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Babysitting Duty
by Durango Dan (address withheld)


Young preteen girl learns about sex from her mother and
then passes on the lessons to the kids she is
babysitting. (Fg, gg, gb, Mg, ped, inc)


"Connie, telephone," Abby Johannson called out to her
12 year old daughter.

"Okay, I got it in my room," the preteen hollered
downstairs. "Hello," Connie said.

She listened to Mrs. Alberts say she needed a
babysitter for tomorrow night.

"Sure, Mrs. Alberts, I'd be glad to watch Susan and
Erik" Connie answered her. They chatted a few more
minutes then said their good-byes.

"Mom, I have to baby-sit for Mrs. Alberts on tomorrow
night." Connie shouted down to her mother. Connie
thought that to herself how easy that money is going to
be to earn. Susan is 8 and Erik is 10 and both kids
like Connie. Connie lay on her bed and thought about
Heather. Heather was Connie's best friend and the girls
were talking about Heather seeing her daddy's thingy
when he got out of the shower.

She opened the door thinking the bathroom was empty,
but got the shock of her life when her dad was coming
out of the shower stall. His huge thing hung down limp
but thick and long. Heather told Connie she got a real
good look at it and then went to her room and rubbed
her cunny. That is what Connie was doing now. She put
her hand inside her shorts and rubbed her little bald
cunny until she soaked her underwear in pleasure. She
moaned out as she creamed her shorts.

"Connie, supper is ready, honey," her mom called from
the kitchen.

"Coming," Connie yelled back.

Abby looked at her daughter as she entered the kitchen.
"Are you feeling okay, sweetie, you look flushed" Abby
asked her.

"I'm fine, it's just warm in here and I ran down the
stairs," she replied to her mother with a grin on her

Mother and daughter ate their meal while discussing the
events of the day. Ever since Connie's daddy died of
cancer, they made a point to talk about each others day
during supper. At first Connie thought it was a silly
idea but now she looks forward to it every night. They
talk about anything and everything. Abby was very open
about free discussion of any subject.

"You know Connie, your getting old enough for me to
explain about the birds and bees" Abby told her preteen

"Jeez mom, I'm not a baby, I know about sex," Connie
cried out to her mom.

"I think there are a few things that need to be
explained to you," her mom shot back at her. "You may
think you know everything but I'm sure there are things
you want to ask me," she added.

"This is gross to talk about at dinner," Connie
laughed. "Let's talk about it after dinner," she told
her mother.

They finished eating. Connie helped her mother pick up
the dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Abby
washed the pots and pans while Connie did the drying.
When the kitchen was back in order, they went into the
family room. Connie sat on the couch and her mother sat
in the chair opposite of her lovely daughter. Abby was
sipping a glass of wine to build up the nerve to talk
sex with her 12 year old daughter.

"Okay, where should I start," Abby said to herself out

"How much do you know about sex?" She asked her

"Mom, do we have to do this, it's embarrassing," Connie

"I want to explain everything to you so you know what
to expect in different situations when you get older,"
Abby said.

"In a few years you will be dating and need to know
this stuff," she added.

"Tell me what you know or what you think you know," she
asked her daughter.

"I know that a man puts his thingy into a woman's cunny
and that's how a baby is made," Connie told her mom
while blushing deeply. "I heard it feels good," she

"Okay, that's a start," her mom said.

"Let's get the names of the organs right first," Abby
said to her

"A man has a penis, not a thingy, it is sometimes
called a cock, prick, dick, stiff rod and many other
names but cock is the most common," she informed

"A woman has a vagina, not a cunny, it can be called a
pussy, cunt, slit, gash and many more but pussy and
cunt are the most popular," Abby explained.

Abby looked at her daughter and she was blushing bright
red at the terminology of the sex organs. She asked her
mother what she should call them. Abby said what ever
you like to call it.

"What do you call them, mom," Connie inquired.

"I call my vagina a pussy and sometimes a cunt, and I
call a man's penis a cock," Abby explained turning red
herself at the frankness of their discussion.

"Alright, I just told you about the vagina, but do you
know what these are, vulva, clitoris, cervix, urethra,
anus, rectum or how about breast, nipple or areola?"
Abby asked her 12 year old daughter.

"You know that a man has a penis but do you know what
scrotum, testicles, sperm, or foreskin is?" she added

"Gee mom, I never heard of any of those things," her
daughter answered.

"What are they, do I have all of them yet?" she asked

"Yep, you sure do, honey," Abby laughed at her

"Can you tell me about them or better yet, can you show
them to me?" Connie asked of her mother.

Abby thought about her request of showing the body
parts to her 12 year old daughter. She wondered if she
really should do that. Abby figured she has to learn
somewhere and where else is better than at home with
her mother. Abby weighed the pros and cons of Connie's
request and decided she would show her the different
body parts.

"Are you sure you want me to show you?" Abby asked
Connie. The little preteen girl nodded her head yes.

"Okay, stand up in front of me and take off your
clothes so I can show you," Abby instructed her young

"MOM, I meant you could show me pictures from a book,"
Connie shrieked out.

"Well I would if I had a book with pictures, if you
don't want to learn, we can just forget this" Abby told
her. Connie hesitated, thinking about what she wanted
to do. On one hand she wanted to learn about her body
and sex but she didn't want to get naked in front of
her mother. Her young mind was spinning in confusion.
She finally made her mind up.

She reached up and removed her t-shirt pulling it off
her body. She pulled her shorts down and kicked them
off. She now stood in front of her mom in her training
bra and panties. Abby gazed at her pretty daughter. She
looked at her shoulder length dark hair framing her
beautiful face with its dark brown eyes and little
turned up button nose. She moved her gaze to her
daughter's chest. Connie's breasts were just small

Connie reached back and unhooked her training bra,
shrugging it off her shoulders. She then hooked her
fingers into her panties pulling them off her supple
body. Abby gasp slightly at the sight of her gorgeous
daughter. Her breasts were small but firm with small

She looked at her daughter's pussy noticing that she
had no hair yet and puffy little lips. Abby couldn't
believe that she was getting damp between her legs just
from looking at her daughter. Abby hasn't had any
sexual activity with anyone since her husband died.

She takes care of her needs by masturbation when Connie
is sleeping. Now, seeing her daughter naked in front of
her, Abby's cunt was leaking her juice soaking her own

"Okay, lets start with your breast," Abby said.

"You mean my boobies," Connie inquired.

"They are called breasts or many people call them tits"
Abby told her

"The nipple is right here," Anna pointed and touched
the hard knob. Connie sucked in a breath when she felt
her mother's finger touch her nipple.

"The dark circle around the nipple is called the
areola," her mom explained.

"You can feel pleasure by squeezing your breasts and
pulling and pinching the nipple." she said. Abby took
one of Connie's small breast and massaged it, rolling
and pulling the young girls nipple.

"AHH, OHHH, mom that feels good when you do that,"
Connie sighed at the feeling of her mom's actions.

"I can't really see my areola and nipples, could I see
yours," she asked her mother blushing bright red.

Abby removed her blouse and bra. Connie stared at her
mothers breasts. He mother's breast were firm and
didn't sag. Abby was only 32 years old and kept herself
in good shape. Her mom's breast had large areolas and
long nipples. Connie took her hand and placed it over
her mother's breast. She could feel the heat generating
from her tit. She gave it a couple of soft squeezes and
could feel the nipple harden in her palm. Both woman
were massaging and playing with the other ones breast.

"Sit down on the couch and I will show you the parts of
the woman's sex organ," Abby said as she led her
daughter to the couch. When Connie was seated with her
legs parted Abby knelt in front of her.

"This is your vulva" she told Connie as she placed her
hand on her daughter's sex.

"These are the vulva lips or they are sometimes called
the labia," she added. Connie could feel herself
getting wet and hoped her mother didn't notice. Her
mother's fingers were gently spreading the lips apart.
When Abby spread her daughter's cunt lips she noticed
the moisture beginning to seep out of her cunt.

"Connie, do you masturbate," Abby asked her daughter

"What does that mean," Connie wanted to know.

"Do you ever make yourself feel good by rubbing between
your legs," her mother said.

"MOMMY!!" Connie screamed out. She was blushing so bad.
She didn't know if she should tell her mom or not. She
didn't want to make her mom mad or disappoint her by
doing something wrong.

"There is nothing wrong with doing that," Abby stated
seeing her daughter struggle with an answer.

"Okay, yeah, I do that sometimes because it feels so
good," Connie whispered.

"That's fine honey, I do it to sometimes," her mother
told her. She went back to her explanation of the parts
of her sex.

"This little bump at the top of your slit is called the
clitoris," Abby told her daughter.

"OH MOM!" Connie's hips bucked as she felt her mother's
finger touch her young clit. Abby quickly moved her
finger off Connie's clit.

"This really small hole is your urethra, that's where
you pee from," she said
"And this larger hole is your vagina" her mother added.
Abby circled her finger around Connie's cunt hole. She
noticed that her daughter bald little pussy was leaking
a steady stream of juice.

"UUMM, OH!" Connie moaned out loud. Abby stopped her
fingering and removed her finger.

"And finally, this is your anus" Abby said as she ran
her finger around her daughters little pink rosebud.

"AAWW!" Connie gasped as she felt a finger on her butt
hole. That was a completely new sensation for the young

"Mom, I can't see any of the parts you're talking
about," Connie whined.

Abby didn't hesitate, she stood up and dropped her
jeans and soaked panties.

"Take a look, and ask me anything you want to know" she
told her child.

"You can explore and feel what you want to learn
about," Abby said to her.

Connie got down on her knees in front of her mother.

"I thought there was suppose to be more hair," she
asked her mother. Abby explained that she shaves her
pussy to keep it neat and cleaner. Connie slowly
reached out and touched her mom's pussy for the first

Abby gasped at the touch to her hot cunt. Connie pulled
her mother's cunt lips apart and stared at her slit
that was already slick with her juice. She saw her
mom's clit sticking out proudly. She moved a finger up
and rubbed it around her mom's clit.

"OOOHHHH!" Abby sighed out as her daughter played with
her clit. Connie ran her finger up and down her mothers
wet slit.

"AH baby, OH!" Abby groaned to her daughter. Connie
could smell the musky scent of her mother's pussy.

"Do you want to feel the inside of my vagina," Abby
asked her preteen daughter.

"Just stick you finger in the hole and push gently," he
mother instructed her.

"UGH, OOHH!" Abby moaned out her pleasure.

"Gee, it's so warm and slippery," She told her mother.

"I can feel you squeeze my finger, mom" Connie said in
amazement. Connie removed her finger and looked down at
her mothers butt. She ran her finger through her mom's
butt crack, stopping when she touched the anus. Connie
drew circles around the brown hole and her slick finger
slid into her mother's ass hole up to the first

"OOHHHH, AHHHH!" Abby cried out as her daughter's
finger slid up her ass.

Connie quickly withdrew her finger from her mother's

"I'm sorry mom, it just kind of slipped in," Connie

"Oh, honey, that's okay, it felt kind of good," her
mother said.

"It's been a long time since I was touched there," Abby
told her young child.

"Your daddy use to do that to me when we made love,"
she told Connie dreamily.

Abby was remembering the great sex her and her late
husband use to have.

"Don't you ever miss do those things since daddy's
gone," Connie asked Abby.

"I do, your daddy was a wonderful lover," Abby said to

"I help my self feel good every so often after you go
to bed," she confided in Connie.

"Mom, can you show me how you do it," Connie asked Abby

"I don't know if I'm doing it right or not," she added.

Abby pondered Connie's request in her head. There were
a million reasons not to do this and very few reasons
to go ahead with it. She was always open with her 12
year old and didn't want to hold back now. She knew
that Connie masturbated already. She didn't want her
daughter to hurt herself by experimenting with herself.
She decided that it would be better to demonstrate
masturbation to her preteen.

"Okay, first I start squeezing my breast and pulling my
nipples until they get hard," she told Connie.

"Then I move my other hand down to my pussy and begin
to rub my clit," she showed her.

"Wait a minute, let me show you how by doing it to you
and when you are done feeling good you can do what you
learned on me, how does that sound?" Abby asked her
daughter. Connie nodded her head enthusiastically. She
couldn't wait to try it. Abby took her daughters hand
and walked to her bedroom.

They lay on the bed side by side. Abby reached over and
cupped one of Connie's small titties. She lightly
pinched her little nipple and gave it a slight twist.

"UUMMM, mom, I never knew my boobs could feel so good"
Connie told her mother. Abby never expected her talk
this evening to turn out like this. She was so hot and
horny. Abby's cunt juice was running down her legs. She
bent over placing her lips over Connie's nipple.

"OH YEAH!" Connie sighed. Abby bit down on the nipple

Her daughter groaned out in pleasure.

Abby moved her hand down to the little girl's hairless
cunt. She could feel the wetness of her daughters slit.
Her finger slid up her slit bumping her clit. Abby took
her daughters clit and began to rub in circles all
around the hard button.

"OOHH mommy, I fees so funny in my belly," she cried
out to Abby. Abby slid a finger down the slit and
pushed slightly into her hole.

"AAAAAAWWWWWWWW, MMMMMMMMMM," Connie groaned as her
mothers finger sunk in.

"OWWW," Connie yelped as her mother's finger hit her

"Ow, that hurt!" she cried out.

Abby explained that it was her hymen and that every
young girl had one. She apologized for hurting her and
withdrew her finger. She slowly began finger fucking
her daughter. Abby never in her life had a lesbian
encounter and here she was now having one with her
daughter. Abby was sopping wet at her cunt. She
couldn't remember the last time she was this aroused
sexually. She wanted to do everything with her

She kept her finger slowly going in and out of her 12
year olds pussy hole. Connie's young cunt was seeping
girl juice out steadily. Abby took her other hand and
slid it in the slimy cum juice and circled the little
girl's ass hole.

"UGHHHHH, mom, that feels real good like that," she
sighed out.

Abby bent her head and placed her lips on Connie's
clit. She took a finger from her free hand and slid it
slowly back up Connie's love canal.

"EEEEEOOOHHHH!!" Connie screamed as she felt her
mother's tongue on her little clit. Connie arched her
back and forced her mother's finger deeper into her.

"OUCH" she shrieked in pain as her mother's finger
plunged through her hymen.

"UUUGGGGHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHH," the preteen shrieked as
Abby's finger went into her ass.

"OOOOHHHHHHH, Oh mommy, Oh mommy," she panted to Abby.

Her hips were bucking up and down. Cunt juice was
gushing from her bald slit into her mom's mouth.

"OOOHHHHHH, mom I feel it coming, OOHHHHH, gee mom,
don't stop, AAAWWWWWW, AAAAHHH!!" she screamed as she
bucked her hips down forcing her mothers finger up her
cunt hole and ass hole at the same time.

"AAAHHHH!" she bellowed as she flooder her mother's
mouth with her slick sticky cum.

"AAAAHHH, Oh mom, AAAAHHHHHH!!" Connie cried out
arching her back as another wave of pleasure washed
over her preteen body.

"AARRRRRRGGGGGGGG!" she groaned as the last of her cunt
juice flowed from her body.

Abby sat back looking at her lovely daughter lying nude
before her, basking in the glow of a gigantic orgasm.
She licked her lips, getting all of Connie's cum off of
them. A wave of guilt crashed down on Abby.

"Oh Connie, I'm so sorry, I never should have done that
with you," she cried.

"I'm so ashamed," she wept to her young daughter.

"Come on mom, I liked what you did and you taught me
about my body," Connie comforted her mother.

"You didn't do anything to me that I didn't want to
happen, I love you mom, and I want to do that stuff to
you so I can make you feel good too," Connie said.

"Connie, I could get into big, big trouble if anyone
found out, I could go to jail," Abby told her.

"You can never tell anyone EVER," Abby warned her.

"I won't tell a soul, I promise on daddy's grave,"
Connie swore to her mom.

"This will be our secret for ever and ever," she added
as she looked at her mother.

"Sweetheart, I need to feel good too," Abby begged her

"Can you do what I did for you to me," she asked her
preteen daughter.

"Could you show me how to kiss," Connie asked her

"I have never kissed a boy and wouldn't even know how,"
she said with a sad face.

Abby told her child that it was easy to kiss and she
would be glad to show her all about it.

Connie moved her lips over her mothers. She looked into
her mom's eyes and lowered her lips to hers. She
pressed her tightly closed lips to Abby's lips.
Suddenly, she felt her mother's tongue licking at her
lips. She didn't know what to do, so she opened her
mouth to lick back when she felt her mothers tongue
enter her mouth.

Abby licked all around the inside of her young child's
mouth. Connie thought that was kind of neat so she
pushed her tongue into her mom's mouth. Abby sucked her
daughters tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked
Connie's tongue letting Connie taste her left over cum.
Connie broke off the kiss panting heavily.

"That was sure neat mom" She panted at her mother. She
moved her mouth to her mother's tits. She sucked on a
tit, washing the nipple with her tongue. She gently bit
and pulled on her mom's hard nipple.

"OOOHHHH," Abby softly moaned.

Connie wasted no time to taste her mother's cunt juice.
She moved down between her mom's legs and stared at her
gaping cunt. She could smell the musky odor of her cum.
She could see large amounts leaking from her slit.
Connie bent her head down touching the tip of her
tongue to the sopping wet slit. She pulled her tongue
back tasting her mother. She decided that it wasn't all
that bad and began to lick eagerly.

"OOOHHHHHH, Connie, I'm so close to cumming, don't
stop!" she begged her preteen daughter. Abby was
gushing cum out of her cunt like an open faucet.

Slowly Connie sunk a finger into her mother's wet cunt

"AAAWWWWWWW, honey, push it deeper," she cried to her

"OOOOHHHHHHH, Connie put another finger in," she
pleaded with her.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH, another, put another one
in," her mother begged.

"UUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!" Abby groaned as a third finger
entered her pussy.

"Another, shove another one in" she told Connie. Her
preteen daughter slid a fourth finger up her mother's

"AAAAAEEEEEEEEE, OH! OH! OH! OH!" Abby panted as four
fingers worked her cunt. She begged Connie to put the
last finger in.

"Oh, mom, I have all five fingers in you now," Connie
yelled in amazement at her mom.

"OOOOHHHHH, baby, OOOHHHHH, push your hand in, please
push your hand in!" she begged of her daughter. Connie
slowly pushed until her hand popped inside of her
mother's pussy. She began to fist her mother's cunt.

"OH FUCK!!" Abby screamed. Connie could feel her
mother's cunt muscles squeezing her hand tightly.

"OH FUCK! I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm cumming, OH GOD! I'm
cummmmming!!" Abby shouted out loudly. She bucked her
hips to meet her preteens driving fist. Connie was
fisting her mom with a strong hard stroke.

"AAHHH!!" she hollered as Connie twisted her hand and
spread her fingers inside her mom's cunt hole. This
drove Abby to another orgasm.

"OH, enough, Connie enough already!" her mom panted to
her. As Abby was coming down from her orgasm, Connie
withdrew her hand and licked the juice from it. When
she cleaned her hand of all the cum, she bent down and
cleaned her mothers cunt.

"Connie, we can never talk to anyone about this,
remember that and promise me," Abby told her 12 year
old daughter. She asked Connie if she had any

"You never told me about a man's stuff," Connie told

Abby explained that since they didn't have a real man
to show her, they would have to use the internet. Abby
logged on to a medical site and showed Connie the
various parts of a man's sex. After she was done with
the explaining, she went to a couple of porn sites and
showed her how a man uses what he's got. She showed the
various positions of fucking. She also showed some
short video's of blow jobs. Connie asked many questions
when she saw a woman with a cock in her mouth. Abby
explained what she could about blow jobs and how it
tasted. When they were done, the logged off the
computer and went to bed.

Friday arrived and Connie was getting ready for her
baby-sitting job. She put on her favorite shorts and a
halter top. She brushed her dark hair and ran

"I'm leaving now mom!" she yelled to Abby.

"I'll be home by midnight," she added.

Connie walked the five blocks to the Albert's house.
She rang the doorbell and Mr. Albert's answered.

"Hey cutie, come on in, we are almost ready to leave,"
he told her.

"The kids are in the backyard in the pool, you can go
back there now" he said.

Connie walked out the back door and saw the two
youngsters splashing in the in-ground pool. She wished
she had brought her swim suit so she could join them.
Mrs. Albert's came out to say good-bye to the kids. She
saw me staring at the pool and said that I could go in
with my panties and bra if I like. Connie thanked her
and told her that she might later on but not now. The
Albert's left and Connie returned watching the two kids
play in the water.

"Okay guys, get out of the pool, it's time for supper,"
Connie told the two kids. They climbed up the ladder
and grabbed their towels. Susan was the first to get
out. Eight years old and already a beauty. She had
golden hair that reached her waist and the brightest
blue eyes. She had no tits yet but her body was
beginning to shape up nicely. 10 year old Erik followed
her out of the pool. He was a good looking boy with
dark hair and a well trimmed body for his young age.
The two kids dried themselves off and followed Connie
into the kitchen.

After dinner of pizza and soda's, she told them to take
a bath and get their pajamas on.

They complained that it was too early to go to bed.
Connie laughed told them that they didn't have to go to
bed, just get ready so if their mom and dad came home
early they could run to bed pretending to be asleep.
She told them that they could stay up late as long as
they didn't tell their parents. Susan clapped her hands
together excitedly and ran upstairs to shower first,
but Erik was running after her yelling that he was
first. Connie could hear the two kids yelling at each
other so she went up to settle the argument.

"Stop the fighting or you will go to bed early," She
scolded them.

"If you can't decide who goes first, you can take a
bath together," she told them.

"We haven't done that since we were little" Susan told

"Then I don't want to hear any more fighting, now who
is going first?" Connie asked.

"ME, no ME!!" Susan and Erik both shouted.

"That settles it, you take a bath together or go to bed
now!" She hollered. Both children fell silent at the
prospect of bathing together. It had been years since
they did that. Secretly, they both were excited about
seeing each other with no clothes on. Connie went into
the bathroom to run the water in the tub. When the tub
was filled she told Susan and Erik to get undressed.

"Aren't you going to leave, so we can undress?" Erik
asked Connie.

"No, I'm going to sit here on the toilet and make sure
there is no more fighting" Connie informed the two
young children. Erik and Susan looked at each other
wondering what to do. Connie told them to hurry and get
in the tub if they wanted to watch a movie before bed.
Susan stripped off her clothes and got in, followed by
Erik. Connie watched with interest as they got into the
tub. Susan had a flat chest but puffy nipples. Her
pussy was bald but she could see Susan's small clit
sticking out on top of her slit. When Susan climbed
into the tub, Connie had a great view of her 8 year old
butt, so round and firm.

She also checked out Erik when he got in. His chest was
hairless but developed. You could tell he was a very
active young boy. Connie could make out his muscles as
he undressed. Connie gazed at his crotch. His little
cock hung limp between his legs. It didn't look
anything like the one's her mother and her looked at on
the internet. When he swung his legs into the tub, she
could see his little ball sack hanging down beneath his
cute little ass.

Connie sat back on the toilet watching the two siblings
in the tub. Susan and Erik were checking each others
body out. Susan picks up the soap to begin washing. She
lathered her hands up and rubbed them over her face
soaping it up well. She splashed water on it to rinse
the soap off. Erik told her that he would wash her if
she wanted him to. Susan handed her brother the soap.
He lathered his hands and ran them over her flat chest.

Connie could see the little girls nipples harden under
her brother's touch. Susan let out a little gasp as she
felt them stiffen. Erik told her to stand so he could
wash her legs. Susan stood up facing Erik. He ran his
hand over her stomach and down her legs, skipping her
bald pussy. Connie watched intently as she felt her own
pussy starting to get damp with excitement. Connie told
Erik to wash between her legs because a girl needs to
be clean there or she could get an infection.

Erik lathered his hands again and ran his hand over his
sister little cunt. He ran a finger into her tight slit
bumping into her clit. Susan let out a loud moan when
she felt him hit her clit. He blushed brightly and
apologized to his sister for hurting her. Susan told
him that he didn't hurt her, just surprised her. Erik
turned his sister around and washed her little butt. He
ran a finger down her crack causing another moan from
her when he touched her pink little rosebud. He told
her to sit down so he could rinse her off. When she was
all done, Susan said it was her turn.

Eric turned around and told her to wash his back first.
He didn't want his sister to see his hard dick. He got
a woody when he was washing Susan and now it won't go
down. Susan scrubbed his back and told him to stand so
she could wash his butt too. Erik looked at Connie
blushing bright red as he stood up exposing his hard
cock for her to see. Susan ran her hands over her
brother's ass cheeks. She ran a finger down his crack
and circled his butt hole. Erik drew in a deep breath
when he felt his little sister's finger at his butt

Susan declared his backside clean and told him to turn
around. As Erik turned, Susan's eyes locked onto his
erect cock. It was sticking straight out pointing at
Susan's face. Susan started with Erik's legs and
lathered upward. When she came to his cock, she stopped
and told him that maybe he should wash that himself.
Connie told her that he was nice enough to wash you,
you should was him. Susan reached up and took her
brothers rock hard cock into her hand. Erik groaned
loudly as he felt her slippery hands move up and down
his shaft. She washed his hard prick and gently
lathered his ball sack. When she was done, she told him
to sit down and she would rinse him off.

When they were all done, Connie told them to go to
their rooms to dress while she cleaned the bathroom.
When they were gone, she shut and locked the bathroom

Connie pulled her shorts down. She had to relieve
herself. Her cunt was pouring cum out. She sat back
down on the toilet seat and began rubbing her pussy.
She stuck her finger into her cunt hole and pushed it
deep. She was moaning and humping her hips. When her
orgasm hit, Connie let out a long sigh, trying to be
quiet so the kids wouldn't hear her. When she was
finished she licked her hand clean enjoy the taste of
her own cunt juice.

She met the two kids in the family room where they had
turned the TV on already. They wanted to watch a movie.
Connie asked them which movie they wanted to watch.
They went to the cabinet looking over all the titles.
Erik saw a couple that were way in the back on the top
shelf. He took on and looked at it. It had no title or
anything, it was just a blank case.

"Hey, this one doesn't have a title," he told his

"Let's see what it is, maybe we haven't watched this
one yet," he added.

Susan ran back to the couch while Erik put the tape in
the machine. The movie started out showing a young
preteen girl getting ready for bed. When the child was
in bed, the bedroom door opened and a man came in
saying his good nights. He bent to give her a good
night kiss and the little girl reached and stroked the
man's cock. He lifted the covers and pulled her
nightgown up. He ran his finger into her slit as she
stroked his hard prick. Connie jumped up and stopped
the movie.

"HEY, what are you doing!" the kids yelled.

"You two are way too young to see that," Connie told

"That's not fair, how are we ever going to learn about
sex," Susan giggled.

"That's something your mom and dad will tell you
about," Connie said.

Erik got up and ejected the movie from the machine. He
returned it to where he found it, so his dad wouldn't
know that they saw it. As he walked back to the couch,
Connie and Susan saw his pajamas tenting out in front
from his hard little prick.

"Look, Eric has a stiffy, Erik has a stiffy," Susan
teased her brother.

"SHUT UP, you twerp," he shouted at her.

He blushed brightly as he sat down trying to hide his
problem. Connie whispered to him that he shouldn't let
his little sister get to him. He smiled at her and
nodded his head. The three of them sat on the couch
wondering what to do after seeing that porno tape.

"Can I see your stiffy," Susan suddenly asked her

"HUH" Erik said in surprise.

"I want to see you're stiffy again. I saw it in the
bathtub so I don't see why I can't see it now," Susan
explained to her brother.

Connie told him that he should let his little sister
see him. She told Susan that if she saw Eric it was
only fair that he saw her too. Susan stood up and
removed her nightgown showing us that she wore no
underclothes. She stood before us completely naked.
Erick stood up and removed his pajamas and underwear.
Now both kids were naked and curious.

Susan reached out and touched Erik's hard cock. His
prick jumped when she touched it and that caused her to
giggle at the sight. Susan wrapped her small hand
around Erik's shaft and began to stroke it.

"OOHHHHHHH!" Erik groaned out

"OH, Susan, OOHH that makes me feel real good!" he told

Susan started pumping harder causing Erik to moan out
louder. Connie leaned down and whispered in Susan's
ear. Susan stopped what she was doing and looked at

"Really, I don't know Connie," she said.

Connie told her, "I've seen movies showing it."

"Why don't you show me how, then I will try it," Susan
said to Connie.

Erik didn't know what they were talking about. All he
knew was his cock ached because his sister stopped
rubbing him. He was just about to complain when Connie
dropped to her knees in front of him. She took is hard
cock in her hand and brought it to her lips.

She kissed her first cock all around the head.

"OH!" Erik sighed loudly as he felt Connie's lips on
his cock.

"AW, gezz!" He moaned as he felt his cock enter Connie'
hot mouth.

"OH, OH, OH, OH" he panted as Connie suck on his 10
year old cock. He never felt anything so good in his
life. Connie let his cock slip from his mouth.

"OH NO! Please don't stop!!" he begged her
Connie told Susan to take over. Susan got down on the
floor and licked her brother's hard cock. She slipped
it into her mouth and began to suck gently.

"AAAWW GOD!" Erik groaned.

"OH, OH, Susan don't stop please don't stop!!" he said
loudly to her.

he screamed. Erik's hips bucked up to Susan's lips
causing his cock to enter further into her mouth

"AAAAHHHHHH!!" Erik shouted as he arched his back and
humped his dick into is sister mouth. He had his first
orgasm and he loved it. He couldn't produce any juice
yet but the feeling was there. Erik pushed Susan away
telling her it was really sensitive now. He lay back on
the couch panting out his pleasure.

After a few minutes he told us how he felt when he had
is cum. He tried to explain the feeling to Susan.
Connie told him that maybe he should just do it for her
so she could feel as good as he did. Erik pushed her
back on the couch and opened her legs so he could see
her bald little slit. He rubbed his finger into the
damp crack up to her small clit.

"OOOOOHHH, AAAHH!" Susan groaned out.

"AAAWWWWWWWW, that's the spot, of Erik rub right
there," Susan told her brother.

Erik was rubbing her clit gently. Susan was moaning and
groaning at his oral work out.

I told him that he should lick her little pussy like
she did to him. He leaned forward and licked up her
slit to her clit.

"AAAAHHHHH, OH ERIC!!!" she screamed as she felt his
tongue on her clit.

"OH, OH, OH" Susan panted as she felt his tongue probe
her hole.

"AAWWWWW, OH GOD, OH GOD!!" shouted Susan as her
brother's tongue slid up her tight little cunt hole.
Susan was leaking out her little 8 year old girl juice
and Erik was lapping up every bit of it.

UGH, UGH, UGH!" screamed Susan as her first orgasm
washed over her. Wave after wave of pleasure hit the
little girl. Erik pulled his mouth off his sister's
cunt and watched her come down from her sexual high.

"How would you kids like to make me feel good," Connie
asked the two.

"YEAH!!" they both shouted.

That's when we heard the garage door open. Susan and
Erik dressed quickly and I told them not to ever say
anything about what we did tonight. Susan turned the TV
on just as her parents walked in the back door. Mr.
Alberts told us that Mrs. Alberts wasn't feeling good
so they had to leave the party and come home. Mrs.
Alberts went upstairs while he reached for his wallet
to pay Connie. She accepted the money and said good bye
to Susan and Erik. Connie was so horny from watching
the two siblings please each other, she was rushed to
get home so she could please herself.

"I'll give you a ride home, it's late," Mr. Alberts
told her.

"Okay, and thanks," Connie replied.

They got in the car and began the short trip to her
house. He asked if the kids were any problems and she
told him that they were just great. She could smell her
own juice that had soaked her panties. She hoped that
he didn't notice the smell. While they were at the red
light, he put his arm around her and told her that she
was a very pretty girl. Connie blushed and thanked him.

"I don't even have any breasts yet," she complained to

"You look perfect to me," he replied to her. He slowly
moved his hand to her chest and massaged her nipple.

"Ummmm," Connie murmured. She laid her head against his
shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of his hand on her
chest. She knew this was wrong but she was so horny
from before.

"Oh," she sighed as he pulled and twisted her little

The car behind us honked his horn when the light turned
green and we didn't move. Mr. Alberts stepped on the
gas and went on.

"Connie, would you like to stop at the park for a
little while," he asked her softly.

"Okay, I guess so," she whispered back to him

He pulled the car into the parking lot of the deserted
park. He shut the engine off and turned toward Connie.
He took her face into his hands and bent to kiss her.
He slid his tongue into the preteen's mouth. She sucked
on his tongue and swirled hers around it.

He reached down and untied her halter top. She could
feel him fumble with the snaps of her training bra. Her
nipples stiffened when they hit the cool evening air.
Mr. Alberts reached down and tweaked her stiff nipples.
Connie pulled back from him and told him that she
wanted to see his cock.

He told her that she should unzip his pants and take it
out. She reached out pulling the zipper down. Connie
reached into his pants and found his cock. It wasn't
completely hard yet. She snaked it out of his underwear
and pants. She stroked the shaft as she felt it grow in
her hand. Soon she was holding a 7 inch hard cock that
was getting wet. She bent down to see what it was
happening and saw a stream of liquid leaking from his
pee hole. She ran her finger through the slimy liquid
bringing a drop to her lips. She tentatively tasted his
pre-cum. She licked her finger clean and scooped some
more into her mouth.

"Why don't you just put it in you mouth, Connie, then
you can get it all" he told her

"I never did that before, I don't know what to do" she
answered him.

"Just put it in making sure you don't rub you teeth
against it" he urged her.

"I don't know, Mr. Alberts, I shouldn't be doing this
with you" Connie whined.

"What if someone found out" she added.

"Call me Bill, and nobody will find out if you don't
tell" He said to the young preteen.

"Come on, put it in your mouth and suck it for me" he
said softly as he pulled her head to his cock. She
spread her lips wide to get his 7 inch cock in her
mouth. She could hardly get the head in. When she
finally got her lips around the head she licked all
around the purple throbbing cock head.

"OH Jesus! AAHHHH!" Bill moaned to Connie.

He bucked his hips up and drove his dick farther into
her mouth. Connie was afraid that she would choke on
all that cock. Mr. Alberts grabbed a handful of hair
and pulled her head up then pushed it back down forcing
her to take more of his cock.

"You are a natural cocksucker," Bill complimented her.

Connie bobbed her head on his rock hard cock. She
twirled her tongue over his piss slit and licked the
underside of his cock as well. Bill's cock was pouring
out precum and she was lapping up every drop.

"OH baby I'm cumming! OH! OH! OH! AAAHHH!!" he screamed
out as Connie felt the first blast of cum in her mouth.
She swallowed fast to prevent choking on the slimy
mess. Bill kept pumping his cock into her mouth as he
shot string after string of hot gooey cum down her
throat. Her throat was working hard to swallow the
flood of cum pouring into her mouth. When he finished
cumming, Connie licked his cock clean and sat back

Bill's cell phone began to ring. It was Susan saying
that Bill's wife was really sick now and needed some
medicine from the drug store. He told her that he would
be right home. He hung up and started the car.

"I have to go right now, but I will make you feel
special the next time, I promise," he told Connie.

"Come and baby-sit next Friday and when I take you
home, I will suck you like you did for me" he promised

He dropped her off at her house and drove off. Connie
walked into the house looking for her mother.

"MOM, MOM, where are you," she yelled out.

"I'm up in my bedroom," Abby answered back.

Connie went upstairs to talk to her mother. She entered
the bedroom noticing that her mother was naked on the
bed. Abby told her she interrupted her masturbation
session. Connie smiled at her mother telling her that
she would be glad to help her out with her problem.
Connie striped off her clothes and crawled into bed
with her mom. Abby and her 12 year old daughter
continued the sex education lessons once more.


Read more of my stories at:

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
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Bible Thumper
by Pantyh (***@yahoo.com)
Quick edit by AB2005


Don't you hate it when people come to your door to push
or sell you something? This story is a fantasy about
what happens when they come to the wrong house. (MF,
nc, v, bd, murd, nec)


I was watching a couple going door to door in my
neighborhood pushing the bible. I hate it when anybody
comes to my door and bothers me on my free time.

They looked to be in their late thirties, I noticed
that the woman had short wavy dirty blonde hair,
glasses and was wearing a conservative long green skirt
with a small slit up the back with sweater, suntan
pantyhose and short heels. She wasn't hot, but her
figure wasn't bad.

They knocked on my door and I invited them in and told
them to have a seat. I kept looking her up and down as
they gave me pamphlets and preached at me. I was
getting excited, weird scenarios were running through
my head the whole time, I knew that I was going to do
something to them, but I hadn't made up my mind what.

Then finally after almost an hour of listing to them
thumping the bible I stepped out of the room and got my
gun and put it in the waistband at the back of my

Then as I entered the room I asked the man a question.
"Is your wife a good fuck?"

They both had a shocked look on their face and the guy
started stuttering, "W-what, what?"

That's when I pulled out the gun and said, "I want to
see your wife's pussy wrapped around my dick." I then
ordered them to stand up and turn around. I told them
to put their hands up and I pistol-whipped the man over
the head. I kept beating him while the woman stood
there crying.

When he stopped moving I put duck tape over his mouth
and bound his hands, he was unconscious and bleeding
badly. Then I told the woman to face me. I grabbed at
her sweater and ripped it off and then unbutton her
blouse, then I reached up and took her glasses off. The
bitch was shying away from every move I made like a
frightened deer. I told her to turn around and I pushed
her back so she was bending over and I pulled up her
skirt to see what we had to work with. She was crying
and started to say a prayer.

I pulled out my dick out and started to masturbate with
one hand as I pulled her skit up with the other. Her
legs were very shapely and sexy looking with pantyhose
on. I had a good view of her ass and realized that she
wasn't wearing any panties.

I reached out and began feeling her pantyhose covered
ass. It was firm, I guess all that walking and
preaching paid off for her. Then I started to caress
her legs and reached around her and massaged her
breasts as I rubbed my dick on her ass.

Then after a bit I tied her hands and gagged her with
duck tape. I shoved her over the arm of the couch and
began licking her pussy and asshole through the
pantyhose. By now I was so hard that I started dry
humping her ass, trying to stick my dick in her through
the pantyhose. I could only stretch it part way into
her. Frustrated, I tore open the crotch of her
pantyhose and rammed my dick into her as hard and as
deep as I could.

You could her scream though the gag, which only made me
want to hurt her more. I started to fuck her from
behind, the after a few minutes of that I flipped her
over and pushed her legs far apart and looked down at
her exposed cunt.

She was trying to scream through her duct tape gag and
was crying which helped to turn me on even more. She
was just lying against the arm of the couch not putting
up much of a fight, it was so hot.

The feeling of power made me light headed, but I like a
little fight so I slapped her and pulled her bra up to
strangle her a little. Her legs started to kick a
little bit. Now things were getting better. I quickly
blew my load in her cunt and got off of her.

Then I released her and told her to get up and taking
off all of her clothes and put them in the bag I held.
She was whimpering in fear, driving me to an even
higher lustful level than I'd ever been before.

When she was now down to only her pantyhose, I told her
to stop there. You could see my cum running down her

Her husband wasn't moving and must have been dead so I
kicked him in the head a few times to make the woman
more fearful of me. Then I walked her into the bathroom
and filled the tub with water.

She could only imagine what was going to happen to her
now. I was enjoying this immensely. I had her sit on
the sink and spread her legs for me. Then I grabbed her
and moved up to her and shoved myself into her pussy,
then lifted her up and walked over to the tub, still
jammed up into her. I leaned over taking her weight and
pushed her upper body into the tub of water.

Now she was fighting me and I could feel her cunt
muscles contacting around my cock with her exertions,
trying to pull her head out of the water. She was
thrashing around desperately trying to escape. That's
when I started to cum again. It was the longest orgasm
I ever had and I watched her desperate face the whole
time I was emptying myself into her.

I finally finished cumming. She was still kicking, her
head was still under water. I left my dick shoved deep
inside her until she finally stopped struggling.

Then I slowly started fucking her lifeless body again,
thrusting deeply, using the lubrication from my earlier
cums to smooth the way. Finally my body tensed one last
time and my life force pumped into her cunt again.

As I caught my breath, I looked down at my dead
playmate and realized I had a lot of cleaning up to do.
I got up and left her there with her legs hanging over
the tub as I attended to the task of covering my


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Caribbean Interlude
by Hardy (***@comcast.net)


A couple spend their anniversary at a Caribbean resort.
Magician days and lush tropical nights lead to lowered
inhibitions. The couple becomes susceptible to an
erotic adventure that unearthed hidden desires,
providing a new awareness of their sexuality. (MMF,
wife-sharing, swingers, voy, reluc, rom)


We were spending our third wedding anniversary on this
sun-drenched Caribbean island. It was wonderful-
sensuous moonlit tropical nights with the surf lapping
at the shore; days around the pool and hanging out at
the beach bar. It was intoxicating.

Now we were in our cottage with the stranger that we
had met at the bar. John, my husband and I had become
acquainted with him when we were enjoying our rum
drinks, and found him pleasant and charming. We invited
him to join us for dinner, and he readily accepted.

While we were showering and dressing for dinner, John
remarked that I seemed attracted to him. I said not
really but that wasn’t quite true, as he was quite

After Keith joined us we had a delightful island
dinner, followed by music provided by a steel drum
band. We had more drinks and soon the men were taking
turns dancing with me. As the evening wore on I found
that Keith was holding me closer as we danced, close
enough that I could feel his thighs pressing against
mine, and close enough that I could feel a beginning

It was exciting, feeling the desire in this handsome
stranger, and I felt a little tinge of arousal, a
slight moistening between my thighs. The effect of the
rum drinks and enchantment of this island was having an
effect. I don’t think this was lost on my husband.

When it was time to leave John invited him back to the
room for a night-cap (as if we didn’t have enough
already, and I wondered why he invited him this time of
night) He readily accepted and now the three of us were
lounging around in our cottage enjoying another drink.
John was leaning back in and arm chair, appearing
sleepy, but still aware, and Keith was sitting beside
me on our bed.

My husband stirred himself enough to turn down the
lights so we were almost in shadow, and I wondered why
he wanted the lights so dim. Our friend took advantage
of the lighting to place his arm around me, drawing me
against him. I didn’t resist, wondering where this was
going. It seemed to be going somewhere, as the next
thing he turned me towards him and kissed me. No
response from John, so the stranger kissed me again. I
was sure that he was aware of what was happening, so
why didn’t he say something?

After another kiss he swung me around so that I was
lying flat on the bed with this stranger beside me,
holding me in an embrace. I glanced towards John-I knew
he could see, even though we were in shadow, but he
said nothing. Did he want to see what I would do? Was
he going to call a halt to this action? I was going to
find out.

When he began to unbutton my blouse I did nothing, and
I did nothing when he pulled it free, exposing my bra
which opened in the front. I allowed another long kiss,
and then he opened my bra, exposing my breasts. I was
flushed and breathing rapidly with this turn of events.
I looked at my husband again-I could see his eyes but I
couldn’t see his expression. I couldn’t believe this
scene that was unfolding, and I couldn’t believe that
he wasn’t saying anything. Did he want this stranger to
make love to me?

Everything about this island, this setting, the
distance from home, and the drinks we had consumed lent
itself to an erotic evening, and it seemed to be
getting to all of us. The stranger was caressing my
nipples with his finger-tips till they stiffened, and
then he was using his mouth and tongue on my breasts,
and I was becoming more and more aroused.

I wondered if my husband had an erection-the stranger
certainly did-I was very aware of the pressure against
my leg.

His fingers dipped down to my knees, sliding under my
skirt, slowly sliding up my thighs, pushing my slip and
skirt up. His hand was gently pushing my thighs apart,
his hand now between them, stroking and caressing them,
finally pressing against my panties.

I felt myself moistening, becoming more aroused as his
fingers slipped inside the leg of my panties, finding
my moistness. I moaned softly when his finger moved in
me, not wanting my husband to hear. I murmured again
when his finger found my clitoris.

I was aware of his movements as he slipped off his
trousers and underwear, and I thought now John is going
to say or do something, but he didn’t. I whispered to
him, "Don’t strip me." But he whispered back, "I’ve got
to take these off," meaning my panties.

John was leaning forward trying to hear what we were
whispering. Did he want us to go ahead? Did he want to
see this stranger doing it to me? I could feel his very
hard cock against my thigh, and I knew I was very close
to doing it with this man-being penetrated by him.

I raised my hips to allow him to pull my slip and skirt
up under me, but I hesitated when he gripped the waist-
band of my panties, attempting to take them off. I took
a last look at my husband who sat there immobile. This
scene was so far out, and I was so aroused that I
lifted my hips, allowing him to slide my panties off,
and now open to him.

He pressed my legs and thighs apart, lightly caressing
my wet vulva, pressing my legs open more as he moved
between them, preparing to mount me. I gave a last look
at my husband whose eyes were shining in the dim light,
now pulling his chair closer to us.

There was no way now that we could stop, and I lifted
and opened my thighs so he could enter me. He directed
the huge head of his cock against me, moistening the
tip before beginning to push. I felt myself opening to
the insistent pressure, my cunt stretching as he
pressed firmly, giving a gasp as he entered me. At that
moment I came, trying to stifle my groans as I

He waited till I relaxed before pushing into me,
gradually filling me, penetrating me till I was fully
impaled on this huge cock, giving a hoarse cry. It was
done! I was sure my husband could see his cock entering
me-I wish I could see if he was as hard as this
stranger, but I knew he wasn’t this big.

He remained still, his cock rigid and fully into me,
finally moving slowly back and forth, almost pulling
out each time, then thrusting in me, pushing against my
cervix and uterus.

It was so intense, this large and very hard cock slowly
fucking me with my husband watching. I forgot about him
as this stranger began thrusting more powerfully into
me, my body moving with him.

It was do erotic, this scene right out of a hard-core
movie. This stranger was having his way with me, taking
me with my husband watching, doing nothing but
observing this stranger fucking me, seeing him doing it
to me. The way I was turned, with my legs and thighs
lifted, he had to be able to see his cock moving in and
out of me, shiny with my juices.

The sheer naughtiness of what we were doing made it so
exciting, so intense. I was soon shaken with another
orgasm that came so quickly that I cried out, my legs
and arms clutching him as warmth flowed throughout my

He held himself fully into me till my climax subsided,
and slowly began moving again, thrusting steadily,
taking plenty of time, lifting me to another erotic
high. I made no attempt now to be quiet, my gasps and
moans louder and louder, filling the room. He was soon
pushing powerfully into me, and his cock seemed to
swell. I knew he was about to come and I said "don’t
come in me." I wasn’t protected, and I didn’t want to
get pregnant by this little episode.

He didn’t say anything; he was getting close; and I
found myself approaching another climax. Just as the
waves of erotic feeling were building I gripped him
with my legs and said "don’t stop!" As I shuddered and
convulsed his hands gripped my ass pulling me into him.
I felt him impale me fully, groaning, his cock swelling
and spurting against my cervix, filling me with his
semen. I gave a cry as he flooded me, emptying his cock
in me.

It was so intense, this stranger filling my unprotected
uterus with his semen, and my husband watching this man
having his way with me, watching him emptying his cock
in me, seeing his own wife awash with another man’s

He finally moved away from me, but I lay there with my
legs spread, emotionally exhausted, feeling his
stickiness on my thighs. He got up and dressed, giving
me a quick kiss, and saying "I’ll leave you two now,"
and smiling as he left, obviously very pleased.

I turned up the lights and looked at my husband. His
penis was out and he was wet where he had ejaculated on
himself, so clearly he had enjoyed watching his wife
getting screwed by another man.

I said, "I never knew that you wanted to watch me
getting taken by a stranger. I thought that at any
moment you were going to intervene, and I let him go
ahead, thinking that soon you would call a halt. I kept
waiting for you, but you let him go on and on, and
finally I realized you weren’t going to make him stop,
and then I was so far along that I was helpless-I was
just so wet and hot that I just spread my legs for

"I didn’t know it would go that far. I thought we could
string him along a little, and then send him out the
door. But then I got caught up in the scene. I got so
excited watching him working on you that I was in a
daze. I never thought I would get so excited watching a
stranger seducing you and having his way with you-I
just can’t believe it. And then when you he got your
panties off, and you spread your legs for him, I almost
came. And when he penetrated you I couldn’t do anything
but watch-watch him screwing you, and hearing you
moaning, and seeing his cock going in and out of you,
fucking you so thoroughly- I just came.

"I never would have thought I would come watching my
wife taken like that, and fucked so well, seeing him
come in you. It was even more exciting thinking about
you risking pregnancy letting him come in you. This
never would have happened if we were at home. This
island just got to us."

We went to bed but it was a long time before either of
us went to sleep. We were both re-living that event.

In the morning we were greeted with another with
another beautiful tropic day. After breakfast we went
to the pool. It wasn’t long before Keith showed up
again, and with a friend whom we hadn’t met. He
introduced us to Tom who had come with him on this
vacation. Keith said nothing about the events of last
evening, but I’m sure he told Tom about our interesting

We had a day at the pool, at the ocean, and at the
beach bar. The drinks flowed, with Keith buying most of
them, and late in the day we were feeling more than
relaxed. We accepted their invitation to dinner, and
after dinner the dancing started. I danced with my
husband, and each of the other men. With the after
dinner rum drinks we were feeling more than relaxed.

John soon folded, leaving the other two men to dance
with me. Both of them used the opportunity to pull me
in close, thigh against thigh, hands sliding down below
my waist till it seemed that everyone was watching us.
I was getting aroused but at that point I called a
halt to the dancing.

I was surprised when John invited them both back to our
cottage for a night-cap. We settled in with some drinks
and soft music. I wondered if those two strangers would
try to seduce me, and if so would John stop them. I had
my answer soon, the two of them sitting on each side of
me, and with my husband watching they began caressing

John again dimmed the lights, so it seemed he was
permitting them to continue. How far would he let them
go? Did he want to see them taking me, doing it to me?
I didn’t think he would let the two of them screw me.

I was feeling the effects of the drinks so I was
determined to go with the flow. If he wanted to see
these two having their way with me, then I was going to
enjoy it. Somehow it would be a lot more exciting with
him watching, watching his own wife being serviced by
these studs. It couldn’t get more erotic than that.

They seemed to understand that they had our permission
to proceed, so they began to strip me, beginning with
my dress. Working together they removed my dress, then
my bra, exposing my breasts which they began to caress.
I raised my hips so they could remove my slip, and when
they gripped my panties I hesitated, looking at my
husband. He smiled and nodded, so I lifted my ass again
and they slowly removed my panties.

I lay there naked, with only my thigh high stockings
remaining. As they looked at my naked body, admiring
the view, I was flushed and trembling. They both
stripped, than continued their caresses, stroking my
thighs, spreading my legs, touching the wet lips of my
vulva, stroking me there, my cunt tingling with

Keith moved between my open legs, mounting me. I raised
my knees and opened my thighs fully as he moved his
very hard cock against me, pressing firmly, spreading
my lips as he pushed into me. I groaned as he entered
and began filling me, pushing steadily till he was
fully into me, feeling the pressure against my cervix.

He began stroking into me, steadily fucking me,
carrying me to an erotic high. He thrust faster and I
felt him swelling and throbbing as he erupted, his cock
spurting into me, triggering my climax, my arms and
legs gripping him as I cried out, my body shaking.

When he lifted off me, Tom quickly took his place
between my legs. I was so wet and open that he entered
me easily, quickly pressing his full length into me. He
was very excited watching his friend screwing me, and
he was thrusting into me for a very short time before
adding his semen to his friends. I climaxed again when
I felt him spurting into me. They wanted to take me
again, but John didn’t want them to have seconds with
me, and I think that was because he had already come,
watching them having their way with me, watching them
fucking me.

They soon left. I said, "That was pretty erotic."

And John agreed.

"And I don’t think we should do that scene again."

Again John agreed.

However the next day they were hanging around me like
flies on honey, clearly wanting a repeat performance,
even though we said we weren’t interested. But as the
evening wore on and the drinks kicked in, I was once
more fucked by those two as John was looking on,
obviously aroused by watching them between my legs,
having their way with me again.

The next day the two of them left, so we had a chance
to recover from our amorous evenings, but there was
another interesting event. Peter, the black life-guard
at the pool seemed to know about our activities, and he
made great efforts to be charming, likely wanting to
get me in the sack.

He was handsome and muscular but I had no interest in
crossing the color barrier. It appeared that other
white women at the resort were not so discriminating,
and were enjoying liaisons with black men, including
our life-guard. We made it clear that we weren’t
interested-but he was persistent, hanging around,
eyeing me a lot. I was flattered by the attention as he
had a lot of women to choose from, but I didn’t
encourage him.

However, on our last night there, things changed. We
had been drinking more than usual, and after dinner we
continued, enjoying the steel band, and dancing. Peter
showed up, chatting with us and then asking me to
dance. I looked at John and he smiled, giving me
permission, so I accepted.

We had more that one dance, and on the fast dances he
was spinning me around, and I could feel my short
skirts lifting higher and higher, and I’m sure that my
bare thighs were in view above my stocking tops, and
maybe even my panties. Gradually he was holding me
closer, especially on the slow numbers, and I could
feel his body against mine, feel the heat of him, and I
was beginning to be aroused.

Between dances, he joined us at our table, drinking
with us, even buying drinks. I looked at John, a
question in my eyes, but John just smiled, ignoring me.
I wondered if he was going to invite this black man
back to our cottage. I got my answer, as looking at me
and smiling, he invited him for a night-cap.

Peter readily accepted, and I wondered if my husband
wanted to see a black man between my legs. I didn’t
think so, but I wasn’t sure; that would be entering
forbidden territory.

At our cottage John poured drinks, and it was soon
evident that our charming life-guard was interested in
more than a night-cap. He kept eying me, eying my legs
which had fallen open slightly, eying my breasts, and
it was clear he wanted to be between my legs.

I was quite sure that he knew all about our adventure
with those men that left, and perhaps that was why he
was emboldened. He moved beside me, putting his arm
around my shoulders, and told John what a beautiful
women I was. Smiling John agreed.

I thought this has gone far enough-I had never had sex
with a black man before, and I didn’t want to start
now. Also, my pussy had just recovered from the
pounding that I had received from those two studs that
left. And lastly, I was not on any birth control
protection when they fucked me, so I had already taken
a risk. But secretly it had been much more exciting
risking pregnancy with them. However, I didn’t want to
risk having a black baby- that would be a little much,
and difficult to explain.

At this point John did nothing but pour more drinks,
sitting down in his chair again. Looking at his groin I
could see the bulge, so he was aroused again by the
erotic situation. I thought why not indulge his fantasy
a little-this time I was sure he wouldn’t let this go
too far. So I relaxed, allowing him to caress me, even
kissing him when he turned my face towards him.

Peter asked me to stand and I did, looking at my
husband. His hands reached out and unbuttoned my skirt,
pulled the zipper down and slid my skirt to the floor.
He barely hesitated before undoing my blouse and
removing that also. Now I was standing there in my
sheer half-slip and sheer camisole.

I turned towards my husband who looked at me, saying
nothing. As Peter pulled up on my camisole I raised my
arms to let him remove it, exposing my breasts, the
nipples now very firm. He looked at John as he caressed
them, and then he slid my slip to the floor. I was
standing naked now except for my sheer lacy panties and
my garter belt holding up my nylon stockings.

I was flushed and trembling with arousal as I waited
for John to call a halt, but he did nothing. It was
obvious that he was giving permission to continue.
Peter gripped my panties but I held the waist-band as
he tugged them. Did I want him to go any further? I was
close to being naked in this man’s arms, and my husband
was not intervening. I thought alright, if this is what
he wanted to see I was going to continue. Whatever
happened would be on his shoulders.

I let my arms fall to my side, and this stud slid my
panties to the floor, and I stepped away from my
clothes. Peter stripped, revealing a very large and
very thick cock, now almost fully erect-it was huge and
I looked at it with disbelief, thinking I can’t take
Before I could respond he lowered me to the bed and
began to spread my legs. At this point I was so faint
with desire and arousal I was almost helpless, feeling
the wetness in my cunt. He spread me wider and moved
between my legs, mounting me. This was so erotic, this
black stud between my legs that I could do nothing-I
was so far gone that all my earlier resolve was

I was limp as he lifted my thighs and directed the
purple swollen head of his cock against me, pressing
firmly. I gasped, feeling it pushing against my vulva,
pressing the lips open, groaning as I felt him
stretching me. He pushed strongly, and I cried out as
he penetrated me, groaning as I felt the size of him,
gripping my hips as he continued moving into me,
gradually filling me. I felt like a virgin, my vagina
fully stretched as he filled me, impaling me.

My moans filled the room as he began moving in me. He
fucked me with a steady rhythm and my whole being was
centered on this cock that was thrusting in me, raising
me to higher and higher levels of erotic feeling till
my trembling body clutched him, crying out as I was
overcome by a climax that left my body shaking and
quivering. He pulled me fully onto him, and I felt him
swelling and erupting into me, filling me with his

I knew it was no good to asking him not to come in me,
as he had no intention of pulling out. He stayed in me,
and he barely softened before I felt him moving in me
again. Soon he was fully erect, and at that point he
pulled out of me and placed me on my hands and knees at
the edge of the bed. I was like a rag doll that he
could move around at will.

He pulled my ass up and pushed his fully erect cock
into me once more, filling me and stroking powerfully.
It was even more erotic, taken in this position by this
black man, who was doing things to my body that aroused
me to a level I had never experienced. I was moaning,
groaning loudly, crying out as I was ravished by this

It was so primitive that I was overcome with another
orgasm, screaming as I shuddered, convulsing as he
groaned, his cock throbbing, spurting into me again,
filling me with his sperm. It was so erotic being taken
like that, on my hands and knees with my ass in the
air, and my vagina his for the taking. I had welcomed
the flow of semen in me.

He released me and I fell forward on the bed, lying on
my stomach, exhausted. I was aware of him dressing and
leaving with a thank-you to my husband. I finally
moved, using the sheets to wipe away the stickiness of
his come on my thighs-it was still oozing from my

"I hope you’re satisfied watching that black stud
having his way with me- he really did it to me. I don’t
think my vagina will be back to normal for some time.
He stretched me so much I felt like I was having a
baby. But I never knew you had a fantasy of watching
strangers fuck me, and especially a black man.

"I can’t believe you let him take me, and did you like
seeing his cock in me when I was on my hands and knees.
You certainly had a perfect view of him fucking me."

"I didn’t know I would be so aroused watching you doing
it with strangers, and once it got started I was
helpless to stop them. And it was even more erotic
thinking that you could become pregnant by one of

"Yes, it made it a lot more exciting feeling them
coming in me, and thinking I could get pregnant. And
knowing you were there, watching them taking me, doing
it to me, sitting right there while they were fucking
me was so erotic. Well, it’s not going to happen again.
And I don’t know what’s going to happen now with my
cunt and uterus filled with their semen night after
night, but we’ll find out. This was quite a wedding
anniversary, and I didn’t have any idea we would
celebrate it the way we did."

We slept little that night, and we packed early in the
morning, catching the flight for home that afternoon.
We spoke little on the plane, and I know we were both
re-living the events on that island. I flushed when I
thought about it, and I felt myself moistening again as
I remembered how it felt when I was taken and used by
those men, and with my aroused husband’s consent.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Angel On Her Knees
by Author on Africa (***@uwclub.net)


Igwe demands satisfaction, and Angel does a perverted
act against her will... well it was the first time...
(MF, reluc, oral, intr)


Angel stared like a mesmerised rabbit at the length of
black cock bobbing in front of her eyes.

Her heart quaked with fear and disgust, and weakness.

Igwe wanted her to suck his cock, and her stomach
churned with the horror of it. She was losing the
argument and she knew it!

Igwe was not accepting her refusal. Not accepting that
she had the right to say No!

Her husband would never treat her like this. He had
more respect for her!

Igwe wanted his cock sucked, and what Igwe wanted Igwe

He was a beast.

She knelt at his feet. Her eyes locked on that
throbbing jerking length of male lust. She was

She closed her eyes and prayed for forgiveness.


"No, it's perverted!"

The words had burst from her when Igwe first told her
what he wanted her to do!

Suck cock! Yuk!

The thought filled her with horror and disgust. In all
her years of marriage she had never sucked her husbands

Cocks pissed!

Filthy dirty things.

It had taken her years to get used to touching her
husband's cock after their marriage. They were the
worst parts of men. Driving them to uncontrolled
passions and perverted lusts in which all sense of
rationality and reason left them.

Igwe had looked at her with surprise.

"Perverted! Don't be silly woman. It's a perfectly
normal. Everyone likes sucking cock! Women like sucking
them, and men like them sucked! Even men and boys like
sucking cock!"

Angel reeled and the perverted and shocking image. Her
world was on the edge of shattering. This man she was
in love with wanted her to commit a perverted sex act
condemned by the Church, and blithely talked about even
men liking to suck cock!

"I can't! It's wrong!"

"Wrong! How can it be wrong when it gives so much
pleasure to all concerned?"

"But it just is!"

"You are just a closet racist! You won't suck my cock
because it's black!"

"No, that's not true! I have never sucked a cock! Not
anyone's not even Mark my husbands?"

Igwe stared at her in disbelief. Could it be true?
Surely not!

"Believe me I have done anything like that. The bible
tells us it is wrong."

Igwe looked at her flushed pretty face. His eyes
focussed on her soft pink lips. Had those lips really
never taken a cock between them? Surely he had not
found a white woman with a virgin mouth!

His cock twitched and lurched and in his trousers.

Angel nervously shifted her feet and stared at him.
Wondering if his silence indicated that he had accepted
her argument. Her heart thumped and her throat was dry.
She knew about cock sucking of course, but had
successfully avoided it. She was not going to start
now, she wasn't! She licked her suddenly dry lips, and
immediately knew from Igwe's reaction that licking her
lips had not been a good move.

She had seen the lust rise to new heights in his eyes
followed her tongue slipping wetly over their suddenly
dry surface!

Oh dear, this was not going to be easy. She would just
have to make him understand she was not that kind of

She was about to speak again when Igwe whirled and
strode across to his bookshelf. He paused a moment and
then returned after extracting a leather bound book.

"Show me," he said, holding out what she now saw was a

"Show me the parable on cock sucking!"

Angel reeled pulling her hand back that had just been
about to take the proffered bible! Her eyes widened and
her thoughts raced.

"Come on Angel. Show me where Jesus said it was wrong
to suck cock?"

"But...but...Sodom and Gnorroha... it said there...."

"No, it doesn't but what does the Old Testament count
to you? You are a Christian right? You follow the
teachings of Jesus. Show me where he taught it was
wrong for a woman to give a man pleasure by using her

Angel brought her hand up to her mouth and nibbled her
lips. Then stopped as she realised this excited Igwe as

"But I was taught in Church that it was wrong that only
normal relations are between men and women and sex for
the purpose of making babies is the only kind of sex
that couples should take part in."

"Really. Then can I assume you are not on the pill?"
Angel flushed a deep red at being caught out. The
Catholic Church did indeed teach that it was wrong to
use birth control, but when Angel stopped using the
pill twelve years after Amanda's birth she had promptly
became pregnant with her son. She had sworn, church
teachings or not, never to go off the pill again!

"But even last week's sermon...the priest went on and
on about the sins of the flesh!"

"Bah! He should know!"

Angel's eyes widened as she looked at him shocked. Igwe
stared at her and wondered just how innocent and naive
she was could be.

"The only reason your church allowed choir girls was
because they were fed up with its priests using the
choir boys for bum practice! It wanted its priests to
have some normal sex for a change!"

Angel looked at him shocked to the core.

"It's not like that!"

"Really...are you telling me that Father Mansa has not
tried to persuade you to go to one of his bible reading

"Bible reading weekends are a normal part of church

"Is that so? Was it also a normal part of Church
practice for Father Mansa to fondle your bottom when he
asked you?"

Angel stared at him. How did Igwe know that?

"But African men are always fondling my bottom! It's
been like that since we arrived."

"So now what's normal is for a black Catholic priest to
fondle your white curvy bottom while asking you to go
away with him for the weekend?"

Angel wondered if her face would ever be normal again.
It seemed a permanent shade of hot pink at the moment.
She was hot and flushed and this conversation was not
going as it should.

Igwe turned away, and placed the book to one side. He
paused for a moment then turned back to Angel. As he
walked towards her he started unbuttoning his shirt and
Angel's heart skipped a beat.

He was taking his clothes off!

Eyes followed his fingers without conscious thought as
he stripped off his shirt. Then his hands went to his
belt and Angel looked away not wanting to see his cock

A cock he wanted her to suck!

"So Angel put aside this silly nonsense. I want you to
pleasure me tonight."

Angel shivered at the words. For the last three Tuesday
nights she had been made love to by Igwe. Though she
wondered if she should really use the term fucked! He
had been so overpowering and aggressive, and it had
been so incredibly good.

She was used to the considerate, careful attention of
her loving husband.

With Igwe she had experienced raw sex, and it had been
shockingly exciting.

Tonight he was trying to use reason to persuade her to
do something her whole ingrained being rejected.

It was perverted to suck cock!

But some women like it.

The thought nagged her. She tried to push it aside, but
her thoughts turned to wonder why any woman could like
to kneel at a man's feet and take his cock into her

Igwe's trousers dropped around his ankles and Angel
fought her desire to look at and touch his cock.

Igwe stepped out of his trousers and stepped towards
her. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her and
Angel sighed with relief and accepted his kiss. She
teased her lips against his, than as rising passion
overcame her she kissed and kissed and squeezed him

His cock was hot and throbbing and pressing close to
her and she wanted it inside her. Surely he did to.

Igwe pulled free of her eager clutching passionate
kiss. Surprised that so passionate a woman could be so
innocent about sex.

"Is it true then?"

Angel looked at him quizzically.

"Is it true that these sweet lips have never taken your
husband's cock between them."

Igwe played his thumb across her lips. Enjoying their
soft wet curves. He pushed with his thumb and Angel
accepted and sucked on it. Igwe grinned.

"Not anyone?"

Angel could not reply her lips were sucking on the
thick black thumb in her mouth and watching how Igwe
enjoyed her doing it. It felt comforting. She shook her

"Yet your sweet mouth so readily sucks on my thumb?"

Angel pulled her head free of his thumb!

"Come my little honey pot, do it for me. Pleasure me in
return for the pleasure I have given you with my tongue
between your legs."

"No, I won't...I can't...you don't understand."

"Oh I understand well enough. You are a racist like
your father!"

"Noooo...I'm not...it' just not right."

She looked at Igwe, and was relieved he was not annoyed
with her. The expression on his face was a mix of
disbelief and wonder.

He stroked her face and she pushed her cheek into his
warm hand before turning to kiss and lick the inner

It may not have been the wisest thing to do as the feel
of her tongue on his palm served to remind Igwe where
he really wanted to feel her tongue. He large black
hands took her slim shoulders in his and

Angel sank to her knees unable to resist his masculine
strength. Her husband would not have been capable of
exercising such casual easy strength on her.

This his cock bobbed in front of her eyes and she
closed her mouth and tried to look away.

"Look! Look woman! God made this!"

Angel looked.

"More like the devil!" she blurted.

"God made man in his image and set him in Eden here in

"This is God's work," Igwe waved his cock in front of
her eyes.

Angel looked at eleven inches of erect black cock!

It was a marvel! It was too thick to go in her mouth!

It throbbed and jerked in front of eyes like a rearing
snake, a spitting cobra ready to spit its juices into
her mouth. She shuddered with distaste. Her throat
choked and she tried desperately not to be sick at the
thought of this cock pumping sperm into her mouth.

God made man in his image, Igwe had said, and the words

How could women enjoy doing something like this?

"And after God made man he decided that man was not
complete without woman. So he made woman. Made with
knees so that she could kneel, with sweet lips and a
mouth designed to receive cock. Soft, hot nimble
tongues to please men with!"

Angel blinked at the twisted version of the Eden story.

"So look at God's creation woman and worship it."

"Nooooo...please Igwe...noooo."

It would be so easy to let go. She would surrender to
force! A good beating would do her good! It would have
been so much better to have her willingly suck his
cock. What sort of man was her husband not to take his
wife and teach her to please him with her mouth? He
grinned, ah well, the sort of man who would have to
live with the fact that another man taught his wife to

He flexed his hands, spreading them wide, he closed
them around her pretty white head. Angel whimpered as
she found her head strongly held.

Igwe stepped forward and hot hard black flesh pressed
against her tightly closed lips.

His masculine smell overpowered her sense of smell. The
first time in her life hot cock pressed against her
soft lips. She shuddered. The situation was out of

Was he right? So many women seemed to talk so casually
about sucking cock! But it was cock that God had
designed and made for Man! Her thoughts tumbled. The
Church said it was wrong to be licked between her legs,
but she loved that. Had done so since the very first
electric tingle of a hot tongue thrusting up under her
skirt and licking had sent her nervous system into a
frenzy of excitement.

Her pet dog had decided her virgin cunt was a tasty
feast and her pet's eager tongue had been the first to
bring her to an orgasm. She had suppressed that memory.
She had only been thirteen years old when her pet's
tongue had introduced her to sexual pleasure.

With her parents busy running their own businesses she
had been bored and lonely. The servants happy to leave
her to herself!

It had not been a problem to take the lively dog up to
her room. There she had removed her knickers and sat on
the bed looking at her pet. Then she had lain back and
spread her legs.

The dog enjoyed its tasty treat, and innocent 13yo
Angel found heaven on earth.

This went on for a year before she mentioned it in
confession to the parish priest. His look of horror had
been the start of a nightmare of penance, fire and
brimstone! She had been spared the priest mentioning
the detail to her parents. He merely mentioned to her
parents that she was close to losing her soul to the

Her mother's reaction had shocked Angel. She had never
been left alone again. Her enforced sexual abstinence
had lasted till her wedding night, when she had sat on
her marriage bed and looked at her Mark, her new

She had lain back, spread her legs, and told a bemused
Mark what she wanted....

In the morning she had a fit of guilt, and that guilt
had driven right through her marriage since.


Now she kneeled at the feet of this black man. Igwe
Orizu rich, powerful, and with a magnificent wonderful

If she sucked, perhaps it would be atonement for her
own past sins!

She looked up at the intense frown on Igwe's face.

Perhaps, she did owe a duty to him to repay the
pleasure he had given her.

She felt the pressure of his hands on her head. He was
pushing and shoving at her closed mouth with his hot
throbbing cock. She felt liquid, hot pungent, and salty
on her lips.

She pulled away.


That complaint was her mistake, as Igwe's cock thrust
through her parted protesting lips.

The hot throbbing length pushed into her mouth. She
pulled away but Igwe held her head firm.

"Oh Yes, honey that's it!"

Cock was in her mouth! It was hot, pulsing and vibrant,
and pushing deeper. An alarmed Angel found her mouth to
full to protest. Her mouth felt stretched around its
thickness. Her soft lips could not escape clasping the
side of its thickness.

Igwe groaned at the feel of those soft lips around his
cock, so soft and feathery. As Angel moved her head
from side to side to try and escape his thrusting
manhood she could not avoid her lips sliding along the
length of cock in her mouth.

Igwe groaned again at the delight of the hot, soft,
wetness enclosing his cock!

Angel heard his excited moans and despaired of getting
free. The beast was enjoying it!

Igwe looked down at the struggling woman at his feet
and grinned, her pretty white face pierced by his
thick, black manhood. If only her husband could see her
now with a black cock in her sweet mouth!

If what she had said was true and she had never done
this before, then her husband would have been even more
chagrined that his wife was taking a black cock in her

Or would he? Angel would have been shocked if she knew
the number of white men who had watched their wives
fuck and suck with Igwe. Igwe understood human nature
well. Sexual activity always created arousal, no matter
what the circumstance.

In African culture it was commonplace to share sex
partners. It was traditional for married brothers to
offer their wives to unmarried brothers.

In traditional families in traditional one room huts
sexual activity was normal and few had second thoughts
about public exhibitions of love-making.

Parents had no alternative to making love in the same
room as their children and sexual awareness and
understanding was far greater in African culture than
it seemed to be in western countries.

He had been surprised ay the naivety and innocence of
white teenage girls, but it was always fun to educate
them. Even white wives were often sexual innocents and
had never experienced shared love making with multiple

That was one of the reasons he enjoyed white women,
once trained they became absolute devotees of African
sexuality. Usually not wanting to return to their
western concepts of relationships. If a women enjoyed
sex by being penetrated in one or another opening, then
they enjoyed it more when more openings were used. It
just took white women a bit of time to get used to the
idea of being used by several men at once.

Igwe enjoyed the process of teaching them about sex, it
was always a new and challenging experience, and when a
woman resisted her education it only added to his fun.

Igwe was not surprised white men enjoyed seeing their
wives fucked. It was a perfectly normal part of human
sexuality. He had always enjoyed watching sex. He had
fucked four of his brothers wives, and all their
daughters. That was normal.

Share and share alike!

Not the sexual repression of the west.

He and Joshua had taken turns front and back with
Joshua's stunning daughter Laysha, and when that had
finished three of Joshua's wives had entertained them
further by torturing Laysha with their tongues.

White men did not appreciate, or even understand the
eager sexual drive of young women. To Igwe once a girl
developed curves, she was a woman. White men had this
off idea that women were not women until they were much

The idea that a girl became a woman at an artificial
age, whether set at 14, 16, or 18 years old was so
ludicrous as to Igwe to be unbelievable. Nature decided
when a girl became a woman, and nature give her the
ability to have babies at that time.

He understood that in some American states the age of
consent was 21, and wondered how such ridiculous limits
could pass into legislation.

In Zimbabwe the age of consent was 12 years old. That
was not set by the newly independent African
government, but by the previous white colonial regime.
At least they had accepted the reality of the need to
marry off daughters quick before they got too randy and
lost their virginity, and the family lost their dowry

He wondered at the hypocrisy of white colonial
Governors agreeing far younger ages of consent in their
African colonies than their Victorian governments would
have allow back home.

Of course, it gave those white colonialists the licence
to take young African women as lovers and concubines.

Now the roles were reversed. Africans ruled in Africa,
but the law stayed the same, and unsuspecting white
parents brought their lithe, nubile, teenage daughters
to Africa, and the waiting Africans...the memories
triggered his orgasm unexpectedly.

He grasped the back of Angel's head to hold her in
place as the first spurt jetted across her tongue. Her
muffled squeal he ignored as he pushed his cock deeper.
His precious seed was going one place, and one place
only, down her slender white throat.

He felt her pushing at his legs, her head trying to
pull away, as further spasmodic jets shot into her
mouth. He had no trouble holding her in place as his
cock jerked, throbbed and then finally released its

Angel had been struggling with the thickness of the
black cock in her mouth. Her lips were clamped around
it, not so much by choice, as much by the effort of
trying to keep her lips off the hot cock.

Each thrust into her mouth saw her soft lips rolling
past thick gnarled prominent veins pumped full of blood
by Igwe's arousal. She felt those pumping veins throb
and pulse as her lips passed over them.

Her scent glands were suffering overload from the raw
masculine smell of his loins as each thrust of his cock
brought her slim nose closer to his body and that
swinging, sperm filled, black sack at the start of his

She found herself savouring and enjoying that
overpowering smell.

The end of his cock was choking her with each thrust of
the large plum shaped head into her gullet. She
struggled to control her gagging as it sought the
entrance to her previously unused throat. Shock at it
thrusting so deep alarmed her.

She naively thrust her tongue at the cock to try push
it from her mouth, and her tongue rolled over the
plump, smooth, head of his cock sending a new and
unusual taste to assault her taste buds.

As the cock pushed at her tongue, she felt the soft
rolling skin of his foreskin as it rolled back from her
tongue releasing even more pungent tastes. She pulled
her tongue back from the top of his cock, as it thrust
deeper. She found her tongue underneath his cock. A new
even stronger, strange, salty taste coated her tongue,
and she pulled her tongue back again, but it had
nowhere to go as her mouth filled with black cock.

She whimpered her distress, confusion, and surprising

Her pussy was wet, and her nipples were hard. It felt
strange and so different to be made to kneel at the
feet of her dominant lover while he used her mouth to
give him pleasure.

Each throb, jerk, and pulse of that hot cock
demonstrated her lover's sexual excitement, and despite
herself she found herself proud that she could excite
him so.

Her tongue tentatively slid along the underside of his
cock, and she shuddered and jerked, as something hot
seemed to shoot deep into her mouth. Then she realised
what must have happened. Hot and clingy it seemed to
coat the back of her mouth and she gagged again as she
instinctively swallowed.

She jerked her head strongly back, struggling to get
free her mouth from the alarming realisation of what
might come nest.

She called out her alarm, and protest, it came out
muffled and weak around the thickness in her mouth.
Igwe's strong black hands held the back of her head

Her mewls and whimpers escalated as another jet of hot,
thick pungent liquid shot into her mouth. Because she
had been pulling away from his cock it landed squarely
on her super-sensitive tongue. Her eyes widened in
alarm as the taste of sperm flooded her mouth.

Her mind rebelled at the idea of a man's baby making
juice resting casually on her tongue. This seed was
precious, the source of life. It must be wrong to do

Another pulse of sperm shot onto her tongue. Angel
prayed that it was over, but Igwe held her firm and
then to her complete shock and surprise Igwe's cock
erupted and his sperm seemed to flow into her mouth
from his cock as though a hose had been turned on!

Her mouth quickly filled with hot, clingy, salty
pungent sperm. Every movement of her tongue enhanced
the sensory overload on her taste buds. As she tried to
pull free, Igwe's strong hands won the tussle and
pulled her head forward and more of his pulsing jetting
cock slid into her mouth.

She quickly started swallowing.

The taste and feel of it going down her throat reminded
her of her one experience with oysters.

Sperm continued to flow from his cock and Angel
swallowed repeatedly. Thinking had stopped as she
struggled to cope with the extra-ordinary flow. This
she realised was the result of her lover's sexual
excitement and satisfaction in her mouth.

A glow seemed to enthuse her, almost against her will.
She had excited him sexually, even when she had wanted
nothing to do with this perverted act.

Emotional confusion competed with a deeper physical
satisfaction. Her heart pounded, and her pretty face
flushed pink.

As the flow ceased, her tongue cleaned her mouth of the
odd taste. She looked up at Igwe. He was grinning down
at she and she smiled back, delighted to his happy

"Come honey, let's go to bed."

Angel's heart leaped, she flushed pinker still, and
grinned a silly grin. Her pussy was wet and ready to be
filled. She rose to her feet and took Igwe's
outstretched hand and allowed him to lead her to his

On that luxury four-poster bed Angel sprawled. She saw
herself in the mirror above the bed, grinned and
stretched. Instinctively she shifted her body allowing
her full breasts prominence. She noticed her waist was
still narrow for a woman who had three children, and
her shapely tanned legs stretched and parted as Igwe
climbed naked on to the bed.

Igwe had other things in minds. Angel was not going to
be let off so easily. He swung above and around her,
aligning his head with the golden tanned vee between
her legs, while bringing his cock up and back in
alignment with her face and that tempting peach of a

Angel's protest died away as he quickly and easily
manhandled her firmly into position. His head dipped
and his tongue passed over her wet leaking vulva, and
her resistance evaporated as she welcomed his head
between her legs and the exciting feel of a tongue
between her legs.

"Rest you head on my thigh," Igwe demanded. He rested
his own head on Angel's soft satin inner thigh. Angel
copied his move, and they lay side-by-side, head to
toe, or tongue to pussy and mouth to cock.

He's going to want me to suck him again she realised.
It didn't seem quite so frightening now.

His tongue pushed into her wet vulva, and it blossomed
open like a flower revealing its secrets to his
questing tongue. Angel shivered in delight at the
exquisite feel of his tongue licking and lapping her
soft wet interior.

He paused and raised his head.

"Well?" he asked.

Angel stared at the hot, hard length of black cock so
close to her mouth. She knew what he wanted.

"Lick me, please!"

"Only when I feel your lips and mouth on my cock!"

Angel swallowed hard, then she moved her head closer,
and opened her mouth and voluntarily took his cock
inside her mouth.

Igwe grinned.

"Come on Honey, let me feel that lovely tongue!" His
own tongue held back from giving Angel pleasure while
he waited.

Nervous of the reaction Angel's tongue licked along the
underside of Igwe's cock and his groan both alarmed and
excited her. Then Igwe's exciting tongue was between
her own legs and Angel stopped thinking and wallowed in
her own depravity as Igwe lapped hungrily his dark head
clamped between urgent soft white thighs.

His own leg came over and he clamped Angel's pretty
white face between his heavy muscular black thighs.
Angel found the close proximity of his hairy black
thighs clamped on her face both overpowering and

Then for the first time in her life she started to
seriously explore and taste cock.

Angel was silent on the journey home. Mark Scott eyed
his lovely wife on the journey home wondering what was
on her mind. He had picked her up on time and found her
waiting for him, but she was keeping to herself.

She seemed in a fey mood. Her eyes were bright, and her
face flushed, and with a sinking feeling he wondered if
something was going on. He remembered they had made
love to Angel last week and found her wet and very
slick inside. He had idly speculated that someone else
had already fucked her, and he was experiencing what
was known as 'sloppy seconds'! He had dismissed the
thought as ludicrous, but the idea had kept coming back
to him.

He wondered if tonight, if she was willing to let them
make love, he would find the same slick, wet, slippery
tunnel between her lovely legs. If he did he did not
know whether he would laugh, or cry.

"You OK Angel?"

She nodded absently.

"You seem distracted?"

"Let's talk when we get home OK?"

Mark's heart sank wondering what his wife wanted to
talk about. He dreaded to hear what he suspected, and
was not sure how he would react.

Mark's thoughts were far from on Angel's mind. Her
tongue rolled around the inside of her mouth and she
could still taste the sperm that shot into her mouth
and on to her tongue.

She had sucked a man off!

The thought rolled around her head.

She had sucked a man off. Not once but three times!

When they had finished their 69, Angel had pushed Igwe
on to his back and looked at that long thick length of
black cock in amazement and surprise. It had seemed
that she had discovered cock all over again. She had
looked at Igwe, looked into his eyes and seen his lazy

He had smiled at her, and the smile had been like a sun
shining on her heart and she had felt so exultant. She
smiled back at him. Then with no prompting, she had
leaned over and licked and lapped at his cock and balls
till all eleven inches of thick black cock stood proud
and hard.

Then she had opened her mouth and sucked him off!

He hadn't needed hands to hold her head in place when
had came.

She knew now why women sucked cock.

She still felt like a depraved slut, instead of a
happily married woman. She glanced at Mark, then
quickly looked away as he caught her eye.


At home she checked on Robert. Her son happily slept
the sleep of any rumbustious child. She checked in the
kitchen, then took her surprised husband's hand and led
him to their bedroom.

Turning she looked at Mark.

He looked back, and saw her eyes were dilated. She was
trembling, flushed and staring back at him.

"You wanted to talk about something?"

"I want to be fucked...."

Mark reeled in shocked surprise. Those had been the
last words he had expected to here from his reserved,
churchgoing wife.

"I want to be fucked now!"

The session with Igwe had left her horny, wet and
excited. For all the sucking he had not fucked and she
had never felt so in need of a good fuck. She flushed
at thoughts that seemed so unnatural to her.

Mark gathered his wife in his arms and she dragged him
back onto the bed. Decorum abandoned she stroked his
cock through his trousers. She had always thought it
was too big before she met Igwe, now she wondered if it
would do?

A surprised but eager Mark shucked her skirt up around
her waist, and fumbled with her panties, before pulling
them off just as Angel's warm hand circled and fondled
his now exposed cock.

He pushed her down and Angel spread her legs and pulled
him towards her.

"Fuck me, Oh God, fuck me!"

He needed no encouragement.

It came as a relief when he found his wife, wet but

He thrust between her legs and felt the usual resisting
inner muscles. His eagerness empowered his thrusts and
he pushed in to find her sheath wet but not slippery.
The same hot tight pussy he had learned to love. He
sighed in relief and dismissed last week's experience
as a one off strangeness.

Angel held him close and he circled his hips as he
tried not to get too excited too quickly.

Afterwards Angel lay beside Mark their arms were close
about each other. Angel felt strange. She had never
felt this way before. She could feel a deep abiding
hunger. Her loins were in uproar. Her stomach roiled
with butterflies.

She had never felt such a deep hunger, such a sexual

She wanted Igwe Orizu. She wanted his big black cock.
She wanted to please him. She wanted to spread her
golden thighs and for him to climb between them with
his hard throbbing pulsing cock.

She hugged her husband, and a tear sprang from her

She was confused...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Father McBride's Chamber Sessions
by Kacey (***@rocketmail.com)


After Father McBride hears his student, priests and
nuns confessions, he has counseling sessions in his
chambers. (FFm, ped, inc, 1st, bi, sacrilegious)


Father McBride had a number of young boys and girls he
counseled that attended St. Mary's Catholic school in
upper State New Hampshire taught mostly by Nuns, but by
a few young Priests and lay teachers as well. Besides
having students in his chambers to help advise them
about their studies, he listened to their confessions
on a regular basis.

Father McBride had some favorite boy students through
the many years he was in the Parish. One young man, age
13, named Anthony, was one. There were many many more.
The Father grew quite fond of Anthony, he had him in
his private chambers quite often to talk about a few of
the things Anthony confessed about.

During the chamber sessions with Anthony, Father
McBride would sit right next to Anthony as they talked
and often took the liberty to hold Anthony real close
to him. It wasn't unusual for Anthony to by fondled by
the Father. Many times, it went a little further, but
Anthony understood that everything talked about in
confession and in the Father's chambers were to be
always kept totally secret from his friends and from
his parents.

During one of the sessions, Father McBride had a
Playboy magazine that he wanted to discuss with
Anthony. He had received it from one of the Nuns who
found it in her classroom one afternoon, the same
classroom that Anthony was in. He then asked Anthony if
it was his or did he know whose it was. Anthony did not
know, but he did confess that he has seen those
magazines at home in his Dad's office. He further
confessed that he would look at them when his parents
weren't home.

The Father wanted to know if Anthony enjoyed seeing the
naked women and did it give him any sort of sensation.
Anthony said it did. He told Father McBride that he
always got a hard-on looking through the pages and once
in awhile he would open up the centerfold picture,
laying it out on his bed in his room and play with
himself. The Father kept the Playboy always very
visible to Anthony as they talked and after Anthony
confessed what he did, Father McBride spread out the
centerfold between them.

After a few moments while giving Anthony some time to
focus on the picture before them, the Father asked
Anthony if he could do right now what he does at home
while looking at the naked pictures. Anthony asked if
that was an OK thing to do because he didn't want his
parents to find out. The Father assured him that it
will never be told outside these chambers. Anthony
unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out, he was
already hard, he took his cock in his right hand and
began to play with it like he did at home.

The Father told Anthony that he could make it feel even
better than when he played with it by himself and asked
Anthony if he could show him what he meant and how it
would feel. He had full faith in whatever the Father
said and asked the Father what did he mean exactly. If
you let me kiss you there and then let me put your cock
in my mouth and suck it, it will feel much better than
doing it with your hand. Anthony said that would be OK,
he guessed it would be anyway.

Without a further word, Father McBride leaned over
toward Anthony and kissed his cock and licked it a
little before getting on his knees on the floor right
in front of Anthony. He took Anthony's cock fully into
his mouth. He was really good at this having done it so
many times with boys that he counseled in his chambers.

Father McBride knew Anthony had reached the age when he
could cum, so he kept sucking and playing with
Anthony's balls until Anthony lifted up some from the
couch and out of the end of his cock, he shot a load
into Father McBride's mouth. He sucked and sucked
Anthony's cock dry. When it was over, they both
promised to keep this their secret and it was so.
Anthony always looked forward to being with Father
McBride after that.

Father McBride was not only drawn to young boys. He
heard confessions from the girl students as well which
often ended up being talked about later in his
chambers. One young girl, named Amy, about 14 years
old, confessed to Father McBride that she needed to
talk to him sometime. The Father asked Amy to come by
his chambers about three o'clock that afternoon after
her final class.

Amy arrived right on time. Father McBride closed and
locked the door behind Amy as she headed for one of the
easy chairs near the desk. Father McBride sat in one of
the other chairs instead of looking over at Amy from
behind his desk. As she sat, her plaid pleated uniform
skirt was just about half way up her thighs. The Father
quickly took note that Amy already had full breasts,
beautiful legs and as far as he could see, her thighs
were not skinny like some of the other girls. She has
already developed a nice body. It already aroused him,
he felt sensations in his crotch.

During her confession earlier that day, Amy told Father
McBride that she was feeling especially warm towards
older men, not boys her age. The Father said this was
not all that unusual, making Amy feel better already.
What finally came out was that she was attracted and in
love with her own Dad. She told the Father that it came
about gradually over the past few years.

There were confessions of innocent incest which Father
McBride was really curious about, They would get
together all naked when her Mom wasn't home, but it was
only enjoying their nakedness with some fondling, but
no sex, no intercourse, no oral sex.

Father McBride took quick advantage of this opportunity
and asked Amy if she liked being naked other than with
her Dad. She said she always went around the house
naked as much as she possibly could when she was all
alone in the house. The Father asked Amy if it would
embarrass her to take her uniform off now and sit naked
while we talked. She hesitated a moment, then said it's
not that it's embarrassing, I just feel so good with no
clothes on.

Pressing further, Father McBride asked Amy if she would
want him to get naked as well, if so, he would be happy
to. Amy felt OK with that. So the Father drew the
drapes over the windows, double checked the door lock
and told his Secretary to hold all his calls.

Father McBride wanted very badly to help Amy take all
of her clothes of, so without hesitation, he stepped
over to her, unbuttoned her blouse, bent over to take
her socks and shoes off, then unhooked her skirt and
let it drop to the floor. He placed her shoes, socks,
blouse and skirt on another chair. Amy reached around
to unhook her bra as the Father took hold of the
waistline of her panties and slid them down and off.

Amy sat down and she looked like a young goddess, all
naked, her legs close together and her arms and hands
on her thighs. As she leaned back, her tits looked even
bigger than I had imagined. She had the tits of a grown
woman. When he was sliding her panties down, he saw
that she had a nice patch of pubic hair for her age.

The Father had kept in real good shape over the years
and for an older man, he had a very strong and well fit
physique, he was not fat, well built. Amy said she felt
good being here in this nice warm chamber and being all
naked. It was obvious she was very relaxed and content
and was not the least bit uneasy about showing herself
off in front of the Priest she confessed to.

Father McBride untied his shoes, removed his socks,
took off the rest of his clothes and pulled the other
chair closer to Amy and sat down facing her, now both
naked and enjoying it. The Father was sure Amy saw his
long hard cock erect and sticking way out as it was
right in her view. To the Father's delight and complete
surprise, Amy got up and sat on Father McBride's lap
telling him that this is what she did when her and her
Dad got naked.

The Father wrapped Amy in his arms, fondled her body
all over, caressing her tits and pressing his big hard
cock against her pretty ass, it felt real nice and the
Father was really pleased to be there all naked with
Amy, a sweet young attractive girl of 14. They hugged,
but didn't kiss, just sat talked and enjoyed being that
way for a while longer.

Father McBride had a four o'clock appointment in town,
so he let it last as long as possible before it was
time to get dressed. Amy got brave and told Father
McBride that his cock was a whole lot bigger than her
Dad's and she loved looking at it and feeling it
against her naked body. They made an appointment for
the following week and Father McBride made sure it
would be his last one for the day.

It was not unusual for a young Priest to be attracted
to Father McBride. A Priest named Andrew worked up a
relationship that was not only friendly, but sexual as
well. Andrew had a passion for sucking cock. He had
confessed it many times and the other young Priests
knew it and took advantage of Andrew's passion. He
would suck their cocks as often as they wanted it.

At least once a month, Father McBride would have his
Secretary set a one-hour appointment for Andrew to come
to his chambers. His Secretary, named Colleen, always
had a silly smile on her face when the Father had her
make sure she reminded Andrew of the appointment.

When Andrew would show up, they poured some wine, they
talked about a lot of things regarding the school, the
students, the Nuns, the other Priests, etc. But almost
on cue, about a half an hour later, Father McBride
would go over to the couch and undress from the waist

He liked Andrew to work up his hard-on and he did it
well. He would kiss and lick his balls and cock and
when his cock was still soft, he put it in his mouth
and sucked it and sucked it until it was real rock
hard. Father McBride liked it that way very much, it
was very special. When the Father's cock was ready to
cum, Andrew could feel the surge and throbbing of his
cock and was ready to suck in all the cum that shot out
of Father McBride's cock.

Andrew loved the taste of cum and always swallowed
every drop. There was a few times when Andrew was able
to suck it again because sometimes Father McBride was
able to get hard again for Andrew. When they were done,
Andrew left, said goodbye to the Secretary who had a
hidden grin on her face knowing that Andrew sucked her
boss's cock.

The Secretary Colleen, was a lay person from town and
had been Father McBride's Secretary for about four
years. She was married, all her children were older.
She also had her so-called appointment with her boss.
There were many hours of the door being locked, the
phone on forwarding to the operator and the blinds
being pulled.

What she liked was having the Father go down on her hot
pussy and she would repay him by sucking his cock. They
fucked each other now and then too, she being the age
of not getting pregnant, so the Father always rode
Collen bareback. She was a great piece of ass and so
handy, just outside the door.

Collen told Father McBride that her husband stopped
eating her pussy years ago and she was glad the Father
had a fetish for sucking a hairy pussy. One thing
Collen enjoyed the most when they only had a few quick
minutes of time, was to watch Father McBride jerk-off.
Colleen would bare her full breasts in front of him, it
made him real hard and he came real quick. It was great
to have a boss like Father McBride.

One afternoon, Father McBride called Colleen into his
office, She knew they had no time for sex, she knocked
on the door and entered. Her boss told her to set up an
appointment with Sister Angela. Colleen asked if he
wanted any other of the Nuns to come also. The Father
said no, just Angela and I will need the full hour at
the end of the day. He told her to make it for four
o'clock Friday afternoon. Colleen left wondering what
was up, because Father McBride never had only one
Sister in his office at a time, it was always two,
three or more for an administrative meeting once a

What Colleen didn't know was that Sister Angela had a
recent confession with the Father. She revealed to him
that before she became a Nun, she had a boyfriend and
they had consensual sex together for about two years.
Her confession was that after the past two years as a
Nun, she recently was reflecting back on that
relationship and missed having sex. Angela was very
young, age 26, and a real pretty woman. The habit the
Nuns wore while teaching at the school were not the
full habit which covered their whole body. It was a
skirt and a blouse style.

Father McBride had noticed Angela, she was hard not to
keep your eyes on. Besides her beautiful face, her legs
were gorgeous and it was apparent that she was well
endowed with nice size breasts. The Father advised her
to try to shake those memories of her sexual encounters
with her boyfriend if possible, otherwise, he could
arrange to have a few counseling sessions in his
chambers to talk to Angela if she thought it would
help. She said she wanted to do that. Father McBride
told Angela that Colleen, his Secretary, would call her
and set up an appointment for Friday, the end of the
week at the end of the school day.

Friday came around, Angela was on time, Colleen
announced her arrival and Father McBride asked Colleen
to send her in. To make Angela feel more comfortable,
he had her join him on the couch. He offered her a
glass of wine, they both ended up having two glasses
each as Angela was confiding in the Father. The wine
did it, She was getting more comfortable and relaxed.
Father McBride poured a third glass of wine and while
he was near his desk, he called Colleen on the intercom
and told her she could go home for the day although she
usually worked to five o'clock.

When they were into their third glass of wine, the
Father moved real close to Angela, put his arm around
her and told her if it is sex you're missing, why don't
we talk about it. Angela was getting silly from the
wine and without a thought as the Father had his arm
around her, she reached up and kissed him on the neck.
Father McBride took that as an invitation to go
further, so he took Angela's hand and placed it between
his legs. Her natural reaction was to move her hand
around on the bulge in his pants. It made the Father's
cock very hard. He unzipped, took his cock out, placed
her hand back on his cock and kissed again her on the

Angela said this is what I miss, a big cock in my hand,
a cock in my mouth and a stiff cock in my hairy pussy.
I miss fucking and playing with myself in my room
doesn't do it for me anymore. Angela told Father
McBride that she is planning to leave and give up being
a Nun, so if he wanted to fuck her right now, it would
be wonderful.

The father had condoms in his desk. The last thing he
needed was to impregnate a Nun, even though she planned
to leave. Before they got undressed, they had some wine
to finish, so Angela told the Father something he most
likely already knew or suspected. She told him that a
few of the Sister's were having a lesbian relationships
and sometimes swapping off couples so that the Sisters
didn't always have sex with the same Nun.

Angela told Father McBride that she never did, but she
came close to giving into a few times. She also told
Father McBride that all the Sisters knew that Andrew,
the young Priest, sucked off some of the other Priests.
The wine had hit Father McBride somewhat too and he
confessed to Angela that Andrew had been sucking him
off pretty regularly. Angela smiled at that, but she
wasn't too surprised to hear it.

The Father helped undress Angela. As she sat naked on
the couch, he stepped in front of her and undressed
while she watched him. He stood there with his huge
hard dick and Angela went crazy. Not only has she not
seen a cock for the past few years, her boyfriend never
had one that big. Father McBride took a grip on his
cock and told Angela to lay back on the couch.

He put on his condom, kneeled before her, sucked and
played with her tits, put his hands under her to feel
her great ass and to get her ready for his cock, he put
his face in her pussy and licked it with his tongue
entering the opening of her pussy between her pretty
pubic hairs. Angela begged for his cock, he guided it
into her and they fucked for the next twenty minutes or

Angela was in heaven she thought, two years without a
cock was too much of a sacrifice and she was happy she
was leaving. Angela groaned and groaned hiking her big
ass up to take all of the Father's big cock. They
climaxed together and the condom could not hold any
more cum, it was a real huge orgasm for the Father and
Angela's juices were flowing out of her pussy. It had
been a long time since she had been fucked, it was
wonderful. Neither one had any more sex energy left.
They relaxed, got dressed and promised each other to do
it again and again before she leaves the school at the
end of the month.

The next morning as Father McBride was coming in the
office, Colleen asked him how it went last night with
Angela. The Father winked and said it went
exceptionally well and he told Colleen that Angela
would be leaving at the end of the month. Colleen
didn't feel too jealous of Angela and the others
because she got all the sex she wanted from Father

Father McBride had one more sex session with Amy, the
14 year old who liked to be naked. This time, they were
not pressed to end at an exact hour. They both
undressed. Before Amy sat on the Fathers' lap, they
stood holding each other in their arms. The Father was
feeling Amy's nice ass, pressing his chest against her
full and beautiful tits while Amy had taken his cock
and was stroking it, something she didn't do last time
and never did with her Dad's cock. Father McBride was
loving it. He wanted to fuck her pussy or put his big
cock up her ass, but she was too young a still a

However, he got Amy to go a little further than jerking
off his cock. He gently put both hands on her
shoulders, guided her down to her knees so her face
would be right at his cock. He asked her to hold his
big balls with one hand, take his cock in the other and
would she please kiss his cock. It was hard to resist,
so Amy pulled his cock up to her mouth and kissed it.

He told her if it tasted good, she could put the end of
his cock in her mouth. Amy was past the point of
quitting now because she was so hot and horny. Without
a word, she opened wide and took about half of the
Fathers cock in her mouth. The next step seemed the
natural thing to do, so Amy just started sucking and
licking the cock that filled up her whole mouth. After
a few minutes, the Father said it was OK to stop, he
didn't want to come to an orgasm.

Amy stood up and sat on the easy chair. Father McBride
asked her if it was OK for him to kiss her pussy like
she kissed his cock. She said OK, so the Father got
down and kissed and sucked Amy's pussy about as long as
she sucked his cock. He told her he just wanted her to
know what doing those two things were like, as it may
mean more to her sex life when she gets older. They
enjoyed just being together naked for awhile longer.
Father McBride helped Amy get dressed, he did the same,
they kissed each other on the neck and Father McBride
left along with her to walk her to safely her dorm
room. Before Amy graduated, there were more naked
sessions in Father McBride's chambers.

And so it went at St. Mary's Catholic school in New

The End

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: budding1.txt (mf-teens, reluc, 1st, oral)
Authors name: Claudia (***@iwon.com)
Story title : Budding

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Budding (mf-teens, reluc, ped, 1st, oral)
by Claudia (***@iwon.com)


I was in a hurry to lose my virginity but after it
happened I wondered what all the fuss was about. That is
until I met Joey.


I was in such a hurry to lose my virginity because my
girlfriends all talked about how great sex was. So when
my 16-year-old neighbor, Jimmy, cornered me in the garage
one day and kissed me, I decided to let things go as far
as he wanted them to go. He had been trying to kiss me
for almost a year since my 12th birthday and I had always
avoided it. It wasn't that he wasn't cute because he was.
It was just that I thought my first kiss should come from
someone that I was in love with.

Jimmy seemed shocked when, after trying for so long, he
succeeded in kissing me. I knew about French kissing from
listening to my girlfriends so it wasn't all that yucky
to me when he put his tongue in my mouth. When he started
feeling my boobies it did feel good, except he pinched
them real hard and that hurt. I let him take off my shirt
and kiss my boobies. That felt good, too. I almost
laughed at how sneaky he was trying to be in undoing my
jeans. He was sure I was going to stop him and when I
didn't he looked almost scared. I wondered if he was a
virgin, too.

He looked around nervously when he had me naked. The
garage door was wide open and he ran over and pulled it
shut. I could see the bulge in his pants and started to
get a little scared that this was going to hurt more than
I had heard.

When he came back, he pushed me to the cold garage floor,
unzipped his zipper and lay on top of me. When he pushed
his penis into me, it hurt really badly and I screamed.
He told me to shut up and pushed a second time. I saw
stars when he finally drove into me and it hurt worse
than anything I could remember. Jimmy humped away at me
for about a minute before it felt like he peed inside me.
He jumped up quickly and zipped up his pants.

"That was great," he said quickly and almost ran to the
garage door, which he pulled open.

I looked down between my legs and saw the blood. I wasn't
so scared because my girlfriends had told me there would
be blood. I guess I was more disappointed then anything
because I had been looking forward to this great
experience and it was such a dud.

I told my girlfriends that I had finally lost my
virginity and they wanted to hear all the details. Of
course, I made up a bunch of lies about how I moaned and
how long it lasted and how great it was and how I had an
orgasm. All my girlfriends had orgasms when they had sex
so I felt like a freak if I told them I hadn't. How is
anybody supposed to have an orgasm when it only lasts
about a minute. I wanted to ask them but was too
embarrassed, so I just lied.

I avoided Jimmy for almost a month but he finally caught
me walking home from school one day and asked if we could
do it again. I told him yes, but I had my period right
now so it wouldn't be a good time. I had lied about my

He was happy about me having my period because he said he
had been scared that I had gotten pregnant. He asked me
how long my period would last and I told him it had
started that day and it would last another week. He
didn't question that and so I was safe for a week.

A week to the day he was awaiting for me outside school.
I dreaded it, but I knew I would have to have sex with
him again. We went back to the garage and this time he
didn't even bother undressing me. He just told me to
strip and lay down. It was the same. He got on top of me
and pushed into me and started humping.

This time it didn't hurt though and it felt kind of good.
It still didn't last much longer though and I still
didn't have an orgasm. This time Jimmy thanked me but
after he got up, before I had a chance to get up and get
dressed, I saw a flash go off and saw Jimmy with the
digital camera in his hand and a smile on his face.

"What did you do?" I screamed at him.

"None of my friends believed me," he said back, "this
will be proof."

"No," I screamed, but Jimmy had already run out of the

I was so afraid that my parents would find out I cried. I
couldn't sleep, I was so afraid. But after about three
days when nothing happened, I started to relax a little.

On Friday, when I was walking out of school, I saw Jimmy
waiting for me but he was with another boy who looked a
lot older. I started walking the other way, but they
caught up to me.

"Want to go fool around," Jimmy asked without even a
hello first.

I ignored him.

"Hey," Jimmy said, sounding angry, "I am talking to you."

I got a little scared but continued to ignore him.

"I guess you want that picture of you on the Internet,
huh?" Jimmy finally said.

I stopped and just looked at him. I was scared but tried
to look as angry as I could.

"You do that and you can forget ever doing that with me
again." I said.

"You want to fool around?" he asked again.

I didn't say anything but started walking. Jimmy and his
friend followed and Jimmy knew he had won. I figured his
friend would stand guard or something so no body would
catch us, but when we got to my house, they both came
into the garage.

"What's he doing here? He has to wait outside," I said.

"He gave me $5.00 so he could watch," Jimmy said.

"No, way," I said.

"Have it your way," Jimmy said, turning to leave.

"Okay," I said.

Jimmy smiled.

"Okay, strip," he said.

I was embarrassed, but took off my clothes and lay down
on the cold floor. The older kid didn't say anything but
I could tell by the look in his eye that he wanted to do
than just look.

Jimmy got on top of me before he unzipped. Maybe he was
embarrassed by his small penis in front of the other boy.
He humped away at me for a minute and it started to feel
good again before I felt him shoot inside me. At that
minute I saw a flash go off again.

"No," I screamed, but the boy just shot another picture
as Jimmy was standing up.

"My turn," the boy said taking off his clothes.

"No way," I said starting to get dressed.

"Okay," the boy said, "then the pictures go on the

I started to cry and dropped my clothes to the floor.
Through blurry eyes I looked up to see the boy standing
naked in front of me. I stopped crying for a second when
I looked at his erect penis. It was enormous.

"Lean forward on the car," the boy said matter of fact.

"Huh?" I asked.

He pushed me forward so that I was leaning over the front
hood of my father's car. I was scared but didn't say
anything. He pushed my legs apart slightly and I felt him
enter me from behind. He went in easily because it was so
slippery from Jimmy being there before. The boy starting
pounding away into me and I could not believe how good it

One minute went by and he was still pounding into me,
another minute went by and I felt really funny, not like
I had ever felt before in my life. After about another
two minutes I felt so strange. I felt like I was going to
faint. Then it happened. It was the most incredible
feeling I had ever had in my life. It felt like I was on
a roller coaster and eating ice cream at the same time
but much better.

"Jesus," the boy said and I felt him shooting inside me.

I collapsed on the hood of the car and felt like I had
just run 2 miles. I could not get my breath. I felt the
boy pull out of me but just lay there.

"Man, you didn't tell me she was so hot," the boy said.

I felt another penis pushing in to me, but I did not have
the energy to even protest. It was a smaller penis, so I
knew it must have been Jimmy. He pushed into me, grunting
for a few seconds and I felt him shoot into me again.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I awoke, I could
hear the sound of a car door closing. I knew it must be
my mother bringing my father home from work. They had
driven to work together because his car had been driving

I put on my clothes and went into the house through the
garage. I ran to my room before they got into the house.

That night all I could think about was the orgasm that I
had felt with that boy. I didn't even know his name but I
knew I wanted to see him again.


I avoided Jimmy for another week and finally when I came
out of school one day I saw the older boy waiting for me.
I tried to hide my enthusiasm but almost ran up to him
when I saw him.

"Hi," he said, smiling, "thought I should come by and
introduce myself, my name is Joey."

"Dauphine," I said. My heart was beating out of my body.

"I feel really bad about what happened," he said.

"You should," I said, trying to sound angry.

"Uh, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" he

I wanted to take him back to my garage and have sex with
him again, but I also knew that sex was the only
bargaining tool I had and I had to get those pictures

"The only thing you could do is get me those pictures you
and Jimmy took," I said.

"I can do that," Joey said without hesitation.

I was shocked.

"Can I give you a ride home?" he asked.

I wondered how old Joey was as we walked over to a new
white van.

"How old are you?" I blurted out as we climbed into the

"21," Joey laughed, what about you?

"Uh, 15," I lied.

He looked at me weird.

"How come you are still in middle school?" he asked.

"Uh, well, my parents, uh, they moved a lot and I, uh,
missed school sometimes," I lied.

Joey just smiled and pulled a digital camera out of the
glove compartment.

"Here," Joey said, punching a button on the camera and
displaying a picture of me nude on the display window.

He punched another button and the display showed the word
"deleted". A second picture popped up of me and Jimmy
naked on the floor of my garage. He punched a button and
this picture was also deleted. He did it a third time and
all three pictures were deleted.

"Happy?" he asked.

I smiled.

"Thanks," I said.

"How grateful are you?" he smiled again.

"Very grateful," I said. My heart was pounding.

He drove the van in the opposite direction of my house
and I didn't say a word. I knew what he wanted but I
wanted the same thing.

"Are you grateful enough to have us continue where we
left off last time?" he asked as we pulled onto a
deserted dirt road.

"Yes," I said looking at him.

"Good," he smiled, "I want to do this the right way this

We parked a tree and Joey climbed into the back of the
van. I followed him and we sat down on a large cot. The
van had everything; a sink, a refrigerator, a television
and DVD player. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Without another word, Joey leaned over and kissed me. It
was much better than Jimmy's kiss. His tongue felt like
velvet as it moved around mine. When he started massaging
my breasts I started breathing harder. He removed my
clothes without me hardly realizing he had done it. He
laid me gently back on the cot and stood up. He removed
his clothes and I stared at his erect penis with

When he climbed back onto the cot I opened my legs
expecting him to climb on top of me like Jimmy did and
start pumping away, but instead he kissed me again, his
hard penis laying on my naked stomach, getting me
excited. He then started kissing my neck, my shoulders,
my boobies and then down to my stomach.

It felt so good, but he kept kissing lower, down to my
hairless mound and then his tongue touched the lips of my
pussy. He slowly licked up and down the folds of skin and
it was the most incredible feeling I had ever known. His
tongue slipped in between my lips and I thought I was
going to pass out.

I started flopping around on the cot and he had to hold
me down. He started lapping at me and I could not stand
it any more. He wrapped his arms under my ass, held his
mouth to my pussy and kept licking away as I bounced
around like a Bronco. Finally I had an orgasm that made
my previous orgasm seem like nothing. But as soon as I
had the orgasm I became so sensitive that I could not
take the touch of his tongue anymore and I pushed him

"Oh, my God," I said as I sat up, "where did you learn to
do that?"

Joey laughed.

"I had an older girlfriend a few years ago and she taught
me a bunch of things," he said.

Suddenly I became jealous of this girl.

"How much older," I said trying to conceal my jealousy,
but unsuccessfully.

"How about 34?" he said.

"What?" I asked.

"Yep," he said, "a friend of my mom."

"You still see her?" I said with a frown.

"You jealous?" Joey asked.

I didn't answer because I was embarrassed that it showed.

"No," he said and reached out to caress my naked thighs.

I then realized that he had only brought me pleasure and
I wanted to bring him pleasure.

"Can I do that to you?" I asked.

"Do what?" he asked.

"You know, with my mouth." I said.

He laughed.

"Not this time," he said, "this time I want to make you
feel good."

"You DID," I almost yelled.

"I am not through yet," he said pushing me back down onto
the cot.

I didn't know how to tell him that I was so sensitive
that I didn't think that he could touch me down there as
yet, so I kept my mouth shut.

Joey climbed between my legs and slowly rubbed the head
of his penis up and down the folds of my pussy. It felt
good but still a little sensitive. He leaned forward and
I felt him slip into me. He was very slow about entering
me and it made it even better. He got up on his knees,
pulled my legs over my chest and began rocking in and out
of me very slowly. He wasn't thrusting, but just sort of

I could feel that feeling starting to come over me again.
I closed my eyes and savored the moment. Suddenly I felt
his thumb massaging my "magic button" as my girlfriends
used to refer to it as. I was so wet so his thumb just
slipped up and down. I wasn't sensitive at all any more
and the feeling of his penis going in and out of me while
his thumb massaged my magic button was getting to be more
than I could handle.

"Come on baby," Joey said with lust filled eyes, "come
for me."

Those words were all it took for me to explode. I felt
like I was going to die and my insides were going to
implode. Maybe I passed out, I don't know, but the next
thing I heard was my screams. Joey pushed my knees
further back to my chest and started plunging into me
harder. I heard him grunt and felt him shoot inside me.
He kept thrusting and shooting until finally he rolled
off me and we both laid their panting. I wanted to marry
Joey today and have his baby.

"I love you," I finally said without realizing it.

He was silent.

"I'm that good, huh?" he finally laughed.

That wasn't exactly the answer I wanted to hear, but I
forced a laugh with him. He drove me home even though I
didn't want to go home. He promised to see me the next
day after school.

He did see me the next day after school, and the next and
the next. He finally let me have sex with him with my
mouth and after about ten days of trying he told me I was
improving. He lad to learn to relax my throat and get my
teeth out of the way and when he would "cum" as he called
it, I would learn not to gag and to swallow it. At the
end of two weeks he called me a "good little cocksucker."

He got me a couple of books on a thing called "The Rhythm
System" and he started using a condom when it was a
dangerous time for me to get pregnant.

I was totally in love and couldn't have been any happier.
But that was about to change.

To be continued...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: drunkc.txt (MF, wife, alcohol, nc, public)
Authors name: nonono69 (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Drunk Wife at Concert

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Drunk Wife at Concert (MF, wife, alcohol, nc, public)
By nonono69 (***@hotmail.com)


Recently I moved to Miami from a small town in Texas. I
moved into a very nice condo on the river. The day I was
moving in I got a knock on the Door and a guy introduced
himself as Gary, my new next-door neighbor. He was very
nice, about 25, and he asked if he could help me move my
things in. I welcomed the help and we hit if off

After About four hours we were done and he invited me
down to dinner with his wife at their condo. I accepted
and said I would be there in about an hour. I cleaned
up, took a shower and put on some clean clothes. I'm a
30-year-old mechanic that has not really had any long
relationships with women.

I am not the greatest looking guy around but I keep
myself up Physically and am always polite around the
opposite sex. Well, I rang their doorbell and when the
door opened my eyes were staring at a beautiful young
woman, blonde, about 23 or 24. She had a very short
white skirt on and a black tank top that was way too
tight for her body. She had no bra on and you could make
the outlines of her breasts which left nothing to the

She yelled to Gary that his friend was here then turned
around and walked back into the house without saying a
word to me. I was a little stunned, both by her beauty
and her very rude manners. Gary came to the door and
invited me in. We had a few drinks while his wife Cindy
finished up dinner.

He told me they had been married about two years and
Cindy was an ex-college cheerleader. He was very lucky
to have gotten her to marry him and he keeps her happy
no matter what she asks. Throughout supper, I could tell
just what type person she was. She was totally stuck up
with herself. Everything had to center around her. She
never did really talk to me the entire evening.

Well, over the next year Gary and I became really good
friends. He started opening up about Cindy. When he
proposed to her, she would only accept under one
condition. He had to get a vasectomy before they were
married. He thought it over a long time before he said
yes. They were married and as he has lived with her over
the last two years, he has found out how much the whole
world has to evolve around her.

Once when she was drunk she told him that she never
wanted to have kids. They would take the limelight away
from her. She also was very demanding of Gary and loved
to show off for the guys. She would wear short skirts
and watch their faces as she walked by knowing that she
was safe with Gary by her side. She was a bitch and
tease if ever there was one.

Even with a year gone by, she didn't talk to me at all.
She would look down at Gary for being friends with me. I
swore one day I would teach her a lesson she would never
forget. About six month later Gary won four tickets to a
rock concert. This was one of his wife's favorite groups
but it was an acid rock group and not my type of music.
Gary asked me to accompany him and his wife so he would
have someone to talk to.

I agreed and I was to pick them up Friday night at 8pm.
The concert started at 10pm but Gary and his wife wanted
to stop by their favorite bar and have some drinks
before the concert started.

When I rang the doorbell, Cindy answered the door and my
eyes about popped out of my head. She had on a short
black dress; it was a micro if they ever made one. She
had on black high heels that were at least 3" spikes and
had on more makeup then I ever saw her in. She looked

She walked back into the bedroom to finish getting ready
without saying a word and Gary came in and invited me
in. He said Cindy had been drinking all day long and
shopping for clothes to go to the concert in.

When Gary saw what she had planned to wear she told her
it was way to short to wear to a concert, but she wanted
to attract the attention of the band members. The
concert was in a large civic center. There were no seats
so you could get as close as you wanted. Gary also said
Cindy was already well on her way to being drunk and he
had tried to talk her out of going to the bar first.

She would hear nothing of it. She wanted to show her new
outfit off to all the guys that would be there. I really
felt bad for Gary. We left to go to the bar and Cindy
made herself right at home. She must have had three or
four white Russians before we left.

Every eye in the place was on her as she tried to walk
out of the place in her 3" high heels, micro mini dress,
and well on her way to being completely drunk. Gary
helped her into the car and we got to the concert about
a half hour before it started. Cindy made Gary work our
way to the front of the Hall until we could easily see
the band stage. Cindy knew this meant they could see her

We had about 20 minutes till the concert and people were
sitting on the floor waiting for the concert to start.
They were passing around joints and when they passed one
to Cindy she started Tokin on it. She had not done this
since she was in college but she took her hits and
passed it on. I noticed that she was sort of making Gary
toke with her.

By the time the concert was about to start, they had
been passed four or five and they both were feeling no
pain. Cindy was really about out of it. Her favorite
band was just now coming onto the stage and everybody
had to now stand up. She couldn't do it. She made Gary
help her up and of course her dress was so short she put
on a great show. She stood behind Gary and had her hands
draped over Gary's shoulder so as to stay up.

The band started playing and everyone's attention was at
the stage. I didn't really like the music, so I was
looking around. When I stared over at Cindy, I notice
with her hands above her and her arms around Gary's
neck, her dress was halfway up her butt. You could
easily see her black nylon panties she had. They were so
small they barely covered her ass cheeks. I also noticed
Gary was having trouble holding her up. I told Gary I
would get behind her and help him with her. He seemed
pleased when I said that.

I got behind her and just in time. Her head sort of
tipped over on Gary's shoulder and she was out cold. I
was holding her around the waist and Gary was holding
her arms which were over and around his neck. He did not
know his wife had passed out. Gary was rocking back and
forth with the music which made Cindy move back and
forth. I would look down and her dress was wrapped up
around her waist.

Nobody around seemed to care as they were watching the
concert. My waist was right up against her ass as Gary
shook with the music. This caused her ass to shake
against my pants and I started to get a raging hard on.
I looked up to her face and she still looked like she
was out cold. I tested this by moving my hand down and
slowing placing it on one of her ass cheeks.

I watched her face and she didn't even twitch. I slowly
rubbed my hand around and still no movement. I finally
got up the courage to slide my hand under her undies and
still she didn't flinch. I was in heaven, my hard on was
killing me. I had my hand full of my neighbor's wife ass
in a concert full of people. He didn't know, and she was
out cold. I tried to work my hand down between her legs
but they were so close together I could not.

I decided tonight was going to be her payback night. I
slide my foot between her feet and began to slide her
feet apart. I kept working till I had them a good foot
or two apart. Then I reached under her and now I had
access to her most private parts. I worked my way down
to her cunt and could feel she was shaved smooth on
about half her cunt.

I removed my hand, stuck my fingers into my mouth and
got them really wet and slimy, and then I reached them
back into her undies and started sliding them around her
shaved cunt. In no time I had one or two fingers working
into her hot cunt. I looked around and still everyone
was watching the concert. She was still out cold and her
husband was still holding on to her and rocking back and
forth to the music. I had not had a nice piece of ass in
about two years.

I pulled my hand out of her undies, then with one hand I
slide her undies off her waist and down about to her
knees. I then pulled my sweatshirt out of my pants and
then unzipped my pants. I pulled out my swollen dick and
moved closer to Cindy. The heat of her cunt made me just
about explode before I even got it inside her. I moved
my dick around till I found her cunt hole and then
pressed forward.

It had been so long and as I pressed into her, her cunt
was very tight and pulled at my dick. It was hard to get
the angle right, I played with her feet until she was
bent just enough for me to press into her easily. I
couldn't take it but for about 20 seconds when I felt
the swelling of my balls begin. Within a couple seconds
I was shooting a huge load up into the drunken Cindy. I
was only about an inch into her cunt when I exploded but
at least I was in.

After I let my first load empty, I didn't want to waste
this opportunity, especially since it had been so long
since I've had any. Also, I really wanted to make this
girl suffer. I really couldn't stand her and her husband
was such a nice guy to have to get saddled with her for
the rest of his life.

I decided that since the concert had just started, we
would be there at least another hour or two. I would
give everyone a great view of things. I used one of my
feet and stepped down on her undies. When they were down
to her ankles, I would slowly lift each leg while still
holding on to her and with a little Patience; her undies
were lying on the ground under her.

I wasn't done with her yet, while trying to get her
undies off of her I had dislodged my cock from her hot
pussy. I now used my legs to slip her legs even further
apart. Gary was still rocking to the music and holding
on to her as he did. I repositioned my cock at her pussy

I slowly started to push forward, watching her face as I
did to make sure she showed no sign of awakening. I
pushed my dick past her tight entrance and slowly into
her. I could get about half of my dick in her but could
not figure out how to get any more in. I kept trying to
get the right angle, but I just could not get the last 3
inches to go in.

Then all of a sudden Gary turned a little and shifted
Cindy a little. I suppose she was getting heavy on his
back. When he did this I froze. I thought Gary was
turning around and would see what I was doing, but he
didn't. He was just shifting her weight a little. He
leaned forward, a little which stuck her butt out nicely
for me.

The second he shifted my dick sunk to the depth into
her. After waiting about a minute to make sure Gary was
still into the concert, I began pumping into Cindy
again. This time with her a little bent over, I could
easily pump my cock fully into her with each stroke. She
really felt good and even though I had just pumped a
load of sticky cum into her, I knew I could not last
very long. My strokes got faster and longer and then
that feeling came up again in my balls.

This time I pushed in as far as it would go and held it
there why my balls exploded. I was gushing stream after
stream of hot baby yielding cum into her unprotected
cunt for the second time tonight.

After I settled down a bit, I was ready to pull out. I
knew when I did it wouldn't be long before all my sperm
would start to drip out of her cunt. I thought quickly
and reached in my pocket and pulled out a small napkin I
had from our time at the bar. I wadded it up and as I
pulled my dick out of her, I pressed the wadded up
napkin into her cunt to hold the baby juice in. I
pressed the napkin in deep enough so you couldn't see it
then I straightened up her dress and also zipped up my
fly and tucked my sweatshirt back in. I would leave the
napkin in until we were about ready to leave then pull
it out as that would have given plenty of time for my
sperm to work its magic.

After about 20 minutes, Gary did turn around and saw
that his wife was out cold. He said he was getting
thirsty. I told him I was too. I knew there was a big
concession stand in the rear of the concert hall. I told
Gary I would hold onto Cindy if he would go get us all
something to drink and eat. I knew this would take 20 to
30 minutes easily because he would have to work his way
through the crowd and then make his way back.

I grabbed her around the waist making sure her dress
stayed down. He looked at me funny and said, "Are you
sure you wouldn't like to go instead?"

I said, "No, you go. I'm fine and Cindy is out so
everything should be okay."

He said thanks and that he would be back as soon as he
could. It was lucky that I picked up her undies and
stuffed them in my pocket when I had cleaned her up.

After Gary was gone from sight, I looked at my watch and
gave myself 20 minutes. Cindy was in front of me,
totally out of it, and I was behind her holding her up
with her head tilting on my left shoulder. The next set
of people in front of us was about 5 or 6 feet in front
of me. I could see the band really good so I knew that
they would be able to see out here probably even better.
I had made up my mind to humiliate little miss stuck-up
as much as I could.

What I did next brought the eyes of the band to us just
about immediately.

I slowly lifted the front of Cindy's dress and tucked it
under the belt that went with her black outfit. She was
now totally exposed from the waist down. I slowly spread
her feet with my feet till they were very widely spread.
I then slowly bent her backwards at the waist as much as
I could. She was now really exposed to the guys playing
in the band.

I noticed the lead singer looked and saw her first. I
reached between her legs real quick and pulled out the
napkin and let it fall on the ground. Then I started
finger fucking her from behind. I could see the singer
motion to the other guys with his head for them to look
this way. They kept on singing and playing but they were
watching me finger fuck this cute little hot blonde.

I kept this up for about 5 minutes. I then pulled her
dress down as the song ended, straightened her legs back
up and used my sleeves to clean up her wet and gooey
cunt. I also took this opportunity to grab her undies
and get them back on her before Gary got back.

The band started another song, then another, and Gary
finally got back with some drinks. We drank our drinks
and probably stayed another half hour. Again, with Gary
in front of Cindy and me behind. Then Gary turned and
said we should leave before the crowd all tries to get
out. I agreed.

We both got on each side of Cindy and started heading
towards the door. It was easier for us to sort of lift
her then it was to get her to walk. Gary would get her
awake and within a minute she was out again.

We finally got her to the car and Gary and she got in
the back seat and I drove us home. I helped Gary get
Cindy into the house then said my goodbye and left. Gary
thanked me a couple times for helping me with his
drunken wife. I told him it was no big problem.


That night in bed I started thinking of everything that
had happened. I also thought how great it would be if
that teaser really got what she Deserved and ended up
pregnant. I knew Gary had, had a vasectomy so she would
have a lot of explaining to do.

When I woke up the next day, I went over to Gary's right
away because I wanted to know if Cindy had caught on to
what happened. It was the old Cindy I had learned to
hate so much. Two words at the door then she walked to
the living room. Gary invited me in and we talked in the
kitchen for a while.

After I had left the night before, Gary had put Cindy
into the shower hoping to wake her up. It worked for
about five minutes, Gary had washed her and dried her
off then she went straight to bed. Gary never mentions
anything was out of the ordinary so I guess I was lucky
that Gary washed her and didn't notice anything. All the
evidence was now washed away.

Over the next couple weeks I stayed in close contact
with Gary. I had not heard anything special from him
about Cindy and it had been close to six weeks since the
concert. I suppose that meant that Cindy was not
pregnant. Well, I still had a hell of a time.

About two months after the concert, Gary told me that he
was taking Cindy in for a hospital appointment. I asked
if everything was all right. He said, "Yes, but she
missed her last two periods and she's worried that
something might be medically wrong with her. So she
scheduled an appointment to meet with her doctor."

I asked if she could be pregnant, but Gary said, "No way
man, Cindy has always been faithful to me."

I waited nervously for Gary and Cindy to return home. It
didn't take but about an hour or two and I saw Gary's
car pull in. Cindy ran straight into the house and Gary
came over to talk with me. He was very mad. I asked him
what was wrong. Cindy was PREGNANT!

"I'm going in tomorrow to make sure I am still unable to
have kids. If I am, I'm leaving that lying, cheating

The next day he and Cindy went back to the hospital and
sure enough, Gary couldn't have fathered any kids.

Cindy kept telling Gary that it had to be his, and
begged him not to leave her. But Gary would have none of
it, he was going to dump her and that was all there was
to it.

He came over to my place to tell me he was moving out. I
suggested that he not to be too quick about it. I went
on to suggest that if he really wanted to get back at
her he should pretend to forgive her, and stay with her
as long as she has the child. We both know she wanted to
get an abortion. But if she got an abortion, he would
divorce her and use that as his excuse so everyone
including her parents and friends would know he left her
because she was fucking someone else, and also that she
had an abortion to get rid of the child.

Gary thought this was a great idea, and that night told
Cindy the rules. Cindy didn't want to have the baby, her
body was perfect and she had never wanted a child that
might ruin her good looks. But she knew it would be
unbearable to let her parents and friends find out about

Finally, Cindy gave in and said she would have the child
if Gary would stay with her. Of course he agreed.

But at the six-month mark, when it was too late for her
to have an abortion, Gary told Cindy that he just
couldn't live with a woman who was a fucking slut. He
packed up and left within the hour with Cindy pleading
and begging for him not to leave her in this condition.
She yelled that she would sue for money to raise the

Gary reminded her that the child wasn't his and he could
prove it. He said over his shoulder as he left, "Let the
father pay for it, and he slammed the door as he left.

Cindy stayed in the apartment until the child was born.

"We" all know who the proud daddy was. Cindy in my eyes
had gotten just what she deserved for being the stuck up
bitch that she was...

The End

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Archive name: andthen.txt (MF, bd, cons, asian)
Authors name: Spoonbender (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : And Then You Came

(c) 2000 Spoonbender. Can be freely distributed as long
as it is not changed, including this heading. If it is
to be archived then please email me first for permission.

And Then You Came (MF, bd, cons, asian)
By Theodore Spoonbender (***@hotmail.com)


A short story of an adult nature. Not to be read by
minors. If you don't like this sort of stuff or you are
underage then don't read. Contains allusions to naughty,
erotic goings on. Note that the characterizations are
mine. I do not like people stealing them for inclusion in
their own efforts.

Please email me with comments, constructive criticism,
fantasies you want put into words etc. Don't flame me if
you don't like the content or you don't like my style. My
email address (if you feel the unrelenting urge to shower
me with praise) is ***@hotmail.com

Please look at my sex story survey at
www.spoonbender.demon.co.uk It is completely anonymous
and the results will be posted on the web to assist me
and other writers in focusing our stories better. Many


I first saw you from my bedroom window, tap-tapping along
on your high heels with your little tote bag on your
back. Short black miniskirt, shapely legs and a tight
white blouse, over which a dark jacket was draped
decorously. Gaping wide to show the swell of your
breasts. Thick dark hair cascading over your shoulders, a
perplexing mixture of trepidation and what looked
suspiciously like anticipation playing across your pretty
oriental features.

Pretty as a picture and far exceeding my wildest

I felt my cock lurch in my pants and I resisted the urge
to pump it a little.

You were just the sort of girl I went crazy for. I'd just
love to have just been able to take you and enslave you.
Binding you tightly with my bonds. Bending you to my
will, making you mine. Making you want me, desire me,
need me, beg me...love me. I could take you, mould you,
bring you pleasures beyond your imagining and pain, and
pain and suffering and pleasures. Until pain became
pleasure and pleasure became bliss. I could play your
body like a fine instrument.

Your slim slim body. One that would never see 30 again
but still firm and supple like a dancer's. Erect and
tight like a model's. And with that smooth silky skin
that only oriental girls possess.

Percy lurched again and I came down from my fantasy with
a sigh. It wouldn't do to be seen gazing from an upstairs
window sporting a huge erection. Not around here, they're
suspicious enough as it is. A man living on his own,
hardly ever going out except to swim in his secluded
pool. A millionaire by all accounts, richer than Croesus,
rumoured to have made his money on a couple of dot coms,
right as the boom was cresting. Lucky fucker, so why
ain't he married?

Typical sour grapes. I was a man who had it all and they
wondered why I didn't have this irresistible urge to give
half of it away and fill the house with kids.

Funnily enough I would. Given that I met the right woman.
Which I hadn't up to then, wasn't likely to either until
I hit a few newsgroups and a couple of fetish contact
pages. I had a fling with a few subs, tying them up,
teasing them mercilessly, fingering them till they came,
even spanking them if we both felt it was right. Course I
usually fucked them too. If you've got a slave then you
might as well use all the facilities as it were. It'd be
a cruel master that would deny his sub a little harmless
recreation through applied stimulation.

Technical terms again, I tutted. Once a scientist always
a scientist.

Recreation through applied stimulation, I like it.

My mind drifted recalling them all. Corolyne, sweet sweet
Corolyne. Sharp, almost arrogant features but oh what a
slave. What cunt control you had. I swear you could peel
a banana in there and how wet you got. How you loved your
crotch rope and that strategically placed little knot.
Sheila, short, plumpish - I nearly didn't take you, I
like my slaves to be slim - but your eyes smiled at me
and I relented, a real softy at heart me. I just couldn't
let a girl down when all you wanted was to be spanked and
diddled to an outrageous orgasm across my knee. In return
for a blow job. Or Alice and your suspension bondage and
those dildos and those glorious long afternoon fucks
while you squirmed in your tight bindings. Writhing in
lust or in humiliation who can tell, but you always
appeared on my doorstep week after week. Tote bag over
your back.

Filled with the toys that I would use on your body as you
squirmed and wriggled. Wide open so I could gain access
to any orifice in your body. And I did and you came and
we fucked and we came and you went home.

And the next week you were back again.

Then one day you vanished.

I turned when I heard the bell. I walked slowly down the
stairs, images running through my mind, of what I'd do
if.... I flung open the door.

"Is this er.." you tilted your head as you looked around
the door jamb, and I admired the auburn tint to your
hair, "..number 29?"

I looked you up and down slowly before answering. "It

"Then you must be er.." she stopped. Suddenly unable to
decide what to call me.

"Your Master?" I suggested mildly.

You stepped back a pace as I recall. Suddenly unable to
work out if this was such a good idea. You'd come half
way across the country, travelling with a small knot of
pleasurable anticipation in the pit of your stomach,
knowing but unknowing of what was really going to happen.
Secure in your ignorance. But here you were suddenly
faced with reality, here you stood face to face with a
real life Master.

I know what you were thinking, I look so ordinary. Not
the sort you'd expect to be a Dom. A little chunky from a
lack of exercise, from sitting in front of a computer,
making a million here or a million there. Most doctors
would just look at my ever increasing bank account and
tell me to just sit there, take it easy, smoke a little
if I wanted. Just sign this medical insurance form,
that's right you know what to fill in the space where it
says doctor's name.

Chunky, not beautiful, but a piercing set of grey eyes
staring at you. Sizing you up, deciding where to start.
To test you to find your limits and then take you beyond.
Far beyond where the pleasure tree grows, its fruits
bursting upon your body showering you with golden
sensations, the rustle of the leaves in the wind
snappling and rubbing while shards of white hot pleasure
dance inside your body. My fingers playing a symphony.

Pain, pleasure, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pleasure,
pleasure, blisssssss.

We stared at each other, you and I. I waiting for you to
make that decision, you wondering whether to flee. There
is no use denying it I knew you were, I could see it in
your eyes. You wanted to flee, to tear away, to escape
back to reality and boredom and certainty and planning
and orderliness and..and..

Our eyes broke and you looked down in submission. Staring
at my shoes.

"You must be my master," an affirmation and an
interrogative in one short sentence.

"Must I?" I tried to be sardonic and I saw you briefly
lift your eyes in confusion. Was I teasing you? You had
just offered yourself to me and I was questioning whether
you would be worthy. This certainly wasn't what you had
in mind. This was panning out much differently to how
you'd pictured it in your head.

We mentally tussled briefly, our eyes locked in mortal
combat as the electricity flickered between us. We knew
what I wanted, I waited, you tussled, cheeks fetchingly
flushed then your eyes dropped.

"Please be my master."

You really were a sweetie you know. Standing there, hands
clasped in front of you, tote bag swinging by its strap
near your feet, looking down at my shoes. Looking ten, no
fifteen years younger than we both knew you were. What a
Popsicle. I was going to enjoy sucking you, licking you
all over, nibbling you with my teeth while you pulled on
your bonds and moaned from behind your balled up panties.

How could I turn you down. Damn I'm much too soft
sometimes, Call me a fool but I just can't turn down a
pretty woman who was willing to submit to my every whim.
And all you could ever possibly get out of it was ecstasy
of almost biblical proportions.

"Follow me," I said and led you inside, calling over my
shoulder, "and shut the door."

I heard it clunk shut, I almost looked over my shoulder
to see if you'd run but I sensed you hadn't. I led you up
the stairs and into the back bedroom. Which I'd had newly
decorated, just for you. You never knew that did you? You
thought I brought all the girls up here. Nope I got a
cellar for that. But then again you knew that as well
didn't you. I mean you did get introduced. That's where
the chains were.

This room was different. It was your room. Done up in a
style I knew you approved of.

Kinda big and messy with a huge bed with big brass bed
ends that could be used to secure a girl tightly while
her body was molested.

I turned to see you looking around as you nervously
entered, your tote bag clutched to your chest, your eyes

I sat on the bed and looked at you.

You looked down, your flush crimsoning your cheeks so
delightfully, feet daintily together. I gazed in awe at
you for several minutes. You were so perfect.

"Close the door," you started when I spoke then did what
I asked.

"Put down the bag and take off your clothes."

I believed in brevity of speech with slaves. There can be
no doubts as to the purpose of my orders. It helped a
slave if she didn't have to think too much.

I remember a flicker of a smile twitching my lips as I
watched you struggle. Eyes cast down, little hands
wringing at the level of your crotch. Willing yourself to
obey. You had wanted this remember. You had better do it
or you'll be made to leave. To undertake the reverse
journey with the bitter tange of spent adrenaline burning
in your mouth as you contemplated how it might have been.
If only you'd done what your master had ordered by now
you could be......

I watched you fingers struggle with the tiny buttons on
the blouse, teasing each one free exposing more of your
silky skin as your jacket lay crumpled round your feet.
Slowly you unburdened yourself of your persona as the
buttons popped free, one by one they opened and one by
one your inhibitions dropped away.

Finally you were done, standing there wantonly, your
snowy white bra gleaming against your tan as it peeked
through the gap in your blouse. A slight moment of pause
then you started to pull the blouse from your skirt.
Giving me tantalising glimpses of your bra as you
wrestled with the smooth cotton of your broider anglais
laced blouse.

You held you sleeves in front of you as you popped your
cuffs, then....Then you pulled off the blouse, pulling it
free of your arms then balling it and holding it in front
of your breasts.

I knew you could feel the heat of my gaze. I willed you.

And you didn't fail me.

You dropped your hands and the blouse fluttered free. I
could detect no indecision in you as you selected the
next garment. It was the bra, inevitably the bra. A girl
will always remove her bra first. Well my girls did.
Maybe not Stephanie. Stephanie was always different. I
made her cum on a bus once, chewing her orgasm into the
lapel of my jacket as she tried to suppress her shrieks
of pleasure. Funny little thing Stephanie......

I watched as the clasps came undone. With a fluidity of
motion that a ballerina would have been proud of you
brought your hands to your chest, cupping the cups which
cupped the breasts that.....You showed me.

You dropped the cups slowly, breathlessly, hoping I'd
like them. Don't lie I knew you were. I remember the
darted little glance when you thought I wasn't looking.
Trying to gauge my reaction as they hove into view. They
were perfect and you damned well know it. Perfect,
perfect, perfect.

Nicely rounded, not too large with firm pointing nipples,
that looked far too fragile to take the pinch and the
weight of a nipple clamp. But they could couldn't they?
We had some fun, me and those nipples. Yes and those
breasts, but this was just a foretaste of what was to
come. They were mine, you were offering them to me.

You little minx, you knew exactly what you were doing
didn't you as you held you hands under your breasts
scooping them up into delicious handfuls, offering them
to me. As your eyes stared submissively at the ground.

I cleared my throat and your hands flew to your skirt. It
was tight and short, jet black against the tan of your
stockings. You twisted it around slightly and undid the
catch. The zipper buzzed harshly in the silence of the
room and I watched as the tightness of the fabric gave
way. You pulled it down so daintily. I just loved that
about you, you were always so dainty in everything you

Your panties were white, which surprised me a little.
Maybe it shouldn't have done, given your bra. My little
slave girl, wearing white panties. I mentally tutted. You
wouldn't be entitled to them much longer.

Nice girls wore white panties but howling screaming
orgasming sexslaves wore black or none at all. White. Oh
no no no, they won't do at all.

Is there a school somewhere where they teach advanced
panty removal classes? If not where do you all learn to
do it the same way. Some faster, some slower but all the
same technique. Maybe there is only one way to
comfortably remove your panties. Maybe when I do it I
don't use the same techniques, especially when I feel
that a certain set of buttocks needs a little discipline
or a vagina requires a serious seeing to.

I know what it is, you use two hands. And you choreograph
the movement of your upper body to the sweep of the
panties as you push them down over your tan thigh highs.
Personally I prefer to let the panties go last. The
penultimate sacrifice as you bare your body and offer
your secrets to me in one smooth motion. Standing on one
leg then the other as you pull them free.

You stand with your crumpled panties bunched in your
fist, uncertain of what to do next.

I let my eyes slowly traverse your body as you quivered
in embarrassment. Beautiful, absolutely stunning. What an
instrument of pleasure you had yielded up to me. Now I
must tame it.

I held out my hand and you must have caught the movement
out of the periphery of your eye. You looked up then
stepped forward handing me your bunched up panties. I
grasped them and felt their damp heat, before dropping

I took your hand and pulled you towards me, indicating
that I wanted you to stand with your legs straddling

Gently I took your hands and placed them on your head.

"We are going to conduct an interview," I said.

"An interview?" you were obviously puzzled.

"Yes an interview. I want you to tell me why you want
this job and I don't want you to stop or get distracted.
Whatever I do. Do you understand?"


"Yes as my slave, tell me why you're worthy."

"Oh," you murmured. Again that unexpected test.

You paused then started speaking, slowly with a tiny
voice. Telling me how much you wanted to be my slave and
how you wanted to be dominated and...

Using only the fingers on one hand and touching only your
gushing little pussy I made you cum. You squealed
delightfully as you came and your writhing just drove me

It was the first orgasm of many.

Your body was mine.

And so, despite the fact you never finished the
interview, I graciously gave you the job.

It was a glorious first weekend wasn't it?

I touched and learned.

How you like having your neck kissed and your earlobes
nuzzled and how you liked the burn of the rough hemp rope
that was tied tightly around your breasts imprisoning
your nipples.

I learned so much about you that weekend.

Learning to spank you, softly at first, hands almost
fluttering on your quivering bottom. Then the slaps and
the writhing and the musty smell of your sex. And the
orgasms. Once I didn't even have to touch your sex, you
just came as I cracked my palm meatily across your silken
cheeks. With you grinding your crotch into the rough
denim of my thigh.

And those ropes lashing you into various poses. Making
you cook my dinner and serve me while that vibrator
buzzed purposefully inside you, held in with a cruelly
tight crotch rope. Then making you kneel under the table
and blow me as I ate my dinner.

While the vibrator ground away.

And we came. And I was a kind master because I'd let you
cook enough such that there were sufficient scraps for
you to eat out of your dog bowl. As you knelt with your
hands tied behind your back and I flicked a light whip
over your asscheeks as they thrust up invitingly at me.

While the vibrator ground away.

And the callisthenics, helping you to stay slim and
beautiful just like I wanted you to be. Dancing and

While the vibrator ground away.

You orgasmed in the middle of a routine once. Do you
remember that?

It was absolutely scrumptious to watch. I wish you could
have seen yourself, frantically rubbing your breasts and
your crotch as you moved slowly to the pulsing music.
Sinuously dancing and writhing as the orgasm built in
your body. Then the tsunami as you dissolved into a
mindless jelly as the orgasm burst fully upon you.
Scrumptious I tell you, you were scrumptious.

And our sex was the best, beyond belief and human
understanding. Power and joy, coarse ropes and soft flesh
and hot, wet cataclysmic pleasure all served up raw on a
bed of satin sheets.

Then those other weekends. Do you remember those too?

You didn't tell me what to do, it wasn't a slaves place
to propose. I proposed and I disposed. But I learnt. It
was like understanding a deep and complex piece of
machinery that must be thoroughly investigated until I
could coax the most from it.

We never even needed a safeword did we? The subject never
came up. Somehow I just knew when I was pushing too far
and too fast. Like a driver lost in a maze of country
roads I just backed up and took a different direction. It
was so much fun wasn't it?

I rejoiced the day you moved in. Funny really but I never
even considered that you had another life. A life where
you were an executive, a clerk, a whatever you were. One
day it didn't matter. There could only be one job for you
then. You were mine, my slave, my foil, my temptress, my

I loved you, I'm sure you knew that. Loved you deeper
than the deepest ocean. Ok so I punished you, when you
deserved it. I loved your little pouts and your dewy
cheeks as I made you stand in the corner, your bottom raw
and aflame. But I was never cruel now was I?

You wouldn't have stayed would you? You were a slave but
you were free. It was freedom that only a dedicated slave
could enjoy. Freedom from inhibition, freedom from
stress, having a single focus in your life. To make me
happy and if I was happy you were happy and what was the
occasional sore backside when you had a life of ecstasy
and unmitigated happiness.

Can you remember when I used to take you to the mall?
Making you wear those ultra short skirts with those tiny
little panties? I used to smile as I watched you pulling
down your skirt while I drove, trying to protect your
innate modesty. Didn't do you a lot of good though now
did it? I nearly laughed when that gust of wind raised
your skirt. I didn't of course, its very bad form for a
Master to laugh at his slave. Humiliation is one thing,
cruelty is another. A Master should care for his slave,
not poke fun at her.

That was the secret wasn't it? That's why Doms and subs
have almost sublime existences. And why vanilla couples
are always at each other's throats. It's the nature of
the relationship. They could never understand it could
they? The feminists curling their lips in disgust when
they saw what you had become.

We never met a happy feminist did we? Not truly happy.
With their pathetically downtrodden husbands or dungareed
girlfriends. It used to amuse me as you tried to explain
what you were about, why you were ecstatically happy. But
they just didn't understand. Poor things, we both used to
commiserate on their bad fortune.

A true Dom makes it his job to learn all about his sub.
And that is the key to their mutual happiness. He has a
far deeper understanding than any vanilla partner could
ever have. Because that is the secret of this type of

I knew what made you tick. How you loved to have sex in
the shower or the pool, how you loved it when I
manhandled your breasts or teased you, holding off your
orgasm until you thought you'd go mad.

Then the release.

A muted power that arched your back and almost stopped
your heart. I know you told me once. The little death you
called it. I remember. I remember everything. The sweet,
the honey, the very essence of you.

God I loved you.

And then one day, thirty years nearly to the day that I
met you, you left me.

I will never forget you. Cannot forget you. You were my
slave but you were my life.

Thank you my love. I'll miss you always.

Tears ran down the old man's cheeks as he leant forward
and kissed the lips of the woman lying at peace in her

"Bye my love," he whispered then turned as an arm snaked
around him.

"Come on dad, its time we were going."

He turned and looked at his daughter, "You think she was

"Mum? Happiest person I ever met," it was true too,
everybody commented on her cheery smiles and carefree

"Think she's happy now," he let his eyes wander upwards.

"I think she's living in a wonderful place and I'm sure
she'll be really happy."

He started to shuffle towards the door and his daughter
did a double take. She was sure he muttered "I hope they
got big dildos there. She always liked a big one."

She shook her head, not her dad. It couldn't be, it was
too far fetched. She must of misheard.

I mean who has ever thought of their parents having sex?


(c) 2000 Spoonbender.

C'mon ladies, if this did it for you then please email me,
my email is: ***@hotmail.com

I would appreciate it if you filled out the survey on my
website at www.spoonbender.demon.co.uk it is about story
preferences and is completely anonymous. Thank you.

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others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than a
trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime, so
take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

The Birthday Guy
by Tinman (***@hotmail.com)


A young woman answered my ad in a swingers newspaper,
but with an unusual request: her boyfriend wanted to
have sex with another guy for the first time on his
upcoming birthday. It turned out to be an exciting
evening. (MMF, MM, 1st-bi-expr, oral, anal)


Everyone's had daydreams (or night dreams) about being
with a couple, especially if you're single and bi.
Well, I'm no exception. When I lived in Denver there
was a lot of sexual activity in that area and it was
pretty easy to come by (no pun intended). There was a
swingers' newspaper there called the "Rocky Mountain
Oyster," which of course referred to pussy.

I didn't care that much for raw oysters, but I sure did
like raw pussy and I often answered ads, or placed my
own, in the Oyster for sexual encounters. Had pretty
good luck with that, too. I met with couples several
times but usually the guy wasn't interested in touching
or being touched. Usually it was just two guys on the

One exception, though, was one of the times when I had
advertised for couples in the Oyster. I got a call from
a nice sounding girl who said her name was Karen. She
told me her boyfriend's birthday was coming up. She
said he had been wanting to try sucking another guy and
she wanted to set something up to give him a shot for
his birthday. We talked about what we could do for a
while, and then she actually made a date to come over
that night (a Saturday). This was pretty unusual and I
thought to myself, "Sure, I'll bet," but I tidied up
the place anyway.

But they did show up, and even more surprising she was
a real cutie and he was even cuter. He was tall, lean,
with a big wide grin. After getting acquainted with a
couple of drinks, we headed for the bedroom. It wasn't
the least bit embarrassing, they were real open as to
why they were there. We stripped, and jumped into my
big king bed and started playing with each other -- all
three of us. He and I were naked and she wore a little
blue frilly top but no panty.

Pretty quickly, he was on my cock, sucking away. He
wasn't very good at it, but I wasn't paying too much
attention to him 'cause I was pretty busy lapping her
pussy as she straddled my head, and playing with her
pert little tits. But Kevin (his name) kept on my cock,
licking and sucking, but too fast. I tried to slow him
down, and then she moved down and kind of took over a
little and showed him how to do it right. And she knew
how to do it right, too -- she was very good.

Kevin learned pretty quickly and when he took over
again he was smoother, more erotic. In fact it felt so
good I swung around so I could suck him, too. His cock
was a little longer than mine (maybe a little over 7")
but thinner, too. But I could tell from his movements
that he liked what I was doing. Then his girlfriend
joined me down there and we really gave him what for a
few minutes, then she switched and helped him with me.
She played with my balls, rubbed my thighs and butt
while Kevin sucked away on my cock.

It wasn't long before it got too much for me and I shot
a load. I warned Kevin I was going to shoot, but he
just got more excited and kept on sucking, taking me
deep. So I let it go, squirting three or four big ones
for him, which he happily took and swallowed. I noticed
when I looked down at him that his eyes were big and
focused on his girl friend. I think he was really proud
of what he'd done and kind of looking to her for

After that, we both fucked his girl friend some, and I
ate her some more (I love eating pussy) while he
snarffed my cock again. I finished up finally by
fucking her again and shooting in her, which made me
happy and didn't seem to bother her or Kevin a bit.
They stayed the night, and we had one more go around of
sucking the next morning and then he whispered to me
that he wanted me to fuck his butt.

I was always game for that with a really cute guy,
which Kevin was. So, we started kissing and stroking
there in the early morning with the sunrise just
peeking in over the mountains and through the blinds. I
asked Kev if he'd ever been penetrated before. He told
me no, but said he had wanted to for a long time. I
told him that I preferred to fuck him bareback and he
said breathlessly, "That's great, Jim."

I kissed my way down his long, lean body -- he wasn't
skinny, just lean and perfect -- until I was sucking
his hard cock again. Then I raised his legs and worked
my way back to his lean butt. I spread his cheeks apart
and began breathing my hot breath on his anus while I
rubbed his own generous creaming up and down and around

He was moaning and squirming, so I could tell this was
unusual pleasure for him, maybe even a bit ticklish to
him. So I dived in and began rimming him lightly,
producing a deep heartfelt groan. By this time his girl
was awake and raised up on her pillows watching us
intently. I had both of his legs pushed back to his
check as I licked and slurped on his butt crack and
hole, thoroughly wetting him for penetration.

I had some Platinum Lube which I squeezed out liberally
all over his anus and my fingers. I pushed two fingers
into his anus, worked them around inside him for a bit,
then three fingers. He was having no problem taking
three of my fingers, so I figured he could take my
seven inches without too much trouble.

I quickly applied more Platinum to his ass and to my
cock. Then I raised up on my knees between his uplifted
legs, lifted his largish balls up and out of the way,
grasped my cock and pointed it to his ass. I pushed
forward until I felt the head of my cock make contact.
I kept pressure on his legs and told Karen to slide one
of the pillows under his butt as I pressed him upward.

Then I was ready to enter this beautiful boy's butt. I
pushed against his ass again, telling him to relax --
he was pretty tense. Relax and just push back at me
just as if he were trying to take a dump. I said that
would help open him up for penetration. He said okay,
his eyes wide as he strained to look down to where my
cock was pushing against him.

I began to apply firm pressure to his butt hole. The
Platinum did its job and my cock head began to slide
inside his tight ring. He kind of went, "Ummmhhhhh..."
as I did, but he was trying like a champ to push back
and keep himself relaxed and open. In fact he did such
a good job that I felt good about pressing myself on
into his bowels.

Slowly I entered him, deeper, deeper until my balls
were tight against his muscular ass cheeks. His cock
had lost its erection during penetration but soon began
rising again and filling with blood as I held myself
deep in his ass. I grasped his cock and gave it a few
strokes as I leaned down and kissed and sucked his
perky nipples.

Karen's eyes were huge and her mouth hung open as she
watched. She had started to play with her clit and
would no doubt soon be getting herself off.

Then I began withdrawing my wet cock from his hot butt,
almost all the way out, then slowly pushed back in
again. Everything went easier this time, so I began to
speed up some, gradually increasing until I was fucking
Kev like a madman, pounding in and out of his ass as he
groaned and encouraged me: "Fuck me, Jim, fuck
meeeeee..." And that's exactly what I did, for a good
seven or eight minutes I fucked Kev's ass, his legs now
over my shoulders.

But then, feeling my cum gathering and that sweetest of
feelings starting deep in my own ass, I grasped his
lean, muscular buttocks and pulled us closer together.
From then on, there were no more long strokes, only
those short little goodies when your cum is rising and
finally a deep, deep penetration and arching as the cum
shoots out far up there.

I cried out that I was cumming as I started to shoot my
juice into his bowels. He answered me that he was too!
And I felt his hard cock ejecting his own cream all
over my belly and his as I gave him all I had. God! He
was strong; as he arched he lifted me right up too and
I had to support myself with my legs as I finished one
of the best cums I've ever had. I believe we all three
came together that morning as the sun rose.

I know we collapsed with my dick still in Kev, and
Karen came over and snuggled up to both of us for a

After a bit, Karen hopped up and fetched a couple of
hot washcloths from the bathroom, came back and cleaned
us both up and dried us off. We said our casual
goodbyes, as they both had to go to work.

Then that was it. No telephone numbers exchanged and
they never called again. Got what they wanted, I guess,
and I definitely was a happy camper. But I'd sure have
been open to repeat sessions with those two.


This story is about a real happening in my life. I
condone sex between and among adults whenever and
wherever they want, with whomever they want, in any way
they want. That is the right of any human being. There
are no rules when it comes to sex and the freer one can
be, the more enjoyment one will give and receive.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: baby.txt (MF, wife, intr, hum, nc, preg)
Authors name: EZ Riter (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Baby

Copyright April 1998 and August 2000 by E. Z. Riter.
The attached work of fiction is intended to be
entertainment for adults in locations where it is legal.
If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT read. This is
a copyrighted work. Reposting or any other use strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of
the copyright holder, except may be posted as part of a
review or posted to free-access, noncommercial archives.

My other works can be found at:
ftp://ftp.asstr.org/pub/Authors/E.Z.Riter or at

E-mail address: ***@hotmail.com
Please! Give me your comments!


Dear Reader, This is a significant rewrite of a story
originally posted in April 1998.

WARNING: Story Codes: humiliation, nonconsensual,
pregnancy, adultery, and interracial. If you don't like
that sort of thing, why don't you try some of my lighter

Thanks to Ruthie for editing and for story line
suggestions. E.Z.


Mandy and I started dating in the seventh grade. She's
the only woman I've dated and I've always thought I was
the luckiest man alive to have her. Why she picked me,
I'll never know.

I'm an average man at five eight and one hundred forty
pounds. Mandy's small, only five feet tall and one
hundred five pounds. I'm average in appearance, too, but
her appearance is far above average. She's beautiful with
a delightful feminine figure.

When we married before our freshman year in college, we
were virgins eager to begin our lives together. Our first
sex was on our wedding night. My hands trembled as I
unrolled a condom while Mandy smiled sweetly up at me
from our wedding bed.

"Don't use it, Sammy. Please," she whispered.

"You might get pregnant."

She wrapped her hand around my unprotected cock and
pulled me toward her.

"I want to be pregnant. You know that."

"But we're just starting out."

"Let's start by letting nature take its course. Make love
to me where I can feel you, not a condom, Sammy."

From that first night or maybe the night after, Julie was
created. She was born nine months to the day after we
wed. Our second child was another girl, who we named
Jenny. She was born when we were juniors.

We struggled through college as we both worked and went
to school. I graduated on schedule and went to work for a
big company as an accountant. A year later, Mandy
graduated and started teaching second grade.

Neither Mandy nor I are leaders. We're both content being
followers, which reflects our passive personalities. Our
peaceful life style reflects that, too. We worked hard,
saved, played, loved our children, and enjoyed what
Americans call the good life.

Ours was a placid marriage. The one major disagreement
was the number of children. She wanted five, but I
insisted we stop at two, which is one of the few times I
stood up to her. Mandy was never happy with that
decision. It was the only bitter point between us.

In marriages like ours, money's an issue because it's in
short supply, but Mandy wasn't a woman who longed after
wealth. She wanted more children. I was the one who
longed for a more financially successful life.

Julie was fifteen and Jenny almost fourteen when Mandy
and I went with friends to Las Vegas.

We had a wonderful time, and I won $30,000 gambling.

I thought I'd found a way to ease the money problems and
give us a better life. I didn't know I'd sown the seeds
of our destruction.

Gambling's a terrible, uncontrollable addiction in some
people. I was one of those. I gambled on everything I
could find: football, basketball, horses, numbers. After
we returned from Vegas, I won a little, but then the
losses came in waves. I increased the amount I gambled
because I knew my luck would change. And it did change -
for the worse. In six months, I lost our savings, the
kids' college funds, everything. And I lost even more as
my bookie gave me credit.

Mandy knew nothing about it.

"Sam Johnson, get your ass over here straight from work!
Don't mess with me, boy!" the horrifying voice on the
phone said.

The sweat oozed from my face as his violent disconnection
rang in my ears. I was $20,000 in debt to my bookmaker
and not a dime to my name. They'd been trying to collect
for a month. My time was up. I went to the bathroom and
threw up.

I shook uncontrollably and my clothes were soaked in
sweat as I entered the store front office. The bookie
grabbed my arm, dragged me out the back door, and shoved
me into a large van, which had been modified to allow a
person to stand. Someone picked me up like a child and
jammed me on the floor of the van on my knees.

I looked up at one of the biggest men I'd ever seen.

"I'm David Winston White. Leroy works for me. I
understand you won't pay your bills."

"Look, I . . . "

He moved quickly, like a tiger leaping on its prey and I
was the lamb he was devouring. His massive left hand
crushed the back of my neck and lifted me several inches
in the air. His fingers were so long and strong they held
my jaw shut. And his right hand grabbed my cock and
balls. I felt him began to squeeze as I stared into the
coldest, most evil black eyes in the world. I whimpered,
and tears fell down my face. The pain in my balls was

He dropped me. I fell to the floor sobbing.

"I want my money now."

"I don't have it."

"But you have a way to earn it."

"How? Tell me how?"

"You have a wife and daughters, don't you?"

"No," I gasped.

"Janet, stand! Look at her, Sam!" he commanded.

A petite white woman stood in the corner of the van. She
was naked. She had massive breasts and a sad, frightened
face that looked sixty although her body looked much

"Tell him your story, Janet!"

"I was a sales rep, but I got addicted to gambling. I'm
paying off my debt by being a whore for Mr. White."

"Come suck my cock, Janet!"

She scurried to him, quickly kneeling and fishing his
cock from his trousers. It was massive, easily the
biggest I had ever seen, but it was proportionate to the
rest of him. Mr. White was probably six six and two
hundred fifty pounds. Janet sucked the cock head, but his
hand on the back of her head forced it into her mouth.

"Watch, Sam! Watch the stupid white slut suck my cock.
Tomorrow night I'm coming to your house. I'll leave with
my money or I'll leave with your wife and daughters.
They'll do what Janet's doing until I have my money!"

"No. Please. Have mercy," I whimpered.

"I've no mercy for you, boy. Your wife and daughters'll
be my whores until they earn back my money. Now, come
here! You need to learn what sucking my cock's like since
you're forcing your wife and daughters to do it."

He shoved Janet aside and yanked me between his legs. I
felt like a child, unable to resist even if I had tried.
His huge cock barely fit in my mouth. He didn't care
about that. He jammed it in and out. When I put my hands
up in protest, he whipped his cock across my face like a
hard slap. When he came, he pulled out to cover my face
in his sticky goo. He shoved me out of the way.

I was too terrified to even wipe his dripping cum from my
cheeks. Janet scurried between his legs again to clean
his cock with her mouth, sucking and slurping, as I felt
his cum drying on my face.

"Tomorrow night. Don't try to run or hide or call the
police. It'll only make me mad! Now get out."

It was late when I got home. I'd cleaned up at a service
station, then stopped at a bar for liquid courage. Mandy
was asleep when I got home. I sneaked in the shower
before I crawled in our bed, wondering if she'd ever be
there next to me again.

I couldn't sleep. My mind, body, and soul were paralyzed
by fear: fear of what I'd done, fear of what would happen
to my family as a result. I left early for work the next
morning before Mandy awakened. That night, I got home for
dinner about seven. She was at the kitchen table, grading

"Sam, are you all right? You've been acting funny lately.
Is something wrong?"

"No. Everything's fine."

I heard the front door open.

"Who's that, I wonder?" she said as she disappeared into
the living room.

"WHO . . . " I heard her say.

I wet myself, sitting in my own pea, paralyzed with fear.

Mr. White walked into the room carrying my wife in his
arms like a baby, except her mouth was taped shut and her
arms handcuffed behind her. She was frightened like I'd
never seen her before, shaking uncontrollably, her face
ashen and sweating. His associate pointed a gun at me as
Mr. White ordered me to sit and cuffed my hands behind

He put Mandy in the chair next to me. She was sobbing,
making a sound like a dying dove.

"If you can be quiet, I'll remove the gag," Mr. White
said to Mandy.

She nodded and he yanked the tape from her face. She said

"My name is Mr. White. Has your husband explained your

She stared at me with questioning eyes before she shook
her head no. He told her my whole gambling history. He
knew I'd maxed out the credit cards and home equity loan
for my addiction. Mandy said nothing. Her eyes flitted
back and forth between us. I could tell she couldn't
believe what I'd done, and the loss and danger it put her
in. She was in shock from it.

"What are you going to do to us, Mr. White?" she asked,
the hysteria in her voice barely controlled.

"You and your daughters'll come with me, Mandy. You'll be
my whores, fucking men for money until I've recovered
what I'm owed."

Mr. White looked as if he expected her to become
hysterical. I certainly expected it. We both were

As if someone filled an empty bag with iron, Mandy
appeared bigger and sat more erect. A determined
expression grew on her face. She held his cold, dead eyes
with her own, never blinking or looking away. When she
spoke, her voice was calm, sincere and confident, not
threatening, but not submissive.

"Mr. White, I'm a lot of things. I'm Sam's wife and a
teacher and a woman. I'll be your whore, too, the best
one'll you have and I'll earn all your money back for
you. I promise. But you must understand me, most
importantly I'm a mother."

Mandy stopped and for seconds they stared at each other.

"Do you understand? I'm a mother . . . and if you or
anyone else touches my daughters, I'll kill you."

Mr. White's mouth dropped open before it snapped shut
like a steel trap. Mandy stood, walked to him, and turned
her back.

"Please remove the handcuffs. You've nothing to fear from
me unless you harm my daughters."

He was stunned and her actions defused his natural
proclivity to harm. He gave a sharp, hard laugh, removed
the cuffs, spun her around, and jammed her to her knees
between his legs.

A knife appeared in his hand and he pressed it to her
throat. A tiny movement by either of them would pierce
her throat with the knife point. She never quivered or
moved or took her eyes from his.

Somewhere in those long minutes as they stared at each
other, they reached an unspoken agreement. He smiled at
her as he put away the knife. It was a soft, gentle
smile, like a man gives his lover.

"Mandy, please show me your house," he said with sincere

"Certainly. Mr. White, may I call you by your first

"Call me by the nick name my family uses. Since I was the
last born, they call me Baby."

Mandy showed him the house, giving him the in depth tour
as if she were showing our preacher her homey treasures.
She seemed happy and positive, telling him our history,
pointing out the pictures in the hall that recorded when
this thing occurred or that thing happened. She stopped
in each girl's room, spending a long time talking about
her beloved daughters.

I could see that she enchanted him. When he took her hand
in his, she squeezed his in return, giving him a warm and
friendly smile.

"Coffee?" she asked when we returned to the kitchen.

"Yes, thank you, Mandy," Baby answered.

"Baby, you can understand why I'm so protective of my
girls, why I said what I did."

"You're an unusual woman, Mandy. I know you honestly
meant it when you said you'd become a whore for me, and
when you said you'd kill me. You really love your
children, don't you?"

"Yes. I love them deeply, but I understand your position,
too, Baby. That's why I'll cooperate with you to the
fullest, doing whatever you wish for me to do. I'll make
every effort to get your money back."

She handed him the coffee and guided us all to the den.
She sat on the couch opposite him. No one spoke as the
two of them worked through their own private thoughts,
their eyes never leaving each other.

"Mandy, can you still bear children?"

Her body language became extremely intense as her eyes
slammed into me before returning to him.

"Yes. Why?"

The silence was killing me. I knew why. We all knew why!
My God, was she really considering it?

"I'll forget Sam's debt if you'll have my child."

I could tell immediately she was going to agree. Mr.
White could tell, too. Mandy wasn't ready to say it, not
verbally anyway.

"Why would you want that?"

"I want children. Finding a woman to bear one is easy.
Finding a woman I can trust to love and nurture them is
difficult in my world, Mandy."

"Babies are a big responsibility. Babies need love and
tenderness . . . "

He laughed. He threw back his giant head and laughed. She
had a sheepish, crooked grin, like a kid who'd been
caught stealing candy.

"What do you want, Mandy? Just tell me. We both know
you'd love and care for a child more than other woman
would, no matter who the father was, no matter the
circumstances of the birth."

She walked to him, took his huge hands and put them on
her waist. She took his giant face in her hands and
gently held it to look at her. Again, there was a long
silence as they communicated nonverbally. That silence
was painful for me. She leaned down slowly to kiss him
softly on the lips.

"I'd like having your child, Baby. I know you'll be a
good father and never hurt me or any of my children."

She pushed him back into the couch with her body as she
kissed him long and hard. Slowly his arms folded around
her in a lover's embrace.

This giant, this criminal who hurt people for a living,
asked my wife if he could impregnate her, putting his
black seed in her belly to make it grow with child. She
rewarded him with a passionate kiss.

"Baby, I'm not on the pill. Would you like to start now?"

"I'd like that very much," he replied with such softness
and feeling in his voice even I was touched. She took his
hand, leading him toward the bedroom, then she stopped.

"Is it all right with you if Sam watches us?"

What was that expression on her face as she looked back
at me? Not hatred. Not happiness. I knew it made me feel
small because that look expressed that I was making her
fuck someone else and she resented it greatly.

"Come on, Sam," Baby said, not even looking at me. He had
eyes only for Mandy.

I followed them into the master bedroom, the bedroom that
had been hers and mine exclusively. Baby's henchman
shoved me in a chair and stood by me, his hand on my
shoulder. Mandy looked at us.

"Baby, Sam won't cause a problem. Would you please ask
your friend to leave?"

"Here, Junior," Baby said handing him a revolver. "Why
don't you watch TV?"

"Sure, boss," the man replied. In a moment, I heard the
TV start in the den.

Baby took off his coat and sat on the edge of the bed.
Mandy kissed him again before she began unbuttoning his
shirt. She didn't look at me as she slipped the shirt off
his massive shoulders. Her fingers slid across his torso
lovingly before she sucked his nipples. She slipped to
her knees to untie his shoes.

"Stand up so I can take off your trousers," she said to

She undid his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor.
She looked up at him with a sensual grin as she yanked
down his boxers. That giant black cock that only last
night spilled his seed on me jumped into her face.

"Oh, my God, Baby. I can't take that!"

"Yes, you can. I wouldn't hurt you."

"I know you wouldn't, Baby, but he would. I'll bet you
don't get many complaints about being too small."

"None so far," he laughed.

Mandy turned to look at me. Her small fingers daintily
held his hard cock near her face.

"Have you ever seen a cock this big?" she asked.

I didn't respond.

"Answer me," she snapped.

"No, I haven't."

"What would you estimate, Sam? Is it twice as big as
yours? Three times? Or more?"

"I don't know," I mumbled as I stared at my wife unable
to tear my eyes away from her. I'd never seen the anger
and, yes, hatred in her that I saw at that moment.

"They say that once a woman's had a big cock like this
one that she can't even feel a tiny little thing like you
have, and that your little boy's cock won't ever bring
her pleasure. Do you think that's true, Sam?"

"I don't know," I whispered as I trembled in abject

"We're going to find out, aren't we?" she said, her voice
dripping with insincere sweetness.

She turned back toward him as her hand lovingly caressed
his shaft. She kissed the opening.

"What's his name?" she asked Baby.


"Your cock. I thought all men named their cocks."

"I haven't named him. Would you like to do it?"

"Yes, but I need him in me first. I need to see how he
feels so the name'll fit. May I suck him?"

His huge, ham sized hand guided her mouth to his cock.
Mandy always enjoyed sucking cock although she'd never
initiate it. Now she valiantly worked on the shiny black
helmet head of a monster as big as her fist. Quickly, it
was coated in her saliva, which hung in ropes of spittle
as she moved back and forth on it. She was doing a
yeoman's job, but her jaws quickly tired. Baby could tell
and pulled his cock from her mouth.

"I'm sorry, Baby. I'll do better next time," she
murmured. He lifted her as if she were a child to kiss
her softly on the lips.

"Don't worry. You were wonderful, Mandy. I want to fuck
you. I want to feel your delicious pussy around my cock."

As he quickly undressed her, she never acted shy or
embarrassed. She stood proudly before him, displaying her
body, letting his giant hands roam the lush territory
that'd been exclusively mine.

"Do you have any K-Y?" he asked. "I don't want to hurt

"I won't need it. I'm dripping wet for you, Baby," she
replied sultrily.

She lay back. When he crawled between her legs, the bed
groaned with his weight.

"Let me show you the easy way," he said.

Gently, he pulled her legs up with her knees outside her
breasts. He brought her elbows inside her knees to
leverage them apart. He guided her hands to her pussy
lips, which she held open for him as he put the head of
his cock against her.

"Oh, Baby, I've never had a cock this big," she whimpered
as he slowly pressured to push his monster in her tight

There was no question he would fit. Her juices poured
down her leg, her pussy glistened from her own wetness.
He worked slowly, letting her become accustomed to him
until his cock head rested against her cervix.

She was moaning, squirming in obvious delight at being so
full. Her ass and hips were in constant motion as her
body struggled to accommodate the giant cock buried in
her. When she finally relaxed, the tension flowed from
her only to reappear as desire.

"Fuck me good, Baby," she murmured in his ear.

Groaning, sweating, whimpering, squirming under the
masterful, well controlled fucking from his monster cock,
Mandy orgasmed as she never had with me.

It was a strange feeling seeing him fuck her, seeing him
bring her joy and orgasms like nothing I'd ever given
her. I wondered if she'd ever enjoy me again. I felt
happiness for her at being so well pleased, but I felt my
own sorrow - my own deep and real sorrow - at having
caused this mess.

I was the second best man in my wife's bed. I had no one
to blame but myself.

While I felt a deep loss, I must admit, seeing another
man fuck my wife had been a wild and deeply buried
fantasy of mine. I was hard from watching because she was
getting a royal fucking from someone else, as I'd

His control was magnificent. Mandy orgasmed time after
time. When he saw she was mentally and physically
exhausted from the pounding of the past thirty-five
minutes, he let himself come and roared like a banshee
when he did.

She loved every stroke because he gave her the best fuck
of her life. She held him tightly, arms and legs around
him, spasming in one last, long orgasm, not letting him
pull out, as she let his black seed ravish her body
searching for her delicate white eggs.

He braced himself on his arms so his weight wouldn't
crush her as he softened in her, but she pulled him down
on her.

Her face was toward me when she bore his full weight. She
radiated bliss.

"Don't go," she whispered as he pulled out of her.

He kissed her gently and said, "I'll be back."

She giggled as her hand stroked his face.

"See that you do. Even a big stud needs to fuck more than
once to make sure the woman's pregnant. We'll need to do
this every night until I'm sure I'm carrying your child."

She kissed him hungrily before letting him pull away from
him. When she looked at me, it was with disdain.

"Wait, Baby," she said as he started to wipe his cock on
the bed sheets. "Let Sam clean you up."

Baby laughed. "He tasted my cock last night."

"Oh? He did? Did you like a cock in your mouth, Sam?" she

"No," I murmured.

"Well, I didn't get to see it. Do it again," she hissed.

"I need to go," Baby said as he wiped his cock.

"You can clean Baby next time," Mandy replied. "But you
can clean me now, Sam. I'm not going anywhere."

When I hesitated, Baby said menacingly, "You heard the

I fell between her spread legs facing her huge and
bloated pussy. White liquid oozed down her ass cheek. As
I began to lick Baby's cum from my wife's pussy, I
wondered how many nights he'd fuck her before she was
carrying his child.

"There's so much in me, Sam," Mandy said. "He must have
shot a quart. Suck it all out, honey."

The word "honey" was like an icicle thrust in my manhood.
As I sucked his cum out of her, Baby released the
handcuffs. In moments, I heard the door shut, but I
didn't get up then. Mandy's hand on the back of my head
held me in place. When she released me, I left to lock
the front door.

Mandy was asleep when I got in the bedroom. Without a
word, I lay down without touching her. When I awakened in
the morning, she was gone. I found her in the kitchen
drinking coffee. Her face was hard and cold.

"We need to talk."

"All right, Mandy."

"Baby'll honor his commitment. He'll forgive your debt
and not hurt any of us. I'll honor my commitment, too,
Sam. I'll bear his black baby. I'll raise that child with
all the love and caring any child ever had. The question
is, will you? Because if you won't love this child as
your own, I want a divorce. I wouldn't let you hurt a
child any more than I'd let him."

"Mandy, I never want a divorce."

"That's not the question! Will you accept Baby's black
child, the child I'll bear, as your own and love it

"Yes. I will. Please, Mandy . . . "

"I'm going to take over the finances, Sam. I want your
credit cards and your checkbook. From now on, you'll give
me your paycheck and I'll give you an allowance. And I
want that damn sports car you bought to be sold by
tomorrow night."

"I'll need some kind of car to get to work."

"Take the bus. Do you owe any other bookmakers?"


"That's something positive at least. You need to get help
for your gambling, Sam. I insist on it."

"I will."

"That's not good enough. I'll call Gamblers' Anonymous
and you'll start immediately. I'll find a psychologist
for you, too. Our insurance'll pay for it. If you miss a
meeting or a session with the psychologist, I'll leave
you, Sam. I mean it."

"Please, don't leave me. I can't imagine life without
you. I love you so much."

For the first time since she'd met Baby, her expression
toward me softened. She smiled and tousled my hair.

"I know you do. I'll spend the rest of my life with you,
but I couldn't stand another incident like this. I might
not be able to seduce the next bookie into letting my
daughters go unharmed."

She kissed me.

"His cock's so big that I'm sore. Until I get used to
him, we won't be able to have sex and when we do, you'll
have to wear a condom until I'm carrying his child. I'll
let you know when I want sex with you again, so don't ask
about it."

"Do you still love me?" I asked.

"Yes, I love you, you stupid, stupid man. I love you even
after you did this to us."

"You loved it, didn't you? You loved him fucking you."

She didn't look at me as she stood to leave.

"I asked you a question, Mandy."

She looked at me. It was neither a hurtful nor loving
look. It was a look of exasperation.

"I heard you, Sam. I'm not going to answer it. Don't ask
it again."

When Baby returned the next evening, I meekly followed
them into the bedroom.

"No, Sam. I'll tell you when I want you to watch us
having sex. Right now, I want you to go away. Tonight's
private and just between us."

It was a long time before I saw the two of them together
again. They always made love in our bed. Sometimes he
left early, sometimes he stayed until the wee hours. I
could hear them talking between sex those nights when
they fucked more than once. When the sex was over, he
went home.

That second night he fucked her, I stayed on the couch
after he left. Mandy came to me.

"Sam, I'm your wife. You need to be in our bed with me.
Come on."

After I was laying beside her, she said, "Always come to
bed as soon as he leaves, Sam. This is your place. You
should be in it."

I lay in the spot hot from their bodies, wet with their
sweat and juices, as my wife, exhausted from fucking with
another man, curled against me to peacefully sleep. His
smell filled my nose. His cum dripped out of her pussy
onto my leg.

Sunday, our daughters returned from their weekend at the
lake with friends. In the den, Mandy fully explained what
was happening in our lives.

"Mother, you mean a black man's impregnating you? We'll
have a black brother or sister? And we can't go to
college because Dad gambled away all our money?"

"Honey, it's a sickness. We need to forgive him. I know
forgiveness'll be hard to do, but we must try."

It was a heated and unpleasant family discussion, which
Mandy wound down after checking her watch.

"Baby'll be here shortly. I want all of you to be nice to
him. We'll visit a few minutes before I take him in the
bedroom. He'll be here every night until I'm pregnant."

Our daughters were stunned, cold and unspeaking, when
Mandy introduced Baby to them.

When they immediately moped off to bed, Mandy said
firmly, "Leave your bedroom doors open."

And Mandy left the door to our bedroom open when she led
Baby there.

Mandy'd never been vocal when we made love. She murmured
and cooed, but never screamed. That night, she screamed.
Our daughters and I could hear her begging him to fuck
her, telling him how big his cock was, and how much she
enjoyed him fucking her.

When she screamed she'd never had a real man before, we
heard Baby telling her to shut up.

How humiliating it was for me, having my daughters hear
their mother tell another man he could fuck better than I
could. But that's what she wanted. My humiliation. It was
my punishment from her. But it was the last time she
intentionally humiliated me. Maybe she thought I'd had

The next three months were surrealistic. Baby arrived
every night to fuck Mandy. Many times he joined us for
dinner, sometimes even bringing Chinese food or pizza as
his contribution. He offered to take her out for dinner
and dancing. For a date, he said laughingly. She always
refused, restricting their time together to our house.

Once, I started to leave before he arrived. Mandy stopped

"I'm fucking him because of you, Sam. You need to be here
while I do it."

I always was.

No one ever made a scene. Interestingly, Julie and Jenny
came to like him. He acted like a father to them, giving
them lectures about the dangers of men and drugs, buying
them clothes and jewelry. He was a positive influence,
replacing that influence I lost when he appeared in our
lives. He was a part of our family now, like a rich,
black uncle who came to dinner and stayed to fuck the
lady of the house.

Even I began to enjoy his presence. He was an interesting
man in many ways and different from any other friend I
had. Friend. Huh! That's what he became in some weird

In three months, Mandy was pregnant. She made the
announcement one evening at dinner at we ate a prime rib
she'd lovingly prepared. Baby beamed with pride. The
girls were actually excited about it, asking questions,
giggling, talking.

The girls felt no fear from him. He'd never been anything
but polite and kind to them. After those first moments,
Mandy never feared him, or, if she had, she hid it so
well neither Baby nor I recognized it.

After dinner, when Baby took Mandy's hand to lead her to
bed, she stopped him.

"I need to be Sam's wife again for a while, Baby."

"Leave that sorry bastard and come be with me. You and
Julie and Jenny can be my family."

"No, Baby. That wasn't our deal. You're part of my
family, but Sam's my husband."

"Dammit, I love you!"

She threw herself in his arms, wrapping her arms around
his massive neck, holding on like a little white barnacle
on a black battleship.

"I love you, too, and in a very special way, but I love
Sam as well and I won't leave him."

"I'll kill the bastard! I'll do it!"

When he reached in his coat to pull out a gun, Mandy
grabbed his hand.

"Put it away, Baby. Please. For me," she said softly, her
eyes holding and dominating this giant man. She led him
from the table, talking to him as they went toward the

"Mother, maybe you should leave Dad for Baby. He seems to
be the man in the family," Julie said.

Baby spun. In an instant, he grabbed Julie under the arms
and yanked her up, holding her in midair. She wet the
floor as those cold, dead eyes of his made her squirm in
his grasp.

"Julie, you've no idea how hard this is for all three of
us. You've no concept of what we're going through. I pray
you're half the woman your mother is. She has two men
desperately in love with her!"

He lowered Julie until her toes were on the floor, but he
supported her weight. She squirmed trying to get down.

"If you ever speak ill of him again, I'll spank you until
your lily white bottom's bright red.

Apologize to your father!"

He dropped her and she fell backwards before getting her

"Sorry, daddy," she whispered, but her eyes never left

From that night on, Baby came to our home once or twice a
week, bearing gifts for Mandy and the girls, having
dinner, and visiting. He wouldn't fuck Mandy, but she'd
warmly and happily kiss him goodbye at the door when he
left. And Mandy was talking to Baby regularly, keeping
him informed of her condition.

In her sixth month, she had her parents and mine over for
dinner. She explained she was having a black baby and how
the circumstances came to be. Mandy's father was a
racist. He screamed at me for doing this to his daughter,
stormed from the room, and never spoke to me again.
That's what I'd expected him to do. Both my parents were
humiliated by my causing this situation and our
relationship was never the same.

When she was ready to deliver, Mandy called Baby on the
way to the hospital using the cell phone he'd given her.
There were three of us in the delivery room when a big,
healthy baby boy came into the world. He was adorable,
the color of coffee with light cream. Julie and Jenny,
Mandy's mother, and Baby's sister and her husband joined
us in the waiting room.

Mandy named the baby David White Johnson. At first, Baby
objected to using my name. Mandy convinced him it was
better for the child since I'd be raising him. Of course,
Baby was so enamored of her, she could've convinced him
to take poison.

Baby became part of the family again, coming over almost
every night to spend several hours. He brought toys and
games, so many I was afraid we'd have to add a bedroom
just to hold them. Baby and his baby were an integral
part of the family.

It was as if Mandy had two husbands, one white, one
black, who both came home to her at night.

When Davy, as we called David White Johnson, was about
six months old, Baby was on the floor playing with him
and his giant body occupied most of the open space area.
The girls were with me on the couch. Mandy was in the
easy chair. We were happily visiting as a family would
until Mandy spoke.

"I want another child."

Tension crackled as we snapped to attention.

"Actually, I want two more. I want the next one to be
yours, Baby. Sam, I want the last one to be yours."

"We discussed having more. We decided not . . . "

"You decided not! I always wanted five. I want two more
and I want them just like I said. If you don't want to
father one, Baby'll father both."

Baby again came to our house every night to fuck Mandy
and make her pregnant. She made no effort to conceal her
joy at being fucked by him. She'd missed his big cock in
her and we all knew it.

The first time, when she was getting pregnant with Davy,
she sent Baby home each night. This time, he often spent
the night with her, not leaving until after breakfast the
next morning. My time with her was almost eliminated. I'd
been supplanted as her spouse.

Mandy tried to keep me satisfied, but it was clear to
everyone my satisfaction came after hers and Baby's.
Something else changed. After she became pregnant the
first time, Mandy no longer had sex with Baby. This time
she asked to see both of us in the bedroom. She sat in a
chair, holding both of our hands as she spoke.

"Sam, you asked me a question one time I refused to
answer. I'd like to answer it now. Yes, I like having sex
with Baby. I like his cock in me. I like him fucking me.
I like it a lot." She stopped, making sure I understood.

"I like you fucking me, too, Sam. You and baby are
different. I feel differently toward you. I like

both of you fucking me. So, from now on, I'm going to
have sex with both of you."

She stopped again, making sure we understood what she
said, giving us nonverbal communications again.

"I'll tell you which of you I want to fuck me each night.
I expect you to come if called, pun intended. And I don't
want any complaints out of either of you."

Baby started to laugh, throwing back his giant head,
guffawing until tears were in his eyes. Mandy giggled,
then she, too, broke out in open laughter. I was terribly
hurt at first, but I knew she really loved me, even if
she loved Baby as much. She kissed me, lovingly and
tenderly, to reassure me. She wanted me to know I was
loved by her, but so was Baby, and she'd fuck which of us
she chose.

I may have caused this problem, but Mandy was enjoying
its outcome. She was getting the five children she always
wanted. She was having two men fuck her as much as she
wanted. And she knew both of those men loved her with all
their heart.

"Who do you want tonight?"

"For the first time in my life, I want two men in my

There we stood like two schoolboys waiting for the
principal, except we were naked and standing by her bed,
watching as she gracefully and sensually undressed. Both
Baby and I got hard from watching and thinking about this
woman whose love we shared. She opened a bottle of
petroleum jelly and lubricated her asshole, which I knew
was virgin territory. She had a sexy smile as she
lubricated my cock.

"You boys think you can figure out how I want you?" she
asked with a grin.

Baby got on his back on the bed. She swung her leg across
him, slowly slipping his cock deep inside her waiting
pussy. She asked me to wait. I watched her face as she
fucked herself on his black monster. After two orgasms,
when the sheen of sweat covered her and her eyes were
glazed with desire, she whispered, "Okay, Sam. Do me
slowly back there."

I got behind her as she bent forward, putting her cheek
against Baby's chest. I saw his black hands cover her
ass, spreading her ass cheeks, readying my wife for me.

"Oh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhh," she moaned as I slipped into her,
feeling his cock through her thin membranes. Her asshole
was tight, dry compared to her cunt, but slick with
lubricant. Baby and I went slowly, both of us intent on
nothing except her pleasure.

Strange, isn't it? This giant black man and I both only
wanted her pleasure. I could see it in his eyes as he
looked at me and he could see it in mine.

Baby and I shared Mandy from that point on, each of us
coming to her at her direction and usually both of us
sleeping in her bed at night.

The second boy by Baby was named Henry Winston Johnson,
after Baby's father (Henry) and grandfather (Winston,
which was also Baby's middle name). He was born when Davy
was seventeen months old. Samuel Arnold Johnson, Jr. was
born twelve months after Hank.

By that time, I was cured of my gambling. My career
finally was blossoming and we were better off financially
than we had ever been. Baby'd paid for Julie and Jenny's
college and established trust funds for all three boys.
This freed the money I made for other things, including a
larger home.

The new home was really designed for a wife, two
husbands, and five children, which is the way we lived.
Baby'd moved in after Mandy made her announcement about
wanting more children and never moved out.

That was our family until that day four years after
Sammy's birth when Baby was shot to death in a crime
related incident.

During those four years, I'd come to care for and admire
Baby almost as much as Mandy did.

And Baby cared for me. Our common love of Mandy and her
five children had made us brothers.

I no longer felt humiliation or regret when he fucked her
or when she curled in his lap to be held.

She was a treasure I was sharing with a friend.

We all attended his funeral where Mandy gave one of the
eulogies, telling his family and friends of his two boys
she had delivered, telling of her love for him, a love
that continued in his sons. His family stared at mine, at
the white man and wife with two older white daughters,
and three younger boys, two black and one white, all
mourning this giant, black man.

It was a month before we mentioned him again, although we
all thought of him every day.

"Do you miss him?"

She turned toward me on the bed. Staring into my eyes,
she said:

"Yes. I miss him. I loved him, Sam. I loved him deeply,
but that never diminished my love for you. I didn't love
him like I loved you. He was a good man to me and to my
family. I'm sad those boys will never get to know him.
I'm sad he's gone and sad he won't get to see his
children grow up. Every parent deserves that right, Sam."

She curled up in my arms and cried.

I know Mandy loves me. She probably loves me more than I

I know she loves all five children equally, which is with
all her heart and mind and soul and might.

And I know each Sunday she places fresh flowers on Baby's

The End

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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

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Britney, Paris And Jamie
by HornyLisa (***@gmail.com)


After a night of wild partying Paris spends the night
with Britney. (FFf, inc, oral, celebrity-parody)


Author's Note: This story is a work of fiction and is
not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality
of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any
personal knowledge about them.


It was just a couple of nights after Britney Spears'
famous, or should I say infamous, pantiless pictures
hit the internet. She and Paris Hilton were out on the
town for another wild night. After a few hours of
dancing and several bottles of champagne they fought
their way through the paparazzi, got into Paris' car
and sped away.

"Holy fuck Paris, I am sooooo drunk!" Britney laughed.

"I guess you are girl, the way you were sucking down
the champagne I'm surprised you're able to move."

"MMMMMMMMM it was sooooo good." Britney said as she
slid lower in the seat letting her short black skirt
ride up her legs. "Did you see the way Hilary and Haley
Duff were dancing with each other? God it was so hot."

"Yeah I know, they were really turning me on. I can
only imagine what they are going to do later." Paris
said as she looked down at Britney's exposed pussy. "I
bet that sweet pussy of yours is so wet."

"Oh yeah, I'm so horny I think I'm gonna explode."

"Play with it for me." Paris said with a smile. "Slide
your finger over your clit and think how good it will
feel when my tongue does the same."

Britney slowly ran her finger down her slit, sliding it
into her wet pussy before circling her engorged clit.
"Oh Paris I want your tongue in my pussy again. I've
never had anyone eat me like you do and there's nobody
I'd rather eat than you."

"Oh really, what about Jamie Lynn? You told me last
time how you have fantasized about eating your little
sister's pussy and making her scream with pleasure."

Britney rubbed her clit faster as the image of Jamie
lying in front of her nude with her legs spread wide
danced in her head. "MMMMMMM, yeah I'd love to make
Jamie scream. But tonight I want your sweet pussy." She
said as she leaned over to kiss Paris.

Paris gave her a small quick peck on the lips then
pulled away and said. "I want to see you with Jamie
first. She's staying at your place tonight isn't she?"

"You know she is, but how can I get her to? I mean she
doesn't know about us or that I go both ways."

"Come on Brit, everybody suspects that we mess around.
Besides just think about that sweet young pussy and
it's your sister's too."

Britney moaned and rubbed her clit faster thinking
about Jamie. Paris slipped a finger into her own
soaking wet pussy then pulled it out and put it up to
Britney's mouth. She quickly sucked it in and licked it
clean. Britney was on the verge of a huge orgasm when
Paris smiled and said. "Don't cum yet. Save it if you
want to feel my tongue."

"Fuck I'm so close. Please let me cum."

"NO! Not yet! I want Jamie to see her big sister cum."
Paris said with an evil grin. She loved be in charge
and she knew Britney would do whatever she told her to
do. "Now reach over here and rub my pussy. Make me cum
before we get to your house."

Britney slid her middle finger into Paris' juicy cunt
then slipped a second and then a third in as well. As
the fingers of her right hand slid in and out she
rubbed Paris' clit with her left. She could feel her
own clit throbbing and her pussy contracting as she
worked to get her friend off.

Paris was having a hard time driving and she bit her
lower lip as she felt her orgasm approaching. "Oh yes
Brit, finger my pussy! What would your fans think if
they could see you with your fingers in my cunt?"

Paris' hips were jerking as she pulled into Britney's
drive. As she stopped the car and put it in park her
thighs held Britney's hand in place while her pussy
spasmed and her juices squirted onto the expensive
leather seats of her car.


Britney bit her lip to keep from screaming too as a
small orgasm swept over her. She didn't want to upset
Paris but she couldn't help it. She always got off when
she made Paris cum.

Jamie Lynn heard the car pull up and she was surprised
Britney was home so early. It was only a little past
midnight and she usually didn't get home till 4 or 5AM.
She quickly composed herself; she had been looking at
the pictures of Britney on the net and slowly rubbing
her own shaved pussy. She wished she was older so she
could do some of the stuff Britney did and like most
teenage girls she secretly lusted after Britney, even
though she is her sister.

Fourteen year old Jamie wasn't a virgin; she had had
some wild encounters with the cast of All That when she
was on that show and now that she was doing Zoey101 she
enjoyed spending time with some of her co-stars.
Especially Sean Flynn and Erin Sanders, Chase and Quinn
on the show, they had had several hot times together
and separately.

Britney and Paris staggered through the door, Paris was
holding Britney up. Jamie saw the shape her sister was
in and ran to help. As Britney's arm went around
Jamie's shoulder her hand brushed against her small
breast. Jamie shivered when she felt her sister's hand
on her boob and her nipples immediately became hard
little pebbles. Britney felt Jamie's nipple stiffen and
gave her boob a little squeeze.

"My oh my, my baby sister is really growing up."
Britney said smiling at Paris. "Paris I think her boobs
are as big as yours."

"MMMMMMM I think you're right." Paris said, slurring
her words more than necessary so she would appear
drunker than she was. Then she reached out and squeezed
Jamie's left breast feeling the hard nipple against her
hand. "And they are so nice and firm too."

Jamie was shocked that Britney and Paris were feeling
her boobs but she could also feel her pussy contract
with excitement. She was even more shocked when Britney
pulled her arm from Paris' shoulder and lifted her top
showing Jamie her large sagging breasts and said. "Mine
used to be that firm. Now after two kids they just lay

Jamie's mouth was dry. Even though Britney's stomach
wasn't as flat as it once was and her tits did sag she
was still sexy as hell. Jamie was still standing there
staring when Paris shocked her even more by leaning
over and taking Britney's nipple in her mouth.

Her mind raced and she asked herself. "What do I do?
Here is billionaire Paris Hilton sucking on my sister's
boob." She was snapped back to reality when she felt
Britney press her lips to hers and then Britney's
tongue licking her lips begging to be let inside. Jamie
moaned and threw all caution to the wind as she opened
her mouth to let her sister's tongue dance with her

While Britney and Jamie kissed and felt each other's
breasts Paris went back to her car and got black bag
that contained all her "special" toys. When she walked
back into the living room Britney was lifting Jamie's
pink top over her head exposing her small teenage
breasts. Each one was topped with a small pink nipple
standing hard and proud. Paris walked up to the sisters
and said. "Come on girls; let's go to Britney's room.
We can all be more comfortable there."

They walked into Britney's lavish bedroom with it's
over sized king size bed and quickly discarded the rest
of their clothes. Jamie moaned as Paris and Britney
each began sucking one of her sensitive nipples. Her
pussy was wet and aching and she nearly exploded when
she felt Britney's finger slide over her slit. Jamie
shivered as Britney slid first one then two fingers
into her little sister.

Paris moved away from the sisters and sat in a chair
her legs spread and her hand slowly rubbing her wet
pussy. She reached into her bag and pulled out a nine
inch cock shaped vibrator. Turning it on she rubbed it
over her clit and slowly slipped it into her billion
dollar pussy.

"That's it Brit, show your little sister how you can
make a girl cum." Paris moaned sliding the vibrator
deeper in her cunt.

Britney kissed her way down Jamie's smooth stomach,
pausing briefly to toy with her navel and the small
diamond that hung from it. She kissed lower enjoying
the smoothness of Jamie's freshly shaved pussy. As she
moved lower her mind was overwhelmed by the sweet
fragrance of Jamie's aroused pussy.

"Jamie I love you so much and I've wanted to do this
for so long. You're so beautiful." Britney moaned then
buried her face in Jamie's young pussy.

WANTED YOU TOO!!!!" Jamie squealed and her legs
squeezed Britney's head as her sister's talented tongue
danced on and in her pussy.

"Oh yeah Brit eat your little sister's cunt! Make
that little bitch cum!"

Britney's tongue slid deep inside Jamie then up to her
clit circling it then sucking the little nub into her
mouth. While she licked Jamie her hand was busy rubbing
her own clit. She licked back down her slit but went
past her tasty honey pot and Jamie's hips jerked when
she felt Britney's tongue slide over her tiny asshole.
She licked all around it then pushed her tongue into
her tiny pucker.


Paris watched Britney, the all American pop princess,
working her tongue deep in her little sister's ass and
she knew Jamie would be cumming soon. She had felt
Britney's tongue up her ass and she knew the pleasure
it caused. She moved her vibrator faster, wanting to
time her orgasm so she could cum with Jamie.

Jamie had her fingers tangled in Britney's hair and was
grinding her ass into her face. She could feel her
stomach tighten and her legs shaking as her orgasm
rapidly approached. Just when she thought she would
explode Britney moved her mouth back to her clit and
slid a finger up her tight ass. That was all Jamie
could stand and her whole body convulsed as her juices
covered Britney's face.


Paris saw Jamie cumming and shoved the vibrator as deep
as she could with one hand while she pulled her nipple
with the other. Her legs were shaking and just a tiny
squeak escaped her lips as her pussy contracted and her
juices covered her hand and the chair.

Britney licked Jamie till the convulsions stopped. Then
she crawled up be side her and smiled as she asked.
"How was that baby sister? Do you like the way I can
make you cum?"

"Hell yes I like it. I just wish we had done it sooner.
We've wasted so much time with other people when we
could have been loving each other." Jamie said with a
tear running down her cheek as she hugged Britney. "Now
it's my turn to make you happy. Just lay back and let
me lick my big sister's sweet pussy."

Jamie kissed along her jaw to her ear where she gently
nibbled the lobe then ran her tongue all around it and
inside causing Britney to shiver and a small moan to
escape her lips. Jamie kissed down her neck to her
breasts, which even though they weren't as firm as they
once were they were still sexy as hell, and took her
large erect nipple in her mouth and sucked like a
little baby starving for milk. She moved lower kissing
Britney's slightly flabby belly licking around her sexy

Paris was digging in her bag as Jamie finally reached
Britney's smooth pussy. She saw Britney's hips jerking,
grinding her pussy against Jamie's face. She found what
she was looking for and pulled a massive twelve inch
strap-on dildo from her bag, it was Britney's favorite.
She also pulled a smaller vibrator out as well.

Jamie had three fingers buried in Britney's wet pussy
while her tongue circled her clit. She was shocked when
Britney grabbed her arm and moaned. "More Jamie, more
fingers." Jamie did what her sister asked and slipped
her fourth finger in but Britney was still pulling her
arm so she held her thumb against her palm and pushed.
Suddenly her whole hand was inside Britney. She had
heard about fisting even seen it on the net but to
actually be fist fucking her older sister was blowing
her mind.


Paris heard Britney and stared. She couldn't believe it
this was better than she had hoped for. She stared as
Jamie moved her fist in and out of Britney. Pussy juice
coated her arm almost to her elbow as she fucked
Britney harder and faster. Jamie felt Britney's pussy
contract then a flood of hot sticky juices flooded
around her arm spraying all over her and the bed.

"FUUUCK MMMEEEEE!!!!!" Britney screamed just before she
collapsed and passed out from the extreme pleasure she
was feeling and all the alcohol she had drank earlier.

Jamie was worried and she cried as she pulled her hand
from her sister's well fucked and satisfied cunt.
"Britney, are you ok? Please be alright, I didn't mean
to hurt you."

Paris saw Jamie was worried and rushed to the bed. She
saw Britney was breathing steadily and she lifted
Jamie's face to hers and said. "She's alright baby, she
just drank too much tonight. She'll be just fine." As
she said this she leaned forward pressing her lips to
Jamie's then sliding her tongue into the younger girl's

Jamie broke the kiss and said. "Paris you are so sexy.
How long have you and my sister been messing around?"

"Ever since the first night we went clubbing, I've
always thought Britney was so hot and when I finally
got the chance I took it. Now I want you too Jamie."

Jamie saw the huge dildo in Paris' hand she swallowed
hard and asked. "What are you gonna do with that?"

"Well I was going to have you fuck Britney with it but
I guess that can wait till later." She laughed as she
dropped it on the bed beside Britney. "But I do have
another toy you might enjoy." She reached in her bag
and pulled out an eighteen inch double headed dildo. It
wasn't as thick as the strapon but Jamie's eyes were
still wide as she stared at it.

"You're kidding, right?"

"No just lie on your back and we can both enjoy it."

Jamie was nervous but she did as she was told and Paris
rubbed one end of the dildo with lube then slowly
inserted it into Jamie's young pussy. She moaned as she
felt the head stretch her as it slid easily in, she had
been fucked by quite a few boys but none of their cocks
were as thick as this. Paris moved it slowly in and out
letting Jamie get used to it as she fed more and more
into her pussy. Finally she had about half of it inside
her, Jamie had never felt so full but damn it felt

Paris saw Jamie was relaxing and enjoying the dildo so
she coated the other head with lube and positioned it
at the mouth of her own very excited pussy. She put her
left leg under Jamie's right and scooted closer sliding
the dildo into her pussy. She moaned as she slid closer
and closer till it disappeared.

"Now Jamie rock your pussy back and forth just like
you're getting fucked." Paris moaned as she started a
slow gyration of her hips. She alternated gripping and
releasing it with her pussy so it was sliding in and
out of both their pussies. As they each rocked their
hips they reached down and rubbed their clits.

They were both moaning loudly which woke Britney. She
saw Paris and her sister impaled on the dildo and it
was such a turn on she grabbed the strap-on Paris had
dropped and shoved it deep into her pussy. "That's it
Paris fuck my sister. Teach her how to please you."

Paris and Jamie both looked when they heard Britney.
Paris smiled and started humping faster while Jamie
stared in awe as Britney shoved that entire huge dildo
up her pussy. The sounds and smells of sex filled the
room as the three of them fucked themselves to massive
orgasms before falling asleep. Only to enjoy a wild
time the next morning.


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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: backdoor.txt (M+F+, FF, exh, reluc, bi)
Authors name: Michael Schumann (***@indiatimes.com)
Story title : Back Door Wives

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Back Door Wives (M+F+, FF, exh, reluc, bi, orgy)
by Michael Schumann (***@indiatimes.com)


Young wife takes a crash course in anal sex when her
husband demands some from her. Luckily, she has a
girlfriend with a cheat sheet. This story was originally
written by my ancient pseudo "Ron Taylor." Any redeeming
social values are accidental.



"I don't believe this," Tricia Miller said. "All you
can say is 'so what'??? I tell you that my husband has
announced, totally out of the blue, that he wants to
stick his prong up my asshole, and you sit there with
that Mona Lisa smile saying 'So what?' Doesn't it
shock you just a little, Kate? It certainly shocked
the hell out of me!"

Kate shrugged. "It's no big deal," she replied. "I've
done it a few times. Jesus, I thought everybody had!"

"You?" Tricia said. "Oh, I don't believe that! I
can't see you holding still for anything so -- _weird_.
You honestly mean to tell me that you and Roger -- no!"

"I didn't say it was with _Roger_," Kate purred, "but
yes, we do it once in a while. Actually, it's kinda
fun, if you get into it with the right attitude."

Tricia shook her head. She thought she knew Kate
Parker, but she was starting to realize that there were
some things about her friend that could still surprise
her. And she'd just heard one of them. Tricia took
another sip of her drink and thought about what had
happened in her bedroom, last night, and then this
morning ...


"Yes, oh God, oh Jesus, yes, fuck me," Tricia moaned,
writhing, her sweating body slipping and sliding
beneath her husband. Ken was in her cunt deeply, his
big cock reaming out the horny tightness of her snug
pussy, and she moaned again each time he rammed it hard
and fast, banging the bottom of her hot box.

She lifted her knees higher, allowing him to sink even
further into her juiced-up, sexed-up cunt, and she
whined in delight as his cock hairs scraped like wet
sandpaper against the splayed flaps of her pussy. Her
clit throbbed, and her juices oozed from the hole,
greasing the entry and re-entry of his hard, hot cock.

He was sucking on her tits as he fucked her. She
wasn't sure which she liked best, his cock in her pussy
or her nipples all stiff and throbbing inside his
mouth. His fingers and his teeth sank into the doughy
softness of her tits.

He buried his face between them, squishing the
salty-tasting mounds onto his face, and then he sucked
his way up one peak, then the other, clamping his lips
possessively onto her hard red beads of arousal.

He nibbled them, he chewed them, he pulled them with
his lips and teeth till they were an inch long and she
felt as if she were even squirting milk into his mouth.
And his cock continued to ram her snatch, banging
ferociously into her cum-thirsty hole.

He rolled onto his side, pulling Tricia with him. They
banged together, face to face. Her hot wet mouth
covered his, her tongue exploring as deep into his
mouth as his cock worked into her wiggling,
fuck-starved pussy.

She held him with the athletic grip of her legs, the
sucking pressure of her contracting pussy sheath
gobbling his cock as he fucked her. His swollen knob
probed deeper and deeper inside her, touching off new
sparks of arousal within Tricia.

"Want to fuck you dog-style," he gasped, and she just
nodded, licking the sweat off her lips.

Tricia loved it from the back, his hands active on her
ass while he filled her cunt with ripe hard meat. She
fought her cunt off the prick it was eating so
voraciously, and she got up onto her knees, her ass
jutting up an invitation to her husband.

"Put it right here," she growled, rubbing the wet,
itchy labes of her pussy. Her clit tingled with each
stroke, and she soaked her fingers in the juicy
discharge that was leaking from her hole.

For a moment she let her fingers go deeply into her
pussy, and she worked them in and out, reaming her
cunt, making it ready for the re-insertion of Ken's big
hard cock. But, mmmmm, her fingers could never compare
with the big tool that was waiting to stuff itself
inside her hole once again!

She pulled her fingers out and, while the hole was
still dilated, he rammed his dick inside her once more.
The big hard shaft sank into Tricia's cunt, spreading
the tight pink labes, exerting a luscious brain-
boggling pull on the taut-stretched flesh at the base
of her hard clit.

"Oh, Jeeeeesus," Tricia whined, jerking forward as he
stabbed her from the rear. She worked her ass up and
down, and her pussy swallowed Ken's cock again and
again, taking it to places, she was sure, he'd never
fucked her yet. But each time with him felt like a
brand new experience!

Just like losing her cherry all over again, but mmmm,
now she knew what was coming and she wasn't scared at
all, unlike that first time.

He slapped the jiggling cheeks of her ass while he
filled her and refilled her with his cock. She winced
and whimpered, but she really enjoyed his playful
slaps. Her ass stung, but it also quivered and jerked
and it seemed to pull more and more of his cock into
her hungry cunt.

She reached down, intending to frig and stroke her
clitoral area, but his fingers beat her to the hot
spot, and she let her hand drop away. Ken was doing
just fine and needed no help from Tricia, when it came
to frigging her hot horny clit.

"Yesssss ... " she moaned, the fires of orgasm boiling
in her blood. "Oh, fuck me, honey, make me fuckin'

"Make both of us come," he husked, shoving her with his
prick. Tricia jerked forward again, but her ass
returned and as it did, her cunt swallowed him whole.

She felt his balls and his groin against her
snatch-slice, and he seemed to rotate his dick inside
her without even moving. Her cunt was doing the whole
job and she didn't feel overworked one little bit.

She felt like a cork being invaded by the corkscrew,
only she was gonna let go of something even better than
Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1939!

Her cunt was gonna cover his cock in sweet sticky

He felt bigger than normal, inside her, but he was
fucking hard and hot for a good reason. Tomorrow
morning he was going to leave on a business trip, all
the way to the west coast. He'd be gone for at least a
week, maybe a little longer, and this fuck would have
to keep both of them humming till he got back home.

His rigid, fuck-maddened prick throbbed with the
urgency of his lust, and the swelling of the rod buried
inside Tricia made her body hum in shared response,
mutual need.

"More, harder," she whined, "oh, you know how to do

Did he ever! His hand on her clit, his dick in her
cunt, she could not restrain herself from gushing into
orgasm -- in fact, she had no idea why she should even
want to keep from coming, unless it might be to prolong
to unendurable lengths the delicious excitement of this

But as the orgasm rushed through her pussy, she
surrendered and she knew that it was the best thing to

"I'm cummmming!!!" she moaned, "oh, God, you fucked me
and made me come all over that yummy cock of yours!!!"

He kept on slapping her ass, but the strokes grew
lighter, only lovepats now, and she hardly noticed
them, in the exploding delight of her ecstasy. "Yes,
yes," she whined over and over, "oh, God, yesssss!!!"

His cock probed deeper and harder, pushing her orgasm
into an almost volcanic explosion of hot lust. She
moaned and sobbed with the force of her climax, her
pussy sucking voraciously around the thrusting shaft of
Ken's hard cock.

The tip of her womb was almost raw from the frenzy of
his fucking, and she knew her entire body would ache in
the morning, but who the goddamn fuck cared, when it
made you feel this good right now???

Her ass lifted and fell, slithering wetly and stickily
around the inserted meat of his big hard dick. Jesus,
she loved it when he fucked her from the rear, just
like this! Her cunt drooled and climaxed around his
cock and she worked her ass backwards, eating more and
more of him.

His hands pawing her hot body while he reamed her tight
but hungry cunt. His body banging hard against hers
each time he filled her anew with the thrusting lust of
his cock. The ticklish feel of his cockhairs scraping
against the prick-splayed flanges of her pussy was as
maddening as it was arousing, and oh God, was it ever

His hand brushed again along the risen tip of her
tumultuous clit and the sweat rolled in hot beads down
her trembling body. She arched her back, rising toward
the oncoming thrust of his cock and she bit her lower
lip, sweat oozing from every pore of her body.

He was still inside her, fucking for dear life, his
cock as big as a fencepost and as hard as steel. Just
the feel of him deep in her twat made Tricia's clit
twitch and shiver. Her pussy muscles sucked along the
length of Ken's tool and urged him to squirt his hot
cock-milk straight into her uterus.

Sexually, she was a late bloomer. She had been pretty
ugly in high school and never had a date. By college
she'd lost forty pounds of unneeded weight and her body
had taken on its present eye-catching curves and
contours. She'd learned about hair and makeup and
clothes. Guys who wouldn't have given her the time of
day in high school began to line up around Tricia.

But she knew they didn't care a fuck about her as a
person; they only wanted her body. She had been able
to look at them objectively, thanks to her years as an
ugly duckling.

Tricia waited till she was twenty to lose her cherry,
and she had had only a little experience at sex by the
time she met Ken two years later. She'd gone without
for so long that it just didn't seem that important to
her. Until she met Ken.

God, was he sexy! Everything she'd always wanted in a
man -- great-looking, intelligent, not rich but
comfortable. They just seemed to click from their
first meeting, and she found herself spreading her legs
for him on their very first date.

Yes, and she'd been spreading ever since, too! A year
and a half into their marriage, sex with him was still
a wild, crazy adventure, and she couldn't believe how
hotly she responded to his body and his cock.

"Come inside me," she panted, rolling her hips and
milking hard on his thrusting cock. "I wanna feel your
hot wad blasting into my pussy!" Her ass wiggled, and
her muscles yanked on the shaft of his prick, urging
the gushing response she craved from his rod.

But instead he eased his cock out of the clench of her
cuntal grip and she gasped, reaching back between her
legs to recapture him, to bring him right fucking back
where he goddamn belonged!

"No," she gasped, her arm rubbing the drooling lips of
her pussy slice as she fumbled to catch hold of his
dick, "no, I want you in me ... "

She felt suddenly the wet kiss of his cunt-soaked tool,
brushing up and down the twitchy crack of her ass.
"Put it in, goddamn it," she commanded, "oh, why are
you teasing me???"

Then her back arched and she flopped over onto her
side, drawing her knees protectively toward her tits.
"What are you _doing_???" she asked. "What are you
trying to do to me, Ken Miller?"

Her anus still throbbed from the surprise attack of his
lust-fattened cock, and her eyes were wide in shocked

"Something new," he said in a shaky voice, hovering
above her with his cock full of lust and hotblooded
excitement. He looked enormous. "Let me put it in
your asshole," he said.

Tricia shrieked. "Put it in my _what_??? Ken Miller,
you've gotta be kidding!" Instinctively, she reached
down and covered her tiny pink rear opening with the
flat of her hand. Her palm was moist and shivery, and
the touch on her asshole was tingly-exciting as she
squeezed down. But his cock, in that minuscule place?
Jesus, no!

He took her thighs and opened them, leaning down so he
could rub his cheek up and down the tingly interior of
her legs. His breath brushed across the raw,
fuck-savaged slice of her pussy. She lay panting,
still high from her orgasm.

"We've never tried it," he said. "It's about the only
thing we've never done, and I feel this crazy
irresistible urge to put my cock straight up your tiny
pink asshole. Right now."

The sexual urge began to dissipate almost immediately
inside Tricia. Put his cock in her -- her asshole?
Oh, God, what a _disgusting_ idea! Her anal sphincter
clenched defensively at the very thought of it.

"That's sick," she whispered. "Normal people don't do
things like that. Oh, Ken, how could you even ask me
to consider it? I thought you loved me!"

Ken sighed. "Maybe it is a little abrupt. But honey,
I really want to do it to you. And I think you'd enjoy
it just as much as I would. C'mon, Tricia -- can't we
at least try?"

"Absolutely fucking not!" she snapped. "And you must
think I'm some kind of slut or you wouldn't even ask me
to consider that!"

"Well, we have to do something about this," Ken pointed
out, indicating his rigid, pussy-coated cock. He
looked down at Tricia.

She sat up, smiling. As long as he'd given up that
filthy idea! She pulled his face down to hers and she
kissed him lovingly, to let him know he was forgiven,
and then she worked her mouth down his body. He'd
given her such a sweet hot come with his cock, the
least she could do now was to pay him back in the
juiciest way she knew how.

Her tongue loved its way down his belly, through his
body hairs, into the nest of dark fur that ringed the
base of his rigid cock. As she licked around and
around the base of his tool, her randy fingers were
busy playing with the velvet-smooth, heat-throbbing tip
of Ken's prick, squeezing it, feeling the bubbly ooze
of pre-cum and jism that leaked from his wet slit.

She began to salivate for the taste of him, and she
stopped teasing. Her tongue licked onto the root of
his cock, down to adore the bag of nuts that were
loaded with hot cum. She held his prick upright while
she sucked his balls, and she heard him groan from deep
in his belly as her suckling got hotter and nastier,
the sensitive stones bouncing around inside their
protective sac.

She followed the big cum-vein up the underside of his
tool, licking, nibbling delicately. His prick was hot
with arousal, tasting of his own meaty masculinity and
the musky juices it had fucked out of her ripe hot

Tricia loved to lick her juices off his dick. Her cum
was so delicious, it was no wonder he seemed to spend
half his at-home hours with his face buried between her
legs, his tongue worshiping her juicy cunt.

She licked every inch of him, saving the big swollen
red knob for last, because it was the sweetest and most
delicious, and she loved to tantalize herself as much
as she did Ken. She'd never enjoyed sucking cocks
before she got her mouth around his for the first time.
Now that she was an old hand, she could eat him for
hours, and she loved the excitement of feeling his
first squirting gush of cum splatter her tongue.

"I love you," she whispered, as she always did, just
before she slipped her round mouth over the end of his
prick. She took him in and out, sliding her mouth
across his excited tool, licking as she sucked. The
friction of her lips on his knob was exciting -- as
much to Tricia as it was to Ken.

She took him deeper, gasping as the hugeness of his
aroused cock slipped into her middle mouth. He always
told her that his dick hadn't been nearly as big before
he met her, that she was responsible for the size his
meat reached when it hit full erection. She'd never
been with a bigger prick, but she hadn't been with very
many before his.

No matter. Ken's rod was literally all she could
handle, and then some. She sucked in some breath,
filling her lungs before she moved her face even
further downward on his clublike prong.

The knob entered her throat, and she sucked hard, her
orality totally full of her man's prick. Her eyes were
closed, and she was moaning and humming around the meat
that clogged her mouth, the way she always did when she
sucked him off.

She felt his hands on her pussy, a finger entering her
gash, and she wiggled about, pushing her cunt at the
invading finger while she continued to give her man
oral pleasure.

He worked in and out of her wetness, and she found
herself almost as excited as she'd been with his cock
ramming up her snatch. He had educated fingers, and
her cunt was a straight-A student.

Ken tickled her clit while he fingerfucked in and out,
and she squirmed, oozing pussy juice down his probing
finger. Her mouth worked up and down the length of his
rod, sucking feverishly.

She wasn't sure whether she liked it best in her mouth
or in her cunt, to tell the truth. The act of sucking
his cock sent shivers of excitement up and down her
spine and made the sweat bead and bubble in her armpits
and between her legs. She squeezed her thighs
together, trapping his hand just where it enjoyed
being, and she used her pussy muscles on his finger as
excitedly as she used her mouth and throat on his cock.

"Yeah, baby," she heard him say, "you've almost got me
there ... keep on sucking, Trish ... oh, fucking shit,
baby, that tongue, that hot nasty tongue ... "

She was eating him solely with her mouth. No hands in
play at all. She liked it best that way. And so did
he. Her mouth worked up and down the length of his
rod, swallowing him in deeper and faster suckles, that
took him almost impossibly deep into her throat.

Her muscles ached at the size of him, fucking down her
gullet, but she was thirsty for his sperm and she
didn't care. The oozing balsam of his cum would soothe
away the minor aches and pains.

Do it, she urged him with her lashing tongue, shoot
your cum right into me! Her face lifted, till only the
knob itself was caught between her lips, and she looked
up at him with a mischievous grin as she worried and
sucked and siphoned his cum-flower, her tongue licking
madly as she nursed him with her mouth.

"Aaaahhhh ... " His groan was deep, baritone, and she
had heard it often enough to know exactly what it
meant. She gave a whimpering little cry around his
cock, and suddenly her mouth was full of his hot
squirting jizz.

Tricia drained him, gulping down his offering, and she
licked him clean with her tongue before she raised her
head from his cock.

"Wasn't that better than sticking it up my asshole?"
she asked smugly, rubbing a stray drop of sperm from
her chin. She raised her eyebrows, awaiting his reply,
and she licked her finger as clean as she'd licked his

He came into her arms, kissing her mouth while his
hands explored her body, and even as their bodies
rubbed comfortingly together, Tricia found herself
drifting into a sweet, satiated sleep.


She dreamed lush sexy dreams. She almost always did,
after a hot session with Ken. It was like something
out of one of those hot romance novels, but even as she
reveled in the dream she knew it wasn't nearly as good
as the real thing. She'd have matched her life, second
for second, against anything in the Candlelight Ecstasy

The dream got more and more intense. He was kissing
her all over, moving his face down into her crotch. He
opened her cunt and licked into the hot pink wetness of
the hole, then up to the clit, which was already hard
and excited with anticipation. "Yes," she heard
herself whispering, "oh, yes, eat my juicy pussy!"

He came back up her body, sharing the taste of her cunt
with Tricia's lips. She lapped her juices off his
mouth, sucked them from his tongue. He went down
again, to the pink tabs of her hard-nippled tits, and
she moaned gleefully as he sucked them even harder.

His hand was between her legs, keeping her cunt ever
stimulated, ever wet, ever hungry. A finger slithered
like a snake into Tricia's pussy, hitting the spots
within that always made her juices ooze, and she
writhed eagerly on the bed, feeding him a tit, opening
her cunt to his possessive fingerfucking.

His mouth moved ever southward, down toward the pussy.
She had her legs flung open widely, and she was holding
the labes apart. "Your tongue in me," she said. "I
want your goddamn tongue in me!"

He turned her over, and her ass lifted into the air,
just as if he were about to fuck her dog-style.
Instead of his cock, though, he used his face on
Tricia's cunt. He licked up her legs, onto the pussy
bun, while she stretched the labes and fingered herself
in anticipation. His tongue and her fingers worked in
and out simultaneously, and it was a tossup which of
them was doing more for Tricia's arousal.

Ken teased her cunt marvelously. God, what a delicious
dream! While he was on the west coast, she'd frig
herself mercilessly, reliving every moment of this! It
was strange how her mind could be so _aware_ during a
dream, though. Next time she saw Carl Jung she'd have
to ask him about that.

His tongue flicked again and again over the itchy,
twitchy gash of Tricia's cunt. She squirmed and moaned
with each lick, her own fingers busy deep inside. He
took the fingers out of her hole and sucked the juices
from them, then re-inserted them for her, and his wrist
guided Tricia's as she masturbated furiously.

"Yes, yes," she moaned, "oh, god, fucking yes!"

He moved his mouth upward, spending a tantalizing
eternity on her perineum. The tiny strip of border
flesh between her anus and her cunt was almost raw from
the intensity with which he licked her. He knew that
his tongue there always drove her crazy, and Tricia's
fingers thrust deeper and harder and faster, in and out
of her creamy cunt.

His tongue moved a half-inch north and she made a
whooshing sound. He cupped her buttocks and spread
them, baring the tiny pink tightness of her clenched

"I love you here, too," she heard him whisper, and his
tongue began to rim and tickle the little rosebud.

No one had ever done that to Tricia Miller before. She
almost swooned as his tongue grew more aggressive, as
his fingers pried gently but determinedly at the
resistance of her sphincter.

He pulled the tiny hole open and his tongue moved into
the dilated opening, flicking, stabbing, making shallow
but undeniable penetration of her. She jerked at each
touch, as if he'd slapped her with a paddle rather than
flicked her with his tongue. Her ass grew hotter and
hotter, and her fingers became almost maniacal inside
her pussy.

"Christ," she panted, "oh, Christ ... "

He covered her shitter with his mouth and sucked. The
part of her mind that remained conscious during the
dream was thinking, God, how gross! He's sucking my
asshole! But the vibrant, vital Tricia responded on a
gut level, and her body began to shake and quiver in
excitement, reacting to the caress of his hot, hungry

She found that by reaching back she could take hold of
his prick, and God, was he hard! Her fist fitted
around him and she thought, what a vivid, lifelike

She was totally conscious of the pulsation beating
rapidly through his hard cock, and her fingers
moistened themselves in the little river of precum that
was oozing from his slit. Normally her dreams weren't
quite so detailed. She tightened her fist and took his
pulse rate -- 100 and climbing -- from the throb of his
aroused prick.

His tongue wormed into her rectum. "You're so filthy,"
she told him in a choked voice, "but you're making me
so hot, too ... Jesus, Ken, I'm glad this is only a
dream ... "

He licked up the crack of her ass, then back down,
returning to her backdoor for more of the same hot
turn-on he'd been giving her.

I'd never do anything like this in real life, Tricia
told herself, but considering that I'm asleep and
dreaming it all, it really is sort of exciting. It
must, she supposed, have been planted in her
subconscious by the weird turn that their last night's
fuck had taken. She'd never even fantasized about
asslicking before.

Her hand caressed his cock lovingly. She liked his
size, his hardness, the eagerness his prick always
showed to get inside her. As marriages went, they
seemed to be perfectly matched. It was all she could
do to get her fist around his rod when he was truly
turned-on, and oh, fuck, was he ever turned-on right
now! And so was she!

And while she played with his prick, his tongue
continued to stimulate the maddened tautness of her

She couldn't believe the way it made her feel, but
obviously his suggestion earlier in the night had
planted the whole idea in her head, and you did the
weirdest things in dreams anyway, because your
subconscious was in control.

Tricia couldn't imagine having her asshole licked in
real life, but in the dream it felt pretty damn good.

"Let's do it now," she heard him say. Do what? He
kissed his way up her body, licking her spine, her
shoulderblades. He pushed her long dark hair aside and
his mouth found hers.

It felt weird to be kissing him, after he'd had his
tongue up her ass, but it was only a dream, after all.
She opened her mouth and his lips merged hotly, wetly,
with hers, tongues working back and forth from one to
the other.

Ken rolled her onto her back, and she fell eagerly to
the bed, her arms and legs open for him. He came down
upon her, kissing, sucking her tits once more. The
nipples throbbed against his tongue.

His finger found her open pussy, opened it a little
more. She reached down, grabbed his cock, squeezed it

"Oh, yes, let's fuck right now," she told him. "Even
if this is just a dream, I want you so bad I can taste

He leaned across Tricia's prone, hot body, opening the
top left drawer of the small nightstand by the bed.
"You don't need the jelly," she giggled. "Can't you
feel how wet and hot and _ready_ my cunt is, just for
you and that big fat dick?"

"Grease me anyway," he said, winking. "I wanna slip
and slide in that tight yummy pussy, like slick tires
on an icy road."

She squeezed a gob of jelly into her palm and sat up.
"Oh, what a cock," she sighed. "I could make it wet
enough just by sucking on it, but if you insist ... "

She rubbed her oily hand up and down his arching,
jutting length, feeling again the throb and surge of
power that pulsated through her husband's cock. Tricia
looked up at him, her eyes full of love and lust. "I'm
gonna come all over this dick," she whispered in her
sultriest voice.

Tricia lay back, her knees up, her cunt glistening all
wet and pink and ready. She cupped a tit with one
hand, spread her flaps with the fingers of the other.

The dark hairs eased aside, and the juicy gleam of her
cuntal interior came into full glorious view. She
couldn't see it herself but she could see the
reflection of her pussy in her man's face, and she knew
that it looked just as good as it felt.

He came into her spread, crawling on his knees, his
cock protruding nine inches ahead of the rest of him.
The bulb on the end was as red as a whorehouse lantern,
and the early morning light made reflections on the
greasy substance she'd rubbed onto his hard flesh.

He brought the tip of his tool down to her wet open
gash. "Yes," she said, "tickle my clit with that big
hard thing!"

He rubbed her vigorously, but she didn't need any extra
stimulation. God, what a dream! she told herself.
She'd have to remember this one! She couldn't believe
how goddamn vivid it all was, as if it was really

The bulb of his rod nosed into the opening of her
snatch and she pushed her pussy at him, lips snapping,
ready to eat him in one hot hungry gulp.

"Yes, there," she gasped as he rammed his way into her,
the kind of forceful penetration she had learned to
love. He could fuck sweetly, but sometimes she _loved_
it hard and nasty, and this was certainly one of those

He went into her hard and deep, testing her response,
and she was more than ready. She put the backs of her
legs on his shoulders and lifted her cunt to meet the
thrust of his aroused cock.

"Deeper, faster," she panted, "you can't fuck me too
hard this time, baby ... "

Greased for the fuck, he ravaged her hot wet pussy.
She moaned and bucked, the bed rocking beneath her.
His hands were on her ass, keeping her lifted high, and
his stiff prick thrust repeatedly into her hole. He
hit bottom on every stroke, jarring Tricia almost
unbearably. But even more unbearable was the need for
release that she felt simmering inside her body.

"Make me come," she gasped, "oh, make me come!!!"

His cock slipped out of her hole. "Goddamn it!" she
wailed, reaching down to recapture him, to put that
fucker where it belonged.

He did a twist of the hips, and his prick eluded her
hand. He lifted her ass a little higher, and she felt
the knob of his rod between her buttocks. "Oh, wait a
minute," she said crossly, but his hands pulled on the
firm round cheeks, and they opened, and the tip of
Ken's tool nudged insistently at the tiny petal of her

What was happening, goddamn it? The dream had taken a
wrong turn somewhere, for sure!

But she rationalized that asshole fucking was obviously
on her mind, thanks to Ken's bringing it up earlier, in
real life, and her subconscious was just playing a
jazzlike improvisation. It was okay.

He guided the tip of his dick to her anus. He was
still slick and greasy from the jelly she'd smeared
onto his rigid tool, and the knob did a slip-slide on
her flesh. God, it felt so real!

"Open up, baby," she heard him say. She closed her
eyes and smiled. It was only a dream, after all.
Maybe in a dream it wouldn't be so dirty.

Anyway, she was due to wake up any minute now. Her
dreams always seemed to concentrate on hot ripe
foreplay, fading out when the really good stuff got
underway. That was nice, because it made her wake up
horny, and there was nothing like a fierce
early-morning fuck with Ken to get her eyes open and
her motor running for the day. It beat coffee.

Her eyes popped open as the knob of Ken's dick
struggled with her anus, and she said, "Wait a minute,
hon, this is only a dream, for Christ's sake ... "

He pushed, and the greasy bulb began to open her anal
gap. The muscles strained -- they felt as if they were
ripping! She was intensely aware of the swollen bulk
of him, entering her tight forbidden backdoor. No
dream of Tricia's had _ever_ been as realistic as this!

Tricia opened her mouth, and a choked wailing cry came
out. It made her throat ache, and she blinked twice,
and that's when she realized that she was awake and
that Ken was, in fact, attempting to stick his goddamn
cock straight up her asshole while she was asleep!

"You bastard!" she said, jerking loose from him. She
drew back to the upper end of the bed, her back braced
against the headboard, her knees pulled up to protect
her body.

There was a redhot pain between her buttocks, where the
huge blunt snout of Ken's cock had momentarily broken
her privacy, and when she touched herself, she could
feel the jelly that had rubbed off his prick and onto
her anal crack.

Ken knelt at the foot of the bed, his cock sticking out
massively, erect and enormously swollen. His face was
even redder than his knob, and his knob was the color
of thick hot blood.

"You cocksucker," she told him, "you lousy cocksucker!
You were trying to fuck me in the ass while I was
asleep! Did you think I wouldn't be aware of it???"

"I'm sorry," he said. "I thought maybe if you weren't
completely awake, you might be a little more agreeable
to the idea."

"More agreeable?" Her face was livid. "I told you
already, I don't want to do that! It's filthy and
disgusting! Sticking your cock in my ass! God, Ken, I
use that hole to shit with! And you want to fuck it?
Why don't you lick it, too?"

Suddenly her face went even redder as she realized that
he probably had, that she had not dreamed that portion
either. "That was so sneaky," she added in a small

He crawled up to her, his cock preceding him. She
turned away when he tried to put his arms around her.
"Don't touch me," she said.

"Oh, for shit's sake, Tricia!" he blurted. "What the
hell is wrong with you? You like to fuck. This is
just fucking -- only it's a little different kind of
fucking! Why not give it a try?"

"Because it's filthy," she snapped back. "And it
hurts! I couldn't take that thing of yours up my
asshole if I even wanted to -- which I most certainly
fucking do _not_ want to do, Ken Miller! And I think
you're a rotten son of a bitch for trying to sneak it
into me when I already told you I wouldn't do it. Now
just leave me alone, will you?"

He pointed to his cock. "What shall we do about this?"
he asked, in the kind of soothing, coaxing voice that
normally had Tricia's crotch dripping with lust. But
now he sounded as oily as the jelly she'd rubbed onto
his prick during the dream that had not been a dream at

"Why don't you stick it up _your_ ass?" she suggested.
"You seem to be pretty interested in that. Maybe you
should find out how it feels for yourself?"

He didn't say anything, just stared at her. Then he
glanced at the clock. It was seven a.m. "Oh, fuck,"
he growled. "I have to be at the airport in ninety
minutes. Tricia -- will you for Chrissake do something
for me???"

She didn't even turn her head. She wasn't sure she'd
ever forgive him for what he'd just tried to do to her.
And under the circumstances, a blowjob really was out
of the question.

"Okay, damn it," he growled. "But you remember -- when
I get back from LA, we're gonna return to this topic.
Bet your _ass_ on it."


"And so you needed someone to talk to, and you picked
dear old Auntie Kate, huh? Oh, get real, Tricia! That
cute husband of yours wants to pork your hot little ass
and you're afraid it's gonna hurt? Baby, this is 1987,
not the Middle Ages. It won't hurt -- not really --
and it won't make hair grow on your tits or anything
like that, either. Like, I don't have any hair on my
tits, you better believe it!"

Tricia blushed furiously. "It just seems so dirty.
Maybe my toilet training as a child was too thorough.
But the idea of letting him -- yuccch!" She hugged
herself, shivering.

Kate shook her head. "It's no big deal, Trish."

It was odd in a way that she and Tricia were friends.
They'd known each other, slightly, for years -- ever
since junior high. But Kate had always been the pretty
one, popular and sexy, and they'd hardly spoken outside
of class, back then.

She was the last person in the world Tricia had ever
expected to become friendly with in later years. But
Kate had come back to town last summer, with her new
husband Roger, and she and Tricia had met by chance and
found themselves drawn to each other. Today, when she
had really needed someone to talk to, Kate was the
obvious first choice.

But she'd counted on a little more sympathy and
understanding. "It really is a big deal," Tricia
insisted. "If you've never dreamed of doing anything
like that, I mean -- and to have it sprung on you out
of the blue -- "

"Out of the blue and into the brown, huh?" Kate
giggled. "Look, hon, I know you got a late start --
you were a real dog when we were all brash young
virgins -- but I can't believe, in this day and age,
that you've never even _tried_ cornholing. That's
another name for it, you know -- or maybe you don't

Tricia felt very awkward and wished that she had kept
it all to herself. And she felt terrible about the
unspoken bad vibes that had passed between her and Ken
before his departure for the airport. She wouldn't see
him for almost a week, and it was too long to let the
tension drag out.

But hadn't he insisted that they would return to that
disgusting topic as soon as he got back from
California? And she was sure he meant it. He rarely
said things he didn't mean.

"Actually," Kate said, lighting a cigarette, "I suppose
it may be partly my fault -- mine and Roger's, I mean.
Roger and Ken have been playing a lot of racquetball
lately, and you know how men are in the locker room.
Almost as bad as girls! I wouldn't be surprised to
find out that my husband is the one who planted the
seed in your Ken's mind in the first place. The only
thing Rog likes more than talking about sex is doing
it, thank God."

She took a few puffs, then stubbed out the Virginia
Slim. "So what are we going to do about your problem,
then, Tricia? I suppose you could use some expert
advice." Kate smiled beatifically. "And since I'm
both an expert _and_ your friend, who am I to refuse?"


Tricia felt awkward as hell. She hadn't been in the
presence of another naked woman since high school gym
class, and she wasn't at all sure why Kate had insisted
on getting undressed while Tricia watched. But she had
to admit that Kate's body was fantastic, even better
than it had been in high school.

She wished that she were a little taller, though no one
had ever complained about her five-five frame. Kate
topped her by a few inches, willowy, and perhaps a bit
smaller in the tits than Tricia, though they looked
just fine perched high and pert-nippled on Kate's

Kate was tanned all over, with just a strip of white
flesh at the crotch -- all that a string bikini bottom
would cover, and not an inch more -- a souvenir of the
midwinter vacation she and Roger had taken in the
Caribbean. Tricia imagined her friend stretched out
almost nude on the white sand of a tropical beach,
under a glorious blazing sun, and she gave a little

Kate stood by the bed, proud of her naked perfection,
showing it in the gleam of her green eyes. She tossed
back her sun-streaked hair and smiled at Tricia.

"Not bad for twenty-five, mmm?" she asked, running her
palms over the stiffened brown tips of her boobs,
sliding them down her perfectly flat tummy, onto her
prominent hipbones.

Tricia couldn't help noticing that Kate had shaved most
of the hair from her pussy, leaving herself with just a
narrow stubby hedge of fur up and down the crack of her
slice. The lips were plainly visible, turned slightly
outward like a pouting mouth amid the pussywhiskers.

Kate turned, offering a profile that emphasized the
pointy thrust of her tits and the high rounded curve of
her saucy ass, and she patted herself on the buttock.
"Right here, baby," she smirked, "this is where it's

Tricia felt very ill at ease. She tried not to look at
Kate, but she couldn't keep from doing it. Kate had
been a knockout back in high school, and she was even
more so today, seven years later. The bitch probably
didn't even have to count calories. Who said life was

"Listen," Kate said, turning back toward Tricia, "I
don't think it's entirely fair that I'm the only one on
display. Why don't you strip down, too? Oh, come on,
Trish, humor me! A sex therapist would have you
starkers by now, and I'm not even charging $100 an hour
for what I'm gonna teach you! Anyway, I'd like to see
how much is left of that pudgy little dumpling I
remember from high school."

She planted her hands on her hipbones and gave Tricia a
mock- intense glowering look. "I'm going to the john,
and when I come back, I want your alabaster body out
here where I can see it. Got me, lady?"

Tricia was feeling really weirded out now, but at least
Kate wasn't there to watch and appraise while she
undressed. She hurried out of her blouse and cords,
then removed her underwear. She felt extremely naked,
especially when she caught a glimpse of herself in one
of the wall mirrors.

God, there were a lot of mirrors in Kate's bedroom!
And the big bed was fully visible from all of them.
She blushed as she realized that her friend must enjoy
watching herself in action. But Kate had never made
any bones about the fact that she dug sex.

Trish turned to one of the mirrors and studied herself,
knowing that she looked pretty damn good too.

She wasn't quite as tall or as modelly thin as Kate,
but she had bigger tits -- full without being saggy,
capped in pinnacle-like pink nipples, and her late
winter skin was pale but not pallid.

The blonde hair was almost natural -- the darker patch
between her legs gave it away -- but Ken didn't mind,
and Tricia was pretty pleased with the results. She
still found it hard to believe that she'd once weighed
150 pounds and had a face like a pizza.

Kate re-entered the room. Tricia stood by the bed,
totally naked, feeling very awkward and foolish. She
thought of covering herself with her hands, but it was
already too late for that. Instead, she took a deep
breath and stood up straight, waiting for Kate's

"Not bad," she said, nodding. "You've turned into a
real knockout since the old days, honey. God, if you'd
looked like that in high school, you wouldn't have kept
your ripe little cherry past lunch period!"

She moved toward Tricia, walking like a cat on the
balls of her feet, as if she were still wearing the
spike heels she'd already removed. Tricia took a step
backward but her legs bumped the edge of the bed. Kate
came closer.

"Don't be scared," she said in a smoothly silky voice.
"This is going to be an educational experience."

Tricia still didn't understand what was about to
happen, but as Kate's hand came to rest on her arm she
began to get unsettling ideas. Kate's face came in
closer and closer.

She's going to kiss me! Tricia thought in alarm, and
then the soft warm mouth of her friend was, indeed,
pressing firmly, moistly, against Tricia's lips, and
she felt the touch of Kate's stiff rubbery nipples
brushing ever so lightly against the tingly flesh of
her own tits, as if they too were planting hot little
kisses on Tricia's skin.

Kate's arms encircled her friend, and she opened her
mouth, allowing her tongue to lick at Tricia's still
closed lips. The touch was unbearably ticklish.

Tricia tried to murmur a protest, but she only
succeeded in opening her mouth enough to allow Kate's
tongue entry. The brush of the limber wet organ was
like a live jolt of electricity applied directly to
Tricia's mouth, and she gave a squeal of surprise.

Kate's hands came down to cup Tricia's buttocks. She
was used to feeling Ken's hands on her ass, but Kate's
fingers were smaller, friskier. They handled the firm
flesh as if they already knew it by heart, rubbing and
squeezing the cheeks like a masseuse with nasty ideas.

Kate's thigh eased into the slightly parted gap of
Tricia's legs, and the firm tanned flesh came to rest
squarely against Tricia's cuntal gash. Kate pushed
with her leg, and Tricia felt her balance starting to
desert her. She toppled backward, and fortunately the
bed was there to break her fall.

Kate came down with her, still atop Tricia, and her
lithe, firm body began to squirm and writhe above the
other woman's. She had both legs between Tricia's now,
and she pressed her pussy into Tricia's cunt.

Wetly, with ticklish brushes of pussyfur, their flesh
merged. Kate's tongue worked in and out of Tricia's
mouth, and she held the face rock-steady for her
nonstop kisses.

Her lips slid free of Tricia's, with a smacking sound,
and she looked down, her eyelashes almost touching
Tricia's. "I bet this is something you never did
before either," she said in a throaty voice.

Tricia, her blue eyes enormous with shock, could only
shake her head. It was true. She'd never done
anything remotely like this, unless you counted making
out with guys. But to feel the sexual heat of another
woman pressing so insistently against herself -- no,
God, never before!!!

"Just part of your education, then," Kate sighed. She
looked down at Tricia's hard pink nipples. "Oh, they
look edible," she whispered, and she leaned down to
lick each of them in turn.

Her eyes remained focused on Tricia's face, studying
the reaction as her tongue worked around the nipple
rims in studied circular patterns, shifting from
clockwise to counterclockwise and back again, at
totally unpredictable intervals. Her hands firmed up
the already firm tits, pushing the nipples upward and
making them sweet hot targets for the attention of
Kate's exploring tongue.

"You like it, don't you?" she said between caresses.
"It turns you on to have another woman lick your tits,
doesn't it, Tricia?"

"It feels wild," Tricia confessed. "You seem to know
exactly where to put your tongue and make my skin crawl
with excitement."

"I can suck too," Kate informed her, and she lowered
her face, mouth already round-open. She eased it down
over the pink peak of a tit and she hollowed in her
cheeks, sucking warmly, wetly, on Tricia's nipple.

Kate's mouth was gentle but determined. Tricia's head
tossed from side to side, hair swishing across her face
in little showers of red, sometimes catching in the
corners of her mouth. "Stop it," she said, not even
believing the words herself. Her hands were wrapped
around Kate's head and she was urging her tit upward
into her friend's hot wet mouth.

And through it all, Kate's pussy kept bumping
forcefully into Tricia's, their crotches coming
together in a mimicry of the act of fucking. As her
cunt continued to slide against her friend's, Tricia
could feel her crotch dampening, her pussy starting to
leak hot juices, and she didn't _really_ miss the feel
of nine inches of hard meat stabbing up her aroused

Her clit was as big as a peachpit by now, and each time
she felt Kate slide sexily into her, she could swear
that her clit got just a little bit bigger, a little
bit hotter. Was that even possible?

"Do me too," Kate urged. Tricia didn't understand what
she was talking about. "Like this, silly!" Kate
laughed. She moved one of her legs, and suddenly she
was riding Tricia's thigh while her own thigh slid
erotically through Tricia's cuntal gap.

Tricia gasped as she felt the response of Kate's hot
pussy to the caress of her leg, and she blushed to
realize how good it made her feel while she was doing
it -- almost as good as the feel of Kate's leg stroking
her own snatch.

Well, if she needed anything to get her mind off Ken's
sudden insistence on fucking her in the ass, this was
certainly the ticket. In Kate's hot lesbian embrace
she was finding responses within herself that she had
never even guessed were there.

Kate went back to tit-eating, but Tricia was hungry for
kisses and she pulled her friend's face up so she could
take the initiative. "You bitch," she whispered.
"What have you done to me???"

She held Kate's cheeks and she pried the lips open with
her tongue, sticking it into Kate's mouth almost as
expertly as Kate had done to Tricia. As she did it she
giggled at her brashness. She felt like a schoolgirl
who had just learned what her clit was for.

"I wanna eat you," Kate whispered into Tricia's mouth.
"Do you think you'd like that?"

"I think I would," Tricia confessed, holding tight to
the woman who lay atop her. "But," she added, "I still
don't understand how this is supposed to help me with
my problem."

Kate fought herself free of Tricia's possessive
embrace. "You just need to loosen up a little," she
said. "But not _too_ loose, of course! Just lie back
and trust me, honey."

Tricia had been eaten before, of course, but never by
another woman. There was a magical difference in the
sensation as soon as Kate's tongue began to work on her
cuntal trench.

It was obviously not the first time Kate had ever eaten
a cunt. She grinned up at Trish as she spread the pink
puffy lips and moved her nose up and down the exposed
coral furrow.

She sniffed as she stroked, and the little puffs of air
made goosebumps rise all over Tricia's body. She
clutched her tits, squeezing them till the nipples
stood up almost an inch long between her pinching
fingers. "Oh, God," she murmured. "Oh, God!"

Kate giggled like a schoolgirl and stuck her tongue
into Tricia's cunt. It was like a snake slithering
into the spread-open mouth of the pussy, and it went
deep, straight for the heart of Tricia's arousal.

Trish gasped and bucked, humping herself into Kate's
questing face. Kate took hold of Tricia's buttocks and
squeezed them insistently. Heat radiated from her
fingertips. Tricia began to squirm and writhe

"Eat me," she whispered, "oh, eat my hot wet pussy!!!"

Kate's tongue moved up to the clit, whipping it
pugnaciously. It throbbed in response. Her hands were
all over Tricia's pussy, caressing it, spreading the
labes wide then squeezing them tightly together,
milking little bubbles of cuntal juice out of the
sliced gash. She manipulated the flaps until they
began to tingle and burn, her fingers slipping between
them and tickling the pussy mouth she'd already teased
with her tongue.

A finger eased into Tricia's cunt. She moaned to feel
it entering her. "Don't you _ever_ fuck?" Kate asked,
looking up with a leer in her green eyes. "You're as
tight as a virgin! Mmmm, I bet Ken loves to ram his
big hard dick into this sweet snug pussy! Men go wild
over a tight fit and a wet pocket ... "

She worked her finger in and out, fucking without much
subtlety while she continued to nibble and kiss the
pointy tip of Tricia's clitoris. The walls throbbed
around her inserted finger, milking it, bathing it in
the sticky juices that were already swamping the snug
tunnel. The bed rocked as Tricia began to writhe and
twist in response. She squeezed more tightly at her
tits. They were throbbing, too, the nipples hard and

Kate licked upward, to Tricia's navel. "Oh, Jesus,
there's nothing like eating pussy!" she grinned, wiping
her lips with a finger and then sucking it clean.
"Especially a juicy one like yours, Trish!"

Her finger punched in and out of the cunt, soaking
itself in Tricia's pussy fluids. She smiled like a
madonna with each thrust. Her tongue rimmed the
interior of the small dented navel. It felt a lot like
Ken's tongue had this morning, exploring his wife's
reluctant asshole.

Kate took her finger out and waved it under Tricia's
nose. The blonde woman could smell her cunt honey
clinging to that finger. She liked to lick it off
Ken's mouth after he'd sucked her snatch. Would Kate
think she was a pervert if she took that finger into
her mouth and sipped it now?

Christ! Kate was the fucking pervert! If she owned a
dog, she'd probably be sucking it off, too! Tricia
decided to loosen up. She stuck out her tongue, waving
it at the finger. Kate smirked and eased it into
Tricia's mouth.

"Does taste good, doesn't it?" she whispered, lying on
her side and pressing herself against Tricia's flank.

Trish could feel the pointiness of Kate's nipples.
"Touch me now," Kate suggested, taking Tricia's hands
and planting them atop her conical, hard-fleshed tits.

They were impossibly firm. If Tricia hadn't showered
with Kate, after gym, all through high school, she'd
have sworn there was a silicone core inside the mounds,
but as her fingers began to explore, she knew she was
touching live, vibrant flesh.

"Lick them, too," Kate added, her fingers moving
through Tricia's hair. Tricia pondered it for a
moment, but only for a moment, then leaned down and
frisked her tongue across the brown point of the
nearest nipple. She licked it, her eyes enlarging with
surprise. It tasted good!

It was also wiggly against her tongue, as she prodded
and jabbed it around, and slightly pungent with sweat.
She drew it into her mouth and sucked, feeling a
contentment not at all like what she got, holding Ken's
dick in her mouth, but a contentment that was very very
nice to experience.

"Oh, that's nice," she heard Kate sigh, and the hands
upon her head were comforting and stimulating at the
same time. Tricia turned, pushing her larger tits
against Kate's belly while she kept on slurping and
nursing at the nipple she had captured.

Instinctively she moved, at last, to the other tit, and
she gave it the same treatment. Kate held the tit with
one hand, feeding it to Trish like a mother feeding a
baby. Her other hand moved down, caught Tricia's
wrist, brought the blonde's hand into Kate's crotch.

"Why don't you play with my pussy too?" she asked. "I
bet you know how, Trish ... "

Tricia let her fingers slide up and down the curving
bun of Kate's cunt. The labes were rubbery, dripping
with pussydew. It got all over her fingers, warm and
sticky juices whose funky fragrance she could already
smell. Just like her own.

She kissed Kate firmly, passionately, at the same time
slipping a finger into the green-eyed brunette's hot,
ready snatch. Tricia couldn't suppress a gasp of
pleasure as her fingers sank into Kate's twat.

Kate was gasping and sighing too, obviously delighted.
She twisted and stretched, sliding her hot cunt up and
down the length of Tricia's inserted finger.

Trish was doubly aroused. For one thing, it was such a
thrill to know that her skinny little finger was
bringing such undisguised excitement to Kate's cunt.
And the pussy which surrounded her finger felt a lot
like her own, though it wasn't as tight.

As she moved her finger in tempo to the swaying ripples
of Kate's body she could almost feel it happening
inside herself at the same time. Tricia squeezed her
thighs together and she could tell that her own cunt
was dribbling out juice. Her dark pussypatch was
sopping wet, the fur matted with lovegoo. "Oh, God,"
she said in a low reverent voice.

Now it was Kate who was taking the lead again. She
filled her fists with Tricia's asscheeks and
manipulated them aggressively, humping her tits and
belly against her friend's body. Her cunt was gobbling
the finger inside it, and her teeth chattered in the
telltale onset of a come.

"Yes, yes," Tricia heard her groan, "oh, let's do

She got her thigh in between Tricia's and she worked it
back and forth, rubbing a hot and vigorous stimulation
into a pussy that was already pretty well stimulated,
thank you. Tricia clenched her legs around Kate's
thigh and pumped it back stroke for stroke.

Her finger was shoved all the way up Kate's pussy and
she could feel the ripples starting to quiver down the
tube. Excited beyond her own imagination, she fucked
faster, harder, slamming her finger again and again
into Kate's depths.

"Now you eat me," Kate purred, wiggling her cuntal
muscles around Tricia's finger. "Oh, don't look so
shocked! You knew as soon as I stuck my tongue in your
cunt that you'd be doing it to me before we stopped.
C'mon, Trish -- if you wanna loosen up, this is the
best way to begin ..."

And the worst of it, thought Tricia, was that she found
Kate's words convincing as hell. She looked into her
friend's face and she felt the tug of horny, excited
pussyflesh around her finger, and she found herself
wondering how it would taste to slide her tongue into
Kate's gash and lick up the juices that were bubbling
from inside her girlfriend's womb.

"Okay," she said, easing her finger out, "but I don't
want you to get the wrong ideas about me. I'm really
not this kind of woman."

"You will be when I finish with you," Kate promised.
"Now get your face into my crotch and eat my
motherfucking pussy!!!"


Tricia rose to her knees, tense with excitement but
more than a little hesitant, too. "Look at you," she
told Kate. "You've got lipstick everywhere."

She turned and saw herself in one of the mirrors. She
was lipstick-spotted as well. Holding her tits in
cupping hands, she looked at the bold red smears that
surrounded her stiffened nipples.

"You know where I want lipstick prints of yours," Kate
smirked, stretching out and spreading her thighs. The
mouth of her cunt winked open, glistening wet and
horny. "Get on me," she added. "I know you've 69ed
with Ken. The only thing different is that you're not
gonna get a cock in your mouth this time."

It was much too late to be thinking about it. Tricia
climbed atop her friend and settled down, just as she
would have done if it were Ken beneath her.

From below, Kate began to stroke Tricia's asscheeks,
her mouth already moving back into the dark-furred
pussypatch. She kissed the gash, then licked it wetly,
sandpaperishly, up and down, her hands plying Tricia's

"Well?" she called. "What are you waiting for?"

Tricia leaned forward, into the cunty-smelling crotch.
Kate's pussy had a strong scent when it was aroused, a
musky, slightly fishy flavor, and Tricia's lips were
almost numb as she drew closer and closer.

She pressed her mouth against the pussy, wetting her
lips in the juices that leaked from Kate's hole. Her
hands came in, and she pushed delicately at the labes,
opening them to show off the slippery-looking,
scarlet-fleshed interior.

She had never seen a cunt at such close range before,
and she stared a long moment at the pussymouth itself,
the way it seemed to gulp and quiver and vibrate in
anticipation of her tongue's caress. In for a penny,
in for a pound, she thought, and she opened her mouth,
tongue emerging to lap tentatively at Kate's crack.

Her eyes enlarged as she got her first taste of pussy.
Not her first taste. She loved to lick her own juices
off Ken's cock, his fingers, his lips after he'd
finished eating her to orgasm. So of course she knew
what pussy tasted like, even though at secondhand.

But it was something different to wiggle her tongue
inside the oozing crack of another woman, to eat the
funk of a strange cunt. She worked her tongue back and
forth, coating it in Kate's fluids, savoring the hot
cunty taste as it filled her nostrils, made her
tonguetip quiver in excitement.

"Oh, yes, baby," she heard Kate whine, in between
loving hungry sucks at Tricia's own snatch. Tricia
wiggled her ass, smearing her wet cunt all over Kate's
face, spreading herself wide to the forays of that
thirsty tongue and mouth, and she bent forward,
barrelling into Kate with an eagerness that she could
no longer deny or rationalize.

She was furious in her attack now, splaying the cunt
with her fingers until she felt Kate shiver and stretch
beneath her. She worked her face into the opening --
licking, kissing, sucking.

She seemed to know exactly what to do. That was the
most delightful, most alarming part of it all. Once
she started sucking cunt, she acted as if she'd been
doing it all of her twenty-five years, as if she lived
for nothing but the taste of pussy, the feel of a hard
wiggly clit shivering beneath her lapping tongue!

And she seemed to know that it was time to suck hard at
that tingly clit while she stuffed Kate's pussy full of
her driving fingers. Yes! The moan of response told
her she was doing it exactly right!

She forced her fingers deeper while her lips and teeth
and tongue kissed and gnawed and licked hotly,
demonically, at the stiffened pink button of Kate's
aroused clitoris. It swelled like a tiny cock between
Tricia's lips and she sucked it as ravenously as she'd
ever fed on Ken's rampant, swollen prick.

All they'd done previously was just foreplay. _Now_
they were fucking! Tricia played it totally by ear and
tongue, eating everything that got in her way, and she
could feel -- Christ, she could taste! -- Kate's sudden
rushing orgasm, filling her mouth with the honey of a
hot, excited cunt.

She covered the upper end of the cunt with her mouth,
still using her fingers in the hole, and she sucked
harder, drawing yet another come out of Kate. She was
going to die if she didn't climax herself, but as Kate
continued to gobble her pussy, she knew she was going
to come too.

Kate got a finger into Tricia's pussy, screwing it in
and out. Tricia's eyes rolled over in their sockets
when she felt her friend's tongue slither up to attack
the bud of her virgin asshole.

Well, not 100% virgin. After all, Ken had done a
little licking there this morning, and he'd come within
an ace of sticking his big hard cock up the tender tiny
hole. But for all that counted, Tricia's asshole was
on its first outing.

Kate's tongue worked into the deep hollow, twisting and
turning as it rimmed Tricia's rectum. Tricia squirmed
and panted and moaned, so full of her own feelings she
couldn't be bothered with anything as mundane as
continuing to lick Kate's pussy.

She kept her fingers busy inside the hole, but she was
off on her own trip now, moaning and writhing as she
took a finger deep inside her snatch and a tongue
created fires just inside the opening of her shitter.

"Oh, I'm comingggg..." she gasped, and it was true.
Her pussy gushed juices and Kate drank them greedily,
her mouth hurrying down to catch the flowing release
from Tricia's cunt. She licked the quivery gash until
a second come followed the first, and she pushed her
tongue almost as deep into Tricia as she'd had her

"Fuck me, fuck me," Tricia groaned, her body dripping
sweat from every pore as she rocked and rolled atop
Kate. She humped her cunt back into Kate's face,
drowning her friend in the pussy gusher.

Even as the fires started to die down a little, Kate
was changing her attack, intent on showing Tricia that
this wasn't nearly all there was. She pinched the
asscheeks nastily, making Tricia yelp in sudden pain,
and then she pulled hard on the doughy mounds,
spreading them wide and baring the rear opening to her
full attention.

She licked up and in, and the rimjob she'd given Tricia
earlier was only a shadow of what came now. She
screwed her tongue into the anus, darting in and out
like a hummingbird sucking pollen from a flower.

She puckered her lips and pressed a hot wet kiss onto
the rectal mouth, and Tricia thought, one more place
I'm gonna have lipstick prints ... All over my naughty

Her lips pulled away, and Tricia felt the prodding of a
fingertip. "No," she said, "don't finger-fuck me back
there too..."

But she could only close her eyes and whimper as the
finger screwed its way into her asshole. The
penetration was slow, almost gentle, but with an
insistence that could not be denied.

Tricia stiffened, feeling her ass-ring respond to its
violation. The muscles were tight, but they were too
aroused by Kate's tongue not to be just a little
curious too, and they relaxed slightly as the finger
eased its way inside.

It feels like a suppository, only a lot longer, Tricia
thought as the finger buried itself inside her butt.
She found her anal muscles clenching of their own will,
tightening around the intruder. It was as if she was
trying to shit the finger out of her, but she realized
after another moment that she didn't want it to come
out! No!

"This is soooo filthy ... " she whispered, glowing

"It's gonna get dirtier," Kate promised, jabbing her
finger deep and hard until Tricia straightened out atop
her, stiff as a board from head to toes, her body
pulsating as the fingertip dug into the very pit of

Kate's mouth was all over Tricia's ass, biting,
kissing, licking. Tricia glanced at one of the
mirrors, saw that she did indeed have those telltale
red lipstick prints spread across her squirming butt.
Kate's mouth was like liquid fire upon her, and the
finger kept on reaming her shitter with a driving,
burning impetuosity.

Trish felt her friend's tits beneath her, the nipples
throbbing with Kate's own arousal. She didn't feel so
much like a pervert, knowing that Kate was also in
heat. But Christ, this was too good to be perverted!

The finger continued to ream her. She was tight, but
she was greasy inside, and she found herself growing
more and more willing the longer she received the
digital attack.

There was a kinky satisfaction to the feel of a foreign
object jammed up her shithole that she had not at all
expected. She still regarded the act as extremely
dirty, but she couldn't deny that it was totally
stimulating at the same time.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh..." she groaned, rocking atop Kate, in
complete surrender to the deviate act being performed
upon her. She lifted her butt up and down, and now her
muscles were pulling the finger in and pushing it back
out in fucklike rhythmic gulps.

She felt Kate's limber tongue slither down to make a
fresh raid upon the labes of her pussy but, oh, fuck,
she didn't need any additional help right now! She was
gonna come again! An anal orgasm? Holy Christ, could
there even be such a thing?

Even as it began to pulsate through her, Tricia somehow
knew that she wasn't really coming out her ass. The
explosion was in her clit, her cunt, as always. But
the worship of Kate's tongue, the stringent fucking of
her horny finger, directed at Tricia's shithole, had
caused it.

"Yessssssss!!!" she screamed, her anus clenching tight
on the finger and her cunt drooling a fresh river of
honeycum into Kate's hungry mouth. "Oh, yes ...


They were sharing the spacious tub, washing the
lipstick and the cum from each other's bodies, trading
kisses and tit-sucks and naughty caresses in special
places. A half-drunk bottle of wine teetered on the
rim of the tub, and the girls themselves were likewise
close to half-drunk.

"Is this a private party?" a voice asked, and Tricia
jerked back in surprise, a long trail of drool
connecting her mouth to the lips she had just been

Roger, Kate's husband, slouched in the doorway, leaning
against the frame, smiling as he watched the two women
in the tub.

Tricia still regarded herself as pretty shy and demure,
and it was embarrassing as hell to be caught naked by
her friend's husband, especially with her face freshly
smeared with lipstick and her big, pointy-nippled tits
cuddled in Kate's possessive hands.

Kate, on the other hand, didn't seem at all fazed, and
somehow Trish wasn't exactly surprised. "What are you
doing home?" she asked. "I thought you worked for a

"I had to come out this way for an appointment," Roger
said nonchalantly, stepping into the bathroom, "and I
thought I'd stop by and knock off a quick one to get me
through the rest of the day. But it looks like that's
what you just finished doing." He sat down on the
john. "So, Tricia," he added, "I didn't know you were
into pussy."

Trish blushed scarlet. She couldn't think of anything
to say. At least Roger wasn't outraged at what he'd

"Darling," Kate said, "we need to know something. Have
you been filling Ken's head with ideas about nasties
like asshole fucking? He seems to have had some
distinctly anal urges recently that poor Trish didn't
feel up to handling, and of course she had to come talk
it over with Auntie Kate. I told her you're the prime
suspect for planting the idea. True?"

Roger just smiled and shrugged, loosening his tie.
"It's possible," he said. "Hell, I'm a salesman, and
I'm good at it. I could sell central heating in hell.
If I talked to Ken about the pleasures of fucking a
tight juicy asshole, the odds are he probably stopped
at the drugstore for a tube of K-Y on the way home.
Yes, I think we did talk about it a time or two." He
was reaching for his belt.

Tricia sat up in astonishment, the water splashing
around her in the tub. Her tits floated atop the
bubbly surface but she didn't even notice. She was
watching Roger unzip his fly.

Kate rose out of the water and leaned over toward her
husband. She reached into his undone pants and pulled
his cock out into the light.

"Isn't it gorgeous?" she said, turning to Tricia.
"Even soft, it's a champion. Soft???" she went on, her
voice raising half an octave. "You're in the nude,
glowing presence of the two ripest pieces you could
ever want to knock off, and you've got a soft-on?
Roger Parker, do you have an explanation for

She was right on most counts. His cock was a champion.
It was also soft, but even soft, it was almost eight
inches long. God, Tricia thought, that dick belongs on
a horse, not a man! What must it look like when it got
hard? And had Kate actually managed to take that prick
up her own asshole, as she'd claimed? Oh, shit! I
don't believe it!

Kate's hand moved up and down, sliding the outer shell
of flesh around the central core of Roger's prick. She
kept looking back at Trish, to make sure she was still

Jesus, there was no way she could have looked away from
this! She'd been completely and utterly faithful to
Ken from the moment they got serious about each other,
but today, all bets were temporarily off. Trish had
never expected to be in a situation like this, watching
Kate jerk off Roger's tool, and she had not the
slightest idea what might happen next, under the

Roger stood up, his prick beginning to fill out, to
lengthen and take shape. Tricia's eyes bulged in tempo
with the bloating of his cock. It was jutting from his
unzipped pants now, a little longer than it had been
but not appreciably thicker. But it was rock hard, and
there was an arch to its shape which made the big
bulbous knob tilt upward like a society matron's nose.

Kate winked at Tricia. "Some hot dick, mmm, baby?" she
smirked, her hand stroking it possessively. She took
the bottle of wine from the rim of the tub and held it
above Roger's prick.

Pouring some of the wine onto him, she began
immediately to lick up and down the length of his cock,
lapping the purple-red fluid almost as fast as it
dribbled from the bottle's neck. She smacked her lips
as she licked him.

"Well, I'm not queer," Kate said at last, as if she
felt she needed to give Tricia an explanation. "I mean,
I like pussy, but I _love_ cock ... "

And, sliding the tip of Roger's cock between her lips,
she proceeded to demonstrate just how much she loved
the prick.

Tricia had never seen anyone else suck a cock, and she
watched with a sudden fascination that went far beyond
the weird situation into which she had fallen. She
stared at Kate as the woman nursed and licked the end
of Roger's tool, easing it in and out of the moist warm
grip of her lips. Tricia had felt those lips around
her tits, her clitoris, even on her asshole, and she
knew fucking well how warm and moist they could be!

Kate sucked slowly, with a calm, almost studied
precision. Not only did she take him into her mouth
for some shallow, wet slurps. She also moved her lips,
once they were dripping with drool, up and down the
exposed length of Roger's cock. Jesus, was the thing
getting even longer?

Smacking her lips, pointing at him with her pink wet
tongue, she took the dick into her mouth again, and
this time she sucked him a little deeper, a little more
aggressively. Her cheeks hollowed in and she held the
base of the long stiff prick in her hands, just feeding
it in.

She hummed softly as she suckled him, and Tricia
watched in total absorption, noting that with each
extra gulp, just a trifle more of Roger eased into
Kate's mouth. Trish gulped too, almost able to feel
the long stiff ramrod pushing into her own orality.

So concentrated on Kate and Roger was her attention
that she was unaware she was holding her tits, pinching
softly at the nipples, caressing her flesh the same way
she had when she opened her legs to the attack of
Kate's lips and tongue. Emotions began to throb inside
her tits, and she sighed like a dove.

Kate kept on eating her husband's dick, taking him
deeply and passionately. The head slipped out of her
mouth, sloppy with her drool, a big wad of it still
dangling from her tongue. She slurped it onto him and
got him wetter still, bathing his cock like a mother
cat tending its kitten.

Roger's hands were on her head, guiding her, but she
didn't need any instruction. She had the whole thing
well in hand, and she would soon have it well in mouth,

Something touched Tricia's face. She looked up,
surprised. It was Roger's hand. His fingers stroked
her forehead, moved through her lightly-dyed blonde
hair. His knuckles scraped lightly across her cheek.
She stared up at his face and she knew what he wanted.

"Oh, I couldn't..." she demurred, but she had done
enough and seen enough to suspect that she really
could, if she was of a mind to.

He took her hand and she stood up, water running down
her body. While his wife continued to fellate his long
hard prick, Roger leaned toward Tricia. His hand slid
down into the small of her back, onto the curve of her
ass. She leaned in his direction and his mouth crushed
hers. He took a possessive grip on her asscheeks. She
stepped out of the tub with one leg so she could get

His tongue was in her mouth. His breath was hot,
slightly flavored of onions, oozing into her mouth.
She liked the taste of onions on a man's breath, on his
tongue. She sucked warmly at his tongue, pushing her
hard-nippled tits against him so he could feel how
excited she was, too.

His hand was all over her ass, and she ground her tits
into his chest, squirming and purring and murmuring
softly as the eagerness grew to uncontrollable levels
within her. She'd never done anything like this
before, but she could not stop herself, not now.

She opened his shirt, let her tits caress his bare
chest. He had more hair than Ken. She wasn't used to
the feel but she was pretty sure she liked it, and she
giggled as the body fur tickled her nipples almost to

Kissing him, rubbing his body with her own, she could
hear Kate, sucking with gaspy pants and moans. Her
hand moved downward, and she let her fingers walk
lightly along the stiff length of his cock. Ooooh, the
flesh was burning with lust! Or was it just her own
heat she was feeling?

She leaned back, and he stooped to take her tit-nipples
in his mouth. Mmmm, he liked a tit almost as much as
his wife loved cock! She fed him her dry but suckable
boobs, and he kept on fondling her ass, her upper
thigh. His hand came around and cupped her bath-wet
pussy, holding the mound in a frank, admiring grip.

"That's some ripe pussy, Trish," she heard and felt him
whisper into her mouth. "What do you say about letting
me fuck it?"


His finger entered her cunt as he spoke. She bit her
lip in surprise, her blue eyes as big as teacups.
"Oh!" Tricia gasped, her belly undulating while his
finger moved in shallow but exciting passes. She was
moving up and down on the balls of her feet, and
alternate cold and hot flashes swept through her body.

He kept on kissing her, still fucking her with his
finger, and she became aware that Kate's mouth, too,
was getting into the kiss. Her head was turned, and
her girlfriend's wet lips, still tasting heatedly of
cock, pressed against Tricia's.

"Why not fuck him?" Kate whispered into Tricia's mouth.
"You're as hot as can be, and he's a dynamite lay.
C'mon, honey -- you said Kenny wanted you to loosen up
a little. What better way to do just that???"

"I could never ... " Trish husked, her cunt still
pronged by Roger's exploring finger. The juices ran
like piss down her pussy tunnel, leaking down the
insides of her thighs.

She could hear the squish as his finger pushed gently
but determinedly into the wetness of her snatch, and
she gasped again with each thrust. His hand cupped her
cunt, and there was a constant pressure against the
swollen node of her clitoris. It throbbed
responsively. _All_ of Tricia Miller was throbbing
right now.

"I couldn't," she repeated, almost believing her own


On the bed, she glanced to left and right, saw the
mirrored image of what was happening. Her own body
seemed to glow. Roger was feeding upon one tit, Kate
upon the other. She had Roger's dick in one clutching
fist, the other hand working between Kate's thighs,
massaging the rubbery, excited pussy lips, the swollen
clitoris. They bore her down backwards and they fell
upon her like vultures in a feeding mood.

She twisted to one side and took Roger's long hard
prick in both hands, staring for a moment at the big
red knob. Down below, Kate was sliding into position
between Tricia's legs, rubbing her cheeks along the
tingly thigh interiors, blowing warmly through the
ruffled pussyhairs.

"Are you _sure_ this is gonna help my marriage?" she
asked tensely, squeezing Roger's cock. A big bubble of
pre-cum emerged from the slit and hung like a glass

"I'm positive," Kate promised. "Have I ever lied to
you, honey?"

The tip of her tongue flicked against Tricia's clit,
and the blonde wife squirmed, her body filling with
heat, her eyes full of the big hard prick she was
holding in both hands. She gulped, then leaned toward
Roger and let her tongue scoop up that dangling bubble
of pre-cum.

There! She'd done it! She'd licked another man's
dick, and the sky had not fallen upon her!

She pressed her mouth against his hardened rod and
kissed passionately at his bulbous tip, feeling the
excitement that surged within his steely flesh. Her
lips parted wetly and his prick slid into Tricia's
mouth. Saliva flowed like a river and she felt herself
begin to suck responsively at Roger's cock.

Kate was eating pussy with a vengeance now, showing her
own arousal with every lick into the heated slice of
Tricia's cunt. Her eyes closed, Trish sucked warmly at
the tip of Roger's cock, drawing it across her tongue
in short lapping gulps. Cum was already dripping from
the slitted opening, and it fell in little hot bubbles
onto her tongue.

She opened her mouth a bit wider, and the barrel of his
cock entered her lips. He wasn't as thickly-dicked as
Ken, she realized as soon as she got him inside her
mouth, but he was at least a couple of inches longer.
She didn't think she could swallow him but she was damn
sure going to try.

It felt strange to be sucking the cock of another
woman's husband, but the fact that Kate was eating her
pussy like a wolf left Tricia feeling a lot less
self-conscious about it all.

Wouldn't Ken shit if he could see her now! Would he
still be telling her to loosen up? Tricia giggled
around the long hard cock that filled her mouth so
plentifully and she sucked harder, pulling him deeper
and deeper, until the tip of his prick thrust against
the back of her throat and she gagged in sudden

"Ahhhhh..." she groaned, but it was a groan of
pleasure, and her hot drool bathed his cock as it
pulsated inside her mouth.

She was sucking in earnest now, her desires stoked to
almost unbearable intensity. She hadn't intended to do
this. God, no! All she'd wanted to do was talk to
Kate about her newfound problems. But now that it was
actually happening, she would not, _could not_ make it

Kate fucked fingers and tongue simultaneously into
Tricia's cunt. There was an animalistic savagery to
the way Kate Parker ate a pussy. Tricia had never felt
anything quite like this from a man's mouth.

Maybe it was true. Maybe women did eat women better
than men ever could. Tricia moaned throatily around
the cock that filled her mouth, a tremulous little
orgasm ripping through her snatch and into Kate's face.

Trish locked her teeth behind the edges of Roger's
swollen cock knob and she tongued and sucked him
voraciously with both her fists wrapped around his
length, stroking him up and down.

She pumped the cock eagerly, tasting driblets of his
cum, squirting out of his bulb when the prick found
itself too full to hold all the stuff inside. It was
hot juicy cum, a little saltier than Ken's, but God,
did it taste good on her tongue!

Her pussy got wetter -- much wetter -- and stickier,
too. From the corner of her eye she saw that Kate was
pouring wine from the bottle onto Trish's twat, licking
it up as fast as she spilled it out.

"Give me that thing," Tricia mumbled, her mouth so full
of cock she could hardly speak. Kate got the message
and handed the bottle up with a giggle.

Tricia upended it, slopping the stuff onto Roger's
cock. It splattered the sheets, but Trish didn't give
a shit. They weren't _her_ sheets, were they? And
wine was surely the most innocent thing that had ever
stained these bedsheets ...

The last gulp of the wine she poured into her mouth,
swigging it down and feeling the warmth go straight to
her belly, then directly to her brain.

"I'm drunk," she announced. "That must be why I'm
doing this." She tossed the empty bottle aside and
returned to Roger's prick.

"Sure, honey," Kate assured her, sounding a million
miles away while Tricia began to suck Roger's cock once

The bed began to rock hard beneath the threesome.
Trish heard Kate's moans and groans, and, without
missing a slurp on the prick in her mouth, she glanced
downward again. What a slut! Kate had retrieved the
wine bottle and she was using one hand to guide its
long skinny neck into her wet-lipped cunt even as she
continued to lick and suck and fingerfuck Trish's
throbbing pussy!

She fucked herself hard, showing no more mercy to her
snatch than her mouth was giving to Tricia's pussy.
Trish sighed, thinking of the hours that she and Kate
had wasted in discussing clothes, recipes, the people
they had known in high school. If only she'd known
that Kate was such a provocative whore, they could have
been having some fun all these many months!!!

Trish kept on gulping at Roger's dick, smacking her
lips as the thing worked in and out of her mouth. She
was taking him deeper now, straining a little, but she
knew she was going to swallow the whole thing any
second now ... any second now ...

Jesus!!! He thrust, and suddenly her throat was full
of his pulsating cock. She didn't know whether to
shit, wind her watch, or strangle. She settled for

Now that he'd plumbed the depth of her throat, he began
to fuck Trish's face, shoving hard with his cock. He
was still dribbling out spurtles of jizz, a hot milky
splatter of fuck snot.

She savored the taste and wolfed him for more of it.
If he didn't waste all his load in these little bubbly
squirts, she was due to get herself a fucking mouthful!

Kate howled as the bottle penetrated her again and
again. She'd stopped playing with Tricia's cunt and
was devoting all her attention to herself.

"Oh, fuck," she growled, "I need it sooo bad..."

Tricia was down on Roger's balls now, licking them
while she used her hand on his cock, making sure that
big sweet fucker stayed big and long and hard. His
meat pulsated inside her fist, excitement beating
through his cum-vein, transmitting itself straight into
Tricia Miller.

"Lemme have some too," Kate said, edging her way in.
Trish moved aside and Kate began to devour her
husband's erection. She fed it all the way into her
gullet, sucking loudly as she gobbled him. Her drool
ran down the shaft as she bobbed on his prick.

Tricia crawled up and offered her tits to Roger. He
took them greedily, squeezing, sucking, pinching the
erected nipples until Tricia's eyes watered and she
made little whiny cries that said "Nooo ... " but meant
"Yessss ... "

He pulled her to him and tried to swallow the nearest
of her matching 38-Cs, his mouth straining widely to
make room for tit.

"Fuck us, Roger," Kate demanded, sitting up.

"Christ," Roger sighed, "I really don't have time. I'm
gonna be late for my appointment ... "

"Your cock, my asshole," Kate replied. "Do those
concepts mean anything to you? Oh, come on, Rog,
you've gotten me and Trish too hot and bothered to
stop. If you don't fuck us, we're gonna have to get
out the dildoes. All this talk about ass-fucking, all
this cunting around has got me crawling out of my

Trish squirmed, her tit still jammed into Roger's
mouth. She wasn't sure she was ready for anything as
close to real adultery as fucking her best friend's
husband. But, she rationalized, Kate was her best
friend, wasn't she? And she'd demanded that Roger fuck
_us_. And _us_ includes _me_! Tricia thought.

Roger came up, his cock preceding the rest of his body
by a good nine inches. The sight of his long skinny
prick in full erection excited Tricia, almost as much
as seeing her own husband with a ripe hot bone-on for
her. Well, she thought, Ken had demanded that she
loosen up, hadn't he? She just hoped this was what he
meant by it.

"Get the K-Y," Roger said.

"Fuck the K-Y," Kate replied. "If you can't put it in
me dry, don't put it in me at all. Mmmm, baby, I'm
fucking ready!!!"

Trish moved out of the way while Kate went onto her
knees, her gorgeous ass sticking up high and inviting.
Roger went down on it first, nuzzling her cunt with his
face and lips, licking her little backdoor bud as well.

He tested it with his finger, and he said, "It feels a
little looser than usual. Has somebody been sticking
things in you already, hon?"

Tricia giggled. "It was me," she confessed, but by
that time she'd found the wine bottle Kate had
discarded. She studied it curiously.

She'd never masturbated with objects before, but the
neck of the bottle was long and suggestively shaped,
and it gleamed with Kate's pussy juices. She tested it
with her tongue to confirm that it was pussygoo indeed
which made the bottle shimmer and glisten, and the
taste of Kate's cunt made her hotter than ever.

As Roger moved into position behind Kate, Trish was
already stroking her cuntal gash with the tip of the
bottle. It should have felt cold, but Kate had warmed
it up a great deal inside her twat. It was very hard,
and she felt as if she were bruising her pussy lips
with it, but she didn't stop stroking herself. Her
wet, slippery labes parted.

Trish bit her lip as she began to insert the bottle.
This is so fucking nutty, she told herself, blushing
that she could do something like this even in front of

Of course, Kate and Roger weren't paying much attention
to what Tricia was doing. Tricia wasn't even aware
that Roger had slipped his cock into his wife's anus
until she heard the croaking gasp from Kate and she
looked up, in time to see the long skinny barrel of
that prick sliding into Kate's tight backdoor hole.

Trish winced at the sight, but Kate wasn't complaining.
"Ooohhh, my asshole," she panted, "fuck my
motherfucking asshole!!!"

He began to pound his cock into her. She jerked with
each thrust but she took it deep and came back for
more. "Yes, yesssss!!!" she shrieked. "Oh, fucking

Tricia moaned too, matching Roger's cock thrusts with
the drive of the wine bottle up her own snatch. The
cylindrical object banged deeply into her pussy, until
the swell of the body made it impossible to push the
bottle any deeper. She ground it against her cunt, the
end rotating deep inside her, and she flogged her
throbbing clit with the fingers of her other hand while
she fucked herself.

"This is how you do it, baby," Kate was groaning as she
took her husband's backdoor reaming with a smile and a
scream. "One big hard cock, one hot asshole ... made
for each other!"

Tricia was fucking herself harder, giving the bottle a
full, stabbing plunge each time, and she had
synchronized her wrist action with the drillbit thrust
of Roger's cock into Kate's asshole, so that each time
her friend got it, Trish got it too, and their chorused
moaning cries rose into the air, growing more and more
abandoned and horny.

Roger was riding Kate hard, his hands busy on her tits,
her cunt. He was fingerfucking her while he speared
her ass, and from the squirming she did beneath him,
Trish knew it was only a matter of seconds until her
friend exploded in orgasm. Shit, Trish was about to
come her guts out, too!

"Now, goddamn it, now!!!" Kate screamed, collapsing
beneath Roger. He fell heavily upon her, his cock
ramming in and out of her tight booty, and she jerked
and writhed beneath him.

The tip of his cock burrowed deep into her guts while
his fingers pinched the fuck out of her hot hard clit,
and almost at the same moment Kate whimpered into her
orgasm beneath Roger, Trish gurgled into a come of her
own, her pussy walls clenching spastically around the
inserted length of the stiff bottle neck.

Her cunt clenched and contracted, and the bottle seemed
to spit straight out of Trish. She covered her pussy
with her hands, rubbing it harder and harder, making
that goddamn orgasm last and last and last!

"Oh, Jesus," she said, stretching out her long legs,
"oh fucking Jesus ... "

Roger Parker turned to her, his cock sticking straight
out, its length rubbed raw and red by its session
inside his wife's tight anus. "I guess it's your turn
now, right, Trish?" he said, reaching for her hand.


She wanted to say "No, I can't, I couldn't," but she
knew it would be a lie.

Roger's long skinny cock jutted from his patch of
dickhair. The big knob was red and raw-looking. She
had already sucked it, felt and tasted the slow dribbly
drool of its jizz load onto her tongue, taken it deep
into her throat, gagging and gurgling as she fed on the
entire length of that cock. What harm could there be
to fuck it, too?

He tugged on her hand and she rose to her knees on the
bed, stealing a glance toward the mirror. Jesus! The
expression on her face startled Tricia. Her hair was
bed-tossed, her tits heaved in sexual agitation, and
she had the look of a wild, sex-crazed slut!

Kate was still on her belly, fingering her anus. The
hole gaped, not yet returned to its normal tiny size
after being rammed repeatedly with the stiffness of
Roger's prick. She stuffed two or three fingers up her
hot butt, reaming herself with them.

"Oh, yes," Trish heard her friend moan, "oh, I think I
need more..."

Kate's hand fumbled about, and she found the wine
bottle. By now, Trish was backed up against Roger.
His cock protruded along one hip, and she had her fist
on it, sliding up and down the rigid length of him.
His hands were all over her sweaty, jiggling tits and
his mouth assaulted her neck, her earlobes. His
fingers dug into the soft meat of her tits, and she
stroked harder at his cock.

Trish was full of herself and her own reactions, but
even so, she could not hold back a shriek of disbelief
when she saw what Kate intended to do with the wine

Her brunette friend guided the bottle through her
crotch, using it to frig the musk-dripping lips of her
cunt. She squirmed in abandon, her thighs clenching
around the bottle, squeezing it into close contact with
her pussy. And then she loosened her legs, spread them
widely, and moved the bottle's neck to her shithole.

It had started to tighten up again, finally empty of
cock, but the moment the bottle neck touched her
asshole, Kate split wide open once more, and the green
bottle disappeared inside her rectum.

She looked back over her shoulder, face flushed,
glowing with arousal, her eyes brown and wicked. "Once
you start," she told Trish, "you fucking never get
enough of this ... " And she moaned again, hand
guiding the bottle in and out of her already-dicked

"That's what I want," Trish whispered to Roger.
"That's exactly what I want!"

"You may have to fight her for the bottle," Roger said
softly. "Looks like she's really attached to it."

"No, shithead!" Tricia giggled, turning around to face
him. She took his prick in both hands and rubbed its
big, cum-oozing knob against her belly, stroked it
through the soft wet hairs of her cunt. "I'll settle
for this thing!"

Two minutes later she was rubbing K-Y onto his cock
with both hands, greasing him thickly. As she lubed
him, he was sliding fingers through her crack, working
the jel into her flesh, too. She went stiff as his
finger penetrated her asshole in a sudden, shallow

"Oh!" she said. His finger was a lot bigger than the
one Kate had shoved up her butt. She squeezed his
prick. _It_ was a lot bigger than his finger. She
started to get a little nervous about the whole thing,
but it was perhaps a bit late for cold feet.

His finger moved a little deeper, crooking inside
Tricia. She twisted, her head back, her eyes closed.
Within her hand, his cock pulsated with a rapid,
excited beat that she couldn't remain immune to.

Her own heart was thumping hotly behind the soft
cushions of her 38-Cs, and she pressed them against
Roger's chest, kissing him with her hard sweat-
dripping nipples. He straightened out his finger
inside her shithole and she winced, but she knew she
had to have it.

Kate was still assreaming herself with the wine bottle.
Christ, what a slut! But a real friend, too. Hadn't
she made her own husband available to Trish?

"I think you're ready," Roger said, taking his finger
out. Tricia's asshole felt suddenly empty and
deprived. But her fist held something that would soon
fill that void.

She lay down on her side, knees drawn up to her tits.
With one hand she opened her buttocks, exposing the
never-fucked pink spot. K-Y oozed from her shitter,
greased the crack of her ass. Roger lay down behind
her, guiding his prick to its hot virginal target.

He stroked her with the bulbous knob of his tool first,
sliding it all around. "Last chance to change your
mind," he said.

"Fuck me," Tricia replied. There was nothing else to

He wormed the tip of his cock into the hollow of her
asshole and he gave it a tentative thrust. The lubed
hole yielded before the pressure of his prick, and
Trish felt his cock slowly but surely penetrating her.

She closed her eyes, feeling the burn as her muscles
stretched. Even with the K-Y, it was going to be a
hell of a tight fit. And Roger's cock was a lot
thinner than Ken's. Part of her was happy that she had
awakened in time to keep herself from being ass-busted
in bed this morning, but as the slickened dickhead
moved a little deeper into her turned-on butt, she felt
just the slightest trace of sadness, too -- sadness
that she had made Ken stop!

"Fuck me," she repeated. "Don't just fuck around."

"You got it," Roger said, his voice getting a little
tight around the edges. He gripped her buttocks and
pushed, driving three or four inches of hard-on
straight up Trish's shitchute.

"Owwwwwww!!!!" she squealed, not quite prepared for
what she had gotten herself into -- or into herself.

But he didn't stop! He thrust again, and the rest of
his cock entered her asshole. His belly slapped hard
against the round swell of her candy ass, and she felt
the ticklish scrape of his dickhairs on her flesh. He
rocked against her, stirring her shit with his cock,
and there was no doubt about it -- Tricia Miller had
taken nine inches straight up the ass!

He began to drill her, his long thin cock slicking in
and out of her jellied butthole. She wailed with each
thrust, but the cries which at first signaled her pain
soon took on a sharper, keener note of delight. The
warbled "Nooooo" drifted gradually into a whiny
"Ohhhhh" and she was shocked to hear herself gasping,
at last, "Yes, oh, yes yes yes!!!"

Something touched her face. She opened her eyes to see
Kate's face an inch away, the pink tongue lapping at
her skin. Trish pulled the face closer and kissed it
in gratitude. "Oh, you cunt," she said, "how did you
know I needed this???"

Kate just smiled coyly and started down Trish's body.
She got to the tits and feasted greedily on them, while
Trish absorbed the deep, belly-quivering thrusts from
Roger's dick.

Kate's face moved lower. Now she was nose deep in
Tricia's light brown pussy hair. She found the wet
hole -- it would have been easier to miss Cleveland --
and she slipped her tongue into the gash, slicking it
up the hole for some deep cunt stimulation that went
perfectly with the asshole-fucking that Roger was
dishing out.

Tricia got Kate's legs in hand and pulled them closer,
repaying the suckoff with a voracious attack on Kate's
lightly-haired twat. Jesus Christ! The fucking bottle
was still sticking out of Kate's asshole! Trish
grabbed it by the gut and began to jam it up and down
the anal passage while she fed on her friend's clit and
cuntlips. Honey juices filled her mouth, and she drank
greedily, sucking and licking to get more of the sweet

She was pissing her own jizz into Kate's mouth, and
through it all, Roger continued to bulldog her ass.
God, she'd been such a fool to refuse Ken the privilege
of cornholing her! Now that she'd finally tasted a
cock in her shitter, she knew she would do it again.

Oh, Jesus, why did Ken have to go away on business?
She ached to be with him, to open her butt to _his_
cock, the way she had opened it to the cock of her best
friend's husband.

But Ken would get it, as soon as he returned home.
Mmmm, was he ever gonna get it!

She recognized the taste and feel of orgasm in Kate's
cunt, and she spread the pussy wide, moving her face
into the big wet pink gash. Her tongue wiggled up the
hole, so deep she thought she could feel Kate's tonsils
just ahead, and she gave the wine bottle one last deep
plunge up her friend's asshole, putting the icing to
Kate's cum-cake. The brunette woman's legs clamped
around Trish's face and she thought she might smother
in the musky wetness of the climaxing cunt at which she

Roger's cock rammed harder, deeper. His strokes grew
faster and faster as well, his rod moving so quickly
she could hardly feel the friction -- just the
slam-bang as he hit the bottom of her shitchute, again
and again.

She rocked her ass backwards, meeting him thrust for
thrust, and each time she came forward again, she wiped
Kate's hungry face with the wetness of her twat.

It was the fucking, not the sucking, that brought her
to orgasm. She knew that as well as she knew that her
name was Tricia. She felt the buildup in her guts, and
then her ovaries erupted. Roger kept on feeding her
asshole with his long hard cock, and she screamed into
Kate's pussy, biting at the flesh on which she sucked.

Into her he thrust, hard, deep, and each stab made her
body convulse afresh. Kate's mouth was glued to
Tricia's clit, and the girlcum flowed from the raw hot
gash. Still hard, Roger continued to fuck, and
Tricia's orgasm intensified.

He came out of her asshole, finally, his cock still
rigid, and he grabbed the two cunt-sucking women.
"Something for you, girls," he said in a raw and hoarse
voice. He sat them up, side by side, and he shoved his
long red prick into their faces.

"Finish me now," he commanded.

Without a second thought, Tricia fed his cock into her
mouth. She gulped him hungrily, taking it all the way
into her throat and washing him with her tongue as he
moved in and out.

Kate was there for her share, and she stole the cock
away from Trish, guzzling it down her own gullet. She
smiled and beamed as she sucked on her husband, and
Tricia was sure she had never seen Kate looking so
beautiful and sexy.

Glancing at the mirror, she realized that she wasn't
looking so bad herself. Her body was glossy with
sweat, and her hair was a mess, but the animal glow of
sex absolutely radiated from her. She stared a long
moment at herself, liking what she saw.

Kate's mouth was sliding up and down the length of
Roger's cock. Trish moved down to capture his nuts,
eating them while Kate sucked the shaft, but she found
herself thirsting for the salty, meaty flavor of the
real thing and she said, "Give me some of that or I'll
rip your tits off!" Kate laughed and surrendered the
cock. Trish drank it down her throat again, moaning as
it penetrated her, sighing as she savored it.

She monopolized the dick, sucking it, kissing it,
licking it, her tongue slithering up and down the
barrel. Kate was licking the nuts, but Tricia wanted
them too, and she took them. Then she went back up to
the big knob, licking the droplets of jizz that bubbled
from the slit, feeding the glans into her mouth so she
could suck it hard and horny, her lips frictioning it,
teasing it, coaxing it to give up the useless struggle.

"I want your cum," she told Roger, looking up at him
with intent, dead-serious blue eyes, her lips
fluttering against the red, wet point of his erected

"Take it, then," he said, and his prick suddenly
erupted in her face.

The spray of sperm drenched Trish. She gasped and
squealed as the hot thick flow gushed onto her face.
She licked the white stuff that ran down the shaft.
She squeezed him in her eager fist, milking squirt
after squirt from him.

It splattered her, and she could feel the hot viscous
fluid oozing down her cheeks. She licked it from her
chin, her upper lip. She ovaled her lips and fed the
tip into them, jerking on the shaft to tease still more
of the juice from his balls.

Kate was kissing Tricia, eating the sprayed cum off her
skin, wangling the cock free so she could get another
lick, another suck, a little swallow of fresh spurting
goo for herself. As the cock began to go dry and limp,
the two women crushed their mouths together and shared
the salty slime they had sucked out of Roger.

I think, Tricia told herself with a smug satisfaction,
that I am doing one hell of a job of loosening up!


Roger showered and dressed, running late for his
appointment. He wasn't bitching about it. He'd gotten
far too good a fucking.

"We should do this again," Trish said conspiratorially,
lying on the bed with Kate. "I can use all the
practice I can get, before Ken gets home. Oh, he's
going to be so surprised and so excited when he finds
out that I'm ready for him!"

"I think you were born ready," Kate replied, playing
with a tit. "You just needed to find out about it."

"I'm not busy tonight," Trish suggested. "Maybe we
could all have dinner at my place and then ... ?"

"No," Kate said, "Rog has a date tonight."

"You mean a business appointment?"

"I mean a date," Kate giggled. "He's been fucking that
little receptionist at the office. She's a typical
bleach-blonde airhead -- oh, no offense, Trish! But
she has no morals and Rog loves to get his dick in her.
Don't look so shocked. I let him go out from time to
time. You might have guessed that Rog and I have a
_very_ open marriage. Your well fucked asshole should
be proof of that, baby doll. Mmm, and I think you have
one of my pussy hairs on your chin."

She slid a little closer, pressing her pointy-nippled
tits against Trish. "On the other hand," she went on,
"why should Rog have all the fun? You and I should do
something tonight, too. A, we could drink a six-pack
of wine cooler and then fuck ourselves with the empties
while we watch porn tapes on the tube, or B, we could
look for some adventure. What do you say?"

"Just what do you mean by adventure?" Tricia replied.


Tricia felt like a complete and total slut. It wasn't
a _bad_ feeling, to tell the truth, but it was a weird
feeling. And she was definitely out of place here.

She and Kate were sitting at the bar in a redneck
tavern a few miles out of town. Country music blared
from the jukebox, the air was heavy with smoke, and
Trish asked herself for the thousandth time how in the
_fuck_ she had ever let Kate talk her into anything
like this.

She was wearing some clothes of Kate's -- spike heels
so high she could hardly stand up in them, a tinselly
blue wig, and a sheathlike dress that fit her like a

It wasn't made to hold in tits as big as Tricia's, and
that was for damn sure. The bodice clung tightly, and
because there wasn't nearly enough room inside for
them, her hooters were pushed up, protruding out of the
lowcut neckline.

The skirt was about an inch and a half on the safe side
of legal, and under it Trish wore -- as Kate had
demanded -- nothing but garters and patterned
stockings, with butterflies sewn into the sheer black

She looked like a cheap whore, especially with the
makeup Kate had applied to her face, and she knew that
every guy in the place was staring at her and Kate.
And Kate, if anything, looked even trashier than

She was wearing a platinum blonde wig, down to her
shoulders. Her tank top was so thin the pigment of her
brown nipples showed through plain as day, and to cap
it, she had on skintight shorts and black stilettos.
In a downtown bar, they might have looked almost at
home, though they might also have gotten busted as
hookers. Out here, in the country, they looked as much
at home as Michael Jackson would have.

Still, being stared at and being obviously lusted after
was a real thrill, one that Tricia wasn't overly
familiar with. She sipped at her drink and pretended
to be very casual. Kate had promised her adventure.
What kind of adventure would it be, she wondered.

"There aren't even any other women here," Tricia
whispered, looking round the dingy joint. "Just the
two of us."

"So much better," Kate assured her. "Your only
competition is me. And you don't think every guy in
this dive is staring at us? Mmm, I think adventure may
already be putting on its rubber. C'mon, Trish, cross
your legs and give everybody a thrill!"

"You're crazy," Trish whispered back, pushing her knees
together. This was not a good idea, she was starting
to believe with all her heart, and she searched her
mind for clever stratagems she could use to get herself
and Kate outta here!

Alabama was blasting from the jukebox and banging balls
clattered on the pool table. The bartender brought the
girls refills. Kate clinked her glass against Trish's
and said, "Don't look now, baby, but I think adventure
is coming your way."

Tricia turned, just as a hand touched her knee. Most
of her legs were bare, due to the short skirt, and she
still felt very self-conscious about having no panties
underneath. The hand squeezed and she looked up into
the eyes of a big man. There was something oddly
familiar about him, but in the rather dim light she
couldn't decide what it was.

He said, "Hiya, baby. How about letting me buy you a
drink, and then you can tell me if the hair on your
pussy is the same color as the hair on your head." He
smiled in a confident way, and his hand slid upward on
Tricia's thigh, almost to the top of her stocking.

Tricia reacted totally from instinct. She tossed her
daiquiri, ice and all, straight into his face and said,
"One thing's for sure -- I guess the drinks _are_ on
you, mister."

He drew back, frowning, and turned without a word. "I
don't believe this!" Kate said, grabbing Trish's
shoulder. "Adventure sat in your lap with a hard-on
and you threw a drink in its face? You dumb cunt!
Don't you know who that was?"

Trish shook her head. Kate sighed heavily. "Remember
Kyle Newberry? From high school? You gonna tell me
that when you were fifteen you weren't frigging your
hot little virgin clit and wondering what it would be
like to have Mr All-State Running Back's big hard dick
shoved up your hole?"

Tricia's eyes became enormous. She blushed under her
makeup. "God, I thought he looked familiar! But I
haven't seen him in ten years..."

"It's not too late," her friend said, pointing. "There
he goes into the men's room to wipe off your daiquiri.
Go apologize. See if he remembers you, hmmm?"

"Aren't you coming?" Tricia asked, sliding off the bar

Kate shook her head. "Nah," she smirked. "By the time
I was fifteen I already _knew_ what Mr All-State
Running Back's big hard dick felt like. _And_ tasted
like. This is _your_ adventure, sweetcakes. Go for

A couple of days ago, Tricia would never have dreamed
of doing anything like this. But she had changed -- a
lot -- and she had the feeling she was in for still
more changes. She took a deep breath and started
toward the hallway where Kyle had gone a few moments

She wasn't strutting on purpose. It was the only way
she could walk in these damn spikes! But she was
conscious of the roll of her ass, the stride of her
legs, the eyes that watched her as she moved through
the barroom and toward the door that was marked

Think "adventure" she told herself, pushing the door

The men's room was fairly small. There were two stalls
and a couple of urinals on opposite sides. Both
urinals were occupied, and Trish hesitated a moment,
staring at the backs of two men taking noisy leaks.

Kyle Newberry was at the sink, wiping himself with a
paper towel. His t- shirt was off, lying across the
top of the sink. He saw her in the mirror and he

"Well, goddamn," he said, grinning. He'd put on some
weight since high school. He was beefier now, and his
chest was hairier than Trish had remembered from the
days when she used to watch him and his friends playing
shirts and skins basketball during lunch hour. A bit
of roll hung over the belt of his pants but he didn't
look fat or sloppy -- just big.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry," she told him. The
two men who were pissing heard the sound of her voice.
One of them turned, splashing a puddle of yellow onto
the floor.

The real Trish wouldn't have dreamed of invading a
men's room, but the real Trish was on vacation for the
night. This was a blue-haired slut in a skintight
sheath dress, with no underwear and four-inch spikes.
She strutted toward him, her ass swaying. Something
told her she was ready for anything.

He put his hands on her waist and pulled her close. He
was six-three and he towered over Tricia. She could
smell the rum on his chest from the drink she'd tossed
at him, and it mixed with the smell of his sweat, of
his natural male funk. She laid her cheek against him
and rubbed it through the fur.

It wasn't the sexiest place in the world, this COWBOYS
room. There was a piss-and-disinfectant smell, and she
thought, This is soooo grubby -- but it was exciting in
a rather nasty way, too.

He put his hand on one of the tits that overfilled the
front of her dress and he began to manipulate the
mound. Her nipple hardened against his palm and she
was breathing hard, her body pushing forcefully,
insistently, against his.

The other two men had stopped pissing now, but they
were still in the room. She could see them in the
mirror, over Kyle's shoulder. They were lighting up
cigarettes and they were watching. Watching her.

She straightened up, and she put Kyle's hands on her
back. They went immediately to the zipper of her
dress. She took a deep breath as he pulled the zipper
downward, then took her by the shoulders and eased the
dress down.

A bulge had already begun to show in the front of his
pants. The sight of her tits made the bulge grow

Tricia's boobs spilled outward as the dress came down,
and her pink nipples were fat and full, capped in
aroused pinnacles. She turned, flashing her tits at
the two men who were watching, and she backed her ass
up against Kyle Newberry's crotch, stroking his growing
hard with the round curve of her butt.

He cupped her tits, squeezing firmly, his fingers
sinking into the soft, aroused flesh. She stared
boldly at the two voyeurs, as if to say, "Don't you
wish it was you?"

Her ass wiggled against his pants and she felt his
cock, grown hard and fat and thick -- bigger, if
possible, than it had been in her fantasies when she
was just a pudgy, skanky virgin trying to dream
impossible dreams.

The kinkiest part of it was the two guys who stood
watching by the piss-tanks. Tricia couldn't bear to
look into their faces. Her eyes remained slightly
downcast, and she could see that both of them were
using their hands to stroke their own crotches. She
heard them whispering and she had a good idea what they
were whispering about, but she didn't care.

She wriggled loose from Kyle and turned, flouncing, her
tits doing an eye-catching bounce. She touched her
tinsel-looking blue wig, then slid her fingers across
her pointy-nippled tits. Kyle straightened up, leaning
against the sink, his pants full of hard cock and his
eyes full of lust.

Trish lifted her skirt slowly, pulling it up to her
stocking tops, then a little higher. She teased him
for a few moments, promising the sight of her pussy and
withholding it at the last minute. She was sure she
could see his bulge growing. Saliva bubbled on his
lips and his chest showed that he was breathing harder,

She pulled up her skirt, at last, flashing her cunt at
him. "Oh, shit," he said, "I thought sure you were a
natural bluehead. Kind of a disappointment to see that
it's just brown hair on your snatch. Hell, I could get
that from my old lady."

"Then get it from her," Trish purred, dropping her
skirt. She reached for the fallen top of her dress,
started to pull it back up into place.

Kyle grabbed her wrists and jerked her to him. Her
body slammed into his, and she felt the searing
stiffness of the cock that lurked inside his faded
jeans. It throbbed and pulsated behind the layer of
denim, and she could feel it as plainly as if it lay
bare against her body.

She leaned back and let him kiss her, while his hands
once more attacked her full, fleshy tits. His tongue
fucked her mouth and she sucked it in response,
squirming her body against him, her legs wrapping
lithely around his. She got her crotch flush against
his prick and she did a little stationary dance there,
exciting her cunt lips with the promise of his cock.

Wetness coated the interior of her pussy and it was
beginning to ooze from her sliced opening. She was
horrified to realize how excited she was right now, how
much she wanted to fuck this stranger in a public
toilet. The idea seemed even filthier than being
fucked in the asshole, and her clitoris pulsated in a
shockingly responsive way.

"Let me see if you're ready," she whispered. "Mmm,
Kyle, I think that cock of yours is definitely ready!"

"How do you know my name?" he asked in surprise as she
slid down his front, onto her knees before him.

Trish looked up. "Don't I look even slightly
familiar?" He shook his head.

Well, the last time he'd seen her, she weighed 150 and
greatly resembled a fresh dumpling.

She just gave him an enigmatic smile that would keep
him wondering for the rest of his life _who_ was that
fine bitch he'd lucked onto in the men's room, and she
reached for his zipper.

She took his cock out of his pants, then undid the
pants and eased them down his hips, baring his groin
and balls, too. She held his meat in her hand while
she kissed his belly, rimmed his belly button. Her
tongue moved down into his dickhairs. "Baby..." she
heard him sigh.

His cock was pretty damn big -- not as big as she'd
fantasized, back in high school, but big enough. She
caressed it with her fingers. She blew softly up and
down the length of it, her lips poised a quarter of an
inch from the surface of his prick, touching him only
with her breath. For now.

The room was so silent you could have heard a pin drop.
She could feel the burning eyes of the two guys over by
the urinals, and Kyle's hands were on her head,
stroking, petting, coaxing.

"Lick it, baby," he was saying. "Go ahead and lick it.
You ever see one that big before?"

She had. Ken's was longer and thicker and harder in
its glory. But Ken's cock was in California, and Kyle
Newberry's rod was in her hand. She'd make do with
what she had.

Smiling, she pressed her lips against him, touching his
cockflesh with her mouth for the first time. Her lips
were moist and soft, and his cock was hot and hard.
She kissed him warmly, felt his heat flow through her
lips and into her body.

Her mouth slightly open, she moved it down and then up
the shaft of his cock, lipping him like a guppy. She
gave him a lick or two as well, sliding the wet flat of
her tongue over his hard rod, bringing it up to but not
quite touching the supersensitive spot just below the
big swollen knob.

His cock was unclipped, but the foreskin had retracted
to show off a really impressive peckerbulb. It looked
like a giant grape. Gallo could ferment all year on a
grape that size.

She stroked him with her fingers, holding his cock
delicately. She slid the loose outer skin up and
down, milking his prick while her mouth drifted down to
his balls and the base of the shaft. She nuzzled into
the hair, jiggling his nuts with her tongue. His bag
tasted sweaty.

"Will you for Chrissakes suck it???" he hissed in a
desperate sounding voice. Trish looked up at him with
a beaming smile. She slid her tongue back up the
underside of his rod, and this time she went straight
to the spot below the knob that always made Ken's prick
drool wetly.

She butterflied him there, tongue working swiftly and
to the point, and his pre-cum began to ooze from his
tip. She brought her tongue up and licked it away, and
the meaty heat of his knobflesh made her thirst for the
taste of his cock in her mouth.

Her tongue dripped saliva onto the point of his cock.
She looked up at him, her mouth puckered momentarily as
if for a kiss, and then she opened her lips wide and
sucked the end of Kyle's dick inside, gulping as she
swallowed him.

Blood pounded in her temples. Jesus Christ, she was
excited! Her tits heaved massively, and she felt his
fingers seize her erected, pointing nipples, pinching
at them in delighted response to the feverishly hot
quality of her mad sucking.

She pistoned her head back and forth, his cock ramming
in and out of her throat, and she made gurgling noises
around the huge hard chunk of prime male gristle. It
would never have tasted this good back in high school,
she decided, mouthing him possessively, twisting her
head as she fed on his rampant love monster.

"Holy shit," she heard him sigh as she gobbled his
cock. It was a compliment, and she knew it. Trish
felt positively inspired, dishing out this blowjob, and
the fact that the two pissers were _still_ standing
over there watching only made her that much crazier.
She could feel their eyes burning as they stared, and
she knew she was giving them a show they'd never forget
if they lived as long as Ronald Reagan.

She took the cock out of her mouth and lipped up and
down, from knob to nuts. She sucked the balls into her
mouth again, giggling as the dickhairs tickled her
nose. She worked a finger up into the crack of Kyle's
ass and tickled his shithole while she yummied his

He swayed and trembled, his body moving up and down,
his rod thrusting in the soft possessive grip of her
hand. She stroked him with luscious precision and then
she angled his dickhead back toward her face, her
tongue emerging to meet its big swollen knob top.

She lapped his prick, slipping him in and out of her
mouth in fishlike swallows. No deepthroating this
time. She'd almost ruptured her tonsils in the lustful
fury of her last attack. This time it was for fun and
for stimulation. And she knew she was giving him

Her lips fitted loosely around the prick as it moved in
and out, and her tongue worked in magical little
forays, tickling and caressing and teasing with a
wicked furtiveness.

She was holding him by the root of his long hard tool,
and she was giving him fitful little jerks with her
hand that seemed almost casual but had a secret rhythm
and tempo all their own. A wild pulsation rippled
through the big bloated cum tube, and the blue veins
stood out vividly on the surface of Kyle's prick.

"Gonna cum in your mouth, baby," she heard him pant.
"You better stop right now and let me fuck you..."

"A real man could cum in my mouth and fuck me too," she
purred, smirking up at him.

"Oh, you slut," he grinned, his face flushed with

He put one hand on the top of her head and took control
of his dick with the other. He slipped the point into
Tricia's mouth and he began to stroke himself rapidly,
fist flying up and down the length of his tool. She
held his cock with her lips, tongue-flipping him,
sucking at him with an insistent horny pressure,
waiting for the spurt of his goodies.

"Now!" he groaned, and with that, his cock unloaded
into Tricia's mouth. She opened her throat to the
squirting spray.

It came from him, hot and thick and sticky, gushing
down her gullet, and she felt the hot excitement of his
cum-milk all the way to her tummmy. She pushed his
fist aside and got him in her own paw, and she squeezed
and stroked and masturbated until his cock shivered and
trembled and made one dry thrust after another across
her lapping tongue.

She drew back, unmouthing him, and her fist moved up to
his point. She squeezed hard, just under the big
bulging knob, and one last bubble of jizz emerged from
his slit. She held his cock upward and let the droplet
fall onto her tongue.

"Does that make up for splashing a drink in your face?"
she asked. "Turnabout is fair play, right? And you
splashed me pretty good, big stuff ... "

Still on her knees, she looked over her shoulder. The
two guys who'd been pissing when she came in were still
standing at the far wall, and they were goggle-eyed
with astonishment.

It must have been like a fantasy come true for them,
something straight out of one of those porno
videotapes. Gorgeous slutty woman blows big stud dude
in a sleazy, smelly men's room. And she still had a
mustache of cum around her lips to prove it had really

Both of them were rock hard inside their pants. The
bulges of their aroused cocks stuck out, undisguised.
One of them was stroking his erection, as if unaware
that anyone could see him. But Trish could, and Trish
knew exactly what was running through his mind.

"You guys got lucky," she said, cupping her tits. "Why
don't you come over here and find out just _how_


They came toward her slowly, their eyes wary, as if
they didn't believe what was on the verge of happening
to them. Face it. How many times in real life do you
walk into a situation like this? A lushly built,
totally slutted-out woman with blue hair and 38-Cs
offering a no-strings blowjob in the crapper of a
lowlife hillbilly bar?

"I mean it," she said, flashing her blue eyes at them,
squeezing down on the plush mounds of her tits. "I
really mean it."

"I don't fucking believe it," she heard Kyle Newberry
say from behind her. There was a note of awe in his
voice. She knew, even without turning, that he was
stroking the cock she had just sucked off, and that his
cock was full of hard throbbing bone.

The two men came within reach. She didn't look up at
their faces. She didn't give a shit who they were,
what they looked like. Her eyes were fixed on their
crotches. All she wanted was what lurked behind the
front of their pants. And she was going to get it.

"Take your cocks out," she said. "Do you want me to do
all the work?"

They unzipped, fumbled inside for their hard pricks.
Trish caught her breath as the first one flashed out
into the open. It was a real monster, long and hard
and as thick as a baby's wrist.

She held out one hand, palm turned upward, and the man
placed his prick atop it. Trish squeezed, feeling the
surge of erotic excitement shoot through his limb of
flesh, and she leaned toward it, her mouth already
watering for the taste of his dick on her tongue.

"Oh, yes," she said, staring his cock eye to eye. She
squeezed again, and a watery drop of precum oozed from
the tip. Her tongue flicked it away.

She could taste the piss on his tool, but she was
beyond caring about such things as that. She peeled
down the foreskin and she licked him, lapping
ravenously at the swollen knob.

Her ovaled mouth took him inward, and she sucked at his
meaty cock, relishing the flavor. Who said guys all
tasted alike? She really hadn't sucked a lot of
cocks in her life -- counting this one, maybe six,
tops -- but she could have identified any of them in
the dark, using nothing but her tongue as a guide.

I think I'm going to like loosening up, she thought
with a shiver of excitement, sucking the stranger's
cock in and out. She only hoped that Ken would be
ready for the new Tricia.

The other man was standing beside her, his pants
lowered and his own dick sticking out. He took her
other hand, put it on his peter. She fisted him,
feeling the surging energy in this new, strange rod,
and she stroked him in a warm, lustful rhythm as she
kept on sucking the first prick.

"I guess you must be one of those punk rockers," Kyle
was saying from behind her. "The hair, the clothes,
the way you eat a dick ... I'd heard about that kind of
stuff, but I didn't know there were really people like

"Believe it," Trish whispered, in between slurps at the
cock that filled her hungry mouth.

"Suck mine, too," she heard someone say. It was the
man whose prick she was fondling. With a shrug, Trish
surrendered the first cock and turned to the second.

It wasn't as big as Kyle's or the other one, but it was
surmounted by the biggest dickknob she had ever seen,
and oozy precum glistened on the big bulging glans.

She milked it with her hand, saw a bubble of jizz
dribble from its slit. Her tongue caught it before it
wasted itself on the floor, and it tasted so fucking
good she had to have a little more.

She lipped the bulbous knob and sucked another little
spraying squirt from it. The warm salty fluid coated
her tongue and she closed her eyes dreamily, savoring.

Trish had never been exactly crazy about eating dick
before she met Ken. She'd done it, but it had always
seemed so yucchy. Ken had taught her that oral sex was
an essential part of any relationship, and she had come
to love the feel and taste of his throbbing rod buried
in her mouth.

Sucking off strangers was hardly a relationship, but
the thrill of eating cock was no less pronounced. A
day with Kate Parker had turned Trish into a total,
unmitigated slut.

She felt a little guilty for enjoying it so much, but
as the cock surged and pulsated in her mouth, she felt
passion bubbling through the lips of her pussy, juices
matting her cunthair and oozing down her quivery

Her blowjob grew more vigorous. Her head worked back
and forth, and the knob pushed to the back of her
mouth. It wasn't quite long enough to fuck into her
throat, but that was okay. She could breathe while she
blew. Her jaws clenched, and her mouth tightened. She
was thirsty for cum now, and she would have another
load or she would suck this cock to death!

Tricia heard the men's room door open. Was someone
leaving or coming in? "Jesus!" a voice said. A new
arrival. She kept on sucking.

The cock suddenly spurted, filling her mouth with hot
thick sperm. She gulped, eating it all. Her lips
coaxed and pleaded, urging the cock to give her just
another squirt, just a little more, pleeeeeeeez????

But it went dry, and she spat it out, swallowing the
hot thick load of cum. The first man's prick was still
clutched in her hand, and she turned to it, her eyes
bright, her lips wet with desire.

"Are you gonna feed me too?" she asked the cock.

Her lips brushed it with sensuous kisses, her tongue
licked delicately, arousingly, at the hard swollen
flesh that still wore bubbles of her drool from the
previous round of sucking. She ovaled her mouth and
fed it inside, gulping it into the upper end of her
throat and sucking like a wolf at a marrow bone.

Hands caressed her from behind. They fondled her tits,
slid down to cup the bulging lustful bun of her cunt.
She squirmed, concentrating on the cock in her mouth,
but she made her body available.

It felt like Kyle's big strong hands attacking her
tits, but she wasn't sure. She didn't think she cared.
Fingers tweaked her swollen, pointy nipples, and she
moaned around the tool that filled her mouth.

A second squirting load splattered her tongue. She
closed her eyes and sucked it down her throat,
relishing every drop of the semen that poured into her.
Yes, yes, her mind screamed. Give me all your fucking

She felt, behind her, the hard aroused prodding of a
stiff cock. She was sure that it was Kyle Newberry now
that she could feel his dick touching her from the

She wiggled her ass, stimulating herself as much as she
stimulated him. The tool angled down, riding in the
crack of her ass. It stroked up and down, and her cunt
slobbered wetly upon it.

The hands continued to manipulate her tits, and she
pushed her 38s into the palms, the nipples hot and hard
with lustful desires. Jesus, it was too bad Kate
wasn't in here watching! She'd be so fucking proud of
her proteg‚e! If, that is, she wasn't on her knees
trying to take this sweet fat boner away from Tricia!

She worked the cock with both hands, swishing it in and
out of her mouth, sucking fiercely, passionately. She
had already forgotten the face of the man whose tool
she was eating, and that was how she wanted it to be.
His identity didn't mean shit. His prick was all that

Kyle's hands worked downward. He spread her pussy lips
and inserted a finger into the simmering stewpot. She
moaned, feeling him tickle her clit, spearfuck her

Juice was leaking from her hole and his finger got
wetter, moved deeper. She whimpered around the cock
that filled her mouth, and she milked his finger with
her cuntal muscles, body easing up and down in short,
delighted heaves.

A hand captured one of her wrists. "If you're in the
mood, baby, why don't you get in the mood for me?" she
heard a voice say.

She had no idea in hell who it might be that was
speaking. The fingers of that hand surrendered their
deathgrip on the cock she was eating, and she let her
hand be guided.

It found another dick, equally stiff, equally big,
equally awesome, and she stroked it with her fingers
while she continued to gobble the prick that fed her
horny mouth.

Kyle Newberry persisted in his manual and pecker caress
of her heated body and Tricia Miller felt, at the same
time, supremely aroused and supremely whorish. And
there was such a soul consuming satisfaction to the

She whipped her tongue around the cock that fucked her
mouth. Its thrusts became more agitated, more excited.
That cock wasn't the only one who was excited, for
fucking sure!

She gulped it, throat convulsing around the stabs, and
her hand worked up and down the hardened shaft of the
prick that she held so tightly. Kyle's hands grew more
possessive on her body. His own dick lay along the
gash of Trish's cunt, and her clit pulsated in response
to its caressing pressure.

He pumped back and forth through her crotch. She
squirmed, but not uncomfortably. Her thighs gripped
him, holding his tool flush against her cuntal crack,
and she bathed it in the exudations from her aroused
twat. Her clitoris was like a wart that his prick
rubbed raw.

Adventure, Kate had called it. Sitting in her lap with
a hard-on. Mmm, Jesus, she knew what her friend had
meant, now! And she had as much hard-on adventure as
she could handle.

The cock in her mouth exploded, hot cum splashing her
tongue. It was a big sloppy release, and her cheeks
puffed out as the jizz erupted. It had a thick, tangy
taste -- she wasn't sure she liked it, but that
didn't keep Trish from guzzling down the slimy nectar,
and her throat twitched spasmodically, her thighs still
gripping hotly at Kyle's prick.

As the prick finished squirting its juicy cargo into
her mouth, she let it slip from her cum-slimed lips.
Sperm was oozing from them, running down her chin. She
must have drunk down half a quart by now.

Behind her, Kyle Newberry stood up. He turned her face
around and shoved his cock back into her mouth. She
gasped at the fattened, lust-gorged size of him, and
she gagged as he took hold of her ears and simply
fucked her face with his re-aroused boner.

He was as big, as stiff, as ferocious as before. If
anything, his cock was even bigger this time! She
whimpered but she didn't stop sucking. She couldn't
stop sucking.

Inside her hand, another strange cock throbbed with the
mysteries of sexual arousal. She worked her fist up
and down the shaft, feeling every inch of the long
boney tool, and she ached to know its taste in her
mouth as well.

There were voices. It was too late to hear them. She
sucked. Trish was aware that her right hand was being
attached to still another cock. Another?!?! Oh,
God!!! As soon as she touched it, she knew that it was
one she had not met before, but her fist got acquainted
fast, and as she sucked on Kyle, she masturbated this
new arrival.

She had a cock in her mouth and one in each fist.
There was a sudden whoosh of air and she knew that
someone else had come into the men's room. She knew
equally well that she would soon be introduced to still
another prick, and excitement throbbed behind the soft
cushions of her tits.

Tricia was a woman possessed, now. There was no
stopping, no turning back, no saying "It was a mistake
.. I didn't mean to do this ..." She hadn't meant to
do it, but she was by God doing it, and she could not
stop until she was finished!

She gulped hard, drawing the cock she sucked almost
into her lungs. Big, powerful pricks throbbed inside
her squeezing, shucking fists. She found herself
wondering if they tasted as good as they felt.

Maybe there was something to be said for being a slut.
She thought she had never felt so alive as she did
right now, on her knees in a grubby men's room, sucking
and masturbating the anonymous cocks of Christ knew how
many strange men!

A searing blast of cum filled her mouth. "Suck it,
bitch!!!" she heard Kyle gasp, and his pulsating cock
plunged again and again into her throat, squirting
spray after spray of hot scalding jizz down her gullet.

She moaned as she drank it, and then she spat the prick
free and her head jerked immediately toward the nearer
of the two cocks she was beating off.

As she began to suck, she noticed that there were at
least six or seven men in the room now. Kyle was on
her from behind again, massaging her hot cunt with his
enlarged dick.

Christ! He'd just filled her mouth with sperm, and he
was still stiff as a board! She was sorry as hell
she'd not gotten to fuck him in high school, when he
must have been truly in his prime!

She held one cock in her fist and another in her mouth.
She had no idea whose cocks, how many cocks, she had
sucked already, and she could only guess at how many
more there were to come.

But there were still other torsos and crotches visible,
behind the men she was taking on, and they didn't look
like the first two guys she had blown after finishing

Jesus, was she drawing a crowd??? Trish began to blush
under her thick coat of makeup, but it was much too
late to stop now. Much too late.

She siphoned still another squirting scalding load
across her tongue. She was getting numb in the mouth.
She could hardly taste the flavor of the cream, but she
could not mistake the scummy oiliness of it as it
rolled across her tongue in bubbles like mercury.

She hollowed her cheeks and sucked back and forth,
hard, almost viciously, emptying the cock that filled
her mouth. She sucked down every drop of cum that it
could give her and then she abandoned it without a
glance back.

The prick that her hand caressed was the smallest one
she'd encountered, but it was really sorta cute when
you looked at it in the right way. Trish smiled and
planted a wet, cum-smeared kiss upon its red knob.
Then she gulped it inside and wolfed it home.

The five or six-inch length of the prick was ideal for
her mouth. She could swallow it all and rub her lips
against his groin, kissing his nuts while she mouthed
the entire cock. Her hands clutched at the man's bare
ass -- he'd dropped his jeans and shorts straight to
the floor and he was holding his shirttail up out of
the way.

She purred as she feasted on him. He tasted young, but
she wasn't interested enough to look up and check out
his face. She closed her eyes and she blew him.

Her hands stroked his buttocks, and he began to sway
tremulously, like a slender willow in a breeze, his
peter pumping into Tricia's mouth, his hands busy on
her tinsel-looking blue wig.

She gave a whimpering moan as Kyle Newberry, still busy
from behind her, slipped his finger up her wet drooling
pussy and speared it high into her sexual arousal. Her
body worked up and down, pussy muscles drawing his
finger in and out of Trish.

"Do they party like this every fucking night at the
Green Parrot?" a voice wondered somewhere in the
distance. "Shit, man, I gotta start coming here more

Another round of jizz poured into her mouth, the
biggest load yet spilling from the tip of the smallest
cock she'd sampled so far. Trish guzzled it down,
gnawing with teeth and lips to make sure that this
prick gave her everything it had.

Her throat was clogged with the jizz she'd already
swallowed, and it began to back up her tunnel. As she
sucked and whined and nibbled, creamy sheetings of
sperm leaked from her lips, down her chin, spilling
onto the pink hard nipples of her heaving tits.

She let the cock go and her head moved back. The tool
she'd just eaten belonged to a fresh-faced kid who
didn't look much over seventeen, though he must have
been at least twenty-one to be in this bar in the first
place. He looked down at Trish with eyes that said
"Thank you" and a smile that made her feel even warmer
than the cum she'd eaten from his dick.

She cupped her tits and dribbled cum onto them from her
lips, then massaged the goo into her flesh with her

"To make them grow bigger," she said with a teasing
smirk. Then she lifted the cum-smeared nipples toward
her lips and let her tongue caress the pink points.

When she looked up again, two more cocks were staring
her eye to eye. Kyle's finger was working in and out
of her cunt, and she was wetter than she had believed
possible -- she thought maybe she was pissing herself
as she squatted on the floor. No one seemed to mind,
if that was the case, and she shrugged, reaching for
the new arrivals.

"Stand closer, you guys," she suggested. "I don't know
which one of you I want first, so I'm gonna suck on
both at the same time."

They faced each other, and she rubbed the tips of their
tools together, precum from one cock merging with the
lust saliva from the other. Her tongue anointed them
as their points went nose-to-nose, and she fitted her
open mouth over the two rods, sliding back and forth
along their combined lengths, from one set of dickhairs
to the other.

One tool was long and skinny, the other shorter but
fatter. She had a mouthful to anticipate, no matter
which way she turned her eyes.

She twisted the pricks, and somehow she managed to get
both knobs into her mouth at the same time. She
couldn't take either of them very deeply, but she kept
her hands busy, stroking the shafts, while her tongue
lapped and licked at the bulging knobs themselves.

Kyle's finger continued to ream her twat, but he'd
added a new wrinkle to it. His thumb was even now
gouging insistently at the puckered pink mouth of her

She gasped around her mouthful as he thumb-fucked her
shitter. He used his hand monstrously, working thumb
and finger at the same time, as if he meant to snap his
finger inside her. She squirmed and writhed and
moaned, feeling more sexually aroused than seemed
possible. She only wished that she had more hands, an
extra mouth, another pussy, another ass -- she didn't
want it to stop!

Again, the sound of the bathroom door opening, but she
was far too busy to care.

"Trish, you goddamn whore!!!" a lilting voice called
out. "I heard them saying some bitch was sucking
everyone off in the john, but I didn't think it was you
they were talking about!"

It was Kate, and she was lying, of course. She knew
exactly who they were talking about, but the oversexed
cunt just had to see for herself.

Trish felt a feminine hand touch her head, and then
Kate was on her knees beside her, rubbing her excited
tits against Trish's shoulder. The nipples were
pebble-hard through the t-shirt she wore, and the
mounds quivered ecstatically.

Kate cupped the bags of the two men Tricia was blowing
and she said, "Cream her good, guys. She really wants
your cum in her slutty hot mouth." And of course it
was true.

"Give me a kiss, stud," Kate told Kyle, leaning across
Tricia's back so she could rub her mouth against his.
"Ooohh, you're doing the double nasties to my friend!
Feel that tight ass on your thumb! Play your cards
right, she might let you stick your big cock up that
hole, too."

Trish was still mouthing both prick knobs
simultaneously, toying with the shafts and urging them
to give her what she wanted. The cock on the right
fired off, salvos squirting across her tongue, and then
she got a second helping from the dick on her left.

Both pricks fired their jizz into her mouth and she
gulped it down her throat, stroking them rapidly to
empty the shafts.

"I love it," she gurgled, leaning back as she released
the two spent dicks. "Oh, fucking God, I love it!!!"

"I taught her everything she knows," Kate said smugly,
and it wasn't true -- not at all -- but she had taught
Trish a hell of a lot, all the same, so who wanted to
quibble over semantics?

Kate sniffed. "God, it smells like a pisshouse in
here! And there's not enough room to swing a cat.
C'mon, Trish, let's take this party someplace we can
stretch it out. And breathe."

She took Tricia's hand and pulled her to her feet.
Kyle rose with her, his digits still imbedded in
Trish's drooling holes, his big hard tool flopping
against the small of Tricia's back.

"We'll make some history," Kate went on. "Any of you
guys who still want to party, meet us at the pool


Outside, the front of the joint was darkened, and the
bartender was just hanging a CLOSED sign on the door.
There were maybe twelve or fourteen men standing
around, and the jukebox continued to blare loud country

Trish wasn't sure if any of the men had already fucked
her mouth, but she was pretty sure at least some of
them had. She'd long since lost count of how many
cocks her mouth had wrapped itself around. Cum oozed
from her lips and her body trembled.

She was obscenely exposed, her dress pushed down to
show her tits, skirt lifted to expose her brown-furred
cunt. She leaned back against Kyle Newberry, who was
still fingerfucking her anus and pussy, and she looked
around the room.

"Last call for alcohol," the bartender said.

Kate was stripping off. There were whistles at the
sight of her lean, mean, tanned body, and she drank up
the appreciation, strutting around like a stripper in
her stilettos.

She walked up to a tall, heavy-bellied man who looked
like a construction worker and she put her arms around
his neck, shoving her face up so she could kiss him.
Her mouth was wet and horny, and her body wriggled
against his.

"I think you're ready," she laughed, drawing back and
rubbing his cock bulge with the back of her hand.
"This thing damn sure is!"

She unzipped him, her brown eyes staring fixedly into
his face, and she fisted his cock up and down as they
stood there. Another man came around behind her and
cupped her tits from the rear, grinding his crotch into
her highset, round ass. Kate preened, the center of
their attention, and she soaked up their caresses.

Kyle took his fingers out of Trish. She seized his
wrist and brought the fingers to her mouth, sucking
them the way she'd sucked all those dicks in the men's

"I wanna fuck you," he said. Funny. He'd never told
her that in high school. But it was no time to hold
old grudges.

"You can fuck me," she replied smoothly. "But first
you have to kiss me." It was time to bring this stud
down just a peg or two. She wanted what he had, as
much as he wanted to fuck her, but it would be on
Tricia's terms. She was making the rules.

Somebody laughed. "Go ahead and kiss her cummy mouth,
Newberry! You were a big football hero, and they're
all fags anyway, aren't they?"

"Fuck you," Kyle growled. "C'mere, bitch!"

He pulled Trish to him, stared at her for a moment from
two inches away, then slammed his mouth open and hot
against her jizz-smeared lips. He bore her backward as
he kissed her, down onto the pool table.

Someone had thrown a plastic cover over it, and it felt
slick and slimy beneath Tricia's back. It would get
slicker, slimier, before this all stopped.

He was naked -- most of the guys at least had their
pants off, and some were totally naked, walking around
with bulging hard-ons. As Kyle's mouth worked on
Trish, other hands touched her. It was as if they
wanted to make sure she was real, living flesh, here to
seek pleasure with no holds barred and no questions
asked. Her tender tits drew pinch after pinch.

She sat up, her legs dangling over the edge of the
table. Off in a booth, along the nearer wall, she
could see Kate, and it confirmed all of the suspicions
she'd started to hold about her friend.

Kate was sitting on the table top, bouncing on a giant
cock that filled her pussy to overflowing, while
another man stood on the cushioned seat, holding her by
the head as he fucked his long spear of a dick into her
gulping mouth. Her body glowed with arousal and she
made thrilled sounds of passion. She looked more
slutty than Trish could have ever imagined, and she
looked gorgeous too.

Kyle climbed onto the pool table, his rampant cock
sticking up like a flagpole. All it needed was a big
red banner hanging from the point.

Ten years ago, back in high school, Tricia would have
sold her soul to be in this position with Kyle
Newberry. It didn't seem quite so important to her
now, but as she stretched out on the plastic sheeting,
her body twisting and twining, her tits jiggling
majestically with every motion, she had to admit that
it was an exciting place to be.

As he propped himself above her, Tricia took his prick
in both hands. It really had lived up to her high
school fantasies. She was just sorry that he didn't
recognize her now. But maybe it was better that way.
The anonymity made it all sooo much more thrilling.

She stroked him in her moist hot palms, teasing her
cunt with the massively swollen knob of his dong. Her
clit was breathtakingly erect, and it was raw and
aching with lust as she rubbed the tip of Kyle's dick
back and forth, over the pink pinnacle of excitement.

She eased the knob down lower, wetting it in the oozing
swamp of juices that comprised her pussy slash. Her
eyes rolled over in their sockets as she slipped him
into the antechamber of her cunt, holding him there for
just a moment, the hungry mouth of her snatch sucking
at the tip of his rod, her juices bubbling out to coat
him in moisture.

She considered the swollen size of him. His cock was
nearly as big as Ken's. She considered the
circumstances under which she had gotten herself into
this situation, and she found herself wondering if she
could take anything as big as Kyle Newberry's rod up
her anus.

Sure, she'd fucked her ass with the cock of Kate's
husband Roger, but Roger's long slim tool was a
fleabite next to the thick throbbing giant that Kyle
sported. But it was assfucking that had started it
all, and she thought it only proper that assfucking
should have its place in this wild thrilling night's

"My God," she said suddenly, "I'm a married woman. I
_couldn't_ let you put your prick in my cunt. I'd
never be able to look my husband in the face again.
Oh, but I know what we can do, Kyle! Why don't you
stick it up my ass, instead?"

His jaw hit the tabletop. There were audible gasps and
a couple of rebel yells from the men who surrounded the
pool table, watching it all. Tricia lay back, a slutty
smirk beaming from her flushed face.

"Think you could handle that, stud?" she asked, yanking
a little on his cock to emphasize her words.

"Bet your ass I can," he said in a low, excited tone.
He cuffed her briskly on one hip and she rolled over,
presenting her bottom to him. He fondled her sweaty,
glowing buttocks, and the tip of his cock continued to
flap against the wet arousal of her crotch. He was
still big, still hard, still horny. Maybe his prime
had lasted beyond high school. God, she hoped so!

"Somebody get me a beer," he yelled, and Trish saw a
cold bottle being passed to him. She squealed as he
poured half the contents onto her rectal area. Talk
about cold! But her ass was so hot that the beer
seemed to turn immediately into steam.

She looked back and saw him dump the rest of the liquid
onto his stiff jutting cock. "I don't want to rip you
apart, bitch," he smiled. "And when I go into your
shitter, you're gonna feel every inch of my dick!"

He pushed his knob up against her anus and gave it a
shove. He was bigger, knocking at her backdoor, than
Trish had quite counted on. She closed her eyes,
wondering if she could go through with it after all.
But she had to know if she could take it. Ken was
expecting a piece of her ass when he got home from
California, and if she could engulf Kyle's rod, she
knew that she would be able to take on her husband's
rather larger tool as well.

"I thought you were gonna fuck my asshole," she
taunted. "Feels like you're just playing with it."

"Yeah?" he growled. "Play with this, baby!"

And with that, he rammed, and his knob spread her
assring with a vicious searing insistence. Trish's
eyes bulged out of their sockets, as if her body was
already so full of cock there was no room left for
anything else. She clawed at the plastic sheet that
covered the pool table and she said "Oh, you fucker!
Oh, you nasty nasty fucker!"

His dick ripped deeper into Tricia, and she screamed,
half in pain, half in pleasure. Taking Roger's tool up
her shitter had been _nothing_ compared to the
ramrodding of this bigger, stiffer, meaner weapon.

When it came to fucking, she knew, Kyle Newberry was
still the same macho, arrogant stud he'd always seemed
back in high school. He had a cock, and she had a
hole, and he was going to fuck that hole with his cock,
no matter what!

She could hear Kate moaning in orgasm, and the sound
sent chills along her spine. Kyle was driving a little
deeper now, getting more of his prick into her rectum.
If that was all she'd give him, he'd fuck the living
shit out of it.

Tricia cupped her pussy, massaging it feverishly while
she endured the hard, demanding thrust of his
cockstrokes up her ass. She slipped fingers into her
cunt, spreading it vigorously, digits reaming in and
out of her wet snug hole.

As she fingered herself, she could feel his prick
thrusting hard and deep, on the other side of the
muscle wall that divided her anus from her cunt. The
pulsation of his cock was palpable to her fingers, and
it inspired her to even more frantic masturbation
efforts. She wanted to come in the worst way, but
there was no question that she would come. It was only
a matter of how soon.

Her head was hanging over the side of the table. Two
or three stiff cocks were in plain sight. She ignored
the faces of the owners, just husked out, "Bring me a
prick! My mouth is hungry, too!"

A dick rammed into her mouth. She gagged as it fucked
deeply into her throat, but she didn't miss a suck on
the stabbing sausage. Her mouth clung to it,
worshiping the gristly male flesh, and her tongue and
teeth urged it to squirt her full of yet another
scalding spray of cum.

The cock tasted familiar. She was sure she'd sucked it
off once already, in the bathroom. A satisfied
customer, back for seconds! She hoped he had seconds
to give her, too, goddamn it!

Her asshole was in agony. Kyle only knew one way to
fuck -- fast and hard and deep, and it didn't matter to
him that her shitter was very nearly virginal. He had
his tool inside it, and that was enough for him. He
pumped her faster, banging his groin against the swell
of her ass, his cockhead stirring the shit deep inside
Tricia Miller's rectum, and he kept pounding back into
her for fresh stroke after fresh stroke until her very
teeth seemed to be growing loose inside her jaw.

But through it all she kept on sucking the dick that
filled her mouth, and in faster time than she had
expected she was gratified with the hot squirt of a
fresh load of jizz, splattering her frisky tongue. She
gargled on the cock, the cum, then let the prick slide
stickily from her lips and she said, "Who's next???"

She'd hardly spoken when her mouth filled with another
hard bare prick. This was a new one, somebody who'd
missed out on the COWBOYS room suckoff marathon. She
relished the fresh, excitingly new taste of this
strange prick, and she sucked it wolfishly.

Never in her wildest dreams had Trish imagined that she
might someday be taking cock at both ends of her body,
from two different men. But -- just for tonight -- she
wasn't really Trish at all, was she? She was a
blue-haired slut and anything went! Absolutely

She pinched at her aroused clit, whining because it
hurt so fucking gooood! Her snatch gushed juices, and
her body convulsed. The knob of Kyle's tool was deep
in her guts now, ramming hard, and she felt her ass
tunnel tighten like a steeljawed trap around his prick.

He howled, as if it hurt him a little bit too, but he
didn't miss a stroke into Trish's shitter, his cock
moving in short, almost desperate lunges now. She was
coming like a bitch, her cunt pissing out its hot joy
juices, her asshole milking his cock for dear life, and
she made wild moaning sounds of ecstasy around the
prick that was still fucking her mouth.

Her oral grip loosened, and the cock fell from her
lips. It slapped her in the face, bobbing around in
its own kind of frenzy, the shaft soaking wet from the
drool in which she'd bathed it.

"Yes, yes, oh, shit, yes ... " she gasped over and
over, rubbing her face up and down the length of the
forward cock. She was too far gone to suck it now, but
the touch of it against her face drove her mad.

The owner of the cock began to stroke it, bopping her
in the nose, the mouth, with the bobbing, lunging
point. Cum was already frothing in little escaped
bubbles from his slit. She lapped them with her
tongue, licked the tingly tangy stuff off him. She
knew she had not blown this cock previously tonight,
and the rich taste of his cum hitting her tongue
confirmed it.

She heard him groan and sigh, a faraway sound filtered
through the luscious internal music of her own climax.
Through dreamy, half-slitted eyes she watched him aim
his prick at her face, and she watched the gushing
spurt of his cum, blasting into her face, drenching her
with the hot ferocity of his sexual release. She
purred, licking the jizz that caught on her lips and
chin, bathing her face in the remainder of it.

Kyle Newberry's assfucking had become demonic by this
time. She found herself screaming with each fresh
thrust. "Oh, you fucker! You fucker!" she wailed over
and over. "Do it again! Cream my asshole with your
big mean dick!!!"

That was clearly what he had in mind too. He fucked
into Tricia, and she felt as if her asshole had been
permanently stretched to the size of a fencepost. Her
innards were greasy with lust, and he pumped her
without much difficulty though the friction drove her
half wild and the deep ramming thrust of his cock, into
her innermost being, kept her orgasm humming and
throbbing and dripping out the crack of her cunt.

Another cock was attempting to fuck her mouth but she
shook her head, unable to concentrate. She had four
fingers up her cunt, using them like a fat horny cock,
but her snatch was almost raw now, almost unable to
continue another minute at the game.

"Watch this, guys!" she heard Kyle gasp, and suddenly
his cock came lurching out of her shithole. The feel
of emptiness back there, after being stuffed full of
his thick hard meat for what had seemed, felt, an
eternity, was amazing, and Trish moaned in deprivation.

He held his cock knob perhaps six inches from the
gaping spread of her well-fucked shitter, and he fisted
it two, three times. "Ah!" he coughed, and a white
spray of semen gushed from his knob, straight into
Tricia's widely-dilated anal opening. The voyeurs who
could see what he was doing broke into spontaneous
cheers, and again Trish heard the eerie rebel yell.

Kyle squirted her four, five times, then thrust his
cock straight up her cum-slimed butt and pumped her
until his meat went suddenly soft inside Tricia's
rectum. He ground against her anyway, stirring his
dick around in her jizz-filled tunnel, but it came
slipping out, skidding like bald tires on an icy road.
She flopped onto her belly, panting like a dog, his
slime leaking out of her cock-reamed shithole.

She could hear the alluring moans and whimpers that
told her Kate Parker was in the grip of a dynamite
sexual encounter too, but she was too dogged out to
lift her head and scout the room in search of Kate.

"As long as you're giving away your asshole," a voice
said behind her, and she turned half around. A man was
on the table with her. His pants were down to his
ankles, and his rod stuck up big and hard, and it was
obvious that he had fucking on his mind.

"No!" Tricia squealed, flailing at him with her hands,
but he was in no mood to be dissuaded so easily. He
pulled her ass up against him, lifted her legs high,
and spread her. She braced her shoulders on the
tabletop as he eased the head of his cock into the hole
that Kyle had already reamed out -- and creamed up --
and he began to fuck Trish without waiting for her

His tool wasn't as big as Kyle's, but it was long and
God, did it go deeply into her! She thought she could
taste it fucking up her throat from beneath!

Her asshole groaned under the renewed assault, but as
he pronged her, he was dipping his fingers into the
splayed wet pink of her pussy. He coated them in her
internal moisture and he smeared the sticky stuff onto
her clit, and Trish began to whine and shiver and

She kept her eyes from his face. He was fucking her
like Superman but she didn't want to know who he was,
didn't want him to see the lust that boiled behind her
blue eyes. There were some things too personal to
share with strangers at a gang bang.

Oh, God, that's what it was, too! A gang fuck! And
she was the centerpiece! She had no idea how many men
she had sucked off. Some of them, she knew, had come
back for seconds.

Kyle's ramming orgasm in her asshole had been his third
blastoff of the evening. He slouched at the far end of
the pool table now, his tool limp and useless, a smile
spread across his face that even death would have a
hard time removing.

"Fuck her, man," he was saying. "How do you like
sloppy seconds?"

"Shit, Kyle, there's places in this asshole your dick
never touched!" the assfucker replied, probing Trish
with yet another inch or two of his longhandled dong.
"Once you get past the used part, it's pretty goddamn
good, too ... "

He was right. It was pretty goddamn good! Trish
moaned and jerked and thrust her anus back to meet the
downstrokes of his driving cock, and his fingers'
activity inside her cunt promised that she would climax
again, and soon, oh, shit, soon!

From the sounds of squealing and moaning it was obvious
that Kate was coming again, too. Kate wasn't exactly a
wallflower at this fuckfest, but Trish had definitely
turned out to be the belle of the balls, and she basked
in her stardom, knowing that all eyes were turned to
her and what she was doing, and that every man in the
room wanted to be the next cock that fucked this wild,
punked-out beauty.

She took a hefty cum shot up the ass, and her shitter
convulsed again, squeezing tight around the cock that
fucked it, milking every last drop of sperm from the
backdoor-banging tool. It came out of her wilted,
still dripping cum. She worked it in her fist, teasing
another drop or two out. They fell onto her spread
pussy and she felt the burning heat of the semen
touching her flesh.

"Next!" she giggled.

The bartender was the last man to get her. By that
time her asshole was so full of spilled jizz that the
stuff squirted out of Trish when he slid his cock in.
She was on her hands and knees now, banging her butt
back to meet him, and if he cared about the sloppy
condition of her anus, he didn't fuck as if it mattered
much to him.

She had another climax with him -- the tenth, the
twentieth, the thousandth -- who could tell? Who even
gave a shit?!?! She took him as willingly as she'd
taken all the others, and she sucked at an anonymous
cock while her asshole was prick-plugged one more
thrilling time.

He fucked wildly into her hole, but his cock slipped
out just as he began to climax, and his spraying jizz
squirted into her open, finger-spread cunt, up the
smooth flatness of her tummy. Her cunthairs dripped
sperm and honeycum and she knew that she could not take
another cock in any of her holes.

"That's it," she said, flopping down on her side, knees
drawn up protectively to her tits. But everyone on the
other side of the pool table could easily see the wet,
raw-lipped gash of her cunt, the cock-reamed dilation
of her asshole.

"No," she insisted, as a hand reached for a tit, "I
mean it. Party's over."

She and Kate struggled into their clothing, what there
was of it, and Trish felt just as bare as when she'd
been stark naked except for heels and stockings. She
looked around the sea of faces that surrounded her and
she thought, I'll never _ever_ do anything like this
again, but oh, sweet God, I'm glad I did it this one
time! Sooooo glad!!!

"Y'all come back real soon, y'hear?" the bartender
called as the two women went bowlegged out the front
door. "We'll be looking for you."


In the car, Kate breathed heavily. "God, you look like
shit!" she said, touching the blue wig that had fallen
askew long ago, letting Tricia's semi-natural blonde
hair show beneath. "But well-fucked shit," she added.

"So, Trish," she went on, turning the key in the
ignition, "what do you feel like doing tomorrow night?"


Ken Miller took a taxi home from the airport. He was a
day or two earlier than he'd expected, getting home,
and he was a little sheepish about facing Trish. In
the back of the cab he rehearsed scenario after
scenario, drumming fingers on his attach‚ case until
the driver asked him to knock it off for Chrissake,

He couldn't believe the scene he'd made with Tricia the
morning of his departure. But the evening before, he'd
just had this tremendous yen to stick his cock up her
gorgeous tight little asshole. He definitely had to
quit listening to Roger Parker's stories at the gym.

Anyway, no one in his right mind would believe a third
of the stuff that Rog said Kate went crazy over. The
guy was some kind of salesman, though. He made
assfucking sound like a Mercedes. Once you knew it was
there, you wanted it for yourself. Yeah, he thought,
that sounds pretty good. Maybe it would save _his_
ass with Trish.

She'd been sooo ticked off when he brought up that
stuff. And then he'd threatened her with an assfuck as
soon as he got back from LA.

He knew that he should've been more easygoing, more
persuasive, a little less physical. She'd almost
warmed up to it in bed that morning, when he started on
her while she was asleep. He'd come within a cunthair
of getting his cock up her shitter.

Until she woke up. Fuck, he thought, I should've
licked her a bit longer! Rog always said that if you
fucked it right with your tongue, to get things
started, women would beg you to fuck it with your big
hard cock.

Ken leaned back in the seat, sighing deeply, wondering
if it felt as good to stick your prick into a hot tight
wiggly asshole as Roger Parker claimed. He hoped he
lived long enough to find out. With his second or
third wife, probably, though. Not with Trish. Never
with Trish.


He unlocked the front door. "Trish!" he called, in a
conciliatory voice, hoping she didn't remember their
final conversation of a few days ago. He had flowers
for her, and some doodads he'd picked up on Rodeo
Drive. "Honey, I'm home..."

"I'm in the bathroom," she replied. She didn't sound
pissed off. He took that as a good sign. Peeping
through the half-open door, his eyes bugged out and his
tongue bounced off the floor.

Tricia stood on the rug before the mirror, checking her
makeup. She looked fantastic. Normally she looked
good, but right now she looked _fantastic_. Like
something out of a really hot porno movie. Like
Hard-On City. She turned slowly. "Hello, and welcome
home," she exhaled.

She was wearing a flimsy lavender teddy, semi-sheer and
eager to hug and model the full, lush curves of her
body. He loved garter belts and sexy stockings.
Normally Trish wore pantyhose. Today she was in
garters and pale violet stockings that caressed her
legs all the way down to her gleaming red Fuck-Me
shoes. She hardly ever wore the kind of tapering,
elegant spikes that always caught his eye on other
women's feet, but she was wearing them today. They
made her legs look longer, her ass higher and rounder.

She came to him, pushing her tits up against his chest
and planting a big wet kiss on his mouth. It started
on his mouth and took in the whole lower half of his
face before it was done. He felt her heat with his
body, with his hands, shimmering through the wispy
lavender veil of her teddy, and he began to get very,
_very_ excited.

She turned him around, pushing his ass up against the
cabinet, wrapping her body around his. She wove her
legs round his and humped herself sinuously up and

A strap fell off one shoulder, and the teddy's top
dipped low, baring a full, perky-nippled tit. The nip
was a little redder than usual. Trish fed it to his
curious lips and Ken found the taste of body lotion.
Strawberry. His favorite flavor. He sucked her nipple
in, eating the sweet fruity taste from it.

"Let's go in the bedroom," Trish said in a breathy
whisper. She climbed down from him, took his hand, and
almost galloped away in her haste to get there. What
the _hell_ had gotten into her? She dug sex, but she
seemed burning for it now!

"I have some presents for you," he said, indicating the
flowers, the giftwrapped boxes.

She smiled at the flowers, waved the others aside with
a purry "Later, darling. _I_ have a present for you."
She handed him a bag. From the drugstore at the
shopping plaza. What the fuck? Ken reached inside and
came out with a tube.

"K-Y?" he said, and then his face got red.

"Just in case," Trish leered. The erotic glow in her
eyes overwhelmed him like a flood and she threw herself
upon Ken.


They rolled in a blissful 69, feasting upon each
other's organs. Ken's long fat prick slicked wetly in
and out of Trish's mouth, while his tongue whipped her
clit to a roaring frenzy. She pushed her wet excited
snatch into his face and smothered him with the musky
exudations of arousal. She masturbated his rod with
trembling hands while she yummied his balls and teased
her frisky tongue back into the crack of his ass.

His soulful "Ahhhhs" and the twitching of his stiffened
body told her that she was doing a good job. But then,
she already knew about most of this stuff! What she
had in store for him was the surprise treat he had

He mouthed her to a moaning climax. His cunt-eating
was always sweet, juicy, delicious to receive, but his
mouth seemed driven by wild and crazy desires today.
Or was she just too _too_ excited?

Trish came again, with screams and wails, her legs
kicking high into the air, clad in their silk violet
wrappings. One of her shoes flew off and shattered the
glass of the far-wall window. "Eat me," she moaned,
"oh, fucking eat me!!!"

She sat up slowly, Ken rising with her. She kissed her
pussyjuice off his lips, tongue working into his mouth
to taste her flavors again. She had a delicious cunt.
She knew it. Kate had assured her it was true, and so
had Roger, but she didn't have to be told. As she
kissed him, she used both hands on his tool, stroking
it, marveling at the stiffened power, the lustful
energy pulsating from within him.

He really was big, and hard, and thick. Cradling his
dick in her squeezing hands, she couldn't help
wondering if it would be possible to get this thing up
her shitter. Funny. Ken hadn't even mentioned their
major topic of conversation from last time. Had he

"Fuck me," she whispered into his mouth. "You made me
come with your mouth. Now do it with your big sweet

She spread for him, with her legs wide and her cunt
split to show off the coral pink delights within. He
mounted her and she reached down to guide his cock into
her hole.

Trish was juiced and lubed and ready, thanks to the
soulful pussy eating he had already given her.
"Jesus!!!" she warbled as his cock stabbed into her hot
moist heat.

She writhed a long moment, pinned beneath him, and then
she began to fuck her body up to meet Ken's, swallowing
and milking his tool inside her dripping-wet snatch.

It was a sweet, hot, athletic fuck. First he rode her,
driving cock down deep into her cunt, and then she
shimmied onto the top, bouncing hard and fast as she
engulfed his prick between velvety-smooth, slippery-
slick cuntal walls. The more he fucked her, the
tighter her cunt seemed to grow, melting around his
cock like fresh taffy.

There was a sudden rattling sound. "What's that?" Ken
asked thickly from beneath Trish. She shook her head.

"Dunno," she replied, slithering her snatch down over
the length of his shaft and grinding herself nastily,
wetly, sexily against his groin until their crotchhairs
were almost knotted together. Trish glanced at the
walk-in wardrobe and shook her head again. Not fucking
yet! she radioed with her mindwaves. Not fucking yet,
you whore!!!

She came again, ecstatically, riding his cock. This
was her second climax of the session, and either of
them meant more to Tricia than any and all of the wild
crazy comes she'd had at the Green Parrot the other
night. But that had been a part and parcel of her
education. She didn't regret an instant of it.

"Oh, it's so gooood," she moaned, slumping down atop
Ken. "But don't you remember what you said before you
left? What you were going to do to me when you got

He blushed. "Maybe I was a little carried away," he

She handed him the K-Y. "Get me ready," she purred.

He rubbed the oil onto her anal opening. Very
delicately he pushed a glob of it into the puckered pit
of her shithole. "Are you sure about this?" he asked
for the hundredth time. "Are you really sure?"

"I'm sure," she replied for the hundredth time. "Now
will you grease up my goddamn asshole and then fuck the
living shit outta me?"


She was provocatively placed, naked on her tits and
knees, her fine firm ass sticking up. Her legs were
spraddled so that her cunt showed open and her puckered
asshole winked insouciantly at him while he navigated
behind her. His cock was so hard it hurt, and it shone
with a coating of Tricia's drool and the K-Y she had
smeared onto his length.

It was really going to happen! And _she_ was the one
demanding it now, not him! Ken looked up and thought,
Thanks, God!

Trish moaned as his prick began to make entry. She
wasn't exactly a novice at assfucking now, but Ken's
big cock was still special and it was about to
penetrate her butt for the very first time.

She held her breath as he poked into her assring. The
muscles stretched -- not without a little whimper and
murmur of their own -- and his knob moved inside her,
millimeter by millimeter.

"I heard that noise again," Ken said. "Maybe we should
call the exterminators. Jesus, I hope we don't have
mice or anything ... "

"Shut up and fuck me," Tricia countered.

He was the biggest she'd ever had up her backdoor, and
he hurt just a little going in, but it was a delicious
kind of hurt and one that she could get used to, very
very easily! All it required was a lot of practise,
and she intended to give him _plenty_ of that!

He got half his tool into her, and her anus seemed to
lock shut around him. "Ahhhh..." Trish groaned, eager
to have him but somehow unable to take it. "Bust me
open," she added in a husky growl. "Oh, Ken, fuck

He drew back and slipped her the meat again, and this
time he went a little deeper. He looked down in awe at
the sight of his rod buried inside Tricia's tight
shitter. The feeling of being inside her was totally
indescribable. Nothing in Roger's locker room yarns
had prepared him for the greasy heat that enfolded his

He stroked her tense pale buttocks, then slid his hands
beneath to caress the dripping gash of Tricia's cunt.
He found her clit swollen and slippery, as big as a
peanut, and he worked it with his fingers until her
body seemed to open and the rest of his hard cock
plunged into her forbidden hiney.

"Oh, God, it's in me!" she whispered, covering his hand
with her own. "Now fuck me, Ken! Mmmm, yes, fuck

He began to pound in and out of her. He knew he was
being a little too rough, but he couldn't help himself.
The sweetness of her ass was like a drug. His cock was
so hard it would probably never go soft again, and his
balls groaned under the load of the cum cargo they were
producing for this fuck. God, she was hot, for her
first time up the ass!

"What the hell _is_ that noise?" he muttered. "It
sounds like a goddamn _rat_ in the woodwork."

The closet door pushed open. Ken almost lost his
hard-on when Kate Parker emerged, her face glowing, her
body bare except for her midwinter tan. "Not exactly a
rat," she said, coming to the bed and sitting down.
"Well?" she added, laying her hand on Tricia's
shoulder, "I thought this lady told you to fuck her!"

Tricia blushed. "Kate helped me get ready for this,"
she explained. "And I thought the least I could do was
let her watch."

"Jesus, this is embarrassing!" Ken said, his cock still
buried deep inside Tricia's rectum. "I mean, I knew
you guys were friends, but this seems a little much ...

"We're not guys," Kate said, taking one of Ken's hands
and putting it on her nearest tit. "See? Guys don't
have these ... "

Tricia felt very excited as she watched Ken's hand test
the shape and firmness of Kate's boob. The nipple
hardened under his fingers and Kate closed her eyes,
sighing and purring as Ken pulled the brown tab longer,
stiffer still.

She and Kate had talked about it, and of course she'd
agreed that when the time came, sharing was only
natural and only fair. Hadn't Kate shared Roger with
Trish? Turnabout and all that shit ...

Kate came closer, and she slinked an arm around Ken's
waist. Her tits brushed his body and her mouth found
his. As he kissed Kate, Ken started to fuck and pound
his cock into his wife's asshole. Trish shrieked but
she wasn't at all unhappy, not even when Ken went down
on Kate's titties and made loud sucking noises as he
fed on the firm tanned mounds. The more he sucked, the
harder he fucked!

"Are you sure you haven't done this before?" Ken asked,
starting to get a little suspicious about the ease with
which his rod slid deep into his wife's shitter.

"Kate helped me," Trish explained. She didn't see the
need to go any further into the details for now. Later
she'd tell Ken some of it. Maybe not the part about the
Green Parrot, of course ...

The three of them tangled into a heap of flesh. Ken's
rod was shoving in and out of Trish's aroused shithole.
Kate was down on her side, feeding pussy to Tricia and
getting her own licks in at Tricia's cunt and asshole.
She nipped Ken's balls while he fucked Trish, her
tongue tracing filigrees of lacy arousal up and down
the thrusting length of his shaft.

The cock bit deep into Tricia. "Oh, you fucker, you're
gonna make me come!!!" she moaned, the words half
muffled by the pussy that dominated her face and mouth.
Kate's tongue expanded on Tricia's clit, and the fires
of lust exploded within the blonde's double-teamed

She screamed as orgasm blasted through her. Ken pumped
cock into her anus till she couldn't stand another
stroke and she begged him to take the fucker out, to
let her rest for a moment, please, God, please ...

"In me," Kate said, grabbing the dick as soon as it
emerged from Tricia's rectum. She was chin-rested on
Tricia's cunt, and she fed the cock straight into her
mouth, sucking it like a leech.

Ken fucked her mouth for eight or ten strokes, while
she drooled and gasped along the length of his meat.
He looked down at Trish, who was panting as she watched
her husband get blown by her best friend.

"Fuck her," Tricia commanded. "Let me see you fuck

Kate's eyes lit up sensuously, and she demouthed Ken's
prick. She went onto her back, knees lifted, and she
took him atop her, her hands guiding his tool into her
waiting wet slice.

"Yesssss!!!" she howled as he bit her with his
pussy-poker, his long meat fully buried inside her, his
knob tapping at her womb's mouth.

Trish grabbed her cunt with both hands, massaging it
lewdly as she watched her husband fucking Kate. It was
such a hot, horny thrill! Now she knew how Kate must
have felt, watching Trish get it from Roger. Mmmm,
there were endless possibilities ahead!

She wondered if Ken would get as excited watching his
pretty wife doing it with Kate's husband. She wondered
if Ken would consider doing a double on her with Roger.
The thought of having both those cocks in her at the
same time made Trish's pussy slobber and drool, and she
rubbed the juice onto her hard hot clit.

Ken kept looking at her, as if he still wasn't sure she
approved. She nodded eagerly, sliding her fingers in
and out of her aroused cunt. "Yes, fuck her," she said
throatily. "Fuck her hard and fast and deep! Mmm,
Ken, why don't you try it in her ass? She likes it
there as much as I do..."

Thirty seconds later, Kate proved it beyond cavil. She
lowered herself onto Ken's lap and his prick slid
without a hitch into the eager lustfulness of her anus.
She rocked up and down atop him, ass-eating his dick
stroke after stroke.

Trish was behind her, massaging Kate's titties,
demanding kiss after kiss from both Kate and Ken. She
fed a tit to each of them and allowed them to suck her,
and she even burrowed down into the cockpit to get her
mouth on Kate's swollen clitoris.

When Kate climaxed, so did Tricia. It was a
spontaneous reaction, almost kinetic in its energy.
Kate slid backward, her ass disengaging from Ken's
cock, and the two women fell upon the stiff aching tool
with their hands and mouths.

They fed it back and forth, Trish sucking it, then
Kate, then Trish again. It didn't matter to them that
this prick had fucked both their assholes, that it was
slimy with their shit and funky with the juices of
their hot cunts, too. They weren't lapping anything
they hadn't already tasted. Their mouths met above the
tip of the cock, and they kissed in a wet, tonguey,
showoff style, swapping spit like dykes.

"You sluts," Ken moaned, "you gorgeous sexy sluts!" He
pushed his prick up into their kiss and they turned
from each other's lips to the pulsating point of his
erection. Still, he wasn't sure he wanted to kiss
either of _them_ any time soon!

When he exploded, they took it full in their faces and
open mouths. They milked him with their hands, their
lips, and they sucked the squirted-out cum from each
other's faces and tongues. And when they had drained
him, they stretched out beside him on the bed, one on
either side of Ken, their excited nipples rubbing
teases onto his body, their wet pussies caressing his

"Well," Trish said, her hand cradling the soft,
cum-sticky gristle of his cock. "You wanted me to
loosen up. How do you think I'm doing so far?"

"Is there more than this?" Ken asked in awe, unable to
believe what his simple request for some ass had led to
so far.

Trish giggled, and so did Kate. "Yes," said Tricia, "I
think there is going to be more. A lot more. Now how
about getting this thing hard and giving me a _real_
assfucking, Ken? I've got a few tricks that are gonna
make your balls cry like a baby ... "

"I can hardly wait!" he told her. That made two of
them. Counting Kate, three. Tricia undulated her hot
ass and bent down to take Ken's cock into her mouth for
some resurrection sucking. Her ass ached to feel the
majestic thrust of that prick, banging once again into

He rose imperiously inside her mouth and she sighed
around the erected length of his tool. She glanced at
Kate, her smile enhanced by the bloated cock that
punctuated it.

Good show, Tricia! Kate signaled with her eyes.

Bet your ass! Trish thought, and then it was time to
put her own ass on the line once more. No better place
for it to be! As far as she was concerned, what had
begun as a shitty situation had turned to gold. And it
would only get better -- for all of them.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

by Peter Pan (***@hotmail.com)


Even in the best families, you never know what secret
lives are being played out. Sometimes confessing to a
stranger seems like a good idea! (Mf, ped, inc, 1st,
mast, rom)


I received this "confession" if you like, from a man in
Western Australia just last week. He refers to himself
as "Phoenix" and in subsequent emailed communication,
has given me permission to reproduce his story here,
although I have where indicated, corrected his grammar,
and punctuation as well as amending his sometimes
unsupported phraseography. He is not proud of his
accomplishments and readily admits to being weak, if
not a slave to lust. My guess is that he is just one of
many fathers - some who have acted on their impulses -
many more who would dearly like to.

I have not submitted this that he should be judged one
way or the other. It is simply a case-study as might be
deemed "Harper Valley" itself. Strictly on account of
the girl's tender age, some readers will find the
unfolding events reprehensible - others possibly
tantalising. It is after all, much like beauty itself -
somewhat in the eyes of the beholder!

Herewith his communique.

"Dear Pan,

Reading many of your stories, one in particular - "It
Came Upon A Midnight Clear" struck a chord with me. I
have assumed this tale is true mainly because the
feelings you describe, mirror to some extent, the
experiences with my own very young daughter here in
suburban Perth.

I am sure you love your daughter/s dearly and you must
know how easily things can get out of hand.

I have had a fixation I suppose you would call it, with
Emma ever since she was eight or nine. I have managed
to keep my feelings from my wife (Emma is an only
child) and I am sure she had never suspected a thing.
It would destroy our marriage and obviously her trust
in me if she ever found out the truth, but I have
desperately wanted to confess my desires and lately -
actions - just to vindicate myself in some small way.
Of course, I can never do that. In writing to you, I am
in part clearing my conscience by openly sharing with
many readers (if you do decide to reproduce this) my
weakness and paternal downfall.

Emma has just turned eleven and what I am about to tell
you started when she was little more than nine.

No pun intended, but I suppose you could call me a
hands-on father. I had helped out with Emma's
upbringing right from the start. Changed as many
diapers as her mom and fed her just as often. From
babyhood I had bathed her, washed and dried her hair,
dressed her and all the things so many fathers should
do but haven't the time or inclination to fulfil.

Not surprisingly a strong father-daughter bond
developed and during her pre-school period she would
always find some excuse to "snuggle up with daddy" late
nights. Susan didn't care - her sleep on the far side
of the bed wasn't disturbed!

Throughout these years I never once had a sexual
thought about Emma - she was just my beautiful little
girl that I could never wait to get back home to. As a
family, we scaled the heights of contentment and loving

I remember precisely the day something insinuated
itself into my subconscious.

I had taken Emma to one of those kids' playgrounds in a
neighboring park while her mom got dinner ready. Having
always push-started her on the swings, at eight now and
with a growing independence, she wanted to do it all by
herself, insisting I stand in front of the swing to
watch her progress.

It was I think her third down-swing when a gust of wind
blew her skirt up just marginally. Uninhibited and
without any real sexual awareness at that age, the fact
that her panties were fully displayed momentarily
caused her not a second's thought. She made not even
the least attempt to preserve a degree of modesty, such
that any teenager would most certainly have seen to.

That delightfully exposed triangle of light-blue cotton
undies, triggered something in my frontal lobes that
had lain dormant all these years. I was privy suddenly
to something other than my eight-year old daughter on
that swing, and even as I smiled my appreciation of her
new trapeze-like skills, my mind was riveted on areas
of Emma's anatomy that might best be termed

When shortly after, she was wanting me to push her
again, I found myself gazing with unfettered delight at
that compact young bottom nestling there on the seat of
the swing. My hands encircled those firm little cheeks
as they had done so many times before, though now
incurring a delightfully new sense of tactility. I
ached to see her sans that tight little skirt.

Emma giggled as I pushed her yet higher, as innocent
and blissfully unaware of her father's decadent
thoughts as only a child can be.

I found myself studying her closely as we walked home.
The way those pretty blonde curls danced around her
shoulders, the softness of her tiny hand as it nestled
lovingly in mine. The girlish features as she would
look up at me with that expression of childlike trust
and affection. And what was my contribution that day?
Simply to glance at her top taking in the temporary
flatness of her chest and the image of those soon to be
swollen nipples within. Her very lack of development in
that area, I found to be of considerable arousal
itself. How might she react to being licked there even
at this stage I wondered? before chastising myself for
such wickedly left-field contemplations.

In the following weeks, although I did nothing overtly
inappropriate, I THOUGHT plenty. Mainly I suppose, how
I might get to see Emma's panties on a more regular
basis. As it happened, opportunity presented itself
within days.

Invited to a friend's birthday party, Susan had bought
Emma a couple of new dresses. I was just putting the
finishing touches to the pasta creation I had been
working on, when I was called upstairs.

"Emma's not sure which dress looks best honey," Susan
said, as I walked in. My nether regions stirred with
unprovoked interest as I stared at our beautiful
daughter, looking years older in that velvety flounced
outfit with pretty lace edging. Emma smiled at me and
muttered "What do you think daddy?"

If I had told her what I was thinking right then, Susan
would have been tossing up which to call first - her
attorney or 911.

I just sat down in the chair alongside her work-desk
and said "You look like an angel sweetheart."

"Can I show daddy the other dress?" she gabbled
excitedly to my wife who then to my total and
everlasting shock, helped her out of the velvety
creation, leaving her standing momentarily right there
before me, in simply a pair of skimpy little white
bear-print cotton undies. If I had been forced to stand
up for whatever reason - questions would most
definitely have been asked.

For the briefest moment, as Emma held her arms skywards
for her mother to slip the other dress over her head,
my retinas were subjected to the murderously hot aspect
of two tiny but noticeably puffy pre-teen nipples as
they adorned an otherwise flat but fully girlish little

Following adjustments to the hemline, sleeves and
shoulder straps - a vision of under-age temptation
stood before me awaiting the verdict. Well Nadia
Comeneci may have scored a perfect "10" all those years
ago, but in terms of judging poise, beauty and feminine
perfection - Emma would have consigned her to the
support team!

"That one honey" I said, "Trust me on this!"

All the way to the party and back, my mind was a
maelstrom of unholy images. My hands itched to smooth
their way up between her slim legs where so rich and
innocent a prize lay hidden beneath its cotton
guardian. My warped perspective allowed me the luxury
of imagining the feel of those tiny nipples as I
caressed them outside her dress as she urged me on to
even greater daring.

"You seem very distracted tonight," Susan's statement
dissolved the mirage instantly.

"Nah, just a thinking about work," I lied effortlessly.
I knew I had crossed the line and I didn't even care.

The first recorded "contact" as we may as well term it,
occurred a week or so later. The circumstances brought
to mind immediately, your story entitled "It Came Upon
a Midnight Clear."

Having said prayers with Emma she was about to pull up
the covers when she remembered something she had to put
in her backpack for school the next morning. She was
still fussing around at the foot of the bed, her
shapely little butt teasing the life out of me as she
tried forcing a couple more books into the flap when I
said "C'mon cheeky face, hurry up and get into bed." So
saying I gave her a playful little smack flush on her

At that second she spun around and the look she tossed
me was both questioning and evocative in ways I
couldn't immediately describe. "That's naughty daddy,"
she laughed, but something in that cute expression took
her meaning to another level. "Was not she wanting me
to do that again?" I couldn't help thinking. Tucking
her in, I kissed her on the forehead and left the room.

An hour later, mid some quite passionate lovemaking,
Susan whispered "What's gotten into you tonight?" I
figured it was best I didn't tell her!

The evening then came, that I found myself nuzzling
Emma's neck as I kissed her goodnight. It was only for
a second or two but long enough for me to know that she
wanted it. The next night I kissed her a little longer
and the night after that I kissed her lips. I was on a
roller-coaster to somewhere and we hadn't even hit that
first big drop yet.

A few nights later, after prayers Emma turned onto her
tummy and looking at me with what I could only
translate as "expectation," whispered "Good night Daddy
- I so love you." She had never added those last four
words and it rocked me momentarily...they didn't come
across somehow as the innocent outpourings of a nine
year old (that she now was)

Right then my arm was around her waist and for some
reason I felt impelled to seek out more intimate
contact. I allowed my hand to rest up on her curvy
little bottom. Far from objecting to my borderline
indecency, the brief wriggling of her hips suggested
she liked the familiarity.

"I love you too darling," I whispered, kissing her
whilst smoothing my hand across her rear-end and fully
aware now that this was meeting with her complete
approval. I almost raped Susan to death that night.

It was only a matter of time. For several nights I had
been holding her firstly around the hips, then the
waist, then higher up. The night in question (and I had
resolved to make my play this night whatever the cost)
my hand first encroached upon her upper chest. I felt
her stiffen slightly but as my palm came to rest across
that vaguest of swellings I knew it had been worth it.

"Ohh Daddy," she whimpered, pulling me to her, those
sweet-tasting lips seeking out contact with my own. I
kissed her harder and longer than ever I had, all the
time smoothing my fingers across her PJ top, beneath
which those girlish nipples could just be felt. She
brought up her own small hand and laid it across my
own, eyes willing me to maintain the contact.

"We shouldn't be doing this sweetheart," I
involuntarily mumbled. "Please forgive me," I made as
if to leave.

"Don't go daddy," she pleaded...."I won't tell anyone,
I promise....I just love you doing that...it feels
really nice."

She wasn't far wrong!

"Can I just slip my hands underneath?" I whispered,
never for a second expecting her acquiescence. At the
point she nodded and looked up at me with those pretty
eyes inviting further carnality I just slipped a hand
up beneath her top and discovered a tiny island of
uncharted land-mass - two actually. Manipulating that
indescribably pleasurable teat between thumb and
forefinger, I watched as Emma first gasped with
surprise then began wriggling with unhinged delight,
her eyes betraying the pleasure her nine-year old body
was experiencing.

As for me... what lay now between my own legs was a
penile ramrod of hitherto unexperienced solidarity.
"You are just so beautiful Emma," I muttered goofily,
not entirely sure how long I could hang on to my sanity
here. Rather then engage in further pointless epithets
I lowered my face and began kissing her lips
passionately... all the time fondling, rubbing and
gently pulling on her nipples. Her lips it must be
admitted, met mine with an equal fervor.

"Can daddy see?" I murmured. My eyes directing her gaze
to the buttons of that top. "Uh huh," she responded,
arms now up over her head. She looked up at me
teasingly. Even as I undid that last button and drew
aside her top, I could feel her stiffen with
anticipation. The stiffening I myself was undergoing,
doesn't bear mention.

I suppose they were erect but all I could see was the
perfection of nature's handiwork. Prominent but tiny
nipples atop the merest hint of a mound either side of
her sternum trembled with her increasing respiratory
rate. Leaning forward slightly, I inclined my face to
her right nipple and kissed the softness there. Emma's
sudden intake of breath betrayed the young girl's
probable confusion. An instinctive understanding that
what her father was doing was wrong but an equally
natural response to the newly discovered pleasures his
lips were bestowing on so sensitive an area.

Unable to call a halt to proceedings as I knew I must,
I began to draw down on Emma's nipple and the sighs of
pleasure issuing from her palpably young lips filled me
with even greater desire. I sucked deeply as my hand
involuntarily worked its way to the elastic of her
pyjama pants.

It was the contact with this, her last line of defense,
that recalled some degree of parental responsibility.
Withdrawing both my hand and my lips I got to my feet,
drawing the two halves of her top together as I did so.

"What's wrong daddy?" she asked, "Have I done something

"Oh God Emma," I replied, "Of course not, I just think
its better if daddy goes to his own bed now
sweetheart... mommy is probably wondering why I've been
so long."

She looked up at me with that angelic smile of hers -
it melted my heart. "Can you kiss me like that again
tomorrow night?" she asked with such heart-wrenching
innocence I wondered how I was ever going to leave the

"Yes darling of course I will," I told her. "It will be
our little secret - just something for you and I to
share forever cheeky-face." She was still staring up at
me lovingly, even as I reached the door.

This ritual was to be repeated the next couple of
months and despite my burgeoning need to slip a hand
down inside her panties, and seek the Holy Grail of
perverted desire, I managed to content myself with
suckling both her undeveloped breasts that she would
now freely expose to me nightly without even being
asked. On more than one occasion I would enter her room
to hear some crazed giggling, only to discover her
snuggled up under the sheets fully topless.

Running my hand the length and breadth of her pyjama-
clad bottom became part of our sex-play although that
last bastion of little-girl modesty - her PJ pants, had
yet to be lowered.

It was a few weeks later that Emma herself seized the
initiative during a particularly arousing nipple
sucking session. Pausing as always at that smooth
ribbon of exposed skin between her pants and top she
whispered quite without provocation "Do you want to put
your hands in my panties daddy?.....you can if you

I almost bit her nipple in shock.

"Are you sure darling?" I asked tentatively. "Daddy
really would like to if its OK with you."

That heat-seeking smile drew me to her and slipping my
hand beneath the elastic of her PJ bottoms I was on my
way to Hell all right. Rather than enter the Holy of
Holies first up. I allowed myself the luxury of simply
smoothing over her panties right to the point they
curved down between her slim legs. Rubbing her softly
there, I heard the onset of a moan - not a fully
fledged adult groan - more a sigh of expectant

"Does that feel nice Emma?" I whispered. She simply

I could feel now the outline of her tiny pussy and the
cleft of her wholly innocent little vaginal lips. As I
pushed in a fraction, I felt her wriggle her hips in
encouragement. That I definitely did not need!

Backing up the requisite few inches I slipped my hand
inside her panties. I was finally doing it... feeling-
up my nine-year old daughter. Thing is though it was
most definitely with her consent - not that the Courts
would have been taking that into account I realise.

As I cupped her pussy, Emma spread her legs, enough
that I could slip my index finger between her labia and
enter her tiny receptacle. "Tight" does not adequately
cover it. We're talking strictly a "No Entry" sign! It
was enough though and able to caress gently her
developing clitoral hood, I was in hog heaven as I
fingered my little girl's pussy stupid.

I don't think Emma came close to an orgasm... I wasn't
trying for such... but the sensations afforded her sexy
little body that night had her respiratory rate nudging
the red-line and her hips thrusting every which way. I
had in fact to leave her a short time later to go and
relieve myself in the bathroom. I only just made it!

"Our little secret" it may have been, but it wasn't
enough. Nirvana never is, is it?

Working from home simply aided and abetted our
clandestine get-togethers. Home from school at least an
hour and a half before Susan was back from her legal
firm, afforded me and Emma the time we needed to push
even further back the boundaries of social acceptance.
No sooner would she be home, than I would whisk her off
to her bedroom for all manner of indecent pleasures.

Having her pose topless on her bed while I suckled her
breasts - both of which, once she turned ten, were
noticeably rounding out nicely, was a standing request.
I could hardly fail to note either her introductory
cleavage which the purchase of her first training bra
highlighted to perfection.

Happy to walk around for me in just that skimpy little
bra and panties I would ask her to then sit on my knee
whilst I fondled her nipples and kissed her silly. She
never failed to gasp as I slipped a hand inside her
panties and proceeded to finger that needful little
slit while she wriggled her curvy little butt all over
my lap, thereby laying siege to my own unfulfilled
equipment. "Am I making you hard daddy?" she would
giggle as my agonies multiplied. So much for Sex-Ed!

It progressed to play-spanking her, stripping her
outright, laying her on the bed quite naked whilst I
licked her pussy until she was begging me not to stop.
It was only a matter of time naturally until she
experienced that first wondrous orgasm. I can still see
that expression of sheer ecstasy on her pretty face as
the shock-waves radiated outwards from her openly
abused but wholly contented pussy.

And Susan never suspected a thing, although twice we
lost track of time and I was still sucking those
arousing little breasts and fingering her stupid even
as my wife pulled in the driveway. Emma though, carried
it off without so much as a hair seemingly out of

I lived for the following day and the school bus
pulling up just two doors down from our front gate. For
more than eighteen months now Emma and I have
transgressed most every social dictate there is. All
but one of course

To sicken you further, let me admit to the most damning
of eventualities. I am completely in love with her,
needing only now to consummate that incestuous reality.
As I said, she is now eleven...and as it happens, Susan
will be interstate all weekend!



(c) Peter_Pan 2006

"The Complete Harper Valley"

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The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.
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Archive name: 1942.txt (MF, F/m+, beast, WWII)
Authors name: Jenny Wanshel (***@biosys.net)
Story title : 1942

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
do not remove the author information or make any
changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

by Jenny Wanshel


Bavaria, July, 1942 --

Heidi led the German soldier down the stony path to the
old barn.

It was a beautiful summer day and the larks were
singing. The hot summer sun gleamed on the greens and
reds and purples of the meadow flowers.

Heidi's heart hammered in her chest as she led the
handsome young soldier into the barn. She was 14 years
old, her blonde pigtails swaying in the breeze behind
her, her "Bund Deutscher Madchen" badge proudly pinned
to her ripening bosom.

She turned and smiled bravely at the soldier, and then
sank to her knees and lay on her back in the soft straw
that covered the floor.

Heidi looked up at him and smiled as she lay on her
back on the ground.

She raised her knees and spread them apart. Then she
pulled back her skirt. The soldier's eyes widened in

He could see her little pink cotton underpants now. He
smiled, nodding eagerly. Now he knew what she had
brought him to the barn for, and he approved. She
returned his smile with a little pink blush reddening
her cheeks.

Heidi hooked her thumbs under the band of her
underpants and rolled them down. She raised her round
little buttocks off the floor of the barn to slip them
off, and then rolled them down her plump little white

Between her legs the sunlight streaming in through the
barn door shone on a glistening golden triangle of soft
fine hair. Under the little patch of golden hair were
two pink puffy lips between her parted thighs.

The soldier licked his lips. He began unbuttoning the
buttons of his tunic. Then his khaki pants came down.
There was something big bulging in the underpants
between his legs.

"Du bist ein jungfrau?" he asked in a low voice.
"Ja," she whispered.

He pulled down his underpants then, and she saw it. It
was big.

Stripped naked, he knelt between her thighs. Heidi's
breath came faster as her heart raced. Was it fear she

Who am I to feel fear, she told herself, when this
soldier will be facing death on the battlefield in a
few short weeks?

"Do you want it?" he asked.

She smiled a motherly smile at this young man who was
going to die for her country. He was only a few years
older than herself.

"Fuck me!" she said, whispering the dirty words she had
never uttered before in her life.

The soldier clasped her in his arms and kissed her and
her world began to spin.

His hands roughly grasped her small breasts through her
dress and fondled her between her legs.

In a little while she was wet enough and the soldier
entered her.

It hurt at first. She offered up a silent prayer as she
gave her virgin cherry for the Fatherland.

The soldier's penis was big and it filled her up.

Flies buzzed in the open door of the barn as the
muscular young Army man pounded her round little rump
into the straw.

Heidi clasped him to her with her soft, pudgy little
hands and sighed.

Fucking was nothing like she had thought it would be!

"Shall I pull out?" he asked.

"If you make me pregnant I shall go to the lebensborn,"
she whispered. It was a proud thing for a BDM girl to
become pregnant with the child of a German soldier.

The soldier flooded her pussy with a warm, wet sticky
fluid. She felt his thick cock pulsing between her legs
as the seed of life streamed into her.

"Oh," she said.

Red-faced, the soldier grunted with passion and lay
still on top of her.

The next day he went off to the front and she never saw
him again. Later, when they found out that she was in
fact pregnant, all she could remember was that his name
was Fritz something.

That December, dying on the battlefield at the Russian
front, a piece of shrapnel from an exploding tank shell
lodged in his chest, his last thought was of a ray of
golden sunlight streaming in through the barn door on a
hot day in June, ten miles down the road from
Regensburg, shining on the golden pussy of a generous
young girl named Heidi.

Micronesia, December 1942 --

Lieutenant O'Connor was killed trying to drag in the
boat across the reef.

Miss Elsie held back the teenaged boys who wanted to
swim out to rescue him. She grabbed them by the legs
and shrieked. They would only get killed in that
pounding surf.

The 21 of them stood helplessly and watched as Lt.
O'Connor drowned 200 feet away.

Along with Lt. O'Connor they lost the boat, the radio,
and most of their supplies.

There were 20 boys in the class, and Miss Elsie, and
they were stranded on the island until someone came to
rescue them.

Miss Elsie sobbed bitterly for hours as the boys took
turns trying to comfort her. They were hundreds of
miles from the nearest American base, in contested
waters, with the Japanese fleet patrolling nearby. They
had put ashore hurriedly when a Japanese sub had been
spotted trailing the ship. The ship sailed on over the
horizon, pursued by the Japs. Lt. O'Connor got them all
ashore safely on this uninhabited flyspeck of an island
in the South Pacific, and then he died trying to bring
the boat in across the razor sharp reef, through the
savage undertow and crushing waves.

They were stranded. The ship knew where they were, and
had radioed a message to the fleet, and they would be
picked up-eventually.

Now they had lost radio contact. Miss Elsie was alone
on the island with 20 adolescent schoolboys.

She lay sobbing on the beach. Her clothes were soaked
and she could not take them off in front of the boys.

"God help us," she whimpered to herself. She had to get
a grip and take charge. Night would be coming on and
they had to find shelter, and food, and a fresh water
supply, and make some kind of a latrine.

That would do for starters. The rescue vessel would
only be a few weeks in arriving, at most.

Most of the boys were Boy Scouts and they quickly built
a few small lean-to shelters out of palm fronds woven
together. A little trickle of fresh water was found and
dammed up to provide fresh water. Stones thrown at the
top of the palms resulted in a small cascade of
coconuts showering down, which could be pried open with
an Army knife. And they had the rations in the two
supply chests they had dragged ashore.

That night, they built a big fire, a little inland away
from the beach so passing Japanese ships wouldn't spot

Miss Elsie sat in the firelight. Twenty pairs of boyish
eyes watched her. Her dress had been pasted to her slim
rounded figure ever since she had staggered ashore, and
you could see the girdle molding her firm ass and the
big bullet bra casing her tits. Miss Elsie's soft brown
hair matched her eyes. She was only thirty years old,
which made her twice the age of the oldest boys. She
was a pretty woman.

"Well boys, it looks like we're in this war now," she

"I'm not afraid," Jess said. He was 15 and he was
wearing nothing more than a pair of ragged pants that
had been ripped in the surf. His strong, hairless chest
gleamed in the firelight.

"Me neither," the other boys chorused. Miss Elsie knew
that most of them were scared, though.

That night they huddled together for warmth. All except
for Miss Elsie. She slept alone in the best of the
crude little lean-to's, 20 yards from the boys.

Miss Elsie tossed and turned, unable to sleep. She was
lying on a pile of fronds without a blanket. She
loosened her clothes, taking off the stiff girdle which
she had no intention of wearing again until the rescue
boat came. She took off her brassiere and sighed with

In the wee hours of the night one of the younger boys
named Davy came crying to her, and she cuddled him, and
with the warmth of another person lying next to her on
the beach she was finally able to go to sleep.

Davy was gone when she woke up in the morning. He
didn't want the other boys to know he had been crying
for his mommy in the night, and that Miss Elsie had let
him sleep in her arms.

"I'm going to put you in charge today, Jess," she said
over their meagre breakfast of tinned rations. "You're
the "Officer of the Day"."

"I want all you boys to listen to him and follow his
orders. Now Jess, you know what we need: food, water, a
latrine, better shelters. And someone should explore
the island. I'll go with the exploring party."

Later that morning the exploring party of 4 boys left
the camp, accompanied by Miss Elsie. Her shoes had been
wrecked in the surf and she tried to walk barefoot
through the jungle, but her feet gave out after a mile.
She returned to camp.

Jess had constructed two latrines-a little one for Miss
Elsie and a bigger one for the boys. The latrines were
at a distance to keep the smell from stinking up the
camp. Miss Elsie used hers with relief.

Walking back she could not help passing the boys'
latrine. She saw the bare buttocks of the boy who was
using it as she passed. He had a pale, skinny little
bottom, and she could not help giggling to herself.

The team that had been assigned to fishing failed to
bring in anything and that night they made their dinner
of coconut meat again. There was a small bite of
breadfruit for each of the survivors, and the exploring
team promised to bring back a larger quantity the next
day if it didn't make anyone sick.

That night two boys were sick, but no one thought it
was the breadfruit.

Miss Elsie was up past midnight trying to nurse them
without any medicine or medical skill, beyond a
soothing hand.

Finally all the boys were asleep except for two.

"I can't sleep alone," Miss Elsie whispered,
embarrassed. "Would one of you boys come sleep in the
lean-to with me?"

They both were willing to, so they made a party of
three in the small lean-to, and Miss Elsie lay between
them for warmth.

Mark was a tall, handsome boy, slow to speak, honest
and good. Tom was short, dark, and muscled, and had the
faint beginnings of a mustache on his 15 year old lip.

In the small hours of the night Miss Elsie woke up
suddenly and felt a hand clutching her breast. She lay
still. Her bra was off and her nipple was erect. After
a little while she felt another hand stroking her ass.

She wondered which one of the boys it was. She lay
there still, and after a while the exploring hand
stopped its motion. She waited for it to return and
fell asleep.

She woke up in the morning to find herself pressed
between two warm male bodies. She extricated herself
and went to the latrine. The sun was already well up.

The next night it was two different boys in her lean-
to-Philip and George. There was just enough of a nip in
the night breeze that everybody huddled together at
night for lack of blankets. Of course everyone wanted
to be chosen to sleep in Miss Elsie's lean-to. The boys
agreed among themselves that they would take turns in
rotation. Philip and George got the first turn.
The sun went down and she turned in. The boys were
already there.

She lay down between them and tried to go to sleep.
She lay awake waiting for the exploring hands to come.
If they came again tonight she was determined to put a
stop to it.

An hour passed, or at least a period of time that
seemed like an hour. She tossed and turned, unable to

When a soft warm hand finally surprised her by touching
the skin of her breast inside her blouse, it felt so
warm and nice that she hesitated and couldn't bring
herself to stop it. She let Philip (or was it George?)
stroke her round, soft breast.

A short distance away 18 boys lay clutching their
little penises in their fists jerking off and dreaming
of Miss Elsie's full breasts and big curved ass.

One nervous, sweating boy lay next to her with the
prize itself in his hand.

The skin of her soft melon was warm to Philip's touch.
Philip trembled as he traced the hill of her stiff
nipple with his fingertip.

Miss Elsie trembled as she felt the boy's finger
explore her hard nipple.

Miss Elsie was excited. Her breathing came in ragged
little gasps.

Miss Elsie liked having her breasts handled. She had
always liked it, and she liked it now.

The boy's hands feeling her breasts felt good. As she
feigned sleep he opened her blouse wider, bent his head
down and started sucking on her nipple.

Miss Elsie gasped as she felt the boy's tongue. Then
she gasped again as she felt a hard prick rubbing
against her ass.

The boy behind her was stirring.

Miss Elsie lay still and continued to pretend she was
asleep as her skirt was lifted and George touched the
skin of her ass.

Then George's hand slipped between the cheeks of her
ass and felt between her legs.

Miss Elsie felt a single probing finger delicately
explore her vaginal slit.

George was reaching up into her pussy from behind while
Philip, delirious with excitement, sucked her breast.
George's finger got wet from Miss Elsie's juices. Her
cunt was hot and damp with arousal.

Philip tongued her rock hard nipple as the stiff little
pillar of flesh protruded into his mouth. Philip was in
a teenage boy's heaven.

Miss Elsie kept her eyes closed and struggled to
pretend that she was still asleep as the boys molested
her. Her heart pounded.

George reached around and inserted one finger into her

He found her hot, quivering hole and the tip of his
finger slid into the slippery orifice.

Philip sucked hungrily at her big tit.

George's finger slid deeper inside her. Soon it was
jammed in to the third knuckle.

Miss Elsie's pussy trembled and palpitated on the warm,
stiff, invading finger as he worked it back and forth.
Soon George was finger-fucking her.

It was all Miss Elsie could do to keep her hips from
squirming. Her breasts were hot and excited, and she
could barely stop herself from humping young George's

Philip moaned in ecstasy as he licked the sweet rock-
hard nipple.

Miss Elsie felt George's hard prick rubbing against her
ass. He humped against her.

Miss Elsie liked sex. She had only fucked 10 times in
her life, and she never dreamed that she would fuck a
couple of mere schoolboys.

But now she thought she was going to go out of her mind
if one of these boys did not stick his prick inside

But how could she give in and fuck one of these boys
without the other boy being a jealous witness?

Behind her, tall, gawky George had his hard, hot tube
of man meat out and was rubbing it against her silky

In front of her, gentle, polite Philip eagerly opened
his pants and got his own stiff prick out.

Now Miss Elsie had two hard pricks rubbing against her.
She could feel Philip's erection against her leg.

Philip started rubbing his prick against Miss Elsie's
cunt and it was all she could do to avoid crying out
when the head of his penis brushed the tip of her
clitoris. She arched her back in excitement at the
thrilling sensation of a cock touching her clit.

George removed his fucking finger from her cunt and
Miss Elsie languidly spread her thighs a little wider.
Philip got his prick lined up with the entrance to her
cunt and with a sudden push started lunging in.

Miss Elsie shook ecstatically with the thrill of his
prick entering her.

Philip's cock slid inside her as she restrained a gasp.
The boy was fucking her now.

Miss Elsie continued to pretend that she was fast
asleep as the boys used her body.

Behind her, George spit in his hand and lubricated his
cock. Miss Elsie was surprised when she felt the head
of his penis pressing against her asshole.

Philip's hot prick inside her was heavenly.

Behind her, she felt her asshole dilating open wider to
receive George's stiff erection.

The head of George's prick slipped inside her rectum
with a little popping sensation. Miss Elsie was about
to get ass-fucked.

Miss Elsie had never opened her back door for any man.
She had never even considered it, and now this dirty
little boy was doing it to her while his friend fucked
her in the cunt.

The invading prick in her ass slid in deeper and
deeper, slowly at first. She fought to relax her
muscles to let it in because otherwise it would hurt.

Pressing against her tighter and tighter, fore and aft,
the two boys sandwiched her.

Miss Elsie was locked in a tight squeeze between two
teenage boys who both had their fiery young dicks stiff
inside her.

She could feel the twin pricks rubbing within her.
Miss Elsie humped her bottom up and down on the boys'
hard pricks as they fucked her.

She couldn't keep up the pretense that she was asleep
any longer.

She grabbed Philip's head and forced his face up
against hers and kissed him hard, driving her tongue
into his hot little mouth.

Her teeth clenched his as her tongue slipped in and out
of his mouth.

Philip moaned as Miss Elsie clutched him in her arms
and fucked eagerly into the two cocks that were
pistoning inside her.

She loved it. She was getting fucked by two boys at
once and it was wonderful, dizzying, unbelievable.
She loved the feeling of George's hot, slender dick
screwing her ass. She had never been screwed in the ass
before in her life and her ass was squirming in
excitement as he impaled it with his prick.

Philip fucked her cunt with hot, powerful thrusts,
stabbing up into her pussy again and again as she
moaned and whimpered.

"Oh god, it feels so good!" she whispered. "Philip and
George-you won't tell anyone, will you?"

"No," they said in chorus.

"You'd better not, because if you do, I'll say you
raped me and Jess will kill you."
He would too.

"We won't," Philip promised.

"Uh-uh," George grunted in agreement.

"Now keep doing that!" she whispered hotly.

The two boys kept doing it. They were amazed that she
didn't fight them off and throw them out of the tent
when she woke up.

Philip and George felt their cocks rubbing against each
other through the thin membrane separating her cunt and
her asshole.

Miss Elsie loved to fuck. She had never been
sandwiched, or ass-fucked, or done it with a boy half
her age before-and now she was doing all three at once!
Miss Elsie knew from the coded entries in her secret
diary that she had only been fucked 10 times in her
life. This was the eleventh time, and it was
magnificent. Two hard penises plunging inside her at

The two boys were frantic with lust and their hot
double fucking drove her wild.

Miss Elsie felt a big orgasm coming on, and she knew
that if she screamed the whole camp would wake up.

She buried her face in Philip's armpit and bit him as
she felt her rapture coming on.

She tasted his blood in her mouth as her hips bucked
wildly between the two fucking boys, George plowing her
sensitive ass with his hard slender cock and Philip
screwing her cock-loving cunt with his young, virile

She felt George's hot cream explode in her ass.
The she felt Philip's semen shooting up inside her like
a fountain.

Then with a muffled cry, Miss Elsie came. She raked
Philip's back with her nails as her crotch bucked back
and forth between the two boys, impaling her on their
spurting pricks as she gasped. It was like an
earthquake ripping her apart and the shock was so great
she fainted dead away.

"Omigod," Philip whispered. "We've killed her!"
But it was only a faint. She woke up in a minute and

"Next time," she whispered, "I want George in front and
Philip taking me from behind."

And that was how Miss Elsie gave in. With twenty horny
teenage boys against her it was inevitable.

She sucked their young cocks back to hardness and the
three of them screwed till dawn.

The next night, it was two different boys. And two more
the night after that. By the time the rescue boat came,
she had fucked every boy on the island, and had every
boy's cock in every hole in her body.

When the boat finally arrived she was so sad that it
was all over that she cried.

Bonny Doon Mountain, New Zealand, December 1941 --

Candy Winston raced down the hillside, laughing.

Her brown pigtails trailed behind her as the big collie
dog raced at her heels.

"Come on, Scout!" she shouted. "Last one home is rotten

Her 13 year old body fairly flew down the hill.
Barking, Scout, the collie dog, ran circles around her.

Candy's denim-clad legs, coltishly long for her years,
scissored madly as she all galloped down the steep

It was summer in the Southern Hemisphere and the sun
beat down hot as she ran.

She shot out into the flat at the bottom of the hill,
tumbling on the long green grass, and picked herself up
and ran on.

She kicked up clouds of dust on the dirt road with her
cute cowgirl boots as Scout nipped at her behind.

"No biting, Scout. Unfair!" She ruffled the soft fur on
the nape of his neck as he galloped past.

Up the road she ran to the big farmhouse where she had
been born 13 years before.

Scout, barking madly, ran cirles around her all the way
until she fell laughing through the front door, where
he covered her face with big slurping kisses, licking
her red cheeks with his tongue.
No one was home.

"C'mon, Scout! Let's go to my room."

Up the stairs they flew with the pretty girl nearly
tripping and taking a tumble over the dog as he ran
between her legs.

Laughing, the girl and her dog exploded into her little

She slammed the door, kicked off her boots and fell
onto the bed.

The big collie sheep dog leapt up onto the bed and
jumped on her as her youthful body heaved and panted
with the exertion.

"Oh, down Scout! Stop that!" she giggled as her licked

Candy Winston lay on her big soft feather bed in her
snug little room. Sunlight streamed through the
windowpanes and illuminated her taut, slender young
body as she kicked off her boots and skinned out of her
denim blue jeans.

Scout placed his long furry nose between her pink
thighs and sniffed at her frilly panties.

"Oh no, boy, stop! Not again!" she giggled.

Scout continued to sniff between her legs, and she let

"Does it smell hot and sweaty there now, boy?" she
said, ruffling his fur.

Scout planted his cold wet nose right on the gusset of
her panties and gave her a warm lick with his long

Candy giggled. "Oh, Scout! Does it smell good then?"
She looked to make sure the door was locked. No one was

"All right then, Scout. Good doggie."

She grasped the elastic of her lacy panties and pulled
them down.

Wiggling out of them, she kicked the underpants aside
into a corner of the room.

Between her legs was the nut-brown thatch of curly hair
covering her pussy.

Before she could clamp her legs shut Scout was between
them, licking her crotch with his hot tongue.

She laughed and pretended to try to pull him away, but
he was too strong for her. She gave up and lay back to
enjoy being licked by her dog.

Scout slurped at her soft, silky cunt with his tongue.
His tongue was warm, strong and wet between her legs.
It felt nice. It had felt nice since the first time
Scout had discovered he liked licking his mistress

"Good boy," she whispered, stroking him, as he licked
her cunt.

"Why grandma, what a nice big tongue you have!" she

"The better to lick you with, my dear!" she answered
herself in a deep voice.

She opened her flannel shirt and Scout crawled up her
body to nuzzle her budding breasts. They were nothing
but puffy little hillocks tipped with pick rosettes,

She pulled her shirt off and the naked girl clasped the
eagerly panting dog in her arms.

"Good boy," she whispered. "Scout, do you want to try
it again?"

Grinning, she placed her hand down between his hind
legs and felt his big hanging dog bollocks. Then she
stroked her hand up to feel his penis.

Scout was aroused and the long pink tip of his dog
penis was sticking out of his sheath.

"Come on, let's try again," she whispered.

The naked girl lay in the warm sunlight on her soft
quilt and tried to persuade her dog to rub his penis
against her cunt.

"Cone on now, doesn't that feel nice?" she said.

She was trying unsuccessfully to press the dog's cock
into her vagina, when the door opened and Candy's
father strode into the room.

Candy was still trying to get the dog's cock into her
cunt when the shadow fell over her. She looked to the

Candy gasped.

Her father was standing there, looking at her.
Candy was stark naked and Scout, her faithful collie
dog, was between her legs with his stiff doggie cock
sticking into her cunt.

Candy froze with fear. Scout, oblivious, had a huge
grin on his canine face as he licked his mistress's
little tits and humped his cock at her trying without
success to get inside her.

"Dad?" Candy gasped. "Omigod Scout get off me!" She
shoved the dog off the bed and he ran into the corner.
Candy shrunk back against the wall, frightened. She
tried to cover her breasts with her hands.

Her father took his belt off.

Candy trembled. So he was going to whip her with the
belt. Whip her until she bled, maybe until she was

What did they do to a girl who was caught having sex
with a dog?

"Oh, no Dad, no, please daddy..." she whimpered.
Jake Winston's big leather belt came off as she looked
at it with fear.

And then his pants came down.

Between her father's legs was a much bigger penis than
Scout had, and it was standing tall and erect.

"I can't ever forget what I just saw, honey. But...
wouldn't you rather have a man than a dog? Poor Scout
doesn't know what to do. If you want to get screwed,
well, I'd rather you let me do it, if you'll have me. I
can't punish you if I'm the one you're doing it with, I

"Oh, Dad," Candy sobbed with relief. "Do you want to do
it to me then?"

"I dunno what else to do with you, darlin'. I guess if
you can be a slut I can be a slut too."

Candy covered her face with her pillow and spread her
thighs wide.

Candy whimpered as his big log split her cunt. She
gasped as he filled her up with his engorged manhood.
She panted as he rode her, gently at first, then harder
and faster, fucking her at a gallop as they bounced on
the feather bed.

Candy's father fucked her for two hours, starting and
stopping as he came in her three times. Candy had her
first orgasm with a man as her father plowed her ripe
little cunt.

Scout watched from the corner with an envious eye as
the master of the household usurped his rightful place
between his mistress's legs.

After a while she started making noise and Scout howled
along with her.

"Be quiet, Scout!" Candy shouted.

Afterward Candy's dad told her that would be the first
and last time, and suggested that she get herself a
boyfriend from the village, since he had her mother to
think about.

"Now that you've done it I don't expect you to wait
until you're married to do it again. If you an' me did
it again it wouldn't be just once. But you can find
yourself a fella. I'll stand for it."

He paused in thought.

"There's a Christmas party at the church in town
tonight. You can sneak off with any boy that fancies
you. I'll cover for you with your mum."

Candy kissed her father.

"Merry Christmas, Dad."

"Merry Christmas, Candy."

New York City, Christmas Eve, 1942 --

The Angel of Death and the Spirit of Christmas stood on
the observation deck of a high building looking out
over the world.

"Look at them out there, slaughtering each other," said
the Angel of Death.

"They still want to live, for all that," the Spirit of
Christmas said.

"Why did you show me that man now, debauching his own

"Did you not see what was in his heart? When he took
his belt off he was going to beat the girl to death.
And then something changed him."

"The spirit of Christmas? The sound of church bells in
a distant steeple? Bah! He smelled his daughter's
pussy. Yes, that changed him. One good whiff and he
forgot everything but his lust."

"If he had beaten her he would not have stopped until
she was dead, and after killing her his remorse would
have been so great he would have killed himself."

"Suppose he had just turned his back and walked away?"

"Her shame at being caught by her father attempting
intercourse with a dog would have been so great that
she would have run away that very night, and gone to
the city. There she would have been unable to make her
way except as a prostitute, gradually becoming
alcoholic, riddled with disease, and going to an early
grave. She would never have seen her father again and
the thought of him would have haunted her."

"And so?"

"You said you would spare this world if I could prove
to you that mortals still choose life over death. Well,
there you have seen them-that young girl who gave
herself to a soldier, willingly, so that a piece of him
would live on even though he died in battle. Look how
happy she is now, as she feels the baby kicking in her

"Bah. More cannon fodder for the Fatherland. What about
that women who gave herself to all the boys?"

"Look at her now, on the ship taking her and the boys
to Australia. See her there? She's terrified that
everyone on the ship will soon know her disgrace. She's
missed a period and she's fearful that she's pregnant,
and there is no way of telling which one of the boys is
the father. If what happened on the island ever becomes
known she may go to prison, and if she is pregnant, she
is doomed to the hard life of an unwed mother. How will
she tell her parents? What man will ever want to marry

"Look! She's contemplating killing herself. All she
would have to do is throw herself over the rail of the
ship and it will all be over in a few minutes.

"She's made her choice. She's going to do it! She's
climbing up onto the rail! She's going to kill

"I must go now, to her side," the Angel of Death spoke.

"Wait! Stop! Look what's happening now!"

John Abelson, ship's purser, had been trying to get up
his nerve to speak to the young woman ever since she
came on board.

She was the loveliest thing he had ever seen.

Now was his chance.

"Hey there," he said, running up to her side. "Don't
lean over the side like that. You might fall off!"

Her face was flushed and her eyes were wild.

"Oh, how stupid of me," she said.

He brushed a few stray wisps of hair out of her face.

"This wind out here on the deck-it's ruining your hair.
Why don't you come inside with me?"

"No thanks-I think I'll stay outside on the deck by
myself for a while. I've got something to think about."

Something raised the fine hairs on the back of her neck
as she sensed an unseen presence at her side. The
unseen presence seemed to be urging her to get rid of
the young man. Something tugged at her thoughts. She
needed to be alone to get a better look at the unseen
figure beside her. She could almost see it, out of the
corner of her eye.

"It's Christmas Eve," he said. "We're having a party in
the mess. Come join me, won't you? We have a gramophone
and we'll put on some dance records. There's eggnog,
and maybe a glass of champagne."

Eggnog! She hadn't had eggnog in years. After the
plain, repetitive diet they had had on the island it
sounded deliciously tempting.

She could taste it already.

"Only if you promise to dance with me," she said.
He was actually a very nice young man. She could
definitely go for him, she thought.

He took her arm and they went inside.


Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to All-
Jenny Wanshel, December 24, End of the Millenium.

Jenny Wanshel ***@biosys.net [use this address only
for all correspondence]

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material. If you do not wish to read this
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A Holiday In Africa
by Author on Africa (***@uwclub.net)


A white cheerleader sneaks off for a holiday in Africa
while her rich parents think she is staying with
friends. (M+/f-teen, 1st, orgy, intr)


Kirstie stepped tentatively into the bar. She had
arrived that evening from New York, but was too excited
to catch up on her sleep. At last, she was here!

In Africa, on a safari holiday!

She had flown in with a group of Americans and had been
met at the airport by the safari firm, where she had
met the other people who would be on the tour with her.

Some of them were in the bar, but they did not seem to
have noticed her. They were a mixed bag. Two couples,
two families with their kids, and one other single
woman travelling alone. Her name was Ruth, she was
about 25, and she did not seem very friendly. Not
apparently wanting Kirstie as a holiday friend. This
had disconcerted Kirstie. Only in her late teens, this
was her first holiday alone. Her rich parents thought
she was staying with Susan, and her family, at their
cabin in the mountains.

She stepped deeper into the crowded bar. The reality
was beyond anything she had imagined. She was shocked
by the teeming mass of black people. The smell in the
bar was of humanity at its most pungent. Most of the
crowd in the bar were black African men, with a few
tourists among them. Obviously, the local Africans used
this bar as well as the hotel guests.

She could have gone into the rooftop bar but meeting
black men had been one of her teenage fantasies. There
were a few black women in the bar. They did not look
particularly respectable. She suspected they were
whores looking to make money from the white tourists.
They were certainly very aggressive in chatting up the
white men, even when their wives were present.

She had never seen so many black people in one place
before. It shouldn't have, but it still came as a
surprise to her to being in a country where nearly
everyone was black. African, she corrected herself. She
must be careful not to offend.

As she headed for the bar, the crowds parted. It was as
if she was walking through the sea, and the water was
parting for her. She was surrounded by sea of smiling
black faces. She jumped as a hand cupped her bottom in
a quick squeeze then darted between her legs from
behind. She whirled in fury that someone would have
dared to touch her. She glared at the laughing African
men behind her. They were much older than her. She
tried to decide which one had been the groper, but
their laughing eyes and smiling faces defeated her.

They took no offence at her belligerent scowl that
would have scared off her college suitors. They pressed
forward trying to talk to her, offering her their
drink. Cheeky grins prominent.

She realized that she had nothing to fear from these
smiling faces. Only warmth and laughter was in their

Nevertheless, she backed away from this group of rather
forward men. She dodged through a gap in the crown and
reached the crowded bar. Surprised that almost by magic
a gap had opened for her. Even the barman seemed to be
awaiting her arrival. "Coke, please," she asked the
barman who grinned and fetched a Coke, as she watched
he stopped and put some Bacardi in it.

"No, no just Coke," she protested. He grinned. "On the
house, madam." His grin was infectious, and Kirstie
couldn't help but smile. She took the drink, looking
nervously at it. She had not had many alcoholic drinks.
In America, she would not even be allowed in a bar,
never mind given alcohol. This was another first for

She jumped!

Someone else had groped her!

A hand on her leg, up underneath her lightweight skirt!

She whirled around, to be met by more laughing eyes,
and grinning faces. She scowled, but who to scowl to?

"On holiday, miss?" "Have you been here before, miss?"
"Do you have any friends as pretty as you?" Laughter
all around, Kirstie could not help but smile. "You'll
see lots of animals. Lots of birds."

"Will I see dangerous animals?"

"We are all around you, miss!" They roared with

"Come and sit down, miss." "Over here." "No, over
here." "Next to me." Kirstie was confused. There seemed
to be such an eager, cheerful crowd of men. She had
never been the centre of so much attention of so many
men so much older than herself. She was used to the
boys at school. As the daughter of one of the town's
prominent businessmen, she was used to being treated
with a certain respect.

She looked around for people from her group. What few
there were in the bar where equally besieged. She tried
to head for one of them. The crush of Africans was
thick. She could feel them pressing against her. Hands
seemed everywhere. She tried to avoid them but whenever
she turned hands seemed to accidentally touch, or not
so accidentally touch.

To brush her bottom, her waist, her breasts, her bare
legs, even! She pushed hard, but it was no good, the
press was too thick. She turned back to the bar,
resting her drink and gathered herself.

Africans were all around her. Is this not what she had
wanted? Some were whispering to her, but she could not
hear from the noise in the hotel bar. It was all so
overpowering. Another drink appeared in front of her.
One of the Africans was holding it out to her. She
turned to look at him.

He was big!

I mean REALLY big.

There was laughter in his eyes, which seemed to be
laughing and admiring at the same time. He pushed the
drink towards her and she took it. She smiled back at
him, nervously. He leaned forward to try and hear what
he was saying. That was when the hand touched her
again, high on her thigh. Inside again, beneath her

She froze.

Smiling faces in all directions. The crowd was so tight
around her she was unable to tell whose hand it was! It
moved, stroking gently. Kirstie felt like a prisoner,
trapped in a sea of men. It was as though the press of
men had conspired to pin her in position giving her
groper a free rein. She couldn't believe this was
happening. Who would dare?

The hand was gentle, soft, warm. It stroked in circles.
Her nipples stiffened. Kirstie cursed her body for
betraying her. She shouldn't be aroused by a stranger's
hand. It was so weird to be standing in a bar, with a
man's hand under her skirt and not even know whose it
was! She wriggled her hips to throw it off, and there
was giggling around her. She realized these men could
see her nipples had become erect though her tight T-
shirt. It was embarrassing.

She turned to the gentleman who had offered her a
drink. He smiled and she edged closer. He was big. He
would keep the others off, she reasoned.

She twitched as his hand slid around her shoulders and
pulled her closer to him. The other hands slid away.

To her surprise, she realized she missed the warm touch
of that caressing hand. What on earth was the matter
with her? Her rescuer, for that was how she considered
him now, was whispering in her ear. She could not hear
him, but he was gesturing to an alcove where there was
some seating. She nodded, and allowed him to lead her

She would be able to sit down and she would be safe
there, sheltered from the crowd. She moved forward, and
his hand slid around her waist. He was so strong, she
realized. She could feel his muscles ripple across his

The alcove she found was crowded suddenly, as African
men poured in to the alcove behind them. She was
pressed and crowded by laughing, grinning faces.

"You like to party?" Kirstie nodded. The Africans
roared their approval. "You party girl, yes?" Kirstie
grinned. Parties she understood. "I like parties!"
"Yeah!" they roared and Kirstie smiled.

The Africans were talking rapidly among themselves, and
Kirstie could not understand them. She looked at her
rescuer. His eyes met hers and she shivered. It was a
strange, tingling shiver. She felt herself moisten and
was shocked. No man had ever made her react like this.
He was a big male animal and he wanted her. Just like
all these other men wanted her, she realized. She would
have to be very careful. This was not America. This was
not a game. This was the real world, with real men.

The surrounding crowd of African men did little to hide
their admiration. Bantering, joking, laughing smiling
eyes that fondled in much the same way that hand had
stroked. Her "friend" nodded at her. "You'll be safe
with me." His hand rested on her bare thigh. She
nodded. Another drink appeared in front of her.

"Do you like dancing?" she asked the Africans around
her. They looked at her. "Yes, we like dancing. Too
crowded here. You come with us and we take you dancing.
We party!" More laughter. Kirstie nodded.

"Is there a club nearby? A nightclub?"

"We have our own club!"

Laughter and giggling greeted those words. The hand on
her thigh stroked and Kirstie relaxed. It felt nice.
She was feeling woozy. Nice, but woozy. The hand was
hot, stroking, sliding on her bare flesh. It was too
hot to wear stockings. She looked at the hand.

It was black, so black on her white flesh. She shivered
again. Her nipples were really hard. She looked at the
Africans who were talking to her. She could see their
eyes on her hard nipples. They knew! She flushed, and
they laughed. She flushed again.

Inside, she was glowing. A strange warm glow centred in
her loins. She must be careful, she realized. Only one
more drink, and then she must sleep. But the drinks
kept coming. She found herself excited at the eager
African eyes.

It was as though they were making love to her with
their eyes. Caressing her, fondling her. Stripping her.
Instead of being shocked or afraid, she found herself
even more aroused. Wet between her legs! Her panties
were soaked.

She stood up, and wobbled lightly, to more laughter.
Hands supported her.

"Party Time!"

"No, I must sleep now." African eyes grinned at her.

"No time for sleep! Holiday time! Party time! Dancing!
Fun! You come with us, we show you the best time ever."
Kirstie could not help but laugh at their enthusiasm.

"No, no, time to sleep!" They smiled, and urged her
forward. Kirstie allowed them to guide her through the
bar. It seemed much easier with the Africans helping
her. Suddenly she was outside, in the balmy African
evening. It was so refreshing outside, a lovely,
comforting warmth. With wonderful smells from the
hotel's lush garden.

How did she get here?

She was supposed to be going to the hotel lobby. She
turned, but the Africans were surging out behind her.

"Party time!" They yelled, grinning at her.

"No," she tried to explain, but it was no good, they
were not having any of it. She laughed as arms around
her waist virtually lifted her off her feet. These
Africans were so strong! She snuggled against her
protector, offering no resistance as he carried her

"Well, only for a little while," she whispered to him.
The Africans whooped, and led her in a crazy dance
across the pristine grass-covered lawns of the hotel,
past the swaying palm trees, and under the glittering
starlit sky. They laughed and whooped with Kirstie, but
their eyes were watchful for the hotel security men.
For the police who would no doubt question them if they
found them with this pretty white girl.

Kirstie looked up. Where were they?

They had gone only a few hundred yards from the hotel
and yet the transformation. The road had become dust.
Shanties lined the street. There were no more street
lights. She looked at her escort. He grinned and
tightened his grip around her waist.

"Where are we going?" She was nervous. They could tell
it from her voice. They grinned. The predators had
snared their prey. Soon it would be time to play with
their prize.

They turned through the narrow maze of alleys, through
the shanties until they stopped. They listened. There
were some whisperings. Then they led Kirstie inside the
nearest shanty.

Candles and oil lanterns lit the interior. It was
musky. Music started up, and one of the Africans handed
her a drink. She drank it nervously.

"I'll have to go soon." They grinned. She could see a
feral lust in their eyes, a greedy naked hunger that
she had never seen in the eyes of men. She quivered,
and turned to her rescuer.

"Come little lady, let's dance." She slid into his open
arms. He would protect her. She would cling to him, and
he would keep her safe. The music was slow, the other
Africans silent, watchful. She pressed closer. The
African grinned. He could sense her fear, and it
excited him. He could feel her youthful breasts pressed
against him. They would taste so sweet. His hands slid
down her back, gently cupping her soft, round bottom.
She would be able to feel his cock now, and he grinned
to himself.

Kirstie held on tight. She had gone too far. She knew
that now. No one would come and help in this shanty
town. Her skirt was short and light, and she could
sense their eyes on her lovely legs. Her "rescuer's"
hand cupped her bottom.

Normally, she would not allow this. Not allow this
familiarity. Tonight she hung on and hoped she would be
allowed to go back to the hotel soon. His hands were
stroking her bottom. It was nice. She wriggled in his
arms. He had something in his pocket. It felt like two
cans of Coke. You would have thought he would take it
out before dancing with her!

Suddenly his hands were on her bare bottom! Not over
her skirt, but inside her panties! She struggled, but
he held her tight. His large black hands moulded the
soft, silky curves. As she struggled she wriggled
against him. He seemed to be rubbing the Coke bottles
against her!

"No, let me go." Her voice was low, pleading. There was
no point being demanding. She knew that would get her
nowhere. His hands were electrifying on her! No man had
ever had his hands inside her panties, and others were

"Please, no." She struggled free of his hands and
pulled away. She looked up at him.

"I would like to go back to the hotel now." He grinned.
But this time there was no humour in his eyes. Instead
there was a strange look. He reached for her. Kirstie
backed away, but the now silent Africans pushed her
back towards him. She fell into his arms, and he
grasped her tight. His mouth crushed down on hers, and
he kissed her.

Fiercely. Passionately. He kissed. Kirstie nearly

Then his hand was between her legs. Cupping her vulva,
moulding, teasing exploring. Kirstie struggled to pull
free, to push his hand away, to free herself.

He shook her. It was like shaking a rag doll! Kirstie
bounced in his arms, and then he pulled her close. He
had locked one of her hands behind her back! She
squirmed in his grasp.


She looked up at him. His eyes stared back at her.
Those eyes.... She felt loins pulse and throb between
her legs as she looked into his eyes!

"Please...." Her voice was a soft whimper. He grinned,
and Kirstie watched as his mouth lowered over hers. His
tongue flicked her lips gently, soothing, searching.
She felt weak at the knees. She briefly struggled then
sagged into his arms. His hand slid lower, slid between
her legs, then moved tantalizingly upwards. Her wet
pussy soaked through her panties and coated his black

His mouth clamped on hers in another fiercely
passionate kiss. His hand slid inside her panties,
sliding them to one side, and delving within. He
explored her wetness. The heat, and arousal of her
loins, was so much more intense than she had ever
experienced before. Tentatively her tongue lapped
against his own, greeting and accepting his tongue.

His hands tightened her in the crotch of her panties,
twisting and turning them until his grip was firm. A
ripping noise filled the cabin. Kirstie was nearly
faint with shock. The black stud had literally ripped
her knickers off! She looked at his hand, raised before
her face. The panties were in shreds.

"You won't need these in Kenya!"

Then he hurled them into the fire. She watched the
flames curl, and frizzle at the material. He pushed her
down to her knees in front of him.

She crouched there at his feet, while he struggled with
his trousers. Suddenly he pulled his cock free. She
nearly screamed. It was incredibly thick and long.

It had not been soda cans in his pocket at all, she
realized. He grasped her hair tightly and pulled her
forward. With his other hand he grasped his cock and
slapped her face with it. Her cheek flushed as wet
juice splashed against her face. He laughed and pulled
her head back before slapping her face again with his
cock. There was a cruelty in his eyes now, as his heavy
black cock slapped from pretty white cheek to pretty
white cheek.

Red marks flushed her pretty face. Then he thrust into
her mouth. Gripping her hair tightly, he thrust.
Kirstie spluttered as she took her first cock into her
mouth. Her "protector" laughed. A low evil laugh, as
Kirstie struggled and choked. To Kirstie's shame and
confusion, her tongue was licking and lapping as though
it had a mind of its own.

Finally he pulled free. He looked down at Kirstie, his
eyes were cold and hard. She trembled at his feet as
she looked in awe at this powerful vigorous man. His
hand stroked lightly over his huge cock, then he pulled
it erect. Kirstie found herself eyeing two large
hanging testicles.

"Lick," he commanded.

"Lick!" roared the other Africans. To her amazement,
Kirstie's head bobbed forward, and she started licking.
Her body was betraying her, she reasoned. She had to
submit, she reasoned. She had no alternative, she
reasoned. Her breasts were throbbing with heat. Her
nipples were straining, and her thighs were wet with
her own running juices. She groaned as she licked at
the delicious tasty pungent black balls.

Then he pulled away again. He grinned down at her
approvingly. She smiled happily in response to that
grin. Then he turned around so he had his back to her.
Kirstie was confused. She looked at his thick full
heavy bottom. She was confused. What did he want?

"Lick," the Africans shouted. Kirstie looked at them.
"Lick!" they roared. Kirstie looked back at her new
Master. Shocked, she saw he had parted his buttocks.
The dark ring of his anus peeked at her.

"Lick!" they almost screamed at her! Kirstie's head
bobbed forward, and her dainty pink tongue licked. The
room erupted as Africans surged forward. She found
herself lifted off her feet and carried backwards to a
straw pallet. Black hands ripped her clothes from her
body. Hands that probed and eagerly and roughly
fondled. Squeezed and stroked. Bodies surged on and
around her as 10 African men sought to be the first to
mount her.

Suddenly Africans were flying all around picked up and
hurled aside. Kirstie gasped as her "rescuer" loomed
above. Her eyes fell to his cock. It was huge! It would
split her apart. She clutched at the other Africans
trying to keep them between her and the black God
preparing to take his pleasure from her.

Her hand slid across slippery black flesh, as the last
African was torn free of her grasp. She lay beneath
him, a vision of loveliness. Ah, so young.

Goosebumps raced up and down her gorgeous white body.
Her breasts heaved. He looked at her.

"Well," Kirstie whimpered as her tightly clasped legs
loosened and parted. She stared fearfully into his
eyes, as her legs slowly drifted apart, opening for

Finally she lay beneath him like a frightened pigeon.
Spread. He grinned as he lowered himself. Laughed as
Kirstie screamed as his cock impaled her virginity.

He chortled, as 10 black inches thrust all the way home
to Kirstie's desperate wailing keen.

Her body shook and rolled in orgasm despite the pain of
her deflowering.

Later, much later, he pulled free from a sated,
exhausted Kirstie. As he pulled away, the rumpus began
again as the other Africans surged forward. Before
Kirstie could draw breath, another eager desperate
black cock was surging inside her wet, aroused centre.

Others clustered around. Cocks were thrust at her face.
Her hands were wrapped around other cocks. She could
see men playing with themselves as they waited their
turn. Another orgasm wracked her body, as the second
African shot his seed deep inside her belly.

He was quickly pulled away, and Kirstie found herself
flicked over, and held face down. Immediately a heavy
black cock thrust into her mouth and she suckled on it.

Sudden pain wracked her body, as an African cock
buggered her. Split her anal cherry with a fierce and
eager lunge. Kirstie screamed around the cock in her
mouth, which only excited the Africans more. Jets of
heavy male sperm shot into her mouth. Kirstie struggled
to free her mouth from the torrent pouring into her.

The cock in her bottom thrust hard pushing her deeper
onto the cock in her mouth. Suddenly she was sucking
and swallowing, as she realized it was quite tasty. Her
bottom bucked against the cock in her ass. She gulped
for air as the cock in her mouth pulled free. It was a
short gasp as another quickly replaced it.

Ooooh! She realized. All these men are turned and want
me. Every one of them is going to have me! She cooed,
sucked, bucked and writhed! In the corner of her eye
she saw the rest of her clothes being thrown onto the
fire. She mewled around the thick, heavy black cock in
her mouth. She wouldn't need the clothes anyway.

Not this holiday.

Two months later, Kirstie was writhing between two
eager rutting Africans, on the mattress they had
specially brought for her. The two months had been sex,
drink, sex, sex, eat, sex, drink, and sex! She was sore
and exhausted. Deeper in the cabin, she had an
audience. It was not uncommon now. Performing on the
bed while other Africans watched and usually joined in.

Not just Africans. White people came to watch. Rich
tourists she suspected coming to see a white girl
fucked by African men. She didn't care anymore. The
door opened and sunlight invaded the cabin. Kirstie
closed her eyes, and continued suckling and humping.

The Africans were haggling, bartering. It must be
another tourist, she thought. She humped and nibbled,
sucked and thrust. She loved putting on shows. It made
the Africans even hornier to fuck her in front other

Beer cans opened and the newcomer settled into his
seat, watching the sweet young white girl writhe
between the rutting Africans. He had come to Africa to
try and find Kirstie, who had gone missing two months
ago. Her father was a friend of his, and Susan his own
daughter was one of her friends from school. Susan was
back at the hotel sleeping off some sunstroke.

He was 46, his first time abroad. He had heard there
were shows like these in Africa. The white girl was
obviously loving it, she was sandwiched between two
eager thrusting blacks, and sucking on a third! His
cock throbbed and he tried to appear nonchalant sipping
on his beer. The girl's body shook in rapture as she
had another orgasm.

She was young enough to be Susan, he thought, and his
cock throbbed and jerked at the wicked thought!

The Africans were finished and leading the girl over to
him. He could see a leather collar around her neck. A
steel chain led to a central pillar. My God, he
realized she was just like slave. Except she was white,
and they the blacks were Masters.

The girl was led in front of him. He looked down
eagerly and was shocked to meet Kirstie's glazed, lust-
laden eyes. His face was stricken.

"Please," she whispered, "help me." Her tongue licked
nervously across the wet lips of a succulent mouth. The
Africans had taught her to behave like this. It
encouraged the tourists think it was real. That it was
real was not lost on her. It excited her.

He reached down. God forgive me, as his fingers reached
for his zipper. God forgive me he whispered as he
pulled that succulent mouth forward. He had fantasized
about the lovely Kirstie sucking on his cock. Her
father would never find out....

Kizeki grinned. As he slid quietly into the hut, he
smiled as he watched the middle-aged American pleasure
himself with Kirstie's mouth. He had to control his
laughter. His own pretty daughter Susan was not in
their hotel as he supposed. He had heard of this
American asking too many questions and checked him out.

Susan was safely ensconced in another of his shanty
cabins miles deep in the township. When this American
returned to the hotel to find his daughter gone, he
would not need much imagination to know exactly what
was happening to his own sweet daughter! By the time he
led the police back here they would be long gone.


(First published on DarkSecret.com)

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It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Belinda's Secrets
by The Warthog (***@boxtwo.com)


This story was written at the request of a woman named
Belinda. She had been married to her husband Robert for
some time. Robert was unaware that Belinda had a new
secret life. She had wanted to tell Robert about that
life but just couldn't bring herself to do it. I first
met Belinda at the photo studio that I work at. I'm a
budding photographer and amateur writer. It was my
writing that prompted Belinda to approach me about
writing her story. (MMF, wife-cheat, orgy)


Lawrence, the photographer that I was apprenticed to,
discovered Belinda walking down the street. He was
looking for models and thought that she would do well.
At first I wasn't so sure but Lawrence (He doesn't like
to be called Larry) has a knack for picking hot women.

I had worked for Lawrence for about a year. He called
me whenever he needed an assistant for a shoot and to
do other things as he saw fit. It was valuable
experience. Lawrence was what most women considered a
'hunk'. Tall, broad shoulders, bulging arms and a trim
waist. The guy had straight dark hair and he sported a
pony tail that reached the middle of his back.

The first time I met Belinda was on her first shoot.
Lawrence called me in to help him with a series of
newcomer shoots. Belinda was the last shoot of the day.
She arrived on time and we were introduced. "A very
nice looking woman," I thought. She had shoulder length
blond hair. It was a little on the darker side of blond
and was very pretty. Her face was a perfect match for
her hair, very pretty. She had a cute sexy smile and
blue eyes that you could get lost in. I couldn't guess
at her age, but she was definitely youthful looking.

Belinda said, "Lawrence, I'm very nervous."

Lawrence patted her shoulder and said, "Please relax,
Belinda, this will be fun."

Standing next to Lawrence, Belinda looked tiny. She was
probably of average height and her figure was an eye
catcher. Belinda wore snug jeans and a white blouse
that hugged her curves. Her breasts appeared large for
her small slender frame but at close inspection
probably required a C-cup. She was wearing low heels
suitable for a long day of shopping. All in all,
Belinda was an above average looking female with the
manner of a young housewife.

Lawrence showed Belinda to a stool placed in front of a
cloth backdrop.

They made small talk for a while as he made adjustments
to the camera.

Finally he said, "We'll start with a few shots of your
beautiful face."

Belinda blushed at Lawrence's compliment as he began
snapping pictures of her. After several shots he
stopped and said, "Belinda, you appear to be
uncomfortable. Is anything bothering you?"

Belinda exhaled nervously and said, "I'm not sure what
to do. I've never done anything like this before."

Lawrence smiled and said, "Belinda, you look great. If
you didn't I wouldn't have ask you to model for me.
Please, just relax and give me that beautiful smile of
yours. For now that's all you have to do."

Belinda relaxed a little with Lawrence's comforting
words. She flashed him a wonderful smile and he said,
"That's it," as he began snapping pictures again. He
began to move around getting shots at different angles.
Lawrence asked Belinda to follow him with her head. She
was now getting the hang of it. "Now, a big smile," he
said and she complied.

This went on for several minutes as he asked for
different poses and expressions. Belinda appeared to be
doing a fine job for a novice.

He stopped after taking two roles of film and said,
"Now lets get you into a nice evening gown. You're a
size four, correct?"

Belinda nodded but looked a little confused until
Lawrence pointed to the changing room and said, "The
changing room is right over there and the dress is on
the rack. You should find the matching shoes as well."

Belinda disappeared behind the door of the changing

Ten minutes later Belinda reappeared in a stunning
green gown. The gown was cut long with a slit up the
side. Belinda's smooth legs were visible as she walked.
The matching shoes had very high heels, six inches I'd
guess. Belinda appeared to struggle a bit with the
height but she still had a lot of poise and looked
great. The next session was done without the stool.
Lawrence directed Belinda's movements as he took
pictures. Belinda improved with each pose. She seemed
to have a natural talent for modeling. And boy was she

Lawrence stopped after another two roles and said,
"Let's take a break. How about something to drink?"

Belinda flashed that great smile and said, "That would
be great." She added, "How am I doing?"

Lawrence answered quickly, "You're doing fantastic. Are
you sure you haven't done this before?"

Belinda face showed excitement as she answered, "No.
Never." I poured them each a glass of wine. Belinda
took a sip and said, "What's next?"

Lawrence said, "As sexy as you are in that gown, I've
got a dress that I know you'd really be hot in, if your

Belinda nodded tentatively and asked, "Can I see it

Lawrence replied, "Why sure."

He went to the wardrobe and returned after a few
moments holding a black mini-dress of simple design.
Its main features were a very short skirt length and a
low cut neckline with a halter style strap. It appeared
to be made of cotton lycra.

Belinda looked at it and shook her head. She said, "I
don't know. I've never worn anything like that. I can't
imagine what my husband Robert would think if he saw me
in that dress."

Lawrence said, "I'm sure he'd be impressed. Does he
know you're here?"

Belinda replied, "No. I only decided to make the
appointment this morning."

Lawrence smiled at the modest woman and said, "Why
don't you just try it on. Check yourself out in the
mirror and if you feel comfortable then come out and
we'll take some shots. If you're uneasy about the dress
then we can stop."

Belinda frowned at the word 'stop'. She was clearly
enjoying the shoot. Belinda took the dress from
Lawrence. "OK," she said. Her face showed determination
as she headed for the changing room.

A few minutes later Belinda was standing in front of
Lawrence and his camera. She looked hot in the tight
mini-dress and six inch black heels. The dress hugged
her curves and really showed off her perfect ass. She
had obviously removed her bra and her nipples appeared
to be hard. Belinda's blond hair looked wonderful in
contrast to the black dress. As Lawrence took pictures
she swayed and posed like an experienced model. Her
face took on more sultry and sexy expressions. She
obviously was feeling very comfortable in the
outrageously sexy mini-dress. Lawrence asked Belinda to
turn around as he took shots of her profile and
backside. Those C-cup breasts of hers looked large
above her tiny waist. I was amazed at the
transformation Belinda had made. She was definitely
enjoying herself.

Lawrence encouraged and directed Belinda through three
more rolls of film.

Finally, he said, "Lets take a break. You're doing
great, you know?"

Belinda thanked Lawrence and flashed him that killer
smile. That smile coming from Belinda in that sexy
dress caused my groin to tighten up. I suspected that
she was having the same effect on Lawrence.

I refilled their wine glasses and they sipped and
chatted for a time.

Lawrence asked Belinda, "Are you having fun?"

She replied cheerfully, "Oh yes. I never thought that
modeling would be so much fun."

Lawrence continued, "What do you think of that dress?"

Belinda blushed and said, "At first I wasn't sure about
wearing something so revealing, but now I've actually
grown to like it. I feel sexy in this dress."

Lawrence didn't miss an opening like that, "You look
sexy as hell, Belinda."

Belinda dropped her head in modesty.

Lawrence lifted Belinda's chin and smiled at her
bashfulness. He said, "You better get used to the
compliments. You'll be hearing a lot of them if you
continue to model."

Belinda's eyes lit up with excitement, "You mean you
think I can make a career out of modeling?"

Lawrence nodded then said, "It depends on the type of
modeling you want to do. Becoming a fashion model is
very difficult and unfortunately you're a little to
small to do that type of work. There are other types of
modeling if you are up to it."

Belinda said, "I thought you wanted me for fashion
modeling. That's what we've been doing, right?"

Lawrence nodded and continued, "The first few shots
were my way of introducing you to the camera and the
process. When I saw you in that mini-dress I knew you
had a future in lingerie modeling or nude modeling."

Belinda's mouth popped open at Lawrence's words.
Trembling, she said, "I could never do nude modeling.
My husband wouldn't understand."

Lawrence put up his hands to calm Belinda and said,
"Whoa there. You don't have to do anything that you
don't want. I simply feel that you would do very well
in that area of modeling. The money increases the more
you take off and the more sexy you are. As for your
husband, I bet he'd love for his wife to be a

Belinda shook her head and said, "I don't think so."

Lawrence said, "You know, you could make three times
what I'm paying you for this shoot."

Belinda seem to ponder this, "I don't know." She
appeared to be softening.

Lawrence added, "I know you'd be wonderful."

Belinda looked at Lawrence with a sly little smile and
said, "Three times, eh? What would I have to do?"

Lawrence replied, "We'll dress you in lingerie and have
you slowly take it off. With that wholesome face of
yours, cute smile and sexy body, I know you'd melt the

I little giggle escaped from Belinda.

Lawrence really knew how to charm the ladies. In no
time he had her back in front of the camera in a sheer
black bra and panty set, black stockings and a garter
belt. She wore the same black pumps as before.
Belinda's face showed embarrassment, however she looked
hot. Lawrence had placed her on a sofa in front of a
different backdrop and was taking more still shots of

I was manning a video camera. Its purpose was twofold.
Lingerie videos commanded a high price. If Belinda
looked good on the shoot the video could be sold. The
second reason was that Lawrence liked to have a record
of the shoot in case the model claimed some sort of
sexual harassment. Lawrence had been burned before.

Lawrence directed Belinda to move about on the sofa
giving us different views of her body. Her
embarrassment was gone now. She was moving like a cat
now with an alluring look on her face. Belinda may have
been a novice at modeling but I could tell that she
knew how to get a man interested in her. She seemed to
be mastering the art of modeling quickly.

Lawrence asked Belinda to slowly take off her bra. I
thought she might balk at the request. Instead, she
slowly and seductively removed her bra exposing a pair
of the best tits I had ever seen. She squeezed them and
pinched her nipples causing them to stand out. She got
on her hands and knees and lowered her breasts to the
cushions and began to slowly rub her nipples on the
fabric. Belinda's mouth opened as she experienced the
sensations of the material rubbing against her nipples.
She was obviously getting turned on.

Next, Lawrence asked her to remove her panties. Belinda
got off the sofa and stood facing away from the camera.
She turned her head and looked seductively into the
camera as she lowered her panties slowly to the floor.
Her cute natural blond beaver peeked out from between
her ass cheeks. Then, with a modest look she seated
herself on the sofa, very lady-like with her legs
together. Her look of innocence gradually transformed
into lust as she licked her lips and parted her legs.
Her right hand slowly slid down her belly and stopped
at her clit.

Lawrence and I kept shooting the sexy Belinda. She
didn't disappoint. She lounged and rolled around on the
sofa giving a detailed tour of her incredibly hot and
sexy body to the cameras. I was in awe of the
transformation she had made from sweet and shy
housewife to lusty sex bomb. I don't know if it was
Lawrence's looks and manor or if it was the wine. It
might have been the money. In any case Belinda had
become one hot lady.

When the shoot was over, Lawrence praised Belinda for
her looks and her effort. He also was amazed at her

Finally he said, "I have a project that you would be
great for. Are you game?"

Belinda's face broke into a big grin as she said, "I
sure am. What is it?"

Lawrence answered, "I'm shooting a series with a man
and a women for a popular men's magazine based over

Belinda's look became wary. Lawrence added, "Before you
turn me down, let me say that if you are ever
uncomfortable on my shoots simply let me know. You are
too valuable to me. I want you to feel comfortable.
This shoot will simply be poses. There is no sex
involved if that's what you're concerned about."

Belinda said, "Its just that I don't know what to say
to my husband."

Lawrence returned, "Invite him along. I bet he will
love it."

Belinda said, "I'll think about it."

Lawrence said, "Don't think too long. The shoot will be
a week from tomorrow. Let me know, soon."

A week later Belinda was back. Shortly after arriving
she began quizzing Lawrence about what was going to
happen on the shoot. He said, "John will be here
anytime. I know you'll like him. We'll start with you
two fully clothed. Next, John will undress you. Then,
you will undress him. Finally, I will pose the two of
you together. Bye the way, where is your husband,

Belinda showed guilt as she said, "I didn't have the
nerve to tell him yet."

Lawrence said, "I think you would be better off telling

Belinda said, "I know. I will soon."

Lawrence brightened a bit and said, "Tammy did a first
class job on your hair and make-up."

Belinda beamed. She did look great. It appeared that
she had lightened her hair. It was no longer a dark
blond. Belinda's hair was bright and shiny and her
makeup made her look classy and very sexy. She again
wore the same black mini-dress and black six inch
heels. She also had on the black stockings and the
garter belt was barely visible at the hem of her skirt.
She looked like a high class call girl.

John arrived and introductions were made. Belinda
surveyed John with a sexy smile. There was definitely a
twinkle in her eye. John was tall and built like a
weight lifter. He took Belinda's tiny hand in his big
paw and bent to kiss it. Belinda blushed slightly.

John said, "Lawrence, you have out done yourself.
Belinda is a knock-out."

Lawrence piped in, "Don't you think she looks fabulous
with that platinum blond hair?"

John answered, "Just fabulous. I love a woman with
light blond hair and sparkling blue eyes." John looked
Belinda up and down and added, "And what beautiful
curves. I think we'll be selling a lot of magazines."

Belinda squirmed a bit with all the praise, obviously
not used to it. Finally she said, "You fellows are
embarrassing me with all the lovely compliments."

John said, "Well deserved, Belinda."

Lawrence gestured to the set and Belinda led the way.
We all craned our necks to get a good look at her back
side as she strutted along. That short skirt barely
covered her ass.

Lawrence began the shoot by posing John and Belinda in
each others' arms.

If not for the six inch heels, John would have towered
over Belinda. Lawrence asked John to nibble on
Belinda's neck. Belinda had her arms around John's neck
and he held her by her tiny waist. Belinda tilted her
head back to allow John access to her neck and
shoulder. John kissed Belinda's neck causing her to
close her eyes. She melted into his embrace, pressing
her breasts into his torso. I suspected that Belinda
was a very passionate woman after seeing her previous
nude shoot and the early stages of this one.

Nature seemed to take its course as John and Belinda
acted like a typical romantic couple. There was no need
for direction. Lawrence snapped away as John continued
to work on Belinda's neck and shoulders. Belinda began
to kiss John's ear and cheek as he nuzzled her neck.
John worked his way up to Belinda's ear and cheek as
well. It was inevitable that the couple would work
their lips together in a passionate kiss.

John seemed to handle the situation calmly. Belinda
began to press her body harder into John's as her
breathing grew to near gasps. This was one hot lady. I
wondered if she was getting enough from her husband.
She seemed loyal enough to him with her stated concern
of what he would think about her new modeling career.
Now Belinda was kissing a stranger passionately. Maybe
she rationalized it as being part of her job.

John finally broke the kiss clearly disappointing
Belinda. She started to reinitiate the kiss but was
interrupted by Lawrence. He said, "Belinda, lets have
John remove your clothes."

Belinda was flustered but she smiled at what was to
come. John started by turning Belinda around and
unsnapping the halter strap. Belinda leaned back into
John's arms. Her hands found his and pulled them around
her waist. Belinda then reached back with her hands and
caressed both of John's thighs. John moved his hands up
Belinda's waist and cupped her tits. She closed her
eyes and rested her head on John's shoulders. Had
Belinda done this to me, I would have taken it as a
sign of surrender to my sexual needs. Either she was a
good actress or she was horny as hell. Through it all
Lawrence kept taking pictures.

John eased the halter off Belinda's breasts and let the
top fall to her waist. Before he pushed the dress to
the floor he squeezed Belinda's tits and pulled on her
nipples. She moaned at his touch. John reluctantly let
his hands fall to Belinda's waist. He grabbed her dress
and pushed it over her perfect hips. It fell to the
floor revealing that Belinda wore no panties. Her wispy
blond pubic hair framed her pink and perfect slit. She
was noticeably wet. Lawrence seemed very pleased with
the shoot so far. So did John. I noticed that a nice
bulge was forming in his pants. Belinda noticed as well
and seemed anxious to get a better look at it. She
would soon get her wish.

Belinda began to remove John's Tuxedo as Lawrence
resumed taking pictures. She seemed to be perfectly
comfortable standing naked only inches away from this
stranger. Belinda's breathing seemed to get faster as
she removed John's shirt and pants. John's body was
very muscular. He was obviously a body builder.
Belinda's appreciative glances at John's body showed
more than a professional interest. Her nipples were
rock hard. Belinda's gaze lingered on the sizable bulge
in John's briefs. John was equally appraising Belinda's
naked body as she stripped him down.

Belinda's eyes almost popped out of her head when she
slowly removed John's briefs. She stared in awe at the
massive tool dangling in front of her face.

Lawrence broke her trance when he said, "Belinda,
please lie on the sofa. John, I want you to put your
head next to Belinda's pussy and stick your tongue out
like you're about to lick her."

The couple complied with Lawrence's requests. They were
becoming more excited with each new pose. It was no
wonder. They were naked and pretending to have sex. The
sexual tension was growing thicker and thicker. I'm
sure that Lawrence's photos would show the sexual heat.

I thought for a moment that Belinda was going to suck
on John's cock as she held it close to her mouth. She
showed remarkable restraint. John was having a hard
time as well with his rock hard 10 inch cock poised an
inch from Belinda's pink pussy lips. They held that
position for some time as Lawrence took several shots.
The couple looked longingly into each others' eyes.
Belinda's eyes seem to be pleading for John to ram his
hard cock into her pussy. John appeared to be straining
to avoid her pleas. It was no use.

Suddenly all hell broke loose. John plunged his cock
into Belinda's opening.

Belinda screamed, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!"

John began to bang Belinda with all his considerable
strength. Belinda climaxed immediately and continue to
orgasm as he pumped her. Lawrence didn't miss a beat.
He continued to take pictures as if the whole thing was
planned. I half suspected that he knew that this would

The couple joined lips as passionately as their
genitals had joined. It was one of the hottest fuck
sessions that I had ever seen. After five minutes of
missionary sex, John lifter Belinda up with her still
impaled on his cock and sat down. Now Belinda had her
turn at fucking. She didn't disappoint. She rode John
like she was riding an untamed horse. I was amazed that
her small body could absorb every inch of John's cock.
She took it full on each downward thrust.

Lawrence continued to record the action with his
camera. It seemed as though he was taking fewer
pictures now and watching more. Evidently, this scene
was getting to him. Suddenly, he put his camera down
and unzipped his pants. He fished out a hard cock that
rivaled John's for length and girth. He quickly moved
over to the sofa and knelt down next to the thrashing
couple. It was a testament to John's staying power that
he hadn't cum yet. Belinda's pussy was working his cock
for all it was worth. Belinda noticed that Lawrence had
joined the action and fixed her eyes on his thick cock.
He offered it to her and she immediately took it into
her mouth.

I reflected on the situation. Here was Belinda, a
married woman, having sex with two men other than her
husband without his knowledge. She was obviously having
the fuck of her life. I have rarely seen a women as
wanton and animal-like as sweet Belinda was with these
two men. And to think, I had pegged her as a shy and
reserved housewife. I was tempted to join them but I
didn't want to risk my job.

They continued to fuck for several minutes. Lawrence
must have been very excited because he was making
sounds like he was about to cum.

Belinda took a moment to say, "Cum in my mouth,
Lawrence, I want to eat it."

Right on que, Lawrence's first shot went straight into
Belinda's mouth. She latched onto the head of his cock
and took the rest of his load, swallowing the whole
slimy mess.

John had more control than Lawrence. He was a
profession porn star and could control himself better.
The determination on his face said, "You're not going
to out fuck me, woman."

John lifted Belinda off and put her on her hands and
knees. He re-entered her pussy and began to slam her
against the back of the sofa. He was grunting and she
was moaning loudly. Every two or three minutes Belinda
would cum again. A noticeable wet spot had formed on
the sofa cushion below her pussy. The sweet little
Belinda took everything John could give her. She was

Finally, John had had enough. Belinda was too much for
him. He yelled, "I'm cumming!"

Belinda pulled off him and sat on the sofa. She looked
into John's eyes and said, "Cum on my face, Baby."

John complied. It was like a run away fire hose.
Belinda face was painted in white stripes. When John's
fire hose was reduced to a dribble, Belinda took his
cock into her mouth and sucked him dry and cleaned him
off. Once her cleaning task was complete, she leaned
back on the sofa and began to feast on the cum covering
her face like it was candy. I noticed that Lawrence was
back manning the camera. I'm sure he had some great

Now that the action was over, Belinda seem subdued.

John said, "Belinda, you are one hell of a hot woman."

Belinda smiled at John's words but was quiet. John
dressed, collected his payment and left.

Lawrence sat next to Belinda and said, "You are one of
the most exciting women I have ever seen. You're a
natural for porn. I know you probably didn't expect the
sex to happen, but you should realize that you're

Belinda looked up at Lawrence and with tears in her
eyes said, "What about my husband, Robert. I love him
dearly and now I've cheated on him. How will I tell

Lawrence tried to comfort Belinda with an arm around
her shoulders. He said, "Belinda, I know you're
bothered about Robert. You'll just have to tell him the
truth. Tell me this. Did you enjoy yourself?"

Without hesitation, Belinda said, "Oh, yes. That's what
worries me. I wanted to get fucked by John." She added,
"I realized when I had both of you that I was acting
like a slut. Only sluts fuck two guys at the same time,
but I didn't care. Its all that I wanted at that
moment. The thing that worries me is that I want more."

Lawrence hugged the distraught woman in his arms. He
tried to comfort her by saying, "If you want more then
go get it. You have to be true to yourself. Talk about
this with Robert. If you decide that you want to
continue modeling and maybe try your hand at adult
films then give me a call."

She left a troubled woman. I didn't think I would see
her back.

Four months later I got a call from Lawrence asking if
I wanted to do some video camera work for a XXX video
vignette. I jumped at the chance. The work I had been
doing at that time was rather dull and I needed a break
from it. When I arrived at Lawrence's place I was
surprised to hear that the female in the video would be
Belinda. We gathered the equipment needed for the shoot
and headed next door where Lawrence lived. It was an
adjacent store front that he had converted into a
lavish apartment. The shoot was to take place in his
bedroom. We set up the cameras in front of the rather
large comfortable looking bed.

A knock at the door signaled the arrival, I hoped, of
Belinda. Lawrence opened the door and Belinda greeted
him. I couldn't wait to see the sexy Belinda in action
again. I was stunned when I saw her. Belinda was
wearing a red mini-dress not unlike the black one in
the previous shoots except that this dress was made out
of rubber. Another thing that caught my eye was
Belinda's breasts. They were larger by at least a cup
size. On her slender frame they looked enormous. The
dress was cut low exposing at great deal of breast
flesh and a tremendous cleavage. The dress was also cut
low in the back. So much so that Belinda's ass cheeks
formed a nice cleavage of their own. Belinda wore black
fishnet thigh high stockings and six inch red pumps.
Around her waist was a shiny black belt two inches
wide. Her beautiful silky platinum blond hair framed
her face and sparkling blue eyes. Her makeup was
applied heavily. Her lips looked fuller with the bright
red lipstick she was wearing. The blush made her cheeks
stand out. B
elinda wore long eyelashes and her eye shadow was
elaborately multicolored. She had 'Fuck Me Silly'
written all over her.

Lawrence asked Belinda, "Did you go out of the house
like that?"

She replied, "Yes, but I dressed after Robert left."

Lawrence said, "When are you going to tell Robert?"

Belinda looked down and formed a frown on her face.

Lawrence continued, "You know you have to tell him.
What did he say when he saw your new breasts?"

Belinda looked up and said, "He was surprised. He was a
little upset that I didn't consult him about it, but he
likes the way I look. I just couldn't tell him that his
wife was a porn actress."

Lawrence said, "He's going to find out, you know."

Belinda nodded.

Lawrence brightened his tone as he said, "Well enough
about Robert. Are you ready to get fucked?"

Belinda's frown turned into a sly grin and she said,
"I'm dying to get fucked."

Lawrence shook his head in disbelief and said, "I've
never seen a woman take to raunchy sex like you have."

Belinda laughed sexily and said, "What can I say. I'm a
natural born slut.

It took you to bring me out of my shell. You've fucking
corrupted me."

Lawrence shot back, "Oh no, I never made you do
anything that you did not want to do."

Belinda laughed at Lawrence's defensiveness.

Belinda asked, "Whose going to fuck me today boss?"

Lawrence answered, "Today I have three studs for you."

Belinda said excitedly, "That's great. I love it when
I'm fucked in all my holes.

It was Lawrence's turn to laugh. He said, "With these
three you'll likely have three feet of cock at your
disposal. Do you think you'll find a way to dispose of
all that cock?"

Belinda groaned and said, "I think my cunt, ass and
mouth know just what to do."

Soon, Belinda's three gentlemen arrived and were made
up for the shoot. Belinda and Lawrence had already
worked out the details of the scene. When everyone was
set, we rolled cameras and Belinda went to work. The
action started as Belinda lit up a cigarette and took a
couple of deep pulls on it, her chest expanding as she
inhaled. She exhaled slowly through her bright red
lips. The butt of the cigarette was now bright red as

She showed her three friends into the bedroom and said,
"I think that you fellows will be more comfortable in
the bedroom.

She gestured for them to sit on the bed. As they became
comfortable, Belinda crushed out her cigarette in an
ashtray and began to do a sexy strip tease for the men.

Belinda danced seductively for a few moments, running
her hands over her tits and ass. She taunted them with
sexy talk, "Would you fellows like to see my tits?" She
added, "How about my cunt?"

The men smiled knowing that she would take the dress
off regardless of whether they answered her questions.
Belinda removed the belt and slowly began to peel out
of the skin tight rubber dress. She stopped to pinch
her nipples, cooing at the sensations. Her mouth pouted
as she pushed the tight dress over her hips exposing
her bald pussy. She obviously knew what she was doing.
I suspected that she had been doing porn steadily since
her second modeling shoot.

Once naked she began to knead her tits and rub her
clit. The three men took the hint and began to get
undressed. Three very large and thick cocks greeted
Belinda. Her eyes were loaded with lust at the sight.
Belinda's index finger moved from her clit to her
opening and slipped in. She pushed the digit in as far
as it would go and then out again. I was amazed that
she could finger herself without causing serious
damage. Her finger nails were bright red and had to be
an inch and a half long. She continued to fuck her cunt
with one hand while pulling on her nipples with the

As the men stroked there cocks, Belinda continue her
show. She now had three fingers buried in her cunt and
had move her other hand to her ass. She had one finger
buried there. The stimulation she was giving herself
caused her breathing to intensify. She moaned with the

Her breathy voice asked, "You fellows like to see me
fuck myself with my fingers?"

Belinda now had four fingers in her cunt. She moved to
the side of bed and said, "I think I could use some

Belinda's fingers were quickly replaced by large male
fingers. The stud started with three fingers and began
a vigorous finger fuck. The other two studs got up from
the bed and began to work on Belinda's big tits. Her
new breasts loomed large over her small torso. They
stood out proudly, obviously enhanced. Belinda had
transformed both physically and mentally from a sweet
young attractive woman to a female sex machine. Her
whole purpose in life now seemed to be fucking. Her
body and manner had been designed for the sole purpose
of exciting men.

Belinda was now thrashing around on the hand working
her cunt and screaming, "Oh yeah, fuck my cunt with
your hand."

The stud now had four fingers in her and was working on
getting his thumb in her. He lifted her off the ground
to get a better angle. His other hand supported her
ass. Belinda placed her legs on the bed on either side
of the man. Both studs working on her tits support her
back. Belinda continued to thrash. The hands on her
nipples kept her from moving too much as they held her
in place. Her tits were being stretched and deformed as
she thrashed from side to side on the hand in her
pussy. The man had succeeded in getting his thumb
inside Belinda and was now fisting her savagely. He
also managed to get three fingers into her asshole.
Belinda began shrieking as an orgasm overtook her.

I had never seen anything like it. I was convinced that
Belinda would be injured. She had a rather large hand
in her pussy and her nipples were being stretched to
the point of being torn off. Tears were leaking from
her heavily made up eyes. I suddenly noticed that while
Belinda was being manhandled she had both hands on the
cocks of the men supporting her back. She was stroking
them expertly despite the overwhelming stimulation she
was getting. What a professional this woman was.

After a few minutes of this seeming torture, the stud
pulled his hand out of Belinda's cunt and let her sit
in his lap. The other two men finally let her nipples
go. They were very red and I wondered if they would be
bruised. Belinda began to come down off her high of
continuous orgasms.

She looked at the man in front of her and said
hoarsely, "I just love a good fisting. I think you've
loosened me up now for that fucking log between your

Without hesitation the stud pulled her onto his cock
and began to ram her pussy again. I had done a few of
these porn videos before but I had never seen action
like this before. This woman was the hottest thing I
had ever seen. I guess Lawrence was right when he
picked Belinda out of the crowd.

The stud in Belinda's pussy was now on his back as she
rode his monster cock. The other two studs didn't just
stand around. One of them lubed up his twelve inch cock
and eased it into Belinda's ass. The last man fed her
his cock which she easily deep-throated. Belinda now
had all three holes plugged just as she had hoped. The
fucking was just as furious as the preliminaries were.
Belinda's muffled screams could be heard as the cock
pistoned her mouth. I had seen triple penetrations
before but had never seen one as coordinated as this
one. Belinda was expert at getting everyone in sync. It
was, in a way, as graceful as a ballet.

After a good fifteen minutes of this action, Lawrence
signaled the men to cum. As had been prearranged, the
man in Belinda's mouth would come first. The man in her
ass would come next and finally the man in her cunt
would blow his load. On cue the stud getting the blow
job pulled out and erupted into Belinda's mouth. She
caught every single string of thick white sperm. She
let some of it ooze out of her mouth. Belinda slurped
it up before any of it could drip on the man beneath

Once we had good coverage of the first money shot, the
second man pulled out of Belinda's ass, knelt on the
bed and put the head of his cock on Belinda's tongue.
Quickly he filled her mouth up. She looked right into
my camera and wiggled her tongue around in the pool of
goo. She let some of the froth escape to her chin.
Belinda quickly reclaimed the dribble and swallowed the
whole load. I got a great shot of the lump in her
throat as it went down. She finished the shot by
licking the man clean, her eyes never looking away from
my camera. I thought I might shoot my own load after
that scene. I think Belinda new it as well.

Belinda turned her attention to the guy pounding her
pussy. She began to fuck him with long strokes. Her ass
would come way off the bed then slam down on the guys'
legs. I knew he couldn't last long like that. Sure
enough, after about five minutes, he began to moan
loudly. Belinda scrambled off the cock and went down on
it. She took the thirteen inches to the hilt in one
try. The stud unloaded. Belinda let some of his cum go
straight to her belly. She pulled back and let the last
few squirts shoot into her mouth then drool out of her
mouth and onto her tits.

When the flow had subsided she cleaned the guys cock
real good and then looked into my camera again and
seductively kissed the head of his cock gently. It was
very tender. It was as if she was making love to his
cock head, all the while looking me or my camera in the
eye. After this mini love scene, she scooped the cum
off her tits and licked her fingers as though she was
licking left over cake icing. I almost blew my load. I
know my pants were wet with pre-cum. I wondered if it

Belinda smiled at me and my camera and said, "How's
that fellows?"

The shoot was over and I was glad. I know I couldn't
have taken another minute of that hot woman. Belinda
continued to sneak glances at me as she got off the bed
and collected her dress. I wondered why she was looking
at me. After she had freshened up she talked to
Lawrence for a while then she approached me now dressed
in her red dress. She did have the wild look of a just
fucked woman. Still, it was hard to believe the fucking
that she had just taken. I was in awe of her. To me she
was a goddess. I think it showed on my face.

I complimented Belinda on the wild and wonderful

She smiled and said, "Why, thank you kind sir. I
thought you looked like you enjoyed watching me getting

I said, "You have no idea how much."

Belinda's sly look moved to my crotch. She said, "Oh, I
think I know."

With that she slowly moved her fingers across the lump
in my pants. For the third time I though I was going to
blow. I could feel the blood move through my body. It
was all I could do to keep from attacking Belinda.

She looked into my eyes and said, "Would you like to
fuck me?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and croaked, "More
than anything in the world!"

Belinda smiled at me with those crystal blues of hers
and said, "First, you have to take me to dinner."

"Gladly," I replied.

Ten minutes later we were walking down the street to an
Italian restaurant. The feeling of walking beside this
sex goddess was indescribable. Every man we passed got
a good look and Belinda. She loved it. I never saw so
much rubber-necking.

I asked, "Does all this attention ever bother you?"

"No, never," she replied.

I continued, "The way you dress, I would be concerned
about someone attacking you and forcing you to have

I was astonished when she said, "Its happened. I just
fuck them. They don't have to force me."

Still in shock I asked, "You just fuck anyone?"

"Sure," she said, "Just watch." With that she grabbed
the first man that we passed.

Belinda rubbed her big tits into the surprised young
man's arm and said, "Sir, I really need to be fucked."

She pulled the man into an alley and behind a trash
receptacle. The young man was so stunned that he just
let her unzip his pants and pull out his cock. She
began sucking it and in no time he was hard. Belinda
pulled the hem of her skirt to her waist and turned to
offer her pussy.

She said, "Use either hole you like. I prefer to get
fucked in the ass, but its your choice."

The man chose her ass and impaled her.

Belinda started moaning instantly. I was glad that the
streets were noisy. Her noises could attract a lot of
attention. I suspected that Belinda didn't care about
that, though. The young man was now pounding her pretty
well. He was rather short and Belinda had to keep her
legs spread widely to line up with his cock. It was
then that I noticed something on her ankle. I moved
closer to get a good look. Belinda had a tattoo above
her ankle. It was the word "SLUT" decorated with black
and red roses.

This was too much for me. I couldn't wait until after
dinner. I moved around in front of Belinda and unzipped
my pants and fished out my hard cock. I offered it to
Belinda and she sucked it down her throat. I couldn't
believe how great it felt. I was amazed that Belinda
could give me the attention she was giving while
another cock was working her ass. She had excellent
concentration. I know she had to be flying high with
that cock in her ass. After five minutes of the best
blow job that I had ever had, I filled her mouth. I
never saw my sperm. Belinda vacuumed it out of me and
swallowed it. When the fellow fucking her ass started
moaning, she pulled off him and gave him the same
treatment. Once again, I was in awe.

Belinda thanked the stranger and straighten her dress.
As we resumed our walk to dinner I asked, "Do you do
that often?"

"Once a week, I guess," was her reply.

I just shook my head, and said, "That was the best blow
job I have ever had."

She smiled and I caught a glimpse of the old Belinda.
It was a sweet shy expression that showed me that
although she acted aggressive sometimes, she was still
a sweet and wonderful girl. "What a great combination,"
I thought.

She said, "Thanks. I love to make men feel good. Its
what I love the most."

We entered the restaurant and were seated immediately.
Its amazing what people do for a hot looking lady. We
ordered and then began to chat like old friends.
Belinda was one of the nicest women I had ever talked
to. I asked her about her husband.

She said, "He's just wonderful to me. I love him very

I asked, "What about your career and little incidents
like the one in the alley?"

She lowered her head and I was instantly sorry I had
upset her. Belinda raised her head and said, "That's my
problem. I have to tell my husband about my new life. I
want very much to stay with him but I've changed. I'm a
cunt slut now and I don't want to change that. I have
to get fucked good and hard and often by many different

I'm sure Belinda could see the concern in my face.

She continued, "I don't want to burden you with my
problems, but perhaps you could help me."

"I'll do anything for you Belinda," I replied quickly.

She said, "I've heard that you do a little writing."

I nodded.

Belinda continued, "I want you to write a story about
my new life for my husband. I've never been able to
tell him face to face."

I said, "I would be happy to do that. What would you
like me to cover?"

She replied, "Start with my first two visits to see
Lawrence and include what's happened and will happen

Puzzled I asked, "What will happen today?"

Belinda flashed me a lusty smile and said, "After
dinner I have to do a bachelor party. After that, I
will spend the night with you and fuck you silly."

"A bachelor party," I asked?

She answered, "I dance, do a strip tease and fuck all
the guys. I get paid well."

I nodded, "I'll bet. What about your husband? Won't he
miss you tonight?"

"I told him I would be visiting my mother," she

We finished eating then headed back to Lawrence's place
to pick up Belinda's bag. She kept her boom box and
other items in it for bachelor parties. I volunteer to
be her chaperone and drive her to the party. She
thanked me and called her usual chaperone to cancel.
Before we left for the party, Belinda changed into a
new outfit. I was surprised when she did the changing
in front of Lawrence and me in his kitchen. She put on
a matching red pair of rubber hot-pants and half top.
What an outfit. The top was skintight and left her
areolaes slightly exposed and her nipples barely
covered. Her tits looked like they might bust out at
any minute. Belinda put on a different pair of fishnet
stockings that gripped her ass cheeks. I had never seen
a pair like them. The shorts covered the "V" in front
and back left uncovered by the stockings. The strip of
material between her legs was only an inch wide. The
outer folds of her pussy were clearly visible between
the stockings and shorts.

On the way to the party Belinda asked me to stop at a
drug store. I asked, "You're going into public dressed
like that?"

Her exasperated smile indicated her frustration with my
attitude. "Sure!

Why not," she said? "I do it all the time," she added.

"I'm going with you," I demanded.

"You don't have to," she returned.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world," I said.

Inside the drug store, the scene was similar to the
street. People were gawking at Belinda. She picked up
some lubricant and other sexual aids. A middle aged man
boldly ran his hand over Belinda's ass. She turned to
face him and spread her legs in invitation. He didn't
hesitate to put his finger under her shorts and into
her cunt. She pressed her tits into his body and kissed
him while he tickled her clit. Suddenly, I heard a
dripping sound. I looked down and was shocked to see
liquid pouring from between Belinda and the man. Most
of it was soaking into the man's pants. I realized then
that Belinda was pissing on the man. Finally, the man
realized what was happening and back away in shock.
Belinda turned and headed for the checkout. I followed
grinning at the man who was shocked speechless.

Back in the car I asked Belinda why she pissed on the
man. She said, "I didn't like him, he smelled bad."

I laughed all the way to the party. We arrived at the
residence of the best man and knocked at the front
door. A man answered and dropped his jaw at the sight
of Belinda. I think he expected her to be wearing a
coat or something to cover up. He finally collected
himself and invited us in. The best man introduced us
to the groom and eleven other fellows. Belinda took the
groom's hands and placed them on her ass. She then
leaned into him and kissed him hard, swapping tongues
and licking lips. The groom was busy squeezing
Belinda's firm ass. Her hands were rubbing the bulge in
his pants. Finally, Belinda broke the kiss and led the
groom to a large easy chair. She made the rounds
kissing every man in the room. Everyone got a good feel
of her.

Belinda made her way to the center of the house's main
room. She addressed the crowd, "Are you fellows ready
to see me get naked?"

A loud group of shouts affirmed the wishes of the men.

Belinda continued, "I recently had my tits enlarged
just so you fellows would have more to play with. Do
you want to see them?"

Again the shouts.

Slowly Belinda gave a peek of her nipples to the crowd
of men. They groaned at the sight. Belinda turned on
her boom box and began to strut to the hard rock music.
She squeezed her melons together in offering to the
crowd. They were mesmerized. Belinda finally ended the
torture by pulling the top over her head. Her implant
firm tits jiggled a little but stopped quickly like a
firm set of auto shock absorbers. The massive breasts
stood out firm on Belinda's small frame.

As she continued to dance, Belinda said, "Would you
boys like to see my cunt?"

More shouts were heard.

She teased for a while pulling the shorts down a little
then pulling them up. Every man now sported a tent in
his pants. Finally, Belinda pulled off her shorts
exposing her bald cunt for everyone to see. I could
tell that the men were anxious to take Belinda and fuck
the shit out her. They would, soon enough.

Belinda turned off the boom box and again addressed the
crowd. She said, "How would you fellows like to fuck

They shouted "yes" in near unison. They were getting

Belinda said, "Good. Now let me tell you the rules.
There is only one. Before I mention it let me say that
I am here to please each and every one of you. I have
prepared my body for one thing, sex. I am a slut and
whore. My sole purpose in life is to get fucked as much
as possible. The rule is that every man in this room
should treat me like a cunt, a piece of meat. Use me
hard. Use every hole in my body. Fuck me hard. No
gentle caressing love making. I want to be fucked of
within an inch of my life. Do you understand?"

Everyone was speechless. Belinda's rule went against
everything that society had taught about how men should
treat a woman.

Belinda repeated, "Do you understand?"

Finally the men acknowledged Belinda's rule.

Without hesitation Belinda approached the groom and
removed his pants. A nice 9 inch cock greeted Belinda.
She immediately impaled herself on the shaft and began
to ride the groom hard. The other men were undressing
now. The first to finish offered his cock to Belinda.
She began an enthusiast blow job. Another fellow lubed
up his cock and plugged Belinda's ass. They fucked for
several minutes before the groom exploded into
Belinda's cunt. She continued to ride him as the other
men fucked her ass and face. The groom stayed hard and
began fucking her cunt in earnest once again. The cock
in Belinda's mouth now shot off followed soon by the
one in her ass. The groom was still pounding Belinda's
pussy as another two men filled her vacant holes.
Belinda was at this point cumming continuously. Her
screams and moans could be heard in muffled form around
the various cocks that occupied her mouth. I could tell
that she loved her work.

Belinda took on three more pairs of men before the
groom final blew his second load. She got off and spit
shinned the grooms shrinking cock. Cum was leaking from
her cunt and ass and her chin was covered with white
sticky goo. Belinda moved to the floor and called for
some pillows. She placed them under her ass and told
the boys to line up. One by one they savagely fucked
her in the cunt and ass, alternating holes.

Belinda cheered the men on by saying things like, "Fuck
my cunt with your hard cock. Flood my whore ass with
your juice."

She had several orgasms during the session. After
thirteen men she was full of sperm. Her elevated ass
kept the fluid from running out. While the men rested,
she asked the best man to bring her a large sized bowl.
He returned in a moment with the bowl. The next act was
one of the nastiest things I had ever seen.

Belinda put the bowl under her ass and removed the
pillows. She sat up on the bowl and put her legs on
either side of the bowl. On her knees now, Belinda
raised her ass off the bowl so that the men could see
the globs of cum dripping from her ass and cunt into
the bowl. Belinda sucked a half dozen cocks hard while
the strings and globs filled the bowl. After the flow
subsided, Belinda pulled the bowl out and examined the
contents. She smiled and licked her lips in
satisfaction. She put the bowl on the floor in front of
her and crawled up to it like a dog approaches his
dinner. As we all watched, she put her head into the
bowl and began to slurp the contents. After two minutes
she raised her head and the bowl had been licked clean.
Belinda's face, however, was covered with remnants of
the bowl's contents. She spent a minute or so
collecting the stray juices and feeding them to her
mouth. Everyone looked on with awe. It was too much for
one fellow. He headed for the bathroom.

Several of the men left after that. Belinda had shocked
them, thoroughly. About seven remained. Belinda wasn't
finished yet. She put on a show with a huge rubber
dildo about three inches in diameter and fourteen
inches long. She fucked her ass and cunt with it for a
few minutes and then asked the men to jack off into her
gaping cunt and ass. It was like target practice. The
men tried to hit the bull's eye. Many got their cum to
hit dead center in Belinda's cunt and ass. She again
had a messy pair of holes. She did the bowl trick
again. By now the men were all fucked out.

Belinda tried to get the men to fuck her again, but
they politely refused. One fellow said that he had to
piss badly. Before he knew what happened Belinda was on
her knees in front of him begging him to piss in her
mouth. Again I was shocked. The guy obliged her. She
took his soft cock into her mouth and soon she was
swallowing his piss. I couldn't believe that this nice
and attractive woman would perform acts this lewd and
crude. Belinda had an orgasm while taking the load of
piss. Three more guys had to go as well. She took them
all on. It was incredible.

It had taken only two hours. I thought back to my
recollections of Belinda that very morning. I
remembered her from the first two shoots as a sweet
attractive shy woman who was worried about what her
husband would think of her new career. I remember her
mostly that way although I did watch her fuck Lawrence
and John with a passion few women have. After four
months I guess the natural extension of that behavior
is what I saw at the shoot and then at the bachelor
party. Man, what a slut.

Belinda was paid and we left. On the way to my place I
said, "Belinda, I had no idea how nasty you were. That
was incredible. I've never seen one woman give so much
pleasure to that many men."

It was late and I couldn't see her face in the dark but
I knew by her voice that the old Belinda was speaking,
"I guess I get pretty carried away. I hope you don't
hate me."

I said, "On the contrary. I think you're just

Belinda replied, "Thanks. For that you'll get a reward
tonight." "I can't wait," I replied.

We arrived at my house and Belinda immediately hit the
shower. She wanted to clean the results of her bachelor
party off so that she would be fresh for me. I was
touched. This woman was definitely a man's dream. I
crawled into bed and waited for the night of my life.
Thirty minutes later Belinda walked into the bedroom
and paused so that I could feast my eyes on her.

Belinda was wearing a black leather bra and panty set
with black shear stockings and a garter belt. She wore
black six inch pumps. Her hair was wet and combed
straight back on the top and sides. She had reapplied
her make up and wore bright red lipstick. She was the
most beautiful and sexy creature I had ever seen.

Belinda walked over to the side of the bed and crawled
onto the bed and straddled my waist. "Do you like," was
all that she said?

"I'm in heaven," was my response.

She leaned down and kissed me softly.

For the next thirty minutes she kissed and licked ever
inch of my body. She lingered on my asshole and cock. I
had my first orgasm by her expert mouth. She gazed into
my eyes with a look of total devotion as my cum dripped
out of her mouth and around my cock. She slowly licked
up every bit of cum, never taking her eyes from mine.
It was complete surrender. I knew she would do anything
for me. She continued to make love to my cock, getting
me ready again. Gone was the "Fuck me hard" attitude.
She was making passionate love to me and only me. I was
wondering how I could ever let her go. She was the
perfect woman, but she was married.

I put those thoughts out of my mind as we made gentle
passionate love. After we both orgasmed, Belinda
snuggled against my chest. Her body was warm and soft
and made me feel like the most important man in the
world. After resting we would make love again. Each
time it was different.

Belinda was an extremely talented lover. I had never
climaxed this much. She had a way of making me want
more and more and my body responded. It was magic. She
was magic. We made tender love until ten the next

Belinda got out of bed first. I was exhausted. I
couldn't believe it when she cheerfully and
energetically got up and offered to make breakfast.

I said, "You've been up for over 24 hours, have
performed miraculously in a porn video, fucked a
stranger in an alley, took on thirteen men at a
bachelor and made beautiful love to me for the rest of
the night and you now want to make breakfast for me?"

Belinda smiled cheerfully and said, "That's right."

I shook my head and said, "I don't believe you."

Belinda cupped my face and kissed me. She said, "I love
men and I love to make them feel good. Its all I want
to do."

With that she bounced out of the bedroom naked and
headed for the kitchen.

I was in awe again but I was dead tired. I fell asleep.

Belinda woke me a short time later with a tray full of
wonderful smelling food. I may have been tired but I
was hungry. I ate quickly. When I was finished, Belinda
took the tray to the kitchen and returned. Before I
could say anything she was sucking on my cock again. To
my surprise I responded yet again. We fucked for
another hour. I couldn't believe that I had the
strength. It must have been this woman. She inspired me
to do superhuman things. The last fifteen minutes were
rough. Belinda wanted to end our time together with a
rush. I pounded her as hard as I could and she pounded
back. We finished with simultaneous orgasms. It was

Belinda thanked me for the wonderful time and I told
her that if things didn't work out with Robert that she
could live with me. She smiled and told me that she
would like that. I wasn't sure if she was being nice or
if she was serious. All I knew was that I was in love
with her and I would have gladly married her if I had
the chance. I know that she would never be content
having sex with only me. I don't care. I would share
her with the world as long as she ended up back in my
bed most nights.

Before Belinda left I told her I would write her story.
I have now done that. This is your Belinda, Robert.
What do you think?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

A Day At The Beach
By Phoebe (***@aol.com)


A girl wants to become part of the in crowd at school
and soon finds a way. (FF-teens, oral, voy 1st-lesbian-


I've always had a self-image problem. I don't think
that I'm very pretty and I know that I'm not
comfortable in most social situations. Ever since I
was in kindergarten I've been shy and quiet at
school. But when I finally started high school things
rapidly changed for me.

It was about half way through my freshman year that I
met Karen and her friends. I'd known who they were of
course, because they were very out going and everyone
saw them around school. It was in Freshman English
that I found myself teamed up on a project with
Karen. For some reason we hit it off right away and
before I knew what I'd agreed to, I was going to the
beach with "the gang" that weekend.

I live in San Diego and the beach is only a few miles
away from my house, but you could count on one hand
the amount of times I'd actually been. Well, I was
really nervous about my upcoming trip with "the gang'
not knowing how to act or even what to wear. Being a
14-year-old "very insecure" girl is no fun, let me
tell you. I spent the rest of the week worrying about
every little detail and imagining every little thing
that could go wrong and was just about to throw in
the towel by Friday.

But it turned out that I wanted to go more than I
wanted to stay safe. For some reason I was excited
about this trip with my classmates, and I think I was
also a little tired of always missing out on what
looked like fun to me.

Anyway, Saturday morning finally came and Karen and
"the gang" showed up at my house honking horns and
making lots of noise that had me racing out to meet
them and trying to quiet them down before my parents
came out to see what all the fuss was about.

Karen casually introduced then we all piled into the
back of the pickup truck and headed for the beach.
There were 5 of us that day, Brad, (who was driving)
Marcy his girlfriend, Bobby and Karen and myself. I
immediately started obsessing that I hadn't brought a
boy of my own, not that I knew any boys well enough
to have invited any.

But after reaching the beach and getting down to the
oceans edge and having played around in the water and
sunned in the sand for several hours I forgot that I
was dateless. As a matter of fact I was enjoying
myself more because I was single than if I'd had a
boy like Marcy and Karen did.

It turned out that there were many more boys at the
beach than girls and for whatever reason I was a hit
with all the single guys. I'd never had that much
attention from boys before and I even got friendly
encouragement from Karen to "go for it" when guys
would prowl around our site.

It was about 4:30 p.m. and at least 2 too many beers
later when Karen started talking about leaving for
home. For the first time I noticed that Bobby had
left the group and that Karen looked a little miffed
at my popularity. Apparently they'd had an argument
earlier and he'd stalked off. I certainly didn't want
to make an enemy of my new friend so I quickly agreed
with her, which seemed to please her.

I'd been flirting all afternoon and I'll have to
admit that all these boys making a fuss over me had
really excited me. I guess I was even somewhat
aroused by all their manly attention. I know that I
had been fantasizing about several of them; wondering
what they'd be like sexually, and what they would
look like naked.

Apparently my arousal had an obvious effect that I
wasn't aware of, because once we started out onto the
freeway Karen and I in the back again, she said,
"Looks like you've had some fun today, " and she
nodded at me, looking meaningful at my crotch area.

At first I didn't understand what she meant, then I
looked down at my cutoffs and realized that I had a
big wet spot right between my legs. At first I was so
embarrassed that I wanted to die. I'd never had sex
before but I'd masturbated many times and knew how
messy I could get. I also knew that I got wetter than
what was deemed "normal" but had never given it any
real thought before this moment.

My embarrassment turned to a rigid fright when Karen
slid over to me and began tugging at the snap on my
cutoffs. I struggled with her for a moment and she
stopped and looked into my eyes as if to say, 'what's
the problem?' We stared at each other for a moment
longer then she reached out and slowly, with the palm
of her hand against my forehead, pushed me down into
a lying position onto the bed of the pickup.

Vaguely I saw Marcy looking through the back window
of the cab at us. Then I stiffened as I felt Karen
tugging at the material of my damp cutoffs. She
wasn't trying to remove them any more, but just to
pull the moist material to one side so she could see
my pussy.

I was mortified, but at the same time I was excited
and I really didn't know how to respond. Nothing like
this had ever happened to me before, and I was kind
of in shock. When Karen's fingers started to rub
against me down there I almost cried out. It felt
nice, very nice, but I was frightened and started to
get up...

Karen stopped me from rising and gently pushed me
back into a lying position as she bent her face to my
crotch. I stopped breathing when I felt her tongue
against my cunt lips. I couldn't believe what was
happening to me. I mean here we were, driving down
the freeway in full view of anyone who looked our way
and Karen was giving me head for the world to see. It
blew my mind.

In a daze I looked up to see Marcy with her camera
pointing out the sliding window between the cab of
the truck and us. She was snapping pictures of Karen
eating me! Again I started to struggle, but Karen
began to rub between my legs at the same time kissing
and licking at my clit. I couldn't fight her any more
and lay back to let her do whatever she wanted to me.
It felt so good, like nothing I'd ever experienced

I knew that Marcy was catching this all on film, but
that just made the whole thing more perverted and
erotic. I orgasmed then and I know that Karen must
have gotten quite a shot of girl-come right in her
mouth, but to my surprise she didn't pull away in
disgust. She actually began to lap and suck at me
even harder and faster than before, making me come
again and again.

Finally I couldn't take any more. I was so sensitive
that anything Karen did down there began to be
uncomfortable, and finally I was able to push her
from between my legs. We just laid beside each other
and watched the clouds passing by overhead as the
pickup turned off the freeway and onto the arterial
road that lead to my neighborhood.

By the time we reached my house I'd recovered and was
sitting up looking into Karen's eyes and she stared
back at me silently. As I climbed out of the truck
and was retrieving my stuff, Karen said gaily, "So,
what about it? Next Saturday, same time same place?"

I looked at Brad and Marcy who were watching us, then
back to Karen, and answered, "Sure, why not...


Other stories by Michael & Phoebe

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It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: bethmarc.txt (teens, 1st, rom)
Authors name: Raiderboy (***@aol.com)
Story title : Beth and Marc

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Beth and Marc (teens, 1st, rom)
by Raiderboy (***@aol.com)


Two young innocent adolescents make the most of an
afternoon in Grandma's attic.


"Oh this is so nice." Beth whispered to her boyfriend
Marc as their lips separated following a prolonged kiss.
The two little thirteen year olds were experiencing other
feelings too, but they were both too young and
inexperienced to know what they were.

Beth and Marc were alone in her grandmother's attic.
There was a guest bedroom up there that was almost
forgotten. Beth had discovered it recently and Marc and
her had been going up there to make out. This was their
third time alone in the attic.

However, today was a bit different. Beth's grandmother
was not at home. She knew she was not to have visitors
when her grandmother was out, but Beth really wanted to
see Marc so she invited him over.

Marc and Beth were neighbors and eighth grade classmates.
They had been going together since the Valentine's Day
Dance. It was now spring break, and their relationship
was still very G-rated. Kissing was as far as they had

Today, Beth was dressed in jeans and a white blouse. She
usually wore a bra, but today she had dressed quickly and
had not put one on. That omission probably led to the
loss of her virginity.

Usually when the kids would make out it was on the couch
in the corner of the room. They would sit next to each
other with very little body contact other than their
mouths. Today, though, they were lying on the bed.
Neither had given any thought to what could happen on a
bed, it was just more comfortable and they knew Grandma
would not disturb them.

They were deep kissing with their eyes closed facing each
other with their heads on the pillow. It was then that
Beth reached over and put her arm around Marc's back.
Soon, she had pulled him close to her. It was then that
her shirt pressed up against Marc's. He was wearing a
white tee shirt and jeans.

It wasn't the shirt that caught Beth's attention. It was
the sensation against her hardened nipples. Beth's
thirteen-year-old breasts were little B cup mounds, but
her nipples were very sensitive. Without the restriction
of a bra, she felt for the first time what it was like to
have her nipples stimulated during a romantic encounter.

Marc, too, noticed a new sensation pressing against his
chest. He could feel Beth's breasts compress against him.
For the first time, Marc was aware of the sensuality of
his girlfriend's body. Marc also felt a stirring in his
loins, as his hairless virgin boycock began to erect to
its full five inches. Marc pushed himself closer to Beth,
and shifted his leg so that it fell over hers.

Both kids' breathing became a little more intense as they
continued their kiss amid the backdrop of new and
exciting sensations. Beth's eyes were closed, and for the
first time she saw herself in a sexual situation. She had
never seen pornography, but she had read her older
sister's trashy novels. The feelings she was now
experiencing were described in graphic detail in their
pages. She decided she liked this feeling, and she knew
what she wanted to do next.

"Marc?" she asked.

"Yeah." the boy replied.

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do."

"Then there's something I want to do." Beth said.

"What's that?

Beth then unbuttoned the blouse and slowly removed it,
slipping it off her shoulders then down and off her arms.
Marc watched in amazement as Beth bared her breasts right
before his eyes.

"If we're in love then this should be okay." Beth said.

The boy was speechless.

"Here, let me take yours off, too." she said as she
tugged at the bottom of his tee shirt. She lifted it up
and pulled it over his head and arms. Marc helped her
remove the shirt and now the thirteen-year-old boyfriend
and girlfriend were topless together for the first time.

"Now let's go back where we were." Beth suggested as she
laid her head back on the pillow. Marc joined her there.
They engaged their lips together, but this time they
wrapped their arms around each other's bare backs.

Both kids were keenly aware of the sensations against
each other's chests. Marc couldn't believe what his
girlfriend had just done, but he sure was enjoying it.
Although Beth's breasts were small, they were nicely
shaped. They could have been Dolly Parton's for all Marc
cared at that moment. He had his girlfriend's bare
breasts right up against his own chest.

The excitement was causing their two hearts to beat
wildly against each other. Both were aware not only of
the pounding in their own chests, but also in each
other's. Their breathing, too, was also heavy as their
mouths were passionately locked together.

Marc's hands began to wander first. He wanted to touch
those soft mounds that were pressing against his bare
chest. He moved his hand to cup Beth's breast. As his
finger brushed her nipple, he felt it harden and Beth let
out a contented sigh. Soon, he was kneading both bare
breasts as the girl moaned her approval of what he was

Beth couldn't explain the feelings she was having, but
the more Marc rubbed her breasts and nipples, the warmer
she was feeling between her legs.

"Marc, that feels so good." Beth said.

"Yeah, I like doing this." the boy replied.

Marc had seen his friend's Penthouse magazines and had
read some of the erotic stories there, and now those
images and words were coming back to him. He had never
imagined himself to be in that position. Like most boys
his age, he would masturbate to the pictures and
fantasize, but real sex seemed like a long way off. Even
as his relationship with Beth had heated up, he never had
really considered the possibility of sex.

Both kids were considering it now.

Beth remembered from the trashy novels that girls loved
for boys to play with their vaginas. She knew how much
she enjoyed doing it to herself. She was sitting in the
tub one day when she was washing herself between her
legs. The sensation became very pleasurable. The more she
rubbed herself, the better it felt.

When she went to bed that night, she began to play with
herself again. Soon, she was experiencing her first
orgasm. This soon became an almost nightly experience.
However, her best sessions were in the tub.

Beth had been furiously masturbating in the tub when
suddenly she poked her finger deep inside of her. Her
sharp fingernail tore open her hymen. Beth almost
screamed due to the pain but she didn't want her mom to
come running to see what she had done. She stifled the
scream, but then looked in horror as the bath water was
becoming red with blood.

Beth didn't realize it then, but by popping her own
cherry, she enabled her first time to be pain free. Now,
that first time was getting closer and closer.

Holding Marc's shirtless body and having him play with
her breasts was causing strong sensations between her
legs, too. She was being sexually aroused for the first
time with a boy, and nature was beginning to take its

Marc, too, was having new and pleasurable feelings.
Foremost was the stiff erection between his legs. His
boycock was a respectable five inches, and his groin was
just beginning to sprout a few soft pubic hairs. Even
though he had masturbated to Penthouses, real sex with
Beth had never seemed like a possibility. Marc and Beth
were both raised in strict homes where sex would not have
been tolerated.

Despite being only thirteen and very na‹ve, Beth did love
Marc as a boyfriend. To older people, it might seem like
puppy love, but to Beth, her feelings toward Marc were
very real. She looked into his deep blue eyes. His
adolescent face was still smooth and blemish free. His
dirty blond hair was falling onto his forehead, giving
him a young boy appearance that Beth found so attractive.

Her eyes then moved downward, where she saw Marc in a
whole new light. They had been dating since February and
it was now April. The weather had been cool and she had
never seen Marc with his shirt off. This was the first
time she had seen his bare chest, and the sight excited
her, Especially seeing it so close to her own bare

If Beth was excited, Marc was going absolutely crazy. He
woke up that morning a young and na‹ve thirteen year old
boy, whose main interests were skateboarding,
PlayStation, basketball and spending time with his
girlfriend, very innocent time up till now. Suddenly, he
was touching that girlfriend's bare breasts, and she
seemed to want even more.

Marc definitely wanted more, but he had no idea how to
get it. He was beginning to fantasize about Beth being
naked, then him being naked, then having her let him put
it in her. After all, that's what he had always heard
about, as much as a sheltered adolescent could be exposed

Beth's breasts felt so nice. He was able to cup them in
his little boy-sized palm. He liked feeling her hard
nipples protruding from her soft skin. Then Beth gave him
another feeling that he liked. After gazing at his chest,
she reached over to touch it. Her hand glided over his
soft, smooth skin until it reached his relaxed nipples.
Upon contact they hardened, and the boy immediately
responded to this new and pleasurable sensation on his

"Oh wow, that feels good to me too." Marc proclaimed.
Happy that she was pleasing the boy she loved, she began
to finger both his nipples the way he was doing to her.
Both children loved the new sensations their chests were
giving them.

Marc's erection was now straining at his jeans, and his
desire was so strong he boldly made the next move. It
seemed like the right thing to do, considering he was
alone on a bed with his girlfriend and they were already
half undressed and enjoying feeling he knew had to do
with sex.

"Beth, do want us to get down to our underwear?" Marc
asked. Beth had been thinking the same thing herself. She
wanted to see Marc's bare legs then hopefully something

"Sure, that's a great idea!" Beth replied.

Immediately, both kids undid their pants and removed
them. Beth was already barefoot, but Marc had to remove
his shoes and socks to get his long pants off. Both kids
immediately liked what they saw.

Marc was left wearing only a pair of small white cotton
briefs. The outline of his erection was clearly visible
and it fascinated her. She could also see that the front
of his shorts were very wet. She wondered if he had peed
his pants. She then looked down to his smooth legs and
feet and reached her hand over to touch his inner thighs.
This skin was even softer than his chest, she thought.

Beth was lying on her side, and the only clothing
separating her from complete nudity was a pair of lacy
panties. They were pink and very girl-like. The girl
wearing them was more than enough for a thirteen year old
boy to handle. Beth weighed about 90 pounds and stood
about four feet, eight inches tall. (He was 5'2", 110
lbs.) However, her figure was already developing. The
breasts that he had been fondling looked perfect with her
soft brown hair falling on her bare shoulders. Her hips
and thighs already had a nice sexy shape, the kind that
drives boys wild. And that shape was totally bare, and
Marc was the only one around to enjoy it.

By now Beth was tingling between her legs, and she was
very wet down there, just like she got when she played
with herself. Only nobody was touching her there.yet.

Marc lay down next to Beth, and quickly they were kissing
and embracing again. But this time it was unlike any they
had ever experienced before. Bare adolescent teenage
flesh was being pressed tightly together as the kids
kissed with a passion they had never felt. Marc was
thrilled to feel Beth's bare breasts against his chest.
In turn, the boy's soft chest skin was exciting her
hardened nipples to no end.

Marc had also wrapped his leg over Beth's. This allowed
him to press his cotton-clad erection right against his
girlfriend, and they were both aware of that sensation.
Although neither kid had ever come anywhere near having
sex, the natural mating urges, combined with their near
nudity, was pushing them closer to a wondrous discovery
for both of them.

"Beth." Marc said in his still unchanged boy voice. "I
never felt this good before."

"Me neither." the girl replied.

"Do you think we should do the stuff we're not supposed
to do?" Marc asked.

"I think so." Beth said.

"Are you scared?" Marc said.

"A little." Beth replied. "But I think I really want to
do it." As she spoke these words her juices were dripping
from her virgin slit. She knew what she wanted, and she
was glad to hear that Marc was willing too.

Marc then asked, "what about having a baby?"

Beth hesitated for a moment, since she had never
considered this. Then she smiled when she remembered

"In school they said you're safe right after you have
your period. Mine was over yesterday."

"Then it's okay if we do it?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure." Beth said.

Marc was aching the way only a virgin teenage boy can
ache. He gasped, "let's do it now."

"Oh, yes!" she cried as she reached down and stripped off
her soaked panties. Marc watched his girlfriend get naked
then quickly discarded his own briefs.

"Oh, wow!" he exclaimed as his erect boycock poked
against Beth's bare thigh. He then got another thrill as
Beth reached down and touched him where a girl had never
touched before. Marc was panting with anticipation.

"That feels nice." Beth said as she stroked Marc's penis
for the first time. She then looked at him and said, "Go
ahead and put it in me." She then lay on her back and
opened her legs.

Marc had never even practiced this moment in his mind,
but his instincts were now guiding him. He crawled
between his girlfriend's legs and lowered his crotch
toward hers. Like most anxious virgin teenagers, he had a
difficult time lining himself up for penetration. Beth
then reached down to assist him.

Marc's mushroom tip penetrated Beth's young pussy lips,
causing both kids to shake with enjoyment at this new and
wonderful feeling. Marc pushed in further, savoring the
tight, moist tunnel he was intruding. Beth shivered with
excitement as her boyfriend gave her a very special part
of his body. Marc stopped when he could push no further.
Their nearly hairless groins were now touching for the
first time ever. Marc's balls were also firmly planted
against his young girlfriend's vaginal area.

"Oh Marc, I can't believe this. It's so nice." Beth said.

"Yeah." the boy replied. "I'm gonna start moving. That's
what you're supposed to do."

He then pulled back, and the first time it was too far.
He accidentally pulled out and Beth had to help him back
in. It was then that the thirteen-year-old boy finally
got the hang of thrusting. He worked himself into a
comfortable rhythm, and that rhythm was also very
pleasurable for Beth.

Thirteen-year-old boys don't have much staying power, and
Marc was no exception. He quickly felt a strong rush of
pleasure, and that is when cum began to erupt from his
cock and flood inside his girlfriend.

"Oh Marc, you're cumming!" Beth said, but the boy was
lost in the sheer pleasure he was experiencing. Beth was
also excited, and wrapped her arms around her boy's back,
pulling him closer to her.

Although Marc fucked her no more than a minute, Beth's
body was also ready to explode. As the last spurts of
Marc's semen entered her, Beth began to release wetness
of her own. She grabbed Marc even harder, pulling his
chest against her breasts. As her nipples again touched
his smooth skin, her entire erogenous zones were at full
stimulation. She clamped her thighs against Marc as she
came with a force she could never have imagined.

After their orgasms subsided, Marc continued to lie on
top of Beth. Her arms were still wrapped around him, and
she was gently stroking his back. They didn't say a word
for a long time.

Finally, Beth said, "Marc, I think we did it right."

The boy responded, "Yeah, we did."

"Marc?" she asked.

"Yeah." Marc replied.

"Let's do it again."


And young teenage love was born.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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