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Halloween Night: Voice from the Dark (MF-teens, 1st)
By Michael (***@aol.com)


It was Halloween night and I was 16 years old. Too old
to go trick-or-treating, but young enough to wish I
could. Anyway, I was bored and just hanging around the
house watching my family handing out candy to the kids
that came by.

We lived in Northern California and the weather at that
time of year offered up crisp clear evenings with just
a hint of a chill in the air. I still remember the moon
was intensely bright that night and everything felt so
alive and mysterious.

After hanging around for as long as I could stand it I
grabbed a jacket and headed outside. (I don't know why
I picked this particular jacket but it was a black suit
jacket that my folks bought me for 8th grade
graduation. That was significant to what happened
later; something I could never have imagined.)

We lived on a quiet sort of street that was a loop off
a main through street. You know the kind that no one
goes down unless they live there. I had it in my mind
to walk over a street or two to see if any of my
friends might be hanging out.

So there I was, dressed in my black wool suit jacket, a
white t-shirt and faded Levis, walking down the street.
As I rounded the corner onto the next street I almost
jumped out of my skin when, from out of the dark I
heard a voice. "Hi Michael!" The voice wasn't all that
loud; it was just that I hadn't expected anyone to be
there in the dark.

As it turned out I was walking by the Guest's house. I
went to school with Troy Guest, who was half
Philippino. Although he was a small guy, he was a good
athlete and we'd been pretty good friends for a while.
His dad was born somewhere back east and he'd met
Trot's mom in Manila when he was stationed there in the
Navy. They'd had both Troy and his sister Bonny before
being reassigned to Moffit Field Navel base out by the

I stopped and looked into the dark, that's when saw it
was Troy's sister calling my name. I didn't really know
Bonny Guest all that well because she was two years
older than me and one of the more popular girls in
school. And as a member of the cheerleading squad and a
senior, she was way out of my league.

Bonny came over to me and asked where I was going. I
remember being surprised when she grabbed my arm and
held it while she looked up into my eyes. It felt great
to have this pretty girl so close and hanging on to me
like she liked me.

I told her that I was just walking around, that I was
bored and not really doing anywhere in particular. She
asked if she could walk with me and of course I said
yes, I was flattered.

As we walked down the dark street with little ghouls
and goblins and their parents flitting here and there I
felt like a million dollars. Here I was with a pretty
girl hanging on my arm and asking me questions about
myself. She kept squeezing my arm and commenting on how
nice I looked in my jacket.

Then about 20-minutes later Bonny blew my mind. She
said, (And I remember this vividly) "Michael, have you
ever made love to a girl before?"

Well let me tell you, I was speechless, and the palms
of my hands became wet, and I could feel sweat
trickling down my back. It was a moment that seemed to
stretch out forever. Then Bonny asked again, "Well,
have you?"

I fumbled and fidgeted and then mumbled, "Yeah, sure."
Knowing that she knew I was lying.

And to prove the fact she knew I was lying, Bonny said,
"Will you make love to me?"

She was teasing me, trying to make me nervous, and I
didn't know how to react, all I could do was start to
walk again and ignore the question. But Bonny was
having none of that.

She kept giggling and "asking" me to make love to her,
"Let's do it over there, it's dark and no one will see
us." Or we'd pass some bushes and she'd suggest that we
could go behind them and do it.

Even to this day I'm not sure what she was trying to
do, but what was happening was that she was making me
crazy. Yes I was a virgin. I'd only had two girlfriends
in my life and had never done more than kiss them
closed mouthed. And here she was teasing me about
fucking her.

My heart was pounding and I was sweating up a storm, I
think all I really wanted to do at that moment was get
away from her. My Presbyterian white-bread background
hadn't prepared me for anything like this. And I wasn't
a great physical specimen, or very popular in the broad
since of things, so I sure she was just teasing me. At
least that's what I thought.

Finally, after a while, I got mad. How dare she do this
to me? Why couldn't she just be nice to me and let me
enjoy her company. That's when I bucked up my nerve and
decided to call her bluff. I had no intention of really
making love to her or doing anything else for that
matter, but I was determined to turn this around on her
and make her shut up.

So when she said, "Look Michael, there's a great place
in that group of trees. It even looks like there's a
freshly cut lawn that we could lie on. C'mon Michael,
take me there."

I said, "Okay," and grabbed her hand and tugged her
into the darkness of the trees. Without saying anything
I pushed Bonny up against a tree and planted my mouth
over hers. It was a deep kiss that I held, just like
I'd seen in the movies.

My eyes bulged when I felt Bonny's fingers rubbing my
dick through my Levis. But I was determined and I held
my kiss, even pushing my tongue between her lips to
french her, which I'd never done before, but since it
didn't take a rocket science to figure how to do it, I
decided this was the moment to try it out. I wanted to
prove to Bonny that she couldn't tease me and get away
with it.

But instead of frightening my kissing and shoving
myself against her it only made her small brown hands
work faster at my crotch. I was beginning to tremble
with anxiety and a strange kind of lusty feeling. Bonny
had made me hard with her hand massage and I was more
excited than I'd ever been before in my life.

When she fumbled with my jeans-fly I thought I was
going to die of a heart attack. When she pushed her
hand into my pants and I felt the skin of her hand
against the skin of my dick I came in gushes all over
her hand. I just groaned and shivered and pumped my cum
out all over my underwear and her hand.

As I was still pumping my cum out I looked into Bonny's
upturned face and saw the triumph in her eyes. She had
this shit eating grin on her face like, 'I knew you'd
cum for me. I knew you couldn't fuck me you wimp.'

I don't know if she was really thinking that, but it
looked like that kind of expression to me. I was
furious with her. Besides the uncomfortable feeling of
the sticky cum in my shorts, I'd just had the most
intense orgasm of my life and she was sneering at me.

Obviously with the advantage of time, I realize that
what I did next was foolhardy to say the least, but I
wasn't going to let this little bitch make a fool of
me. I shoved her sticky hand away and pulled her down
to the grass with me.

I struggled with her to open her legs and pulled her
panties to one side as I shoved her skirt up. All the
while we said nothing, she never asked me to stop, and
I never thought about the consequences of what I was

I don't remember Bonny saying anything as I found her
pussy slit with the head of my dick. And when I shoved
into her - Oh, I can still remember the wonderful
feeling of sinking into her hot moist cunt as it
wrapped around my stiff dick.

Looking back she must have been just as aroused as I
was and ready for me, but I had no clue back then. All
I knew was that she felt fantastically good and I
started pumping and she started moaning.

I couldn't believe how this had happened, but I wasn't
thinking about how, or why, all I was doing was
becoming more and more excited as I realized I was
actually fucking a girl for the very first time. I was
really and truly fucking a girl and a hot looking one
at that.

When Bonny started to moan and then wrapped her great
looking legs around my humping butt I lost it. My body
jerked then tensed through another long and just as
satisfying orgasm as, this time, I emptied myself into

We stayed like that for a while afterwards. I didn't
want to pull out; I didn't want this moment to end. But
soon enough the cold night air made it too
uncomfortable to have our body parts bared to the night
and he pulled apart.

As my dick slipped out of Bonny's pussy I saw by the
light of the moon some of my cum sliding out with my
dick and I realized what I'd done. What if I had made
her pregnant? What if she accused me of raping her? OH
MY GOD! What had I done?

But Bonny didn't seem to mind what I'd just done to
her. In fact she reached over and pulled me to her and
gave me one more long passionate kiss. Then she stood
and straightened her clothing and said, "Thanks
Michael, I needed that," and walked away toward her


The next day I went over to the Guest's house to see
Bonny, but she'd already gone out so I hung out with
her brother Troy. I wanted to tell him about my
conquest but how could I? After all it had been his
sister. So although I felt pretty awkward I stayed
there until Bonny came home.

To my surprise when she got home she pretended to
hardly know me, and even later when I got her alone she
told me that it hadn't been that big of a thing and she
wanted me to stop bugging her about it. She told me
that she'd only gone with me because I looked cool in
my suit jacket and levis and she was feeling horny.

We never did it again, in fact Bonny never again
acknowledged what had happened between us. My life went
on pretty much as before, except I had that strange and
erotic memory to think back on for the rest of my life.

I didn't get to have sex with another girl until I was
out of high school. I did have sex with another guy
once, er, well, maybe two different guys actually. But
when I finally had access to a woman full time, I never
looked back. There's nothing quite like a wet willing
cunt, and the lovely creature attached to it.

This was a True Story...

Other stories by Michael & Phoebe are at this location:

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others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
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a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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Archive name: hallow01.txt (M+f, M+m, teens, rp, hum)
Authors name: Dale-10 (***@msn.com)
Story title : Halloween Weenie

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
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Halloween Weenie (m+/f, teens, m+/m, rp, oral, hum)
by Dale-10 (***@msn.com)


Just to set the record straight, I'm eighteen and
straight. I fuck a lot of chicks, and you can ask any of
them, I've got a dick of death. The twats in my high
school are falling all over each other to get into my
pants, and of course I let them.

I'm a very good-looking and very popular high school
stud jock. Then "why" you ask, do I love to fuck around
with bending other boys to my sexual will?

It's simple... it's a power thing. I get off on it. So I
fucked over this kid I call my boyfriend, Joey, he's
fourteen and a freshman and a fag. So as long as he's a
natural born cocksucker I figure he should be sucking
some natural born cock. Now, he's gonna look long and
hard before he finds better grade A prick than what I
have to offer, so its understandable he should fall head
over heels in love with me.

So it's Halloween right, and a bunch of the seniors are
having a party; so I decide to take little Joey along
just to have some fun. I also take my girlfriend along,
a fourteen-year-old cunt named Debbie. She my girlfriend
this month, till I fuck her brains out and dump her.

Joey is more permanent, I tell him he's my real love
that the chick thing is strictly macho image and that I
love him. That way the cute little fucktoy will do
anything and everything I tell him to. He's a blond
eyed, blue haired (only kidding) slender teenage boy
desperately in love with me; an eighteen-year-old high
school jock and idol of the senior class with bull's
balls and a baseball bat prick.

On the way to the party, Joey sits in the back seat
while I sit up front with my cute little cunt so I can
feel her pussy and tits while I drive. Joey gets real
jealous when I do that kind of stuff in front of him, so
of course that turns me on even more.

I'm dressed in a military commando costume, green army
pants, green tank top, dog tags, gun belt with gun, huge
knife, lace up army boots, head band, you know... tough
like in the action flicks. Debbie, my freshman cunt who
is also in love with me, well I changed her costume when
she got in my car. I pulled over to the side of the road
and gave her the costume I wanted her to wear to the
party. She came out of her house as Cinderella.

All silver and ballgownish, and tiara and shit... a
fucking cutesy doll. But that's not quite what I had in
mind. I made the little bitch strip bare ass naked right
there on the side of the road.

"Please Brad don't make me do this," she cried, hands
covering her tender teenybopper pussy and tits. I like
to deflower them young, it gives me status with the
guys. Joey just looked on from the back seat of the car.

"Look Cunt, I wanna be proud of you at the party. I want
other guys to envy me my girlfriend. So I want you sexy
not like something out of a fucking Disney film. Now I
got a real cool costume for you, its Eve, you know, like
from the Bible." I gave her, her costume, a tiny almost
transparent fig leaf for her twat and two chiffon see
through leaves for her nipples.

"Oh god Brad please, I can't go to the party like
this... I mean all those kids from school will be there,
all those older boys and girls... I mean... Brad I'm a
good girl. My Daddy is a minister... I've never..."

"That's enough of that bitch... you're boring me. How'd
you like your Daddy and the whole church and school to
see those photos I took of you spreading your pussy lips
for me? Now you're gonna look real pretty in your
costume and all the boys will love it, you'll be real
popular and I'll be proud that you're my girl. Besides
all the gang knows I fuck you anyway."

I loved the way she trembled in the cool night air. "You
tell the other kids we make love?" Here eyes were big as

"I tell them we fuck! I told them you gave your cherry
to me cause you loved me so much, and your virgin
asshole too."

"Oh my god, how could you do that Brad? I love you, I
trusted you."

"You're a great little fuck, you should be proud of it.
Now you got ten seconds to put your costume on, or I
take away the tit leaves... so move your cute little
ass, bitch."

She looked damn hot in just the tiny leaves, shit you
could see her pussy lips behind the cunt cover. Then I
turned to the car, "Joeyboy get your ass out here!"

The fresh faced innocent looking teenage boy scrambled
out of the car. I gotta say he looked damn cute in his
Robin costume, you know as in superhero not bird. But I
had other plans in mind.

"Hey boy, Eve here needs an Adam, so what say you shuck
out of your clothes for me." It was an inspiration of
genius, after all they were both fourteen, innocent,
sweet, darling and both had been fucked blue in the face
by yours truly. They were my freshman fucktoys. I could
feel my boner getting stiff in my uniform pants.

"Ugh... Brad... I'd rather go as Robin..." Joey said,
tilting his head like he does sometimes, real cute, his
blond hair falling over one eye.

"Yeah, I know, but I'd rather you go as Adam. Now strip!
I don't wanna be late."

"Brad... please don't... I thought tonight was gonna be
fun and I..."

"I'll show you how fucking much fun it will be, you can
fucking walk back to your house and find another older
buddy to hang around with Mr. Loser. My girl and I will
go to the party by ourselves and have fun. So get the
fuck lost."

His beautiful blue eyes filled with tears. He was such a
lonely kid. "I'm sorry Brad... I don't wanna make you

"Get lost, or get stripped. You got five seconds." To
emphasize my point and make him jealous, I kissed Debbie
hard on the mouth and cupped her pussy pad.

Joey stripped off the cape and gloves, slid off the
tight top revealing his thin boyish chest with nice pecs
and well developed nipples, thanks to the nightly nipple
exercises I made him do. I told him if we has going to
be my cunt, he had to have tits like a cunt, so we
stretched those boy tits real good, he looked like a
fucking sow with udders. The kids at school made fun of
him. In gym class they called him "hooters" which was a
real hoot.

Next he kicked off his shoes and peeled down the shorts
and tights. I saw Debbie's eyes check out his swinging
dick and balls, all stupid cunts are the same; they
can't keep their minds and mouths off pricks for even a

"See something you want, bitch?" I asked her. Joey
covered his dick with his hands.

"Oh Brad... you know you're the only boy I love...
You're the only one I was ever with, its just that...
why are you making Joey strip, it seems perverted." The
cunt's nipples were like red-hot pokers. I nicknamed her
Torpedo Nipples that night.

Joey stood there, hands over his crotch, knees together,
titties hard too in the cold night air. Shit I was in a
tank top and I wasn't cold, fucking pussies. I gave him
his costume; it was a string to go around his waist with
a tiny leaf hanging from it.

"Here faggot, put your costume on, before Debbie's
drooling cunt turns this field into a fucking swamp."

Joey cries at the drop of a hat, he cried now and then
Debbie started to cry. I almost dumped them both right
there. I gotta admit it was hot to see a fourteen year
old boy standing bare assed crying with just a tiny leaf
over his dick and balls, I mean it just covered it. When
he moved you could see everything, nice round full
hairless scrotum, nice clean looking fat dickhead,

"When I move Brad...it doesn't cover me," he looked
almost hysterical.

"Here fuckwad, I'll show you the trick of this costume,
if you wet the leaf with some spit, it sticks to your
dickhead, see then when you move you stay covered, just
don't let it dry out. But its too fucking big, here let
me." I got a knife from my car and proceeded to cut the
leaf smaller, so you could see just a sliver of cockhead
below the leaf and the top came just below the root of
his dick.

Joey sobbed, "Oh Brad, please don't make me wear

"If you guys love me you will do what I say, we gotta
win the costume competition tonight, and I know these
will do it. Now get back into the car."

Several of the kids at the party had bitched when I told
them I was bringing freshman to the bash, but they shut
their mouths or rather their mouths fell open in awe
when we walked in. We were quite a sight, me looking
macho and hunky and my dates all naked and red-faced and
red assed from blushing and everyone screaming with
laughter and pointing at them. And guys where getting
hard from looking at my little cunt and girls trying to
catch a peak of the fourteen year olds nuts which
weren't covered at all by the leaf. Fuck it was great.

Guys and gals were in all kinds of wild costumes, some
were dancing, some were necking, and all were drinking.
I sent my fuckboy to get us drinks and settled down with
some of my buddies to smoke a joint. I kept one hand
fondling Debbie's tits the whole time, she was so
humiliated she looked only at the floor. The guys looked
her over real good though. Then Joey came back with our
drinks, several senior jocks slapped him on the ass when
he passed and called him faggot.

"I wanna go home, Brad..." Joey said. Debbie agreed.

"We just got here besides the entertainment is going to
start soon, and we got the costume judging."

Everyone, about forty of us gathered in the big
downstairs party room, and then each person paraded in
his or her costume. Well nobody could hold a candle to
my two little twats. I sent them up as a pair, naked
fourteen year olds, covered with nothing but a few

Everyone applauded and whistled, and they won the two
hundred dollar first prize, which I pocketed. But the
fun was just starting. I whispered something to one of
my buddies, who then shouted out.

"Lets see Adam before he fell into sin, before he had to
wear the fig leaf!" the kids cheered. Joey grew red
faced, his cute lower lip quivered like I told you it
does. I saw his chest heave and his sow titties got all
puffy, he shook his head, no.

"Do It Joey do it for the kids, take off the leaf." I
said with a strong measured voice, implying my anger if
he didn't comply.

"PLEASE Brad," he sobbed. The more he cried the more the
Jocks busted their guts laughing.

"What a fucking pansy, what a pussy," they yelled,
feeling up their girlfriends and slurping more beer. The
girls laughed too.

"Do it Joey, now!" I said. He put his trembling hand to
his crotch and took the leaf in one hand. Then he pulled
the string, it came away from his loins, revealing his
nice clean looking teenage cock and his fat soft looking
balls to the entire party.

"You are the best Brad..." somebody yelled and all the
kids cheered. Now it was Eve's turn... soon she stood
crying too, only fourteen, pussy bare for all to see.

"When you said you were going to provide the best
entertainment we ever had. Brad, you weren't kidding...
this is awesome. She hasn't even got any cunt hair
yet..." a girl said, and I started kissing her. They all
settled down, on couches and pillows and the floor to
look at the two bare assed kids.

After a bit I quieted the cheering. "As head of the
senior class, and entertainment chairman for parties, I
present Adam and Eve. Adam, kiss Eve."

Joey and Debbie both still crying kissed. "Now ladies
and gentlemen, Adam and Eve are going to have their
first fuck!"

Shit I thought Joey would fall through the floor, I mean
he knew I knew he was a faggot, he didn't like twat. He
hated twat, he liked my nice big dick in his mouth and
ass. He curled his toes into the carpet, looked at the
floor and wiped his nose.

Debbie shook her head.

"You're all sick, you can't make me do this..." she

"Maybe she'd like photos of her spreading her cunt lips
for me to be posted all over the Internet tomorrow." I
said, and everybody roared with laughter.

She crumpled to the floor.

"Stand up Debbie so we can all see your cute little
cunt!" I said.

Well the two of them had no choice, so they had to fuck
in front of us for our entertainment, except old faggot
Joey, fourteen year old boytwat, couldn't get a hard on.
We had them feel each other up, had them suck each
other's tits, lick each other's tears. I even had Debbie
suck some teen dick, but the fucking little queer
couldn't get hard.

Everyone roared with laughter at his discomfort, Joey
cried and cried, he begged me to take him home. His
little dick just wouldn't get hard over a girl, even
some of the girls at the party tried to masturbate him
to make him hard but it just got smaller and smaller,
shriveled up, and the kids went nuts pointing and
laughing until they cried.

Finally a bunch of the jocks couldn't stand it any more,
they grabbed Debbie and dragged her to a bedroom and
started to gang fuck her. I gave my permission. She
screamed and begged me to save her. Shit about twenty
guys ended up fucking her cunt and ass that night.
Fucking good high school party. But I had some other
games in mind, shit I could always fuck twat. I told the
remaining gang that maybe Joey was a faggot.

"Brad, please... don't, how can you?" I said we should
have some of the guys frig him and see if that got him
hard. Joey tried to run, but four jocks grabbed him and
held him down on a big table. Then they grabbed his cock
and balls real hard, well, he started to firm up at
once, and I mean he is a fucking fag. His dick got stiff
and started leaking just from those guys touching him.

"Look at the fucking queer..." one jock said, slapping
Joey's slender tight tummy until it was bright pink.
Joey writhed and twisted, making his prick slap against
his belly and get even harder. "I always suspected he
was a homo..." another jock said, "He's always staring
at my cock in the locker room. I bet he sniffs our
jockstraps after the game."

"EEECCChhhh, a queer," one girl said. "And he hangs out
with my sister and brother, I gotta warn them."

"No please... please..." Joey wailed. But his prick was
hard. Somebody brought a pumpkin from the other room and
they cut a hole in it, then they gave it to Joey. "Here
fuck this pumpkin queer, make believe its some fags

They wouldn't let up until little Joey stuck his dick
into the hole in the pumpkin and started fucking it.
Everyone clapped along with each stroke and shouted
encouragement. Joey sobbed and fucked, his beautiful
hairless fourteen-year-old boy ass clenching with each

Finally he shot off into the pumpkin. Then the Jocks cut
it open and told Joey to eat his cum out of the pumpkin.
He refused and one of the boys took a belt to the little
fuckers ass. They beat his cute tight little melon ass
cheeks until he begged to be let to eat his cum from the

Soon his darling tear streaked face was awash with
pumpkin juice and cum.

The party was in full swing now, kids were even fucking
in the living room. Joey was curled up in a tiny ball on
the table, his ass and back and legs looking so cute, I
had to have a little more fun. I turned to a
particularly mean brute of a football jock from our
school. "If he's a fag, I'll bet he takes things up the
ass too, how about a Halloween ear of corn!"

The sweat slicked kid tried to scramble off the table
but we were too quick for him and too strong, after all
we were all seventeen and eighteen years old, and he was
just fourteen and a fairy.

Somebody brought a nice big ear of corn from a fall
display, and without even any grease, because the
straight jocks don't know about such things, they rammed
it up Joey's asshole. I've never heard a teenage boy
scream quite so loud or in quite that way. It started
somewhere down near the pit of his gut, where the
corncob was stretching him out and progressed up through
his body until it bellowed out of his drooling mouth,
halfway through the scream his voice cracked. We all got
a big laugh out of that.

They fucked him hard with that corncob, and when one got
tired. The next jock took over, full arm thrusts, a good
ass fucking, twice. When he passed out, they slapped him
awake. For twenty-five minutes they fucked his little
ass raw. His eyes looked glazed over and snot ran from
his nose, he looked like a kid on drugs. But the only
drug was homofuck.

"I'll bet he sucks cock real good," I mentioned

Eighteen drunk jocks fucked his face. Nine fucked his
face twice. They slammed his skull with prick, they
turned his mouth into a dick ditch. The rest of the guys
were too pussy whipped by their girlfriends who owned
their dicks, to join in. Joey threw up cum twice, and we
made him lick it off the floor. We left the corncob up
his ass just for kicks.

About three in the morning I carried him, wrapped in a
blanket to my car to drive him home. Her new boyfriend a
six foot six black basketball player who vowed to get
her pregnant was driving Debbie home. That was fine with
me cause I was through with the cunt anyway. I had my
eye on this cute eighth grader who lived down the block.

All the way home, just to keep Joey where I wanted him,
I told him how much I loved him and how proud I was of
him. I told him he was my boyfriend and that I wanted to
go steady with him. I brushed the hair from his eyes,
fucked my fingers in and out of his mouth. And once in a
while reached down to give the corncob in his ass a nice

"OH WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME, he moaned, "what's
going to happen to me," he mumbled again over and over,
spit and cum drooling from his swollen and split lips.
"Everyone in school will know I'm gay..."

"That's okay Baby," I soothed, fucking the corncob in
little deeper. "We're all gonna take good care of you,
real good care of you!"

The End

Write to me with ideas, or comments, or pics, or
anything at: ***@msn.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: hallow02.txt (M+/F, FF, group)
Authors name: Kelly Adams (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Halloween

"Bedtime Stories with Kelly" are copyright 1998 Kelly
Adams. Permission is granted to distribute as long as
my name and this notice are attached, and no financial
gains are made. Visit my site to see my other stories:

Halloween (M+/F, group)
by Kelly Adams (***@hotmail.com)


Bedtime Stories with Kelly contain explicit descriptions
of sexual activity and are for adults only. If you are
under the age of 18 you are not allowed to read this
story. You can, however, go trick-or-treating and get
free candy--see how life balances out in the end?
(Bedtime Stories with Kelly 9.)


Happy Halloween, lover! This is one of my favorite nights
of the year, don't you agree? I love being able to dress
up in costume and go out in public. What's this I'm
wearing? It's my costume of course. I'm on my way to a
Halloween party.

I'm supposed to be a harem girl; can't you tell from all
the veils? If you're good tonight, maybe I'll do a dance
for you...I don't know what it is about Halloween, but it
always makes me so horny! You too, I see... You'd better
get that cock of yours out of your pants before it
bursts! Here, let me help you with that. I'll just pull
down the zipper, reach on in... god, just look at that. I
just love your hard cock. It makes me wet just holding
it.. Maybe I should give it a few licks before we get
started? Mmmm. Mmmm. Yeah. Mmmm. How's that?

Here, you'd better hold it for now, or I'll never be able
to get through my story. I'll tell you what: if you can
make it through the story I'm about to tell you without
jacking yourself off and coming, I'll do my veil dance
for you, then I'll fuck you so hard you'll being seeing
spots! Agreed? Good. Now you have to keep your hand on
your cock all the time; no fair sitting on your hands.
Are you all ready? Good.

This story really begins about two weeks before
Halloween, when Gretchen and I went to pick out our
Halloween costumes. We had learned the hard way from the
previous year not to wait until the last minute to get
our outfits, so that year we took a Wednesday afternoon
and made our way to a costume shop in town. Since it was
the middle of the day we were alone in the costume shop,
except of course for the clerk minding the store.

He was cute but kind of young looking. He didn't appear
to be older than sixteen, though I suppose he could have
been eighteen or nineteen; we never bothered to ask his
name, let along his age...

As we were trying on various outfits, we noticed that the
clerk was paying us close attention, and not because we
were potential shoplifters! The counter he was standing
behind was right next to the changing rooms, and a simple
red curtain was all that stood in the way of his being
able to see us. So the next time that we went in to try
on outfits, Gretchen purposely left the curtain open a
good eight inches or so.

Sure enough, as we were stripping down to our skivvies we
could see the clerk peeking through the opening to get a
look at us. Better yet, he was massaging his cock through
the front of his jeans.

We put on a good show putting the costumes on and off,
acting as though we didn't know that he was watching us.

Then, before we put our street clothes back on, Gretchen
bounded up and yanked the curtain all the way open. The
clerk just stood there like a deer caught in the
headlights, his hand still grasping the outline of his
cock through his jeans. Gretchen smiled and walked over
to the guy, replacing his hand with hers and stroking his
cock while it grew even larger inside his pants. At that
point I went over to the door and flipped the sign over
to 'closed', then went over to join in the fun. I took
off the clerk's belt and then pulled his pants down to
the floor, freeing his erect member from confinement.

Gretchen and I kneeled down in front of the guy, our
boobs in danger of overflowing our bras and our cotton
panties starting to become damp with juices from our
pussies. We both began to go to work on the guy's cock,
sometimes licking it simultaneously, other times passing
it back and forth between us.

The whole time the clerk didn't say a word, other than
uttering grunts of pleasure. Gretchen was the lucky one,
as it was her lips that were wrapped around his cock when
he spewed out his jism, filling her mouth with hot sticky
fluid. But Gretchen, such a good friend as always, leaned
over and kissed me so that I could scoop some of his cum
out of her mouth with my tongue.Needless to say, we ended
up getting a good deal on our costumes!

What? No, I'm not going to do my dance for you now! My
story isn't over; I'm just getting started. So we blew
some guy in a costume shop. Big deal. That's not a story,
it's just an appetizer. The real fun began a couple of
weeks later at the Halloween party. So keep your hand on
your cock there while I continue: The costumes that
Gretchen and I ended up getting were really hot.

Gretchen wore a very sexy nurse's outfit, which was
really just a white stretch mini-dress with red buttons
up the front and a white pillbox hat with a red cross.
The only thing she had on under the dress was a white
thong, which I just knew would end up coming off before
the night was over! She wore her long silky blonde hair
up and tucked under the hat, with just a few wisps of
hair escaping and falling down around her bare neck. She
topped off the outfit with red heart-shaped earrings,
bright red lipstick, and a pair of white patent leather
heels. She looked sooo yummy!

Not that I was a slouch that night either. I was wearing
a pirate outfit, but nothing like you'd ever find in that
Disney ride. The top was a lace-up bodice-like top which
was red, white and black with gold laces and a frilly
white material to hold my breasts. I wore really short
black shorts over a black satin thong, matching black
pumps, a red and white striped bandana in my hair, gold
hoop earrings, and an eye patch over my left eye to
complete the ensemble. Between the two of us we could
have stopped traffic; who knows, we probably did on the
way to the party!

The party was a Jake's place, which you'll undoubtedly
remember from when I told you about the pool party we had
attended that summer which ended up turning into a wet
and wild orgy. We timed our arrival at the party just
about perfectly: late enough so that there were enough
people there to allow us to make an entrance, but not so
late as to miss out on the fun. But just a few minutes
after we arrived and had started to mingle we were
upstaged by the next couple that arrived.

They were dressed as Tarzan and Jane, and man did they
ever pull it off! He was wearing a leopard print half-
tunic draped across one shoulder and a leopard print
loincloth. She had on a matching leopard print jungle
bikini. He was six-four, broad shouldered and barrel-
chested, while she was nearly a foot shorter and with a
body that filled out that bikini in all the right places.
They made such a cute couple, and I would gladly have
fucked either or both of them. Thus I had my mission for
the night!

After about twenty minutes or so I was able to get more-
or-less alone with Tarzan by the punch table. I only had
one chance, so I decided to go for the gusto. I asked him
if he was wearing anything under his loincloth. He just
smiled and said that was for him to know and for me to
find out.

I'm sure he didn't expect what I did next: I reached my
hand right between his thighs under the loincloth to take
a feel. He did indeed have something on underneath, but
it was a pair of wonderfully silky bikini briefs holding
his balls in place. I didn't remove my hand right away,
taking time instead to gently grope at his balls so
lovingly cupped in the silky fabric.

The ice broken (okay, smashed!) he then asked me if I had
anything on under my shorts. I told him that he could
find out, but that we'd have to go someplace a bit more
private. We set our punch cups down and hastily made our
way to the second level of the house where we found an
empty bedroom halfway down the hall.

Once inside, Tarzan picked me up in his arms, gave me a
big deep kiss, and carried me over to the bed and set me

I took off my shorts, showing Tarzan that I was wearing a
thong. He seemed disappointed, but I told him not to
worry, that it would come off easily. I took his hand and
brought it up to my mouth, sucking on two of his fingers
to get them wet, then I moved his hand down to my crotch.
He got the hint. He pulled aside the thong and put his
fingers up inside of my pussy, which was already growing
wet with anticipation.

After he got my pussy good and hot we proceeded to
undress each other. He undid the laces on my top, pulling
it open to expose my bare breasts. While he began to suck
on my tits, I took off his loincloth and yanked down his
underwear as far as I could. He finished taking them off,
then I lifted my legs straight up in the air so that he
could pull my thong up and off. Finally we were ready to

I spread my legs wide open, inviting him to insert his
thick cock inside of me. I moaned with pleasure as he
pushed into me, spreading the walls of my pussy with his
cock. Slowly he moved in and out, in and out while he
rubbed my tits and squeezed my nipples.

I was just about ready to come when suddenly the door to
the bedroom opened. I then realized that in our haste we
had forgotten to lock the door! To make matters worse,
the woman entering the room was none other than Jane! I
felt for certain that Tarzan and I were screwed,
figuratively now as well as literally.

But instead of whatever sort of reaction one would expect
from a woman who has found her man screwing another woman
at a party, Jane just closed the door behind her and came
over next to us at the bed. She complemented Tarzan on
the sexy first mate he had found. With his cock still
inside me, fucking away, Tarzan put his arm up under
Jane's arm and around her backside, running his finger
through her short black hair. He pulled her tight up next
to him and kissed her deeply. I was now getting
incredibly turned on!

Once their embrace had ended, Jane came around the bed so
that she was near my head. She unhooked her bikini top
from behind, pulling it off and offering her perfectly
shaped breasts to my mouth. I began to suck on her
nipple, flicking it with my tongue until it was nice and
hard, then I repeated the process with her other breast.

Jane was just starting to pull down her bikini bottoms,
presumably so that she could mount my face, when the door
opened again! This time it was Gretchen, along with some
guy dressed-up as a vampire. Needless to say it didn't
take much effort at all to get Gretchen and the vamp into
the action!Although he was dressed as Dracula, the
vampire guy instead said that he was supposed to be Vlad
the Impaler. When he dropped his pants, we saw why: he
had the longest cock that I have ever seen! Believe me,
any woman would love to get impaled by that wonderful

Since Gretchen was the one who found him, she got to be
impaled first. Vlad got up on the bed and laid down on
his back next to me, where Tarzan continued to pound away
at my pussy. Gretchen pulled off her thong from under her
dress and then climbed on top of Vlad, still wearing the
rest of her nurse costume. As she spread her legs apart
in preparation of mounting Vlad, the tight short hem of
her dress rode up to her waist, giving us all a perfect
view of her pussy as it settled down on Vlad's shaft.

Jane began to suck on my tits while Tarzan fucked me even
harder and Gretchen enjoyed the pleasure of slowly moving
up and down Vlad's long cock. Gretchen reached down and
took my hand in hers; we squeezed each other's grip tight
as we started to come simultaneously.

Now it was Jane's turn to give Vlad's cock a spin. She
took over Gretchen's place, and Gretchen moved to sit on
the edge of the bed in front of Tarzan. Tarzan pulled
Gretchen's dress off over her head and then placed his
cock, fresh with my pussy juices, between Gretchen's
luscious globes. Gretchen squeezed her tits around his
cock as he fucked the cleavage between her wondrous

Tarzan must have been close to the brink already, because
before too long he was spewing his jism all over
Gretchen's chest. As Jane was still pleasuring herself on
Vlad's long cock, I turned my attention to Gretchen,
licking Tarzan's sticky cum off of her tits.

Even after I finished licking off Gretchen, Jane was
still fucking Vlad. So Gretchen and I took it upon
ourselves to speed matters up. Gretchen got behind Jane
and started to massage Jane's tits, while I put my hand
down to Jane's lightly furry crotch and began to
aggressively rub her clit. That did it. Between Vlad's
long cock and Gretchen's and my helpful hands, Jane
proceeded to have a powerful orgasm so intense that her
whole body shook with pleasure.

I figured that Vlad might be ready for a change of
position, so I had him get up from the bed. I then stood
at the edge of the bed, leaning over on my hands and
spreading my legs, inviting Vlad to fuck me from behind.
God, did it ever feel so good as he inserted his long
cock inside of my pussy; I thought that it was never
going to end! Slowly and deliberately he moved the
entire length of his shaft in and out of my pussy. Most
guys with large cocks think that their length alone is
enough, but Vlad really knew how to use his to its full

Meanwhile, Gretchen, seeing that Tarzan's cock was
rapidly returning to its hardened state, assumed a
position identical to mine, inviting Tarzan to give her
own pussy a good fucking. When Jane recovered, she came
over to join us as well. She leaned over on the bed
between Gretchen and I. Although there were no more
cocks to be had in the room, Vlad and Tarzan took turns
finger-fucking the beautiful young lady while Jane
alternately turned her head to Gretchen or I to give us
deep wet kisses.

At last it was time for the big finale. Jane, Gretchen
and I kneeled on the floor in front of Vlad and Tarzan.
The guys took their sex-soaked cocks in hand and stroked
them until they began to spray their cum on the three of
us. Then we three girls began the wonderful task of
licking each other clean. But we didn't stop there.

After we finished with faces, necks and chests we turned
our attentions to pussies, and each of us had one more
good orgasm before we were finally worn out.We never did
end up seeing Jake that night, even though it was his
party! But we ended up thanking him for throwing such a
great bash the next weekend at a little private party of
our own... Speaking of getting worn out, I can see that
you've managed to refrain from spewing your cock-juice
all over the place; not a small accomplishment! But,
unless I miss my guess, it would appear that you're darn
close to getting your rocks off. What do you say we skip
the veil-dance and get on with the fucking? I thought
you'd agree!

Start by taking off my skirt... That's good... Throw it
anywhere, I don't care! Pull off my panties next, that's
right, now stick a finger up inside my pussy... Mmmm
yeah! See, you're not the only one here who's ready to
fuck! Keep moving your finger up in my pussy while I take
off my bra... there! Tell me again how much you love my
tits; a girl can never get enough of that kind of

No, I think I'll keep the veil on over my face; even
though it's see-through I think it adds a level of
mystery and excitement, don't you agree?

Now you just lay back while I climb on top of you.
Perfect. Now let's get that cock of yours up inside my
pussy. Ohhhhh yeeeaaaahh. God but I love your cock up
inside of me. I know that you want to come right away,
but try to hold off as long as you can. Let me do all the
fucking, you just relax and enjoy! Oh yes, yes! Your cock
is so big and good inside of me. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh
yeah! It feels so good fucking you!

Uh, oh, you're getting ready to come, aren't you? That's
all right, I'm gonna come right along with you... Yeah
baby, oh yeah! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! YESSSS!!!! Oh
god we're coming! Come in my baby! Yes! Yes! Oh god
yes!!!! Oh fuck, that's soooo goooood. Keep coming baby,
don't stop. Yes... yes... yes... yesssssssss......

Well, was it worth the wait? I thought it would be! Oh
boy, look at the time, I've got to get going or I'll be
late for the party. I wouldn't want to miss out on the
fun. I'm sorry that you can't come along. Don't worry,
you'll be with me in spirit, or at least your cum will be
there up inside of me.

Maybe I can find some cute young devilette to lick your
jism out of my pussy... Have a good night!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime Stories with Kelly" are
copyright 1998 Kelly Adams. Permission is granted to
distribute as long as my name and this notice are
attached, and no financial gains are made. Visit my story
site at: http://www.asstr.org/~Kelly/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: hallow09.txt (mmm/F, rp, v, ghost)
Authors name: Dave B. (***@ix.netcom.com)
Story title : In the Cementary

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

In the Cementary (mmm/F, rp, ghost, snuff)
By Dave B. (***@ix.netcom.com)


"Hold the light steady," Freddie whispered harshly.

Him and his two brothers, Willie and George, were
standing outside a crept in the night. Willie was trying
not to look around, but the wind blowing through the
bushs kept him turning in circles. George, who was
holding the flashlight, concentrated on the corpse they
were gonna have some fun with, but Willie was
distracting him as usaul.

"Dammit!" Freddie said. "I need light!"

George looked at the gate lock Freddie was trying to
force, but Willie's suprised gasped made him look back.
Both brothers turned and saw what the youngest of them
was pointing at.

On the hood of their mini-truck, sat a beautiful woman
wearing a dress that barely held her endowments in
check. It was dark in the cemetary, but they saw her
clearly. None questioned how that was possible, all they
knew that their pants were getting snug.

Freddie licked his lips and took a step toward her. He
was the oldest and confidant that his siblings knew his
intentions towards this very unlucky woman. They had
done it before and nothing was gonna stop them from
doing it over and over again. Willie and George fell
instep behind with Freddie.

The woman looked sheepishly at them, uncrossing her
legs. "Nice night for fun, eh, boys?" She emphasized
that last word to goad them. She squeezed her amble
breasts together. "I was hoping to find a date here, but
all I have are boys before me." Again, she emphized
'boys'. "What a shame."

Freddie lashed out with a balled fist and punched her,
hoping to shut the bitch up, but all that happened
after her head jerked to the side was a disturbing
laugh. He punched her again, knocking her backwards on
the hood and again she laughed at him.

He couldn't speak, his anger was too great and this
bitch was his outlet. He crawled on top of her and
ripped open her dress, releasing her breasts into his
hands. He squeezed them painfully. She cried out, then
laughed again. He slapped her back and forth across the
face, only to be laughed at.

He crawled off, grabbing her long and flowing hair and
dragged her off the hood, throwing her to the grass. She
rolled on to her back, spreading her legs invitenly for
him. Again, he never thought to wonder how he saw her in
the dark, he just crawled on top of her again and pushed
himself into her.

There was no struggle and no trying to keep him out, she
willingly let him in. He hated bitches like this,
thinking that *they* were in control and could get away
with anything. As he thrust, she moaned and groaned
wildly and loudly, obviously enjoying this brutal
assault. All of which, pushed Freddie farther and
farther into a rage.

He grunted and spewed inside her and when he saw her
smiling up at him, he punched her several times and
after it was over, she giggled like a schoolgirl looking
into the boys locker room for the first time.

He crawled off and George crawled on. This was the
rotation for the three, youngest to oldest. Willie
didn't care, just as long as he got a turn. In fact,
Willie secretly liked the feeling of his brother's cum
on his dick. Sometimes after they were through, he would
jack off for several minutes until he came again, then
lick his palm and fingers, savoring his cum mixed in
with his brothers.

George held her by the throat as he thrust, trying to
shut up her laughing mouth. He hated being laughed at as
much as Freddie. When that didn't work, he twisted her
nipples hard, nearling tearing them from her breasts. He
was freakishly strong and he like overpowering the girls
at school. They never resisted much.

When he cornered a girl in the halls at school, she knew
she was about to get a painful grope and maybe a finger
or two in her pussy before he let her get away. He had
left more than one girl in tears.

She reached down and started rubbing her clit as he
pounded her. She let out a loud, seamingly endless moan
as she came. George gritted his teeth and came at near
the same time. He pumped a few more times, then got up
and as he walked past, he kicked and stomped on her
stomach. Willie was in her in a second, rolling his eyes
back in his head as he bottomed out. He had the smallest
dick of the three, but he didn't care.

He wasn't getting off from her pussy. It was because he
was sloppy with his brother's cum. His breathing picked
up, matching her moaning. He rarely hit the women him
and his brother's chose as entertainment. In most cases,
they were beaten into submission and just laid there
like a corspe, praying that the ultimate nightmare would
be over and they would live to see the sunrise.

Willie opened his eyes when he felt her looking at him.
He looked down and she gave him a knowing smile, then
closed her eyes and came again.

Willie was so unnerved by that smile that he just pulled
out without cumming.

She laid there, smiling and wiggling in the cool night
grass. Freddie and the others just looked at her, trying
to decide what to do. Since they started their nightly
fun, this had never happened. All the bitches before was
scared to the point that they were paralyzed, but not
this one. She was loving the abuse, bathing in it was a
better way to put it.

"Is that all you boys have to offer?" She raised up to
her elbows then started opening and closing her legs
lazily as if to cool off her used pussy. "I was
hoping for more."

Freddie snarled. He hated bitchs that didn't know enough
to be scared. His dick was riggid, but not totally hard
and this bitch wanted another round of abuse. He looked
and saw that George was reading his mind.

Both advanced on her and was met with a mischive giggle.
She rolled away, playing like she didn't want it, but all
knew that she was begging for it.

George caught her by the hair and dragged her back near
the truck. She struggled and was mummering, "No no no
no." It was unconvincing and she was only playing acting
to get both Freddie and George totally hard again. It
worked, fueling their anger even more. No one said
anything, but it was mutually agreed that they were going
to kill her tonight. Then maybe fuck her dead body a few

Freddie got on his back and George forced the bitch to
mount him, then he kneeled behind her. Both pressed into
her ass and pussy at the same time and they were far
from gentle about it. She screamed so loudly that Willie
heard it echo amoung the gravestones and family crepts.
And she didn't stop either. With each duel thrust, she
screamed again and again.

Willie hurried over to her, his now hard dick bouncing
with each step and when her mouthed opened to let out
another testimate to the pain George and Freddie was
inflicting on her, he shoved his dick in her mouth and
held her by the hair to keep her from pulling away.

She sucked eagerly, deep throating him with out much
effort. He felt her going as fast as he'd ever thought
possible. He could barely keep his hand on her head.
Freddie grunted, then punched her in the stomach. Willie
felt her yell around his dick. Freddie wiggled his way
out from under her and pushed Willie out of ther way.
She looked up at him, smiling, then started sucking his
dick like the she did with youngest brother.

Willie heard George grunt and when he moved away, he
took his the middle brother's place and started fuck her
ass like she was that ten year boy he babysitted back in
March. That memory was making him breath heavily.

He gripped her bruised hips, digging his finger nails in
her flesh creating half moons of blood. Just like in
March. He started moaning and soon he shot another load
of fresh cum in that bitch's ass.

Sometime during Willie's time in her ass, George had
taken Freddie's place at her mouth. He looked forward
and saw the blur that was her head and pumped a few more
times before pulled out and stood beside Freddie. George
was far from done though.

He pushed her down onto her back and got on top,
aligning with her mouth once more, then started a
vigurious face fucking. She had one hand on his ass and
the other was massaging her clit again. It was just a
few minutes before George moaned and came again. Willie
and freddie both heard her gagging and thought it would
serve that bitch right if she choked to death on his
come. George stood and kicked her a few times.

She laid there, licking her lips and scavenging all of
George's cum that wasn't already in her mouth. After
awhile, she rolled onto her side, looking each on the
eye and said, "Is that all you three have?" The brothers
grit their teeth and spent the next ten minutes beating
and kicking her, but not into submission like they had
hoped. She was laughing and cheering them on like there
was no where she'd rather be than at the wrong end of a
mutiple beatings and rapes.

When they were out of breath, she laid there, massaging
her breasts and playing with her nipples.

"Ok, bitch." Freddie said, "Get up."

"Why should I? You can't." She said coyly.

Freddie reached in the glove box of the mini-truck and
got his knife. "It's over."

"Oooh, baby, I was hoping you'd say that."


The cops were called by the groundskeeper the next
morning and when they arrived, they nearly lost their
breakfasts. Then at the morge, the corpses were
positively identified.

Freddie, George and Willie Connor had been skinned. The
corner therorized that they had been alive at the time
and pointed out to the sherrif that their testicale and
penises had been biten off and were currently missing.

The sherrif, a father a two teenage daughters, chalked
up the cause of death as carelessness and closed the


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Happy halloween Everyone! ***@ix.netcom.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This story is Copyright 2000 by Jimmy Hat (***@jimmy-
hat.com) Anyone wishing to charge fees for access to
this material, through any media or publication, must
receive the written permission of Jimmy Hat.

Take Two Nurses and Call Me in the Morning (MFF)
by Jimmy Hat (***@jimmy-hat.com)


It's time for Gerald's examination. (MFF, medical)


Gerald Maytag sat on the examination table with his
legs hanging over the edge, swinging back and forth. An
attractive receptionist had led him to the room and
left him there, telling him someone would be with him
momentarily. Annoying as the wait was, at least she
hadn't asked him to change into one of those ugly blue
gowns that left the backside naked.

Momentarily, someone did arrive. She had frizzy blond
hair, brown eyes, and wore glossy red lipstick, but
Maytag's attention was drawn to the generous display of
cleavage provided by a white cotton lab coat at least
one size too small, with its top buttons undone,
probably to allow her to breathe. A name tag to the
right of her impressive decolletage read "Biggle", but
it went unread by Maytag until she spoke.

"I'm Nurse Biggle," she said with a Carolina accent
with enough heat to smoke baby back ribs. "How ya doin'
today, honey?"

"Fine," Maytag said. She was close enough to him now
that he could smell a hint of perfume, and could make
out a freckle or two on her chest.

"Well, this checkup should go just peachy, then," she
replied. "Gerald, we have a prospective employee with
us today, would you mind terribly if she assisted me?"

"No, no, not at all."

Nurse Biggle smiled radiantly. "That's mighty kind of
you, sugar."

She turned around to walk to the door. Maytag then saw
her sling-backed white high-heeled shoes, and the white
hose with backstitching that ran straight up her supple
legs to the hem of her lab coat. As she walked to the
door, Maytag noted that the hose seemed to thicken just
as they reached the bottom of the lab coat. They
couldn't possibly be stockings instead of pantyhose,
Maytag though to himself. Could they?

Interrupting his musings, Nurse Biggle spoke as she
opened the door.

"Gerald, this is Nurse Stanton."

Blue eyes wide with surprise and feigned innocence,
Heather Stanton entered the room. Maytag was even more
surprised by Stanton's appearance. Her long dark hair
was tied atop her head and partially hidden by a white
cap decorated with a red cross. She wore a lab coat
that displayed her breasts as prominently as Nurse
Biggle's, and gathered in the middle to accentuate her
slim waist. Her legs were bare, however. White cotton
socks barely covered her ankles, and she wore simple
white sneakers with a slight rise in the heel.

"Uh, hi," was all Maytag could manage to say.

"Hello," Stanton said flatly in return.

Nurse Biggle noticed Maytag's discomfort. "Oh, honey,
it's OK. Everyone's a little nervous the first time
they visit us! But don't worry, we don't bite -- at
least, not hard!" She winked at Maytag. "Nurse Stanton,
could you grab the stethoscope from that cabinet behind

Stanton returned to her senses. "Certainly," she said.
The wall opposite Maytag and the exam table held a
stainless steel sink, a counter top, and above that, a
set of shelves. Stanton walked over and opened the
shelves. There was hardly anything on the shelf at eye
level, but on the shelf above she spotted a pink
plastic hose belonging to a stethoscope.

Maytag watched Stanton reach for the instrument. As her
arms went above shoulder level, they lifted the white
lab coat. The hemline rose above the tops of her
thighs, and Maytag caught a glimpse of shiny white
satin panties. He shifted his gaze quickly and Nurse
Biggle saw the quick slight turn of his head. Device in
hand, Stanton lowered her arms.

"Be a dear and grab the tongue depressors while you're
there, Nurse Stanton," Biggle instructed with her
honey-coated Southern drawl.

Again Stanton faced away from the patient. The tongue
depressors were on the top shelf, and she had to stand
on her tip toes and reach high above her head to grab
them. The motion exposed even more of her backside, and
one could see how the elastic sides of her satin
panties had slipped along the smooth round surface of
her ass and converged toward the middle. That is, if
one was looking. Maytag wasn't.

"We have male nurses working her, too, if that would be
more to your liking, Gerald," said Nurse Biggle.

Clutching the jar of tongue depressors, Stanton looked
back at Maytag with one raised eyebrow. Maytag glanced
at Stanton, then back to Biggle. "No, this is fine," he

"So you're just a little shy then?" Biggle asked.

"Yeah, that's it," Maytag agreed.

"Well, don't be, love. We can't evaluate your health
needs if you aren't open with us."

"I'll try."

Stanton stood in front of Maytag, set to check his
pulse. It afforded him a point blank view of her
cleavage. For instance, it was clear that, unlike
Biggle, Stanton had no freckles on her breasts. Maytag
looked back at Biggle and smiled uncomfortably.

"Something wrong, Gerald?" she asked.

Maytag shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe it would help if
there wasn't someone watching me."

"That's better," Biggle said with an approving nod. "It
helps if you're open with us. I'll be back in a jiffy."

Both Maytag and Stanton watched as she left the room.
After the door shut, Stanton slapped Maytag across the
chest with the back of her hand.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"When your audio went dead I decided I needed to come
in the clinic and take a look around."

"I ditched the wire when I realized they wanted me to
get changed into this outfit," she said, gesturing at
her skimpy lab coat.

"Yeah," Maytag said slowly. "That's a real nice hat you
have there."

"Very funny, Maytag. Now, what are we going to do?"

"About what?"

"About this! This is the only health clinic I've heard
of that has sperm donors pay them rather than the other
way around. We're supposed to be investigating the
clinic, not each other. You'll pardon me for not
wanting to collect evidence, or anything else for that
matter, from you."

"Well, I'm sorry if I offend you," Maytag said.

"Dammit, Maytag, you know I don't mean it like that.
It's just...you know. I mean, it's not as if you were
exactly comfortable in here a few minutes ago."

"True," Maytag admitted. "So what do we do?"

Stanton scratched her head, careful not to knock her
cap out of place. "I'm supposed to fill out your chart.
Let's do that and then play it by ear."

"Make sure to drop the chart a few times. Maybe the pen
every once in a while, too."

"I'm glad to see you're enjoying this, Maytag," Stanton
said. "But you do have a point." She undid two more
buttons on her lab coat. The center clasp of her bra
was in plain sight. "I might as well look like I'm
doing my job."

When Biggle returned, Stanton handed her the clipboard.
Ignoring that for a moment, Biggle fixed her gaze on
Stanton's bra. "Everything alright, Nurse Stanton?"

"Everything's fine," Stanton said coquettishly. "This
just popped open while I was working and I haven't had
time to fix it yet."

"Of course, darlin'. And the patient?" Biggle glanced
at the chart.

"Seems healthy," Stanton said.

"In every way?" Biggle asked.

Stanton looked confused. Biggle stepped over to Maytag.
Without warning, the blonde nurse thrust her hand in
his crotch and fondled his package.

Biggle looked at Stanton, her tight uniform halfway
undone, her toned legs crossed one in front of the
other like a trained spokes-model. She looked back at
Maytag and moved her face by his shoulder.

He could smell her perfume again, and felt a curly
strand of hair graze his cheek. Her warm moist breath
brushed the side of his neck as she whispered. "Are you
sure you aren't gay, Gerald?"

"No, I'm straight," he whispered under his breath.

Biggle moved from his shoulder and looked him in the
eye. She considered him a moment.

"Really," Maytag insisted.

"OK, sugar. It's time you talked to the doctor."

Nurse Biggle and prospective employee Stanton left the
room. Maytag let out a long sigh, then walked over to
the sink to get himself a glass of water. The room had
turned very warm, and his mouth very dry.

Not long after that, the door opened again, and in
walked a man in gray pinstriped slacks, white button-
down shirt, and blue silk necktie, covered by a white
lab coat both looser and longer than what Biggle and
Stanton were wearing.

"Hello, Gerald, I'm Doctor Havelock." The two shook

"Doctor," Maytag greeted him equally.

"Gerald, Nurse Biggle said you might have been a little
uncomfortable during the exam. I apologize. But a lot
of our patients seem to like our approach, and we find
it's a good way to distinguish people with real
problems. Handing out Viagra prescriptions may be a
good moneymaker, but we want to make sure people need
it. And Nurse Biggle is convinced you're a good

Maytag nodded his head.

"So I want you to take this," Havelock said. He handed
him a small blue pill and went to the sink to fetch a
cup of water. "We'll observe your reaction to determine
if we can help you with therapy here."

"OK, Doctor." Maytag popped the pill in his mouth and
washed it down.

"Someone will be in shortly to check on you." The
doctor turned to leave. "Oh, do you have any requests
about who comes to look in on you?"

"A blonde," Maytag said, in hopes of averting another
meeting with Stanton.

The doctor smiled. "Anything else? Do you have tastes
in clothing? Fishnets, leather, latex?"

"Latex?" Maytag asked. This hardly seemed a normal
question to be asked by a doctor, but this was hardly a
normal clinic.

"Latex it is," said the good doctor, and walked out
before Maytag could say anything else.

Meanwhile, Nurse Biggle and trainee Stanton had seen
two more patients, and both were more openly approving
of Stanton's little white uniform. They weren't shy
about watching her reach up or bend over to grab
supplies from cabinets, and they displayed fully
healthy responses to Stanton's examinations. One of
them was even cute, Stanton thought to herself.

Next, Nurse Biggle had them stop for coffee. They were
just beginning to make small talk when one of the
doctors, in pinstriped trousers and a blue tie, poked
his head in on them.

"Excuse me, Nurse Biggle," he said.

"Doctor Havelock," Biggle answered. "This is Nurse
Stanton, a prospective."

"Charmed." Havelock said briefly. "Nurse Biggle, the
patient in S-4 is undergoing the p-test. Please use the
latex gear and then report the test findings to me."

"Certainly, Doctor," she answered easily.

"Thank you. Nice meeting you, Nurse Stanton."

Stanton nodded her head in response. She recognized S-4
as the room Gerry was in, but she had no idea what the
p-test or latex gear was. "Do the room names start with
'S' because of the street level?"

"The 'S' stands for 'straight', honey. Upstairs is 'G'
for 'guess-what'. Those patients really like their
butter and jam separate, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, I see" Stanton replied.

"I'm so sorry, honey, but I'm going to have to leave
for a bit. Finish your coffee and feel free to look
around. I'll meet you here in about forty-five minutes
or so."

* * *

Maytag waited for the pill to take effect. Would his
dick simply swell up a bit and respond quickly to
stimulus? Maybe it provoked a spontaneous erection, an
instant rush of blood to his hose and a quick
stiffening. Whatever, he was resolved not to touch it,
and instead to let the drug work on its own.

As if on cue, his thoughts were interrupted again. The
door swung open and in came Nurse Biggle. Her frizzy
flaxen hair still hung loose and her lips were painted
the same shiny red, but her lab coat was gone. In its
place was a tight-fitting dress with a dull shine, the
same color green as surgical scrubs.

A small white collar ran halfway around the neck of the
dress, and the white trimmed neckline opened to a
square shape that exposed the top half of Biggle's
voluminous breasts. The short dress ended high on her
thigh and confirmed Maytag's earlier suspicion: Biggle
wore thigh-high stockings. The lacy elastic tops of the
stockings bordered a small sliver of bare flesh visible
below the bottom of the dress.

"Is this more to your liking?" Biggle asked.

"You look stunning," Maytag replied.

"Why, baby, isn't that nice of you to say," She walked
slowly to the exam table and Maytag's eyes followed her
as she moved.

"I heard you took a pill," she said. Her face was close
to Maytag's. He gazed at her shiny red lips.

Maytag swallowed. "That's right."

"Do you think you'll need any help when it kicks in?"
Biggle gently placed a hand on his thigh. Maytag looked
down at the short fingernails painted the same red as
her lips. She leaned into his ear and her floral
perfume invaded his nose again. A slap across the face
couldn't have been stronger.

"I think it's starting to kick in now," Maytag said.

Biggle ran her hand up his thigh and to his crotch. She
took hold of his sack, and then moved to his member,
quickly shifting and turning itself over in his pants.

"I think you're right, Gerald," Nurse Biggle whispered.
Maytag felt the warm wet tip of her tongue glide over
his earlobe and into his ear.

Biggle gripped his nascent erection and gave it a short
stroke. She moved her lips over his earlobe, then
kissed his temple. She planted a soft kiss on his
eyebrow, then moved down to his lips. Maytag's cock
leaped in his pants.

"I felt that," Biggle said teasingly, and looked at
Maytag with laughing eyes.

"Good drug," Maytag said.

"The best." Biggle closed her eyes and tilted her head,
pushing her lips against Maytag's mouth. He found her
bottom lip with his and sucked hard on it before
kissing her mouth fully and sliding his tongue inside
to meet hers. Maytag slid his hands over her dress. It
fit her like a second skin, and it gripped back at his
hands in the same way.

Their lips parted company, and they paused to catch
their breath.

"What is this?" Maytag asked, running a thumb across
the shoulder of her dress.

"Latex, silly," Biggle answered before kissing him

Her fingers deftly untucked Maytag's shirt, loosened
his pants, unzipped him, and slid her hand through the
fly of his boxers. Stiff and warm, his cock pushed
against one side of his undershorts, and Biggle
struggled to maneuver it through the opening while
kissing at the same time.

"Mmmmmmm," Maytag moaned quietly. He groaned again when
her face dropped from his lips down to his crotch. With
one motion her mouth enveloped his shaft. His cotton
shorts brushed against her cheeks as she sucked his

Biggle moved her head out of Maytag's lap, and his cock
fell out of her mouth with a plopping sound. "I think
we need to get you out of those clothes," she said.

Maytag smiled and pulled his shirt off. Biggle purred
appreciatively and moved her painted nails through the
soft curls under his navel and then onto his chest.

"Not bad," she said.

"There's a gym where I work out," Maytag said,
grinning. He kicked his shoes off and Biggle pulled his
pants away from his legs. "Aren't you still a little
too dressed?"

"Me?" Biggle asked. She ran a hand across her chest and
down the tight-fitting dress. "I thought I'd leave this
on. Besides," she added, slightly rolling up the bottom
of the dress to reveal the carefully trimmed light-
colored curls of her bush, "there's really nothing in
the way."

"No, there isn't," Maytag agreed. He held out his hands
to bring her up on the exam table.

"One second," she said, heading to the cabinets.

"What?" Maytag asked.

"I'm just getting a little lube," Biggle answered.

"I'll take care of that," Maytag said.

Biggle smiled. "Alright. I believe you will." Maytag
swung his legs up to lie flat on his back. She crawled
up on the table and straddled his chest. "Yes, I
believe you will."

Maytag took hold of her ass with both hands. He
relished the feel of those solid buns wrapped in smooth
tight latex and kept his hands there after he pushed
her pussy up to his face and started to lick her creamy
slit. Using lube must have been a habit, Maytag
thought, because she certainly didn't need it. His
tongue moved easily between her puffy lips and inside
her pink crease.

Her stockinged calves rubbed against the sides of his
chest and tickled him. He moved one hand off of her
firm ass to reach down and massage her calf. Maytag
looked up as he licked her cunt and watched her chest
heave as she breathed. Biggle's tits strained against
the latex, and Maytag wished for a second set of hands.

"Ooooh, baby, that's nice," Biggle said. Maybe she gets
a kinky thrill out of wearing latex herself, Maytag
thought. He imagined her carefully covering her upper
body with talc, alone in the dressing room, rolling the
dress down her body and feeling it grip her like a
thousand tiny hands. I'll bet that quickens her pulse,
Maytag thought momentarily as he continued licking her
pussy. He knew that if he kept at it she was bound to
come all over him.

"That's so good, Gerald," she said.

Maytag preferred Gerry, but it was tough to complain
about his current situation. He grabbed a handful of
ass, and swirled his tongue around her rigid little
clit. Maytag moved his hand from Nurse Biggle's calf
and moved his thumb over her knee, and then his palm
over the bumpy surface of her stocking tops. He felt
her thigh, which was covered with a thin film of
perspiration. The outfit had to be hot.

Biggle began to rock on his mouth, pushing her pussy
down on his tongue. Maytag knew she was reaching her
peak and he tried to match her thrusts with flicks of
his tongue. He looked up and saw her nipples had
hardened and poked out against the taut green layer of
latex. He moved his free hand up to her chest to
squeeze her tits as he licked.

"Oh, Gerald! Oh, God, that's good!" Biggle took in a
breath as she said the word good, so that it sounded
like "guh-hid." She gripped his hair with her fingers
and held tight as she started to come. "So guh-hid!"

Biggle's back stiffened as her orgasm burst through her
body. Maytag moved his tongue rapidly over her button
and gripped her ass to keep her pussy firmly on his
mouth. "Oh, that's guh-hid!"

When the throes of her climax finally subsided, Nurse
Biggle leaned down and planted a kiss on Maytag's lips.
"You smell like pussy," she said, giggling.

"You smell delicious," Maytag said.

"I think I'm nice and wet now."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure. We can check, though." Biggle
moved her knees back along Maytag's sides, one after
the other. When she felt his prick she lifted herself
and took his cock in her hand. Then she sat back down
on it. Her slick lips swallowed his rod, first the
pointed tip, and then the solid shaft, all the way to
the base.

"Oh, Jesus!" Maytag cried out.

"Close! My first name is Jennifer."

Nurse Jennifer Biggle bounced up and down on Maytag's
cock like a pogo stick. He took hold of one buttock,
one breast, and held on for the ride. And what a ride
it was. Nurse Biggle even supplied a soundtrack.

"Oh, that cock feels so good, Gerald! Oh, Gerald! So

Maytag recognized that sound. Nurse Biggle seemed to be
enjoying the ride as much as he was.

"So guh-hid!"

Biggle's bouncing went from a steady beat to something
more erratic. Maytag shifted both hands to her waist
and guided her up and down his shaft. Biggle continued
to moan and then he felt her cunt tighten on his cock.
The grip released but returned again just as hard.
Maytag lost control and his upper body jerked forward
as he came.

"That's guh-hid!"

Biggle squeezed the cum from his cock as her pussy
tightened with the crests of her climax. Maytag rolled
his head back and forth in pleasure.

"Oh, Jesu---Oh, Jennifer!" he called.

Slowly the two returned to a state of calm. Maytag let
go of her waist when he could no longer concentrate.
His hands rested on her thighs, and he stroked them

"That was wonderful," Nurse Biggle said.

"You can say that again. Those pills really work."

Biggle laughed. "You mean the placebo worked?"

"That was just a placebo?" Maytag asked.


"So I guess I'm cured."

"Oh, I don't know," she said lightly. "You should
always come back for regular check-ups."

* * *

Heather Stanton thought about wandering on the G floor
and seeing just how things worked down there but
thought better of it. She could hardly be inconspicuous
dressed as she was and she didn't want to set off any
alarms. Instead she wandered around the S floor, poking
her head in here and there. Everywhere except S-4, that

Room after room offered women in outrageous nurse
costumes and the male patients who loved them for it.
More than once she saw sperm samples taken by hand (at
least that was what it looked like). In one room
Stanton saw the nurse costume lie crumpled atop a blue
suit on the floor, but saw no people. In another she
saw the people fucking like minks, but no sign of their
clothes (unless you counted her garter and the white
fishnet stockings).

That scene was repeated in room after room, with
various styles and amounts of undergarments. It was
outrageous. Amusingly enough, her little white uniform
gave her freedom to roam about. No one minded when she
walked in, and more than once she was invited to join
in the action. The temptation grew, as it seemed
everyone was going at it but her.

That's when she reached room S-7. If someone had
pointed out to Stanton that her last name started with
S and had seven letters, and this configuration
represented some sort of magical number for her, she
would have laughed. Nevertheless, it was room S-7 that
attracted her. She opened the door.

There seemed to be no one in the room. She could see
the examination table, and no one was on it. There was
no noise. She was about to close the door when a voice
reached her.

"Nurse?" was all he said.

"Yes?" Stanton entered the room. Around the corner
stood a man, a tall man, with dark hair covering his
chest and following a trail down to his dark curly
pubic hair. At first his dick looked to be a small
stump of flesh, but that was an optical illusion.
Stanton was looking at it end on. His prick stuck
straight out, as hard and level as a diving board. When
she moved a bit, its full length came into view.

"Can I help you?" she said, knowing damn well how she
wanted to help him.

"Oh, God, yes," he said. "I've been waiting for the
nurse to come back. The doc gave me one of those Viagra
pills, and now I have this erection and the damn thing
won't go away. I was just starting to look through
these drawers for some Vaseline or something when I
heard you come in."

"I'd be happy if I could help," Stanton said, honestly.

"Great," he answered. "Is there some Vaseline around?"

"What do you need that for?" Stanton asked, moving
closer to him.

"Isn't it obvious?"

Stanton laughed. "Don't be silly. I can take care of
this." She dropped into a crouch position in front of
him and admired his wood. It pointed straight at her.
Veins bulged out and snaked along its length. The head
swelled, a curious shade somewhere between pink and
purple. Wiry hairs radiated from the base like some
perverse lion's mane. She licked it like a popsicle.

"I see," the man said.

Stanton stopped her licking and looked up. "Will this
work for you?"

She drew him completely in her mouth.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "That will work just fine."
Stanton got at least three good strokes in as he
stretched out the last two words of that statement. She
slid her mouth back and forth on his rod, moving with
deliberate speed and strength, intent on relieving him
of his problem. Looking down at Stanton's tits in her
little white uniform, the man suddenly had a different
idea. "What do you say we move over to that table?"

Stanton sat back and sized him up. "Sure," she said.
"If you can carry me over there."

"Like, throw you over my shoulder, and spank your ass
on the way there?"

"Not bad," Stanton said, "but I had something else in
mind." Without taking off the lab coat, Stanton slipped
her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. He
bent down to kiss her, and rested his hands on her
shoulders. Their lips locked and their tongues tangled,
and his hands moved confidently down her sides and to
her waist. His fingers found their way between her
legs, and discovered just how wet she was.

He bent at the knees and slid his large palms over her
thighs. He lifted her, pulled her body to him, and
leaned back slightly. With ample strength he took hold
of her by her haunches and moved her so that the tip of
his rock-hard member hovered before her juicy crease.

Stanton wrapped her arms around his neck. She was
prepared to hold him firm and guide him inside her, but
she did not have to. She slid over him easily. His cock
filled her and it seemed as if she would never stop
sinking onto his steely rod. When her mound finally
made contact with his lower abdomen, she exhaled.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned.

Unhurried, he carried her over to the table. Each step
brought a jolt to her cunt, a fresh thrust that seemed
deeper each time. By the time they reached the table
and he laid her flat on it surface she was already
approaching orgasm.

At that point he positioned his body so that his shaft
slid over her clitoris. Slick with her juices, the hard
flesh glided over her tender flesh and plunged inside
her. She felt his dick along her clit, stretching her
lips, and impossibly circling her neck, choking off the
flow of air to her lungs and making her light-headed.
In and out he went, until Stanton tilted her head back,
opened her mouth wide, dug her nails into his back and
reached her climax.

"Oh, yes," he cried in celebration of his own release.

Stanton was beyond speech at that point.

When he slowed his thrusts and pushed his body away
from hers, Stanton was still incapable of speech.

"Thank you, Nurse," he said. "I can't tell you how much
I needed that."

"No problem," she said, with barely-renewed powers of

"Just doing my job."

* * *

Still a little unsteady on her feet, Stanton moved
through the hall with one hand running along the wall.
She found herself outside S-4 just as Maytag exited the
room, adjusting his clothes.

They stood and looked at one another. Maytag cleared
his throat and straightened his posture. "Nurse
Stanton," he said formally.

"Gerald," she replied, poker-faced.

Just then, Doctor Havelock turned into the hallway and
almost bumped into Maytag. "Oh, Gerald, I understand
you've responded quite well to the treatment." He
winked at Maytag before continuing. "If you just see
the receptionist on the way out we can get your billing

He turned his attention. "Nurse Stanton, I hope your
visit went well. Maybe we should go back to my office
for an exit interview."

Stanton and Maytag looked at one another, and then back
at Dr. Havelock.

"I hate to say this, Doctor," Stanton began, "but we
haven't been completely honest with you."

"We're with the FBI," Maytag added.

Havelock's mirthful expression faded to seriousness.
"Ah," he said quietly. "Then I suppose you'll have some
questions for me to answer."

Stanton and Maytag looked at each other and grimaced.

"Actually, I just have one question," Maytag said.

"Me, too," Stanton said.

"What's that?"

"Does my health coverage cover this?" Maytag asked.

Stunned, Havelock looked at him without responding, and
then glanced at Stanton. She straightened her lab coat
and adjusted her cap. "Do you think I could keep this


I hope you enjoyed that, and I'd love to hear your

There is an anonymous e-mail form (and more stories) at
http://www.jimmy-hat.com, or you can mail me directly
at ***@jimmy-hat.com

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others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: bondclub.txt (MF, unsafe-sex, bond, ped)
Authors name: Shaved Jerry (***@aol.com)
and Lyn Duke (***@aol.com)
Story title : Bondage Club, The

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

The Bondage Club (MF, unsafe-sex, bond, ped)
by Shaved Jerry (***@aol.com)
and Lyn Duke (***@aol.com)


We arrived to a very dark house. A naked lady who had
painted her body red and black greeted us at the door.
Without a word she started to undress Lyn. Because I do
not allow Lyn to wear very many clothes, she was quickly

The painted lady then turned to me and stripped me.

Black hoods were then placed over out heads. Our hands
were pulled behind out backs and secured with heavy
handcuffs that were very tight. I could feel Lyn's naked
body next to mine as we were pushed forward.

"Watch yourself, we're going downstairs," the painted
lady whispered.

The air grew warm when we entered the lower room. We
were pushed together against a wall which seemed to have
some interesting features. Our stomachs hit up against a
firm surface but my dick and I imagine her pussy pushed
into an open hole. My nipples and her tits also went
through a hole. Our chins rested on a bar and I could
feel a cooler breeze so I thought that this was also

Straps were pulled around my neck and Lyn's. They also
went around our waist. Separate straps secured our legs
against the wall and it also kept them spread open. We
were now wall decorations of some sort.

We could hear voices from the other room and from behind

"Jerry, what's going on?" she asked.

"Hell if I know," I responded. Suddenly I heard her
gasp, "Oh, Jesus, someone is rubbing some grease in my

Before I could respond I felt the same sensation. It
felt like a very small hand, almost like a child's. This
person spent a lot of time rubbing and shoving a liberal
portion of greasy jelly over our entire ass.

From the front, a hand suddenly grabbed my cock and
pulled. When I heard the click I knew that a pair of
handcuffs was now circling my balls and pushing them out
the other side of the wall.

"God, now they have my tits," Lyn's muffed cry came to
me. She told me that some clamps had been attached to
her nipples and the weight was pulling her further into
the hole.

"Welcome you two," a woman's voice came to us from
behind. "I think you'll like what is going to happen.
And the best part is that you'll bear no responsibility
for anything. You're just meat we will use. Jerry, your
cock and Lyn, pussy are available for anyone here to
use. There is a second shelf built around waist level so
your mouth is open to use too. There are men, women,
teenagers, and almost teenagers on both sides of the
wall. You'll have no choice who does what to you but I
really don't think there is anything they do to you that
you won't like, or you wouldn't be here in the first

"But there are things I haven't done and don't want to
do" Lyn protested.

A loud smack rang out and I heard Lyn give a short

"OOOhhhh my ass," she yelled.

"That's right Lyn, any protest gets you an ass
whipping." I heard her muffled cry and then the same
sharp whip lit into my ass.

"Goddamn" I yelled, "What was that for?"

"If either of you complains both of you get it."

Evidently because I yelled we each got another hard slap
with a leather strap. We contained ourselves somewhat
but man did it hurt.

Someone pulled off my hood and I could see Lyn out of
the corner of my eye. If I wasn't tied to the wall I
would have been glad to go over and rub her sore ass and
maybe slide a finger into her greased asshole but I
could only stand there.

Lyn suddenly jumped when a large cock was shoved through
the wall. She had no place to turn so all she could do
was open her mouth and take it. She didn't seem to mind
very much and I could see her lips tighten around the
shaft. Her head started to move as she increased her
sucking. Suddenly I had the feeling that someone was
standing behind me.

"I hear you like your ass probed" said a very young
female voice. "Try my big dildo on for size."

The large soft rubber head was slowly being pushed into
the crack of my ass. Because my legs were tied apart, I
couldn't offer much resistance. The young lady seemed to
know how to use her strapped on dick because her slow
steady pressure soon won out.

I felt the well-lubricated dildo slide into me. When her
chest hit my back I could tell this girl was very young.
Her breasts were very small and the nipples did not have
the hardness that a woman would have.

"Do you like it? I love it when Daddy fucks me like this
and lets me fuck him with my toy. How do you like it? Am
I hurting you?"

"No, you're doing it very well," I moaned as she pumped
me slowly. "How old are you"?

"I can't tell you that but I am in Junior High," she

The feel of a warm tongue made me aware that someone was
now on my cock in front. Their sucking was very soft and
slow. I had no idea who is was and would probably never

Lyn was now making loud sucking sounds that did not
drown out the groaning from the other side of the wall.
I knew he was coming when I heard her chocking slightly
from the hot cream he was giving her. I could tell her
ass was now getting attention when she groaned loudly,
"Oh fuck, yes, fuck my ass!"

I think that a very large man was doing her.

The feel of the young girl's hands on my body and the
driving of her dildo into me had me ready to come hard.
When my hips started to buck, I felt a glass tube of
some sort being placed over the head of my cock. Then a
mystery person squeezed my balls. Hot spurts of cum shot
out of my throbbing cock.

"Oh, fuck yes, let me milk your cock baby," cooed a
female voice. She seemed to make an effort to get as
much as she could in the tube. The large rubber cock up
my rear was pulled of my hole with a squeaking sound.

Through the hole in front of me I could see a young boy
sucking an older woman's pussy. She held his head
tightly at her crotch while he licked and slurped away
at her.

After a few minutes, a young girl walked in. The dildo
still hung from its belt around her thin waist. She had
a large wine glass which contained my cum. Slowly she
crawled under the young boy and began to suck his cock.
He must have been ready because he quickly started to
cum into the glass. His moans were muffled because his
face was still deep in the older woman's cunt.

Lyn's moaning made me aware that someone else was
fucking her from behind. She has different sounds when
she is getting ass fucked and she was really moaning
now. Lyn was born for ass fucking.

In the room in front, another man was approaching the
wall towards Lyn.

He knelt and fed her another hard cock. Next to him, the
young girl with the dildo stood.

"Daddy, I want him to suck my dildo."

"Well, give it to him then, darling," he said.

"No, not unless you clean it first" I protested. That
got my ass (and Lyn's) another shot of the whip. Damn,
that hurt!

But the sweet thing did take it off. Pressing her little
pussy to the wall, I quickly licked her smooth slit.
(There is nothing sweeter than a young hairless cunt.) I
pushed my tongue into her as far as I could get it. Her
movements told me that she liked to have her little
pussy eaten. Another hand was feeling up my ass but I
couldn't tell who it was. This was totally wild; being a
total sex toy, with no way to stop anyone from doing
anything they want to me.

I could hear Lyn coming again, her moans and crying got
louder and louder. When she came, several people unbuckled

"Jerry, they're taking me somewhere," she whined to me
before she was gone.

Minutes later, there she was, being led into the main
room. She was laid on her back and her arms and legs
held by the people there. All the men in the room got
around her on their knees. Her mouth was quickly filled
with cock, her pussy was rammed and the others squeezed
her big tits and stroked her pussy. Lyn was on fire and
was twitching and wiggling.

After 10 minutes one of the men yelled out he was going
to come and my small girlfriend picked up the glass and
ran to him. He pulled out of Lyn and pumping his fist he
gave the glass another load of cum.

The sight must have made the others hot because soon the
young girl was rushing about, her little naked ass
jiggling, to collect each man's contribution of cum in
her glass.

Then it happened, one of the kinkiest things I have ever
seen. The young girl squatted down over Lyn's face, her
ass on Lyn's forehead and her clit on her nose. She
reached down and opened Lyn's mouth with her cum covered

An older woman took the glass and started to pour it
over the young girl's body. I guess there must have been
a lot of shots in the glass because it looked like a
flood. It rolled down her little budding tits, over her
smooth belly and on her hands and fingers which were
busy pulling her lower lips apart. Over her fingers,
over her bare little pussy and into Lyn's mouth.

The girl was running her hands in the white flood but
most was running into Lyn's face. Lyn had told me she
was not into facials but the sheer perverseness of the
scene must have converted her. She was licking it like
whipped cream. The sight of the young slippery fingers
above her must have been a sight.

When she had consumed the contents of the glass, she was
let go. She crawled over to me and took my face into her
hands. Lyn then gave me a very wet salty soul kiss.

"Thanks for bringing me," she whispered. "What will you
do to me next?"


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: toohorny.txt (MMF, voy, reluc, oral)
Authors name: Socraith (***@hotmail.com)
Story title : Too Horny To Wait

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Too Horny To Wait (MMF, voy, reluc, oral)
by Socraith (***@hotmail.com)


Jeff and Laura get excited thinking about what they want
to do to one another. The tension builds and they pull
into an adult store for some fun.


Jeff and Laura were always interested in spicing up their
sex life. They had it plenty and were always keeping it
interesting. From different positions, to toys, to sex in
open places they'd do anything except involve multiple
people. They were both very against sharing one and

Jeff was 6'2" and built, he worked out all the time. He
was also hung pretty well, 8 inches long and nice and
thick. Laura was something else though. At 5'4" she had a
perfect hourglass frame. 34D tits and a round, tight ass.
Men would stare at her as she walked by.

The two were driving around speaking about the things
they had wanted to do to each other and getting very
excited when they passed an adult toy store. They decided
to go in and check it out. The store had an extremely
large selection to choose from and they checked out
everything. From large dildos, to lotions, books, sexy
underwear, and finally a large selection of movies.

Jeff went to the clerk and asked which one he'd recommend
the man told him, with a grin across his face, that they
could go and view the movies in a private booth. Jeff
quickly jumped on the offer, got a set of keys and went
to Laura.

They both ran to the booth with a few movies under their
arms and went inside. It was actually a pretty tight
space to be in, but that didn't matter, they threw a
movie in right away.

Laura and Jeff rubbed their hands all over each other
while hearing the porn groove in from the television.
Jeff ripped off her blouse to see her nipples hard and
jutting out from under her bra (as most of the time they
were). Her pussy was flooding as Jeff's clothes were
falling to the floor and his dick stood pointed right at
her, as hard as a rock. Both were naked caressing each
other and hornier than you can imagine.

"Please Jeff I need that cock in me, please fuck me."

"I think you'll have to blow me first."

"Bet there isn't enough room in here to do that!" Laura
moaned at him.

"I said get on all fours Laura, and blow me. Why do you
think we've taken all this time to get you to be able to
deep throat? They'll be just enough room."

Laura grumbled, to get his dick in her she'd have to suck
him off first. She wedged herself down to her knees
pointing his dick up she sank her mouth down on his rock
hard cock. As it went deeper and deeper down her throat
she was able to get her hands to the floor and now she
had her ass pressed tightly to the wall, and was stuck
with Jeff's dick in her mouth. She could move her head
slightly back put no matter what she did, because of the
space in the room, Jeff and her where stuck like that
until he came.

Bobbing her head back and forth as much as she could Jeff
was growling in delight and Laura was trapped on his
dick, sucking all 8 inches in. All she could think about
was when he was going to fuck her, she needed his dick in
her so bad. Jeff was moaning as he could feel her tongue
working around him.

He rubbed his hand through her hair, pushing on the back
of her head to sink all of him in her. All Laura was
thinking about was to get him off so that she could have
a cock in her. She needed it so badly.

Laura squealed in shock. She felt something brush her
pussy. But what? She had herself jammed against a wall.
Nothing could be there unless. Oh fuck she had read about
this before. Glory holes. It was where people could have
sex with strangers through holes in a booth.

"Some guy in the booth over must have noticed my pussy
was up against the hole and took it as an invitation,"
she thought.

She felt the cock behind her brush against her again.
Laura was stuck. She couldn't do anything as long as
Jeff's dick was hard and in her mouth. And in any moment
the man in the other booth would be fucking her. Laura
started to try and tell Jeff, but with his big dick
stuffed in her it was no use. All that Jeff thought was
that she was humming around his dick.

"Oh yes Laura," Jeff grunted out, "Suck my meat, you make
it so hard, I'm going to cum down your entire throat."

Laura wished that meant that he was going to cum soon,
but she knew that with his dirty talk he was still going
for a bit. Then Laura felt it. Some dick's head moved
it's way into her pussy. Slowly she could feel the
engorged cock sliding in her. Her pussy was so damp that
this dick had no problem easing himself into her tight

Laura was moaning in heat. She didn't want some strangers
cock in her and yet she needed one in her so very badly.
There was nothing she could do but suck on a big dick and
get fucked by some stranger's cock that was spreading her
pussy wide open.

She knew what was happening wasn't right so she started
to suck Jeff's dick in furious abandon. She reached her
right hand up around the base of Jeff's dick and started
to jerk him off as fast as she could, while her tongue
was swirling around his fat cock just below the head.

Jeff thought that the moans and whimpers that were coming
from Laura were due to how turned on she was from blowing
him. Jeff was sorely mistaken. Laura was getting pumped
from behind by some anonymous dick and her body was
turning against her as she was loving every second.

Her clit felt like it was on fire, and the heat emanating
from her pussy could keep any cock warm through a
blizzard. She couldn't believe that she was being used
like some slut and her body was loving it, no matter how
much she didn't want to.

That dick that was filling her cunt had started to pump
harder and faster. She thought for sure that Jeff would
notice her ass shaking from the pounding coming from
behind but either he was in his own world or the booth
was to dim to notice. Either way she just didn't want him
to know.

"Shit," she thought, "the cock was going to cum in her if
Jeff didn't first."

Laura moved her hands to Jeff's balls and started to give
them a light squeeze. She knew she could milk the cum out
of him this way. The more she squeezed his balls the more
cum she knew would shoot down her throat. But he would
cum faster and that was all that mattered right now.

Jeff could feel his cum in his balls moving up into his
dick. He knew he was going to explode down Laura's mouth
with the way she was sucking him. She was trying to get
the cum out of him like she needed to live off it, Jeff

Laura could feel the cocks stuffing her from both ends
pumping furiously. The dick behind her was filling her
pussy and her pussy was wrapped so tightly around that
big dick that she couldn't hold it anymore. Her body
started uncontrollably convulsing. Her tits were hard as
rocks as they hung down and shook from her body.

Laura's cunt did exactly as she didn't want it to do. Her
cum started to flood through her pussy and down her legs
she was cumming so hard. Then her cunt clenched down on
the big meat in her pussy like a vice. It was so tight
around that dick that she felt it expand and start
shooting cum inside her.

Laura was squealing to get that cock out of her. But she
couldn't do anything but take all that cum inside her.
Jeff started to blow his load down her throat. Shot after
shot her pussy and throat were being covered in cum..

Jeff's dick started to shrink just enough where Laura
flew her mouth off his dick, and wiggled that cock out of
her pussy. But before she could say or do anything, Jeff
flipped her around just to stick his dick in her for a

Again in a bad position, she was stuck now on Jeff's
dick, which was subsiding from his orgasm. But the
stranger's cock was bobbing in front of her dripping with
his and her cum. As Jeff made a few last thrusts forward
Laura lips were brushed up against the invading dick.
Jeff started pushing so hard she had to open her mouth
and taste her own cum and the strangers as she blew on
his dick. After a few more bobs on that dick Laura was
pulled back off it and spun around.

"Oh baby that was so kinky. We have to that again
someday. I've never seen you suck my dick like you needed
it so badly."

"I don't know." Laura replied. "I think, I think we
should just go home right now."

They went and put their clothes on. Laura could feel all
that cum running down her legs and filling her panties.
She couldn't put her bra on because her tits were too
sensitive. They stepped out of the booth through the
store. She looked around the room and tried to guess
which guy might have just fucked her and filled her cunt
with his cum. Her and Jeff got in the car and drove
away., Jeff feeling relieved in his own orgasmic
pleasure, Laura sat quietly thinking about how she was
used like some slut.and liked it.


Please I'd love comments or feedback, write anytime to

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Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: backseat.txt (M+/F, gb, intr, asian)
Authors name: Lori (***@aol.com)
Story title : Lori's Backseat Gangbang

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Lori's Backseat Gangbang
by Lori (***@aol.com)


I was living in Japan for a few months for an
international exchange program and had met a number of
Americans that were stationed there with the military.
It was nice to be able to socialize with one's
countrymen and I regularly got invited to various
events on different bases. Getting real food was an
added plus, though I loved Japanese cuisine too.

On my second visit there I bought a motorcycle to get
around with and was allowed to join one of the
military's motorcycle clubs as an honorary member.

We would tour almost every weekend, sometimes for two
or three days. In August the club hosted a booth at a
big carnival held on base [called Bon Odori, kind of
like All Soul's Day] and the Japanese were invited to
the usually closed base. It was a huge event with
bands, dancers and all sorts of cross-cultural events.

I only had a few drinks [I rarely drink] and was trying
to show a very nice young Japanese man, Hidenao, whom I
had been spending much of the afternoon with how to
foxtrot. It's an easy step to learn and can be used,
with modification, to a lot of music including rock and

I think he was a bit overwhelmed by my thin dress and
minimal underwear-- panties but no bra [I'm not very
busty, a 34B] as it gets very muggy in August-- and he
had an obvious erection that he pressed against me as
we danced.

Afterwards I took him for a little tour of the area and
when we were behind the library I gave him some relief.
We had very fast sex standing up, just pulling my
panties out of the way.

When he was done I said to him, "Now you can
concentrate on learning to dance without so many
distractions." I've never had anyone bow to me after
sex before. It was cute.

We went back and started dancing again and several of
the guys from the bike club, Bob, George, Will, and
Later in the afternoon Nick came over and joined us. He
tried to show off for some of the Japanese dances and
Hidenao called two of his friends over to teach us.
They were talking in Japanese and Bob [who spoke
Japanese very well] pulled me aside and said that
Hidenao was telling the other two men that I had sex
with him just a few minutes before.

I winked at him and told Bob to mind his own business.

As the evening wore on and the beer flowed [I had
several more glasses but everyone else was really into
it] the other two Japanese guys [they wanted to be
called "Indy" and "Skip"-- I later found out that many
Japanese like to adopt American nicknames] learned a
few new steps and taught me and the guys some of them.

They kept saying "Lori-san, this way!" although it came
out "Rori-san." All three copped a few feels during the
evening and this didn't go unnoticed by my motorcycle

While slow dancing, Nick finally asked if they were
annoying me but I told him that it was all in fun, then
brushed the front of his pants with my leg.

Nick was the hunkiest of the guys I had met all summer-
- a Marine-- and I had long thought about what he'd
feel like under the t-shirts he usually wore.

I told him I wanted another drink and together we got
more beer. We walked around and sat in front of the
library and talked and drank; Nick asked if what Bob
had told him was true. I played innocent and said I had
no idea what he was talking about. But he pressed on,
"Bob told me you were behind the library with one of
the Japanese guys."

"What, behind this library? Right here?" I asked,
getting up.

"Um, yeah, I guess," Nick answered. "Let's go see," I

I walked quickly around the back with Nick trailing
behind me and stopped. He stopped a few paces behind
me. "Yes, this looks like the place all right." I
leaned against the wall and faced Nick. "It was here,"
I said, and opened my arms to him.

He came to me wrapped me in those yummy arms, and in
moments my panties were off completely and he was
inside me. He was nice and slow, though I was very
ready from the earlier unsatisfying tryst and the
evening's gropes. I came quickly and he continued long
enough for me to loudly orgasm a second time before
coming in me.

When I looked around I saw standing by the corner were
Hidenao, Skip, and Indy. They were smiling and
obviously aroused. I was feeling great, up for anything
and I said to Nick as he adjusted himself that I wanted
to go to a small club that I had recently discovered.
We started to head off in the opposite direction as the
others but I stopped him. "No," I said, "all of us."

Nick raised an eyebrow but went along. "Come on,
tomadachis ["friends"], we're going dancing," I said to
the three guys. After a brief consultation amongst
themselves they agreed.

We went back through the party zone and headed toward
were Nick had his car. He spoke briefly to Will and I
waved goodbye to George and Bob from a distance. When
we piled into Nick's Skyline, me in back with Hidenao
and Indy, Nick said he had a brief stop to make at the
administration building. I didn't pay any attention to
him and was smooching with Hidenao. I was a little bit
drunk when Nick parked behind the building and said
he'd be right back.

I was oblivious to him and the other two in the car,
still lip-locked with Hidenao and getting positively
bold about fondling him. When I guided his hand to my
pussy I realized I had left my panties behind at the
library. Around that time the other two men decided to
get some fresh air and left the car, I thought that was
awfully decent of them.

I began to give Hidenao a blowjob as he diddled me and
I quickly wanted much more. I tried maneuvering in the
tight confines of the car but realized it wouldn't
work, so I opened the back door and pushed Hidenao out,
then stretched on the back seat with my legs outside
the car, motioning him to me. He was on me in a second,
and in me the next second.

I was enjoying his delicious fucking when the opposite
door opened. I saw Nick looming over me, presenting his
semi-hard cock to my lips. Delighted, I sucked him as I
was brought to orgasm.

Nick pulled away after I came and said there was
someone else who wanted to see me. Then Will was over
me, feeding his hard penis to me. He said, "Nick told
me he'd be stopping here and that we should come by.
I'm glad he did!"

I grunted an affirmative and continued swallowing him
as Hidenao shot off in me.

He withdrew and was replaced with another cock. I
assumed it was Nick but then realized it didn't feel
like his cock that was in me. I stole a look and saw it
was Indy, and he was nicely equipped. His club-like
thickness had me coming quickly and my orgasm sent him
over also. He came copiously; it felt like he spurted a
dozen or so times.

Will went around the car to fuck me and Nick came back
to my mouth. He was still only semi-hard. When Will
came in me, he and Nick withdrew and Bob came in the
car. He told me that Will had repeated Nick's plans to
him and that they [Bob and George] had seen the still-
wet semen stain spreading across the back of my dress
as I was leaving with Nick and the others. Bob opened
his pants and brought out a nice uncut penis, much like
the two Japanese cocks I had just had.

Make that three. Skip was at my pussy now and slid in
very easily, if a bit noisily as the evening's sperm
gurgled out around him. He and Bob set up a rhythm,
fucking me in time with each other as I cried out my
pleasure around Bob's cock. Both men came nearly at the
same time and I was flooded with semen. Bob jammed
himself in my mouth so deeply I couldn't breathe as he
came and I choked and spewed his sperm all over.

Bob got out and Skip withdrew [more gurgling]. Now Nick
reached in and pulled me out of the car. He turned me
around and bent me over so my head was inside the car
and took me from behind. Skip's load of semen gushed
out of me as Nick powered into my abused cunt.

George slid into the car from the other side, his cock
already out and ready. I took him into my mouth as Nick
pumped me from behind, pushing me onto George with
every stroke. I had a series of orgasms, small and
powerful. Finally George erupted in my mouth-- he was
delicious! I later found out that he was a strict
vegetarian, and it really made a difference in how he
tasted. Then Nick pulled out of me and started to put
his cock in my ass, but he came before he was fully in
me. "Dammit!" he said, "I really wanted to fuck that
ass of yours!"

I sat down in the car for a moment to take a breather.
Some quick calculations and I realized there were five
guys who had come only once and would likely want more,
and I was already tired. So I lay down on the seat
again and said, "Who's next?" as I pulled my dress over
my head.

I hadn't even gotten it off when someone was at me with
a hard cock. I stopped undressing, sort of tangled in
the dress with it over my head as I was ridden.

I finally got my arms out but my head was still
swaddled as the anonymous prick in me swelled and
spurted, then was quickly replaced with another. I just
lay there, blind to whoever was fucking me, being
turned on by the decadent anonymity of getting fucked
by a faceless penis. Someone leaned in the other side
of the car and fondled me; then more hands were on my
body, stroking, pinching, as I orgasmed.

At one point someone sprayed his sperm on my chest and
stomach. It seemed to go on forever, a parade of hot
and hard cocks filling me, spewing into me, as hands
roamed all over me and I came again and again, long and

I know more than the five who had come only once had
sex with me again but I have no idea which of them were
able to do it a third time. For all I know it may have
been people who happened by and saw us and joined in!
When the cocks finally stopped coming, I untangled
myself and got stiffly out of the car. Thick ropes of
semen dripped from me, and my thighs were slick with
sperm. I gingerly put my dress back on and looked for
my sandals. Eventually both were found and Nick drove
me to where I was staying after the rest said their
good-byes. He wanted to be invited in but I demurred. I
was a disheveled mess and had to brush asphalt off my
feet before going inside.

It was almost two weeks before I was recovered enough
to use the motorcycle. I felt a bit awkward at the next
bike tour, but the guys were apparently closed-mouthed
about the incident to the rest of the members.

I went out a few times with Hidenao and Skip and Indy,
and even took Hidenao and Indy home one evening. At one
point Indy said he "wanted to sex like Nick, from in
back of." I thought he meant on my knees but he meant
anal. We compromised and I had them DP me.

George and I spent a very kinky day before I left with
me sucking him whenever he wanted it, wherever he
wanted it. He got it almost hourly including at the
Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Tower, on the train, in an alley twice,
and at Shin-Yokohama station on the platform [I will
never forget the name of that station]. I was in a high
state of excitement all day from this and he made it up
to me that night.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever found my panties,
stained with Hidenao's semen, behind the library and
what that person would make of it...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

Archive name: visitan.txt (MF, rom)
Authors name: Lord Malinov (***@mindless.com)
Story title : Visitation

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Visitation (MF, rom)
by Lord Malinov (***@mindless.com)


I'd been living with Todd about two weeks. I wanted to
live alone, but I compromised when I found the best I
could afford on my own was little more than a large
shoebox. At any rate, living with Todd was like living
alone, for he lived fast and loose and only rarely spent
more than four hours running at the place.

I had a date that Saturday night, but Melissa called me
at six-thirty to cancel. She told me she had the flu.
Something in her voice made me wonder if her dose of
influenza wouldn't suddenly vanish when Rick or Mark or
whoever was taking my place rang her doorbell. I didn't
argue. I was probably as tired of her as she was of me.

Reluctant to surrender, I'd called Brian and Steve,
thinking that getting dumped by Melissa was good cause
to go out and act stupid. Brian had the flu. Uh-huh.
Steve was going to an Indian Film Festival at the Art
Theatre. Somehow I didn't think that reading subtitles
was going to cure my blues. He wouldn't budge on the
plans, so I resigned myself to an evening of potato
chips, beer and television.

Todd had disappeared early in the afternoon. I didn't
expect to see him again before Monday morning. He hadn't
said anything to give me that idea, except that I heard
him mention New Haven when he was on the phone. Miles
are no obstacle when Todd's chasing skirts. He could
have come home at any moment. I doubted that likely.

The cable had been hooked up, but an economical impulse
had prevented me from adding any premium services to the
entertainment package. I had counted on my constantly
expanding social life making movie channels a bad
investment. Given a proper cost-benefit analysis, I had
made the right choice.

But that lonely Saturday night went into the cost column
as I found myself sitting on the floor watching one lame
network program after another. Even with a steady diet
of beer and chips, the dramas proved uninspiring and I
soon drifted toward sleep. Only ten-fifteen on a
Saturday night, and I cashed in my chips.

A rapping on my chamber door roused me from my dull
dreams, and wiping the drool from my cheek, I stood up,
slightly confused. The sound of knocking struck again. I
checked my watch. Eleven was on the wane. I pulled aside
the curtain that covered our apartment's sliding glass

A woman raised her hand to strike the glass again. The
weary frustration in her eyes hit me at once. I twisted
the latch and pushed the heavy door along the aluminum
track. Her waxen cheek blushed tenderly as she looked at

"Is Todd here?" she asked.

"No, he's gone. Can I help you?" She looked troubled.

"Do you know when he'll be back?"

"He took off." I shrugged.

"Figures. Shit. Look," she said, "I'm Cindy."

The name meant nothing to me. Keeping track of Todd's
women would be an exercise in futility.

"I'm Todd's sister. I was hoping I could crash here."

I could see the resemblance in her eyes. Aside from the
blue-eyed blondeness, they both shared an energetic
spark, a lazy-yet-intense quality that in Todd marked a
constant readiness to move on.

"Come on in," I said. Cindy stepped into the apartment
carrying a small overnight bag. I pulled the glass plate
closed. "Sorry about the mess," I said.

"Hah!" said Cindy, showing her teeth with a glittering
smile. "You obviously haven't lived with Todd very long.
Cleanliness has never been one of my brother's strong

I smirked, delighted to witness some of the same family
friction I had known growing up and almost forgotten.
Cindy dropped her bag at the end of the sofa, stretched
and then put her hands on her waist and leaned
backwards. Even if I hadn't been a bit excited by the
sudden presence of a woman, Cindy would have been
attractive. In my present lonely condition, her
loveliness was unbounded.

The knees of her faded blue jeans were torn and I leered
at the soft inch of creamy thigh above her slightly
scuffed knee.

"Can I use the john?" she asked, walking over to peek
into the kitchen.

"Sure," I said. "To your left."

"Thanks," she said, turning. Cindy stopped at the first
door, slightly ajar and laughed, pointing. "Todd's
room," she said, knowingly, tipped off by the unmade bed
and sea of crumpled clothes.

I turned off the television, and found myself mesmerized
by the shuffles and tinkle of Cindy's business. My
interest stiffened slightly, but I felt a twang of
restraint. She was Todd's sister, and for some reason,
that meant something to me. She wanted to stay the
night, and that gave rise to possibilities, but then I
thought, What if it were my sister? How would I expect
Todd to treat Susan?

"I needed that," said Cindy with a smile. "I've been
driving for four hours."

"Did Todd know you were coming?" I asked.

"Nah," said Cindy, sitting down on the sofa. "I'm on my
way back home to Richmond but I got started later than I
planned. I should already be there."

"That's another four hours."

"Yeah. That's why I hoped I could crash. I'll get some
coffee down at the Kwik and just keep rolling. But tell
Todd he can forget about getting a birthday present from

"You can stay," I said gallantly. "Todd's probably not
coming back and driving tired is dangerous." Cindy

"Cool," she said. "My eyes were already creeping shut
when I got here. I don't know if I could make it all the
way home."

"No problem," I said. "Can I get you a beer, or

"That'd be great," said Cindy. "Do you mind if I use the

Mom's still expecting me."

"Over there," I pointed. I retreated to the kitchen.

"No," I heard her say, "Todd's not here. I don't know.
His roommate's going to let me spend the night here. No,
it'll be all right. No, I don't think so. I'll get on
the road early and be home before noon. Two. Love you,
too. Bye." Cindy hung up the phone and took the beer I
held out to her.

"I'm really grateful," she said.

"Don't think twice. I mean, if my sister needed a place
to sleep, I'd hope Todd..."

"Take my advice," Cindy said, lifting her beer to touch
mine. "Don't let your sister get anywhere near my
brother." I laughed. "She'd get a bed, but I don't think
he'd let her sleep."

The thought made me frown slightly. Cindy touched my

"I shouldn't say that. I've been teasing the kid so long
that I forget to stop. Todd's got a good heart. He just
has a thing for girls."

"Tell me about it," I said, smiling at her honest
display of affection. I liked Todd better, knowing he
had such a sweet sister.

"Do you mind if I change?" she asked. I shrugged my

"Sure, go ahead." Cindy picked up her bag and headed
into Todd's room. She closed the door behind her. I sat
on the sofa and took a long drink, while butterflies
tickled my stomach. She really was attractive.

My jaw dropped for a split second when she emerged from
his bedroom. Cindy wore a long t-shirt with a teddy bear
in a sleeping cap imprinted on the front. The nightshirt
ended halfway down her creamy thighs. I had guessed
Cindy was about twenty-seven, clearly Todd's older
sister, but the nightgown took ten years off her age. I
closed my mouth and took a swig of beer. Cindy sat down
on the floor.

"You guys have a nice place," she said.

"Thanks," I said. "We really just moved in."

"Todd's last apartment stank." Cindy wrinkled her small
nose slightly, remembering.

"It's hard to get a decent place in this city on our

"You two work together?" she asked.

"Yeah, although not so much together anymore. I got
moved up to a different group a month ago."

"Congratulations," said Cindy. She put down her beer and
leaned back on both arms. The hem of her shirt lifted
slightly, showing the white cotton panties nestled over
a soft puff and a small brown mole on her white inner
thigh. I took another drink. The teddy bear pulled tight
across her chest, clearly outlining the dark circles
that tipped her full breasts.

"Thanks," I said, my throat relentlessly dry, "but
that's up like upstairs not up like up the corporate
ladder." Her nipples hardened slightly and she touched
the brown bottle to her lips.

"Oh, well, it's better than going down." Cindy lifted
the beer and I watched her swallow the cold drink with a
bit more fascination that was probably warranted. Cindy
licked her lips and I sighed.

She told me about her job and some stories about Todd's
misadventures in high school and I fought every peek at
her panties and tits with no more success than a man of
my age could expect to show.

"You have a sister?" she asked.

"Yeah. Susan's a couple of years younger than me."

"She's lucky," Cindy said, standing. "I wish I had a
brother like you." She bent over to pick up her empty
beer bottles. I nearly fell backward, staring at the
sudden flash of her bottom. A slight dimple in the white
cotton neatly suggested her shrouded lips while the
untanned flesh of her globes gleamed around the fabric
wedged in between. Cindy dropped the bottles in the
trash and then reached down to adjust her panties.

"Goodnight," she said, heading into Todd's room.

"Goodnight," I replied, my voice failing.

I turned the corner into my room, reminding myself again
that she was Todd's sister and threw myself into my bed,
my prick throbbing with rage. I held on tight as the
lust Cindy incited poured through my aching flesh. I
tortured myself with visions of every aspect of her
delicious charms I'd seen, all the ones I imagined,
playing scenes of seduction I hadn't dared to commit in
a thousand variations that ended in a thousand more
decadent acts of wild debauchery. I felt feverish and
delirious and bit my pillow as the night slowly crept
over my mind.

I heard a sound and turned over. A figure stood in the

"Can I sleep in your bed?" she asked. I lifted the
covers and she slid in beside me, embracing me tightly,
her head on my chest. I held her close.

"It's all right," I said, instinctively. She kissed my
cheek. My cock burned. I ran my hand over her back,
still covered by the t-shirt. She teased my chest. My
hand reached the hem and slipped underneath. The cotton
panties were gone and I held her bare bottom. She
twisted under my touch, bringing my hand nearer the warm

"What if I were your..." she kissed me and moaned. I
spread the cheeks of her bottom with my hands. She
plunged my prick inside her hot cunt, rocking over me
with a rhythmic smooth arch and fall. I pulled at her
shirt and Cindy sat up, my cock deep inside her, and
lifted the teddy-bear shirt over her head. Her breasts
gleamed in the moonlight and I cupped them in both

Cindy began to ride me faster and I groaned. I found a
nipple between my lips and suckled her tits. I turned
her over and drove hard inside her. I licked her wet
pussy and she drank my stiff dick. I showered her with
wanting, lying drenched in her juice. I fell finally to
sleep, holding her close.

The bright sun of a well-developed morning made my eyes
blink to open. The rich aroma of sausage stirred my
hunger. I pulled myself out of bed and finding a pair of
shorts, I went into the kitchen. Cindy stood by the
stove in her nightgown, wielding her spatula against the
splattering grease.

"Good morning," she said, smiling gaily.

"Morning," I said, scratching my head, still asleep.
Cindy opened the refrigerator and bent down. The sudden
view of her pink pussy lips nestled cozily between her
lean thighs awoke me with a snap. I stared and
instinctively moved closer.

"Don't you guys have any eggs?" she asked, turning.

"Too much cholesterol," I replied, putting my arms
around her waist, pulling her bottom against my rigid

"Hmm," she said playfully, wiggling her bum. "A little
appetizer before breakfast?"

"I'll take two servings of you," I said. We kissed and
played until our new smoke alarm peeped as the sausage
burned black.

"Cup of coffee," she said, "then I've got to go."

"Aw," I replied, taking my cup.

"Mom's waiting for me," she said.

As we drank, I asked her if I could call her. She told
me she had a boyfriend and besides, she'd rather Todd
didn't know about our little affair. I nodded my assent
and watched Cindy drive away.

Later that day, I went into Todd's room and nervously
sifted through his piles and boxes of junk. I thought I
might be able to find Cindy's number, or address, or at
least just a picture of his beautiful sister. No number,
no address, no letters, no cards. I found an album of
photos, something his mother put together for him at
Christmas. There wasn't a single photograph of Cindy.

"Sister?" he said. "I don't have a sister."

Power belongs to those who dare... Sapere Aude

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

by CW Cobblestone (***@aol.com)


A husband isn't satisfying his wife, so a roady at a
concert offers his services. (M-voy, FM, cuck)


It was deader than four o'clock in Idaho and we were
playing to the barmaids. There were maybe ten people in
the bar all night, but we put our souls into it anyway.

A lot of people think rock and roll is all drugs and
glamour. I suppose part of it is. But people never stop
to consider the empty nights, or the bar owners who
don't want to pay you. But you take the good with the
bad, I guess.

Anyway, it's a job. Sure, it's tough to play when
there's nobody there to cheer you on - but then again,
it must be even tougher to have to turn a screw for
eight hours a day in some factory. So I ain't
complaining too much.

Besides, it was Thursday night. You never expect a
crowd on a Thursday.

We were right in the middle of "Hot Legs" by Rod
Stewart when I caught a flash of red over by the front
door. Wow! I was knocked out as soon as she walked into
the bar. I looked over at Ronnie, our bass player, and
gave him a quick "Elvis" sneer - our secret code for,
"I saw the bitch first."

I squinted through the floodlights for a second look,
and that's when I noticed the balding man tagging along
behind her. Surely this gorgeous blonde wasn't with
that old fruit! He looked like somebody's insurance
salesman - or the guy who does your taxes!

They both walked over to a booth and sat down opposite
each other. So they were together! Go figure!

As soon as they were settled in their seats, I saw the
woman lean over and say something to him. The guy
jumped right back up and headed for the bar.

Ah ha! She's got this guy wrapped around her finger, I
thought as I watched the old dude shuffling back with
his lady's drink. He's probably got money or something.

A rich, pussy-whipped wimp! There was hope for me yet!

I glanced at Ronnie. He was turned around messing with
his amp. He didn't notice. Good!

As our set was ending, I tried to decide whether I
should go up and talk to the lady. I knew there was a
chance that her companion might get mad; maybe he
wasn't a complete wimp. Maybe I had them tagged all

But when you've been in the bars as long as I have, you
get to where you can size people up pretty good. And,
to me, this looked like a classic case of rich-old-man-
with-nice-looking-blonde syndrome.

I figured, fuck it. What do I have to lose? Even if the
old dude did get mad, what was he going to do? He
certainly wasn't going to kick my ass! And the chances
of him packin' were slim to none.

After we finished the set, I put away my guitar and
moved straight over to their booth. As I approached
them, the woman looked up at me and smiled.

Was that an invitation? I took it as such.

Without a word, I scooted into the booth next to her.

"My name's Jerry," I said, sticking out my palm. She
stared at my outstretched hand with a bored look on her

"You're pretty cocky, aren't you?" she asked.

"Why, no, ma'am, I just wanted the pleasure of your
acquaintance," I replied, being comically polite. I
cleared my throat, again offered a handshake. I
repeated: "My name's Jerry!"

"My name's Rhonda," she deadpanned, her eyes never
leaving mine. She let my hand dangle there. "Pleased to
meet you."

Oh, so this bitch likes to play games! Good, I thought:
I like a good challenge!

I looked over at the old guy. He was just sitting there
with a sad, stupid look on his face.

Rhonda noticed my quizzical look. "Oh, that's Ralph,"
she answered my unasked question. "He's my husband."

"Husband?!" I repeated. As soon the word left my mouth,
I realized that my tone of surprise might hurt the old
guy's feelings. But Rhonda just snickered and hit me in
the arm playfully.

"Yeah, that's my Ralph," she sighed. She reached across
the table and brushed her painted fingernail across his
lips. "Honey, be a pumpkin and go play the jukebox or
something. Give us a few minutes alone, would you?"

I watched in amazement as the guy muttered something,
gave his wife a tight little smile, then took off in
the direction of the jukebox.

"And don't play any of that goddamn Air Supply,
either!" she called after him as he walked away. "Play
something good!"

"Okay, honey."

Holy shit! I've seen pussy-whipped rich guys in my
day...but this guy had them all beat!

Rhonda was watching me watch her husband. She smiled
smugly. "Yeah, that's my little Ralphie..."

"He's rich, ain't he?" I asked bluntly, smiling smugly

Rhonda scooted away from me and shot me an uppity
sneer. "What's it to you, Sherlock? Are you writing a
book about my financial situation or something?"

Oh, man - what a cocky little bitch! Well, I knew just
how to handle a woman like that! I'm hip to the game:
sure, she can push her wimpy husband around, I thought,
but what she really wants is someone like me to show
her whose boss! I've seen it too many times!

I gave her my best "rock and roll" lip-curl and stood
up. "Well, whether Elmer Fudd over there is rich or not
doesn't make any difference to me," I said in a bored
tone of voice. "I gotta go finish up the last set."

I could tell she wasn't about to let me get the last
word. But what she said surprised me:

"Well, if you wanna go home tonight and watch David
Letterman, you go right ahead," she cooed sexily.
"Otherwise, I'll be right here waitin' for ya!"

Boom! It didn't take a genius to figure it out: I knew
I was gettin' some pussy tonight!

I decided to play it cool. I didn't say a word. I just
blew her a kiss and went back up on stage for the last

This is going to be interesting, I thought as I tuned


I couldn't wait for the last set to end. I kept looking
over at Rhonda and her husband. Did he know that his
wife had just propositioned me? From the stage, I
couldn't tell.

We wrapped up the show a little before 2. Rhonda gave
us a standing ovation. In the empty bar, it seemed
almost ridiculous. And her husband didn't look too
happy about it, either.

After I put everything away, I bid my fellow band
members goodbye and went over to their table.

Rhonda spoke first.

"Why don't we go get something to eat so we can talk?"
she said. "We have some things to discuss."

I figured I'd let her take the lead; I still didn't
know what the hell was going on.

We found an all-night restaurant and grabbed a booth
near the back. I ordered a burger; Rhonda had a
Caesar's salad. Ralph didn't order anything.

"I'm putting him on a diet; he's too fat!" Rhonda
explained. As usual, Ralph just sat there and kept his
mouth shut.

After the waitress took our orders, I got down to

"Okay, so what's up with you guys?" I asked
tentatively. I knew I had a real good chance at fucking
this beautiful blonde tonight, and I didn't want to
mess it up.

Rhonda looked over at her husband and smiled. "Why
don't you tell Jerry what's up, Ralph?" she asked.

Ralph couldn't make eye contact with me as he
whispered, "Rhonda says you're very sexy, Jerry, and
she'd like to spend the night with you."

I was taken aback. "What? You mean you don't mind?"
This was getting weird.

Rhonda answered my question. "Oh, Ralphie doesn't care
what I do. Do you, Ralphie?"

The old man kept his eyes down. "No, I don't mind," he

Okay, so the guy didn't mind! That was all the
explanation I needed!

"So, you want to spend the night with me, eh?" I asked,
my hormones taking over. "Where do you want to go? Your

"My place sounds fine to me. Does that sound okay to
you, Ralphie?" From her tone of voice, I could tell she
really didn't care if it was okay with him or not. She
obviously got off putting her old man down - and he got
off on it too, evidently. Either that or he was too
much of a wimp to do anything about it.

Either way, it didn't matter much to me; we were going
to her place tonight! I couldn't wait to tell the guys

Our food came, and we enjoyed our late dinner. At
least, Rhonda and I did - Ralph just sat there with his
mouth watering.

"Uh...Rhonda," he finally said. "I-I haven't had
anything to eat since this morning. Could I have a bite
of your salad, please?"

Rhonda stuck her fork into a cherry tomato and held it
up daintily. "You want a bite?" she asked. "But,
honey...what about your diet? You promised me you'd try
to lose 30 pounds!"

"I know...I'm sorry."

Nothing else was said as Rhonda and I finished our
meal. After we ate, I lit a cigarette, ready for more
conversation. I was curious to know more about this
strange couple I was going to spend the evening with.

"So, tell me Rhonda: does Ralphie here get off on you
screwing other guys or something?"

Rhonda giggled. "No, actually he doesn't like it at
all," she said mirthfully.

"He doesn't?!?" I asked in surprise. "Then...what's
going on?"

She fixed me with a cold stare. "Ralph is my slave,
Jerry," she explained. "I can do whatever I want; he
has no say in the matter."

OKAY! That was a new one on me! What do you say in a
situation like that?

"Uh...your slave?" I managed to mutter. "What's up with

I could tell Rhonda was pleased that she had shocked
me. "Well, you see, Jerry, my husband is a pervert,"
she began. "He likes for me to treat him like a slave.
Which is great for me; I don't lift a finger around the
house. It's wonderful! But there is one problem..."

"What's that?"

She smiled evilly at Ralph. "Honey, why don't you tell
Jerry about our little problem?" she asked sweetly.

The old guy looked like he'd swallowed a turd. I swear
his face turned blue.

He stammered for a minute. "Uh...the problem is, I
can't have sex like a normal man..."

"He likes to sniff shoes," his wife cut him off.
"That's the only way the old fart can get it up."

I was astonished. I couldn't say anything. I just
stared into Rhonda's beautiful green eyes and waited
for more.

"Soooooo," she leaned back in her chair and sipped her
coffee. "Because my old man is a pervert, I don't get
the kind of satisfaction I need. That's our problem."
She looked at me seriously. "So, tell me Jerry: Are you
gonna help us find a solution to our little problem?"

I smiled at her. "Well, if you're asking me if I get
off smelling shoes, the answer is no! I just enjoy
plain, good-old-fashioned doggie-style!"

I looked over at Ralph. A warm, evil feeling washed
over me. I went with it.

"So, Ralphie, does your wife let you watch?" I asked. I
was feeling rather cocky and it showed in my tone of

Ralph studied the tablecloth. "Uhh...sometimes she lets
me watch. It depends on her mood, I guess."

Rhonda flicked her husband's ear. "What way is that to
talk to Jerry, asshole?

Show some respect. You call him, 'sir' from now on, you
hear me?"

"Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry, sir."

Now that it was all out in the open, I guess he felt
comfortable addressing his wife as, 'Mistress.' And he
had to address me as 'sir.'

This was definitely getting weird...but I liked it!

Rhonda reached over and stroked my chest. "So, cutie,
are you going to take me home and fuck my brains out,
or what?"

"Waitress? Check!"

Needless to say, Ralph drove.

Meanwhile, Rhonda and I were getting acquainted in the
backseat. This woman sure knew how to make a man
squirm. Poor ol' Ralph didn't know what he was missing!
His wife was a tigress, jamming her hot tongue down my
throat like her life depended on it, and sucking my
tongue like it was a cock.

It was all I could do to keep from ripping her dress
off right there in the car!

After about 20 minutes, we pulled into the driveway of
a massive Tudor. This definitely wasn't skid row! I
wasn't sure what city we were in - I was too busy in
the backseat to notice where we were going - but I knew
one thing: my original guess had been correct. Ralph
was a rich old bastard!

Ralph cut off the ignition, then jumped out of the car
to hold the door open for us, just like a good chauffer
should. After we got out, the old man rushed up to the
front door of the house, unlocked it, and again held
the door open for us.

The house was breathtaking. It looked like something
out of "Better Homes and Gardens," and I told Rhonda

"Glad you like it," she said. "Ralphie here worked very
hard to get me this house, didn't you, honey?"

"Yes, Mistress," he answered.

"Ralph's a stockbroker," Rhonda explained. "He makes me
a lot of money, don't you, honey?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I wasn't surprised. In fact, nothing these people laid
on me could shock me anymore.

"So..." I surmised aloud, "Ralph makes a lot of money.
And he likes to be your slave." I lowered my voice.
"But you want more, don't you, Rhonda?" I was making my
move now. "You need more than a slave and a house,
don't you, Rhonda?"

Now it was my turn to tease...my turn to take control.
And that's exactly what this little bitch wanted.

She reached over and started unbuttoning my shirt. "Oh,
yes...I want more...I want you, Jerry," she said as she
rubbed her hand up and down my chest. "I want you now!
Right now!"

I forcefully grabbed her shoulders and brought her to
me. I moved my hand up to her jaw and pried her mouth
open. She offered no resistance.

After gave her the most sensuous French-kiss I've ever
given anyone in my life, I pulled away from her and
studied her model-perfect features. I traced her lips
with my finger. "You're such a sexy woman, Rhonda," I
told her. "Such a sexy, sexy thing!"

I looked over at her husband, who was sitting in an
easy chair by the fireplace.

"Ralph," I called to him sarcastically. "Look at your
wife. Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes, sir, she's the most beautiful woman in the
world," he answered sadly.

"Too bad you can't give her what she needs, Ralphie," I
continued. "Such a waste! Such a fucking waste! But
don't worry: Jerry's gonna take care of everything!"

Rhonda gave her husband a wicked stare. "Okay, asshole,
we're done talking to you! Don't just sit there like a
slug; go fetch us some drinks."

"Yes, Mistress."

By the time he got back with our refreshments, I had
Rhonda's dress off and was playing with her bare boobs.
Poor Ralph looked like he wanted to cry as he set our
drinks onto the coffee table.

"What do you say we take this party up to the bedroom?"
Rhonda asked.

"Sounds good to me," I said. "What about him?" I jerked
my thumb at Ralph, who had again taken a seat in the
easy chair.

"What about him?"

"Well...do you want him to watch?" I asked.

"It's up to you," she replied. "Whatever you're
comfortable with. I don't care if he watches or not, to
tell you the truth."

"Well..." I mused. "I've never done anything like this
before...but it would be kind of a turn-on to have him

Rhonda turned to her husband. "You heard him, pea-dick:
go up to the bedroom and wait for us!"

Ralph bolted up and practically ran up the stairs.

Rhonda and I relaxed and finished our drinks. Her
attitude toward me had changed completely: at first,
when I met her at the bar, she tried to come off like a
cocky bitch. That was her way of warding off the
wannabes, I guessed. She already had one wimp at home;
she didn't need another one.

But now that I'd established myself, she became totally
docile. It was a sharp contrast to the bitchy way she
treated her husband. She really made me feel like a
king, hanging on my every word...stroking my chest
affectionately...cooing in my ear...

This woman needed the bone, and she needed it bad!

After we finished our drinks, she led me by the hand up
the stairs. The first thing I saw when I entered the
bedroom was Ralph kneeling at the foot of the bed
naked. His entire body was shaved - even his pubes -
and he was wearing a garter belt and stockings. And he
had on a wig and makeup!

I cracked up as soon as I saw him. I couldn't help it;
he looked so goddamn ridiculous kneeling there in drag,
with his little dick poking out between the stockings.
His weenie couldn't have been more than three inches

"Damn, Rhonda, I can see what you mean about this guy,"
I said after I caught my breath. "He isn't exactly a
stud, is he?"

"Well, he has his merits," Rhonda bantered. "He may be
lacking in the peter department - but he does know how
to make me excited."

"Oh?" I asked. "How's that?"

"Well," she answered in her best 'Scarlet O'Hara'
voice, "every time he brings me his paycheck, it just
makes me want to cum!"

We both died laughing. Then I pulled her onto the bed.
While we wrestled around on the sheets, Ralph kept his
eyes to the carpet and didn't say a word.

I pinned Rhonda's shoulders to the mattress and looked
at Ralph.

"Well, Ralphie-boy...is you ready to watch me do your
wife?" I asked him.

"Y-yes, sir." His lips barely moved.

"Well, then, get over here and take off her panties," I
ordered. Damn! When did I get so kinky?

Ralph sadly got up to obey my command. He slipped his
wife's lace panties down her legs, exposing her neatly-
trimmed blonde bush.

Rhonda spread her legs and started playing with her
pussy. "Look, Ralph, I'm all wet for him," she said as
she effortlessly inserted two fingers into her hole.
She then pulled her fingers out and held them under her
husband's nose.

"T-thank you, Mistress! Thank you!" the fool cried as
he started frantically smelling his wife's fingers.

Rhonda wiped her wet fingers right on his nose.
"That'll give you something to think about while you
watch a real man in action!" she said with a giggle.

All this was turning me on immensely. I pushed Ralph
out of the way.

"Go back and kneel at the foot of the bed, sissy," I
instructed. "And watch real close - there might be a
test later!"

With that, I began my task of tearing Rhonda a new
asshole. I was so horny; I would've worn her out even
if she was an ugly woman. But that certainly wasn't the
case! As I looked down and saw her rolling her head
back and forth, her golden hair cascading on the satin
pillows, it was all I could do to keep from cumming.

I started long-dicking her and that was all it took for
her to let loose. She dug her nails into my back and
screamed so loud it hurt my ears. I'm no slouch in the
sack, but I'd never made a woman cum like that!

I wasn't far behind. The harder I fucked her, the
harder her tits bounced back and forth. I looked over
my shoulder at Ralph. He wasn't even watching us - he
just knelt there staring at the carpet with a single
tear running down his rouged cheek.

I turned back to Rhonda. She'd noticed me looking at
her husband, and she peered up at me with an evil smile
on her lips.

That wicked smile took me over the edge. I pulled out
my dick and shot cum all the way up to the pillows. One
squirt actually hit Rhonda right in the nose, and we
both laughed about it as I came down from my incredible
orgasm. Then I fell down on top of her and started
nuzzling her hair. It smelled so clean... so fresh...
like spring... flowers.


I awoke with a start. At first I wasn't sure where I
was. It was still dark outside. Then I looked at
Rhonda. I was still holding onto her. I must've fallen
asleep, I thought, as I watched her rhythmic breathing.

Now that I'd regained my senses, I realized that Ralph
was still kneeling at the foot of the bed! Holy shit!
It must've been close to 7 in the morning - he'd been
kneeling there for about four hours! God! This guy was
so pussy-whipped; he couldn't even go to bed until his
wife gave him permission! And, since she fell asleep
with me, he stayed there!

I caught eye-contact with him. He looked at me with
eyes so sad; I don't even know how to describe them. It
made me feel so powerful. I knew I could've allowed him
to go on to bed, since his wife had forgotten about

But what fun would that be?

I didn't say a word. I just snuggled back up to his
wife, blew him a kiss, then drifted off to sleep again.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Halloween with Shauna
by Ghostwheel (Address withheld by request)


Sexual hijinks abound on Halloween night. (MF, couples,
orgy, swing)


I'm a graduate student at an Ivy League College, and
Shauna is a freshman at the same school. She's five
feet tall, with red hair, green eyes, and a body that
fits my specification for the perfect sex partner: 36-
24-34, and muscular in a very feminine way, especially
in the legs and ass. Her fiery passions (in bed and
otherwise) betray her Irish heritage. I stand 5'-10",
and weigh 145 pounds, and I'm in very good shape from a
regular exercise routine. My sports have conditioned me
more for stamina than for strength, which is a big help
for the way Shauna and I like our sex.

It was the weekend before Halloween, and naturally
various fraternities and sororities were holding their
Halloween parties. Our usual playmates, Mike and
Sandra, had gone to Mike's parents' house for the
weekend, so Shauna and I were on our own. I've never
been much of a fan of fraternity parties, but she had
been looking forward to this one for a while, so I
agreed. I really do have a hard time not giving into
her wishes. At first, I had resisted, but finally she
had explained why she was so hot to go to the Alpha
Delta Phi party.

"The girls in my dorm told me that every year, the
party turns into a costumed orgy," she said.

"Mm Hmm. Have any of them ever been to it themselves?"
I asked.

"Well, no, but there's always some truth behind a
rumor, right?" she countered.

"Usually there is," I had to agree. "But what if there

She gave me her patented angel-and-devil-in-one grin,
and said, "Well, we'll just have to make sure that
there is, won't we?"

Well, I don't believe in doing things halfway, so we
made sure we had the best costumes we could come up
with, and spent a couple of Saturdays working on them.
We chose a couple of comic book characters, Shadowcat
and Nightcrawler, Shauna's costume consisted of light
blue tights, a blue leotard, bomber-style jacket,
domino mask, and, much to my delight, a pair of calf-
high blue boots with 4 inch heels. Blue isn't really
her color, but she looked absolutely great.

My character, Nightcrawler, has a rather demonic
appearance, but he's really a good guy. I put on
midnight-blue face paint and hair dye, with a red
leotard, black tights, white gloves, and matching white
boots. I also wore a fake pair of pointed ears, and had
fake fangs that I could put in when I wanted to show
them off. The hardest part was the tail, which I
eventually ended up draping over my shoulder to keep it
from getting stepped on.

So, in these crazy outfits, we headed for A-D-Phi. I
was glad to see that they were turning away anyone who
wasn't in costume. It kept the crowding down, and made
sure we were all in the proper spirit. The band was
good, and we danced and snacked and met new people.
There weren't many there that either of us knew.
Neither of us usually drinks much, but as the night
wore on, we got pretty thirsty, and there were no non-
alcoholic beverages around, so we both managed to get
mildly buzzed.

There was another couple we'd met, in Tarzan and Jane
costumes, who really looked the part. Tarzan was big,
muscular, and tanned, while Jane's tits threatened to
fall out of her leopard bikini top with every motion.
We traded dancing partners throughout the night, until
just after midnight, when we happened to get caught
with each other's dates when a slow dance started.

"Do you think Shauna will mind?" Jane (that really
*was* her name) asked, as she pressed herself against
me. I looked over, and noticed that Shauna was already
doing the same with Tarzan (who was actually named
Kevin), and decided that she wouldn't mind. Throughout
the dance, Jane got more and more intimate, and my
reaction wasn't at all hidden by my leotard.

I began to wish I'd stuck with the Robocop costume,
until Jane reached down and stroked my cock, saying,
"I've always wanted to fuck a super-hero. Interested?"
Not quite sure of how to handle this, I looked over at
Kevin and Shauna. Due to the foot and a half difference
in their heights, he was now carrying her as they
danced, and from the way her legs had wrapped around
his waist, it looked like she was screwing him through
his loincloth already.

"I'll check with Shauna. You ask Kevin," I said, just
as the dance ended. We quickly went back to our dates.
Shauna seemed rather breathless, and was blushing as I
told her what Jane had said. I reminded her about her
hoping for an orgy, and she agreed, but said she had to
get some fresh air first. As we turned around, though,
we were surprised to see Kevin pulling on his coat and
storming out, with Jane following him. Apparently, only
three of our potential foursome had been up to it.
"What now?" I asked. "Back to my place?"

"No, not yet," Shauna said. "I'm still looking for
adventure, and Tarzan's cock was so big, I was almost
coming just thinking about getting it inside me." Now,
a lot of guys might've taken this the wrong way, but we
have a very special relationship, and I know that
whatever gets her hot, I'm the one who it always pays
off for, so I really didn't mind.

"I've got an idea," she continued. "Let's do it right

"Here on the dance floor?"

"No, there's too much beer on the floor already. I
don't like screwing in beer. Let's find a room." I
didn't ask how she'd formed her opinions about screwing
in beer, but just followed her as she headed off to
find a good room. The imp in her had taken over that
night, and she insisted on using a room not too far
from the party, so we could hear the music, and so
there'd be just a chance of getting caught.

"What if someone walks in on us?" I asked, I wasn't
really worried. If we'd survived the locker-room orgy
where we first met, one uninvited guest wouldn't be a

"Let 'em find us, I'll fuck 'em all!" she said. By this
point, I was starting to worry, just a bit. You see, I
had no doubt that under the right conditions, she
*could* fuck the entire fraternity, their dates, and
the guys in the band, and still want more. And that
seemed to be what she was looking for this time.

We found an empty bedroom, a small single, about 5
doors up the hall, and let ourselves in. Like most of
the fraternity bedrooms I've seen, it had all the
amenities: Loft, laundry on the floor, Penthouse and
Sports Illustrated pictures on the wall, packs of
condoms on the dresser, etc. She picked up the condoms.
Look at this!" she said. "Unlubricated! This guy must
not think at all about what the girl wants!"

"Maybe he only fucks little flash-floods like you, and
he doesn't need any lubricated ones?" I suggested. I
grabbed for her ass, but she dodged me, and started
rummaging around some more. It seemed she was enjoying
this for more than just sexual reasons.

"No, wait, here we go! Large economy size, yet!" She
had found a squeeze tube of lubricant, and had started
smearing it on her fingers. "Not bad," she said.
"Better than KY, Hell of a lot better than Vaseline."
Again, I decided not to ask, although I was sure she
was dying to tell me the story. I decided a more direct
approach was in order, so I scooped her up and tried to
put her on the loft. "Not the loft!" she protested, "I
want to get fucked in the laundry."

By this time, I was sure she was either a lot crazier
or a lot drunker than I'd originally believed. But, as
always, I had to give in. The fact that she was now on
her knees, sucking on my dick through the fabric of my
costume might've influenced my decision. I pushed her
back over into the laundry, and started pulling off her
clothes, unfortunately, our costumes weren't built for
quickies, and I had to get her completely naked, except
for the mask. She squirmed around through the entire
process, not really resisting, but making it damned
difficult anyway.

As soon as I got her jacket and leotard off, I went
after her breasts, trying to suck on them, since I know
that's the quickest way to get her totally involved.
She wasn't going for it this time, though, and she
rolled over on her stomach, and brought her knees up
under her, so that her sweet little rear end was
sticking straight up in the air. She wiggled it at me,
in a way that has to be seen to be believed, and said,
"I've got better things than that for you, hero!"

I was getting as frustrated as I was horny, so I
grabbed her boots and started trying to pull them off,
while she kept on kicking and wriggling. I finally
succeeded in getting them off without getting kicked in
the face, and flipped her over again, going for the
waistband of her tights. She wasn't done playing yet,
though, and threw me another curveball.

I've mentioned how strong her legs are (and how much I
love to get them wrapped around me!), and she put them
to good use, planting both feet in the middle of my
chest and heaving me halfway across the room. I landed
flat on my back with the wind knocked out of me, and
before I could recover, she was all over me.

"Nobody pulls off Shadowcat's tights and gets away with
it!" she laughed, "Now, super-villain scum, you'll

I considered resisting, just to get even, but our
exertions had gotten me so hot, I just wanted her to
get my clothes off and do something to me! In under a
minute, she'd gotten me naked and had jammed my cock
into her mouth. She'd been practicing, trying to learn
how to deep-throat me, and it seemed her lessons from
Sandra were paying off. I was amazed as all seven
inches slid down her throat in one easy motion, and she
began pumping it in and out of her mouth. Every few
strokes, she'd stop pumping, and just lick the head for
a while.

"Baby, you're the greatest!" I said, when I'd caught my

"It's my new super-power," she said. "I'm thinking of
changing my name to Oral Sex Girl, or maybe Blowjob-

"Stop talking, and put that thing back in your mouth,"
was the only response I could think of. She obliged,
and once again I felt myself being sucked all the way
in. She surprised me again by poking her tongue out
past my cock and tickling my balls with it at the same
time. If you've ever had that done to you, you know how
great it is. If you haven't, go out and get it done to

"Well, Blowjob-Cat, I'm about ready to super-come in
your super-mouth, what do you think of that?"

"Oh, no, NightBaller, you can't do that!" she squealed.
She left me there, and crawled back over to the laundry
heap, and again stuck her ass up in the air and started
wiggling it at me. I followed her, wondering what she
had up her sleeve this time.

"Are you going to play nice now, or do I have to get
rough with you?" I asked, in my most menacing tone.

"Oooh, please, get rough with me! You know it turns me
on!" Actually, I know it doesn't as a rule, but since
she was definitely not her usual self tonight, I
grabbed her tights, tugged them off, and applied a few
not-very-gentle swats to her behind. "Hey, I was
kidding about getting rough!" she said, "Here, play
with my tits instead." As she said this, she rolled
over onto her back, and started squeezing her nipples
between her fingers.

I eagerly licked my way up her body, from her hips to
her breasts, and started sucking on them, nice and hard
the way she likes, throwing in the occasional love-bite
just to keep her interest up. I could feel one hand on
the back of my head, and out of the corner of my eye I
could see the other starting to probe her dripping
pussy. I reached out a hand to help, and found her to
be as drenched as ever. I got three fingers inside her,
with a thumb on her clit, and had her bucking and
panting through about three orgasms, when she said,
"Quick, get the lubricant!"

I was amazed, "Lubricant?" I asked, never letting up
the motion. "I've got most of my hand sloshing around
inside your cunt, your ass is floating in a puddle of
pussy juice, and you want lubricant?"

"Get the damned lubricant, and I'll show you what I
want it for!" she gasped, as the fourth orgasm hit. So,
I got the damned lubricant, and she showed me what she
wanted it for. She squeezed some into the palm of her
hand, and started smearing it around on her breasts.

"The hell with it," she said, and just gave the tube a
couple of long squeezes, emptying most of it directly
onto her tits. "Now, stick that thing of yours up here
where it'll do us both some good," she commanded me.

I gladly complied, since I love a good tit-fuck, and
Shauna's the best I know. The lubricant had run all
over her chest, shoulders, and stomach as well, so I
was just sliding around trying to keep myself on top of
her, giving her a full-torso fuck. It was crazy, but it
was the best! To help me out, she grabbed hold of my
ass with both hands, and guided me back and forth.

She started shoving me far enough forward so that she
could pop the head of my cock in and out of her mouth
on each stroke. After about five minutes of this, I
knew I was close to losing it again, and I guess she
could tell, too. "Are you going to come now?" she
asked. I just nodded. "Then fuck me, quick! Nice and
hard and deep!"

I climbed off her, and she turned over. "Do it doggie-
style for me," she said. I would've done it kangaroo-
style if she'd asked, and I wasted no time in shoving
my cock into her. We instantly started slamming back
and forth into each other, so that I was going balls-
deep and then some with every stroke. I started to
come, and I grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up so
that we were both kneeling, her in front of me.

I reached around and grabbed a handful of tit in each
hand, burying my face in her shoulder. She braced
herself with one hand, and rubbed her clit with the
other, bringing herself to yet another orgasm. I'd
never seen her have more than four before, but this was
at least her fifth, and she showed no sign of stopping.
I kept pumping my load deep inside of her, loving the
feeling of her tight little ass pressed against my
thighs, and the feeling of her dancing to the rhythm of
her own orgasms.

When we'd finally finished, we collapsed into the pile
of clothes around us and squeezed and kissed each
other. We could still hear the music from the dance
floor, so the party was still going on. We were looking
for our clothes and discussing the possibility of doing
it again when we got home, when we heard the vocalist
for the band announce that they were going to take a
break and come back for their last set. We knew we were
in trouble then, because someone was bound to notice us
coming out of the bedroom.

We were frantically looking for her leotard when
disaster struck, and we heard two voices, male and
female, outside the room. He was trying to talk her
into coming in, she was resisting. Not taking any
chances, Shauna did the practical thing, and dove under
the laundry. I took a second to turn of the light, and
then joined her. "You want adventure? You got it!" I
whispered, just as the door opened and a small desk
lamp was switched on.

"Apparently the guy had won, and we were stuck there
until they went away again, or caught us. We couldn't
see a thing, but we could hear it all. They quickly
undressed (throwing even more clothes onto us), kissed
for a moment, and then she climbed up the ladder to the
loft. He turned off the light and followed. For about
the next hour, we were treated to the sounds of some
rather boring & unimaginative sex from above us, as we
quietly kissed and fondled each other in the dark of
the laundry heap. We couldn't say anything, but I was
sure Shauna was loving every minute of it. I could just
imagine what was going through her mind when the guy
above us begged for blowjob, and the girl refused on
the grounds that it was "gross."

After the second time they'd done it, she excused
herself to go find a bathroom, and he started snoring
the instant she was out the door. Shauna started
extricating herself from the clothes on the floor, and
I thought we were making our escape, until she
whispered in my ear, "The poor guy had to go to sleep
without getting his cock sucked. This is a job for me!
I've just got to do this! He'll never know what hit

"What am *I* supposed to do?" I asked.

"Wait until what's-her-name comes back, and do what you
do best," she answered, and gave my hardening dick a
quick squeeze. She stepped over to the door, opened it,
closed it again, and started up the ladder. The guy in
the loft didn't even wake up, until I heard him give a
startled yelp, and I knew Shauna had started on him.

"I thought you didn't do that?" I heard him say.

"I couldn't resist," she whispered back. And she was
telling the truth, too, I knew. I heard them continue
going at it for a few more minutes, until I heard her
ask him to go down on her. From the ensuing scuffling,
I guessed he'd agreed. I couldn't help wondering why he
hadn't noticed yet that it wasn't the same girl. Maybe
he had, and just didn't care. Meanwhile, I'd moved over
to a position by the door, waiting to grab the girl
when she came back in. This was Shauna's show, and I
wasn't going to let anything ruin it for her.

I got lucky, and they had quieted down for a moment
when the door opened, and a girl almost my height,
wearing a bathrobe, came in. I quickly grabbed her and
kissed her on the mouth, untying the bathrobe with one
hand and easing the door shut with the other. I found
out later, Shauna had wrapped her legs around the guy's
head at that moment, to keep him from seeing or hearing
anything. The girl, who was drunk, stupid, horny, or
all of the above, didn't offer me any resistance as I
pulled off her robe and eased her down onto the floor.

Back in the laundry pile, I thought. I can't wait to
get home and make love to my girlfriend in the good old
missionary position in a good old bed. In the meantime,
I'd gotten this girl I'd never even seen naked on the
floor of some stranger's room, while he ate my
girlfriend's pussy in a loft above us. Shauna lost it
then, and started moaning. "What's that?" the genius
under me asked, and she actually believed me when I
said it was just a couple of friends.

I took my mouth off her tits, which were nice, but much
smaller than Shauna's, and spun around to start licking
her pussy. It, conversely, was nice, but much larger
than Shauna's. I guessed she must've done this sort of
thing fairly often. Then she surprised me, because in
spite of what she'd told the other guy, she slid my
cock into her mouth and started sucking it, and not
like a first-timer, either. Great, I thought, anything
to keep her from talking.

I had other reasons not to complain, of course.
Meantime, Shauna and her playmate had apparently quit
fooling around, because I heard her offering to get on
top, and then the whole loft started to shake.
Headlines of 'Four Killed In Fraternity Sex Disaster'
flashed through my mind, so I started sucking my new
partner's clit with even more determination. She began
writhing around, but didn't miss a stroke in sucking me

What happened next can only be described as a sexual
chain reaction. Shauna was apparently doing quite a job
on herself and her anonymous partner, because she
started in with her usual deep growls, then started
moaning out loud, the way she does when she's really
worked for an orgasm. He went off next, grunting and
panting. From what Shauna told me later, he was very
well equipped, and when he started pounding into her
for the last time, she got a little scared that he
might actually hurt her. Fortunately, he didn't keep it
up for too long.

Then my friend on the floor and I both started going at
the same time. She started thrusting her hips, jamming
her cunt against my lips and filling my mouth with her
sweet juices. I sent a couple of spurts down her
throat, and then she pulled her head back and started
jerking me off. I couldn't tell for sure, but I guess
she wanted to get the load on her face. Kind of unusual
for a girl who had earlier said that blowjobs were
gross, but I don't try to explain women. After all, it
was a woman who'd gotten me into this in the first

A few minutes later, they guy in the loft and the girl
on the floor were both starting to fall asleep, and I
heard Shauna excuse herself to go look for the
bathroom. I did the same, and we quickly gathered up
our clothes, pulled on enough to be decent, and let
ourselves out. The party had ended about an hour
before, but a couple of guys were still cleaning up,
and they said goodnight to us as we left the building.

On the walk back to my apartment, Shauna and I
exchanged stories, and laughed about what we'd just
done. What *would* the couple in that room do when they
woke up the next morning, with him in the loft, her on
the floor, and completely different recollections of
the last time they'd done it? And how would they ever
explain the baby blue tights, one white glove, and pair
of fake fangs we hadn't managed to locate in the dark?

Shauna and I agreed that it'd been a good night, and
she suggested making love again once we got home. It
was a nice idea, but by the time we got there, she was
falling asleep, so I carried her to my room, undressed
her again, and tucked her in. After all, there was
still the next morning to look forward to.


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others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
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contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2011. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Halloween Horror: Or Halloween Miracle
by Geminiguy (address withheld)


An undersized boy is attacked by an unknown beast and
when he wakens he begins to notice changes in his body.
(MF, inc, 1st, v, fant)


Hi, my name is Jimmy Talbot. You don't know me. I'm a
nobody. Always have been. I'm 20 years old, I'll be 21
just before Halloween. I'm nothing special. I have a
boring job. A boring apartment. A boring life. Get the

I'm less than average physically. I'm 6 foot 5 and I
weigh only 147 pounds. You can see my ribs through my
skin. I am absolutely hairless. Not even under my arms
or around my cock. Actually, you can't call it a cock.
It's too small. Only 2 inches erect. I'm always

I couldn't sleep. So I went for a walk. It was after
midnight but we have no crime in our small Maine town.
Except the price of gas and cigarettes. Ha ha. It was
now the 23rd of October. One week before my birthday. I
walked past Chaney Park. I heard a rustling in the
bushes on the other of the 15 foot wall surrounding the
park. Then everything happened in an instant. There was
a howl. Like a wolf.

I saw... something leap over the wall and land next to
me. It was huge and hairy. At least 2 feet taller the
me. It's breath was rotten and it's body stank of the
grave. It's head was like a wolf... but it's body was...
Suddenly it pounced on me and its mouth locked onto my
shoulder and tore away a huge, huge chunk of flesh.

I remember screaming, and... nothing more. When I awoke
I didn't know where I was. It was dark. I was lying on
something soft. I heard a beeping sound. As my eyes
adjusted to the light, I saw I was in a hospital room.
And my mother was asleep in the chair next to my bed. I
hadn't seen her since I was 18 at my father's funeral.
They had said he was mauled by a bear during his annual
hunting trips. But there were never any bear in those
woods... I never saw what had been left of his body. My
mother hadn't let me.

I put my hand on my right shoulder. I felt a thickness
of heavy bandaging. I felt no pain whatsoever but maybe
it was the pain killers they must have given me. "Mom?"
I said, gently shaking her with my left hand. I'm glad
she was on my left because I didn't think my right arm
would work. My voice sounded... different...

Mom immediately awoke and smiled at me. She jumped up
and went to the open door. "Nurse!" She yelled out.
"He's awake!"

"I'll call the doctor," I heard a feminine voice reply.

Mom turned back to me smiling. "Jimmy... They didn't
think you would wake up so soon. I don't even want to
tell you what went on in my mind..."

The doctor walked in. "I'm Dr. Eric Cord. How are you
feeling, Mr. Talbot?"

I found myself lifting my right hand with ease and
giving the doctor a firm hand shake. "Actually, doctor,
I've never felt so good. Where am I?" [Standard question
asked by patients out cold for hours] "You're in Oliver
Reed Hospital. I'm surprised to see you awake already.

We expected you to be unconscious for possibly days
considering the blood loss you sustained and the trauma
to your body. It's still too soon to tell if when you
were bitten any contagions entered your blood stream.
You're a lucky man, Mr. Talbot. If that police officer
hadn't found you immediately after the attack, we might
not have had the chance for this conversation," he said

"What did attack me?" I asked.

He shook his head. "The police don't know. They're out
searching Chaney Park. They were hoping you would be
able to tell them."

It was my turn to shake my head. "I-it sounded like...
Like a wolf... With a head like a wolf. But, it was
bigger than me... It... it stood like... like... Like a
human. That makes no sense at all."

The doctor put his hand on my good shoulder. "The police
officer gave the exact same description. You should try
to get some rest. The blood test results will be ready
in the morning. Good night, Mr. Talbot."

I said good night back and the doctor left.

I noticed the clock on the wall. It was only quarter
after 3. I would have thought I'd have slept longer. I
did go back to sleep and my mother stayed by my side the
whole night.


By the following afternoon, the doctors were mystified.
There were several anomalies they could not explain.
First of all, I'd lost a great quantity of blood but my
body had by this morning replaced all the blood. Second,
the blood samples they took last night were type A
positive. The last text showed I was now type O
negative, which was unheard of. Third, my wound was
miraculously healing at an alarming rate. A large area
of flesh had been taken in the bite but it was 92
percent healed.

They could find no reason for the anomalies and no
reason for my body to be able to heal miraculously. They
found no reason to keep me but just to be safe
recommended I stay with someone for a while who could
keep an eye on me. I had no friends so I ended up going
back home with who lived an hour and a half away.

I had money saved and would be able to take an extended
amount of time off from work if necessary. We stopped at
my small place to pick up my clothes and what I might
need and started off on our drive. We made small talk on
the ride, but it was awkward after almost 3 years.

Mom had inherited a fortune after dad passed away and
moved back in with my grandparents who are in their 60s
in the family home. It was a sprawling place out in the
country I hadn't seen since I was 5. There were no
servants any more, mom cooked and cleaned some but a
cleaning lady came by twice a week also.

My grandparents didn't get around. My grandfather was in
a wheelchair and my grandmother had dementia. A nurse
would come take care of them. Regarding my "recovery" I
found when I removed my bandages that night my wound was
completely healed. It wasn't the only unusual thing. I
found my mind was clear. I no longer felt depressed. My
mind felt so alive!


The next morning, October 24th, I noticed other things.
I slept well for the first time in a long time. Very
well. I practically jumped out of bed. I noticed in my
bathroom mirror I know had underarm and pubic hair now.
So much underarm hair that I had to trim it twice.
October 25th I noticed I was putting on weight. In a
good way. By the end of the day I was up to 175 pounds.
My body was looking better. Toned.

I know had a chest and butt I never had before. On
October 26th I was up to 200 pounds and my arms were
muscular and my stomach, forget a 6-pack, I was getting
an 8-pack! I felt so full of energy and athletic. On
October 27th body hair began to grow, on my chest,
stomach and legs mostly. By October 28th I noticed one
more change in my transformation. By now I couldn't fit
into most of my clothes any more. Just my shorts seemed
to fit now. But now they were too tight. I took them off
and looked down...

While I had slept, my cock, and yes I could now truly
call it a cock, had lengthened and thickened. Soft, it
now measured 6 and a half inches long. You're going to
find this strange, but I'd never masturbated before. I
swear. I wanted to find out how big it would get hard.
So I started stroking it. It felt good. Very good. It
began to grow hard. When it was rock hard I measured it
once more. It was 9 inches long hard.

I went back to stroking my cock. It felt so amazing! I
stroked harder. Faster. It took about 15 minutes but
then I was blasting jizz all over the wall. I counted 12
huge blasts of jizz. And my cock hardly went down after.
I walked out of my bathroom naked. That was another
thing I had noticed. I didn't mind being naked.

I had started walking through the gardens on the
property in the nude. I'd find myself masturbating at
the least bit provocation. I was doing it 7, 8 times a
day a least. But things got interesting on the 29th of

I was enjoying myself among the gardens, reminiscent of
Peter Parker in the first Spider-Man as he got used to
his new found powers and abilities. I was leaping and
climbing and jumping and flipping, you name it. Suddenly
my mother appeared. "Jimmy!" She gasped. "Put on your

I laughed. "Who's going to see me? And besides, my
clothes won't fit me anymore. Haven't you noticed?"

Mom was noticing all right. Her eyes were locked on my
half hard cock. And it became fully harder under her
gaze. She blushed and looked away. "Of course I've
noticed... Stay here and stay out of sight and I'll find
you some clothes."

I just laid down on one of the stone benches and enjoyed
the sun. I found myself stroking off. I was thinking
about mom. I just realized how beautiful she was. Mom
isn't tall, she's about 5 foot 1 or 2. She was athletic
in school but her tits got huge after I was born. I laid
there imagining mom naked. Minutes later jizz was flying
up in the air in an arc as I moaned "mom" over and over.

I'm sure mom saw [and heard] me. She tried to pretend
she just got there after I'd cum but I could tell by the
embarrassed look on her face she had. She had brought me
dad's robe. It was the only thing she could find she
thought would fit. I put it on but didn't close it.

We walked back to the house together and I noticed mom
kept taking quick glances at my cock then look away
embarrassed. Every time I masturbated after that I
thought of mom. I didn't see mom until late the next
evening of my birthday. She'd gone shopping and bought
me a few pairs of jeans, t-shirts, briefs, etc.

"This isn't your birthday present," Mom laughed. "To be
honest I hadn't expected to see you. Happy birthday,

"Thanks, mom."

She kissed me on the cheek but I pulled her into my arms
and kissed her on the lips. She didn't pull away but I
apologized anyway.

"It's all right," Mom blushed. "So what do you want for
your birthday?" She laughed.

I looked her intently in the eye. "You."

She looked shocked.

"You could take me out to eat, then maybe a movie," I

Mom relaxed and smiled. "Sure, honey, if that's what you
want." She had bought me a dress shirt so I wore that
with jeans and my sneakers [fortunately my feet had not
grown]. Mom had a good time and we went walking out by
the water. I kissed her again and she visibly returned
the kiss. We went home and to our separate rooms.

Before midnight there was a light knock on my door.
"Honey? Are you still up?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, mom," I called back. "Come on in."

The door opened and mom stepped in. She had on a long
silk robe. She came up and sat down on the side of my
bed. I was naked but she didn't tell me to cover up. "I
had a great time tonight," Mom smiled, then laughed. "I
felt like it was MY birthday." I laughed, too. "You know
what else? It kind of felt like a date."

I pulled her head to me and kissed her again..

When we broke the kiss mom giggled. "What?" I smiled.

"Nothing," she grinned. "I just feel like a school girl
again, that's all..." She had a twinkle in her eyes.
"It's still your birthday. Did you want anything else?"

"Anything?" I asked.

Mom nodded.

I whispered in her ear, "Will you suck my cock?"

Mom giggled. Pushing me on my back, she kissed her way
slowly down my body to my cock and took it right in her
mouth. "I still can't believe how big you are now..."
Mom said between sucks.

I said nothing. I was looking at mom. He robe had opened
some and cleavage spilled out. I don't think she had on
anything underneath... Mom was a pretty good cock
sucker. She couldn't swallow all of it but was
enthusiastic. She had me cumming 15 minutes later. She
couldn't swallow all my jizz, though. She tried but most
of it ended up on her robe.

Mom giggled. "I didn't know anyone could squirt that
much! I hope it doesn't stain my robe..."

"Go in my bathroom and see if you can clean it off with
a wash cloth," I suggested.

Mom stood up and went towards the bathroom. Her robe
clung to every curve of her full butt. I heard water
running as she worked on the stain. A few minutes later
the water stopped. Then mom stepped out of the bathroom
naked. "I decided to soak my robe," She said trying to
look innocent. "And since it's okay for you to run
around naked."

I marveled at my mother's nude body. Her thick patch of
pussy hair didn't match mom's long blonde tresses. Her
bush was a medium brown. Her huge breasts stood firm on
her chest, brown nipples rock, surrounded by large,
oval-shaped areolae.

I looked at the clock. "It's still my birthday..."

Mom just smiled and sauntered over to me.

"Will you ride my cock?" I asked boldly.

Mom nodded eagerly. She straddled my body and slid down
on my throbbing cock. Mom cooed as she sank down my
length. She was so tight. I wondered if all women were
as tight. She began to bounce up and down on my rod.
Within a minute she had her first orgasm. After her 4th,
mom rested her hands on my chest.

After mom came her 8th time, I shot my seed up inside
her and she collapsed atop me. I rolled my over and
fucked her through another dozen orgasms before I shot
my load deep inside of her. We took a shower and she
have me her butt cherry. We went back to bed and fucked
all night long even though it wasn't my birthday any
more. I quit my job and found one here. Now mom and I
fuck all the time.

So far no other changes have occurred. Can I be so


Other stories by Geminiguy may be found at:

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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: hallowex.txt (M+/F, orgy, voy)
Authors name: Cheryl (***@home.com)
Story title : Halloween Exhibitionist

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Halloween Exhibitionist (M+/F, orgy, voy)
By Cheryl (***@home.com)


I've always been an exhibitionist. Always the one with
the too small bikini or the shortest skirt or the see
through tops, the one all the guys like to flirt with,
and I love it.

From my days growing up and going to school wearing the
shortest skirts and teasing the boys and teasing the male
teachers, I have always loved to show off my body. I am
5'6" tall, blonde, about 130lbs with a nice set of 34C
tits that still stand firm. I'm 22 and married to a guy
47 so yeah I dig older guys.

We've been married since I was 16 and we're still very
much in love and he loves it when I dress sexy too, as
much as I love dressing sex. I also love to fuck strange
guys and my husband loves to watch me fuck them, and oh
yeah, women too.

One night he came home from work and he let me know about
a party the up coming weekend. He told me it was a
Halloween party for the company bigwigs and neither of us
would know anyone there so I was free to select an outfit
of my choice and have some fun. I knew what that meant.

I went to the costume store the next day and was looking
for a getup, but couldn't decide really what I wanted,
then I saw it in the back. It was a little red-riding-
hood outfit built more for a girl of like 12 or 13, but
for me it was almost perfect.

I tried it on and liked it and on the way home with my
purchase I stopped at a lingerie shop and bought a very
tight little red corset to wear with it.

The night of the party I put it on and modeled it for my
husband. The red corset cinched my waist tight and it had
half cups for the bra-support, which meant most of my
tits were exposed on top, my nipples barely covered at

I had taken off the red panties that came with the outfit
and put on a red g-string instead. The black thigh high
boots matched perfectly with the black cape and around my
neck I had on a red choker. I looked delicious! My
husband dressed as Zorro complete with a mask and we left
for the party.

When we got there, there were a lot people at the place.
As we made the rounds I felt hands under my little cape
copping feels here and there and I pretended not to
notice but I was pleased inside just the same. My husband
and I soon separated and mingled with others.

I had some guys surrounding me and we talked and drank
and had a good time. By now too, a lot of guys had been
getting very handsy reaching under my cape and feeling my
almost naked ass. I got maneuvered into a corner by some
of the more adventurous guys, one of which was a large
black gentlemen who I soon found out was no gentlemen.

As I stood there mostly hidden from everyone else except
my little group, he leaned against me and whispered, "Why
don't you slip that g-string off baby?"

I looked at him and said, "I'll be right back." I walked
to the bathroom and slipped it off and thought if no one
looks very carefully, I can get away with this. With that
thought in mind I walked back across the room and
rejoined my group of lecherous men.

All I had on now was the corset and the cape and the
black thigh high boots and the choker!

As I stood there talking to them, I realized that the
black guy had told everyone what I'd done, they all knew
I had removed the g-string and stood there with my shaven
pussy on display for the observant.

The black guy stood beside me and soon had his fingers at
my asshole and then my pussy! I loved it, I really did!
It was so naughty, so perverted! Then he reached over and
just barely had to tug on my top to make my nipples peak
over the top of the bra support. They were easily seen
too, some of the guests noticed this change in my costume
right away.

My group decided it was too hot in the room and led me
outside on the darker patio out back. In no time at all,
I had hands from 5 different guys all over me, fondling
my tits and wrestling each other to finger my hot box.
Then I was then led unresisting down some steps to the
huge lawn out back and here things got really exciting.

As one guy kissed me, I felt the cape being pulled away
and then the stays of my corset were loosened and then my
corset was pulled off and I stood there in my black thigh
boots only. Hands all over my body, bringing me to orgasm
over and over as the thrill of these strange physical
contacts rushed through my brain.

Then the handsome black guy lowered me down onto the
grass and climbed on top of me. We wrestled around on the
grass as he tried to stick it to me. I wanted to make it
a little hard for him and give the other guys a little
show so I swung my body from side to side to mess with
his aim.

But he was bigger and stronger than me and finally held
me in place and shoved his big dark cock deep into me. He
began pumping furiously for about ten minutes, grunting
each time he bottomed out in my cunt, then finally he
came in me.

I lay there as he rolled off me and looked at the other
men ranged around us. Another guy step up and lowered
himself on top of me and did the same. He hugged me and
fucked my brains out, it was fantastic, and he was really

They all fucked me, covering me in cum. Some did it
inside of my pussy and some I swallowed, and some came on
my face and tits. As everything does, all good things
come to an end. By studs finally ran out of spunk and
couldn't get it up anymore, so we all eventually dressed
and rejoined the party inside.

After I cleaned up, I went into the party again and I saw
my black hunk talking to some other male guests and they
all looked at me as one man. He motioned me over and told
the four guys with him that I was the girl that had taken
on 5 men outside. Again I was led away by me new group of
swains. But this time I was led upstairs and into a
bedroom and bam, I was naked, legs spread wide and
getting fucked again by everyone in the room.

I guess the word has passed around the party because soon
the hallway outside the bedroom had guys and some girls
too peering in, watching me getting fucked. I was in slut
heaven at this wanton display. I even saw my husband
check in on me, watching and smiling behind his mask.

One of my visitors was the host and owner of the company
and he banged the fuck out of me, for an older guy he did
a great job of it. As the party went on downstairs I was
the party-fuck upstairs, and I loved it.

Later that night my husband told me he had an interview
with the boss for next Monday about an open VP position.
And oh yeah he asked my husband to bring me along. My
honey told me I had made a great impression on his boss
and he had a feeling his new promotion included me

I let the black guy fuck me one more time that night and
he told me he had told the boss I would be a great asset
to the company and he suggested I should do this for the
company party next time. He asked me if I thought I could
handle it?

I looked at him and smiled, "You ain't seen nothing yet


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others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2012. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

The Boarding School
by Anonymous (address withheld)


In a Depression era school/boarding house for orphaned
girls Lizzy and her friends suffer abuse from the
School Master and staff. But Lizzy discovers real
companionship with the watchdog Buck. Written in 2
parts, both posted here. (Ff-teen, underage, reluc,
voy, ws, beast)


Part I - The School

Missouri in the 1920's was depressing. Jobs were
scarce and people, particularly the lower class
masses, were desperate. That is how Lizzy came to live
at the Joplin School for Girls. It was called a
school, but it was really an orphanage. The girls
there were wards of the schoolmaster, his three
schoolmarms and the state of Missouri. Meaning no one
cared about what went on there.

When Lizzy was eight her mother, Lizzy's father having
died four years earlier from a fever, found another
man, a traveling gambler, who offered to take her away
from Joplin. But he pointedly said he had no use for a
snot-nosed kid. Telling Lizzy it was for her own good
she left Lizzy at the School and left with her man.
That was years ago and Lizzy no longer cared if she
ever saw her mother again.

There were eighteen girls at the school, ranging in
age from seven to seventeen. When a girl turned
eighteen the schoolmaster, Master Ahern, would give
them twenty dollars and a ride into town. She was then
on her own. The school accepted no girls younger than
seven. They said they were not equipped for babies or
toddlers. In reality they were no school at all. They
taught no reading or writing or numbers. They kept the
girls for the state, and received payment from the
state for boarding them and that was all.

Life for the girls was one of bizarre abuses. The
girls were only allowed to wear a short dress, with a
hem just above the knee, an apron for their chores,
knee high socks and their shoes. Even after they
started to develop they were not allowed to wear
underwear or bras. These things were for ladies, they
were told, and these girls would never be ladies. They
were unwanted urchins, and that is all.

They were allowed to bathe twice a week, but unless it
was winter they were not allowed to do so in the
house. The school had two bathrooms with plumbing and
hot water, one for the Mr. Ahern and one for the three
schoolmarms and only when it was at its coldest could
the girls use the schoolmarms tub and toilet. The rest
of the year they were forced to bath in a washtub
filled from pump in the front yard and they were
expected to pull up their skirts and squat in the back
yard like the animals when they had to pee or take
care of their other business.

The girls were the farm hands, the maids and the
servants of the four adults that ran the school.
Though the government provided enough money they could
have just bought all their supplies, the school kept
cows for milking and chickens so they could pocket
more of the money. The girls prepared the meals and
served the adults before themselves. They kept all the
rooms of the house perfectly clean at all times.
Punishment for not doing a chore to the adult's
satisfaction was always a spanking or a paddling and
all of the girls usually had bruised backsides because
Mr. Ahern always found cause to find a job

Their bodies also often provided the entertainment.
About once a month Mr. Ahern hosted a dinner party for
a half dozen of the higher class, well-to-do couples
in town. The older girls, that is, all the girls that
had had their first monthly flow, would be the
servants at these dinners. The adults would talk about
business, or the news, scandals and rumors and such,
and all the while they would have their hands on the

At Lizzy's first dinner as a servant, one lady pulled
her to her during the meal, pulled her dress down off
her shoulders, exposing her small breasts, then pulled
up the front of her skirt and tucked it into her apron
exposing her girl parts. Then, looking her in the eye,
she grabbed Lizzy's nipples between her thumb and fore
finger with a brutal pinch and twist. Lizzy had cried
out, dropping to her knees and l dribbling a small
amount of urine on the wooden floor as her eyes welled
up with tears.

The lady had giggled when she saw the small puddle and
released one of Lizzy's nipples from her grip, grabbed
a handful of her hair, jerked Lizzy's face up to look
at her and told her to finish. Lizzy shook her head
no, which made the lady smile evilly and she released
Lizzy's other nipple, raised her hand and brought it
down with a brutal slap on Lizzy's breast.

Lizzy squealed and released her bladder, peeing a
large puddle on the floor that spread enough to wet
the knees of her socks. The lady pulled her up to her
feet by her hair and looked at the small drops of pee
still dripping from Lizzy's nether lips. The lady
reached out a finger and ran it up Lizzy's small lips,
gathering the small drops and then sucked her fingers
dry. She pulled Lizzy on to her lap, then looked at
one of the other girls and told her to 'clean that up'
and the girl grabbed a towel and dropped to her knees
to soak up Lizzy's puddle.

Most of the dinner parties followed similar themes.
The girls would have to stand there and try not to cry
as the adult men and women pinched, spanked, slapped
or paddled their breasts, pussies and backsides.
Afterwards, in their rooms, the girls would hold each
other, the older girls stroking the younger girls'
hair and trying to help them find a way to sit or lay
that did not pain their sore spots.

The dinner parties were not the only abuses. Life at
the school carried a daily risk of unwanted attention.
Two of the schoolmarms, Sarah and Teresa, were in
their thirties and they were lovers. They would
regularly pick one or more of the girls to come to
their room at night. They'd make the girls undress
them, and bathe them, and then take turns making the
girls do things to each other.

The girls would be forced to kneel by the bed and
service the ladies with their mouths as the ladies lay
there side by side and kissed or talked to each other
about how well each of the girls could 'eat pussy.'
Sometimes the girls were made to perform these acts on
each other while the two schoolmarms masturbated each
other and watched them.

Lizzy hated when she had to use her mouth on their
hairy, old, girl parts, but found that when she was
forced to perform on one of the other girls it was
pleasant enough, and receiving such oral attention
created nice feelings as well, as long as it wasn't
one of the older women who did so without being at all
gentle, even biting at her small lips and nibbling on
the little button at the top which was so sensitive.

The other schoolmarm, Mary, (the girls called her
'Bloody Mary') was older, probably in her sixties. She
seemed to take no direct sexual interest in the girls,
but was none-the-less perverse in her fancies. Each
time one of the girls came into her maturity and had
her first flow, Mary would wait until a couple weeks
afterward and then summon the girl to her room.

Mary had the largest room, next to the schoolmaster,
and in addition to her own bed she had a doctor's
wooden examination table. She would have the new
'young woman' disrobe and climb on the table.
Extending cast iron attachments from the sides she
would have the girl spread her legs open and rest her
feet in the 'stirrups'. Mary would slowly undress
herself while looking at the girl, sometimes gently
stroking her own sex as she stood there.

Then she would pull out a long, polished bone knitting
needle. She'd seat herself between the girl's legs and
then using a finger she would test the girl's vagina
for wetness. If she found it already wet she would
chastise the girl for what a slut she was. If it
wasn't she would moisten a finger with her mouth and
insert it in the girl's pussy, stroking gently until
the girl became aroused despite herself, and then
chastise her for being a little slut. Then she would
take the knitting needle and slide it up inside the
girl, seeking her maidenhead and rupturing it.

She would pull out the needle, which now had the
girl's blood on it and show it to the girl, saying
"now no boy will ever believe you are a virgin." She
would laugh at the poor girl and then turn and add the
needle to her collection on a nearby table.

There were dozens of blood-stained knitting needles
there, a testimony to how many girls had undergone
Bloody Mary's little procedure. Mary would return to
her seat between the girl's legs, spread her own knees
and begin to masturbate. The girl was not to move or
make a sound. Mary would sit there, looking at the
girl's sex and small amount of virgin blood that
stained her lips and masturbate herself to orgasm. So
it had been for Lizzy, just one of many.

Surprisingly, Mr. Ahern's perversions were among the
easiest to satisfy. During the day he would spend a
large amount of time near his office window, which
looked out on the backyard, or sitting on the back
porch. He seemed to enjoy watching the girls pull up
their skirts and relieve themselves on the ground.
Sometimes when he was out and saw a girl start to
squat he would call her over to pee right in front of
the porch or he would pull his chair to the edge of
the porch and have the girl sit on his lap.

He would grab her legs behind her knees and spread her
legs, her little pussy pointing out into the yard, and
have her pee, often laughing and complimenting the
girl on her distance. Sometimes as the girl finished
and the stream lost its power some of her pee would
dribble on his pants. He would stand and pull off his
pants and hand him to the girl to take to the laundry
and head back to his room. It was the only time they
ever saw Mr. Ahern smile and one of the few times he
spoke to them other than to scold them.

About every other night, however, Mr. Ahern would have
one of the schoolmarms collect one of the girls from
their bedroom and bring her to his office. The lady
would open the door, push the girl in and pull the
door shut behind her. Lizzy no longer remembered the
first time she had been summoned to his office, she
had repeated the little performance so many times, and
now she even looked forward to it. Often when the
schoolmarm came to their room and asked for one of the
younger girls Lizzy would volunteer to go in her
place. Sometimes she was allowed to go instead, but
sometimes the schoolmarm insisted on the one
particular girl and there was nothing Lizzy could do.

Mr. Ahern always wanted the same thing. He would place
two chairs facing each other and he'd sit in one and
have the girl sit in the other. He would instruct her
to spread her legs, hooking one over each arm of the
chair, exposing her sex to him. Then he would tell her
to play with herself, spreading her lips for him,
sliding one of her fingers inside herself, or rubbing
her clitoris. Lizzy didn't know what it was called, of
course, but she knew it felt good.

She had started long ago putting on a good show for
him. She would wet her fingers with her mouth and let
her fingers explore her sex, ashamed that she found it
more exciting when he watched. Sometimes he would lean
forward, and stick one of his fingers in her mouth for
her to moisten and then he would insert it inside her.
Lizzy would move her hips and slide her pussy up and
down on his finger and moan. Then he would sit back in
his chair, pull out his little old man prick and give
it a few tugs, quickly spilling his seed on the floor.
Then he would say, "clean that up you little whore."
He'd watch as she dropped to the floor and used her
apron to clean up his cum and then he would tell her
to get out.

Lizzy had been exploring herself for a while. Since
all the adults seemed to put so much attention on
their girl parts, why shouldn't she? So often, in her
bed at night, or in the washtub during her bath, she
would touch those parts again.

While it never happened with the adults, sometimes
when she was alone she would get a small shiver that
ran through her whole body, but it never seemed to be
the same type of thing that Sarah or Teresa
experienced, or even Bloody Mary, the onetime Lizzy
had watched her play with herself after taking Lizzy's
virginity with her knitting needle. Lizzy didn't know
what was wrong, but it still felt good and she found
herself touching her girl parts often, just to feel
that pleasant sensation.

Part II - Buck

There was one resident of the school that loved the
girls unconditionally and that was Buck. Buck was a
yellow Labrador whose job was to protect the house
from predators that would come seeking the chickens
and to alert the presence of strangers. The adults of
the house paid little attention to Buck, leaving it to
the girls to feed him, and he loved their attention.

He was aggressively protective of the girls, which is
why he wasn't allowed in the house, because he was
quick to interfere when the adults tried to abuse the
girls, which was common. So Buck would wait outside
until the next day to check on his charges.

On this particular day it was Lizzy's turn to milk the
cows in the barn and another girl, Susan, had the task
of collecting eggs. The girls headed towards the barn,
Lizzy with a milk pail and Susan with a basket. Lizzy
entered the barn, followed by Buck, because Lizzy
always shared some of the milk with him even though
she had been caught doing so twice and the paddling
had been severe. Susan headed around the barn to the
hen house.

There were three milk cows in the barn and Lizzy
brought them each in turn over beside a small,
rectangular hay bale she used to sit on, and putting
the pail between her legs she milked the cow and then
would lead the next one over and repeat the process.
Buck laid beside the hay bale, wagging his tail and
watching her, and Lizzy would periodically squirt some
of the milk into her hand and let Buck slurp it up.

After she finished with the last cow the animal
wandered a few feet away and Lizzy lifted the pail,
judging it to be a good morning's work. Setting the
pail to the side she laid back on the hay bale,
letting her arms rest from the milking and looking at
the shadows that played along the roof of the barn.
She drifted off into a brief reverie, thinking of
nothing at all and relaxing.

Suddenly, she felt a cold, wet nose gently touch her
bare pussy! She looked down, where her feet were still
planted on the floor, knees spread as they were when
she was performing her chore, and saw Buck's back and
wagging tale protruding from under her skirt! He had
scented her and was now checking her out. It had been
a couple days since she had her last bath and she was
sweaty and wet down there.

Buck intently and insistently snuffed and sniffed her
sex. Then she felt his tongue begin to lap at her. She
started to push him away but then, looking around and
seeing she was alone, she decided to let him continue.
After a few gentle, exploratory licks he began to
really go at her, bathing her! He licked and lapped
away the salty sweat and then just continued,
obviously enjoying the taste of her.

Lizzy pulled her skirt up so she could watch him, and
lifted her feet off the ground slightly, spreading a
little wider and Buck clearly picked up on her
approval of his efforts. His tongue was long and
muscular, there was a power to it as it ran the length
of her over and over, from her little asshole, dipping
deep inside her vagina, and then up past her clit, its
rough wetness causing no shortage of fantastic
sensation each time it passed over that little button!

His attention was urgent, and forceful, and she found
herself reaching around the backs of her thighs,
raising her sex a little more and opening herself a
little more so his wonderful tongue would reach even
deeper inside her pussy. Neither her fingers or those
of Mr. Ahern felt as wonderful and Buck's tongue when
it was deep inside her, stroking the inner walls of
her pussy. Lizzy found herself in the middle of one of
those small, shuddering contractions! But, as was the
case when she played with herself, as pleasurable as
it was it only left her more aroused.

She Looked down again and saw Buck's back end hunching
slightly. She had seen animals 'do it'before of course
and knew he was not just licking her for the salty
taste but was feeling his arousal as well. Glancing
again around the barn and gauging she had a little
while before anyone came looking she suddenly made a
decision that both terrified her and caused another
small shudder through her body as she thought it.

Pushing him gently back she got down from the hay
bale, turned over on all fours and raised her hips up
in the air, thrusting her aroused opening up like a
bitch in heat. She felt Buck's tongue again, this time
in reverse, running up from her now engorged button,
between her swollen and aroused pussy lips to her
little asshole. After a few licks she suddenly felt
his weight upon her as he tried to mount her!

His front paws wrapped around her hips in a fierce
embrace and she felt the tip of his penis poking her
in frustrated fashion as it probed for her hole. It
poked her thighs, her labia, her button as it probed
too low, and even her ass as it probed too high. The
whole while she felt small jets of hot liquid striking
her as he searched for her virgin pussy.

Buck humped urgently, searching, and finally,
suddenly, felt the tip of his cock surrounded on all
sides by the warm, moist folds of her vagina. The
speed of his thrusts tripled as he found his mark and
in less than a second those next three thrusts pushed
three inches, then five inches, then seven inches deep
inside his girl! Buck thrust into her, finally being
able to breed one of the females that he dearly loved,
and that loved him in return.

Lizzy collapsed, moaning out loud as she was filled
and stretched as she had never been before, and she
put her face to the floor but kept her ass high in the
air for him. His front legs were wrapped around her
waist and then down the front of her thighs, holding
her in position as he thrust into her.

Lizzy rose back up on her hands and looked beneath
her, wishing she could see his cock penetrating her
little slut opening. That's right, she thought, they
said I am a slut and here I am letting a dog fuck me!
I am not a slut, I am a bitch! Right now she was
Buck's bitch and it felt wonderful!

Of course, as much as she wanted to, she couldn't see
where his large dog cock was actually entering her
pussy. But as she looked beneath her should see Buck's
testicles swinging wildly as they hung between her
white thighs. And she could see a steady dribble of
clear fluid that was being squeezed out of her pussy,
around Buck's wonderful cock with each thrust, and
dripping to the barn floor from her clit. He was
lubricating her more and more, though she didn't know
that was what was happening, to prepare her for his

She felt completely full, and what she thought was the
base of his penis banging against her hole but
suddenly that too slipped inside her well-fucked
little cunt. Stretching her even more as it entered,
and then continuing to grow once it was inside her,
the pain was overwhelmed by the pleasure and suddenly
she felt another of those shudders coming on. But this
was no small release. This time waves of pleasure
wracked her body.

As her orgasm hit her, her vagina convulsed and
contracted again and again on his cock and his knot
and with each convulsion pleasure shot through her
insides! Her vision blurred and she moaned and moaned,
focused on nothing but the huge penis inside her.
Buck's penis. It was hot, much warmer than her fingers
and she could feel it jerking and spasming as it
pumped her belly full of his cum.

Her orgasm lasted forever. At some point she realized
that Buck had quit thrusting, satisfied that he had
tied with her well and letting his cum fill her up.
Each spurt of his cock sprayed her insides and sent
another electric jolt through her cunt as her orgasm

Finally opening her eyes, Lizzy first looked back over
her shoulder at Buck's face as it rested on her back.
Then she heard a small sound and snapped her head
around. There stood Susan, holding her basket of eggs
and looking on, fascinated and smiling. Lizzy was
suddenly very embarrassed and as she looked at her
friend sheepishly Buck suddenly swung a rear leg up
and over Lizzy's hind end, turning around so they were
standing there ass to ass, his tail rising up between
their love connection and wagging.

Susan laughed, and Lizzy did too, but as she did it
made her vaginal muscle contract again and another
small jolt shot through her and she moaned again,
reaching beneath her to feel with her fingers what she
could not see, Buck's cock stuck into her cunt, and
then she let her fingers touch her clit, wet with his
pre-cum, and she began to rub it fiercely, bringing on
another body-wracking orgasm.

As her friend began to masturbate again Susan walked
up, stroked the panting Buck, then moved his tail so
she could see this beautiful connection. Her own pussy
was wet, and a small trickle of her moisture ran down
the inside of her thigh. She absently collected it on
her finger and stuck it in her mouth as she stared at
Lizzy's swollen pussy lips wrapped around Buck as his
cock disappeared inside her friend.

Suddenly, Buck started to walk. Still far too engorged
to pop free of Lizzy's cunt, his knot tugged at her
and she was forced to scamper backwards with him! A
few feet away there were two hay bales stacked on top
one another and Buck made his way there, pulling his
trapped young girl behind him. Susan was giggling at
Lizzy's predicament, but stopped a moment later as
Mary threw open the barn door and stepped inside just
as Buck finished pulling Lizzy behind the hay. Buck
had heard her coming
and acted to protect his girl yet again!

"What the hell is taking you two little sluts so long?
Where is our milk and eggs?" She yelled. Then, seeing
only Susan, she added, "Well, where is Lizzy?"

Lizzy was a few feet away, behind the hay bale, with a
Buck's cock still stuck in her swollen cunt! And she
had never been more scared. What if Mary found her
like this?

"I think she went to pee, Ma'am." Susan covered. "She
asked me to bring the milk."

Grabbing the milk pail she headed towards Mary and out
of Lizzy's view. Mary continued yelling,

"I think she is shirking her chores and you are
helping her you little slut! Put those down and come

Lizzy listened as Mary administered a brutal, bare-
handed spanking to Susan that left the girl in tears,
then heard them both leave the barn. Lizzy knew she
owed her friend a huge debt for covering for her. At
this point it had only been a few minutes since Buck
finished fucking her and they tied.

She was amazed that it took another twenty minutes
before she felt that doggie knot recede enough to pull
out of her. When he did, a fountain of warm, wet cum
gushed from her pussy to the barn floor. How could he
cum so much? Buck quickly turned around and licked her
clean, and she spent several minutes enjoying that

She knew she had found something wonderful, and knew
she would be letting Buck breed her again, but now she
realized she needed a fair amount of time to make it

It was something she would have to work on!


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in
real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real
life" can look forward to many unproductive years
getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their
local prison system.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2012. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Casper Makes Me His Bitch
by KittyKat (***@live.com)


Twenty-one year old female tells how finds out that
her best friend for life has so much more to offer her
than any man. (f-teen/beast, oral)


I'm just a regular 21 year old girl, I'm 5'6", slim
and quite top heavy. But then that doesn't really
matter as you are going to imagine your own fantasy
girl as you are reading this. I would like to say now
this story is based on truth. So allow me to begin to
tell you all on how it came about me becoming Casper's
little slut.

As I was growing up as a little girl I have always had
an affinity towards dogs, they just seem to get me if
you can understand that and as I was growing up I
relied more and more heavily on my Alsatian Casper. I
have been lucky enough to have Casper since I was 7
years old. Casper and I did everything together, he
slept in my bed with me, ate dinner with me, he even
led on the floor whilst I bathed. However growing up
and reaching puberty the dynamic of our relationship
slowly yet surely started to change for the better.

It was in 2005 when our love affair began. My parents
had left me alone in the home for the night safe in
the knowledge that Casper would look after me. Being a
15 year old girl being left at home I was pretty
limited as to what I could really do to entertain
myself. So I decided to take a bath and as always
Casper followed me in and sat next to the bath whilst
I bathed. As I was washing myself my whole body seemed
to become all tingly and as I started working on the
top of my legs I accidently brushed my finger across
my clit a gasp escaped my mouth.

Wow that felt incredible, I thought to myself so I
tentatively started playing with myself soon my left
hand was wandering up to my supple breasts as I got
closer and closer to my first ever orgasm. I was
gently moaning when all of a sudden a felt Casper lick
my face. I instantly stopped what I was doing and
sighed when I realised Casper thought I was hurt and
was just comforting me. Realising that today wasn't
going to be th e day I was going to orgasm I decided
to get out of the bath and towelled myself dry.

Wrapping the towel around my damp body I bent over to
pull the plug out of the bath when I felt Casper's
tongue once again on me but instead he took a swipe of
my pussy from just below my pubic mound to my ass, a
jolt of instantaneous lust and disgust flared up. "Bad
Casper" I scorned " You can't do that to me when I
have just been playing with myself, it just isn't

Casper's tongue took another swipe at my pussy and I
could feel him trying to push it in "mmm Casper stop
that now" I sighed whilst spreading my legs a little '
Sarah you can't let your pet lick you out it's so
disgusting no matter how lovely it feels' I thought to
myself so I pushed Casper away and went into my
bedroom to sit on my bed and dry my hair with Casper
following closely behind.

As I sat down I noticed that there was a slight bit of
pink poking out of Casper's sheath "Oh Casper seems
like you are just as wound up as I am," I said gently
as I gave him a hug. "There there boy we will get you
a lovely girlfriend to play with soon I will ask Mum
and Dad."

Not realising Casper's nose was close to my pussy from
the angle i was hugging him at I was surprised to say
the least when he started nipping gently on my clit.
The sudden jolt of random intense pleasure made me
moan out load and lie back. There was no point in
fighting it any longer, I leaned back on the bed and
spread my legs letting Casper get full access to my

"MMMM Casper thats it boy keep eating mummy make me
moan out for you Casper, mmm" Casper was licking my
pussy with gusto and started snaking his long tongue
into mu cunny trying to get more of my juices, I
couldn't hold back any longer "Ohh fuck yes Casper,
unnn please deeper" I moaned as I started fucking his

Just before I peaked, Casper stopped and started
whining at me whilst gently humping the air.

"Oh Casper, you're just like all the other boys always
want something back" I sighed as I got down onto my
knees, tentatively i started stroking him getting
closer and closer to his sheath, as I brushed passed
it Casper licked my face in encouragement. I couldn't
even believe I was thinking of jacking off my beloved
pet let alone lusting to do it. I gripped his sheath
and gently began coaxing his doggy cock out.

It was so warm and quickly started dripping with doggy
juice. Casper really started to move his hips in time
with my hand and was licking my face so much it
started getting gross. "Ohh you like that boy? You
like it when I play with your doggy dick?" I said as i
started jacking faster "Well boy if you won't finish
me off it's only fair that I don't finish you off" I
said as I stopped.

Casper whined and started pushing against me humping
his doggy cock towards my body I couldn't help but
laugh and started to get up. Casper must have saw this
as an opportunity as all of the sudden I felt this
weight land on my back and quick as lightening Casper
was trying to find a hole to bury his doggy dick. I
was scared, very, very scared "Casper DOWN" I said in
my sternest voice as i tried moving away from him but
his front legs were holding me in a death grip.

His dick was stabbing wildly at my pussy and ass hole
and it really bloody hurt if I am honest then all of a
sudden he managed to bury two inches into my pussy, I
let out a gasp, and him sensing he finally had his
bitch where he wanted her rammed himself fully inside
"Ouch fuck" I cried as he started fucking me really
hard, it was as if he was thinking that I shouldn't
have messed about with him before and should've
finished him off.

His strokes were hard and fast and I soon started
moaning out loud "Oh that's it Casper, make me your
whore make me crave your dog cock forever" his head
was on my shoulder and hearing him pant in my ear made
me go buck wild. I started meeting his thrusts trying
to get more of his cock in me and very quickly I
started to feel my pussy getting fuller.

"Yes, ohh god yes, god damn what is that it's making
me feel so full" Caspers humping started to get harder
but shorter in its strokes, I leant on one arm and
used my spare hand to play with my clit. "Mmm that's
it boy," I moaned. "Spunk in my cunt, give me your

Suddenly Casper's short erratic thrusts stopped and he
just led there on my back but the big ball in my pussy
was throbbing, soon i found myself having a huge
orgasm. "MMMmmm, Casper. Oh yes, that's it, breed me,
shoot your spunk in me, mmmmmmmm..."

As my orgasm subsided I noticed that I couldn't move
from Casper without him shifting with me, we were
stuck together...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2009. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

A Poker Game To Remember
by Wyspr26 (***@hotmail.com)


A poker game turns into more than just a poker game
when the host puts his daughter up as a bet. (MMF, inc,
oral, anal, ws)


It's a usual thing for me to hang out after work with
my friends. We usually play poker at each other's
houses. On this day, it was David's turn. After work,
David, Jim, Harry, and myself went to David's house for
a night of gambling and alcohol.

David had a table and chairs set up in his basement. I
had no idea that his basement was set up like it was.
Off to one side he had a full bar and behind the bar
was his daughter, Josefin. David explained that she was
on vacation from college and was looking to have some
fun on her time off. I smiled at her, not noticing her
much until she walked around from behind the bar. She'd
been mixing drinks for us as we got our game started.

As she served us, I noticed she was wearing a bikini
that accented her shapely body. Her snow blonde hair
was pulled back in a pony tail. She was smiling and
giggling as the others poked and pinched at her. I kept
my eye on her as we played our game, hoping beyond hope
to catch a glimpse of her breasts or her pussy hair,
but I had no such luck.

After a couple of hours of playing, and maybe a few too
many drinks, David decided to make the game more
interesting. He announced that the winner of the next
hand would get a blow job by Josefin. This got all of
our attention. We played hard at getting the other guy
to bluff or show his hand. It ended up being David who
won that hand. I sat and watched in amazement as
Josefin got on her knees between her dad's legs,
unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard cock, and began
sucking on him, taking him deep in her throat.

"I'm about to cum," he said. "Watch this."

David moaned and jerked in his chair, holding his
daughter's head down on his cock. She swallowed him,
barely gagging, taking his full load down her throat.
When she was done, she wiped her mouth and kissed her
dad. He patted her ass cheeks and asked for another
drink. Myself and the other two stared in amazement at
this. I was hard and was about to explode in my pants.
I was so hard that it was hurting.

"Next hand that wins gets to take her ass," David

This made the next hand more interesting. As we played,
she would come and stand between us. She leaned on my
shoulder and traced her finger over my ear and touched
my face. Did she like me as much as I was starting to
like her? Unfortunately, I didn't win this hand. Harry
did. He smiled big as she walked over to him, undid his
pants, pulled him out, and got him hard. She pulled
down her bottoms and turned around. Carefully, she
positioned herself, licked her hand to lube her little
anal hole.

Carefully, she pushed back onto him. We watched as she
took him all the way in. She bounced and fucked herself
on him. It wasn't long before he was jerking in his
chair, shooting his cum deep in her bowels. Josefin
looked like she was in ecstasy too, moaning and
groaning her own orgasms. Once he was done cumming, she
pulled off of him, pulled up her bottoms and kissed
him. She went behind the bar and got more drinks for

David began shuffling and dealing the cards again. The
three of us sat in anticipation of what David would
pull out of his hat for the next hand.

"Next hand gets to cum on her tits," he announced.

Another round of hard playing and again Josefin stood
next to me, leaning on me as we played. I traced my
hand up the inside of her leg as she hugged on me, just
caressing her gently. She returned in kind, touching my
back and neck. Again, though, I didn't win the hand.
This time, Jim got to have a chance with her. Josefin
got between his legs, pulled him out of his pants. She
reached behind her and pulled at the knot that kept her
top on. She let it fall, exposing her supple breasts
and her stiff nipples.

Jim began masturbating himself. Josefin touched his
cock with her tits and rubbed her nipples on his head.
She licked his cock head and kissed his shaft. She
reached her hand down the front of her bottoms and
began fingering her clit and moaning. It wasn't long
before Jim was cumming, shooting his seed on her tits.
She was cumming too, moaning and smiling. She got up,
got a towel, and wiped her chest off. What surprised me
is she didn't put her top back on.

"Next hand," David announced, "Josefin gets to do what
she wants."

The three of us smiled at that and got deep into our
game. Again, she came over and stood by me. I got a
good close up view of her breasts and almost touched
them, but resisted. This hand was hot and heavy, played
hard. This time, I won the hand. Jim and Harry both
moaned their losses but David smiled. I pushed back
from the table. Josefin had me stand up. She undid my
pants and pulled them down to my ankles. She sat me
back down and began sucking on me, keeping me hard. She
sat on my lap facing me, straddling me, taking me into
her pussy.

I didn't get to see if she was shaven or not. She
kissed me and moved her hips on me. She kissed me
deeply and moaned into my mouth. I grasped her ass
cheeks and pushed her down hard onto me. She responded
by fucking me harder. Before long, she was orgasming,
her pussy muscles squeezing me. I couldn't help myself,
I shot my seed in her. She looked at me in the eyes,
breathing hard and smiling, feeling me shoot deep in
her. She slowed down and pushed deep and held me in
I could feel her cervix pressing on my cockhead. She
was enjoying this.

"Josefin," David called. "When you're done, I want you
to lay on the table."

She kissed me one more time and laid herself on the
table. I watched as David came around, cock in hand,
and pushed into her, fucking her 'til he came in her.
He invited Harry and Jim to do the same. They both
fucked her and came deep in her. David sat in his chair
and had her come straddle him. She pushed herself down
on him, taking him deep. He told Jim to get behind her
and to push into her ass. Jim did so, and pushed hard
and deep in her.

This got her squealing with delight. I don't know if
she'd ever had this happen, but she was loving it. She
fucked them both and screamed her orgasm. Feeling her
squeezing their cocks, both men came, shooting seed in
her. Jim pulled out and she got off, sitting next to
her father, panting and calming down from her orgasms.
Harry announced that he had to pee and asked for the
bathroom. David stopped him from pulling up his pants
and told Josefin to go suck on him. Harry stood there,
watching her suck on him. He was moaning, trying to not
let loose, but she was relentless.

He held her head and I watched as she began swallowing.
He was peeing in her mouth and she was swallowing it!
She let a little dribble out as she drank, but not
much. I watched her throat spasm as she swallowed him.
Once he was done, she kept sucking on him till he came
and she swallowed that too. She stood up, went to the
bar and poured herself a shot of tequila and downed it.
David called her over and told her to do the same for

He stood and she knelt in front of him, taking his cock
in her mouth, sucking on him. It wasn't long before she
was swallowing too. Again, when he was done, she sucked
him off to cumming. I piped up stating I had to use the
bathroom, but I needed to use the toilet. David told
Josefin to take me upstairs to the bathroom. She smiled
and took me by the hand and led me upstairs. She took
me to the bathroom and led me in. She closed the door
behind us, locking it.

"I lied," I confessed to her. "I just wanted to get you

"I know," she smiled. She stepped up to me and kissed
me deeply, pressing her body to me.

She stepped away and sat herself on the toilet,
spreading her legs, inviting me to come to her. I got
on my knees and started kissing her inner thigh and up
to her pussy. I licked and ate her, sucking on her

"I have to pee…" she cautioned me.

I didn't stop. Once I tasted her pee trickling out, I
placed my mouth over her pussy and began swallowing
her. She put her hand behind my head, pushing my face
into her crotch, filling my mouth with her nectar. She
pushed it out hard, trying to get it all out and I took
it and swallowed like I hadn't had a drink in a long
time. She tasted wonderful. When she was done, she
leaned down and kissed me, tasting her piss on my
tongue. She had me stand up and she began sucking on
me, begging me to pee. I did so, letting loose in her
mouth. She swallowed me and sucked me to orgasm again.

"I wanted you to be the first one I let cum in me," she
whispered. "I'm in my fertile cycle."

She got up and turned on the water in the bathtub. She
turned the shower on and asked me to get naked and join
her. I did so. Standing, she bent over, pushing her ass
to me. I pushed into her again and fucked her. I pulled
out of her pussy and pushed into her ass and back to
her pussy.

She orgasmed over and over again, begging me to cum. I
fucked her ass till I had to cum and then pulled out
and pushed into her pussy, letting loose with my seed
in her pussy. She was in heaven. So was I. When we
finally got done, I re-dressed. She just toweled off,
not dressing. We walked out into the living room. Jim
and Harry were passed out on the couch. David was
spreading blankets on them. He was now naked.

"Still awake?" he asked. "Josefin has a place for you
to sleep."

She led me to her room, undressed me, and asked me to
join her in bed. I did so. We curled up together and
fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I
awoke to her riding me. She was grinding her crotch
into me, pushing my cock deep into her. She was moaning
loudly, orgasming and squeezing my cock hard. I
couldn't help myself. I shot my seed deep into her.

When I was done, I grabbed her, rolled her onto her
back and began fucking her hard and fast. I pushed hard
and fucked her until I came again. She was crying from
the pain of how rough I was but didn't want me to stop.
I kissed her deeply and held her close to me. The last
thing I remember before falling asleep was her
whispering naughty things in my ear.


When I awoke, the sun was already up and beaming in
through the window. Josefin was already awake and was
looking at me.

"Hi," she smiled. "Daddy took the other guys home when
they woke up, so it's just you and me."

I smiled and pulled her close, kissing her. She got up
and got on her hands and knees. She told me to get
behind her and fuck her. I did so, fucking her deep.
She came a couple times before pulling herself away
from me. She grabbed my cock and began sucking on me.

"Going to cum?" she asked.

"Yes, but I have to pee."

She smiled and kept sucking. I took that as a hint and
let loose. She swallowed me without wasting a drop,
then laid back and spread her legs.

"Fuck me, now," she demanded. "Cum in me! This pussy is
all yours."

I didn't argue. I fucked her pussy like I owned her.
She orgasmed over and over again, squeezing my cock. I
filled her pussy again with my seed and was rewarded
with her screaming out my name. I kissed my way down to
her pussy and ate her again, sucking hard on her clit.
I felt her flexing her stomach muscles and tasted her
urine on her lips.

She peed in my mouth as I ate her and I swallowed her
yet again, taking her juices into my stomach. She
pulled me up to her and kissed me, holding me tight.

When David returned, he made us breakfast and welcomed
me to the family.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per
lifetime, so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: asiacam.txt (MF, M-voy, F-exh, wife, asian)
Authors name: Billy Bond (***@yahoo.com)
Story title : Asian Cam Surprise

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Asian Cam Surprise (MF, M-voy, F-exh, asian)
by Billy Bond (***@yahoo.com)


Asian wife learns sexual exhibition while she also learns
about the Internet from her husband.


I was looking at my favorite porn site on the net; it had
some of the best nude Asian women I had ever seen. As I
clicked through the different thumbnails, I became very
aroused. My cock was growing in my boxers, I loved to use
the Internet as foreplay before having sex with my wife

I looked at my watch, cursing the time I had again spent
on the computer when I heard a shuffle on the stairs
above me. I looked away from the porno site just in time
to see a glimpse of someone darting her eyes through the
oak railing of the entertainment area of the basement.

I began closing the jpegs and sites quickly but not quick
enough, the next thing I saw was my 5'0 Asian wife Kim
standing right over my shoulder leering at my 21"
monitor, still filled with pictures of nude Asian women,
some very young, others in several forms of rope bondage.

Kim, my wife of eight years was now giving me that
shameful look, she had caught me before, chatting with
lonely women. This was new. She could see my fantasies.
In the past I could deny anything because Kim did not
know perfect English and never really spent much time on
the computer. She knew even less about the Internet, now
it was blatantly obvious where my interests were.

Instead of Kim getting pissed, she suddenly seemed to
have a great curiosity about what I was doing. As Kim
leaned over me, I glimpsed to see Kim's Asian petite
frame in nothing more than a long white Victoria Secret
sleep shirt, noticeably black bikini panties and cute
ankle socks. Even with her black lace bra underneath, I
could see her nipples protruding outward through the
sleep shirt. Her shoulder length highlighted silky hair
and 34/25/35 body was right in my face. She had just
finished her period and I wanted sex badly.

I began to explain myself, making excuses when Kim put
her hand over my mouth. "I know what you're doing, don't
lie to me, let me see." Kim reached down to squeeze my
steady hard-on. My cock melted in her hand.

"Why do you do this? This makes you so excited?" Kim's
broken English in her playful mood always made me hot. I
bowed my head as she went on with her lecture. She had a
different tone in her voice this time, as if she was very
curious, She was. "Tell me, does Internet make you

"Yes," I admitted solemnly.

"Make you horny?"

Again, I nodded my head.

Kim laughed and squeezed my swollen cock again. "So that
why sometime you come up from basement at night and want
to make love so hard?"

Once again, I simply said, "Yes."

"Yes I think so too," said Kim.

Kim then surprised me by sitting on my knee at the desk
chair and demanding that I teach her all about the
computer. For the next 90 Minutes, I showed Kim how to
browse the Internet, including the various porn sites,
(her eyes lit up when I showed her a men's site). She
seemed to get into that site the same way a teenager
first discovers a Penthouse magazine.

I felt somewhat embarrassed looking at men's cocks as Kim
clicked on various thumbnails of well-hung men. Then,
when she saw a blonde female with large tits, she would
just say, "oh she is so fake." I could see that Kim was
now sexually curious and I wanted her to keep searching
the sites because my hand was now cupping her breasts.

Kim squirmed on my leg, as I took her to a chat room by
her request. I knew Kim had sent e-mails before, but
never knew her to chat one on one with someone. I helped
her set up a screen name, profile, and a password so she
should enter a popular chat site. I told her to enter a
local chat room; she did for a few minutes before she got
bored and asked to go to an adult room. I didn't think
she knew about them. I took her to a room called "married
but flirting." Kim was barely situated in the room when
she was Instant messaged by three men.

The first chatter asked directly if she was really a
female. She responded "yes." The next chatter just asked,
"Do you want to fuck?" She cancelled the first and second
instant messages and read the third Message. This one
simply said, "Do you want to realize your fantasy now?"
His screen name was Bangyu.

I couldn't believe Kim began chatting with this guy. He
asked if she was alone, Kim said no, she was with her
husband. The guy wasn't turned off at all by that. He
asked if she was wearing much. Kim smiled at my shocked
face and sipped at some wine before telling him exactly
what she was wearing in detail. I could tell that Bangyu
was becoming excited also as he typed faster and began to
misspell words.

Kim wanted me to play along also, she asked me what to
write, and I had her type in "what is your profile and
how big are you?" Kim chuckled as she asked the question,
almost immediately he came back with his statistics, he
was 45, athletic and tall, the next line gave his cock
size (9.5") Kim shrieked loudly, she found it strangely

Kim shifted her weight in the chair, now resting her ass
against my cock, which was growing with the temple of the
chat foreplay. Bangyu asked several more personal
questions such as are you and your husband touching? Are
your nipples hard, etc? She responded to him she was
excited also.

I felt my heart rate increase as I began to run my hands
over her body, touching her breasts, tweaking her
nipples, sliding my hands over her ass and thighs. I
could not believe we were doing this; it had been a
fantasy for me for a long time.

Finally, Bangyu asked if she was really a female, She
laughed and said yes. Bangyu then asked her to please,
please send a picture of herself, it didn't need to be x
rated. I had some jpegs from our digital camera on disk.

I asked Kim if she was comfortable with that. She started
scanning through the thumbnails on our disk until she saw
one of her modeling a sheer black bodysuit as she curled
her fishnet cover legs on our brass bed. Something like
the Marilyn Monroe shot, except slightly covered. It
showed a little of her hot ass and the outline of her
nipples as they pushed out against the sheer fabric, she
said it would be ok. I nervously sent the pic to Bangyu.

Within 30 seconds, we received his overwhelming response.
"You are very hot Kim, Very, very hot." Kim just blushed
in excitement and embarrassment. I smiled, happy that
Bangyu found her sexy. It was arousing me also. His next
response was more unnerving.

Please allow me to call you two. Kim and I looked at each
other before saying no. We agreed that our number
shouldn't go out to a stranger. Bangyu was a stranger.
Perhaps Kim would receive harassment calls. Bangyu then
asked if we had a popular computer program that allowed
speech and video in the chat circuit. I knew I had the
program loaded on the computer; all we had to do was to
Assign Kim a screen Name, password and run it.

After Bangyu explained that the program was very
anonymous, no permanent number would be traceable, Kim
and I said Ok, so now I was really getting excited Kim
came on line with her own name, Kim's hot. Next, Banyu's
name came up on console as a "Buddy." I plugged in some
headsets and waited for Bangyu to create a private adult
chat room. He called it "KimBangyu" accordingly. He went
on to explain that no other parties would be able to
penetrate the room.

I connected the audio for hands free operation and
listened to Bangyu for the first time, "Can you hear me
Bill or Kim?"

I answered yes; made some audio adjustments and passed
the headset to Kim. Kim hesitantly took the headsets and
placed them over her ears. I could hear his voice through
the headsets. Kim answered, "Yes, I hear you." I could
hear the excitement in Banyu's voice as he realized he
was now speaking to a real female who was also was
willing to play.

"Bill, can you hear me also?"

"Yes, Bill's right here."

"Man this is great! Kim, I am fascinated by lovely women,
especially beautiful Asian women, you have a hot accent
and voice."

Kim just smiled.

"I am so horny now. Tell what you two are doing."

Slowly Kim answered, "Bill is touching me all over. I am
getting hot too." Kim's breasts heaved as I fingered her
nipples through her shirt and bra. She continued to speak
to Bangyu, now in a labored voice.

Bill, take off Kim's shirt and bra. Kim slowly stood up
as I lifted her sleep shirt over her head, exposing her
black lace bra and matching bikini panties. She took a
gulp of her wine before letting me unsnap her bra. Her
tits were tight and nipples long and hard. I didn't know
if her face was red from the wine or because of all the
excitement and embarrassment she was feeling at that

Before she could sit back down, I traded the computer
chair with a comfy lounge chair nearby. Now we could both
get down to business. Although the room temperature was
cool, Kim's body was beginning to sweat as she settled
down between my legs on the chair. She then informed
Bangyu she was ready.

Bangyu asked to speak with me briefly, Kim handed me the
headsets while I now played with her bare breasts. Bangyu
introduced himself and told me he was divorced, he really
wanted to hear another couple have sex on line. He really
got into directing the sex and asked if I minded. I told
him be were both a little drunk and beginning to have a
lot of fun, no problem. I listened for one more command
before giving the headset back to Kim.

"Bill play with her nipples." I began tracing her aerials
with my forefingers. Kim pushed her ass against my cock
and sighed into the mike. I heard him say something else
before I began lightly twisting her long nipples on her
34b tits. Kim moaned now. She spoke slowly and
deliberately saying, "Yes, I'm horny too. Yes, I want...
I want to see you... I want to see your cock."

Seconds later, an invite to my cam message appeared on
the computer screen, we accepted and immediately saw a
monitor window open, then, we saw Bangyu, he was an
African-American male. He was shirtless and smiling into
the camera. His body was very athletic, as if he worked
out in the gym every day. Although his body was smooth,
you could see his chest and abdomen were ripped. His arms
and legs very muscular. He looked like a male stripper.

As I continued to play with Kim's tits, we watched as
Bangyu lowered the camera to his bikini underwear. It was
easy to see the huge outline of his cock through the
sheer black jockey he was wearing. I was suddenly
embarrassed at my six and a half inches after seeing
Bangyu. He was so large. Kim eyes widened as she pushed
her ass against my cock. She moaned softly into the mic
and said, "Oh I want it."

"I want to see you also Kim, so bad." Bangyu lightly
stroked his cock through his underwear. "Good, now, Kim,
do you like to suck cock?"

She just continued to squirm against me in the chair.

"Do you?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Sometimes? Get down and suck Bills cock for me."

Kim hesitated for a moment then got on her knees between
my legs and pulled at my boxers, soon I was nude and
ready for her oral assault. Still wearing the headsets,
she moved the mic away so she could get the head of my
cock in her mouth. "Keep the mic there; I want to hear

Kim moved the mic back, I could hear slurping sounds in
the background of the speakers. "That's right Kim; Take
it, you horny slut."

I was appalled at Bangyu's language but also excited by
it. Kim was pumping my cock deep and I loved it.
Apparently Bangyu was encouraging her; she started to
moan into the Mic as she stroked my length. She kept
looking away to the screen; she was peeking at Bangyu as
he stroked his jockeys. I felt myself begin to tense for
a big load just before Bangyu told Kim to stop sucking.

I couldn't make out Banyu's entire question, but Kim
responded with, "Panties and socks."

"Size five shoes."

"Yes, red polish."

"I wear them."

Apparently, Bangyu also had a foot fetish, I did also, it
was bizarre that we had mutual desires. "Ok" said Kim as
she stood; She proceeded to removing her socks, then her
black bikini panties. Now, I could smell her sex as the
dampened panties slid down her legs.

"Do you guys have a mic and speakers on your computer?"
asked Bangyu.

"Yes," answered Kim.

"Let me talk with both of you."

I unplugged the headsets and listened to Bangyu. We made
adjustments so that we could easily hear each other

"That's better," said Bangyu. "Kim, sit in the chair and
let Bill give you a good tongue bath. Zoom in on my cam;
I want you to see me better."

I adjusted the screen so we could see Banyu's entire
crotch area. Kim settled into the chair fully nude with
her legs spread. I lifted her legs wide so I could get at
her pussy. "Start at her toes Bill." I did slowly, I
could taste the salt on her skin, and she tasted salty
sweet even though she was damp with sweat. I licked and
sucked at each toe before moving up to her ankles. Kim
just purred with excitement.

"Kim, you want to see more of me?"



"Yes I do,"

"I want to hear you then."

Kim was already moaning but she became louder with
Bangyu's suggestion. Bangyu was now allowing us peeks of
his cock; he would peel his underwear a little. Kim was
moaning loudly when my tongue reached her inner thighs.

I skipped over Kim's wet snatch up her navel when Kim
announced Bangyu was gone. Next we heard some loud music
in the background, Bangyu returned to the screen, he was
dancing this time, and we could see his entire body. He
danced very provocatively. I sucked at Kim's tongue and
felt her tongue thrust also into my mouth. She was very
horny. I moved down to her sweet tits, never touching her
nipples, just the firm mounds. He pulled my head to
direct my licks to her rock hard nipples; I squirmed away
as she moaned again.

Bangyu continued to dance, showing his well-rounded ass,
he was actually wearing a thong. He slipped his thong
down slowly, teasing several times before he finally
removed it completely. He cut the music and sat down
again this time with his huge cut cock fully visible on
the screen. Bangyu began his sexual interrogation of Kim
again as I finally zeroed in on Kim's nipple. Kim just
moaned loudly. Anyone could hear us if we were in an
apartment. I was getting increasingly more excited as
well because I was Making love to Kim for Bangyu.

"Having fun Kim?"

"Yes, ooooohhhh."


"Yesssss, so horny."

"Tell me, do you like what you see?"

Kim looked at his massive cock flexing on the screen,
"Yes its very big."

I took her other nipple into my mouth; Kim squeezed my
head into her chest, she moaned again. "Let me hear some
dirty words Kim," said Banyu in a new, demanding voice.

"I want you."

"Want what?"

"Your cock."

"All of it?"

"Yes, all of it."

"Think you could suck this?"

"I don't know," she laughed.

"All of it?" Again he repeated.

"Yes I would do it."

I moved from Kim's diamond nipples to her pussy. "Spread
your fucking legs Kim so Bill can eat that pussy." Kim
complied; I gripped her thighs and licked her very wet

"OOOOhhhhh" said Kim. "Yes!"

"Bill, is she sweet?"

"Yes," I said stopping only for a second.

"Is she good and wet?"

"Yes," I said again.

"Eat that ass too." It had seemed years since I had done
that. I pulled Kim's legs high over her head and licked
at her tight honey hole, it tasted good; I forced my
tongue into her ass, as she squirmed, moaning again for

"Come on Kim, speak to me some more, make me real horny,
I'm looking at your sexy pic, I want you."

I again moved to her pussy, now I was licking her clit
fast and hard. "OOOOhhhhh yes."

"Let me have your cock Bangyu. All of it, I want to taste

I avoided Kim's clit a few seconds as she talked and went
back to her silk button again.

"Oooooohhhh, damn I want to fuck you Bangyu, I want to
feel it."

"In your mouth?"

"Yes, oh yes!"

"In your pussy?"


"How about your ass?"

"Yes, yes!"

"I will, I will. No cum for me Kim."

I sucked at her clit and felt the huge shaking wave of
Kim's orgasm, it was great. She shuddered and shuddered
as she yelled out expletives for Bangyu. Banyu was now
handling his cock on the cam.

"Your not finished yet are you guys?"

"No" I said, Kim had collapsed her head against the back
of the chair, she was soaked with sweat. "No," Kim softly

"Good. Why don't you two do some serious fucking for me?
I need to stroke this thing, I'm really hot."

I turned in the chair and let Kim's cunt slide onto my
cock. She was now facing the computer screen. She moaned
slightly as I felt my cock stretch against her hot, wet
slit. Bangyu began stroking his cock for Kim ever so
slowly. She watched as I began stroking into her at the
same rhythm.

Kim moaned as the conversation began again. "Like to fuck

"Yes, oh yes."

"Feel good?"


"Is she tight Bill?"

"Yes," I moaned "very tight."

"Like fucking her?"

"Oh yes!"

"Had any pussy any tighter?" Bangyu stoked faster now.
"NO she's the tightest."

Kim was really getting into it now, she was moving up and
down on me trying to bottom out on my strokes.

"Kim, ever had a bigger cock than your husband?"

"No," she admitted.

"But you've fucked other men, right?"


"Before him? You know, sometimes you see guys that you
want to fuck, right?"

Kim cried out, "YES, oh fuck YES!" she had to answer
Bangyu, she was being brought off as she spoke.

"You want a cock like mine maybe?"


"If I were there right now, you would be fucking me

"I want to fuck you Bangyu."

"If I was there, you would do anything I wanted right?"

"Oh yes!"

"Bill, fuck the shit out of her for me."

I don't know who fucked harder, me or Kim, she rocked and
bounced her pussy against me, trying to get every inch of
my cock, at the same time, I pumped my cock deep into
her, meeting her thrusts and bruising my pelvis. It
seemed she wanted a cock larger than mine, a cock like
Banyu's. Kim pulled my head up to her tits and I sucked
eagerly at her them. She soon began moaning louder and
louder as we both continued our thrusts.

I felt my balls tightened and knew there was no turning
back. The last think I heard before Cumming was Bangyu
saying how much he wanted to fuck Kim.

I came with a loud moan. I felt myself gush a huge load
into Kim's slick cunt; she continued to work my slowly
shrinking cock till she screamed "FUCK!" loud enough for
Bangyu to answer with his own moans...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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2013-10-29 02:23:53 UTC
`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2004. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Second Place
By Terri Madison (***@hotmail.com)


A story about sexual harassment in the workplace. (MF,
nc, huml, work)



From: Manager of Operations

To: All employees

Copies to: Human Resources, Mailroom, Legal, Archives


Following are the job description and employee
guidelines for Terri, my lovely blonde assistant.

1. MISSION. Terri is a slut. Her sole purpose within
our organization is to fuck, suck and lick. As
employees, one of your fringe benefits is the use and
abuse of Terri, with the following conditions:

(a) That Terri is not directly working on something for
me, i.e. licking my wet bisexual cunt; selling her
sweet ass in a hotel room of my choice; handling
official company business (Terri's carnal talents are
frequently offered to prospective clients as added
incentive to close a deal); or otherwise making a
complete degraded slut out of herself for my enjoyment.

(b) You must not permanently scar, disfigure, or
otherwise damage our slut. In the case of accidental
damage, report this to me at once. Despite what sweet
little Terri may try to tell you, a larger than average
cock reaming her tight ass, though agonizing, is NOT
considered to be permanently damaging.

(c) Use of Terri by more than four people at any one
time requires special approval from my office.

(d) Public humiliation of Terri, while welcome and
encouraged, must be carefully planned and coordinated.
Common sense applies, i.e. putting a collar and leash
on dear Terri and making her walk around the office on
hands and knees would be a good idea; however doing the
same at the local shopping mall probably would not be
advisable (though it would be fun to see!)

Terri is required to upkeep herself physically. She is
required to work out at a local fitness center. Her
workout regimen includes high-impact aerobics, marathon
cocksucking, treadmill, getting gang-banged,
stairmaster, pussy eating, swimming, high-energy
masturbation, jogging, and exercising of her vaginal
and sphincter muscles. Her workouts are to be followed
with a "protein shake".

Terri also is mandated to attend a tanning salon, where
she keeps her entire body a beautiful golden tan, in
accordance with the impromptu survey which was taken a
few months ago "Ways our Company Slut Can Improve
Morale" (unfortunately "cloning", a rather popular
written-in response, is not feasible at this time.)
During her time in the tanning booth, our big-titted
bimbo is required to work out her cunt and ass with her
collection of dildos and toys.

Whenever her mouth is not busy sucking on a hard prick
or buried in a sweet, juicy cunt, Terri should be
chewing at least two pieces of bubble gum. The purpose
of this is twofold. First, it helps to enhance the
stereotype of Terri as a typical blonde,airheaded, big-
titted dumb office bimbo. Second, it serves to keep her
jaws loose and worked out. After all, there is no
telling what Terri's sweet mouth might be called upon
to accommodate and service, from one moment to the
next, as employees of this company can certainly attest

Terri also needs assistance in keeping and maintaining
her smooth, sexy complexion. Her secret is lots of
jism, which she rubs all over her face, neck, breasts,
belly, bikini, thighs and legs. As her coworkers, it is
your responsibility to assist her with this requirement
whenever possible.

In addition to upkeeping physically, our community
fuck-hole must keep herself mentally able to perform
her duties. She is required to spend her free time
watching X-rated films, reading adult magazines, and
studying adult pictures and stories on the internet so
that she can constantly have fresh ideas on how to best
carry out her duties here and to provide top notch
service to us.

She is also required to regularly review our growing
library of videotapes of her past performances, so that
she can identify areas of potential improvement.
Finally, the Kama Sutra should be considered by our
slut to be her bible, and she should know it from cover
to cover. Employees are urged to quiz this shameless
vixen regularly, rewarding her with a creamy mouthful
of sperm for a correct answer, and punishing her by
making her go braless, her huge boobs flopping around
unrestrained in her dress or blouse, for an incorrect

2. GENERAL USE. As your slut, Terri should never refuse
to perform any action, provided it does not meet one of
the conditions described above in section 1a through

I would also welcome any input and assistance as
regards to punishment, for the purpose of correcting
such problems.

Terri is available for use, subject to the same
conditions set forth in this document, during off-
hours, weekends, and holidays. With the exception of
spontaneous rolls in the hay with this shapely piece of
ass, please try to reserve Terri's after-hours services
at least 72 hours in advance whenever possible. A
calendar is maintained in my office for this express

Please keep in mind that Terri moonlights as a call
girl four times a week, and is off-limits during these
times, which are indicated on the calendar. An
exception would be if you wish to purchase this
sexpot's professional services during this time. (In
which case you would be a complete moron, since Terri's
services are otherwise completely free, as an employee
benefit. But, hey, everyone with the exception of Terri
is free to choose what makes them happy!!)

Terri can be used to further the company's interests as
well. Account managers seeking to add new clientele to
our company might want to consider using this
delectable saucy blonde as a deal-closer. An afternoon
or evening of fucking the daylights out of this petite
bombshell can quickly put the cap on an otherwise
frustrating, dead-ended negotiation. Simply contact my
office if you require these services, with as much of
an advance notice as possible, and Terri can then be
properly prepared to use her heavenly body to ensure a
winning outcome for all involved.

Married employees who feel guilty about boning this
cum-craving little treat can feel free to leave their
wedding bands and jewelry at my office, where they will
be secured in my safe. After filling our slut's mouth,
twat or asshole with your jism, please remember to
retrieve them IMMEDIATELY after she finishes cleaning
you off with her mouth and tongue. I cannot be held
responsible for you getting home for dinner and then
suddenly realizing that your wedding ring is still in
my office. Of course, Terri could be subject to
disciplinary action for failing to remind you.

Eating Terri's cunt is not allowed. Besides the fact
that one of your coworkers might have just filled her
snatch with a load of sperm, Terri's purpose is to
provide pleasure, not to receive it. Employees should
take steps to ensure that Terri herself does not derive
pleasure from anything which gets done to her.

3. PROTEIN. For increased company morale, as well as
ensuring that our slut is meeting the FDA's Recommended
Daily Allowances, the 'protein rule' has been
established. Terri the company whore is required to
give two blowjobs a day to employees of the company.
These should be completely voluntary acts on this
bimbo's part, and slut acts by Terri in compliance with
sections 1 and 2 above do not count toward this
obligation. Our cock-slut should swallow every drop of
this precious jism. If she fails to do so, she should
be made to suck you off again as soon as she can get
you hard again.

4. DRESS CODE. In simple terms, Terri is required at
all times to dress like the cheap whore that she is.
This includes non-working hours.

Lacy underthings should be worn by our slut at all
times, unless she has been directed to go braless or
pantyless. Such direction will usually occur as
punishment, or to facilitate quick, unhindered access
to her steamy cunt or tight ass. Suggested garments
include demi bras, corsets and crotchless thong

Dresses should be tight and revealing, and Terri's
delectable 36-triple-D cleavage should be plainly
visible and in danger of falling out when she bends
over (whether this be to serve coffee, for a request to
present her ass for pinching or spanking, or to get
fucked from behind). Similarly, skirts and dress
hemlines should be short enough to ensure that Terri's
lovely tanned ass cheeks are revealed when our little
whore bends over to retrieve dropped items.

It is considered acceptable to purposefully drop office
supplies and order Terri to retrieve them, to ensure
that she is in keeping with the dress code. In fact, it
is our duty as Terri's coworkers. If this delicious
treat's revealing attire invokes a physical response,
it is acceptable to ask her to get on her knees and
satisfy your needs for you.

Garters and hose, when worn, should be slutty in
appearance. Runs in pantyhose are unacceptable and may
result in loss of undergarment privileges or other

Footwear should also be slutty in nature. High heels
should be a minimum of 4 inches. Leather boots and
platform shoes are typically considered to be
acceptable. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if
Terri's footwear would look good thrown over your
shoulders while your stiff rod is being buried deep
inside her cunt. Another practical test is to have
Terri kneel under your desk clad only in her footwear
while orally servicing you, and note whether or not her
shoes make her look sexier.

Makeup should be applied heavily. Lipstick should be
reapplied by our little blonde whore after sucking
cock/eating pussy. (Special caution should be exercised
by married male employees; you are strongly urged to
have Terri thoroughly clean your cock after using her

The company will not be liable for your room and board,
legal fees, or any other expenses incurred when your
spouse notices traces of our dumb blonde office bimbo's
lipstick in your underwear.)

Eye makeup should also be applied generously by our
walking cum depository, and should be reapplied as
necessary (for instance, when Terri is in the midst of
a completely degrading, demeaning task, she will often
be humiliated to tears, thus causing her eye makeup to
run.) Our slut's fake nails should always be freshly
painted. Again, sluttiness is the rule here.

Perfume is not worn by the company fuck-machine,
because of the obvious domestic problems this could
cause for the married personnel who make use of her at
the office. I realize that the faint odor of jism
constantly surrounds Terri, but when someone makes her
living by having cum splattered on her face, hair,
mouth, breasts, stomach, cunt, ass, and back, this
unfortunately cannot be helped.

Jewelry, like everything else on Terri's delectable
body, should serve to make her look like the shameless
tramp whom we all know her to be. Male employees who
are feeling grateful and charitable, should feel free
to express this to Terri, by treating her to a "pearl

As with any corporate dress code, it is the cooperation
and good judgment of the employees which make it work.
Take it upon yourselves to constantly inspect Terri's
manner of dress. Feel free to take her into a supply
closet and have her show off her underthings, so that
you can determine whether or not she is complying with
this code. If you feel that Terri's manner of dress is
not cheap or slutty enough, again, initiative is the

It is completely acceptable to drag Terri to the mall
during lunch hour, and to choose more appropriate
attire from Victoria's or Frederick's for her to put on
her husband's charge card. If you have to go to this
length of trouble, ensure that our wayward bimbo thanks
you profusely at a no-tell motel of your choice (Terri
should know the location of several), which should also
be charged on her old man's credit card.

Note: common professionalism applies -- if you are
going to be gone for more than an hour and a half
sampling Terri's delights, please clear this with your
supervisor or manager, in accordance with your
department's policy on time off. You might want to
employ a bit of teamwork -- have a coworker cover for
you while you are gone, then do the same for him when
it is his turn to boff the sweet piece of flesh.

5. SAFETY AND PREVENTING INJURY. Many of the job safety
considerations in your own Employee Handbooks do not
apply to Terri, since her sole purpose within our
organization is to serve as a fucktoy for our
employees, employees' families, and clientele.

Current safety guidelines dictate that when stooping to
pick something up, we should bend at the knees as
opposed to bending over at the midsection and risking
back injury. This does not apply to Terri. One look at
our shapely blonde slut's deliciously round, firm
asscheeks will make the reasoning for this readily

For morale purposes, anything which goes in filing
cabinets in our office will go in the BOTTOM DRAWERS
ONLY. Everything which goes in these drawers should be
put there by Terri, maintained and upkept by Terri, and
retrieved from there by Terri. She should bend over in
a manner designed to give everyone watching a clear,
awesome view of her tight little ass, and her panties
(if she has been allowed to wear them for that day)
should be visible.

Slapping and pinching our treat's ass is encouraged, as
this can be a terrific morale builder for everyone but

Our slut's chest size is 36-DDD. Since receiving her
breast implants, she has had some difficulty in
carrying these mammoth jugs around and she has
complained of back pain. To alleviate some of the
pressure, Terri has been directed to spend more time
lying on her back, preferably with a stiff prick
pistoning out of her cunt and/or ass, and with her
mouth filled with either a throbbing cock or a juicy

There may also be some soreness in our pet's boobs,
resultant from her recent breast enlargement. This can
be alleviated by making her hold her delectable mounds
together and straddling her chest, fucking her ample
cleavage with your stiff throbbing rod, until you shoot
your jism all over her chest, and she can then use her
hands to work your seed into her tits, like a soothing

Please do not fuck our slut's snatch after cornholing
her. This is requested out of simple courtesy for the
next of your coworkers who will be making use of
Terri's hot wet pussy. If you feel that you must fuck
her cunt after reaming her ass, be sure she first
thoroughly cleans you up with her slut mouth.

During intensive intercourse/bondage/rape sessions with
our company whore, she may experience excruciating
agony. This is completely acceptable, and is one of the
joys of having a beautiful siren as an office slave who
will do everything she is told.

From time to time, Terri may lose consciousness due to
a particularly intense session. If this occurs, use a
little common sense and WAIT FOR HER TO REGAIN
CONSCIOUSNESS before continuing. The entire idea of
using and abusing Terri is to hammer home to her the
complete hopelessness and humility of her situation
(which she has brought entirely upon herself) as well
as subjecting her to extremely uncomfortable and/or
agonizing physical suffering, and this cannot be fully
experienced unless she is conscious and aware.

The building in which our office is located has a
lighted, secure parking garage, for the safety and
protection of our employees. In Terri's case, however,
we do not want to prevent her from being raped or
assaulted--in fact, it is encouraged. (Actually, given
Terri's instructions that she is forbidden to refuse
sexual favors to anyone, there is effectively no such
thing as rape where Terri is concerned.)

Therefore, Terri is required to park in the parking
complex located across the street, which is poorly
lighted, unguarded and has been the scene of many
sexual assaults.

slut disobeying any of these rules, or just generally
not living up to the bimbo reputation which has been
assigned to her (i.e. acting like a slutty bitch in
heat), disciplinary action may be necessary.

This punishment could range from a few swats on the ass
or losing her right to wear underwear, to more serious
actions such as an intense gang ass-fucking or a public
humiliation. Punishment will largely be left to the
discretion of the employees of this company. For
serious violations of these rules, please notify my
office and these issues will be dealt with.

7. RECREATION. Terri is a fringe benefit of our fine
company. With many privileges, the rule is usually "if
you abuse it, you lose it". That's not true with regard
to Terri! I can personally assure that our little
jumbo-breasted blonde vixen is going to be fucking and
sucking the employees of this company for years to
come! In fact, abuse of Terri is encouraged, as long as
it is in keeping with the rules set forth in this
document. This section is dedicated to making the most
out of your relationship with the company sex slave.

There are a wide selection of accessories available
which can help you ensure that Terri keeps in line.
Among these are handcuffs, dildos, and whips. When used
properly, these devices can be used to inflict extreme
pain and/or discomfort, while leaving little or no
trace. For more information about borrowing these types
of accessories, or for info concerning how to best use
them, please contact Angela Timmons at X4-2429.

Each session with our company's savory well-endowed
slut is a memorable experience. Employees are urged to
preserve these moments for posterity, through use of
cameras and audio and video recording equipment. If you
do not own such equipment, check with my office about
borrowing some of the equipment which is kept
specifically for this purpose. Married persons who are
concerned about being videotaped with Terri, need not
be. It is extremely easy to position cameras and edit
tapes, so that only Terri's identity can be ascertained
from them.

We also have a growing Terri archive, consisting of
both photographs and videotapes. The most recent
additions to this library include our slut's Tit-
Warming Party, where thirty of the male employees
helped Little Miss Terri commemmorate her new breast
implants with a bang, if you'll pardon the pun. These
as well are available to be loaned out through my

Finally, many female employees have expressed their
desire to screw Terri's husband Steven, while he sleeps
in their bed, and while poor little innocent housewife
Terri watches from the doorway teary-eyed as her
husband gets fucked by a real woman. Unfortunately this
service is only available on a limited basis for
obvious reasons, and there is a rather lengthy waiting

Also it is not certain whether or not this service will
be continuing, as Steven now seems to be becoming
romantically involved with another one of the women who
have previously enjoyed his unknowing "stud service".
If this service discontinues, all we can do is wish
Steven well, and express our happiness that he has
finally found a real woman who is more than a walking,
big-titted doormat for men. Women who do not wish to
wait for this service are reminded that Terri the
company slut is extremely skilled with both her tongue
and a strap-on dildo.

All in all, Terri is YOUR slut, and your property, and
is yet another fine benefit which comes from working
for one of the top firms in this city. The
possibilities for her use are limited only by your own

Thanks, and enjoy your slut!

NOTE: Any mistakes or misspellings in this document
should be brought to my attention immediately. I will
then punish Terri for them, because she typed this as I
dictated it. I must also apologize for not getting this
document published on time; Terri typed it using one
hand while using the other to frig her juicy cunt. The
girl also kept breaking down into little crying jags,
during which not much typing got done.

It's a good thing Terri is a good little cum-swallowing
pussy-licking whore, because she makes a rather lousy
secretary. Another reason for the delay is because
there were also numerous "inspiration breaks" between
typing, courtesy of Terri's talented, hungry tongue.

Suggestions and comments regarding these policies are
welcome. Please address them to me at X4-2405, or feel
free to drop into my office. Keep in mind that if the
door is closed, and a lacy 36-DDD bra is hanging from
the doorknob, this should be interpreted as a "do not
disturb" sign.

Thanks, Danielle

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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2013-10-29 02:25:04 UTC
`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((
K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Schoolgirl Secretary
by Degrees of Humiliation (address withheld)


A school girl dresses up as a secretary for a drama
skit and takes the typical secretary treatment, and
gets blown away. (MF-teens, reluc, 1st, orgy, bd, oral,
mast, ws)


I used to go to a public high school with over 800 kids
in the senior school alone. St. Peter’s Public High
School had JK-Grade 9, and all in one building. The
teachers didn’t bother with anybody’s names, and the
school in general didn’t care.

I was a young 16 year old girl with long, wavy blonde
hair, green eyes and a pretty nice body. I have to say
I flirted with the guys a lot. I was also a complete
bondage freak. Since age 10 when I received my first
and only spanking from my Dad (twenty swats bare-bottom
with his hand) I’ve been turned on.

I’ve collected assorted bondage gear, including
handcuffs, ball gags, latex blindfolds and some rope. I
keep it all stashed in a box behind a shelf in my
closet. The fact that I loved bondage of any
description, (I had mastered self-bondage), was fairly
well known. Not that it came up a lot, but occasionally
I’d be cleave-gagged for a video or handcuffed for a
photography club shot.

It all started in Drama Class. It was a hot June day,
and we were all thinking of skits for our teacher. My
group consisted of five people: myself, Jeremy, David,
Paul and Liz. Jeremy was a typical jock, being on both
the hockey and football team. He had been suspended
once for looking at pornography on the school computer.

David was your smart-ass jerk with a crude personality.
He always tried to hang out with girls who were always
trying to turn him down. He drank and smoked a lot.
Paul was pretty average. Popular with the guys, had a
steady relation, and was a bit of a comedian. Liz was
rather gothic, dressed in black, and always kept to
herself. I constantly wonder why she chose Drama.

The skit was based around a protagonist, David, who
wanted to get back at the CEO of a major corporation
that had killed his wife in years past. The CEO was
Paul, who was best suited. Jeremy was David’s life-long
friend who would help him by hacking the computer
security and giving David a clean shot at Paul. Liz was
David’s dead wife who would only appear at the
beginning, where she would be killed. I was to be the
personal secretary of Paul, who ended up getting tied
up, gagged, and thrown in a closet.

I liked the idea because of the bondage. Everybody
liked everything. The Drama program was pretty well
funded, so we had a nice selection of props and
costumes to choose from. I chose to take a classic gray
and itchy skirt that was quite short, a pair of tights,
a lacy blouse, a short black tie and a black leather
belt. I changed in my shoes for high-heels. We
rehearsed a few times, but never did the bondage.
Finally, I got changed.

I ducked into the janitor’s closet (due to the lack of
something better) and stripped. I was wearing black
thong and bra, which was just my style. I was sexy
already. This was going to be the first time I was tied
up by somebody else! Even if I could escape, it would
be amazing. I briefly wondered what they would bind me
with, as that had not been specified, but decided to
leave it as a surprise. I quickly put on my sexy
secretary clothes.

When it was our turn to perform, we got up on stage. We
had used wooden boxes as desks. I hid behind the
curtain, waiting for the time to show up. About a
minute in Jeremy and David said, "Now we’ll get that
bastard once and for all!"

I ducked outside and sat on a three-legged stool.
Jeremy and David were wearing rough looking jeans and
torn-up shirts. David had a pair of $2 sunglasses on.
Each was sporting a fake pair of pistols.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, pretending to be
terrified. David whipped out his pistol and pointed it
at my face.

"We have an appointment with Mr. von Schroder, and
we’re not letting some pitiful secretary get in our
way. Quickly, Jeremy put his hand around David’s, and
made a calming expression.

"No Tylor. She’s innocent, for the most part. You can’t
kill her without lowering yourself even more."

"The what the hell do we do with her? We can’t leave
her, she’ll call the cops!"

"I promise I won’t move at all if you don’t hurt me," I
whined. I was going crazy. It was about to happen.

"I can’t take your world, girl. Ah - just tie her up
and gag her. Toss her in the closet."

Jeremy grabbed my arm and pulled me up. David pulled
out a roll of gray duct tape and tied my elbows and
wrists behind my back, strappado style. Jeremy pulled a
second roll of tape out, and tied my ankles and thighs
together. They were moving amazingly quickly.

David applied several strips of tape to my mouth,
forming an X, while Jeremy put tape across my eyes,
blindfolding me. They finally put a few lines of tape
underneath my breast and binding my arms to my back. I
was lead into a furnace closet to the back of the stage
and shoved in.

I immediately began rocking back and forth. There would
be at least a minute before the scene was over. They
had tied me tighter than I thought they would. I though
they would just tape my hands and gag me, but no, they
went all the way. I knocked myself silly on orgasms.

As I cooled down, I slowly waited for the scene to be
over. I couldn’t see anything, and the sounds from the
other side of the room were muffled. I began to try
some escape techniques I’d learned through my self-
bondage. I tried opening my mouth as wide as I could,
but the X was so tight I actually couldn’t. I could
barely make any noise. I tried yelling, but realized
that it wouldn’t matter. I tried flipping my arms under
my legs (I was fairly flexible), but the tape under my
breast kept me from doing that. I slowly kicked my way
over to a wall and tried to stand up.

I could stand up, but that didn’t help. I waddled
around stupidly, trying to get free. There was nothing
but the large, bulky furnace in this room, leaving me
trapped. I started to panic. I couldn’t get free! I
began counting seconds, 1... 2... 3... 4... all the way
up to 300. That was five minutes. I began to worry,

My watch beeped, signaling it was 12:00. Class had
ended 20 minutes ago! I desperately tried to get free
now. Everybody would be in lunch, and odds were nobody
would notice that I was missing. I hobbled over to the
door and tried to open it. It was locked! I have no
idea how, but the door didn’t budge. I didn’t have
enough room to do anything more than turn the knob. I
dropped to the floor and awaited rescue like a damsel
in distress.

A little after 4:00 (my watch beeped), I heard the door
being opened. I rolled over. After having several
orgasms over the hours, I was entirely wasted.

"...and then they just forgot about her. Here she is!
Hey bitch, say hello to my friends!" The tape blindfold
was ripped off, and I identified Jeremy in a second. He
had four other jocks with them, and I knew at least
three did drugs frequently.

He dropped to my height, grabbed my chin, and made me
face him. I could taste smoke on his breath. "Listen,
bitch. You’re to refer to me and my pals as Master, got
it? You always wanted to be trapped, so here you
fucking are!"

His boys picked me up, then made me bow over. They
pulled my skirt down (which had not been taped),
followed by my panties and thong. To no surprise, I
felt that hard slap of a spanking paddle. I loved
spanking. One of my fetishes was spanking. I tried
self-spanking, but it didn’t work. I could never do it
hard enough.

These guys did it hard enough, though. After about a
hundred slaps they stopped and pulled my skirt entirely
off. One of them reached to my breast and undid the
tape keeping my arms to my back. He then unbuttoned by
blouse and took off my tie. I was left in a thong and
bra, but a lot of tape.

Jeremy himself took off my bra, and began playing with
my breasts. He toyed with them, fondled my stiff
nipples. After a while some of the other guys did it.
It didn’t take them too long to get bored of that. I
wasn’t being responsive enough.

Jeremy applied layers of tape to my eyes, and ripped
the gag off my mouth. I was taking a couple of breaths
when I felt his penis shoved into my mouth. "Suck,
bitch, suck." So I suck. I massaged his penis. He
ejaculated in my mouth, and I nearly puked. I drank
piss on a few occasions, but never semen.

I tasted all five pansies that day. After they were
done with the forced blowjob, one of the guys, I don’t
know who, pissed all over my face and chest. Finally,
they seemed to get bored. I was thankful they had not
gone into rape. Jeremy pulled out a switchblade and cut
through the tape, allowing me to be free again.

"Listen, bitch. I was fucking smart enough to place a
video camera in this room before we put you in here.
You orgasmed a fuck of a lot I’ll bet. If you ever
mention this, I’ll get Kevin to edit this shit and
release it to the public. Now get lost, bitch!"

They walked away, and I remained, my dignity shattered.
My ass was swollen a new shade of red. I was covered in
piss, semen and orgasm shit. It was actually 6:22 when
they let me go. I quickly ducked outside, thankful that
nobody was in sight. I found my clothes, which were
under the sink back in the janitor’s closet, and put
them on.

My first BDSM experience was beyond belief. Sure, it
was brutal, but in years to come I had far more.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Scroll down to view text

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2007. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Ball Busting Sisters
by Caligula (***@ix.netcom.com)


Twin sisters like to beat their brother's balls, then
they go even further. (FFM-teens, inc, ball-busting)


Jim's twin sisters, Eva and Ava, were breathtakingly
gorgeous. They were both 18 years old, while Jim was
only 16, so they could easily overpower him whenever
they wanted to. (Which was quite often)

Jim was terrified of his older twin sisters, due to the
fact that they didn't have a very 'normal' sibling
relationship. Eva and Ava got on great together. It
wasn't just the fact that they were twins, but that the
girls shared a great love of kicking boys in the balls
that gave them their close ties. Yet the girls both
attended an all-girl catholic high- school, so where
were they to find some nice nuts to crush? Enter, Jim,
the pain in the butt younger brother.

It had all started out innocently enough 3 years
before. The girls used to overpower their brother, then
fake him out with pretend kicks to his groin. One time
Eva kicked her foot out and Ava accidentally pushed
their brother forward at the same time.

Result: Instant nut-crunch for brother.

He rolled about on the floor writhing and crying. The
girls laughed for several minutes before telling Jim
what they would do to his tender nuts if he ever told
their parents. Jim was too frightened and humiliated,
and never did tell his folks. What followed was 3 years
of torture for Jim.

The twin sisters enjoyed forcing their brother to sit
and watch a movie with them, knowing there would be a
ball-busting scene in it. After viewing the scene, the
girls would take turns acting out the scene on Jim. And
if he didn't do his best to act just like the guy did
in the movie, he'd get 10 times worse. They also like
to have him role-play a made-up scenario with them.
Either the abusive boyfriend, or rude construction

Then one or both girls would kick him where it counts.
Their favorite game with Jim was to have him guess
which sister was which. Since they were twins, he
almost never guessed correctly. (Of course the sisters
would lie about their identities whenever they wanted.)
If he guessed wrong, then one sister would pick a style
for the other sister to use to hurt his balls, and vice
versa. It's one of these sessions where the story picks

"Now Jimmy, who am I?" asked Eva.

Jimmy didn't even try to tell the two apart. He knew it
was pointless.

"Ummm... Ava."

"Wrong! How should I do it, Ava?"

"Give him a good swift knee to his little nuts for not
being able to tell us apart!" shouted Ava gleefully.

Jimmy braced himself for the inevitable. Eva walked up
to him in her cheerleader outfit (Ava was dressed the
same, except instead of gym shoes both girls wore shiny
black 4-inch heels). She gripped his shoulders, smiled
at her brother, and let her knee fly into his nut-sack.
Jimmy groaned softly and slid to the ground. Eva and
Ava high-fived each other.

They watched their brother for a few minutes before
ordering him back to his feet for round 2. The girls
left the room and came back in, so he couldn't remember
which was which.

Again Eva asked, "Who am I?"

This time he got it right. So the girls left and
reentered again. Eva asked yet again, and Jimmy
answered wrong.

Ava pondered for a moment his fate before deciding.
"Hold on, I'll be right back!" She ran off and came
back a moment later with one of their mother's well-
used high-heel shoes.

"Make him smell and lick the inside of Mom's shoe, and
then use the heel of the shoe and ram it into his

Eva eagerly took their mother's shoe and placed it to
her brother's nose. "Smell it, shit-head!"

Jim did, and almost gagged at the heavy aroma of his
own mother's foot.

"Now lick it!"

If Jim thought the smell was bad, the taste was even
worse as he licked the salty inside of the pump. So
this is what Mom's feet taste like, he couldn't help
but think.

Eva removed the shoe from his face, turned it upside
down and jabbed the spike heel into his left nut, all
the while watching the expression on his face. Ava held
him in place and could hear him whimpering softly as
Eva applied the pressure. "Do you know what Mom would
do to you if she caught you, little pervert that you
are, licking and smelling her shoes? She'd probably
kick you in the nuts herself!" said Eva.

"Can you imagine what it would feel like if Mom kicked
you in the balls? How much it would hurt? She might
even get carried away and crush a nut if she kicked too
hard. Would you like Mommy to bust a nut?" whispered
Ava seductively as Jim squeaked in pain.

Finally they released him and got ready for round 4.
Again he guessed wrong and now Eva picked the
punishment. "Have him lie on his back and spread his
legs. Then you place the sole of your shoe on his balls
and step on them.

Don't forget to twist your foot around. I want to hear
nuts crunching!"

Jimmy adopted the position on the floor with a little
help from Eva. Ava the walked up between his spread
legs and raised her foot menacingly above her brother's
unprotected scrotum.

"Do I get bonus points for popping a ball?" giggled
Ava. "Do you even think you could tell if you crushed
one through your shoe?" inquired Eva.

"We could always tell by the look on his face. Pop a
nut, and I'm sure his facial expression would be

"One good hard stomp and there'd be nothing left but a
squishy goopy mess! I'm getting moist just thinking
about it! Just one kick, two little pops, and then no
babies for brother!"

"Can I turn you into a soprano, Jimmy?" asked Ava as
she slammed her shoe down onto his balls. Jimmy
screamed loudly as Ava twisted her foot cruelly. Eva
held him down, laughing at his tears.

"Feel good, Jimmy? Come on, let Ava make you into a
eunuch! It'll be a release for you!

No more pain between the legs."

"Just a pulpy mess in your scrotum!" laughed Ava. "Hey!
I've got one trapped between my shoe and his body! What
should I do?"

Eva had an almost fanatic look on her face. "Pop it!
Pop it! Go on, crush his nut!"

Ava placed her full weight on the ball, still twisting.
Jimmy could do nothing but cry and make funny noises.

"Damn! It slipped away!" grumbled Ava. She kicked his
balls once to show her anger at having been robbed of
her castration of her brother. The girls let him
recover for a bit longer this time, coaxing him back up
by telling him it would be the last round of the day,
considering Mom and Dad would be home soon. Finally Jim
lumbered unsteadily to his feet. He guessed correctly
this time, but his sisters lied to him and said he was

Eva picked the punishment.

"This time we'll both participate, since it's the last
one. You know Jimmy," she said to her brother, "since
Ava and I are cheerleaders, to be kicked by us is
extremely painful. And yet it's an honor to be kicked
by two of the most sought after girls. Guys just love
cheerleaders!" She then addressed her sister. "Let's
both kick him at the same time with our high heels! You
take the left nut, and I'll take the right." "That
sounds great!" yelled Ava.

The girls positioned themselves in front of their
trembling brother.

"On three," said Eva.

Both girls winked at each other. They had no intention
of waiting to get to three. Two was the pre-agreed upon
number, although they didn't want Jimmy to know and
spoil the fun by covering up involuntarily on three.

The girls counted together. "One... Two!" The two
cheerleaders raised their legs in a powerful, well-
practiced forward kick. Jim thought how graceful his
sisters looked as their legs swung forward in an arc.
And that was the last thought he had as the closed
pointy toe of each shoe smashed into their respective
ball at the exact same moment.

Jimmy lay on the ground making strange mewling noises,
and his sisters hugged each other. They both rubbed
themselves under their skirts as Jim watched, although
whether he was seeing anything at this point was
questionable. It was even more of a turn-on for the
sisters for them to know that Jimmy knew they were
getting off on having nearly burst his plums. Eva and
Ava then walked casually out of the room after blowing
kisses to their brother.

Eva turned to Ava, saying, "I rented this movie... it's
got this great scene in it where this woman kicks..."
Their voices trailed off into the distance.

The End

I'd like to hear from women concerning their
experiences kicking guys in the balls. E-mail me if
you'd like to share your story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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