting to shoot
into her throat, loads of it, some dribbling back into
her mouth, out over her lips. He was climaxing hard,
his whole body rigid, his pelvis lifted forward, her
head pressing against the steering wheel, but she
brought him off totally, sucking and sucking for the
last drop!

Then slowly rising from him as his penis began to go
slack. He was still stunned from the pleasure he'd just
received, his body beginning to relax, but his eyes
were on her face as she licked the cum off her lips,
swallowing it.

She felt her pussy throbbing for release, but tried to
put it aside, not wanting to let go in front of the
john. She grinned and said, "I work this corner
weekends, maybe we'll do this again."

The man's eyes were glazed with lust as he nodded,
saying in a whipped voice, "Jesus, I've never had a
better blow job. You give good head, damn sure do.
Yeah, I'll look for you again. Want to give me your

She said simply, "Belinda." Then slipped from the car,
leaned back in the window and said, "I am on the corner
after dark, Friday and Saturday nights." Then seeing
the man's leering gaze at her, she knew she had him
'hooked.' He'll be back, a regular. And that was what
she wanted, what she depended upon.

* * *

The night was cool, foggy, a typical San Francisco
night, and the street was alive with the decadent, dark
sexuality that thrived in murky bars, neon lights, skin
shows and secluded alleyways. Belinda stood for a few
moments on her corner, seeing another gal on the next
block, a hooker with bleached blond hair and voluptuous
curves clad in red, crotch-riding short-shorts and
revealing red lace bikini top. She'd noticed the gal
several nights ago, no doubt new.

Belinda thought back to when she'd only been here a
week, how she'd had to stake out her territory - after
arriving at the bus depot and being propositioned by a
pimp. Getting around him hadn't been easy, but she'd
managed fine. She was tough, street-wise, having run
away from home at fourteen (after her step-dad had
fucked her regularly from the first time at twelve).

She always carried a concealed switch-blade, and a
razorblade sewn inside her leather skirt. Belinda had
prided herself on staying alive and safe; she didn't do
drugs, and never allowed a pimp to own her. One day,
she wanted to get out of this life... "You having a
good night?"

Belinda turned at the sound of the smooth, seductive
female voice to see a tall, raven-haired woman peering
at her. She had not heard the approach of footsteps,
and was puzzled... but sometimes the fog did muffle
noises. "It's slow," she said, wondering if this was

The woman moved in front of her, and Belinda saw that
she was dressed elegantly, but provocatively - had on a
calf-length, form-fitting suede skirt that was split up
the side to reveal a flash of her shapely leg. A brown
blouse with a high collar set off her pale, pale
face... red-lipsticked full lips that were smiling
beneath dark, piercing eyes studying her. Something
about the woman made her uneasy, and she asked, "I
don't believe I've seen you around?"

"No, I don't work the streets. Not anymore."

The woman lifted a hand, gestured vaguely. "Seedy, this
neighborhood. Wouldn't you like something better?"

Belinda went on alert: Was this a pimp's proposal
through a hooker? But as if reading her mind the woman
said in the smooth voice, "I am not working for a pimp.
I run a high-class call girl service, and I've seen you
around. You could join us, have it a lot better."

Shaking her head, Belinda stated, "Nope. Not me. I work
for no one, just myself."

"It's not exactly what you're thinking. You get to keep
ALL your profits. It's just a place to work, have space
for the johns." She smiled again. "Much better
clientele, better earnings too."

That did interest Belinda. She looked closely at the
woman; there was something still vaguely disturbing
about her - almost a strange glow surrounding her
presence. And that ghastly white makeup... it made her
face seem almost ghoulish. But perhaps it was something
she did to attract certain johns.

Belinda said, "I'm listening."

The woman replied, "My name is Rowan. Why don't you
come on over and take a look at our place, see what you
think." She hesitated, staring deeply into Belinda's
eyes, and for a moment, it was as if Belinda was
transfixed. "No obligation, just a visit."

Oddly, Belinda found herself nodding, agreeing and
starting to trail the woman down the street, where a
snazzy black Jaguar was parked. As they got into the
expensive car, Belinda thought that if Rowan made the
kind of money to afford this car, then perhaps she WAS
interested in this offer, after all.

* * *

When they pulled up to one of the magnificent Victorian
houses in the exclusive hillside neighborhood, Belinda
was even more impressed. She followed Rowan up the
sidewalk, across the porch, into the house...
glittering with restored grandeur.

Stunned, Belinda stood just inside the door, gaping at
the high-ceilings and gleaming hardwood floors, the
collection of antique furniture, burnished brass and
curving stairway that led up to a second floor. Off to
her left was a closed door, but she could hear subtle
laughter, guttural groans and noises that suggested
sexual activities. On her right was an open door,
through which she could see several beautiful, well-
dressed young women lounging around on velvet-sofas and

Rowan invited her along the hallway, then into a small
room at the back of the house; it was more modest,
seeming to be an office with desk, bookshelves,
computer, file cabinets. Gesturing to a chair, Rowan
said, "Sit down a minute, and we'll discuss the
details. I assume you like what you've seen so far?"
Belinda nodded, feeling trashy in her street-hooking

She tried to feign a callus attitude, but feared it
wasn't working. As she sat in the chair, she noticed
that there was a sudden change in Rowan - her face
became a little more animated, and she leaned very
close to Belinda, inhaling, as if to capture her scent.
She put a cool finger on Belinda's cheek, asking, "You
are aroused, yes?"

And it was true, Belinda's arousal from earlier had not
entirely abated. And the blunt remark had the effect of
making her clit throb convulsively. Unable to deny it,
she nodded, then felt the cool fingertip trace her lips
as Rowan knelt down, very close to her, and asked in a
husky voice, "Ever been with a woman?" Shaking her
head, Belinda thought back to how she'd always wondered
what it would be like - and some of the johns had often
requested a threesome, her and another woman with them.
But she had not trusted any other female hooker, so had
never had that experience.

"Uh, I... never really had the opportunity." Rowan
smiled that suggestive smile, running the tip of her
red tongue over her full lips, saying, "Ah, then you
have no objection?"

Suddenly Belinda wondered if THAT was the purpose of
this... a pickup, a trick for Rowan with her. She
blurted out, "No... but is that why you brought me
here, you want to be with me?"

Rowan shook her head, said, "Not exactly." She paused,
leaned even closer, so close her warm breath touched
Belinda's face. "But I find you very desirable and
delicious. Here, we service the males, but in our...
free time, we indulge our own desires for lesbian
tastes." Belinda felt her face getting hot, but her
pussy was steaming. She imagined what it might be like
to have sex with this cool, aloof raven-haired older
woman... and that made her almost tremble with
anticipation. Strangely, she felt incredibly attracted
to Rowan - but in more than just a purely sexual,
physical way.

It was as if the woman had a powerful, almost hypnotic
allure... especially as she stared steadily into
Belinda's eyes. Mesmerized, Belinda was unable to move.
And oddly, she knew that she was not in control with
this woman - but her very helplessness increased her
lustful craving. When Rowan reached forward, one hand
cupping Belinda's sensitive breast, a spark of fire
leapt between them. Belinda heard herself beg, "Oh yes,
touch me, please!"

Rowan lifted the tight-fitted leather top, pulling it
over Belinda's head, and leaving her naked to the
waist. Belinda's full, swollen breasts stood out
prominently, the nipples achingly hard, and she thrust
her body forward, crying, "Touch me, please!" Rowan's
dark eyes never left Belinda's, holding her spellbound
as Rowan moved forward, her mouth going to the erect
nipples, starting to tease, nibble, and then suck in
the hard orbs, licking and sucking, making Belinda
strain forward and arch her body into Rowan's embrace.

They stood, and were face-to-face, Rowan's hand at the
back of Belinda's neck, urging her forward and their
mouths met, began to kiss, lips opening, tongues
mingling, the kiss deepening as Belinda moaned,
pressing her body into Rowan's, eager and burning with
need. She begged between kisses, "God, help me, I've
never... been... I need it, need something, touch me...
ohhh, touch me down there, please!"

And then, suddenly, Rowan pulled away, only her cool
fingertips lingering on Belinda's tight, hard nipples.
"Soon, very soon. For now, you must follow me upstairs.
Come, come..."

Trancelike, Belinda followed Rowan out of the office,
along the hallway, up the winding stairway... totally
unaware of the two young women who came out of the
large room and trailed along after them as they went
toward a bedroom along the second floor corridor. The
women had an evil, sinful gleam in their lust-glazed
eyes, their lips parted to reveal sharp, lethal

* * *

Belinda barely noticed the cavernous bedroom lit with
candles. It was as if she felt luminous all through her
body, afire, trembling with a searing sexual heat that
made her willing to follow helplessly. She'd been
aroused with the john earlier, but had never felt this
peculiar weakness for surrendering; all she wanted was
to be with Rowan, to have the voluptuous older woman
possess her, to do her bidding. Rowan remained close to
Belinda, leading her across the oriental carpet,
holding her damp hand, squeezing it reassuringly,
stroking the palm and saying, "Yes, come, come to the
throne of desire, where you will fall beneath my spell,

Massive, ponderous antique furniture, a dresser,
wardrobe, long sofa, wingchairs were arranged against
the rose-patterned wallpaper, shadows flickering from
the many candles. At the far end sat an enormous oaken
poster-bed with carven lion's features at top and
bottom, a sheer burgundy fabric obscuring the bed.
Rowan went forward, pulled back the material, showing
Belinda that the purple satin sheets were turned back,
ready for them.

Entranced, Belinda stood there motionless. Yet she was
so wet that she felt the flow on her leg, running from
her cunt; and with each of Rowan's touches, a light
press of hand, a finger on her lips... she was so near
climax that she could barely contain it. She managed to
ask, "What do you... want of me?" Rowan leaned forward,
took both her swollen breasts in her hands, lightly
cupping and kneading them, bringing tears of pleasure
to Belinda's eyes.

Rowan's fingertips were playing with the erect nipples,
feather-light touches, the merest hint of pressure and
then retreating. Belinda moaned, rolling her eyes in
her head, nearly faint with desire... she'd never
experienced anything remotely like this.

Rowan told her to close her eyes, and then Belinda felt
hands undressing her, pulling her tight skirt down over
her hips, whispery voices all around her, making her
curious. But she kept her eyes shut, for Rowan said,
"Don't peek, now, just stay still, lovely, innocent
one. Soon we shall pleasure you beyond measure."

When she was pressed back, then down on the cool satin
sheets, Belinda sank into the soft mattress without
resistance. Then there were more whispery noises, the
low hum of female voices, the swish of fabric, perhaps
clothing being removed... and then, Belinda felt the
moist, sweet sensation of sucking at her breasts.

Opening her eyes, she saw Rowan astraddle of her naked
body, thin, strong thighs on either side of her,
slender white, nude body lowered over her own, mouth
open, sucking on her engorged breasts, tongue licking,
licking and flicking around her painfully hard nipples.
"Ooooh," Belinda moaned, "that makes me... need... "
Rowan raised up, stared into her eyes, concluding,
"need to be touched on your sex."

"God yes!" Belinda writhed, her body lifting, her flat
stomach making contact with Rowan's shaven pussy, the
swollen clit red with fiery tenderness. For a moment,
Rowan rubbed it against Belinda's flesh, her eyes
staring with an intent, but abstracted vision.
Gradually, Belinda realized that Rowan was not getting
the same pleasure as she was... but it didn't matter,
all she wanted was to surrender, to be conquered.

As if reading her thoughts, Rowan suddenly lay flat
atop her, breasts to breasts, and rubbed her body...
suggestively humping, their mounds striking, making
Belinda cry out with passionate ecstasy. She was on the
very verge of climax, when Rowan moved off her, getting
up, leaving the bed. Stunned, Belinda sat up, her hand
going automatically to her aching clit, about to rub
it, to masturbate when Rowan commanded harshly, "No.
Don't touch yourself!"

Belinda stopped, going utterly still. Then she became
aware of the other women, one on either side of the
bed, staring raptly at her. One was a beautiful young
blonde; the other was a thin, severe-featured brunette.
Rowan said, "These girls live here too, and they want
to welcome you."

Again, Belinda was shocked at the thrill of excitement
that pulsated through her body; it was extremely
erotic, sitting there naked and aroused, seeing the
women's eyes devouring her with their hungry gaze.
"I'll do... whatever you want."

Rowan told her to lie down, spread her legs, and then
commanded the blonde, "Nicole, lie down beside her,"
which she did, getting very close, her cool skin
against the hot, sensitive skin of Belinda. The other
girl, who Rowan called 'Lela' did the same on the other
side of her.

At Rowan's command, the girls began to stroke and
fondle Belinda, bringing her instantly to a fever-pitch
of intensity. She could hardly breathe, only moan and
beg for one of them to touch her aching, swollen clit
that protruded from her red bush. The slippery wetness
between her legs felt like gushing rapids, and Nicole
kept dipping a finger in it, then slathering moisture
up and down her inner thighs... driving Belinda mad
with prolonged arousal.

All at once, Rowan started blowing out the candles;
within moments, the room was almost entirely in
darkness. Belinda's eyes could not adjust to the
darkness, and she was at the mercy of the fingers and
hands, the mouths moving over her nude body, realizing
that these women were so abnormally cool-skinned...
wondering why they weren't as hot, lathered with sweat,
as frenzied as she was.

Her breasts felt so painfully swollen, the nipples sore
from the constant sucking, licking... but then, as she
begged again for release, she felt something hard at
her crotch, something certainly NOT of human flesh. It
felt rubbery, stiff, and damp, a round tip... trying to
see, Belinda could only make out shadowy forms of the
women, a spill of moonlight from parted curtains
illuminating the bed.

Rowan's voice came then, close to her ear. "Close your
eyes, just feel this, it makes it so much better in the

Belinda did so, and lay very still, while her whole
body ached with the tremendous, tumultuous sensations
of exquisite arousal. She felt her breasts being
suckled again, and thought it was Rowan there now...
her nipples were drawn, pulled, kissed, sucked, licked
and then, bitten lightly, which hurt at first... but
then, gave her intense pleasure.

The pain increased though, and she felt the other two
kissing her all over, their tongues running up and down
the length of her body. One girl was down between her
legs, and oh God, now moving up, up, tongue at the tip
of her budding, throbbing clit... Belinda screamed, "Oh
please, please do it!"

The blissful feeling of the tongue on her clit, the
stroking up and down, up and down started... it nearly
drove her mad, the sheer pleasure of that first touch,
and she arched up off the bed, crying out, "Fuck me,
fuck me, please!" At that moment, the rigid instrument
was inserted into her cunt in one hard, swift move that
brought a wild, searing, flooding pleasure all through
her; she bucked forward, pressed down, wanting it as
deep as possible.

Vaguely, she was aware of her breasts still being
suckled, her nipples bitten... and then, a piercing
pain beneath one breast, which almost took her breath
away. But before she could protest, the pain melted
into a kind of savage stimulus, shattering her with its
beautiful rapture. Her mind went into a spin, and all
sensations were intensified a thousand times, the
probing rod in her cunt felt enormous, filling her with
glorious rapturous spasms as she felt it plunging in
and out, the biting on her nipples felt like
excruciating pinpoints of ecstasy, her body one
flowing, melting volcano of tormented bliss.

The eruption of pain and pleasure blotted out all
thought, and she was lost to the moment of intensity...
a feeling of surging, singing wildness flooded her mind
with visions of dark skies and flickering starlight.

Rising up off the bed, she felt her climax begin in the
depth of her being, spreading outward, lifting her and
pounding her, pulling and tugging her higher, higher
... the hands, the mouths, the lips, the tongues all
over her, licking, caressing, doing vulgar things down
there, fingers rubbing her clit as she soared and
screamed of mind-numbing rapture.

Obliquely, she saw through half-closed eyes that Rowan
was lying atop her, her mouth beneath the pained
breast, clinging to her as if for life itself. An alien
fear mingled with her wild ecstasy, but it only served
to revive the dying climax; another started, blossoming
and flowering through her clit, throughout her pelvis,
her body, a finger still stroking and provoking yet
another and another climax, bringing her off again and
again, the long, hard object still inserted and being
moved slowly, slowly in and out as she came repeatedly.

She lost count of the multi-orgasms, had never known
she was capable of such fantastic feats of endurance,
repeated climaxes battering her body, her clit atremble
with readiness, over and over... into near oblivion.
She was getting so weak, her body still pulsating with
the painful orgasms... but she was close to fainting
when finally Rowan lifted her head away from her
breast, and moved back.

Rowan's face was deep in shadow, and Belinda was too
exhausted to see the glinting evil satisfaction of
satiated blood lust... the red droplets still clinging
to her full, ripe lips as she whispered, "Rest now, my
love. Soon you will be one of us... ladies of the

* * *

Sometimes later that night, Belinda awoke to the
feeling of light caresses over her nude body. Before
she could think straight, she was highly aroused again,
her sex stimulated, swollen between her legs. She began
to beg for touch down there, for she felt as if an
orgasm was close. But again, she was denied. Daring to
open her eyes, Belinda could barely see in the dim
moonlight... but finally realized that Rowan was
suckling at her breast again. Beside her, she also felt
the form of the two girls; they must have all fallen
asleep, and then awoke to seduce her yet again.

Giving in to the ecstasy coursing through her body, she
let them fondle and caress her... suddenly feeling the
hard object teasing at her cunt. She spread her legs,
begging for it, and the object slid in smoothly,
filling her emptiness... as the hands moved over her
sensitive skin, making her body tremble with near
convulsive stimulation.

The piercing pain came again beneath her breast, at the
same instant as her other breast nipple was bitten
hard; the wild, keening pain hit her, but then it
suddenly turned into that misty, dreamy floating
sensation. The carnal manipulations continued, tongues
licking between her thighs, all the way to her feet,
her toes being sucked, and all the time, climax so near
she could hardly endure the need to relieve it.

When finally a touch fell upon her clit, she bucked up
high, started to cum hard, her body almost convulsing
with orgasmic spasms, over and over, one after the
other until she couldn't make a sound, only succumb to
the battering orgasms that crashed through her body.
When at last Rowan took her mouth away from Belinda's
breast, she went up to her lips, saying, "Taste this,
love, it will make you feel strong again."

At the first sip of blood, a powerful burst of rapture
revived Belinda; she felt it course through her body,
renewing her energy, vibrating hotly in her clit,
climax thrilling her again, and again, each of Rowan's
kisses deeper, her tongue going into her mouth, down
deeper, sealing her fate... as Belinda's body rose up,
up to meet Rowan's thirst to possess her.

Heart fluttering, eyes unfocused, Belinda looked
through a veil of shadow as Rowan lifted her head, then
went down, down... her long, snakelike, forked tongue
flicking out to enflame Belinda's swollen, thick clit.
At the first touch, Belinda screamed out, louder and
louder, "Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me with it, pleaaaase fuck
me, tongue me... do it, do it, do it!"

The hard object was withdrawn from Belinda's cunt
immediately, and the two women left the bed. The moment
of transformation was at hand. Rowan's forked tongue
ran into Belinda's cunt, deep, deeper until Rowan's
mouth was pressed against Belinda's wet, saturated
mound; she began to fuck her, running it in and out, in
and out. The two girls were beside the bed now, one
kneeling between the other's legs, her forked tongue
deep in her cunt, fucking the same way Rowan and
Belinda were doing on the bed.

The bedroom became suffused in an ethereal glow, a
bluish vapor, the women's moans and impassioned
coupling noises rising eerily into the night.
Downstairs, the men being entertained in an orgy by the
other prostitutes lifted their eyes upward, wondering
what in hell was going on upstairs... as the ladies of
the night greedily eyed their victims.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age

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Archive name: slave.txt (Mdom/m, inter)
Authors name: Daniel Climins
Story title : THE OVERSEER

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1997.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Just sittin' in my rockin' chair thinkin' back 'bout
those young bucks I used to oversee on the plantation.
This was before the war, of course. Then the Goddam
Yankees came and screwed everything up really good

My Daddy owned a large cotton plantation. I was born
in the big house, a mid-wife helped pop me out. Lived
in that house till I went to war. There was nothing
to return to. The Yanks had burned the mansion down.

At six years old I had my own slave. He was six years
old too. He was called Atwood. Wasn't real uncommon
for plantation owners children to have their own
playmate slaves. Lots of times the slaves would grow
up serving their master all of their lives. Atwood
stayed as my servant until the war.

Atwood was given to me at my sixth birthday party. He
had been bathed till he shined and was wearing clean
hand-me-downs my brother had cast away. He was led in
just after I had blown out the cake candles. He had
flashing eyes and a sense of awareness.

"Ah's Atwood. Ah's your new slave and playmate. You'se
mah new master. What's yo' name?"

"You call me Master Jason and I shall play with you
right after the party."

Atwood was led away unceremoniously. Other than the
housekeepers, a nigger was allowed to stay only
momentarily in the main house living quarters. Another
gift I received was a small whip so I could control my

After the party, I hurried to find Atwood who would
now stay with the servants. "Come on, Atwood. I want
to show you my fort."

Atwood looked apprehensively at my whip. "You ain't
goin' to whup me, is you?"

"Not unless you get real uppity. My Daddy tells me
if you get real uppity I can whip you all I want."

"Ah won't get uppity, Master."

Atwood followed me as I ran down the path to the log
cabin fort my Daddy had built for me. It was small,
but made from real logs and really looked like a fort.
It had a room below with a ladder to the roof where we
could look for imaginary Indians through the wall
portholes. I would shoot at them with two imaginary
rifles. After firing I would hand each rifle back to
Atwood for reloading.

Atwood and I played this game alot but one day our
imagination sagged and we climbed from the roof into
the main room wondering how we would kill time. A
thought came to me. I wondered what Atwood's butt
looked like.

"Atwood. I want to see your butt."

"But Master.."

"I want you to shuck down. My Daddy says I can whup
you if you get uppity.

I giggled as I watched Atwood take off his clothes.
I stared at his hard little black peter then touched
it. I had him turn around and looked at his butt. I
spread his cheeks and looked at his asshole. I dropped
my pants. " Here, Atwood you can look at me too."

My little penis was also hard. Atwood put his hand on
it. It felt good.

"Do it some more."

"Did it feel good when I touched yours?" I asked

"Uh, Huh," Atwood nodded.

"Then let me touch it again."

Our sex play had started. We spent a lot of time in
the fort looking, examining and playing with each
other in our childish ways.

Between the ages of thirteen and fourteen things
started to happen to my body. My dick started to
grow. I was seeing signs of fuzz in my crotch. My
dick seemed to be uncomfortably hard much of the
time and every so often in my sleep something would
be happen and my bed would be wet. Atwood was going
through the same experience. Now, when Atwood and I
fondled each other, our touching seemed intensely
stronger. We learned how to jack each other off.

Several years later, one day when I was lonely I
decided to do a little cat fish fishin'. Dug up
a bunch of worms and headed to the creek. Came upon
a white friend of mine. My friend had his young slave
with him. Neither heard my approach. My friend had
his pants down. He was pushing his slaves head into
his crotch.

"Hey! Whatcha doin'?"

"Gettin' my cock sucked. Come and watch."

I moved in very close. This was fascinating. I dropped
to my knees and put my head to about six inches to
where the action was. I had to have a real close view.
I watched as the slave opened his mouth and slid his
masters cock inside. He then took it out and licked it,
like it was an ice cream cone, his tongue moving around
over and under the head. Really lapping. My friend
started to moan, he pulled his dick out of the niggers
mouth and started to furiously pull it. The nigger
stayed in front of him with his mouth open. Cum shot
from the white boys dick into his slaves mouth. The
slave swallowed, waited till his master was done pump-
ing, then licked off the white stuff that remained on
his dick. My friend held out his hand which was also
wet with cum. The slave licked his palm and all his

"Want to do it?" my friend asked? I was hard as a rock
but too shy to drop my pants and be touched by just
any nigger. I really wanted to but shook my head. I
could hardly wait to find Atwood. I would try it with

We were outgrowing the small fort, but it was still
useful for our purpose. I took Atwood up the next day
for more jackoff and peter play. Atwood didn't know I
had new ideas.

Both of our bodies had now developed into those of
young men. I looked at Atwood. Contours of muscle
development showed. Black hair surrounded his dick
and balls. Fat from his butt had been replaced by
muscular buns. He was a fine looking buck. One regret,
his peter was bigger than mine.

I stood still as Atwood's black hand felt and played
with my balls, tickled my tip, and pulled my peter. I
did the same to him. Atwood was down on his knees
fondling me. I moved my cock closer to his face. "I
want you to put my cock in your mouth and suck on it."

"But Mass'ah, I've never done anything like that."

"Put it in your mouth, Atwood."

"But Mass'ah..."

"Have I ever given you a real good whippin'"

"No, suh, Mass'ah."

"Then put my cock in your mouth."

Atwood reluctantly moved towards my cock. I gripped
the back of his head and pulled it forward breaking
what resistance was left. Atwood pulled back my fore-
skin. Testing, his tongue came out and gave my tip
a quick lick. He paused before trying it a second
time. His next lick was longer. His lips parted
making somewhat of a round "O". He slipped my tip
inside the "O". I could feel the warmness of his
saliva lubricant. The roughness of his tongue pro-
ceeded to cause intense, pleasurable, new strange
feelings. In a sense of frenzy, I pushed his head
farther against me, my cock slipping to the back of
his mouth and down his throat. Atwood gagged but
did not push me away.

With automatic reflexes my hips started pushing back
and forth as I held his head in a firm grip. It seemed
like everything was spontaneous. The feelings were so
intense I could not stop. An explosion of cum made
me feel I had momentarily lost my mind. Atwood removed
his mouth, my cum running from his lips.

"Did that feel good, Massah'? Did I do it right?"

A tree house is a boys realm. What a boy does in his
tree house is no one's business but his own. My fort
served as my tree house. Now I was older I used my
fort for one purpose only. Sex. Atwood was my usual

Since I had found the joys of Atwood's mouth, here
was the perfect private place to go to get jacked off
and get a blow job. Atwood was becoming an expert with
his tongue.

One day, I really had Atwood turned on. I had been
giving him a real slow hand job...extra slow. As one
hand slowly pumped his black dick, my other hand
gently fondled his balls. I would stop for a moment,
then start again, gently touching his sensitive
private places, then resume, slowly pulling his prick.
Atwood was squirming uncomfortably with his stored
load. He was on the verge of coming, but I wouldn't
let him get it off. His body was wiggling, his face
contorted. I could see him flexing and working every
muscle possible to relieve his distress by shooting
his cum.

"Oh, please, Massah', oh please make me come. Oh,
please, Massah'............ SUCK ME!"

A look of horror came over Atwood's face when he
realized what he had blurted out. . Asking a white
man to suck his black cock? What had he said? He
knew he would be severely whipped.

"Oh please, Suh', Ah didn't mean to say that. Honest
I didn't."

Anger surged over me. How could this slave think of
such a thing. I glared into his pleading eyes. I
reached for the whip and stood over him. His naked
ebony body was prone on the floor, his legs drawn up
and spread. My eyes passed down over his young rippl-
ing stomach muscles, and then moved to his crotch.
His black pouch held two, firm, walnut size balls.
His large erected prick stood hard and throbbing. I
stared with fixed eyes. I dropped my whip. I knelt
down. I was hypnotically being drawn closer to this
display of ready black male anatomy. I grasped him.
I pulled the skin of his dick back until it was
tightly stretched. Its head grew even larger. I
grasped his balls. In a uncontrollable trance, my
mouth opened and my head dropped down. His large
throbbing muscle slipped into my mouth being quickly
lubricated with my saliva. My tongue licked with un-
controllable frenzy. I pushed his prick to the back
of my mouth, far down my throat. The gush came. The
pumping and pumping of warm cum mixing with my saliva.

I swallowed and swallowed. My head blanketed his
crotch until his dick was limp. Even then I did not
want to move my mouth from of his soft, limp stem. I
snapped out of it. I drew up realizing what I had

"Ah's sorry, Massah'. Ah's sorry," Atwood moaned.

A feeling of utter guilt came over me. I had sucked a
dirty nigger slaves cock. Doing such a thing meant tar
and feathers and being run out of town. This was White
peoples punishment. I wanted to panic. I was angered.
I wanted to whip Atwood within an inch of his life,
maybe even kill him. This was serious. I blamed Atwood.
It was all his fault. I yanked Atwood to his feet and
slapped him. Atwood was wide eyed. I grabbed him by
the shoulders and shook him. "You tell anybody about
this and I will tie you up and personally cut your
balls off."

"Ah's sorry, Massah". Ah's sorry," Atwood kept repeat-
ing. "Don't whip me, Massah", please don't cut me." My
mind was spinning. My sexual arousal rose to match my
anger. I looked at the naked nigger standing scared
and helpless with his now limp ugly cock. I was really
going to show him who his Master was.. He was going to
be sorry for what he made me do.

"Down on all fours."

Atwood complied. I backed up and put my butt in his
face. "Lick it!"

Atwood feared for his life. He grabbed my hips and
started rapidly moving his tongue up and down my crack.
"Inside!. Deeper!. Lick my asshole!." Atwood's hard
tongue splashing with saliva pushed firmly against my
hole with rapid circular motions.

"Get it inside."

Atwood's gyrating long tongue pressed inward. He moved
far up, his warm wet working tongue causing new sen-

"In and out!. Keep doing it!."

I finally pulled away. I had fondled myself all of
this time. I was hard as a rock.

"Don't move Atwood."

Atwood stayed on all fours.

I walked around to his bare ass. "It's a sin to suck
a nigger," I thought. "But it's not a sin to fuck a
nigger. I spittled my cock. "Reach back and spread
your cheeks." Atwood's hands came back, grasped each
cheek, pulling them apart.


Atwood stretched them further. His black asshole was
in full view. I placed the head of my cock on his
target and pushed. Surprising, my dick easily slid in.
Atwood had a loose asshole. I wondered if all niggers
had loose assholes. I moved Atwood's legs wider then
repositioned my own legs. I grabbed Atwood's hips and
started to thrust. With anger, my dick drove in and
out, my hard snapping pelvis thrusts snapped his butt
as I rammed with all of my might. I came in his ass.
My body was sweating. I was breathing rapidly.

I clung to him until I felt I could move again. I
stood, put one foot against his dripping butt and
pushed him to the floor. Atwood rolled back and forth.

"Oh, please, Massah'. Oh please!."

I sat down spent and exhausted. I tried to clear my
brain. There had to be a way to silence Atwood so he
would never tell. I had to put a scare into him. I
tied his hands behind him. I ordered him to lie on
his back and to draw and spread his legs. I removed a
shoelace and gripped his balls, pulling them downward.
I took the shoelace and wrapped it around its narrow
area. Pulling tight, I knotted the lace. His balls
were squeezed downward, tightly against his outside
skin. They profiled clearly. Two big, firm nuts.
Atwood looked on with wide eyed apprehension.

I reached to my side and removed my knife from its
leather sheath. I had just honed and polished it the
night before. I put the knife in front of Atwood's

"I've changed my mind. I'm gonna cut your balls off
right now." I moved down to his crotch. Atwood became
hysterical, thrashing, screaming and pleading.

"Oh, please, Massah' Jason, don't cut my balls off.
Don't cut me."

I held the knife, slowly turning it in front of
Atwood's horror filled eyes. Atwood kept pleading.

"Please, Massah. Please!".

"Then you'll never tell anyone I sucked your black

"No, Massah'. Honest! I'll never tell. I'll be your
best slave ever. Oh, Lordy! Please don't cut my balls

"You'll never tell?"

"I promise, Massah', never tell. Oh, please, put that
knife away. Oh, lordy!"

I reinserted the knife in its sheath.

"Thank you, Massah'. Oh, thank you!"

Atwood sobbed loudly.

"You'll never, never tell?"

"No Suh. Never. Never!"

I again became sexually aroused. I wanted Atwood's
asshole a second time. Since Atwood still wore his
balls, he was more than cooperative.

He dropped on all fours, put his head to the ground
and poked his ass way out to receive me. As I pumped,
Atwood was saying, "Oh, Massah' that feels so good.
Thank you, Massah. Oh, Massah, don't stop. I'se here
to serve you, Massah'. Thank you so much Massah'."

Finishing, Atwood licked my dick clean. I turned, he
spread my cheeks and again moved his tongue up my
asshole. I stood and let him do it to me for a long

When I left the fort, Atwood was still muttering. "I'se
here to serve you, Massah'. I'll do anything for you,
Massah'. I'll please you in any way. I'se here to serve

Walking down the path, I now felt I could depend on
Atwood to never tell our secret.


Time moved fast at the plantation. I and Atwood were
now in our mid 20's. My daddy had made me a full time
overseer in the cotton fields. As was the custom,
dependable slaves could be made assistant overseers.
I had made Atwood my assistant.

Atwood still catered to my sexual enjoyment, but we
were both now engaging in outside sexual activity,
sometimes together and sometimes singly.

There were always young, second generation, husky
ebony male bodies to be used. We'd pick them out as
they worked in the fields. Lots only wore loin cloths
that only covered their dick and balls. We'd view them
from atop of our horses as they bent over exposing
their ass while they hoed cotton. Any that presented
attractive butts, had long, well shaped muscular legs
and flowing biceps were carefully eyed. We'd find
which shanty they lived in and take them to the barn
during the evening hours. But, that is another story.

Ours was one of the larger plantations. My daddy was
very wealthy. He insisted on only the very best slaves
be bought at the auctions. He let me do the buying.

First, let me explain about our slaves. We bought them
to work. In Africa, before they were brought over on
the boats, they survived on roots and grub worms. Maybe
some raw or half cooked animal meat. They killed their
enemies with spears, clubs, or blow guns. The whippings
we give them is nothing to the ways they were treated
if captured, or the torture they performed on their
prisoners. As far as we whites are concerned, they are
animals in human form. No brains, but strong, usable

As like other buyers, I inspected the merchandise
before it was put on the block. The slaves were well
chained, some still wild as Brahman bulls. It was very
common for buyers to feel the slaves balls to make
sure they were getting a buck with a large enough set
to service the females and produce an abundance of
little "suckers". The other buyers paid no attention
when I'd pull back a foreskin and tickled a tip and
watched a young buck squirm as his black cock slowly
grew into a stiff, upward standing pole.

"Hey, Jason! That boy's really got a big one."

I'd grin and say, "Gotta make sure it'll go in real
deep so it'll sprout a bunch of new little bucks."

I'd open the slaves butts, checked their assholes,
supposedly for hemorrhoids. The new male arrivals
could really flex tight. Sometimes it took a lot of
effort to pry those black cheeks open.

At auction time, I always got my bid. Money was no
object. I'd head home with three or four slaves
chained to the buckboard and present them to my daddy.
My daddy always approved my pick. He always asked how
I could find such handsome ones.

The new slaves would be taken away, staked down and
their training would start the next day, Atwood being
in charge.

Watching Atwood's training was always exciting. He'd
bring a new slave in the barn cuffed hobbled and naked.
He'd snap his whip ordering the young black to follow
simple various commands. It was something like a lion
trainer in an arena. "Stand up. Sit down. Lie down,
Roll over. Atwood's whip would wrap around the slaves
body if he did not obey. I had ordered Atwood to only
inflict welts, not leave any permanent marks. I would
want their bodies Free from scars.

Days later, after the initial subduing, Atwood would
start sexual obedience. Submit to your master. I'd
always get a hard-on watching.

Up in the barns loft, Atwood had cleared away enough
hay bales to make a working area. He ordered a black
boy up the ladder. I watched his young naked ass as
he climbed the rungs with some hindrance from the hand
cuffs and leg shackles. Atwood followed with me being
the last to climb.

Atwood had built a crude stock with three holes. This
would hold the slaves head and hands, the rest of his
body being in a bent over position. However, Atwood
had preliminaries to take care of.

He ordered the naked slave to the floor on his back.
Reaching in his pocket he pulled out a rabbit snare
made of flexible wire. Rabbit snares are made so the
noose only locks tighter when tugged. Atwood put the
loop above the young slaves balls and tightened. He
allowed several inches of slack and tied the remainder
to an eye-hook which had been screwed into the floor.
He was secured and ready for his first feel and peter

Atwood took the black dick, pulled back the foreskin
and started stroking. The peter started to grow. The
slave squirmed. He jerked, pulling the noose tighter
down on his balls, letting out a cry of pain.

"Shut-up, said Atwood,."and don't you try to move no

The slave kept still. Atwood continued to knead his
balls, pump his dick and push his wet thumb over and
around the slaves pee hole.

I watched, awaiting the cum. Black newcomers, fresh
off the boat, don't know how to jack off, or if they
do, it's completely taboo. This virgin buck must have
a huge load. Atwood kept stroking and fondling. The
black dick was at now at its maximum, swollen and
throbbing. The slave was squirming but kept from
pulling his anchored balls tighter.

Atwood kept pumping and playing until the buck let out
a startled cry, and tried to lift his crotch. The
snare pulled tighter on his balls. He came at the same
time, gushing and shooting. Gushing and shooting cum
like it was milk pouring out of a cows tit. It flew
everywhere, covering his body, running down his sides,
making small pools on the floor. Atwood grinned at me.

"How was that, Massah'."

Atwood untied the noose at the anchor ring, let the
slave roll around a bit then snapped his whip with a
loud crack, its tip raising dust on the floor by the
slaves side. Atwood undid the restraints on his hands.

"Now yo' crawl over to that thing I build and put yo'
head and hands in those holes. Atwood snapped the whip
again. "Hurry!"

The slave crawled across the floor and did as he was
told Atwood slid down the top bar, securely locking
his hands and head in place. The slave was bent over,
his butt exposed and protruding for Atwood's complete
pleasure. The noose was still locked tightly around
his balls, the anchor wire swinging loose..

Atwood reached for a can of lard, jammed his fingers
deep, swirled them, withdrawing two heavily coated
fingers. He spread the slaves cheeks and slapped his
fingers up and down against his asshole leaving the
lube around and in its black crevice. With another
swirling motion of his index finger he entered the
slaves butt hole. The slave yelled. Atwood grabbed
the snare, and gave several hard yanks as his finger
continued to rapidly move in and out of the asshole,
twisting and turning. Two fingers were inserted. They
easily slid all of the way into the wiggling young
black bottom.

"Yessah," said Atwood. "Yo's gonna make a good butt
fuck. The Massah' will be pleased, but I'se going to
loosen you up mo'. Atwood reached for and greased a
ten inch piece of broom stick. He put it against the
black hole, pushed slowly, sliding it in half way. The
slave cursed in African tribal language.

"Yo's goin' to learn to like it," Atwood said, shoving
it up another two inches. "And yo's going to wear it
till yo' learn to suck my cock real good."

He moved to the slaves head, held immobile in the
stocks. Dropping his pants, Atwood stroked his dick
to make sure it was at its hardest. "Now yo' open yo'
mouth. I's gonna put this big thing inside and yo's
goin' to start workin' your tongue fast as yo' can."
The slave kept his teeth clenched.

"So yo's gittin' uppity?"

Atwood returned to the slaves butt, angrily swirled
the broomstick in wide circles, grasped the snare,
and again jerked the slaves balls downward.

"I's gonna continue till yo' open your mouth, nigger."
He gave two more jerks.

Atwood moved to the slaves mouth. It had opened. He
shoved his cock inside, pushing further and further
until it caused gagging.

I stayed until I saw Atwood shoot his creamy wad, then
I had to leave. I had to get ready for a business trip
to Durham. On my departure I kept wondering what else
Atwood could have done that I had missed.

I was gone a week. When I got back, Atwood was very
much in command. Nothing had gone awry in the cotton
fields in my absence.

"And, Massah' I got a present fo' you. I'll be right
back". Atwood returned leading one of my purchases, a
boy in his late teens. He was a light tan.

"I trained him as a special gift just fo' you,
Massah'". He trained easy. His name is Ivory."

Looking at Ivory's body, my dick instantly became hard.
I couldn't wait. Ivory followed me obediently as I
headed up the path to the log fort. We entered, I
closed the door. Ivory knew what to do. Atwood had
really trained him well. He shucked down immediately.
I did not have to order him.

My eyes feasted on his beautiful ebony naked body. He
was new. He was fresh. He was all mine.

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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: alleyway.txt (mb,orgy,dom)
Authors name: HotSmile (***@aol.com)
Story title : Alleyway Encounter

© Copyright 1998
This work is copyrighted to the author, with all rights
reserved. -- This work may be archived and displayed on
non-commercial web sites without permission, but please
do not remove the author name or address. Thank you

This story comes from a "saved" chat session. Through
the miracle of a word processor, VIOLA! The dialogue
is real and has only been changed for certain tenses.

Standard Disclaimers apply. This is a story of rough
MAN/MAN sex. If it offends you, read no further.

Alleyway Encounter (m/m)
by ***@aol.com (HotSmile)

I saw him at the 7-11. I had walked over from
the dorm to take a break from studying. He was about
17 or so. He was wearing shopworn, used, old jeans
that hugged his tight butt and legs. His basket was
clearly visible, hanging loosely in the denim. The
jeans and his work boots had stains in spots, evidence
of "honest work". His white T-shirt hugged him like
a second skin, outlining his cut pecs. Dirty blond
hair poked out from under his baseball cap.

He turned from the cooler and suddenly I was
staring into his ice-blue eyes. He grunted and pushed
past me. I abruptly realized I was holding my breath
and let it go with whisper. Shaking my head in wonder
I finished my purchase and headed out of the store.

I headed down the street toward my dorm building
walking quietly in the dark. I'd gone a couple of
blocks when I heard someone loudly say, "Hey, kid!" I
looked around and realized it was coming from behind
me. It was him, the guy from the 7-11.

He jogged up behind me and grabbed my arm,
propelling me in front of him. He moved fast forcing
me into the next alley. His grip tightened and we
didn't slow until we were at the end of the alley
beside a big green dumpster.

He yanked my hands over my head and shoved my
back against the wall. A lone streetlight at the head
of the alley cast an eerie glow. He reached for my
wallet with his free hand and flipped it open.
"Mitchell, huh?" He said, looking at my license. He
used his fingers to fish out my cash, dropping the
wallet, and stuffing the twenty dollar bill down his
front pocket.

"You're a faggot, aren't you?" he demanded.
I looked at him wide-eyed. He grabbed my throat and
knocked my head back. "Answer!"

I was mesmerized and terrified. I nodded dumbly.
"Yea, I knew you were when I caught you checking out my
ass." He came closer, putting his lips near my ear,
his voice lowering dangerously. "Wanna suck my dick,
don't you, homo?" He ground his bulge against my leg,
forcing his thigh between my legs, pushing it against
my crotch.

He leaned into me, his chest pressing against
me. My dick stiffened against him. He smiled wickedly.
"Yea, your lucky day, fag." He shoved me to the ground.
"Get down there." He pushed his crotch into my face,
rubbing it around my mouth. I could smell his sweat
through his jeans. I could feel his hard dick. My
breathing grew shallow and rapid. My cock was straining
at my jeans. I stared up at him, towering over me,

His zipper made a ripping noise as he lowered
it. He reached in and pulled out his cock. It slapped
against my cheek, rubbing against me. "Suck my
cock ..." He held it's eight inches in front of my
face, pushing the throbbing head against my lips. I
dropped my jaw and he slid it in my mouth.

"Yeah ... open wide." He said, pushing the
whole length inside my mouth. I gagged slightly as it
pressed against the back of my windpipe. "Yea." He
pushed it in further, then pulled it out almost all
the way. Then he rammed it in again. He leaned against
me, putting his palms against the wall for leverage.
He started pumping his hips in and out. "Uh." He
grunted. "I'm fuckin your face. You like your nose
pinned in my thick dick fur, huh?" He looked down at
me. He pushed his cock all the way so that my face was
pressed against his belly, looking down at me.

He started pumping again. I tightened my lips
around his rod, moaning slightly, saliva dripping
around his meat. "Yea, stick that thing in your mouth.
Pound it in your face, my bone goin' in and out of your
mouth." His dick started to get hotter. I could taste
him. He shoved it in hard, pounding my throat. I
tried to milk his cock with my mouth. I could taste
him dripping.

"Yea, you love it, don't you. Yea." He moaned,
looking above. I reached around and grabbed his butt,
feeling how firm and tight his ass was. I pulled him
toward me, pushing his cock further into my throat.
"Un!" He growled, sweat dripping off his nose. "I'm
fuckin' your mouth like a cheap whore's pussy." He
jammed his cock in and out of my throat. I sucked hard
on it, my cheeks caving in. I ran my hands up and down
his butt, feeling his legs.

"Oh yea!" He growled. "I'm gonna pour my load
in your mouth." His pistoning quickened, banging my
head against the wall. Saliva drooled out of my mouth
as I moaned. My dick was rock hard in my pants. I
felt wetness at the tip of his dick.

He pumped his dick into the back of throat.
"Un! Un! Un!" He grunted with each thrust. He
stiffened and I felt his cock throb against my tongue.
"I'm cumin' in your mouth faggot! Drink it!" He
yelled. He shook and I felt his cum shoot down my
throat, forcing me to swallow fast.

He groaned and let his dick slip between my
lips. It flopped out and slapped wetly against my
face, twitching. It left a line of spit and cum on my
cheek. I sucked the tip into my mouth, holding it in
my hand. I licked up and down the length.

I stared up at him, lusting for this kid who'd
just fucked my face. I kept my hold on his cock.
"Yea ... I'm your faggot ... make me take it." I
pleaded. I sucked his cock into my mouth and then let
him pull it out. My breath was coming in short gasps.
"Use me. Shoot that load. Let me swallow it."

He put his hand around the base of his dick and
slapped his meat in my face. He put his other hand on
my forehead and shoved his cock back into my mouth.
"Suck that dick faggot ... lick my balls ... I'm gonna
fuck your tight ass next!" I suctioned hard on his
cock, wanting him to stay stiff. "You're a good little

I moaned when he pulled it out. He slapped it
against my face again. "Oh man ... yea ... push me
down make me clean your dick." I begged as he tapped
the tip against my lips. His baseball cap was at a wild
angle. His face was pointed down at me, silhouetted by
the streetlight, hiding his features. Sweat dripped
off of his nose and landed on my face.

Abruptly, he jabbed all eight inches into my
mouth forcing its full length in. "Yea." He said, his
voice low and husky. "I'm grindin' my dick down your
throat." He put his hands on the back of my head and
started pumping his dick in hard and fast. "Un.
Fuckin' that mouth real good." He shifted his weight
slightly and grabbed my hair. He jerked my head back
and forth, pounding my face into his pubic hair, his
balls slapping my chin.

He pulled his cock out and tightened his grip
on my hair, shaking my head from left to right. "You're
lovin' it fag! Little whore!" He said. He jerked my
head back, his dick bobbing in front of me. I opened
my lower jaw, wanting to taste it again. His hand
slapped against my face. "Aren't you?!"

I moaned. "Yea, I want it ... I'm begging for
it ... slap my face with it ... make me plead for it."

He yanked on my hair again. He dragged me up
to a standing position. "Turn around faggot ... spread
your legs." He rolled me against the wall until my
face and stomach were pressed against the bricks. He
pulled my arms over my head, pushing my palms against
the building. I heard his top button pop as he opened
his jeans He reached around and yanked at my top but-
ton. He shoved my jeans down below my hips. He yanked
on the back of my briefs, pulling them down roughly.
My dick jumped over the waistband as it passed, twitch-
ing against the wall.

He put his hand against the back of my head and
pushed my face into the building. I felt him press his
body in contact with me. His hard-on pressed against
my butt. "Spread your legs ... get that ass ready."
He ordered. He put his boots against my feet and
kicked them apart. I was whimpering with anticipation
and fear. I wanted it bad. I wanted to feel it. I
spread, raising my butt for a better angle.

"Yea." He growled, his breath hot in my ear.
He rubbed his dick, slick with spit up and down my
crack. He pushed the knob up against my ass. "I'm
stickin' my 8 inch cock in your tight ass." I felt
him push it in slightly.

The pain hit almost immediately as he forced it
in. "Yea ... Yea! I can feel it ... Wait please wait
a second just let me relax." He was as hard as iron,
pushing his cock inside my ass. It shoved up against
my sphincter. I inhaled sharply at the pain.

"FUCK NO!" He said and knocked my head into the
wall. "Shut up and take it ... I'm pushin' it all the
way in!" I felt him lean against me with all his
weight. His cock forced it's way past like a metal
pole, impaling me, ripping me open. "Ooohhh baby it
feels good in there." He moaned.

"Uh ahhh!" I yelled. "Oh Jesus. I can feel
you push it all the way in ... wait please wait just
wait a second." I begged. He ignored me and pulled
his dick out, shoving it back in hard. "Un! Un!"
I gasped as he jerked it in and out, burning my ass
from the shear force of his eight inch rod sliding
inside me.

He pulled his dick out so that the tip was up
against my asshole. I breathed with relief. "Now gimme
that hot ass." He ordered. "Push back on my cock ...
fuck my cock faggot."

I slumped against the wall in relief. "Wait,
please." I begged. "Give me a second." I pressed my
body against the cool brick, trying to catch my breath.

He stepped to my side so fast I didn't quite see
him. His fist slammed against my kidney, just hard
enough to get my attention. "You better, or I'll fuck
you till you bleed!" He jerked me back around so he
was behind me again and jammed his cock inside my ass
for good measure, pumping it in and out a few times,
making me yelp. He yanked it out again and moved back
a step.

"Uh yes sir! I'll fuck your cock sir!" I bent
a bit at the waist and looked back, bracing myself
against the building. I pushed back until I felt the
pressure build against my ass.

He put his hand around his cock and shoved it
inside. I pushed toward him, feeling his dick go all
the way in. I tightened my stomach muscles and
sphincter, feeling his rod pull out. I did it again.
Then again. "Faster bitch ... fuck it real good ...
make me cum." I bent some more and started pushing
back as fast as I could.

All at once, He pulled me against him, burying
his cock to the hilt. I hissed all of the air out of
my lungs as I felt it jab inside me. He held onto my
waist, leaning his chest against my bent over form.
He kicked my feet, collapsing me. He held onto me,
keeping me impaled on his long cock. He made me drop
to my hands and knees, facing down the alleyway.

He reached up and yanked my head back by my
hair, forcing me to look up at the alley light, riding
me like a horse. He shook my head back and forth. He
kept up his pace, pushing his hard dick in and out.
"I'm fuckin you like you want it fag." He said heavily
between breaths.

"Yes sir yes sir." I moaned. I pushed back,
feeling his dick slice in and out. "I can feel how hard
you are." He jabbed his cock in harder, moving faster.
"Yea use me ... I'm a fag ... I wanna get fucked hard
by you."

"It's hard and thick." He said. His cock
jabbed forward, buried to the hilt. He rubbed his hair
against my butt. "I'm strechin' your tight ass, I'm
gonna make you sit on it next slut!"

"Yea." I moaned. His balls slapped against my
ass. My whole body jerked with the force of each
thrust. He yanked my hair again, shaking my head.
"Make me beg for your cock."

His fucking got faster. His cock was going in
and out in quick bursts. His breathing was ragged.
"In gonna use your faggot ass as a cum dumpster!" He
said, pulling back on my hair. He pulled out fast and
jabbed it all the way in, punching his cock all the way
in, again and again. "I'm gonna keep you beggin' for

"Uh uh uh! Fuck me!" I yelled. I was crying,
tears starting to run down my face. "It hurts but I
want it ... I want you to use me." I pushed my ass
against him, tightening my muscles.

"Oooohh yeah! That's good!" He moaned, his
balls slapping my cheeks. He heard me whimpering and
shook my head hard, ripping on my hair. "Stop cryin'
and take it like a man!" He reached over and knocked
my arms out from under me. I dropped onto the
pavement, he shoved my face into the ground, my butt
in the air. He braced himself on his legs and held
himself up propping himself up with his arms, arching
his body. I could feel his dick slamming in and out of
my stretched ass.

My face was jammed into the pavement. I moaned
softly. "Make me beg." My own cock was rock hard by
now. It was jumping and twitching from my ass getting

"I'm pumpin' you real good." He grunted. His
abdomen made slapping noises against my cheeks. He
slammed his cock in and out. "You good for nothin'
fag ... I'm gonna' cum!!!!"

He was tearing me apart. "I'm splitting open."
I yelled, my face jerking against the ground. "I need
it hard! Teach this queer how to serve a man!!" I
pushed up against him, helping him get in deeper.

His rod was sliding in and out fast and smooth
now. "Oh yeah baby....shove that ass up on my dick!"
He ordered. I was milking his cock with my ass,
squeezing it. He slapped my ass. "Yeah ... I'm
cummmin'! Oh yeah baby ... shit!"

"Shoot your load in my faggot ass ... pump that
dick in!" He kept pistoning and groaning, finally
collapsing on top of me. I moaned and yelled as my
own cock jerked. My load shot out and splashed against
the pavement.

He pulled out, kneeling behind me. "It's run-
nin' out your ass." He said, sliding his cock between
my cheeks, smearing them with cum. "You're a good
little faggot ... can I fuck you again sometime?" He
flipped me over onto my back. My dick was jumping up
against my stomach, dripping cum.

"Faggots need to get fucked." I said to him.
I looked at his boy face, his great body. My jaw
dropped open, staring at his still hard, dripping dick.

His ice-blue eyes drilled into mine. "Do it ...
suck it again ... suck it longer this time." I got up
on all fours and crawled toward him. I opened my mouth
and pushed forward. His cock slid in. I sucked it all
the way into my throat, savoring the taste, burying my
face in his wiry hair again. "You faggots love dick
don't you? Gotta have it every day!" He said.

I let his cock slip out. I held it in my hand,
wet with my spit. "Yes sir." I said. I lapped at his
rod. I ran my tongue over it, cleaning all the cum
off. I loved the musty taste.

"You'd go crazy if you didn't have my dick
wouldn't you cocksucker?" He said, watching me. I
sucked his cock into my mouth again.

I let it slip out, jacking it with my hand,
"Uh uh. Yes sir ... I'm just hear for your dick. He
leaned back against the wall, yanking my face down on
his dick. "I'll make it hard again." I moaned to him.

"It's already hard! Keep suckin sissy!" He
pushed on the back of my head, forcing his cock into
my throat. He yanked my mouth off his dick suddenly.
His hand slapped my face with a crack. "YEAH ... I'M
ME CUM DOWN YOUR NASTY THROAT." He jerked my face down
by my hair. He started pumping my head up and down.
His cock jammed into my windpipe. I relaxed my throat
muscles and he forced his cock farther down. "Bet you
had lots of dick down that throat ... right fag!"

I moaned. "Yes sir ... choke me with it ... I
can suck your dick... teach me how ... make me learn
what it's like with a man." He pulled me down hard
again, burying my nose in his hair, his balls against
my lips. I slipped up and down, working my jaw, getting
his dick hard and slick with saliva.

"I'm gettin' close." He groaned. I grabbed his
pole and started jacking it at the same time I slid my
mouth up and down his eight inches. "Oh yeah, make me
cum faggot ... taste that hot cum in your mouth!" He

He yanked my head up and down on his fuckstick.
He pounded my face into his hair. I wanted it, I could
taste it. I needed his manjuice. "It's lodged down
your throat! I'm pourin' cum into it!" He yelled.
His palm started slapping sharply against the back of
my head. "Oh yea ... slap you faggot ... fags gotta
learn to suck." He jerked hard on my hair, jambing
his cockhead farther down my throat than before. "I'm

His dick started to spasm, jerking against my
mouth. Just as quickly, he jerked my mouth off his
dick by my hair. He gripped his hard-on and pointed
it, shooting cum on my face and in my hair. The smell
of his semen overwhelmed me. I opened my mouth, taking
some shots on my tongue. I had cum dripping on my face
drying in my hair. It was leaking out of my sore ass
from his big tool.

He let out a deep breath, pushing me away. He
stood up, stretching. He looked beautiful in the dim
light. He bent down and pulled his shorts, boxers I
noticed now, and his jeans up. He pulled the zipper,
looking down at me. He buttoned them. "Yeah baby ...
you're a good cocksucker. I'm gonna make you suck my
dick every night ... rape your ass too!"

I pushed myself to my knees, my pants a mess
around my thighs. "Yes sir ... Thank you sir." Cum
dripped down my face. "I hope that next time when you
force me on my knees that you bring some of your
friends with you."

He stepped forward real fast. His hand smacked
my face hard, smearing cum. "Fuck no!...You're just
for me faggot ... Don't forget it!" He wiped his palm
roughly on my shirt. "I'll kick your faggot ass if you
suck any other cock from now on! I mean it!"

"Yes sir." I said. Looking at his beautiful
face. "I'll only suck your cock."

"Good ... see ya tomorrow night." He started to
walk out of the alley. He stopped and turned back to
look at me. "Be good fag." He walked away again. He
started laughing, shaking his head. "Gotta go ... my
girlfriend's coming ... thanks faggot ... great little
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: angie.txt (M/Ff-teen, voy, ped, threesome)
Authors name: Horny Toad (address withheld by request)
Story title : Angie

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Angie (M/Ff-teen, voy, ped, threesome)
by Horny Toad (address withheld by request)


A man experiences an electrifyingly sexual masturbation
adventure with his girlfriend and her daughter.


What I'm about to relate to you, did happen. Before this
experience, I would have never have thought about
anything remotely close to this in my wildest fantasies.
I suppose I should have known better but it overwhelmed
me so powerfully that I gave in to the temptation.

For the longest time, all I wanted was to have a very
close best friend with whom I could share any of my
thoughts. Someone to totally open up to, no matter how
deep I have to go.

The fact that I don't have a sister has also played a
huge part in my curiosity. I never had that much female
contact with anyone other than my mom.

So, the day I met Sandra, was to change my life,

She was a vivacious 29 years old, very attractive,
petite with a teen's body and a gentle smile. We were
both people who were seeking comfort and confidentiality
in our lives and so, we became friends very easily. I
talked to her about anything at all. We covered every
subject, which we were both withholding, or had
suppressed in our individual lives. This allowed us to
get very intimate intellectually. Our most favorite
subject in the world, sex. :)

We'd spend fleeting nights, totally naked in her
bachelor apartment, talking about stuff that we had done
and stuff we'd like to do. And to me, Sandra was a
woman, who was on a pace to reach an amazing sexual

Her fantasies, like mine, were very spirited and to the
point, sometimes caligulan. We appreciated each other's
honesty. It was no surprise that we became such good,
open friends.

She also shared custody of her daughter, Angie, a very
bright young teenager who was always good to share a

Having time on and time off with her daughter, gave her
a very balanced life. She would be able to pursue our
relationships and at the same time be a mom.

Sandra was very pro-active about sexuality and answered
any questions Angie may have, if she could. So much so,
that Sandra confided in me that she had recently shared
masturbation with Angie. The fact that she shared that
with me showed me that Sandra and I had reached an
important level of intimacy.

Lately, Angie has been growing exponentially, filling
out in areas, getting curvier. She was starting to let
me know that she was very aware of what kind of
relationship I shared with her mom.

One night, on one of her weekends, we were watching a
horror tape. I was on the couch, straddling Sandra, who
was laying back against me, half-covered by a blanket,
facing the television. It seemed she was asleep. The
movie ended as the credits started rolling. We looked at
each other with the same facial expression, we needed
more entertainment. I wasn't really ready to pass out
myself and neither was Angie.

I didn't want to disturb Sandra, so I asked Angie to
slip another movie in the VCR. Angie, obligingly, hopped
up from her chair and rewound the movie while looking
for another. I relaxed a bit leaning my head back,
shutting my eyes. I could feel Sandra's heart beating
slowly as she was drifting on her wispy dream clouds. I
was stroking her arm under the blanket. Angie put a
fresh videotape in and pressed "play".

Some music started after a bit. It didn't sound like a
movie, though it still sounded very familiar. I looked
up and on the screen, was one of Sandra's bi porn
flicks. The machine started where she had left off in
the middle of a heated-up foursome scene between two
women and two men. The guys were jerking each other's
hard cocks and the women were fingering some seriously
wet pussies.
I looked at Angie, who immediately smiled at me. I
looked at the screen and then at Sandra. She still
seemed to be sleeping snuggly, despite my accelerating
breath. I looked at the TV and then at Angie again.
Angie was watching the porn with her finger twisting her
hair in a spiral. She glanced at me again, smiling.

I had to say something, "Is that the only video there?"

What else could I say? She didn't look too concerned.
She just stared at the screen and kept watching, her
finger twirling her hair.

"Have you ever had a woody?" she asked me. Immediately,
all the blood in my body flushed.

"A what?" I whispered. I couldn't believe that such a
young girl would ask me such a question. The fact that
she asked me that particular question, the very sexual
nature of it, was making me incredibly horny.

"What do you do when you're horny and your penis gets
really hard?"

Again with a sex question. And with that, I started to
feel an erection and it was beginning to get mighty
uncomfortable with Sandra square on my groin. I had to
carefully reposition myself. Sandra's weight was
starting to add pressure against my hardening cock.

My heartbeat was accelerating a little and I felt a
strong, yet unusual sexual surge in my groin. I felt
intoxicated with an astounding primordial lust, a wanton
I had never felt before. I closed my eyes as I fought to
keep my composure.

Finally, I gave in to my horniness and just followed the
stream. My mind was feeling stoned. The social norm
which made this area of conversation forbidden between
an adult and an adolescent had just been thrown out the
window. I wanted to know where she was.

I challenged her question with my own.

"Do you ever get horny?"

Between the sex on the video and Angie's overtures, my
mind and body were both synched to sex. I felt that
nervous buzz I always feel when I get super-sexually

"Angie, what if your mom wakes up?"

She answered, but her eyes never left the screen.
Instead, she leaned back on one arm and with dropped her
other hand between her legs, flicking a finger, softly
caressing her inner thigh near her crotch.

"So, she wakes up..." she paused, staring at me and
then, turned to the TV and continue, "Watch this next
part. I think this is really, really hot. I bet it makes
you hard."

I looked at the TV and now, not only has the action
picked up and all four people started having sex
together, they were having all out gay and lesbian sex.

My breath sucked in. I do that whenever I see something
incredibly arousing. The guys were french-kissing so
tenderly while the women seemed to be feeling raunchy
and fingered each other watching the guys rubbing their
cocks together.

"Mummy told me that you like to do it with other guys. I
think that's cool."

I was quickly getting an engorging, hot-blooded
erection. I finally managed to adjust my aching erection
to a comfortable, even gratifying position. But, I'm
sure Sandra was feeling it on her back. I let out a huge
sigh of ebbing relief. It was even too good. I felt a
euphoric tingle from my cock as it pulsed

With Sandra creating pressure, my eyes closed as an
erotic rush flowed inside me. I felt like I was wading
in warm honey. I tried to cope with this extraordinary
moment. I was losing touch with the immediate
environment and lost myself in my own delicious little
horny sex world. My erection enlivened every cell in my

Angie's body appealed to me so much, the way girls did
when I was 13. My breathing started to quicken and
before I could remember where I was, a deep and very
audible moan managed to force its way passed my lips. It
was now obvious that I was horny, that any relief to my
desires could be sought and would very well be
justified. Then, suddenly, I remembered where I was and
in who's company I was in.

I cocked my head up and turned it toward Angie.

Angie was staring at me with her mouth agape and her
slender hand between her young thighs inside her
panties, rubbing her mound flat out in fast, tight
circles. The other was holding the waistband aside. She
let out a soft moan, closing her eyes.

My heart was beating very fast now. I was having a hard
time breathing normally. It excited me to know that a
girl so young can be so sexually excited by me. Her
masturbation was mesmerizing.

I heard a groan below me. Sandra was already awake with
her hand between her legs, pushing part of the blanket
up and down. She was already playing with herself. She
tilted her head forward and looked at me eye-to-eye. Her
tongue licked her lips and as her eyes closed again, she
began to smile. I started to rub my hard cock against
Sandra's back. Sandra saw that I wasn't going to stop so
she match my rhythm perfectly.

"You're awake?"

"How can I sleep when everyone is so fucking horny in

She let out a soft, sultry moan and kicking off the
blanket, she kicked off her track pants and spread her
legs as wide apart as they would go, pleasuring every
part of her aching, horny cunt. Angie also got naked,
showing me her pretty hairless slit and small breasts.
Puberty was kicking in for Angie.

I was so excited and sexually absorbed with this totally
deviant situation. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
And above all, I couldn't believe I was enjoying it all
so much.

An adorable 13-year-old girl, masturbating in front of
me with her mother, naked, really got me horny. I
couldn't take it any more. I had to give satisfaction to
my wanton prod. I had to masturbate or I was going to

"Sandra, please let me play with my cock. I have to play
with it. Fuck, I'm so hard."

Sandra to let me sit up. This way, she had a full
perspective of her daughter slipping a finger in her
hairless pussy and me getting my clothes off. She sat
back, her legs wrapping me.

As soon as I got my aching boner to bounce freely, both
of them gasped as their eyes focused on it. It took
Angie's breath away. I observed their stares and their
hands simultaneously. They both hastened their pace,
soaking in their warm horny, fuzzy feelings.

Sandra was getting hot at the sight of her young
daughter getting sexually aroused by looking at her
first real cock.

Angie, continually surrendering to hot waves of lust,
was spontaneous, stirring an erotic storm between her
precious thighs that only she could direct.

I let my hand stroll slowly from my lips and languidly
down my chest. I had their undivided attention. My hand
continued it's journey down past my hips, grazing my
shaft and stroking along my stretched out thigh. My pole
was bobbing, begging for manual comfort.

Angie was unable to do anything but nod her head and
slide her finger up and down her little slit.

"Yes, yes! Touch it. Please, touch it. I wanna see you
play with it."

I got off the couch and settled on my knees on to the
floor with the porn action on the TV behind me. A little
closer to Angie, giving her a better view.

It was within her reach. Angie was naked, revealing her
girlish mound devoid of hair and centered by a beautiful
young slit. She looked so eager and was masturbating
faster now. She was squeaking very emotionally as all
kinds of fuzzy and fun feelings soared from her tiny
clit. I had to make a comment.

"Wow, Angie. You have such a pretty little pussy."

Sandra always loves being naked and seeing how people
react to her touching her body, kneading her 34c tits
with one hand, while the other was doing everything it
could to feed the fire between her legs.

I reached ever so slowly, inching my way towards my
aching hardon until finally, I wrapped my fist firmly
around my shaft, closing my eyes, raising my hips and
getting very vocal.

"Oooh... God, my cock feels sooooo good," I softly
sighed, smiling and getting a hot rush of penetrating
horny pleasure, stroking my hand up and down my shaft. I
then bounced my dick by flicking it with my thumb. It
sprang back to position, asserting its firmness.

I experienced a huge moment of bliss, jerking off in
front of a young girl who was thoroughly enjoying this
unlawfully lascivious behavior. And with her mom's
blessing, right there looking on.

At that very moment, I was determined, more than ever,
to give Sandra and especially Angie, a sexual
performance that would leave them in a loss for words.

Angie got on her knees, keeping them spread, a few feet
in front of me.

I caressed my balls as I played with this ever-glowing
hardon between my legs. My hand travelled up and down
the shaft, rolling the head, jerking occasionally. I
started swaying my hips and fucking my hand which really
got both of them more excited.

Sandra spoke up, "You see, Angie? A man enjoying his
body is a beautiful thing to watch."

Angie's eyes grew as large as loonies. She imitated me
by swinging her hips back and forth, sliding her middle
finger along her slippery labia. Her face told the whole
story. Her small body was lusting for a higher state of
sexual pleasure. She was in sensual heaven.

Looking at Sandra, I started pumping my hardon slow and
languidly. I love playing with myself so much in front
of her that my body was guiding itself. I reacted to
every little seismic shiver. Angie's eyes met mine.

I licked my lips sensually and intentionally pumping
harder, I looked down to watch her fingers cram in and
out of her drenched pussy, doing wonderful things to her
young, steaming cunt.

Sandra sat up never missing a beat with her wet hole.
She looked at Angie and my crotch as though she was at a
tennis match. Finally, I spoke up.

"This may be a good time for us to start cumming..."

We all released a guttural moan, immediately, as we
climbed onto the "O" train. Angie had fallen back with
her legs spread out as far as she could. She was humping
and raising her little hips against her hand and
fingers. She looked up to see her mom and I, staring at
her tiny pussy, masturbating away.

She looked at her mom and me with a pleading look. It
took our breath away.

"Yes, mommy, I'm cumming so... I don't know how much
more I can hold it.... Mom, I can't take it anymore."

I could tell by Angie's face that she was right on the
cusp of a mind-boggling orgasm. This is intense for a 13
year old.

"Can I cum now?...please, mom I wanna cum, please."

She wanted to go over the edge so badly. I sensed that
she was hanging over the threshold by a thread. Sandra
nodded to me. I kept my eyes on her face and then, her
pussy alternately and said: "Yes, sweetie... you can cum
when you want to. Let yourself go just like the last

That pretty well launched a tsunami of orgasmic wave.
Her tiny 13 year-old body seized up, closing her eyes,
throwing her head back, her mind invaded by an incessant
and merciless orgasm. Angie's body shook uncontrollably
for almost 10 - 15 seconds. Sandra and I looked at each
other in sheer bewilderment. But, not before Angie cried
out a wail of burning raw, sexual emotion as she
submitted her complete being to the luscious wave of
physical ecstasy, her fingers flying into a blur of
small circles on her tender clit.

That did it for me. Watching a young girl masturbating
and cumming right there in front of me was too much. I
was jerking my cock faster and tighter than ever. I
wanted to show her my gratitude. I was looking forward
to shooting my load so she could see it.

"I have to cum, too... Oh, I'm going to shoot as hard as
I can... Angie, watch this! My cock feels so
goooooood...Watch me shoot!"

Angie managed to zero in on my cock just when a spray of
white cum shot out, up to a foot in all directions. It
just splashed out of my cock. My burning sperm hit Angie
and Sandra as I shot through five full waves of orgasmic
bliss. Definitely up there with my very best orgasms.

Seeing this, Angie and Sandra slipped fingers deep into
their cunts this time, sending them through a second
wave of lustful pleasure. Sandra started to cum for her
first time. She had a great smile on.

She even started to cry, out of pure joy.

"Oh, yeah! I'm so hot. Watch mummy cum, Angie honey...
mummy's cumming.... This feels so, so-o-o-o-o-o goo-o-o-

I magnified her sensations by touching their ankles
lightly, suddenly. With her feet in the air and far
apart, Sandra gave way to her mighty orgasm. Her voice
was vibrating as wave after wave of pussy juice gushed
out from her vulva. While Sandra was coming out from her
pussy spasms, I snuck a finger along Angie's little
slit, sliding the tip of my finger inside. She looked at
me, smiled and copped a quick feel of my still hard

Sandra opened her eyes and caught a glimpse, just as our
hands moved from our crotches. She smiled and continued
to sooth her sore cunt. We lay down on the bed, fondling
our twitching crotches. From that day, we would always
be nude in the apartment.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: lucky (MF, prost)
Authors name: Dafney Dewitt (Anon address)
Story title : Getting Lucky

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Getting Lucky (MF, prost, con)
by Dafney Dewitt (Anon address)


"Money doesn't make a fool out of a girl as
often as a girl makes money out of a fool."

Fuller started his search in the morning.

The casinos were open all night, but he wanted fresh
meat. He spotted her by the slot machines doing a poor
job of feigning an interest in gambling. Her simple
white dress caught his eyes like a beacon of purity. She
was a young, healthy looking girl who might have been a
college coed.

"Hi," said Fuller. "Got change for a dollar?" he smiled.

It was a terrible pick-up line, but Fuller put his best
efforts into the end game. Besides, there was no need to
waste good pick-up lines on hookers.

She returned his smile raising a papercup filled with
quarters to her mouth like she was toasting him. For a
minute, Fuller imagined she might tip the quarters into
her mouth and drink them down. She was as much a money
machine as the slots.

"I'm bored," she answered.

"I'm Fuller," he smiled.

She smiled back.

"Hi Fuller, I'm Lori."

"If gambling bores you, why come to Las Vegas?

Fuller poised the question already knowing the answer.
She was a working girl. But he enjoyed making them

"It's not my idea of fun. I'm here with my parents."

Fuller nodded and got back on track.

"So what do you do for fun?"

"I'm an Anthropology student at Arizona State

Fuller had not been expecting this type of answer. She
must be one of those new wave hookers who make up an
entire legend for the enjoyment of the John. Fuller had
seen this before with high priced call girls. Even after
the sex, they would persist in pretending to be the
daughter of a priest, an airline stewardess, or a nurse.
Fuller played along.

"Anthropology. Isn't that the study of people?"

"Why, yes. I'm surprised you knew."

"I know lots of things."

"Oh, you do, do you?"

"I know you'd like me to rescue you from boredom."

"How would you do that?"

"You'll have to come with me to find out."

Fuller offered her his hand. Her hesitation was
charming. She did a quick little curtsey type movement,
slipping her purse off her shoulder and dumping the cup
of quarters inside before taking Fuller's hand. Hand-in-
hand, the picture of innocence, they walked out of the
casino together.

On the way to his hotel room, Fuller pulled Lori into
Walgren's Pharmacy. She looked at him.

"I've got protection." she said.

Fuller gave her a look of alarm thinking she was talking
about carrying a gun. But how could she know about his
scam already? What had tipped her? Then it hit him. She
meant condoms.

"Oh, no," said Fuller, raising one hand like a little
boy in school who knew the right answer, "I just need to
check some lottery tickets."

In the far corner of the pharmacy, over by the pay
telephone, was a Lottery ATM. It sold tickets and
confirmed winning tickets. Fuller took an envelope out
of the breast pocket of his jacket and inserted his
first ticket. He followed this by four more tickets.
They were all losers. The fifth ticket was different.
The display window flashed in red that it was a winning
ticket followed by the amount of $5 million dollars.

Fuller shouted in mock surprise.

"Whoa baby! This is my lucky day!"

He palmed the ticket as it came out of the Lottery ATM,
quickly turning it over so Lori could see the other

"I need to sign this."

He looked at Lori.

"But first, I'm going to spend some time with my lucky

He smiled at Lori, and returned the unsigned ticket to
the envelope. She grabbed his hand firmly in hers, and
they set off again for his hotel room. They both smiled
like co-conspirators.

Fuller's plan was foolproof. Show her the winning
ticket, enjoy the sex, pretend to fall asleep, and let
her steal the ticket. This was how he planned to get
free sex. If the hooker insisted on pre-payment, he
would balk. If she continued insisting, she would loose
out on her opportunity to steal $5 million dollars.

That was the hard part.

The easy part was getting a winning ticket. The winning
numbers were posted in the Las Vegas Times right next to
the long range weather forecast. He simply cut out the
winning numbers from losing tickets and pasted them onto
a lottery ticket. It was a cheap counterfeit. It would
never fool anyone, but it could fool the Lottery ATM
Machine. These machines did not have sophisticated
scanners. He could never redeem the ticket for any
money. But Fuller was after sex, not money.

As Fuller expected, Lori did not ask for pre-payment for
her services.

The sex was stupendous. Fuller did not have to pretend
to fall asleep. He was exhausted after a continuous 2
hour romp in which Lori had revived him twice with her
magic mouth. He heard her slip out of bed and tiptoe
over to his jacket. A door clicked lightly before he
fell asleep.

When Fuller woke up he felt good. He felt wonderful. He
now had a foolproof plan to get free sex. He felt
fantastic until he heard her voice.

"Good Afternoon sleepy head." Lori greeted him.

Fuller was speechless. Had she discovered his con? Why
had she stayed? What had gone wrong? He desperately need
an unusual strategy to handle this situation.

He faked a yawn, and decided to try honesty.

"Why didn't you steal the Lottery Ticket?" Fuller asked.

"I thought about it." Lori admitted.

"Well?" Fuller insisted, dissappointed his plan had

"I just couldn't." Lori said.

"I guess I owe you" said Fuller.

"I guess you do," Lori agreed shaking her head.

Of all the hookers, in all the world, Fuller had picked
the last honest whore. He shook his head in disbelief.
He took out four fifty dollar bills and laid them on the

"What's that for?" asked Lori.

"For you."

"What do you think I am, a whore?" Lori spat out the

Fuller backpedaled.

"Uuh, no, of course not."

"Yes, you did."

"I... well, I mean, you were so good."

"It was love, buster."


"Yes, really."

Fuller sank back onto the bed. He was stunned. Lori
started crying.

"You mean everything you told me about your parents,
anthropology, and attending college was the truth?"

"That's right. Nothing but the truth."

Fuller put the money away, and held Lori in his arms. He
told her that he loved her to make her stop crying. He
agreed to meet her for dinner. They parted as friends.

After dinner, they had sex again. It was even better the
second time. Lori kept telling Fuller she loved him and
wanted to get married. In the middle of climaxing,
Fuller agreed. He would have agreed to just about
anything at that time. When he woke up, Lori was
snuggled up against him. She was smiling.

"You said you'd marry me," she reminded him.

"I did?" Fuller answered.

"Yes, you did."

"Would you love me if I weren't rich?" asked Fuller.

"I'd love you if you were penniless."

"Are you sure?" Fuller asked.

"Absolutely, but don't worry with $5 million dollars
you'll never go broke."

"I suppose not." Fuller agreed.


"Besides what?"

"I could have stolen the lottery ticket while you were
asleep, but I didn't."

"That's true."

"Do you know why?"

"Because you're honest?" Fuller said.

"No, silly. Because I wanted you, not the money."

Fuller appeared to think this over and agreed to meet
her the next morning for breakfast. It flattered him
that a woman would prefer him over $5 million dollars.
Lori planned for a quick marriage ceremony after

That night, Fuller had trouble sleeping. Lori had
refused to sleep with him.
She said it was bad luck to sleep together the night
before you got married. Unable to sleep, Fuller phoned
his sister for advice. She could give him a woman's
viewpoint. Later, Fuller would regret phoning her for
the rest of his life.

"For a minute, forget about the girl," she told him.

"OK" said Fuller "Now what?"

"Imagine it was you in her place."


"Now what would you have done?"

"Do you mean would I marry myself?"

"No dummy. Would you have taken the Lottery Ticket or
the girl?"

Fuller considered the question.

"I'd take the money and run."

"That's it, then."

"What?" asked Fuller not following her thinking.

"That's the answer."

"Are you saying she's too good for me?"

"No, I'm saying, you love money more than her."

"That's true," Fuller said soberly.

"Well, you want a marriage based on love not money."

"I do?"

"Yes. Think about how you met her."

"I already admitted that. I was trying to get free sex."

"Right, but were you honest about it?"

"Of course not." Fuller sounded indignant.

"Why not?"

"You don't understand these women. You can't get free
sex out of a hooker by being honest."

"But you said she wasn't a hooker."

"At first, I thought she was..."

"So you started your love affair based on lies."

"I guess you could say that."

"A marriage based on lies will never work."

Fuller hung up on his sister after she continued
spouting old bromides.
The next morning, Fuller made a full confession. He told
Lori that she was too good for him. He told her that she
deserved better. Her eyes filled with tears.

"So you see," Fuller continued "the lottery ticket was a

"You mean you're not rich?" Lori asked.

"That's right."

"I still want to marry you," Lori insisted.

Fuller's heart swelled up with love. His sister had been
right. He had told the truth. All of it. But Lori still
wanted him. She would make a rare catch. A woman who
loved him more than $5 million dollars. Could Fuller ask
for more?

"Do you have anything to confess?" Fuller asked self-

"Me?" said Lori looking innocent.

"Yes, you."

"Why no. I can't think of anything."

"Then I have a question for you."


"If you wanted me and not the money, why did you tiptoe
over to my jacket?"

"You weren't asleep were you?"

"No, I wasn't."

"I peeked at the lottery ticket."

"You only looked?"

"Yes. I put it right back."

"Then you knew it was a counterfeit ticket."


Fuller was making himself uncomfortable. The questions
were not going the way he expected. Something was wrong.

"You lied to me," Fuller accused Lori.

"About what?"

"You pretended not to know about the scam."

"Because I loved you," protested Lori.

"How could you love someone who was trying to cheat

"Well, I..."

"Yes," said Fuller not wanting to know the answer.

"I was cheating you too."

"How?" Fuller was genuinely entrigued.

"I am a hooker."

This confession changed everything. Fuller needed to re-
evaluate. Nothing made sense. If she was a hooker, his
plan should have worked. Fuller's world turned upside

"You're a hooker?"


"Then why didn't you take the $200 dollars?"

"After I saw the bogus ticket, I decided to pretend not
to be a hooker."

"But why?"

"Before I knew the ticket was bogus, I knocked myself
out giving you the best sex of my career."

"It was the best," Fuller agreed.

"That kind of all-out sex was worth a lot more than just


"So, I decided to make you my ticket out of hooking."


"By reversing your con game."

"You turned my own con against me?"

"Yes, and your guilt."

"My guilt?"

"I made you feel bad for thinking I was a hooker and
worse for trying to cheat me."

"So you wanted to trap me into marrying you?"


"But why me?"

"You may not be rich, but you're damn good looking, and
you're a hustler.
We'd make a good couple."

Fuller nodded his head in agreement. Everything Lori
told him was the truth. He was extremely grateful, but
he could never marry her. What would his sister say?

Fuller still thinks about Lori everytime he seals the
counterfeit lottery ticket inside the envelope. No one
peeks. Tearing the envelope open would be too risky. It
would make too much noise. When he makes love to them,
Fuller thinks about Lori. They would have made the
perfect couple. Now all he has left is free sex forever.


Author Note: If you liked this story, please look for
other stories by Dafney Dewitt posted to Alt.Sex.Stories

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: angel.txt (bro/sis-teens, inc)
Authors name: Luthor (***@zone.com)
Story title : Reverand's Little Angel

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Reverend's Little Angel
by Luthor <***@zone.com>

Young Angel Tucker stepped gingerly out of the hot
shower and quickly reached for her favorite fluffy
pink bath towel. Today was the first day of the new
fall semester, and the last thing on earth Angel
wanted was to begin her sophomore year at Saint
Catherine's High by showing up late! As the pretty
blonde tenth-grader began to pat-dry her firm,
glistening torso, she glanced critically at her
steamy reflection in the full-length mirror mounted
on the wall next to the tub.

"Darn!" she muttered under her breath as she gazed
mournfully at the blurry image her healthy, tan
body cast in the foggy glass. Angel had always been
proud of her figure. She was quite the tomboy, and
the years of gymnastics and other sports had given
her young body a tone and definition that most
girls couldn't help but envy. Her firm, rounded
calves flared invitingly into a luscious pair of
muscular, yet feminine thighs. Her slender, almost
boyish hips tapered smoothly into an amazingly tiny
waistline and her taut, solid ass had been drawing
stares since she was a ten-year-old.

These things. however, were not what was causing
Angel's distress as she flexed her wet form in
front of the mirror this morning. No, she was still
proud of her long legs and athletic build. It was
Them! No matter what position the cute little
blonde assumed, or what angle she viewed herself
from, Angel could not escape their overwhelming
presence. Them!


Angel sighed dejectedly as she examined her bulging
chest from every angle, hoping to find some way to
make the huge orbs swaying obscenely from her tiny
frame seem somehow smaller. She still couldn't
get used to the fact that these gigantic mounds of
flesh were actually hers! Just last year she had
feared that her budding boobs might never grow at
all. By the time school had let out for summer
vacation she had still barely outgrown her little
training bra. What had caused her young chest to
suddenly erupt into the erotic spectacle now
staring back at her from the steamy mirror
completely bewildered Angel. In the span of one
short summer, she had been transformed from a flat-
chested tomboy into...

Into what? Angel wasn't quite sure. All the sweet
youngster knew was that her newfound endowments
made her very uncomfortable. It's not that she
minded having boobs. Like most young girls, Angel
had always looked forward to the day when she would
be able to properly fill out a good-sized bra and
spark the interest of a boy or two, the way she had
seen some of the older girls do, but never in her
wildest dreams had she imagined herself with
breasts like THIS! On her tiny 5'4" hard-bodied
frame, these huge knockers looked positively

"God," she mumbled to herself, still gazing at her
reflection in the wet glass. "I look like a
freak!" Angel slowly reached up to cradle the
twin mounds in her small palms. "And these don't
help!" she muttered as she brought the tips of her
index fingers forward to lightly tickle the small,
sensitive nubs topping each lily-white bosom.

Although her breasts had grown to mammoth
proportions, she had somehow managed to retain her
tiny, pink, little-girl nipples. Barely « inch in
diameter, the diminutive adornments only served to
make her big breasts appear even larger than they
actually were!

"Oooh..." moaned the sweet child as she rolled the
spongy breast-tips gently between thumb and
forefinger, causing the pink flesh to pucker and
distend, making her tiny areolas all but disappear.

"Aaahhh!" she gasped as she squeezed the throbbing
buds tighter, sending little bursts of pleasure
shooting madly through her quivering chest. The
innocent youngster was astonished that such small
bits of flesh could be so incredibly sensitive! It
was as if there was a direct electrical line going
from her breasts to her pussy!

"Uuuhhh..." Angel groaned softly as her fingertips
continued to pinch and tease her tingling, rock-
hard nipples. She knew she should stop now, before
she got carried away by the wicked sensations
shooting through her hot, heavy breasts. Her father
was Reverend of the local church, and Angel had
always been taught that masturbation was wrong,
that what she was doing to herself right now was
nasty and dirty, that girls weren't supposed to
touch themselves like this, or feel like this, but
the hormonal fires coursing through her healthy
young body were just too intense to deny!

Continuing her intimate ministrations, the panting
child could only moan in helpless surrender as she
felt her virgin slit begin to bubble and churn, her
tender pussy-lips starting to drool with arousal.

Angel glanced nervously at the closed door that led
to her twin brother, Steven's room. They both
shared this upstairs bath, the door at one end
leading to Steven's bedroom, and the door on the
other side opening onto hers. Angel didn't want
Steve barging in on her again, like he had been
doing so often lately. Last week the insufferable
brat had actually walked in while she was in the

Angel shuddered as she recalled the look on his
face as he had stared, open-mouthed at her wet,
soapy chest, and how the crotch of his jeans had
bulged and throbbed obscenely as he mumbled an
apology and hurried out of the room. The panting
youngster felt her heart start to pound as she
pictured her brother's bulging crotch and wondered
about the scary, forbidden treasure that lay hidden
behind his zipper. Whimpering softly, Angel spasmed
as a small rivulet of milky-white fluid oozed
slowly down her trembling inner thigh, her sweet
young cunt overflowing with hot, sugary pussy-

Satisfied that Steven wasn't about to disturb her,
Angel stepped closer to the steamy mirror and began
to fondle herself with renewed abandon. "Aahh.."
she sighed as her small hands clutched wildly at
her big wet breasts, urgently kneading the
resilient mounds as her pubescent passions began to
overwhelm her.

"Noo! Oh Nooo!!" Cried Angel as the trembling
youngster felt her sopping pussy buck and grind
uncontrollably, humping the air as if she were
fucking some giant, invisible penis. Unable to
contain her young lust any longer, Angel closed her
big blue eyes, threw her pretty blonde head back,
spread her shapely, tanned thighs and recklessly
plunged the first two fingers of her right hand as
deeply into her hot, slimy cunt-hole as she could
manage. A low, lusty moan escaped Angel's sweet
lips as her virgin cunt opened itself eagerly to
her invading fingers. Her firm, rounded ass-cheeks
clenched tightly as the whimpering 15 year-old
began to obscenely slide her slender digits slowly
in and out of her wet, slippery cunt. Still
kneading her swollen breast-meat with her left
hand, Angel's fingers moved faster and faster
inside her frothy pussy, filling the small bathroom
with the slimy, slushy sounds of fucking, and
quickly bringing the trembling youngster to the
brink of orgasm.

"Oooh! So good! So GOOD!" Angel's hand became a
blur between her splayed thighs as she rode the
crest of her climax, humping her sweet ass back and
forth to meet her frigging fingers. Wave after
wave of white-hot passion washed madly over her
tiny frame as Angel plunged her wildly fucking
fingers deeper and deeper into her hot, slobbering
cunt-hole. In, out, in, out, again and again! The
frenzied teenager's young body jerked and heaved as
multi-colored fireworks exploded inside her head.

Sobbing, Angels trembling knees buckled and she
fell forward, her sweat-soaked body plastering
itself with a loud slap against the wet glass of
the mirror.

"Yaa-UUHH!!" Angel screamed as her tender, swollen
pussy-lips came into contact with the mirror's
slippery surface, causing her to hump her creamy
cunt up and down frantically against the cool,
slick glass. The unexpected shock of the cold
glass against her burning cunt-lips was more than
the little blonde could endure. Angel's lithe young
body shuddered once, spasmed, and then exploded
into a wild, mind-numbing orgasm. The sheer force
of her climax almost made Angel swoon. Her big blue
eyes glazed. Her head spun. She gasped. Every
muscle in her finely-toned athletic body suddenly
tensed. For a split second Angel remained frozen,
unable to move or breathe, then the sweet child
moaned, spasmed, and began to spurt a thick, syrupy
liquid from deep within her twitching cunt-hole.

"Fuck, Oh Fuck!" Cried the quivering teen, the
forbidden words spilling from her sweet lips the
same way the slimy cum-juice was spilling from her
throbbing cunt. Again and again she humped her
drooling pussy against the cold glass, her orgasmic
fluids oozing thickly out of her weeping fuck-hole,
soaking her taut belly and firm thighs with a
pungent, creamy froth. Overwhelmed, the trembling
youngster slid slowly down the full length of the
steamy mirror, leaving a slimy trail on the wet
glass as she collapsed into a spent, panting heap
on the bathroom's cold tile floor.

"Oh...my...god..." Angel rasped as she struggled
vainly to catch her breath. Bathed in the heavy
aftermath of her powerful orgasm, the cute little
blonde lay gasping at the foot of the bathtub, a
slimy puddle forming between her open thighs as her
still-twitching pussy oozed the last of her warm
cum-juice onto the shiny blue tiles.

"Great show, Sis."

The unexpected voice cut through the quiet air like
a thunderclap! Angel gasped, her big blue eyes
opened wide in shock and disbelief as she turned to
see a familiar figure standing motionless in the
open doorway at the far end of the room!


Too stunned to move, Angel stared in shocked
disbelief as her twin brother walked calmly into
the steamy bathroom. Steven was bare-chested, clad
only in light brown pajama bottoms and white
sweatsocks. His close-cropped hair was even blonder
than Angel's, having been bleached almost white by
the strong summer sun, and his slender, muscular
torso sported a deep, rich tan. Steven had worked
as a junior lifeguard at the lake all summer, and
Angel had often stolen furtive glances at her
brother's lean, hard body as he lounged around the
house in his tiny red speedo in the mornings before
his shift began. She had admired his clean,
muscular legs, his washboard stomach and had stared
in particular fascination at the extraordinary
silhouette his budding manhood made in the sheer
material of his tight bathing suit.

"S-Steven. I- what are you doing?" stammered Angel
as her brother came to a stop directly in front of
her. He stood with his legs apart, staring down
intently at her huge, sweaty breasts and wet,
dripping cunt. Angel made no effort to cover
herself. It was far too late for modesty. He had
seen her. He had seen everything! The little blonde
tenth-grader looked up timidly and met her
brother's lust-filled gaze. She shivered. Though
Steven hadn't spoken a word to her since entering
the bathroom, she knew what was coming.

"Steven.." Angel whispered softly.

"..no...don't.. " But it was too late. She knew
it. Averting her eyes, Angel stared blankly at the
cold tile floor as she listened breathlessly to the
hurried rustle of fabric above her. Without
looking up, Angel knew what her brother was doing.

Her heart pounded. Steven was taking off his
clothes! She was going to see him naked! Naked! The
word echoed madly through her young brain. Naked!
Naked! Her head spun as the full realization of
what was happening finally dawned upon her.


Angel suddenly found it hard to breathe! How could
this be happening to her? She had always been such
a good girl, so careful about her reputation. She
was Reverend Tucker's daughter, after all. Hadn't
she spoken out against the evils of lust and
promiscuity at every opportunity? She never wore
suggestive clothing like some of the other girls
did, or used foul language, or flirted. She had
never even french-kissed a boy! How could she be
here, now, spread out naked on the bathroom floor,
with her own brother standing over her taking off
his clothes?

"Steven. W-We can't. You're my brother!" she
softly pleaded as she heard Steven slide off his
pajama bottoms and throw them into a heap by the
tub. Angel was beginning to panic. A dozen
conflicting emotions flashed wildly through her
young brain all at the same time. Fear. Lust.
Curiosity. Guilt. Shame. Lust. Lust. The frightened
youngster closed her pretty blue eyes tightly to
avoid dealing with the wicked spectacle she knew
awaited her between her brother's legs. She started
to cry, her quiet sobs causing her fat breasts to
bob up and down lewdly on her heaving chest. The
urge to run, to escape, almost overwhelmed her.

Suddenly, Angel felt Steven begin to gently stroke
her silky blonde hair, petting the back of her head
like she was a lost, frightened kitten.

"Sis...Please..It's all right. There's nothing to
cry about. You'll like it. I promise." Steven
murmured. His voice sounded so strained, so needy,
and he was stroking her hair so tenderly. Angel's
heart melted. All her doubt and fear dissolved away
in an instant and was replaced by a warm, bubbly,
sexy glow that enveloped the sweet girl like a hot
summer breeze. Slowly, deliberately, Angel raised
her pretty blonde head. Trembling with anticipa-
tion, she swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and
then opened her big, blue, tear filled eyes.

"Steven! Oh my God!" Gasped the wide-eyed
youngster as she stared in awe at the utterly
astonishing vision protruding obscenely from her
brother's naked crotch. "It's so BIG!"

"That's because of you, Sis." smiled Steven,
letting his eyes roam freely over his sister's
exposed charms. "That little show you put on in
front of the mirror was enough to give a boner to
a dead man!"

"You shouldn't be spying on me! It's a dirty
trick!" Angel blushed and lowered her head, still
keeping her gaze fixed steadily upon her brother's
hard, throbbing manhood. She had seen pictures of
such things in the dirty magazines some of the
girls occasionally brought to school, and there was
a detailed full-color diagram of a male penis on
page 229 of her 9th grade Health textbook (with
footnotes on pages 230 and 231), but absolutely
nothing in her life had prepared Angel for the
jutting reality that now confronted her in the form
of her twin brother's big, hard, naked cock!

His COCK! Angel stared in utter fascination at the
long, hard, heavy rod protruding from her brother's
spars blonde pubic hair. Her wide eyes carefully
studied the soft, pink nuts dangling loosely
between his open legs, her gaze followed the purple
veins that criss-crossed the thick, throbbing,
shaft, and the little girl marveled at the big,
round, purple cock-head that proudly crowned the
all-together imposing organ. It was really his
cock! Steven's cock! Angel still couldn't believe

She was looking at Steven's naked COCK!

"See something you like?" Steven's mocking voice
brought Angel back to reality. She looked up at her
brother's grinning face and realized with a blush
that he had been watching her stare at his hard

"Oh! I hate you! What makes you think I want to
look at your gross old dick, anyway?" pouted the
embarrassed youngster. She hated the thought of
Steven making fun of her, especially at a time like
this. She had never in her young life felt so
completely vulnerable.

"Well," laughed Steven, "your pussy might be
considered a small clue!"

Confused, the sweet youngster nervously followed
her brother's gaze and glanced down between her
slender, outstretched legs. "OH!" she gasped in
shock as she realized that she had unconsciously
inserted the middle finger of her right hand into
her hot, dripping cunt and had been slowly slipping
the slim digit in and out of her tender quim while
she stared at her brother's naked fuck-pole. Little
Angel whimpered in embarrassment as she quickly
withdrew her wet finger and looked away,
shamefaced, blushing furiously.

"Don't be embarrassed, Sis," Steven cooed
seductively. "There's nothing wrong with making
yourself feel good. I do it, too. See?" Angel
gasped as she turned to see her brother reach down
and take hold of his huge erection, squeeze it
tightly, then begin to lewdly fist the throbbing
shaft up and down, boldly masturbating just inches
away from her shocked face.

"OOh! Steven!" cried Angel, blushing even more
furiously than before.

"That's so nasty!"

"Don't be such a baby. It's perfectly natural.
Everybody does it." Steven's voice was beginning
to sound strange as he continued to roughly fist
his raging hard-on. "Besides, you're a fine one to
talk! Just look at your wet cunt dripping cum-juice
all over the floor!" Steven groaned as Angel
spread her tanned thighs wide and looked down at
the thick puddle of goo surrounding her firm young

"You're right!" giggled Angel, suddenly feeling
quite giddy as she finally surrendered herself to
the utter depravity of the situation. "Okay,
brother dear," the naked youngster murmured as she
looked up, smiling wickedly, into her twin
brother's handsome face. "Is this what you want to
see?"- Placing her right hand between her wide-
open thighs, Angel slowly, deliberately slid her
middle finger once more into her hot, slimy cunt-

"Angel! God!" groaned Steven, fisting his
throbbing boner with gusto as he watched his sweet,
demure sister openly masturbating in front of him.

"Oooo! You're getting all red!" laughed Angel as
she watched her brother's flushed face staring
wide-eyed at her bare pussy. Giggling mischievously,
the naked little girl began to pump her wet finger
lazily in and out of her dripping fuck-hole. Steven
moaned, pulling his swollen cock-meat even harder.
Delighted by her brother's reaction, Angel dipped
her slender digit faster and faster into her drool-
ing cunt, causing her huge breasts to jiggle
obscenely and bringing the little virgin to a
fevers-pitch of lust.

The sweet child groaned as she plunged first one,
then two, and finally three fingers as deeply as
she could into her hot, bubbling pussy, the look
on her brother's face as he watched her nasty little
show exciting Angel more than she could ever have

"Oh Angel...Angel...." moaned Steven as his fist
raced madly up and down his throbbing cock.
Reaching down with his free hand, Steven grabbed
Angel's naked left breast and began to gently knead
the firm, tender orb, sending skyrockets of
pleasure flashing through little Angel's trembling

"Oh! Ah! Steven! Oh GOD! Nobody has ever_OH! No!
Yes! YES!!" The trembling blonde babbled
incoherently as her ample bosom responded wildly to
her brother's exploring fingers. Nobody had ever
touched her breasts before, and the excited
youngster found the sensation almost too intense to
bear. "Oh! You're touching me! You're squeezing
me! Oooo! Steven! Squeeze! HARDER!! Aaaaahh! Yes!

DO it! Ooooohhhh!!" Angel writhed in ecstasy as her
brother pinched and pulled her sweaty pink breast-
flesh, moving from one rubbery mound to the other
as he continued to milk his pulsing manhood.

"God, Sis! You've got the most fantastic tits in
the whole world!" Steven released his twitching
cock and began massaging Angel's magnificent
breasts with both hands, molding and rolling the
warm, resilient mounds with glee as his raging
manhood bobbed and pulsed freely, inches away from
Angel's flushed face. Without thinking, Angel
grabbed the swaying organ and began to pump her
thin fingers rapidly up and down the smooth,
throbbing shaft, moaning with lust as she held a
boy's cock for the first time in her young life!

"Oh Steven! Your cock! I've got your COCK!"
Shrieked Angel as she milked the massive rod,
causing her brother to gasp and begin grinding his
tight ass back and forth, fucking her tiny hand
like it was a cunt.

"Oh, Sis!" moaned Steven. "Jack me! Uh! Uh! Yes!
DO me! Jack my bone! Uuuuhh!"

"Steven!" Angel cried as her brother squeezed her
tiny, ultra-sensitive nipples roughly between thumb
and forefinger, sending torrents of fresh cunt-
cream pouring from her scalding pussy and bringing
the pretty 15 year-old to a state of arousal she
had never before dreamed of.

"OOHH! That feels so_Steven! Aaah! Your hands!
Uh! I - I'm gonna_

Oh! God! Your cock is so big! -- Oh! OH!! STEVEN!
Y-you're m-making me_OH! Your HANDS! Your COCK!
shrieked, frantically plunging her slimy fingers
in and out of her bubbling, churning cunt-hole.
Still jacking her brother's raging erection, the
babbling youngster arched her back, pushing her
huge breasts as hard as she could against her twin
brother's grasping fingers, hungry for every ounce
of sensation she could attain. Beside herself with
arousal, little Angel began to spasm, her taut
young body bucking and heaving wildly on the cold,
wet floor.

Angel's orgasm hit the sweet girl like a freight
train. Her heart pounded madly in her chest. She
shuddered, gasped, and began to writhe
uncontrollably, her spitting cunt slobbering hot
cum thickly down her tender ass and onto the
slippery floor tiles. Angel shrieked in ecstasy as
her lithe young body was enveloped in a giant tidal
wave of raw pleasure, then another, and another,
over and over, until the gasping child thought she
would drown in the sheer delight of it all.

Angel fought for breath as her tremendous climax
finally began to subside. Her head was spinning,
and little explosions of colored lights flashed
brightly before her eyes. Gradually, the world
began to come into focus again, and the gasping
youngster found herself staring directly at her
brother's big, red, throbbing cock-head!

"Ohh, Steven... " gasped Angel as she stared at
the naked organ. It was so close she could feel its
heat on her face. Suddenly, she felt her brother
softly caressing the back of her neck.

"Angel...Please..." he rasped, placing his warm,
trembling hands on either side of her blonde head,
gently but firmly holding her pretty face
motionless as he hunched his tight ass forward.

Angel groaned as her brother's hot cock slid across
her flushed cheek, smearing her sweet face with his
clear, slimy pre-cum. She knew what he wanted. The
older girls at school often whispered about giving
"B.J.s", and Angel's best friend, Kirsten, had
secretly told Angel one night on a Sleepover how
her Uncle John had made her put his big cock in her
mouth and suck until she made his sperm come out.
Angel had been shocked, but fascinated, and she had
asked Kirsten a dozen questions. Kirsten had
finally gotten a sausage from the refrigerator and
shown her how to "give head", as she called it.

They had both giggled wildly the next morning when
Kirsten's mother had served them sausage and eggs
for breakfast!

"Ooh..Angel... Please.. Do it..Oh.. God..Angel! Use
your mouth! Please!" Steven pleaded, humping his
dripping cock back and forth across his sister's
lips and chin. Angel found the musky, male smell of
Steven's cock intoxicating! Groaning in surrender,
the petite blonde looked up into her brother's
glazed eyes and slowly parted her pink lips,
opening her sweet mouth wide in unspoken

"Sis! Oh God!" gasped Steven as he quickly
positioned his rigid cock directly in front of his
twin sister's beautiful, flushed face. His tanned,
muscular thighs trembled as the horny teenager took
a deep breath and, still holding her blonde head
tightly in his hands, shamelessly thrust his
drooling cock-head slowly past little Angel's
widely parted lips and into her warm, wet mouth!

Angel's big eyes opened wide with surprise as her
brother's thick, hot cock slid boldly over her wet
tongue and lodged snugly in the back of her throat,
making her gag. Her mouth stuffed full of Steven's
thick, slimy cock-meat, little Angel could only
gurgle helplessly as her horny brother began to
hump his smooth ass back and forth, eagerly
fucking her open mouth like she was a cheap street

"Angel!! Uuuhh! Your MOUTH! I'm in your MOUTH!
Aaauughh!! Take it! Yes! Take it all! Oh GOD!
frenzied teenager as he mercilessly defiled his
sweet, virgin sister, rutting into her open mouth
like a dog in heat! "GOD! Oh GOD! So GOOD! Uuuh!
Sis! ah! ah! ah! Ooohh! I_I'm gonna mess! Uuuhh!!
Sis! I'm gonna mess in your mouth! Aaah! Sis! It's
gonna happen! Get ready! Ah! Ah! Get ready! Oh! Ah!
Uh! Uuuh!!!"

Angel's sky-blue eyes opened even wider than before
as she felt the head of her brother's rutting cock
suddenly swell in her mouth and then begin spewing
a thick, hot, slimy goo directly into her tender
throat! Angel shuddered. Steven was cumming in her
mouth! The whimpering youngster did her best to
swallow the acrid, slightly salty discharge,
gulping down mouthful after mouthful of her
brother's hot, nasty cum, but there was just too
much for the inexperienced little girl to cope
with, and the viscous white slime began to bubble
thickly down her chin and onto her big, sweaty

"ANGEL!! I'm cumming!! Oh God oh God!! SIS!
AAAHHH!! You're making me CUM! Uuuh! GOD! You're
making me cum with your MOUTH!! AAAHH!! ANGEL!
There! THERE!! Take it! Drink it! Oh God! Aaahh!
Uuuhh!! Angel! Yes! YESS!! Drink my CUM! AAAAWW!!
RIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH!!" shouted Steven as his
throbbing manhood sent spurt after spurt of his
boiling sperm careening down his sweet sister's
gulping gullet! "Angel! Angel! Ooohh! DO it! DO
it! Oh MAN! Drink my JIZZ!! Yessssss!!!" Steven's
slender hips bucked and writhed as the moaning
teenager emptied the last of his hot cock-juice
into his sister's wet, sucking mouth.

Little Angel Tucker closed her eyes and moaned as
she sucked greedily on her brother's spurting
prick. The young girl had never dreamed that
something coming out of a boy's big, nasty cock
could taste so incredibly good, or make her feel
so wonderful! Angel sucked harder, hungry for
more of the thick, heady liquid. She could hear
Steven gasping above her as her full lips eagerly
siphoned the last few drops of sperm out of his
softening penis.

"God, Angel! That's enough. Please! I'm finished!
There's no more!" Steven forcefully pulled his
sister's blonde head away from his wilting prick
and stepped back shakily, staring down at Angel in
amazement. "Th_That was unbelievable! You let me
cum in your mouth! And you SWALLOWED it! You drank
my jizz! God!" he breathed.

"Oooohh..Steven! Your cum is so good!" gasped
Angel as her small hands eagerly scooped up the
slimy remnants of her brother's enormous emission
from her naked breasts and gleefully smeared the
gooey ooze all over her lips and tongue. "I love
the taste! Mmmmm! God, this is so nasty!" The
naked youngster grinned wickedly as she looked up
into her brother's flushed, sweaty face, lazily
licking the last of his cum off her slick, shiny

"Angel..Whew! You're too much!" Steven shook his
head and began to make his way out of the bathroom.
"Better get a move on. You don't want to be late
for the first day of school!"

SCHOOL! It had completely slipped Angel's mind! The
panicked teen jumped to her feet and dashed
frantically into her bedroom, throwing open her
drawers and searching madly through her closet for
something to wear!

It was going to be an interesting day!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The
author does not condone the described behavior in
real life in anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted
to act out any of the scenarios in this story;
should seriously consider seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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2011-04-27 02:48:28 UTC
`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: busride.txt (MF, mast, pub)
Authors name: Jackie Juggs (***@aol.com)
Story title : Jenny Rides the Bus

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Jenny Rides the Bus (MF, mast, pub)
by Jackie Juggs (***@aol.com)

Jenny knew the little dress she had worn to work that
day was too short, but it wasn't until she climbed
the steps to get on the bus that the cool morning air
on her bare buttocks told her that she had forgotten
to wear any panties, and here she was getting on the
bus with only a few inches of spring knit dress
covering her pubic mound.

Gosh, she reflected. I thought I had put some on.

Jenny hung onto the overhead bar to keep her balance.
This caused her short dress to rise higher than she
knew was proper. She could feel it up around her
hips. Oooooh, she thought, if it rises any higher
they'll be able to see my ... or they would if I had
on any." Standing as she was with her legs spread
slightly, the pretty young woman could feel the air
inside the bus brushing against the exposed tissues
of her sparsely haired underside. "It's tickling me
between my lips," she thought. "Its making my
clitoris hard. This is awful."

A black policeman was standing to her left. Jenny
had barely noticed him. Then suddenly the bus
lurched and they were thrown together.

Excuse me," said the policeman very politely.
Jenny's soft breasts had mashed flat against his
uniformed chest as her smooth cheeks brushed against
his brown face. She could smell his after shave.
English Leather. "Its... uhhh... okay," Jenny
gasped. The cop's nightstick handle pushed forward
from his utility belt and slipped under Jenny's
dress. "Let me give you a hand," he said in a
friendly manner. A hand? Feels more like a
blackjack, thought Jenny.

"I...uh, ok," she said, "I seem to be having trouble
with my balance. The bus is just so crowded."

"Here," said the good samaritan, putting an arm
around her waist, bracing her body against his.
"I'll keep these barbarians from pushing you to the
floor." Inadvertently, however, the policeman's
helpful intentions pulled Jenny more firmly against
the mahogany protrusion jutting up from his utility
belt. Golly, thought the helpless young white woman,
I should have worn some panties. If I had known
something like this was going to... The hard black
handle pressed against the silky blond juncture of
her bare white thighs. The black policeman held her
more tightly at the waist, but as the bus lurched
around a corner, he had to lower his grip to keep her
from falling. With both hands he cupped the rounded
softness of Jennys' barely covered buttocks. She
could feel his strong fingers pulling her slightly
apart, further exposing the puffy inner surfaces of
her unpantied underside.

"That was a close one," he said. "Lucky for you I'm
here. You would be on the floor." To help him in
his efforts, Jenny gripped the overhead bar more
firmly and swung herself into a better angle for the
blackjack handle. She knew she was lubricating
heavily. She just hoped it wouldn't start running
down her legs.

The handle of the cop's baton wobbled around under
her dress, then caught against the upper split of her
pubic mound. Its almost between my lips, she
thought. Not quite ... uh .. a little tippy toe to
raise herself another inch and ... a slight twist of
her hips ... maybe if I ... uuuuh ... God, she had
it. She could feel the blunt tip touching her,
catching just enough to steady itself, then spreading
her slippery outer lips.

"Unnnggghhhhh," she gasped as the first inch or so
went in.

"Are you all right?" asked the cop. "Holding you too

"Ummmmf, no," she said, almost out of breath, "but if
you could just lower me a little it would ... uhhhhh
... ummmfff ..." She gasped as the policeman did
as she asked. He could feel Jenny's soft ass
trembling through the thin material of her short
dress. It was all she could do to suppress an
unladylike wiggle as the pressure of her weight
forced the black cop's polished nightstick further up
into her slushy slit.

No one around them seemed to notice that she was
doing anything other than holding on to the cop to
keep from falling. Maybe he was copping a feel or
two but... Well, she did have her legs spread a
litle more than seemed absolutely necessary, but...

"It's so deep," she whispered into the policeman's
ear, her trembling cheek resting against his."
Unable to hold out any longer, she twisted her pudgy
pelvis this way and that to get as much of the
fucking thing up into her as she could. " I've
never felt anything so far up me," she said.

"I beg your pardon?" said Officer Friendly, "are you
sure I'm not hurting you?"

"Ohhh, noooo," she whimpered, surreptiously trying to
work her internal muscles on the stiff handle. Her
dress had fallen to its proper position. No one
would notice. I must be spread out like a silver
dollar, she thought. I've never had anything so ...
oooooh ... it must be up to my liver. How long is
the fucking thing anyway? I thought I could take
just the handle, but ... damn, had the black cop
caught on to her? Was he actually feeding the whole
goddamn thing into her greedy hole and wondering, as
Jenny was, how much of it she could take? Under
her dress the squirming young woman's clitoris jutted
out like an inquisitive little finger, rubbing
against the polished pole as it slipped back and
forth between her swollen lips. "Unnnnnggggghhh,"
she grunted, trying to muffle her voice against the
black policeman's neck. Then suddenly felt the
policeman's fist against her stretched lips. She
looked up into his face in panic. He knew. His
smile told her. She had allowed the black bastard to
stuff her to the gills with polished nightstick.

"Thought maybe you might could use a hand after all,"
he said. "No sense getting my baton all stinky for

Jenny closed her pretty eyes and clung to the
policeman's neck with both arms and, with as much
decorum as she could muster, fucked herself on the
pleasure-giving stick. The good policeman pressed it
flush against her flat crotch.

"God," she moaned as realization hit her.
"Unnnngggghhhhh, I'm coming. I'm coming hard ...
ummmmfffff ... standing here on a bus with people all
round me, a fucking blackjack up my ... god, I've
never been so wet ... I hope nobody can see it
running down my ... unnnnggggghhhhh," she grunted
again as a second spasm washed over her on the heels
of the first. "Ohhhh, ummmmmmfffff, unnnnggggghhhh."

She shuddered and shook spasmodically, her legs wide,
her pelvis tilted to accept as much as she could of
the ebony baton. She wanted to hold the black
officer, to brace herself against him so he could
stuff her like a maniac. She didn't want to look
like some kind of animal, but as she came down from
her second orgasm, the policeman kept the cudgel
jammed up her and a third one hit. The goddamn
blackjack would not go soft. She could have as much
as she wanted, as many as she wanted. No man had
ever lasted so long.

Sweaty patches were showing on her thin dress by the
time the cop eased the black pole out of her and back
to its proper place on his utility belt. Jenny had
lost track of where her hemline was. She searched
frantically for it to pull her dress down. She
looked at her African American benefactor in
desperation, her mouth open in a silent question.

"It's my stop," said. He took out a handkerchief and
wiped his blackjack. "Can't go to work with this all
sticky. Might need to beat some heads. The smell
would wake the bastard up. If you want some more I'm
at the Second Precinct. Ask for Corporal Tucker."
Jenny couldn't say anthing as he disappeared toward
the door. The distressed young woman could feel clear
secretion running down her legs. Her lips hung loose
and open under her dress. She knew she was standing
with her legs too far apart.

"It was so black," she thought, "and it was so far up
me. And here I am, all wet and loose. But it really
wasn't my fault. I just forgot to wear some panties
and the policeman was just trying to help and somehow
his nightstick got under my dress and I felt it
against my legs and it spread me open and...ooooh, it
was so stiff and long, and I wonder how it looked
sticking out of me. I wonder how many times I came.
Next time I'd better wear some panties. What did he
say his name was? Second Precinct?"

The End

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: aussy.txt (teens, 1st, rp)
Authors name: Oracle (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Australian Spin The Bottle

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Australian Spin The Bottle (teens, 1st, rp)
by Oracle (***@hotmail.com)


Too much tequila for an unlucky girl having a horny tail
wanting to sperm her. The game leads to other sinister
things and she foolishly pays the ultimate young girls


Strange things happen in youth, you don't realize it
until you're older and wiser, then you wish you could
relive it again, but that's another tale. Sit down, my
friend, while I tell you a fable...

A bet gone terribly wrong, after playing spin the bottle
for a few minutes when we all decided that we ought to
drink some tequila after a friend found some in the in

It was just the 4 of us, 2 girls, a friend and I, the
girls drank the most tequila, I didn't mind, since I
wanted one of them, who is Rachel to get drunk in the
hope that I could fuck her later on, as the night went
on, I managed to win the game, after it got boring, to
make it interesting we decided to play for money, $5 a
spin, since I had won the last few games, I knew this was
going to be easy...

Rachel was losing money and fast, so much that she
started taking pieces of her clothes to pay because she
still wanted to play some more and win some money back,
she was down to her underwear when she stopped playing, I
told her that if she drank what was left of the bottle of
tequila, which wasn't much anyways, she could play one
last round, with a bit of hesitation she drank it till
the last drop.

One last spin and she was completely out, I really wanted
Rachel, so I told her that she still had one more article
of clothing, her under wear, she sneered at me and said,
"Only in your dreams."

Then I gave her something to think about, I told her that
I would return all her money if she would let me go down
on her, she told me to fuck off, so I told her that she
couldn't play anymore since she had no more money to
continue playing.

Reluctantly she said that she would let me but only for a
little while, so we got up and headed upstairs.

I told her to wait for me upstairs first, since I was
going to talk to Mark and Sarah who were still playing, I
told them that if they heard anything, that it was just
us fooling around and not to go up and see what is going
on, then I turned on the stereo in the hallway and headed

Mark and Sarah weren't really a couple officially, they
were like sexual rendezvous, mixed in a cloud of smoke
and mirrors, they would always fool around but admitted
solely to being really good friends, Mark knew how badly
I wanted to get into Rachel's pants, but was surprised
that Sarah was being overly naive about the entire night,
there was something sinister about her that I could not
get about her.

No time to waste pondering about something else, all I
needed was to think about Rachel's sex to easily forget
about the mysterious Sarah.

Once inside the room, I tried to kiss her Rachel but was
met with resistance, she told me to hurry up, so I told
her not to be shy and kissed her forcefully, she
surrendered to my anxious tongue as it entered her mouth,
my lips crushing her down into the bed.

I reached down and began to stroke Rachel's firm tummy in
little circles that grew progressively bigger, reaching
her panties and slowly moving my hand over her Venus
mound, feeling the thick hair bristle underneath my
fingers, I felt her stiffen and moan in protest but I
continued my assault.

I reached over and grasped her panties from either side
pulling them down slowly down her legs, she struggled a
bit but then unwillingly opened her legs just a bit to
let me continue my stimulation on her moist area, getting
my face in between Rachel was easy, but stimulating her
was another, she was sort of new to all this since she
was a virgin, but it didn't take too long for my tongue
to moisten her love canal.

After what seemed hours of me licking her clit, she began
making small moaning noises, I knew then that she was
getting pretty aroused, my dick was hard as a rock and it
stuck out like a rocket, I couldn't take the pressure of
my balls aching and heavy with cum.

I laid fully on top of Rachel, she struggled to move some
more to get free, she knew she was in a vulnerable
position with me on top of her and desperately tried to
push me off, but I wasn't going anywhere until I felt
release in that moist canal of hers, with my dick being
buried to the hilt.

I placed my knee against her tightly held legs and
applied a steady pressure to open them up a bit, "come on
Rachel" I told her, I could tell that the tequila was
finally kicking in, felling her nice round breasts
pressing onto my chest.

After the constant pressure to her legs, she finally gave
way a little, she slowly spread them wider while the
alcohol began to inhibit her mind and her thinking, my
knee working its way towards her pussy, her legs finally
gave out and she spread her legs even wider, making my
knee stop at her pussy where I slowly ground my knee into
her wet slit and felt her cunt lips, warm and wet as I
made contact with them.

I continued the assault on her, wearing her down, bit by
bit, with my other hand I reached down to my dick and
guided its swollen head into her wet hole and thrust
forward, but missed and only brushed my dick across her
wet pussy lips, lubricating the glands of the corona. I
tried once again and I felt my dick enter her stargate.

Rachel was only 15 years old and a virgin, but did I
didn't care, no, all I wanted was to come in her pussy,
to feel the release that I wanted from her so bad.
Watching my swollen prick spread the plump lips of
Rachel's gate was probably the most beautiful sight I've
ever seen, then the corona made it inside. I could feel
her pussy lips clinging tight around my penis head, but I
wanted more inside her, so I pushed some more and managed
to put a few more inches until I felt her cherry, her
hymen, she was mine, and no one could take that away from
me at this very moment.

She knew what I was going to do and tried desperately to
get free, and moved even more, but that didn't help her
since she was really wet, my dick just got pushed in a
little deeper, grabbing her arms and placing them above
her head, I tried once more to push my dick in some more,
and with that I broke her hymen, she screamed out loud
and moved wildly as the pain began to settle in her mind.

She began to quiet down. Rachel felt the cock inside her
and to her horror; she began to get aroused, her cunt
muscles eagerly started to suck on the dick inside of
her, urging it to move back and forth. She could feel my
heavy balls on the red, puffed up lips of her vagina and
imagined how swollen they must be. The amount of cum that
was inside them.

I felt my dick, completely buried in her hot pussy, she
was beginning to get into it as I could feel her getting
really moist and my dick was slowly moving from the
lubrication that she was freely giving to me, this was a
good thing for I was about to start fucking her real

Tears flared anew as the sides of my cock slid across the
slick and narrow passageway.

I was dimly aware of the lewd, wet squelching noises as
my cockhead mashed again and again into the very end of
her pussy, twisting my hips in a corkscrew motion as I
strove to drill deeper into her loins.

Groaning, I started to move faster, sliding the length of
my cock until it almost slid out of Rachel's tight pussy
and then pushing it slowly forward again, the sensitive
underside rubbing repeatedly against the tightness of her
virginal walls. My balls began slapping on her nice round
ass as I kept of fucking her vagina and repeatedly
drilled my dick faster and harder because she was getting
even more wet from the fucking that I was giving her

"Ohhh! Ohh! Ohhh," I heard Rachel moaning. Her pussy
stuffed, full with my maleness.

Minutes ticked by. I closed my eyes; my movements became
steady, my hot thick flesh sliding smoothly against her
wet, stretched pubic lips as I pumped my organ back and
forth inside her body. Opening my eyes, I looked behind
me, towards the dresser mirror. The sight I saw in the
reflection excited me. I could see behind me, as I bent
over Rachel's helplessly mounted body, my hips rising and
falling as I rutted into her. I wasn't able to see
Rachel's face; all I saw were her thighs, upright and to
each side of my waist. "I was really was fucking her" I
thought, watching the reflection as I pistoned my
thickness in and out of her with renewed force.

The tequila was working well because her eyes were now
half open, lidded, and she was no longer struggling, her
breathing rapid and shallow. The sexual and emotional
torture was too much for her and she finally broke. She
felt the dick inside her, hard and throbbing, in and out,
in and out, she looked at me with half closed eyes and
then all of a sudden screamed at the top of her lungs,
"Wait, please wait, don't... don't come inside of me.
pull out... It's dangerous... I might... get pregnant."

The fact that Rachel struggled under me as I fucked her
only served to heighten my pleasure. The feeling that I
was overpowering her, and the wonderful sensation of
slipping in and out of her tight little cunt made me
squirm in agony but I was focusing more on the climax
that was to come from all this, when I could fill her
inner walls with my cum, but the fear in her voice,
caused me to pause in mid stroke, making my cock ache.

My logical mind told me to pull out, and shoot my load
onto her stomach but once again I continued to pump into
Rachel harder, now, building up speed. "I can't I groaned
through clenched teeth, "I can't... stop!"

I could see Rachel's eyes filled with fear and disbelief,
the thought of getting pregnant paralyzing her.

She furtively pleaded with me again "Please... Richard...

"OK. OK." I groaned, I slowed down slightly, trying to
maintain control...

"Oh no you don't" I heard a female voice say. I looked up
and saw Sarah, Rachel says "Thank God, you're here Sarah,
please help me," her voice strained with fear.

Sarah looked back at her with cold eyes. Neither of us
could finally registered what she just said, I couldn't
believe it, "Go ahead Richard. Don't hold back. Let
yourself go" Sarah said sitting on the bed next to us.
"It's going to feel so good.... when you shoot. Look at
how she's got her legs so spread out for you, come on

I looked and saw a perfect set of smooth legs forced
open, perfectly spread out, with me lewdly stuck in
Rachel's beautiful sex, I felt my cock inside Rachel's
tight hole, twitching uncontrollably. Sarah pressed on in
a low, sexy voice "Come inside her Richard. go ahead...
do it!"

I was only a few strokes away from coming, my dick red,
swollen and impossibly hard. Rachel bucked savagely, but
was firmly impaled between the bed and me. Since I wasn't
doing much Sarah pressed more forcefully, urging me on.
"It's going to feel so great Richard, pumping your load
into her.

Picture it Richard, Picture it!" She added, her voice an
octave lower, "Don't worry Richard, she won't get
pregnant... it's OK. Richard...it's OK... to cum, to
shoot all of that hot sperm into that tight little virgin
pussy, YOUR hot sperm, you have gone this far, all you
need now is to claim her your own, you deserve to cum
inside her."

"Now that we know that she's not a virgin anymore, why
not give Rachel a taste of things to cum, how it feels to
have a man like you empty his balls into a girls
unwilling vagina, Rachel shaking her head with disbelief,
desperately pleading, "Richard, please don't do this to
me," she began to sob softly.
The logical part of me, knew that what I was doing was
wrong. I knew that I should pull out, but... it felt so
good... the incredible sensation I was feeling between
Rachel's spread legs.

My mind was cloudy, confused... "Shit... but what if I
did get her pregnant what then?"

Sensing this, Sarah suddenly reached over and cupped my
swollen, cum filled balls in her hand, squeezing hard.
The effect was immediate, the sudden stimulation to my
testes pushing me over the edge, causing my cock to
ejaculate uncontrollably. Sarah timed the manipulation of
my sack on my down stroke so that my cum shot out of my
cock deep into Rachel's vagina. Rachel felt the initial
spurt and shuddered, totally helpless.

After the first powerful discharge of sperm I tried
feebly to pull out, but Sarah pressed me down, applying
more pressure while continuing to stroke and squeeze my
sack, causing me to unconsciously bury the entire length
of my cock, balls deep into Rachel's swollen pussy.

Once my dick was at the hilt, Rachel sensed this and
foolishly, I clenched her ass muscles in a senseless
gesture of defense, but it was no use because with that I
just gave another push.

I could feel my cockhead expanding and contracting
rapidly, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into
Rachel's defenseless womb. I groaned loudly, feeling the
quick contractions, the incredible pleasure. Lying down
her head in a complete state of shock, I think that
Rachel felt my cock, buried to the hilt in her pussy, as
it released a torrent of warm sperm into her, flooding
her insides, where it belonged, making her shiver in
revulsion and fear.

As my cock twitched, releasing the last few globs of my
sperm into her Rachel clamped her ass again trying
anything to stop this violation but managed only to pump
more sperm from my balls and into her already sperm
filled pussy like a vacuum, I continued to pump into her
while a few more spurts continued to be released into her

"Noo! Oh, God, no, no, nooooooo!" Rachel was sobbing

Finally, I collapsed in exhaustion over her. Rachel laid
there, sobbing softly, my weight on her. Rachel could
still feel me deeply inside her, my cock twitching in the
aftereffects of cumming; I could feel the warmth hotness
of my sperm, a fiery pool deep within her insides.

As I pulled away, my now shrunken prick pulled out of her
body, and slapped wetly against my leg. Rachel looked
down at the tiny drop of white leaking from my wilted
penis, and then down to the matching mess I had made of
her formerly neat and tight little vagina. The hole was
slowly closing after I pulled out; her tightness
challenged, but surprisingly not defeated. As Rachel's
tiny little hole closed, a bubble of white was slowly
forced out, making an obscene puddle in the middle of her
tiny little slit.

Lost in my her own misery, Rachel lay there, prone on her
back, legs spread vulgarly in the position I had taken
me, sobbing softly.

"How'd it feel getting the 'in and out' for the first
time?" I chuckled. "Guess you ain't so high and mighty
now, huh? Heh!" I laughed, I reached my hand forward,
slipping between her damp thighs, to cup Rachel's tender
mound, even if she did sob aloud in renewed despair. My
fingers rudely probing into the folds of the swollen
pussy. Ignoring her sobs, I inserted two fingers and
spanned them out, rudely spreading apart her tender lips.
Fascinated, watching as thick gulps of my creamy sperm
began to oozed out.

"Damn! I really creamed BIG TIME inside of you, didn't
I?" I chuckled.

"Your pretty little pussy must be just FULL of my slick
baby making sperm.

Christ, but I'd be damned if we don't knock you up after
tonight!" I gloated.

Her face renewed with fright, pulling my pants back on I
just gave her a quick once over, to check the so called,
no longer to be called virgin of Rachel, opened the
bedroom door and shouted out, "NEXT!"

In came running Mark, already naked and he jumped
straight on top, Sarah still spread out, never had a
chance to fight back. Closing the door I felt a hand pull
me into the next room...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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